2012: Predictions of a Mad Tin Foiler

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    As with every New Year there’s no shortage of forecasts for what’s to come. This year we, too, will attempt to interpret the crystal ball and share some items for consideration and a road map of events to keep an eye out for. We don’t like to make time-sensitive forecasts, because if there’s one thing we should have learned from the last three years, it’s that the expedient and self serving actions of governments, corporate conglomerates, and politicians are anything but predictable and often supersede any timetable we can come up with. In an environment based on incomplete information it is difficult to conclude, with any degree of certainty, which events will play out, when, how and what their consequences will be.

    Who could have accurately predicted that governments would undertake the largest tax-payer funded bailout in history after the collapse of the financial system in 2008, further expanding the multi-trillion dollar global debt bubble, instead of letting it correct itself naturally? How many actually believed, amid protests from millions of Americans, that Congress would follow through with the passage of socialized health care in what it supposed to be the world’s bastion of free market capitalism? Who truly believed that American citizens would be, in one sweeping broad stroke, marked as persons-of-interest and domestic extremists for seemingly innocent behavior that can now land them in a detention facility for life without charge or trial? Did anyone foresee a complete collapse of the middle class, the wipe-out of trillions of dollars in retirement and pension savings through stock losses and inflation, the decimation of the domestic job market and wages, or the record levels of poverty stricken Americans requesting food assistance and unemployment insurance?

    Actually, there were plenty of awake and aware Americans out there that saw it coming – many wrote about it on their blogs, spoke to us in videos, shared on their social media pages, or started discussions in community forums across the internet. Some of the forecasts may not have happened within a specified time frame or exactly how we may have expected, but many happened as predicted, and in some cases were much more extreme than we could have ever imagined.

    As you read the following items for consideration going into 2012, keep in mind that nothing is set in stone, and events may play out very rapidly once they have been catalyzed, as we saw with the Occupy protests and European riots in 2011, or at a slow but progressively worsening pace, as we’re seeing with the globalization of war in the middle east and elsewhere.

    The following forecasts are based on trends that are and have been developing for months and years. Some are more likely than others. Some may never come to pass. Others are events that have a high probability of coming to pass, perhaps in 2012 or in the next few years. Whatever the case, they are scenarios that are, in many cases, interrelated . So, if you see one come to fruition, the chance that another will take place grows exponentially.

    1. Europe Is Going Down

    We don’t need to explain the seriousness of the situation in Europe other than to point out that Greece’s economic problems are nothing compared to Spain, Portugal, Italy and the combined eastern European nations. The entire European Union is under threat and we’ve heard talk of a potential break up of the currency, and even the possibility of countries exiting the EU altogether. Even Germany has discussed this possibility. The situation is dire and the only thing holding it up at this point is the same thing holding up the U.S. economy: monetary machinations. But, as Horace said (65 – 8 BC), “you can drive nature out with a pitchfork, she will nevertheless come back.” The collapse of Europe is inevitable. It will not be stopped by more centralization. The Euro will be destroyed, and it may very well happen in 2012. In anticipation of the coming currency meltdown, the world’s largest lenders and investment firms are already pulling their money out of the European financial system and transferring those assets to perceived safety in US Treasuries and other instruments. We’re so close to a serious collapse in Europe that Britain has taken the unprecedented step of preparing evacuation plans for their citizens living in EU countries in case they are rendered penniless and without means to return to the UK when the Euro crashes. Other European governments are making contingency plans to deal with riots, violence and uprisings when the system goes critical.

    2. Stocks Crash and Dollar Strengthens

    You’ll know the European Union is in the midst of a waterfall collapse by watching stock markets, which will react violently and likely with unprecedented speed in their meltdown. While the big lenders and insiders may be exiting European investments, the general population, like Americans here at home, have no idea how bad the situation really is. It’ll happen when smaller investment houses and large individual investors start pulling out. This will cause a sell off of European debt, and subsequently European markets. As the money flows back into US dollars and the safety of treasuries, it will strengthen, possibly to multi-year highs. For a time we may see a repeat of 2008, where stocks and commodities collapse. The panic will build on itself, and investors who lost 40% or more of their money in 2008 will rush to exit in an attempt to avoid similar losses this time around. The negative feedback loop could send stock markets back to 2008 lows or lower. If it happens, it will be a panic unlike anything we’ve seen since 1929. Remember when stocks crashed 1000 points in a single day back in the 2010? Imagine that, but for real and for several days without reprieve.

    3. Precious Metals Sell Off

    They may be the safe haven asset of last resort, but if Europe crashes then precious metals priced in dollars may see a significant fall. This effect will be more of an issue with a strengthening dollar and companies selling anything they can to raise capital, than a bursting of the gold and silver bubble, though many mainstream financial pundits may make these claims as they did in 2008. The bubble will not be bursting anytime soon and such an event is probably many years of at this point. What we have seen over the last few years is that central banks, whether they’re in Asia, the middle east, or South  America, are increasing their precious metals holdings significantly. While we will not rule out a price collapse of 30% here, we maintain that a price drop in metals will hit resistance around $1200 which is around the point central banks like China and India will move in with large quantity purchases. If and when this happens it will be the start of the great precious metals decoupling we’ve discussed previously, which is when gold/silver will no longer move in tandem with equities and other commodities. Keep an eye out for this opportunity. It may be the last time precious metals prices take a significant dive for a while, so stock up if you can.

    4. The Economic Depression of the 21st Century Goes Mainstream

    The economy has been battered for years. Only those who are ignorant or refuse to pay attention don’t see that we are already in the midst of collapse. It’s happening right here and now. Most would still write-off a European collapse as “just a problem over there,” but since U.S. stock markets will collapse along with it, and this is how most people gauge economic health, it won’t be until Americans see their personal retirement savings destroyed that they start realizing there is no easy way out of this mess. Until the stock markets crashed in 2008 no one was talking about the recession that had already taken hold for three quarters prior to the Presidential election. This time, unlike 2008 where Americans figured it was just a typical eighteen month recession, millions who have lost their homes and livelihoods, and even those who still have shelter and gainful employment, will finally realize this is the real deal. The people will lose confidence in our government’s ability to mitigate the crisis and the depression will be apparent to everyone – even corporate media.

    5. Real Estate Continues Slide

    No, it’s not over yet. There has been no pause in the downward momentum of home prices, despite the government’s many efforts to instill confidence through tax breaks and rhetoric. Before it’s all said and done we will see a collapse of at least 50% in home prices (we already have in some regions of the U.S.), and we may even go the way of Japan, which saw a total decline from bubble to bust of some 75% after their real estate bubble burst in the 1990’s. During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, land was selling at pennies on the dollar, reportedly at 80% off the highs, so don’t dismiss this as a possibility in this Depression. It won’t all happen in 2012, but if stock markets crash and people lose money, they will be less likely to want to invest in a home, putting further pressure on the housing market. The only thing that real estate has going for it right now is low interest rates on loans, and those rates may remain low, especially if more money flows to the U.S. as a result of a debt collapse in Europe. For those wanting to buy with a mortgage, the next year or two may provide the final opportunity for low interest rate loans this decade. If the US dollar goes into crisis (see below) it means that interest rates will be rising. In the 1980’s we saw mortgage rates reach 15%. We don’t need to tell you what something like that would do to potential buyers and home prices. So, if you’re planning on paying in cash, you may want to hold off and let the market slide more. If you are going to take out a loan on a house, this  may be a good time to find a deal, especially if the home/land you are buying will allow you to get out of major cities, produce your own food, and become more self reliant.

