After Wildfires, Californians Warned: ‘You Will See Rapid Flooding, People TRAPPED’

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 31 comments

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    Experts are warning that California’s state capital could be the next hot spot to experience massive flooding on catastrophe levels. Officials are admitting that one particular Sacramento neighborhood is in an area that never should have been settled, to begin with.

    The neighborhood slopes downward from a levee that separates it from the American River, and even though officials said it should not have ever been settled, it is home to 100,000 residents. “I am just trying to imagine what three feet of water in my house would look like, and based on that, I moved things higher,” said Marion Townsend a 53-year-old resident. “And if the evacuation order comes, I want to know what I should grab.”

    But models of the levee’s failure show not only a meager 3 feet of water inside homes. Some are predicting as much as 20 feet of water to flood Sacramento homes. As Northern Californians are recovering from wildfires and sifting through homes reduced to ash, officials in the state’s capital are struggling to prevent another type of natural disaster. If a levee were to break along the American River, which empties into the Sacramento River near downtown, water would start flowing into the city. Although floodgates could be quickly deployed to protect downtown Sacramento from a life-threatening deluge, the water would eventually seep in from other directions, covering much of the area in several feet of water, said Roger Ince, a Sacramento emergency coordinator.

    “You are not going to see a wall of water coming into Sacramento, but you will see rapid flooding and people not able to get out of their homes, out of care facilities. They are trapped,” said Stephen Cantelme, chief of Sacramento County’s Emergency Services. “I am much more confident in our levees holding up than I was 10 years ago. . . . But I am concerned 200-year [flood protection] is not enough.”

    Sacramento is more vulnerable to catastrophic flooding than any other major city in the United States except New Orleans, according to federal officials, a threat created by the city’s sunken geography. No one has forgotten the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    According to the Washington Post, levees and other flood defenses here and in the surrounding Central Valley have amassed up to $21 billion in needed repairs and upgrades, while Sacramento’s population has continued to grow. Just days before Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas and flooded Houston, a report from the California Department of Water Resources warned that “many flood facilities” in the Central Valley “face an unacceptably high chance of failure.” The report wanted those in Sacramento to take action immediately as winter storms approach.

    More than 7 million California residents are at risk of flooding, and many don’t realize it. Flooding happens throughout the state, from rural communities to urban areas, at the base of hills and along the coast. In fact, every California County has received a flood-related emergency declaration in the past twenty years. – California Department of Water Resources press release.

    Two back-to-back storms of similar caliber to the 1986 flood storm is all it would take to further devastate the vulnerable state of California. It could happen anytime, soon, and would submerge 25% of the highly populated state’s land in water.

    “This isn’t science fiction,” said one of the authors of a 2010 report called Overview of the ARkStorm Scenario, Keith Porter, a research professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. “It’s a very realistic scenario, and it could happen at any time.”


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      1. As I read the article, I had to ask myself, “then, what are you waiting for? You all know the risk, have this time now to do something – get out, prepare, build a series of dikes…. whatever…….. so?, you all just going to sit there and piss and moan waiting til it happens?”. The stupidity of people astounds me sometimes.

        • There was an article on Rense Radio with an activist in the area against “smart meters” being pushed by PG&E some years ago (2011) and a discussion of space based MW weapons which she believed would be used against US in a False Flag.

          These fires are really strange the way they reduced all of the homes to rubble, melting cars, porcelain toilets, etc; yet so many trees were not even singed. WTF ??? 🙁

      2. Heartless, it is CALIFORNIA, run by a libturd government. The people of Cali would fit right into any part of the EU. The only thing is they’d have to learn another language. Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix Cali.

        • Deplorable–Not all of the people in California are as you describe. Me included. (no-party conservative)

      3. If state officials aren’t going to do something soon to prevent flooding and protect the residents, then the residents should be making plans to leave the area.

        But where would they go? They can’t just buy another house, no one is going to buy their home. They can’t sell their home now, at this point it’s pretty much worthless.

