Gerald Celente on Alex Jones: The Decline of Empire America

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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins Alex Jones July 22, 2009 on Mr. Celente discusses, among other things, the Obama administration, the greatest heist in history, the greatest depression and what we can expect over the next several years. (Video follows excerpts)

    Gerald Celente:

    The Obama administration said that the $787 Billion dollar bailout scheme was going to create 600,000 new jobs by this time. And, they said without the stimulus package we would see unemployment hit 8% in 2009 and peak at 9% in 2010. That’s what they said.

    Now we have unemployment already at 9.5%. So, they’re way off on that. How could they have any credibility.

    We’ve heard a great deal of promises from the Obama administration, Congress, Treasury and the Fed, and so far the economy continues to deteriorate. A wise man once told me — whatever they say, believe exactly the opposite. Suggesstion: listen closely to everything coming out of the mainstream, and plan accordingly.

    Preview of Gerald Celente’s Autumn Trends Journal (Flashback from 2012 to 2009):

    Not a week went by without Wallstreet and Washington commiting world-class crimes, but all carried out under the cover of law. If perpetrated by individuals, it would have been called robbery, extortion, embezzlement and fraud, and the perpetrators would have been indicted, hauled into court and brought to justice. But, because politicians and financiers were committing the crimes, it was just called legislation.

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    Gerald Celente on Alex Jones July 22, 2009 (Part 1 of 4):

    Gerald Celente on Alex Jones July 22, 2009 (Part 2 of 4):

    Gerald Celente on Alex Jones July 22, 2009 (Part 3 of 4):

    Gerald Celente on Alex Jones July 22, 2009 (Part 4 of 4):

    Shout-out to SHTF regular Rick Blaine for sending this one over to us


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      1. Comments…..Hi all:
                  I’ve said for the last 7 years that we need a third world war to cleanse the country. I do not want one but that is likely the only thing that will get rid of the fraudsters. Instead of JUST a war, we will get many wars from many different angles due to the frauds commited and that are being commited. Greed is so ever powerful….I tried to tell our government this all was coming in August of 2005, not a sole listens…incredible!

      2. Will China force US to abandon paper and resort to the amero–the NAU coin of of the new realm–which the Bush regime had sent  800 billion ameros to that surging economy? Will China use their monetary power to c onfiscate our poor food reserve before the winter of 2009? Will the food riots precipitate martial law in America? Will that be Obama’s final move toward the NWO denouement of america?

        Within a silly sonnet, I imparted my thoughts of America’s intentional denouement via the alien agent named Obama bin Liar:
        <!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>
        Mother Market Skewed
        Bull Bruin has fallen from his perch overlooking Broad and Wall.
        He has been dismembered and dispersed as pieces big and small.
        Not all of moguls of Mother Market’s whores,
        Nor all of her bean accounting men in scores,
        Can restore Bull’s stature in the global village,
        For he was sundered by MIGA’s* pimps who pumped the Ponzi pillage.
        Should Bruin be smithed or smithered by a dilettante hand,
        Than by the guidance of Adam’s invisible one so grand?
        What will Bull Bruin become after his remake is done?
        Will he regain his status of Number One?
        Should he trust inept paws to bind his wounds
        Or self salve his bruises caused by the craven hounds?
        None can see the outcome yet, for time wounds all heels:
        A skewed cynicism of the truth that time’s passage is what heals.
        *Military-Industrial-Government Alliance
        –A. W. Loescher, 26 September, 2008 AD

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