Former Intelligence Chief: Expect Intensified Social Conflicts, Social Hostility, Civil Unrest, Extremism

by | Jul 12, 2011 | Forecasting | 175 comments

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    He was the National Security Advisor for President Jimmy Carter from 1977-1981. In the early 80’s he controlled CIA counter insurgency operations in Soviet occupied Afghanistan. Under President Reagan he was a member of the Defense Department Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy. In 1998 he authored The Grand Chessboard – his views on geopolitics and geo-strategy. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign relations and an extremely intelligent individual with inside knowledge of the inner workings of the upper echelons of global command and control initiatives. Many have suggested that if a closely knit conglomerate of individuals does control the world he would have a seat at the boardroom table.

    The point is, when Zbigniew Brzezinski talks, take note.

    In a recent interview on Morning Joe, Brzezinski discusses a variety of topics, including the very troubling consequences of  the continued degradation of our economy.

    When you have stagnation, when you have a severe case of unemployment, the sense of social injustice can be terribly demoralizing and politically, in the long run, very dangerous. It can politicize social economic issues, create radicalism, class conflict, extremism.

    I think that’s a real risk in our society…

    [The tipping point is] When the lower middle class begins to be more severely affected and really begins to join the ranks of the unemployed or the financially threatened. I don’t think we’re yet at that point statistically.

    Before too long, if there is a slippage in numbers downward, then of course it’ll become a social and political problem.

    “I don’t want to be a prophet of doom — and I don’t believe we are approaching doom — but I think we’re going to slide into intensified social conflicts, social hostility, some forms of radicalism. There is just going to be a sense that this is not a just society.

    Given that our economy remains on a long-term downward trajectory, we can only assume that the end result will be more unemployment, more food stamp participation, and higher prices for the most essential of goods.

    As more and more Americans struggle to pay the mortgage, put food on the table and maintain a pre-depression quality of life, they’ll become more frustrated and angry with politicians, corporate leaders and financiers who will claim to empathize with the common man while maintaining their own lavish lifestyles.

    We may not be able to predict exactly when we reach the tipping point, but as Mr. Brzezinski suggests, once we cross it major US cities will erupt in riots and violence similar to that which we have seen in the middle east in recent months and what we’re seeing in Europe now.

    The signs of what’s to come are everywhere.

    References: Steve Quayle, Infowars, Want to Know


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      1. America is supposed to be the last country to fall and the first to rise as a totalitarian state.

        The solution to ALL the problems is simple. End the fed, and issue United States Notes for all Federal Reserve notes in circulation in the United States ONLY. Fed notes should then be made illegal tender. States keep all money currently being sent to DC to be used to pay the benefits til they are phased out.

        Provide a detailed list of all the stockholders of the banking cartel, and all the politicians they bought, to the creditors of the US and tell them to collect it from those guys.

        • Will never happen. Instead, at some point we will just have state representatives that go to washington to “Beg” for federal scraps. right now, the way it works is our representatives to go washington and either buy off or get paid off for money and privilege that they distribute to their friends. in the future, New York, California will largely run the Federal Government, so state representatives will basically just be kissing California and New York a$$ to get scraps left over for socialist programs, etc.

          IOW, you are never going to see a constitutional republic again. California, with its control over our technology, will control information flow. New York, with its control over finance, and thus the government, will dicated who gets what. Real simple.

          • William, it most likely will not happen. Why? Because the People are still not smart enough to understand the ONLY problem is the currency and its issuers.

            Nothing can be controlled until that is. And IF it is, you will see something similar to a constitutional republic.

            The fight is not with the corp, it is with the owners of the corp. 100 well placed bullets and we can win this thing.

            • GC: Well said. If Karzsi’s brother can be reached so can anyone. If I were a member of the ruling elite I would be very afraid. I suspect that it would only take a dozen well placed bullets for the masses to get the message across to the PTB.

              I expect that will happen sooner or later. The O’Bummer “crowd” are the ones hurting the most financially. They are the ones already “losing it” if the reports of “wilding” across the nation are to be believed.

              Leadership in DC needs to set the example by taking cuts of their own, and first! Then the federal government employees. If they don’t, the swhtf and they will be the ones “addressed” by the mob.

              The PTB should not fool themselves. They are those who have the most to lose, and they would lose it in a prolonged general strike, insurrection, or civil war between the halves and have nots.

              If they fail to feed the poor the poor will feed on them. If they fail to provide the poor with work, the poor will work them over.

              DHS isn’t big enough to subdue 50 to 100 million hungry, hot and thirsty, or cold and wet Americans thrown out of their homes and jobs so that the Gangster Banksters can make a bigger profit in China or India, than in America.

              If the PTB want to enjoy their wealth and power they better use it to better the lives of Americans whom they have a moral, ethical and legal obligation to serve.

              If not, then Karzsi’s brother will be there to greet them on the other side and they won’t get a chance to indulge themselves with their ill gotten gain.

              He didn’t.

            • God’s Creation,
              Good points, however, I’ve always thought that 500 feet of good strong rope in Washington, D.C. would do the most good. Bullets are too quick.

            • There has been so many different opinion and advice (good and bad) that I don’t know if people are well organized. But I do know for sure that the ruling cabal is certainly well organized and provided groups with everything needed to control any resistance. But for now, what we can do is demand Obama and his congress to do the following:


              The elites will not shut down the gov’t, because they are busy spending money on buying additional assets around the world. This is a good time to make them act BEFORE THE SYSTEM COLLAPSES. It will collapse any way.

              God Bless America and Good Luck to All.

            • Gods creation, you are correct that the problem is the currency and its issuers—we live in the most corrupt financial system ever devised by man; however, the corruption is so systemic in all of our institutions it cannot be “eradicated” by any means other than education. The corruption really took on a “national” agenda in 1913 when the progressives, based on Harvard type ideology, gained control of most of our institutions and founded the Federal Reserve. This progressive disease infected all of our institutions, and while it has gone into “remission” at various times on national level, it was replicating and reproducing at an exponential rate throughout our educational system, and thus, our institutions.

              Make no mistake: your comment about the 100 well placed bullets is understandable, but misguided. You cannot eradicate corruption at the level we have: this is why the founders created the constitution the way they did because they understood that once tyranny and progressivism took hold—-the country was screwed. Their hope was the constitution would protect us—-the realists among the founders knew it was unlikely to stand as long as it did. You cannot fix “human nature” by getting rid of people—it has never worked, and never will. In fact, in most cases, all actions like that serve to do is concentrate even more power in their corrupt, greedy hands via the “sympathy” vote. Look what happened after 9/11: New York, a sewer of a state that represents all that is bad about America (greed, corruption, low moral values, etc) got more Federal money and bailouts. The families got rich; after the tears shed, it was “all about the money”. 9/11’s unintended consequences show what violence does: it only empowers the victims, and in this case, the victims were progressives who used the crisis as an opportunity to increase their power and wealth at the nations expense. Think about it. If you use the logic that 9/11 victims should be paid huge sums for their loss, then you what about all of our troops families? Is their loss any less significant? No—the only difference is moral integrity. Sometimes things happen, and while terrible, should not be rewarded with money. Sadly, our nation has come to that—it is all about money.

              No, the ONLY WAY to restore the republic is through education, and sadly, the cards are stacked against you, because the progressives (and the bankers) control what we learn in school, they control what we watch, they control the media, and they control the government. The ONLY WAY to restore the republic is to have real leaders who will stand up to these criminals via the constitution. The constitution is very clear about currency (gold backed); it is very clear about spending money you do not have (you cannot); it is very clear about personal liberty and freedom (the people rule). The problem is we do not have politicians that will stand up for the constitution, and thus, the elites in New York and California, via technology and finance, have completely taken over—-while it is not formal and most do not realize it yet—-it is DONE, finito!

