No Tsunami Warning Issued After Major Earthquake Off Japan’s Coast

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 8 comments

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    The Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan could have been facing a possible tsunami after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake rolled just off the coast of Japan. This quake is just one more to add to the increasing tectonic activity on earth lately, yet experts do not believe that this one will cause a tsunami.

    Just after the massive 7.1 earthquake in Mexico city, several other large quakes occurred around the globe and a volcano erupted. The volcano’s eruption was triggered by the earthquake in Mexico,  but the quake just off the coast of Japan is striking fear into those near the nuclear power plant over a tsunami. The earthquake struck less than 24 hours after a horrific quake rocked Mexico City and left hundreds dead.

    According to Fortune, there have not been any reports of damage or tsunami warnings, but the story is still developing. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported the seismic event, but so far the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has yet to comment on possible tsunami activity, however, the government agency is currently monitoring Hurricane Maria off the coast of Puerto Rico.

    Japan is understandably on edge over undersea earthquakes, after 2011’s 9.0-magnitude event caused massive damage at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Ultimately nearly 20,000 people were killed or went missing during that earthquake, which was the fourth-largest in world since measurements began in 1900. The earthquake, and subsequent tsunami waves (which were up to 130 feet high), caused $220 billion in damage to Japan. The waves hit the Fukushima Daiichi plant so hard that the nuclear facility began to melt down. The nearby town was ordered to evacuate amidst the fallout, and more than 5,000 aftershocks hit over the next year—including one that measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale. – Fortune

    The nuclear power plant suffered radiation as a result of the2011 tsunami sparked by the quake and triggered a 30km evacuation zone. Because the leaks continue to this day, there is now a 20km no-go area which may only be entered under government supervision. This was the most significant nuclear incident since the Chernobyl disaster, in 1986.

    The swarm of earthquakes across the globe is raising fears over a super volcano eruption, or an even larger quake that could devastate the entire west coast. Even though there was no tsunami warning issued after this recent earthquake off of Japan’s coast, those in the nation are rightly concerned. But again, experts do believe that this recent earthquake does not pose a tsunami threat.


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      1. Japan in defeat post WWII has risen out of the ashes by emulating the US. It does it in more ways than just business. They learned to ignore the pending problem until it occurs and then cast blame in multiple directions.

        • those Japs gota be gitt’n nervous



        People in Houston are in bad shape since we got attacked by HAARP. literally 50,000+ people lost their houses, and at least one or two cars in the process. The rest that were able to get another car right away, and have access to their jobs, etc, were able to get into apartments, and now the apartments are maxed out because of the engineered flood event. Business has slowed down, and is bad at the moment, not for me because I am into Real Estate, and financial services, so I am having a business increase as a result of people not recovering, so I am not exactly happy about this fact, but I have to make a living. Hodges just posted and article, and will be interviewing Paul Martin again, and back ground sources keep telling them that and EMP is enivetable and that this event will be followed by a Chinese invasion, and its the same thing that I am being told. The HAARP weapons are designed to use environmental fallout to separate people from preps, then followed by the EMP, then followed by the invasion to finish us off. People like David Wilcox, and Drake Bailey keeping fulling people heads with shit, telling the public that the white hats are winning, that the cabal is on their last legs, and these two guys are misinformed. We are loosing and the cabal is winning. They just destroyed two cities right in front of us, the military abducting people in East Texas, Beaumont areas, and other areas and they are being taken away against their will and now this has leaked out. My city is under martial law right now and most of the people don’t know it. But they are going to find out after October 2017, next month.



        They call me Hicks.

      3. I’m waiting for Mothra or Baragon or Ebirah…. one or more of Godzilla’s enemies to rise up any day now. Maybe fit them with RF-control collars and send them to attack North Korea!!! Now that’d be oh-so cool.

      4. Hicks and his Chinese invasion. LOL Nobody needs or wants to invade the USA. They don’t have to we are our own worst enemy. We are broke and deep in debt. Yet we give away to whoever or whatever the UN & NWO dictates.

      5. No Tsunami Warning. That’s good. Don’t ask a for a problem, because you might just get it.


      6. The msm do not mention Fukushima anymore. Who really knows the extent of that problem today? We will never get the full truth. I’m still not buying a naturally occuring event. This coverup is of a 9-11 magnitude. I mean multiple nuclear plants on a coastline in a highly prone earthquake zone. That puts stupid to shame.

      7. There’re basically two kinds of undersea quakes. One is when two tectonic plates slide along each other, that’s a horizontal shift and very seldom causes a tsunami. The other is a vertical shift, when one plate will quickly rise or fall by several feet. The vertical shift is what causes a tsunami.
        both can cause a lot of damage if they occur on land but under sea, only the one makes big waves.

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