A Brief Look At a Real Possibility: Crashing Dollar, Financial Panic, Riots, Global Governance *Video*

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    Damon Vickers is the author of The Day After the Dollar Crashes: A Survival Guide for the Rise of the New World Order, and he’s recently put together a micro-documentary (available below) detailing what the global coup d’etat may look like once the dollar takes it’s final catastrophic plunge to oblivion.

    As you can imagine, it will be ripe with collapsing assets prices, panic, riots, and violence. According to Mr. Vickers, and a scenario we can certainly see as a plausibility, the initial trigger for such a game-changing event may occur if The Federal Reserve continues to debase the US currency at the expense of China’s vast US dollar reserves. If and when the Chinese finally decide it’s time, and put a freeze on purchases of US debt, the game is over. It’s as simple as that. We will immediately go into cardiac arrest.

    The Day After The Dollar Crashes micro-doc trailer is recommended viewing for anyone who’s wondered about  what signs to look for prior to our falling off the cliff. While events may unfold a bit differently than Vickers suggests – and even he makes it clear that it may not happen exactly as depicted – the important takeaways are these:

    • A US sovereign debt collapse or hyperinflationary armageddon could be triggered quickly, and without warning, if the Chinese government halts debt purchases.
    • The initial reactions will hit Wall Street ahead of Main Street, likely sending equities, corporate bonds and government debt-based assets tumbling.
    • Key commodities and precious metals will become the assets of last resort, but even those (paper denominated, especially) may experience extreme volatility due to problems that will arise within stock and commodity market exchange systems.
    • It will happen quickly. But, for those who understand what is happening, there will be several days, perhaps as much as two weeks, to make final preparations and make it to safety, outside of riot and high crime zones which will undoubtedly spring up around the country.
    • While Mr. Vickers suggests the end-game for such a monetary fall out will result in a new world reserve currency system and economic, political, social and military global governance, this is only one of many possibilities. In prior discussions we’ve covered various scenarios, including the possibility of global governance in response to such a crisis, as well as a complete hyperinflationary meltdown of the (economic, political, social) system as we know it. If global governments are able to maintain control over a panicked and rioting populace, then the normal flow of commerce, or some semblance of it, may remain intact.
    • There is also the possibility that commerce, including food procurement and transportation comes to a halt for a time, as there will not exist a medium of exchange to transact goods in the event of a complete dollar wipe-out.
    • It is better to be prepared for such an event a month or year early, rather than a day late.

    Is this a clear and present danger to the security and freedom of every American? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

    But, if you are concerned that it might happen, and everyday it seems like things on the international monetary front are getting worse, consider what you would do when the signs start staring you in the face.

    Watch the Micro Documentary Introduction to The Day After The Dollar Crashes
    [Approximately 10 minutes]

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      1. 6-7% down with the market locked up?  He’s being nice…..

      2. Honestly I wish it would happen fast like these videos depict.
        I am afraid it will be slow decline over years so that those in power can slowly chip away at our rights. When its all over we will be living in just another commie country because the American people roll over easily when its a slow change.  There will be no riots, just lines for food.

      3. So you would rather lose all of your rights quickly instead of slowly.  I understand what your saying Havok.  I just look at things from different angles.  The will to survive must be stronger than getting it over with.  A man is no island, especially with three Hooter’s girls on it.

      4. 6 months of canned ham, beans, canned peaches, multivitamins, water will cost you less than $300.  Rotate regularly. Add $2000 in silver rounds/eagles, a good pump shotgun and ammo, 40 gallons of gas in a well ventilated area and a propane stove.

        Oh yes.  A warm body of the opposite sex.  Now you’re prepared.

      5. this sounds like a “NEW WORLD ORDER” propaganda.
        i do not mean crash is not coming, though.
        i hope the crash will be the crash of the new world order.

      6. The underlying premise to the argument is faulty. The Chinese are smart and will not shoot themselves in the foot or cut their noses off to spite their face, anytime soon. Maybe ten to twenty years down the road, but not now.

        If America collapses economically, so do the Chinese. So do the Europeans. So do everyone else. There is no profit in collapse. There is profit in inflation by a thousand cuts.

        Follow the money, not the doom and gloomers trying to make a buck selling to your fears.

