Celente Warns of 2012: Economy Will Crash, Banks Will Close, Chaos Will Ensue, Military Will Take Over

by | Dec 16, 2011 | Forecasting, Gerald Celente | 364 comments

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    If you’ve followed trend forecaster Gerald Celente for any period of time you’ve probably realized he knows what he’s talking about. For the better part of two decades Celente and his Trends Journal have been forecasting political, financial, economic and social trends with an uncanny ability for accuracy.

    In his latest interview Celente discusses a variety of different topics – from Iran and Europe to domestic militarization and the economy – and warns that our worst fears will soon be realized.

    Bottom line? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

    Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense Radio:

    This passed (National Defense Authorization Act) the Senate by 93-7. I’m mentioning this because all the pieces are in place now.

    The economy is going to crash. There is going to be chaos. Economic martial law will be called. Banks will close. And, chaos will ensure.

    The law is now in place for the military to come in and take over. Fascism has come to America.

    And if anyone thinks that I’m over blowing this, you may recall, for those of you who have been listening to Jeff Rense for the years that I’ve been on, that when Obama got elected I said there was a high probability, in 2009, of a bank holiday because of the disastrous economic conditions.

    I came across a video that’s on Youtube… June of 2009… Corzine is running for re-election for Governor of New Jersey… and there’s Joe Biden… he’s campaigning for Corzine… He’s telling the audience, you know, ‘the day that we were sworn into office, the top of our agenda, the top of our list, was whether or not to call a bank holiday.’

    …The point that I want to make is, and I want to drive this home, it should be headline news – the Obama administration was prepared to call a bank holiday in 2009. Economic conditions are much worse now.



    In an interview with Lew Rockwell on November 30, Celente provided a timeline for events, suggesting that things may start heating up as soon as the first quarter of 2012.

    “And my belief, and this is going to be a Top Trend of 2012, is that, in the new year, they are going to bring down the gavel on the system. They are going to pump it up to soak every last penny from the suckers to spend money on Christmas stuff they dont need.  And after that, after the Christmas holiday’s over, then were going to get the bank holiday… some form, whether its that or not, some form of economic martial law.”

    In November of 2008 Gerald Celente warned that by Christmas of 2012, “putting food on the table is going to be more important than putting gifts under the Christmas tree.” Given what has transpired since then we can no longer ignore the possibility of this forecast coming to fruition. And considering that during the same time period Celente also forecast the rise of a third party in America, global riots, squatter rebellions, tax protests, and a continuing breakdown in the economy, we recommend taking this latest forecast seriously.

    If our economy buckles, and we strongly believe it is only a matter of time, then you can fully expect that banks will close and chaos will ensue on the streets of America. Given recent legislation and the training exercises involving thousands of US military troops to be used to quell civil unrest, we can only gather that Celente is, yet again, right on target.


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      1. Seems like we’ve heard this before from him…

        • If the ship is sinking…I want it repeated and shouted until everyone gets off!

        • yes
          we have heard this before
          his message is consistent

          • Yes, perhaps consistently wrong. He predicted a collapse last year towards the end of the year, nothing happened. Then another was forecast for October of this year, yawn, nothing. Then he predicted a collapse for the end of this year(December), now it’s next year. He keeps guessing he’ll eventually get something right. When that happens Alex Jones, and maybe Mac here will say, “SEE, Celente told you and he was right!!!!” Maybe Celente should spend his time figuring out what happened to his fortune in paper.

            • Ahhh. You heard about the collapse of the euro? I would say that was pretty close to tracking on target

            • Didn’t the government have a few close shutdowns…or am I just imagining things? Wasn’t the debt ceiling raised just to keep the country afloat? Haven’t there been a few bailouts? If the government hadn’t done these(kicking the can further down the road), it would have defaulted already. Celente is right, but the government just delays the inevitable every time.

            • Hi Silverbean,

              Your right, nothing happened, Oh wait,… unnless you happen to be one of the 47 Million now on the Obama Coupn (Food Stamps), or one of the 25 Million that are unemployed and have little prospect of getting employed, or maybe one of the 8 Million that has lost their home, or perhaps one of the estimated 9 Million that is now on the verge of losing their home. Maybe it was NOT one of YOUR sons or daugthers that has gotten murdered in the criminal wars the US is raging all over the world.

              Perhaps you don’t mind having an Enemy Force In Occupation as our government, or that fact they have stolen an estimated 100 Trillion in wealth from this country (thats right, thats more than this country is worth, which is why you are already an enternal debt slave).

              Maybe it doesn’t bother you that our Treasonous congress just passed laws that are aimed squarely at allowing the government to arrest any American any at any time for any reason, and can lock you up in any prison for life without ever telling why, and has taken away your right to appear before a judge to challenge it.

              Farmers have just had their right to grow food of their choice taken away, rural property owners are being kicked off their land or imprisoned for “nusiance abatement), utilities are installing electric meters that spy on you and your family, and if you get sick from the extraordinary EMP’s it emits,.. oh well.

              People like Corzine rob over 60,000 Americans of over 2.3 Billion dollars (life saving for some of them), and not only is he NOT in jail or indicted, they haven’t even charged him with ANY thing yet, and NO intentions of doing so.

              The government watches you at the mall, they watch your driving habits, the monitor EVERYTHNIG you do, say, post, look at, research or download from the internet.

              The BIS (Bank of International Settlements), the IMF and The World Bank which run the NWO, are planning and ALREADY have a modified version of the H1-N5 Virus that they will release to kill some 100 Million to 1 Billion people worldwide in the very near future, and are currently expending every means possible to force a nuclear war with Iran.

              But your right,.. ther’s nothing wrong.

              Eveeryyyyyything is just peachy.

              Let me know what you find when you wake up,.. please.

              Thanks – JD – US Marines.

            • @JD,
              You forgot your “combat decorated” as in other posts. An attempt to bolster your credibility?

              John Kerry, veteran, US Navy, combat decorated

            • Hi JK,

              I had know you would shoot your smart-ass mouth off, I would put:

              “JD – Combat Decorated US Marine – And if JK would like to challange it I would be more than happy to rip JK’s worthless fuk’n head off, shit his neck and then use his face to wipe my ass!”

              Its Jerk-off’s like you JK, that bring Dishonor and shame on this country and if I could meet you in person, I would be more than delighted to “show you” what a combat decorated Marine is best at!

              Your a sleaze bag JK – If you don’t like the service Marines do for this country, or like the freedons we are trying to protect, THEN MOVE TO CHINA – They ALREADY have every form of abuse in gov’t your looking for.

            • @ (the so called) US Marine.

              Get over your false pride. If this is how you’d react in a non combat situation, boy, I would think when the SHTF you’ll be flying off the handle, i.e. far from how a real marine would respond.

              Let’s face it. You do have a rather Large Ego. You’re so soaked up in that Ego, every time you post you make a point of fact that you “claim” to be a Marine and how honorable and precious you are when it comes to protecting our freedom and liberty as Americans. Personally, I don’t give a shit about who and what you are. The FACT that JK was pointing out the obvious seems to have gotten under your skin. Now, with your post crucifying JK, I think it’s clear we are seeing who you really are. You totally reacted with rage and anger, which verifies and validates you have a massively driven Ego personality that needs to be “IN CHARGE” at all times. The problem is, your emotions took charge in that post and exposed your true nature. Sign of a stable Marine?

              Your self righteous, holier than thou “I’M A FUCKING MARINE AND YOU BETTER TAKE NOTICE attitude is growing old. Dump the “kiss my feet cuz I brought you freedom” facade. They may think you’re something special, but the real you was exposed in your post to JK.

              The fact that you were so upset by JK’s mere mention of your credentials, and went into a raving loony tirade thereafter, indicates how insecure and unstable you really are. You are all talk with little substance. The real you showed itself in those few revealing sentences. I’ve always felt there was something under the surface with you. Always felt you came on a little too incredibly special.

              Come on, let’s expose some more of that side of you. Give me your best shot. And while at it, try and work on spelling and sentence structure/grammar while being “under fire” and overshadowed by your rage, it will be a beneficial exercise for you.

              PS When are you going to wake up? Who are you really? When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you sleep in your fatigues? Were you even the Marines? Were you even in the military? Are you for real?

              Okay, let’s hear the gush and get the rush of that Ego (and small self) of yours. Lock n’ Loaded. Fire away, big man.

              • People like you make my skin crawl….. Just a word:  you wouldnt be hard to find.

            • EA ~

              What do you hope to accomplish by trying to tick somebody off? Does it further the cause of freedom from tyranny? Does it just plain old make you feel good?

              I don’t really understand the point, as generally I find your posts contain useful information presented in a non-denigrating fashion. This seems to be showing a different side of YOU, also.

            • Hmm very interesting,been away for a couple days and walk back into a s–t storm of arguing. Kinda makes me wonder about how its going to be wtshtf. After all most of us come to this site because we all have the same interest.I believe I’ll just sit this one out, And on that note I’m taking my daughter out to the country to blow through some ammo.

              In the end we are all alone and nobody is coming to save us.

            • I went out and did some yard work and thought about my post here. I realized I missed the more important point in my earlier post, which was, acknowledgement of the role JK had in fighting for my freedom.

              JK was a decorated combat veteran and in his subtle admission of that fact, was a whole story that was said without being said. Quite frankly, I bow down to what he represents because it’s in the silence between the words that really shows what kind of person he is. Most of the real hero’s, i.e. those who fought for our freedom and liberty don’t need to say anything other than what he said. That says everything. Whereas, when one piles on the accolades, over and over and over, something entirely different is being expressed.

              One doesn’t have to be a Marine, or in the military to be a fighter for freedom and liberty. And just because one was in the military doesn’t give one special privilege over anyone else. There are many in the military who did not go in to the service to fight for freedom and liberty. There have been many in the military who have been cowards and criminals. The military is not what it used to be. But that is not to say there aren’t honorable soldiers today. There are. Just fewer now, than before. Unfortunately, that is the sad state of affairs with all systems and organizations in the world today. Corruption IS EVERYWHERE across the board. It knows no boundaries. It’s the world we live in now, like it or not.

              Most important, though, is anyone can be a patriot, a freedom fighter. The military does not have ownership of that quality, that role. There have been just as many great hero’s willing to risk their lives outside the military as there have been in the military. Those are the true veterans in the on going fight for freedom.

            • One point of clarification:

              If you win, you get back your $100,000 + my $100,000 + Legal Fees + Travel Expenses (if any).

              If I win, then I get back my $100,000 + your $100,000 + Legal Fees + Travel Expenses (if any).


          • Many individuals have something to gain from scaring the hell out of perfectly sane preppers.
            if everyone viewed the marine with the same paranoia he exudes, no one would believe that he was a marine.
            perhaps he is not a marine.
            perhaps he is not decorated.
            was he ever in the military?
            might he be a government agent stirring up rivalry and argument in the ranks of preppers.
            perhaps he isnt a he at all…he might be female.
            he might be a complex computer program developed by the chinese…
            just sayin, if your gonna act like a paranoid skitzo, be prepared to respond to others who might judge you the way you judge the world.

          • REPOST:

            This is a repost as my orignal was removed and had appeared just before my follow-up, “Point of clarification”…


            Ok European American, hence forth simply called, “jacckass”

            Lets put your money where your mouth is,… say about $100,000.

            Lets forget the academics and cut right to the chase, since you so CLEARLY believe that I’m not a US Marine, than this will be the EASIEST $100,000 you have ever made in your life!

            Here’s the simple bet:

            1) You send me an attornys contact info to the email below, for an attorney of YOUR choice. The only requirement is that he/she be located in New York City. (You can find one from a phone book, internet or the NY Bar Association.)

            2) My attorney will then contact your attorney, where they will both verify that they are actual attorneys representing us respectively.

            3) You will deposit $100,000 (USD) in an escrow account with your attorney, and I will deposit $100,000 (USD) in my attorneys escrow account.

            4) A court date will be set for our attorneys to appear before a Magistrate Judge to review my military records. Our attorneys will both be present, I will be there, and you may be present if desired.

            5) The judge will rule on whether or not: 1) I am US Marine Veteran, 2) A Combat Decorated US Marine, and was 3) Honorably Discharged.

            6) Should Document verification with Naval Records in St Louis, Missouri be requested, this will only delay the final decision, but not change the final outcome:

            IF the judge declares that I was NOT a US Marine, or that I am NOT a Combat Decorated US Marine, or that I was NOT Honorably Discharged,…. then you get your $100,000 back, PLUS my $100,000, PLUS ALL Legal Fees, Plus ALL travel Expenses!

            (Since you are SO convinced I (and probably other Marines) are not real, this will be an EASY $100,000+ for you!)

            IF, the Judge finds that: 1) I am US Marine Veteran, 2) A Combaty Decorated US Marine, & 3) Honorably Discharged US Marine,.. then I get my $100,000 back, PLUS your $100,000, PLUS ALL Legal Fees, PLUS ALL Travel Expenses!

            Sounds simple and easy, right?

            Lets see if your balls are as big as your mouth.

            You want to insult US Marines, Marines that have fought for this country, Marines that know this Fed Gov’t is an Enemy Force In Occupation, you picked the right one to start with! Come get me,.. and your $100,000 US Dollars!

            You can have your attorney send his contact info to: usmarines with a 555 after it at G mail dot com (I had to write that way to help avoid auto censoring)

            JD – US Marine – Expert Marksman – Fireteam Leader – Combat Decorated and an American Patriot.

            • ;0) gaaaawwwwdamn jd … i’m still laughin’ … okay your a dirt eatin’ jar headed leather neck!

              dude… don’t let em’… beat ya down… keep posting marine… yur’ mission here if you so choose it, is too USE YOUR WONDERFUL literary writing skills too RALLY all the other u s marines who read this rag…

              WE ARE GONNA NEED YOU and your brother and sister marines to help TAKE BACK AMERICA!

              CHARLIE MIKE continue your mission J D ! WE NEED YOU and your USMC Brethren IN THE GOOD FIGHT to take back america!

            • Hi ninakkret,

              Good to hear your still with us, and NOT one of the first “guests” of the new American Gulags that are being built all over the world!

              Daisy and I had exchanged a few messages on the side, and when you disappeared for a little while, we began to worry you had a “midnight visit”, and was carted off.

              Please ninaokret, I agree with most, if not all of what you say, but I would ask you turn the rhetoric down just a little, especailly when talking about firearms or anything like that, so as to NOT shyline yourself so much!

              Lets talk about identifying the real problems, the real solutions, and how to implement them while staying alive and out of the FEMA Camp System.

              We need you with us, and seeing in Sundays visiting hours just won’t cut it!

              Thanks for the support, and good to see your still alive, well and kicking!

              JD – US Marines

            • US Marines,

              I sorry to say but I’m a little disappointed in you today. By this new post it clearly means that you are will to have a argument with somebody over nothing. It reminds of to school bullies on the playground arguing over who gets the weaker kids lunch money. I do enjoy reading most of your post however this one is very disappointing. I know I will get a lot of thumbs down for my post because having a opinion is very unpopular. I just though you had more integrity.


