“America Will Be Dismembered By Its Creditors”

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    Dmitry Orlov, author of Reinventing Collapse, says that the U.S. will be unrecognizable in ten years. In his most recent interview with WMNF Tampa he outlines the five stages of collapse:

    Listen to Dmitry Orlov:

    First you have financial collapse, which is basically the volume of debt that has to be taken on in order for the economy to continue functioning, cannot continue. We’re seeing that right now in Greece, we’re probably going to see that in Japan, we’re definitely at a point now in the United States where even if you raised the income tax to 100 percent, there’s absolutely no way of covering the liabilities of the U.S. federal government. So, we’re at that point now but the workout of the financial collapse is not all quite there. We don’t quite have a worthless currency but that’s in the works.

    That, of course, is followed by commercial collapse especially in a country like the United States that imports two thirds of its oil. A lot of that is on credit and if a little bit of that oil goes missing then the economy starts to fall apart because nothing moves unless you burn oil in the United States and, of course, a lot of goods that are sold everywhere are imported again, on credit.

    And then commercial collapse is generally followed by political collapse because the Congress no longer has the ability to spend money in the fashion to which they have become accustomed. Governments at every level start failing. We’re seeing the beginnings of that where fire and police departments around the country are being cut. Right now there’s a big fight over the retirement of retired municipal workers. Retirements are, basically, being looted in order to paper over these giant gaping holes in the finance scheme.

    Then the last two stages are I think generally avoidable in most places which is social and cultural collapse.

    I think the country will be unrecognizable in 10 years, I don’t know about 5, but I don’t think it will look like a country in 10 years. I think it will be largely dismembered by it’s creditors.

    I think certain stages like the onset of fuel, transportation, fuel shortages will be very sudden. American society tends to be very fragile…

    I expect certain parts of the country to go through this cataclysm where suddenly everything that they depend on, which is basically their car, no longer works and everybody’s stranded and very angry. It would be a lot of mayhem. We’ve already seen that, for instance, during Hurricane Katrina and afterward because of all the refinery problems the ‘..’ pipeline that goes up from the Gulf, I think it ends up in New Jersey somewhere, it couldn’t be filled so gas stations in places like North Carolina ran dry and I’ve heard from people in that area that basically civilization ceased to exist. And then, when gasoline supplies were restored civilizaton sort of came back. That should be the pattern in a lot of places in this country.

    Unfortunately a lot of people simply cannot be reached because they refuse to hear what we have to say. It’s not that they can’t understand it, it’s that they refuse to listen. The media, in general, in the United States makes it very easy because there is this fictional reality that they perpetuate and foist on people that contradicts what we’re saying. We’re saying that ‘this will not continue for very much longer, people’. And then the media says that ‘everything is fine, everything is normal’…

    Our entire way of life – everything that we have come to know from the Baby Boomers to Generation Z – is being systematically disassembled – our financial, economic, political and social systems. Slowly, day-by-day, one policy shift at a time, the world as we know it is changing.

    We’re faced with mountains of debt, a dead or dying production capacity, a depreciating currency, rising unemployment, and more Americans than ever before having to rely on government assistance just to feed themselves and their families.

    Whether we slowly devolve into a near third world nation over the course of the next decade, or experience a violent and rapid economic collapse fueled by rising commodity prices and shortages, remains to be seen.

    Either way, we share Mr. Orlov’s views that the system has crossed the Rubicon and has been irreversibly damaged. The coming decade is going to be long and arduous – unlike anything Americans have ever experienced before or ever expected to happen.

    Reference: Club Orlov


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      1. Rob

        Thanks Mac….but very depressing….NO< motivating. I have been called a fool for prepping, and I"m still in the process. Tell everyone it's coming, but don't try to convince them..don't waste valueble time. Don't be distracted from your course…Gather essentilas, both short term and long term, and gain survivor knowlege, seed saving, edible local vegetation, etc. Perhaps what is on the other side will be better than what we have…we are already slaves….Blessings everyone.

        • Mike G.

          Hey Rob, I’m in the same boat as most of us preppers out there. I woke my uncle and cousin up but thats it. Everyone in my family thinks I’m this gun totting survivalists getting ready for nothing. I’ve been preparing for 2 years now and I’m still behind on things to get. My wife and I are divorcing because she thinks I’m going overboard with what’s happening to this country and I don’t spend enough money/attention on her. Meanwhile shes watching shows like Jersey Shore and real housewives! What a joke man! Her loss though because I’m the one with the skills and goods. Good luck to everyone who’s preparing and hopefully one day we’ll run into each other.

          • ToTheHills

            Shame you gotta lose your wife over this.
            It’s like some kind of curse is on us who can see what’s going to happen.
            Most of my family and few remaining friends don’t want to hear anything about what’s coming – not even from friend or family. Guess the only way they will figure things out – is when it’s too late (and I’m gone to the hills).
            I’d put my life on the line for any one if they’d do same for me, but none of them will.

            • Prepared

              Cutting the dead wood is something that simply has to happen though, be it friends or even family. Skeptics are one thing, people who actually want to work against you is another entirely. In fact, not doing it could actually lead to one getting killed should the SHTF. I doubt the wife would be the one to stick a dagger in your back, because ultimately it would hurt them as well, but you never know. If they are so selfish that they are likely to want to wreck a marriage because they are overly concerned with material frivolities is just as likely to take off when the SHTF for greener pastures and clean you out in the middle of the night. So-called friends could actually be lethal, as could even some extended family members that you would never expect would turn on you. Bottom like is, when it comes down to empty stomachs, it is anyone’s guess how people you think you know will react when they know you have food and they have none. It’s best not to tell anyone what you have and where you keep it unless you absolutely trust them with your life. Loose lips sink ships.

          • Odd Questioner

            It’s a balance thing.

            I prep when I can, and (fortunately) my missus not only understands, but encourages it to an extent.

            That said, the trick is to get the hell out there once in awhile (with her!) and enjoy the civilized world while it’s still around to enjoy. We enjoy church, activities with folks we worship with, going downtown to eat exotic food and hear cool bands w/ friends, and suchlike.

            It also helps to keep training, but to make it fun! (yes, that’s totally possible). Mrs Q and I go hiking, not only to build/keep up strength, but to enjoy the wildlife. We go camping. We have fun walking on the beach (even during the winter!)

            Point is, yes prepping is important (even if SHTF never happens), but what’s even more important is the reason why you and your spouse are together in the first place.

            Now if your soon-to-be ex wants nothing at all to do with it and demands you stop (my ex was like that, even though I never prepped when I was married to her – I loved the outdoors while she hated it), then you gotta do what you gotta do.

            • db

              Well said!

            • Magnix

              Good point and thats what we are doing right now.

              Please help me understand what I need to tell others when they tell me “Dont worry, God is in control” even if Im a believer and preparing. If Im preparing for the worse does that mean I need to stop preparing and worrying?


            • db

              I believe God is in control. I don’t worry, but that doesn’t mean I want to be foolish. Consider the parable of the ten virgins. Five prudent and five foolish. Matthew 25. I’ll do my best to insure I have sufficient oil in my lamp by all (righteous) means available to me and let God sort out the rest.
              As far as others… Do what you can if you feel moved, but if they insist on being foolish then they are on their own when the time comes like those told in the parable. “No, there will not be enough for us and you too; go instead to the dealers and buy some for yourselves.” Oh well…
              I wouldn’t stop preparing, but I would stop worrying. As far as preparing, look what God had Joseph do in Egypt to prepare for the seven years of famine. Look what God had Noah build to prepare for the flood. If someone laughs at you and thinks you are wasting your time, don’t sweat it. Just remember that it is a lot nicer to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
              God knows what He puts on your heart to do or not do. It is simply our job to hear and obey to the best of our ability and means.

            • Odd Questioner


              …there is an old story about an old woman in a town that was flooding.

              The neighbors offered to load some of her stuff in their truck, and help driver her to higher ground. Her reply was a polite and simple “No thank you, God will provide.” So they left.

              The water rose, and was up to her porch. A boat came by and offered to help her evacuate quickly. Her reply from the second-story window was the same as the first: “No thank you, God will provide.” So the boat left.

              The water rose still further, to the point where she was standing on the roof of her submerged house. A National Guard chopper came by, but she shouted politely at the dangling would-be rescuer: “No thank you, God will provide!” So they begrudgingly left.

              The house was swept away and the old lady was drowned. When she approached Heaven, she was let in immediately, and demanded to see God as soon as possible. When she got her audience, she demanded to know why she wasn’t “provided” for as promised.

              The reply came back in a patient but scolding voice: “I sent your neighbors, a boat, a helicopter…”


              Usually though, I respond to such questions with: “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” It usually ends the debate.

              Yep – God is certainly in control. That said, you have to do some of the work yourself, too. 🙂

            • Geoff

              Hi, As far as the “God is in control”statement. I can’t help but remember what John and Paul said in the bible about “satan being the god of this world and the whole world laying in his power”. If God was in control at this time we would not need to be preping. I believe God will soon retake control, but until then we better prep. The evil in this world will end with the second coming. (the bible)Again these are just my thoughts as a christian for what they are worth…..Take Care…

          • Annie Oakley

            Mike – I’m so sorry your wife is asleep at the wheel. Trust me, there are plenty of good women out there who are not slaves to Madison avenue.

            That is how I met my current husband, through a survivalist website. We were both middle-aged and decided we could not be with someone who was a spendaholic like our prior spouses.

            We’re both very frugal, been stockpiling food and we’re both avid dumpster divers. Call me weird, but it works.

            My family and most of my friends think my hubby and I are nuts. We’ve found enough industrial material thrown in the trash that we’ve been able to remodel his other home (which was a trashed out POS survivalist bunker) in another state. We retrieved tons of carpet remnant (big pieces) that are brand new. I’ve carpeted our entire house with it.

            There are tons of older homes across the country that can be purchased for next to nothing. Our plans is to leave the city, hunker down and see what happens.

            We’ve decided that with the exception of a few family members and friends, we’re on our own. We’ve both tried to wake others up, but to no avail, they refuse to listen. I hear the same thing over and over, oh it’s just a phase we’re going through.

            We’ve been buying books and magazines. Been finding tons of candles in the dumpster. Can use those at night if there is no electricity. I have quite a bit of podcasts loaded on my computer to listen to later. I’ve also been downloading a lot of videos on my PC in case we wanna watch a documentary or movie later.

            Have quite a bit of chocolate in my arsenal. Can munch on that once in a while as a treat when there is so much bleakness and chaos around.

            Tobacco and alcohol are good barter items. If someone is still a smoker, roll your own is not a bad idea and a cocktail every once in a while takes the edge off.

            We’re prepping in case we’re back in the 1800’s with no electricity. It may not get that bad, but I’m erring on the side of caution.

            We’ve been also finding a lot of new toiletries, bandaids, lotions, shower gel (all new ladies and gentleman) that we’re stockpiling now. We’re also buying SPAM at the big box stores. Yes I know most of you think spam is gross, but in a worse case scenario I can make a spam sandwich which will keep me from starving.

            We have a BBQ grill that is powered by wood. I’d never seen one of those until I met my husband. No charcoal grills to buy, just wood. We tested it out and it made some pretty good steaks.

            I’m no survivalist expert but I did grow up poor as a youngster.

            Actually I think we’re in exciting times and I keep a positive attitude. Maybe our kids will go back to actually talking to each other, neighbors can sit on the porch and have a conversation and maybe having a simpler happy life.

            • calamityjane

              Really, can I ask what website? My husband just walked after 25 years. How do you give up on 25 years, oh well. Not completely because of prepping, but he does think I’m a little off the deep end. I would love to hook up with people who are awake at the switch. I really don’t want to face all that is ahead alone.

            • Odd Questioner


              If I remember right, there’s a list of single prepper sites that James Rawles keeps handy somewhere in survivalblog.com

            • Annie Oakley

              Calamity Jane – email me through my blog and I’ll tell you privately.

            • Annie Oakley

              Calamity Jane – email me through my blog and I’ll tell you privately. I know plenty of single men who want a survivalist wife. Depending on where you live, I may just have a good man for you. Since I’m now happily married, I love to be a matchmaker!

            • Tyson

              One answer to those that say God is in control, He’ll provide (I believe he will) point to joseph, or ask if they have car insurance, do they plan to have an accident? Or health insurance, do they plan to get sick, or home owners, do they plan to have a disaster at home? The point is why plan to mitigate a personal disaster that chances are won’t happen, but refuse to mitiigate your physical survival.

          • Mike F.

            Good luck man I am right behind you on that, keep prepping!!!

          • AL

            My wife got me a 50BMG for my 50th birthday
            and no you can’t have her.
            but there are some smart one’s out there.
            i feel lucky i got one.

            • Odd Questioner

              Ergh – a .50 cartridge eats a metric buttload of powder if you do your own reloading (it’s been 6 years since I’ve done any of that size, but I remember that the things really went through the powder budget…)

              Sure, you can knock down a small tree with it, but the ammunition is *pricey*.

          • neo noah

            take heart. people tend to follow denial as long as they have breath in their lungs. history has proven that there are always a few that endure as watchmen to wake up the masses.

          • Lahdahn B. Israel

            I saw this coming as soon as bush baby won his second term in office and packed my bags, walk away from my job and $125,000 house and moved to Ghana. Only my younger sister has her gun and another house in S.C. and is learning how to farm. Others are aware and is hoping I have room for them in Ghana when the real shooting starts in America…

          • Stan

            I am with you on being prepared but hunger is a highly motivating mechanism to discard law and order just to stay alive. It transfers us into animals to meet our needs for ourselves and our loved ones.

