Hey Boss, The Robots Are Coming For Your Job Too: “Easier to Automate First”

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting | 55 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: So, let’s get this straight… for centuries, the upper classes have considered most of us to be useless eaters. Now, few of us will even be needed for our labor. What exactly will happen to us when they “officially” don’t need us anymore? Someone has already published a calculator estimating how likely it is that a robot will take your jobs… and the results aren’t pretty.

    Will we become “pets” as Kurzweil, Kaczynski and Wozniak have predicted? Will we get to stay along just for the ride, or to see how weird it all has become? If so, government will presumably be providing welfare and amenities for nearly everyone… so what happens to our rights, our independence and our free will? The questions are many, and the answers hardly comforting… is the new boss the same as the old boss?

    Hey Boss, The Robots Are Coming For Your Job Too

    by Joshua Krause

    When most people think of automation, they tend to imagine low wage menial jobs being taken over by machines and computers. That may have been true in the past, but nowadays the robots are also gunning for your boss’s job. In fact, for some industries it’s the low wage tasks that still require human hands while mid-level positions are much more economical to automate.

    At Hitachi, the Japanese electronics manufacturer, workers have started to take orders from artificial intelligence programs meant to increase productivity in the workplace.

    Hitachi has deployed the AI in an unspecified number of warehouses, where it issues work orders and instructions to employees. The computer analyzes employees’ previous approaches to problems, and if an employee uses a new way to accomplish a job more efficiently, that technique is analyzed and used later on. This idea of kaizen, or constant improvement, is an often-repeated theme in Hitachi’s announcement of the AI system.

    Rather than relying on preprogrammed instructions like other warehouse software, Hitachi claims that this AI can go off-script, adapting to on-site changes, weather patterns, and shifts in demand.

    The company says productivity has already increased in the warehouse environment by 8 percent, compared to one of their non-AI run warehouses, and they hope to expand “human and AI cooperation.” Last month, they also announced a warehouse robot that picks up items twice as fast as other robots. It has two arms that operate independently, and is expected to be commercially available within 5 years.

    While it seems that some low-level employees are only few years away from losing their jobs too, it’s interesting that in this particular case, the managerial positions were easier to automate first. And this isn’t as uncommon as you might think. There are plenty of mid-level jobs that a computer could do better than a person, which wasn’t typically the case in the past.

    I’ve actually experienced this situation firsthand. Before I got into writing, I worked at the produce department of a grocery store. My job included stocking and trimming new shipments of produce, while discarding expired products. My manager’s duties mainly consisted of keeping track of what we had sold and thrown out, ordering new stock to replace what was lost, and anticipating what we might sell in the future.

    Then the company decided to set up a computer system that would do the ordering for him. It was actually pretty terrible at its job, and frequently sent us much more produce then we would ever sell, or less than we needed. That was an everyday occurrence. In fact, the system didn’t replace his job. Rather than ordering new shipments, his job now consists of correcting the orders made by the computer.

    He may not realize it, but he’s essentially training the computer to do his job for him. Those order corrections he makes everyday are probably stored on a hard drive somewhere, and someday a programmer will use that data to make a piece of software that will replace his job. His position will probably be eliminated before my job would be. I was getting paid $10.50 an hour to do tasks that would take a half a million dollar robot to do (at least for now), even though it was pretty menial. He was getting paid at least twice as much to do something that, while requiring more thought, will be easily done by cheap software in a few years.

    If you have a steady job right now, you have to think long and hard about where that job will be in 10 or 20 years. Everyone who’s doing a cheap menial task should know by now that they could easily lose their job, but they’re not alone. If you’re in a mid to high level position in your company, don’t assume that you’re safe.

    Just because you’re in charge of several employees, doesn’t mean that your job will remain relevant. Just because your position requires thought and intuition rather than physical repetition, doesn’t mean that a computer can’t do the same. And if you’re getting paid significantly more than your employees, there is an extra incentive to get rid of you. Truly, none of our jobs are safe at this point. Perhaps, not even my current writing job.

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      1. Let’s face it, the majority of people are obsolete and unnecessary.

        Life would go on quite well without them.

        • As Stephen Hawking warned regarding Robot’s and AI.