            • Hi DPS,

              My integrity is what was being questioned, which is why I’m willing to put up a $100,000 (USD) cash. (Notice how many have taken the offer…..)

              How is it possible to be “disappointed” with anyone who is willing prove his claims, back it up with his own money, and leave the review process to recognized, neutral authority that should be able to render a determination from an impartial basis?

              I think what your trying to criticize is the subject matter and intensity of my response.

              That is understandable, however I am not trying to stroke anybodys vanity or express some form of diplomatic effort.

              As for “arguing over nothing”, I once again must correct you, as it was not you who has had his service as a US Marine or whatever decorations you may have earned during that service called into question, or directly attacked as I did.

              What it really seems your saying, is that I do NOT have the right to defend my honor, or be willing to express my willingness to utilize recognized third parties (Courts) to substantiate my background and to enforce the penalities when claims have been reviewed and ajudicated.

              What you have to remember is, Not all the naysayers on these sites are merely people trying to cling to their delusions, some are nothing more than Psych-Op Scabs, paid by the US Fed Gov’t, or Fed Reserve to reach out to sites like this and try to discredit people who maybe expressing facts & truths that can help expose the fraud of the Misnistry Of Proganda.

              Above all, they don’t want people to organize!

              JD – USMC

            • No sir I’m not disappointed that you were defending your honor. I’m disappoint that you allowed someone to get under skin. You of all people should know those who anger you control you. And with all due respect sir its not a matter putting your own money up to prove a point its a matter of the whole argument should never have taking place. I guess I’m just different people that talk sh-t about me are about as worry sum as a cloudy day. I just never thought I would see you to lose your temper.


              PS. I personally do not feel the need to wager my integrity with anyone who is ignorant enough to question it.

            • Hey, if y’all are gonna play around with that much money, can I just say that I think it would be much better spent by giving it top me and my family. I can buy some land and get some building going………….just sayin 🙂

            • Hi DPS,

              Understood,.. and I do appreciate the tact you employed.

              I have never been much for diplomacy, hence the demise of my political career! (Just kidding,.. I’m far to honest to ever be a politician)

              You are correct that people do get under my skin from time to time. To a certain degree I allow it, as anger is longer lasting fuel source for motivation than ambivalance.

              I have never had a disagreement with you, and do not wish to have now. You seem to be one of the honest people on this site, and even if we disagree on certain specifics, I’m sure the love for country is first and foremost on both of our hearts.

              Yours truly – JD

            • The above “Anonymous” remark to DPS, should have read, “US Marines”.


            • This just shows that European American was pretty accurate in his assessment: ANGER, LACK OF SELF-RESTRAINT AND INABILITY TO TAKE CRITICISM.

            • JD,

              Its all good brother, there are some men and women on this site that I hold to a higher standard, you just happen to be 1 of them . So on this point we will just agree to disagree. I just happen to be a man that has hopes of saving this nation.
              And without true leaders it will never be done.
              I guess maybe I’m just a dreamer.


            • Hi, JD-US Marine.

              First off, thanks for your service to country. My dad served in the USAF for a while. Wanted to join myself, but felt I couldn’t make it due to moderately bad asthma. Anyways I was wondering, as someone in or who has been in the Marines (I presume recently) how many in the service now do you think would go along with orders to do unconstitutional things, like rounding up people, gun grabbing, those kinds of martial law things?

        • The only problem with this Celente assessment, of the military taking over America and instituting “fascism”, is we already have fascism and more importantly , most of the military will NOT comply with any orders that would enslave us, they are wise to whats going on and take their oath seriously..if they partake in “taking over” it will be by removing obama and most of congress and restoring our Constitution…thats my prediction

          • Do you think the Nazis and Italians went along with the fascism idea with full knowledge?? Do you think the populace did as well?? These things are always masked so that you don’t realize the problem until it is too late…..NDAA anyone??

            • GP, true. Very true. However, they didn’t have what we have. The internet is being used against TPTB and those power know it. They also know if they shut it down, there will be hell to pay. They know if they try to take our guns, there will be hell to pay.

              The only way they can get done what they need done is to feign incompetence and stupidity. This will get them a certain amount of mileage, however, not much.

              The fact is, we’re going down slowly via (fake) incompetence. Once we get to a certain level, the power base will shift.

              Honestly, I hope Ron Paul doesn’t get elected. If he does, he might do enough good things to prolong the pain. Put Obama back in and get this shit over with. I’m tired of having to worry about the next big surprise that dumbass has for us. Just turn him loose and let him screw us like he wants. Nothing will get fixed until we hit rock bottom.

            • NDAA is just one of the cogs in the wheel of a Machiavellian plan.

              ~ 9/11
              ~ The Patriot Act
              ~ Warning Signs of a Homegrown Terrorist(DHS)
              ~ TSA’s increase in powers
              ~ Camp Fema getting built
              ~ Camp Fema getting staffed
              ~ NDAA
              ~ War in Iraq is over and the soldiers are coming home

              So far, we’ve all just been herded along.

              “The Event” – the game changer that puts all the pieces together – is coming soon.

            • Net Ranger, couldn’t agree more up to the point of putting Obama back in office. The MSM and the sheeple are a match made in heaven and the internet is the great equalizer…..they will turn that off or greatly restrict access, just look at the President’s kill switch and the upcoming censorship bill?? Daisy is right that a machine has been put in place(much as the movie The Matrix) and it is either being slowly switched on or when the time is right it will come on all at once…..either way, one day we wake up and this is a completely different world. Getting rid of Obama is one step to take and Ron Paul is the only one who has any ideas on starting to turn the ship around…..if we let Obama have even one more day the Republic is done; we won’t have the opportunity to hit the reset button back to the founding fathers either…..it’s over period.

          • Well said.

          • A few staged attacks, a disinformation campaign and telling outright lies will make it impossible for a military person to do the right thing. Once the internet is shut down and it will be, we will all be flying blind.

        • Indeed we have. One has to wonder whether or not the bitterness he feels from the MF Global collapse is influencing his recent comments. He would have to be a saint for it not to have some effect.

        • Over the last 2-3 years Celente has cautioned that the powers that be could come up with “schemes unforeseen” which make economic predictions difficult. And they have to keep the scam going just a little longer.

        • Just because the timing is off doesn’t make the message incorrect…….

        • The collapse is the epitome of the alliance of big money and big government in their ongoing racketeering against you and your family. The talmudic US “legal” system is one of their weapons against you.

          Jewish Law Comes to D.C.
          James D. Besser, The Jewish Week, 12/6/2002

          “Conservative Catholic” Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Studies Talmud with Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

          “The Jewish Week reported that Scalia is fascinated with Talmudic law and is involved in the launch of a Talmudic law institute in Washington D.C. with Nathan Lewin, Alan Dershowitz and Noson Gurary, a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi.” http://web.archive.org/web/20061120072230/…php3?artid=7074

          Keep in mind that Chabad is the most viciously racist entity on the planet and, relative to their numbers, their political influence at the highest levels of the three branches of “our” government is as astonishing as it is pernicious.

          Chabad’s rabbis discuss Maimonides’ advice on killing Gentiles:
          Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha 1:

          They even convinced the US Congress and US President Reagan to insinuate their genocidal Noahide Law into the USA:



          What a dark irony that Judaic mass media brainwash you with fear of Sharia when it is Halacha and Judaic financial hegemony that is controlling you and soon to be killing you.

      2. If Celente says it could happen, it’s possible, even a blind squrrel finds a nut once in a while,

        • I love all the negs from the conspiracy theorists,Don’t you all think if TPTB were worried about what Celente and others say, they would have been snatched up by now and everything they’ve said would be wiped off the computers.In his own words, he said that the military could pick you up and blow out your brains.That may be true if you’re proven to be a member of Al Qaeda planning to commit any crimes in America.there is a lot of fine print that isn’t being said, anyway, I just can’t see any members of my family that are in the military picking up anyone and blowing out someones brains(murdering them)

          • How would anyone know why someone was picked up? If the person is being acused of being al queada or not-or if the person actually are associated with al quadia- how would anyone know? You no longer have a right to challenge the reason for or the legality of the detention in court or have an attorney. There will be no court hearing where you are represented by an attorney and the government must prove with competent eveidence that you are associated with al quadia. You are just gone and no one has a right to know where or why.
            I grew up i military and have family still serving, I trust them, but not all military are like my family, some just like in normal society I assume some are maladjusted power hungry individuals.

          • I think its pretty comical how, when you say something people don’t like even though it may be blatantly true, they thumbs-down you. I thumbs up a lot of things I don’t like because they happen to be true. The climate here really shows that many of the people that are here are also sheople. They’re just another color of herd animial that is on the other side of the fence. They’re not independent thinkers or trail blazers. They just follow a different trail, a trail cleared by others. A trail, incidentally, they may lead straight over a cliff.

            Celente is a trail blazer. Sometimes the trail he blazes goes nowhere. I occasionally cross his trail and look up and down it then move on. His trail sometimes is valid. Most times its a bit too worn for me.

            • Wisdom, as always, NR. 🙂

            • NR: He has been a “voice in the wilderness”. I like to read his stuff, but I wouldn’t pay for his “consulting” or subscribe to his newsletter.

              just saying.

          • You want to see something scary get a look at some of the documentary films from when the Germans were just getting started killing Jews and other undesirables. There are a few that show townspeople showing up with their hunting weapons and taking part in the killing. Don’t bs yourself that your brother would nod shoot people. With the record law enforcement has of no knock raids and killing pets just for the fun of it I would say alot of them are halfwaay there and just waiting until they get the opportunity. Who would have believed that one of the most orderly nations in Europe would engage in mass murder. The Germas turned out to be quite good at it as did others.

      3. I agree with the forecast of what’s coming. Complete economic breakdown. Bankruptcy at all levels of government. Hyperinflation. We’ll see a loss of political freedom. Either through the National Defense Authorization Act or through Martial Law. The effect will be the same. I think it’ll be through Martial Law so the president has direct control and not the military.

        • I disagree regarding the political freedom. They will maintain that illusion. Regardless how you vote you end up in the same place. They need the masses to direct their energy in politics in which they control a sufficient amount of players that the outcome is to their liking regardless how the body politic votes. The public is in a position similar to a dog chasing it’s tail.

          • I’m thinking that the public is in the same position as Soviet citizens were when they were offered two and only two party-approved candidates.

            The old Russian proverb keeps coming back to me, “Under capitalism, it is man exploiting man. Under communism, it is just the opposite”.

      4. THere is an economic hurricane blowing. when and where it hits is difficult to predict. Not too many models out there for calling its course. But, it is out there. As a veteran of Katrina, I am taking the warnings seriously. I don’t ignore the weather man, and I am not ignoring Celente. He might be wrong, but if he is right, it will be just like Katrina. So, buy up some batteries, extra food and water, whatever it takes to get through. If it blows over, then I just have some extra stuff. If it hits, then I am ready.

        • Hi Semper Fi,

          Your are quite right my brother.

          Celente has the mechanics right, he just has the timetable off becasue he forgot one thing:

          Never underestimate the gov’ts ability to create a crisis,.. or stall one.

          When the psychopaths that are running the NWO are polite enough to let us know their timetable, then I sure Celente would be able to nail events to the day.

          In the meantime, by even the forgiving analysis of current events, it is clear,.. we are in a world of shit!

          The fact the total collapse has not occurred yet doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen, it just means you have little more time to get ready!,.. this is a gift. Use it well, or lament to no one when the SHTF.

          JD – US Marines – Combat Decorated

          Semper Fi! Semper Fi.

          • Hey Jarhead, ….are you speaking for all Marines, or yourself ?

            • Jealous much, JK?

              Are you going to whip it out and show us that you can pee further?

              Perhaps you should hike your leg somewhere else!

            • @Daisy,
              No, my point simply is that Dakota Meyer is a decorated Marine whose MoH is now being questioned as to the truthfulness of the supporting documentation. In that regard, I don’t really give a rip if JD is a combat decorated, US Marine or not. It doesn’t mean he’s any more right(eous) than the rest of us, nor is he any more credible. J.K. (as in John Kerry, veteran, combat decorated) and maybe I squat when I pee?

            • I disagree completely JK.

              I think that having a history of valour in combat says a great deal about somebody’s character. It also speaks to his credibility, because he has been involved in the situations that we are facing in a way that most of us have not.

              Really, though, I don’t know JD’s history. I’ve never met JD. But I know that he writes from the heart. I know that what he has to say speaks to many of us. The person he shows himself to be by attempting to rally people and unite them to a cause is the person I’m defending. The person that wants to TAKE ACTION is the person that I’m talking about.

              I don’t like your unprovoked attack. It makes you sound like you’re jealous of the popular kids, dude.

              And, overall, it still sounds like sour grapes to me.

            • Hi JK,

              Correct you are about John Kerry from my understanding of the events and his “Awards”.

              Regarding fake Veterans, its called the, “Stolen Valor Syndrome”, and there have been books written on this.

              But lets cut to the chase, above, I wrote about a $100,000 Challange to a jackass named European American who also had the audicity to insinuate that I am anything less than a Combat Decorated US Marine, Honorably Discharged, fighting to save MY country.

              I extend that challange to you.

              If you believe in what you write, than this will be the EASIEST $100,000 (USD) you ever made!

              Lets see if you have ANY balls,.. not just how much you can run your nasty little suck..

              JD – US Marines – Fighting to save MY country from Jerk-offs, Thieves, Traitors and Liars.

            • I almost feel sorry for you

            • @JD, If I come and meet you and can validate your story, can I have just a 10% finders fee? Haven’t worked in a little over a year….just sayin 🙂

              BTW….I believe you and enjoy your posts

        • What are the batteries for. PropOganda radio.
          Little food,try a year or 2. MRE’s,Oh yes please.
          Hey if you go some where else YOUR TRESSPASSING.

          Wake up people.

          Build your bunker hunker down and ammo up. What cha got some body wants.

          good luck all

          • John Kerry is also a 33degree freemason, they are initially the substance of the illuminate, I believe it was JohnF Kennedy who had spoke of secret societies, and the their dangers! Yes sayin In essence they are Demonic, in their writings (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma) refer to Lucifer, who they call the good Lucifer the light bringer, as to their allegiance, is given.

            • Copout, I agree with you and could write a book on these people(illuminate/masons) just from my debates. If you get a chance, read ‘Enroute to Global Occupation’ by Gary Kah.
              Remember folks, the higher up one goes in the masonic/Illum. levels, the more intense the lies become and the more the realization of the members to the fact their allegance is to Lucifer.

      5. Didn’t he say the same thing about 2011? 2010? 2009? 2008? He’s been saying it long enough that you can’t really call him accurate.

