Greece Is Just the Beginning. ISIS and Ukraine Are Skirmishes: “The Real War is Economic and Currency Related”

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    This editorial was originally posted by Ron Holland at The Daily Bell.

    Editor’s Note: Between the manipulation of gas & oil prices, to the contentious events in Ukraine, with ISIS in the Middle East and the new debt bomb in Greece, there is little doubt for anyone paying attention that a currency war is definitely underway.

    The only question is: who will prevail, and who is holding a stronger hand?

    Greece alone has the potential to unravel the Euro-zone and shatter the fragile dominoes across the global financial markets. And that’s just one area that is exploding.

    Though Russia is taking a hit from the falling gas prices, and the combined effect of sanctions, it has also been furiously stockpiling gold and working with China and the BRICS nations to build a counter-balance to international development and currency manipulation, as SHTF has reported.

    Something huge is happening with currencies on the global scene, but it is a quiet war – you won’t hear about it on the mainstream news. Just make sure it doesn’t sneak up on you; instead, be as prepared as you possibly can for whichever why the wind blows and the hammer falls. Have you considered your plan? Have you invested in gold, silver, storables or valuable barter items?

    Are You Ready For Total Currency War?
    By Ron Holland

    “Are you ready for total war?” “Sind Sie bereit für totalen Krieg?” – Joseph Goebbels

    On February 18, 1943, German Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels delivered a rousing speech at the Berlin Sportpalast, asking the German people, “Sind Sie bereit für totalen Krieg?” or “Are you ready for total War?” Germany had planned for Blitzkrieg and a short war and was unprepared for a world war as the combined military forces of the United States, England and the Soviet Union crushed the Reich relentlessly and systematically. Although the people and economy rallied in defense of Germany, total war only prolonged the horrors of war and delayed their inevitable defeat.

    Today, 72 years later, another quasi-fascist empire formerly at the pinnacle of world economic power is being taken over, this time on the economic front, by China and the BRICs. Yet it retains the ability to project military power on every continent, with troops deployed in over 150 countries, and is involved simultaneously in regions ranging from Europe and the Ukraine, across the Middle East and Africa to the nations in Asia surrounding China.

    The leadership of most foreign vassal states are threatened, bought off or blackmailed into doing the empire’s bidding lest they be overthrown and replaced through covert black-ops that often masquerade as homegrown domestic uprisings like the Arab Spring or the Ukraine coup in 2014.

    Non-cooperating foreign nations, central banks, domestic nationalists and powerful centers of influence are threatened with state trade sanctions, individual sanctions and blacklisting, banking prohibitions and bond-rating downgrades in addition to other economic and outright military threats. The empire’s powerful propaganda machine based in New York and London that, when needed, can within only weeks turn former allies into evil despots without cause, reason or evidence.

    An unforgiveable crime is to threaten the mountains of government debt and endless trillions in derivatives issued by vassal state governments led by controlled foreign political leaders where old bond offerings are simply rolled over, along with interest owed, into new obligations. This further burdens citizens and taxpayers just so favored global investment banking interests in the US, UK, Germany and others can continue their fee and commission gravy train.

    Greece is the Achilles Heel of the European Union

    But the cardinal sin for a politician or political leader is to threaten the ruling entity, as Greece is now doing with the European Union. The EU has a ruling junta of unelected politicians and banking bond-holding interests hiding behind political leaders like Merkel in Germany. This modern-day creation of a permanent union built upon the fatal flaw of the American union, where formerly sovereign states are free to join but can never leave, is a recipe for disaster.

    This was the case with the Civil War in the United States or today in Greece, with the total economic destruction and destitution of both the state and the people to foreign banking interests and debt slavery. This permanent debtor status to German and other banking interests appears to even preclude Greece getting financial help from Russia or China.

    Make no mistake; tiny Greece does threaten the survival of the EU monstrosity. Should Greece prevail in its efforts to separate from the EU, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other nations will surely follow its bold path back to prosperity, independence and sovereignty, not possible without a dramatically weakened euro.

    The Establishment Media Insures the Currency War Is a Secret War

    “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” – Hiram Johnson a Republican politician from California who served in the United States Senate for nearly 30 years.

    Thanks to the establishment propaganda media outlets – all major cable news channels including the neocon Fox News – relatively few Americans are able to see the ongoing global dollar and economic wars raging from Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Iran to Greece and the Ukraine. Most assume the EU banking assault on Greece in response to its threats to leave the European Union and its bond debts to German banks is a separate economic issue from US and EU financial sanctions against Russia. Likewise, there is little discussion and even less understanding by Americans about how the ISIS movement, originally created by the US as a moderate faction against the Syrian government, suddenly morphed into the Sunni Caliphate movement now controlling the majority of Syria and Iraq.

    The real question is whether this economic and financial war being waged between Washington and vassal states including the supra-national European Union versus the Russia/China alliance will remain an economic and currency war or go hot over ISIS and nationalistic resistance. The ultimate goal of the empire is to maintain the survival of the petrodollar energy market priced in dollars – and that is the reason behind the ultimate US goal, which is to wrest control of oil and gas pipelines through Iraq, Syria and the Ukraine from opposition regimes.