      7. I agree I think we are in for a long slow decline which in the end will catch more people off guard because they will fail to even notice

      8. don’t forget to buy his book

      9. I don’t know if I’d be so quick to put that much faith in the Chinese.  With their new “carrier killer” missiles (even the Pentagon admits will work), stealth fighters, and decades of hatred for American meddling in their sphere of influence, they might just decide to partner with the remaining Islamist governments in the middle east and flush the USA out of financial existence.

        Would it be hard on their people too?  Sure it would, but since when has hardships on their population stopped them from doing anything?  They may analyze it and determine that they are better off without us.

      10. What kind of canned oink oink?  I see even the fluff evening news is “putting out” 29% increase on food prices.  Most everybody here should be checking commodities numbers every day/week to keep a perspective on events.  Write the price down & date just once for reference. 

      11. For the time being China will not dump the dollar. However if we continue this debt binge it will kill us. Our problems will arise later on this decade. The govt  is incurring debt at a historically unprecedented and ultimately unsustainable rate. The Congressional Budget Office projects that within ten years, federal debt could reach 90 percent of GDP, and even this estimate is probably too optimistic given the low rates of economic growth that the United States is experiencing and likely to see for years to come. The latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff paper comes closer to the mark by projecting that federal debt could equal total GDP as soon as 2015. These levels approximate the relative indebtedness of Greece and Italy today. Leaving aside the period during and immediately after World War II, the United States has not been so indebted since recordkeeping began, in 1792. If we do not act to curb this debt addiction, then the global capital markets will do so for us, forcing a sharp and punitive adjustment in fiscal policy.Interest expenses will equal the entire Defense Department budget by 2020. In 2020, the Treasury will have to borrow $5 trillion a year to roll over the debt. Don’t forget the Treasury’s obligation to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The debt of government-sponsored enterprises is already $8 trillion. State and local debt totals $3 trillion.Washington indirectly stands behind all of this. (They mean politically, not legally.) Add to this unfunded state and municipal pension obligations of $1 trillion. All this will get much worse after 2020. The post-2020 fiscal outlook is downright apocalyptic, for two reasons. First, the aging of the U.S. population will drive sharp increases in health care costs (and at the same time, more Americans will be retired). Second, federal interest expense will rise exponentially, as the Treasury’s borrowing costs grow with the debt. This scenario is dangerous because   One reason is that a large amount of federal borrowing would eat up the stock of private capital that is available to finance investment. A higher and higher percentage of personal savings would be diverted to purchasing government debt and away from productivity-enhancing investments in equipment and technology. This would shrink the base of productive capital and flatten gdp and family incomes. As more and more debt piled up, growth would slow and Americans’ standard of living would fall. China and foreign central banks will not continue to support this increase of debt. Interest rates will rise. The present safe-haven status of T-bonds will disappear. So by 2020 our fiscal irresponsibility will catch upon us and bite us in the rear end. We have time to fix our fiscal house in order. The thing is by 2015 we will pass the Rubicon. By 2015 our debt will be about 22 trillion and the interest on that will be enormous. There is no political will to make cuts in defense,welfare,and entitlements. Obama’s budget cuts are ridiculous at best,and the Repubs 100 billion does not even make a dent on the whole budget. We have been overstretched abroad,and spent billions on useless entitlements,and programs.

        So solutions could be closing every military base around the globe. Put these troops on the southern border. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Abolish useless govt agencies(Health and Human services,FBI,ATF,Energy department,Homeland Dept, Education dept,Agriculture Dept,IRS,CIA,EPA etc). Reform Social Security,Medicare,Medicaid,and welfare. That is a good start to start cutting. However these ideas will never be popular to cut. Remember what I wrote above if we dont act to do not act to curb this debt addiction, then the global capital markets will do so for us , forcing a sharp and punitive adjustment in fiscal policy.However the dems and repubs are driving the car 100 mph close to the edge of the abyss. By the end of this decade and early into the 2020s is when the fiscal neutron bomb will explode on our face.

      12. Read the facts people and try to explain how they spell DOOM lol:

        Aggregate consumer debt continued to decline in the fourth quarter, continuing its trend of the previous two years. As of December 31, 2010, total consumer indebtedness was $11.4 trillion, a reduction of $1.08 trillion (8.6%) from its peak level at the close of 2008Q3, and $155 billion (1.3%) below its September 30, 2010 level.  This was the lowest level of consumer debt in almost four years, since the first quarter of 2007 when household debt totaled $11.34 trillion.