        • Captain…you are wrong! He has been saying that things are going to get bad…and if you are one of the millions that have lost their home or job, then guess what, things ARE bad!!
          He also predicted in 2007 the crash of the stock market in 2008! He called for the sub prime lending crash in 2009,and it happened in 2010, in Oct. 2009 he said there would be social unrest,”the beginning of the 2nd American revolution” Hmmm, let’s see is THAT happening…Oh wait… does Occupy wall Street ring a bell?…Yes, he’s not 100% accurate…but guess what? NO ONE IS perfect!! But he IS close!!
          Maybe instead of criticizing him, you should pay attention to what he is saying so that when the crap DOES hit the fan…you won’t have to go begging to people like me, who ARE paying attention?

          • Right on mini lady. We are dealing with social phenomena, not natural science. When predicicting social events being close is being correct. Celente is damn good.

          • Again, Prep’d Pastor even backs up his opinions with links and he gets thumbs-downed.

            Do some of you people want to come here to read doomer stuff? Doomer addicts. Never thought I’d see it this way, but apparently many are.

            I guess its about like, Pastor, not about the truth.

            • Thanks for defending me. I was relied on Celente’s timeline and it cost me about $1,000 that I would not have lost if I went with my own conclusions. He is like the homeless guy wearing the sandwich board in the movie 2012 saying ‘The End is Near.’ Celente has been wearing it for a dozen years and every year he is closer to being right.

              I agree with Marc Faber. The end could come tomorrow or the powers that be could manipulate things to put it off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqCnEVP-rYI

      6. Celente didn’t walk his own talk and got hosed by six figures.

        You safely disregard him.

        • How does Celente being fleeced of six figures in any way translate to him not walking his talk? The man was ROBBED by criminals — he was blind-sided. Why is this confusing to anyone?

          • Yes, IMHO, the man was robbed by criminals and there is no excuse whatever that justifies that happening to anyone. Where the walk and talk separated, however, was when Celente, among MANY others like him, kept telling people things like: if you don’t have it in your possession, you don’t own it; don’t play the bankers games; buy physical metals, not paper metals. Are we getting it yet? Hell, I believed this stuff and bought physical metal. MFG’s implosion did not affect my financial situation at all.

            • When they steal your accout money and then demand a margin call which you had money to cover except that they stole it and then freeze all accounts so you cannot even exit the market those are criminal actions and by an organization that was always honest before. High placed criminals have taken over most of the nation. Right now they are just trying the to figure out the best way to seize complete control while keeping the sheep placated until it is too late to fight back.

            • Heck, Willy, it’s even worse than that. After all you say happened did happen, they they charged the former MFG customers for vault storage fees on gold and silver bars that they somehow cannot find. They say this as if these serial numbered and registered bars just evaporated. CLUE: Look in the JP Morgan and HSBC vaults!

          • Him, and the others, were robbed of delivery positions on the COMEX to avoid it’s default for non delivery. It had nothing to do with the money itself. The rest of the story is cover to keep the default hidden.

            • Plausible scenario.

          • Can you purchase that much gold over the counter or would you have to wait for delivery? I wish I knew from personal experience.

            • Here is more on the story. I put a space between the http and the :.

              http ://silverdoctors.blogspot.com/2011/11/did-jp-morgan-just-convert-614000.html

              http ://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/12.11/implosion.html

        • My thoughts exactly. High six figures… and he knew Biden was standing next to Corzine? Shit’s a coming for sure… but let’s hear from someone else.

        • I know about what happened to him, and I will safely disregard your post instead.

          • I agree, do’t shoot the messenger just because he too was sucked in, instead realize that it’s worse thane even he thought

        • Great day in the morning! Scott, you sure have drawn alot of attention. I gave you a thumbs up just to go against the grain, for shits and giggles and because apparently you feel you’re right and have a pair. Goes along way in my book.

          • BTW, the rest of you wanna-b’s can take that thumbs down, flip it up, sit on it and spin.

          • Thanks, brother! =D

      7. This day in History.

        In 1773, the Boston Tea Party took place as American colonists boarded a British ship and dumped more than 300 chests of tea into Boston Harbor to protest tea taxes.

        In 1907, 16 U.S. Navy battleships, which came to be known as the “Great White Fleet,” set sail on a 14-month round-the-world voyage to demonstrate American sea power.

        In 1944, the World War II Battle of the Bulge began as German forces launched a surprise attack against Allied forces in Belgium (the Allies were eventually able to beat the Germans back.

        Today, Americans wait with baited breath to see when our president and congress will pull the plug on America for good.

      8. I wouldn’t worry about it, we can just vote someone new into position, and it will be sunshine and lollipops for all. They have declared war on the people plain and simple. Prepare for martial law, yeah were not there now, yeah ok! No harm in playing the game for another round of fooled ya, again and again! Marco rubio from Florida, my fellow American send me to make a difference, nope voted for #1867, brown gonna stop the healthcare bill nope, vote #1867, same old pack of lies. Give up, na just ain’t playing their hand any longer!

      9. Greetings Everyone!
        This is a story that we all know about.Personally,I’m not too overly concerned about the banks failing(it happened in my grandfather’s time,cost him a fair percentage of the family fortune.BUT being a descendant of resourceful and wise old Germans he made Damn Certain he had “some set aside”.Because of that resourcefulness he kept the estate and was able to feed the kids too).Bankers are no less prone to selfishness and excessive greed today than any of the rest of us.Perhaps even more tempted to “gamble” with other peoples money when the Governments world wide fail to punish them for wrong doing(I.E. MF).
        The larger question is what have we as preppers have done(or are doing) to enable US to get by for the next decade or so when The Change begins to happen happen in earnest.Sheeple will suffer horribly just as they did in the 1930’s,perhaps even more(I remember the stories told by Grandfather and his sons to me about it, and it truly was a terrible time to witness).
        These are just my thoughts,open to opposing views,IF you can resist name calling and such.
        Best to All
        hope EVERYONE can be warm and fed today
        Love you too,you gov. spooks who visit here,but not the “work” you do!

        • Excellent post, GFG. It’s good to hear some family history that gives us all a view of the times when the S really did HTF. Maybe having that kind of knowledge will help us when the next SHTF chapter unfolds.

          My parents were depression era people of completely different backgrounds. My mom was a city gal whose father was a moderately successful business man. Their family lost everything they owned when the SHTF in 1930. They knew real poverty and hunger. It scarred her for life with the fear of poverty being the only thing that really terrifies her.

          My dad’s family were farmers who owned their own land, so they always had plenty to eat during the depression. Like farmers everywhere, they stuck together and helped each other get through it. They never knew hunger but knew a great deal about “making do” with what they had.

          The weird thing about the 1930s SHTF chapter was that anyone who had real money could buy and do just about anything they needed. Money was scarce and difficult to come by. This is why I buy a little silver from time to time. Coins, rounds, and bars are all good. They will always have some kind of value and can be traded for the things we need but do not have. Life will be hard for those who have prepared for the next SHTF time but it will be damn-near impossible for those who have not. Maybe this is nature’s way of deciding who continues the species?

        • If I can’t call you names, I am taking my ball and going home!

      10. @celente lost his gold because , he ordered his gold certificates be changed to physical real gold an was taking delivery of it all in physical gold AND MF GLOBAL didn’t have it! every single paper gold owner at mf global who ordered they be sent their physical gold were straight up intentionally ROBBED! Because the paper and physical gold / silver market bubbles are all over sold 5 times over… get PHYSICAL delivery NOW! or loose it all as @g celente did!

        the easiest way to legally rob a bank is too simply own one!

        it’s time too sell all your dollars, buy physical metals and start our own regional state owned banking institutions with our Own STATE VALUE BASED CURRENCIES just as north dakota has , completely independent from the federal reserve system!


        • You are on a roll of mellowness. Excellent point!

          • I wish he’d stay on the smoke, I think it does him good.

            • @PO’d.P ;0P pssszzt, one shall not smoke the crunchy purple buds till it is tiiime… ;0) an (sniff)(sniff)(aaaah) it still ain’t time yet they’re still drying.

          • i’ve discovered the pleasures of sipping a very expensive potent italian imported bell’agio chianti wine while doing my online ((+)) sniping! ;0) help keeps my suped-up bi-polar mind in 3rd gear… and makes my toes tingle! ;0) the stuff is very expensive paint remover, keeps your pipes clean, has a great bouquet and makes great baked italian garlic cheese spaghetti an deer sausage’s!

            ;0) does that makes me an eye-talian wino? hmmmmmmm

            • Inquiring minds don’t wanna know.

            • Nina! How could you!?


              1)Tall kitchen glass
              2)Fill glass 1/2 full of Jagermiester
              3)Top off glass w/ 8.4oz Red Bull (chilled of course!)
              5)Enjoy the evening

              Trust me Komeraden

          • LOL.

            • Indeed! That’s just TOO MUCH INFO! 😉

        • @ ninaorket, ROGER that. Time to take these criminal assh*les to the woodshed, beat the living sh*t out of them, and put them all in a one man raft in the middle of an ocean somewhere. I’m somewhat of a “softie” so give them one bottle of water and a twinky to share.

          • They do NOT deserve Twinkies!

            • ~JustMe~

              I get the impression, the ‘Twinky’ Yental was referring to…is named:

              —Barny Frank—

            • @Gunsmith, No Barny Frank would enjoy it too much.

          • @yental You Sir are too Kind… they would Give You nothing But a shallow unmarked grave!

            Remember the HMS Bounty… a royal british merchant man of war ship, Capt Bligh and 13 brown nosed crew members , once evicted from the HMS Bounty by Mr. Christian and Rebellious Crew for Brutal Criminal British Royal Corporal Abuse upon the crew by Capt Bligh. Traveled over 1600 nautical miles in a rowboat cutter packed to the gills, constantly bailing water and fighting hunger and dehydration! An they survived the hard trip on their desire for Vengeance!

            You must treat them All as Vipers! Dangerous Rattle Snakes with Poison Dripping from their Fangs Ready to Strike at you and your Children!

            You Grab a Spade (.308 Rifle) and You Chop their Heads Off at the Neck! Swiftly! “CHUNK!” or Beware you turn your back on them Cause they will only Strike and kill you swiftly when you are least aware!

            Prez Andrew Jackson had it right! “They are ALL Vipers and Thieves , a Den of them and Need to be Rooted Out and Burned where they set! Or else we will all simply continue to suffer for their GREEDS and LUSTS!

            @Yental trust them not…

            • Nina, you are worth your salt!

          • Good start but cancel the boat ride. They can “ride the pole”, Vlad the Impaler style.

            • @41magman ;0P sadistic you are, but not a very good way to punish yur’ illegal alien cia puppet BI-SEXUAL prez barry SOETORO aka obama , an his gay white house lover/ personal trainer reggie love and his chicago rahm emanuel , chicago’s mayor , Gay Bath House zionistjew gang… they , their gay porn star whitehouse staff boys and barney frank would all ENJOY it too much!

              The idea is tooo “punish” them not give them pleasure!

            • Something tells me that between the sharp point and the splinters, NO enjoyment would be had except by the viewers. 😉

        • As Olivia Neutron Bomb once sang, time to “get physical.”

          Look, folks, when everything is “relative,” what makes you think people will honour paper promises? They WON’T. The only people left unscathed will be Obama’s cronies, czars, crooks, corruptocrats and Corzines.

          Plan of giving up your “barbaric” relic when mankind quits ACTING so barbarously.

          • @JR it’s called “Let’s Get Physical!”, I simply LUV that song! I know it well cause I sing it in the Shower… Ooooppsss! ;0P does that make me a closet fruity pop? crap… ;0P pssszzt

          • I was in love with her back in the day. She didn’t even know I existed….

            • No dude…Joan Jet!

            • As Steve Martin said: “And after all the hours I spent holding up her poster with one hand!”.

        • spot on, N

      11. For those who don’t believe in Celente’s forecast; don’t prepare. The Republic needs more sheep. When martial law is declared and you find yourself unarmed and starving, go to the government for help. They are, after all, here to help you! They have always had your best interests at heart. I feel confident they will reach into their vast stocks of Mountain House foods, bought on your dime for the ruling elite, and share it with you. Or, you can gnaw bark off trees. Ruffage, I’m told, is good for you. Even better when you have to take a dump.

        • Yeah, I can see those idiots now… going to the nearest FEMA camp for food only to find out that it is Soylent Green time… for real! Yummm… Sheeple with mint sauce.

        • I’ve listned to Celente every since he started going public.I just can’t understand why anyone needs someone to scare them into being prepared, for me, it’s been a way of life for over sixty yrs.We just never grew out of the habits from the depression.

          • I’ve had a similar life. My Mom taught me a great deal about earning money, preserving it, saving it, and making it grow. Spending it was never a priority. I just never developed that habit so do not own an i-this, an i-that, or an i-27 other things. I’ve always treated money as if it was scarce, like it was in the 1930s depression, which is why I have some. Also never bought into the “my house is an ATM” BS or “Hey, I can borrow from my 401K” nonsense. Same with buying houses. We did that sparingly and for amounts that we could afford. Bottom line is to not let anyone tell you what you can afford. You should be able to figure that out for yourself. It’s usually about half of what others say is “affordable”.

      12. Celente…….is starting to = YAWN.

      13. CELENTE has been wrong so many times that I take this with s grain of salt

      14. The math can’t lie. There MUST be an apocalyptic event in the banking system to get rid of the trillions and trillions of bad debt and default swap contracts that are on the books right now. But I doubt it’ll be a Mad Max scenario, since in the USA the Fed can simply keep blowing “money” into the currency system to replace the bad debt. A catastrophic deflation hurts the banksters more than anybody else, and since they’re in the wheelhouse, they’ll prevent it. But their course will impoverish every working man and woman, since wages will not keep pace with price rises. If it comes to a point where the spread might go ballistic, they’ll start a war big enough to justify severe “austerity” in the guise of National Security. Violence in the streets of the USA cities will, if it happens at all, be local, and will be extinguished quickly and brutally. The NDAA that just got slipped through will be exercised en masse. And all the fears about the purpose of those FEMA camps will come true.

        • Will they have crafts at Camp Fema? Swimming and rowing?
          I’m too old an decrepit to play volley ball very well anymore. It does sound like fun though.

      15. Hate to write this but initially this will probably save most of us. I don’t have the means to live far enough away from the city and I’m more worried about the generations of welfare recipients than I am about the crooks in D.C. or Wall Street. Round ’em up, sterilze ’em, and release them in the wilds of Mexico.

        • Whaddya got against Mexico? Better to release ’em in the wilds of New Jersey. 😉

      16. Scary stuff, just received another 1 yr supply of food today.

        • With that statement, you’ve been upgraded from the FEMA list to a Wanted poster. Check out facebook, it’s there.

