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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Are you waiting for Jerome Powell to pull a RABBIT out of his HAT? There’s a presidential debate tentatively scheduled for the 29th, so don’t expect the central bank to MEDDLE in the MARKETS between now and then, since there’s absolutely no chance they want to be appearing to be TAKING SIDES.

    For the next few weeks, we have freer markets, so PRICE DISCOVERY will be real. The Federal Reserve won’t do much to offer artificial support.

    We saw a run to cash, but institutional money looks to be COMFORTABLE with buying the DIP at this point, with the S&P 500 in correction mode (-10%), on top of the NASDAQ 100.


    The global markets have GOTTEN USED TO government debt rising perpetually, so no one is TOO ALARMED by this, but when global GDP is at 252%, the REAL MEANING of it is that there are GUARANTEED VICTIMS in the sovereign restructuring in the years to come.

    Portfolio Wealth Global believes that both gold’s and silver’s PUKE yesterday shows that there’s BIG SUPPORT at the $1,900/ounce area, so we are eager to see if a NEW UPTREND is starting, after this BLOODBATH WEEK.

    The majority of people are vaccine-biased, which means that they won’t return to FULL CONFIDENCE until we “beat the corona.”

    Many industries are GOING BACK 5-10 years and even worse than that, in terms of demand for their products and services, facing massive default waves and I’m telling you that this is where BIG MONEY will be made.

    Hoteling, real estate, aviation, office space, healthcare – you name it and it’s in REBUILDING MODE.

    What are you doing to capitalize on this? Consumers, corporations, and governments need you to innovate and you can make a fortune on the way.


    EVERYONE is betting on technology, but the value is in the BEATEN-DOWN sectors.

    The markets have SHAKEN OUT the people who aren’t ready for volatility, but September isn’t over, nor is this SECOND WAVE scare.

    Personally, I follow our WATCHLISTS, which have come out in the past few months.

    The first is from late March and delivered HUGE RETURNS – click HERE!

    The second came out right before the June 8th peak – click HERE!

    The third came out JUST RECENTLY to address the September massacre – click HERE!

    Just a few days ago, when NASDAQ peaked, we published this (so timely) – click HERE!

    FEAR LEVELS are up; this is when contrarians act. We’re like nocturnal animals – we wait for everyone to sleep and then WE HUNT.

    I feel the same way about gold; this week’s dump to just over $1,900 took care of the LEVERAGED TRADERS.


    It’s LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to be looking at these charts and not allocate funds into precious metals.

    I ask people from the U.S., from Europe, from Central America, from Asia, and from Australia; the answer is the same: NO TRUST in government.

    Gold is essential and the fact remains that the uptrend is IN PLACE.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. The FED controls markets at all times. Weather it is for or against Trump. Every tick is controlled. Talking about price discovery at a time the market is the most overvalued in history leaves no doubt he is an idiot.

      2. PROPAGANDA KILLS ! ! !

        Offit is obviously an evil charlatan. I hope that he dies. The world would be better off if the evil money grubbing quack was dead. It is not an opinion. It is a fact. He is guilty of deliberate scientific fraud, deliberate economic fraud and deliberate
        mal practice on an epidemic scale.

        The deadly epidemic is mal practice based on scientific and economic fraud and Nazi junk science mass propaganda!

      3. Propaganda Kills ! ! ! 

        Dr. Evil Wilmur Leon is an evil propagandist that hosts Sputnik’s Critical Hour Radio show co-hosted by Evil Garland Nixon that both engage in propaganda that arms their followers with bullshit and endangers and destroys their lives.

        Dr. Evil Wilmur Leon supported banning freedom of assembly in all things with the exception of BLM protests, which Dr. Evil Wilmur Leon claims were peaceful, but Look at what the New York BLM organizer said when interviewed, sourced by Sputnik:

        “Thus, on 24 June, Greater New York Black Lives Matter president Hawk Newsome made a controversial statement while being interviewed by “The Story” host Martha MacCallum. “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking … figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation.”

        That is looking like organized crime and not a peaceful protest! Susan Rosenberg is on the board of Thousand Currents which processes their donations. Susan Rosanberg is a convicted terrorist with the 1970’s Weather Underground, and the other board member claim that they are “trained Marxists.” It is not a secret that Marxists condone violent revolutions and that the ends justify the means. What did they mean that they are trained Marxists? That they have PhDs. in economics from Russia? I doubt it. 

        If Black Lives Matter, why do they support the protests that have resulted in the deaths of 19 people, and the arrests of 14,000, in addition to the arson, vandalsim and looting that has been attributed to BLM? It seems quite clear that they are asking people to destroy their lives in order to empower Dr. Evil Wilmur Leon and Evil Garland Nixon.

        Wikipedia says:

        “As of June 22, 2020, police have made 14,000 arrests in 49 cities since the protests began, with most arrests being locals charged with low-level offenses such as violating curfews or blocking roadways. As of June 8, 2020, at least 19 people have died during the protests.”

