“D” Weapons Use Appliances to Spy on Homes, Internet as Cyber Battleground: “World War III is a Guerrilla Information War”

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    Though it has remained officially unsaid, the powers that be have all-but-officially designated the American people as their enemy in a foggy battleground that has become global, nebulous, highly technological and extremely paranoid.

    Homeland Security and FBI protocol have set the stage for profiling Americans as potential threats, while the rising police state have often cracked down with a heavy hand and perhaps a SWAT raid. The War on Terror, global jihad, cyber attacks and a new Cold War have all contributed the necessary pretexts for an atmosphere of control and preemptive suspicion that seemingly justifies total surveillance of the population.

    USCYBERCOM, activated by the federal government in 2009 and operated by the director of the NSA, adds a whole new dimension to that, by bringing home – to computer screens and devices everywhere – the cyberwar.

    And since that time, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange became the first civilian designated, according to declassified information, as a military-designated “enemy of the state.” Many SWAT raids, FBI and police visits have now resulted from alleged threatening or offensive Internet activity. Likewise, StuxNet became the first major cyber attack against Iran, a (perceived) military threat. More recently, we’ve seen major cyber warfare exchanges with North Korea, resulting in an Internet blackout there following the SONY hacking scandal and diplomatic standoff over a Hollywood film.

    As Daniel Taylor, of Old Thinker News, points out, the militarization and weaponization of the digital space has been a long time coming, and it might mutate into a conflict wide enough to involve you and your online activities. His article, “NSA Cyber War Will Use Internet of Things as Weapons Platform; Your Home is the Battlefield” argues:

    As time goes on it will be readily apparent to the masses that the monumental surveillance architecture that will catalog and track the population is nothing more than an attempt at full spectrum domination.


    New Snowden documents recently revealed that the NSA is getting ready for future digital wars as the agency postures itself in an aggressive manner towards the world. “The Five Eyes Alliance“, a cooperation between United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, is working hard to develop these weapons of Cyber Warfare.

    So called “D” weapons, as reported by Der Spiegel, will paralyze computer networks and infrastructure that they monitor. Water supplies, factories, airports, as well as the flow of money are all potential targets.

    Simultaneously, while handing out tech goodies to consumers, the American people have also become their dupes, their sheep and their eyes. Through the digitalization of the planet, cyberspace has brought home a front that is equal parts transformative, enticing and eerily grim.

    The Edward Snowden leaks constituted notice to the world that all things digital are subject to surveillance – a total and complete surveillance that includes the participation of the population who, through carrying various “smart” devices that capture data, images and audio for meta-analysis – are feeding the powers that be with vast catalogs of spy information – including valuable proprietary consumer data. Taylor notes:

    The NSA’s Cyber Weapons program will undoubtedly exploit these devices, which include household appliances, and, frighteningly, medical devices that can be hacked. Pacemakers can be remotely stopped, and insulin pumps can be made to deliver a lethal dose of insulin. With the advent of implantable devices that communicate via Wifi, the potential for manipulation and hacking is growing exponentially.

    If the developers of these internet connected devices don’t willingly work with the NSA to place back-doors in the technology, the agency is hard at work trying to find and exploit them.

    Through the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), household appliances, smart meters, street lights and more will create a total digital picture of life, capturing real time data per appliance that creates a total information grid. Taylor writes:

    The Der Spiegel report does not mention the wider issue of the expanding network of everyday objects and appliances that are connected to the internet. According to CIA chief David Patraeus the Internet of Things will have a monumental impact on “clandestine tradecraft.” Richard Adhikari writes for Tech News World that the Internet of Things is “…ripe for exploitation by the NSA”

    Consumer appliances are now becoming activated and “smart.” RFID chips and wireless internet connections enable devices like televisions, refrigerators, printers, and computers to communicate with each other and generally make life easier for us. This comes at a price, however. Your privacy is eliminated.


    Think the idea of your appliances spying on you is crazy? According to Samsung’s new privacy policy, their smart TV can monitor your conversation. The policy states, “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.”

    This digital surveillance age does not make spying on persons of interest merely possible or probable in any theoretical sense. Instead, it is a living matrix that defaults to spying. It is set up to flag aberrant and eccentric behavior and patterns, and will prompt a due response – whether you have done anything wrong or not.

    The scheduled blurring of legitimate military targets and average civilian members of the population will present a different type of war, with weaponized information and data. Putting it all in perspective, Taylor cites a media pioneer from a time before the digital age had dawned:

    World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” – Marshall McLuhan, Culture is Our Business, 1970

    Such a war will likely be the ultimate battle between the individual and the state. Unless stopped or slowed, it will  accomplish, systematically, what no Cold War secret agency working on the ground and in the shadows could ever hope to gain.


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      1. Guess I’ll have to tell the missus that the kitchen table is no longer a viable option. The toaster might be snapping pictures.

        • ….just…just FUBAR.

          • Good business opportunity for ‘bug sweeper’ technicians.

            • Off Topic…

              Police Seize 7 Children From Prepper Family For Using This Alternative Medicine

              “State social workers and sheriff’s deputies in Arkansas took seven children from their parents’ home because the father was in possession of a legal medical solution not approved by the FDA.”

              “Armed sheriff’s deputies and state police surrounded their home and served a search warrant at 9:30 p.m. Jan. 12. The deputies were apparently searching for bottles of Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS, made popular by Jim Humble. The father said he mostly uses it for purifying water for the garden, according to KARK and the family’s Facebook page.”

              “After the deputies found MMS, the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) took the seven underage children.
              Two older children are in college.”

              “After removing the children from the house the kids were placed in an ambulance and given a medical examination. Officials said they were healthy.”

              “Saying that I was endangering them with some water purification drops,” Hal Stanley said of authorities’ reason for searching his home and taking his children.

              Off the Grid News dot com

                • It’s about time they started rounding up these radicals and their water purification tablets.
                  Next thing you know they’re homeschooling the kids and collecting rain water.

                  • Thanks, I needed a laugh after that mini article. It would seem that the hounds of hell have been unleashed on the awake side of the populous! Forbid you don’t worship and depend on Father Government – you will pay!

                    • Much more shit, new sunrise…

                      Please push red reset button now.

                      Thank you.


                    • @ the Utah Data Center

                      I don’t submit. I won’t obey. Fuck you NSA.

                    • GMAFB, will the handle on the shitter do?

                    • <title="Mrs. McGonnigal"

                      Mrs. McGonnigal is a 72 year-old great grand-mother who lives a half-dozen or so doors down from me. This paragraph describes her perfectly:
                      "This digital surveillance age does not make spying on persons of interest merely possible or probable in any theoretical sense. Instead, it is a living matrix that defaults to spying. It is set up to flag aberrant and eccentric behavior and patterns, and will prompt a due response – whether you have done anything wrong or not." Except that she doesn't use anything digital. She just sits there and watches and watches and watches. What else does she have to do?

                      I'm not sure if the feds could find out anything else about me from my refrigerator that the NSA and/or my ISP doesn't already know, but who is to say?

                      This is an old joke, so if you've heard it before, forgive me, this is kind of what appliance paranoia is sort of about:

                      It was a case for small town justice. Mrs. McGonnigal is called to the stand by the Defense attorney and his first question is, "Mrs. McGonnigal, do you know me?"

                      "Sure I know you", she replies, "I've known you since you were a lazy little jerk always trying to get out of something. I know that you're a borderline alcoholic and you and your wife have argued-"
                      "Uh, well, yes. Well, do you know the prosecuting attorney?"
                      "Little Harold? Sure, I've known his whiney ass as long as I've known you. And he's still a whiney little shit too! He's had an affair with pretty much everything he could. Even your wife, as I recall. You philandering prick!"
                      The judges gavel comes down and he orders both attorneys to the bench. "If either one of you ask that woman if she knows me, you will both get 60 days for contempt!"

