New Jersey Governor Issues A State Of Emergency Executive Order

by | Jul 2, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 121 comments

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    In an attempt to shield those living in the Garden state from the problems their government created, the governor, Chris Christie, has now signed an executive order issuing a “state of emergency.”  As speculation grows that New Jersey will soon follow in Illinois’ footsteps, the government is proving forecasters correct by their inability to pass a constitutionally mandated budget.

    Not only did New Jersy’s inability to pass a budget shut down the government (but not really.  Don’t worry, you’ll still be taxed and welfare checks will still go out) but it scared Christie enough to sign a state of emergency executive order.

    New Jersey’s economic stability is in a dire state, and they appear to be continuing to make the same mistakes as Illinois. But according to, the conflict in the legislature and subsequent budget standstill is about the finances of not-for-profit Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the state’s largest health insurer. The state Senate passed a bill that allows the state government to control how much Horizon keeps in its surplus fund before it must contribute to a public health fund.

    The government doesn’t seem to want to tackle to problems they created, they only seek to tighten the economic hold they have on companies and individuals through taxation and regulations. And the government never tries taxing less and spending less, they only want more power, which is funded by more theft, and control through entitlement programs.

    Moody’s is even warning that it’s the high taxation and political promises that are sinking states.

    “Tax rate increases, such as the ‘millionaires’ tax’ implemented in prior administrations, could bridge some of the gap, but may be politically challenging in this already high-tax state. Closing the entire $3.6 billion gap with revenue-side solutions alone appears unlikely,” analysts said. Gubernatorial candidates seeking to replace Gov. Chris Christie have proposed bringing back variations of the millionaire’s tax. But the size of the future deficit is so large, Moody’s said, “it unlikely that a sufficient tax increase would be politically feasible.” Finding enough cuts, too, would be “highly challenging,” the agency said, adding even slashing employee health benefits would fall short in the long term. –

    The dollar is collapsing all over in states which exhibit massive amounts of control over their populations.  Preparing for the looming economic crisis that will impact all of us is important, and experts are suggesting an investment in metals. Barter systems may take over in the event that entire state economies collapse making precious metals a viable currency when the dollar becomes useful only as toilet paper.

    Infighting between republicans and democrats is getting the constant blame for the economic troubles facing New Jersey, but the real problem is much more simple.  The entire government and the system they operate under is the problem.  The infighting is merely a symptom which masks the bigger issue of too much government. And preppers in volatile states like New Jersey aren’t taking any chances right now.


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      1. Just remember sheeple, this was done by both side of the issue, RINO and DINO are to blame.

        • No doubt. All politicians are scum. When they are whipped through the streets in every town and city it will be a good day.

            • I know, right? Then he had the nerve to say he’s allowed to be there because it’s one of two governor residences. He said he’d be there with his family weeks ago and was going no matter what, well guess what, fat ass, I’m sure a lot of other families said the same thing but weren’t able to go. So much for PUBLIC park. This is getting ridiculous.

          • Watch Hellstorm…

            • Since when is it a State of Emergency to protect the safety and well being of its people? Aren’t they supposed to do that daily anyway?

              Some here are saving $10 toilet paper in #10 cans.





          • Thanks for that video, I hadn’t seen that one.

            This is war history not shown or talked about, whites were just as brutal towards whites as any ethnic group has suffered during the ages. I get tired of the bull shit……

            I never heard my mother talk about anything like this, and to think I was born right near the start of this time period. The “new” German people seem to have no recollection of their history or the desire to see it either, they are only to happy to bend over and continue to act as they are some sort of under class victims.

            If it wasn’t for the “Germans” there would be no space program, or Nuclear deterrent. Yes Hitler was an Idiot, and made several mistakes, but there was more history to why there was a WWII than what the victors wrote up

            Its always the “non combatants” that suffer on the losing side, no matter how hard the low level soldier fought for his country, I’ve seen this myself in Viet Nam.