              In the end, this is why I said we will never see a constitutional republic again. The sad reality is the majority of our population is retarded, the rest are apathetic, and the remaining are powerless. That is why sites like the are so great, because they educate on empowering yourself. God, Corps, and Country are done bro—-done. The titanic is sinking and it’s every man for himself. Eventually, the system will implode—-all corrupt systems do; however, never believe you can change the inevitable. The corruption that is now our system is way beyond 100 men, 1000 men, or 1 million men. Whenever one corrupt man falls, there are 10 more ready to take his place—the system is corrupt on a multi-generational basis, and seriously, there truly is nothing you can do about it. I know some believe that if it only takes one person to change the world—–not any more. Study our republic and you will realize that it is so diseased with progressive corruption, greed, and just plain evil. Lawyers do not care about right and wrong, only winning. Some politicians may start out with good intentions—in the end, it is about having the same boat or beach house as the other politicians. Young graduates coming out of college are altruistic and naïve, but quickly learn that cheating and lying are the keys to the kingdom. Heck, I even read an article yesterday about how corruption is basically taught at Harvard (which is not surprising but still….). If you are honest, regardless of your intelligence, you stand no chance except with your local family and community.

              Best to use your intelligence and ingenuity for good causes—–help people who appreciate your help—-teach your family good values—but whatever you do—DO NOT LET ANGER over the situation drive you to believe that violence will solve anything, because it will not. In the end, know that if violence could solve anything, the world would be a perfect place because we have seen enough violence in history and it never solves anything other than more violence. Well, violence does do one thing: Enrich the elites, but unless you are part of the elite, it truly will solve nothing.
              In summary, if you want to fix the country, teach your children to do what is right and pray, that is all you can do! Yes, it may be true that if you teach your children to be a dishonest progressive they may get ahead in the short term, but it will always be my sincere belief that at some point honesty and integrity will once again be a virtue and you want to make sure you are position for that trade—whether it is you, your children, or your grandchildren. Honor does mean something, even if it is only in your heart. The world increasingly hates the United States—not because of what you have done, but rather, because of what the entitlement, progressive nanny state has done. That, and the corrupt New York banks that have basically screwed over everyone including their mothers. That is not a anyone one man can solve, but it is one that ultimately will be solved by nature’s law.

            • People are busy with their every day life, and the mainstream media is twisting the facts and trying to distract from the real issues by using the royal family trash or Cassey, etc… Here’s the posting that I’ve summarized from the news:

              JANE says:
              July 12, 2011 at 9:01 pm Durango, stop using dirty scare tactics. No president should use the older people and the veterans to meet the Democrat politicians’ demands, and that is THE US MUST RAISE THE DEBT CEILING. John Bohner (R), McConnell have been fighting very hard, they need everyone’s support.

              What’s next? ONE ALL THE RESOURCES ARE GONE, then what’s next?

              In response to Durango, he said “Its Bonehead John Bohner that wants to stop everyones SSI and medicare. I over heard a group of retired people talking over lunch

            • Jane, I hate to break it to you but the republicans caved today on the debt—-we have turned the printing presses back on and we will print, print, print. Jane, there really is no difference between republicans and democrats—they are all progressives enslaved by the banking oligarch. In 2008, there was a public “threat” by the banks—“you don’t give us the money, the system impolodes”. Today, evidently the banks sent a “private message” to Boehner and McConnell—-“you dont’ give us more money, we let the system implode”. In 2008, the republicans did try to put up a fight, and the media put them on a skewer and the unintelligent populace allowed the media to blame republicans for the market collapse. So, remembering that, the republicans gave in today—–today was a “black swan” moment for the republic. Essentially, what the republicans did today was admit that they are powerless against the global banking elites—-if they want to stay in power, they have to go along with progressive market manipulation and spending.

              In the end, what you need are politicians that will stand up to the global elites—-sadly, it just is not going to happen. Welcome to QE3, today was a “all go green” for Benny and the Inkjets to fire up the printing presses and continue the debasement of the currency. This will not end well, but the republicans that gave in today know that someone else will get the blame and they simply do not have the courage to stand up and take the heat.

              Our founders would roll over in the grave. They would simply walk into congress, show them the constitution, and that would be the end of it. But, in their respublicans defense, we did have a “3rd arm” of the government back then—the media—which provided “watch dog” duties and would be honest about their reporting. Today, our media are nothing more than progressive puppets—-idiots that receive their journalism training from 1960s hippies who belive that families are bad and communes are good. Hmmmmm…didn’t communes end up being nothing more than herpes manufacturing facilities—–? I will leave it to everyone here to decide how this turns out? Genitial herpes or genital warts—-its all the same in the end!

          • Unless the states opt to stop sending money to Washington. I would like to see the threat of a constitutional convention called, whereby states forcefully take away power from congress, and do the will of the people. That’s one of the few options American citizens have for real change. it would definitely get Washington’s attention.

          • What about Texas? We don’t need NY, and we sure as hell don’t need Cali. We have port cities, we have land (for both crops and cattle), we have technology hubs, refineries….and we are VERY well armed.

            • I love Texas. I’m starting to like Virginia. MSM is starting to wake up. Foxnews has an article about Virginia creating their own currency. I’d give a link, but i’m typing this on a phone that won’t do it. Just search for “Taking Liberties”. I was proud to see a twinkling of light in the dark.

        • You defininitly are on the right track. I think some of what you say will happen, but it will be done through force, as in social disorder, and financial collapse. Either way, we are headed there.

      2. The super commie speaks to deceive and guide the reader into his global slave nation. If you follow his idiotology you are doomed.

      3. They will just take all private pension funds, issue 100 yr treasuries, a new 10% debt deduction from our paychecks, and start qe3,qe4,qe5. Problem solved. The government employee checks will continue to roll out. All entitlements will get cut. As i walked through the store today, looking around me at people, convinces me this guy is 100% correct

      4. God’s Creation, not bad!

        Status quo will be maintained until there’s a US Treasury default, which could happen by the end of the summer, or not at all.

        When there is no work, and everyone is in the unemployment line and collecting food stamps, even then, I don’t foresee rioting, except in isolated incidences. Should it rise to the level of the sixties Watts riots, maybe then the elite will pay attention, but they’ll continue to bribe the populace to complacency. The 2012 national elections will define this country for the next generation.

        • There really isn’t much more funds to bribe people with. Even a dumbass sheeple knows that without a job, nothing else matters. You can’t pay taxes, spend money, or do anything without one.
          I honestly believe we won’t have 2012 elections, as i think we will be in severe collapse mode by that time. Just look at the speed and direction of the Obummer administration. he’s seizing power like a dictator more and more each day.
          Thank goodness none of that matters, as I can’t wait for the next episode of Dancing with the Stars!!. Anybody seen my gubmint check. they told me it was in the mail.

          • Oh, we’ll have the 2012 elections. These elections are the circuses and the entitlements are the bread, so things will hold together. That said, it certainly seems that those elected to high (mostly Federal offices) will see the dissolution of the USA union on their watch.

            Sure, the civil war in the USA temporarily prevented secessions, but at what cost? What were people in the union thinking? Probably not much as the emotion of the time gave rise to organized stupidity. It could be that the Federals will initiate another war to derail logical thinking. Let’s not be distracted on this go-around.

      5. This is just more social justice BS. Really Mac I surprised you put this propaganda up.

        This is all class warfare, blame the rich. This is how governments, socialist, communist work. This is how they over through free society.

        I’m not defending the Financial firms or the banking cartels, but to be free means you get the good, the bad and the ugly.

        For the very reason we have the right to be stupid, we are smarter. Where do we draw the line? Is it the ubber rich? Is it the company you work for? Is it small business like myself?

        When MSNBC has to dig up a piece of crap Carter relic, they are trying to incite violence.

        Remember this is the same piece of crap that trained the people, that trained the people to kill us on 9/11.

        • Yes it is more social justice collectivism—-HOWEVER, the problem at the core is the financial elite who control our government have provided the fodder for all of this to happen. The ONLY WAY to fix the problem is do away with the Federal Reserve and close the revolving door between the corrupt New York banking cartel and the U.S. Treasury. Capitalism and free markets work, and they work well, but only when they are free markets regulated by government that is elected by the people, not the banks. The problem is the corruption in New York, Chicago, and California has grown so great that the only “solution” that the masses will accept is more government, which means more corruption, more socialism, more control.