        • Have you people seen the latest “Brad Meltzers Decoded” from this past Wednesday? They revisited the Mayan 2012 prophesy AGAIN, only this time there was NO skepticism, they were all on board and said they were going to prepare!!!!!…TPTB know whats coming (or what they have planned and are using the Mayans as cover for) and they are trying to clear their conscience by giving veiled warnings. I never bought into the mayan end of the world prophesy myself, but it seems pretty apparent someones “end of the world as we know it” prophesy is gonna come true in 2012

          “What if I told you the apocalyptic prophecies of 2012 were coming true? Across the globe, predictions from Mayan texts to the King James Bible appear to be coming true with eerie accuracy. What can we look forward to on December 21, 2012, the date Mayan astronomers list as the end of time?”


          • Please don’t buy into all the propaganda, lies, and scare tactics. Only the Lord will decide when the world will end; not a bunch of Mayan pagans. Even the Mayans living today think this forcast is rediculous. Could be tomorrow or a thousand years from now. It is not for us to know.

            • You do know who has the most propaganda, lies, and scare tactics in history don’t you? Thats right, you! Religous fanatic

            • christianity originated from paganism.

            • I thought their calendar predicted the end of an era. That could mean a lot of things. maybe they were a just a little off on the demise of disco.

          • Even if the Mayan prophecies and the Bible and all of the other sources that say 2012 is the end are completely wrong, I’m glad the MSM is actually putting it out there!

            Do you think this program may have shaken the sleepy-sand out of a few sheeple’s eyes? Is it possible there is going to be one less zombie and one more person who could join a group of likeminded preparedness folks? I am not particuar about how a person is woke from their kool-aid insuced slumber, I am just glad they are awake!!

            • I am a prepper and I do think this site is very educational. I was not referring to a global collapse, just trying to dispell the crap about the Myan Calendar. The bible does not say 2012 is the end of times, just the people that like to make phony shit out of Mayan garbage. I believe in God so if that makes me a fanatic then what do you care?

              I think God wants us to prepare for hard times and for his return. Either way, I have plenty of canned food and a rosary. Amen….

            • Nah, let ’em sleep. It’s like walking in the woods. You don’t have to outrun the bear, just the people you are with. We need the sheeple to serve their natural functions as bullet sponges, herd animals for the government types to herd around, and prey for those who are desperate. The more time spent on them, the less time spent on us. 😉

          • I thought the Mayan prophecies said it was the end of an era…NOT time.

      17. The PTB hope to keep the lid on things and desperately want to ‘kick-the-can’ on down the road at LEAST until after the 2012 presidential elections. We’ll see ….. but I have my doubts. 2012 is going to be an interesting year.

        • My assumption would be that the IMF chief knows whereof he speaks. The banksters CAUSED the 1930s depression via goosing the economy in the 1920s and then yanking the rug out from under it in 1929 via the sudden loss of money and credit. As a follow-on act, they ARE causing the next one as we speak. Of course they KNOW! This is like saying ‘Hitler knew that war was coming in 1933’. He did… because he was planning to start it.

      18. im proud to be american where i once was free and i won’t forget the folks that lied and took my rights from me. i’ll gladly stand up next to you and fight for our rights today. there ain’t no doubt this was a good land. i miss the Usa.

        • Your lyrics are much more appropriate. The “origninal” version turns my stomach these days.

        • Being unalienable, no one can take your rights from you. However, the limits the Bill of Rights placed upon our government have been trampled to death. Therefore, we must assert our rights, proving to TPTB that our rights are unalienable. I pray we can manage this without bloodshed.

      19. The zombies also known as the general public don’t even have a clue what’s going on. Many of them are worried that if one prayer is said involving some government employee, then we’ll be on some slippery slope to becoming a theocracy, and that it must be stopped now.

        Nothing could be further from reality. Welcome to the FSA instead: the Fascist States of America. For John Titor followers, that would be the AFE: the American Federal Empire.

      20. This article confirms what I’ve been feeling will happen in 2012 ……and I don’t subscribe or follow Celente (so I have no preconceived notions other than intuition) other than what is posted on websites such as this one. I feel things will “start of go south” right after the holiday and get progressively worse. People keep writing about the election in 2012. My answer to this is: …..IF there is an election! The President does have the power in an emergency to suspend elections. The thing that scares me, really scares me, is the scenerio is starting to look like the one in the beginning of Rawles first book. As for disregarding Celente’s warnings, my answer is ….it’s better to have and not need than….need and not have.

      21. personally i am not waiting for someone to name a time or a date for things to come crashing down around me. best thing to do is to pay some heed, do what you need to be doing to prepare and if somehow things dont happen then so what. but being prepared as best you can with what you got is better than nothing. just saying…

      22. Lol, so don’t believe Caliente, would you believe the head of the IMF? TPTB are about 3 years behind schedule and they are on a crash course now
        IMF chief warns over 1930s-style threats < google this and prepare to be shocked

      23. I’ve heard all this before. Remember the webbot?

      24. You may be a terrorist if you have an incandescent light bulb.

        • And an Eco-Terrorist if you don’t.

        • I have a magnetic bumper sticker on my truck. It has a picture of an incadescent bulb and a CFL, and states “I am pro-choice on lightbulbs.”

          • I got a bumper sticker with Obama’s face on it and it says, ” Does this ass make my car look fat?”. I hope there’s incandescent light bulbs in my future fema cell.

            • Uh, no, sorry. You don’t get any light until you are completely re-educated. THEN you WILL see the light! X-p

        • Aren’t these the same people who freaked out about mercury in thermometers ? A slight bit of irony here.

      25. Prep, Prep, Prep, Prep!!!!!!!!!

      26. This, an *explicitly* this, is where replacing the real God with the false god of the state and socialism leads. It has **always* and at all times led to this.

        “When men cease to believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing, but **anything**” Welcome to post-Christian, post-modern, corrupt, decadent America, komrade.

      27. Expect something very different: CALIFORNIA. As in a fiscally collapsed government incapable of basic functions (see Detroit, D.C.) as number of poor nontaxpayers from industrial collapse overwhelm the welfare state on both ends (no longer taxpayers while on welfare benefits). As in society of a fistful of rich and horde of poor with near nobody to pay the bills. High crime of unprecedented levels in urban areas.
        NOT martial law which costs too much money that there won’t be in a California-like scenario.

        • I have friends in Calif. I told them a year ago to GTFO of there as fast as they could. Just sell their property for whatever it would bring and move elsewhere. They laughed at my comment. They are not laughing now.

        • So, Bob… are you gonna put money into one of those triple bear funds and make a fortune from this? Sounds pretty good to me, especially after the end of 2011.

        • Went to your site and was very interesting. Looks like 2016 begins the time of total destruction of our economy! Enjoyed your slide presentation – what beautiful country and your home is very nice.

        • not helpful dude

        • LOL.

      28. Agree that Celente has been calling for this for some time now. However, if only half of what he predicts happens, we’ll be in for some rough times.

      29. Watch all the players carefully, all it takes is 1 little thing and they win, they can drag things out now and have whatever it is back them up when the SHTF. Right now we as a collective total are the deciding factor in what freedom is left we are branded terrorist but cause we love the original core values of freedom and liberties, to many people focus on 1 thing and not the whole picture, people should look at everything being laid out in front of them and yet they put their heads in the sand, Preppers and those of the such are doing there best but we need to unite. At this moment across the country FEMA Camps are being put on 72 Hour Notice AND Military Authorized to Arrest American Citizens was signed and activate in the same week. The PTB are salivating on whats to come because they is know there is no accountability. It seems they have taken all the key chess pieces and left the pawns, any thoughts???

        Happy Holidays and Good Bless America

        • @MrEmAN … response to your ANY THOUGHTS ???

          Buy a VERY BIG GUN! Preferably a .308 semi-auto rifle… 20 round capacity mags. 3000 rounds ammo!

          It is No longer Prep for A SHTF Scenario!

          IT IS NOW… Prep For the FREEMEN American Civil War, and it’s “US” the 99% , against “THEM” the 1% and their Goyim tax debt zionist Soldier Slaves!

          arm up stock up prepare … for civil war.

          • @ ninaorket

            Actually I love the my 7.62×51 H&K, got a smoking deal back in 06 at a gun show in the free American Republic of Texas. The .308 is lovely in bolt action too, especially with a optic. I just stocked up on reloading supplies and some additional food supplies.
            I agree with the time is now, but we need to be cautious on how we cast the first stone. If we throw stones inside our glass house well you know. I would prefer to be inside their house casting stones close quarters or at 800 yards. Either way I was born free and will die free… 😉

            Happy Holidays and God Bless America 🙂

            • @mr.eman … ;0P i’m very envious of you at the moment… that’s a sweeeeeeet piece of hardware. see ya on the line…

          • NinaO, I think you’ve finally convinced me.

            I still think retaliation is better than attack, though.

            • @ Daisy

              I agree with you to a point, retaliation should be a eye for a eye, physical against physical, if we retaliate physically agianst their politics then they win with justification, let them slip up and then we have them.. The noose is made it depends on whose neck it tightens on first

      30. It is time..

        • Is it 5 o’clock somewhere?

          • May not be 5 O’clock, but its 420 in DC, cause they been smokin shit if they think they are going to win.

            • They only have crappy mud-bud in DC.

          • Its 420 in DC, cause they smokin the green if they think they gonna win!

            • Stupid phone, wish my computer worked. Sorry everybody

      31. All that happens with the EU economy is directly related to the USA.They just recently kicked the EURO can down the road for another two months.thereby giving us a couple more months and The britts are about to get their financial asses kicked. Germany will control the new empire,financially and most of what goes on in union.WE ARE IN A WORLD WIDE FINANCIAL WAR ZONE,with the citizens of all countries being used as cannon fodder.The Global rat bastards have been positioning themselves for the last few years to see who comes out this mess with the most riches power and control.

      32. I’m sure we will have a systemic financial collapse at some point, but the question is when!! As the Fed prints and blows more money into the economy they are sucking the life out of private business. At some point, which I think we have already past; we have more takers then makers.

        The entitlement crowd regardless of what the official numbers say, I believe is already larger then the producers. I’m of the opinion that the makers are now about 46% and the takers are now 54% so yes we have past the rubicon.

        Celente is right, but trying to predict when is like trying to predict the second coming oh Christ.

        As for marshall law the fact is there are not enough military, police, firemen or federal employees to control an armed Citizenry.

        Keep your gun close and your Constitution closer. The term for liberal idiologs in combat is usually coward.

        • Bingo! Yessssssss!
          Totally correct!

          See – We HAVE passed the point where the golden goose has

          Please people, prep. What will it hurt? At 15% inflation on CONSUMABLES, it’s simply the best investment you could possibly make. The food you buy today that you eat a year from now will be costing 15% more. Where are you going to get a better return than that?

        • Right on, Patriot1! There has long been a battle between makers and takers and, yes, it IS coming to a head. Our Founding Fathers were some of the most brilliant men ever. They foresaw this as a problem, which is why only men who owned property could vote. They knew that it is property ownership and the wealth that flows from it that supports the public treasury. Who better to decide what to do with that treasury than those who actually fund it?

        • “The term for liberal idiologs in combat is usually coward.”

          Yep. That or the term “target”.

          • @41MagMan
            That was so funny I’m choking for air………..

      33. I don’t see how they can subjugate 300m + people. Unless they go the nazi germany way and blame it on someone.

        • All they need do is control the food supply.

          • Tom they can’t control the food supply except maybe in cities. With the exception of our Generals just who do you think is going to lead against the American Citizen.

            Who do you think is going to follow Harry Reid, Nancy P. or Barney “I like Weiner” Frank into battle?

            Besides they will be hiding in an undisclosed location till their food runs out. When they crawl out of their hole the American Citizen will be waiting.

            The Citizens have the power, its time we started using it.

            • 79.2 % US population lives in cities.

              Total U.S. Population 285,230,516 100
              Population living in Urban Areas 2 3,629 225,956,060 79.219
              Population living in Rural Areas 59,274,456 20.781
              Urban Area Categories:
              1. Urbanized Areas over 200,000 population 153 166,215,889 58.274
              2. Urbanized Areas 50,000 – 199,999 population 310 29,584,626 10.372
              3. Urban Clusters 5,000 – 49,999 population 1838 25,438,275 8.918
              4. Urban Clusters 2,500 – 4,999 population 1328 4,717,270 1.654

            • those of us that are still alive that is….

            • This message is for Tom,

              What year are you using for your total USA population because the U.S. Census Bureau, projects the resident population of the United States at 312,789,872 at 12/17/11.

          • Control your own food supply.

          • RID: The additional 25 million are probably illegals anyway. They don’t count. They are nationals of a foreign power.

            Not Americans.

        • Subjugating is easy; just use poverty. Avoiding their collective anger is another issue. I suspect if a little bit of poverty got some compliance then the trend would be to use more to obtain increased control.

          Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts absolutely. The power elite must beware of the “Let them eat cake” attitude towards governing.

          • Yeah, i guess poor and hungry people don’t ask a lot of questions.

          • What is poverty, though?

            It’s different things to different people.

            For some people a degrading poverty would mean they don’t have the latest incarnation of the I-phone, I-pad, and I-whatever-else-is-out-there. They can’t go out to dinner and buy fashionable new clothes any time they want. (Come to think of it, that sounds like an average teenager!)

            To others, it is not having food, shelter or the basic necessities of life.

            One way to take away the power of those who would subjugate us is by learning to provide those essentials for ourselves. Learn to be happy on what you have, not always looking to buy the newest thing. If you have a sense of joy in your every day life from simple things then nobody can make you poor.

            If I can be with my family, and have some simple food and shelter, then I can be happy. When I am happy, I have power.

            • You, you, I, I, I, happy power! God save the Queen.

            • Ever heard of Maslow Daisy? You have to have one before you can keep the other.

        • any white collar clean-hands chump who’s wife is out of meds and whose family hasn’t eaten for three days will make up names to rat out to the Homeland Security ministry if it means a warm plate of food and a shower.

          Anybody they know with a 4×4, guns, a patriotic additude etc. will get fingered if the chump can get a portion of his former prosperity back.

          Maybe he’ll even get a job working for the ministry cataloging his former neighbors, employees, co-workers or college friends as potential terrorists for the DHS to round up in their nightly sweeps.

          I’m more afraid of the metrosexual, clean-hands, it’s all about me types than the one-dimentional government careerist beuaracrats.

          • Agreed! A diluted version of what you are stating is some of the co-workers you work with every day that kiss the a** of those.., to provide info about others in the work place.

            I see exactly what you are talking about. So, remember who these people are and don’t forget that these people will take on a much bigger role after SHTF.

          • You mean the snoop?

            The Snoop

            Ah yes, my favorite! Every neighborhood in America has one of these dastardly specimens. Every apartment building, every city block, every gated community. The Snoop is like the Lemming in that they almost pride themselves on their unwillingness to listen to reason or consider facts, but the Snoop takes this one step further. Not only will you find them sneering at those of us who express independent or anti-establishment views, but they will also go out of their way to bring trigger happy SWAT teams to our doorsteps. These are the people who actually call Janet Napolitano’s “See Something, Say Something” hotline thinking they are good samaritans.

