Gerald Celente: As Goes Walmart, So Goes America

by | Jun 6, 2009 | Alex Jones, Forecasting, Gerald Celente

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    If you are concerned about what’s next, this is a must-see interview. Gerald Celente discusses economic and societal trends on the Alex Jones show June 5, 2009. Discussions include the bailout bubble, too small to saves, too big to fails, politics, financial markets, and global conflict.
    (Video Interview follows excerpts and comments below)

    When you hear these advertisements where Walmart brags about everyday low prices, well sure, we’re turning into a Walmart economy. with everyday low prices comes everyday low paying jobs. With everyday low paying jobs, comes everyday low quality. So every day America is sinking lower and lower.

    My comments: no amount of bailout money, to private institutions or individuals, will help increase production in our economy so long as we are buying goods manufactured in countries that utilize essentially slave labor to keep production costs lower than we can compete with in America today. If the goal of bailouts and stimulus packages is to create trillions in debt and turn us into a third-world nation so that we can product goods at slave wages, then we are on the right track! Eventually, I suppose, we will become a manufacturing nation yet again.

    So now we have the bailout bubble. When this bubble bursts, and it’s going to burst. When this one bursts there is no way to re-inflate another bubble.

    Because now what’s happened, the economic super-structure has been changed because now government has printed phantom money out of thin air, based on nothing, producing practically nothing, has taken equity positions in private enterprise.

    When this breaks, there’s nothing left to refill it.

    With each failure they create an even bigger failure. We are concerned that after this bubble breaks, the next crisis they create will be taking us to war.

    They do it all the time.

    What we’re forecasting is that there’s going to be a retaliatory strike against the United States coming out of the Middle East as a result of our escalation of wars in those areas. what will happen is they’ll call it terrorism rather than getting even and they’ll blame it on people that hate our liberty and our freedoms and they’ll escalate it into something bigger. It’s an old story and it’ll be repeated.

    Economic crisis leads to war, not always, but a good deal of the time. Especially economic crisis as severe as this one, essentially paradigm shifts. Historically, this is how collapsed governments attempt last ditch efforts to survive. To cover their asses, politicians shift the blame to someone else.

    Gerald Celente on Alex Jones June 5, 2009 (Part 1 of 4):

    Gerald Celente on Alex Jones June 5, 2009 (Part 2 of 4):

    Gerald Celente on Alex Jones June 5, 2009 (Part 3 of 4):

    Gerald Celente on Alex Jones June 5, 2009 (Part 4 of 4):


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