          We are past the point of a fix, and short of a civil war, America will no longer be a constitutional republic but instead a pseudo marxist/socialist country run by the elites for the elites. In other words, New York, Chicago, and California make policy based on their needs—-the rest of America pays for it.

          • Well after we have the next Civil War perhaps we could Take away all of the monetary advantages to “leading” the country. We need leaders who love America and it’s Constitution (for what it’s worth after Alexander Hamilton got done with it; and it’s all been downhill from there) and not the Almighty dollar. $50k/year, benefits that line up with private sector compensation, term limits, and zero lobbyist capital. Politics has become a lifestyle….a complete fraud in fact.

            • We need leaders who love America
              …..which is hard to get when the leaders aren’t Americans…this is OUR BIGGEST problem and we have been infiltrated by communist and foreigners for decades. Their interests ARE NOT for the Americans’ good..check out the contributions from taxpayers to Israel just for a start.

              Debt ceiling??? Trim the budget??? Start with keeping what’s ours here. Never happen with duals and foreigners legislating.

          • Well William I look for the liberals to start the civil unrest and riots fairly soon. The younger blacks have already started with the flash mobs.

            Conservatives will not rise up in the early stages of the collapse. In fact many will just isolate themselves.

            The sad fact about America today is only about 3% of the population is willing to fight for America. Don’t get me wrong there will be lots of fighting going on, but it will be more like war lords against conservatives and the government against conservatives.

          • William S, your explanation seems to be the popular scenerio. And i think you are exactly right. There aren’t many choices left are they?? As a country, we are a dead man walking. As soon as Europe falls, we’ll be right behind them, but we’ll be busy fighting WWIII. The asswipes running the country need something to keep us busy, and world war usually does the trick.

        • Is this guy on drugs or what? Good job Mac!

          The collapse is being done by design, and Brezinski knew it all along. Yep, when Zbigniew Brzezinski talks, take note.

          • Brzezinski like Geithner is a classic Globalist: an insider’s insider of the PTB/Political elites.

            He is warning the PTB/Gangster banksters against the policies that they are pursuing against the Middle Class; in effect saying that the American people are only going to take it for so long ……

            While he won’t specify a tipping point, he has pursued this media platform (provided by his daughter)to take his message to the gangster banksters public.

          • Brzezinski was Obama’s handler who sent him to Pakistan through the CIA. He gave Carter bad information and advise. Brzezinski was called to Obama’s side the minute they opened the Oval Office to him. Brzezinski is and always has been a traitor and should be arrested when we arrest the pResident and his entourage of czars.

        • “This is just more social justice BS. Really Mac I surprised you put this propaganda up.”

          Patriot One – Know your enemy.

          • Oh I do, I was in the middle east in the 70’s. I also had the displeasure of serving under Carter as he gutted the military.

            I and most of the people on this site know the enemy and the enemy is us. We allowed the government to get out of control. We were complacent.

            • Sadly—I think you’re right. Now is the time we pay for the complacency. As soon as we reach critical mass, the change will start. I don’t really know what form that will take, but none of the scenerios are good. Hard times ahead for all.

            • Sure, we “allowed” the government to get out of control. We, who worked and raised a family, simply had what appeared to be reasonably important activities. Over the years there were the choices of voting for socialist party D or socialist party E. Also, our means of communication was limited to what the establishment types wanted us to hear.

              Maybe it’s different this time!

            • i’m in agreement with Hey You. I’m about tired of people saying, “it’s our fault for allowing…” I didn’t ALLOW squat. I had no idea about most of this, and we, as a people had little power anyway. Stand up (especially when it would’ve helped) and you were branded a lunatic at best. They would slap you back down. The fault here, ladies and gentlemen, lies squarely with the ones who sneaked into office and began quietly dismantling this country from the inside out and selling us all out for a profit. They’ve arranged everything to favor them, they’ve stolen everything they can, and they are going to leave us to die. And there is precious little we could have done about it other than prepare for the worst as most of US have done.

            • Patriot One, No you where not complacent.. the smoke and mirrors where already setup before you, I or any of us where born..

              When I think back to my childhood days, and from then till now, I can not think of anything I agreed with, that the Government has done in telling me I must do… I have never agreed to any loss of my Liberties period, rite down to the first time I was told I had to get a license/permit for my bicycle.. I was forced into everything with pressure applied from multiple fronts..

              bottom line is we all had to comply or accept jail time or heavy fines… I have watched us people be purposely divided into multiple grouping stereo types.. I have watched the media change from “News investigators” to “News sheep” who simply tell you what you must now do without a peep of questioning anything.. if the media do ask any question to the PTB it is only a “politically correct” question.

              NO, I am with “Hey You and Cyber S”.. I had no dam choice, I forced to ONLY comply… we all where assimilated.. resistance was futile and you where branded or put into prison if you did not accept..

        • Patriot One,
          You’re right about this socialist clown, Zbigniew Brzezinzki. He’s the original Jimmy Carter socialist His idea of social justice is a big government welfare state that hands out free lunches to whoever will worship at his feet. He and his ilk are the problem, not the solution.

          By the way, his daughter is the co-host of the Obama loving “Morning Joe” MSNBC program in the morning. Let “Daddy” on the show so he could spew his socialism to a national audience. We had to kick Carter’s worthless butt out of audience to get rid of him and now he’s come alive again.

          • Yea bush’s 8 years of plunder had nothing at all to do with what is going on

            • A team of MIT political scientists are studying your 2 1/2 year old sliced brain now for neuron patterns but they seem to match your hemorrhoid samples. I’m sorry that you won’t be able to sing anymore.

        • “Remember this is the same piece of crap that trained the people, that trained the people to kill us on 9/11.”

          I assume you are talking about the Taliban in Afghanistan. If so, then I guess I missed the history of the Afghan war where after Reagan took office, he discontinued support of the Mujahadeen. I guess all that talk from Reagan of Afghan freedom fighters was all in my imagination.

          You are spouting nonsensical bs when you blame Brzezinski for training the people that trained the 9/11 attackers. In fact, Osama Bin Laden didn’t show up in Afghanistan until the mid to late 80’s.

          Reagan was a great president and arming and training the Afghans to fight against the Russians was the right thing to do.

          Learn history.

      6. Brzezinski has been an evil genius his entire career. He is a devious plotter who should be feared and never trusted. If and when the shtf, he will be one of the first into one of the governments underground bunkers, saying “F YOU” to the rest of us.

        • emptyhandkiller,
          Speaking of government bunkers . . . do you remember the movie “The Dirty Dozen”? Remember how they dealt with the Nazis hiding in the government bunkers? Let’s do it again . . . only for real this time.

      7. WTF! Seriously! This guy is the architect of all this and you are posting his warnings with no disclaimer or information about his role in this mess. Shoddy is an understatement. Furthermore how about noting that his daughter is the other host of Morning Joe. How corrupt can your messaging get? He may be right but failing to disclose everything surrounding this is barely phoning it in.

        • Didn’t know how daughter was a host on Morning Joe….I’ve never liked nor trusted him. He’s such an arrogant cuss.

          I think our government should declare 40 US Dollars are worth 1 ounce of silver, and 1600 of them are worth 1 ounce of gold and if people want to exchange their dollars for those commodities at that price then open up the hidden treasures at For Knox. At least this way the masses can have gold/silver – limit purchases dramatically so more people can partake.

          • The government has NO silver at all to sell, and most likely no gold. Otherwise a good idea.

          • It would have to float Jim or it would never work if we had enough gold/silver at “that” price. Limit five, order now… Call now, 1-800

          • fort knox is empty fool, that is why no audit ever

      8. Notice the commun-eese he speaks, “social injustice” and “just society”. Always watch for the collectivist buzz words when a globalist is speaking and you will see that they are setting us up for a system of global serfdom.

