Gerald Celente Predicts US Dollar Currency Crisis in 2010

by | Nov 23, 2009 | Forecasting, Gerald Celente | 40 comments

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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins Jo Joyce on ABC Local Radio Australia to discuss trends in the US, New Zealand, Australia and around the world.

    When we see countries like India buying up 200 tons of gold, what we’re looking for is a financial currency crisis. When will that happen? If it doesn’t happen before the end of 2009, we’re estimating that it will happen by the first quarter of 2010.

    Yikes, that’s not a long time to prepare! I estimated we had at least a couple years before total SHTF, but it seems Mr. Celente is suggesting a currency crisis is much closer than we think. Hopefully Mr. Celente is wrong, but if not, expect precious metals assets to go through the roof. For those who still want to pick up some gold assets (i.e. Mac Slavo), let’s hope for a quick dollar rebound and a correction in gold stocks so we can pick up some of the gold companies mentioned here.

    Who will be the winners in the future? Celente forecasts:

    Self sustaining is the word. Countries that can trade within their own borders, build their own local economies and import as little as they can will be the ones that are on the forefront.

    While Gerald Celente was referring to countries in the excerpt above, one can argue that on a community or individual level, the same may hold true.

    Listen to Gerald Celente discussing 2010 trends:


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      1. Sweet.

        In all seriousness, as I’ve said before, the quicker we experience some sort of serious crisis, the better.  IF Celente is right, it’s going to suck – big time…but it won’t be as bad as it would be if we hold it off for another five years.

        The longer we go without it is akin to building a bigger and bigger house of cards – it’s just going to make a bigger mess when, not if, it collapses.

      2. Hey Rick,

        I agree but  the gang holding the power are going to hold on until it’s pried fromtheir cold, dead fingers… to speak. Any thoughts on what bursts the dam?

        John Hussman’s investor note today is grim with alt-A & option-arms:
        Perhaps oil back up to $150? An Israel/Iran scuffle would get us there pronto…

      3. Tom, I am thinking that oil $150 might do the job… if Celente is right about a currency crisis, I suspect it would be driven by a loss of confidence in the US. I am not feeling this in the near future, though I could certainly be wrong. But, with currency going ballistic to the down-side, that should pretty much drive oil to $150 or more… what if it went to $300 and gas was $10 a gallon?  that may be an extreme scenario, so let’s say $150… in that event, the market comes down again, like it did before… and it should hammer the consumer as well, so the economy goes to crap. But I don’t think this would be total SHTF just yet… We would need something really crazy for total breakdown of the economic-social-political systems.. probably a combination culminating in a perfect storm?

        Dollar collapse, oil moonshot, war in Iran, perhaps even a terror attack (as suggested by Celente in recent weeks) in the Middle East that would target the main oil pipelines…. so many variables, in my opinion that it is hard to predict which event(s) will be the one that turns the system on its head.

        This is why I have a hard time completely believing it will be a rapid descent resulting from one major event. In my view, the more likely scenario is a slow decline over the better part of the next decade affecting every aspect of our daily lives.

        Of course, it’s not a bad idea to be prepared for immediate SHTF, because a bunch of events could potentially unfold all at once, as they seem to be quite inter-related.

        Finally, there is always the possibility of a black swan event. Would that be a Rumsfeldian ‘known-unknown’ or an ‘unknown-unknown’? Something none of us are envisioning that could really hit the system like a ton of bricks?

        just my 2 cents. I’m still trying to work it all out 🙂

      4. p.s. — great article reco Tom. I particularly liked this regarding wave 2 of the mortgage meltdown:

        Now, we face a coupling of those weak employment conditions with a mountain of adjustable resets, on mortgages that have to-date been subject to low teaser rates, interest-only payments, and other optional payment features (hence the “Option” in Option-ARM). These are precisely the mortgages that were written at the height of the housing bubble, and therefore undoubtedly carry the highest loan-to-value ratios.”

        That being said, it seems to me that the next down wave in real estate could be a MAJOR trigger for a SHTF event. In fact, I posted a recent essay by Martin Armstrong where he discussed this very thing, and how real estate collapses have often been responsible for the deterioration of a civilization’s entire system of government and economy.

      5. I don’t care because I am a Hippy and I will live off insects, hand me down clothes and rain water

      6. @ KIO, So you’re on this site because….? Idiot.

        Anyway, considering the US is going to be following in the foot steps of Japan, we must see where Japan is now after 10 years. Don’t forget that we don’t have Toyota, Honda, JVC, etc. to add to our GDP. We better get to building more bombs to hock. People don’t forget to support your country’s economic growth, “Get out there and get those flu shots!”. Bahahahaha!!!

      7. I’d very much appreciate any advice that can be offered for what I, as an individual, should do to prepare for a U.S. currency crisis. People often talk about this in terms of investing, as in “buy gold” which does not apply to my situation, except for money in my 401K. Does a currency crisis mean “hyperinflation” for the average citizen or will it mean purchasing imported good only would be very expensive, or traveling abroad would be very expensive because of the devalued dollar? I’ve been stockpiling food and other essentials in preparation for a predicted SHTF event in 1.5 to 2 years when essentials would be much more expensive or my dollars might be worth a lot less–same end result. I did not want to buy too much food now because it would start to expire right when the SHTF event was predicted. I’ve been stocking hole grains because of the long shelf life, but was going to wait one more year before stocking up on canned foods and vitamins, etc. If Mr. Celente is right then maybe I should step up my personal survival efforts. What do you guys think?

      8. P.S. I’m a single self-sufficient guy. I’m the only one who can support me financially. So I’m looking at this coming SHTF event from a personal survival focus and not as an investor. Any advice?

