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Gerald Celente Trend Alert May 7, 2009: Green Shoots will Wither and Conditions will Deteriorate

Mac Slavo
May 7th, 2009

Gerald Celente, founder of The Trends Research Institute, and editor of the Trends Journal  says that the green shoots we have been hearing about will soon “wither and conditions will deteriorate.”

“The lesson to be learned from the financial crisis that began in the summer of 2007, is that nothing succeeds like failure.  The greater their failure, the bolder they become.  The more they lose, the more they take.  The greater the chaos, the more control they exact.  The bigger they fail, the harder we fall. 

No act is too unthinkable or measure too draconian for the Washington-Wall Street Mob to concoct in order to maintain power, make money and cover their losses.  While it is impossible to second-guess what the government will do next, it is absolutely certain that they will stop at nothing.”

Mr. Celente suggests that the infusion of capital to the banks and pillaging of the US taxpayer may have diverted the “Greatest Depression” for now but “it is inconceivable that the green shoots are signs of sustained economic recovery.”

source: Trends Journal Trend Alert May 7, 2009

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: May 7th, 2009

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