        New delinquent loan balances dropped to $271 billion in the fourth quarter of 2010, the lowest level since the second quarter of 2007, three and-a-half years ago.

        New delinquent mortgage loan balances fell to $202.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2010, the lowest level since $202 billion in the third quarter of 2007.


      13. Keep your assets in food, clothing, fuel, arms and ammo, and other essentials.  The cost of everyday items is only going up, up, up.  So instead of banking your savings and losing on inflation, stockpile the stuff you are going to use anyway and rest assured you will be rewarded in this investment as prices rise higher and higher.

        This is the most simple and most sure way of preserving your wealth.

      14. Just a little poll question here….If you had a bunch of silver around, do you leave it in silver and hope to make a bundle from now until the crash, or do you trade it in for a brand new automatic or revolver in an appropriate SHTF caliber?

      15. Comments…..i agree with firesteel,    but store for 1 year, and get  seeds   and a place to grow.

      16. JohnnyV
        Do you have any firearms?,(i understand this is hypothetical and these are questions one would ask thmselfs)
        If the answer is no
        and you have enough to at least buy a second hand pump shot gun in 12 guage arena, I would try to save up for one, and at least 100 rounds ( about 20 bucks worth of ammo)
        if all you had was silver and you would depleate it purchasing said gun..i might say no, but than again. there is an old saying..give a man a fish he will eat for that day..give the man a fishing pole and he will eat that day and every day afterward ( being if he has a fishing spot) with the gun , you can provide sustainable food and protection if needed, when the silver runs out buying or bartering for food , you no longer have your tool to feed yourself. Now one problem..when you run out of ammo..you also have “run out of your tool..”
        what a predicament…eh?

      17. I have lots of firearms, and a steel gang-box (bought at an evil big box store) with so much ammo I’m only able to move it with serious effort (thank god for casters).  I just wanted another gun, that’s all.  I’m fascinated by 44 mag revolvers these days.

        Sorry about getting on you in that other thread.  If you’re employing a number of working men then you are not the problem.

        Seems like silver (or gold for that matter) will be very valuable from this point forward.  The problem is that we always value things in terms of the number or FRN’s it takes to purchase.

      18. Actually, VRF, your answer did make me think of something.  I lack the ability to reload high power rifle ammo.  For far less than the cost of a new weapon, I could get one of those RCBS set ups, and a goodly supply of primer, bullets, and powder.  Ha!  I was asking the wrong question.  Have you seen the cost of rifle ammo these days?  Jesus Christ!……….

      19. Forget the 44 pin wheel if you have other friends.  Buy 44 mag Henry to lean against the door to keep watch.  357 mag is heavy enough to draw with, even with 38 special HP.  Your fascination will be short lived & make big hole.  You will like the brass class.

      20. Hey man its cool, this place can get the best of us riled up..
        I dig the .44..been thinking of getting one also, or a .45
        I been caalling off the dog on that one lately, Im pretty well taken care of in the arms thing.
        Now the reloading deal..now thats a whole nuther deal..I been looking into that also..and shot gun reloading equpiment also
        I been contemplateing doing the same, use the cash i would spend on another hand gun and do the reloading equipment thing with that cash..

        and I like your choice of RCBS..my pick too, I have friends with that equipment and im impressed..nice stuff
        I missed out on a complete set up on Cragslist about a month ago..dam

      21. What does he mean “if the Chinese put a freeze on purchasing US debt”?
        They already have to the point that the FED has been buying the treasury issuance to over 100 billion per month.
        It’s the “QE” racket, which just means they are in the final stages of buying their own debt.

      22. Stupid video, I guess that he’s never heard of the FED buying stocks in any volume to make it look like the market is fine (this is what they’ve been doing for 4 years).

      23. Comments…..Mardochee Augustin
        February 15th, 2011 at 7:43 pm

        You’re actually talking about shutting this gov’t. down!!!
        I like it!!

      24. We keep making the same mistakes. We shouldn’t be worried about money or silly things like property values. We should be focused on fixing our real problems and the rest will take care of itself. Our real problem is our disfunctional government.

        Wake up People!