          “Robot mother builds ‘cube babies’ then watches them take first steps. Cambridge University has built evolution by natural selection into a robot for the first time.”

          http : //www .telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11799274/Robot-mother-builds-cube-babies-then-watches-them-take-first-steps.html

            • Here’s a pretty boring article. So here’s some symbols you can copy and paste in your comments. Enjoy

              ❤ ♥ ★ ☆ ☀ ☼

              ☭ ✡ ☻ ☃ ☂

              ☠ ♞ ♘ ♙ ♟ ♜ ♕

              ⦨ ⦸ ≄ ÷ Δ ∀

          • Reminded me of this article…

            Three robots replace 60 welders…

            Three $150k robots replaced 60 welders: how Cox Industries keeps making mowers in Queensland

            brw dot com dot au

              • I warned this community one year ago, that robots were coming and that scientists had the technology, that if it were all assembled together in one place, that a “Data” like android was possible.

                I warned that they could be ubiquitous in 10 years. Its in the archives. Plan accordingly. 🙂

                • Hopefully, a financed minded individual will sell limited partnerships to investors in such androids, allowing the “little people” to generate a stream of income to augment their Social Security.

                  Oh, thats right, Social Security will disappear with the Changes. 🙁

                  • Have to agree with you Durango, I think it’s going to make a lot of peoples heads spin when they see how many driving jobs will be eliminated within the next 10 years, and will probably make the highways a lot safer when it happens.

                    • Anything that gets Mexican truckers off the NAFTA roads who have no insurance, understand no English, and do not have a lick of common sense would be an improvement.

                      Unfortunately that eliminates about 5 million American truckers. 🙁

      2. Im a Automation Engineer. Automation including AI operates on logic. People do not operate on logic. They for the most part operate on emotion. 20 years of my own business has taught me that you must talk and relate to your employees. If you cannot relate to them they will either leave or under produce or act out. There are many problems that cannot be addressed by logic. They are addressed by epiphany. Ive seen many people fire profitable employees or profitable employees leave due to the silliest of reasons or because the manager/Boss had no Idea of what was going on. Proper Human and Humane action is one of the key reasons some businesses will thrive and others fail or stagnate.

        • Automation is great one less employee that you have to pay, the thing is we didn’t reduce our prices and expand our productions. Instead we turned into a consumption based economy. All of our manufacturing companies decided if you cant beat them join them and went to third world countries. At the same time Japanese car companies came here for our superior labor force.

          • There are actually a lot less employees. However in automation, you get stuck in the mass production routine and become incapable to make the quick changes or intuitive changes that make your process faster or cheaper. It also allows for supervisors to have no experience in the process itself and become paper pushers instead of trained competent leaders.
            I started out working in a manual machine shop of 5000 or so employees. A few years later they started adding CNC and dropping employees. I retrained as an electrician and started working on the CNC machines themselves. Best decision I ever made. Within 5 years the shop had shed 4000 people. Prior to cnc the business modle was all about creating the quality part and rewards were given for process changes that saved money or inventive ideas that made more money. After CNC there was none of that. The operator was nothing but an operator and the wages slowly dropped to almost minimum wage. In the early 1990’s the company split due to a lot of the management and owners wanting to go to china and have the products made there. In exchange for their retirement plans and severance pay a group of machinists bought a bunch of the equipment and went into business for themselves. They are still around today and very profitable making medical equipment while the side that went to china eventually went BK and evaporates.

          • I’m sure the Japanes, and European, car companies decision to build plants in the USA wasn’t influenced by high tarrifs on importing vehicles.

            Don’t kid yourself, our “superior labor force” didn’t have as much to do with it as did the increased profit because of domestic manufacture.

          • John Renshaw says, “Automation is great one less employee that you have to pay.” That one less employee could very well have a family to feed and if he can’t find other work or get on one of the programs, he’ll be one more person turning to crime. Mr. Renshaw, be very careful with a statement like that because YOU could be the NEXT employee to be replaced by automation and then let’s see what you say.

            • Whatever he says or doesn’t say is completely irrelevant. The increased automation of industry and service jobs will continue to move forward, once computer speed began to double every 6 months it became a mathematical inevitability, sentiment has nothing whatsoever to do with it, in fact, it’s surprising that you are still employed as all the electronic monitoring now available to industry has mushroomed into a multi billion dollar industry and will only continue to grow, perhaps your days are numbered as well.

      3. Who cares, this place needs an enema, too many people and zealots on this little rock. With robots on the job, we can get busy setting it alight and watching it all burn! Including their robots.