    As an American, I’m writing here about a coverup of an ongoing war between Washington, London and the EU versus Russia and China. The EU, historically a vassal state controlled by Washington, is now being pushed into a military conflict over Ukraine. Today there is a policy rift taking place between Germany’s Merkel, joined by other major European countries, and the formerly dominant US/UK leadership as to whether military weapons should be provided to the American-installed government in Kiev.

    Europeans Remember the Horrors of World War Two

    What most Americans do not realize is that during World War Two, every European nation had at least a contingent of troops fighting on the side of Germany against the Russians – and Russians are tough fighters. Putin’s 80% approval rate in Russia dwarfs the popularity of every Western politician and political party. It is difficult to imagine German or French troops fighting and dying for Merkel or Hollande on the plains of the Ukraine, formerly part of Russia, where millions of Soviet troops died during the Second World War.

    While the usual neocon spokesmen like John McCain and Lindsey Graham might want the US involved in a military conflict with Russia in the Ukraine, and uneducated Americans might even go along with them, Europeans know their history and are rightly horrified at the prospect.

    Remember, the old Soviet Union during the World War was a hated communist government led by a tyrannical dictator. Active military conflicts are tough for politicians to justify unless there is a cultural, religious, patriotic or ethnic aspect to the military action. Joseph Stalin, one of the world’s greatest tyrants, was able to get the Russian people behind his war with Hitler only because to the public, defeat meant either lifetime serfdom or death under the foreign Nazi regime. The cruelty of the German and SS armies ultimately guaranteed their defeat; although in many areas they were initially welcomed as liberators, eventually military occupation by the Nazis became equal to or worse than the terrors of Stalin and the Soviet Union.

    Today the Internet Limits the Effectiveness of Government Propaganda Efforts

    Governments and politicians now have to deal with the Internet Reformation where alternative media outlets often present an entirely different view of war and financial market manipulation than does the establishment media with their sanitized video footage supported by “patriotic” propagandistic editorials and financial news comments.

    While historically the Washington Empire was somewhat benign and even helpful to former adversaries following World War Two, US incursions over the last two decades have been more of a horror story of nation destruction than liberation and prosperity – witness Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Yemen just to name a few. Of course, all nations and empires compete and none of our competitors from Russia, China or Iran etc. are ruled by saints or without their own atrocities but retribution does happen and the chickens do come home to roost when nations or empires lose in military, economic or currency wars. Sadly, the innocence of civilians is no protection when the surging tides of empire turn.

    Innocence Does Not Offer Protection

    Ask the hundreds of thousands of Germans who were drafted into the Volkssturm in the last year of World War Two, given a Panzerfaust and marched to the front to attack Soviet tanks and defend the Nazi leadership in Berlin. Or consider the innocent civilians in a firebombed Dresden where tens of thousands were roasted alive or suffocated by the allied terror bombing at the end of the war, not to mention the hundreds of thousands in Japan who were victims of fire-bombing and atomic bomb attack.

    Personally I don’t plan on defending American politicians in Washington from foreign or domestic assault or the central banking cartel and Wall Street investment bankers who ultimately will destroy the world in a sea of debt. But emergency presidential executive orders guarantee we will not be able to protect our retirement funds, savings and investment portfolios from confiscation when the chickens come home to roost on the Washington Empire.

    If we have some wealth or property left when the dollar fails, we cannot stop the future “means testing” of our Social Security and Medicare benefits. Much of our domestic real estate holdings may well be stolen by favored groups and individuals when we can’t pay the exorbitant annual property taxes just like much property in the defeated South was taken by northeastern “carpet baggers” after the War Between the States – or lost during the Great Depression, which is a more likely scenario for comparison of what all productive Americans will face in the future.

    Right now there is a world war taking place right in front of us but all we see on cable news are the nightly military skirmishes on the periphery of the conflict. The real war is economic, financial and currency related and the empire is already over-extended in debt, military operations and financial manipulation. Surely the near-term dollar strength is evidence that while defeat is not imminent and that all markets can be manipulated for a season, ultimately real global market forces will prevail.

    Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

    Americans should take advantage of recent dollar strength to diversify into gold, investments, real estate and safe haven locations outside the US dollar and the United States. Better to be early than too late because eventually the consequences of aggressive military actions, central banking manipulation and uncontrolled government debt and unfunded liabilities will come home to the American people. Neither the guilt of our political and banking leadership nor the innocence of our citizenry will protect you, your assets or your family. (Ron will be speaking more on this topic at the May 13-17 High Alert Investment Conference.)

    Don’t wait for a Greek withdrawal from the EU, a run on euro debt, a third US invasion of Iraq, war against ISIL or an escalation in Syria or the Ukraine in an attempt to secure oil and gas pipelines to act. Just remember that all empires eventually become over-extended financially, economically or militarily and the consequences of retribution and blowback are real and deadly to innocent populations.

    This article was originally published at The Daily Bell. Ron Holland is the author of several books, including The Threat to the Private Pension System, Escape the Pension Trap, and most recently, Restoring Our American Legacy, as well as numerous special reports and hundreds of articles on investment and political topics, many focusing on the interplay between politics and the investment markets. Selections of his essays can be found in the archives of and


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      1. I can’t take it anymore….