        If Black Lives Matter, why support the lockdowns and denial of freedom of assembly, forced house arrest, future debt enslavement, eviction, and increased poverty based on scientific and economic fraud and mass mal practice? Why support the vaccine industry that has resulted in the deaths of black Africans? 

        Sputnik’s By Any Means Necessary Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Lukemon also support the BLM protests and the lockdowns and all of the propaganda that goes along with covid hysteria.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Hacker will not let me post this on Unz saying too much commenting take a break, but it also says wordpress error, and it does not reach the site.

        You, Mike Whitney, have betrayed America with your evil propaganda! Even the phrasing of your question proves what a propagndist you are as to which poses more of a threat to America! Have you forgotten that Trump has violated every amendment to the constitution?! Have you forgotten that Trump has allowed governors and mayors to deny us of freedom of assembly, have perpetrated False Arrest by forcing us to remain in our homes resuting in tne destruction of lives, livlihoods, and small businesses, while the largest looters in the world walked off with $6.8 trillion that Trump handed over to them, and Trump’s evil war against the first amendmemt in total including the evil war against Assange! 

        Who would be stupid enough to be loyal to someone that is committed to abusing them by violating their rights?!

        Yes, betrayal is infuriating, and both you and Trump have betrayed America and everything that defines what it once stood for in the constitution! 

        You and Trump are traitors! No wonder you are on the same team! 

        The DNC  and Biden/Harris are unacceptable too for the same reasons and more that were not listed which Trump is also guilty of!

        Wake up and read the constitution!

        Andrea Iravani

      5. The Jealous Tyrant of Trumplandia Part One

        Long ago and far away there once was an empire known as Trumplandia, which was ruled by an evil and jealous tyrant.

        He decieved the people that lived in Trumplandia that if they would empower him to be their ruler that he would make Trumplandia as great as it once had been before the corruption had started to destroy it, and so the people of Trumplandia empowered him to save their nation and thier people from the corrupt forces in power, but the tyrant as cunning as he was decieved the people of Trumplandia with his crafty 4D chess games, ordering people all over and telling them where to go, and what to do, and creating even more corruption and total chaos than ever before. The court jesters were skilled liars that were called propagandists that kept deceiving many of the people that the Tyrant was secretly trying to defeat the corrupt forces while he was actuallly part of the corruption himself.

        The tyrant was a very jealous man, and he looked in the mirror, and said mirror, mirror on Wall Street, who is the fairest haired of them all, and the mirror said Julian Assange is the fairest haired boy of all and he is also the fairest, because he speaks the truth and does not lie.

        The tryrant was outraged that Julian Assange was the fairest haired boy and the fairest of them all, so the tryant ordered Richard Grenell to remove Julian Assange from an embassy in a distant land and have him placed in prison.

        The tyrant asked the mirror on Wall Street, ” Now that Julian Assange is in prison, who is the fairest haired boy of them all?”

        The miiror on Wall Street said, “Tyrant, Julian Assange is still the fairest haired boy and the fairest of them all because he speaks the truth and does not lie.”

        The tyrant was livid, and requested the barister in the distant land to have Julian Assange tried in court for extradition to Trumplandia and have him placed in a glass coffin while being transported from the prison to the court so that the truth does not leak out and spill over into the masses.

        Andrea Iravani

      6. “…don’t expect the central bank to MEDDLE in the MARKETS between now and then, since there’s absolutely no chance they want to be appearing to be TAKING SIDES.”

        I have an alternative view.

        It was founded, as a stabilizing influence, so will tend to rise on bad news, on drop on good news.

      7. With crap like this lying propaganda…. it’s no wonder
        this site has gone to hell.
        Everybody has left the building and you are still talking.

        This site needs better writers….or better comments….
        nobody is reading this anymore.

      8. The other day, someone sent me a ‘friend request’ on fb. She was supposedly a curvy, white woman, born in Britain, wears formal (golden) clothes on nice (metropolitan) outings, and is now hq’ed, south of the Mason Dixon. She wanted to trade my money on binaries, but her name was Nigerian.

        Have you ever. just. asked. how. something works, and it blew a sheister’s mind?

        I said, previously, ‘The Fed was founded, as a stabilizing influence, so will tend to rise on bad news, on drop on good news.’

        Chart 15’s blue and yellow lines show roughly an equal-but-opposite reaction, on a slight delay.

        (It’s just how I personally interpret it, after looking at it for less than 5 min. But, you can still confer stock guru status upon me, if you like. Imagine me on a waterfront, with those shiny glass buildings…)

        Sovereign debt growth is not outpacing the financial sector; it is pacing it.

        The trading platform is probably a computerized turnkey, because I have never heard anything particularly strategic come out of JP’s mouth. Does he get to press any of the shiny buttons or just read from teleprompters. idk, personally. It usually sounds like generic, made-for-mass consumption talking points, but with more flava.

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