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Gerald Celente: This is Big. We Can Even See the Breakup of America Like The Soviet Union.

Mac Slavo
August 16th, 2009
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Trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins Fox Business News’ Diamond District on August 13, 2009 to discuss what he calls the Second American Revolution.

Watch Gerald Celente on Fox Business News:

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: August 16th, 2009

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    1. I was looking over the posts about Celente on this site, and this one caught my in light of Van Jones’ quitting…

      In my opinion, things ARE NOT going well right now for Team Obama…OK, maybe I’m not going out on a limb there…but I think many people are failing to understand why exactly.

      The most recent debacle is the information (i.e., FACTS) that has been brought to light about Czar Van Jones…for the most part by none other than that “crazy right wing nut” Glenn Beck.

      The real issue though is not Jones’ background.  OK, they guy is, or AT LEAST was, a communist, amongst other things… 

      The real issue here is the perception of his appointment by Obama…more particularly, the fact that all of this “bad” stuff about him was not made public from the get go by the administration.  Had Obama, back in March, said something to the effect of “OK, now this guy I want to make my Green Job’s Czar has a bit of a radical past…(then explained that past)…but I really think he is well suited to peform this task for the county…,” I don’t think there would be quite as much of an uproar.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a self proclaimed communist advising the President on anything…but what really concerns me, and I think a lot of people (at least subconsciously), is that it sort of SEEMS that Obama tried to “sneak” this guy in the back door…OR his vetting process is so poor, that Obama really didn’t know about Jones’ past.

      Either way, it’s not good.

      This little spectacle has now been added to the ever increasing snowball of government “deception” over the last year or so (and just so you don’t think I’m a racist or something, it started with the Bush administration and the first bailout).

      Other notable items include the rushed/not read passage of the stimulus bill.  Remember being told things like this? - “If we don’t pass this NOW, the sky WILL fall and we ARE DOOMED…tomorrow?”

      Well, here we are…seven months later…and at most 15% of the money has been spent.  If the world was really going to end otherwise, and the stimulus was really going to save the day, don’t you think they would’ve spent that money a little faster?

      Other chunks of snow – auto bailouts, cap and trade, having the CEO of GE (a company that will CLEARLY benefit from many of Obama’s initiatives…oh yeah, GE owns NBC too…) as one of Obama’s advisors, the NEAR ramming of health care reform down the throats of the citizens (thank god for the Blue Dogs), etc., etc…not to mention some of the other czars…

      This snowball is now starting to look more like an avalanche…

      The thing I can’t figure out is who is at the base of the mountain…Is it D.C. or the American public?

    2. Ed says:

      There is room for crackpots of all variety on FOX. Celente is one; the rest actually WORK for FOX News. 

    3. Ed (Not the one above) says:

      The second revolution could lead to a rebirth if not the golden age for our country. I’ve had enough of the gov, lets kick them all out and start over. Breakup our country? Not a chance. We’re not going to let a few socialist/marxist lowlifes destroy our country.

    4. zukadu says:

      Comments….. nothing has changed. BOTH political parties have enriched themselves at the expense of the American people for decades and NOW we have the results. No changes have been made to the practices by the banks and financial companies that made this mess, and toxic assets are still in place for another meltdown if, God forbide, a crisis or earth change of any magnitude hits the nation next year; initiating a new downturn.  Lets face it. The Iranians are not going to forgo their legitimate nuclear rights, and Isreal WILL NOT allow them to keep the bomb. Something will have to give next year and THAT may precipitate a new financial meltdown. The republicans got us into this mess by eliminating Glass-Segal and the democrats are doing EXACTLY the wrong things to get us out of it. Imagine, 787 BILLION DOLLARS and the administration has saved 650,000 jobs. When I do the math I figure it cost us, the taxpayers, 1.2 million dollars per job. Thats INSANITY! Why not have a national lottery via social security numbers and give each winner 50K ? Recipients would likely spend or invest the money thus moving money into the economy rather than the coffers of big banks and big business for big bonuses

    5. Michael G says:

      You all still don’t get it do you… Read the last book in the Bible, it’s called Revelations. You are in denial if you thing it it’s a load of religious crap. Try the Mayan calendar then, nope? load of crap, try nostradamus, another crack pot, try the Hopi Indians, the list goes on. YOU will go on, into the abyss, get ready, there’s a shift comming, and it’s all about separating people who will ascend, and will not.  Educate yourself.

    6. Steve J says:

      Comments…..the stimulus money hasn’t been spent, wonder why? well if you read the stimulus bill you’ll note all the new agencies it created. The stimulus bill is a bill that creates centralized control for the US economy much like the Soviet union had. Surprised, you shouldn’t be.  This country is now run by people that preach hope but actually hide what they arew doing from the people. So yes they are about hope. I HOPE we can correct the damage with out riots, and civil unrest. Now see I do have hope, although it is slim.

    7. Greg says:

      All this crap of a 2012 apocolypse is just that…crap!
      Remember the Y2K scare of 2000??
      They said the world would fall apart at the stroke of midnight on 2000.
      And what happenned??…nothing!…not a thing.
      All that happenned were all the alarmists who
      wrote a book or made a video while laughing
      all the way to the bank.
      Same with the 2012 nonsense.
      The same people are making a bundle.
      And people are gulping it down hook, line, and sinker.