      9. Greg, you can prep food supplies with a focus on Freeze Dried foods and even some MRE’s. Personally, I’d reco the freeze dried foods. Mountain House has a great menu! Plus, the #10 cans will last you a solid 20 – 30 years in storage. It is relatively inexpensive on a cost-per-meal basis, and if you are prepping just for yourself, you could probably hook up a solid supply for under $1000.  Depends on how long you want it to last once you start using it, of course. If you don’t have that much cash on hand, then even picking a couple hundred bucks worth every couple weeks might be beneficial.

        I think in addition to freeze-dried, the grains, beans, wheat, etc. are the way to go. To help extend the life of the grains and beans, consider vacuum sealing them with an oxygen absorber. This will give you 3 – 5 more years on top of the expiration date. IT is quite cheap, running you maybe $10 – $15 total for the food and packing material for roughly 8 – 10 pounds of rice, beans, cornmeal, flour, etc.  Plus, it’s kind of fun to do 🙂

        This is the stuff that will pay off in a real SHTF scenario.

        In my opinion, we could have multiple currency crises, with different severity levels. The cost of imported goods is going to be higher as the dollar loses value, but this could potentially effect no just consumer goods but our food supply. As you mentioned, food costs would likely go up. But say we hit a hyperinflationary environment — not even Zimbabwe or Weimar extremes — perhaps something like 20% – 30% every month or two… What could happen is the rest of the world will stop selling us food for dollars, as they may not know what the dollars themselves would be worth in a few weeks. This is where the supply problems could come into play.

        Check out this article about the Iclandic currency collapse and supply issues: . Now consider our population and ability to produce our own food. We would be in a world of hurt if the same thing were to happen in the US.

        If you are serious about getting some food preps, I’d look at the items I mentioned above, but also consider having water on hand or a potable water source nearby.

        I have recommended the book “Patriots” by James Rawles to folks interested in SHTF / Prepping.  It is a fictional account of a total breakdown in the system… A very informative and entertaining read worth checking out. When you’re done reading, it will have your mind running in all sorts of directions. I reco this one to any beginner preppers, and even those who are further along.

        Hope that helps Greg!

      10. I have not read “Patriots,” but will do so on your recommendation Mac… thanks for the tip.

        I recently read a great book called “One Second After,” by William Forstchen.  Y’all might want to check it out.  It left me with the same racing mind you mentioned above… and it hasn’t worn off yet.

      11. Mac Slavo,
        Thanks for your comments and advice. Funny. I just bought “Patriots” and it’s sitting on my nightstand with some other books to read soon. I’ll look into the freeze dried food selections. Thanks!

        The scenario I’m planning for is a period of hyperinflation where we could not afford to purchase as much food as we use to, or it may not be available. God forbid, if I was laid off my job I could pay my rent with unemployment insurance and eat from the reserves I’ve stored. (In America, it just seems so weird to have to plan for such things, but the country has been hollowed out over the last few decades. :/ If the military has taken an oath to protect the Constitution and defend the country from all enemies, both, foreign and domestic…the corporate executives who have hollowed out the nation in order to enrich themselves seem like a domestic enemies of the state to me.)

        Anyway, I’ve tried to cover all the bases:
        Water: British Berkefeld gravity filtration system
        Water storage: I need to rig a rain barrel for grey water use
        Food: organic wheat, rice, corn, manual grain mill machine, canned goods, “canned” food in glass jars, essential supplements, cooking oil…only have a 6 month supply right now. I need to extend the storage for 2 years. Though with an economic collapse we’re probably looking at 10 years of misery on the order of the Japanese and Soviet Union economic collapse.
        Also I’ve stored a years worth, or several injuries worth of medical supplies, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, alcohol as an antiseptic, burn lotion, etc.
        As an added source of income I have one home-based business and I’m looking into options for another home-based business focused on a necessary craft like good such as soap making or something along those lines.

        I just don’t want to get caught out unprepared and end up like those poor people after Katrina hit who where waiting for government assistance that did not come in time for many. We’re intelligent enough to reason what is likely to happen given the current situation, and brave enough to face it and take steps to look out for ourselves. One thing that is on my list to do over the next year is to buy a handgun for protection, but I need to research the regulations around that in my state.

        I wish and hope to find other like minded individuals in my area. In economic hard times I imagine group living (communal living) is best to “share the commons” lower overhead expenditures like rent and utilities bills by sharing, and help look out for each other. Plus, human are meant to living in tribes.

        I’m sure the book, Patriots, will offer more hints. I’d recommend the book titled, Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. It’s interesting future fiction where you would see many hints of these future events rising in today’s world. I find that I have a lot in common with the “God’s Gardeners” who have chosen to live closer to the land.

        Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday Mac Slavo, if that is a holiday you celebrate.

        Best regards,

      12. Patrick, I heard an interview with Will Forstchen on Coast to Coast AM a few months back and have been meaning to buy that book. I will get ‘er done tonight! The guy seems very intelligent and has a good understanding of the after-effects of a major SHTF scenario.

        The whole idea of a nuke going off 200 miles above Nebraska, subsequently causing total electronic damage across the entire United Stated is pretty wild! Until I heard that interview, I never realized the damage EMP could do when detonated up in the air like that. Wow!

        Though I haven’t read the book, I am now including EMP-proofing considerations in my SHTF preps.. Namely from the vehicle and communications side… haven’t gotten to either just yet, but I will eventually.

        Rick Blaine recently mentioned something I didn’t think of, as I do not have one, but in the event of EMP, gun safes with electronic locks might break. Just thought I would throw that out there for anyone with an electric gun safe. Sorry for those who have one of these and are now so stricken with paranoia that you’re forced to buy a new safe. I heard there are some great discounts at Sports Authority. heh.