            The Snoop has been the mainstay of every tyrannical government of the last century, from Mussolini’s Italy, to Franco’s Spain, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, etc. Today, the Snoop is being tapped by the DHS and the Obama Administration as a resource once again within the borders of America itself.

            Snoops fancy themselves amateur detectives. They will ask odd probing questions that seem out of place in regular conversation. They will form superficial friendships that feel even more fake than many neighborhood relations tend to. Disapproval of your politics will be met not with arguments, but with silence, and increasing distance. Snoops reveal themselves through their addiction to gossip. Eventually, you will discover from other neighbors that they slander you constantly behind your back.

            Under normal circumstances, this is something to be laughed at and ignored. But, post collapse, it is something to be very concerned about. Snoops aren’t looking for advantage, like the Cynic. They are looking for vindication, and approval. They desperately want to be a part of a collective, and revile anyone who displays outward individualism. If turning you in, or organizing others against you, will bring them a pat on the head, they will do it.

            The Snoop is a coward, and will never confront you directly. But, he or she will try to use the force of the state or the community against you if you offend their twisted world view.

            Commonly spoken phrases include:

            “We really need to keep our eyes open for terrorists…”

            “I hear the terrorists are using white people at bus stations now…”

            “Liberty Movement? Isn’t that one of those homegrown terrorist groups?”

            • Snoops have always been with us… like vermin. Sooner or later, though, they have a bad habit of running into a “weapons malfunction” of some sort that suddenly terminates their snooping… and good on ’em too!

            • KilltheSnoops – About 5 years ago I had a ‘Snoopy’ neighbor call the police because my 2 sons and 2 friends were playing Airsoft guns, on MY 5 acres. They called in a hostage situation! I was on my way home from work when I got the call. I had 4 teenagers, 3 boys and 1 girl, handcuffed, on the ground with cocked guns to their heads. They had sent the head of the SWAT team to assess the situation. I live in a semi-rural area so my boys could have room to ‘play’. These are old farmers that think they can control everything in the area. I have not, nor will I ever ‘forget’ what they did to my family just from being nosy!!

          • Reminds me of the Salem witch hunts – the mass hysteria that got hundreds of innocent people killed!

            • Remember Alice Cooper!

        • Of course they will blame it on someone. They will blame it on the “terrorists” they arrest and detain. They will demand and get “temporary” dictatorial powers to deal with “an unprecedented situation” and all in the name of public safety. They will curtail any sympathy that people might feel for those arrested and detained by calling them “sympathizers”. There is nothing new in all this, it’s just new here.

      34. Don’t forget that those that are in “power”, and no, I’m not talking about Obama, they can change things as they see fit…where Celente might call for something to happen…those who are pulling the strings of this nation can decide that they want to wait a bit…just to prove him wrong, so it “looks” like he isn’t accurate….they don’t want the sheeple warned about whats coming…so they can make the “messenger” aka Celente or any others who are trying to warn us, look like he/she doesn’t know what they are talking about!! Just a thought!!

        • They also must also respond to circumstances which have spun out of their control. Basically damage control.

          An untimely “Boston Massacre” can alter their time line. I said untimely because something like that or a Kent State is coming sooner or later.

          • All 57 states will react sooner or later.

            • The corps mans too.

            • More gun owners in those “extra seven” states! Thanks Obama!! LOL!!

            • The chair is against the wall. John has a long mustache.

              It’s 12 midnight amerika, and another day closer to crash-mas…

            • Obama’s other states include, in no particular order:

              death decay.
              These are the states he has given us.

      35. No financial collapse. The first quarter will see Israel attack Iran in a first strike. Iran strikes US interests in the Gulf. WE respond.

        After that, who knows?

        • China and Russia to step in. Americans to stock guns and ammo. Bomb shelter building wave. Bad times on the way.

          • Russia and China sit this one out because the US retaliates in SELF DEFENSE.

            Russia was just initiated into the WTO. They are part of the NWO now and that is where their bread is buttered.

            With Iran in conflict, Russian oil price spikes. They benefit from the conflict before and after.

            • Acronym 911 DK:

              WTH is WTO????

            • Daisy: WTO Is the World Trade Organization. (Try to keep up sweetheart!) 🙂

        • D.K,

          You describe a possible scenatio, if not imminent.
          What worries me, are the thousands of muslims living in Europe and U.S.
          When hell unleashes, how are they going to react?
          Speaking from my daily experience, most of them are illegals who arrive in Greece by the hundreds every day, they breed like there’s no tommorow, and they are aggresive.

          • The muslim people in the states are usually warm and friendly.., BUT, what scares me is when they out number us and have the voting power, then it will turn into a whole different world.
            I see France and Holland has problems in the recent past.

            Also, look at the illegal aliens crossing our borders and with in the last 10 years are having an increasing power in politics.

            • The muslims and illegals are playing a waiting game. They know full well the goyim have been conditioned and are deathly afraid to speak out about them.

          • Manos: Are you sure you are not describing Mexican Illegals? 🙂

            • have anything to say about illegal mexicans or immigrants at all?

        • I am very afraid that you are correct DK. There will be a financial collapse but it will be after the black swan lands on the lake. I pray for the good people of Iran with a corrupt controlling government also. They want freedom as much as any other people. Maybe even more.

          • just buy some medical THC and relax!

        • Going after iran would be pretty … um i don’t want to say stupid but yes … ever heard of the anti carrier missile yakhont??? unless the military has come up with a way to counter it, our carriers will be sitting as pretty as turds in the persian gulf.

          • The carriers will not be sitting in the gulf. They will be in th Arabian Sea. Iran has no capability to reach them by missiles. Only by jets.

            I would not want to be an Iranian pilot. They may as well bend over and kiss their ass “Goodbye!”.

      36. Whenever I buy gold/silver, I don’t trust anyone! I take posession right off the bat, or no sale. Celente didn’t see it coming. He didn’t practice what he preached…bottom line, he trusted someone with his wealth. He’s no prophet, folks.

        • Celente I’m sure does own physical gold. He just got either a little reckless or careless. He might have been playing a long shot that he could get this last payoff out before the door slammed shut. He lost. “Players, place your bets”!

      37. Fema camps, nau, nafta, nafta high ways, immigration policy, Detainee bill passed, TSA, Federals inspecting for who is stocking food, water boarding, war without cause, market collapse, dollar fell by 44% since 2000. Obama is a socialist, marxist whatever. Euro hosed. 911, h1n1, chem trails, bail outs…I’ll stop there. We’re hosed. The age of thieves. See…as soon at the boomers get in control, the most spoiled generation in history made a real mess. Here’s your retirement… When the market crashes…and real estate is at the bottom. Good time to buy your peasant farm land. Seems a french style revolution is brewing around the world. The Arab spring was something. Coming soon to a city near you. A few years ago…we took a trip to Disney World. Couldn’t afford it…but we went any way… I wanted my kid to see it before it’s all gone. WW3 is being planned. I often wonder who many Jews used to say all was well back in the day when Hitler was on the rise. I’m hoping the military takes over and puts all of congress on trial for treason. Good luck folks.

        • “See…as soon at the boomers get in control, the most spoiled generation in history made a real mess.”

          Oh, spare me! Everyday boomers have had no more control over this country or the world than you have… which is to say NONE.


        • I’m scared for you. I believe what I’m reading and seeing but will pray for you.

          • Dennis ~ PM Harper allocated $2 billion to add 2000 beds to Canadian maximum security facilities, which, coincidentally, have 647 empty beds right now. The crime rate dropped by 7% last year but by golly, the country needs to make room for more bad guys!

            Where do you think that money is REALLY going? Welcome to FEMA Canada, buddy! They just hide the corruption a little better up here, but within 3 months of any American collapse, Canada will soon follow.

            NinaO ~ Canada didn’t become autonomous until 1982. The incidents you are referring to occurred before that time.

        • @dennis , dude ya’ll kanucks need too clean out your own house… honestly how many times has the queen of ENGLAND DISBANDED YOUR CANADIAN GOVERNMENT??? Canada Australia America are all Financial Colonies of England and the PTB banker Family Rothschilds!!! If you Canadians would start a Debt Serf Uprising in Canada , We Patriotic Americans Will have it that much Easier here in America to over-throw the bilderboybuggers oligarchy banker debt slave masters here in america!

          Spread the word in Canada! REBELION = FREEDOM!

        • better start praying for youself, if America and the rest of thye world collespses, so does Canada

          • Canada will be fine because it can:

            a) Lock its borders
            b) Has vast resource wealth
            c) Is far from most predatory nations and peoples
            d) Has a sound (if a big rip-off) banking system
            e) Is now run by law and order Conservatives which wouldn’t hesitate to crack down on scum bags

            • *thinks about adding 5 more stars to the flag…*

        • I pray for you too….70% of Canada’s economy relies on America’s illusion of endless growth and prosperity…..

          When we go down….y’all are screwed

        • should i move to canada than ? just saying cuse it doesnt seem like your worried or anything

        • Thank you.

          Aldous Huxley was very insightful. He also observed there would be no need to ban books, because people would one day no longer bother to read.

      39. When Gerald Celente publishes a prediction, it tells me that I’m going to see some crazy shell games on Wall Street, in D.C. and in Europe in the coming weeks or months.

        Celente cannot predict every hail-mary pass and last-minute deal that the banker-owned PTB can throw at us before things go to hell…but sooner or later they’re going to run out of shell games and things will spiral out of control and for this, we must all be prepared.

        He’s not a psychic….he’s a trends predictor and his predictions of further financial chaos, higher taxes, harsher government interference in our private lives, greater obusification by the MSM, ever greater predictability of our politicians legislating in favor of the banksters etc. is all true.

        • Excellent point!! Celente is not in control, the PTB are!! He can warn us, but ultimately, the PTB pull the strings!!

        • Your right and this game will go on for years

          • dude! never have we been on the same page on these boards before….thanks for the props and Merry Christmas to you.

      40. No one can predict the date of anything except one’s birthday. To affix a time to a prediction is foolish. However, if you do the math, you can predict that we are in for a world of pain and I mean pain, lots of pain. We can’t pay back the federal, state, and local debts, we can’t fund the unfunded and underfunded future financial obligations, and we can pay back the total individual debts (mortgages, credit card debt, consumer debt, and personal debt). Then on top of that we have a bond market bubble and a credit bubble that looks like they are getting ready to pop.


        • RID: 96% of the Derivatives in the America are owned by 5 major banks.

          D’s were basically a way for the banks to make more money per loan and make loans to companies who were less than “prime credit”.

          The D’s crash only if the loans go bad. If your dad co-signed for your car and he died, but you still make the payments on your car loan, where’s the risk to the banks?

          I don’t know, and I do know that D’s can be more complex than that, BUT what if the FED rules all D’s null and void? All D’s could disappear.

          The extra premium paid on the loan would go to the originator and the guarantor is off the hook. The FED requires the originator to book the additional premiums as reserves instead of profit?

          I don’t know … its just a mental exercise.

          Any thoughts anyone?

          • @dk ;0) lmao snicker snicker… dude you do realize about 86% of the readers here minds just blew a circuit reading your post… ;0P GREAT POST though and very telling of just how f’d we all are… this DEBT WELL goes to infinity… a rock dropped into it would never hit bottom!

            • Ninaorket: The D’s go bad only if the loans go bad. A true crash would take out the loans, BUT then MIC would implode.

              The gangster banksters do not want to piss off MIC. That would be cutting off their nose to spite their pocket.

              No collapse. Inflation by a thousand cuts.

        • Depends on whether you have a lagit B.C., s.s.# and release your ivy league grades.

      41. TEOTWAWKI – Has Arrived!

        From here we must put all of our preparedness into action. Need anything more be said?

        Christian or not, the warnings we had all received over the years should have opened our eyes. Now, I believe , they (The warnings.) are almost over.

        How one reacts and deals with the oncoming slaughter and the many other evils that are about to be unleashed will determine openly and without prejudice ones own righteousness. Does righteousness exist? Define righteousness. Are you sure?

        Are there any who fear God?

        You see, I too know that the hearts of people are filled with evil. I pray that ours are not.

        Go buy a “King James” version of The Holy Bible and read it to find out just how all this will play out, and much more. You will most likely be astonished, to say the least.

        May God be with all who serve Him and Love Him. May my enemies not triumph
        over myself, my family, my friends.

        God bless you all, and good day.

        • Love ya man….brothers in patriotism and Christ must unite and mutually support the faithful and the innocent.

        • Tim,

          God bless you too.
          Whatever is coming, it’s near.
          We must be united and strong.
          Christiniaty faces the new wave of persecutions.
          They will try to demonize and ridicule our religion.
          We must be the wall which will save our beliefs, and way of life.
          I hope that i will be strong at the end.

        • Well said, Tim. And, your point is well taken – buy a “King James” version of The Holy Bible — I did. In fact, a Bible should be the first purchase for anyone; and, it’s especially important to have one now with a major, major crisis looming on the horizon.

      42. Man in the urban areas….post-TEOTWAWKI if the welfare proles, the mood-med addicts, the communists, the gen WTF?-ers, the non-minorities who were dumb enough to support Obammy, the illegals and the socialist Latinos, the fifth column muslims-North Koreans-Iranians and Chinese all join forces after the food runs out…..

        I just might run out of ammo….

      43. The future is ours to determine at this point and the situation could unfold in any number of ways at any time.
        Either we could see the most hellish police state imaginable with Americans being arrested and detained indefinitely by the military for any reason or no reason at all, or we could see the military step up and honor their oaths and refuse unlawful orders and arrest those who issued them, or we could see a second American revolution.

        • Past three years, I’ve seen LOTS of $100 bills in retail settings. Something never before. That’s a real sign of the dollar declining in actual value.

        • gotta love the ‘funny money’

          • Crisp?

      44. Next Stop
        Dollar collapses and Martial Law is imposed.
        Banks close and debit and credit cards are voided.
        Hyperinflation starts.
        Gas $10.00 a gallon, Ammo $10.00 a round (if you can get any).
        Total collapse of society
        Anarchy in every city in what used to be America. America starts to burn to the ground.
        People in disbelief and still in denial.
        Military and police vs. civilians in all-out war.
        Bloodshed, sorrow, poverty, hunger, threats, hopelessness, helplessness, animal behavior take root.
        Power goes out, no heat in the winter, no air conditioning in the summer.
        Fear and desperation starts to sink in and reality starts to become reality.
        Suffering starts.
        First to die. The sick and the elderly,
        Second to die. Those in denial who are unprepared, those out of shape, those with no survival skills, those unwilling to take a life in defense of their own.
        Third to die. Yuppies who think they are smarter than everyone else.
        Barter and trade starts, survival skills kick in for those who are prepared and aware.
        Evil takes hold of society or what is left of it. People pray like never before.
        Pilferage, sex for food, and the throwing away of ones principals and convictions to obtain food for survival starts.
        People start to suck up to the military and police in hope of getting in good with them and getting special favors. This is taken as an act of weakness and these people are carted off to FEMA camps.
        Life as we know it is changed forever, the party is over, the fat lady starts to sing.
        And as Tiny Tin said in Charles Dickens, a Christmas Carol and God bless us, everyone.