    6. US Consumers Will Be Hit Hard – Food Assistance Participation Exceeds 50 Million

    There are no jobs. Wages are stagnant. Inflation is destroying our standard of living. And things will only continue to worsen. In Broke and Hungry we predicted that over 50 million Americans will be on nutritional food assistance from the government by the summer of 2012. We will likely breach this threshold on schedule. Couple that with an economy that is showing negative growth and consumers who have spent their savings and taken on debt just to maintain some semblance of their former lives, and you have a recipe for disaster. We won’t even mention what rising oil prices will do if the situation in Iran goes hot-war (see forecast below). People are broke, and they aren’t seeing any trend changes in the way things are going. This and a complete distrust in the merger of government and business is what led to the Occupy protests of 2011. And it will be what leads to the next wave of civil unrest that is sure to grip major metropolitan areas in 2012 and beyond. #Occupy was nothing compared to what will happen on the streets of America when people can’t feed themselves and their families.

    7. The Much Anticipated Dollar Collapse Is Coming

    It won’t be long now, but a few things need to happen first. As we’ve discussed for a couple of years, there will be one more boom for the dollar, and it ill result from a panic run to safety when Europe goes under. This is happening now, and in due time we should see the US dollar regain its power. But this strengthening will be short-lived. As our economy delves further into depression and our gross domestic product goes officially negative (unofficially our economy is already shrinking) our government will run into a serious funding problem. President Obama is already looking for a $2 Trillion-plus debt ceiling increase (after Congress raised it over a trillion dollars in the summer of 2011). What kind of confidence do you think this instills in our lenders? The result will be higher interest rates as lenders will look to minimize their risk. On top of that, remember that we will probably have had a major stock market crash as a result of Europe, which means people will panic. Remember what happened in 2008? We printed trillions – trillions – of dollars to bailout failing institutions and the American public under the pretext that the system would be saved. It wasn’t. It’s going to be bigger this time, much bigger. The Fed and the Treasury will, of course, print even more. And, at some point our lenders will simply stop investing in the debt, no matter the interest rate. The dollar collapse will build up for a while, with interest rates rising to satiate the appetites of lenders, but eventually no one will be willing to put up any more money to fund a government that has no intention of ever paying it back. When the meltdown finally occurs it will be very fast, probably occurring over a period of days and weeks. We can only speculate about the consequences, but it’s quite likely we’re looking at a total paradigm shift in life as we know it today that will include violence and political uprising, as well as disruptions to food supplies and the normal flow of commerce.

    8. Riots in the Streets

    They laughed when we and others forecast widespread protest movements across America. Police were able to control the masses in 2011. This may not be the case in 2012. Any number of events can set off demonstrations, and there is a strong likelihood we will see them again this year, and for years to come. They will get progressively more violent. At some point we predict that it won’t just be the police engaging in beatings. The people will turn. They’ll turn on local businesses. They’ll turn on each other. They’ll turn on the police. The Molotov cocktails will start flying, and when they do we can expect the same response from our government that we saw in Egypt and what we’re now seeing in Syria where thousands of protesters have reportedly been killed by the Syrian military.

    *Warning Graphic Video*

    9. Deployment of U.S. Military On The Streets of America

    It won’t take much for the President to declare an emergency or designate a certain area a battle zone at which point the United States military can and will be immediately deployed to quell civil unrest. If the economy gets as bad as we think it will, we can fully expect a significant response from the populace. Whether by chance or design, protests will eventually erupt into violence, and when that happens the President will be “left with no other choice” because our militarized police forces simply won’t be able to contain the situation. It’s been reported that over 20,000 U.S. troops have been trained in riot control and detention procedures, and that the Pentagon is actively preparing for large scale economic collapse and the civil unrest that would follow. They are ready. They need only a catalyst. It may happen in 2012, but it would require widespread, extreme circumstances to be justified, but be assured that there are those in our government who are more than willing and ready to pull the trigger.

    Game Changer: FEMA Detainment Centers Open For Business

    They didn’t build the scores of Federal Emergency Management Agency camps around the country for nothing. Purported to be for the protection of refugees in the event of mass evacuations, the camps are believed by some to be used for various contingencies, one of which is the mass detainment of American citizens. While it may have sounded like a conspiracy just a year ago, with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for the detainment of US citizens without a trial, it is becoming increasingly clear that the tin foil hatters were on to something. According to a recent report, FEMA is activating the camps and the US military has posted job opportunities for Internment and Resettlement Specialists. Hard to imagine, yes. Impossible? We’ll let you decide. But consider this: If the US military is ever deployed on the streets of America they will be detaining thousands of individuals. Do you think the local or county jail will have room for them?

    Game Changer: Mid East Goes Hot

    Somebody wants a war in the middle east. For observers, it seems like both sides do. Iran’s President, although limited to rhetoric thus far, has indirectly called for the destruction of Israel, continues to inflame the situation surrounding its nuclear ambitions, and regularly threatens to attack or counter-attack US military assets. Whether Iran is producing weapon’s grade nuclear fuel or not is irrelevant to those in charge of the US and NATO military machine. Saddam Hussein didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, but we sent over a hundred thousand US troops into Iraq anyway. The troops have since pulled out of Iraq to Kuwait (though, independent contractors are still active in the country) after nearly ten years of war and are now awaiting a return home or redeployment. One thing’s for sure, though, if things continue the way they are going in the middle east, those troops will be fighting in a new theater of war soon. There’s too much to be gained to give up on the middle east now: resource control, regional influence, and mega dollars for the military industrial complex, all of which suggest we won’t be leaving for quite a while. Israel is itching to pull the trigger on suspected nuke sites and they may very well do so this year, as according to the Israelis, Iran is either capable of deploying nuclear weapons now or is months away. The US government, for its part, is doing what it can to turn sentiment against Iran, with one of the latest examples being a so-called assassination plot against a Saudi diplomat visiting the U.S. Whether the crisis is real or manufactured won’t matter when the bombs start flying, and if Israel gets involved you can bet the U.S. and its allies will be ready to deploy. According to a NATO envoy the plans are already in place. All it will take is another Archduke Franz Ferdinand and World War III can be underway in a matter of weeks or months.

    Game Changer: December 21, 2012

    Ancient historical and religious texts all talk about it – the end of the world. Could this year be it? We’re not 100% convinced, but of course, anything is possible. Petroglyphs dating back thousands of years show people running to the safety of mountains as floodwaters rolled in. Many even depict strange celestial objects in the sky. The Bible speaks of floods that wiped out almost all of humanity. Sumarian texts suggest that there is a 10th planet that passed by Earth every 3500 or so years, causing gravitational anomalies that may be responsible for shifts in our northern and southern poles. Some scientists claim that we may be passing through the galactic rift, a field of gravitational disturbance that lies in the central plane of our galaxy, and that this rift (referred to in Mayan texts as well) may likewise cause a pole shift or rapid earth crust displacement (as depicted in the movie 2012 – yes it’s a real theory). Former military remote viewers have suggested that they were able to remote view mass-refugee events occurring by mid-2013, though they can’t say exactly what they saw. Geological evidence suggests that all sorts of doomsday-like events have occurred throughout the history of man, and all of them are capable of wiping out all or most of the human race: pole shifts, mega-quakes, massive global flooding, the sinking of cities and continents, solar radiation, super volcanoes and cosmic collisions. There are many theories for what may (or may  not) happen on December 21, 2012, but the only prediction we can make is that in 2012 they will be a regular topic at office water coolers around the country.