        They use the rhetoric of marxism to deceive the ignorant into thinking they are working for our betterment, that they are on our side, that they have the answer if we will just listen to them and give them the power to unleash their brilliance..

        Everyone but them will be equal…equally destitute and equally oppressed. This guy is a scum bag, a buddy of George Soros, sure he is warning us of whats coming, because they are ready with “the solution”..and they are also scared.

      9. should have read the comments first, sorry to repeat in part what PO and others said

        • The same thing should be said in as many ways as possible from as many people as possible in order to wake up the maximum number of people who choose to listen.

          The best teachers are able to say the same thing in 100 different ways. Idiots say 100 different things the same way.

          Keep saying it your way. It may be the only way a sheep somewhere can understand it.

      10. I don’t believe anything that guys like him say. I agree with god’s creation that the states should withhold any monies sent to DC, forbid it’s citizens to send tax withholdings to DC and follow the Constitution that says “no state shall allow anything other than gold and silver to be money.” I like god’s creation idea to publish names, addresses, and photos of all owners of the Fed and former politicians for whatever recourse citizens might undertake.
        Also, am I the only one that thinks we should shut down all retirement packages of elected officials, protection of former presidents, and private use of air force jets for the president and his family?? I am sick and tired of having this elite group living above the law and above the citizens that put them there. Wasn’t it the Romanian leader that was hung from a lamppost back in the late 80’s when those people had had enough??

        • Lefty,
          No, you’re not the only one that feels the way you do! I feel exactly the same way.

        • I thought Choucesca and his wife were shot in the street.

      11. What is truly frustrating is: People need certain things such as food, shelter, clothing, medical & dental care and other necessities. They also have virtually unlimited wants – better food, education, boats, sporting goods, make up, jewels and tools. With this in mind and the realization that most (not your inner-city, second, third or fourth generation welfare recipient) folks are ready, willing & able to work to provide for these needs and wants of their fellow man at a profit. When one considers this fact there is really no excuse for 20%+ unemployment, diminishing GDP, idleness and anger except for the fact the government interference skews the value of all of the economic relationships. Either by profligate rule making or the continued debasement of the currency virtually all of our economic woes can be traced back to an excess of government involvement.

        What I am interested in seeing is how quickly trade resumes in a post TEOTWAWKI America. What will be the medium of exchange? Will we have to work around the zombies until they have assumed ambient temperature? Will Americans tolerate the obvious illegal aliens whose mere presence has caused a huge imbalance in the value of skilled and unskilled labor along with the destruction of medical coverage for our own indigent population?

        Well, off to Costco for more beans, rice & Spam. Can’t wait until their marketing folks realize that ammunition for .223’s, .270’s and 12 gauge shotguns will be big sellers.

        • Hey, I totally see Americans helping eachother, especially if “helping” profits them and their family. Start a barter community today; it’s easier than you think.

          • Oh, I forgot: If you are a prepper in western NC contact me for trade opportunities! [email protected]

      12. One little known fact about this man: He almost won the 1946 International Championship Spelling Bee, but in the final round his word was Zbigniew and he missed it. His opponent won by properly spelling Brzezinski.

        • Point of clarification: In the last round of the contest the two finalists were asked to spell their own names. ZB misspelled both of his and the opponent (Joe Smith) easily won. Spelling Bee historians rank this among the all time greatest match-ups, much like Ali/Frazier, Bush/Gore, and Tastes Great/Less Filling.

      13. Civil unrest, rioting, etc. its what they want. Sorry MAC but breszsnki or what whatever his name is better like a Demon is one of the main Architects! I think they will have bitten off more than they can chew!

      14. “I think we’re going to slide into intensified social conflicts, social hostility, some forms of radicalism.”

        What do you call the mobs moving into stores stealing whatever they can pick up?

        In one town recently hundreds of sub-humans took over the streets and when people called the police to report this they were told to stay inside and lock their doors. So much for depending upon the police for your safety.

        Have you read the numerous reports of innocent people who because of the color of their skin are being attacked, robbed and beaten nearly to death by the same type of sub-humans?

        This is what happens when the government is the father figure for these cretins and the mothers spread their legs to whoever comes along to get pregnent which is an automatic raise in their welfare check.

        Generation upon generation of these parasites have been given an ever increasing teat to suck on. They do not see it as charity they see it as their right. They have now degenerated to the point they consider that their wants must be instantly granted. They will continue to take and do as they wish until they are stopped.

        The time is fast approaching that these miscreants must be put down, permanently.

        • They will not be put down. They will be given rifles and serve as Obama’s militia. Look to what happened in Zimbabwe and S. Africa as the template. These Mahogany Mobs will serve as the new brown shirts for glorious leader. Count on it.

          • Ever been in Africa? Mogadishu, USA.

            • Yes, I live in the Bronx, NYC

        • A mob is much like water in that it follows the path of least resistance.

        • I ate dinner in a local eatery tonite and in walked a bi-racial couple. She was very pregnant. I predict in 100,000 years we will all be the same color. Problem solved!

          • I bet it was a black guy and a white gal.

            • Bingo!

      15. Sorry to stay hung up on the spelling, but has anybody else noticed that the letters in sbigniew brzezinski can be rearranged to spell ‘fresh spring buzz kill’? or ‘big zits in elbow killerz’?
        Coincidence? I think not. This guy is scary!

        • Frick Okie!!! Bout launched my coffee all over the computer screen lmao reading that. You can pluck the banjo at my bugout BBQ any day. I’ll even fire up the still so you feel at home. Lol.

        • ‘big zits in elbow killerz’?

          That is probably the most frightening thing I’ve read all morning. Made me think about getting a zit in my nose years ago…

          • I’m thinking the movie “A Beautiful Mind” or really scary movie…

            I eat my green peas & I don’t bother with band-aids unless it’s a deep gash or a limb is falling off.

        • S m o k i n O k i e….. mosie in ok?

        • BJ: An interesting article from 27 years ago. If this is the same object moving at the same speed as it is now, it was only about 30 billion miles away at the time (1983). That is a rough calculation developed by backtracking using an online calculator. Could scientists be off that much, if this is the same object?

          My methodology? I took the distance divided by years to see how much space it covered in a year, divided by 365 to see how far it traveled a day, and divided by 24 to see how fast it was travelling in MPH. Then I converted to km and compared to the estimated speed today. Ran the distance a couple of times.

          If and I say IF the coma which is now 100,000 km in diameter up from 80,000 km as it moved closer to the sun, WAS hiding a much larger object, that object could be several times the size of the earth, and denser. But someone would know. You can’t hide an object that big at less than 1.75 AU.

          As the coma of a comet is the result of the solar wind impacting ice and gas on the comet surface, and some comets have comas larger than the diameter of the sun, it could be ….. and I say COULD be ….. that the coma isn’t larger on this object because the object is a failed brown dwarf rather than a typical comet.

          A failed brown dwarf not having as much ice or gas to interact with the solar wind as a normal comet.

          Methinks DAD knows way too much, and understands way too much about these things to be just a casual observer. The fact that he lives in Houston …….. makes me say, Hmmmmmmmm!

          • We both tried to tell you for a while now that it’s not a comet and in fact a brown dwarf….Dad is just much more educated and intelligent and puts things in a higher degree so to speak than a common man like me 😉

            • BJ, you are faaaar from being a simple common

              You are looking right, left, and ahead while also monitoring the rear view mirror (history).

              A “common man” places his views in only 1 direction and can only see most times, what he is steered to see, or wants to see… You are faaaar from that my friend..

              I don”t know if you seen my other post back to ‘yourdaddy’ in another news thread of Mac”s but I am thinking the brown dwarf is coming from the same direction Elenin is/was..

            • BJ: I understand the possibility that it could be a brown dwarf and have all along, however some things just don’t add up. No one is saying that it is except zeta talk.

              The size of this object is crucial, yet no definitive source, official or unofficial, American or international, claims that it is larger than four miles in diameter: not even the discoverer. If I had discovered it and knew it was a brown dwarf I would be telling people how big it is. He says four miles in diameter.

