Hawaii Reinstates Cold-War Era Warning To Prepare For North Korean Attack

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 14 comments

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    The previously retired air raid warning sirens from the Cold War era in Hawaii will be wailing again come December. Only this time, it’s due to the rising tensions between the United States and North Korea.

    Hawaii has long been a military defense outpost sparking fears that North Korea could target the island. “I suppose that’s necessary as a precaution,” said Ted Tsukiyama, a Hawaiian resident, and WWII veteran. “But I don’t think North Korea is gonna attack,” Tsukiyama said. “They’d be foolish to threaten South Korea or Japan or the United States.”

    But the concerns are growing as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has repeatedly threatened to drop a bomb over the Pacific Ocean, and President Donald Trump has threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” and designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.  In turn, North Korea has continually failed to abide by the United Nations sanctions placed on them, as they advance their weapons of mass destruction.

    Sirens were installed around Hawaii after the second world war started, according to Tsukiyama, and there would be periodic tests. “I remember hearing the sirens going off. The radio would give us a warning: ‘This is only a test, don’t get alarmed,’” said Tsukiyama, who was born and raised in Hawaii.

    According to Vern Miyagi, administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA), which is part of the state’s Department of Defense, the chances North Korea will act are unlikely, but making sure Hawaii is prepared is still vital.  “If North Korea launches against us or our allies, the retaliation would be complete and they would defeat North Korea’s ambition to continue its regime. The regime would probably end,” explained Miyagi. He notes Hawaii is protected under the U.S. Pacific Command’s defensive umbrella, the anti-ballistic missile system, and it is home to the Pacific Command, the military’s headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region.

    Miyagi has pointed out that “Hawaii is a likely target because we’re closer to North Korea than most of the continental United States… As we track the news and see tests, both missile launches, and nuclear tests, it’s the elephant in the room. We can’t ignore it. People of Hawaii need to know what Hawaii is doing in preparation for this.”  Hawaii has been ramping up their preparations in advance for a potential nuclear attack by North Korea.

    The Aloha State is currently attempting to educate its 1.4 million residents, as well as its visitors, on how to prepare for a nuclear attack.  Hawaii has become one of the first states in the nation to initiate a nuclear preparedness campaign and starting December 1, it will reinstate the “attack warning” siren, which it hasn’t tested since the Cold War. The siren will follow the monthly “attention alert” signal, which warns people of an incoming tsunami or hurricane.

    The state has also been holding community meetings and broadcasting public service announcements on TV and the radio to prepare people for a possible attack.  Gone are the days of “duck and cover” during the Cold War; today, the mantra is “shelter in place,” preferably in a concrete structure. Officials also recommend having enough food and water to survive for 48 hours and being prepared with supplies to last up to 14 days.

    If North Korea launches a missile, officials estimate it would only take 20 minutes to reach its destination.  It would take about five minutes for the United States government to determine where the missile is going, which would leave about 12 to 15 minutes to warn the public.


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      1. I’m confused. Why would the People’s Socialist Paradise of North Korea attack the Communist People’s Paradise of Hawaii?

        • they eat their own when it comes to getting on top … read Obammy’s auto-biography if you like cannibalism ….

          the Brown Shirts couldn’t believe it when the Black Shirt SS lined them up against the wall ….

      2. What a pity we don’t have access to US intelligence codes like the US had access to the Japanese codes which forewarned of the imminent Japanese attack on Pearl.

        It would sure be nice to have early “warning” when the US Deep State was going to initiate a false flag attack on Hawaii or elsewhere as an excuse to go to war with the hapless, helpless, starving people of North Korea. If not there, then the bombed-out Syrians, the 80 IQ Somalians, or if the Deep is really drunk with a feeling of power, Ukraine.

        Is there anything, ANYTHING, that can be believed coming from the US or the MSM?

      3. this guy is what is typically wrong with the usual gooberment types – sheeple to the max – and EXACTLY why you need to think & act independently and for yourself ….

        in regard to his thinking regarding North Korea and the Little Fat Man – don’t think logically or sane – the guy is 3rd generation insane dictator – he actually believes the total bull he’s mouthing ….

      4. Sadly, most of our residents dont take any of this seriously

        • A much more immenent threat to the pacific…

          ht tp://enenews.com/ap-japan-poised-to-flood-pacific-with-1-million-tons-of-nuclear-water-contaminated-by-fukushima-newsweek-experts-want-japan-to-push-a-million-tons-of-radioactive-water-into-ocean-relea

          take out the space in the t’s

        • nail,
          Are you referring to preparations or the alarms?
          Here on the Big Island they do a monthly test
          of the Tsunami warning system
          in a town called officially named Kamuela
          (locally known as Waimea).
          The town is about 20 miles from water and is
          over 2,000 feet above sea level.
          Nobody pays it any attention.

          Over on Oahu I suspect residents will react
          the same way to any alarms. What good are the
          alarms when you are stuck in their notoriously
          bad traffic jams?

          There are a few guys here that are prepared for
          a few weeks to months, but we have a lot of
          solar systems, locally produced food, many
          live on catchment, and cesspools. The
          in-town people, I’m not so sure of, I’d
          bet they don’t have much.

          I can only hope that if Honolulu is attacked,
          it is when the legislature is in session. That
          would be a plus for us outer islands.

          • All of it,
            Most people pay no attention to any of it, just keep watching football, guzzling bear and eating.
            When things go awry then they think about it for a minute with their pea brains,,, wait for the almighty government to save their asses

        • I hope you’re right, that would be a very good thing. What’s really sad and pathetic is that some people actually take this seriously. Keep watching your TV to learn how our dear leaders and ‘authorities’ are keeping us safe. lol . . . .

      5. “Gone are the days of “duck and cover” during the Cold War; today, the mantra is “shelter in place,””

        Shelter in place is fine, but ‘duck & cover’ might well be an essential tactic first for many.

        Google “GoodNewsNuke” for how we could make all nukes 90% less lethal just by re-instituting public Civil Defense instructions.

      6. Like that one joker said, “We have nothing to fear except fear itself”. So we’re going to keep you afraid with the nuclear fat boy threat. When does the madness end?

        • Alj,
          The madness will end ( for America anyway) when we eliminate
          Democrats and GOPe from the government, schools, media, and judiciary.

      7. Well, on the bright-side – if NK does nuke Hawaii, it’ll sure be easier to explain what happened to Obongo’s birth certificate.

        • Good one. Thanks for the laugh.

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