    Will there be a cataclysmic event in 2012? And even if there were, how would one prepare for an event that threatens to wipe out billions of people? What we do know is that events such as this have happened in the past, at one point shrinking the human race down to somewhere between 2,000 and 10,000 people. So, it does happen. The Mayan calendar is certainly an end of one cycle and the beginning of another, just as our calendar starts anew each year. Did the Mayans know something we don’t? If they did, we’ll know about it in less than a year. In the meantime, if an Armageddon-like event is in our future, enjoy your life and the time you spend with your family, do all of those things you’ve always wanted to do, and leave the rest to God.


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          Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

          His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens
          suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

          Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

          It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion..

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        the war drums are pounding louder everyday.

        thanks for all the hard work Mac, love the site

      10. I love my president, he is the best, I hope that he is always our president, forget term limits! I also do not stock up on food or other materials to support self sustained living. I also think that guns are bad and no one but our government should be able to obtain them. I do not have a religeon, nor should any one else (bible bad). I really am tired of that red white and blue rag. We need a change, maybe some hope too. There that ought to cover me. Not like I’m trying to hide anything.
        HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!

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      11. People often refer to our American currency as ‘Monopoly money’ meaning it has very little real value. But which is really worth more?
        Since Parker Brothers began making the game in 1935 they have produced about $4 Trillion, face value, in Monopoly money. In that same time frame, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing(BEP) has printed about $12 Trillion in US currency. In most economic matters, scarcity drives up the price, and hence the value of an item. Using this logic it’s obviously
        *ADVANTAGE-Monopoly money

        Inflation also eats away at the value of money. Since 1935 the US dollar has lost around 80% of its purchasing power. In Monopoly, the luxury tax recently went from $75 to the current $100. Otherwise, there’s been no inflation at all. Monopoly money still buys the same goods or services it always has.

        Now, let’s see what the respective currencies will actually buy…
        In Monopoly, $50 will get you out of jail. Court costs and lawyers fees included. With American money, $50 won’t even pay a ‘no seat belt’ ticket. And it wouldn’t get you a quarter hour of a lawyers time.

        With $200 in Monopoly money you can buy an entire railroad. Even a first-class passebger line such as Reading Railroad, complete with dining cars. $200 in federal reserve notes won’t even get you across the country on Amtrak. If you bought a ticket in New York, they’s probably boot you off the train around Des Moines, when your money ran out.

        $350 in Monopoly money will buy a swanky townhouse on Park Place, probably next door to Warren Buffet. $350 in US money won’t pay a weeks rent on a 4th floor walk-up in Queens. Plus there’s the hassle of all the traffic. *ADVANTAGE-Monopoly

        Nationally, the average electric utility bill for a single family home is nearly $175. In Monopoly, it’s the same $75 it’s always been. You’d save a hundred bucks just by using the right currency!

        And the list goes on and on. So the next time someone calls our federal reserve notes ‘Monopoly money’ you just might want to set them straight!

        • I like the comparison between beer and women better!

        • Hasbro has a Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition that doesn’t use money.

          • Yeah, but it won’t work in America. Once you log into the game and you put in where you live it freezes all your accounts with the note: Presidential Detainment Order – Freeze Account, Incarcerate Account Holder.

            • You also can’t win unless you use the Hasbro ID Chip Surgical Insertion Game to add your Hasbro “Mark of the Beast” subdermal game chip.

              Sarcasm, by the way, unless you’re with the DHS Internet Monitoring Team in which case “Go Team Obama!!!”

        • We’re really playing the game “Go for Broke”

          • I think it’s Let’s Make a Deal.

            Behind Door #1 we an all-inclusive stay at Camp Fema!!!Enjoy the amenities in a securely fenced and patrolled property at a location in YOUR district!

            Behind Door #2 is the mystery prize…..is it an Economic Collapse? A Job Loss? Or maybe a deluxe room in the Underground Bunker of the Elite!!!

            What’ll it be, folks?

            • Oh my gosh, Gunsmith – that’s horrible!

              I guess torture is not learned overnight. One must practice these skills. 🙁

            • daisy-what about door #3-The WILD Card?

            • Daisy I’ll take door #3 I gotta shotgun a rifle and a 4 wheel drive….I can skin a buck, I can run a trot line….Country boys don’t go to FEMA camps, unless it’s to liberate them.

            • RWS3 ~ You sound pretty handy….I’m going with you!!! 😀

            • Daisy I’m a pretty decent chess player as well 😉

            • RWS3 ~ 😆 I’m not….subtle strategy is not my strong point.

      12. Man forgets history….that is why we are forced to repeat it.
        There will be a WWW3 in my lifetime that one is for sure.

      13. It will be like the end of Gatsby.

        All of the upstarts will be destroyed and put under dirt.

        Only the Establishment will survive, and leave their genes to the future, and everything, including this blog, will all be forgotten by the future led by those who were lucky enough to be born in the right families.

        • I beg to differ. I think it’ll be like the end of The Grapes of Wrath. Ma Joad, refering to the poor downtrodden okies, said “They can’t wipe us out and they can’t lick us. We’ll keep right on goin’. We’re the people that LIVES.”
          Regardless of what kind of family we were born into, let’s make this generation, our generation, the one that stands for honesty and integrity. And pass it on! Corruption and evil might win the day, but it will never triumph in the end.

          • Okie–I wish we could, but there are 42 million on food stamps and most of those on some sort of govt assistance; what will come from those homes?? Integrity, value, and pride…or the entitlement meme??

            • I’m on food stamps, work a good job, and take care of my girlfriend and her sick mother. I plan to make her my wife. I have been learning about all the SHTF stuff for quite awhile. I don’t use any drugs. I already have a garden, and have been practicing my survival skills quite well. Even learned how to wipe my ass with no toilet paper, just so I’d be ready. I am 21 years old.

              I use my food stamps(which I do need) to gleefully prepare my stockpile and further the end of the tyrannical government that controls us. Every dollar I get is one less bullet for the American Empire. My family has been here since 1650, before this nation was even founded. My ancestors were in contact with General Washington personally, and fought alongside him. In fact I have 4 ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war, 1 who died during a gas attack in WW1, one in WW2, Korea, and my father fought in Vietnam. This is no longer the nation they fought for.

              Integrity? Value? Pride? Yes, I think I have these things. Intelligence as well. Please do not stereotype as to what “people on food stamps” are, you have no idea.

            • @all … even airline pilots, military members and cops are on food stamps … he who lives in a glass house…

              how pilots are treated (using pilots as only one example of how people’s wages have been slashed and the middle class decimated). In the movie I interview a pilot for a major airline who made $17,000 last year. For four months he was eligible — and received — food stamps. Another pilot in the film has a second job as a dog walker.

              “I have a second job!,” the two pilots said in unison. One is a substitute teacher. The other works in a coffee shop. You know, maybe it’s just me, but the two occupations whose workers shouldn’t be humpin’ a second job are brain surgeons and airline pilots. Call me crazy.

              I told them about how Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger (the pilot who safely landed the jet in the Hudson River) had testified in Congress that no pilot he knows wants any of their children to become a pilot. Pilots, he said, are completely demoralized. He spoke of how his pay has been cut 40% and his own pension eliminated. Most of the TV news didn’t cover his remarks and the congressmen quickly forgot them. They just wanted him to play the role of “HERO,” but he was on a more important mission.