              Does DAD work for NASA or is he retired from NASA?

            • DK, do you or some one else know exactly how these coordinates and such work.. I can”t find or understand a plausible way of reading them.. I think my brain is deficient in space travel…LOL

              I am wondering these cord”s
              9h 48m 14.79 13 20 27.14

              Thanks !

            • Black Sheep I don’t have a clue. No rocket scientist here! Ask DAD. (I think he is ex-NASA shhhhhhh!)

              Done for the night guys.

            • What’s the difference between a brown dwarf and a comet??

            • Black Sheep, the coordinates are akin to the latitude/ longitude lines on a map of the globe, to simplify the concept. The first set is the “right ascension”, or R.A., and corresponds to the right/left directions in the sky (if standing, say, due south and looking up). It is divided into “hours”, being that the day is 24 hours long, the sky “sections” are divided into 24 sections, which are then divided into minutes and seconds. So, if you see 9h 48m 14.79, that means the object is 48+ “arc-minutes” into the 9 to 10 hour grid section of the sky.

              Conversely, the second set of coordinates is the declination, or dec, which is the up/down grid. It is denoted in degrees, 0 degrees being the celestial equator, up to 90 degrees at the north “pole” (very near the north star).

              As an amateur astronomer for decades, I’ve been paying much attention to Elenin and the “other” object. I keep
              trying to disprove all of the hysteria surrounding this, but I can’t (yet). There are some very troubling facts regarding earth seismicity during alignments of this thing, internet infra-red sky map blacked-out areas, and some really strange things going on with the outer gas planets…not to mention the solar and lunar anomalies…

            • Thank you Plane Guy.

              That helps me much.. my problem the most I guess was thinking in the 12hr style of clock… maybe that’s why I was slower on understanding..

              now that I understand the 24 style position it places itself better in my head but, where would the constant be ?

              what I mean is, the location in the sky is different at like 10pm then it is at 3am. where would my constant point be ?

              does this work like regular time does with GMT being the base start point ?.. where would the space location center point be..

              I feel very stupi and like a kindergartener when I get into thinking on space locations (coordinates)

              in any event,
              I am told them coordinates I listed is the location or area Elenin came from..

              when I look through sky map or Google earth sky part I see nothing but empty space.. BUT when I turn on the ‘Infrared’ and look at that location my mouth drops in awe… most images on the Google earth of that location are from like 2007.. I do not know the image dates in sky-map.. I am trying to find a later image somewhere with infrared capabilities..

              I have read and been told if something is at or ‘near’ the temperature of absolute zero it will not reflect any light or I should say be un-see-able until it is almost upon you.. it would make that part of space looked blacked out kinda with no stars or whatever showing in that area.. I was told the item found in the article BJ linked to is suppose to be like 40 degrees above absolute zero or I have been dis-informed, I do not

              I have a LOT to learn..
              Thank you once again !

      16. His mouthwash ain’t makin’ it.

      17. at 3:23 he states that “he does not want to be a prophet of doom”, yet everything out of his mouth is a warning of DOOM.
        Hello!!!!!! Wake up people!

      18. These globalist morons and schmucks will fail to gain their NWO. I know many of you guys think an NWO is coming,but it will face much resistance becuase the masses are slowly waking up. If they want their North American Union they better expect a hell of resistance. The average American male may drink beer and watch MNF but he is a patriots and will not allow the American flag be replaced by some global government bull shit. We will prevail!

        • Mardochee, the globalists do not plan on being so obvious as to replace the American flag with their own. Instead, they will keep the “illusion” of America and freedom so that the masses stay docile and “in their place”. Like so many have said before, the hardest enemy to fight is the stealth enemy. The globalists and the elite will do whatever it takes to keep the population drugged up on hopium, Jersey Shore, and prescription drugs. They will let the population suffer just enough to “need” them, and then they will give us what we “need” to keep us complacent.

          Look at most people: seriously, look at them. They are worried about their jobs, about their basic needs—they don’t have time to understand that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel fleecing America. These people are worried about paying for their IPhones, and for most, what is happening around them is completely and totally foreign—-they simply cannot grasp the magnitude of what has happened. Yes, some people may recognize something is wrong, but they truly believe a change in government will fix that—-it won’t because the system has terminal cancer. The only “fix” is for the masses to truly wake up and understand the corrupt fiat money printing system and how it works——easier said than done when most people cannot even balance their own checkbooks.

          Bottom line is I wish your assessment that people will wake up was realistic—sadly, I just know what a blank stare I get when I tell people the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel. You mean the Federal Reserve is not a government organization that has American’s interests in mind? Really—-hmmm, well certainly they must be regulated and overseen by honest people, right? Honest people—in government? Get my drift? This is not at all hard to understand, sadly, most people just do not want to hear it—perhaps because it shatters their belief system that has been so carefully crafted by the corrupt mainstream media whose sole loyalty is to the criminal cartel they so loyally serve.

          • “Perhaps because it shatters their belief system that has been so carefully crafted by the corrupt mainstream media whose sole loyalty is to the criminal cartel they so loyally serve.”

            Damn Willaim I’m impressed, well said my friend.

      19. Anybody going long on the future Italian lira?

      20. America is not a country any more. The melting pot has failed. It is a collection of various separate groups competing against one another for ever dwindling resources. The return to man’s tribal roots will be swift, brutal, and devastating for those who bought fully into liberal ideology with its worship of diversity and multi-culturalism.

        The new world order experiment is failing and will fail. You cannot unite the tribes of man under one banner other than in a state of perpetual abundance, and that abundance no longer exists. As resources dwindle, man returns to his tribal roots. Family, tribe, community, city, state, against the “other.” In order for nations to save their existence they will need to wage nationalistic wars against one another, which is a likely outcome to prevent civil war.

        • Sam you hit it bro! I spent a year in Afghanistan trying the same thing and I came away with exactly the same sentiment. You cannot unite the tribes unless they fall togehter under a “truce” of mutual survivability against a common enemy.

          ALL groups come together within their own natural lines of drift. As we are seeing with our own country the thin veneer of social normalcy is crumbing ie…mob thievery, gang activity, etc…

          You’ll notice that SOB Obummer only said the SS checks wouldn’t come out cause he knows grampa and gramma jones aint gonna run riot in the streets like them pissant welfare ***kers will.

      21. I like his observation “there is just going to be a sense that this is not a just society”. Gee, Zbig, I guess that secret is out. Go tell your masters in the shadows that the sheeple are catching on.

        • the sheeple are catching on? Are you serious, they are catching on to facebook ,twitter, war video games and dancing with the stars and texting, they no nothing about what is coming

          • Really elton, “they no nothing”
            The correct spelling is know
            You seem to KNOW alot about dancing with the stars

          • War video game do teach you double taps and failure drills…just sayin.

        • Yeah, funny how they never cut the “defense” budget in order to pay those who PAID INTO THE SYSTEM their whole working lives and are OWED this money. Way to also screw over the Veterans and families of those who gave life and/or limbs to fight in your wars of aggression.

          • The white house will make this threat disappear quickly. He can’t sell “no social security checks” if I don’t get my way to the public – the blame will rightfully be on him and his polling will tell him as much tonight. After which the MSM will make the story disappear to the best of their ability.

            They will have to cut things, but you can bet the bombs will still fall on Libya, and the troops will not withdrawn from Iraq or Afghanistan on August 3rd either. The navy’s ships will still sail, and at best a few bureacrats will wonder where theire next check might come from.

            • We will have a defense fire sale just like FUSSR.

        • VFR

          Left seat? The problem isn’t the president saying it, its the people believing it. Most of us know you could shut down half of the government and no one would notice the difference.

      22. what really sucks is that when America has declined to the point that the average Joe who was born & raised here can’t stand it anymore… will still be a better alternative for the people arriving here than anywhere else.

        Creeping inflation & expenses here translate into cataclysmic political consequences in the developing world (Greece, Portugal, the M.E.) Once things have sunk to a level where even the dumbest sheeple have finally caught on….the rest of the world will be in utter chaos.

