2012 – We Were Warned This Day Would Come

by | Jun 24, 2009 | Forecasting | 26 comments

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    1. John Davis

      I personally think that this movie is very stupid. 2012 Dec 21 will come and the prediction  may happen, but there is no need to make a movie about  it. This movie terrifies and put fear into so many people. There is no point to this movie in my mind. The writer, director, and producer are imbeciles to make a movie like this.

    2. Rick Blaine

      The director is an imbecile regardless of what, if anything, happens in 2012.

      My evidence? – Independence Day, Gozilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 B.C.,…and last, but certainly not least, Universal Soldier.

      I guess his stuff makes some money though…

    3. remo

      i think  this movie is only for stuff of knowing about global warming

    4. Natali

      I  think this movie is very interesting because maybe that is what will happen in the future! 

    5. kem

      I think this movie is dumb because they said the world would end in 2000, and look we are still here…….;>p

    6. Your Name.....

      Are You scared yet?
      It means that you are scary americans.
      It is no wonder that God makes nation great or fallen. If you being far from God are already scared about it.
      You are even more scared by it than by bloody horror movie. {or that are possible demons’ spirits within you which generating overwhelming inlogical panic state}.
      I am happy. My Lord Jesus comes back {However much later than 2013 independent of what happens in 2012}
      If you are afraid, so move to NYC. You would not fear a lot in case this date is correct.
      I know that something like this is going to happen. I do not know if it will be at 21XII2012.
      You know this movie is telling about that the end that is just the beginning – {Something like latin: Ordo ab Chao, confession full of hope for blind NWO activist, and warning of Anti [G473] of Christi for belivers}.
      2012 is not end of the World, it can be end of New York. No wonder that New Yorker or New York lovers doesn’t see the difference.
      Rev 18:10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is your judgment come.
      Take heed, and believe. Jesus overcame the world. And Gives salvation for free for all peace makers. But The Only Peace that counts for God is Peace of Human Heart’s Soul with God which is only made by accepting of Jesus bloody massacre sacrifice in place of Yourself {and myself}.
      Tollero {I You me}

    7. Your Name.....

      Jesus is not a lord he is just a prohet how can you still belive after all those discoveries and sience and univers…. that a god can have a human son or can put the spirit of his son as you pretend in a human being wake up it is a huge god his more greater than you think he is incomparable find out more inhttp://discover.islamway.com

    8. g

      what a load of garbage!!!!!!

      I wonder why the world is going stupid creating silly ideas. The thing bothers me is these kind of movies can effect young people’s mind thinking it is true.

      Get a life!!!!

      I believe we will still be here.


    9. Sam Paul

      Whatever is going to happen will happen. Who knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow. It’s bullshit to think about some piece of waste future telling by people who say that the world is going to end. I simple hate how media garnish this shit for the public to enjoy !!!

    10. danial

      there will be nothing in 2012 it’s just for making money !!! ( director, producer)

    11. Rikki & Maria

      me and my boyfriend are really frightened !!

    12. Rick Blaine

      I saw this movie the other day.

      Though there is some decent eye candy, as I was expecting, it’s typical Roland Emmerich garbage.

      I need to compile a list of good SHTF movies…for starters, I would recommend “Children of Men.”

    13. admin

      The new web site design will have a SHTF movie section! So if you happen to compile a list, send it on over!

      I haven’t seen 2012, as I usually wait for the DVDs / digi-downloads, but I suppose I will catch this one in the theater because the special effects look pretty good.

      I have seen pretty much all of the “A” SHTF movies that are out on DVD at this point, so I am moving to “B” movies. I rented Pandemic and Twenty Years After at Blockbuster tonight, and I think I’ll grab 2012: Supernova this weekend. The lady at Blockbuster said it was ok, but long. Personally, I like the 2.5 – 3 hour long SHTF movies.

      Children of Men is one of those movies that I watch anytime it happens to be on cable. Definitely a good call on that one Rick.

      I watched The Day After a few days ago… Made in 1983 about the cold war going hot. The build up to nuke war was solid. But it kind of died off for me near the end.

      I would reco Impact, an ABC made-for-tv flick, if you happen to have the flu and are laying in bed all day… not an A movie, but it is about 3 hours and was kind of fun to watch.

      And of course, if we’re counting alien related movies as SHTF, then the original “V” (1983) is a heck of a watch as an adult.

    14. MANOJ


    15. ramon


    16. OLUOCH


    17. Robert

      This is somehow impossible because this doesnt mean the world is going to end, the message to this movie is to let people know they’re running outta time!

    18. brandon

      ok remember when in 2000 all earths power would go down?all machinary,power,and sataliets would stop.well it jsut so happens that in 2000 9’11 happened.then a couple years later hurrican katrina happened.then on june 6,2006 the devil was “supposed to come to earth” now look up yellowstone national park supervolcano.ITS GOING TO ERUPT IN THE NEXT 100 YEARS! we are over 200,500 years overdue for a magnetic pole shift.now with that it will do no harm?shifting of the poles is very unlikely to happen but could it lead to 2012?yes.any questions/comments
      email is [email protected]

    19. taylor rae

      the movie was good but i dont think it will happen the tribe that made the freaking callender they had rock tire’s they where dumb how would they know ?

    20. shadow

      idk if the world will end but everyone will die someday and maybe yeah the keep saying, oh! the world wil end in 2000, so what when the world ends it ends

    21. Andy

      If you believe that in 2012 the world is coming to an end. You abviously were not here in 2000. The movie is great, and thats all it is. A movie.  If it happens (which I doubt it will), no one will be around to say “I told you so” or “you were warned”. Its beyond our control. Secondly, if what happens in the movie will come through, then I’m safe, because I understand that the “spaceship” ends up in Cape of Good Hope (where I live)

    22. Mouhammad

      Let me tell you that only God will decide when will happen the end of the world People can’t know!! I’m sure that if Einstein was living he couldn’t say that today or tomorow will be the last!! Only GOD!!!

    23. maani felix

      I come from Africa (uganda)
      i saw the movie and its nice, i partly believe that it maight happen coz of the incidents in Haiti,the heavy earth movements i see on tv which leave many people dead.there is allot of pollution in in the world leading to destruction of  the ozone layer so the direct sun rays maight melt the earth core,nuclear testing can also cause it coz it may lead to cracking in the earth crust which makes bed rocks weak.

    24. I Believe in Jesus

      Be prepared folks, the time is coming!!

    25. Anonymous

      Yeah I really do believe in this movie…that the time is near to end the WORLD…Be prepared children of God. !

    26. I believe in Jesus too

      The tribulation is coming. The false god will appear and many will worship him. Be sure that you do not… even unto death. Wait for Jesus.

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