        If they walk away from their house/mortgage before the great flood, and survive the flood, they will not be eligible for any kind of insurance payout/FEMA disaster relief.

        If those in power there in Sacramento don’t do something quick to protect the residents (and I suspect they won’t) the residents may have no choice but to walk away and rent somewhere else while the going is good and before the foreclosure status of their home hits their credit report tanking their credit score. And if so, then no one will rent to them, most likely leaving these families homeless. Seems like the residents are between a rock and a hard place.

      4. It would be nice it we were told exactly which neighborhood should not have been built. This article should have been more specific with that detail of the article and possibly suggeste what should be done to alleviate the situation before the flood begins!

        • Ajk, Being upfront and honest isn’t something the real estate community would do because it would seriously impact and affect the real estate market that they depend upon. They need buyers and sellers to survive. No way are they going to announce the names of the few neighborhoods or specific areas that are affected.

          Plus if nothing happens the homeowners that want to sell now or in the near future won’t be able to because they were badmouthed by the media. I’m sure the locals know. But they are going to keep quiet about it, at least for now, as long as they can keep it secret.

      5. So, just like in Houston, they allowed houses to be built in an area that is likely to flood?
        Developed land = $$ tax revenue.
        “If it floods, that is THEIR problem.”

        • Damn near every state has areas like this. I my state the Red River floods every year and they just keep rebuilding. Why were people allowed to build homes in a flood area to begin with.

        • And New Orleans. And don’t forget that Ocean City, MD is built on a barrier reef that has to be replenished every year. Does anyone have a mind??

      6. So all you people live in the perfect place… must be nice to know everything

        • COF, no – I don’t. BUT!!! I do know enough to get ready for when a storm approaches. I do know enough to have a plan for if the worst should happen. And last – I don’t expect now or ever for someone else to pay for my lacks. I wouldn’t dream of having my hand out other than to extend it to someone I decided was worth hauling to safety. So Sir/Madam – what say you? You honestly think that now that the good folks in California have been warned they should require assistance if they decide to remain in harm’s way?

          • I am one of those people in California and think it’s run by a bunch of A- Holes. A lot of these people have lost everything and have no where to go, meaning ( middle class live paycheck to paycheck) just saying cut them a break…..

        • COF
          Heartless is right. It is not that we live in a perfect placed, and we don’t know everything, but when we are warned of a coming problem we do our best to be ready for it. We don’t just set around BIOTHING about it.


        • “So all you people live in the perfect place… must be nice to know everything”

          “Shit Happens”

      7. Apocalyptic photos show sea of hail swamping cars in Argentina

        “Hailstorm dumps almost five feet of hailstones in minutes.”

        ht tp://

      8. What we are witnessing is the tragic consequences of financialization and a global economy driven by increasing amounts of debt to keep functioning. This means governments have an incentive to keep developing land for housing while ballooning populations in order to keep tax revenues coming in (and pay for pensions, social services etc.).

        By importing more and more third world dirt and settling land that should never have been settled, governments have created the conditions for decades of disorder, environmental catastrophes, dislocations and increasing poverty. But the governments are caught in a trap: they need to keep goosing the stock market in order to keep their tax revenues coming in to pay for all the federal civil servants and pay for the pensions, the war machine and the third world garbage that gets free everything and monthly stipends.

        It is a ‘mouths and anuses’ business model: they need more mouths eating and consuming and more butts pooping to then borrow more money on top of that and call their businesses profitable and the stock market rising. Computers and artificial intelligence and the ballooning garbage populations of the turd world are making all this go out of control. I would be surprised if they get another 10 years out of this model before the environmental catasrophes overwhelm the system.

        This is even happening in places like Canada. Canada had devastating wild fires in its oil country which destroyed acres of houses and it still has not been rebuilt. Canada is making the same mistakes America made by importing third world trash and then ballooning its cities with cheap track housing overwhelming the carrying capacity and building in flood zones.