        • Yeah…It’s comin’…

          But wait, maybe if we just “vote”…

        • Someday maybe. Not next year.

          • Agree. Probably no nationwide or worldwide Mad Max next year (too bad, I already had my leather, chains, and shoulder pads picked out). OTOH, life in some areas could really suck canal water. Always the possibility of natural disasters helping the downward spiral along though.

            I suspect that some think a deep SHTF would help get the jack-booted government thugs off people’s back. Sadly, in any situation short of Mad Max there will be some who want to lord over (and feed off of) others. For some among us, it’s all they know.

        • Hi Reality,

          I believe you to be essentially,… dead on.

          The sequence of events may come in slightly different than predicted or expected, but the end game is, this is all being done deliberately, in particular through the International Banking System, of which the US office is called, “The Federal Reserve”.

          Their Ultimate goal is ELIMINATION of whole swaths of populations, or as the Global Elite, the Wealthy Elite and a hand full of Political Power Brokers see us,… getting rid of the roaches.

          The fact of the matter is simple,… their is NO substitute for oil, and we are already passed peak oil, which is no myth. Its a simple mathematical function of resource depletion.

          The Elite are concerned about THEIR lifestyles, THEIR ability to live a comfortable life, THEIR Children, Grand Children and so on, living a good life for the next several hundred years, and the only way to achieve that is to get rid of the consumers that are “wasting” the irreplaceable resources, and polluting the oceans, rivers, streams and lakes of the world.

          The International Banksters, The Rothchilds see us as nothing more than useless mouths,.. a disease to erradicate from the face of the planet before we do any more damage, or consume any more of THEIR life sustaining resources,.. such as OIL.

          The real enemy are not here amongst us, its the IMF, BIS (Bank of International Settlements), World Bank, Federal Reserve, The Central Banking System of Europe, and of course,, the most evil, villanous, deceitful vermin that has ever existed in the history of mankind,.. THE ROTHCHILDS.

          Get rid of them, and 90% of the worlds problems disappear almost overnight.

          JD – US Marines

      45. All we can do is keep grinding out the rent checks to the banks and our silent partner “big govt”

        We are all sheep.. All Being led around by our open noses- like sheep!

        Just realize it.. Accept it.. And move forward with your lives..

        All we can really do is Nothing.. Just speculate and mentally master-bt with what to do “IF the Big One” will ever Hit.. Well.. If it does.. It will still suck either way.. So like i stated above.. Accept
        It.. And move on..

        No one but God – with his broad sense of humor – using all man kind as his “play station” will know when the A true SHTF scenerio will occure..
        Until then- we are just pointless sheep hearded together .

        • Realist, you and I have very different versions of reality!

          • Thats just fine wIth me !

        • You really make me want to barf.

      46. The Celente naysayers are unbelievable.

        Even Celente is smart enought to know that he can’t predict the EXACT time. Perhaps you should take off your “negative nelly glasses” and see what he is doing for what it is.

        He is trying to warn people. To prepare people. To encourage people to prepare. So that they aren’t taken by surprise. If he wakes up even 500 people, that many more will be ready.

        I also believe he is trying to show you who is to blame (our politicians and bankers) so that you will do something about it – like vote for the right person in 2012.

        I say keep it coming Gerald. You are helping innocent Americans prepare for what is coming next year or even the following year. That is truly a blessing.

        Point is. IT IS COMING. In fact, many believe it is here now.

        • Mr. B, If folks can’t smell what the Rock is cooking, then they deserve to go hungry. Translation: If you don’t know by now then YSOOL!

      47. If you look at the timetable of the collapse of Argentina or Zimbabwe, it was obvious something was very wrong.. yet you could not predict WHEN any of it would happen. I think Gerald Celente sees what is coming and his predictions are accurate in that they do predict a general time when things are more likely to happen. Major events coming together..that are more vulnerable times. Not the specific event and when. Nobody can do that. It is only going to take the “right” event at the right time, and it will all cascade down.

        • All other nations with the exception of China and Germany are in worse financial shape than the USA.

          Neither are that far behind on a debt to GDP ratio, but their reserves would last a little longer.

          • Aren’t China’s reserves largely in US paper (that they are working to unload)?

          • We are in worse shape than “any” other country. We are printing ourself to death and we finance ourself. Our military is still current along with the $.

            • No Tom We are not. Debt to GDP in Britain is about 200%. Most counties in Europe are about 300%. One is about 400% but I don’t remeber which opne. WE are only 100% Debt to GDP

              Germany and China are in the high 80’s as I recall.

      48. He was right about riots here and basically pissed off people – Occubaggers for instance. Too bad he didn’t foretell about the latest Global bankruptcy debacle where he lost 6 figures. He’ll never see that money again – ironic.

        • Didn’t you vote for OweBamma? Too bad for all of us – ironic.

      49. I will never forget the day I pulled out of my driveway after making a final walk through of my property, after securing and tying down everything I could before the storm hit. I had sent my wife away and stayed behind to work at the hospital. I sent her away because Blackie Campo, an old man who ran a bait stand in Shell Beach, LA said he was evacuating. His reason for leaving was that he could smell the storm coming. Really, he could smell it. No radar, no fancy algorithms or models. When I heard him say he was leaving, it made my mind up. Send my wife and kids to safety.

        I looked overhead and saw the feeder bands above me. A light drizzle fell on my windshield and a chill went up my spine. I knew it was going to be bad.

        The feeder bands of this economic hurricane are over head and the rain is beginning to fall. Secure your possessions and make safe your loved ones. If you don’t you might find yourself stranded on your roof being rescued by your trusty government.

        Katrina erased all that was familiar on one day. The disorientation is profound. This economic storm will do the same. All that you think of as constant will be gone, all of your assumptions will be challenged, and nothing will remain but uncertainty.

        Semper Fi.

        • So true. Semper Fi to those that know the true meaning of serving.

        • Semper Fi.

          The wife and I grew up in hurricane country. We looked at the economic situation in ’08 and considered that a doozy of a storm was coming. We took hurricane precautions and haven’t stopped prepping.

          Right with ya.

      50. The Politicians and Bankers have a lot invested in the next 16 weeks. Here are some of the activities that will make them a heck of a lot more money:
        For the USA, we will be lulled to sleep with so many College Bowl Games (35).
        Xmas and New Years
        NFL playoffs followed by the Super Bowl
        Daytona 500
        College Basketball Playoffs
        This takes us to April 2, 2012

        Now, there are no hunting seasons for large game animals
        Warmer weather means more water consumption
        Gardens are being planted – no major crops just yet
        Fishing season – fresh and salt water are open and I would suspect that only 25% to 35% of us have boats
        So, get a gill net and other fishing supplies from Memphis Net and Twine http://www.memphisnet.net/
        Good products and I’ve caught a lot of food with my gill net in salt water. Check for your state rules and regs. on nets.

        Point is – THEY have planned and picked the most appropriate time to suck us dry of all we have. So, take the time to follow the money, see when most $$$ are made by the MAN and plan COLLECTIVELY.

        Remember the “7 Ps” – Proper, prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

        Got any other ideas?

        Y’all Beware!

      51. lets look at the facts with Celente
        1. He has enough credentials to land him on major network news channels(CNBC and Fox)
        2. Trends Research is designed for stock traders to make money on the coming collapse
        3. His predictions have been right…..just not right on time.

        Thanks Mac….with all the news you provide us. I think we can predict the collapse better than Celente. Just my 2 cents.

      52. Where is one of our like-minded lawyers challenging the new law establishing the U.S. as a “battlefield”?

      53. PS

        U.S. Marines,

        I wish you were my neighbor. Not only would the neighborhood be safer, we could use JK for bait.

        Keep a cool head. Emotionality robs you of rational thinking and, times like this call for rational thought. Remember what you have been taught. “The only thing I feel when I kill is the recoil of my rifle.” Let the irrational draw the fire first. Then manuever.

        Semper Fi.

        • Roger Semper Fi,

          My position is locked down, and I am in reserve stand by.

          If you need assistance,.. just pop some smoke.


          [email protected]

      54. Mr. Realist has defined “sheeple” for us.

        • We all have been brainwashed in thinking that if you study hard , work hard, and invest wisely we could Someday.. With luck.. Be rich..

          We were told we should buy a home – and yes. .. Why not get a low interest mortgage loan.. Why not stop
          There.. Lets buy a kia.. They are $9000 off!! And finance that too !!

          At the end of the day.. We sold our own souls to the banks.. For a glimps of the american wet dream!!

          If the colapse does occure..Which i believe it will but after the. 2012 election year .. We have only one to blame.. We the sheeple!!

          I am unfortunately one of them. .. I own a home , a commercial property that i run a medium sized business out of .. Both have mortgages..

          Ive tried for. 2 years to sell both properties.. With no avail ..

          Cant even give them away .. $$

          5 years ago i had assets .. Now they are liabilities!!

          I am a slave to the banks. ..

          So the story goes.. Off to work i go .. To pay the banks.. Until i am not able.. Then they will take what is already theirs..

          We are all renters!! We own nothing.. So if a collapes does happen .. We lost nothing.. The banks did.. But i bet they will come back in to repo it all once things calm down.

          Lastly- banks now are buying up most insurance carriers.. And we all know banks no longer are risk takers.. So prepare for the next wave of getting it in the shorts. !!

      55. Nostradamus says Iran will lead the Muslim Nations to invade Europe successfully, just saying.

        • Yes, but not next year. Way down the road. Many biblical events yet to come.

          Besides the Muslim nations have already invaded Europe. Its called MULTICULTURALISM. The barbarians are already inside the gates!

          That “invasion” is only Jihad by Europe’s Muslim citizens.

          • ~DK~


            Now take the 2nd step forward!
            -( a plunge really, if you have the courage to face it)-

            Chase down the evidence/proof of “WHO” is/was responsible for foisting ‘multi-culturalism & diversity worship’ upon us to begin with!

            (hint): Race, religion & class differences are merely canards ‘they’ employ to bleed WESTERN CIVILIZATION to death!

            • Gunsmith: I know ALL about it. I read SHTF America!

      56. The thing most of you are missing about Gerald Celente is that he is a “Trends Forecaster” he’s not a prophet. What he does is gather data concerning current trends and then forecasts that data into concrete concepts of current events to estimate and predict future trends. His main error has been of trying to put a timeline to his predictions. To anyone with half a brain, it is obvious that these things are occuring and getting worse. The wisdom to be gleaned from Celente is not so much the actual event / or time of occurance – but the direction things are headed.

        • Mr. Celente said obama was going to win the presidency last year, then changed his mind a few weeks ago saying Romney was going to win. HE GOT THAT WRONG!

          I wrote a comment before the election saying Mr. Celente was stupid for doing that and he would have egg on his face.

          So, he is not reliable at all. You understand they make a living TERRORIZING people.

          And if that doesn’t work they practice the wasteful throw anything out and hope something sticks method.

          So you see, he’s just an carnival entertainer, and when by coincidence he gets something right, they tend to forget the other 99 things he got WRONG!

      57. Celente has been selling paranoia and fear and doom and gloom for at LEAST the last 4 or 5 years, minimum. In the beginning, I found him to be interesting and thought provoking and like a moth drawn to a flame, I tend to ignore the lying SOBs who keep swearing to us that everything is A-Ok (which is a lie) and instead, I prefer to listen to guys like Celente, Bob Chapman, Charlie McGrath, etc. But, after hearing boatloads of this paranoia and negativity and doom and gloom – any rational thinker has to eventually reach a point where you begin to question whether these guys are all part of the elitist NWO plan that they all pretend to be warning us all about? Are these guys helping to sell fear and apprehension? Helping to freak us all out? Create panic, confusion, disillusionment so as to hardwire us all to be so bewildered and scared and insecure that none of us can think clearly? Well, I can’t speak for the rest of you guys and gals, but I’m starting to get extremely suspicious of guys like Celente.

        Here is my advice. Guns, ammo, food, survival gear and after those things are in place – get some gold and silver. One thing is for certain: The Criminal slabs of greasy hyena manure who have hijacked the US government are itching for a physical confrontation with 300 plus million American citizens.

        Let us prepare for the future, with that in mind.

      58. You are responsible for your own Health,Safety, and welfare.Having been born in the middle of the depresssion we did not have or use Credit if we did not have the cash we went without or saved untill we had the cash.
        The bad thing about all of this free credit is the fact you will in one way or another pay it back be it personnel or gov the bill will be paid.
        Our family has lived by the rule that credit is like a poisionus snake if you misjudge you will be bitten so we do not use credit, you would be suprised the discounts we get with cash only, Being farm folk we keep at least a years worth of provisions due to the fact that we can loose a years worth of production,
        If you are worried about your future the first thing to do is get rid of all credit and try to keep some provisions on hand you would be suprised how little space is required to maintain a stash of provisions, also a few gold or silver one oz rounds are nice to have for barter,We also keep a current supply of first aide and medicines on hand, due to the fact we are rural and it takes quite a large time for response.
        Asses your needs and respond to them and you will survive unless the idiots in DC manage to get us involved in a neucular exchznge then all bets are off.

        • @Old Man Says:

          Yours is the most relevant, wise and practical advice among these posts.

      59. Time to get your long-term garden going. Think of it as an investment in food security and health. Fresh air, exercise, the ability to grow you own.

        For city folks… I did see where a guy put in a vertical garden that hung off cables between two buildings.

        Think of it this way… If the SHTF did go down… better to have it all ready…at least the skills.

        Garden bug out preps to have on hand…
        Survival seeds, a few cans from beprepared.com.
        Some fertilizer…enough to get you past 3 seasons.
        Some small garden tools you can take with you.

        However, My theory….

        Elite to use monsanto mono crop and then UG99 crop fungus deployed by chem trails to kill the crops..then they go.. “OPPS” to the world.
        When that goes down….time to eat elite meat. ha ha

        • Monsanto is the Devil.
          Monsanto is Skynet.

          It’s part of the evil plan – to completely wipe out the ability to produce food and propagate from one year to another. Further, the seeds are injected with nasty chemicals that will do God-knows-what to us!

          This is why it is so important to bank heirloom seeds, which are getting harder and harder to find.

          If I can add to your list:

          ~ gardening information for your climate zone
          ~ learn how to save seeds from your harvest for the following year’s garden
          ~ START NOW – my crop increases every single year because you learn from experience. If we had to subsist on what we grew, we’d be pooched right now!
          ~ For city dwellers, make your garden part of your landscape. Lots of things can be bedded in the front yard and look attractive, increasing your growing space exponentially!