              • KY MOM. STOP. STOP for ONE minute. Go do one search about Miracle Mineral Solution. Acute renal failure?!!! You post some interesting stuff but slow down a sec and research a little. Differentiate the good from the bad. Let’s hope none of the kids has renal failure yet; but, the probably have started for the action to be taken. Its not this guy should not be allowed to have chlorite but that he could be poisoning his family. Kinda like the evil preppers on here who have food containers with poison. How sick are they? What if some kids opens one of those?!

                • Don’t be a dumb ass. We all have children. We have items than could potentially harm children if accidentally ingested. Parents keep their children away from chemicals, cleaning supplies, medication, etc all the time.

                • “See something, say something”. Remember that? And after a five hour interrogation turns out the teenagers wanted to attend public school, not homeschool. One of the little ones admitted he sometimes went hungry (didn’t like what mom made for supper). Shoes, clothes, not a problem, don’t all kids like to go barefooted (yeah, in Arkansas we do! Even if we’re 59 year old kids!).

                  Something’s fishy here. Oh yeah, media called them “preppers”!


            • @outwest

              Why would anybody need a bug sweeper? They are not bugging our houses…Heck they don’t have too. Most idiots are bugging themselves and paying about 1500 bucks a pop to do it. You always wonder in 1984 how big brother got everyone to allow them to put surveillance in their homes….Well…aren’t we bright!!! We freakin did it for them. What will be the cost by the time we figure it out????

              It’s ironic how dumb all these “smart” devices have made us. Sometimes I think we deserve exactly what we’re gonna get.

            • I do not worry i’ve bought all my appliances at the salvation army !!!!

        • The Only way to defeat most of this is to have “EVERYBODY STOP PAYING TAXES!!”

          • you first WWT

          • I have to admit, paying taxes is like giving the guy shooting at you bullets every time he runs out!

        • With this (video of cops raiding house like Gestapo) and cops WILLING to do this illegal shit, basically, TPTB can do whatever they want and get by with it. If they decide to take away all gypsies, they can. If they decide to take away all Jews they can. If they decide to take away all gun owners they can try.

          Obama has given complete freedom to the state (1%) and taken away all of our freedoms (he thinks).

          • Anon, they can TRY to take our guns and/or the gun owners but they will suffer massive casualties in the process. Make sure they receive the “lead nutrients”.

          • Oh, it’s not just Obama. He’s just the latest puppet to do their bidding. Let’s not forget that many so-called tea party Republicans voted for things like NDAA 2012 and the omnibus spending bill that passed in December. Also remember that the USA Patriot act was from the Bush administration, not a Liberal. You watch. Whoever the next occupant of the White House is will complete the slide towards totalitarianism, all in the name of safety and security. The party matters little as we will never be given the ability to vote for a true constitutionalist candidate by either of the parties that get press coverage. Sure, you can vote third party but you most people will never even know about your candidate, let alone put forth the intellectual energy necessary to decide to vote for them.

            • You nailed it, I been thinking the same thing as far as the next person in the whitehouse, it is going right to total totalitarianism due to security, just like 9/11……and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a republican.

              Did you see the border security bill they got? It removes border fences, deports NO ONE and cost 10 Billion with a B!

            • Winston. The current 2 party system has been corrupt for a long time. Way before Obama was groomed for the executive office. I think a lot of people who comment here on this site are familiar with the the definition of insanity. It appears that politicians who hold high level positions are either being bribed or blackmailed. Or both. That in itself is scary. Along with certain people being “suicided” if they step out of line.
              There was a documentary shown last night on a local TV channel that showed how Hitler’s SS took power. I don’t watch TV much, but this show was interesting. Many similarities of Nazi Germany’s police state comparable to what’s happening in the US today; they were even building underground complexes towards the end of WW2.
              I’d like to know how Dorothy Killagen, Vince Foster, and Michael Hastings died. And who were those clowns in the Dallas “tramp” photo taken just before JFK’s assassination? I think there’s more to these stories than the “official” version.
              More coffee…..hard to type coherent sentences this early in the morning.

            • Winston: You are correct. Though some of these folks actually believed in what they were voting in the affirmative for – for the “safety” of Americans, their trust (as usual) was misplaced.

              I supported Michelle Bachmann and when I called to voice my disappointment with her vote on the NDAA – the aide told me that they needed to prevent people from dying. I explained to her that all of us will die – it’s not a matter of how we die, it’s a matter of how we live………….

        • ..and you eat off that able? (pun intended)

      2. Another thing to be very careful of, ON STAR and the like in your vehicles. Unless its remove completely they still have your number.

        • GM announced years ago that OnStar would be installed on ALL models of all their vehicles (of all makes) beginning in 2004. A consumer may not elect to activate the subscription-based service, but that does not negate the fact that the equipment is ready to go and therefore an option for law enforcement to take control of one’s vehicle if deemed “necessary”. Or simply to track a vehicle’s activity to determine if violations (i.e., speeding) have taken place.

          • As long as everybody is carrying a Cell Phone, you are being tracked and your calls recorded. It is their optional “Volunteer GPS Tracking Ankle Bracelet program,” that has a phone feature. And they even get you to pay for the monthly service fee to record your calls. lol “Stoopid Sheep is.”

            • Do you have any idea how much data storage that would need/take? I’m not saying they do or they don’t record our calls, but if they did..that would have to be massive.

              • Nano technology, T-town.

                The complete KJV Bible on a sliver about the size of a dime. It is real and it is here, because this is the future.

                We ain’t got much more “future” left to go.

                • blows my mind! too old for this shit.

                • The text of the King James Bible is actually smaller than most people imagine. It would actually fit on an old 3.5 inch floppy disk. So a DVD would hold over 3,000 copies, uncompressed.

                  The NSA actually does have enough storage space to record everyone continuously. They could record you 24/7/365 for your entire life and it wouldn’t fill a 1TB hard drive. And that’s assuming you live 100 years, and are of interest that long. I based my calculations on 32kbps monaural MP3 files.

                  They have not denied that their new data center can store on the order of yottabytes of data. On their website, they say their capacity is classified, but admitted to “alottabytes.” A yottabyte is over one trillion terabytes. They can easily store 24/7 audio for everyone on earth. Everybody’s data is actually a trivial amount of storage in comparison. Video takes more space, but not that much video needs to be taken for each person. Much of the video will include multiple people.

                  So, T-town, the NSA can store everything right now with space to spare.

                  • Putting some teeth in the all seeing eye

                  • I have worked in telecom for 34 years, and there are optical systems in place that can transit everything ever written in the history of the world in < 5 minutes….

              • T-Town,
                that is why they built the center in Utah, another you might wish to know, it is too long to explain here but the bottom line is, there is and was testing to ( in simple terms) compress data and then still be able to very quickly retrieve and review if needed. I cannot divulge more, just that i know for a FACT they know how to have and hold HUGE amounts of info, the key they were waiting for was a system to retrieve and now that it is done, they are gathering more info. (data) YOUR data and is being stored to be used when or if needed! you should be PISSED OFF and big time, and needs to be challenged in a court of law when we throw the scumbags out of office!

              • That’s what the Utah facility is for.

            • That’s why you get a Faraday cage and a one-way pager to go with your phone. Or, as you say, don’t have anything.

            • Even if a person culls all devices that have smart technology, there is still that damned cell phone.

              Cell phones are the best and worst technology wrapped up in one little hand-held device.

              Convenience factors have made them almost as important as our cars. The camera option has been a nightmare for cops getting busted by citizens when they cross the line. It has also helped catch many criminals. The selfie craze is childish and the epitome of self-indulgence.

              The down side of cell phones is that many highway deaths have been directly attributed to use of the phone while behind the wheel. Especially when texting.

              Another downside is the damn things are easily evesdropped on. LE can set up near your residence and snoop with ease. Neighbors can eavesdrop just as easy.
              I had an aquaintance that had plenty of time on his hands everyday. He bought a high tech scanner, and would spend hours listening to cell phone conversations from his little man cave off a corner of the house that overlooked downtown.