            • A lot of us on food stamps are awake, we are close enough to see the chasm. We eat cheaper now so we can use the difference for storage. We also garden and fish. Theoretically we hunt, but got nothing this past season. We aren’t proud to be on food stamps, but the choice is scrape by without them, or prep with them. Based on the stormclouds rolling in, I will accept your disdain in exchange for my family’s safety.

            • @he he he, I’m glad you are taking advantage of the handouts, but I must say, you are the minority. I know many people who’s long term plan is food stamps, and they eat better then I do. I’m all for using government assistance as assistance, but why don’t we drug screen participants and require them to work daily. I work daily and I’m not buying watermelon in Alaska in the middle of winter because I can’t afford it, unlike some of the food stamp participants.

            • Pride goeth before the fall.

              Please be careful about making generalizations. There are people who abuse assistance programs and use it as their livlihood. However, I’ve seen many more people who receive government assistant to make ends meet, and they work hard and take care of their families. You never know what circumstances the people you see are under.

              I could make this a long post, but I won’t.

              My point is, don’t be too prideful, point fingers, and make generalizations about others. That could be you one day.

      14. Mac,

        Just wanted to say thanks for all the information, advice and support for all of us. You are doing a great job in helping us to prepare for whatever is in the future, and we appreciate it.

        • Thanks Dean! I do what I can, but most of the really great information and insights comes from the SHTFplan community!

          • Mac, why do some posts not have a reply tag?

            Sorry but I am still getting the hang of things.

            Take care x

      15. Happy new year from across the pond.

        I have a friend, let’s call him Peter. Pete is very very high up the ladder at a British hospital that treats civilian and military. He has been to several meetings during the last three weeks, they have been detailing plans for dealing with mass casualties, similar meetings have been happening at hospitals all over the country. Petes brother is a serving Met police officer. They have been having meetings regarding the use of disused army facilities for housing “displaced persons” apparently two senior officers have recently returned from the United States and have brought back a few ideas on, and I quote here “containing and constraining” large numbers of people.

        I have no idea if any or all of Macs scenarios will come to pass, what I do know is that the UK is preparing for something big and I do not believe it is just the Olympics and the queens jubilee. There are far more police on the streets than usual, even small high streets, not just in the city centres. David CamerLOON spends a great deal of time on tv smiling and telling us all it is going to be tough but that’s ok, everything is under control. It’s not okay, there is a kind of vibe, everyone is feeling it. It’s not exactly a feeling of impending doom but not too far off than that. People that have spent their life living for the day are buying a few extra tins of food….just in case. People are subdued, wary, as if some kind of transition point is being reached.

        This probably sounds like a load of crap, and it is hard to describe, but moods here have changed markedly in the last few weeks, it’s quite strange.

        I am going to keep quiet, watch listen and get a full list of my preps so I can hopefully start plugging any gaps I have.

        Take care x

        • Carolie, I’ve read twice from different sources that when the Euro breaks up that UK will lock down their borders. We’re talking trains, planes & ships. There will be people displaced.

          • I have heard this too slim, but I have a feeling it will not just be the displaced that are placed at these sites…like I say, there has been some kind of shift in the way things feel over here. I am sure it will all become apparent all too soon. The trouble is when shit hits a fan it spreads far and wide and you have no idea how far or how wide until after the event.

            Keep your head down and keep prepping.

            Take care x

            • Carolie(UK).., keep us all updated with the situation in England, I am highly interested in what is going on there and I would guess that the rest of the crew from SHTFPLAN does too.
              Looking forward to more of your posts. 🙂

          • Unfortunately, after they lock down the borders, they’re going to be locked in with a bunch of Jihadis who will go all allahu akbar on the native population.

            • More than likely old coach.I have to stress here I am not at all racist, there are good and bad in every creed and colour. What I will says this:

              I am trawling around looking for a school for my little girl. I read the reports of how they are doing, call them and ask to visit. No problems so far. On arrival I notice the lack of unaccented English being spoken. Ethnic mix of the school? 97% Muslim, 47% of that 97% from Asian countries, the rest from Eastern Europe. All school meals are made up of ritually slaughtered halal meat. Why am I shocked?

              This was at St peters Church of England primary school. Christmas is not celebrated at this
              school, as there are only 19 non-Muslims at the school it was considered inappropriate to celebrate the birth of Christ. I enquired how many of these 19 were of my faith…Church of England. The answer was 2.

              I have nothing more to say about this, I am still too stunned by the whole thing to speak logically about it.

              Take care x

        • Hey Carolie, Hope you had a great holiday. Have you practiced much with the new bow and arrow. Peace Clay

          • Ah Choir, I have been meaning to post about that. It has not yet arrived. A tiny kiddie version arrived and was sent back. Apparently there is nothing else on order for me. In addition, local police have visited and asked if I have been having trouble with “youths” firing pellet guns, crossbows etc. I tell them no and ask if such weapons are illegal, bearing in mind I know they are not. The police say they are not illegal per se but will still be confiscated as the area I live in is too built up to be using them. Connected incidents…who knows but still no bow and arrow.

            Take care x

            • @carolie,you might be on a ‘list’

            • carolie, my wifes family live in england. All there children have moved away because of all the drastic changes made to there beloved country. My wife visits there every year and allways tells of how things have so drastically changed.

        • One vision of life after the plague:

          FIRST PASS: (Officer friendly in bio suit) “Please come with us to a place where you can be provided for. No further deliveries to this area are possible and utility services are unreliable.”

          SECOND PASS: (Heavily Armed Police/Military) “In accordance with Emergency Order BS01 this area is contaminated and must be evacuated. We will escort you to a processing center where you CAN be assigned to a resettlement area.” Of course, processing includes a required vaccination.

          NEXT STEPS:
          “Terrorist cleansing”. Persons in area without approved ID, transponders or microchips are “removed” by sweeps and patrols.

          “Resource recovery”. Caches/stores/supplies of food, fuel, precious metals, trade goods, weapons etc. are “liberated”.

          Infrastructure destruction in “no go” areas: Wells, livestock, houses, and unneeded bridges are destroyed. “No-Go” area designated “Wilderness: Entry by permit only”. Robot drones attack humans or vehicles without current transponders.

          Area in vision mostly rural uplands and more consistent with US than UK. No timeline. Not saying this will happen. Probably one of many potentials. I like this quote from Terminator: “The future is not set. No fate but what we make.”
          PS Have not watched movies or TV in years.

      16. NinaO, can you make sure the game is on? My ‘puter is having death spasms.

        • @ms. daisy, MY BLACKHAT IS ON… your under DNS “denial of service” attack , the zionistjew nsa at work… shutdown your router , unplug it 1 minute, change up i p address as i showed you, change user i d , group i d in control panel/ system and users accounts… clean out all temp folders c:// drive… run disk clean up on c:// drive, then shutdown yur’ puter 1 minute, use only the foreign europe proxy’s i sent you and startpage.com or jj’s ipwixs private encripted browser … i’m building you a mini hacker software package for you… be patient pls. … chill ms. daisy, they’re just messin’ with ya cause they can … help is on the way! ;0) ~me~

      17. “…people running to the safety of mountains as floodwaters rolled in.” No, you took this part out of the context in the bible and ignored the rest. The bible says God has promised there will be no massive flood like it happened during Noah’s time (his Ark with animals). In Rev. talks about massive fire and Im not sure what is it exactly, but I do believe thats going to happened since there are high drought going in in the midwest with hot wildfire spreading like crazy.

        • Does Al Gore know this Anonymous?

          • Anonymous- Gore IS Anonymous

        • Revelations 6:15–Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in the caves and among the mountains.