          • Many very destructive and also mentally ill people (like NJ Gov Christie) have a clean background record. Can’t go by that alone. A clean background report doesn’t tell the whole story.

            Many people have learned that lesson the real hard way by unfortunately hiring someone with the proper experience and also because they had a clean background record and even clean DMV record. You have to be skilled reading people’s character and not rely solely on these records.

          • No freedom of speech, no freedom of association, no freedom to right obvious wrongs, no freedom…

            But, oh well. Western Civilization had a decent run…

            • Mac concluded his last article with a powerful TRUTH that we must never forget and is the root of many of our problems. IT IS THE FOUNDATION OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION!

              “Force and coercion will always eventually end the same way. Freedom of association is the only way human beings were meant to interact.”

              This simple concept is what made Capitalism and America great!

          • Shame the emergency order doesnt cut off all SNAP, EBT, Section 8 housing, Head Start programs……….

        • My only question is “are there not enough light-poles in this country to hang the whole damned bunch of them – our ‘elected’ representatives?” (and hell, let’s just throw in all the attorneys as well; even if, that might stress the overall lamp-post count…… might have to double-up in some areas)

          • Light-Poles is not a necessity where I live.

            Only a big hole in the ground and diesel fuel is needed to rid the disease that has plagued this country. Throw some dirt on ’em when it is all said and done and be happy about it.

            • Free men and woman of America, the day fast approaches, that a question will need to be answered. That question is, are you going to be one of the 3%, or are you going to be one of the 97%. Are you willing to stand, and do what needs to be done to save the Republic, or are you going to sit by, to see the hopes, and dreams of you grand children crushed by the left?

              This is the same question asked of our fore fathers, we know the answer they gave, but it remains to be seen if there are still any true 3% left among us. I guess we only have to wait a few more months to find the answer to this question. Because the left has reached such a point, that they are bond to make their move to enslave all of our Republic. So are there any good men, and women left, ready to protect the Republic, i guess we’ll find out soon enough!

              • We already know the answer to that question. Nothing has been done to stop this mental disorder, called liberalism, from tearing our country apart… nothing WILL be done. It’s all talk, never any action. Just look at all the politicians that said they would repeal Obama care…. and voted for it when it couldn’t pass… and won’t even take a vote now that it can pass.

          • Don’t forget Criminal judges. (Judges that make up laws whenever, however the feel like. AKA Judges that ARE criminals!)


          YOU ARENT FREE, ARE YOU?????

          • Eisen’s healthcare didn’t pay for his meds again…..somebody hose him down.

          • Tribal warfare killed off the Adenas and Hopewells. Later the Hurons.
            Some archeologists say the Hopewells were the descendants of Japanese seafarers.
            ” ” the Adenas were descendants of Celts. The Algonquin dialect has
            similar words to Gaelic. The Adenas lived in areas that were later inhabited by Algonquin
            dialect speaking groups. The Mississippian culture borrowed from the Mayans with the big
            cities like Cahokia. They did not have the same building materials but they tried to duplicate what they could. During the historic tribal periods they used the European
            traders and explorer just as much as the whites used them. The Ojibway obtained muskets
            from the French voyageurs and drove the Sioux out of northern Minnesota and onto the
            Great Plains. Now the white man blows his hard earned money in native owned casinos.

            • And don’t forget; they didn’t have anyone telling them they couldn’t discriminate.

          • Ruh-roh, someone’s off their meds again.

            • Actually Brave — Eisendreutz/Acid Etch is very much correct with his capitalized statement. What has happened in the past … can not be fixed … it is … what it is … another chapter in life continues and if anything …

              Regardless of Race … we are all Indians on the Reservation … considering Government Protocol.

          • The vast majority of Indians who perished, died of disease. Not at the hands of the Whites.

            • And who brought all the diseases over her here you idiot. Yes, Euro Whitey did by not washing their hands. Did you learn anything in public school? Or was it all about Thanksgiving and they all sat together in harmony and got participation trophys with matching small pox blankets..

