70% Price Inflation in 1 – 2 years – Howard Katz

by | Jun 30, 2009 | Forecasting, Howard Katz

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    Howard Kats discusses reason to own gold right now in The Time Has Come.

    Now things are not as bad here in the U.S. [As they are in Zimbabwe]  But they are heading in the same direction. Over the past year, the amount of money in the U.S. has increased by almost exactly $1 trillion. This is a 70% increase from a year ago. And it will cause an approximately 70% increase in prices with a 1-2 year lag time. The greatest price increase in American history was 13.3%, in 1979. One year later, Americans threw the party in power out of office and instituted a political revolution. I will give you three guesses about what will happen in 2012.

    So to sum up what is happening, the modern American power structure is trying to rob you. They squandered enormous amounts of wealth in the early years of this decade (because they are incompetent fools). They don’t want to pay for it. They want you to pay for it. That was the “crisis” of 2008. Their technique is to control both parties via campaign donations and get whoever is elected to steal from you for their benefit.

    Here is the bottom line.  To take our wealth, the power structure has to lie to us.  Those who believe the power structure (whose voice comes to them via their local newspaper and the TV news) will be robbed.  They will not buy gold.  They will have their assets in paper money.  And they will be destroyed.  The few, the proud, the gold bugs…will hold their heads high.  The power structure will not have stolen any of their wealth.

    Howard Katz, no stranger to economic crisis, suggests that we are going to the moon with gold. His time frame on inflation lag time using the monetary base as an indicator, is 1-2 years. If Katz is right, then the financial markets should start pricing in inflation if they haven’t already. Howard Katz says we will likely see prices increase of 70%. If this scenario were to unfold it can only be bullish for gold. As prices rise, investors will need to exist cash and move into assets that will at least preserve wealth. This should drive not only gold, but the broad markets, as well, to new highs.

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