John Williams Forecasts: “Catastrophe Ahead”

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    In his article Are Pessimistic Consumers’ Fears of High Inflation Exaggerated?, Daniel Gross writes:

    ...this alarmism over inflation on the part of consumers is nothing new, and it may not be warranted. We’ve given a lot of grief to professional forecasters, who never seem to know when a recession is about to begin or end. But when it comes to projecting inflation, the amateurs don’t do very well, either.

    there are a host of individuals and companies who benefit from freaking people out about inflation — i.e. gold bugs, bond vigilantes, politicians who believe that the Fed, simply by printing more money, creates inflation.

    Given that people seem to be incorporating higher inflation into their mindsets, perhaps policymakers should consider indulging them.

    Last time we checked, inflation occurs when those responsible for issuing the currency, be it a Roman emperor who controlled the content of precious metals in coinage or a central bank that controls the money supply, is solely responsible for the resulting price inflation.

    How else, save trillions of dollars in quantitative easing, can we explain the exorbitant price increases in commodities like food and gas over the last forty years? Yes, Mr. Gross, the Fed, simply by printing more money, does, in fact, create inflation. A third grader can understand this basic concept, that when you artificially create something, its value goes down.

    The reason people “seem” to be incorporating higher inflation into their mindsets is because policymakers have already indulged them. Isn’t this exactly the current policy of the Fed?

    Mr. Gross suggests that consumers are disconnected from reality because they are, on a personal level, expecting inflation of around 5.8% over the coming 12 months based on a recent survey. Clearly, Mr. Gross is himself disconnected from reality, because those consumers are already experiencing yearly price increases as of right now of over 11% – almost double what they are expecting for the coming year, and triple what the official CPI has reported.

    The real data suggest everything the Federal Reserve is reporting, and mouthpieces like Mr. Gross are parroting, is nothing short of deceptive.

    Well known economist and contrarian statistician John Williams, who incidentally is not an amateur, provides a concise explanation for how you’re losing purchasing power to inflation everyday.

    Williams says, for example, that Social Security cost of living adjustments, if the government had utilized real data, should be double what they are today. Of course, that is simply not economically feasible for a government run retirement system that is a few years from collapsing using even manipulated data.

    In an interview with Goldseek Radio, John Williams, proprietor of the popular alternative statistics web site Shadow Stats, provides those with the desire to understand the real numbers a concise explanation of how the government calculates their statistics, why the need for manipulation, and what the real data are actually saying:

    You have to be careful when you are talking about inflation and deflation that you define what you’re talking about. When I talk about inflation I’m talking about the change in prices for goods and services consumed by the consumer. I’m not talking about asset inflation or deflation. When I’m arguing that we have higher consumer inflation, that’s again for goods and services. It’s not for assets and such. I can see a deflation in assets – I’d have no problem, conceptually, with a stock market crash. In fact, I think we’re probably seeing something akin to that now in slow motion over the last couple of weeks.

    Our policymakers, utilizing all sorts of adjustments and machinations, are doing everything in their power to control the perceptions of the general population. If they were to come out and tell us the truth about what’s really happening to our currency you can fully expect panic buying of precious metals and hard assets would ensue. As we’ve pointed out many times before, the powers that be do not want anyone but themselves holding gold and silver assets, because then you are not beholden to their system of debt.

    Make no mistake, the US Dollar is in serious trouble, but so long as people, those like the aforementioned Mr. Daniel Gross, have faith in what they’re being told by the Fed, the US government and the mainstream media, that the inflation rate is under control at 3%, there is still calm.

    When the reality of what has happened becomes obvious, however, the people will go ballistic. And according to Mr. Williams, that time is coming sooner rather than later:

    I’m not a day to day timer here, but I can tell you long-term that we have a catastrophe ahead for the US dollar. It will eventually become worthless in a hyperinflation, which I have written about it’s the time of thing that will break in the not to distant future. It could be another couple of years, but it’s coming. So, looking at the long haul you don’t want to be in the US dollar. Gold is a primary hedge against that, as is silver.

    We’ve previously written of Mr. Williams warnings, and what we can expect in such a scenario in No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon:

    The U.S. economic and systemic solvency crises of the last two years are just precursors to a Great Collapse: a hyperinflationary great depressionSuch will reflect a complete collapse in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar, a collapse in the normal stream of U.S. commercial and economic activity, a collapse in the U.S. financial system as we know it, and a likely realignment of the U.S. political environment. The current U.S. financial markets, financial system and economy remain highly unstable and vulnerable to unexpected shocks. The Federal Reserve is dedicated to preventing deflation, to debasing the U.S. dollar.

    John Williams – December 2009

    The evidence is absolutely clear. The catastrophe cannot be stopped. The implications are life changing.

    Protect Yourself – Understand What’s Happening and What You Can Do:

    Hyperinflation: Disruptions to Food Supplies, Normal Flow of Commerce

    Hyperinflationary Depression – No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon

    What is money when the system collapses?


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

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      1. I doubt there will be a food shortage in this country, however I do believe it can’t be purchased without that wheelbarrow loaded down. Weimar republic, yeah probably.

        • Fortunately if you live in an area with enough land you wont need a wheel barrel unless its to carry your own food back from the garden. If I lived in NYC or San Francisco I could see the huge concern over food prices and shortages, but living in rural America with enough land to plant for me and my family; that concern is not as big as say – defending it.

          • You may not starve if you are farming and storing now, although I hope you aren’t putting all your hopes on starting to farm after things fall apart, but if Gasoline goes up 100%-200% as is very possible then there will be shortages of many things you need to live and to farm and your daily menu will become much less diverse.

            Modern farming is heavily dependant on fuel, double the price of fuel, or worse interupt supply, and even in the heartland you will be hurting, though of course not as much as those of us on the East and Left coast.

            • “Modern farming is heavily dependant on fuel.”

              Close… modern farming for most basic foodstuffs (Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, etc) is heavily dependent on Anhydrous Ammonia, a fertilizer derived from petroleum. Double the price of that, and farm subsidies won’t have to exist any longer.

              Ah, yes: farm subsidies. They won’t have to do those any longer, since the price would naturally go up if the production costs do. If the feds (and state governments) have a brain, then lessening farm subsidies as costs go up will cushion the consumer-side price of basic foodstuffs for quite awhile.

              Meanwhile, as prices go up, more (until now fallow) land would go into production to maximize profits. That would also keep prices from rising too high, as competition increases.

              We’ve kind of seen this before, in fits and starts. 🙂

          • Jim

            I do live out in the sticks. I do grow my own food.
            You hit the nail on the head.


        • Study what happened in Zimbabwe recently. There WERE food shortages. Why bring your crop to market,
          if the buyers don’t have anything to pay with?

          • homeland—please stop throwing zimbabwe around as an example of what can happen here. zimbabwe was run into the ground by an inept dictator who controlled all facets of the country. their infrastructure, rule of law, corporate finances, etc were never remotely close to ours. using zimbabwe as an example is just silly.

            • LOL….you mean like everything? Like health care, transportation, banking, the auto industry, education, retirement, food (stamps) – everything?

              I get what you are saying “Americant” and you are right in that we are different as we have some wealth those people did not. As to the difference Homeland is you don’t need to go to the market if you produce it yourself.

            • I somewhat agree with you Americant, but the general principle that Homeland is referring to holds some water too. If the common unit of exchange (in this case fiat notes – dollars) loses larger, and larger percentages of its’ value, then it will give people less incentive to trade for those notes: people will want either more notes per unit of good/service, or will simply not find the gains worthy of their efforts.
              With that said, I cannot say what’s to come. I encourage vigourous debate,while discouraging being blinded by either DOOM/GLOOM or happy go lucky, sunshine Nibbling Unicorn vision.

            • Zimbabwe was the most recent, so I used that as an example. There have been others in history. I remember when I was growing up in an inner city neighborhood of Eastern European immigrants. We could see the older folks picking dicarded fruit and vegetables out of the garbage cans and eating them. This was a very common practice in Europe at the end of WW2. Literally millions of people were starved to death then. Any major disruption of the food chain can cause food to disappear off the shelves.

            • you mean an inept dictator like obama?

            • Ask yourself this Question; What is Debt?
              Define government debt?
              There is no real debt, how can a country that prints its own money have debt?
              This is one huge Ponzi scheme.
              Like one Op said
              “”Amazing concept…Like something out of the Matrix with a cast of liars, Evil Cabals, and images that don’t really exist.””

              What happens when the world’s people awaken to this fraud?
              What happens to civilizations?
              They usually fall apart because universal consciousness becomes aware of this great illusion.
              The fall of hundreds of civilizations long gone by are documented. But no one really knows for sure why they failed.
              You and I are witnessing the fall of the worlds current civilization, The end must come so a new one may evolve.
              You and I are going to experience the greatest Hell on earth that anyone has ever witnessed.
              Get your books out and start writing it down for future world civilizations so they may read about it and possibly learn.
              Good luck to all.

            • I think Zimbabwe is a valid comparison. The former Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Africa, highly fertile and overall good land for both farming and where not conducive to commercial farming, certainly for grazing.

              We’ll see in a few years to a decade what will become of South Africa as a country as well. It may take awhile as the country’s reverting back to subsistence is not occurring as quickly as has happened in Zambia or Zimbabwe. The also have a different labor market where farm workers are even cheaper than Guatemalans. Of course in SHTF you’ll be breaking your own back right alongside your family.

            • It appears as if we DO have a dictator and a Congress that DICTATES whatever they want as well. What planet are you living on BOZO?

          • they had money to pay!!! the value of the money dropped by the second so no one would take it($).

        • There will be massive food shortages when diesel fuel is $1,000 a gallon and it’s too expensive to ship food across the country. It’s possible that the government will impose price controls and food will disappear from store shelves. It’s also possible that Wal-Marts across the country will close when hundreds of hungry people raid the shelves and everyone leaves without paying because a cart full of groceries cost $10,000.

          • Maybe I’m not so smart—but maybe we’ll start thinking about our purchases more…where they come from, how they get here, the cost to get them here, etc…Oh, Bill S, yes, I hear you…and I buy every inexpensive thing in the local stores here made by SUN…yep—made in USA…oh, and even some made only 25 miles from my home.
            That’s what this nation needs and will get whether we want it or not, I fear—the hard way.

            • Yes, all the capital that was shipped out of this country starting around the late 60’s has chased the cheap labor pools of the world. An excellent book (and Author) regarding the geopolitics of oil, and specifically the deindustrialization of America is

              A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the NWO

              “The Iowa farmer or the skilled machinist in Cincinnati had little idea of what was at stake at the end of the 1950s, the last days of the Eisenhower presidency. But by that time, the large, internationally oriented New York banks had already begun preparing to abandon U.S. investment for greener pastures abroad. Henry Ford once stated that he would gladly pay the highest wagesin industry, sell the world’s cheapest car, and in the process become the world’s richest man—all by using the most modern technology. Unfortunately, by the early 1960s most influential voices in the U.S. policy establishment had forgotten Ford’s lesson. They were too obsessed with making a ‘quick buck’ by the typical merchant’s game of ‘buy cheap, sell dear.’ By the end of the 1950s, the U.S. establishment had walked away from investment in rebuilding American cities, from educating a more skilled labor force and from investing in more modern factory production and improving the national economy.

              Instead, their dollars flowed out of the United States to grab up, ‘on the cheap,’ already-operating industrial companies in western Europe, South America or the emerging economies of Asia. At Ford Motor Company itself, Robert McNamara, an accountant, had taken over corporate control by the end of the 1950s. Increasingly, after the 1957 crisis, large U.S. industries and banks began to follow the ‘British model’ of industrial policy. Systematic cheating on product quality became the fashion of the day. Milton Friedman and other economists preferred to call this ‘monetarism,’ but it was nothing other than the wholesale infestation of Britain’s post-1846 ‘buy cheap, sell dear’ methods into America’s productive base. Pride in workmanship and commitment to industrial progress began to give way to the corporate financial ‘bottom line,’ a goal calculated every three months for corporate stockholders.”