              • And the Indians gave the Europeans VD.

                I’d rank that blanket story up there with CNN’s recent Ted Cruz/National Enquirer fake cover story.

              • You cant really blame the Whites. Yes they did bring the small pox over. But it mainly came on the back of the horses that the Indians cherished so much. The horse that gave the Indians the ability to expand their domain, also lead to their deaths.
                However just as many whites died of small pox.

          • overdue for meds Eisen? You must follow Doctor’s orders.

          • overdue for meds Eisen? You must follow Doctor’s orders.

          • STOP using all CAPS you damn fool!!

          • Those so called Indians before the arrival of white men. where warrior societies. They killed and stole for a living. They certainly didn’t live in harmony with nature. They camped in a place until they fouled the camp and killed off all the game animals. They raised dogs during the times of plenty. and during the lean times they ate those dogs and sometimes each other. They fought and killed each other over hunting grounds and women. They chased buffalo off of cliffs and killed hundreds at a time. The peaceful native living in harmony with nature is a Myth Lie. Even today the Crow and Sioux are enemies as are the Hopi and Navaho. The Arapaho and Cheyenne where enemies. Many tribes like the Mandans and cliff dwellers where already gone killed off by other tribes before white mans arrival. Before white man they lived a very short life . It was a stone age existence. After the arrival of white man they got horses and better weapons. There where a few exceptions The Nez Pierce where peaceful they never broke any treatys. They developed the Appaloosa breed of Horses.

            • And there are more Indians in the US today than there were back in the 1600s.

              • Thats because they spent 5 months out of the year huddled around a fire trying to survive the winter and not die from exposure.

        • Since the governor failed, he must tender his resignation.

      2. NJ another state run by globalist democrats all on board to crash the system so they can install the communist states of North America.

        Except for about four out of the last forty years, Democrats have controlled the NJ legislature.

        The four years democrats lost the state house were after Democrats instituted insane gun control assault weapons bans etc, and the voters rose up.

        • Since then, most of the Rep voter’s have voted with their feet and left…. Ensuring a dem-Marxist ruling faction until the state becomes another Venezuela….. More anti-gun lunacy will follow when phil murphy (Corslime 2.0+) is elected in Nov.

      3. Wow, another commercial for investing in precious metals, Who would have thought it! Your propaganda is as bad as. no worse than. the gubment’s.

        • Cant stand bs, take your ass away from here.

          • I still can’t get my head around a guy who hates Hollywood yet uses the moniker braveheart.

            The foremost Scottish historian Ewan J. Innes, MA(Hons Scot. Hist.) FSA Scot completely debunks the film in totality. You denounce your own English roots in favor of a Hollywood fairy tale! WTF?:


            You, yourself, constantly change your viewpoint, from Venezuela, your dislike of spiks (even though you married one), through to your changing stance on Trump.

            One thing about you though, you’re consistently inconsistent, you even change your mind twice on the same subject on these pages!

            Yet when someone dares to say something that doesn’t hit the latest take on your reality, you chuck all your toys out of your pram and throw a two year old’s temper tantrum.

            Ever hear of difference of opinion? Ever hear of reasoned debate and rebuttal? Ever hear of freedom of speech, that which is ennshrined in the constitution?

            Nah, all you can come up with are incohoate, unenforceable and meaningless threats, no rebuttal, no reason, no logic, nothing.

            Braveheart = freeloading minimum wage squatter, buyer of 2nd hand clunkers and pawn shop weapons, aka King of the Keyboard cowboys.

            • You do know that movies are fiction, right? William Wallace was a real person and was a real hero.

              ht tps://

        • We would all love to hear your recommendations for protecting savings during an economic crisis.

          Please….. enlighten us with your insights.

          • First, get your savings out of the bank as quickly as you can without alerting the government.