        • More then just the bible talked about floods. Read the Hopi prophecies. They’ve predicted quite a bit that has already come to pass.

        • the draughts are man made… by the us government terraforming our nations sky an weather, with us air force airplane sprayers across the pacfic westcoast as they try to suppress the radioactive rainfall from the 5 japanese nukes power facilties – fukuobama all going critical – china syndrone! they a creating manmade rain in the pacific ocean so most of the radiation falls into all your pacific sea food hatcheries ;0)! yum yum! ;0P

          the draught will continue till they stop the unatural poisoning of our sky’s and us!

          • CHEMTRAILS / POISONED CONTRAILS weather shaping by the u s government is REAL, and you all pay for it all physically and monetarily!

            • They were seriously blitzing Chicago today, all day. And fools look up and think-oh, planes.
              I look up and think WTF not again…

      18. Mac, great add-in GAME CHANGER. Everything you suggested for the future, are viable possibilities based on the continual decline of our society, here and the world over.
        With what you theorized may happen, don’t you also visualize that the greater possibility is to distract and divide the American people with internal conflicts
        inorder to bring us down as a nation? When it happens, who trully knows but we know it is happening.
        Keep up your thoughts and subject material.

        • Divide and conquer is the only way they can maintain control. If we were to unite as one voice (even if we disagree on the micro-points) then the system they have created to enslave us would be destroyed quite quickly. Instead they have us arguing among ourselves over periphery issues that would be resolved if we would just follow the Constitutional fundamentals as our founders intended…

          Thanks for the kinds words, by the way 🙂

          • been preaching that for years brother


            your not alone, but..not completely ..and that is part of the problem.
            I see it getting better though, for this unity thing,.. each and every day
            each and every day sites like yours bring those like minded together, in the quest for the truth..and to keep each other on the point of this spear.

            In so doing..we make the unity a bit larger, and I hope its enough when the time comes to roll up the back sides of the traitors that have sold us out and forgot who put them where they are.

          • Exactly Mac, Instead we are left arguing over which political candidate is a bigot or how this so called President and their families are vacationing and if they deserve it. Any issue that pertains to the well being of the nation is ignored by most, courtesy the MSM, the Main stream Politicos and all their little minions spreading their disinformation and handing out rose colored glasses. Peace Mac and keep up the good works.

          • ~~~ periphery issues that would be resolved if we would just follow the Constitutional fundamentals as our founders intended..
            Or the Ten Commandments??

          • You are absolutely correct. 🙂

      19. Smokin, hope you don’ mind me asking but is the $175 utility bill you mention monthly, yearly or what?

        I am really careful with my utility usage but even been very frugal I can’ get mine below £1900 a year electric and water that is. I am down to 3 hours of heating a day when the little one is at school, hour in the morning and two in the evening. Weekends it’s a little more because she is home and needs to be warm. Having said that i have found that if you drop by half a degree a week you can get used to it being cooler, we set the stat at 17c for the day and have it off totally at night.

        Take care x

        • Caroline – you can thank the faux global warmers for your bill. The truth is, there has been global warming recently – but it started around the time of the Revolutionary war, and is today still BELOW the average of the past 3,000 years. And this is not just for Europe, Greenland and North America, yet another red herring that has recently been thrown out by the desperate global warmers. The universality of the Viking and Mediaeval climactic optimums is written about by Kegwin, who wrote in Science, 1996:274:1504-1508, the mean surface temp of the Sargasso Sea (which lies roughly between the West Indies and the Azores), which was obtained by readings of isotope ratios in marine organism remains in sediment, shows we are, today, below the three thousand year average, and far below the Medieval Climactic Optimum. Civil Defense Perspectives, Mar. 2007, Vol. 23, #3, p. 1, notes that evidence for this climactic optimum has been found in all but 2 out of 103 locations where it was examined for, including Asia, Africa, South America and the western U.S. Carol, it was WARMER IN THE VIKING ERA, AND THERE WERE NO SUVS AROUND THEN!

        • Hi Carolie! That was monthly. About $175 national average. Wide variation depending on which part of the country though. Personally, we heat with wood(mostly) and some propane. Our house has no electric heat.
          We buy propane once every 2 yrs, so dividing by 24 it’s only about $25 a month, mostly for cooking rather than heating. Wifes Granny gave us a nice older wood stove many years ago. Bless her heart, she’s saved us a fortune in heating bills!

          • Cheers smokin

            It makes no difference to my costs I am just a nosy sod who likes to know the cost of living in other places lol.

            I had a place with wood heat but had to downsize and change area when the husband left. This house has no chimney and I mourn daily for my beautiful old double soirée villager wood burner….sigh. It was a beauty. We were also many miles from a city so far better than now but at least this was brought cash and I have no danger of losing it due to cash problems. Bioethanol here I come lol

            Take care x

          • How the he’ll does an Ibad make double doors read double soiree? God help me I hate predictive text and apple don’t allow you to turn it off….ahhhh grrrrrrr


            • Actually a “double soiree” woodburning stove sounds like a lot more fun….I recently tried typing “clifty falls” (regional state park)on my iPad and it was changed to “flirty falls” and “fluffy falls” back to back. I found both to be delightful transliterations.

              I don’t know if your house allows for this, but back in the 70s I remember my parents hanging heavy blankets to block off our little-used living room and foyer in the winter….and the heat was off in our bedrooms and we kept the doors closed. It might help to chip away a little more at the expenses, although I know you are not starting with a lot of room. I don’t believe that England gets as cold as the upper Midwest, but I know that, with all the damp, it is the sink-in-your-bones-and-fester kind of cold. If it were just me and my 5-year-old, I would have her sleeping with me in my bed in the winter, with the luxury of a down comforter and an electric blanket (are those common in England)?

              We have 11′ high ceilings and it reminds me of the living areas I saw while studying in England for a summer in college. I am sure it is a huge waste of electricity, so shame on me for cranking up the heat and running a space heater in our large parlor when we could set up our family area in our smaller (and warmer) library.

            • Hello Carolie,

              I use most of the same ideas you do to try to lower my heating bill. I also use hot water bottles in the beds at night. They are great for keeping warm.

            • I recently saw on Craigslist an antique “Perfection” oil heater. I couldn’t swing it at the time but that is on my list for a heat source. It doesn’t have to be vented to the outdoors and looks very decorative when not in use. It also has a flat top so that you could heat something there.

              You might check for something along those lines. 🙂

            • Come home.

            • Daisy stay away from the old Perfection kerosene heaters,as they are junk. I’ve worked on many of these including the old Monogram and Zeiglers. If you can find the carburators for them they are most likely Chinese junk. The Monograms were at the time, the “Cadillacs” of these type of heaters, but parts are as scarce as “hen’s teeth”.

            • Thank you PO’d….so you’d recommend the Monogram as a first choice? I’m glad you chimed in, because I haven’t been able to find much info about these. I didn’t realize they had a carbuerator – I thought the main replacement part was the wick. So these are more mechanical than I realized….On the one I looked at there was no fan, just vents.

              If I can ask, what price does a working Monogram brand go for? The one I was looking at was around $100.

              I hope you don’t mind me picking your brain about this topic!

            • hehe “iBad”… prolly not Steve Jobs’ first choice for the marketing campaign.

              Out of curiosity (and an equal share of the predictive text angst) I just wandered into the settings/general/(scroll all the way down to the “keyboard” section); and there it was! Auto-Correction = Off!!!