        Join the Revolution! 
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at (http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )

      25. Oh and yeah, dam all of its getting expensive..I think i have even seen pyrodex even cheaper.
        some of this suff is already in my preps..
        Black powder rifles are old school..but very very useful and basic, when all the other modern stuff is out of shells.

        as long as you have dry powder and flints or precussion caps you can stuff just about anything down the barrel as a projectile

        I love all my muzzle loaders..espacially if we get pushed back in time..I’ll be somewhat ready, at least for a while

      26. Comments…..I think I just doubble posted..Mods? if you will

      27. I’ve been stocking up on high power 7mm Remington Magnum rnds. for the past 3 years then one day when firing the rifle I found out how hard the damn thing kicks 🙂 and wondered how long I could hang out the window killing zombies if it came to that. I have 4 45’s and tons of ammo cans filled, same with the Remington 870, Only thing I lack is bulk AK47 for my tricked out under folder. Food storage and water should last my family a strong 6 months and possibly a year if rationed. Only real thing I lack is supporters in my neighborhood. Even my wife doesn’t know half what I do or have. Any suggestions on building a network of supporters in my area would be appreciated. Oh yes I forgot, I started buying silver rnds. a couple years back and also the 1/2 rnds.

      28. JonnyV: Haven’t you heard: “Wealth is glorious!” Besides, if we collapse Europe collapses and there is no one to buy the products from the factories which we shipped offshore to them. Who is going to keep all of those factory workers employed by buying their products? Africa? South America? Not likely.

        Consequently, they collapse. What is worse than the US military being pissed off at you? 1.3 billion Chinese workers wanting to know why THEIR unemployment rate is 50% and the PTB in China have to explain that they need a 100 trillion yuan stimulas package to reduce unemployment to 40%

        Got the picture?

      29. Scott, I know what you mean with the recoil of those magnums.  Also, they burn a lot of powder.  I have a 270 that shoots brilliantly, and also a 30-30.  The 270 is really easy to shoot well, that’s what I like about it.  I have a 45-70 that would more than likely stop a car, but it kicks REAL hard with the big Garrett and Grizzly loads.  You could look up Cheaper than Dirt for ammo needs, they run really good sales about every month or so, the 30 cal russian rounds are usually always on sale.

      30. What a waste of bandwidth.  This collapse is an ongoing, slow death spiral allowing all the wealthy to liquidate their holdings.  For those of us who foresaw it and prepared, there will be less pain.  In the end, we will see what played out in Egypt right here.

      31. The day trillions get wiped out by the stock market — cash will be king — because cost of store goods will skyrocket …AND…. credit will be non-existent (bank holiday) and pocket money will be scarce.  

        You also will not find buyers for your metals when trillions get wiped out.  Those that sold you the metals won’t buy them back during the great metal price collapse.   And the market might be closed for weeks.

        You expect Bob next door to sell you his food supply for a few ounces of gold?

        The dollar is legal tender, not metals.  Last time I checked the main suppler of foods and goods won’t accept metals, only a fool would accept metals in a falling market.  Yet I hear stories of exchanging a handful of pre-1981 pennies for a weeks worth of food.

        Most of these collapse movies are all the same, they don’t realize that when credit and money become scarce it actually raises the value of cash.   The crash can not be a Zimbabwe situation because the 99.9% of the population don’t have 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars to buy a loaf of Zimbabwe bread.   The average American is two weeks away from homelessness, lives pay check to pay check, and has less than $2,500 save by the time they are 65.    No Batman, no Zimbabwe in the USA.

      32. Oh the good old days, 100 years ago, when you worked 16 hours for a whopping $2.25/day and spent $18 a month on rent.

        Since 1910, the National Debt increased 50 fold,  so what, wages also increased 50x and everything else.

        You are much better off living today than 100 years ago.

        These are the best of times.   Don’t blow your time away waiting for the sky to fall.

      33. What if, hypothetically, you couldn’t get any firearms? I’m in Australia and licensing is very strict. If the SHTF, the first thing the cops would do is go down their list of everyone who has a firearm, and confiscate it, or arrest you for not producing it. If you acquire firearms legally, does some register always know what, where and how many firearms you have? We don’t have the ‘right to bear arms’ over here, so I suspect anything I get will be easily confiscat-able.

