Chapman Predicts ‘Major Financial and Social Mayhem’ Before November Elections

by | Mar 3, 2010 | Forecasting | 15 comments

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    As third party movements across the country continue to gain strength before the 2010 mid-term elections, Bob Chapman suggests that the powers that be may force an all-out collapse of our financial systems in order to manufacture a new crisis:

    Deflationary forces that would ostensibly be unleashed by the Fed’s feigned plan for a liquidity drain (a drain which will be very temporary, we can assure you, if it is executed at all, as it is probably just a ruse, for now, to keep pressure on gold and silver) will not materialize unless the Illuminati finally realize that they are going to have the derrieres of their henchmen-miscreants booted out of Congress in November, in which case they may attempt to cause major financial and social mayhem in a move calculated to delay elections.

    You can also count on the Plunge Protection Team to execute a big-time yellow fever hit on world stock markets through manipulation and negative media coverage sometime before the November elections (not to be confused with the current small-time yellow fever hit on the stock markets that we have just experienced) where they will attempt in vain to slow down gold and silver by causing margin calls and other liquidity issues while at the same time providing the much anticipated stock market correction.  The depth and timing of the hit, or series of hits, may depend on how the Illuminati view the outcome of November elections, which are looking more and more unfavorable as news of their evil plans to implement an Orwellian one-world police state, by destroying the current world economic, political and social systems, spreads like wildfire around the globe.  Watch out when Buck-Busting Ben and Tiny Tim Geithner stop buying treasuries and agencies in March (at least officially, but you can bet they will still be buying them clandestinely through third parties)!  The stock market victims are going to be next in line to become big US treasury bidders!  After that, the insurance companies will become the next big US treasury bidders – with your pension money – to fund their bogus retirement annuities!

    Fear, especially when it’s fear of losing one’s retirement, can easily be used as the driving force behind a massive capital shift from stock markets to bonds. With the help of experts in the mainstream media it would not be at all difficult to get the herd to shift directions from one asset class to another. We saw how easy this was done in the crash of 2008 and the boom of 2009.

    We strongly believe the end-game result will be a hyperinflationary environment for the US Dollar leading to an eventual total collapse of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

    But do not underestimate the power and intelligence of those who are producing and directing this show. If the theory that a conglomerate of vested interests including politicians, corporations and private parties is somehow manipulating the economic, financial and political environment is to be believed, then they probably have a good idea of what we think about their policies and what we expect will happen with the US Dollar.

    This is exactly the reason why it may happen opposite how everyone thinks it may happen. Rather than an immediate and deep plunge in the buying power of the US Dollar, we may very well see volatile and surprisingly violent moves up and down in not only the US Dollar, but stock markets, precious metals, commodities and bonds over the course of the next several years.

    This volatility is the result of uncertainty from panic-stricken Americans who will be trying to figure out exactly what it is they need to do to secure their assets and long-term well being.

    Unless something changes in the way this country is run from a fiscal, monetary and sociopolitical perspective, we are confident with our long term projection that the end result will be a paradigm shift in the way America functions.

    We are already in a depression, and with the way things are going, it will be much worse before it gets better, especially considering that nothing has changed in the way our system works on a fundamental level.

    The advice we’re following is to be prepared for anything, stay focused on the long-term trends, and take personal steps to do what is best for you and your family.


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      1. Making predictions about future events, especially their timing is a fool’s game.  Celente is very clear about that.  He always states that he can not predict the future, as there are too many wildcards.  Trends yes, but predictions, no.

        Recall, Bob was saying the exact same thing above a year ago, and stated that anyone who was still in the market by summer 2009 would be decimated, never to recover… really?  Uh yeah, not so much.  Actually, by getting out, one would have missed the largest/fastest rally in recent history.  And now, he’s saying the PPT is going to crash the market… hmm, I thought he’s always telling us how they are propping it up and that’s why we should be out?  I’m not saying they can’t cause it to plunge, which would drive people into treasuries (that part I actually agree with), but it gets tiring to hear all of his ranting and raving and predictions that are horribly out of sync with reality.

        Hey, I’m still waiting for Bush to cancel the 2008 elections!  Remember that!!??

        Bottom line, Bob is in the business of Bob.  I think he’s well-intentioned, and he’s certainly both colorful and entertaining, but take his concrete predictions with a grain of salt.  YMMV

      2. Patrick, I agree, and I usually try to point out that Chapman is on to something, but that we should be focusing on the trend and not the specific date or estimate of a prediction.

        Mr. Chapman also predicted $3000 or so gold by the end of this year.

        If the markets crash, my view is that gold will see a significant drop as well. This is based on my current position that precious metals have not yet decoupled from the broader markets.

        He suggests in this current prediction that such a crash would rip liquidity out of the system, and since much of the gold price is being driven by paper ETF’s like GLD, any such liquidity drain should lead to a correlated drop in the price of gold.

        Of course, 2010 could be the year we see gold break away from its current heavy influence by the US Dollar, but I think it is still going to drop significantly if we see a market correction. If we were to see the Dow Jones at 6000, is gold supposed to be at $3000 by the end of the year? A 2:1 ratio? I am not so sure this is in the cards just yet.

        Anyway, I guess I am trying to point out that there are a lot of wildcards here, as you mentioned, and that this often leads to confusion and discrepancies in these types of predictions.