      4. I’m 61 years old, and I have been hearing that the Robots are coming and taking over your jobs. I have seen machines come and do some jobs at a factory I worked at from 1970 to 1985. The factory still closed because it didn’t make enough money. Did the machine take humans jobs? Yes and No. When it took a job it made a job by have to train or hire someone that could work on it.

        Most people have this idea that the person making a machine is God. They aren’t!!! You have more trouble and problems with machines than humans.

        The other problem you have with machines is they have to be powered. So do human but humans grow and make what we eat. A machine can not. So day when we have free endless energy maybe then I would get concerned. But at my age I will not see it.



        • Kinda like the bible, the end times have been coming for every generation during their times since that book was written.

          • When the end times comes most wont even see it let alone forecast it,

        • Robotics and artificial intelligence has advanced substantially since 1970 – 1985. It seems to be correlated to ever advancing and cheaper methods of manufacture of high compute cycle systems, the interconnectivity of those systems and the software layer (where I happen to spend a lot of time). You may not see the advances and progress (which is gaining momentum) that I see, but I can easily see a future where all physical labor can be replicated by a robot and any management job (to its core management is simply taking a set of inputs to decide on an output using guidelines such as school degree, industry practice, business viability). The harder thing to automate is the “feely” or “emotional” inputs and outputs of the human condition…but I’m sure that, too, will be taken care of in due time.

          One of the biggest “shortfalls” of artificial intelligence development is access to contextual data – that, however, is changing as we all become more dependent upon cloud services and data systems. AI of the future will use massive systems in the cloud (containing petabytes of data) from which to instantly reference – Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are first steps in that direction. In fact, Microsoft’s Cortana is a built-in “feature” for Windows 10. Ultimately, as humans are dumbed down, we’ll be more dependent upon some thing to make our decisions for us.

          As an example, none of this existed in the 1970 – 1985 timeframe, yet it is here today and advances being made on a yearly basis are startling:
          The military is replacing the command structure with AI systems

          In 20 years, you can bet the farm on robots having taken over virtually all manual labor and I would venture to say 70% of “management” jobs both big and small.

          • I used to be in the business of making smart systems. One problem I’ve always thought about is what do we do with all the people we put out of work? I’m happy to get rid of managers as for the most part they are a waste of money. But what to do with all the worker bees? Free drugs?

            • Birth control.

              Forced birth control.

              • Isn’t that called war?

        • Sarge, not to worry. The campaign to replace any of us with robots will fail. If WE don’t kill the robots first, an EMP can.

      5. Robots….seriously…Robots

      6. Robots and computers can’t be customers!

        When people have no money – bosses don’t too.

      7. Hey coward Zombies, the fascist filth controlling the evil vile collapsing shithole of the world are coming for your children, but don’t worry you have mindless football now for you brain dead dumbed down coward Zombie mind to forget all about the psychopathic fascist murderous treasonous monsters controlling the shithole of the world.

        • What you speak are words of iron. Words of truth. Although a little on the salty side.

          • Ron does have a way with words, I’ll give him that.

      8. No computer would take my job or be able to do it. Some liberal idiot in the higher ups wanted to replace me and co workers with inexperienced school children so they don’t have to pay us the extra dollar per hour, which they could not do–can’t weld, operate bobcats, operate tractors and machines that could slice off body parts, drive trucks, working with hazardous biological materials, and being in school most of the time when work needs to be done.

        I am concerned I will be replaced with illegal aliens, but I refuse to train anyone to replace me so I can be fired.

      9. It’s 9/11. Let’s all stand up and salute the Flag of the Government that betrayed us. Feel free to give the one finger salute.

        • With both hands!

          • “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands.”
            “But, to the government, who betrayed us all I will bend over so you can kiss my ass!”

            I’m with Jim! BOTH HANDS!

            This sickening corporation that keeps lying to us telling us its our government as it railroads everything that is American is exposing itself more and more. The only people that don’t see it are the ones that have cognitive dissonance so deep that the shock will kill them if they ever acknowledge the truth.

            I want my government back! This sickening corporation needs its legs cut out from under it!

        • Both flags that betrayed us. Don’t forget the flag of the Rothschild gangland state disguised as the home of “the Jewish people”. The day Israel is attacked by the jihadis they support with continual air strikes and weaponry, I will hold a cigarette lighter in the air and dance, like the Dancing Israelis on 9-11.