      34. I can’t believe that 62,000 were arrested,4778 people killed and only 212 cops killed. there are people in the US now that hate cops for no reason other than they’re cops(gang members,drug freaks ect.)
                         the video just talked about money and didn’t bring up anyting about being no food,water, when millions of people in American cities get hungry or need to feed their family, there’s going to be a lot more killed then that the video mentioned. If  I was a cop, I’d carry civilian cloths to change into so I could make it back to the station.

      35. Suzy
        Here in the US the “cops” wouldnt have enough time to go down any “list” and confiscate guns, let alone the threat that might bring to them trying to do so.
        Mostly pistols are all that are registered..and some assult rifles.
        There are so many gun owners and way more guns in the USA than you could even imagine , most of them for the biggest part unregistered fire arms, Rifles Shot guns, etc.
        If they come for my registered pistols, im still not unarmed. and if i feel lucky i might even take back my pistol after they get 300 yards away. But i more than likely would let them have them, letting them think they un armed me, and that they won.
        The US has so many armed people the task would be over whelming to say the least.
        Us gun owners are and could be the largest army/ militia the government has ever known, cohesiveness would be the only issue.
        I am an avid hunter, and have many tools of that trade, and many skills that come with that, honed over 30 some odd years. equipment such as clothing, camo,Bows and arrows, black powder, high power, etc…
        The fact you do not have the right to bare arms is something that can render you their slave in a heart beat.
        Our ability to own here has been a rule for so long, they would have hell to pay trying to change that culture, at least in one quick moment..they constantly try to chip away at it …constantly, almost to the point of driving the US gun owners mad over it..
        Shall not infringe is the rule i stick to..I even feel that issueing me a CPL (Concealed  Pistol Licence) is an infringement..i shouldnt have to purchase a piece of paper to carry
        One thing..building a gun isnt really all that hard..I’ll leave it at that

      36. Anyone heard about the merge or buying of the NYSE, by some German financial corporation?
        I found it in some Greek website but haven’t yet verified it with other sources.
        If it’s real, Merkel’s plan for world dominance will be revealed. 

      37. YES Manos…it has been in the news about the purchase of the NYSE by a German Corp but it seems that they are down playing the story. I want to hear more about it and it has only been breifly mentioned.  

      38. Let me make a correction……The news org has mentioned the “possible aquisition” of the NYSE by a German Corp. The purchase has not taken place to my knowledge. They have already met a couple of times. AND like with any merger you will never know until it is a DONE DEAL.

      39. Manos
        Yes I heard that too just the other day..they wanted us to “see it as a merger”..not a “Take over”..so its probably in reality a take over.
        Everything here is for sale, Everything..were screwed.
        because when other countries own us, they make the rules.
        our freedoms and rights will be stomped..
        The Muslims are planing their own political party..and yes they will bring it here, they are already trying to get Sharia Law
        imposed here…and if it happens..were done as far as a country

      40. Manos, yes, it is in the media, but played out as if it is not a big deal.

      41. Tina,
        It seems it’s not sure yet, as you noted, but really who knows?
        It’s like the Enron scandal. Everything was fine until the sudden crash.
        As for the muslims we experience their moves daily. Every day 350 (approximately) illegal muslims pass through the land borders between Greece and Turkey, and another unkown numbers passes through the Aegean see.
        By today Greece is having a muslim population of around 1.000.000 people, most of them illegals. They are trying to create the so called “muslim bow”
        It’s an actual border line which starts from Vienna and ends up to Cyprus, closing in parts of Austria, Serbia, Bosnia, Kossovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania,Greece, Cyprus. It actually recreates the medieval Othoman empire.
        Even if some of you may argue, my opinion is that Israel is the final frontier of the free world.
        I think that we will see developments very soon.


        Suzy—in some states it’s legal to open carry, but not conceal carry…that requires a license…go figure–I guess the enemy wants notice if we’re coming after them, huh and why every pickup in some states has a gun in the cab window!!