              He picked up on drug deals,cop chases,informants, and the most interesting to him was acts of infidelity/affairs. This one couple would secretly meet every couple days. The male adulterer would park at a fast food restauraunt nearby and talk for hours, sometimes, when they couldn’t meet. They would even say names of family and friends, like no one was gonna ever find out. They talked dirty to each other and this was what captivated the snooper. It was like a real life soap opera, and he was addicted. He had so much information that he knew exactly where the guy was parked and what he was driving. If he had wanted to, he could have got the guy’s license plate number, made a few calls and got the guy’s full name and then contacted his wife, and blown the whole thing up like a bunch of fireworks. Same thing with the cheating woman. He even knew what the girl drove and where they would meet.

              Loose lips can sink ships, is true.
              People say way too much on telephones of any kind.
              I hate a damn phone. I have to use one sometimes, but I don’t carry a friggin cell phone any longer. My wife has one, so I use hers occasionally.

              I was on call for a few years with different jobs, and I hated it. One job had me attached to a friggin pager…remember those little aggravating pieces of technology? I got pissed a few years ago, and threw my cell phone into a drawer. I had already gone to a pay as you use, cheap walmart phone for years, so it has been in a drawer for a long time.

              People are so obsessed with using them. We were almost hit head-on, two weeks ago, because some idiot teenager had a friggin cell phone clamped to his ear and wasn’t paying attention as he was half way in our lane. Luckily, I was going slower than usual, and had time to swerve out of his way. The wife wanted me to run him down. I told her he might have a gun and shoot us both. She said, ” yea, you are right, people have absolutely gone crazy these days”.

      3. Real simple–just get RID OF all the fancy-pants electronic crap.

        Scrap out the telly, iPad, iPhone, cell, and other BS. Drive an ol;d beater car w/o computers.

        Case closed.

        • I just bought a new truck today. Well new to me anyway, its a ’92 dodge 4×4 that runs great. It even has some electric windows (the 2 in the doors) and a working tape player and radio that you can program to remember 6 FM or AM stations.

          The four wheel drive is shift on the fly and works great, it has a trailer hitch, and for only $1200 . . . cash.

          What sealed the deal for me as I was inspecting it was the bumper sticker on the back that said “Zombie apocalypse . . . there’s no app for that.”

        • The problem is that it is damn hard to get hold of a non-computerized vehicle these days. Computers started becoming standard around 1980-81 (for GM at least) and finding parts to keep vehicles older than that running can be difficult. Heck, I drive vehicles from the 90’s and the parts situation for some of them is getting sketchy.

          The thing to avoid is cars with a telematics system like OnStar installed in them. These systems can be remote activated by the manufacturer and so the government can make it happen too. While some of the earlier versions of these systems can no longer work due to the dismantling of the earlier analog cell network (that OnStar ran on in it’s first iteration), later ones connect via digital cell towers and can be reactivated at any time. It also may be very difficult to eliminate the hardware from the vehicle as it is tied into the CANBUS. This is how the manufacturer can read your PCM’s diagnostic codes and is also tied into the SRS system so that it can summon emergency services in the event of an accident. Even installing an aftermarket radio is virtually impossible in many modern cars due to the extreme level of integration that exists.

          (I use GM products as an example because I am most familiar with their products. I am fairly certain that other manufacturers are similar.)

          I would also watch out for the proposed OBD III and OBD IV regulations. These would network all new cars to the government and permit remote citations to be issued as well as allow the government to shut down your vehicle at will. It is being proposed as a way of continually monitoring emissions and theoretically could be used to force people to repair their vehicles long before any state inspection.

          • Old FORD trucks. You can buy every single part for them, so many were made…

            • The problem is that many of the castings used to make parts for older cars are wearing out. Try finding a usable Ford FE engine block in a good size and you will find it is getting difficult. Yes, you can still buy a new Windsor but if you need something else then it gets a little harder. Also, many of the water pumps, starters, alternators, distributors, carburators, etc. that are in current circulation have been rebuilt so many times that their reliability is dubious at best. Plus, just finding a good body and frame is starting to become difficult for some models.

              While it may be true that they made a lot of them, the problem is that most vehicles have about a 15-20 year time in which they are plentiful in salt free states. After that they have been scrapped in such large numbers that they start to lose their ability to be economical daily drivers. If you are a regular at the local u pull it yards like I am you have no doubt noticed this trend. When a vehicle gets about 10 years old, parts become plentiful and by the time it hits 20 they start to become scarce. As I run the same vehicles for decades, I am acutely aware of this. Plus, pickup trucks generally do not get scrapped until every single thing is worn out and it can no longer be bodged together well enough to carry cargo. (My truck is a 400k mile Japanese model from the 90’s that I just keep fixing!) Even tires are getting hard to find for some older model vehicles as newer vehicles use much larger rims and many shops do not stock tires for older stuff.

          • Winston, it’s sad but true that non-computerized vehicles are slowly disappearing from the roads. My income level AND everyone’s credit policies make damned sure that I stay away from the newer vehicles. I’m in a company vehicle only. I haven’t owned one since 2004. The only way I buy a vehicle is from a private owner for cash and it’s always older technology which I prefer anyway.

      4. Luke 12:3 “Whatever you have whispered in private rooms will be shouted from the rooftops”… Seams this very verse is being fulfilled in our time… Words are powerful.

        • People will be voting from the rooftops. “American Sniper” is a civilian training film. Get ready…

      5. We know that your phone can be turned on and used to listen to your private conversations.

        • “Smart” technology is for dummies. The smart people steer away from such gadgets that can track and spy on them.

          The younger generations have been indoctrinated by the educational system and the mass media advertising to accept this NWO system of electronic controls.

          Kids now think they are seen as un-cool if they don’t carry around the latest technology. Many of these high tech, high powered gadgets cause many health problems such as brain tumors/cancer.

          Staying connected is pushing the limits of natural bodily functions.

          But, that is the plan isn’t it. To kill off billions, so the few elite can have all the resources to themselves.

          The ultimate use of modern technology for greed.

          • But wouldn’t a computer fall into that category? not tryin’ to be a smartass, just pondering for safeties sake. Thanks.

            • Cover your camera and your mic…..This is old news

          • You absolutely correct. Smart = stupid in regards to anything the powers that shouldn’t be, introduce to the public. Only an idiot would drive a smart car and actually think it’s smart. Only a moron would think the smartphone is a smart choice. Only a drooling dolt would have smart appliances in their home. Only a retard of monumental proportions would place the biggest spy box of them all in their living room, the smart TV. Indeed, smart technology is for stupid ass people.

            After decades of working in the technology field, it was only about 15 years ago that I realized the full magnitude of where all this was going. Before then, I gazed upon articles of cybernetic implants with glee. I would stay on top of nano-tech as if it included me and my benefit. Yes, until my great epiphany, I thought technology was the savior of the human race. That was until I had an encounter with a very strange man.

            Once upon a time I worked as a contractor for the local power company as a service technician in their Energy Management program. I was trained in and installed thousands of their so called ‘smart’ devices. Some of these devices were to control appliances and could only receive signals while the newer and more advanced equipment included transceivers that could also report back to the mother ship. Yes, I thought all this shit was just fuckin great, until,….

            One day, like the many days before that, I received an order for an install at an apartment complex. I went to the apartment and a scruffy looking man answered and let me in. While inside I noticed he had no TV, no computer, no nothing, just a few pieces of furniture and a guitar. This struck me as pretty weird, but I would get some weird jobs every now and then, so I ignored it and got to work.

            Anyway, while in the middle of installing my EM gear to his AC/Heat and Water Heater, I had to run down to get some parts I forgot. When I came back up, the man was in the process of ripping the gear off the wall. I was surprised and asked what the hell he was doing. He went berserk and made threats toward me. I grabbed my tools and backed out into the hall as he pulled the gear off the wall and yanked the wiring apart.

            He was hollering all sorts of nasty shit at me and I made my way down stairs. As I was putting my tools away, he threw the gear down at me and was screaming about how this shit was spy gear to watch him. At the time, I thought he was nuts. I called into the home office and they said to leave it alone and get out of there, so I did.