            Second, make sure you have your bugout location, and all the supplies you will ever need and then some.

            Third, if you still have savings left, buy barter items to trade later for anything you may run out of or forgot to get in the first place.

            Fourth, if you have savings left after that, buy silver and gold. Silver is inherently useful and is money to buy smaller items. Gold is useful for buying larger items, such as herds or land. Silver and gold may not be useful during a collapse, but they will help preserve your wealth until after the collapse is over and things start coming back to some sort of normal.

            You will need to research each of the above steps. There is a ton of material all over the internet, including old posts on this site and on the SurvivalBlog site. Download and print out on paper all the information you find valuable.

      4. Krispy Kreme Christie has a crisis. I love it.

      5. Get the hell out of these states before you can’t! You might lose your house or job….can you afford to? If you’re near one of these state’s border…cross it live/work from there. Good luck for everybody else,better luck voting next time.

        • Good idea Jim, but I can’t. I have to support a very elderly mother with a mentally handicapped brother with her – while my wife and I work full time, and I have three leftist siblings with spouses all retired on the dole too bloody lazy to get involved. Wish I could leave Venezuellinois, but sadly I’m stuck.

          Isn’t that always the way! At least I will have a first hand view of exactly how this all goes down. Not that the fascist left would have any intention of ever learning a single thing from this.

          • I don’t know where you live; but If you can sell out and rent do it. Property values in Ill and Mi close to the big cities are going to crater. Stick around if you have to, but they are going to tax you out of existence, so be ready to run.

            • Paranoid, I really do feel for TEST. Eventually things will reach the point where he and his wife will have to run. having the mother and brother with them definitely makes things harder but at least TEST proves that he cares. His siblings are POS for not helping out with the relatives. Their time is coming.

          • Good luck TEST,hope you make it with your mother. As for your the rest of your siblings….their time is coming. Shame on them for not helping out with your mom and brother…….

          • TEST, I sympathize with your plight. Sounds like your siblings ought to have their asses kicked for not caring about the mother and brother. That is so wrong for everything to get put off on you and your wife like that.

          • TEST, my wife and I are in a similar situation in another retard blue state. We are selling our property and the properties of those under our care, Elderly parents are coming with us and we are leaving! All the best to you and yours.

        • I have maternal relatives in South Jersey and have been beating this drum for years! I wonder what it will take to get them to see this? My nephew is aware, but his wife doesn’t want to leave. My sis in law just lost her teaching job( cutbacks) so maybe this will inspire her to get out of there. She’s a recent widow so no husband to hold her back.

          • There’s a shortage of qualified teachers in northeastern NC right now. The pay isn’t as much as in the communist states, but the cost of living is lower here. Plus, if you live outside the city limits around here, odds are that most of your neighbors will be armed and conservative. There are an awful lot of people around here with chickens, goats, sheep, and large gardens in their back yards.

        • Its not so easy just moving. Plus its a girl move. What are you a girl running away? That’s no solution.

          • Sure it’s easy to move. They have moving van companies that will come, pack up your household belongings, and move it wherever you want.

            Moving out of a stupid place to a better place is a solution.

            You’re just a troll.

        • Where will everyone go, as each state falls, one by one? It’s only a matter of time, and people will shortly run out of places to run to…

          • The smart money has already left. The system is on life support.

          • Your right. Archivist is a Girl. Running away. Probably stays in the Woods and jerks off with his guns thinking he’s “safe”, what a girl move.

      6. And the suggestion of buying PM,s somehow made its way into the article? Buy food , buy tools, buy weapons, buy LP fuel it last forever. Buy stuff you need and use everyday. PM,s should be the very last thing on your list.