              I wont post more given I’m sure Mac doesn’t run this site to simply host copy/pasted books. The PDF can be gotten freely via google, or read online here @


              That chapter is titled ‘That 58′ Chevy’, which later he explains how the between the proverbial 57′ Chevy and the ’58, the amount of steel used in the the car was cut in half, further, while its’ price was also increased. It is an essential read, which goes back to the beginning of Britain’s Reign as World Hegemon in 1815.

            • @the durango kid…
              You say that assuming that the masses can afford to switch to the alternative, who among us (speaking for myself and my friends/coworkers etc..) could really afford the alts at this point??? i cannot afford to sped 10-20-30k on an alt. fuel vehicle…

            • RELOCALIZE. That is the key word. “Globalize” destroys the sovereignty of the PEOPLE.
              We need to be able to get whatever we need from within a 50 mile radius. That is part of what made this Nation strong. Honoring GOD was the main reason, and why we are being overcome by all these sleazy politicians and bankers to our destruction. We forgot our God.

          • BILL S: You would be right, of course, if diesel ever hit $1,000 per gallon. It won’t. LMAO! 🙂

            We will be driving plug ins long before that and trucks will be run on natural gas.

            Folks, don’t panic. Its bad. Worse than ever in OUR lifetime but don’t go insane! LMAO

            • The Federal Reserve is printing trillions of bogus dollars. It’s only a matter of time before we have hyperinflation like Germany did in the 1920s. The German Mark once traded at 4 per dollar. In a few years it was billions of Marks per dollar. So yes, there will come a time when diesel fuel is $10,000 a gallon. Not because it became very expensive but because the dollar will have lost so much value. If you bought gold or silver at the right time you’ll still be able to buy food if it’s still sold in stores. Other people will starve.

            • I could see $30 $40 think that though. Yes all will change long before $1000 a gallon.

            • MYTM: Even $30 to $40 a gallon is too high, I think. Alt technologies will eat into demand for gasoline and diesel, and hybrids are coming on fast. Most fleets will be converted in 5 years; consumers in ten. Even new drivers in China will have hybrids and India is already running on air. (Tata) Yeah, air.

              I mentioned a month ago that cars might boost the economy in the fall and someone shut that idea down.
              Today we find that auto sales are up for July; a bright spot in a dismal economy.

              Hybrids will be in demand in the fall for those who can borrow. Do not take your que from folks here. 75% of Americans are still working. They will be buying hybrids.

              Solar cell conversion is now 90% efficient. Factories are being developed. In five years solar becomes a force. In ten years? All over America.

              New hydrogen fuel cell technology (so much for my pgms) for natural gas and water is also cheaper, but will still have to compete with solar. Look for natural gas to replace diesel in trucks. Buses in the city I am in right now are hybrid.

              IMHO diesel may reach $10-$15 / gal during a war, but alts are going to take over in a hurry. Technology is here. Look for the energy giants to buy up the winners.

            • Durango,
              Good call. Here in S.Miss, a new solar panel plant is in the works. That’s a few hundred more American jobs! Yeah!

            • Those of us who don’t have garages or driveways – where to plug in the plug-ins?

            • Mike Awesome: Ok, so you cannot afford an Alt vehicle (hybrid). There were about 12 million new cars sold last year. America has more than 300 million people, and more than 80 million (if my memory is correct) households.

              Everyone won’t buy a new hybrid next year, but many people will begin to make that transition, and have already.

              First the car rental companies will buy them for their fleets. Then government entities and corporations for their fleets. Eventually you may be able to find a used hybid. If not, adapt in a different way.

          • that’s why hemp is so important

        • I’m fully hedged. I’ve been hoarding wheelbarrows for years.

          • Bill Jones: I like that Bill. Very funny. Sell’em short as soon as construction for infrastructure starts to pick up. 🙂

        • Everyone needs to support Ron Paul. He has a hell of alot more charisma that any of the other candidates. When he gets in office, he’ll get rid of the Federal Reserve, the biggest printer of fiat currency that the world has ever seen.

          Till then, add to physical gold and silver.

      2. John Williams is absolutely correct. Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke are overseeing the manipulation of economic data and have launched one of the most insidious dis-information campaigns in human history to decieve the American people of what is really happening to them. In terms of the U.S. Constitution these two men would be hanging from the neck until dead for being traitors to the American people. Make no mistake about it, men women and children are going to perish in the coming economic holocaust.

        • For those of us that are old enough to remember back 20 odd years ago when the Peso inflated. Remember that? I knew guys down in Mexico during that time. They said that it got so bad they needed a pillow case full of Peso’s just to go to the store for food.
          My late father once told me that inflation was to a common mans advantage.
          Here’s how. You have a $200.000 mortgage contract in say 1980 dollars and there’s no contractual adjustment for inflation. If inflation hits and the dollars are in 2011 “inflated” dollars, how fast and easily will it be to pay off or at least pay down that $200K mortgage?
          I think the FED is in place to control just this kind of situation so the banks don’t take it in the ass.
          Another example; if you had the foresight back in 2001 to buy gold at $300 per oz you could today payoff that $200K mortgage with 110 ounces of gold / with an original $33,000 investment.
          Bernanke and Geithner has to protect the banks. I think what they are doing is fattening up the banks so they can take the inflation hit and not get hurt and collapse.
          I think these two mutts know exactly what their doing and know exactly that inflation is inevitable. I believe this is how they plan to get away from the China debt and China knows it and don’t like it very much.
          Hyperinflation just means it’s going to come a lot faster.
          I think there are strategic ways around this inflation debacle as long as we keep a cool head and don’t get nutts. There are going to be some inevitable failures but for the most part, we will come out of it.

          • Hammerun: Finally someone with the right perspective. Inflation is inevitable. No hyper-inflation but double digit inflation.

            Get a grip people. Inflation by a thousand cuts.

            • Thats when you sell a small portion of PMs and payoff/buy tangible items, property and mortages.

            • DK:
              I think you’re right in the short run (3-5 years). But there is NO political willpower to tackle the deficits and the runaway entitlement programs. This will eventually lead to hyper-inflation in the 6-10 year range.
              The entitlement programs and debt payments are growing at such a rate that, by DoD estimates, there will be nothing to spend on the discretionary side (including defense) by FY 20… So I think we’re pretty much screwed by FY 16 or so…


            • MAL: I hear what you are saying and you are right in many respects. Some of these issues need to be addressed, sooner rather than later. I think We do have the political will to do something and Certain measures have already been taken like the automatic cuts if the Super Congress doesn’t generate a consensus.

              Elections are only 14 months away now, and the American people ARE screaming for budget cuts. The next President will wind down OUR boots on the ground in the middle east and that will release some budget pressures with Defense cuts.

              Every government agency or office needs to cut 10% of its staff for a starter, just like a business would under the circumstances.

          • Hyperinflation can mean that the cost of living doubles every day. In Germany in the 1920s once they got hyperinflation it moved like this: A loaf of bread was a $1, then it was $10, then it was $100, then it was $1000. All along the same time frame.

            • Thats true Bill. Try to read my other posts about hyper-inflation with an open mind. Its not going to happen here without a full blown nuke exchange.

              I’m done for the night. sweet dreams everyone!

      3. Yep! They say there is no inflation. My bills say otherwise. What about insurance? My wife started out with a $75 policy. Its not almost $400 10 years later. Same policy. Same VERY HEALTHY woman. No explanation. Most insurance is doing this to you.

        Its profitable to TPTB for them to foster the normalcy bias of the people. That way they can print their money and it has more value because in many people’s minds, it hasn’t changed.

        Fiat currency is the largest theft on the planet. We need an honest currency. Certainly, the dollar isn’t it and hasn’t been for some time. The killing of the dollar is the underlying factor of why we are about to collapse totally, economically.

        • we can no longer afford car insurance, for just my wife and only 6 months on just one vehicle with only one speeding ticket in the last 3 years…..1300K

          • BJ

            Being in the insurance business I can tell you you are not alone. Its gotten down to the point of feed the baby, pay the rent or drive with out car insurance.

            Almost all our losses in the last 36 months are non-pay cancellations. We know because the people keep coming back to us for insurance.

            Almost all the increases in the last 10 years are due to personal injury lawyers. I know the insurance companies are not going to get much a break from this crowd, but literally they are getting sued into oblivion.

            If they don’t raise rate they go bankrupt, as many have. Here in Florida I think we are losing 2 or 3 companies a month. How long do you think that can go on before we have limited competition.

            Competition does more to lower rates the all the regulation in the world.

            We are all feeling the big squeeze!!!

            • What kind of insurance PO? When does a up-wind hurricane, TD or TS effect “lock up” for homes, business’s & yacht sales? Flood insurance?

            • My insurance company is Auto Owners and the rates are so low I own all vehicles outright and have full insurance on all four of them with 2 teens! (around $2Kper year) Get a good insurance agent that represents a reasonable company. I quoted about four others and 2 were as high as 3500, another was only about $1000 more than AO. i asked them what I would get for the extra thousand….silence!

          • Welcome to world of full liability. Car insurance is only for insuring the corps property so if you destroy it it can fix or replace it at your expense. Get rid of that pesky license plate and drivers license and you will be noncommercial on the roadways. Traveling under your natural rights, without having to seek permission or honor a commercial agreement that you are not even a party to.

            Oh my, what if the cops stop you? Sorry, the state doesn’t issue those things to non-residents, and the only way you can become a corporate resident is to be a foreigner staying there under privilege. You can not be a constitutional Citizen and a corporate Resident at the same time without sacrificing the rights of lawful Citizenship for the privilege of corporate residence.

            My truck is my home on the road.

            It is not a registered commercial vehicle, and I am not registered government “person”, they must respect my rights in my home on the road as though it was a house.

            Congratulations on being forced to take one major step out of the corp. Once you get all the way out you will know why your freedom is so valuable and worth protecting. Nobody will ever tell you how to spend your money again.

            Of course, there is still the vast majority that allows the corp to decide how they spend their money. Too bad for them. All those preps that could have been bought with that wasted money.

            • GC: You are right in saying that car insurance is only for protecting the Corp. You may even avoid getting a driver’s license, but you can and probably will be fined for not have one and you will be asked to appear in court, where you will be fined, if you are ever stopped.

              If you do not pay the fine to the Corp you can be arrested and jailed. If you have managed to avoid that scenario so far, good for you. But as I said before you can only avoid the Corp for so long.

              Without plates on your truck you will be stopped and the process I described will be started. How do you avoid that?

            • Be carefull when your rambling.. you might bump your head

            • DK and GC,

              Actually, you don’t have to extract fully from the corp. I’m learning that you still have control.

              Basically, DK, you walk into the courtroom and when they call your name you stand up and identify yourself as The Administrator For This Legal Person john q. public. You demand to know who called this hearing since you are the administrator and no hearing shall be called without your permission.
              Go to you tube and search for Dean Clifford. He explains corporate structure and how your “strawman” or your “person” is simply a corporation or a trust. You are “Durango Kidd” but your license lists you as DURANGO KIDD. All upper case is a legal trick to indicate corporate encumberances. Dean Clifford spells it out.

              You might end up going to court a few times but after the 2nd or 3rd time that you have the judge wet his robe, he’ll tell them to leave you alone. (they don’t like for The Administrator to show up since you’re the boss and they are subservient to you.)

              Not only can you beat the ticket but you can instruct the court to pay you for your time and trouble. Keep it under $5,000, they make it difficult to extract that much.

              I’ve picked this up from credible sources off the net and face to face encounters.

              Dean Clifford
              Robert Menard
              and others.

            • I have a simple question. If you run into me and damage my car do you have the money to pay for the repairs?

          • …and if fringe benefits don’t include health insurance, well, let me tell you. I’ve got high deductible for my wife and its gone from $75 10 years ago to $380 per month. Thats just crazy for something we hardly ever use.

        • Last year, the highest propane per gallon was 2.19…received a prepayment notice of 2.29 last week!!!!! So, wanna guess what those not prepaying will pay in a couple months or when it’s really cold??
          No inflation my arse!!!

          • Last month I brought Kerosene (K-1) @ $3.77 a gallon. The station right now is posting $7.46 a gallon. I stopped and asked her what’s up with that. She has been my supplier for several years for propane and kerosene.

            She was very apologetic and said prices had soared and she had even waited before re-supplying hoping it would come down. She didn’t even buy a full resell tank because she can’t believe the cost, but wanted to have some on hand for regular customers.

