Gerald Celente: Christmas Crash – Get Ready for the Collapse to Come Very Quickly

by | Sep 23, 2009 | Forecasting, Gerald Celente | 9 comments

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    Gerald Celente joins Jeff Rense on the Jeff Rense Show, September 10, 2009 to discuss a host of topics including the economy and surviving economic and system collapse.

    Big Thanks to Rick Blaine for giving us a heads up on this one!

    Gerald Celente on what’s coming:

    It’s going to really be an ugly scene. We are really encouraging people now to take pro-active measures and prepare for the worst. Don’t spend an extra dime.

    Considering what may be is coming down the pike, here at SHTF Plan, we think this is very good advice. If you haven’t started yet, get prepping. If you are a prepper, then keep prepping!

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (Part 1 of 6):

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (Part 2 of 6):

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (Part 3 of 6):

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (Part 4 of 6):

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (Part 5 of 6):

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (Part 6 of 6):


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      1. Great interview. You gotta love Celente, how can you not appreciate this:

        “What am I, a moron? Am I a child?”
        White Shoe Boys
        Hank “The Don” Paulson
        “I don’t give investment advice, but I’ll tell you what I do.”
        “I’m a political atheist.”
        “Too big to fail, to little to save.”

        I jest about Celente’s repetitious tidings, but his message is strong and clear. I just wish more people could hear him. Maybe he would have a job as a political comedian in another life.

      2. It’s time to write the Requiem for America.  God Help Us!  That’s all I can think to say.  God Help Us!

      3. You’ll laugh all the way to the grave…

        Perhaps no so funny when you realize it’s true.

        TU Gerald C for your bravery in speaking out.  All of this scenario has been planned for over 50+ years and is finally coming about.   
        Watch Yuri Bezmenov 7-part video  on Youtube about the 4 steps to Communism in America. 
        We are just now on the verge of entering step 4 (normalization).  There is still time to stop it (Communism) before it is too late (according to Yuri)

      5. How can anyone believe that trillions in debt will help things with no consequences? Lower taxes and loans , not huge debt could have been but was not… now we must pay the fiddler…. in ways not yet determined but not good in any case.

      6. Ok guys:

        Let’s all take a deep breath…

        Go back to your archives – wherever they may reside, and let’s assemble a list of quotes by – hey, name your fighter.

        – Last year at this very same time, Celente was calling for a Christmas ‘Crash’.

        – Last year Bob Hoye (yes,  the Emperor himself) called for crash in May, then in July, then in September and now…  Well, just yesterday on Howe Street, he said ‘This (the current perverse market dynamic) could carry on for a year or more…”  Well Gee – how do ya suppose that, old wise one?


        How I wish somebody would compile a list of quotes from these self-annointed ‘Guru’s’ and put it up on a simple spreadsheet/timeline, to show everyone the veracity of their collective guru-ness…

        Now don’t get me wrong – bad sh!t is coming, ain’t no bout a doubt it, but… FEAR SELLS.

        And these guys from the pay-site crowd are consummate Fear-peddlers.

      7. Comments…..All is now lost; after 30 years of informing others, me and others had a dumpster party last month; we took all our books, dvds, cds, literature on the NWO, FRS, CFR, etc, and tossed into the local dumpsters/recycle; No results ever seen after decades patriots informed others; No one has ever org. to take the country back so far. I’m now retired from all this, and hope the next generation is effective in  restoring constitutional gov. because mine failed. Laura

      8. Gerald is spot on.
        The greed dosn’t stop at Wall Street, it’s here in the UK too.
        The future is going to be worse than any of us could ever imagine.
        Get Gerald and Alex Jones to put up billboard size TV’s in the centre of parks and places where people are living in tents, and show them Alex’s recent film, The Collapse of Empire America.
        At least then people can see what’s been going on.
        If you’ve lost everything, these folks are not gonna be able to see how they were swindled.
        Goldman Sachs CEOs should be in jail right now, especially Paulson and Geithner.

      9. The Founding Fathers made one great mistake when writing the Constitution. Knowing that the “root of all evil” being money/greed should have added an amendment that required a public referendum by “The People” if any MAJOR changes were made to our monetary system. This amendment would have prevented the 1913 takeover by the Banksters of our monetary system…..Now, in less then 100 years America has gone from the largest creditor nation to now the worlds largest debtor nation.

        A supporting statement from Thomas Jefferson who stated, “if you ever allow the BANKSTERS to control the monetary system ie the Federal Reserve (quite a catchy name for the Banksters) First through Inflation then through deflation your children will wakeup homeless in the country their forefathers conquered.

        Well, 1 in 4 is now underwater with their mortgage and some are now stating it’s 1 in 3 mortgages…..

        The people will soon be awakening……so sad


      1. This is Not a Slowdown, It's a Contraction - [...] was pointed out recently in Christmas Crash - Get Ready for the Collapse to Come Very Quickly, Trends Research…

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