        • For total collapse, yes. On the other hand it’s already taken 10 years longer than it seemed likely. I live in a good spot, so the TONS of stuff I have is OK, it will never move. But a lot of people are in places like Chi town or Detroit and they are stuck there, for a time. 1,000 lbs of beans is not what they need.
          Everyone says: go buy a bug out location with land water etc; But there are NO jobs in those places. Everyone’s different

          • Excuses and more excuses. You needs jobs because you strap yourselves down with lots of debt. Thats called the rat race. Sell your city house pay off all your debt and live within your means. No debt and all your property paid in full. In the City my monthly bills came to about $3K a month including mortgage pmt. Out in the country its about $200 total in all bills a month with no debt and everything is paid off and I live off their costly grid. Why be a Rat and live in the Rat race? Excuse after excuse is not a plan.

          • Folks say no jobs. Yet a Mexican can go to those places and immediately find work. Certianly the wages and benefits are slim pickins. However the cost of living is much lower. Here in Arkansas wages are very low. Yet I was able to save 10% of every dollar I earned. And We bought land with our savings. We now own land the Three different counties. We Are Debt free and still save !0% of my social security. And I returned to work. I part time drive a truck as a relief driver. My children are also debt free and own land.

        • So what’s the plan with PM’s? I get they’re “inflation proof” (though I haven’t looked at a chart lately to see if that’s holding true…)

          In a total collapse you’re dead. The odds of survival are astronomically insanely bad. Unless you’re totally independent on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

          In a Greece kind of thing… PM’s could work but what are we talking about here? Enough to keep you from being totally homeless if the shit goes down (but you’ll never recover your standard of living, ever, you just won’t be dead or in dire danger). Or enough to try to become the next Bill Gates on some speculation that it will go to Mars on the price because hyperinflation will happen and it will just track right along with it… in which case see scenario 1 because it’s still one tenth of one gold coin for one loaf of bread (it’s just ten thousand DOLLARS for one loaf of bread).

          You… planning to expat with the gold or what?

        • Yeah, be sure to buy gold…

          Executive Order 6102 is a United States presidential executive order signed on April 5, 1933, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt “forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States”

          But, be prepared to turn it in…

          • It was a voluntary process to turn it in. How many people do you think actually turned theirs in?

      7. The French Solution: Tax at over 100% says that “More than 8,000 French households’ tax bills topped 100 percent of their income in 2012, according to a French newspaper report. Citing data from France’s finance ministry, the business newspaper Les Echos reported on Friday that in addition to those taxed at over 100 percent last year, almost 12,000 households paid taxes worth more than 75 percent of their 2011 income and that a further 9,910 households were taxed at more than 85 percent of their income.”

        Taxing at more than 100%. What a brilliant idea! Next up, resolution of the fake global warming problem with a perpetual motion, Rube Goldberg contraption to create energy. Proposal being funded by the government, with $100 million just given to the re-started Solynda, now called “Scamyndra.”

        • So there are 8,000 rich people that are to dumb to move? Can I get a list of their names? I’d bet there are 8,000 families that are hiding the vast majority of their income

      8. If you have the means, buy a plane ticket out. Can’t say it enough.

      9. Notice that government salaries and jobs aren’t being slashed, boy would that change things!

        • Irreversible surgical sterilization for EBT and welfare moochers would be a good start.

      10. Yes Old Guy, at least you don’t think I am still a crack pot. Looks like the August 15., 2017 is a little ahead of the October, 2017 nationwide collapse that will make 2009 look like a joke. I just read the crime report in my subdivision, in a 4 square mile area.

        100 incidents:

        50 assaults
        25 arrest
        and the rest all theft. Just for the month of June, 2017

        Take that figure and multiply it by a 100,000.. I have reason for concern. Is this pre-collapse?


        • Go north, young man. Way north.

        • I hear ya
          Read you loud and clear
          I live in a rural farming area on the outskirts closer to a larger city
          Watching my local news police blotter becoming more and more concerning with each paper delivered

          And I’m not within a city border
          I’m in a township of a larger population ,attached to a bigger small town city
          Be on your guard

        • You’re living in the wrong place. The only gunshots I here in my neighborhood are people practicing in their back yards.