        • Hey man, like Jhonny Cash says “I’ve been everywhere…” this is still the best the plce to live, look at the alternatives!

      23. I hear its so bad that illegals are leaving this country in jobs and the pressure..and bad economy..they figure they left a country just like it..why not go back, at least its home..

        rats leaving a sinking ship? yeah i think so

      24. “I don’t want to be a prophet of doom — and I don’t believe we are approaching doom — but I think we’re going to slide into intensified social conflicts, social hostility, some forms of radicalism. There is just going to be a sense that this is not a just society”.

        Brzezinski doesn’t think we are approaching doom, yet he thinks we are going to slide into “social conflicts” (rioting!) “social hostility” (race riots!) and “some forms of radicalism” (people getting fed up and taking it out on anyone they blame for what is happening to them!) This guy is a moron!!… So today I went to the LDS home storage center and bought 250 mylar bags, 100 oxygen absorbers, 50 lbs of oatmeal and 25 lbs of wheat berries…will keep prepping because of people like him who are doing ALL they can to bring this country down!!

      25. Last night, my wife surprised the shit out of me by ordering 1 1/2 years worth (for us) of freeze dried food from Costco online. I was outside working on the fence when she did it, and when I came in, she said that she just “felt like she had to do it”. Normally, she doesn’t go along with all my SHTF stuff and house fortifying and guns and stockpiling.

        I said to her that these assholes we have in DC aren’t going to make a deal on the deficit. The democrats are too stupid to cut entitlements, and the republicans are too stupid to raise taxes on the 1%’ers. Both of those things have to happen for our nation to have a chance, and everyone knows it. Both of our political parties are too full of BS and political posturing to do anything in time.

        Additionally, we have all these disasters going on. The flooding’s not even in the news anymore. The oil spill, oh that just “went away” too. Tornadoes, what tornadoes?

        We’re in for a hard ride folks. Put on your rubbers and strap in.

        • yep, and the future loss of crop yields for years to come..and many other natural issues, or crated by nature

          Durham wheat..etc.. corn up here is @ month behind

          hear any more about Japan?

          Nebraskas Nuke Plant?

          hey Johnny, if you dont mind could you give me a ball park price you paid for that much dried food?

          • We got some of the vegetarian protien and wheat variety packs (266 servings each) at $55 each, and the vegetable variety packs (270 servings each) at $75 each and the premium meats essentials packs (280 servings each) at $200 each. Keep in mind that there are only two of us, so we were out for well under $1000. I also have other food stored like rice, beans, canned foods, etc. It was at the site, you just have to look around under the emergency food section in groceries. They have tons of stuff. I think she paid about $650 or so, and delivery is free (bonus!).:)

            • sweet, thanks JohnnyV

        • Johnny V,
          I agreed with most of what you had to say, but regarding raising taxes on the “1%ers”, I have to take issue. This is America. The “1%ers” already pay 38% of ALL the taxes. They pay almost 50% (one half) their income to federal and state tax coffers. They’ve been taxed enough. The Founding Fathers never contemplated that a person in this country would be forced to give 50% of his/her income to Big Brother (federal and state). It’s not American.

          • …by agreeing with the Libs on taxing the very wealthy, then you are falling for their “it’s us versus them” mentality! Don’t fall for it!! The super rich will ALWAYS have a way out of paying more taxes…and most family owned businesses will be the ones picking up the tab for them…just remember, the liberals who are playing the “us versus them” game…are NOT us!!! They are the super rich…but they already know how the game will end, and they have a way out of paying more taxes…you can be sure of that!!

          • Warren Buffet brags constantly that his effective tax rate is 17%. Your 50% is way off, furthermore, the top 1% have 80% of all the money. That was never true before, but it is now. The middle and lower classes not only pay more taxes (percentage wise) but they have far less money (in a real dollar ‘absolute count’).

            Lastly, the income tax rate has historically been much higher than it is now. When that communist fag Eisenhower was POTUS, the top (marginal) income tax rate was 90%. This means that for every dollar earned over $300,000.00 back then, the individual paid 90% taxes. Didn’t stop people from creating jobs or getting rich did it? The 1950’s were one of America’s golden ages (as long as you were white).

            Pitching in for the general good IS American, by the way.

            • Johnny V,
              Do you hear yourself? You sound like Karl Marx. This is America you clown! We (non Democrats) actually belive in property rights. The most important property right is the right to keep the money you earn. There are two kinds of people: those who work for a living and those who vote for a living. I know which type person you are.

              Regarding Warren Buffett’s tax rate on his “interest carry income”, that loophole needs to be closed and his taxes should be the 50% I mentioned above. To take more is a sure way to make sure all of our businesses leave this country and re-establish themselves in lower tax countries in Asia. I’m sure your’re not smart enough to figure out the cosequences of that, so let me tell you: more unemployment for Americans.

              A country doesn’t tax and spend itself to properity, despite what you liberal Democrats seem to think. The consequences of your policies have destroyed this country. Wake up and smell the coffee! Cuba and North Korea and Russia are countries that have followed your liberal (Marxist) policies and the last time I checked they were economic basket cases and totalitarian shitholes.

            • You idiots will cry all day about how the corporations have robbed the country blind (and they have…), but when it comes to those (criminal) individuals paying any income tax at all, you will readily take up arms to protect the same criminals you curse the other half of the time. Face it Fox news clown, it’s YOU who’s broke. GE got a 2.5 BILLION dollar tax REFUND on taxes they NEVERT PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE. Look it up.

              The people being robbed by taxes are the middle and lower classes. Most of the 1%’ers pay no tax at all. They have friends in government, and YOU DON’T. That includes the republican party, by the way.

              And before you curse me for being a “marxist” which I’m not, maybe you should spend some time in a uniform (like I have) defending the rights of Americans. You (T) are a FREELOADING ASSHOLE. FUCK YOU! GET YOURSELF AN EDUCATION BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

      26. Here is some very interesting information on Zbigniew Brzezinski which adds to the suspicious many have expressed today on SHTF about Brzezinski:

        Of particular interest:

        “The U.S. Afghanistan policy was formulated by Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and was continued by his successors. “His plan went far beyond simply forcing Soviet troops to withdraw,” Dixon notes, “rather it aimed to foster an international movement to spread Islamic fanaticism into the Muslim Central Asian Soviet republics to destabilize the Soviet Union.”

        • William S,
          Yeah, his plan worked out well — Al Queda, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., etc.

      27. Zbig should know, he’s partially responsible for what is happening to this country. Burn in hell you sorry old bastard. Take your elitist pig friends Warren Buffet and Henry Kissinger with you.

      28. I took a class from Zbig the Gangster at Columbia. A very smart man and an elitist. I know where he lives, so don’t worry emptyhandkiller; I will string him up for you. There is a nice big tree at the end of his block. So how many of you have thought about just making more money and working smarter. Don’t worry. I agree with most of the comments of anger posted, although I am nowhere near poor; when the riot’s start I will be out in force looking for the Gangster Bankers and hunting them down. If I were a gangster banker I would worry about someone like me posting all the name, and addresses and cell phone #’s of these criminals on SHTFplan.

        There will be plenty of pigs to be slaughtered. and by the way don’t forget your local useless politicians as well they only deserve rope.

      29. Just a thought but I remember this usless boar tit from back in the 70s(at least) and I thought he was an old fart back then…like Kissinger… what are these devils eating or ingesting that keeps them animated? Seems to me they should all be rotting in hell by now…or is it just me?

      30. The Phone ringing was funny. But Zbignew is misguiding, and misdirecting the point. There’s a reason for the ‘class disparity’.

        FED Reserve
        Service Sector Economy
        Dumbing down of society
        People are getting useless degrees + 60K student debt
        downfall of morals and values
        no clue what self sufficient/reliance is
        poor criminal justice system
        Corporate fascist government
        SSRI –Anti-Depressants/anxiety
        unfair tax/regulation on small businesses
        corporations own the gov.