              Now I can happily slaughter my colonist version of the language.


          • nwo.zionist.jew.goyim newt gingrinch:

            “Not the archers. My scouts tell me their archers are miles away and no threat to us. Arrows cost money. Use up the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army Infantry in Iran. The dead cost nothing!”

            Vote: RON PAUL 2012 , Save Our U.S. Troops from the NWO!

        • It’s amazing what you can get a thumbs down for on here lol


          • You have a following. Congratulations 🙂

          • It just means you’ve said something worth hearing to someone who didn’t want to hear it. Badge of honour! Congrats!

            • Well in that case many thanks my thumbs down friends…I’ve never had a fan club before. I could start a club…a magazine…oh the possibilities lol

            • Phone home.

        • @carolie.uk , tis’ time the Debt Serfs of England De-Throne the Inbred Queen and her ilk’, for the murder of Princess Diana and the robbery of the english people for centuries… and Jail the Entire Family Rothschilds in the Tower of London!

          hint: There are more of YOU than THEM! Offer free fish and chips too All who come to the Headsman Ball! ‘0) wink…

          • Love it poobear lol

            We did not revoke the death penalty for treason being the single mama of the cutest girl in the world forgive me for not leading the onslaught myself, my baby needs me.

            Don’t think I can be executed for thinking treasonous thoughts though…they will probably introduce that next week.

            I am wondering if Germany comes out of this better than England will the royals up and change their name back to Gothe-Saxe-Coburgh ? They changed it from that to Windsor quick enough when the shit hit the fan and they wanted to distance themselves from Germany.

            As for the fish and chips, I like your thinking…maybe throw in a cup of tea as well. Sadly orange picot would not do it. Tea should belike a man….well tanned and strong lol

            Take care x

            • @Carolie.Uk ;0) nice image… Financially Germany is Solid! It just bought the U.S. n.y. Stock Exchange nymex! Germany Holds all the Financial Cards , it’s export/ manufacturing economy is pretty solid, they’ve got the experience gawd’ knows from previous crashes an hyperinflation and is the power to be aware of!

              If Germany Had a Standing Army… I’d be worried!

              I’m watching the German Public too see how much more E.U. / NATO debt slavery they will take before they KICK Angela Merkel’s butt Out of Office!

              There is a Strong Nationalist German party surge happening right now there!

              Seems the Germans are getting tired of payin’ the rest of the E.U.’s Bills!

              England is Toast! Debt is 1000% GDP… Stock up as best ya can… find other single mums there to team up with!!! Buy a English Long Bow… ;0) they are still legal there!

              And… maybe find yourself a Good Solid Scottsman … we clean up nice with some home cooking , love and tenderness! ;0)

            • Carolie….regarding tea and men….don’t forget holding up well when in hot water. 😉

        • Caroline, I’m an HVAC tech, Here are a few tips for you and everyone else that can help reduce your heating bill.

          1) Turn your water heater down 10-20 degrees, you won’t notice a difference.

          2) If you have a fireplace NOT in use, make sure the chimney or flue is shut.

          3)If you don’t have a humidifier already, consider getting one. Moist air feels warmer than dry air. If you can maintain between 30 and 50% humidity you can lower your thermostat 2-4 degrees and feel as comfortable.

          If you have a forced air heating system, and don’t want to spend money on a humidifier, old hillbilly trick is to fill coffee cans with water and set them by each register or vent….not as effective as a humidifier but will help a little.

          4)Run any exhaust fans as little as possible, as they take air out of your house causing negative pressure…the house will seek to stay in neutral pressure so outside air will be drawn in.

          5)Keep your filter clean or replaced regularly if its a disposable type. Can’t stress that one enough dirty clogged up filters cost you excessive money.

          6)If you have ceiling fans, switch them to blow down, set them on low. They will help keep the warm air from stratifying at the ceiling.

          7) When the sun is shining, take advantage of the extra heat by keeping your shutters/drapes open.Especially south facing glass. Close them in the evening for extra insulation.

          8) consider using a water lint trap for your cloths dryer in winter months. Instead of venting large quantities of warm moist air to the outside, the water trap catches the lint and the warm air stays in your house. Also a dryer is the largest remover of air from your home,what goes out must come back in and it does.

          Some will tell you to seal your duct work if you have a forced air system and access to them.

          I never recommend that unless it’s done by a qualified professional that has the proper tools and training to access what effects will take place. 90% of HVAC contractors do not have the testing equipment and the training to use it.

          Its complicated so I won’t go into all the details other than to say a duct system can have positive or negative effects on a homes pressure in relation to atmospheric pressure.
          Positive pressure means your loosing air to the outside. Negative pressure means your bringing it in from the outside.

          Both are not ideal, but negative is the less desirable. Extreme negative pressure can actually kill. It takes specialized equipment to measure these pressure.

          Ok I will stop before I write a novel.

          • RWS,

            Thanks for the great tips,I’m not a heating air guy I build log homes, and do alot of remodeling. Keep bringing on those tips brother.


            • How do you conceal the wiring and plumbing DPS? Put a timer and extra insulation on the water heater RWS.

            • Anonymous,

              The plumbing must go under the home and up through the floor and on a slab construction electrical is placed between the logs by routing a groove the route in the boxes. Pier and beam the wiring is run up through the logs and boxes routed in, but you have to drill the logs as the are stacked making sure all holes line up. Also if you run your wiring between you logs make sure to not run the lag botls through the wiring on your next course.


            • Hey DPS,

              Oh man I would love to live in a log home.
              What type of heating both water and comfort do you usually install?
              If I had my way, whether it be a little farm house or a log home, I’d heat with an outdoor wood furnace.

            • RWS,
              We use a local heating and air guy, we only put in a small system due the very high energy rating of the cabin, all have a wood burning stove and all return ducts feed from that room. That way all the owner has to do in winter is kick on the fan and it will heat the whole cabin. Logs are great insulators and all ceilings as well as the floors are done with spray foam. Add the double pane vinyl windows and you cuts heating and cooling bills in half.

            • RWS, off grid people are VERY snobbish on wasting electricity/energy. Even the kitchen gas stoves have no electric glow strips to light the flame or electric clocks. Fridges are double/triple insulated with higher quality very low amp soft start up compressors. You spend more up front but save on using less solar power, batteries and genset time. Washing machines are over built and are covered to run off of square sine way inverter. Very difficult to have go off grid with power hungry devices and spend double or more on producing solar/wind/hydro power. Order their catalog, you will be amazed. Homepowerdotcom is a good tool also.

            • Anon….sorry posted this previously under wrong thread. About the refrigerators. Is there a way to hook up a step up -down transformer to run my regular fridge.I like the idea of the bigger size but don’t know if it’s possible. Also, what is a square sine inverter? I have my panels on a grid-tie inverter, but want to be able to eventually run some things besides lights off grid.

            • Battery-less grid tie? Square sine wave inverter is the cheaper (much cheaper) style. Pure sine wave is what you get out of the wall socket or an electronic generator, such as Honda inverter genset which is very clean, works with newer electronics and won’t burn out the newer motor/compressors. From what to what on transformer? voltage, frec. in hertz or both? You can transform 50hz to 60hz, Euro to U.S. but transformer is heavy and has energy loss (heat). You would be better off buying a 12/24 volt fridge/freezer that runs off 110volt and reverts back to 12/24 when electric grid goes down. Utility electric is always cheaper unless you’re off grid and in the sticks or on a boat without a very long extension cord.

            • JRS, Anon knows much more than me about solar power and its ins and outs.