          Had some several days ago, two doors down. They had at least two different weapons, judging by the sound.

      11. Very soon, the most divisive issue will be having the federal government assume the debts of the states in some sort of bailout. The states are struggling to balance their budgets because of the amounts they have to pay to service their debts. As of 2012, one study cited a total of $4.18 trillion. The study lists the top ten debtor states as California, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and Massachusetts. A state’s ability to sustain their debt depends on their gross domestic product which is taxed. When the states try to solve their problems with taxes, the taxpayers(personal & business) leave the state. We live in interesting times!

      12. HCKS, I’m afraid it does. At one time you mentioned you were working on a BOL. I would go ahead and get it finished ASAP. I don’t like the way things are looking. My next trip is scheduled for August but might be coming sooner.

        • D.B.
          Just got back from BOL#2. Looking good,

          If it all falls apart now, and I can get there. There is plenty of Berries and Game in the area to live on for some time. Not to mention what there is stock piled.

          Off Topic.
          I see why ObamaCare is going to fail this year. My deductible went from $1,500.00 to $6,500.00. That is right $5,000.00. Going to City Hall on Monday and raise some hell. I need to have some minor surgery on my left hand. Guess how much that surgery was going to cost. Yep $6,000.00. Oh and forgot to tell you my monthly payment went from $130.00 to $300.00 a month. I would be better off not to have insurance and pay the penalty at the end of the year it would be cheaper.

          • Sarge, my deductible as of now stands at $3000 and my premium is definitely higher. I decided awhile back if it goes up one more time then I’ll drop coverage altogether. As far as the penalty goes, Trump supposedly put a stop to the penalties with his first executive order on Jan. 20. My next trip to GA is scheduled for August but could come sooner. If the 3 states mentioned, including yours, ‘go bankrupt’ or whatever, it’ll be interesting to see how the other states are affected, if at all.

            • DP,

              As noted, PLEASE check out “health sharing plans!!!” We use Liberty Health Share, but there are others. $1k/mo vs. $300/month for identical coverage.

              I also noted for Sgt about the unique rules in the state of OK. One place I am aware of, is Oklahoma Surgery Center. Doesn’t take Medicate or Medicaid, but charges only 20% of normal costs if you pay cash. Medicare pays 80%, you pay the rest. So, what exactly what are you getting for that other 80%? Nada.

            • There will be a domino effect….every state will want a handout.

              • Jim, I hope you’re wrong about a domino effect. I can imagine what kind of strings would be attached if DC bailed out THE ENTIRE NATION.

                • Brave; The country doesn’t have money to bail anybody out. The can can’t be kicked down the road any longer. we will soon be on our own and I think individually we could probably do better than a bunch of politicians with no common sense. Wait til they miss a pay check!

            • A $5,000 deductible is not healthcare. A $2,000 deductible is not healthcare.
              The average person in this country does not have 500 bucks in the bank.
              Those RINO’s pushing that legislation out need to understand that shit.
              If they don’t get it right, and they most likely won’t- their asses will be toast in the next
              mid-terms. They have had YEARS to work on repealing and replacing ObunglaCare and they blew it. This 2 party system sucks. Both parties suck ass. It’s a 1 party establishment
              set-up. You can’t tell me Durbin and Rubio don’t get together and laugh at the sheeple.
              Most of those clowns are drinking and golfing buddies. Can’t trust any of them.
              When all of the bankrupt states start going belly-up one by one, it won’t be long.

              • They don’t need to replace Obamacare. They just need to get out of health care entirely. It’s not a constitutional job of the federal government. If the government stopped all its unconstitutional actions, Congress could get their jobs done in a week or two every other year, and taxes would be only a tiny fraction of what they are now.

                • Paul Ryan and his ilk want it replaced with RinoCare. Big mistake. Huge. Let it fall.

