Gerald Celente: Falling Dollar, Rising Gold, Explosive Unemployment in the USA

by | May 27, 2009 | Forecasting, Gerald Celente


Gerald Celente on May 27, 2009. Mr. Celente discusses current and future trends for the economy, geopolitics and his predictions.

When this bubble blows apart, there’s no fixing it. This bubble is huge and it’s being blown up before our eyes.

You’re going to start seeing a real decline in the dollar and a rise in gold prices. That’s going to be a real big signal for those looking on early. The later signals of course will be massive unemployment and a decline in GDP. That will follow.

You’re already seeing it. It’s coming out of China, it’s coming out of Brazil. They’re already saying we don’t want to deal in dollars any more.

No one’s going to be want to caught with these things.

This is the decline of empire America.

We’re already seeing the dollar losing value against major currency baskets of Euro, Yen and Swiss Franc. While we may see rebounds here and there, the long-term outlook for the dollar will be devaluation/inflation. Once the rest of the world loses confidence in the dollar and pulls out of US Investments, we’re going to experience a collapse unlike anything we’ve seen before in the USA.

Ignore Gerald Celente’s forecasts at your peril.

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