              But if you want to run an existing 120v fridge on 12v in off grid mode, you would want a 12v/120v converter.
              Step down or step up transformers work great as long as both sides are the same sine AC or DC.
              So a 120v ac to 12v ac transformer is one thing, but to convert to dc you have to bridge with a rectifier now you have lumpy voltage, so to smooth that out you now need a capacitor.
              A converter does that far you.

              Another option would be to consider tracking down either an intermittent or a continuous cycle absorption fridge/freezer.
              Pro’s and cons to both…. few to zero moving parts many models don’t need any electricity, while some do.
              Basically simple and reliable off grid refrigeration.

              I can go into it more, or feel free to use the good ole internet Al Gore created for you (cough yuck yuck lol) to research it.

          • Thank you RWS. See, you meet the nicest and most useful people on here.

            If we all got together in one place we could live quite happily, self sufficiently and change the world to boot.

            Shtfplan=people power.

            Take care x

          • Anonymous if its an electric water heater yes a timer works, if its gas you can’t add a timer.

            • If it’s gas you can go on demand only, instant, even with no electricity on some models. Nice when the electricity goes out, you still have all the hot water you want.

            • some newer gas water heaters can have a timer added but not by conventional means and no plumber is going to do it for you. doesn’t mean it isn’t safe, its just that no one knows how. takes a little bit of riggin

            • on demand tankless water heaters sound like a good idea but usually don’t pan out like you would like. install cost is 4-10 times higher than a conventional tank and buying the right brand and model is very important. I’ve seen more people swear off tankless heaters than swear by them.

            • Heard the same thing, even more so if you have hard water.

            • Crazy Talk, I could rig such a setup but it wouldn’t be a good ROE, to expensive for the savings.
              It would require replacing the existing gas valve and pilot circuit with a new gas valve, pilot relight circuit, control board, and either a timer or thermostat setup.
              It would also require electricity in either an all 120 volt system or a 120/24 volt system adding a transformer.

              Don’t get me wrong, I love reworking control circuits on old systems when parts are out dated or no longer available, Did that recently for my brother. He bought a 460volt 3 phase lathe made in the 40’s at an auction several states away, when he powered it up, nothing happened.

              It had a bad coil on the 3 phase contactor. There is a modern replacement since the company is still in business, but its pricey.

              So I built him a new control box, using a 3 phase contactor I salvaged from work, for a third of the price.

              Back to the water heater,
              If its gas its simply better to turn it down to the lowest setting that still provides warm enough water.

            • Anonymous. I’m not aware of any tank-less models that don’t require electricity, as all of the models I am aware of need 120 volts to light the gas, either spark ignition or HSI hot surface ignition.

              If you are aware of one that doesn’t require electricity please share a link or more info, I would be interested in knowing about it.

            • Coming your way as soon as Mac clears it. Backwoodssolardotcom

            • Anonymous, thanks for the link. Yup you sir are very correct in thinking outside the box.

            • Have used for 30 years a tankless water heater system. Even my laundramat and carwash use them.

              Best to oversize the unit for the application. Better results. As for cost, hate to say it but there is a “Made in China” unit I like and use because of cost AND simplicity of operation. Many newer models made today by the name brands have over engineered the damn things. Basic works best for me and keeps the cost down. AQUAH is the brand I like and use. You can get them electric, gas or propane. Gas and propane need no electricity, only 2 “D” batteries for the ignitor. I would never go back to a tank system.
              Hope this helps.

            • Since we are talking about water heaters, I’ll tell you about what I made yesterday afternoon. It’s my SHTF shower. Made from a 2.5 gallon stainless steel rechargable fire extinguisher. Real simple. Remove the existing fire hose and replace with a longer hose with a super low flow shower head attached that has the shutoff on it. Fill the extiguisher with water and place on a heating surface (stove, rocket stove, coleman stove etc) until the water reaches about 95-100 degress. Screw on handle, tighten and charge with air from a twelve volt compressor or even a hand pump. 2.5 gallons of hot shower! Works great! Cost-about $20.00

          • Excellent information. I’m a builder in northern Mi. Been doing blower door testing for about 10 years on all my homes and others. Excellent way to see the negative pressure working and a great way to see how things work in your home, and where things leak the most. A lot of these items can be sealed off with caulk and foam. There should be a weatherization dude in your area. Some of the better insulation installers can do this also. Heck you can most likely do it all yourself. Rim joists are the worst for insulation. Most of the time its a piece of r-13 crap some idiot tossed in. You can really save a lot of energy by taking the time to look around. Wow, don’t get me started…….

          • Anon… I am interested in what you said about the refrigerators.Is there something (Step up-down transformer????) that can be wired in before the appliance to decrease wattage needed for startup?I hate to have to buy a tiny 12v fridge,Also,what’s a square sine inverter? I have my homeade panels on a grid-tie inverter at the moment. but want to prepare for off-grid.

            • They make LARGE energy efficient fridge & freezers. SunDanzer & SunFrost are just two of them. Backwoodssolar offers both. Custom left and right door open, wood panel and s.s. These are high end models.

            • Call up backwoods and ask them if they can recommend a soft start capacitor for your fridge but you’re still taking a chance. Stick to a pure sine wave converter for fridge for a short term back up or if you have a large amount of kw/hrs that are avail. RWS is correct.

            • Thank you anon and RWS

      20. Mac, I think the 2012 Mayan thing is very, very weak. We need to focus on real threats, and not reduce their very real import by commingling those with the more far fetched things.

        The reality is, there already IS a disaster of epic proportions: 56 MILLION on food stamps, U6 uemployment still around 16%, the NDAA bs; SOPA, the fact that companies like GM, Merrill, Bear, Lehman, Freddie & Fannie, AIG all went under; the fact that the person who heads our legal system perjured himself; the fact that socialism has taken the money of the middle class and redistributed it to the limousine liberals and the Learjet leftists.

        There is no disaster coming. Rather, it IS already here, and has been for a while. Don’t mix up goofy things like they Mayans with real threats.

        Some of the more far fetched things, like the Canary Islands landslide, supervolcanoes, etc. – perhaps mention them, but keep it in context, and note the extreme improbability of them. Otherwise, you truly dilute your very important messages, which is that we have taken the richest country the world has ever seen and turned it into ARGENTINA.

        • JR, I had to add the Mayan thing though — it’s 2012! The Doomsday story of the year 🙂

          • Thanks, Mac. Yes… my only point is to endeavour to correctly position things so that you don’t lessen the import of the things that are very serious and high probability in nature. Otherwise, you might reduce the impact of a lot of stuff you write about that is deadly seriouis. You might even throw in some of the NASA links debunking the 2012 thing, showing you have considered all sides. I think this will increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of all.

            Let me hasten to note you do a GREAT job, and have great visibility, so thanks for all you do. It is people like YOU that – just like the pilots in the Battle of Britain – that so many owe so much to so few. We are indeed in similarly dark days as we were then in 1940, or perhaps, say, a month prior to the Battle of Midway. It is only the true heroes – people like yourself – that sustained freedom, while many advised accomodation, appeasement and surrender.

            So, **please** take my compliments! My only point, very minor, is to possibly consider being more careful with the more “out there” things – maybe just position them as that, more for intellectual curiosity.

            BTW, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and I have a very intelligent, Ph.D. candidate friend, very conservative, very freedom oriented, who just started his site, http://www.thepoog.com – you might want to check him out some time, or use some of his stuff as a guest article on your site (I also could do something on the fraud of global warming if you ever wanted – I have a 300 p. paper I could distill down into a few paragraphs if you wanted, and already have a couple 300 word articles on how the Nazis usurped the education and political systems, if you would like).

