Gerald Celente January 28, 2009: The worst living conditions that we’ve ever witnessed in this country

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    Listen to Gerald Celente on the Lew Rockwell Show, January, 28, 2009:

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    Gerald Celente on the state of our economy:

    Current events form future trends. Just read the current events. 75,000 workers laid off in one day. And more to come. We’re going into the collapse of ’09 and there’s no stopping it.

    Retail Store closings:

    Last year was the Panic of ’08 in the financial sector. This year it’s spilling out into the retail sector. Last year we saw major store closing. By middle of February, March we’re going to start seeing other big names failing. and it’s going to be disasterous. There’s going to be empty stores throughout the country.

    The next part of the collapse in 2009 is going to be the retail commercial sector.

    You’re going to have a commercial real estate collapse that is going to dwarf the sub prime problem.

    On the common man:

    This is the perfect titanic situation. The ship is sinking. There are life boats there. But they’re only for the wealthy. The rest of the people are locked into steerage to go down with the ship.

    Gerald Celente continues to predict civil unrest in the USA:

    We’re forecasting among our trends – there’s going to be a revolt in this country. I think the government knows that. I’m sure you and your listeners know about it more than I do in terms of these detention centers and how they’re training the military for riot control.

    We’re expecting some draconian measures to be taken by this administration.

    On the Greater Depression:

    It’s going to be the worst living conditions that we’ve ever, ever witnessed in this country.

    Celente’s Advice for the near-term:

    We don’t give investment advice. I buy gold. This is a global meltdown. A global economic crisis. All the governments are doing is printing more money.

    So, I buy gold.

    I’m not a survivalist in the crazy sense. I’m a close-combat practitioner. And so yeah, i have my dried fruits to last me for two weeks and water. Just in case something really extraordinary happens.

    It doesn’t cost anything to take protective measures.

    Gerald Celente, continues to paint a bleak outlook for not just our economy, but society as a whole. Perhaps it won’t get as bad as Celente predicts. But what if it does?


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      1. Comments…..I notice this is dated 28 Jan 09…this is 17 March…and the time for more faith and less panic.  Yes,  prepare
        but take heed to the positive reports, which of course may be a lot of PR at work, but panic solves nothing and people have run from
        a growling dog that didn’t even have teeth.  🙂


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