          • I agree with you Daisy. Monsanto is destroying our life through their manipulation of genetics, and employing politicians to make sure the rest of us drink their kool-aid.

            maconfeedandseed.com also has heirloom seeds. They can be kept indefinitely in the freezer vacuum sealed or using full jars with seals until the power goes.

        • “When that goes down….time to eat elite meat. ha ha”

          Would have to be totally desperate for that. WAAYYY too many calories in all that lard. Might make some decent soap or candles, though. 😉

      60. Whether Gerald Celente is 100% accurate in timing is irrelavent. Overall he is correct.

        We are watching Amerika go down. There is no amount of “voting” in any “elections” you can do that will save it. There are only 2 choices left. One is to kneel, and die as a slave. You know what the only other option is.

        I am sad to watch my country die such a slow and ignominious death. But, perhaps it is this way at the tail-end of every civilization.

        It is for those of you who are worth standing for, who I will stand for in The End.

        And I will think of this song:

      61. I don’t blame the US Marine for being mad. He defends this country and then sees this country in a mess. I think he has guts to come out and say what he did. I don’t hear many like him come out as angry as he is but wish I did. It makes me feel better knowing they are still fighting for us and sees what lies ahead in this country that needs to be done.
        Thank you US MARINE.

        • Hi enough is enough,

          Thanks for the kind thoughts.

          I get so furious for three basic reasons:

          1) The people who SHOULD be safeguarding and protecting this country, like the Congress, The Courts, and the President, are the ones working the HARDEST to destroy it!

          2) Of the approximately 300 or so people I have tried to alert to the impending dangers,.. I don’t think I’ve gotten through to more than about 4 or 5 people! People will actually FIGHT with me to retain thier utopian delusion! Most people simple don’t want to hear it!

          3) The people that basically contradict what I offer come from two camps (mostly), 1 – The self deluded (the product of Good ‘ol, 100% American Made Propaganda via our MSM (Main-Stream-Media), The Mass Media, and the “Entertainment” Industry, or as I call that collective effort, “The Joseph Goebbels Ministry Of Proganda”; and 2 – Paid schills, which are employees paid by the Federal Gov’t (mostly CIA and FBI) to troll sites like this and spread mistrust, disinformation and discredit ANY person that could actually begin to disperse some of the propaganda cloud from around peoples minds.

          Notice how they NEVER attack my objectives which are the concern I have to stop the destruction on this country, my concern for the welfare of my family, friends, neigbors and especially my childrens future as well as my countrys future.

          Notice how they never comment on how my anaylsis or suggestions do not profit me IN ANY WAY. I don’t steal, lie, cheat, abuse knowledge or power in any way (unlike our gov’t), and yet they seek to discredit my efforts, usually with some form of unwarranted personal attacks.

          In truth eie, I don’t know what I find more shocking and appalling, the complete usurpation of our gov’t by the NWO Banksters, or the complete lack (or simple refusal?) of awareness by our fellow Americans! (not including yourself or the types that you typically find here of course.)

          Our country has been gutted.
          Our nations wealth has been stolen.
          Our gov’t is an Enemy Force In Occupation.
          Our OWN gov’t committed 9/11 (+ WTCB, OCB, USS Libery, USS Cole, etc)
          The NWO IS preparing for Martial Law.
          The Fed. Gov’t WILL be executing another False-flag of untold proportions,
          And about 1,000 other crimes against Americans, American Citizens and our Consitution would just be page 1 of the horrors being committed here.

          Question: At what point do people feel its Ok to actually get angry with this gov’t and realize,… its time to abolish it and, “provide new guards for our future security”, as Jefferson instructed?

          Thanks again eie,

          One pissed off American and US Marine

          • Hello U.S. Marines.
            There are many who are fat, dumb and happy to lick the boots of oppression. I am very bitter. Like you I have asked many to prepare. One Person! There will be a time when people will fight for two reasons. To save their lives and to fight for their country. I will help those who fight for their country and shun the rest. Those who know nothing about our country’s history will not have the fortitude to fight and in so I see them as a liability and a danger.
            I am not at the Load Mags point. Lock and Load would be next. Finally to engage.
            To answer your question.
            The confiscation of guns.
            The suspension of the Constitution. 2nd amendment.
            Foreign troops firing or detaining Americans.
            Suspicious disappearence of citizens.
            False Flag event.
            Unlawful intrusion and search and seizure of private property by the military.

            Once the first shots are fired, there is no turning back.

      62. I was directed to this website because my work researching political/economic/social cycles brought me to a similar conclusion as Celente. In a nutshell, the combination of corruption, debt, and an unsustainable plutocratic society points to the inevitability of total collapse.

        However, reading the comments, I am appalled by the prevalence of a misguided “us” and “them” mentality.

        Patriotism(x)=nationalism(x)+propaganda(y)=justification for unspeakable horrors. (substitute religion for x for the same formula)

        “Illegal immigrants” are the product of exploitative economic policies carried-out by the U.S. and Europe for decades. Any significant collapse will be felt worldwide. Borders are already, in many cases, a cultural formality. We will all be in this together.

        If there is an us and them, it should be the exploiters and the exploited.

        • @t.k. we of the shtfplan clubhouse… all come from very different religions, financial, educational, ethnic, real world experiences and upbringings… So we All fight amongst ourselves and bicker , even threaten at times… But in the End, WE, still have our own “shtfplan family” here… and what brings and holds us all together here and keeps us all coming back here everyday is this… “We All Sense , something is very wrong in our world!” “That something Wicked this way comes!” and We All are looking for Answers of how to survive it! So… we all here are the “US” the exploited and the PTB are the “THEM” the exploiters! wE ARE A FAMILY HERE! SOMETIMES FAMILIES FIGHT! This is natural…
          BUT IN A PINCH OR A FIGHT… I’D RATHER STAND WITH SOMEONE FROM HERE than anyone else… knowing they got my back and i have theirs! The prejudism you read here is tribal… nothing more… this is normal chaffing for us here… just sayin… that which you are so alarmed about is normal human tribal interaction! get over it…

          • I think you nailed it, nonaorket. I always considered us a family. Obviously disfunctional, but still a family.

        • @TK: Political correctness doesnt run here, you could try some of the funded George Soros funded scum sites! After the rank and file on this still hold onto the Freethinkers mentality of Dont Tread on me, what an awesome feeling, you should avail yourself too the notion, NOT A STEP FURTHER!

      63. Here’s a simple picture book explaination of the NDAA american patriot indefinite detention and assassination bill , that illegal prez Obummer bilderboybugger just signed while on vacation in hawaii for all you G.E.D. Pictuary Ebonic reading Jar Heads , with cartoon pictures! ;0)


        • ninaorket,

          Thats a funny video but it should be renamed maybe something like politics for dumb–ses. But I would really like to know your source or possible the link showing the pres did in fact sign this bill? You also hit it on the mark, We are a family but I also argee with smokinokie very disfuntional…LOL.

          Sincerely your disfuntional brother,

      64. It would seem to make sense for all bonafide verified patriotic Americans interested in regaining control of our country to be in regular contact with other like minded groups or individuals in their general vicinity.

        Wouldn’t a larger organized group of preppers with a plan of attack/defense be more effective and have a greater chance of survival than a bunch of individuals with widely diverse backgrounds (some more qualified than others for SHTF scenario) acting independently? Maybe I’m missing something.

        I’m in a city thats 5280′ above the Gulf of Mexico and would entertain the prospect of communicating with others in my region if it would be mutually beneficial @RID.

        Or, should I just continue to assume I’m on my own in trying to protect my 4 children and one or two others close to me? I’m not sure I can do it alone no matter how much firepower or preps I have.

      65. here’s one little example of Celente being right
        whats that he always says ?
        something to the effect that when people lose everything
        they lose it ?
        gonna being seeing a lot more of this sort of thing
        people are being PUSHED TO THE EDGE


      66. United we stand

        Divided we fall

        seems like a whole lot of division going on

        • “seems like a whole lot of division going on”

          Indeed there is. Politicians like division. It allows them to carve out little fiefdoms here and there that they can play off against each other all the while disguising the fact by blabbering about “unity”.

        • Tsk! Tsk!Tsk! Only been gone a week – and you stop playing nice.

          ninaorket “…just sayin… that which you are so alarmed about is normal human tribal interaction! get over it…”

          Maybe, but it’s the lower guttural end. Are these the values and standards we are fighting for and want to preserve? AND

          “…G.E.D. Pictuary Ebonic reading Jar Heads , with cartoon pictures! ;0)…”

          Didn’t need to look at the video, it will only piss me off and your warning with the title describes the demeaning intention. Yeah, I got your ;0)

          G.E.D. Pictuary Ebonic reading Jar Heads – are these the same ones that served, died and are maimed from the Viet Nam war and those killed, blown up and disabled in this last 9 year debacle? What a slap in the face to those men and women that have honorably served and defended this country. Tribal defense? I think not, no JD US Marine or Semper Fi or even spirit de corp here – just some good ole boys poking fun.

          SmokinOkie on ninaorket “…always considered us a family. Obviously disfunctional, but still a family…” If only we could get over the color of one’s skin.

          VFR is right. “…Divided we fall…”

      67. The doom stuff is over-played: think about, every year end Celente says the whole thing is going to come down like a house of cards. And every year the government just fires off a great wad of stimulus and humps its way past xmas and into the new year. This builds confidence in the public to drag their asses through winter and into spring. Then people start getting itchy for summer and their brains switch to happy, holiday thoughts.

        Stress builds by end August as thoughts turn to epic student debts etc. then government fires off another round of stimulus to get through that hump. Rinse, repeat.

        The decay will be gradual: I see it everytime I visit home: the people look stupider, act more violently and erratically, things look worn out and crappier, whites tend to be 50-plus years old, but life seems to just carry on.

        Look for system decay, not system breakdown. Think like the 1970s: bad hair, cheap clothes, bad food, bad music, low morals, inner cities just filled with people running back and forth getting lottery tickets, booze, cheap cigs, crap food. Rinse, repeat.

      68. ‘Twas the night before Kwanzaa
        And all ’round the hood
        The pickin’s were easy
        The livin’ was good

        I put on my bling
        Had my dreadlocks all shaggy
        Walked out to my Honda
        In britches quite baggy

        I drove down the street
        With the rap music thumping
        Stopped by the projects
        To see what was jumping

        Cruised past the liqour store
        And on to the park
        I soon made acquaintance
        With an undercover narc

        I showed him some powder
        He said ‘is it pure?’
        I said ‘snort this stuff
        And you’ll go blind for sure’

        Then money was passed
        In a large cash transaction
        He smiled when I said
        ‘Guaranteed satisfaction’

        I turned then to leave
        He said ‘Now you’re busted!’
        I just shrugged my shoulders
        ‘Can’t anyone be trusted?’

        When later I stood
        In the courthouse in cuffs
        I said to my lawyer
        ‘I’m calling their bluff’

        ‘Your honor’ I said
        ‘Take a look for yourself
        That’s plain powdered sugar
        From my kitchen shelf’

        ‘I’m an entrepreneur
        In business I am
        I sold him this sugar
        He paid by the gram’

        ‘There’s been no shenanigans
        No lying or fakery
        I innocently assumed
        This gent ran a bakery’

        ‘I’ve broken no laws
        No one’s been defrauded’
        They dropped all the charges
        As my lawyer applauded

        Went back to my crib
        And kicked off my shoes
        Flopped on the sofa
        And dropped off to snooze

        I dreamed of my homeys
        And days long ago
        All the tricks that they taught me
        For selling fake snow

        The methods and angles
        Bring me riches galore
        Happy Kwanzaa to all
        And to all a big score!

        • SO: AWESOME! Simply awesome!

        • You are killing me Okie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I played my first game of golf this morning. Had a hole in one and never left the house.

        • A slap upside the head SmokinOkie

          Normally, I get a kick out of your poetic rhymes and jokes, – didn’t this one. Don’t see the humor or value except for derision and dehumanizing, all for what purpose? It would be the same if one was posted in this genre deriding Christianity or other ethnicies including white.

          Maybe you see humor and value in these?

          What do you call an okie’s family get together?
          An orgy.

          pa, get off me now, you’re crushing my smokes.

          you might not always be my wife, but you’ll always be my sister

          Are those representative of your race and culture? I don’t think so, and given the negative connotation, no way would believe it acceptable to post to my shtfplan family, dysfunctional as it may be, but like minded all the same.

          I’m sure between the good ole boys the Kawanza and gangster rhyme is good for a wink and a nod. Times don’t change, only the circumstances. When SHTF every single prepper and patriot will count. Our numbers are so singular – that the color of one’s skin just may not matter, but safe haven, supplies and guns will.

          Peace out

          • ouch!

            LadyHawk, consider me thoroughly chastised. Probably not completely reformed yet, but chastised just the same. 🙂

      69. Here is the deal folks…….believe it!
        I remember it like it was yesterday.

        The New Year had just passed, people were starting to worry. Even people on the West Coast.
        It was strange, the vibe was somber in many places, however many held on to their belief that the President of Change would solve all of the problems.

        The Middle East was starting to crumble and explode at the same time in those days. The old preacher who had predicted the $50. per barrel oil was right on the money, the effect was profound.
        Oil rich Countries started to fail, the price of oil went below the $40 mark causing them to dump their U.S. Treasury Bills, the reserve they had been forced into buying, back in the days of Kissinger.

        Once they started dumping the T-Bills, America started to fall, it was terrible to watch! The people finally realized the worst was yet to come.
        At first it was jobs, millions of people lost their jobs within the first month.

        Many held on to the dream that the New President of Change would rescue them from their new found hell.

        I remember it clearly, it was the 13th of January 2012, Iran in it’s struggle to maintain it’s nuclear program, came to the rescue of the Syrians.
        That morning felt the same as the morning of 9/11 when the TV replayed the towers crashing to the ground sereal like a bad dream.
        Iran had totally destroyed parts of Israel……whole cities!

        Israel responded with nukes. The scene of mushroom clouds still haunts most people.

        Once everyone realized what had happened, panic set in…
        On that day many people finally woke up, but it was too late.

        The store shelves emptied in a day. Guns and ammo went up a 1000% in price in one week!

        People became terrified. Many became horrified as the threat of all out nuclear war loomed over the entire world. America would never be the same from that day on.
        Once Martial Law was declared the real trouble began. For those who had prepared for it, most were not surprised, but to those who had expected the Change President to save them,
        it not only enraged them, it put many over the edge.

        Most Americans had not heeded the warnings, caught unprepared, they had not stored enough food for a year or more!
        They had not left the cities, they had not listened to the “crazy” ones who had risked much to warn them, no they mocked them instead…..there is no more mocking now.
        Some of us had dedicated our lives to warning the people, most just wouldn’t listen to us…….they couldn’t handle the Red Pill…they could only believe the TV News!
        Unable to accept the truth of the Conspiracy Nuts. It was simply too much for the average American to listen to us……now they would pay.