            What good is it to spend money on survival items when roving gangs of hungry thugs ransack your food supply and rob you of all your good intentions?

            If you attempt to protect yourselves, you invite the negative in response from the unruly who will kill you or do ill to those you love.

          • MagenD

            Mike G. – be NOT dismayed brother. If able – have your wife read Hosea (all) and esp. Ezekiel 23 (might change her mind?!) If not – let her go, and keep your head high for it is clear to anyone “having ears to hear and eyes to see” that redemption (and G-ds Wrath) is near….

            Why “The Curse”?! (Consider America – and the “Smaller Containers, boosted prices [e.g. @ Wall Mart] as you read the following verses concerning G-ds pending Wrath against Israel/Judah.)

            Amos 8:4-8
            4 Hear this, you who trample the needy
            and do away with the poor of the land,
            5 saying, “When will the New Moon be over
            that we may sell grain,and the Sabbath be ended
            that we may market wheat?”—
            skimping on the measure,
            boosting the price
            and cheating with dishonest scales,
            6 buying the poor with silver
            and the needy for a pair of sandals,
            selling even the sweepings with the wheat.
            7 The LORD has sworn by himself, the Pride of Jacob: “I will never forget anything they have done.
            8 “Will not the land tremble for this,
            and all who live in it mourn?
            The whole land will rise like the Nile;
            it will be stirred up and then sink
            like the river of Egypt.

            (Following Sound like our BANKS/Housing Crises/Wall Street Crooks/Frauds)

            Micah 2
            1 Woe to those who plan iniquity,
            to those who plot evil on their beds!
            At morning’s light they carry it out
            because it is in their power to do it.
            2 They covet fields and seize them,
            and houses, and take them. They defraud people of their homes,they rob them of their inheritance.
            3 Therefore, the LORD says:
            “I am planning disaster against this people,
            from which you cannot save yourselves.
            You will no longer walk proudly, for it will be a time of calamity.

            (Sound like America yet?!)

            Micah 3
            9 Hear this, you leaders of Jacob,
            you rulers of Israel,
            who despise justice
            and distort all that is right;
            10 who build Zion with bloodshed,
            and Jerusalem with wickedness.
            11 Her leaders judge for a bribe,
            her priests teach for a price,
            and her prophets tell fortunes for money.
            Yet they look for the LORD’s support and say,
            “Is not the LORD among us?
            No disaster will come upon us.”
            12 Therefore because of you,
            Zion will be plowed like a field,
            Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble,
            the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets.

            Micah 6
            9 Listen! The LORD is calling to the city—
            and to fear your name is wisdom—
            “Heed the rod and the One who appointed it.[b]
            10 Am I still to forget your ill-gotten treasures, you wicked house,
            and the short ephah,[c] which is accursed?
            11 Shall I acquit someone with dishonest scales,
            with a bag of false weights?
            12 Your rich people are violent;
            your inhabitants are liars
            and their tongues speak deceitfully.
            13 Therefore, I have begun to destroy you,
            to ruin[d] you because of your sins.
            14 You will eat but not be satisfied;
            your stomach will still be empty.[e]
            You will store up but save nothing,
            because what you save[f] I will give to the sword.
            15 You will plant but not harvest;
            you will press olives but not use the oil,
            you will crush grapes but not drink the wine.
            16 You have observed the statutes of Omri
            and all the practices of Ahab’s house;
            you have followed their traditions.
            Therefore I will give you over to ruin
            and your people to derision;
            you will bear the scorn of the nations.[g]”

            (Your WIFE should read the following Verse 5 + 6)

            Micah 7

            2 The faithful have been swept from the land;
            not one upright person remains.
            Everyone lies in wait to shed blood;
            they hunt each other with nets.
            3 Both hands are skilled in doing evil;
            the ruler demands gifts,
            the judge accepts bribes,
            the powerful dictate what they desire—
            they all conspire together.
            4 The best of them is like a brier,
            the most upright worse than a thorn hedge.
            The day God visits you has come,
            the day your watchmen sound the alarm.
            Now is the time of your confusion.
            5 Do not trust a neighbor;
            put no confidence in a friend.
            Even with the woman who lies in your embrace
            guard the words of your lips.
            6 For a son dishonors his father,
            a daughter rises up against her mother,
            a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
            a man’s enemies are the members of his own household.
            7 But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD,
            I wait for God my Savior;
            my God will hear me.

            Might I encourage you to read at least all the minor prophets (Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi if you’ve never done so – read them as Prophesies against America – cause it’s (Gods Wrath) coming, like a Freight Train

            Blessings Brother/Friend (And hate it for you – got the T-Shirt with the “Blind ex-wife” issue). For that I like these verses

            Micah 2

            9 You drive the women of my people
            from their pleasant homes.
            You take away my blessing
            from their children forever.
            10 Get up, go away!
            For this is not your resting place,
            because it is defiled,
            it is ruined, beyond all remedy.

            This COUNTRY will NEVER REPENT as a whole….. it will fall!!! In a bad way!!!

          • dawn

            i so agree with you i preach to my husband and kids they laugh .but then later they will know i told you so be dependent on yourself not the goverment find some land and grow vegetables raise animails make your own electric or whatever you have to do to survive me im a survivior

        • minsk

          10 years? It’ll be unrecognizable next year. time shorter than we think.

      2. wheedle

        I’m currently reading Mr Orlov’s book. Eye opening stuff. The “entitlement” portion of our society will suffer the most when the economic crisis he predicts occurs. Acquire food, food, and more food before this SHTF scenario becomes reality. Also invest in tangibles for barter/trade.

        Here’s a recent link that follows up with Mac’s article called Mortgage Meltdown Wave Two. Guess the media is finally catching on. Gear Up & Good Luck

        Housing Prices Double Dip In Downward Spiral ABC News

        • Patriot One


          FYI that story has been removed. BO is getting hit with a dose of reality so he is gagging the MSM.

          I’m not of the opinion that the USA will be dismantled or dismembered. When we collapse the world will collapse period. So just who will be strong enough to come and get some pay back?

          If any country of multinational force tried that Americans would unite against the common foe. The major difference between the USA and the rest of the world is we are armed. Collectively we have enough arms to arm almost every citizen, which makes us the largest army in the world.

          • wheedle

            I saw the story on ABC News 5:00AM this morning. Read the article online a few hours later. Your right , the link is no good already. Glad I printed a hard copy.

            • VRF

              could you put a copy of it up on here?

          • da truth

            the big ? will be what will the american military do to our politicians,i hope they side with the people and do what must be done.

            • minsk

              The American military is conveniently either PTSD or overseas defending OTHER lands than our own.

          • NeoIsolationist

            Yes and God Bless. I plan to have an AR for every family member, even my 10-year old. =) I’m prepping and am somehow, while concerned, still an optimist that we can get good leadership in 2013 and fix the problem. I’m sure there will be an economic collapse. Hate to say it, but the sooner the better b/c it will be easier to fix.

          • Maddog

            Patriot One

            You are experiencing a false sense of security. First of all, multinational forces already completely control our government.

            Second, when these people decide it’s time to sack our economy completely, they will first take our guns.

            “What are you crazy?” you ask. “They want to take my gun, they’ll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.”

            “If they want to take my guns they’ll have to take them bullets first!”

            Yea, I know, I’ve heard them all; read all the bumper stickers. I see the would-be tough guys all around me everyday.

            But I’ll bet you 10,000 AR-15 rounds that when the Gestapo decides it is time to take our guns, they will have 90% of them inside two weeks?

            How is that possible you ask?

            Simple. Early January. The usurper-in-chief makes a national broadcast: “My fellow Americans, your government has outlawed private possession of firearms. We estimate that there are 100,000,000 privately held firearms in America. By law, you are required to take your guns to your local police station and turn them in.If we have not collected 75,000,000 guns by one week from today, we will shut down the power grid for one week. If at the end of that week we have not collected 80,000,000 guns, we will shut down the power grid for another 7 days . . .”

            How long does the power grid need to stay down before you will be begging the police to come get your guns? Huh, tough guy?

            • Odd Questioner

              ” If at the end of that week we have not collected 80,000,000 guns, we will shut down the power grid for another 7 days . . .”

              Err, some questions:

              1) what makes you think that hundreds of privately-owned power companies would comply? You’d need an army to enforce that, and said army would pretty much refuse such a request.

              2) How long do you suppose that such a usuper would last in office? I suspect Congress (if not the Supreme Court) would have him impeached in less than 24 hours. You wanna clear that hurdle, you’d have to pack Congress with the same like-minded usuper class of people. Even if every last member were of the same party and ideology, all of them would be chomping at the bit to take the job for themselves, so an impeachment on those grounds would be a given.

              3) Good luck counting 75m firearms in the space of a week to verify it. The logistics alone would be a nightmare.

              4) 7 days w/o power will kill a lot of the infirm and extremely old, which leads to…

              5) the population wouldn’t be screaming to confiscate guns, they’d be screaming for the usuper’s head on a stick.

              6) at least some of those firearms would be put to immediate use in assassinating any such usurper.

              that’s the problem with wild-eyes ‘what if’ scenarios – they don’t really get thought through enough to close all the big holes that simple logic can poke through them.

            • Reg T

              Good grief. If you cannot survive without the power grid, you might as well roll over right now. If you are unaware of how many of us have already lived – or are currently living – off the grid, you need to educate yourself. Sure, a lot of folks in the cities will be burning their furniture to stay warm, but we rural folks have done without before and will do just fine, thank you.

              Have fun begging the police and the government to save you. Maybe if you pucker _really_ nicely they will let you work for your food and blanket. Or maybe not. Maybe they’ll only let your wife, or your better-looking daughters live. Unless Barney Frank takes a liking to you.

              Seriously, fella, it doesn’t take a “tough guy” just someone capable of doing things for himself, instead of having them done for him.

            • Nunya Bidness

              Well then, Maddog…

              We’ll cut off your collaborator head and deliver it to the local police station with your guns.

              But not our guns. OUR guns? We’ll be using them.

            • Mardochee Augustin

              This is a load of balderdash. First off this would cause a civil war. Second there are many LEO who own guns in the south and Midwest. They will NOT follow this order like this. Third many guys from the military come from gun owning backgrounds who will not aid the president’s decree. Fourth many pro second amendment states will just just tell BO go fuck himself. Fifth Congress will demand BO to be impeached. And if Congress does not do anything MILLIONS of patriots will go up in arms. Sixth turning off the power grid will hurt the economy and nation more then it hurts gunowners. The president is not a king or an autarch he could be stopped by the people in an armed revolt or by Congress. If this was so easy would he done this by now. You guys overestimate the federal govt. It could not even organize a rescue one city in a category 5 hurricane(New Orleans) let alone a a national disarmament.

          • maddog77

            Amen brother!!! Look at other countries citizens on TV. They are throwing rocks and stones against tanks and guns. Beleive me that would be US citizenry if we did not have the right to bear arms.

            • minsk

              Pres would be stopped by Congress?? LOLOL Congress was the MAIN enabler that brought us to police state, ‘legally’.
              If the gun owners had stood up long ago for what is just and right, we wouldnt be facing dictatorship today. Now its too late. All the big mouth macho men eunuchs will gladly turn in their guns- just switch off their TV and cable, wont even need to crash the grid. Then lets see the little dix face drones, F16s, swat teams, sound canons, bio”illnesses” and tanks. How will guns help against such as these? LOLOL The delusions of swaggering children.


          • Indentured_Servant

            No, the media is just following the script. The Bernank and Turbo Timmy have been squeaking for weks about ending QE2 or letting it expire with little or no need for QE3. Now the media has about three weeks to whip the collapsing, double dip economy into a murky backwater of bad news so that the aforementioned Amigos can ride in on their shining steeds and save the day with QE3 which was really the plan all along but you gotta keep up appearances!

            I expect things to get pretty bad but doubt that the US will be torn apart. The one thing you have to remember about Americans is that we have had FREEDOM and we are willing to die for it so that our children and grand children can have it as well. Half world has no idea what freedom really means. To them it is an abstract concept and there is no way in hell they will die for it.

            We may experience a severe thinning of the Wall Street and political herd and I’d really hate to be a Central Banker that gets spotted trying to bail out the back door once TSHTF but in the end the US will be better off . The toilet has needed a good flush for most of my 40+ years.

        • GA Mom

          Food is very important but the most important thing will be access to water – in the event that there is no electricity or water service.

      3. Mona

        I see Americans every day who are short on money but long on credit. They complain about the economy while they are using food stamps to buy crap food to put into their, already ailing bodys. Down loading music to their ipods and addng gaggets to their computer life style.


        The life styles that Americans are so frantically trying to maintain will become useless in the near future. We all need to take stock of our life and find out what is really vital to our exisistance.

        Items like food/water, shelter/clothing and a way to maintain a supply of these items in our daily life. These are the things that we need to start looking into. Ipods, computers, cell phones, microwaves, airconditioning, flat screne TVs, lattes, thousands of movies on DVDs will become worthless in the near future. Think of the money that many Americans have spent on these items. Money that could have been used to pay off mortgages, built up a food/water storage system.

        The future is going to be very bleek for many. I am glad that I have moved away from the metropolitan areas and have been putting together a more self-sustaining life style for myself and my family.

        God bless America.

        • Mike L

          If you have a mini DVD player you can easily charge it with an extra solar panel, helps with moral if you can stay in your house if things get bad (I’m talking more Depression sorta stuff now end of world…) Just a thought.