        • MJ: The reason for class disparity is not entitlements, etc. And here is why not:

          The GB and PTB have transferred the American economy offshore to make enormous profits for this investor class by exploiting international labor and entrepenuers; with Chinese workers, as an example, making 40 cents and hour. Thus displacing many tens of millions of Americans from the jobs they once had. This extra profit goes to the PTB/GB/IC. They are getting filthy rich.

          (How many seatshirts can a Chinese worker make by automated machine during that hour; which is then sold in the US for 6 dollars each? The profits margins are enormous, even after the Chinese Communists take their cut.)

          To hide this rape of the American means of production, the PTB have created entitlements; ie, food stamps and other government assistance programs to partially fill the void of the loss of these jobs and put a “safety net” under the dispalced American worker and taxpayer.

          The problem is that the PTB/ BG/IC are not paying for these entitlement programs from the grekko greed wealth that they are producing offshore. Instead they are passing the costs of these entitlement programs on to the middle class, which is why most working for wages people make $12 an hr and pay 25% or more in taxes, while the uber rich, like Buffet only pay 17-19%.

          Now !7-19% of 10 to 100 millon dollars a year in income is alot of money, but I would suggest that as a percentage of their gross income the very wealthy are not paying their fair share, while the burdens of the “entitlement programs” used to placate the poor and supress rebellion are paid for by the middle class.

          If Brezinsky is saying that there is an appearance of an “unjust society” you can bet your ass it is not only unjust, but immoral, and illegal as the PTB in Congress that have supported, even encouraged the transfer of the American economy offshore, have a moral, ethical, and legal obligation to their constituents to defend American jobs and markets,

          Treason. Treason on a grand scale.

          • Durango Kidd,
            I hope you’re not suggesting that American business people should be forced to keep plants here in America when our politicians used to tax them at 90% and let unions run the production floors, and let the trial lawyers loose on them with all the frivolous lawsuits. American business left this country, you’re right about that, but what would you do if you were being raped with taxes, unions, and trial lawyers.

            Start at the beginning of the story, not at the end. Until America stops targeting someone wealthier to give us a free lunch we will continue to lose jobs and wealth. I don’t blame America’s businesses for abandoning this country, I would too!

            If you want to turn this mess around, America needs to go back to encouraging business and wealth creation instead of trying to take it and redistribute it to the “free lunch” crowd.

            • T, I don’t think you know what incorporated means..

            • T: You want me to start at the beginning of this story? Ok! American business didn’t leave this country because they wanted too. The PTB created an environment that encouraged their departure and allowed them to leave at the expense of the constituents.

              An agreement was struck between the political PTB and China under GHW Bush, first as Ambassador to China, then as US VP under Reagan, and then as POTUS, to transfer some American business and technology to China in “enterprise zones” to begin their capitalist experiment with the promise that US Gangster Bankster / NWO Globalists would make them very rich.

              It was bribery which induced the CCP to become capitalists.

              These first businesses transfers were some avaiation engineering jobs in the lates 70’s, from major US MIC’s as a test of American PTB willingness to share the wealth. These globalists saw the opportunity to transform China and reap ungodly profits in the process.

              Slowly but surely in the 80’s more transfers took place while the CCP sent thousands of their bureaucrats to the City to develop financial skills and their children to western business schools to understand capitalism and modern management theory. After the kids were schooled in the West, they went home to become the managers of Chinese industries.

              Soon these Chinese companies were privatized with the ownership of these industries falling into the hands of the PLA and the kids of the CCP leadership. As more production and more wealth was generated using western methodologies, financial reforms were pushed forward in the Chinese marketplace to allow western Globalistn Gangster Banksters to participate in ownership of these industries.

              This processed continued into the 80’s and 90’s under the guiding hand of GHWBush and the global elites. It was a strategic ploy against the Russians and great profit for the GB’s.

              It continued unabated with the blessings of the globalist GB’s and Political Elite in DC under the banner of “Free Trade’ as if opening American markets and transferring American factories, technologies and jobs to China and India were a “FREEDOM”. It is not. It is an abortion, just like “Pro Chice’. Do not be fooled by slogans and euphanisms.

              All of this is a process designed and set in motion by the Uber Rich Illuminati toward their goal of world domination controlled by the International Bankers, and One World Government. The process was designed to defeat the Soviets. It did. Then they “conveniently” forgot to shut it down and it cannibalized US.

              I own a precious metals mine T. The more “free trade” that comes to America the richer I get; the poorer my fellow Americans become and the weaker this nation grows.

              Americans believe in fairness. I believe we need to level the playing field again. If international businesses want to access American markets they need to build the plants and factories here and allow their products to be made by Amerrican workers. Honda and Toyota do.

              The Chinese are siphoning off American wealth and impoverishing American taxpayers with plants that were cosntructed from American depositor and pension funds.

              Thats the beginning of the story T. It was treason. And still is.

            • Today’s a hard day for “T”…………

            • Bravo–I too am sure if I had a choice between China(heaven forbid) and the restrictions, legislation, taxes, etc. corporations face here, I’d choose China.
              When I think of the auto unions not letting folks work so they can get overtime on weekends, my feathers get ruffled.

            • Notice that what DK just described and called “free trade” is actually Mercantilism. Him and his ilk, and yes, he is just like those who off shored the jobs, they want to decide which jobs go where rather than letting the free market decide. That is the nature of Mercantilism.

          • now I am thinking many here don”t understand what incorporated means or how it works… T or JJ

            if you are incorporated you “yourself” is not taxed higher than anyone else in your wage level… the tax bracket “you” will be in is decided by how much you decide the company will be paying you in wages.

            the highest corporate tax is 35%, that means the corporation pays 35% on its “PROFITS” after paying YOU the CEO or what ever your called by title and ALL the workers !!

            then the corporation itself pays the so called investors (the banks) the other 65% in dividends.. it may be a little bit more complex than I am explaining but that is the base of it in a nutshell.

            please do tell me if I am wrong…LOL

            • Black Sheep: If ONLY the multinationals paid 35% on their taxes the US Treasury would not be broke.Large corporations do not pay that level by any stretch of the imagination.

              Neither do small businesses who create the jobs.

      31. Expect a race war followed by the U.S. splitting into at least 6 different territories.

        • GE: If there is to be a “race war” then let it be between Patriots and Globalists.

          • The only ‘race’ war I want to see is Nascar vs Indy. Or just nascar vs nascar. Brad Keselowski flips a car at 150 mph way better than Carl Edwards. Wonder what these guys liability insurance rates are? Probably even a talking gekko coouldn’t save them much.

        • Charles Manson will control the west coast.

      32. Land of opportunity! The free market is working! Fractional reserve banking is awesome! Three cheers for fiat currency! Corporatism is good for the masses! Aim high, for you TOO can reach the top of the pyramid! Thank you for showing the elite how to manipulate us plebians, Edward Bernays! WHEEE!!!…

      33. And yet purple lips continues to collect more than anyone else in the running of the losers…No idea how or why but what if he succeeds in another term? OMG!

        (Reuters) – The campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama said on Wednesday it raised $86 million from April to June, exceeding its $60 million target for the quarter and eclipsing Republican White House contenders.

        Obama’s 2012 campaign said it received funds from more than 552,000 people, representing “more grassroots support at this point in the process than any campaign in political history.”

        • Reuters is one of the holders of the Yellow Journalism awards to me..

          I do not believe even 10% of what Reuters lists…. No credibility in their reporting.

        • Of course O’bummer is generating tons of money. Its coming from the PTB/GB/IC and Big Business who want to continue the rape of the American economy to line their own pockets.

          Obummer is doing EXACTLY what the Globalists want. This asshole will have a billion dollars before the election,

        • Great site bloodfellow. That list is un real.

      34. Here is my plan: Eliminate the debt ceiling laws, stop the budget process and allow the federal government and politicians to spend as much as they want on anything they want. This will hasten the collapse of the dollar and the Fed. Once the dollar has collapsed our international debts will be irrelevant because paying them off using Fed notes will be easy, worthless but easy.