            Hmmm – it’s making those plastic Lamp oil bottles at Wal Mart look like a bargain if that’s the case.

        • The cost of health insurance is nothing short of ridiculous. And don’t get me started on prescription drugs. Thank God that a local pharmacy in our area is offering most generics for $4. We couldn’t afford our few meds otherwise.

      4. And now on the Drudge Report its states China is planning a surprise missle attack on the U.S. Aint life Grand, hoping for myself, Washington takes a direct hit.

        • Thats where it should go..We The People didnt start this shit.


        • Some of us may have family in Washington. God Bless.

          • Yes, I am sorry for the comment, everybody but Childof corn family memebers, patriots, and true worshippers of the RISEN SAVIOR! Please accept my apologies, no sarcasm intended.

            • Thats members, sheesh!

            • Look how far our country has fallen. Wtshf, will our love grow colder? MAKE SURE U STOCK UP ON BIBLES TOO. David didn’t kill thousands of Zombie Phillistines w/o Gods protection.

            • Where in Iowa, Iowa? Wife and I are from Keokuk in SE corner

          • Yeah were now all apart of the “federal family” don’t ya know. But I do know what you were actually refering to.

            • To BJ

              I live in Cedar Rapids…only one I know flying the Gadsden flag here. Just started prepping last Xmas.

            • good for you….I got my first tattoo one drunk night in Cedar Rapids back in 1990

        • We’ll just nuke them. We have enough for China and Russia. If they invade, there’s enough guns in america to wipe them out. Remember, they are easy to spot and would not blend in with the general population too well. Open season.

          • And just how do you spot the difference between an Asian American who was born here and worked all of their life to make this country their home and a “Chinese invader” in plain clothes. For that matter, I’ve met Russians that speak better English than most Americans. So you’re just going to start stereotyping people and picking them off eh?


          • ….because your semi-auto rifles will hold up sooo well against a godamn tank and a squad of trained soldiers.

            • Not to replay “RED Dawn”, but remember the American and Soviet experience in Afghanistan. They can spend hundreds longer than the invaders can spend billions.

            • doesnt matter if the afghans could hold of the russians and the americans, we’re talking about the untrained, un-motivated sheeple vs. organised, detirmined, invaders. yeah, preppers would be a hell of alot more equiped to fight back, but we’d also be up against tanks and helicopters…

          • They can’t invade. Not even if they combined forces. Neither country has a blue water navy to speak of. And the Pacific is waaaaaaaaaaay too big to swim.


        • I just tried to access this story via the Drudge website. The link to the story on was taking a long time to load. I killed the page load, went back to drudge and refreshed. The story headline and the link on Drudge are gone. Went direct to and got the !Problem Loading Page error. So either the website was slow due to an enormous amount of traffic, likely, with such a provocative headline/story or China has launched a DOS attach in retaliation for the story OR someone is blocking the site due to the provocative headline/story.

          Update: just tried world affairs journal again and got an immediate HTTP Error 403.6 – Forbidden error. Refreshed the Google search and now get a blank page when linking from Google to worldaffairs. Interesting!!!

 has the story:

        • So much for the “surprise”. lol

          • hhahaha yeah , no doubt

          • Now now… you gotta be sure to act suprised if you meet up with the pinkos in your street…put your hands on your cheeks and exclaim “oh my” what a suprise seeing you worthless SOBs here on my turf”…then blast their friggin heads off!!

        • The time is drawing near when the corp starts trying to entice China into their wars….

        • If that could possibly be true that is just what Obama would want. “Never let a catastrophe go to waste” remember that shit? If he is going to get elected, he is going to need something like this. He/they aren’t done yet, they want to do a lot more and they need 4 more. This would be right up their alley. Bet on it!!

          • Hell, O’bumbles will probably cut some off their debt if they launch one at us. Just to make him look big. The bastard!

            • Remember the missle fired off the coast of CA a few months back?

        • I feel you, but even if Washington gets a direct hit, we’ll still have to fight the ensuing war if we want to keep our country.

          • We already lost the country. It would be easier to fight an invading enemy than the one already occupying, especially since most Americans still think the US government is on their side.

        • Somebody get Bo out of there first, please…

      5. The jig is up when ‘everyone’ knows there’s inflation, but the Fed does nothing to reign it in. The US government became addicted to a low interest rate environment and ran up $8 trillion in debt in the last 10 years. (Not sure of the exact amount, but I think that’s a good WAG). The simple truth is that the US won’t be able to afford its debt payments if interest rates triple. They, and we, would be screwed. So the hyper-inflating of the currency begins… And ‘we’ get screwed anyway. So purchase good, hard assets with that paper while you can.

      6. in general, I’ve noticed prices would double every 20 years. except for college and health insurance. that has gone up far beyond the rate of inflation.

        • Rachel: The price of oil has been doubling every years since 1973, when it was $7 barrel. Do the math and you will discover that oil should be much higher today. Oil affects everything else. Inflation will continue. Expect double digit inflation, but not hyper-inflation.

          Inflation can be used to your advantage by owning real assets.

      7. Anyone with a thinking brain sees inflation everyday. The problem is, at least in my daily experience, 98% of the people don’t think and I wonder if they even have a brain. How do you get through to a population where 1 in 4 people can’t even read the label on a soup can? You can’t. The dumbing down of America has worked very well for TPTB. For the rest of us, we are screwed!

        • AZ Ready: I agree and disagree. There are a lot of really stupid people out there without a clue, who cannot see the forest for the trees, who are going about their business as usual without understand what time it is. For the most part they are lost. You are not. You know and understand what is happening.

          You are adapting. You are not screwed.

      8. I never thought even a couple years ago I’d have to worry about the Dollar crashing, living in the woods with my family, or defending myself from zombies. God is surely sending his Son soon.

        • I hope he packs a bug out bag for him because he’ll need a place to stay too. I mean I’d hook him up with some of my food store but he’d have to pull his own weight. I’d expect he’d at least be able to purify water for me.

          • You need to hook up with Okie—ya’ll would make a great team!!

          • Don’t forget the loaves and fishes …. just saying.

            • The Original Prepper!

      9. The problem here in the United States is that 95%+ of the population is so damned lazy that they are perfectly willing to rely on the government to provide for them. As long as someone else is “taking care of the problem” for them ….. then they don’t have any problems. Just as long as they are willing to give up all their rights, liberty, freedom and money to the government; the goberment will make everything mo better for them.

        At this point, even the village idiot should be able to figure out that “catastrophe ahead” is putting it mildly.

        God Bless &good luck to all.

        • Our govt has removed the need for citizens to have to to work hard and plan for their future because they have a “fall-back” position – welfare, food stamps, medicaid, etc.

          Generations of people who react and don’t plan have been bred. What an absolute tragedy.

          They are enslaved for life and so are those of us who work hard and pay taxes to pay for them. We are slaves to our government (that WE elect!).

          • We recently heard about young woman and her live-in boyfriend (and baby) on welfare who go to local health clinic for free meds & free exams, yet eat out every night because neither of them likes to cook. What the H is wrong with THIS picture?!?

      10. Waiting for Mushroom with his “CRISP TEN DOLLAR BILL” Speech. $10!!!!

        • He was out on a large fishing boat fixing an engine last I heard.

          • Anonymous

            We do it all. Ask Mac to give you my email behind the scene. In Fl. we have the Watch/Warning Binding Suspensions or The Box Suspensions it varies from company to company.

      11. The U.S. won’t collapse on a financial/economic basis alone. The Fed can and will just keep manipulating the markets and print money to oblivion. No nation in this universe will stand up against the U.S. because they will be committing suicide, even if they manage to defeat the U.S. So that throws WW3 out of the equation.

        Were at a point that humanity is enslaved to this system. You can damn well bet that the sheeple won’t wake up and even if they do, they won’t do anything. The only thing that can intervene to end this system will be through God’s hands in the form of major natural disasters or great cosmic interventions. And no Hurricane Irene does not count as a major natural disaster, not even close.

        When I mean major natural disasters I’m talking New Madrid, Yellowstone or sudden shift of Earth’s axis, etc…

        • Don’t be so sure of what you are saying, that other countries are too smart to attack us. Who thinks like you do? Do the leaders in the middle east? Did Japan when they invaded Pearl Harbour? What about the dickheads in Iran or Syria? Osama? Crazy people do crazy things. Right now the leaders in China are telling their people that their economic problems are because of us here in the USA. How bad do things there need to get before we have billions of Chineese wanting to bomb our asses. I believe that the biblical time line says that WWIII in next. Just prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Make sure you are not in a position where you will have to fight some grandma in the grocery store for that last loaf of bread but be in a position to help somoene instead.

          • Steve: The evidence is in: the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was designed by Rooseveldt and others to get US into WWII to save the Rothchild’s Bank of England from the Nazi.

            Of course China has plans to attack the US and Russia and everyone else: just like WE do. War gaming is what the professionals do to consider every contingency.

            Why do you think the gangster banksters are integrating the Chinese into every nation of the world as their partner to share in the profits?

            • Hey… just because the radar was ignored and the carriers were absent… and Halsey admitted later that he was authorized offensive action against Japanese surface vessels prior to December 7th is no reason to go and vilify Saint Roosevelt… ummm… er… uh… 🙂

            • Integrating? Not so sure about that, but it could be a possibility. Though, the establishement of Africom by US the Pentagon along with other developments seem to imply competition rather than cooperation of either an overt, or covert nature. Africa will be a major geopolitical hub as the century proceeds. China is heavily invested in Angola, Sudan, along with Gabon, with Ole’ Uncle Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Libya, and the list goes on. China has established more embassies in Africa than the US, and the US has recently began to play catch up.
              My dad is an Angola as we speak, and has spent a considerable amount of time there over the last 5 years. Apparently there are almost 100,000 chinese in the country. However, the oil majors are also there developing Angola’s deepwater exploration/production efforts along with building a refinery in Lobito (KBR is there along with the other usual entities), which is why he is there.

        • Another person with a brain unwilling to follow the herd off the Cliff of Hyper-inflation. I like that.

          Its not how much money is printed people. It how that printed money is deployed. Right now that printed money is being deployed to make the PTB whole on all of their losses.

          If all that money doesn’t trickle down to US its not going to be chasing goods and services. Hence no hyper-inflation.

          • +69 Trillion $ question answered.

          • Real inflation has gone from 6% to 11% in just a few months. Food and industrial commodities have gone up an average of 30% in the last year.

            Besides, once the dollar is dumped as the world’s reserve currency it will lose up to 90% of its value in a short time.

            • Bill S: Dump your dollars Bill! Buy Chinese yuan (RmB) then take them down to wal mart and see how far you get! 🙂

      12. All anyone has to do is go shopping. The prices of everything is up, and the packageing size is down.

        Gas went from $3.50 a gallon too $3.30 and the zombies think gas has gone down and the MSM is telling them they will be saving money. So go to Wal-Mart and spend.

        No one remebers $1.00 a gallon just 10 years ago. And it wont be long before we see $5.00 a gallon I would bet, if I was a betting man.

        People un-employed and under employed with no seeable wage increases. That is true inflation to me.

        • Wouldn’t people under employed be “deflationary?”

          If the powers that be thought deflation was immenint what would they hoard? Cash! Anyone try borrowing lately? Credit cards have new rules, limits and are more expensive. Home mortgages are not even available on some properties and banks are talking new rules, equity requirements etc. How about a business loan? Why are banks holding the money if it’s about to crash in value?

          • By under employed I just meant working 20 hrs a week with no benefits bringing home $200 a week. Don’t think it has anything to do with being “deflantionary”. Have to ask someone smarter that question,sorry.

            Who knows what TPTB think? I just know what I see in real life on a daily bases. The only way any of us can really judge whats going on IMHO. Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear~Buddah~

            And actually Govt.around the world are hoarding PM’s. They are holding the cash probably because the game is still on, who knows.

          • Good point Jim: But the banks and corporations are not holding all that cash because they believe it is going to rise in value. they are holding it for at least two reasons that I can think of:

            1. Protection against losses from mortgages and derivatives, to maintain their liquidity and required cash balances.

            2. Leverage: they want to slow any chance of recovery so that they can get THEIR man into the WH to kill Franks-Dodd. They want to eliminate all regulations that they can so they can gamble with depositor funds again.