        • Can’t take what? Being the first to post but not have anything to say? 🙂

          • @Billy…no. I read the article. I need some good news. Every fucking day the news gets worse. Should I apologize to you for being the first? Would that satisfy you?
            Our dollar is worth nothing.
            We are taxed without being represented.
            The west should have taken a hard stance against Islam on 9/12/01. (Bombed them to oblivion)
            They animals are beheading Christians.
            We are heading, if not we are already there, into WW3.

            I WANT SOME GOOD NEWS!

              • to Npgh
                Heres some good news.
                Theyre scared of us.
                If they werent they wouldnt have militarized the cops, bought the stockade filled w/ ammo or pushed illegals to being legal w/ the ability to vote.
                Theyre scared all right. Thats why they will control the internet. They know we got them figured out.
                Dont let your guard down brother. There are more of us than there are of them. We WILL win this in the end.
                Sight in. Be prepared.

                • Speaking of economics, this issue of banning xm855 greentip ammo could just be the tip of the iceberg, many on this site state how other ammo is just as good or better. But thats not the point, it’s a matter of Big Brother taking another right, just stop and give this a thought, ban steel core ammo and whats next. Anyone ever hear TPTB talk about banning lead in ammo because it is an environmental issue? Well just wait until all bullets are mad from Copper. Well lets see, Lead prices are around .75 cents a pound and Copper is around $2.15 a pound, wonder how much a 1000rds of ammo will cost us at that price when the only thing we can get is Copper Bullets. Trekker Out. Copper, The Other Precious Metal!

                  • When all projectiles have to be made from Copper, wonder how much practice, plinking and stocking up we will be able to do. Trekker Out. Hope Your Wealthy!

                    • The dollar as a weapon? It should come as no surprise to anyone here. Someone here has been saying for YEARS that the dollar was the weapon of choice for the New World Order. Its their world currency.

                      Just saying. Its in the archives. 🙂

                    • Excellent point MT,
                      This very subject came up at the sportsmans club last month.
                      Copper projectiles will not allow us to practice or hold some shooting events.
                      Too damn expensive.
                      But i am sure thats all part of the long term goal.

                      I say , stock up on anything you can git yer mitts on !

                    • There is a rather interesting alternative to lead actually.

                      Google is my friend ^^

                      You want the lead for the density. I guess you could do depleted uranium which is more dense but eh dying of cancer doesn’t appeal to me.

                      But… there is an actual alternative that is not depleted uranium.

                      Probably still more expensive unless they can start doing high volume production, but not like copper or anything.

                    • Of course…

                      In one form it might… shatter. In another form with the… added… “stuff”… it might really eff up your barrel over time… leaving little trails of goo…

                      Dunno. Never seen it tried. That’s what I’d be worried about though.

                  • That is precisely WHY, you should have already stocked up on them, plus, reloading components. That way, when the prices go through the roof, you don’t need to be concerned.
                    If you haven’t started getting your necessary supplies together, no time like now to start.

                    • I must have pissed off the wrong people.

                      My posts are now subject to “moderation” every time.

                      I wonder why?

                      No… I actually don’t!

                  • Mt Trekker
                    Reloading helps but its better to go all in. Make your own bullets. Been doing that for a year now. Get the tooling and supplies now. Youll have the best barter item for miles.

                • Amen to that Calgagus.

                  I couldnt agree more. Its disheartening listening to all this doom and gloom. I just focus on preps and staying informed. However, at the end of the day I come to that same conclusion. Today im just another guy working a 9-5 and thats fine because i know theres millions of other guys just like me. Checking the real news, stacking ammo, and waiting for the right moment. I also know that anyday could be that day. The day when everything changes… the day we stop taking this tyranny laying down and the real patriots out there band together to set things straight. Until that day comes I take comfort in knowing im not alone. Keep prepping.

              • IMO, only millions of weapons in the hands of American citizens, hopefully with stockpiles of ammo, prevents these
                ProgreSSive Elitists from more overt actions.
                It is not a guarantee but a consideration for these Progs that any physical “attack” on us might be too risky.
                Or then again Psycho Pols like Obama might not even care, only wanting to destroy as much as they can, asap.
                CYA, be ready, stay steady.

            • Not only has the West not taken a hard stance against Islam, we are actively and aggressively defending it.

              A minor but representative example of this would be Holder’s recent attack on Fox News over their use of the term “radical Islam”. Keep in mind that this is about the least Islam defensive example, others are very evident in talking about terrorist violence while deliberately avoiding even the mention of Islam although it is most definitely and obviously Islamic in nature by all sorts of world leaders (our own included).

              (FWIW. Islam isn’t the only place this is being done, but that would be another subject for discussion.)

              • The moderate Muslims, you know, the ones not beheading or burning people…There not following the quran very well. The thing about IsIs is, They follow the quran just as it was written back then. Thats the part our pResident isn’t telling you.
                Islam wasn’t radical back then, by today’s standards it is.
                Know why IsIs wants to take Italy? The Coliseums. They want to feed Christians to lions. They are traditionalist’s

                • The “moderate” Muslims, are the ones holding the victims feet so that they CAN be beheaded.
                  There are no moderate Muslims. Not a single one has spoken out against what ISIS is doing.