            For some reason, I couldn’t shake this experience. I couldn’t understand what made this seemingly regular guy go crazy over a device that would save him money. So, I started searching for information on the equipment. One thing lead to another and that’s when I found “the agenda” and came to realize what I was unwittingly participating in. It wasn’t long after that I couldn’t do the job anymore knowing what it was and quit.

            This has been a long time in the making. The technology is only becoming more invasive. With that said, technology is like a firearm, alone it is neutral. It can be used for good or evil. The pricks running this show are clearly using it for maximum evil. Your best bet is to greatly limit your usage of technology until this insanity is revealed, rebuked and removed. This may be the remainder of your life, but more and more people can see it now. We’ll see.

            • Off Topic…

              EPA’s Ban On Wood Burning Stoves Just Days From Taking Effect

              “The Environmental Protection Agency is set to finalize a set of regulations in February that critics say will effectively ban production of 80 percent of the wood- and pellet-burning stoves in America.”

              “The EPA has argued that the new regulations would improve air quality. The regulations require stoves to burn 85 percent cleaner.”

              “Some local governments are going even farther than the EPA. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency recently banned wood burning in King County (Seattle) for several days because of stagnant weather conditions. The Seattle Times reported that persons who violate the ban could face a $1,000 fine.”

              “Elsewhere, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality has proposed a ban on wood burning between November 1 and March 15 for several counties around Salt Lake City.

              All coal and wood burning would be ILLEGAL during that period in Salt Lake, Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Utah, Tooele Utah and Weber counties in the proposal. Only persons who used wood as their sole means of heating would be allowed to keep burning.”

              • KY Mom, thanks for that heads-up about the wood stoves. EVERY one of my relatives in north GA. has wood stoves in their homes. Even the BOL where I’m going has a wood stove. They will shoot anyone who tries to take their wood stoves. EPA can go to hell.

                • braveheart

                  Sounds like my kind of people.
                  Good luck to you and yours.

            • Much Thanks for sharing your epiphany Joe Republic.

            • Joe Republic;
              Your contribution reads like the opening of a pretty fair novel. Have you considered that avenue?

            • The issue now is that at the present time the technology is rather benign. For most people it is rather convenient and they see no evil hand of oppression coming from it to get them. Plus, it is rather hard to live without it nowadays as these technologies have brought about greater levels of efficiency to many tasks and the ownership of it and knowledge of how to use it has become expected. Thus it gets harder and harder to live without it. This forces more and more people to buy into it even if they don’t want to. Thus society is forcing people to fund the production of the very technology that will one day be used to enslave them.

          • WiFi can cause A LOT of health problems,
            including sudden cardiac arrest, abnormal
            heart rhythm, fast pulse, palpitations, etc.
            Google it. When I had my WiFi replaced with
            a hard wired internet connection (including
            hardwired mouse, speakers, and printer), the
            TWC tech treated me like I was nuts. After
            I dared him to do a bit of online research,
            he quit his job.

        • ShUcKs, Eye EvEn Didn’t No ThaT. hMMMM dOWgY

        • Yes Barn Kitty – Only if you take your battery out will the recording stop. The caught onto this and now produce cell phone which the battery cannot be removed.

          Your Phone could Tattle on you.
          They also have invented sniffers on cell phones for C02 detection, which could also be altered to sniff out Pot use, then the phone relays the info including your GPS location and the cops will arrive at your location with in minutes.

          Both the Camera function and the voice function can be turned on remotely. You want to put a piece of tape over the camera features front and back. Just like on your laptop.

          Cell phones are now manufactured with at least 5 to 7 ports for data collection by LEO’s.

          • Actually, there is usually a built-in capacitor for newer models, so even if you take out the battery…you can still be tracked for a time if the right activation signals were sent.

      6. “But… Gods Word is life changing and True”

      7. just reverse engineer it…

        these evil appliances are all easily defeated by just performing a lil’ tortuous surgery on the suspect traitorous appliances.


        go off grind – live as human were meant to live.


        go exPatriot – move to Ur’gay and buy a lil’ farm.


        this is a good opportunity for a young patriot owned company to produced non-spy networked appliances and advertise it as such.

        • Yes, just remove/disable the offensive devices from within the appliances and have zero “smart” devices.

          • Yup, once you have an idea what WiFi transmitters look like they are easy to find, even the real small ones, RFID antenna are fairly easy to spot as well once you know what to look for. I have removed transmitters in security cameras so the signals can’t be intercepted, as well as examining newly purchased appliances from the inside… Next project is looking inside my satellite boxes. Would love to ditch those as they are basicly high tech neilson boxes but history 2 and science are the only barely watchable channels. No net and no WiFi at the house by choice so all spy devices must use smart meter. Which I boisterously objected to so they snuck in at 4 am and put it in,.


            • Good luck with that. Virtually all new appliances have the WiFi built right in the control microprocessor. No possibility to disable or remove it.

              Ditch your TV 100% anyway. Deny them the revenue, cleanse your brain.

              Bastards swapped meters on ME yesterday afternoon. I was home, but the guy didn’t even bother to knock on my door.

              Joke’s gonna be on them, though. I have no WiFi of any kind in the house. Not even in this ancient Dell flaptop I use.

              • your level of ignorance is boring.

                ever hear of a soldering iron , flux , silver solder wire , And replacement rom chips.

                they are reprogrammable and cost only A $1.00 per unit.

              • Even if the WiFi is built into the chip, the antenna usually is not.by removing the antenna, more often than not just plugs into the circuit board u remove the ability for it to interface with other devices.

      8. Hello taz… What does “Ur’gay” mean? Don’t like the sound of that.

        • you’re gonna have to forgive @taz, we don’t let him outta his cage very often, he’s kinda a anti-Semitic recluse and homophobic asshole!

          i think he means the country of Uruguay in South America .

          it’s a very progressive liberal country and an ExPatriot Citizen point of destination hang out.

          weed is legal there as well.

        • Charles. Yes, the truth always prevails. Eventually all the dots get connected, and they all spell out ZOG. “Zionist Occupational Government” Located in most every country of the world polluting their societies like a 3rd stage cancer.

      9. Fundamental Truths

        “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.”

        “If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind. And thus the adoption of such a law would provoke chaos in the structure of the greatest organism that we know, with the result that the inhabitants of this earthly planet would finally disappear.

        Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

        – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

      10. And I quote…

        “No Rothschild is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.”

        – Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast

        • Seelinger:

          There are sill posters here that call the international banksters, the dual Israel citizens, etc., “old rich white guys”.

          Khazars are not “old rich white men and women”. Ashkenazi jews are not “old, rich, white men and women”.

          Takes a little study of their history to really know who they are, the Bible and the Kenites is a good place to start.

          “Those who claim they are jews (Judah), but are not”. Jesus Christs’ words, not mine.

          • Fool.

          • Pissed off Granny, you are so right. Revelations 2:9 And 3:9 is where you find the scripture that says those who say they are jews (Judahites) but are not, but are of the synagog of Satan.

        • Pound was a good commie like most people in Amerika.
          bommie’s sons. Sixty million voted for him and still worship him. F’em.

      11. Don’t need to worry if you have older models of everything…buy use appliances.

      12. Remember the first thing the potus did upon entering the oval oriface ?
        He mandated that all television be digital.
        I used to get a dozen or more channels with my antenae , then i got the digital perverter and maybe got three channels.
        So then we got a sat. dish .
        I have always maintained that the big push for all digital TV was step one in dragging in those not connected , even folks without cell phones and internet are affected by this .
        Dont get me started on “smart meters”…….

        • We’ll I can’t speak for you but I went dig. and my channels received was tripled. We were not given any choice on forms if you/we wanted any TV at all unless we paid for it. PS: There is no way I’m paying for TV. I’ll go w/o before I do that,but that is just me. Cheers

          • OLD NAM-
            When i hooked up the converter box ,for whatever reason it got worse. I live in the boonies and alot of stations around here stopped transmitting analog .
            Just wait , radio will be next and we will be buying subscrptions for that as well.