      4. BJ

        10 years???!!! I Hate it when people say stuff like that. That statement may be true for very young people, but for anyone over 30 it is already unrecognizable. I just turned 40 and it is way unrecognizable to me and must me even more to older people.

        • NunJoBizness

          I agree BJ. Im 41 and I’ve seen more “changes” in the last 10 years than at any other point in my life.

          For the first time in my life, I actually envy people who are older than me. They got to live most of their lives in the ‘best’ of times and won’t be around as long as me or my children for the worst of it that is obviously coming.

          • BJ

            I think I envy the generation ending right before the civil war….JMHO

          • GA Mom

            And for the first time in my life I actually pity (and don’t envy) the people who are younger than me. They will never experience an America like the one they should have had.

            • Tina

              I couldn’t have said that better myself

            • greaseman

              I have been prepping for a couple years. The hardest thing for me to get my head wrapped around, is that very soon, nothing will ever be the same again. I see the permanent changes for the bad happening everyday. The path to correct these changes is violence and chaos. So either end result will involve pain and suffering.
              I’m 58, and have had a good life. I feel sorry for the young people of today, as they refuse to see what’s coming, and are more interested in what’s going on right now, or who friended them on some social network site. The shock of change will be more than many can stand.
              We don’t have long to wait do we???

            • Morpheus

              They will have a much better America than we had? They won’t be the suckers we and our parents were. They will learn from our mistakes.

        • c

          If everything changes then we have the ability to direct those changes in our own lives to be positive or negative. We may not be able to prevent the crash but we can decide how each of us will respond to it. Will we be kind or cut throat? What was so good about past times? Most people would say that it was the general kindness of neighbors, strangers and society. That can be taught by example and by expectations. That can be started right now. What is it that you don’t like about now? What would you like to change?
          “Be the change you would like to see in this world” Ghandi.

      5. Charlie

        I worry for those folks who haven’t learned any practicle skills. Doing it is a lot different from watching it on tv.

      6. Gods Creation

        Mona, I agree but disagree.

        Why live if all you can do is scrounge for food? I would suspect when the grid goes down you would love to find that one prepper who did think about entertainment and invested some of their money in DVD movies, TV series, and thousands of hours of recorded tv, a big screen TV, along with a reliable source of electricity to power it all.

        For many, survival and eating will be a full time job. Those who prepare with food and supplies will be OK. But those who can eat while watching a movie will be a lot better off mentally than those who are bored stiff with a full belly.

        The point is, if you do it now you should gain the capability of doing it without outside help once the SHTF. Everybody talks about how bad TV is, and a lot of it IS garbage. But it is also entertainment of a form that can be self generated, and may not be available to those who do not set themselves up for it.

        Keep buying your food to fill your belly, but don’t forget the things that can help you deal with it better from a mental standpoint such as entertainment.

        There will be much time to kill. Prepare now or be forced to watch what THEY want you to watch.

        • c

          Re entertainment:
          If you have some power then movies would be such a nice treat but since power would be limted how about daily entertainment like music instruments and books of songs to learn in the future, books of all types and hand tools like wood working or needle crafts etc. Stock pile strings or parts for your instruments or supplies for your crafts. Some hobbies are very sensible and useful too.
          If you don’t know how to play an instrument, ask a friend or neighbor or look for a program like Old Time Fiddlers Association. They teach fiddle, guitar and mandolin by ear and for free just for the fun and love of it.

          • Skipper

            That reminds me, we better bring Gilligan too, so he can get on that stationary bike to provide the peddle power for “movie time” ; )

        • VRF

          I dont think there will be much “time to kill”..survival is a 24-7 job

          ever watch animals? their life is centered around finding food and water..and a dry warm place to sleep..also keeping an eye out for predators, there is no time to become bored when your fighting every day to get to the next day

          • Gods Creation

            If that is all you look forward to I feel sorry for you. For someone in a rural area who can generate their own power and water will not see a lot of difference day in and day out.

            If you have one year of food and water, even six months, you can be there for a while. You may have to run off a straggler or two, but it will be far from a full time job if you live miles away from the city.

            99.9% of the time it will be business as usual. You just have to make sure you can carry it on.

            • BJ

              I was thinking that too GC about the movies. I also have a lot of books, but have over 300 movies and plan on keeping them for a shtf scenario to watch if I am able to…right now I wouldn’t be able to with no alternative power? But I also have many in my collection that I would only watch again if totally desperate and bored out of my mind. So I plan on possibly using them as a barter item?? I could be way off here….we all probably are in one area or another on what we hypothesize could happen……who knows how it will happen ??

            • VRF

              I dont see where i said i would be looking forward to it.

              6 months eh?,,what than?

              survival is a 24-7 job,,period, and it starts at the begining, as you mention you will need to make sure you can carry on..thats where the survival comes in, prepps are just to survive short term..
              The 24-7 survival of the fittest comes there after

          • Mike G.

            Good point VRF! People forget about the basics because they have it good right now. Just wait until people don’t have hot water, cable and some soda pop! Every town will look like Walmart right before a big sale. Stupid sheep lol

            • BJ

              cold showers/baths will really suck. I wonder how often people bathed 150-200 years ago?

            • Odd Questioner

              @BJ: If I remember my history studies right, bathing in Europe was rare, if at all during the Dark/Middle Ages. It was considered a cause of disease (no, seriously!), and was usually considered a waste of water.

              Then again, back then, someone living to see 30 years of age was a rare event in Ye Old Typical Village, and the lucky(?) soul was considered a wise old sage at that point.

            • Mike L

              I’ll have hot baths daily. I have a well in my backyard, hand pump up to a holding tank in the ceiling and pipes into a wood fireplace to heat it. Takes about 20-30 pumps to refill the cold water tank which feeds the hot water tank. Good enough pressure for a shower but baths take a lot less water.

              Survival will be a 10-12 hour a day job for me. Basically not much will change honestly. I have both wind and solar power systems that currently run my entire place 24/7. Solar hot water also (plus the fireplace, but the SHW does the in-floor heating ;-).

              So yes, I will be watching movies while others are watching the property.

              A little forward thinking allows for a much more comfortable lifestyle later 😉

            • Prepper

              Re: Showers. You can buy a camp shower that consists of a black plastic bag, a spout with valve, and a hook to hang it up high. Just fill it with cold water, leave it out in the sun for 2-3 hours and – voila – a hot shower! I think they go for around $10.

        • Carpe diem

          Long before TV, reading good books, both fiction and non-fiction were what a lot of Americans passed spare and otherwise boring times with. I have an arsenal of them. Collecting “how to” books is a very good idea. Americans have become complacent and if the S does HTF, simple things like learning to can fresh fruits & vegetables, tieing a hook, smoking meat, making soap, hand quilting just may be skills that would make life a little easier.

          • Gods Creation

            I also have a lot of books, mostly about how to repair and do things, and oil lamps to read them by. But I have no intention of going back to the stone age.

            I have prepared to keep my life going as close as possible to the way it is now no matter what happens. The point of the post was to suggest that entertainment is almost as important as food for your mental health.

            Whatever it is you like to do, make sure you can still do it when TSHTF.

        • Odd Questioner

          Seriously? Just buy books. Lots of books. The Bible, The Torah, maybe a few Sci-Fi novels, some (usable, not propagandistic) history books, classics, basic skills and how-to, basic technology, etc.

          They’re mostly cheap. You can find good ones for next to nothing these days (screw the NYT lists – browse through the used book sales at your local library and garage sales!)

          They’re totally portable. A paperback takes little room, and you can carry it anywhere.

          No electricity needed – you only need just enough ambient light to see by.

          They can be a means of trade – you can trade/barter books for goods (or other books!) A family with very young kids will want to teach them how to read eventually, no? That family down the road a bit probably doesn’t know how to plant a garden… if you have a basic organic gardening book that you don’t need or have to spare, I bet you can trade it for some ammunition, canned desserts, or whatever…

          You can use them as near-perpetual educational tools. One of the big reasons that the Dark Ages (pre-Medieval period) too so long to recover out of? Sheer illiteracy. For awhile, only clerics could read (even most nobility were completely illiterate during this period).

          For the Christian among us, a Bible and a missal, hymnal, or other church-oriented material can go a long way to re-creating a service (sans Eucharist if you’re short a priest, but still…) Laugh all you want, but it’ll give (or bring back) a sense of civilization and community once the S stops hitting TF and things settle down.

          Overall, for entertainment, I prefer and hoard books.

          Sure, they require some care – keep ’em dry and away from fire. OTOH, your electronic devices are just as fragile if not moreso, so what’s the diff there?

          As a bonus, if things get real dire, you can take any of the crappier books you have and use ’em for kindling, and as TP (just like great-granddad did 100 years back with a Sears Catalog…) I recommend stocking up on Al Gore’s “Earth In The Balance” as fine tinder and/or TP material – it’ll provide for a great chuckle in a bad time.

          • Chuckles

            Besides books, don’t forget board games, cards, even puzzle books. When our power was out during Katrina, we played board games to pass the time.

            • Odd Questioner

              Spot on. A deck of cards will likely get the most mileage of all. 🙂

          • Jim

            Yeah I guess they’ll give you a few minutes of warmth as they burn, but I can’t imagine bartering for one unless it’s big enough the pages can be a month of TP

            • Odd Questioner

              Depends on circumstance and need. If you really need the information in it, it may well be worth more than some food, ammo, or even clean water.

              Example: A book on old-time blacksmithing would come in handy, since you can use it to create goods and services that people will barter for (even if you’re just making nails, welding objects back together, and making small hand tools).

              The trick is to *think ahead*. It’s not going to be all Thunderdome forever, you know. Eventually, the hotheads and the helpless in a post-TEOTWAWKI world will die off, and it would really suck if humanity had to start from scratch. Even if it’s just SHTF, knowledge can help make a bad situation better, and a worse situation not so bad.

          • CitznKate

            We are spiritual beings rather than animals, so it would be unwise and unnatural for us to wring all the joy out of life and to see it as a continual drudgery with no necessary pursuits other than securing water, food, clothing, and shelter. It isn’t wrong to want to preserve some culture in one’s spare moments, and you don’t need electricity to do this. I have some acoustical musical instruments: Autoharp, guitar, harmonica, & recorder(an ancient type of flute). I can play. I have songbooks and a couple of old hymnals and I can sing God’s praises. When you can play an acoustical instrument that you hold in your hands you don’t even need much light. You learn to do it by the sound and the feel of it. Many old songs and hymns are easy to learn and very cheering. They are easily memorized because so many are teaching songs and there are lessons in them. Singing and playing together is very uplifting and helps people feel as if they are closer to one another. This promotes cooperation and mutual benefit rather than competition. I think activities like these will be important in families and communities during the dark times ahead.

            Best regards,

        • Mike


        • PO'dpatriot

          I enjoy watching my chickens scratch in the dirt( it relaxes me) prior to making them my next meal. I don’t need no stinkin’ TV.

          • NMredneck

            Wonder why that sounds so familiar? heheh

          • Goliad

            LOL! I thought I was the only one that watched chickTV! True old time entertainment in my own yard. My favorite is Rooster Football. I throw a whole ear of sweetcorn in the pen and Old Brewster starts calling the girls over. A hen grabs the “ball” and takes off until she drops it or another gets it from her. Block out about 15 minutes to watch a typical game. Hillarious!

        • greaseman

          I don’t think even preppers will have much spare time. We will have to be on guard for all those idiots who refused to do any prepping, and are waiting for FEMA to tell them what to do.
          As in Katrina, after a few days of no help, even a dumb ass will start scrounging for food and water. But there are those that will literally starve, while waiting for the government to bring therm something to eat. They will be the first die offs of many more to come.

      7. Steve

        Fellow Preppers,

        Read the economic news today–we’re going down faster and faster. If you’ve left any “holes” in your prep program, fill them now. Very soon, millions more people here in the US are going to realize the seriousness of the situation. What’s left of the food and survival gear will disappear quickly. ORDER WHAT YOU NEED NOW.

        Good luck to all!

      8. lisa

        quote:”Whether we slowly devolve into a near third world nation over the course of the next decade, or experience a violent and rapid economic collapse fueled by rising commodity prices and shortages, remains to be seen.”

        and what about dodging the invading armies of those counties who we owe money too and cannot pay it back?…..

        • Odd Questioner

          Somehow, I sincerely doubt that any of the smaller nations (even combined) could pull it off. Hell, given China’s naval situation, I sincerely doubt that *China* could pull it off.

          Nope – ‘fraid that the worst that would happen is that trade would cease.

        • whoopdy Do

          I think the big secret of getting out of debt with China will be to pick a fight with them, say, over Taiwan — nothing that would require nukes or invasions — and then declare our debts null and void.

          Would they block imports to the US in retaliation? That would tank their economy, too.

      9. Mardochee Augustin

        I agree with the stages. The 2020s is going to be a hard time in America. By 2020 interest expenses will be the same amount as the Defense Department’s budget. Total unfunded liabilities are 50 trillion plus. So when the baby boomers start retiring in almost droves it will be a major crisis. Federal debt is the dollar-for-dollar result of deficits, and it has essentially tripled over this past decade, from $3.5 trillion in 2000 (35 percent of GDP) to $9 trillion in 2010 (62 percent of GDP). The Congressional Budget Office now sees it reaching 90 percent by 2020.

        Not to mention total state and local pension unfunded liabilities are 3.2 trillion! Where will the states find money for these pensions that are soon to lead to a major crisis?