              • “Personally I don’t plan on defending American politicians in Washington from foreign or domestic assault or the central banking cartel and Wall Street investment bankers who ultimately will destroy the world in a sea of debt.”

                Ditto. This is a very refreshing article, and I can’t fault one single sentence of it.

              • to Sharon
                Holder is in full defense mode. Half Obamas admin are muslim so what do you expect? All they do is lie -did they decide to be truthful now.
                Saw this at Rawles site this morning. Good read on violent muslim history. This muslim violence aint new, its just grown too large to ignore.

                ht tp://

            • Good news? Like he said, stronger dollar, at least for a while. 🙂 There’s still time to prepare for what? Nothing!

              Where’d they all go? What? When? Who? Why? Where?

              Oh, down deep in well appointed underground bunkers designed by the same ilk as ‘climate scientists’ 🙂 They have spent so much on them they may last for a whopping seven years underground.

              Seven years of realizing but for their own selfish ways of over-doing their own self-control and self-interests Life here on this planet could have worked. They were always wrong yet always powerful.

              Oh! But it can all be OK and really, it isn’t as bad as it can get and of course at a certain point of badness it can only get better.

              • The real war is the war of Satan against God, lies against truth, wickedness against decency.

                Currency (like usury and financial fraud) is just one of Satan’s weapons in the real war.

                • Anyone remember Bonnie and Clyde? You know, that cute couple who robbed banks and was chased by the Government and killed.

                  Poor idiots. They just didn’t have the foresight to just become a stockholder in the feral federal reserve. There, with just a stroke of a pen and now a keystroke on a computer, out of thin air they invent money. They print whatever the hell they want, buy whatever the hell they want, get paid interest on their phony money; all on the back of us morons, the American taxpayer.

                  Bonnie and Clyde must be rolling over in their grave. They never dreamed a scheme such as this could be put over on the public. And rather than being hunted down like the criminals they are, when caught thieving they are given a slap on the wrist and a “Golden Parachute”.

                  Ron Paul, when asked if a bill would pass the house and senate to audit the fed, thought it probably would. However, and a big however, he said the POTUS would never sign it.

                  When asked if our representatives would pass a bill limiting the governments control of the internet, “probably, but the President wouldn’t sign it.”

                  So you see, doesn’t matter what BS we are being peddled by the MSM about our representatives trying to rein in a runaway government; they are being given cover, “because POTUS wont sign it”. Convenient don’t you think?

                  NOW, just a reminder:

                  The Federal Reserve is a privately owned conglomerate of stockholders, with a few families as stockholders, and they aint muzzies.

                  And the representatives in DC pushing gun control legislation are not muzzies. Some of the most vocal are dual citizens of Israel (look it up). Ask yourself why would these people want your guns, when daily we are told by the MSM that these terrorists will come to America. Why are these people trying to disarm us. Does it not seem reasonable that they should be telling Joe Blow American to “arm themselves to the teeth, to help repel what they say we are going to be facing”. There has to be something very sinister behind their ‘gun control’.

                  Sad to say, we Americans, the muzzies, and the rest of civilization is being set up for Albert Pike’s third world war, and the feral fed is being used to finance it all. No wonder the whole world is on fire….

                  • Sorry, I was quoting Rand Paul, not Ron…All though I am sure Ron would agree.

                  • Go Granny Go!

                    Jews use Muslims
                    Muslims use Jews

                    We watch the Punch ‘n Judy show
                    and put our money down on it.

                    Thousands of them die! Oh know! Horrible!
                    Iraq! 50,000? 500,000? Oh no!

                    What to do about it Punch?
                    I don’t know Judy?
                    “Ask Brian Williams?”

                    How about because of poor pitiful old ‘them’ having lost a million people fighting over a 50 year period, the rest of us civilized people go ahead and have a war and lose 50 million over a 5 year period?

                    What sense does that make?

                  • Do you remember bonnie and clyde? Hell, you probably knew them personally, which explains the hardening in your arteries. You have nothing to fear about your gun being taken from you granny, but your false teeth could be a REAL problem.

                  • Great post, POG.

                  • Obama will sign internet “neutrality” controls. “If you like your internet you can keep your internet”; because Obama loves freedom of speech and ideas flowing on the net around the msm, you bet he does!
                    McCain and the Chamberpots will support the “O”, they want to shut up those TP and Bitter Clingers as much as the “O”.

            • Here is the Deal of the Day- SANDBAGS 14″ x 26″ OD Green
              Excellent Bullet Stoppers. Fill them up with sand and they stop any round up to a .50 Cal.

              Just .27 Cents normally .38 Each- 2 Day Sale


              I have bought some from here before and they are excellent, just passing this on, if you want to complete your Prepping. 2 Day sale. Place them on your inside exterior wall if you are afraid of gang drive byes, or build a hidey hols fox hole. Also can be used for flooding, etc.

              • @Calgagus…you’re right. Thanks.

                @whowuddathunkit…thanks for the heads up. Will order today.

            • Npgh,

              The only good news is that we are alive and have not been EMP’d or nuked yet and we still have a chance of taking the whitehouse and finding them all guilty of treason and hanging all of THEM!
              What more can you ask for? sorry had to add a little humor even if it was not much!