            • We have the same problem here. My $12 rabbit ears from radioshack got my wife television for over a decade and at around $1/year I couldn’t complain too much. Digital didn’t work out here and she “talked” me into getting satellite. Though I hate television, and anything with commercials really, I guess we all have to compromise with the spouse some of the time.

              She watches mindless crap anyway so maybe it makes us look normal. Maybe I should record that local sports team and buy a Boise St or Oregon hat now that I think about it . . .

          • Old Nam Vet: We live in the boonies and unplugged the dish in 2006 one of the best moves we ever done. Welcome home there in 70-72 75th Inf.

      13. Chilling! If you have done a rant here I am sure they know about you already. The collection data ability of the government is mind numbing. How we have traded privacy for convenience and freedom for security. It is going to be real hard to hang on to what is left.

        • I’m sure they do and sometimes they probably just roll theirs eyes at some of the crap we spew out. I’m also thinking they are noticing some of us that are alert to their spying and don’t try to roil the powers that be. I hope I’m making sense.
          I never see any good sense to exposing yourself to enemy fire before necessary.Plan, prep and pay attention. See you on the other side of what’s coming…

        • Knowing about ’em is a two way street. Place X’s where they belong and act, for the time is short.
          Slugger, out.

      14. Use old appliances,hate ones with computer boards /digital nonsense that even with your own labor costs big in parts,fight any smart meter installation on your home,a lot of ways to fight bad tech.The forum was recently talking about 3D printing,this is taking it to a new level! ht tp://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/01/gary-north/3d-printed-5-story-house-shell/ ,as always,space in http to avoid moderation and will say moderation of links from “known handles”should end.

      15. Yes, they know; so we should use that to our advantage.

        A remember what a preacher said some years ago when asked how we as christians are supposed to respond to illegal searchs and harassment tactics by police and TPTB and any of the NWO crowd.

        He said, “Respond to them with calmness and ask what grounds do they have to come into your private residence, and then proceed to ask them if they were aware that they were doing the work of evil people and that they as a part of evil, can go to where they are heading…..hell”.

        Even the bad people that know they are doing the devil’s work, don’t like to be reminded that they are going to hell with Satan, if, they continue working for his evil system.

        But, it is true. Many of the people hiding behind closed doors and computer screens are doing the bidding of Satan’s NWO surveillance system, which is contrary to God’s system of living, are living a lie. They are in danger of the wrath of God, and will pay a heavy price for those works.

        Causing folks to live in fear is a mind control thing and God is against it.

        Folks as myself, have enough faith and belief in the Father’s supernatural protections and promises, so we don’t fear the evil serpents of this Beast System. God gives us power over them, but we have to use it and call upon Him, thru Jesus Christ, for that protection.

        We are given the power to “tread on serpents”, without fearing them.

        Their little reign of terror is just about over. I can hear the footsteps of Christ on the walkways of Heaven as He prepares for the final battles that are coming. Those that thought they had protection from their gov/PTB/military/LE, will soon see what the Ultimate Authority can do. There is no place they can run to and hide from their Creator. Judgment is coming.

        • Why did you stop? By all means, keep going.

      16. Skynet has BEEN here since the 70’s.

        How many of you have a phone that allows you to remove the battery?

        All this spying is about CONTROL and causing FEAR, which are two of several weapons the king of lies uses to destroy humans.

        “Yea, though I walk in the valley of darkness, I will fear no evil…”

        Trust not in gadgets nor in your government per se, but in your Lord! God’s Power is infinite, man’s finite, limited.

        Fear not evil, fear only the Vengeance of the Lord.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

        • I believe we were on the same wavelength, Lone Ranger.

          Check out the posting times.

          The Lord is working miracles among His people.

        • I do. In fact it has been a rule of mine for a long time that I be allowed to remove the battery; if can’t I don’t buy it.

        • LR – I don’t know about your cellphone, but most cellphones do have removable batteries. Of course, if you’re richer than the people I know, you might have one of those Apple thingies. Worldwide, they only have about 20% of the market.

          So, yes, if I had a cellphone, I could remove the battery. My regular telephone doesn’t have a battery. When I unplug the telephone cable, it’s dead.

      17. People are employed watching everyone and go home knowing full well that they’re being watched even more thoroughly because they, “know things” and therefore have the capacity to, “say things”.

        Who in the hell wants to live like that? Where do they get the people that make this stuff all happen? They’re has to a lot of people employed to watch virtually everyone.


        • Algo
          Its all programming, algo picks out certain keys and compiles, another algo further disects, then it is pooled and analasys done manually,
          There is no way in hell every single thing you say or do can be observed unless you are being observed,
          Do you really think you or i are that interesting or that much of a threat to TPTB or anyone else?
          If anyone is really paying attention to what im doing they are one bored ass sorry MoFo!
          Some crazy violent fuckers should be watched, im pretty sure thats where the bulk of that lands, but disgruntled folks going about their lives day in day out pretty much just moving forward are not really a threat, sure we may all raise an eyebrow from time to time, but really, come on now, who here really thinks “Big Brother” is really concerned about them stuffing away canned food and some guns and ammo, or going on a rant from time to time,
          Dont think most of us are really the focus, more likely just a bit of a nuisance if anything,
          There are far bigger threats out there that you or i know nothing about and have absolutely no connection to.
          We all gotta just live and breathe and enjoy life, even if its just simple stuff,
          Sure the day could come, but i doubt most of us are even on the second list let alone the top of the list!

          • Certainly the people doing the watching are being watched. I just wouldn’t be comfortable being under that kind of a magnifying glass.

            I like technology as its kept me alive with heart issues. The cell phone gets you medical help asap. A hundred channels on TV to watch, knowledge at your fingertips via the Internet. Yet like the 1960s TV show, “When you least expect it, your detected, your the star today; Smile, your on candid camera”.

            Once again, spooky.

      18. I doNt liKe TheM gOwD DamM PeePinG tOmS.

      19. The NSA has a freont door key to most systems because windows was built by microsoft to make their job easy.

        Just open up your windows registry to see just how much spying microsoft is doing and then know that even an expert like me has trouble stoping windows calling home and uploading God knows what over HTTPS.

        XP only needed 4mb of memory to run and now win8 needs 4gb to run so has windows become a thursand times better or does it just contains more complicated spyware programs.

        This comes from someone who been writing code from the ZX-Spectrum days and gets well paid but the only way I know to stop windows calling home is by using outbound firewall rules in my router and even they I cannot be sure that I have stopped it all.

        Paying $100 a year for a VPN is worth every last cent these days.

        • I’ve borrowed from an old axiom “loose lips sink ships” That seems to fit just about all of this. There is a fella in another forum that continually chastises everyone on how we should stand up to the encroachment and our constitutional responsibilities. I wonder about the guy. Is he Co-intel or someone that will end up in a FEMA camp being reprogrammed. I state again. Don’t expose yourself to enemy fire before it’s necessary.

          • @ Old Nam Vet,

            There’s some wisdom to what you say. The response is, neither George Mason nor Thomas Jefferson lived under pseudonyms. The British weren’t as totalitarian as the USG. But they certainly would have hung Jefferson or Mason if they could have.

            Yes, they already know who I am and where to find me. They know who you are too. So why hide?

            • True but even Hamilton, Madison, and Jay published the Federalist Papers under the pseudonym “Publius.” A little discretion and prudence never hurt anyone.

      20. the problem is
        if you are not a criminal
        they will make you one

        dissent is being criminalized

        storing freeze dried food is suspicious activity
        being a supporter of the 2nd amendment makes you anti-government

        read a little Solzhenitsyn

        its happened before

        Are YOU A Terrorist ?


      21. interesting read

        One-Month After SHTF


        “In the period of one-month, the government sent troops to secure all food and fuel resources, including farms and refineries. Any fuel left in the gas stations was rationed, while generators and pumps were used to extract every last bit from the tanks. While some people might think it would have been rationed to citizens, it was not. It was collected by military personnel and delivered to generators at the hospitals.”