            A new President would do that for Wall Street as part of new sweeping reforms to stimulate the economy. The only one who wouldn’t is Paul. That is why he will not make it.

            • Yesterday, I read Buffett gave? 5 BILLION to BofA…they need 40 to 50 BILLION more….

              Did you get that???

            • JJ: Thats not news. The Countrywide portfolio has smelled to high heaven ever since BA was forced by the FED to assimilate it.

            • Franks-Dodd did not impact the elite the way it did the little guy. Check it out – those with “certain asset” values are exempted from future contracts limitations and a variety of other limitations the bill sought to impose…its a pathetic give to the super uber elite with a core of fee’s for the little guy to pay.

            • Jim: It regulated derivatives, which was my point, and why the GBs want it repealed.

      13. In one swoop the developed world will be reduced to the standards of the developing world. Because of the potential political power of the body politic in the developed nations this drop must be swift. If it lingers too long the people in the respective nations may through legal channels change the political order and either halt or reverse the pre planned goal of a massive decline in standard of living. A significant decline is unavoidable however.

        A blind person can see how rapidly the economic and geo-political changes are taking place.

        • Kevin2: Google “Timewave Zero and or Terence Mckenna, it may all slow down depending on the number of mushrooms you take ….

          But it will make a blind man see.

      14. “a likely realignment of the U.S. political environment”

        That could be a good thing or a very, very bad thing.

      15. I agree with MM’s statement!

        I believe that everyone in this country knows what’s happening, but they chose to believe that there isn’t much they can do about it so they rely on the lies that are fed to them on a daily basis.

        We all know that the government chooses to lie rather than to cause panic. I can almost agree with that philosophy.
        I know that sounds counterintuitive, but if you think about it… if you ran a company and shit was hitting the fan in your business, would you tell the truth and cause anarchy throughout the company or would you lie to keep the game going until the company hit a brick wall? Hmmm, Quite a predicament.

        For those who chose to ignore and be stupid about reality and count on others, will find themselves in a world of deep shit!

        Get out of fiat money – it’s becoming worthless day by day!

      16. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
        Benjamin Franklin –

        • When Policemen break the Law, Then there is no Law, just a fight for Survival. Billy Jack, and when i think of the pain and suffering this little Girl will have to endure, due to this idiotic moment of yours, I just go BERSERK #%$^&@# EOOFF BOOM BAMM

      17. Daniel Gross is a schill for the DNC and Obama. His bio states a history of writing for the NYT. Hence you can trust him like a politician.

      18. As long as people remain in the system by using its form and not demanding their rights, they are not only going to see the catastrophe, they will have paid for it voluntarily.

        Research the law (, print out some materials and distribute them anonymously around your work. With any luck, a group will form the employer has to listen to.

        If you choose to d nothing, you will end up getting what you deserve and paying for it to boot.

      19. Hey, this whole thing is aplanned event .slowly and little by little to the end point and then slam whammy , the system goes down .People screaming for Government to save them and thus a Global New Order comes as the Saviors of humanity along with thier new Gobal Currency .

        Let it be written so let it de done ! Endgame by the year 2016 or life as we know completely changed with at least a Good hugh war .

      20. The congress took cost of living raises the last 2 years, and they’re getting ready to take another raise. But they tell the SS retirees there is no inflation.

      21. Surprise nuke attack by the Chinese? Remember about a year ago when that mysterious vapor trail came up from the ocean just off the coast of California? It was caught on video by a news crew. Were the Chinese sending a warning?

        • I remember that.. there was actually more than one. In addition, several months prior, we were performing training exercises somewhere in the Atlantic.. sub tracking exercises. Right in the middle of the training exercise, a Chinese sub pops up out of the water in the DEAD middle of all the ships. It was completely undetected and could’ve sunk them all. These folks are NOT backward or technologicially challenged…

          • Sounds to me that somebody needs to dip more often.

          • SNS: The US Navy has the most sophisticated sonar and computer technology in the world. If anyone thinks that the US Navy didn’t know the Chinese sub was there …

            I have a fish finder to sell you.

            Propaganda by someone for some reason. Watch the other hand, it could be the MIC with its hand out wanting more money.

            • I know that they do.. I do a lot of that kind of stuff.. that is why it was so shocking to me.. you may be right; but I ain’t writing off the other possiblity either.

            • Yes & no. Insert quarter to turn on.

            • ANON: Why must I insert a quarter when I can turn my eightball upside down for the answer?

      22. Law/rule of 72

        72/interest rate in percent=years to double investment.

        Irony is that, 72/years to double cost of living = inflation rate in percent.

        Simple math.

        Seasonally adjusted means that because there are fewer people in the workforce in the winter, we compare the actual numbers to the historical winter numbers to re-ajust the rate of unemployment. Analogy: When the snow flies, we shorten the football field to 80 yards.

        Hedonic adjustment. More pleasure for the same money equates to lower cost per unit of pleasure. Analogy: Bring on Dallas Cheerleaders and charge 50% more for seats at the football game, but you get twice the pleasure, ergo 25% lower cost for the level of pleasure, (100%+50%)/2 times the pleasure= 75% of original.

        Any questions?

      23. I’m familiar with John William’s work. I saw this video before it was posted here. I believe he’s 100% correct about the coming hyperinflation. I believe it’s a 100% mathematical certainty. We have a year’s supply of food and a nine month supply of water. We have guns and ammmo. Soon I’ll be buying kerosene heaters and kerosene. I have a Coleman camp stove that burns Coleman fuel. I also have kerosene cooking stoves. I still have to buy camp toilets: toilet seats that fit on 5 gallon buckets with garbage bags to line them and kitty litter to cover the smell. I believe that a complete collapse of all levels government and the economy is coming. Those with food and resources will survive. I believe that 90%-95% of all Americans will die.

        • 5 gallon bucket for $1 with toilet seat from Dollar General…
          Your welcome…oh, don’t forget the $1 kitty litter from Dollar Tree.

          • oops…jumped the gun, you got kitty litter!!!

      24. ~~~I’d have no problem, conceptually, with a stock market crash. In fact, I think we’re probably seeing something akin to that now in slow motion over the last couple of weeks.~~~

        Uh, oh—gonna be a lot of unhappy sheeples.

      25. I have water (tap) in gallon plastic milk containers, 2 liter pop bottles, juicy juice plastic containers that I have rinsed out with dawn real good, dated, and change every three months. Any thoughts if I’m doing this right or not?

        • You’ll need alot more than a few of gallons of water in a survival situation. One person needs a gallon a day. Buy yourself a water storage tank that holds 200 gallons and/or install a hand pump if electric goes out. You need to add bleach or water purification tablets to ensure bacteria doesn’t grow. Milk containers will leak, eventually, and probably at the most inconvenient time! There are many survival and preparedness sites online. Go to a few of them and you’ll be amazed at the info you can garner. Another VERY good site on You Tube is Patriot Nurse. She gives info on medical care during SHTF times.

          • How long til milk jugs go bad and what about the ones sold as water jugs.

          • 2 or 3 liter clear soda bottles are best. I like the 3 liter.

            • Three quart jugs from orange-pineapple juice are quite sturdy as well.

              Two liter soda bottles are sturdier than milk jugs and easy to obtain (read:free) even if you don’t drink soda.

        • Those milk jugs will leak just like Lisa stated, go to home depot get two Orange 5 gallon buckets with lids, even Walmart is selling them now, make sure its a # 2 printed on bottom no chemical leeching with those. Check out homespun environmental .com 25 dollars for a filter with spirit, everything you need for setup, 6 to 8 months on filtering, extra filters are 16 dollars instructions are included, got mine in two days from Texas to Florida. Tractor supply has rain barrels as well as home depot.

          • Sorry, spigot, not spirit, gravity drip system.

          • Low on funds or on budget??? Get delis 5 gallon buckets for $1. I do…stopped buying from Lowe’s @ 3.50 a bucket.

        • Sweetie—no need to rinse those containers with soap—when you’re ready to use the water, use calcium hypochlorite for purifying.
          Pool shock, $4 for a 1 lb. bag, stores indefinitely, purifies about 10,000 gallons for the entire neighborhood, won’t hurt your stomach like bleach that gets old in 6 months.
          Don’t rotate—water is good forever. Ixquick(I don’t google) pool shock..calcium hypochlorite…for directions.
          Use Tang for obliterating yucky taste if ther is one…and you get vitamin C too!!!
          Sorry folks. Just helping

          • +1 – on using calcium hypochlorite – I’ve only been finding the hth brand pool shock at 52%. The article I read by on water, recommends using 68%.

            I got a dozen one pounder’s on closeout at Wal Mart for a buck each – so will make work. By the way – the grandpappy site does comparison’s on all types of water systems and filters and how to’s. Worth the read.

        • You should have one gallon per day per person for one year. We have about 1300 gallons right now. I put together a tower in my basement with 8″x12″x16″ cinder blocks and 23/32″ plywood. Each one holds 512 gallons. We’re going to have 3 or 4. We have 4 people for sure. I bought one gallon water jugs that are supposed to be good for about 2 years.

        • 2 liter bottles are PEP plastic. You can put water in them and allow solar radiation to purify the water. I believe it takes 24-48 hours, depending on the amount of sun they get.

          I would suggest getting a Berkey gravity water purifier. They work great. Two filters are good for 6,000 gallons.


      26. If I can’t afford steak, I can always buy chicken or chopped meat. If I can’t afford chicken or chopped meat, I can always share a bowl of Alpo with Rover. It all works, but what happens when I can’t afford to feed Rover? Sorry Rover. It’s been real.

        • Like in the Mel Gibson movie “The Patriot”, dog was considered a fine meal. American Indians would eat “boiled pup” when they had to. It was at the last resort because camp dogs were treated as sentries to alert the camp to invaders.

        • I am not gonna ponder on that too long–gettin near dinner time here. But you did help on my diet effort—thanks.

        • :-)!

        • might be sooner than you think..feeding rover that is…pet food has gone up drastically over the past year and continues to go up each week by pennies. soon, rover will be needing to just lick your plate.

        • Unless you can carry Rover in a purse, as people seem to want to do these days, Rover will make a better meal than my daughter’s cat.

      27. Mr. Blutarsky says:

        ““a likely realignment of the U.S. political environment” That could be a good thing or a very, very bad thing.”

        Many are cheering on the above. One must beware what they ask for because you might get it. It’s doubtful that any government formed rapidly in a chaotic situation would be good.

        Keep what you got and change it through the system. Vote in fresh people in the primary’s of both parties that are short on political experience and long on integrity. With 300+ million to choose from their out there. Let them come from the ranks of the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker.

        • I like that.

        • I do wonder how much my vote matters, but dropping out altogether is quitting and conceeding defeat.

          • + 1 Ditto

            Sometimes I swear – never again – same snake – just with two heads. What’s the point.

        • If you’re voting for Democrats or Republicans, you’re wasting your vote. How many more decades of voting for these two criminal organizations will it take for Americans to realize this?

      28. Inflation is beyond a doubt happening.. and fast. I have seen a very real 25% minimum increase in basic food items over the last year or so. That is not even counting the reduced packaging size which others have mentioned above. I’m very glad for all those long hours spent on our little family farm when I was a kid. Those hard leaned lessons have already proved invaluable.

        • We’ve noticed it the most with coffee. Ten years ago a full 3LB. can cost $4.99. Now you get 39oz. for $14. Absolutely out of control.

      29. It’s going just as Papa Soros planned…

        a CONTROLLED decline in the dollar.

        • Here’s a woman with a brain.

      30. Off Topic but important. The list of Marxists in the US Congress is posted on 70 members of congress are active members of the Democratic Socialists of America. The names probably won’t surprise you.

        • Good HS, that way we all know who receives their lead tattoo when the opportunity presents itself.

      31. Does anyone have a website link for the gravity fed water purification using 2 of the 5 gallon buckets?

        I would like to send this info. to my daughter.

        Thank you!
        KY Mom

      32. Ladies and Gentlemen: I respect John Williams and his work. Its important to have someone with his capabilities pointing out mathematically, what WE know intuitively, that the PTB are doing to US.

        He says 11%+ for a current inflation rate for goods and services.