            • I put a 🙂 in there as a joke. It’s hard to convey humor in text sometimes.

              I’ve got some good news for you… word is TPTB think they can keep this sinking ship afloat for several more years. We’ve got plenty of time to keep stacking and finding new ways to offset the massive overreach.

              • Billy Hill –

                TPTB may think they can can this sinking ship afloat for several years, but the common folk can not. People have gone from living from pay check to pay check to no paycheck or supplemental income of some sort. People are literally struggling to survive to purchase basic items to support themselves, this not including a place to live.

                In a way, I’m surprised there hasn’t been some kind of huge uprising by now against the Government of selling them down the river(off-shoring jobs). College graduates not able to use their Degrees for what it is intended for, because those jobs have been filled or have simply vanished.

                Iduno – maybe America is that dumbed down that they do not know the root cause of our economic problems and who is responsible for the downfall. I suppose the day will come when the Government will shut down the Electronic Benefit Program, then the clueless mass will rise, but they will still be confused of why.

            • Npgh,
              You want some good news? Ok here it is in the form of advice: Go and read the Old Testament book of Habakauk. It is a short book, containing 3 chapters. Yes, things are as bad as they seem if not even worse. And things will get worse, BUT, God does have matters under full control, and not a damn thing is happening that He is not fully aware of. The wicked in this world (and that includes our own antichrist Obama) are being played by Him. The wicked WILL BE fully punished for what they have done. It is a done deal. So by all means do what you think is duty. Then take a listen again to the Hallelujah chorus from Messiah. Saw a bumper sticker once that read..

              Jesus is coming again…
              And is He pissed!

              Crude but accurate. Remember Jesus did warn us in advace that there would be wars and rumors of wars. But not to let that (and all the other bad news) make us afraid. The Messiah is coming soon. And from Gandalf: “So do I and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

            • Well Npgh, read about Operation Northwoods and get back to me if it would have been a good idea to bomb the Muslims into oblivion. Read about Operation Gladio, and let me know what you think about the “terrorist” attack in France. For that matter go down to your local Redbox and rent Kill The Messenger and let’s talk about the government’s “War on Drugs,” and how maybe their are some parallels to the “War on Terror.” Put your big boy pants on and realize the good news is your reading this site and the State is NOT God.

            • Here is some good news; “Nothing last forever except eternity, and God is eternity and he loves you”.

            • Here’s your good news:

              It will be okay in the end,
              And if it is not okay,
              Then it is not the end.

            • AND THE GOOD NEWS IS:

              Your government can now force you to buy a product you neither want nor need!


            • Npgh

              heres some good news ,your awake ,and have the time to get your plan in place ,how would you like to wake up at the last second ,It is a blessing to be awake ,but it does come with some luggage

            • Npgh……9/11 had nothing to do with Muslims and everything to do with America finding a reason to invade the middle east and form a permanent base there.
              Come on…..wakey wakey.

            • Good news is hard to find.

          • PWN3D! Oh that stung

        • Greece is a fucking basket case. I was convinced the end was near a long time ago. I don’t feel the egg on my face for a wrong prediction. I’m glad for the extra time. I make all use of time. I have learned so very many things in the last few years.

          • Son, that isn’t egg on your face.
            You should have a talk to that friend of yours about
            him leaving his DNA on you.
            Something here is not right, and it just seems to me that
            this is not appropriate behavior. Please talk to your mother
            about these “girly” issues.


            • @assed

              This is very childish of you

              • Dear Dick Head,

                Yes, I suppose you are right to a point.
                But, then again that isn’t egg on that boys face.
                By your handle, maybe you are the culprit of why Acid’s face looks the way it does.

                • I’ve spent plenty of time hating myself over my bisexuality without getting more grief from a fucking piece of shit like you.

                  Young boys have killed themselves and been killed and bullied and tortured and ostracized over absolutely nothing, only this stupid sexual orientation, thanks to ignorant redneck turds like you.

                  I hope youre real fucking proud of yourself piece of shit.

                  • Acid,usually do not respond to your posts but here will make a exception.I could give a damn about some ones sexuality/religion/moneyed status/ ethnicity ect.All I ask is do not ask for better(or worse)treatment because of any of these items.In my world life is simple,you are either a douche or you are not,and the above mentioned items in no way puts you in either camp but tis your actions that delegate the douche/no douche label.

        • …and the sheeeple cheer the obvious islamic savage that holds the office of the president along with his scum collaborators in the other two branches of government. Fucked we are. It’s plum ridiculous how this is going and the majority of people are absolutely fucking blind to it.

        • Lest we forget, the NY Fed financed the Russian revolution. Prescott Bush, of Brown Brothers Harriman made a killing(pun). The war profiteering techniques were past down the family tree thru ShrubI and ShrubII.

        • NPGH: The good news is that in the end we win.
          It is guaranteed in the bible. And every Christian who prays and leads a good life can be a force for good in all this mess. And praying and living for Christ helps to decrease the mess. So if we don’t pray the mess will keep getting worse.
          That is not much you might say but if you think about it that is everything. We win and you can help every day. We win.