      13. >But say we hit a hyperinflationary environment — not even Zimbabwe or Weimar extremes — perhaps something like 20% – 30% every month or two

        “a money that is continually depreciating becomes useless even for cash transactions. Everybody attempts to minimize his cash reserves, which are a source of continual loss. Incoming money is spent as quickly as possible… When commodities that are not needed at all or at least not at the moment are purchased in order to avoid the holding of notes, then the process of extrusion of the notes from use as a general medium of exchange has already begun. It is the beginning of the “demonetization” of the notes. The process is hastened by its paniclike character… Once the depreciation is proceeding so rapidly that sellers have to reckon with considerable losses even if they buy again as quickly as is possible, then the position of the currency is hopeless.”- Ludwig von Mises (The Theory of Money and Credit)

      14. Greg, I think you are well on your way with the preps! I am still trying to decide on a filtration system.. I think i am going to go with a gravity filter and have a reserve portable 1 – 2 quart type filter, as well. As a secondary reserve, I’ve got a couple hundred MicroPur Chlorine Dioxide tablets. According the the info I have read, they are the total shizzy.

        also, check out this article by Rick Blaine about Home Defense weapons if you’re not sure which gun to go with. I literally had this pulled up on the Blackberry the other day as I asked the store clerk to show me each weapon that Rick recommended. I felt like such a rookie, but it’s all good I guess.

        Interesting how you pointed out the Soviet Union. I think that we could definitely go Soviet style, but perhaps even worse. See, the Reds were already used to substandard living under Communist rule, so when SHTF over there, most of them were already prepared with farming/ranching being standard practice in many areas of Russia. In the US however, if a similar type economic/political collapse were to happen, it could be much more severe, as our population is pretty much comprised of a bunch of people who work in customer service centers, retail stores, and fast food restaurants. If the money hyperinflates or the food supply runs out, it is not going to be a pretty scenario. Rick’s favorite SHTF scenario, Zombies, might actually play out! 🙂

        In regards to finding like minded people in your area, I’d suggest some SHTF type forums. One I enjoy is . After you read Patriots, I think you’ll see how dead on you are with the ‘communal living’ concept.

        I do celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, I have not one, not two, but THREE of my wife’s famous buttermilk pies on order, with one scheduled for delivery THIS EVENING so I can make sure the other two will be ok for Thursday 🙂 . If the world is going to go to hell and collapse some time in the next few years, I am gonna get it while the gettin’s good!

        Happy Thanksgiving to you Greg, and all you other SHTFers!

      15. Wow! What a wealth of information. Patrick, I just added “One Second After” to my list of things to buy on Amazon. Looking forward to reading it after Patriots. I remember watching a show on one of the educational TV channels years ago during the Cold War about the U.S. vulnerability to an EMP attack. Then there’s the recent revelation that malicious computer code has been embedded by hackers through out the countries electrical infrastructure and there’s no current solution for removing the code and protecting the systems from being reinfected. Whether it’s an EMP or cyber attack or a falling tree branch electricity can so easily vanish. In my preparations I’ve stocked on on hand-cranked lighting and a combination of hand-cranked and solar rechargeable devices for communications.

        I’m so happy that my parents have been able to retire at 62 yo so that they have lots of active years to do what they want. They planned well for retirement. Not that they have much money, but the key is that the retired with zero debt with the car and the house paid off. That’s key for all of us–to get out of debt so that, even in hyperinflation, our resources can be used for the present, rather making payments on the past. I appreciate the quote by Mr. Mises. Another reason to stock up now while the currency has more value. I read an article recently that recommended save, save, save money. Normally, this seems wise and I am saving. In hyperinflation the value of my savings will fall over time, but wouldn’t it be best to have some ‘fat’ than none at all? I think Mr. Mises would said to turn the currency in to things of real value like commodities [and things of value for barter] rather than save a pile of cash. Is there any scenario where hyperinflation and economic collapse could be avoided? I hope some smart people in government could find a way forward for us. Yesterday, I saw a White House chart that estimated the Nation would have $25 trillion dollars in debt by 2025. Also yesterday, The New York Times ran an article that servicing the national debt will exceed $700 billion dollars a year by 2019. I think we’re on the right track to prepare for our own well-being and not just paranoid people, because something is going to break eventually in the way our government activities are financed. How can it not?

        Mac Slavo, I’ve been using this gravity water filtration system for a year now and love it. . The United Nation uses them in their missions to third world countries to provide safe drinking water. I haven’t tried it, but they claim that you can pour stagnant pond water in the top part and the water is safe to drink when it filters. The key is the ceramic filter cones. Only something the size of a water molecule or smaller can pass through. The filters are a bit pricy but they last for a year. You can also buy the add on filter that removes chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, and lead. 911 Water’s web site has a better layout for browsing, but I found the same product for less on I bought my unit at 911water and buy the replacement filters on H2Ofilters. Plus, the British Berkefeld is made of stainless steel for durability and it’s easy to take it with you when traveling. They also have the Big Berkey system, but I only use ceramic filters to avoid the water being possibly contaminated with chemicals from plastics. Though the add-on filters are enclosed in plastic but I’ve wagered that the health effects of removing arsenic, lead, chlorine, and fluoride from my drinking water is greater than the possible secretion of BPA from the plastic casing.

        That’s insightful what you wrote about going Soviet style (great expression, btw!! :D). I have a friend that grew up in Slovakia. She said that under Communist rule most people who lived in cities had plots of land in the country that they would work during the weekend and haul the produce back to their urban homes. She said that it was just what most people did. Then they would can the surplus for use over winter. The U.S. might have a harder time coping because here food means going to the grocery store for most and transport of goods depends on cheap gas. People are resourceful though. Remember all those Victory gardens? I’ve helped three friends put in gardens. They’ve enjoy home-grown veggies for the first time in their lives and now they are hooked on gardening. 😀 I rent a townhouse which has a little yard and a 10′ x 10′ terrace. On the terrace I put in a 5’x5x8″ raised bed were I grow tomatoes and green beans. Along the terrace fence I have contains for flowers and culinary herbs. In the yard I grow more flowers with medicinal properties like Echinacea, Yarrow, Daisy, Fever Few, etc., more tomatoes, and other veggies–as many as I can fit in the space. Then in autumn I work fallen leaves, coffee grounds, and veggie scraps back into the soil to give some of what I took back to the soil. All organically grown and this is in an urban environment. The flowers make the area look nice so I’ve received many complements from neighbors (nice it looks nice the leasing office is okay with my garden also) and have also helped two people in the community create veggie/flower gardens of their own. Americans will (are) jump(ing) on gardening/urban gardening/roof-top gardening in a big way. We can grow a lot of fresh veggies in a small space if you take advantage of your vertical space (pole beans instead of bush beans…). 😀 Maybe all this will get people away from their TV sets and outside gardening more so they can meet and befriend more people in their community and be aware of what’s happening on their streets. That’s been the experience in my community.