        Then return to Constitutional government and keep a standing gallows on the mall in D.C.

      35. Durango:
        Yourdaddy is one heck of a good guy, I kinda know him but have never been fortunate enough to of met him face to face. He is way better than any one at NASA (Never A Straight Answer) 😉

      36. Durango/YourDaddy/Black Sheep

        If you can tolerate listening to this guy and forget about his religious/spiritual views…he has some interesting views with his guest about Elenin… starts at about 3/4 of an inch in….just move the circle over

        • That is very interesting BJ.

          that guest basically says what I said above on another post of it being a harbinger, I didn’t think of that wording… the brown dwarf will be coming from the same direction as Elenin came from.

          BJ, go to
          enter the coordinates,
          9h 48m 14.79 13 20 27.14
          that is the direction Elenin came from.
          you will see nothing there. BUT now open the first tool and select the IRAS infrared view.
          you will see something completely different at them coordinates.

          I am yet to hear any explanation of what I see there..
          you will also find the same deal when you use Google earth and the sky view with the infrared..

          • yeah I know, I’ve seen that a while back….their hiding things form us that are out of their control.

        • their asking for the people to revert to violence against them

      37. People I know that I don’t post much here, however I do read the site everyday. If we don’t try and help spread the word about whats happening to our country then we are all really f–ked. This is a great site and I have to say I kinda wish I never found it, Because all it has done for me is wake me up. But now my eyes are wide open and and looking into everything our goverment is doing. Along with this site and a handful of other sites we could make people up by the millions. So start spreading the word

        God Bless us all


      38. opps wake people up by the millions

      39. pretender: I cannot guarantee that I did not have sex with the amerikan sheeple. SS, what’s that? We have no bananas’ today.

        Ron P to Ben: Do you ever watch the price of Au? Sure, I own lots of that shiny stuff, but I never took Chem 1 or History 101.

      40. I avoid prediting the futer events. Too many things could happen to change the outcome. Mere proganda piece designed to get people scared. Two things drivean economy: fear and wants. Either the customer has to have the item cause it’s hot or they feel they will need the item.

        let’s face it. Buying food and ammo is not as hot as buying a cell phone or Ipad.

        It’s nice to be prepared but I certainly wouldn’t drive myself nuts thinking that life as we know it is about to end tomorrow.

        • Speak for yourself LOL, I kinda enjoy buying food and ammo. Wanna have some fun stand close to the ammo next time your there and watch what people are buying, or go to the gun store and ask what the most popular gun people are buying. I did this this morning and not much to my suprise the DPMS AR15 for around $800.00 is flying out the door 4 to 6 a week and in my town of less then 200,000 people that is a whole lot of fire power.However now since I live in TX if you purchase more then 2 you make the ATF watch list.

      41. I believe it took a MAN from TX to put Uncle Ben’s white rice (piled high & DEEP) in his place. Tax your peas, see how that works out pretender. It’s important to seduce overseas but don’t mess with TX. You’re working for a dim lib now. Moodys (Buffet) is down rating. U haven’t seen anything yet! Skrew AR-15, get an M4, go big.

        • Was that a attempt to insult me Anonymous?

      42. I need a mount for this M2 to put on my willys..oh and another 100 boxes of .50

        • be sure to use hardened steel bolts for the mounting brackets. and some ‘lock-tite’.Otherwise the vibration from just a few hundred rounds will work the nuts/bolts loose and the softer(standard) steel bolts crack from the vibration as well. just sayin…I have no actual experience doing anything like this of course.

          • You need the optional non-Libyan 5th wheel/gooseneck 1/2″ WWIII steel base plate option & optional brass case catcher w “short” gunners belt & king fisher chair w dual koosies. Blue or red lock-tite Okie? Torque? Rat Patrol!

      43. Seeing as how we’re living through Carter’s 2nd term, it is somehow appropriate that we start quoting Carter’s staff. When does the next hostage crisis start?

        Actually that was a bit harsh. At least Carter didn’t kill NASA.

        • there are specific reasons for shutting certain things down….listen to the link I posted below at 12:50

        • We are living through Bush’s 3rd term actually, His wars are being continued, his torture is being continued, his patriot act is being continued and his TSA nazi acts are being continued, Bush the Loser, THe gift that keeps on giving, or I should say taking and Taking and taking our rights away.

          • I know. I just love all the talk about what a great conservative GW was. The man who gave us Homeland InSecurity, airport gropes, and endless wars. Anybody hear that the guy who shot Reagan – his father was a former business partner of Bush senior?? And my favorite Bushism – that Daddy Bush couldn’t remember he was in Dallas on the day Kennedy was shot!! Who can’t remember where they were that day?? but, the rest of us weren’t in the CIA at the time, either!

          • You need to ask your best friend to lick your face.

            • Your other face that follows you left behind.

        • BJ: I did. Its interesting, but not 100% sure that it conforms to Revelations as most of the world is destroyed in ch 1-12 before Ch 13 comes along.

          Its worth considering of course

      44. Whoopee! I was going thru the bottom shelf in the old gun safe & found about 40 oz. of silver I had forgot about plus two bags of 64 and older quarters & dimes.

        I really have to inventory the ammo cabinets. I know I will be surprised again.

        • Dang, all I ever find when clearing out old storage areas or safes is unpaid bills, forgotten ransom notes and spider webs. Oh, and I did find a used lottery ticket once, I figured the odds of winning were only one in a million less than when I bought it, so it might still be good…

      45. I once attended a church where the leading pastor always appeared in a three-piece “Wall Street” dark blue suit. The Board members all were executive business men. The assistant pastor owned a jewelry business.

        Many years ago, having been downsized out of work, I discussed with the pastor of a former church the idea that a man earning $100.00 a week who gives 10% ($10.00) each Sunday has only $90.00 for his family to live on. Whereas, the man earning $1,000 a week who gives 10% ($100.00) a week has $900.00 for his family to live on. Therefore, in the eyes of heaven, the poor man gives a much greater gift, and must live on much less. The pastor strongly disagreed, stating that both men were financially identical, and had identical faith.

        I am not a religious fanatic, but I do know the scriptures:
        “As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. ‘I tell you the truth,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.'”
        Luke 21:1-2

        Heaven has eyes!

        • WT: Their faith may have been equal but their wallets were not. Either way the pastor was getting his, wasn’t he?

      46. The Jesus I know isnt short of any Cash Mister. If there was a Jesus, the one I heard of would never charge for his info, Religion is a scam, always has been always will be and a method of control, complete Phooey, Just say no to Religion, a Scam.

      47. Conservative Idiot who always calls ChriShitstains Jesus Fuckers and who always complains About a Legal Procedure called Abortion says

        Get used to the USA becoming Like Nazi Germany, Hell it already is, look at the TSA sticking their hands down you pants and saying papers please, thank Raygun who started outsourcing jobs when he was Presiduce, Enjoy your Servitude Slaves of the United Slaves of America.

        • elton, your phone is ringing…no, the fuzzy one. Just stick your head in and say hello. you may want a cigarette afterwards, just don’t inhale…it deepens your voice and that would ruin your chances tonight at the bar.

      48. hey okie my fuzzy phone broke, sorry I dont drink so wont be at a bar either

      49. If there are not so many jobs going around..then why do we have so many colleges in the first place? Why did we educate the women?? Why did we let the American women into the workforce??? Aren’t they taking away jobs that rightfully belong to men???? Why cant the women sit at home and take care of the kids???? Aren’t the kids getting neglected while the mother is working at her job????? Isn’t this a social catastrophe enough??????? What does it take for the American people to realize that something has terribly gone wrong over the last 40 years????
        Who is to blame for this economic mess that is only getting worse by the day???????
        Wake up America!

      50. The fact of the matter is that all college educated working middle class Americans are nothing but trashy slaves for the big American corporations, to be used and then thrown away. This is exactly what’s happening and what’s meant to be!
        The sooner the slaves realize their true identity, the better.
        Slaves are not free to choose. Slaves will only do what their masters tell them to do!
        End of story.

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