        The post-2020 fiscal outlook is downright apocalyptic, for two reasons. First, the aging of the U.S. population will drive sharp increases in health care costs (and at the same time, more Americans will be retired). Second, federal interest expense will rise exponentially, as the Treasury’s borrowing costs grow with the debt. When you rerach the point your debt interest is the same amount as your defense budget then it is a sign of the end. This happened to the Ottoman Empire in its last days,same thing to Bourbon France,Soviet Union,Spanish Imperial Empire. Howe ever the situation we are is so disturbingly similar to France in the late 1770s to early 1780s. The French government was bankrupt because of the tremendous cost of fighting foreign wars. The govt was unwilling to tackle the national debt and introduced heavy taxes that made things much worse.Today both parties will never go for the cuts made by Rand Paul. Also Paul Ryan’s plan does not enough. There is will in Republican to do heavy cuts in Defense while democrats will not try to make cuts on entitlements. Another thing is the assholes in the District of Criminals act indifferent on the cries of the people. For example they continue to ignore our calls for the return of the Constitution,they continue supporting Wall Street,they do not care for the law and they demonize those who criticize them. I mean when I look at Harry Reid,Boehner,or Obama they have the “Let them eat cake,” type of body language. There is so much anger,resentment,division that it will soon explode into something very bad.

        • Odd Questioner

          I sincerely hope to be living way out of town by then. :/

        • Magnix

          Where did you get all those numbers?

          • Mardochee Augustin

            I got it from an article written by the CFR called “American Profligacy and American Power: The Consequences of Fiscal Irresponsibility.”

      10. laura & Jane

        We and other retirees are glad to be old! We’ve had the best lifestyle thru the decades. Agreed, people refuse to listen to any warnings like this. Mona: I agree lots of these gadgets will be worthless and people need to stock up on basics. Another prep website (McIlvany) said to sell, donate all unnecessary stuff (trinkets, house hold stuff, etc.) and get basic hand tools, extra clothes, etc. Also, why keep books, cd’s, dvd’s, subscriptions on political, NWO info. as they are useless. Books, dvd’s relating to prep. and misc. books for enjoyment keep. All political activities are useless, producing zero. Stay out of groups, rallies, etc and hunker down keeping a low profile in the community. Connect with like minded people for bartering later on.

        • Odd Questioner

          I agree that yes, keeping a low profile (save for your voting habits) is paramount.

          OTOH, I would contend that *some* political books should not only be considered, but should be counted as necessary. I submit the following books as extremely good to have for a post-TEOTWAWKI situation, with short explanations as to why:

          * The Federalist Papers – discusses what makes a good government.

          * Das Kapital (Marx’ original book, but get an English translation), and also get a good factual history of the USSR – as an example of what went wrong so nobody repeats the same mistakes or gets the same ideas. It also serves as a means of identifying what can go wrong in a purely capitalist society.

          * Starship Troopers (by Robert Heinlein) – yes, as a matter of fact it *is* a political book, wrapped into a SciFi story. Read it carefully and you’ll know why.

          * 1984, and Animal Farm, by George Orwell – for obvious reasons

          * Brave New World – same reason as you’d get 1984.

          * The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis. More religious than not, it contains a strong discourse on morality, and manages to do it with humor. As a bonus, you may also want to get The Abolition of Man, also by Lewis.

          …and this is just a quick first pass. 🙂

          • laura & Jane

            Odd Q: Voting is useless, we quit voting over 25 years ago, when we learned all politicians are scum puppets of the NWO control freaks. We read the books you mentioned; why clutter up our lives with them post collapse? They are utterly useless then.

            • Odd Questioner

              “…why clutter up our lives with them post collapse?”

              They’re not for you. They’re for future generations. 😉

      11. BJ

        America will NEVER, I mean NEVER EVER see 2020, not as America anyway and definitely not with anywhere close to 320 million people

        • manos

          Why are you so pesimistic about it?
          The same thing i thought about us, and it’s the 9th day we are out in the streets.
          Out governemnt is trembling and the E.U. suckers have shit their pants.
          And all that because of some desperate Spanish and Greek citizens.
          Have faith. Human factor is unpredictable, and that’s the biggest mistake of the neo-liberals. They took us for granted.

          Be safe B.J.

          • countrygirl

            Manos, can you recommend a news sight to keep up to date on EU events. I feel out of touch with happenings in your part of the world.

            • Durango Kidd

              There are about 20 some world newspapers and media outlet links at the bottom of the home page at SHTF America.

          • Odd Questioner

            Ditto what countrygirl said (the BBC is a good start, or yo ucan search the AP wires at hosted.ap.org).

            Good to see the Brussels-bound trembling. Teaches ’em humility. 🙂

        • greaseman

          Never a more truthfull statement made. I’d be surprised if we made it to 2015 before we have some kind of revolution, or a false flag event, or be attacked by some other nuclear power.
          As a nation, we are screwed, and most people don’t even know it. No ammount of political “change’, or voter turnout, or any other happening, short of revolution, is going to change the course that has been set by the ruling banksters. We are in a freefall, and haven’t felt the pain of that sudden stop yet. It’s coming soon.

      12. BJ

        America has to fall before a OWG can happen……..not to mention all the other things I think will happen long before 2020 i.e. man made and natural disasters, I look at the financial thing here in America last….they will keep it a float at all costs until the other things happen

        • Gods Creation


          America is still needed for military enforcement of the OWG. If it was not still standing Saddam Hussein would be selling his oil for Euros and Ghaddafi would be accepting only gold.

          The only thing one can hope for is that once the military guys see what is happening at home they will remove their uniforms and join the fight of the People against those they now serve.

          When they start doing that, then America will be left to fall and no longer of use to the “elites”. But if they don’t do it, they will be shot by those same People.

          • BJ

            I have never seen than angle before, hmmm?

            • Anonymous

              Get off your knees and stop looking at Weinergate.

          • Odd Questioner

            One small bit:

            Let’s assume that this global government requires that the US completely fail, yet still needs the US Military to do the dirty work of global enforcement.

            Why go through all the bother of causing a crush/fall, with its associated chaos and uncertainty? If the US government collapsed, then so does the chain of command, and so will the whole logistics and technical advantages that make the US among the most badassed on Earth.

            …wouldn’t it be easier to corrupt it enough to simply take over, without all the messy business of a downfall?

          • Anonymous

            You will be wishing for some military character before lights out.

      13. SmokinOkie

        I’m gonna stand on the mountains of food, PMs and weapons stored on my private island and use my solar powered camera to video the titanic as she sinks!
        Don’t anybody nudge me, I might wake up!

        • Anonymous

          Coming to port, swing the spinnaker sail. There’s a rain cloud over there to top off the H20 tanks. The only thing power hungary is producing ice. Let’s pull in and see what the natives have to trade. Bring some of that “pig silver” ballast up out of the bilge.

          Weinergate: What’s that all about….

          • SmokinOkie

            Ahoy! How much do they want for one of them native girls?

            • Anonymous

              “Hey Sailors! Please send ashore a trading party.”
              {“Hey Girls! FRESH MEAT! We’ll bathe’em, screw’em and throw’em in the pot!}

            • heterosexual FLAMER

              Okie, I think we better pass on this island, the natives are licking their glass windows that they don’t have or the dogs are in charge. Must be a tight chromosome banana thing.

            • Anonymous

              No HF, they’re just waiting the for the Democrat mule (ass) Oscar Mayer hot dog food stamp weiner thing to rule them. Thank God #1’s wife can tell me how to eat now.

      14. Last Chance

        re-posting a selected portion from original article:

        Our entire way of life – everything that we have come to know from the Baby Boomers to Generation Z – is being systematically disassembled – our financial, economic, political and social systems.

        I hate to say it guys, but the way of life that those 30-60 have lived has been built on the debt which now crushes our nation. You lived beyond your means, both personally and nationally. The reason for the systematic disassembly of the financial, economic, social and political norm that you have become accustomed to is because it was unsustainable. Anyone ever heard of Peter Schiff? Look him up and read some of his commentaries.

        We, the people under 30 according to BJ, thank you for trashing us economically, developing a corrupt government (Please leave your offices now all you irresponsible 30-60 year old holders of public office). WE those under 30, will take our country back now. WE understand it is messed up. WE know that it is degrading. WE want to take action (without violent insurrection GC, NR, BJ). You, those 30-60, who have been in office, in the workplace, VOTING FOR IDIOTS, screwed us over.


        • Last Chance

          This is what you 30-60 year olds have bore us, your children and countrymen into. Also its a good song. 20th century man by the kinks.


          • SmokyMtnLady

            @Last Chance…I do believe that it is YOU and your uninformed under 30’s crowd who wanted all that “hope and change” crap…and voted Obama into office…so I don’t believe you have done any better that the 30-60 age group that you are trashing!!
            If you are wanting to take action I would first recommend that you gather all your under 30 friends and pull the ear buds out of their ears as they rock to Lady Gaga and the latest hip hop artist who is trashing our country on a daily basis…then grab the remote and turn off American Idol while at the same time removing the gamer remote for the PS2 from their sweaty, little hands!!!
            And while you are doing all that the 30-60 crowd will be plugging along, knowing that the retirement they’ve worked so hard for and the homes that they bought have pretty much lost their value!! Yes, we have made mistakes…as have EVERY generation…but for the most part I’ll take the 30-60 crowd over the whiny, spoiled youth of today…and your rant proves my point exactly!!!

            • NMredneck

              Well said, Lady. Well said, indeed.

            • Iraqvet2006

              While I read your response I couldn’t help but chuckle. You say lady gaga and hip hop listening is degrading to the country? Music is no more degrading to the country now then before (although I will agree I hate the music of my generation). Pardon me for guessing age here but Motley crue or the Grateful dead both weren’t exactly upstanding citizens. You say PS2 gaming and American Idol. I say Woodstock, Atari, and television. My point is your generation had just as much distraction from real issues as we do now. The key is to teach the generation beneath you that while enjoying yourself and seeking entertainment to an extent is a good thing. You should always pay attention to current events and the important things in life. While you both choose to point fingers at each other’s generation. I will say the flaw in America today is the lack of morals, common sense, personal responsibility and interest in politics that rule your day to day. Pointing fingers will not fix this situation. Correcting the mentality of everyone (or attempting to) is the only thing we can do.

            • Last Chance

              Let me just say I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I didn’t vote for McCain or Obama, but I did vote. That said, check out this graph. The party of the person occupying the White House at any time is much less important than the parties of those in Congress.
              My second argument: OK so people my age messed up (if you choose not to acknowledge the unprecedented minority vote turnout). BUT that’s one election cycle. Assuming a 60 year old has voted in each general election for President, Governor, and congressional, senate, state rep, etc. How many times is that? 60-20=40 years of flawed voting as a group (any one individual may have been on the right track, but my argument was that, as a generation, these people messed the country up). thats 10 presidential and gubernatorial cycles, 20 congressional cycles, call it 6 senate cycles, and call it 10-15 state rep cycles depending.

              I don’t have participation numbers for the last 40 years, but there are only two possibilities which could have resulted in the US being in the condition it is in today. That the direction of the country was the intended direction of the majority of voting participants, as is the assumption of a republic.

              -OR- that the only people to vote (participate in their free election republic) were of a minority mentality and that they forced us here DUE TO the complacency and apathy (not voting) of the rest of the people within the population, who could have steered us elsewhere for better or worse.

              So, the people who have had the last 40 years to analyze, scrutinize, and LEAD our country thru the election cycles were either intentionally destroying the country thru a majority vote within a large turnout. Or, and I think this is more likely, the people who could have saved us from arriving here today were too lazy to go vote.

              I will say that you haven’t exactly had the cream of the crop to choose from when it comes to candidates and generally you have had to pick the lesser of two evils in any given election. Which is why the brave, intelligent among you should have stood up and put it on the line and thrown your hat in the ring. Unfortunately this age group was too busy with any number of other things.

            • Last Chance

              Smokymtnlady, NMredneck

              If there was only one car in the world and I gave it to you, and it was a rusty, dented, car with torn seats, and blown engine and if I told you that 15 years ago it was a beautiful site, ran like a champ and was a dependable car that could have run forever, if only. If only I had maintained it and paid just a little more attention…

              Would that piss you off?

            • Viet Nam Wife

              Americans I mean the middle class both young and old have perverted ideas and both have lack of morality. That is personal choice. Our friends have tried voting the idiots out of government but I would have to say a lot of rigging was done by subverise buying of votes. Acorn, and other groups have circumvented the law. Ross Perot was our choice. He was threatened to be killed as was his family.It is not to do anyone any good to finger
              point, the blame game is conterproductive. I feel genuinely angry that anyone and everyone young and old has to suffer. However, you can learn from anything. Character builders are part of life. Being a human being puts you generally at the top of the food chain. Invest in yourself and good friends and try to enjoy what ever life you will choose to have. Some never have a choice.

        • over 50

          children today think they know so much..they have no morals and no respect, want gratification selfishly..
          you blame 30-60 and your stupidly wrong and dont know real history..i on the other hand blame the generation before ours..typical huh?. the planet is over populated and over polluted…operation end game as much as i hate it and those doing it, is nessesary..depopulate planet by 80 percent..in swing now..study eugenics/ slow kill technology/ open your GD eyes….its over…….

          • BJ

            hopefully they take all the ones over 50 first 😉

            • momofspawn

              BJ I’m ready to go at any time….are YOU?? No worries here. Just remember you too may one day be in the “over 50” crowd. I feel fortunate and blessed to be one of those that have made it this long. And you can be assured that I as an over 60, would extend YOU a helping hand before I would EVER consider throwing you under the bus. Guess that’s just the difference between my generation and yours… God Bless..