        Funny you mention Zombies. Around Halloween a Harvard medical student appeared on NPR’s Science Friday to discuss a paper he wrote on the physiology of zombies. For fun he tried to explain why they stagger and why they crave human flesh, etc. It’s interesting and hilarious.

        Thanks for the articles and link to the forum. I’ll read the article on my subway ride home and look forward to checking out the forum.

        Hope you enjoy your THREE buttermilk pies. Sounds awesome! Sounds like you have a wonderful wife. Yes, we must get while the gettin’ is good. Enjoy! 😀 All this talk about the coming economic collapse has helped my Buddhism practice to live mindfully in the present moment–enjoy and appreciate what we have in the moment because that’s all we really have. The past is only a memory and nobody really knows what will happen in the future, so live in the moment. When I can remember to practice this it helps balanced my mind. So I’ve lived in the moment of writing this long message and have lost all track of time.

        Thanks to everyone for their time and comments. Happy Thanksgiving!! 😀

      16. Just a comment on purchasing books or any other goods from Amazon.  Personally, I will not spend one cent at Amazon, due to their decision to carry many books by and for N*MBLA (replace * with A).  If you are not familiar with this organization, spend a few minutes doing an internet search and you will be absolutely horrified.  This organization, the North American Man Boy L.A. exists to train and assist people in the pursuit, stalking, exploitation, rape and murder of young boys.  Yes, seriously.  Not surprisingly, they are defended by the ACLU… pro bono.

        It’s up to you, but for me, I have to draw the line somewhere…  I mean yes, it’s a free country, and people are free to do as they choose, so long as their right to pursue life, liberty and happiness doesn’t harm someone else (IMO, this clearly crosses that line).

        I will not spend money at a place that makes it easier for those kinds of monsters to purchase materials to further their cause.  Their have been boycotts of Amazon for this reason in the past, and they did actually pull those materials for a short time, but re-listed them again after the boycott ended.  My boycott of them has not ended.

        There are many other places to buy books, including Barnes & Noble,,, etc.  If you spend a few minutes, you can usually meet or even beat Amazon’s prices.  As for electronics, there are also many other places to get those online too.

        Sorry if folks think this is not the place for these comments, but I feel strongly about it, and I think we should all be prudent in the kinds of companies we give our money to.

        Down from my soapbox now.  Thanks for listening and thank you in advance for considering what I’ve shared.

        Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

      17. Patrick… This is a place for the free exchange of ideas. I am no fan of NAMBLA either…. If Amazon sells these types of books, why not sell books on:

        • How to start a child prositution ring?
        • How to murder someone without getting caught?
        • How to manufacture meth and keep it on the down low from the FBI?

        (p.s. — for all I know sells books on this, but i didn’t do a search because I felt like that would insta-red-flag me!)

        I honestly cannot even understand how/why there is an organization that works to exploit children like this. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s kind of sick, in my opinion.

        So, I fully support your rights to voice your opinion and engage in a boycott. I was personally not aware that Amazon sells/promotes these books on their web site. Now I have to reconsider my coming SHTF Books area, as I was going to link out to Amazon. I am no fan of Walmart, so I may have to look at B&N. hmmm.

      18. Dear Survivalists,
        After reading many of your comments, I have a few suggestions I hope will help you.

        1) Purchase food dated 1 year or more from Costco and/or Sam’s Club. For example, I use Soy Milk on my Mini Wheat cereal. The Kirkland Brand Soy Milk is sold by the case and needs no refrigeration. My pull dates are in 2012. Mini Wheat cereal is also a great product which won’t spoil for a long time similarly rice, spaghetti, dried beans, dried fruit, etc. Of course both of these warehouses have great prices and products in their canned food section.

        2) Purchase the “Homer” brand of 5 gallon plastic buckets at Home Depot (or Lowe’s brand). They are cheap and airtight and great for bulk storage such as rice, flour, grits, cereals and many other items. Here is the URL to see what I’m talking about including prices:

        3) Harbor freight has a small vacuum which is used to pump out your vehicles air conditioning system prior to refilling it with R134a refrigerant. Their sale price is usually around $10 to $12 and their normal price is 16.99. Why am I telling you about a vehicle air conditioner vacuum? Because you can SUCK THE AIR OUT OF THE 5 GALLON BUCKETS AND MAKE YOUR FOOD LAST FOR MANY YEARS! You can (of course) also use it to vacuum your air conditioning system because even if the SHTF there’s no sense in driving around in a hot car paying for $10 per gallon gas. And, can you imagine the cost to recharge your system at your local stealer (sorry… meant Dealer)? Buy some cheap R134a at Wal-Mart and keep it handy. Here’s the Harbor Freight URL:

        How To Properly Store Your Food
        Let’s use rice purchased in 50 lb. bags from Costco for this example. Of course, you can put in your favorite cereal, spaghetti, Ramin, dried beans, sugar, flour, even canned goods or dried milk.