        The bright side: lots of TV footage of gormless Somali migrants wearing Obama Hope t-shirts floating on a piece of plywood as their home is washed away in a flash flood. Hey, there is always a bright side.

        • Frank
          Truer words have not been spoken. Stop all immigration until countries can get a handle on things. Then we can start bringing them in with a better life for all.


          • Agree: immigration can work but only if well managed. When I was growing up, I was friends with many immigrants and they ALL integrated. They may have been black, Indian, Chinese etc. but they all became integrated. When we went to university we were all friends and lovers and did the same things (went to sports, drank beer, partied, had fun, made mistakes etc.). But now, I see huge separations and dividing walls between the communities. A woman in a Burkha ain’t going to go to the football game and drink a beer. A bug-eyed Somali looking for 10 wives is not going to be able to get along with women who are looking for ONE husband. I see so much anger out there. Lifes ups and downs – getting fired from a crappy job, or getting drunk and getting fired etc. – now is a minefield where people will scream racism if they make a mistake and face the consequences.

            In the 1980s, I travelled a lot and was always amazed at meeting very beautiful black women in France or Sweden who were totally integrated and French or Swedish. They were elegant, spoke the language and were proud to be there. You don’t get that now. People speak badly about the country they have moved to, they have contempt for the locals and the local culture. Some even endlessly talk about violence and killing or taking over the place they have gone to. It is sad and it has ruined the concept of immigration.

            • Dam good post there frank. I would say the Georgia guidestones are pretty good wisdom too. There’s only so much ground people. Only so many resources. And I am sick of these fuckers coming here and contributing nothing and not assimilating Go the hell back home. I don’t get why they wanna come here then practice their bullshit way of life that they supposedly wanted to escap from?

      9. KY thanks on the heads up of storm in Argentina – see more at Adapt2030Youtube – with David Dubyne. Check out his interview with John Casey and his latest book Upheaval.
        And so Hearthless per your comment for the people threatened by the flood to do something -agree – but everyone in the US needs to prepare as well. Only they’re not being told what’s coming. So again I would encourage everyone to check out David Dubyne’s work at Adapt 2030 on Youtube or Stormcloud. Everyone will be affected by this world over. In the US, the rats will scurry underground so that they can have COG while leaving the military (Jade Helm) to handle the chaos.
        Please check out what John Casey (ex- NASA scientist, advisor to the WH etc) has to say so you can make an informed decision.

        Also check out on world population 2025 – they have the US population down from 330M to 45M (it’s #11 on the list)- what do they know and not saying. Do your research so you can prepare wisely. Blessings.

      10. Gadaffi or however you spell it praised Obama as another son of Africa on many occasions. Then Obama and Hillary killed his ass dead. Where is that murderous Obama who slipped out of the picture hiding now. The drone king who advanced murder by drone as the ultimate stealth maneuver now embraced as legal in American skies. False flag drone strikes coming to America as the corruption mounts.

      11. Do not think I would be buying a home in a flood zone.

        • How would you know? FEMA flood zone maps are notorious for being drawn by developers.

      12. I was stationed at McClellan AFB 1977-1978. This now closed base was just a few miles north of Sacramento, location of the Famous “Rio Linda”. Sacramento has a very sophisticated flood control system because some idiot decided the capitol needed to be in a flood zone. There is lots of Rice paddies around Sacramento for good reason. It floods easy. The original capitol, Auburn was in the mountains, way above the river.
        That flood control system is about as trustworthy as the Democrats that rule over the state today, due to lack of maintenance.
        When, not if, Sacramento floods I hope Governor Moonbeam goes down with his ship.
        Unlike every other animal on earth, Democrats sh it in their beds and think they are in heaven.

        • “…some idiot decided the capitol needed to be in a flood zone”

          Astute historical analysis.

      13. They could always plug the holes in their dams and dikes with “undocumented immigrants”… They seem to have an abundance of them!

      14. There’s that word again. Officials. About as useless as the word authority or expert.

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