      43. The premise is valid, but I would give his method more validity if it didn’t end up being a commercial for his book.  I’ve seen more of this type of fear marketing lately.  The guy from Stansberry Research made a sales video (see transcript below) that puts the fear in you and then hits you up to buy his report – one of his big secrets in the report? buying land.  LOL


        We talk a lot about the government and media using scare tactics to infringe on our civil liberties, but they aren’t the only ones.  It grates on my sensibilities to see folks profiteering from the collapse. Maybe it’s just gaming the system, but it stinks of “more of the same” to me.  I’m not detracting from the situation, but rather this method of exploiting it. But hey, make a buck, it’s America…

      44. Damon Vickers is a right wing nut job who is on medications beyond belief. He is actually an employee of a stock agency, franchising on his own. He lives in a rented house with his mail order bride from Poland. He has no personality so to speak of. Don’t be fooled by his insanity on alex jones. I used to work in his hedge fund and saw that most of his clients were the glenn beck types. When the fat finger incident and the dow crashed 1,000 points. Every single on of his customers lit up the lines and demanded there money back. I was there when he made his housing claim. Funny though that I made well in the high 8 figures for my self and his firm only profited a couple of million. He has created his own reality with almost none of it true. Don’t fall for this right wing nut job.

      45. Old Gramps said, “The day trillions get wiped out by the stock market — cash will be king — because cost of store goods will skyrocket …AND…. credit will be non-existent (bank holiday) and pocket money will be scarce. You also will not find buyers for your metals when trillions get wiped out…”

        So you’re saying costs of goods will skyrocket, doesn’t that also mean the cash in your pocket plummets,… making cash, the king of plummet?

        When the U.S. left Vietnam the locals rushed to exchange their paper fiat for wafer thin sheets of gold.

        When the Argentinian economy crashed in 2001, those who held paper fiat looked back and wished they had gotten More gold, still to this day even.

        History isn’t a proof, but it’s a good guide.

        There are many People who have an extra bag of rice or an extra chicken who look forward to the day they can trade them for some bits of silver or gold, don’t underestimate the free-market.

        Old Gramps seems like he’s more concerned about capturing a market high price for a speculative move rather than owning a store of value that is portable, divisible, widely recognized, scarce and sought after as a tool for trade – not to mention People like to wear it – and for all those reasons they see value in it.

        Also, Old Gramps should check again, because there are even videos online showing grocery stores which are set up to accept silver coins in exchange for groceries. Many small vendors accept gold too.
        Perhaps you’re confusing the role the U.S. Dollar played during the Great Depression when the Dollar was linked to gold, back then, cash Was as good as gold, today it’s just a promise backed by a printing press and a button on a keyboard.

        Some people think Things Don’t Change and that You are much better off living today than 100 years ago because Since 1910, the National Debt increased 50 fold,  so what, wages also increased 50x and everything else.

        “Headline, London Financial Times (May 10): Real Wages Fall at Fastest Rate in 14 Years

        The author of the article, Christopher Swann, reports on a recent survey of wages and prices. A nominal wage is what someone is paid in currency terms. Real wages reflect what that income will purchase. If retail prices are rising faster than nominal wages, the worker is being squeezed. This is what is now happening… most Americans today are falling behind. Price inflation is now rising faster than wages are increasing. Add the income tax effect, and the worker is falling behind steadily…”


        A Person might also benefit from watching this video, especially the section on Hedonics at 7:44

        “…their real income was a lot lower than reported…”

        And, in this next video, when looking at the chart showing the stability of low prices for 100’s of years, a Person might get the impression that in some ways People were better off back then:

      46. Buy or build you a cross bow Suzy.

      47. Suzy, it is real easy to make a muzzleloader if you are willing to accept “ugly as mud” aesthetics. You can make black powder and with a real basic understanding of chemistry, even the caps are load-able. For relatively pure lead, melt old car batteries (OUTSIDE), no flux and let it just stay molten for awhile. Then skim off all dross on top (antimony and other stuff). What’s left is pure enough. Been reloading everything from charcoal burners to exotice wildcat calibers for about 45 years.