      15. ToTheHills

        Well, we can just keep on doing the same stupid things over and over and everything will be “just fine”, like:

        Let’s start some more wars all over the world. Libya “needs democracy”? No problem – here’s hundreds of billions and American soldiers to give it to them.

        Let’s keep sending Americans all over the world -costing us billions and trillions – to secure other peoples nations (while leaving our own to be flushed down the toilet)! What the hell are Americans still doing in Germany, Japan, South Korea, and hundreds of other locations?! I know – pouring out American money like it grows on trees! All while “securing” these other nations from dangers?!

        Let’s have some of that Iraqi oil (remember – that’s what DC told us, “the war would pay for itself with oil”) since we’ve spent trillions of dollars, blood of thousands of Americans and “allies”, and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi women, children, men.
        Oh – wait – all that oil is going straight into Israel, where it’s piped onto tankers and sold to China (Israel makes billions of profits – USA gets Zero).

        Let’s keep dumping truck loads of money into any foreign nation that asks for it. What do we Americans need our own wealth for?

        Let’s shut down USA’s TWO REMAINING GAS REFINERIES(?!) – China’s got 25 new ones – what do we need them for any more?

        Let’s just keep on letting “special interests” run this nation – we don’t congress yes men/women any more. Savings of billions if not trillions (wasted).

        Add your own suggestions on savings and creative ways to waste the wealth of the USA to the list

      16. Scott Hunter

        America has an “Ace” in the hole. I agree that chaotic times are ahead, but if the USA maintains it ability to produce huge surpluses of food, wheat, corn and soy beans, it can compete in any future scenario. We must husband our energy to permit full scale crops and we do have abundant energy reserves, We must secure our borders and maintain a strong military. The USD will reign supreme based on corn not oil. China is having a drought, and will soon be importing food. With a strong American leader who can rein in entitlement programs, the United States has a secure future.

        • James Woroble Jr

          We no longer ‘own’ these resources. The ‘bama, via Hillary, has collateralized all these resources to the Chinese for continued purchases of worthless Treasury Bonds. Ameri[K]wa has been surreptitiously gutted!

          • source please

            I did not know this, would you please provide a source for this.

            • jim

              The U.S. government has sold to the Chinese “Enterprise Zones” in ever state in the U.S.

              Google it.

            • Maddog

              Yes, I think it’s also worth noting that these “Enterprise zones” are also tax free zones for the participants.

            • James Woroble Jr

              Hello Sourcey 🙂

              It took me awhile to locate something I had read some time ago (’09?), but…. H-E-E-E-E-RE’S JOHNNY!

              US Gives China Eminent
              Domain Over US Property
              Beyond High Treason

              A. True Ott, PhD, ND



              BEIJING, China — Sources at the United States Embassy in Beijing China have just CONFIRMED that the United States of America has tendered to China a written agreement which grants to the People’s Republic of China, an option to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral for China’s continued purchase of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves.

              The written agreement was brought to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was formalized and agreed-to during her recent trip to China. (CONT)

        • BJ

          The droubt and floods are wiping out the wheat and farmers can’t get the corn in the ground. I just read an article yesterday at standeyo.com about how all wheat is being bought up in astronomically huge amounts by foreigners over seas….Egypt being one of them and George Soros. And then when we have none in the store hosue due to the weather and natural calamities…they get to sell back to us at what ever prices they want to, if they want to at all.
          Here is the article: http://www.millennium-ark.net/NEWS/11_Prophecy/110531.whats.coming.html

        • greaseman

          you’re living in a dream world. the ruling elites control both parties. No president is going to rein in anything, as the powers that be contol both sides. Why do you think nothing ever changes? Different methods, same end result. It makes no difference who is elected, both parties are controled by the same people. Except at local levels, elections, and any idea that you have a choice in which candidate to pick, is just a farce. it makes no difference who you pick.
          Again, ask youself, why does nothing ever change? The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and the middle class gets left holding the bag. Either party, same result.

          • VRF

            Yep, Exactly, no generatopn is responsible for who “got in” for over the past 40 years, they just want you to think We the people count…we dont..you “vote” is a joke.
            its pre arranged..and like greaseman said, thats why nothing changes, same shit, different president

      17. Daisy

        I really can’t imagine a lot of free time to sit around watching movies. I have to agree that with the changes coming, days will be filled with practical things like growing and preserving food, keeping a shelter maintained and providing water. Without the systems we have in place now, laundry, for example, will be an all-day event of very hard work.

        For the spare time that can be scrounged up, I think that books, games (non-electric or battery operated ones) and practical hobbies like sewing, carving, etc., will be the best ways to fill the time. If I’m able to have a limited amount of power in a day, I’m probably not going to waste it on watching a movie that I’ve seen before!

      18. James Woroble Jr

        There is a very distinct possibility that is could be the other way around if PTB screws up, or miscalculates.

        It’s been stated by aboriginal populations that quartered banker and bureaucrat tastes just like chicken.

        • jim

          That is true James!
          I here the meat is tender “cuz they never actually work.
          However,being that they are so full of shit, one needs to be careful.

          • James Woroble Jr

            Points well made, and taken. 🙂

      19. A Dodgy Bloke

        I’ve heard Dmitry on several pod casts he’s a very thoughtful, bright guy. There are a couple of things most people are not factoring into their equations. One every major industrial country in the world is facing some sort of fiscal, or demographic, problem. This will be a global collapse the BRICS countries are mainly exporters the US is the largest market in the world Europe is second. Those go away with an inability to absorb thier own goods locally the BRICS will so be in as much trouble as everybody else.

        Another is Crime I’ve read a very instructive book called “Surviving The Economic Collapse” by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre. A large percentage of you I would guess have read it or know about it. This is a book about how a guy survived the 2001 Argentine collapse most of the issues he had to deal with was crime and crime related.

        Just something to ponder.

      20. BJ

        I bet you’ll see another baby boom…..sex fills in the time quite nicely and when things are bad, people tend to go that direction more…especially the young

        • Anonymous

          Can some of us do the democrat willie teflon cigar bill faux it liberal thing so you can tax it?

        • laura & Jane

          If things get that bad, people need to get sterilized so they won’t breed miserable souls into this world. I say get a Dr. to do it now before things get worse; Insurance will pay for men and women. No need to breed in a hopeless society with no future.

          • irish wonder

            Why don’t you two just kill yourselves now? Really just get it over with.

        • John

          And then just imagine all the people willing to do whatever it takes to feed their babies when we eventually suffer major disruptions to our food supplies.

      21. Durango Kidd

        I can’t believe you people. You are so negative it is comical. Really. I am LMAO! 🙂 What a hopeless bunch! What are you people made of anyway?

        While I agree there are many serious problems in this country, I don’t see why some of you people sitting on your hands catching farts don’t get off the couch and get busy doing something positive and constructive.

        I know there is no point to doing anything for some of you waiting for the end, so you might as well jump out of the nearest, tallest, open window and leave your preps to the rest of US.

        After all, Hawking says the brain is just a computer and when it ceases to function, that’s it. No more email.

        Me? I got mail!

        • Odd Questioner

          Love it. Seriously, awesome post. 🙂

          • SmokinOkie

            DK and OQ-Absolutely! While some may be adding to their ‘piss and moan’ list I’m busy expanding what will be next yrs garden plot, buying a few shiny PMs (just on the dips) and this summer my wife will be tutoring our 11 yr old granddaughter on math and reading skills and I’m gonna teach her to shoot! (with her moms permission of course) And cutting more wood, rebuilding a 2nd chicken coop, etc, etc. Oh, and working at my regular ‘job’ also! Crash or no crash, it’s gonna be one helluva fun and productive summer!!

        • greaseman

          There is pessimism, and there is realism. sometimes , it’s a fine line between them. There isn’t a lot out there to be encouraged about. I find that depressing. But instead of being pessimestic, I chooose to be realistic about the situation, and prepare as best I can.
          I guess it’s just how one looks at things.

        • Jiggs

          Durango, most of the people in here ARE doing something, they’re thinking for themselves, becoming independent, and preparing! What in the hell are you talking about? Remember this little conversation when you’re huddled in a corner sucking your thumb.

      22. DCAM

        SSDD….does anybody else get tired of the same posts on here? It is the same people saying the same things to the same people. (Joe) I have “X” amount of preps, (Jill) Me too keep prepping for ____________ fill in your disaster of choice. Every article gets the SAME responses every time, is it just me or does anybody get burned out on this. The same thing happened on Matt Savinars’ -Life After The Oil Crash- site before it went down, it got real redundant.

        • Morpheus

          That’s called life. Then you die.

      23. Durango Kidd

        Just what we need, a vision of our future from a fucking Russian! What a bunch of BS propaganda. We have heard this before from the Russians. Its bullshit people.

        We will adapt. We will change. We are Americans that is what we do. Change is good. The future is bright. In ten years, we will be getting our energy from solar as recent technology now makes solar cells 90% efficient.


        We will be driving electric cars. We will be living in solar powered homes. We will have wind energy and wave energy, too. There is unlimited energy potential all around us, and there are a 100 new energy technologies under development even more exotic that these.

        Remember hydrocarbon was once a new technology too. We adapted to it. We changed. We stopped using whale oil to light our lamps. Our civilization changed. We are constantly evolving, people. Adapt or die!

        This guy has his head up his ass. There isn’t a problem we have created that we cannot solve if we will apply ourselves. So those of you under thirty get busy making and changing the world you and you kids will live in; and quit pissing, moaning, crying, and complaining.

        Seize the day! Claim the future, make it yours! The possibilities are endless because the spirit of the Divine that is embedded within US all is without limit.

        • Last Chance

          Agreed. He tells people there will be a collapse and chaos, they believe him, they begin to desire a collapse because they have so much invested financially, emotionally, and publically. They want it to happen bc they want to be proven right. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

          Preparedness is one thing – wanting a societal meltdown, for whatever reason is another

        • Odd Questioner

          Thinking the same way (though we don’t need 90% conversion Solar PV cells to do it).

          They’re already installing electric vehicle charging stations here in Oregon along I-5 ( http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-20067952-54.html ). Oh, and they’re installing solar panels along the freeways as well. 38% of Oregon’s electricity comes from hydroelectric dams, and Wind power is making up a significant percentage of the total now. Coal makes up the balance, but while the US has 200 years’ worth of coal reserves, that’s on its way out.

          Nearly half the folks around here take the train to get downtown. I (like a shedload of other folks around here) bicycle to work (the exercise is a great way to wake up in the mornings, and it’s good prep training in some ways). Even though the population has grown here, electricity usage has *dropped* by 5% over the past decade, and gasoline usage is dropping as well – not just because of better mileage, but because folks around here buy their vegetables (and breads, and even some meats) at local farmers’ markets for half the year, instead of buying imported stuff from Mexico.

          Just a few neat little examples of how, indeed, even the most granola-crunching tree-hugging group of people you can imagine are, well, adapting and surviving.

        • Jay

          DK, you haven’t taken into account overpopulation. None of your techo-fixes will fix that. Period.

          • Odd Questioner

            …been doing it pretty well for the last 60 years or so.

            Also, the population seems to be leveling off, and in many cases even dropping.

      24. Patriot One


        Most have no clue. Even those with a military back grounds over the last 25 years. There will be no re-supply, no rescue and the only ones coming will be coming to take what you have.

        Survival is no fun, its not a camping trip, its life and death for real. Survival will be making it till morning.

        • greaseman

          Sadly, I think your view of what effort is necessary for daily survival in the long term, is most accurate. people will truly be on their on. We can work with like minded neighbors, but if this thing rolls on for months and months, it will truly be a struggle just to survive the zombies trying to steal what you have.
          I’m sure in some areas, like minded communities will spring up, and might be able to struggle through ok. But people don’t need to underestimate what 10 or 20 thousand hungry urbanite zombies will do to get food after several weeks of no re-supply by the government.
          Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

        • Wondering

          Sorry man, but in my opinion, that is not living.

          I would rather be dead than “making it till morning.”
          What is the point of that? What is the point of living like an animal?

          I am not being a smart ass, I really wonder why anyone would want to be alive in a world where you worry about “making it till morning”. Sooner or later everyone will die, why mess up the average good life percentage.

          Up till the last couple of years life has been a blast, living was a lot of fun, times were good… only since about 2007 have things become stupid. I know “the plan” has probably been in place for a lot longer, but I have only felt the effects in the last couple of years.

          Seeing my personal level /grocery store commodity prices spiking 30-50%, gas staying way high, milk going up 50%, beefs going up 50%, my house no longer goes up in value (concerns about too many homes underwater / foreclosed) the TSA ruining free travel (groping penis and vagina to fly? no thanks), that stupid bank robbery (TARP) where they spiked up the national debt, a congress that is so fkd in the head(and hearts) to do anything to turn it around etc etc etc…… anyway…..

          Anyway…. for a long time life was really good, but if SHTF and men turn into an animals, then why would you want to live like that? What is the point?

          I am really asking. Sure I have guns too and food stocked up, but come on, what is the meaning of life? No lights, no entertainment, no concerts, no hoping to find that special woman, no water in the faucet, no flushing my crap, no driving to get what I need, no nothing…. cavemen??? no thanks…

          What is the meaninbg of life? It is a hard enough question during good times, but even harder is surviving is all you are doing.

          What is the meaning of life?

          • AZ Ready

            What is the meaning of life?