        Nonetheless, I am holding for the long-term, and I continue to add to what I believe are inflation-hedged and government instability-hedged “prep” investments (i.e. gold, hard commodities like rice, beans, etc., and a little bit of ammo here and there)

      3. Bob chapman keeps speasking about these things-with a few more years im sure most will come to pass ! While he loves for you to get into the market and will even set up a Broker for you ,when you write him he wants you to get into Paper but yet says on the radio-buy physical . You got to be carefull becaue many people still want a piece of your pie!

      4. Comments…..Nastrodomous to his son. My son God has given man a gift not given to any other creature , and that is the gift of foresight, which can only be attained by knowledge of the stars and vision of the prophets. In the days of Juesus there was only three wise men that knew this, I wonder how many there is today. Remember timing is everything.

      5. Unfortunately, Chapman usually operates a little(!) over the top on all of his predictions.  His broad brush strokes miss the details – and one will be:  We’ll see the Euro and Sterling crumble well-ahead of the dollar taking a big hit. 

      6. Comments…..Watch the pattern stock market up dollar index down. Dollar index up stock market down. Simple a weak dollar means you need more of it to buy anything oil,stocks, gold etc. I see the dollar crashing , gold up,stock up. If the stock market hits 15000, and gold is at 5000 a ration of 3-1 means the stock market is worthless like the dollar.

      7. the way things are going the second wave of the credit crisis will hit in 2011. its the sovereign debt crisis that will heat up including cities in our own nation, not states yet. the nations that could collapse are not only easters and southern european nations. its mexico,venezuela,pakistan,UK and more. when great britain collapses it will send shock waves and destroy the “recovery”. i expect things to heat up in later this year into 2011. its going to be very ugly this year when the PIIGS go down. we will face our fiscal crisis probably by 2015. remember we will NEVER have a balanced  budget  ever again. by 2012 our debt will be 19 trillion. and these estimates are based on a  a good economy. its all goin to end in tears and the world will plunge into a neo dark age. all i can say wen interest rates go up we will be like greece.

      8. These self-aggrandizing “experts” spouting about Illuminati and repeating catch-phrases are not providing any value to our decision making process.  Quoting such garbage does not lend credibility to your position, and likewise fails to provide insight or value.  All we need to know is that we’re rocketing into the toilet.

        If we really are months or weeks away from disaster and your main concern is whether you should be in tangibles or paper, it may be time to pull your head out and prepare for the disaster rather than trying to find profit in a maelstrom.

      9. The fact that the stock market has gone straight up over the past year given the enormous debt load that our government has taken on proves that Wall street is disconnected from Main street.

        What people don’t realize is that when the dollar goes, so does everything else! Anything tied to dollars will also crash. In other words any stock that trades in dollars will go down with the ship.


      10. I agree with a previous poster.  What does profit matter if the S is really about to HTF?  Isn’t it about survival at that point?
        What good does gold do in a survival situation?  Hitting someone over the head and taking their food?  Go out, right now, and try to sell a gold dollar for more than a few bucks to a guy on the street.  And you think people will take gold when they’re starving?

        Hard, tangible goods.  When it HTF, I will not need gold to barter.  I will have all I need, because I didn’t waste my money on shiny rocks.  A thousand bucks can get a darned good garden and chicken coop built, as well as some ammo and other misc. supplies.

        It’s about SURVIVAL, not profit.

      11. All of these Doom and Gloom predictions are pure bullshit, just like the prediction that Jesus is coming back. Another fairytale about a dead Jew worshipped by a billion fools.

      12. I am a prepper.  I own guns, lots of ammo and maybe 6 mos. worth of food.  I also believe in preserving my savings by owning physical gold.  

        Its important to keep in mind that  there are many potential levels of what can be considered SHTF situation.  Some are bad and some are really bad.

        There could be a run on the banks….
        There could be anarchy and riots in the streets….
        There could be economic colapse…..
        There could be disease outbreaks…..

        Its always a matter of degree.

        Most SHTF scenarios generally ignore the fact that people will adapt, communities will reform, businessess will start up again and things will improve over time.   We will not be eating food out of our basements or “chicken coops” forever. 
        Communities will soon find a need for some type of currency for exchange of goods.  Barter is nice, but I don’t want to walk around all day with a chicken in my pocket waiting to swap for a pair of boots.

        Gold and Silver (especially coins) will be a logical first form of “cash” due to its inherent value.   This use of Precious Metals has been repeated time and again throughout the history of man.

        Gold and silver US coins are recognizable.  They contain a know quantity of precious metal and they will still have value when paper money is being used for toilet paper. 

        It is important to survive……
        The trick is to survive well ; )

      13. Hey Ted, Jesus is coming back and around 3 billion people believe that. People like you though, would probably join the army of the Dajjaal (anti-Christ).

      14. Good afternoon, Happy Fool’s Day!!!

        A bum asks a man for $2.
        The man asked, “Will you buy booze?”
        The bum said, “No.”
        The man asked, “Will you gamble it away?”
        The bum said, “No.”
        Then the man asked, “Will you come home with me so my wife can see what happens to a man who doesn’t drink or gamble?”

        Happy April Fool’s Day!

      15. Unlike Chapman I think things will get better before they get worse. Green shoots are sprouting, car sales are up significantly across the board, the dollar is up, gold is down, and the stock market is up too.

        But don’t be lulled into complacency by normal economic activity.  Redouble your prepping efforts. World events are beyond Obama’s control.

        We are in the eye of the storm.

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