          • Sgt. You are a good man. I always read what you post. **Please** check out health sharing plans. We use Liberty Health Share, but there are a number out there. When I went to consulting (I got fired as the VP was having an affair with a woman he wanted to promote over me), COBRA was $1,000/mo for my wife and me. Went to $300/mo., with ***identical** coverage.

            Also, if you are self insuring, Oklahoma Surgery Center. Doesn’t take Medicate or Medicaid, but charges only 20% of normal costs if you pay cash. Medicare pays 80%, you pay the rest. So, what exactly what are you getting for that other 80%? Nada. Vid on this at

          • Isn’t it cheaper to fly overseas and get the surgery?

          • You should kill it and pay the penalty (if you’re in good health that is). I’ve advised many people not getting employer supplied health insurance (not “care” LOL) to do so.

          • Being self insured and a cash payer your medical costs will be about 1/4th of the cost, out of pocket.

            Insurance is a scam. So is the medical industry.

            Ask how much the cost is for surgery having no insurance? Its an eyeopener.

            If you play their game you get screwed. If you play your game you win.



            Bty: I just read an article about how all of DC smells like pot.

      13. Coming your way sooner that you think.

        These government officials always use the rosy projections and never forecast any financial problems.

        Further, once a couple of states start crumbling, anyone else that is close; is going to follow as regardless of what help is offered is a city or state collapse, they want to get their financial problems over while everyone else is and just be part of the many rather than being singled out for being one of the last to join in.

        I am storing cash and silver(already stored food, water and ammo) now and blowing thru my vacation days this year. I figure if two states are blowing up now, 2018 is likely to be a mess as many more will be joining in then.

        • Let’s see/ Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey. Down the road, California. If you are in
          Maine, it most likely will not be as bad as the other states. For obvious reasons. Yes, 2018
          should be a very precarious year for the broke states. Conceal carry permits should be a
          serious consideration for anyone that’s unfortunate enough to be stuck in those states.
          If you folks move to a Red State, don’t vote for the commie pinko progressives.

        • L, I agree! These are the first dominoes to fall. New Jersey, Maine, Illinois. Commifornia is basically a failed state, too. There are others lurking. Ohio, Louisiana, and Missouri come to mind.

      14. please God dont let them move to my state

      15. Latest stats: in the first half of 2017 murder rate up 60% in Nashville, doubled in Knoxville. Nashville paper telling folks to buy a tournaquit to keep in their cars to aid gunshot victims. Folks it is getting very scary out there.

        Looks like Trump will let Obamacare die in mid August when a court ruling expires.

      16. The best BOL is wherever you hang your hat. Hope you hang it in a good safe place.

      17. Whee!!!! This socialism think is just DANDY, isn’t it!!!

        ABC7 Chicago reported around 4 PM today

        SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — “Action on a revenue plan to end Illinois’ two-year budget stalemate has been delayed….Action is scheduled to resume before 5 p.m.

        The revenue legislation would increase the personal income tax rate 32 percent. It would go from 3.75 percent to just under 5 percent. The corporate rate would jump from 5.25 percent to 7 percent. It would raise about $5 billion. (Yeah, and in two years create an even BIGGER PROBLEM with businesses and people fleeing even more, creating a downward spiral. But then the left isn’t smart enough to get that. Hey! Gotta keep the cronies in financial clover!)

        Cited from

      18. The best part of crissy closing down the state is the fat fuck and his family get to stay at a home on the beach owned by the state,they get to vacation on a beach that is closed to the public due to the emergency shutdown!Chrissy is your typical hypocritical republicunt!

      19. The big lie is that society can afford to cover everyone with every service. It isn’t possible to giver everyone a golden toothbrush.

        • My father died almost 8 years ago (Wonderful man) I needed a new wallet so I glommed onto his. Now it’s worn out, but as I was cleaning it out last week, I found a Gold Toothpick, so I didn’t get a Gold toothbrush, but I’m close.