            That is the ultimate question, isn’t it? If you believe in the Judeo/Christian God, life is kind of a test of character. Yes, we are all sinners and we believe Christ came to wash us clean of those sins, but we are not suppose to be wimps about life and living. Some die before they live their first day on earth and others will have to live through the ultimate crisis. No one said life would be easy, and we certainly didn’t ask to be here. If you ask me, life sucks sometimes and other times I wish I could live forever as a breathing human being. Having to survive is part of life, no matter what the circumstances are. You can read and study history to answer the question of survivel for survivals sake. Surviving is living, and for those that do survive, it’s part of the test, so to speak.

            Disclaimer: I am not a preacher or psychologist, but I do play one on TV. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
            And Oh yeah, you must be at least 18 years of age, void where prohibited by law, only one per purchase, blah blah blah!

          • John

            Survival of the fittest. The offspring of those who are best able to survive will inherit the Earth. Some of us do need to survive, whatever it takes, otherwise that would be the end of humanity.

          • irish wonder

            I agree 100%,why live?

            And at some point you’re going to need a doctor. I don’t want to exist in some “Mad Max” type of world.

      25. morpheus

        We have to stop preaching to the quire. We have to show peoople a new way. Just telling everyone a collapse is probable, is not enough. We need a vision for America, and we need it now.

        Wake up America. It’s time…

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )

        “Spread the News” – We don’t have to live like this!

        • Jiggs

          I’d have more faith in America if people knew how to fv@king spell. Preaching to the “quire”? Stick to horseshoes, not even close!

          • beagle

            That was hilarious spelling. Oh God…he must be one of those PS2 handling teens. The under 30 crowd has no chance.

      26. caryn

        @durango kidd-i agree with you…the doo doo has already been hitting the fan and so many folks are just whining and complaining and worrying about what they are gonna do for entertainment…

      27. SmokinOkie

        Last Chance- Not to be too harsh with you, but you’re saying the same thing I said to my dad 30 yrs ago! And his response was “yeah, I said the same thing to my dad in the 1940s.” This seems to be an ongoing problem. You are partly right though. My generation DID allow some major screw-ups that your generation will have to deal with. But likewise, my parents generation passed along to me some crappy stuff that I shouldn’t have had to tolerate. Like continually increasing taxes, gov greed and incompetence and such. And believe it or not, they too got handed a plate of crap from their parents. I’m not making excuses for any of us, I’m just saying this isn’t new to you younger people. I guess, since about the civil war, or maybe as late as 1900, America still maintained a sense of dignity and morality that fostered a strong connection to freedom and responsibility. Somewhere back there the train left the tracks. So, today we all have problems that should have been nipped in the bud (thanks Barney Fife!) but weren’t. And they do get worse with each generation. You have my apologies that we didn’t fix everything and pass to you an easy life. Maybe we were too busy watching Gilligans Island and smoking pot. I don’t really know what we could have done differently 20 to 30 yrs ago. I do know we didn’t solve as many problems as were created. In time, my generation, like all others will pass on and yours will be left to steer the ship. I hope you people have the courage to do what’s necessary even if it requires great sacrifice. And I hope you have the integrity needed to rebuild an America where personal responsibility and freedom are the order of the day. All of that starts at the personal level though. Every one of us needs to look in the mirror and make sure we’ve got ourselves in line before we try to save the country.
        A personal note- I’m not cynical at all about the younger generation. I have 4 children in their 20s. They and most of the people they associate with, are people of strong moral fiber, with a good work ethic and creative abilities. That gives me tremendous confidence in their future.

        • Charlie

          Right on man! Never give up hope. Especially in those kids.

        • Last Chance

          I have two boys myself. at their ages its a lot of work just to keep them from killing themselves by falling off things and running into the street, playing with outlets, etc. The oldest is old enough now though that we are able to start teaching him right from wrong. I can’t wait for weekend trips to the woods to hunt and fish and talk about life. 🙂

          In short, we are what you made us. Mine will be what I make them. If you’ve done a good job you get good kids. Otherwise, you get kids who are dependent on the government, slackers, and “towers of the line” as many on this site like to say. If you want to watch a good movie and can stand some crudeness you should watch Idiocracy. It lays it all out and adds a lot of laughs.

      28. Extreme Prejudice

        I have 2 years worth of super grains, water, weapons for self defense, and lots of canned food, and freeze dried food. All this while my girlfriend says I am crazy. Oh well to all you non preppers; all I have to say is get a gun and find mormons when shtf.

        • Patriot One


          What if you have to bug out? I don’t think the non-preppers are smart enough to know anything about Mormons, but they will go after morons who have nothing.

        • Suzy

          Mormons have guns too. 😉

      29. Itchy

        Don’t worry, war will save us. NATO vs. China on an African battleground. Oh, we’ll still buy crap from China, but the herds need to be culled. Greatly. Hey, Gen Z is ready…with all their scary tattoos, they’ll be the new Flying Tigers.

        • Last Chance

          When was the last time you read 1984? Scenario you mention is very similar….

      30. JJ

        God’s Creation…ever read a book??

        I haven’t watched tv since Nov, 2008….wow..

        Am I the only one here who refuses to improve the LSM ratings??

        The best times ever were when we played outside till dark…man, a good book and I’m pleased as punch.

      31. Ben Dover

        In the short to intermediate term a little (or a lot) of chaos will occur, but barring a huge natural disaster, mankind will slog through. I see many in the younger generation who give me hope. The USA is simply passing through history. Remember the USSR? It closed up shop and the people went on without it. Our breakup will probably be more violent because of cultural differences, but many will pull through.

        One personal observation concerning Mr. Orlov is that he is quite nationalistic in his thinking that USSR was better prepared in every way than USA.

        Not sure about the whole wind/solar thing, but new technologies will emerge. Necessity IS the mother of invention. Even if our world went back to the 19th century, we will not lose the technological knowlege we have aquired since then. All is never lost.

      32. REB

        Yep,its always the fault of the generation that came before us and God knows the kids these days are all screwed up …..and so it goes generation after generation condeming everybody but “theyselfs”
        I personally did/do not live beyond my means,never have never will…and what the “nation”(THE CORPORATION) did reflects on it,not you and I…… WE DIDNT MAKE THE DEBT WE DIDNT BORROW THE MONEY, WE DID NOT BENEFIT FROM THE SPENDING SPREE… so how in hell can WE be to blame?( blame has been mans way of acting since adam blamed eve and she blamed the serpent)
        Any problems I have are my own making,I refuse to point to others as being at fault,(except in regards to the anti freedom godless bassturds that seek to impede my God given rights to be a freeman and make what I can of my life and myself)by the same token I refuse to accept blame for anything I didnt have a hand directly in doing!

        I spent the last couple of rainfree days doing what I have done for years and what I will be doing when/if this all falls down,digging in the dirt,planting things…running this farm,living my life and minding my own business all the while enjoying it! I have to agree with some of the above like DK….some folks here and in other places act like death and hell are gauranteed a win and all we can do is die!
        Sorry.. I refuse to participate in the “oh my god we’re all gonna die” party,sure “some” are going to die,maybe even me but I refuse to give it a place of control in my words and thought life,what a destructive downer!
        Maybe because I live way down on the food chain I just got used to things being tough all the time even when the so-called boom times were going on that I dont feel the effects as much as others who had a long fall to get down here.(but its not my fault they climbed up there on a wing and a prayer either)
        If you are going to pieces and freaking out over where we are as a nation right now(and yes I know we are in a mess)then I dont know what youre going to do when it really does HTF, sadly you aint got much of a chance ,take whats going on with a bit of perspective,people who lived through the Great Depression and other times like it wouldnt think where we are is all that bad,we take it as being bad because we(as a people)saw it so much better,so much improved over what our fathers and mothers had.
        What I miss is the level of freedom we used to have as a people…money not so much cause I never had much to miss…but liberty? you betcha!
        I have worked(personally) to live my life as free as I can possibly be….just because they say its the law dont mean I(or you) gotta comply….now Im ranting so I’ll close with this thought,be as prepared as you can be for any eventuality but dont let fear cause you to quit living,hoping and dreaming,if you die inside what good is surviving the SHTF worth?…life will go on after this storm clears and we will face another day(and another storm) to be the best we can…to live, to laugh, to love and hopefully …be loved! Thanks!

        • Last Chance

          the nation/the corporation…. whatever you want to call it has still been run into the ground by people older than approximately 30 or 35 though, couldn’t you agree? Those under 30 have only been out of high school for about 10 years – not enough time to get to a position of any decision making authority. Those who went to college have only been working about 5 years.

          That big giant evil nation/corporation/government is still run by people. They are your neighbors, freinds and family. They are the ones who make the decisions, who work as cops, who strip search children in airports. They are just people, making bad decisions or being complacent enough to go along with it all

          • REB

            Not to split hairs but when I refer to the “nation” and to the “corporation” they’re not interchangable words there’s a major difference in this case,the nation being the republic of states joined together in a voluntary and mutually beneficial union and the people and all that makes it up and makes/made it work…the corporation being the treacherous impostors who have occupied replaced and usurped our “republican form” and its governing mechanisms…governing by edict from the boardroom rather than by the rule of law(constitutional).

            I find it a huge waste of time and energy trying to blame a certain “age group” for this mess,many who cover the entire age spectrum are culpable,old or young regardless of whether or not they are old hands or have barely gotten out of school and had time to hold positions of power and discision and get dry behid their ears…..I’d argue that plenty of people of every age group make poor/good choices every day and that(power of choice) is of itself a position of power,it may be on a small and personal level but thats moot, the point is there is power and there is blowback resulting from every choice you make regardless of age…. some make choices to vote some dont,some decide to go to school and goof off,some dont…some get on welfare or other programs,some dont….some buy American made some dont bother…some get on dope and some sell it,some stay sober and some drive drunk…others depend on God and themselves and some demand support from the state.

            All these and so much more are choices and every choice one makes to be free and to stand on their own is helping stop the corporation,every choice to place faith in the system and become part of it gives it more power!The trick is knowing what is a part of the state and what is a part of the republic…sometimes theyre both and hard to seperate!
            Its not just the people in power(old or young) who make rotten choices and help make things bad for everyone,its everyday people making choices that add up to either the corporation gaining power or the nation being fixed!I’m not saying its done with malice by most people…most simply dont understand what they are doing!
            I’m not blameing anyone except those who know better…
            Bottom line is age has nothing to do with this issue…retarded old fool or retarded young fool it matters not and I’ve seen plenty of both and both iritate me….what matters is what you choose to do…what I choose to do,we change our own life and together we change the nation… hopefully for the better…thanks!

            • REB

              To clarify one point..I see in my first post I did use the words nation and corporation together…my mistake and one I didnt catch before I responded,so I can see where you may have gotten the “interchangeable” ability of those two words,my second post I hope clarifys my thoughts as to the two terms…thanks!

      33. my parents creation

        Who better than a russian with first hand experience at full Blown Collapse, I would trust him much more than any American Liar, like the MSM, they can only Lie, I believe him and he is speaking from experience. I used to like you a little Durango, but you have proven to be a partisan hack.

      34. greaseman

        very interesting comments so far. One extreme to the other, and everything in between. One thing for sure. Whatever is going to happen, I think it’s going to be soon. The inflation of the dollar is in overdrive, and the bad economic data is overwhealming. I have to laugh at the MSM, and their ever more creative ways at telling us how we are in a recovery, and eveything is going to be better shortly. The really funny thing is that most of these talking heads will be out of a job when it all goes south. When a collapse happens, willl we need all those talking heads to tell us what we already know? In other areas of our daily lives, in this new existence that’s coming, many jobs will simply dissapear, as no real need for them will exist. Like financial advisors, bankers, stock brokers. No one will have any money.
        Prepare like there is no tommorrow. things are going to get real interesting very soon. I hate to admit it, but i feel a real”I told you so” coming soon. There are several people I’m aching to tell this to.

      35. Just me

        First, I have to say this, since Harry Truman and Ike left office America has not had any leadership in favor of America,(did we really have much of a choice in 2008?)McCain or Obama, really.. all our leadership has been in favor of other countries,unions and the people we put in office and their buddies.
        Everytime someone attacks us, the first thing the people in power do is take away more of our rights to protect us instead of going after the people who attacked us.We’ve fought wars because other countries were police states, now look at what we’ve become.TSA,BATF,US Marshalls,Homeland security,IRS,Treasury Agents,ICE,Border patroll,FBI,CIA,state police,deputies,locals,security or cops in our schools all competing to see who can arrest the most people and collect the most fines.
        next, I know that us older people(71, wish you all could have been here from 54 til 75, minus Vietnam, it was a blast) have lived thru the best times America will ever have but I’d still like to be here another 30yrs because I don’t think my heirs will have the guts to do what it’ll take to survive the next 30 yrs.They know how to grow food,dress an animal,keep the water supply going ect,
        but there’s going to be some real hard decessions about who’s going to survive, you, who worked and prepared for these days or your neighbor up the rd who spent his whole life on the government tit screaming everytime the power was off for 5 minutes or the rd wasn’t sanded every time we got a half inch of snow. Maybe it’s time we hit the reset button and dumped the dead weight in a hole. The way i see things, America has one chance in 2012 and that’s Ron Paul, things will still be rough going and we’ll still have to go thru a severe depression, but at least there’ll be a person in office who’s working for us and America.so go ahead and re elect Obama or put one of those other idiots in office, you and your heirs may have to live with the consequences for decades and come out a 3rd world country instead of a few rough years and still have our great nation.