        a) Purchase 5 gallon buckets with lids.
        b) Purchase tubes of RTV Silicone (RTV means Room Temperature Vulcanization for you Geeks out there).
        c) Purchase a few Schrader valves. These are the valves used on inner tubes and on your car’s tires. Type in Schrader valve in the Wikipedia to see what I mean. They are cheap and easy to find (eBay, auto parts stores).
        d) Drill a hole in the top of the buckets lid and insert the Schrader valve. Thread a nut onto both ends of the Schrader so it won’t come out. In other words, where the Schrader penetrates the lid place a nut so it won’t come out.. and, one on the top so it won’t drop into the bucket. I also like to cover both sides with RTV to insure a tight seal.
        e) Pour your rice or whatever into the bucket. Leave a gap of about 1/2″ at the top.
        f) Put RTV silicone into the groove around the bottom of the lid and press it into place. It will snap down making a positive lock. Give the RTV 24 hours to set up.
        g) Using your cheap vacuum, simply place the vacuum hose onto the Schrader and suck the air out. It only takes a minute or two. Just like the glass can’s with lids you see in the grocery store, you’ll see the center of the lid on your bucket go down. You’ve now got a nice, oxygen free seal in a dark, water tight and air tight container which has a handle on it making it easy to move and store. One can even stack these 5 gallon buckets on top of each other.

        Last thing guys (and gal’s)… don’t forget to LABEL your bucket. Labels will peel off so use a Marks-A-Lot or Sharpe to write “Rice” or “Beans” or “Flour” or “Sugar” on the sides and top.

      19. One Second After is a great book.  It’s not as technical as Patriots, but it’s a better story, IMHO.  I recommend reading both back-to-back, then read The Grapes Of Wrath for good measure.  If that doesn’t light a fire under you, nothing will.  🙂

        We need to stay one step ahead of the government, IMHO.  They told me to buy a house during the bubble…..I saved.  Now they are telling me to save, so I am buying things we need.

        I’ve never heard of NAMBLA, but that sounds disgusting.  I have used for books for a long time, especially when we were stationed in Japan.  Might be time to switch to B&N.

      20. Steve, great info on the longer-term food storage! Thanks for sharing.

        Greg, thanks for the reco on the gravity filter. I am going to give it a close look, and probably will end up going with it on your recommendation.

        In regards to the gardening, that is very cool that you can do it right there in a townhouse garden. My mom used to have one back when we were kids living in the ghetto. We were so poor she had to supplement some of our dinners with home grown veggies. It can be done!

        Here is a cool micro-farm done in the suburbs on 1/5 acre of land:

        If the SHTF, then not only will micro farms / gardens like these pop up everywhere to help people supplement their own food supply, but i suspect they will turn into a second form of revenue for those growing them.

        One Second After and Year of the Flood are now in my cart at B&N and actually came in $5 cheaper than Amazon.

        p.s. — thanks to all for the book recos — looks like we’ll be starting a SHTF Book category here soon!

      21. Hi Mac
        yes we are nicely into wave 2 of the ARM reset schedule, something I noted back in February09 in this article:
        Signposts Towards the Inevitable

        according to the reset graph the 2nd wave will peak next August in 2010 so there is much more pain for the US Economy. As there will be no recovery without a housing recovery the future is grim and the US consumer will not find their feet but rather stagnate until some event breaks the system.

        Also see The Risks of a Catastrophic Deflationary Collapse

        to see why the system is currently so fragile that we are just waiting for the push to shove the US Economy over the edge.
        Gerald is correct in his timing and we are currently seeing an acceleration in the crisis which never really went away.

      22. Patrick,
        First, Greetings to everyone on the site who might read this. Hope you all had a great holiday and took moment to be thankful for all of our any Blessings.
        Second, thanks Patrick for the info about Amazon. I had no idea. I would ordinarily do my own research but don’t want my Internet search history to ever include that acronym. That’s some really sick stuff. Anyway, I order from Amazon because it’s easy since I don’t drive a car. Thinks just “appear” at my home. You reminded me that I really should make the effort to Metro over to the local bookstore so that my spending dollars will remain in my community a bit longer. Best Regards, Greg

      23. Lawrence,
        Thank you for the articles. It’s really scary how fragile the system has become. “Scary” isn’t the right word…It’s more like dread, mixed with fear, mixed with resentment. Resentment is probably a common feeling for us all because we will/are bearing the negative side of the decisions the wealthy fat cats have made to enrich themselves and wreck the country in the process. It saddens me greatly to see the country I love so much hollowed out and forced to sell off national/state assets for a fraction of their worth only a few years ago.

        As any animal would do, I’m working for and planning for my survival of an economic collapse the best I can. I ask myself why I think that I deserve to survive? I don’t really have a good answer for that because I don’t think I’m a great ‘contributor’ to the fabric of civilization. I’m just a regular guy tryin’ to live my best “green” life. Maybe I deserve to survive (if I survive) because I had the foresight to plan and anticipate. Maybe I can be of assistance to my loved ones? Maybe God has plans for me in the future? ( I’m not under a “John Conner” delusion 😀 )

        Maybe want drives me the most to want to survive the collapse is the hope that the government structure will be righted, global warming will be addressed, surviving humans will treat the Earth Mother better…a hope for better days and better ways in the decades post-collapse.

        Has anybody else thought “Why me? Why should I survive?” Another reason I want to survive is that I would not want my lifespan cut short because of the decisions of some greedy corporation. That’s why I also reject their chemicalized products and go for organic, whole foods instead. Even though they may make life difficult for a time the best revenge is to prosper in spite of them. Maybe they will receive their own Karmic return for the bad Karma they’ve created.