      2. And if ANY of you foolish republicans think they’re going to do ANYTHING to help you you’ve got a bad case of anal-cranium inversion and should get it checked.

        • You mean like your case? That is so bad your looking out your tiny pecker like a periscope?
          Your a troll,
          Go troll somewhere else,

          • @Kula:

            BH is correct.

            From the article:

            “If a Republican majority in both houses of Congress can’t stop Obama from issuing illegal immigrants Social Security cards and years of back welfare payments, there is no reason to vote Republican ever again.”

            So who’s the troll here?

            Maybe it’s time you put the kula-aid down.

            • I think Kula was repllying to Acid Itch.

              • @Calgagus:

                Kula wasn’t referring to Acid.

                Kula said this: “You mean like your case?”

                That comment was in reference to BH saying this:

                “And if ANY of you foolish republicans think they’re going to do ANYTHING to help you you’ve got a bad case of anal-cranium inversion and should get it checked.”

                Kulafarmer was not referring to Acid.

                He was referring to Billy Hill.

                • Yes. He was one of those 13 republican dupes. 😀

            • Dear Congress:

              I humbly request the authority to do whatever the hell I want although I have the authority to do it anyway….

              Love, Barack

            • Theres no reason to vote period.
              Left, right,
              Does NOT matter
              Only thing for sure is that i grow tired of the waiting

            • The dollar as a weapon? It should come as no surprise to anyone here. Someone here has been saying for YEARS that the dollar was the weapon of choice for the New World Order. Its their world currency.

              Just saying. Its in the archives. 🙂

        • Billy Hill.

          “Lunatic Fringe. We all know your out there”.

          Great song.

          I wish it would all come down so bad so we can finally
          end all the divisions we have created for ourselves. No more using guns or bombs. Only our hands to kill each other face to face. And when the last two people fight and one kills the other. That last person will finally regret what he has done. He will represent the whole world.

        • Billy Hill –

          I highly doubt anybody on this forum that is NOT a troll, is a full pledge member of the Dumbocrats & Repukicans. Only the highly skilled optimistic, dumfounded fools believe they have representation from these large and in charge of fecal matter.

          Time to flush these turds down the drain, the stench has been beyond overwhelming and lingering around for way too long.

          • Kentucky Mom is. there are others that stood up for her when I called her on it, too. There are many.

            BTW, I used KM because she is very smart and I respect her. I just don’t understand why she trusts the republicans.

            Anyone that believes the Reds are any different than the Blues are either in massive denial or highly ignorant on the matter.

        • Look at that!

          There are at least 13 foolish republican dupes so far! HAHAHA!!! 😀

      3. While The Real War is Economic and Currency Related, the Real War engineers are located in the triangle of death HQ’ed in London with the host named the Rothschild.

      4. Wake me when its over.

        • Most of these world problems could be solved with Hot Lead against these Chaos Makers. Gaining access to these SOB’s is the hard part.

        • This isis thing has bothered me from the get go, because to me it seems like such an obvious fraud, or I’m just crazy. But I was thinking earlier about why do we need to be back over there. I don’t think it’s just Iraqi oil. Originally I thought it was just a plot to overthrow Syria, which I believe it certainly is. But could Iraq be strategically needed as stronghold for a possible WWIII. Maybe any smarter military minds out there could answer that question. Could we have created this isis boogeyman as a ruse to move our assets back into Iraq as a strategic operating base for WWIII would that be a feasible stronghold and defendable etc etc ??

          • This isn’t just about Oil and other resources. This has everything to do with the Petro-Dollar, making sure everyone (nations) are on board of the Bretton Woods Financial System.

            Notice – The US Government over throws a Sovereign Nation Political System because they (other nations) rebel or do not want to sell their goods in US Dollars. To keep these Nations in check, we invade, install our kind of people who will follow orders … cycle repeats …

            Business as usual per Washington D.C. Policies.
            Tired of playing this game of musical chairs? I know I have had enough of this Political Theater.

          • Richard Head –

            Three words sums up what’s going on BRETTON WOODS SYSTEM.
            It’s a rather simple, but unethical system of the Petro-Dollar.

            If other Nations choose to not sell or buy goods in US DOLLARS.
            The US Government will over throw your sovereign elected government and or invade, then we’ll install people who will abide by USA laws.

            Typical Official Western Foreign Policy at work.

      5. Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming…..

        • It was just my gut rumbling saying it was chow time.

      6. Haven’t forgot the stories my grandparents told me . About growing food to trade with others.
        Having things on hand . Feel like a pac rat. I don’t get rid of anything, and can’t afford Gold. My shelf is full….lol

      7. Sure you can’t eat gold but there is one thing it will buy that currency doesn’t. Freedom. Silver and jewels will find the right hand in which to place the gold.

        • Grandpa, lead/copper/brass buys more freedom than gold does. Gold will just keep them coming back for more gold. Lead/copper/brass puts an end to that.

          • Thats all the precious metal i need, am old enough to know that none of this is going to end well,

            • I know that you guys, but the shooting will stop one day. For good or for bad. I speak of that period. I would want you around right about then. “You can’t pack enough ammo” should be taken in context of time and place. Any ammo that assists freedom must be taken on a pound for pound basis when we find ourselves puny. Different tools for the same purpose are compatible tools to be used at different times. As a last resort it may buy time to reload. It has good heft. That is why I say use greed when the corruption is endemic.