      36. VRF

        All I know is, Its their plan to have us in fighting..it takes the attention off what they are doing, and it gives them more fuel for thier fire.

        all that energy should be put into fighting them, not amongst ourselfs.

        stop pointing fingers at generations or groups, and start pointing fingers at our governemnt, and its systems in place.

        thats the only way things are going to change for the better, is if the pressure is put squarely where it needs to be placed.

      37. manos

        countrygirl and Odd Questioner,

        The best medium to learn news from E.U. are the independent sites and blogs. Unfortunatelly, most of them are published in the native language of each country. Don’t trust the “official” news channels, since they try to minimize the volume and the strength of the protests.
        For example, what happened yesterday in the Greek island of Corfu:
        More than 60 government officials (ministers, parliament members, officers, and clerks), had dinner at the Corfu castle.
        The Corfu citizens gathered outside the restaurant and blocked the only entrance-exit. All the suckers were terrified, because people started to curse, to throw rocks and bottles, and make indecent gestures.
        The Corfu authorities hired a small boat which approached the tavern from the sea, and took all government suckers on board.
        While they were boarding, the people outside were singing small songs such as: “was the spaghetti heavy? wait to digest it on board”. or “what a ridicule minister, you flee with the boat”.

        What is happening with the tornadoes in U.S. Haven’t heard so many of them in previous years.
        I hope eveybody is safe and sound.


        • Odd Questioner

          On the tornado front, Not much to say, though admittedly I don’t pay attention to them much, as I grew up in an area where they’re fairly common. There were a couple in Massachusetts (!? – not normal there) last night, if I recall correctly.

          I’m literate in German, (sorry, I just am), but with the Google Chrome web browser, translations are automatic on native-language sites (the site will ask if you want it translated, and you can click yes or no). The translations are imperfect, but enough to get the idea.

        • countrygirl

          Thanks Manos,
          I’m not fluent in any native language, a little Yupik, which is only good in a small part of Alaska that I live (60 villages, 28,000 people, an area larger then most US States)

          Anyway I do appreciate your updates and am not suprised that the mainstream media is the same in Europe as America.

          As far as the tornados, seems like an early and serious season. 140 dead last I checked in Joplin Missouri. The communities seem to be coming together, but I haven’t heard much about what the government has done to assist. I’m pretty far removed from them as well.

          One of my prepardness goals this year is to become a news junkie, to try to be aware of what is going on world wide and regionally, it’s a daunting task.

      38. AZ Ready

        I, and also many on the site have experienced adversity in their lives. Those that have know that keeping the right frame of mind is the strongest asset one can have.

        In the early 80’s I was laid off from a job I thought would be there for many a year. I decided that I would be self employed and right my own destiny. Things were tough but it also toughened me. Then the early 90’s recession hit, the housing bubble burst and construction died. Throw on top of that a divorce and I was having to start all over again. Oh well, I got through it.

        Today, I own a convenience store that is teetering on the edge because of this new recession. Business is down 60% from 2 years ago. Had 14 employees, now 5 and 2 of those are my wife and I. I don’t know how much longer we can hang in there but we will try. If we go down, guess what, I will survive. Always have, always will.

        I do have great faith in those that face advesity and kick it in the ass. Unfortunatly today, we live in a give me society with everyone with their hand out or in my pocket. I know that those of us who have faced lifes challenges will get through the storm that is about to decend upon us, but many out there will not. I don’t blame the preceding generations as I know the game has been rigged for many a year. I do place some blame on those that believe they are owed something and do nothing to improve themselves or their lot in life and constantly look to government for assistance. They vote for the worthless pieces of sh.. that will give them more and take from me rather than getting off their butts and doing it for themselves. I see this on a daily basis.

        We as a country will survive, I just don’t know what it will look like on the other side. Kinda scary but what can you do. Those that are prepared, especially mentally, will get through. “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” will never ring more true!

      39. Suicide

        The only thing all of you are forgetting to mention is that if and when things get so very bad and they will,
        it is much easier in today’s world to kill yourself.

        simply put, humans have easier access to suicide means then ever before in history.
        So when the SHTF and life becomes unbearable, remember DEATH is a viable option.
        self assisted suicide, plain and simple..
        with that said, i could care less what may happen!
        In fact Bring it on!

        • Patriot One

          Why bother planning and prepping to commit Suicide. You may be on the wrong site. This site is all about living.

          • MOL

            I think this site is about surviving.

            Living and merely surviving are not really the same thing imuho. Does anyone view simply “making it until morning” (and then spending all day foraging, like an animal) actually living?

            I ask again, “What is the meaning of life?”
            It is a hard question to answer in good times and will be an even harder question to answer if SHTF.

            I am actually looking for some perspective which I have not thought about.

            • Patriot One


              If your not mentally ready for that you may not make it. Survival is not a way of life, its staying alive long enough to find a way of life.

            • Suicide

              MOL, some people on here think that surviving day to day post apocalyptic USA, scrounging around for food, water and shelter is heroic, shows great character and is called living.
              Some of these people are in for a big surprise when they actually are face to face with unbearable living conditions, face bitter cold winters, no society, no food, no water,Post economic collapse.
              They would not be feeling so heroic and boasting about it on any web site that wont exist anyway.
              I think suicide is a totally viable option should life become unbearable post economic collapse. If they really are christian then they would have no fear of dying. Your belief should carry you to a better world, time and place.
              But that’s whats so cool about not fearing death and considering suicide if needed, you do not fear, concern or worry of things of this world like economic collapses 🙂 peace everyone happy living!

            • Jiggs

              MOL, hate to tell, we ARE animals. We’re called mammals and spent the first 95-percent of the last 200,000 years spending, as you say, all day foraging for food. Hunting and gathering as a free, natural born soul is a lot more dignified than spending our lives as numbered slaves on a corporate treadmill. Don’t knock it till you try it.

          • manos

            Patriot One,

            I don’t support suicide in general, but it maybe a last resort or the last freedom that human beings may have.

            • Patriot One

              According to my book its still a sin and my last earthly act will not be a sin. I have to believe that my God would never give me more then I can handle.

              What ever his (Gods) will is for me, I know its not suicide. For me its not an option.

              I know many will commit suicide if things really get bad. That’s mostly because they don’t have faith in anything greater then themselves.

              When my time is up God will take me and we will meet face to face. I’m not saying that God won’t use someone else to arrange our meeting, but he won’t use me.

            • BJ

              Suicide is an unforgivable sin!

            • Anonymous

              BJ says:
              June 3, 2011 at 1:33 pm

              Suicide is an unforgivable sin!

              Where in the Holy Book is that written?
              better watch what you say in regards to your
              Christian beliefs or you might just regret judging yourself
              as your standing on the side of a bridge looking down.

        • papa mike

          Death is easy. Eternal Life is easy as well. All you have to do is pray and you can live for ever.

          • GA Girl

            @Patriot One and Papa Mike
            I agree with both of you. Jesus promised us abundant life. He will see us through anything. Eternal life begins when we accept Him. He is our provider in good times and bad.

            • Patriot One

              Yes he did, but he also said “you will have trials, tribulations and you would be persecuted”

        • VRF

          Fuck that shit, If i get shot its because some one else did it to me..I will fling lead as long as my index finger moves.

          I dont like Koolaid, even the grape flavor, and Im not going to drop cyanide..

          Some were rased to be fighters, some were rased to be quitters..

          Im not quitting the fight for no one…My government fears me, because i dont fear it.

          If they want to take me out, they will need to bring more than one bag!

          • Patriot One


      40. Suzy

        I think people underestimate the welfare classes survival skills. My sister hasn’t (been formally employed in a paying job) a day in her life, but with 5 kids and a bum husband she hasn’t heard from in 6 months, she knows all there is to know about survival on very little; how to exploit every handout from every organisation around, where to get free stuff and all the payments for which she is eligible.

        No one is going to hit you over the head with a bat for your preps HARDER than a single mother, or any parent with hungry kids. Regardless of whether or not they had previously been a useless lump. People are useless lumps when it pays to be one. If one can only survive by digging ditches, then they will dig ditches.

        I have a feeling the only lumbering, idle fat people in work-or-starve countries, are rich.

        • please

          Your sister is getting welfare and food stamps. Please, her type is the first ones who would either go by the wayside or steal from others.

          As it is her entitlements might get cut.

          Don’t make a hero out of a her, she is drain on society.

        • laura

          for BJ: saw the video; more proof this country is trashed big time (see laura and jane post on this same post) All hope is gone, voting is useless as politician scum bags alllow all this crap. Hunker down and prep. for collapse.

          • greaseman

            I really hate to agree with you, but reality is a bitch. I think you’re pretty much correct. batten down the hatches and get ready.

        • informativesistahiam

          you said it right that was some arrogaunt bullshit everybody needs a video camera these days they act like we as citizens are dumb as hell UGGGGGGGGH

        • VRF

          Screw them, if they can record us, we can record them ..They sure hate it when the technology they use to F with us is turned back to be used against them..

          Here again ,,if they are not doing wrong, then whats the F-ing problem?

          obviously they know they are doing wrong, and that its going to catch up to them..

          I say we all put cameras in our cars too, pointed out each window and ready to record at a push of a button..

          and in the pocket of our shirts, just look into my button hole you bastards..

          I wont make it known, I wont advertise its location, I wont tip my hat, But I will post it, and I will show where this is headed to anyone who will watch..

          They have the right to behave properly or have their actions used against them in their court of jokes

          todays cameras can be so small..they wouldnt even know they are being recorded..so some will say the rule is that you need to disclose that they are being recorded..I say HA..they break a rule (freedom or rights), we break one right back at em..stack up the evidence and have a citizen force to remove them if they want to continue to destroy our rights.

          No special treatment for those who know better

      41. BJ

        I cant believe courts are upholding this BS about not being able to record cops doing there jobs

      42. BJ

        I want some opinions on what this guy should of done in this video above…..comments please

      43. Durango Kidd

        Jay: The USA isn’t overpopulated. Its the other parts of the world that are. China and The USA have about the same amount of land if memory serves me right; but China has three times the people and many more Ghost Cities. We have Detroit and Newark.

        My Parents Creation: I am not looking for fans, just send money! 🙂

        Look, the fact is this guy hasn’t lived through the “full blown collapse”. He was born in 1964 and migrated with his parents to America at the age of 12. That means he has been here since 1976. Yet he knows about as much about what it means to be American as a Mexican from Sonora with a sixth grade education.

        GMAFB! This is just more propaganda from a Foreigner!

        I’ll bet he has never donned a helmet and pads and competed in competitve sports. I’ll bet he doesn’t know which side of an American football is “up”. I’ll bet that although he is an engineer, he has never laid one stinking brick. I’ll bet that if he can make music he plays a piano or violin and not a guitar or drums. This Russian knows nothing about America or Americans.

        The history of America is also a history of “financial collapse” and rebuilding. Do ya think there wasn’t a “financial collapse” during the American Revolution? The Civil War? The various financial “Panics”?

        Finally, MA is the only one with a right to complain. He lives in NYC with his mom and dad and he won’t leave them behind.

        NYC during the Changes will give new meaning to the term “ground zero”.

        • Mardochee Augustin

          I do agree with you about America’s resilience. For example there are place in the nation for example like Virginia,Arizona,Texas,Montana,Idaho,Wyoming and others have a great sense of community,know honor,and follow the Constitution. As long these values still hold by the people. And me living in NYC capital of police state,I am planning to leave very soon and move to possible Pennsylvania. The only people who will be left standing and rebuild will be patriots. We will have very tough times but if we follow the Constitution and the good book we will survive.

      44. Durango Kidd

        Suzy: I think you are quite right about the “survival skills” of the welfare class. Right now I am sitting in a library far from the heat of Phoenix and high in the cool pines. Across from me is a kid taking a nap who has lived in this town for 12 years without a job.

        12 years!

        He can’t get food stamps because he has a felony conviction and did 5 years in North Dakota for possession of a controlled substance (lithium?).

        Yet he is clean, he is clothed, and he is fed. He is also happy as a clam. He has spent some winters in the woods. Somehow he has managed to live off the fat of the land and the kindness of strangers for 12 years.

        I couldn’t do it. Well, I think I could, I have the skills to do so and the spiritual strength to do it, but thankfully, I do not have too.

        I am studying this character for survival skills.

        • Jiggs

          Ironically, the only way to be free in this country is to be broke.

      45. TD

        “America Will Be Dismembered By Its Creditors”
        The US will commit bankruptcy and will not pay back the 14 trillion.
        The world economy will collaspe and the world will be changed for ever….
        Our military will not allow any country to invade the US without very permanent and violent retalation…
        No food in the pantry… kiss it goodby….

        • Anonymous

          “Our military will not allow any country to invade the US without very permanent and violent retalation…”

          Russia has more advanced SCALAR weaponry.

      46. Josiah Fordahl

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        We are overwhelmed by your generous and kind support,

        “Like” Self-Sufficient-Blog on Facebook!
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      47. Amish Rule

        I wonder if any amish folks read this sire or sites like this and laugh at all of us, and our back to nature, getting all prepped to go caveman with no modern conviences… and they laugh and say “DUH”….. “BEEN DOING IT FOR EVER” what are you all getting so worked up about?

        The Amish have been doing this prep for ever, they never didnt do it.

      48. Amish Rule

        actually, I was dumb, if I had been thinking correctly I would have realized the Amish do not use the internet, so they are probably not laughing… too hard anyway.

        I was just reading this website….

        It is really quite interesting.