        It seems to me that someone on this site pointed out LAST FALL, when everyone else was screaming “HYPER-INFLATION” by now, thinking that the sky would fall when WE understood that Bernanke was going to introduce QE2, or another $600 billion for a total of 2.7 trillion dollars since 2009 into the”system”.

        The cry of “Zimbamwe!” was in the air. The NET was full of it. Everyone was comparing the US to Zimbamwe. Many were saying that there was an imminent threat of a dollar collapse; that the USA was going to implode! It would break apart like the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia! Remember?

        It didn’t happen. It is NOT going to happen. If you understood the “system’ you would understand that. Of ALL of the people on this site, including some very informed individuals, only Black Sheep understood why WE do not have hyper-inflation.

        And LAST FALL, one lone voice said:

        “No. No hyper-inflation. Double-digit inflation by summer.”

        Since then, WE have discovered that Bernanke has actually printed $18 trillion in the past 2.5 years, yet WE still have no hyper-inflation.

        Relax people the “system” works. The dollar is not going to collapse and I have posted reasons for that many times if you care to check the archives.

        The PLAN is to inflate the debt away over time, and achieve currency parity with China over time, with the devaluation of OUR dollar.

        In fact the PLAN is that China’s currency becomes strong like the dollar has been so that the gangster banksters can use it to acquire assets all over the world and eventually, let Chinese (and India) consumers become the catalyst for world economic growth; buying from Europe and the USA. You can bet that the GB’s are currently loading up on RmB’s.

        This does mean that the dollar and the euro will lose value.

        Food should not rise faster than inflation because WE can grow OUR own under an American price structure, and export what WE do not need, to China and India, who will also be buying OUR manufactured goods.

        Don’t panic people and get yourself into a tizzy. Prep. Adapt. Change. You will survive and thrive if you do. Pray will bring you insight into your activities. Be mindful of that opportunity. Opportunities are everywhere when there is turmoil.

        • Just because it didn’t happen by now doesn’t mean it won’t happen. The fundamentals are there and they’re undeniable. The Fed has been monetizing the debt since March, 2009. So any time they can’t sell government bonds the Fed “buys” them by printing more money. QE1 and QE2 just add to it.

          Besides, another looming threat is the loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. When that happens and OPEC doesn’t accept dollars as payment for oil anymore we’re suddenly going to be living in a third world country.

          • Bill S: Maybe the US never made it to the moon!:-) Bill, seriously, the dollar is NOT going to be replaced as the WRC any time soon, if ever in OUR lifetime. Here’s why:

            Its only China, Russia, and Iran who want a New WRC, because OUR gangster banksters run the world with US Dollars. Of course they don’t like it but they can’t do ANYTHING about it.

            Sure, OPEC wants gold, don’t you? But then who is going to shield them from Iran with nuclear weapons,Bill? Who?

            There is no replacement in sight. There is no mechanism in place either. And most important:

            Why would the GB’s release control of the world’s money supply for some political agreement with the UN, IMF, or World Bank and a new money that they could not control.

            There are no “fundamentals” in place Bill. You are sadly mistaken if you believe that. QE1 and QE2 do not represent “fundamentals” for a dollar “collapse” or ‘hyper-inflation” or for a new WRC either.

        • The Chinese are mad because we are keeping the dollar low like they have done for so long with the RMB.

          I have not heard about T-Bills being collateralized using the title to Caifornia.

      33. If thats the case DK what that means is that our republic/free enterprise will be long gone, and that navigation as far a entrepreneural aspect will cease? Or does it mean that as always, “capital talks” regardless of position or prior standing.

        • POPatriot: Just saw your post to me and I am going to guess it is for my comment at 4:50.

          No, OUR Republic will not be gone, nor will OUR managed enterprise system be gone. (Enterprise is not free it is managed by the PTB to their benefit).

          Capital as always will rule supreme; after all banking is the second oldest profession in the world. Ideas and initiative will follow close behind.

          All ideas do not change the world, but some ideas are big enough to change a life. This is the opportunity I was alluding to for those here.

          Times will get very difficult. Much more difficult than now. This is an opportunity to change, to adapt, maybe to downsize or re-invent yourself and create a different life and life-style with a new understanding for some.

          Even if worse comes to worse and eventually it will, initiative, alt markets, bartering etc will survive if humans survive.

          After all negotiation is the world’s second oldest skill.

      34. “When the reality of what has happened becomes obvious, however, the people will go ballistic. And according to Mr. Williams, that time is coming sooner rather than later”

        The only way to get the “people” to “go ballistic” is to deprive them of their addictions to: spending money they don’t have; getting liquored up; popping meds; inhaling junk and GMO foods; texting; watching TV; drinking unfiltered tap water; gourmandizing at fast food restaurants; smoking legal and illegal substances; blogging incessantly; living in, and for, drama, etc., etc. Prevent the abuse of obsessing on mind candy and thats when “reality” may sink in. As long as Americans can continue getting their fix, even if the price triples, they’ll figure out of way to keep the buzz going. They’ll sell the kids to the local pedophile politicians if need be. Whatever it takes to stay in their perceived comfort zone of pure, blissful denial. The vast majority of Americans are fucking morons who could care less about anybody or anything except prolonging their insatiable appetite for more useless consumable shit. (If that wasn’t the case, why are there not more concerned citizens posting here?)

        If “obvious” were any more obvious, the dominos would have fallen long ago. It just ain’t gonna happen folks. Most Americans have grown to appreciate the finer subtleties in wallowing in the mud. And TPTB know how to keep that mud trickling in. They are NOT going to stop the flow. How many years now have you been wondering to yourself “How is this boat we are on able to stay afloat this long? Since ’81 for me. “Collapse” will not happen over night. The collapse we are dealing with now is a concept that has been methodically designed to sustain itself in a slow, prolonged spiral downward but not abruptly. Too much invested in the entire process for “sudden” or “quick” to take place. i.e. preventing them from milking this thing for all they can get. Americans are their cash cows. And we “tits” won’t be drying up anytime soon.

      35. EA: You got that right, and Williams for all of his good work and insight, suggested a “collapse” 18 months ago. And this is before We knew that Bernanke had printed another $16 trillion dollars.

        If at that time (18 mos ago), anyone would have suggested that Bernanke could print $18 trillion in the next 2.5 years without hyper-inflation appearing by now, who would have thunk it?

        Not even me, as that IS an astronomical amount of money. But that “money” is only replacing “losses” to make the PTB whole.

        What losses? Well the losses the banks are taking on those hyper-inflated houses that they are taking back through foreclosure for one; and the losses associated with derivatives when the asset values of those securities collapsed. The system is flawed but it also works.

        In this video Williams says “eventually” and “ten years”.

        I like John Williams, but eventually, WE are all dead.

      36. Many people reference Zimbabwe when talking about hyperinflation, but keep in mind that they could still function since they used US dollars as a backup.

        • Dave: That IS the point. WE have the dollar. WE do not need a backup. The American financial system under the FED is the perfect ponzi scheme because the FED is the lender (investor) of last resort.

          Ponzi schemes break down when an investor wants out; when the investor wants to take their profit and maybe their principal out of the scheme. The FED never needs its investment back because it can always print more money to replace any losses; which is exactly what it has been doing since 2009.

          Those extra dollars everyone is so concerned about are only replacing the losses; and in effect, not adding additional dollars into the system: certainly not on a one to one ratio based upon the number of dollars printed.

          Think of it this way. You came from work one day and found out that rover had found your stack of greenbacks and ate most of them. So what did you do? You went to the copy machine and printed new ones to replace the ones that rover ate.

          That is why we do not have hyper-inflation and it is why We will not have hyper-inflation.

          Inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods and services.

          How can you have too many dollars chasing too few goods and services if Rover has been eating your dollars?

      37. It’s always in a couple of years and in a couple of years it will be another couple of years…..wanna bet on it ?

      38. today, i rec’d the water bill in the mail…the usual $18.00 for 2000 gal. used has gone up to $26.00….and what i find most upsetting about this is that when i turn on the tap i can smell the chlorine from across the room……hubby and i have been prepping for two plus years along with learning and practicing self imposed rationing of such things as water, electricity and propane for that period of time. now it is looking like we did not waste the effort or the time…and today another first! my socialist sister in law actually said, and i quote ” you know, this is gonna get worse”. sadly, she blames the wrong folks for the outcome we have so far.

        • caryn

          Going back five years I supervised a facility that made 900 PSI quality boiler feed water (demineralized) for $5 / 1000 gallons. The treatment was through clarifiers, cation / anion purification and RO.

          I pay a similar price as you for public water but ours is RO treated due to the feed stock being brackish. It still seems too high.

        • Funny you should mention it. Had a similar experience. Water bill was $13 HIGHER than last month. No big increase in use on our part. Went in person to the Water Dept. & was told our bill was estimated and use was actually more. I asked how much more – she said about $5. OK, so where did the other $8 come from? Subsequent garbled explanation made no sense and I think she really didn’t understand what SHE was saying either. Knew she was just a lackey, so paid bill and left. Very frustrating.

      39. durango kidd

        Good point. Too many dollars chasing too few goods gets altered when the supply of goods (or their net worth) decrease proportionally to the increase in money supply. I have some doubts. Why wouldn’t the money supply get so great that the smallest of increase in consumer demand in the US or worldwide translate into high inflation as those dollars move through the world economy? Why would food and fuel not rise with more money in circulation regardless of the lower value of your home?

        When governments increase their gold reserves at a time of rising gold prices and oil continues to climb without an increasing demand proportional to the increase I wonder if Rover is eating as much as we assume.

      40. What good is gold and silver… you can’t eat it and barter is what happens in a collapse…no one will want gold or silver then…. it will be the same as worthless………

        • Have trouble envisioning a sceneraio where my house is looted and several KG of gold is left behind.

      41. K2: I am not sure I would characterize the dilemma as you did, as the “supply of goods” and “their net worth” is apple and oranges to me, with respect to a given supply of money.

        (Net worth and NPV have different meanings for me other than in respect to inflation or deflation).

        As you have framed your question, you have opened up a very large area of discussion. I just don’t have time to answer it right now as there are other tasks that I must accomplish tonight and it is 7:30 my time.

        The library IS open til 2am, so once I finish other tasks I will take a look at it. Otherwise I will address your questions tomorrow.

      42. Deflation in housing and labor costs. Inflation in food, medicine and essentials. I here the fed economists talking about growing the economy through immigration. That in itself is a disaster. We are racing towards 400 million people in this country. The economy can be fixed, the demographic nightmare cannot. I love a challenge. Crises bring out the best in me. Always look on the brightside. Interesting times makes for interesting solutions.

        • HS: Any problem man creates, other men or women can fix. Demographics? No problemo! Easy as one, two, three, four, five.

          1. Elect a Patriot as President.
          2. Seal the border like the DMZ.
          3. Require ALL illegals to register.
          3. Order the invaders home.
          4. Mandatory 3 year prison for Illegals after 90 days.
          5. They can go home the same way they got here or We can arrest them and put them in prison. Its their choice.

          • Soon they will have the numbers to elect one of their own and make us register. Then they’ll force us out of this country. That would be my point. Demography is destiny. The globalists don’t care about demographics. And the Marxists like what they see.

            • HS: I beg to differ. The globalists DO care about demographics, which is why they are planning to move global exports from China to Turkey and Egypt, then to Nigeria and Indonesia.

              Demographically overwhelming America with foreigners to merge America into the NAU and dissolve the US Constitution will generate a civil war.

              Anger is reaching a cresendo. Don’t you listen to the NET? A rogue Administration can count on a backlash. Thats why veterans are labled potential terrorists by those who have never served in uniform for this nation at the risk of their lives.

              Most globalists are essentially cowards. They will send you and your kid to war but they will never go themselves.

              It makes it easy way to ID them. That and their Dual Citizen status. Cowards to the core.

          • Re #2: Some years ago when Patrick Buchanan was in the running, he stated publicly that the first thing he would do as President was build a high wall around the southeast corner of the United States. I voted for him on that premise alone (and would again if the opportunity arose).

          • +1 😀 +1 😀 +1 😀 +1 :-D; +1 ;-D

      43. when foodstamps and welfare checks aren’t enough to keep up with a hyperinflationary upward price spiral….I don’t think all the unproductive scum (oh, sorry….I meant to say State-sponsored professional Obama voters) in this country will just sit on their couches in their section-8 ghettoes…get high and make more babies….