              • At the moment the only kind of precious metal i can afford is the kind i can feed through my dillon or redding press’
                May change at some point but until then will work with what i am able to aquire

                • I hear ya, it is a slim chance anyway a bullet will strike the pocket in which you hold your gold. You are a survivor, I knows it. More nimble without it anyway. Just weighs you down and all.

      8. Financial chaos is necessary to bring about the acceptance of a single world currency and financial system. A single world Religious and Military system will be arising along side of this, maybe helping to bring it in through chaos in those areas as well.

        Anyone familiar with the prophecies will recognize what is happening here, anyone not familiar with them should familiarize themselves with them so they can understand.

        • ya, it is getting interesting, isn’t it?
          take the very best of care, and best of luck!

          Christopher Michael ” )

      9. “Today the Internet Limits the Effectiveness of Government Propaganda Efforts”

        Hence the desire for the ability for the government to control the internet, THIS is why i believe they already have a kill switch, but are not sure exactly how to go about it so as to deflect blame, they know full well when they flip that switch many will switch gears and its game on,,,

      10. Plenty of arguments about which gun is the best and you can’t eat gold or silver. We are reactive and not proactive so many will not commit to doing the things needed to do until it is too late. Like another person said that there is little we can do about global happenings. Yet we have control over our local problems.
        In the time I have spent here, I still see people having problems that should have been taken care of a least a year ago. Really ammo shortage? Aside from money problems, procrastination is a major prepper problem. Maybe the family priorities clash.

        Two sides.

        If you post here you may be only interested in the “Why and Who’ part. A sort of blame game and what is going on in the world. We would rather fight over our worldly opinions.

        The other point is that you get very little about products and procedures that may save your life. Should we get a subject like that it is quickly changed to
        the Jews, God or racial arena. Oh, I do participate too.
        But I go to many other sites to find what I need.

        • The best gun(s) for you, are the ones that you feel comfortable with. Reliability, accuracy, and comfort. These types of gun(s) do not have Titles or Labels, only thing that matters is what works for you the best, over the others.

      11. This is getting ridiculous. The Baltic Dry Index is at a new low every day. Today 509. The global economy is shutting down. Just a heads up.

        • You’d be surprised how well the dollar held up even if the DBI went to 100. It so much manipulated now that the DBI pretty much don’t mean Jack.

      12. Just read that the Greeks are down to just 7 days of cash left. News is breaking so fast it’s hard to keep up.

        • Betcha the Greeks fold.

          • It’s almost a guarantee that they will fold, especially when Russia pretty much gave them a grand opportunity to join them.

            common sense should be telling Greece to join Russia/BRICS outfit, and dump the EU. Economically Europe was doing rather well before the inception of the EU.

            It took 10-13 for the EU to show it’s socialistic failures. Should be a dire notion to other Nations, that Socialism does not work. As it is said, “sooner, rather than later, the Government will run out of other peoples monies.”

            • Only one problem, Tony. Goldman Sachs has a strangle hold on Greece and they want paid!

              Their new PM says he wants “war reparations” from Germany; think that will fly?

              • POG –

                What you say is true, but then again it was Goldman Sachs and the like, which put Greece into this position to begin with. What we are seeing now across the Globe is Nations making alliances with one another and or removing themselves. Something has to give, and I would have to think that most of these Nations know that War will break out over this bogus “Monetary Policies” that have been set forth with the Central Banking Cartel.

                This phoney Ponzi Scheme of Economics across the Globe has to come to an end sometime,this charade can not keep going for eternity. If Greece would remove itself from the EU, the the house of cards will really start to show its true ugly colors.

                Greece joining Russia = strong alliance – Goldman Sachs gonna attack Russia for monies they think and feel they are owed? If so, then I say good luck to Gold ‘N My Sacks. Fuck ’em, they (Goldman Sachs) gets what coming to them — absolutely nothing.

      13. Remember, when the talking heads on TV tell you that the “recovery” is in full swing, that 90% of the US economy is low pay, part time, service industry jobs. Those used to be entry level jobs. Now they’re the only jobs. The top three employers in the US are The Federal Government, WalMart, Kelly Temporary Services. We’re screwed. It won’t get any better under the present business model. This isn’t going to end well.

      14. The people of Greece were lied to,a bunch of services that could not be provided with the current system,time to bail from the control of imf/central euro banks ect. for them and to pull a Iceland,will be painful but the sooner any country creates a strong local economy the better off they will be in long run.A game of musical chairs,the net goes down but yet somehow main stream lame news still on airwaves is probably the begging of real hard times,then the painful process of rebirth begins.Till then,enjoy family/friends/good times ect. while to best of ability prepping for tough times and keeping a sharp eye out.

        • just saw an article on ZeroHedge that said
          80% of the “bailout” money
          actually went straight to the bankers
          and not the Greek people
          but guess who has to pay it back ?

          the system is so corrupt
          it is not worth saving

          • Of course these monies goes back to the banks and other “charitable” business’s. It’s how business is done, at the expense of people like us. Global/Central Banking is, and has been a giant ponzi scheme from the beginning. Nothing will change this so called “normal” banking procedures until we the people get rid of this fiasco for good.