        • One finger on one hand. Two fingers on the other. I like history and being through.

      10. About the best outcome we can hope for is that our preps and our skills will put us in a sustainable position to live independent of the system by the time it all comes crashing down.

        • Now thats a sensible post,,,,
          Exactly what im working out now, finding the balance and the work arounds, the hardest part with the sustainability and self sustaining lifestyle is getting set up, funds are lacking so from the get go im having to improvise, but in my mind i know its a good primer for putting in practice what i ultimately am trying to acheive anyway, sure would be nice to have a few dozen solar panels etc, and a bigger water system, even with the size of my storeage what it is the reality that we have had years where there is no rain for 9 months or more is cause for concern, no electricity i can deal with, no water, we know where that ends,
          Right now the water is still flowing from county line and electric still spinning my meter madly, but IF i decided to shut it off today, or couldnt pay the bill it would all stop…
          Living like the 1800s isnt going to be an overnight change, you can do it, but its going to be rough,
          Like your site SP

          • Thanks Kula! It’s still very much a baby site but I’m continuing to add information regularly.

            It sounds like you and I are in very similar boats. The blog is more or less just an attempt to have some sort of record of what I’m doing so that maybe a few others can take something away and we’ll have that many fewer to defend against when the SHTF. Getting set up is most definitely the most difficult part with the funds and all. It just takes time, ingenuity, patience and a small trickle of $$ to eventually get there. Just being aware puts you above most of society as far as being prepared goes. Good luck brother!

            • Thanks SP,,
              Will definitely be following your site, i like the reality based writings from the various bloggers on Modern Survival blog, Preppers Journal, USCrow, and JWRs Survivalblog, its good to read stuff that is grounded, theres too much doom porn and way out stuff floating around,
              For myself the primary goal is pretty much just self sufficiency, regardless of what the rest of the world does, or calls it, i dont care, i arrived here because i have some friends who are old hippies and have watched them over the years and it finally registered what they were up to, the independence anf the peace that they had from doing the stuff that people call “prepping” i realized it all sort of went hand in hand, so here i am, it is a much much more rewarding existence thats the first thing, its hard to get over the societal norms though, and the stereotypical lables that get hung on us, but that is just static, in the big picture it means little,
              This all goes hand in hand with being a comercial grower and stepping away from the career in the building trades and construction i had followed for most of my life, some things just happen.
              Anyway, cheers!

        • Absolutely, sir. That is exactly why we do it. The preps for a buffer to switch to an alternative system outside of the NWO/Fascist one in place now that will (hopefully) crash and burn soon. I’ve got marshmallows, graham crackers and some chocolate to use when it does. Trouble is, its made of a lot of disgusting, evil, garbage. I’m not sure smores will be that great over that burning pile of crap!

      11. The number of robots will be limited by the number of consumers required to support their cost (theoretically). At least until the robots can sustain themselves. Then it’s SkyNet time!

      12. Man cannot program into a robot anymore intelligence than mankind has. Based on that I feel sure we are safe from their encroachment for centuries to come.

      13. Robot cars still crash. The reason? Humans driving other cars. Solution? No more humans allowed to drive. If there were no more humans anywhere in this world, then the robots would always function perfectly. /sarcasm

        • …yeah. Right. Thats why they pay me about 90K to keep the servers that run them working, right? Training today. Been running this stuff for 6 years, doing great, but suddenly I have to spend $3500 to get a review of the last 6 years of my life. No problem, they’ll re-imberse me, then, I’ll ask for a raise. I won’t get it until I go to the next job and get a 50% raise.

          But, it still worries me. Not everyone can fix them. How do we find productive work for the ones that are supplanted? I realize that fully 50% of people don’t give a crap about productive work. They only work to get by. But, what about the other 50%? Do we just let them rot? Yeah, I guess we will because thats what we’re doing now.

      14. I am not so sure that AI will get a foothold as soon as most think. The economic collapse coming is a mathematical certainty and deep it will be. The depth of this collapse will determine just how far backward we go in advancement of science. This has happened before with the collapse of the Roman empire and humans were thrown into the dark ages. Hard telling how advanced we would be today if that disruption in education and science did not occur. What we are facing today would have already happened but a few centuries ago. Time will tell and our time is short in this current economic system. Hope the next system works a bit better. The good thing is that it should not take centuries to work through this as before.