        Once these folks get hungry they’re going to overrun the nearest higher-class suburbs and also attack us in the parking lots of food stores.

        Rule #1 in a crisis situation…don’t let any black out of your peripheral sight.

        • @Dr P

          I don’t often drop in on the hood, but last night, I was chillin with my homies. They got to talking about snuffing out the America they grew up in and with the talk of cutting their food stamps and closing section 8 housing. After all, if there was an economic collapse, the expect they will need to defend defend themselves from the hordes of preppers and suburbanites coming to the ghetto for their gold and silver jewelry and teeth.

          They unlocked this secret room that held a shit load of Mexican weed and lo and behold, you should of witnessed the arsenal I saw! Sweet Jesus! Crates of auto rifles and boxes of hand guns. All shiny and new. And the ammo – it had to be… well, there was a hell of a lot of it.

          I asked what were they going to do with ALL that stuff and I got the look. Yep, Dr. P the LOOK – then silence. Whew!

          You know Dr. P, you just may be right about blacks after all – YOU watch your back now. ;-D

          • LH: Cute. very cute LMAO 🙂

      44. K2: Let me address food and fuel for now. I eat out at restaurants most of the time, but I do occasionally look at food prices when I am at Wallys as that is usually the cheapest.

        Food prices are rising. Your baseline sandwhich wheat bread is now $1.20; up 20 cents for a long loaf. Bread and milk are usually subsidized.

        Feed the poor or they will feed on you.

        Fuel is different because oil prices are managed and sometiimes manipulated by traders. The traders have backed off under government scrutiny, so all government isn’t bad.

        OPEC is deliberately pricing its oil below where they would like to have it, no matter what they say, to stimulate the global economy. They understand full well the implications for them of an extended global “contraction”.

        As I mentioned to Rachel, the price of oil has been doubling every ten years since 1973, as a rule of thumb.

        Saudi Arabia in particular wants the cash to keep flowing because they are using that cash flow for infrastructure projects, jobs, and modernization, etc. Even solar projects.

        If I remember right, SA is actually a debtor nation with an outflow greater than GDP. With the Arab Spring they are going to have more financial responsibilities, not less, and need the cash flow for weapons against Iran, and domestic consumption beyond the Royal Family.

        The natives are restless all over the world. The PTB had better take note. Where is Robspierre? He is out there somewhere I have no doubt.

        Rest asured, Rover is still eating and eating well because banks are still foreclosing, and working through those foreclosures.

        My understanding is that the situation has gotten so bad that the banks are ready now to refinance your existing mortgage balance at the new lower rate, to lower your payment. When the GB’s are ready to give US a break, you know their back is against the wall.

        Ah, to be a mortgage banker once again!

        • DK..I do love you, but get out more—America is learning to go to Chinamart LAST, not first…the discount stores have got Chinamart beat on prices hands contest…just ask the ladies!!!
          The 3 spices I needed from Cmart were $10.50(didn’t buy..told to put back on shelf)–same spices at Piggly-Wiggly??…uh, $2.97.
          Any questions??

          • JJ: If it maks you feel any better, I do my tooth paste at Dollar General! 🙂

      45. What an interesting thread.

        Who is a Person to believe, People such as John Williams and Marc Faber,… or a former mortgage banker and real estate pimp going by the nic of Durango Kidd who seems to claim the Power Elite have Everything under control? Hmmm, such a dilemma.

        I wonder what percentage of your customers you helped steer wound up in financially ruinous transactions? More than 50%? With a resume like that it seems you have more in common with the gangster banksters you so frequently rail against than anyone else on this board. What’s to suggest you’re not doing the equivalent now to People here?

        Perhaps this comment would clue us in as to your wherewithal vs. the others? Durango Kidd wrote, “Food should not rise faster than inflation because WE can grow OUR own under an American price structure, and export what WE do not need, to China and India,”

        The Only problem is, America is a Net Importer of food. Guess that won’t work too well.

        Or how about this one? Durango Kidd wrote, “Solar cell conversion is now 90% efficient. Factories are being developed. In five years solar becomes a force. In ten years? All over America.”

        Green Is Red

        “If wind and solar energy are such ideal means to deliver power, why do they require massive subsidy and inevitably, the theft from private owners through eminent domain and other tools of economic oppression?”

        Solar Power to Go the Way of the Dodo?

        “…Gradually, the ridiculously hyped alternative energy companies (wind power included) will subside. Government grants will be harder to get. Carbon exchanges will be seen as anachronisms. Solyndra, with US$500 million in low-cost government loans, may prove a harbinger.”

        And finally, Durango Kidd wrote, “Easy as one, two, three, four, five.” Or, in other words, we need to put in place a police state in the U.S. in order to stop the illegals from voting for a police state?

        I see where you’re coming from and it’s the same place as the NWO. No wonder you cannot accept a different viewpoint other than your own.

        Here’s a pretty good Marc Faber comment:

        “It would be very dangerous to say “I don’t trust stocks, gold, real estate, I want to keep my money in cash. That’s a way to end up losing a lot of money…

        We’re in a paradoxical situation where under a traditional monetary system the safest places are cash, Treasury deposits, government bonds. Nowadays, they have been made by monetization into the most unsafe assets from a longer term perspective.

        Weak economies usually have higher inflation rates than stronger economies. In weak economies you have loose fiscal policies and money printing. And the U.S. is the world champion in loose monetary policies. I don’t believe a single word of what the Bureau of Labor Statistics is printing about inflation figures.

        Paper money has lost its value. Hyperinflation is the pattern to come.”

        • Didn’t Solyndra just go belly up???

      46. Then there’s this, some ugly charts from a guy who saw the housing bubble well in advance and actually told People about it, instead of funneling them into it:

        The Monetary Tsunami Is Coming

        “…the massive amount of money pumped by the Fed since 2008 (over $2 trillion) is starting to be funneled into to the economy by the banks.

        This has long been the hope of the Fed, and the goal of the huge increases in bank reserves that have been created during the downturn. Until recently, these reserves have been stuck in the system – unable to find lenders and borrowers willing to make a deal. This has been a good thing because prices have been held somewhat in check.

        That is now changing…”

        • Clark: As usual your guru is wrong and you need a fucking brain. Check with the Wizard of Oz. You quote him as saying:

          ” … the massive amount of money pumped by the Fed since 2008 (over $2 trillion) is starting to be funneled into to the economy by the banks.

          This has long been the hope of the Fed, and the goal of the huge increases in bank reserves that have been created during the downturn. Until recently, these reserves have been stuck in the system …”

          First of all, the ‘massive amount of money pumped by the FED since 2008 (over $2 trillion)” is wrong! The massive amount of money pumped by the FED is $18 trillion. Your guru is a bit off the mark, wouldn’t you say?

          Second, “It has long been the hope of the FED and the goal of the huge increases in bank reserves” that this money be “funneled into the economy by the banks”.

          That is a fucking lie from a globalist fucking pig! And you can tell him I said so, ok?!

          It has NEVER been the intention of the FED for this money to be channeled into the economy. The purpose of these funds has been to protect the balance sheets of the member banks, provide liquidity, cover their losses, replace their capital, and provide a mechanism for them to generate a profit by holding treasuries, WITHOUT making any loans.

          These funds will NEVER enter into the economy because the system can be drained just as easily as it can be “pumped”.

          If your guru doesn’t understand this and thinks that somehow these funds were “stuck in the system” he is dumber than a mud fence or a fucking shill for the NWO Globalists! Be sure to tell him I said so! You are a fucking economic moron for believing him and pushing the slogans and ideas of the NWO.

          I may not be as smart as John Williams or Marc Faber, but after the last run up in gold I predicted “consolidation” before the 5% drop in prices. That 5% drop delivered a $50 million hit to my balance sheet.

          How did you fare, dumbshit? 🙂

      47. Durango Kidd

        Thanks. I buy into no hyper inflation but believe inflation of 15% annual for food and fuel is not unreasonable. At that rate prices double in 5 years. When the US deficit spends and the difference is made up in more Federal Reserve fiat currency the classic “too many dollars chasing too few goods” exists. Those food stamps and entitlement payments filter into the economy. Money velocity can slow in a sustained recession on non essentials but in the end what you need is going to go up significantly.

        I always thought the MIC was the cornerstone of the US economy and the power elite need US military muscle to enforce their “rules” of their global monopoly game. We may hurt but they need to maintain sufficient order within the US to feed the military.

        Of course a few miscalculations and political surprises from grass roots throughout the world can put sand in the gears of their plans. Depending on what gear and when is directly related to it’s effect positive or negative upon us. This is one very dangerous game they are playing with world dominance.

      48. ~~~~Durango Kidd wrote, “Solar cell conversion is now 90% efficient. Factories are being developed. In five years solar becomes a force. In ten years? All over America.”

        Green Is Red

        “If wind and solar energy are such ideal means to deliver power, why do they require massive subsidy and inevitably, the theft from private owners through eminent domain and other tools of economic oppression?”

        Solar Power to Go the Way of the Dodo?

        “…Gradually, the ridiculously hyped alternative energy companies (wind power included) will subside. Government grants will be harder to get. Carbon exchanges will be seen as anachronisms. Solyndra, with US$500 million in low-cost government loans, may prove a harbinger.”

        Note: Solar becomes a force in 5 years???

        After hundreds of millions in government loans, Solyndra went bankrupt…of course we know most went into someone’s offshore bank account, huh???

        • JJ: Why do alt energies need subsidies to make them cost effective? Thats an easy question to answer:

          So they can compete with the hydrocarbon industry which receives a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR subsidy EVERY YEAR from the American taxpayer.

          Eliminate the subsidy for hydrocarbons, watch the price of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, and coal explode, and solar, wind, and other alt energies would be able to compete freely.

          Ask yourself, would you rather have the personal power of your own solar and wind power or continue to be locvked into a system where the corporations get the subsidies and make US pay increasing prices for OUR energy use?

          • Dk wrote, “JJ: Why do alt energies need subsidies to make them cost effective? Thats an easy question to answer:

            So they can compete with the hydrocarbon industry which receives a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR subsidy EVERY YEAR from the American taxpayer.”

            That makes no sense whatsoever. If People wanted what they offered and they produced a return on their investment they wouldn’t Need a subsidy. Simple.

            • Clark; Not so fast.Tthat is the thinking of the fucking globalists that YOU support and try to defend. No one is buying their bullshit or YOURS here.

              Why should the hydrocarbon industry receive a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR subsidy and the solar and wind turbines be discriminated against?

              Don’t you believe in FAIR competition?

              Wheres the level playing field for ALT companies? If you cannot see the inequity in this arrangement then you are either a fucking shill for the globalists and energy giants or you are a fucking economic idiot.

              I think we all know the answer to that!!! 🙂

        • JJ: I checked the links for Solyndra and read the article. Did you actually read the article? Basically it is an argument for solar power, its just that Solyndra didn’t manage their corporate development properly and is being under cut in production costs by China, where workers make $.40 an hour.

          Not only that, but China surpresses its currency 20-25% making Chinese products cheaper than elswhere when its currency is 6 to 1 to the dollar for example.

          Solar will succeed globally, with panels being made in China where they will steal American solar technology that makes solar conversion 90% efficient.

          Solar One in Tempe Arizona is a successful solar company and one of the worlds largest. Solyndra just didn’t succeed. Maybe WE will know someday why they didn’t, and maybe not.

          Solar is not dead, its very much alive; Solyndra is not.

          • Maybe thats FIRST SOLAR.

      49. Steveo

        Auto-Owners is one of the best insurance companies in the US. I represent them too.

      50. Wether it’s hyper inflation or 15% a year, every year, the result is the same, only the timeline is different. And keep in mind, we’re at the end of the dollar not the beginning. There’s not much left to inflate away. DK missunderstood what I meant about the US demographics. The gloablists do want more 3rd worlders as neo-slaves, but they would be happy with whomever they could get to fill that role.

        • Add to that list an earthquake in S. California yesterday.

        • This is my answer to someone wanting to know if they shoud worry to prep:

          Well, today I learned there have been 2 EQ..below 6.0, but still…

          And then, a wild brush fire in California shutting down I-15….

          and then oil re-emerging from the Gulf and they say it’s not all new..that some is old material matching the 2010 remnants..