      24. Steve Richards you are right on the money (Wall St. term)!  Berkey’s are good.  I saw a demonstration on the web about the (British)Lifesaver water bottle and water can.  The Brit Army is now experimenting with it.  Like the British Berkefeld (Berkey) the English have been tops in development of personal water treatment.  The top ones here were the Bon-Del countertop, and the Clearbrook.  They contained what you have to have to purify since Roman times-SILVER.  Remember, colonial wives took one or two silver coins (possibly pieces of 8, etc) to place in the bottom of their pottery pitchers to prevent immediate storage of raw milk (not pasteurized-that kills the probiotic enzymes).  I ‘ve tried the 90% silver Kennedy half-dollar to inhibit the growth of bacteria (whatever airborne) in my Brita water dispenser, which works OK-maybe I need 2-you have to figure the ratio.  In any case though, remember, unless you spend $999-1350 for an ecoloblue,  still, which, in my opinion lacks the GAC (granulated activated carbon-coconut shell based) that has silver bonded to the GAC, you lack the protection that silver affords  to process a bacteria-controlled product.  Ecoloblue and others should use GAC with elemental silver in their filters.  (Is someone in the company listening yet?)  Theirs really is a water distiller (dehumidifier) with a good filter that does not depend upon a traditional water source.  (In other words you are not recycling someone elses toilet water reprocessed with chlorine, etc).  There is another way-go to (Dr) John  For the most interesting treatment of water-he proposes that the hydrogen bond angle MUST be increased from 100% to 114% to permeate your body’s cell structure to ensure that the herbs and supplements you take will penetrate and be absorbed to do the job they are supposed to do.  His LWM (Living Water Machine) prices were $1500 up for the 3 models of which the Dole Fruit Corp. use in processing fruit.  (That’s what was printed)  Now-RBTL-read between the lines class and put your thinking caps on.  Immerse yourself in the literature of water to cleanse your bodies and understand the importance of what constitutes the best for you.  (Isn’t that what you want, any way-especially for your children?)  Love is “seeking the highest good of others, even at sacrifice.” Whatever you can afford at this point in time-get.  At least it is a start.  They are all trying to help you first be aware of city tap water, then process it to at least remove unwanted elements.  I’m not an expert (x-is the unknown quantity, x(s)pert is a little drip–an unknown, little drip) but have read and experienced the joys of at least filtered water.  For the wealthy purist-keep on enjoying your Perrier, San Pellagrino, and Topo Chico-in glass bottles only!  While I’m at it-reference Martin Edelston’s – Bottom Line Health’s July 2009 issue- Plastics 1,2,4,5 are safe to store foods and liquids.  Stay away from 3,6,7.  Just remember the numbers when you shop.  Discard your 3,6,7 plastics in the recycle bin to make more park benches, etc.  Nuff said.  Proverbs 25:25 y’all.

      25. Steve- One more idea.  You may want to switch to rice milk for the male species.  Don’t soy products encourage estrogen production?  Remember 2 aren’t plastics “conjugated estrogens”? Someone enlighten the rest of us on that.  (Maybe Dr Terrence Leon Sullivan of the Natural Health Clinic in LA?)  Proverbs 25:25 y’all.

      26. Duck,
        Hi. Thanks for mentioning the safer and more toxic plastic types. Safer: 1,2,4,5. Avoid: 3,6,7. BPA and phalates in plastic mimic estrogen in the body and throw the endocrine system into chaos. Especially bad for developing male fetuses and boys. Just wanted to add that all plastics will eventually begin leaching toxins into food, beverages, or into the environment. You’re probably heard about all the tons of plastic piling up in the oceans. The salt water makes the plastics leach toxins into the water even faster. Just wanted to suggest that people switch to glass, stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum for food and beverage storage. The plastic I can’t avoid encountering I toss it in the trash because I want it to end up in the landfill where it will, hopefully, be locked away for all time. I don’t believe that plastic an be safely recycled. You can change it’s form into something else such as a park bench but it’s just sitting there shedding endocrine disrupting chemicals that mimic estrogen into the environment, the ground, washed into the water sheds and drinking water supplied with the next rain. Wide spread plastics use has only been around for 50 years. It’s hard to avoid plastic these days and hard to imagine living without it, but people certainly did live without it before the 1950s. The only thing to do with plastic is to stop using it as much as possible and lock it away underground is lined landfills. In time a microbe might evolve to eat the stuff and break it down, but as is for right now it will last almost forever.

        Duck, you are also right about soy products containing a compound that acts as estrogen. As a middle aged man, I avoid soy products because men’s testosterone production already falls as we age. The soy in processed soy products is also potentially dangerous as the protein is extracted by the commercial solvent Hexan. I use to eat soy burgers and stuff like that but don’t trust the products anymore as they also contain flavor enhancing chemicals that are excitoneurotoxins–they stimulator your brain neurons until they burn out from over stimulation. Just keep store your food in glass and eat real food vs. process foods and you’ll be okay. 😀

      27. Unlike Tim Geithner or Gordon Brown etc., I actually lived through a serious crisis when the soviet system went down. What did I learn from that? Stuff will unfold over about a year. Not bang!, and everything changes in a day, or a week, or a month. That is true. But equally, not slowly happening over ten years either.

        A year is about how long stuff takes to fall apart (considering human and state systems and how long things take to feed through).

        We pulled it back out of that mess and here are the things to keep in mind to not only survive but thrive:

        1) Celente is 100 percent right about what he suggests. Build up your support networks and do not trust government to help you or bail you out. It won’t.
        2) Power grab: such a meltdown separates people very quickly. Have a plan to grab as much power as possible. That means grabbing local resources (say a factory that has been abandoned because it went bankrupt: take it and use its machinery to start up again).
        3) Security: the state’s forces (the police, army) will be stretched to the limit. There will be many places they can’t go or fear to go. This is opportunity. Develop your own security resources (form tight teams) and protect your assets. Remember to clear out quickly local trash (common street and drug gangs). These guys crumble when confronted by well organised and consistent force. There are good ‘best practice models’ for this: the IRA in Ireland would knee cap local thugs and this would clear them out. You can identify and track this trash with the new technologies: use them.
        4) Plan and dream: actually, being ambitious is exactly the sort of thing that will get you through this. Read about great men and how they built their empires. Learn about great architectural projects. While others are whining and being sissies or lame thugs, you will be ‘the man’. You will have the plans under way and this will attract the women. And when you have the women on your side, you will have all the advantage.