      22. There was a time when someone who thought their television was watching them was considered off balanced.

        Today they’re simply informed.

        • “Hello out there in television land.”

      23. serious layoffs starting in the oil industry

        12 Signs That the Economy Is Really Starting to Bleed Oil Patch Jobs


      24. If George Orwell only knew. My God, was the Unibomber right? And some people wonder why there are other people that pray for the collapse of the government. Skynet is in place and ready to go.

      25. For me. If they think for one minute I’m afraid of them they have another thing coming. So if they spy on me which they might be. Here is something you (TPTB) might want to know. I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS!
        I came into this world with nothing I will leave it with nothing. You can take my body, but my Soul belongs to Jesus! I pray that I have left enough of my Spirit around so that when I’m dead and gone that someone else will pick it up and carry on!

        • yup
          I came into this world cold, wet, naked and hungry

          I’ll go out the same way, and it will make no difference to me

          I owe them nothing

        • DALE-
          “Here is something you (TPTB) might want to know. I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS!”

          Not to bust yer chops ,BUT , You got kids ?
          You want them growing up in a world where there thoughts are used against them? How bout grandbabies ?
          Surely you care for their future , right ?

          Just sayin , you should give a rats ass .

          • You do have a point there

          • Hammer
            I should have made this clearer. If they think by spying on me I will do anything different or say anything different the are NUTS!

            I do care if they spy on my 4 kids or my 14 grandkids. This pisses me off.

            I just want TPTB to know I’m aware of what they are doing and if they come for me I just might have something waiting for them.

            If you ever see that I killed myself, you will know it is BULL SHIT! (sorry)

            Hammer: Thanks for bring it out. I see where it is kinda confusing.

            Aim Small Miss Small

            • Just lookin out for ya.

              • H.H.

        • Sarge, Braveheart came into and will go out of this world the same way. “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” AIM SMALL MISS SMALL braveheart

          • TRBH
            Yes Sir!

      26. “All great change in America begins at the dinner table. ”
        Ronald Reagan

        • nlightened2

          “All great change in America begins at the dinner table. ”
          Ronald Reagan

          “Where America gets fat eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes.”

      27. “Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.”
        Ronald Reagan

      28. “Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.”
        Ronald Reagan

      29. And nothing really changes. Obama get,s up telling lies and lauds himself with the state of the union speech. H promises to tax the evil rich and give free college tuition. He threatens the evil republicans with his veto pen and the media and sheeple eat it up. The USA is doomed.

        • But why doesn’t it change OG? Its because they beat us at the individual level never allowing truthful information affecting the big players to gain the collective’s attention. That is the power they fear, the collective’s attention, and they do their utmost to control it. Whistle blowers, bad. Conspiracy theorists, bad. Alternative news sources, bad. Pretty daughter, wife, hope nothing bad happens to them. They control us at the individual level. The “we” in we the people has been lost at the individual level. How to regain it, I know not. And be careful with them nail guns OK. Damn conspiracy theories can be helpful at times. But when does a conspiracy theory simply become a conspiracy? Does anyone notice. “Oh, how they can herd” should be the first line in our national anthem. Chin up old man, still good for awhile yet. But it’s getting late to do anything, the collective “We” is the stake now as has it always has been, since 1776 at least. After the dust settles I hope this generation remembers what exactly was at stake and wish they could go back in time. Well here you are folks. Last stop, you missed the earlier ones. Now you know why.

        • The Amerikan people are commies.

      30. City Bans Use of Mug Shots for Police Target Practice After Public Outcry

        “On Tuesday, the city council adopted a resolution banning the practice of using mug shots and images of real people for target practice.”

        “The policy change comes after someone noticed that the sniper team used mug shots of minority men for target practice.

        North Miami Beach residents held demonstrations at the police department calling for change and then took their concerns to city council members Tuesday night.”

        • im sure the cops would have an issue of us “training” with their pictures .. eh?

          • EotS
            I have a big problem with cops using mug shots of any race. I’m a range officer and if anyone brought a target like this I wouldn’t let them use it.

            • Man you were born to be a cop, through and through you’re a control power hungry freak!

              • BJ, time to get back on your meds.

              • BJ:
                Some one has to take control on the range. That is just one of the things I learned when I went thru FBI schools to learn. Cost the P.D. or me anything. Compliments from your friends at the FBI.

                Again your Idea of control by someone goes against your Utopia idea of anarchy.

                By the way you did get a very good car. Good luck with it and I’m happy no one got hurt when it burned up.

                • My alignements with many of the founders, who by the way would of seen you and your kind dead, in regards to anarchy is nothing close to utopia……keep trying, maybe one day you might actually learn soemthing. Nice attempt to associate me with liberals though, since most associate the word “utopia” with them.

                  Control of the range in regards to safty is one thing, it is the primary duty. Telling what picture can be on the paper targets, shooters are shooting at is an entirely different thing.

                  Your love fest for the fbi and the fact you want to brag about it is sickening and once AGAIN shows your true colors.

                  Don’t wish me good luck on anything….wishing and luck are pagan things.

                  • Bj:

                    Go and look at what you wrote. If there was only anarchy you would not survive. We would be in the dark ages. And those who rule over which there would be someone ruling over you, would be much worse that the Boys/Girls in Blue. Just look at Yemen or Somalia. Is that what you want?

                    As for seeing all LEO’s dead (my kind) you just showed your true colors. What a FOOL.

                    As far as the Range. Putting people of color or any true human face on it is wrong and if you can’t see that you need to stop being a racist.

                    I’m proud of being able to go to the FBI schools that I went to! Not everybody gets to do that. Not brag, but fact!

                    Grow up, and learn to take hoping something good goes in your favor, as something bad.

                    As Anonymous said. Get back on you proscribed Med’s, and I add get off the stuff you are getting on the street.

                    I’m going to stop feeding the TROL now. I thought feeding it with some kindness would help change it to a real person, I WAS WRONG! NO MORE FOOD FOR THE TROLL.

                    • To take your first two paragraphs seriously and respond would be an utter waste of time.

                      As for the range part, I never said what I would use as a target or what that target may have on it if anything. Here is what I said since you so conveniently misunderstood it:

                      “Control of the range in regards to safety is one thing, it is the primary duty. Telling what picture can be on the paper targets, shooters are shooting at is an entirely different thing.”

                      You consistently refuse to comprehend what freedom and liberty mean. You are an enemy to freedom and liberty because you constantly think it is ok to force others to do as you and/or the corp wishes.

                    • So, without cops we would be in the ” dark” ages. Please, that kind of mindless fear mongering is suited to small children and old people with hardened arteries. In Yemen and Somalia only the well connected have access to weapons, most people are barely able to earn a living much less afford to have a personal firearm, and that is on the assumption that they are even ALLOWED to own them, which I doubt they are. Here, almost everybody has the opportunity to own one, the problem is all the laws on the books which keep the people from being able to openly carry them for their own defense, laws which are so EAGERLY enforced by you and your brothers in blue. I will also point out after reading some of your postings here, you seem to have a problem with people ho post comment as ” anonymous”. I believe the phrase you like to use is ” quit hiding and show yourself”. Rather curious that now you AGREE with the “anonymous” poster without calling him out to ” quit hiding and man up” Says a lot about YOU too dale, you can send a guy to fbi school, but you can’t make a potato recite Shakespeare.

                    • Sarge, you’re doing exactly right. It’s a waste of effort to feed a useless troll like BJ.

                  • BJ, f#$% you!

        • Yes KY Mom, I posted that a week ago. Black Mugshots used for target practice. I also stated I see nothing wrong with this, since the Black population which is 17% of the US population, commits 75% of all the crime in America. FBI Statistics. look it up.

          • Targets such as these do absolutely nothing to enhance the efficiency of law enforcement. Its immature and juvenile in its use and should be scorned by a LE professional. The standard law enforcement target fits the purpose and might save on a potential law suit too. In the end the taxpayer foots the bill.

            Interestingly the greatest theft is done by a very small percentage that steal billions upon billions by deception.

            “An uneducated man robs a train”. “An educated man steals the railroad”.