          Now, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona are killing animals because they can’t feed them through the winter..and crops WILL suffer due to their droughts…..

          4 million fish died in rivers from volcanic ash in Brazil.

          4 million acres of cropland were destroyed when the Missouri River was ‘allowed’ to flood.

          and I haven’t had but one rain in Kentucky for the last 3 months!!!!!

          Is that enough, are you convinced it’s more than about economic collapse for me—it’s about food shortages…not in third world countries—BUT RIGHT HERE!!!

          God bless all us smart enough to be today’s Noahs.

          KyMom…if they ain’t convinced after the events the last few months, it’s hopeless…I’m from Ky.

      51. smart! Willie, Williams, etc “see 1923 DE type
        hypter inf… M i s h says they look only at
        reserves, M3, ignore credit. “PPL firms still
        de-leverage, point to food fuel up 10%/y (60% meat
        price in PRC), et ignore $7t (seven tril., 12 zero) e.g.
        phantom wealth gone, w/ another $7t set to disappear.”

      52. Clark: If you want to know where the level of technology is for solar or fuel cells I suggest you read physics. org, Department of Energy, or other science sites.

        There are many science links at SHTF Science for YOUR edification. Thats where I get my science info. I suggest that YOU start using them too. Then you wouldn’t be so fucking ignorant. As usual, YOU do not know what you are talking about.

        Daddy LOU is now your technology guru too? What a pity. He talks alot about personal “liberties” especially at Russia Today of all places, but anyone who believes that the “free trade” of the gangster banksters has been to the benefit of the American taxpayer, family, or economy is a fucking economic moron, just like you. 🙂

        • Clark; Let me address some other comments that you made. I said We “CAN” grow our own food. I didn’t say We are self sufficient in it. Haven’t you read The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith?

          Its the handbook for globalist wanna be’s like yourself who rail against “mercantilism” by the US but when confronted by the fact that China is the real “mercantilist” that manipulates their currency by 20% and imposes a 25% TARIFF on US manufactured goods, you are strangely silent.

          WHY CLARK?

          Then you accuse me of being a gangster bankster because I was smart enough to figure them out and get ahead of them? Yet, I am not as smart as John williams or Marc Faber, so no one should listen to me? I don’t care if anyone listens to me or not, I am not selling anyone a book or a monthly subscription to my newsletter.

          Everyone just needs to look at the facts. The fact is that Uncle Ben has printed $18 trillion in 2.5 years and all WE have is 11-12% inflation according to Williams.

          This is the double digit inflation I predicted last fall when YOU were spewing the puke from your guru that the sky was falling.

          • Dk wrote, “globalist wanna be’s like yourself who rail against “mercantilism””

            Now That, is bizarre.

            I don’t accuse you of being a gangster bankster because you were “smart enough” to figure them out and get ahead of them. No, it’s because you helped to rip People off right alongside them and steer them into real estate transactions that were financially ruinous and then go on to gloat about it and wish you were still doing it.

            So what if, “China is the real “mercantilist” that manipulates their currency by 20% and imposes a 25% TARIFF on US manufactured goods,” it does Not matter, percentage-wise they are meaningless.

            You really should read the links.

            • Clark: I never ripped anyone off. You don’t know that and have no proof of it. On the contrary, I always advised people to lock in a 30 year fixed rate, while others were pushing short term variables so they could refinance them again when LIBOR bounced. I never did that, ever.

              Not only that but I have been out of the real estate and mortgage banking industry since 2000 when I discovered my mine (at 300-350 an oz) so I was never involved in the nefarious schemes of some MB’s before the crash.

              I only did residenital mortgages for friends. Mostly I worked commercial mortgage so any transaction I completed was with an experienced and knowledgeable professional; or with the Principal’s attorney.

              They always had their own professional guidance.

              You can try to discredit me all you like. It doesn’t change anything. You are still a fucking economic moron mindlessly preaching an idea co-opted by the GB’s and promote it for their benefit.

            • DK claims, “I always advised people to lock in a 30 year fixed rate”

              Well, as if that makes a difference if the underlying value of the property drops considerably to the point the borrower is upside-down and over extended.

              DK claims, “Not only that but I have been out of the real estate and mortgage banking industry since 2000”

              As if real estate wasn’t over valued and luring in suckers before the year 2000? Psft.

              I suspect the number is higher than 50%, likely closer to 75%.

              You can ignore those who provide the truth all you want and go on and put them down,… or you can wise up. Your choice.

            • Clark; The percentages are small because the American GDP is $14 trillion dollars. The dollars are large, but its not about the percentages or even the amounts; you know the difference don’t you?

              Its about the PRINCIPLE OF FAIRNESS that ought to apply universally with China and every other country with whom we trade.

              You said:

              So what if, “China is the real “mercantilist” that manipulates their currency by 20% and imposes a 25% TARIFF on US manufactured goods,” it does Not matter, percentage-wise they are meaningless.”

              It may be meaningless to you, Clark because you are a globalist and an economic idiot living off your parents. It is not meaningless to the 45 million Americans on food stamps or the 20% of the population that are out of work …. like you! 🙂

        • DK wrote, “anyone who believes that the “free trade” of the gangster banksters has been to the benefit of the American taxpayer, family, or economy is a fucking economic moron”

          Well, I guess you’re the moron then. Repeatedly I’ve told you the “gangster bankers” do Not practice free trade, but it goes right straight over your head,… WHOOSH!

          • Clark: No you fucking imbecile, I am the one who has been telling you that the FREE TRADE you preach doesn’t exist, never has (except for the American Indians and WE know how well that worked for them, don’t WE?) existed EXCEPT as a figment of Mises’ imagination.

            The truth of that statement is scattered throughout the archives here. You are a fucking liar.

            FREE TRADE as conceived by Mises was an intellectual exercise, not unlike Marxism, but not a reality. That you continue to try to perpetuate the myth of FREE TRADE is to promote the PROPAGANDA of the NWO GB’s which you do deliberately. You have never distanced yourself from the FREE TRADE of the globalists.

            On the contrary you continue to attack me as a “mercantilist” when I have shown you that it is China who practices ‘mercantilism’. Yet again, I have asked you about that practice by China, and yet again you ignore reality and will not admit it, or answer that question.

            Ignorance is not a character flaw Clark unless you insistent on clinging to it when the truth has been presented to you.

            To push FREE TRADE even under his definition of it, is to de facto, push the FREE TRADE of the GB’s who have co-opted the notion, and used that euphanism to sell their MANAGED TRADE to the American people as if it were a FREEDOM; when in fact it is an economic system designed to make them economic slaves.

            • This is just the kind of response I expect from a close minded ripoff artist banker.

              I already told you, it is a logical fallacy to suggest that because free markets don’t exist now, they never have.

              BTW, ever study Viking history?

              You are really confused, how can free trade be managed trade? That makes no sense.

              You really don’t understand? You Are a “mercantilist” – the same as those in China – when you call for punitive import tariffs and other trade restrictions on Americans.

            • Clark: I have told you before and I will tell you again: label me a mercantilist all you want! I will wear the label proudly! And so should every other American who wants a level playing field upon which they can compete.

              I will defend America in battle, and I have! I will defend America’s markets, jobs, and economy, and I will defend America from NWO Globalists like you who push their PROPAGANDA to the people hoping they will accept that bullshit.

              They won’t Clark and you won’t win any converts here. The evidence is in: you lose! Pedal that bullshit to the English speaking Chinese forums I directed you to at SHTF America.

              I have been looking for your name and your bullshit on them but you haven’t posted that fucking lie to them. They won’t believe you either because the advantage is theirs and they are not about to give it up.

              Why not Clark?

            • Clark: The “punitive import tariffs and trade restrictions” that I call for are not on Americans you fucking moron, they are for Chinese products to level the playing field against the “mercantilism” THEY practice.

              Its called FAIR TRADE! 🙂 You fucking economic moron!

              Two words for you dumbshit: Late Registration!

            • Yes, the tariffs and trade restrictions you call for *will* land on Americans.
              I wouldn’t expect a banker to understand this. When do they ever?

              There’s no such thing as “fair”… what you want is boot-on-the-neck compulsion.

              Can you Not read?

              “…36% of the price U.S. consumers pay for imported goods actually goes to U.S. companies and workers.

              … on average, of every dollar spent on an item labeled “Made in China,” 55 cents go for services produced in the United States. In other words, the U.S. content of “Made in China” is about 55%…”

              Any price increases not only hurts these American companies but rises prices for All Americans.

              Also, “goods labeled “Made in China” make up 2.7% of U.S. consumer spending, only 1.2% actually reflects the cost of the imported goods.”

              You’re freaking out about a miniscule amount of goods,… you also seem to be foaming at the mouth, you might want to look into that?

      53. Clark: As easy as 1,2,3,4,5! Contrary to your assertion, it doesnt take a police state to deport illegals. WE can do it with the police state that WE already have. Let them harass illegals rather than citizens if they need something to do.

        It only takes an Administration willing to do the job that Americans want done.

        That you support Illegal immigration doesn’t surprise me in the least. ALL globalists support illegal immigration into America to lower the cost of labor and gut the middle class.

        WE have had that debate before and We can have that debate again if you like. I am making money while I sit here, how about you? 🙂

        I doubt that there are many people on this site that support Illegal Immigration. For the facts about illegal immigration follow this link:


        • Durango Kidd says, “WE can do it with the police state that WE already have”

          The “WE” above is the Power Elite and the NWO. It is sick that you promote a police state.

          You are deluded if you think a police state will “Only” harass the illegals, haven’t you been paying attention, Americans *Are* illegals now.

          The Trouble With ‘Cracking Down on Immigration’

          “If the full-blown police state comes, stronger border and immigration controls will probably be part of it, and they won’t only be “cracking down” on lazy, Democratic-voting welfare bums.”

          We’re all Illegal Aliens Now

          “On Tuesday, May 10, 2005 America finally died.”

          • ClarK; “Americans are illegal now” is just more PROPAGANDA by a NON-American NWO Globalist (Daddy Lou)trying to sell the idea that Illegal Immigration is good for America.

            WE know it is not. WE live here. Your sugar Daddy Lou lives in England.

            The “WE” above is the 70% of Americans who want illegals out of OUR country. Not the PTB. The PTB want illegals in the country to gut the middle class. The PTB are globalists.

            YOU are a fucking globalist! 🙂

      54. I thought you didn’t want to discuss education anymore DK, you should have stuck around on the college thread if you wanted to keep it up instead of running away.

        I got seven words for you:

        I’m Glad I Dropped Out of College

        This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005.

        • Clark; I would never run away from a debate with you its too easy to blow your arguments and rational to pieces. IE


          What a hoot!!! Its a universal behavoir to civilized people everywhere, but YOU do not believe in it! another, selfish Globalist attitude; who believe they are enititled to lie, cheat, steal, and defaud Americans in the name of FREE TRADE as if it were a FREEDOM!

          LMAO! 🙂

      55. durango kidd says: “label me a mercantilist all you want! I will wear the label proudly!”

        And there it is.

        The love of restricting the liberty of Americans to freely trade with whomever they wish is your motto, along with it, raising prices for everyone else! I’m sure that’s a welcome trend.

        It’s clear the building and maintaining of a strong centralized government to enable merchantilism is your preference.

        We’ve already established you’re ok with a police state.

        Tell me again how you’re not walking in lockstep with the Power Elite?

        • Clark: No its not about restricting Americans, or their trade. Its all about the PRINCIPLE of FAIRNESS. 🙂

          Americans believe in FAIRNESS. Americans believe in a level playing field for competition. They do not believe in competitors having an unfair advantage and that is what the FREE TRADE of the GB’s is all about.

          Its managed and intended to serve the GB’s at the expense of the American taxpayer, family, and economy.

          Yeah, I believe the ‘police state” should arrest all of the fucking Illegals and deport them. I believe that the “police state” should arrest all of the fucking globalists for treason, indict them, try them, convict them, and them hang them and make examples of them for others who want to destroy America.