      28. Though it is difficult to digest the reality of the last 35 years of insane economics, we need a major crash around the world in order to put an end to the federal reserve, wall street, and multi-national corporations.  I say Wall Street because they have a economic theory that is not realistic.  The large conglomerates have done everything in their power to decrease the living standards of people here at home and around the world in order to satisfy their extreme greed and selfishness.  Companies shouldn’t be allowed to consolidate and become insanely large because it gives them too much control over government and the information that people receive ex: NBC, ABC,…  Celente is correct that supporting our local communities by buying locally and getting our loans from the local banks, keeps the money locally!!  This doesn’t mean that we cannot import things, but only things that we do not make at home.  Why should I have to compete with a chinese worker making 2 $ per day so I can buy more crap from walmart (that falls apart after a couple of weeks:  parents with small children buying toys, please tell me that I am wrong!!) Do what Ford did, pay workers enough money so they can afford to buy products made at home.  IF it costs me 10 $ more for that same product, I would rather pay for that so we can keep americans working and I wouldn’t mind having less stuff (crap).  Has anyone noticed that despite all these things that we have, we are less happy today than we were 20-30 years ago.  Why,  because parents are working 60 hours per week, to maintain a lifestyle that is not sustainable and the financial stress is placing extreme tensions on families.  If we had less crap, worked less hours, and enjoyed our friends and family more, maybe our happiness levels would be better.  just a thought!!!!  good luck to everyone!!!

      29. Patty, I appreciate your comments. I see that people are stressed to maintain a certain consumerist “lifestyle,” but all the stuff they/we buy doesn’t lead to more happiness. It’s just an illusion that things make us happy brought on by peer expectations and advertising. Now a days many of the products made in China are just pale shadows of the quality products we all grew up with, if you are in your 40s or older, when products where made of metal and built to last. All this cheap plastic crap is causing mass plastics poisoning and genetic damage, but people stiff buy it because they can own such and such item for cheap. There’s a devaluing of quality. It’s like people have a checklist of things they must acquire so they and their friends will think they are successful. I felt this when I became single. I felt that I had to purchase a living room set. I bought the couch, chair, coffee table, side table and lamp and rug. But, I mostly sit on the floor in my “nest” of blankets and pillows. LOL! So the expensive couch is mostly for my cats to sleep on and for friends to sit on when they visit. 😀 That was a learning experience for me about yielding to friend’s expectations of what one should own to feel successful. The expectation of feeling satisfaction with life once such and such item is purchased is a what advertising is all about. One way to be happier in life is to avoid watching or reading advertising. If you don’t read magazine then you don’t see advertising. I you don’t want TV then you don’t see advertising. If you watch TV shows online at Hulu, for example, you’ll be exposed to far fewer ads that are easy to tune out.

        Here’s an idea for people that are stretching funds this Christmas season. I’ve felt this drive to turn as much “stuff” around my home such as DVDs, CDs, Books that I don’t watch, listen, or read anymore into cash while the dollar is still relatively valuable (compared to it’s predicted future value). I sold a bunch of DVDs and CDs that I could not imagine watching or listening to again to FYE. I had the funds placed on a gift card. The gift card will become a Christmas present to a friend who loves buying such things. This takes a little holiday stress off because I was able to satisfy the expectation for a gift but it did not cost me anymore actual cash and I was able to clear out more of what I consider useless stuff from my home.

        Another idea while the dollar is still worth something: I live in a rental townhouse community of about 700 units. There’s always someone moving in and moving out. Occasionally, someone will discard perfectly good, high-quality furniture just because, I assume, they don’t want it anymore. I will pickup this item and then sell it on Craig’s List or E-Bay for $10 or so. I then use the dollars obtained from the sale to fund the purchase of additional supplies that I’m massing ahead of the predicted hyper inflation scenario that many see setting in over the next year to two. Or, someone could use the money for what ever they want such as purchasing Christmas gifts. Be alert and savvy.

        This is a way to take advantage of the urban landscape to boost survival preparations. If anybody has more ideas for exploiting the urban environment please share. I’m a budding survivalist. I grew up learning many survival skills in a rural community. Now that I live in an urban area I’ve trying to learn about survival here. More people means more danger when the shtf.

      30. Greg, that was a fantastic post with some great ideas. My wife actually has about 15 tubs full of kids clothing and gear that we no longer use. Rather than selling this stuff for pennies on the dollar at a garage sale, she’s taking pictures and listing everything up on ebay and a couple of other auction/barter sites.

        While it won’t generate tons of revenue or come close to paying off the original cost of the clothes/toys/gear, it may bring in several hundred dollars.

        That’s immediately going to go to investing into more “preps.”

        The way we see it is if the USD is collapsing over the next several years, now is a good time to start stocking up on tangible goods. And, since we really don’t want a bunch of worthless crap from China (we’ve bought plenty in the past), these funds will be used for things like Freeze Dried food stocks, critical aid medical packs, boots, sleeping bags, etc., depending on how much money the sales bring in. Hyperinflation basically means there will be more money chasing fewer goods, hence the reason for the eventual price increases. Might as well start chasing those goods now, before everyone else start doing it.

        Something my son and I do from time to time is roll searching. I’ll go down to the bank, pick up $100 worth of  Kennedy’s or quarter rolls and look for silver. It’s fun to do with the kids and we’ve gotten lucky a few times. Nothing significant, of course, because most of those coins are likely out of circulation now, but hey, it gives me something to do in between SHTF Plan and rolling my own cigarettes.  (Hint: don’t get rolls the bank gets from Brink’s etc. — the armored car companies search their own rolls, so the likelihood of scoring silver is low). I always ask for rolls that were brought in by customers — they are usually from local retail businesses, and this seems to give you the best shot at finding some silver.