      15. The refugee situation intensifies in Europe…

        WATCH: Migrant Turks And Kurds Battle On Frankfurt Streets, German Army Called In

        “Video of the riot has emerged on the same day Germany announced it will place 4,000 soldiers on standby over the weekend to help with a new wave of up to 40,000 refugees arriving in the country.”

        “Record numbers of people from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa continue to pour into Europe, with around 7,600 entering Macedonia in the last 12 hours.”

        Breitbart dot com

      16. There is a very important principle here. Robots generate income that could have been produced by a human. The human is forced to pay income tax based upon that labor. The person or corporate entity who benefits financially from robotic labor should pay the avoided income tax if a person could do the same job as the robot. If they do, the tax rate will tell you where warm bodies stand in the great scheme of things. If they don’t, well, there’s your answer. Demand a higher income tax rate for robotic labor and the IRS will save your jobs.

      17. Whats the point of living if we stand around twiddling our thumbs while machines do the work? A good EMP comes along and we’re back to square one. robots and computer will be up the creek.

      18. Walter Reuther had a similar idea when he and Henry Ford (3rd?) toured a new manufacturing facility with 1st generation robotics in 1970 just prior to Walters death in a plane crash. Mr Ford said to Walter, “Those robots won’t go out on strike”. Walter replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

        Technology increases wealth by making goods cheaper to produce and therefore more abundant PROVIDING the mass consumer displaced by the new technology can afford to buy these goods.

      19. The Georgia Guidestones imply that the Judeo Masonic NWO will only need 500 million serfs. I imagine that robotics means that figure has been revised. 50 million? 5 million? Eventually there will be domestic servants, sex slaves (not all the elite will be satisfied with Japanese sexbots), and a few techs. The rest of us will be Soylent Green.

      20. In previous decades such as 1970’s futurists wrote of a bright new future a utopia for all where machines and intelligent robots and artificial intelligence (AI) could help human civilisation create a utopia on Earth and allow colonisation of outer space. However the current capitalist financial economic system must end when automation means that many more jobs are being done by robots and AI. The population of the planet must not be abandoned in the failed global interconnected economic and financial capitalist debt based usury system.

        The replacement global social model could comprise of a comprehensive system o real human rights with global access to free high quality goods and services without exploitation and with full freedom of choice without detriment to others. Mass production could be greatly reduced and replaced with custom made products made to order and shipped quickly. A knowledge and leisure based society where people work to better themselves without competing against others in every aspect of existence and deciding the amount of work they choose to do flexibly.

        Examples of such policies could include free quality housing, education, welfare, free energy, free transport, free healthcare (including natural and alternative healthcare), free communications, free safe food, drink and free clean safe drinking water and free sanitation. It will mean a need for society to be accountable and mean an end to wars and restriction placed on ruthless and dictatorial regimes such as the Illuminati, Bilderberg and Zionists (includes Zionists posing as Muslims).

        However the evil ruling elite are depopulating the human population (culling the human herd) resulting in the use of GMO, fluoride, toxic food processes, toxic additives and end of environmental pollution such as use of chemtrails, and depleted uranium.


        As for Soylent Green that’s already here in the form of new food technology using aborted foetal cells to generate new flavour sensations for large food and drink corporations.


        It is also very difficult for ordinary humans immersed in mainstream media to accept that humans are not in control of Earth and never have been. Reptilians can appear human and can be any race, colour, religion, age, gender, sex, education, income and wealth and social class, can appear tall or short, slim and obese usually in places where they achieve control of humans particularly in politics, business, government, religion and the military. However all reptilians are evil and psychopathic. It’s why they appear cold, calculating and without empathy or compassion but psychopaths know this and pretend by faking these qualities to blend in with the human population.

        Unfortunately for humans the reptilians that rule planet Earth want the planet for themselves and will greatly reduce the human population. The reptilians will use robots to carry out most of the work done by humans. Reptilians will probably keep a small number of humans as a human resource in the same way humans use animals as an animal resource.


        People have said that robots mean an end to the current human civilisation but this is only part of the story as the end times will occur for many reasons. Indeed many people are denial and disbelief that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will render many jobs obsolete. However the ruling elite have run out of time to implement their final plans and will not escape accountability for their actions.


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