        • And Warran Buffets entire Wealth, could pay off those 3 States entire debt problem. Hey, there is a novel idea. Steal from the rich this time around. Too much money in one persons hand is criminal. And he pays little to no taxes.

      20. Last year a Hedge fund Mgr named Tepper left NJ for Fla. He took 5% of NJ’s state tax revenue with him. There are three other Hedge Funds Mgr’s in NJ. If this Marxist Goldman Sachs Corslime clone phil murphy is elected gov, he wants to pass the Millionaire’s tax. The other three Hedge fund Mgr’s said they would leave NJ also. They would take at least another 12% of the state’s tax revenue with them…. Then what…????

      21. Of course the Christie’s have the entire 6 mile beach to themselves. He shuts it down on a weekend where thousands look forward to going there and then him and his enabling Stepford wife and family are there for the week. The whole place to themselves. Follow the money. Christie wants $300 million from Horizon Blue Cross while Joshua Kushner’s struggling healthcare company, Oscar Healthcare, is trying to enter the NJ market.

      22. Brave, I had to hold off on the BOL, its too hot right now to work in that jungle heat and the locals warned me about the humidity. I overheated and had me and my friend had to leave it for Mid September. We have to hook up the solar, the AC, and add 1,000 more sq for additional living space. I have to share it with him and his family. So I am really behind. Now I just noticed that Sarge has two BOL’S. Jesus, am I behind or what.


        • You need to toughen up. The last time you said something about the heat and gave actual numbers, I had to laugh. It’s much hotter than that here, and I still have to mow grass and do other outside work. The heat index is 100 right now, and a neighbor was outside mowing.

      23. Just saw a pic of N.J. governor on a beach that he had closed due to lack of funds. Had it all to himself. Not good optics!

        • And when he was asked why his reply was because I am the governor. Translated to mean I am better than you.

          • If Krispy Kreme lived in Texas, he would be a Democrat.

            • In NJ, one has to understand that the Rep’s are Liberals and the dem’s Marxists. That is why the state is so screwed up….

      24. Saudi arabia is awash with oil & they over spend on stupid things like guns etc at least the west is free

      25. Big suprise, big deal. When is this site gonna go back to giving us plans for shtf instead of doom and gloom news, if you wanna be a news site get a job with drudge

      26. So many people are stuck in bad areas. With a bug out trailer stocked in a outside storage area .You have a chance to move when in one hour all heaped up wealth becomes nothing.

      27. the communist governor of Oregon feels that the public has too much of her money in their pockets. Riots and new high taxes sums up her leadership style. Once Oregon was a free land and the people lived as Americans but under the Democrats were are becoming Calif 2.0 A me too state following Calif into the trash bin. Restrictions on everything, hew taxes and she wants more, riots on the street and the cops do nothing, Water belongs to the state, shut down hobby gold mining, Homeless every where, sky high rents, illegals flooding the schools, and possible muslem training camps in the rural areas. We had them before. Oregon will soon follow Illinois also as she has a gigantic under funded budget

      28. Nope I don’t have any gold. However We do save all of our change. We have jars full of change. Its all mixed together. pennies -nickles -dimes and quarters. and a few silver dollars and silver half dollars. I remember my grandmother telling that during the depression when the taxes where due she saved the home with the change she saved from her egg money. She had been squirrling it away for years.

      29. The question is why would the NJ voters elect that obnoxious obese gasbag in the first place. Then to trot it out as a presidential candidate is tripling down on the insanity.

      30. I wonder if Chris Christie is heavier than Howard Taft was? He might as well go to the beach; the legislature is no where near a working budget. No state has ever declared bankruptcy. Fitting the bankruptcy procedures to handle states should set a precedent.


        If you write “FINANCIAL HARDSHIP” on your tax form, you can avoid the obutthole tax and fines.

        “Change your address” and stop sending the government your money!

      32. And Christie thought he was VP material. He can’t even keep one state afloat.

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