      31. Stopping them from tracking you is relatively easy. Get Faraday cages for your devices – I make a cell phone blocker you can use to prevent location tracking – combine with a one-way pager, and you can be reached, but not found until you decide to call back.

        The part of the article I REALLY am afraid of is the Samsung TV – it really is “TV watches YOU!” Big Brotherism and needs to be stopped.

        • Or use it to your advantage.

          Whenever you are somewhere you don’t want people to know about, for whatever reason you may have, have someone carrying your devices around for you somewhere else -somewhere no where near where you really are.

        • Don;t like to be tracked, leave your cell phone on and at home, then go ride your bicycle.

        • Yeah and I have a large Samsung Smart TV….I love Samsung products….this sucks. Anyway you can disable that part?

      32. SeIG hEil. SeIG hEiL. SeIG hEiL… I LiKe tHeM gOwD DaM Strong GErmANs.

      33. Damn…gonna be hard to give up that electric can opener.

      34. “FREE COLLEGE”

        from the same asshole that promised you cheaper health care insurance

        • BUT BUT BUT , POTUS would not lie .
          It really must be free.
          BO is down wit da struggle .
          The rich dudes will pay , damn the rich dudes.
          Government is all careing and all giving .


      35. You know its gone too far when your Toilet sends you an instagram Pic with the comment “Dude! Eat more fiber!”

        • Funny shit. no, really, my shit looks funny on video.

          Next thing you know your electric toothbrush will tweet you a message that it detected high cholesterol levels, and picked up on low sperm level counts from your wife’s toothbrush sitting nearby.

          Gone too far, indeed!

      36. There was this guy once, he was brilliant and a certifiable genius. Just light years ahead of his time. He unwittingly participated in a Harvard University experiment that ‘may’ have modified his thinking, and definitely his view of the world. In 1971, he moved to a remote cabin in Lincoln, Montana with no electricity and no running water, and lived as a recluse whilst learning survival skills. Also during that time, he wrote a big, sprawling document called, “Industrial Society and it’s Future” about the erosion of our freedom because of constantly new, bleeding-edge technology, and (sarcastically) what our world might look like if we didn’t change course. Sadly, this guy was a math whiz, not a marketing weenie, and he killed 3 people and injured over 20 others trying to get his different message across. I’m not defending the guy — his methods were sneaky and dishonorable — not the martyrdom he intended for himself, I’m sure. And no more sneaky and dishonorable than a domestic DoD smu scrubbing a soft target or a DoJ team dropping a faceless citizen into a supermax under an assumed name, never to be heard from again. But after all of the Snowden revelations and now NSA and FBI and who knows who else or what else technology-wise is coming right at our face, a re-read of that manifesto will OPEN YOUR EYES!

      37. Really tired of the bug-eyed paranoia. Yes, we all know what the alphabet agencies are doing. They are pretty open about it. We can sit in our little houses in abject fear or we can go about our lives. So sick of the fear porn. Fear is a cage, it will control you if you give it that power. I and a ton of other readers of this blog are sick of these types of articles. We want to see stuff about actual prepping. You know, STUFF WE CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT!!!!!

        • 🙂

          • Fox,one thing you and others can do is hit some sites like builditsolar/motherearthnews/lowtechmagazine ect. and find ways to at least partially get ones self off the energy matrix.Many ideas/plans for short money with some effort that will either eliminate or at least lessen the hit of energy bills and in a lights out situation at least have a little heat/power but would keep the lights out to keep from attracting the “wrong element”.I agree most articles on this site do not address prepping but the forum seems to make up for it with different ideas/thoughts and any questions asked seemed answered or steered in a useful direction.

      38. Foxglove

        I hear what you’re saying. I’d like to see more practical information made available here too. But those kind of stories don’t lead to posts about standing tall, hanging tough, battling against evil, blah blah blah, in other words, practical articles are realistic, talking tough isn’t.

      39. Let’s not get too worried about this. One can always install a computer as a router on your network. Then, plug that into your cable modem/router. (use a separate wireless access point as well).

        In this manner, one can filter out, block packets accordingly using security policies.

        Computers from the early 2000’s will work just fine. In fact, they are more powerful than the routers.

        The entire home based computer industry is one big fraud. They don’t let you know that you have the power to stop them from seeing anything they want.

        • Can you expound upoin this in laymens terms with as much detail as possible?

          Net Ranger,
          This is your cup of tea as well.

          • BJ,I too would like to hear more about this,that for me at least is point of the forum.

            • Yeah my 2006 MacbookPro is still working great and I’m reluctant to buy anything new. Plus it runs windows XP if I want it to.
              Ok I’m cheap actually, but I can justify sticking to my dumb phone with the removable battery; it can’t do pics but it can send and receive texts easily with this slide out keyboard.

              • Rebel in daho,
                You didn’t have to tell us you are cheap…we already knew that as soon as you told us you pay the kiddos $1 for the farm work….LoL

                Actually I read that post to my wife and told her, “see I am not that bad after all.”


          • Right now, the process isn’t straightforward, simple enough for layman’s terms on this site.

            I’m going to have to set up the lab to give both solutions (linux and windows). This is critical and above and beyond all else, it has to be simple to do. Can’t just have packet detections spitting out the console and having people modifying an xml data file. That’s not intuitive enough and the 50 and over crowd will have a cow.

          • Here’s a couple of web sites and a YouTube video that might help:

            ht tp://www.practicallynetworked.com/networking/convert_old_pc_to_new_router.htm

            ht tp://www.networkworld.com/article/2862087/lan-wan/how-to-turn-an-old-pc-into-a-router.html

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0JFfpG4BWI

      40. This behavior of government and the military industrial complex in America shows one thing loud and clear. It shows that they are still very afraid of the American people. They really are afraid and it’s encouraging to see this. They somehow think that their super surveillance toys are going to keep them safe from the American people. They believe they will know in advance of any plans Americans make to stop their treason. They believe they will nip such efforts in the bud.

        They are afraid of the day Americans come out of their mental haze and begin terminating all traitors in leadership positions. Yeah, the last thing these impotent cowardly traitors want is to be face to face with a no nonsense American who is standing on their rights.

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

        “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        May God have mercy on us, and give us wisdom and discernment, in how to fight our enemies. God bless you all, in Jesus name I ask.

        • Amen & amen.

      41. Everybody keeps saying ’15 is the year. Which guarantees it isn’t.

      42. Meanwhile, back at the BIG GREEN MONEY scam, 2014 the warmest ever? Nope. Forgetting the Medieval and the Roman Warm Periods, which were as warm as, if not warmer….

        Obama: “2014 was the planet’s warmest year on record.”

        Facts: No, it wasn’t. NASA ignored it’s own and others satellite data (the best there is) because they show no warming. Obama’s appointees have used far dodgier thermometer data, and even after they got done “adjusting” it, the most they could come up with was two little hundredths of a degree of supposed warming – an insignificant number way below the margin of error. Even if it were true, the computer models the whole warming scare is predicated upon call for much warmer temperatures than we have experienced. The models, and the President along with them, have yet to be right on temperature.

        Obama: “… we’ll continue to see rising oceans, longer, hotter heat waves, dangerous droughts and floods.”

        Facts: Scientific and historical data show the oceans barely rising (3 mm per year), just as they’ve been doing since before the industrial revolution. Science shows heat waves (and cold snaps) to be historically normal and driven by natural variability, not people. Droughts and floods are not only at normal levels today, but actually down in frequency.

        Obama: “The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security.”

        Facts: This would be true only if computer model projections were correct. So far they’re wildly off. The computer models that project these so-called “immediate risks,” inspire even less confidence than those used to project future temperatures. The last thing we need is a politically correct Pentagon in a dangerous world.

        Obama: “In Beijing, we made a historic announcement: The United States will double the pace at which we cut carbon pollution. And China committed, for the first time, to limiting their emissions.”