        Had I known about this when I was a kid….. i could have made millions…. billions perhaps!  🙂

      31. Mac Slavo, thanks! I’m learning a lot from this Web site. Thank you for all your efforts to help others prepare. You may be able to attribute many lives saved to your efforts here if the shtf.

        That’s great what you plan to do with all your extra stuff. Fifteen tubs of kids clothing. Wow! What a great resource. You could certainly get several hundred dollars for them now. Just thinking out loud, Mac Slavo, if that is a valuable bartering resource. People will always need children’s clothing. If the shtf deep then those kid’s clothing might become more valuable depending on what happens. Just a thought.

        I’ve made my first purchases from The Ready Store this month. Three orders due to arrive later this month. As I generate more money by selling “stuff” I’ll funnel it into buying more freeze-dried foods. While the Dollar is still worth something I’ve also been going to discount stores and stocking up on things that tend to wear out in a year like socks, underwear, tee-shirts. I’ll take advantage of after Christmas discounts to buy a new pair of athletic shoes and boots and put them back for use when the new pair I just bought wear out. (I’m aware of the irony that all this preparation is a new type of consumerism. 😀 But, hopefully, justified.)

      32. Thank you for the kind comments Greg!

        Good point on the bartering… My problem is that my current location is not my eventual bug-out location, so if I had to go quick, I can’t take all that stuff with me, but I can fit the food and preps, so we decided to go with preps instead.

        If we do see a true SHTF / TEOTWAWKI scenario, I think food and ammo will likely be the big bartering items.

        good point about the consumerism.. haha! No prepper will ever admit it — but it’s true!  (Don’t deny it preppers!!)

        Hey, if we don’t have SHTF by 2025, I will start eating that freeze dried food, so no harm no foul!

      33. Mac Slavo, I’m trying to post a message that contains a link to another site, but when I click the submit button the message won’t display. Is there a rule on the site concerning links? Are the submissions being stored for review before posting? If so, my first submission was way too long, so please just delete that one.

      34. That’s so true. At least all of our preparations are for useful stuff that we will use one day. I’ll probably pop open a can of freeze-dried veggies when it arrives just to try it out. Yummm

      35. You are a smart man!

        Can I pass along some info on processed foods that people might not know?  Many processed foods contain dangerous food additives that sap our vitality. If you have to dig in to your emergency stash let it be foods that really do nourish your body and keep you strong and healthy.

        Please read this article and decide for yourself:
        Title: A Hundred Health Sapping Neurotoxins are Hidden in Packaged and Restaurant Food
        I can’t get this message to display on the site with a URL in it so to view the article just go to NaturalNews(dot)com and put the article title the search field.

        Some processed foods are loaded with neurotoxic chemicals and others contain no additives or artificial ingredients. This article can help you filter out the healthier options.

        The Web site is loaded with great health and nutrition info.

        Peace and Be Well.

        *[Admin updated – Hyperlink Added]*

      36. Greg, i deleted the long article from the comments and added the link above.

        Thanks for making me even more paranoid! 🙂

      37. Mac Slavo,
        Thank you for adding the link. Sorry for the messiness of so many submission attempts. Nah, don’t want to make people uneasy about the info on food additives. If info is power, then I want to give power to the people to make good nutrition choices in their everyday lives and in their long-term food preparation choices. Many of the freeze-dried food options are pretty good, but some are definitely better than others.

        Let me make a reference to the lead article of Mr. Celente’s predicted currency crisis in 2010 so I can pretend all this information belongs here… 🙂

        While the dollar has value I may as well stock up on as many USDA organic options as possible. If I have to subsist on my emergency food eating organic food would be a morale booster for me. Subsisting on MREs and Spam would be down right depressing. 🙂 I wish there were more organic freeze-dried food options so I know that I’m not savoring the flavor of pesticides with every bite. But here’s some guidance on avoiding pesticides in food for anyone interested. Once you’ve checked the label to make sure the item is free of food additive chemicals the next filter is pesticide exposure.

        There’s the dirty dozen fruits and veggies with the most pesticide application (buy organic if you want to eat these) and the clean fifteen which need the least or no pesticide application (so save money and buy conventionally grown crops for these).

        Source of this information is on the Environmental Working Group’s Web site through their independent tests. They even have a printable card that you can store in your wallet or purse for reference when you are at the grocery and an app for your iPhone for reference when shopping.

        Dirty Dozen (go organic for these)
        (ranked from most to lower pesticide use)
        -Sweet Bell Peppers
        -Grapes (imported)

        The Clean 15 (save money and buy conventionally grown crops for these. These are also among my selections for freeze-dried food.)
        -Sweet Corn*
        -Sweet Peas*
        -Sweet Potato
        *The items I’ve already purchased.

        With this information people can choose foods for now and for long-term storage that really support your health and well being. In a shtf or EOTWAWNI event we might feel a bit…stressed…We need chemical free, nutritious food if we plan to survive long-term to when thinks get better again.

      38. Jim Rogers is only buying commodities like silver, palladium (says gold it too expensive at the moment) and select foreign currencies.


        Have you people seen this?
        (60 Minutes program)
        It is about the 2nd wave of home foreclosures coming
        in 2010-2011. Spooky as hell.

      40. Just checking in on Celente’s currency crisis prediction. It did not start in the first quarter of 2010 as predicted, but now in the last quarter of 2010 I hear and read articles regularly starting in October on how the Fed is trashing the dollar, the Fed thinks that more inflation would be a good thing [for corporate profits, but disastrous for the people], and even in the  mainstream some people are openly talking about the perils that face the economy in the near- and long-term future.

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