        My RCBS is nice, my Dillon is better, but my old Lee Loaders works fine. For the most cost-effective loaders and molds, look to Lee.
        Old Gramps. Initially you are right about cash being king. But it ain’t gonna last more than a few weeks best case. PMs are for after the economy resets to a far more natural market.
        Might I lend a suggestion: Substitute natural disaster for economic crash. Consider the initial disaster and the  resulting economic disruption lasting for a few months. Plan and prep for it. Then however things turn out, you’re 90% right. Then as finances allow, start covering the different scenarios.
        “Oh the good old days, 100 years ago, when you worked 16 hours for a whopping $2.25/day and spent $18 a month on rent.”
        1911, the work day was 8-12 hours. $2.25 a day was for common labor.
        “Since 1910, the National Debt increased 50 fold,  so what, wages also increased 50x and everything else.” 
        Debt rose 50X? Better check your figures. $14T/50=$280B
        “You are much better off living today than 100 years ago.”
        That all depends on each person’s metrics. If we confine it to foofraw purchases and life-span, then true. If we consider personal/family debt, false. If we consider opportunities, false. Hmmm, pretty much false over-all.
        “These are the best of times.   Don’t blow your time away waiting for the sky to fall.”
        Yes and no. Complete agreement on getting out there and learning to live life. Learn some skills. Many can be practiced on the week-ends as a family  adventure.

        TEOTWAWKI is not the end of the world. Consider those who went through Katrina. They experienced TEOTWAWKI and life goes on. Better? Worse? It is all about personal perspective and time. Time is the final arbiter of every choice you make. Ie. Time will tell.

      48. SS: The premise is valid only as a novel. in reality where I live, the Chinese would never do anything so stupid to themselves. As far as the SA video, I have had it sent to me so many its nauseating. But SA are good analysts and they have done their homework.

        But I don’t need to buy it or their research either.

      49. The end is near. Hope you are all prepared.

      50. Old Gramps is delusional, LOL what are you smoking? I own a small farm and if the SHTF the last thing I would take in exchange for food is US dollars.  Wake up

      51. I’d be willing to bet, if you were able to dig way down deep into that onion, past the last name secrets that were hidden, you’d find  one of 12 particular names, or thee top name.

      52. Thanks for the responses about lack of firearms, folks. I was hoping the question wouldn’t make me sound like a desperate beginner. We have a different culture, climate and level of debt over here (Australia) but our dollar is linked to yours, and we are a USA ally. I feel alone in feeling I’m the only person I know who is cogniscient of international economics, or even NOTICES the ups and downs. I don’t believe in prepping because I read that one should prep…. I believe in it because I have studied the data and worked it out for myself. Not feeling too positive.

      53. Clark – that embedding issue is fixed and the videos are posted. WordPress requires admin approval on those, and a minor code change to let WP know that it is a piece of embed code.



      54. Does anyone else find it extremely odd, the reports coming out of all of these deposed dictators falling into comas and such? Today reports the Tunisian dictator. The other day, Mubarak. At the height of the protests in Egypt, when the UAE started to tremble a bit with what was coming, it was said that the Arab king had died after a heated exchange with Obama on the phone.

        Are we spotting a pattern here? Is this all contrived, in an effort to protect any remaining wealth for the deposed and their families, and put an end to harassment and legal filings should they be pronounced dead? It’s starting to look like a real NWEO gameplan.

        Add one more, as it too is starting to surface. Remember when Ken Lay fas said to have had a massive heart attack before his trial? Interesting. Some reports place him in the Caribbean. I would have written that off as another Elvis-like sighting, if it weren’t for all of the current reports. And of course, Building 7 held all of the Enron records. Lots of protection to hide that whole incident.

        It seems the rich and powerful are ‘dying’ at the most opportune times, wouldn’t you say? Just thinkin’ out loud.

      55. I posted on my FB page yesterday the article of how now all the sudden after Mubarak’s coma (yeah and monkeys fly out my butt) that he just wants to die….adn I said “that’s code talk for the c i a and mossad of now we need him to go away cause he is a liability. Yeah something isn’t quite right, either way whether it be your version , mine or even another…there is definitely more than meets the eye.

        I didn’t see anything about an arab king dying?? do you have a link?

      56. BJ, I saw it on Max Keiser and Zero Hedge a few days back if you want to look for it. I’ll do the same. And it was actually the Saudi King they were talking about. It immediately struck me as a trial balloon, to see if our Saudi-sympathetic administration could get him out of the limelight, and protect our mutual interests. It stunk to high heaven. Instantly. Just like when everyone in the world KNEW that the Yemen printer cartridge BS was 100% phony. This felt the same.

        Anyway, I’ll have to see if the king has since presented himself publicly. I remember Tyler Durden of ZH saying the ball was in their court. If there were no credence to the claims, it would be the Saudi’s job to prove these rumors otherwise.

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