          That of course would include you and I would do the honors myself with great relish and pleasure! 🙂

      56. Clark; You said “….Yes, the tariffs and trade restrictions you call for *will* land on Americans. I wouldn’t expect a banker to understand this. When do they ever?”

        No, the tariffs would land on the necks of the “mercantilists” (gee, I have come to love that word!) in China and elsewhere who UNFAIRLY discriminate against American producers. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

        I wouldn’t expect you to understand the PRINCIPLE of FAIRNESS, after all you are a fucking globalist! 🙂

      57. durango kidd says: “No its not about restricting Americans, or their trade.”

        Obviously, you don’t understand what a tariff is or how trade restrictions work.
        Americans suffer as a result, something you’re oblivious to.

        There’s no such thing as “fair” or a “level playing field” … life isn’t fair, and some People can do things better or cheaper than others, that’s the way the world is and always will be.

        Also, you seem kind of deranged.

        • Clark: I know exactly what a tariff is. I’m the one with the Degree, remember? And YOU are the fucking economic idiot living in your mother’s basement sitting on your hands, catching farts and trying to make a living on ADSENSE!

          I believe We need to apply tariffs to Chinese products and I make NO apology for that. I believe in defending American jobs, markets, and families!

          Of course there is such a thing as “FAIR”. Its a PRINCIPLE that Americans believe in, and is universally accepted around the world. That is why sports competitors are tested for illegal drugs. Get out of your mother’s basement Clark, and get some air and sunlight! 🙂

          What do you mean there is no such thing as “FAIR”? I suppose you don’t believe in borders either! 🙂 LMAO!

          • There’s no such thing as “fair” and safety does Not exist in nature, get over it and grow up.

      58. Clark: you said:

        DK claims, “I always advised people to lock in a 30 year fixed rate”Well, as if that makes a difference if the underlying value of the property drops considerably to the point the borrower is upside-down and over extended.

        DK claims, “Not only that but I have been out of the real estate and mortgage banking industry since 2000″ As if real estate wasn’t over valued and luring in suckers before the year 2000? Psft.”

        The crash didn’t happen until 2008? Am I to believe that you are holding ME responsible for anyone making a decision on a mortgage, and coming to ME for assistance? And after 1999 too? I guess I am personally responsible for the crash, nine years later too? What a riot!!! 🙂

        Clark, you give me too much credit!!!

        At least I had and have a profession. And personally, I am not doing too badly. You are STILL sucking at your momma’s tits and taking a handout from your parents! If you are not gonna go to school at least get a job and support yourself!

        • DK wrote, “The crash didn’t happen until 2008?”

          Maybe you didn’t care to notice, real estate has bottomed out before 2008 numerous times. Plenty of People were guided by bankers into sucker loans they shouldn’t have taken for property that was over valued.

          All I’m saying is, you acted in concert with the “bankster gangsters” to rip People off, knowingly or not… You’re one of them.

          Also, you don’t know jack about me, so STFU.

          • Clark; I wasn’t following real estate. As I pointed out, I was out of real estate in 2000, eight years before the crash and into mining.

            I am not responsible for the decisions people made. No one pointed a gun to any of their head and told them to sign on the dotted line. As adults they are responsible for their own mistakes.

            Champion of individual liberty that you are, I would think that you would support their right to negotiate, choose, and committ to a transaction; rather than try to assign their errors to me when I wasn’t even involved.

            But hey! I caused the crash!!! Didn’t I? 🙂

            • There were plenty of real estate crashes prior to year 2000, it’s funny how you act as if there wasn’t.

              All I’m saying is, you acted in concert with the “bankster gangsters” to rip People off, to steer People into loans for over priced property, knowingly or not… You’re one of them.

      59. durango kidd says: “you are a fucking globalist!”

        That’s funny, and as far from the truth as you can get.

        … Wow are you ever lost in rabid mouth foaminess. Lots of that going around these days.

        Insert Arlo Guthrie song, Alice’s Restaurant here, alongside image of DK shouting, “Kill Kill Kill”

        Yeesh, you need to take a chill pill,… and while you’re at it, learn what free trade really means.

        • Clark; I do understand what FREE TRADE really means. It means “managed trade”. Try reading NAFTA and GATT that is the FREE TRADE the GB’s are pushing.

          They have co-opted Mises idealistic concept and use it as PROPAGANDA to enslave America under a managed trade system of the GB’s, by the GB’s, and for the GB’s.

          • No, you do not understand what free trade really means. You stubbornly confuse free trade with restricted trade, it’s called Orwellian Doublespeak, and you’re in it deeply.

      60. durango kidd wrote, “I believe that the “police state” should arrest all of the fucking globalists for treason, indict them, try them, convict them, and them hang them and make examples of them for others who want to destroy America.

        That of course would include you and I would do the honors myself with great relish and pleasure!”

        So, for having an opinion different than your own you would kill me with great relish and pleasure?

        Wow, bloodthirsty too.

        The definition of evil is, actions that are anti-life, seems that applies to durango kidd. I still don’t see a difference between you and the Power Elite.

        Long live liberty and freedom, the free market kind! … and not durango kidd’s Power Elite Orwellian Double Speak version either,… the real free market, the one the country was founded upon.

        • Clark; try to sell that bullshit to Goldman sachs or the Chinese Communist party. WE ain’t buying it.

          Also, you like to return top a thread a week later to try to get in the last word, as if it matters. Everyone here knows who you are and who I am.

          You can try to paint me with any brush or label me anyway you want. The only thing that you ever do here is cut and paste PROPAGANDA and links to fucking hacks trying to sell the GB’s FREE TRADE as if it were a FREEDOM.

          On the other hand, I have made many of my own comments, submitted my arguments and rationale; and even if some people here do not agree with me, they KNOW me and what I stand for from the words I write.

          And they know you! 🙂

          • Free trade * Is * freedom.


        • Lifer: Just another ex-marine on a rant.

      62. yup the DK and Clark show in the theaters again.

        I wonder if they aren’t the same person, just alter ego’s that like to practice debate?

        • BJ: You don’t have to read our rants if they don’t entertain you. You could get a permit from the Forest Service for $20 and collect firewood for sale under the table instead.

          Just an idea so you have some extra cash for car insurance…… thats all.

          • That hurt, BJ. If you don’t see the difference, …

      63. Oh, and one more thing, the ability of individuals to trade freely * Is * freedom.

        • Clark: You are right! 🙂 “the ability of individuals to trade freely is a freedom”.

          Unfortunately that freedom only occurs at yard sales and in the “classifieds’ at Craig’s List. It does not operate in society on a commercial scale.

          All trade between nations is managed trade under GATT and NAFTA. All commercial activity between PERSONS among and between the States are managed trade, by the Interstate Commerce Commission.

          The GB’s have co-opted the phrase “FREE TRADE” to sell their crony capitalism to Americans. You are proof that their propaganda works!

          The more FREE TRADE crony capitalism of the GB’s that comes to America, the richer I get. I got MINE. How’s it working for you? 🙂

      64. You are seriously misled and confused about many things and this is probably too much information for you to process, but I’ll try again:

        Currency markets are considered a bit larger than Craigslist, wouldn’t you say? Operating in society on a commercial scale:

        “Exchange rates set the value of these notes, just as the free market does in the currency markets today. …” – Nixonomics at the New York Times, by Gary North

        Not All commercial activity between PERSONS among and between the States are managed trade, by the Interstate Commerce Commission:

        “Cigarette smuggling, like yesteryear’s whiskey smuggling, has become a livelihood for criminals. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has found that Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Taiwanese and Middle Eastern (mainly Pakistani, Lebanese and Syrian) organized crime groups are highly involved in the trafficking of contraband and counterfeit cigarettes…” – Smugglers As Heroes, by Walter E. Williams

        “…The free market begins with the private ownership of the means of production, including the legal right to make voluntary agreements. This is what all bureaucrats hate. …” – The Trouble With OPEC, by Gary North

        “The entire establishment has been attacking the ideal of free trade for years, claiming that foreign products and multinationals harm us, that we need industrial planning to ward it off, that we should browbeat foreign consumers for not choosing American products, that we need a New World Order to manage trade…

        Free trade has an even more conspicuous killer in the Nafta and Gatt treaties. Though advertised as free trade, Nafta set up supranational boards, expanded bad laws to the entire region, gave billions in direct subsidies to Mexico, benefited government-connected big businesses and hurt small and medium-size firms, and linked the dollar to the peso via a “stabilization” fund, thus foreordaining the bailout of Mexico.

        … the entire establishment united in favor of Nafta and Gatt, as it does for most increases in government power. Even worse, the establishment used the Big Lie technique and stole the moral and economic credibility of “free trade” to do it.

        … Thanks to those who gave managed trade a free-trade cover, the target of public hatred has been the classical ideal of a global free market. Politicians in both parties are seeking to reimpose a system of trade restriction, against the rights of consumers and producers.

        All this is dangerous for our liberty and prosperity…

        The free market at home and abroad is not an option, but an indispensable basis for prosperity and peace, and the uncompromised policy of any truly civilized nation.” – Who Killed Free Trade?, by Lew Rockwell

        “By free market I mean a set of uncoerced exchanges made by uncoerced individuals or by groups and organizations of individuals who freely choose to associate…” – Free Market Control of Epidemics, by Michael S. Rozeff

        “The free market is the great friend of all classes. Through the division of labor engendered by private ownership, the free market supplies ever-increasing quantities of goods and services for all classes, but especially the middle class…” – Wall Street vs. the Middle Class, by Gary North

        “We have moved away from somewhat freer markets. In the process, critics of capitalism have been handed a great weapon: “See what the free market did. We must save capitalism from itself.” It is the same old refrain. It goes back to Franklin Roosevelt’s first term.” – Blaming the Victim: The Free Market, by Gary North

        “Most historians also uncritically repeat the claim that government subsidies were necessary to building America’s transcontinental railroad industry, steamship industry, steel industry, and other industries. But while clinging to this “market failure” argument, they ignore (or at least are unaware of) the fact that market entrepreneurs performed quite well without government subsidies. They also ignore the fact that the subsidies themselves were a great source of inefficiency and business failure, even though they enriched the direct recipients of the subsidies and advanced the political careers of those who dished them out.

        Political entrepreneurs and their governmental patrons are the real villains of American business history and should be portrayed as such. They are the real robber barons.” – The Truth About the “Robber Barons”, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

        “At first blush, the mercantilists’ call for “free trade but fair trade” sounds reasonable. After all, who can be against fairness? Giving the idea just a bit of thought suggests that fairness as a guide for public policy lays the groundwork for tyranny…

        The bottom line is that what’s fair or unfair is an elusive concept and the same applies to trade. Last summer, I purchased a 2010 LS 460 Lexus, through a U.S. intermediary, from a Japanese producer for $70,000. Here’s my question to you: Was that a fair or unfair trade? I was free to keep my $70,000 or purchase the car. The Japanese producer was free to keep his Lexus or sell me the car. As it turned out, I gave up my $70,000 and took possession of the car, and the Japanese producer gave up possession of the car and took possession of my money. The exchange occurred because I saw myself as being better off and so did the Japanese producer. I think it was both free and fair trade, and I’d like an American mercantilist to explain to me how it wasn’t. …” – Free or Fair?, by Walter E. Williams

      65. I agree with D Drake’s post of a little over a week ago. Re-localize. While it is true that we may not always be able to procure all our wants by exclusively patronizing local businesses and farmers’ markets, we may be able to meet many of our needs that way. After I learned that the DHS had started playing those videos in the Walmart stores advising people to turn in other citizens for supposedly “suspicious” behaviors which included among other things using cash for purchases, I did not go into a Walmart store. I haven’t been in one in about a year and guess what –my grocery bills went DOWN. I was shopping there under a false paradigm –that they have the low price– when in fact they do not always have the low price, their quality can be suspect (read the fine print on a package of their so-called ground beef sometime) and they sometimes do not treat their customers very well –not to mention the way they sometimes treat their employees. I turned my back on some big global corporations: Walmart, Target, Coca-cola, and Pepsico. I don’t visit their stores or buy their products anymore. I use a credit union instead of a bank. My favorite places to shop are independently-owned thrift shops. One decision, one purchase at a time, I am withdrawing my support from the system that is crushing the poor and destroying the livelihoods of millions of people not just in this country but worldwide. Freedom begins in the mind.

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