        Facts: This China deal is bogus. The Chinese merely agreed to build coal plants as fast as they can and then maybe think about emitting less CO2 in 2030 — the year they projected their emissions would peak anyway! Soon after this “historic” agreement China promptly announced that it would never allow outside verification of its global warming pledges. The satirists at The Onion got their headline perfect when they wrote, “China Vows To Begin Aggressively Falsifying Air Pollution Numbers.”

        • The purpose of the carbon limitations in the developed world is to increase development in the developing world by holding back the use of these fuels in the developed world.

          Regardless what is proposed it facilitates globalism.

          The word for today is:


      43. here’s another one of my ever popular movie reviews !!!

        American Sniper

        loved it

        4.5 stars out of 5

        I think most of the criticism of it is wrong,wrong ,wrong

        it neither condemns nor condones war
        it points out the FACT that there are some VERY evil people in the world
        and that they need to be dealt with using extreme prejudice
        there are just some things/people that can’t be fixed

        as to Michael Moores criticism
        he couldn’t be more wrong
        he had a family member killed in WW2 by a Japanese sniper
        and said something to the effect that its not right to shoot someone who can’t shoot back
        well these mother f_ckers would shoot back
        just give them a second or two

        Chris Kyle had his share of flaws
        but in my book
        he is a true American hero

        rest in peace Chris

        • Satori

          ” said something to the effect that its not right to shoot someone who can’t shoot back”

          The guy is laughable. War is not dueling.

      44. I liked it but seems some of the book he wrote may be a bit embellished,not his military career or his helping vets but other things he did in theory in the states,only read parts and will give a review/thoughts on book when done.I do believe it is definitely not a pro war movie as evidenced by seeing his brother in Iraq for a few minutes and his brothers thoughts as his tour in country over.The part I liked about the movie was how families are affected with loved ones in war and the battler many soldiers fight even when back home.As for moores opinion,who the fuck cares?!Yes,sniping is ugly,as is bombing/mines/predator drones/ect.,my guess is even with high tech gone hand to hand with swords/axes/knives ect. is also very ugly,war sucks.

      45. Technology has come a long way but to track everybody’ is not possible. It’s just to scare folks think about it your scared of big brother so you will comply with the govs demands . people are acting like the gov spying on them has destroyed their personal freedom. If that’s how you wanna live in fear. I’m not gonna live that way. This stuff has to stop all the fear mongering. All afraid they gonna take away your little wood stove. Who cares if they try .do what you want any way then go to court and fight it if they try to fine you . every body has a wood stove where I live and nobody cares. I’ve never heard of banning wood stoves you gotta heat the house right. Some stupid people install them theirselves and end up burning the house down. Don’t do that have it installed by the pros pay the $ for doing it right. Tell your homeowners insurance you have a stove and pay the higher premium for it you will be covered for whatever may happen. Oh and if being a sniper is a coward thing to do then being a suicide martyr is more .it’s war people there are no rules just kill as many of the enemy as you can by any means possible fuck that Geneva crap I fight to annihilate and win. Failure is not an option boy has the military gone soft. I was watching a special about a marine unit called force recon or something like this and they want to take people alive and they are willing to put themselves at risk to do it . This is not what marines do they kill enemies. I wouldn’t sign up for that crap. That’s gay it’s like police work. No wonder our enemy’s are not scared of us. I remember this kid from back in the day he went in the army well when he came home he was running his mouth and my buddy beat his ass it was funny as hell. This guy thought he was so tough because he was in the infantry. He was put in his place real fast . The spy cameras I just put tape over them problem solved.

      46. I’m all for war it’s great to kick ass I mean why build tanks ships planes just to have them that’s a waste of $ the world should be afraid of America if we were doing the right thing but they aren’t. Let the military do their job war is their specialty and they love it or people wouldn’t sign up for it. Obumer is to busy giving free shit away I will come out and say it I’m too proud to take gov help I’d rather go without college paid for by the gov . Nothing is free there will be strings attached to this. Ther is no shortcut to success I don’t care what obumer says I know people with 4 degrees that work on a shipping dock because nobody would pay them for what their worth . The pres will say we are all doing better bla bla bla I’m not convinced at all. They talk about the same thing but it is lip service. It’s like a wolf with no teeth people believe anything. Stop paying taxes that is what I say .

        • Satori

          That is right out of the Soviet Union.

          Things are great here and if you can’t see that your nuts.

      47. The Senate is debating the Keystone bill now. Did some search on the multitude of amendments inserted to placate the no voters. Sen Portman R-OH slipped in a smart-grid water heater provision I shit you not. The short version is the heater is limited to 75 gallons, must be used by the citizen with a special utility provided program…and the manufacturer must report to the EPA annually how many units were sold and if they were used properly by citizens. 2+2= the manufacturer can only know how the unit was used if the “smart” heater talkes back to them. Look it up on thomas.gov senate amendments to amendment 2. And Portmans website brags how his smart water heater amendment makes it easier and cheaper for consumers to save on their home energy bills. Ggrrr and he was the tea party choice when elected. We are f#$&!d

        • home stead: One bill one vote with no amendments added. When we the people aloud them to add amendments it went from bad to worst in a hurry.

      48. Can’t sleep. Bothers me that evil people sleep so well.

        • Try counting sheeple, one, two, three, four,,, ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz, GOOD NIGHT Iowa. xXx

          • 1 dead sheeple, 2 dead sheeple…

            That made my day. Thanks.

            • You’re welcome Iowa, take care xXX

      49. If you use less energy you will get paid less they are trying to maximize their value we are screwed

      50. Anarchy is the state people live in without any kind of law enforcement/ laws. After the SHTF event and it is totally collapsed just who will be the law enforcement then, those who stayed on will soon die and those who left to protect their families will not return. By what set of laws/rules will exist then? It will be the LAW OF THE JUNGLE, the big dog with the biggest stick will it not, so there you have it ANARCHY? I shudder to think what kind of law enforcement officers we will have then. Learn the laws of the jungle; it’s boiling down to that I feel. With little to no food, water or shelter what law do you feel will govern us then? Prepare for such events and above all be prepared to protect yourself and love ones and yes be prepared to die.

      51. don’t throw away your old books

        save em and take care of them…

        was just at the groc store for a junk food run, decided to price the mags and book’s sold there for a project i’m doin’ and was blown away by how the price of paperback books and magazines has tripled since the 1980’s.

        $10.00 bucks just for a crappy cowboy novel.

        $8.00 for a gunmag – all advertising

        $7.00 for a racemag – all advertising

        $5.00 for a chickmag – all advertising


        • That’s unbelievable!

          You can’t get a chickmag around here for $5.00


        700,000 MILES FROM EARTH


        • Well, I guess if we’re all doomed then somebody should cue pissed off granny to start cackling her revelations hallucinations!

      54. You all need to chuck away the free routers you get from your ISPs and spend $100 on buying your own router with a firewall that blocks outbound packets as well as just inbound packets.

        Do what you like on a windows box, turn what you like off and stop services and scheduled tasks starting windows processes that are hidden inside host processes like RunDll32, TaskHost & svchost and still it will call microsoft unless you block ranges in your new firewall.

        Allowing anything to connect to the internet without a firewall and outbound rules is one sure way to get owned by not just the NSA but also Google and Microsoft.

        Microsoft only added the “Startup” tab to the task manager to lull you into a false scence of security and you need to block programs loading in schedule tasks too.

      55. “NSA Cyber War Will Use Internet of Things as Weapons Platform; Your Home is the Battlefield”

        Like Hell It Is!

        The only things I allow in my home that are capable of connecting to the internet is my tablet and my computer modem. I have an old toaster, old coffee machine, old DVD player and screen, no appliance I have, will be controlled by anyone BUT ME and my finger.

      56. Its time…
        Time for a New American Revolution.
        High time for a “New World Order” of the 99%.

        I’m sure that makes me and those who think likewise terrorists by the definition of the vile, evil and inhuman powers that be… For simply daring to insinuate that people take back their lives, their lands and their power, by force if necessary.

        May the light of God awaken and guide us. May it protect and empower us.

      57. In Soviet Russia TV watches………. YOU.

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