        They already live in a sfht mentality. They have the model already set up, the rules/blueprint are in place… of course it sounds (to me) sound boring as heck (shucky darn)… but… anyway… it is all very interesting…..

        Maybe some of you who are UTTERLY convinced that sht WILL hit the fan for a fact, and soon…. maybe you need to head on over to Amish country and get on with it.

        I am by no means an expert, but perusing the rules it seems that they accept outsiders, but it can take years… and…. oh yeah… leave your TVs, DVDs (and porn) at home;)

      49. Durango Kidd

        America will not be dismembered by its creditors. You cannot “repossess” America. If anyone wants to understand the end game of the EVENTUAL economic change, I suggest you read SHTF Economics.

        It explains why gold is now the preferred investment for Central gangster banksters.

      50. Maddie's Mom

        “The Amish have been doing this prep for ever, they never didnt do it.”

        Exactly. Wonder how many of them are on the government dole?

      51. Ohio is for preppers

        Long time reader first time blogger….with the recent drop in the stock market and outlook not being so good today…how many points would it have to fall in order for it to be considered a collapse?

        Just with recent events, I feel like there is not enough time or income to be able to fully preppare where the U.S. is going. We’re being run by a communist state that is bleeding this country dry. We need to stand up as Americans for Freedom, and for what we know is right.

        and being a 90’s kid….just seeing how things were when i was younger and seeing how things are today..What happen to our basic freedoms as Americans? What happened to the sweat of a mans brow and good ol fashioned respect got ya somewhere.

        Our country is run by a president with his thumb up his butt and the hard earned dollar we work for everyday is worth nothing. Where did this all start going wrong?

        Stay safe and God bless to all!

        • john

          “and then social and cultural ” destruction ?

          social and cultural destruction is complete , it has been the leading edge of our destruction. Morals gone, culture (white Christian) gone. These were the first targets of the destroyers.


          • Jiggs

            Good riddence to “white Christian culture.” You can see where THAT’S gotten us.

      52. swiftcall

        Let’s face it, the economy won’t improve until we end globalization. We have to stop all free trade with slave-labor nations like China and Mexico, and only then will our industrial base return.

        I recommend a 30% tariff on manufactured goods from slave-labor nations. Thus, the budget is balanced and industry returns….

        Also, I’m a space alien.

      53. Jack Shit

        Hey Amerika. Go FUCK yourselves. Goes around comes around.

        You’ve been a Fascist fegime since Nov 22, 1963.

        All these years of stupidity and silence have condemned you.

        • Jiggs

          Jack, when you’re right, you’re right. Thanks for stopping by. How long has your 2-bit country been fascist?

      54. Allen

        Hi John,
        please name who the “destroyers” are.

        Name names please.

      55. Larry $ilver$tein

        Once you lived in America,
        Then, 911. Now, bankrupt in Iraq–
        You live in Neocon Kikestan!

        (But, I got my $7,000,000,000.00)

      56. Fred U

        bye bye miss American pie

      57. Frank

        The most important prepping one can do must be done out of love. Any other way is their way and bound to fail. Your neighbors can be your strength. Run to the hills and what? Live like a mountain man? Those days are gone for 99 percent of us.

        Grow gardens, stash guns, food, ammo, first aid, etc. and do it with a group you can trust. Prep out of love for others. Just my humble opinion…

      58. Jose Wales

        I came here to die with you. Or live with you. Dying ain’t so hard for men like you and me, it’s living that’s hard; when all you ever cared about has been butchered or raped. Governments don’t live together, people live together. With governments you don’t always get a fair word or a fair fight. Well I’ve come here to give you either one, or get either one from you. I came here like this so you’ll know my word of death is true. And that my word of life is then true. The bear lives here, the wolf, the antelope, the Comanche. And so will we. Now, we’ll only hunt what we need to live on, same as the Comanche does. And every spring when the grass turns green and the Comanche moves north, he can rest here in peace, butcher some of our cattle and jerk beef for the journey. The sign of the Comanche, that will be on our lodge. That’s my word of life.

        And your word of death?
        It’s here in my pistols, there in your rifles. I’m here for either one.

        These things you say we will have, we already have.

        That’s true. I ain’t promising you nothing extra. I’m just giving you life and you’re giving me life. And I’m saying that men can live together without butchering one another.

        : It’s sad that governments are chiefed by the double-tongues. There is iron in your word of death for all Comanche to see. And so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron, it must come from men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life… or death. It shall be life.

        • ClintWestwood

          IT’S A natural high, release of endorphins when you can identifiy with other peoples works of art/literature But please
          at least give credit where credits are due:
          Clint Eastwood as Josey Wales in “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, 1976
          The Outlaw Josey Wales was inspired by a 1972 novel by an “UNEDUCATED” American writer named Forrest Carter

      59. roninfreedom

        It’s partly because of its creditors.
        Mainly,it’s because America has REJECTED knowledge about its creditors(Hosea 4:6)
        If Russia had the internet,and knew that the Bolsheviks were financed by Wall Street(Jacob Schiff) and were about Murder and butcher them all.
        Vladimir Lenin,Joeseph Stalin and Jewish group would’ve been rounded up and hanged.
        If China had the internet aroud the mid-1900’s Mao Tse Tung and the Red Chinese would’ve hunted down and torch.


        America has the internet and folks such as myself stating the facts,and they still don’t desire to know!!!
        It’s going to be more tolerable on the Judgement Day in the eyes of my Lord Jesus Christ for Russia and China than it will be for America!!!

      60. Dennis W

        I know we’ve been talking about this for a while, but as depressing as this piece is, that’s the stark reality, isn’t it? 100% taxes on us all, and the debt still comes up short. Yeah, we need to brace, we need to prepare, and we quit listening to all the MSM blather about who’s plan is better than the other’s on cutting the budget. Biggest puppet show in history. None of it matters now, does it?

        So, with that, I want to direct you guys to something truly beneficial regarding our prep needs. If you own a Tom Tom GPS, there is now a MASSIVE downloadable POI database file, mapping every possible gold and silver bullion dealer across the nation. Every big city, and every little cow town! Over 1,500 locations, ready to go.

        To me, this is vital stuff. Either in finding a place to purchase the metals we all need in the days to come. Or, should we hit the ground running, we can ‘liquidate’ our holdings on the road, wherever we are in the country.

        Or what if our current dealer falls through for some reason, at a time when we’ll need them most? My dealer says he will shut the doors to all but his best clients, as it will be just TOO busy during that scenario. Tons of back-up locations on there. Just in case you’re not amongst your dealer’s own elite clientele!

        And I even thought of this, given the floods and tornadoes lately. What if we have to just grab our friends or loved ones, during an approaching event? You can just tell them to grab their metals and coins, and we’ll rebuild (where ever), should it come to that, after things settle down. That’s survival. And it will save the livelihood of those who at least have some metals to hit the road with.

        Anyway, for you gold and silver fans, there’s never been anything like this. Ever. Download it. It’s free. Better to have it than not. Sorry if this all sounds like an infomercial. It’s not meant to. I just think you should have it.

        Good luck, my friends. It’s gettin’ close now, for sure.

      61. Dennis W

        p.s. Just look up ‘Gold/Silver Bullion Dealers’ on your Tom Tom GPS for the file.

      62. Publius

        “Murderous Humanitarianism” (1932) argues that the very humanism upon which the modern West was built also justified slavery, colonialism, and genocide.

        So starting out from this simple proposition it is not fundamentally difficult to grasp that elites are colonial instigators for their benefit only. These United States are neither united not states, but administrative boundaries drawn on a map filled with citizen/subjects. As the Federal system and economic system break down from routine fraud, it is unlikely that the USA will permit itself to be balkanized. Rather it will implement the North American Union and a new currency. It will repudiate debts. It will be sold as a solution. And no matter what the screaming shouts sound like today, if the choice is between a NAU and you having some benefits or a Balkanization in a Hobbesian war of all against all, it seems likely the NAU will be preferred. Money is not a US Dollar, it is a promise to pay. It is credit. Credit is backed by resources, and credit is backed by guns. Those who hold the guns obtain the credit.

      63. Durango Kidd

        Publius: You are out of your fricking mind. There isn’t going to be a “balkanization” of America. That propanganda has been pushed here so many times, America could pay off its national debt if we had a nickel for every time some idiot posted that comment.

        America isn’t going to be “sold” to pay its debt. Who would want to buy the Grand Canyon for example? After you have seen it once, so what?

        America is not going to be “repossessed” by its creditors. Its inflation by a thousand cuts and the money creditors will get will be worth half of what it was worth when we borrowed it.

        America is not going to be absorbed by the NAU. That would require the dissolution of the US Constitution and is grounds for civil war by 200 million armed Americans and the PTB know it. Never happen.

        That shit you are smoking is making you delusional. Try detox.

      64. grayfoxgreen

        When TSHTF really starts(monthly nation-wide job losses,massive increases in people on welfare by the week and negative growth even the Fed’s can’t hide)we will be able to tell.Yet a slim chance remains(just like during the Great Depression)new jobs will be created,new factories built,etc..Things WON”T return to normal to be sure.If you find the time,just read about the Roman Empire and take note.Even the Chinese Empire suffered and ultimately collapsed into nation-wide chaos when none of their goods were being bought by the bankrupt Romans at the time.I suspect that the Chinese(and everywhere else in the far east)know the party’s truly over.Unfortunately,their leaders are just as clueless as are both sides of the REPOCRATS are here in D.C..
        I do suspect down the road the USA may be fractured apart,but it will take a decade or two of even more infrastructure neglect and “foreign adventures” that only benefit the corporate world to bring everything down to the bottom.The folks in power won’t change(they’re being paid by the corporations and Uber Rich not to)refuse to do anything that might mean they give up ANY part of their lavish lifestyles without a fight.Even if it kills the rest of us in the process.
        Just a few thoughts of mine,
        Best to All

      65. Durango Kidd

        People: Orlov is a Russian, born and bred. He didn’t get to America until he was twelve years old and after much of his indoctrination into the Young Pioneers and Soviet culturalization had been established.

        How did his family manage to emigrate to the USA in 1976? That could only happen if his parents were connected to the Soviet government. His father couldn’t have been some dissenter expelled from the USSR. They would have sent him to the gulag or at least to Irkutsk with the rest of the Decemberists.

        He may now be an American citizen, but that doesn’t mean that is where his loyalty lies. Right now, he lives on an island off the coast of British Columbia hoping to sell you propaganda to support his lifestyle.

        Finally, there is NO comparison between the USA and the USSR. The Soviet Union invaded, conquored, and subjugated all of the people in the “republics” of the USSR. Government was imposed upon these people and eventually collapsed from the weight of a system geared to suppressing its people.

        There was no history of democracy in most of those countries or a Spirit of Independence. We may have a choice between frick and frack but we have a choice. We can also organize and support other candidates. We can take the initiative and make a difference in our lives if we want too. We can even form our own party and challenge the PTB.

        The people of the Soviet Union had no rights whatsoever and were not allowed to demonstrate any initiative except within the context of the “Party” in a one party system.

        You can be a victim and accept this BS as gospel, you can buy his books and make him wealthy, or you can question his motives and exercise your own power and do something to make your life and your prep a bit better.

        Orlov is not the answer.

      66. Dana W

        Well I graduated from High school in 1978 and this country is nothing like it was when I was growing up and the politicians are nothing but a bunch of con artist that will not even touch the very roots causes of the problems which is are debt based monetary system, this is what happens when you allow private bankers to issue the country’s currency you have politicians that are beholden to their creditors and not the people they deceive, I’ve been trying to get ready for this for at least 15 years and anybody that ignores what this guy is saying will wind up living in a card board box.

      67. Jim Shores

        I have seen information from very credible sources that explain that we (humans who have been suckered into the legal contracts by our traitorous “leaders”) are infact collateral for the “loans” executed. Slaves to be. Ain’t change great?

      68. Jim Shores

        And to think that the ahole financial experts (who historicly go broke and we have a panic about every 8years) actually want a raise and more control. How stupid do they think we are to trust them with another shot at being financial controllers? They are truly financial terrorists personified.

      69. rparmele

        There is not enough gold or silver in the world to supply the needs of all Americans, we all know this. We also know that the US paper money, that we now use, is not backed by gold or silver. We also know that our coins are no longer made of silver or gold. So what’s the answer?

        There are many so called “Man Made Metals” that have more industrial value than gold or silver. They are stronger than steel and some lighter than Aluminum. They will not rust or corrode. They are being used in jet engines, spacecraft, satellites and medical applications daily. Some of these metals are listed below.

        1. Titanium

        2. Zirconium

        3. Niobium

        4. Vanadium

        5. Hafnium

        6. Gold and Silver (with a fixed price) can again also be used.

        The whole idea is to keep prices stable. These metals can be alloyed to produce many characteristics like rolling and stamping coins, they can’t be counterfeited.

        Example; SR71 “BLACK BIRD” IS 139,OOO LBS OF TITANIUM.


        Using the quarter as an example;

        Keep the quarter the same size but make it out of Titanium. What would give us more than two times the quarters we now have, at about 1/6 the cost. The same would apply to dollar coins out of titanium. Use other (man made metals) for larger values, but keep the size as small as possible, like we used to do with gold.

        Believe me when I tell you that all countries that hold our debt will be glad to see that we have come up with a new currency. Fiat paper money will no longer do. They can do the same thing. Titanium is not the only metal but it is the worlds fourth-most abundant metal, estimated to exceed 600 million tones. What makes it so valuable is it processing and it uses.

        Taxing business;









        (C) COST OF LABOR.





        (B) MILITARY.













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