          • Same as here, the fed buing up the bad paper from the banks with QE
            Then the banks giving out huge bonus checks,,,
            They can go to hell

            • Buying

            • Kula, the only way the tribal banking cartel can go to hell is to send them there by force.

      15. There is good news out here. Things are going to change real soon. We’re going to get an opportunity to make history, not just read it. If we hide in a bunker, we are sure to fail. Be pro active. Engage the enemy. Defeat the enemy. Survive, prosper, and multiply. Those young ladies wishing to multiply, please contact the The Prophet, right away.

        • I knew there was a catch. You dirty dog you. LMAO.

        • Thanks for the chuckle. Needed one badly. Wouldnt mind a young ‘un either but the wife would kick my ass.

      16. Hey prophet,before you put your picture on the internet, make sure you put your teeth in first.

      17. Right now…Make a decision…
        Who would you rather sit down with and have a cold beer…
        Putin or Obama?

        • WHO ?
          Hands down , Obama .
          I wanna look that POS in the eye ,
          and put my finger in it .

        • No question, don’t like Putin, but he’s closer to my way of thinking than Obama every will.

        • Hmmm….rather a beer or two with Lindsey Lohan!And,yes,know I will catch flack for that but Warchild would guaranteed have more fun!

      18. War is War. It doesn’t matter what or how starts it, it is WAR.

        The problem is what type of weapons that are used.

        The other problem is the people that are to protect this Nation are not doing it.

        These simpletons think is an economic problem.
        Remember back when you were in your late teens and early 20’s. We wanted to work. NOT!!! These ISIS turds are given food, water and a place to stay, and the only order they have is to kill the infidel. The have the ok to rape, murder, and steal anything they can.

        When will the Shit Head in the White house wake up.


        • Sgt. Dale –

          Everybody knows that Shit Head in the white House is One of them.

          ISIS has a job – taxpayers are paying for their disruptive behavior. In this deal, they get free food, water, ammo, weapons, Toyota & Ford Trucks with mounted 50 cal machine guns. Chances are they are also getting IED supplies too!

          Obama (shithead) is now considering giving air support for Al Queda ….?? The Taliban are now or allies…?? Hell, even now that wonderful guy there in Israel (dumb’NutanYaoo) has praise for ISIS…??

          Just within the last 2 years, if all of the headlines of the World was written up as a fictional story. It would make for an excellent comedy, but there is a problem with that … this comedy is not funny. This is real life and it’s down right sickening.

      19. The Toronto District School Board in Canada allows corruption.

        Roselands Junior Public School is a government-funded elementary school in proximity to marginalized ethnic communities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

        There’s no other way to say this. The Principal of Roselands Junior Public School, Mrs Jill Norman, with the help of her cronies at the Toronto District School Board, are trying to censor a number of Youtube videos which appear to be recordings between several TDSB staff members.

        The way to defeat totalitarianism in the Toronto District School Board is not to censor Youtube videos , but to tell the truth.

        The recognition of the fact that a journalist called Roselands Junior Public School on September 15, 2014 and had his phone calls disconnected at Principal’s knowledge shows how unprofessional some of the Toronto District School Board employees conduct themselves as public sector workers.

        • Ah yes, the leftists in the Toronto school board. I’m very familiar with them… and even more DISGUSTED with them

      20. A really good read, a must read
        believe me, this WILL make you cry.
        but then you will get it what’s really going on!!!

        Guys, kick the TV out finally and read like it is for you live

        The author was Revilo Pendleton Oliver… what a adorable man he was, this is the best book on the subject, hands down

        The Jewish Strategy

        From Revilo Pendleton Oliver (July 7, 1908 – August 20, 1994) he was an American professor of Classical philology, Spanish, and Italian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign R Oliver

        • Thanks Frank!!!

          …book-marked…will spread further…!!!!

      21. 1. Greece.
        2. Spain.
        3. Ireland.
        4. Portugal
        5. Italy
        6. France

        Eventually, the Euro will probably only be used by Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

      22. I currently live in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, and pay a freaking $8,000 yr property taxes alone on a standard middle class home. That in addition to the cut DC takes and th 66% state income tax Dear Leader Quinn put into place until he was tossed in Nov.

        I plan on voting with my feet as soon as I a family situation resolves itself. Then, all the socialists in IL. can tax one another as they all work for the state, just like the USSR.

        And Rauner probably won’t have a lot of luck, given that the leftists in Springfield have a super majority. Interestingly, IL is a red state, except for corrupt Chicago.

      23. Currency war risks: So far, there has been equilibrium at the exchange tables; other G5s devalued their currencies proportional to the US or the US compensated a few privilege nations (i.e. gave them gold, or land, or something special). But, the US is running out of these valuables to maintain equilibrium. When the dollar has no buying power relative to other countries, we will be poor – our currency will be irrelevant – the powers that be will be irrelevant – we’ll see desparation attempts to maintain – but it won’t hold. We have to start over and live within our means.

      24. Sorry, but this article is wrong. Expect deflation first. Then some inflation. Hyperinflation is doubtful.

      25. THE END IS NEAR.

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