        After January 2012 came and went, people started to realize… the world was changing in ways that were beyond their worst fears, at first Martial Law was under the guise of helping.
        But as time went on, it became obvious, it was more about control than help.

        Little did the people know, after the nukes hit Iran, word had went out to the Greater Community of Life in our Local System of Inhabited Planets.
        You know… the “Aliens”. Yes, they had been preparing for this moment for a very long time!

        For years there had been a small group of people on Earth who understood the “Alien Agenda” but they were ignored by everyone, including their own families!
        No one wanted to hear about little green men coming from other planets. However many alien races had been coming to Earth. The real question had always been “what do they want”,
        there were people who knew what they wanted.

        For some of us it wasn’t a surprise when the first ships appeared, the big ones, the largest ships from the fleets of resource explorers, who had been Intervening in World affairs for generations!
        The ships were huge, some of them a mile across or more. Not unlike the ships from the movie, Independence Day. The people were in shock.

        Up until that day, people still argued about whether there was life in the Universe or not, but now they saw with their own eyes……huge ships from other worlds!

        Most people had no idea what was happening, soon reports started to come out, the “Visitors” had come to stop us from destroying the world with nuclear war. They had come to save us…had they really?

        By the end of winter, America as we had known it, was over. At first money was still available, but with the inflation rate in the thousands, money had become…..worthless paper!
        Of course the government was taking action, they had new food distribution centers all ready to go, so soon, you had to wonder if they had been prepared for this all along?

        The “Visitors” only made contact with governments and religious leaders, working behind the scenes, people had no idea what the visitors looked like,only hearing statements released from the mysterious visitors.
        The ships remained, huge reminders of their superior technology. No more bombs fell after the visitors arrival, which was a good thing. So we thought?

        Most people had lost their jobs by the spring, it was bad. The dollar was no longer worth anything, now the people cried out for help, they demanded help!

        I will never forget the announcement, it came on March 21 2012, people would be required to go to the newly opned FEMA centers and register for the new digital chip!
        You would need the chip to buy or sell. Most people didn’t care, they wanted money again, digital money would be fine.

        Most people were a little shocked when they made it to the FEMA centers, only to find that an electronic chip would be implanted, either in their hand or forehead.
        The vast majority accepted it. It was required: ALL AMERICANS/MEXICANS/CANADIANS report to the FEMA center for the sector, to receive the new digital chip.
        It was LAW.

        The borders would be opened on April 15th, same day all chips would be activated! If you did not have the new Digital Identifier, you would be arrested and forced to recieve your chip!
        Little did most know, the chip was from the “Visitors” not the government, total control of the human population across the world, everyone would be chipped or killed.
        Even though most accepted the chip without thinking twice, many knew what the chip meant, they had been warned in their Bibles. Many people chose to resist.

        This is when everything changed, it became war! The resistance went underground, many people had prepared for this day, some had known the intentions of the Alien Races who sought to take control of our resources.
        Though few in number, they had tried to warn the public, without success.

        The summer was hot and dry, water was used as a weapon against those who resisted the FEMA chips.
        Severe shortages of food became common simply because the small farms failed due to lack of money, leaving only the large corporate farms……..government farms!

        By the time the weather started to cool off, the chipped people had changed, they were more like robots than people, the sparkle in their eyes had vanished, the bounce in their steps had disappeared!
        It was scary to those of us who were aware of the plan, yes the plan!

        The divide and conquer plan had worked flawlessly for the Aliens, having divided a whole world and conquering it without firing a single shot!

        As the cold set in, people started to wake up to the real truth, Aliens had manipulated our leaders into giving our world over to them.

        Once people started to discover the truth….hope began to appear again, people started to take care of each other and look for ways to help those who had refused the control chip.
        So here we are, the New Year is here, 2012 is over……..things have changed, people have changed…….life has changed! The battle has just begun, knowledge of the Greater Community is beginning,
        knowledge of God is what is needed, there are now teachers of real truth, teachers who had been prepared for years in advance of this Epochal Time.

        We can still take our world back from the Resource Explorers…we can still overcome the crushing control from afar, we must all stand as ONE,!
        ONE HUMANITY…………..The Tribe of Man……….led by the Creator of All!

        • wow dude, your nuts…..

          • you’re.

            • gee tanks….

            • I thought that he was talking about the guys’ testicles… your nuts as opposed to my nuts… LOL!

          • Thank you:)

        • thewind,

          It may be a fine time to up the dosage of your meds, I am just still stunned that you believe this. And this also give a whole new meaning to the tin foil hat. Sorry I don’t buy it


          • Caution Earthlings! I have taken over Old Fuzzys’ tiny feeble brain. You too must comply to my will! Send me all of your gold. Do it!

          • I don’t do any meds or drugs….maybe I know something you don’t? You have been warned, take it for what you will….

        • The aliens are the UN. A communist organization.

        • How much eggnog have you had?

        • Do you happen to remember what the winning Powerball numbers were for Dec.21, 2011?
          Thanks in advance…

        • @Thewind…That was well written and a delight to read.

          I support much of what you have written and i dont think you are nuts. We in South Africa dont have it so bad….YET….but I know its a matter of time before the black people turn against each other.I am not a racist just stating the ovious.

          The Alien agenda is also spoken of within our group of friends and we as a family are kept well informed through Christ that leads us.

          Thank you.

          • Aloha Irish Rose..

            Thank you for your kind words…..the truth is hard for some people to accept….I understand.

            The story is only to plant the seed…….

            Do what LOVE would do…….that is how you win!

      70. @MOD So your not going to post my story……too bad, these people need to know who the real enemy is…..they are NOT FROM THIS WORLD….when the ships come, you will then understand who is behind all of this shit!

        • posted.. it takes us 0 – 4 hours to approve comments that have been automatically sent to the moderation queue. thanks.

        • Hey–back off thewind and his post…
          Anybody here have a better explanation of what s**t is happening in our nation??
          Because there ain’t that much incompetence in the entire world, let alone ONE nation..namely ours.
          “Put on the full armor of God and take your stand against Satan’s evil schemes.” Ephesians 6:11

          • ~JJ~

            Research Annunaki & the Nephilim. See link below for fascinating / entertaining reading:…


            • yes, I know about the sons of God mating with human females..evil beings..all around us..
              In Genesis; and they survived the flood because they aren’t 100% human, but angelic also.

          • Aloha JJ

            Thank you very much for your support…..it is true, we are being taken over from the inside out…..I do understand how hard it is to grasp for most people, they would have to let go of everything they have believed their whole lives……yet it is true.

            There is much evidence for anyone who dares to take the red pill…..the timeframe is not set in stone…….

            When the war with Iran starts change will come to the earth……Bible readers should understand this, yet most don’t.

            My post was simply to plant the seed of truth into the minds of the people on this site…..I read some impressive insights on this site……those who have eyes will see, those who have ears will hear…….my post is for you……never go to the camps!

            It will not only be the wars and economy….the earth is changing, the weather will be severe, where it was hot will be cold, where it was cold will be hot, where it was wet will be dry an so on…….how is this winter…..normal?

            Those who think they will win with guns will not…..

            Love is the only way to survive…..

            Only the greatest of people will step up to that plate and take care of our Brothers and Sisters…..under the Fatherhood of God……aloha nui

        • Thank you mod for posting my story, I appreciate it and I am sorry for my impatience!

      71. Every thing Celante says, he is looking at what is happening and the massive debt and he isn’t the only one saying the same thing. He doesn’t say WHEN this will happen but its getting close. Some say 2014 or sooner. Some economist will tell you there is no way we will get out of this without a crash. Some won’t tell you anything. Celante isn’t perfect but he does give you a warning to get ready and some things he has said has already come true.


      72. I’m done posting on the internet. This is last post. The United States is now lost.
        When a govt. can pick you up and hold you without trial…we’re screwed.

        The very fact they are checking 90 year old woman’s underwear at the airport means they have won.

        America is lost as the congress does NOT fear us. That’s the key.
        They do whatever they want.

        Prepare for a life of slavery.

        Patriot groups where are you? You are just a bunch of middle aged losers
        who are really sheople.

        I have lost all faith in our military.

      73. Yes, its aliens alright. And they all live in the Vatican properties spread throughout the world. You can recognize them by their funny hats and strange visitors. Just remember, the first nuclear exchange is just that. The second one is what will decimate the earth. You have 2yrs 8mths until then. Or less.

        • @moriyah as much as i appreciate your passion… but Aliens??? ;0P c’on… i’ll put that one… in my xfiles file cabinet along side with the bermuda triangle, lochness monster, “gawd” and the holy ghost thing!

          If i can’t see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it, eat it, shoot it, kill it and f’it! ;0P It doesn’t exist in my very real physical world!

          But if YOU DO happen to know of any Really HOT lookin’ scaley blue skinned Alien chicks, w/ yellow hair, 4 red eye’s, an 3 boobs! I’ll take two or ummm ;0P six , send em’ to montana! There’s a WOMEN shortage here and the sheep are gettin’ restless and nervous… ALIENS YAaaaH RIGHT ;0p pssszzt JOG-ON!

          • My friend, your arrogance is sad….there are more stars than grains of sand on earth……you want to believe we are it……lol

      74. I am glad sometimes that I don’t read this stuff too often, as I feel it helps to keep me objective. I have never heard of the Nostradamus you guys are talking about. And the mayans couldn’t even pedict their own demise. I personally prep a little bit ahead and grow a gardwn and raise a few hogs and cattle and chickens. Which I can protect with a few guns and and my most important ally and first line of defense. Dogs big mean nasty ones that can smell a zombie a half mile away. I enjoy the site but can’t help but smile at some of the silliness. Hey Marine yeah you know who I am talking about. wtf do you have a hundred k in usd in the bank for? and why would you trust a lawyer aint no way you would get my 100grand your lawyer would get all of it and half a yours follow the advice and buy some damn silver then maybe some one would bet ya. Spare me I know I can pee farther because I’m a paratrooper and is a lot easier to spread it a around from 800 feet up. just kidding and I love honor respect and will take a bullet for you when then is at hand and know you would do the same. While I may not follow all of what is posted here I would say I think prepping and having a contingency plan for unassing the ao should be at the top of all of our list. this is a battle that will not be fought in the cities because those battles will be squashed FAST. the powers that be will slam that down with a mighty fist. OK everybody can laugh now but my advice to all of you is go Back and watch the movie Red Dawn again because this going to be a war of attrition and we are going to lose many members. One other thing I did want to advise everyone about is the place you are running to. once you are there make damn sure the people that you were dumb enough to tell where you were going has what is called a running password they can use when approaching your hideout under fire. Advance warning approach mine without it and you are known as cannon fodder.

      75. The military industrial complex and US empire building is part of the problem. Celente agrees. If you are in or were in the dept. of defense, you are a pawn.

        • I was for many years and have seen the pain and suffering that our government likes to visit upon people. You celente and anyone else that thinks they understand what the government is capable of and think they can manage to outsmart the dogs of war without having some of the dogs helping them explain tactics is in a place that I don’t want to be. Yes I was a pawn yes I am glad and proud to have been a pawn because I understand their ways now and how to evade. and even a pawn can make a king back off when he has the appropriat back-up. If you wanna win this war you better start getting a lot more pawns because pawns are expendable cannon fodder for the cause. And for the record I didn’t need celente to tell me shtf all I had to do was look around.

      76. Let’s face it, we’ve all been had, to one degree or another. Those who’ve prepared are likely in a better state than those who haven’t, no matter what should happen. And I have no disagreements with anyone posting anything on this venue.

        I believe there is just too much information passing around for anyone to really wade through and find real truth anymore. I believe it’s there, along with all the false trails and leads, misinformation, spin, outright lies, falsehoods, deceptions, deliberatly planted stories, and conspiracy theories.

        Personally, I’m of the opinion that it’s always been one massive game in which 99.99999999% of us are unwilling participants. Joe Sixpack and Dolly Donuts just want to live day to day, with very little or (preferably) no disruption to life as they live it and know it. Everyone wants a cozy insular zone into which the outside world does not intrude with anything like uncomfortable actuality.

        The educational systems have finally gotten to the point where pretty much all product is of minimal value. Remember, it’s not in the interest of the ruling class to have an educated populace. Educated people ask uncomfortable questions of the rulers, and attempt to change things they do not agree is right or proper.

        George Carlin got it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KPEJNGAlqw&NR=1&feature=fvwpÊ

      77. I can’t believe with all the gun lovers here, that not one person commented or thumbed up my post above with the youtube link about guns for Christmas gifts this year…………the misunderstood creature needing a home post.

        • BJ: I checked the link before. If you promise to quit whining I’ll give you a thumbs up!

          You know how much I hate whiners! 🙂

      78. God is the one who can do and prove better.


      80. My first visit here (replying) although I spend countless hours getting paid to read these blogs ( fucking off at work). First off I want to voice my opinion of Marines. I worked in Afghanistan (Haliburton/ KBR) for two years. Let me tell you how clueless the American public is to the “truths” about what really goin on. Now “jar-heads”, there were plenty of condescending, bad attitude pricks ( only in the marines for some reason) that I worked with on a daily basis. They all quit the service to come make the real money,,,( how loyal is that?) Bunch of sell-outs chasing the almighty dollar. These pricks felt because we were in a “military environment”, that they ruled the roost. Not one of them ever had a real job. Im sure there are one or two decent marines in this world,,,but I havent met one yet. Back to the Military base ( Bagram Afghanistan) I feel these are the prime example of the FEMA camps protocol and the “contractors” are being institutionalized as we speak. That place ( only 2 yrs) opened my eyes about the corruption and lack of signifigance being an ex=pat was. I know a “vetern” that enlisted in the Marines at 33 yrs of age, hurt his knee , and never made it out of bootcamp. This chump collects a lifetime “payment” and has the nerve to call himself a vetern. Im not here to bash the people stupid enough to enlist in any branch, just to call them out what hypocrits they are for even being on this forum. Your either with your government, or without BLACK and WHITE. I do appreciate the 86k ( tax free) for two yrs for simply slaving Afghans (making $3.00 a day) and traveling the world on the Govts dime,,,,,,well the hard working Americans back home;s dime. Anyway, gotta go make some bullets, count my silver, continue my tax-free side job. To all who relate,”Howdy from Texas”, to everyone else, read again, you might learn something,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      81. Die, fake Marine, die.

      82. read “1984”.

      83. How can you claim to be fighting for US freedoms etc. then say we are engaged in criminal war? Which do you believe? We aren’t protecting America by being in the middle east…

      84. Here is the truth. The current situtation in US economics was started by and nutured by the same villains that now want you to believe it is all Obama fault. The Bush cartel and the Cheney syndicate of severly overpaid CEO’s actually do want to eliminate all of the middle class. How quick we are to forget about Enron, and deregulation of just about everything. Did that create more jobs or more wealth for the over wealthy. Sorry, but that old bull of more tax cuts a less regulation for the super rich did nothing for middle America. Face it, they don’t want you in their class structure.

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