            Long story short, keep up the great work. No need to reply to this, as I know you are busy!!

            • NASA…Never A Straight Answer…

        • Depends on what you expect the Mayan calendar is supposed to predict.

          If you expect the world to explode and all life made extinct on it’s end date, you will be disappointed when you wake up on the 22nd of December.

          I believe the Elites know something is going to happen, and I think they don’t know what it is. That’s why the seed bank and all those bunkers. The theft to get a few more good years of greedy satisfaction before they are ended.

          Perhaps the Creator will return and make themselves known. Would anyone really believe a Middle Eastern man claiming to be Jesus Christ? It will have to be far more than that.

          Whatever it is that does happen will be a life changing event. Those yet to be enlightened will be soon enough.

          The best we can hope for is to survive it.

          • I totally agree with you Gods Creation

            Take care x

        • Thank you poobear, love you too x

      21. I ain’t Captain Walker. I’m the guy who carries Mr. Dead in his pocket.

        • where ever you go there you are.

          • Pigkiller

        • Plan!?…There ain’t no plan!!!

        • pig shit!

          • Energy!

            • Who…run…Bartertown?

            • Master Blaster run barter town..

            • What are you in for?

      22. What is there to say to an article like this? There are a lot of dominoes on the table.

        Some of the dominoes have already fallen, but someone stuck their hand in to stop the chain reaction (bailouts). It is really only a matter of time before they start falling again unless a permenent stop is put in place (end the fed).

        Some of the dominoes lead to nowhere and most people didn’t notice when they fell because it isn’t happening to them (loss of jobs, pensions etc. for many people who are a “minority of americans”. Those who are homeless, unemployed, underemployed.).

        Some of the dominoes are teetering and ready to fall. (Middle East turmoil, the European Union). Sure hope someone stops shaking the table.

        Moral of the story? Don’t play dominoes on a rickity card table with someone who thinks you are playing poker and be prepared for the dominoes to fall!

      23. Well, there will undoubtedly be severe issues in the Middle East.. Iran is just begging for a butt whuppin.

        If you want to make some extra fiat, you might consider buying some good oil company stocks.. as well as other commodities.

        • Now we are talking about pushing Iran to war by cutting their oil revenue with an illegal blockade and starving 100 million people to death.

          Yeah, “Iran is just begging for a butt whuppin”. Take a prescritption of a couple of MORE HOURS of MSM bullshit, and further reinforce that ridiculous analysis.

          The Zionist loving NEOCONS, along with their paying “masters” are intent on leaving Iran with no choice but SELF DEFENSE. THEY will force Iran to throw the first punch, all by design. If Iran has so much as an M80 firecracker, they will be declared a nuclear threat.

          This would be classified a JOKE if the potential reality were less than an Zionist loving Neocon atrocity in the making.

          Neocon Zombies, exactly why I am armed and prepped.

          • I tend to stay out of foreign policy discussions because I think we should do just that….

            STAY OUT OF IT.

            We have our own oil. Let ’em keep their oil and deal with their own problems.

            • Come home. You need to deal with your problems.

            • @ Daisy, no offense, but “foriegn policy” has become a dated term. ALL global policy in this day and age will ultimately affect the “sea-to-shining-sea-USA”.

              Your decision to “stay out of such discussions” is your choice. I sincerely hope that you continue to study it whether you discuss it or not. “We are all in this together” extends beyond JUST US IN THE USA TODAY. We are quite literally “all in this together”. A common enemy and a common goal. Life has certainly gotten complicated!

            • Yental:

              No offense taken whatsoever. You have it exactly right….I follow it, I watch what goes on, and I form my opinions. However the conversations about such things are so much supposition – we are guessing things with our own cultural biases – and I honestly don’t feel “qualified” to contribute much.

              The one opinion I will state on the subject with confidence is that we often stick our noses where they don’t belong.

            • Daisy, we peaked in 1970. We import 75% of our oil. That is about to become VERY apparent to everyone….

            • All right, Daisy!!!!

            • Who is we Dazie?

            • nwo willard mitt romney: [mitt romney is visiting his leper father nwo newt gingrinch] Father?
              nwo newt gingrinch: Ah, come in. Come in.
              nwo willard mitt romney: A rebellion has begun.
              nwo newt gingrinch: [pause] Under whom?
              nwo willard mitt romney: A commoner… named DR. RON PAUL – President 2012.
              nwo newt gingrinch: [another pause] You will embrace this rebellion. Support it from our lands in the north. I will gain Israeli.Zionist.Jew English favor by condemning it and ordering opposed from our lands in the south. Sit down. Stay awhile.
              nwo willard mitt romney: This Dr. RON PAUL… he doesn’t even have a knighthood. But he *fights*, with *passion*, and he *inspires*.
              nwo newt gingrinch: [laughing] And you wish to charge off and fight as he did, eh?
              [nwo willard mitt nods slightly]
              nwo newt gingrinch: So would I, eh?
              [he laughs again]
              nwo willard mitt romney: Well, maybe it’s time.
              nwo newt gingrinch: [the elder man stops laughing] It is time… to *survive*. You’re the seventeenth nwo.zionist.jew Mitt Romney. The sixteen before you passed you land and title because they *didn’t* charge in. Call a meeting of the nobles.
              nwo willard mitt romney: But, they do nothing but talk.
              nwo newt gingrinch: Rightly so. They’re as rich in nwo.zionist.jew Israel English titles and lands as they are in American, just as we are. You admire this man, this Dr. RON PAUL. Uncompromising men are easy to admire. He has courage; so does a dog. But it is exactly the ability to *compromise* that makes a man noble. And understand this: NWO.Zionist.Banker Evelyn Robert Adrian De Rothschild is the most ruthless king ever to sit on the throne of England. And none of us, and nothing of America will remain, unless *we* are as ruthless. Give ear to our nobles. Knowing their minds is the key to the throne.

              Vote: Dr. Ron Paul 2012 U.S. Air Force Veteran and Honest Abe Statesman!

              Note: Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild (born 29 August 1931)[1] is a British financier, and a member of the Rothschild family. Owns the World! Literally! ;0P

            • Retch99 – “We” is the United States.

              Just because I live in another country doesn’t mean I’m not an American citizen. Sorry it offends you so. Truly. My goodness, I can’t go on if you are upset.

            • Now I understand the God save the queen thing! Have you called your mom?

            • No Rich. I haven’t called her. Do you know a good psychic medium who speaks to the dead?

          • pish… how soon you forget hostages for 444 days. how soon you forget multiple kidnappings of US citizens who, amazingly were released on $500K “bail”.

            How many times does someone have to tell you that they want to destroy your country and your family before you take them seriously ? Do they need to actually use the missles that they parade ? Do they actually have to complete their effort to develop “peaceful” nuclear energy by showing their definition of peace by setting off a couple in our major cities ?

            You obviously have zero understanding of their religion; which they take VERY seriously. So seriously in fact, that they openly and repeatedly state that they must cause death, destruction and to murder anyone who disagrees with them so that their 12th Immam will graciously agree to reappear and bring the whole world under the domination of islam.

            Nutjob freaks… exactly why I am armed and prepped.

            • @samnotsam , ummmmm ya might wanna do a fact check… your wrong on every point and just showing your ignorance!

            • Everything in my post is accurate.. your refusal to accept facts doesn’t make them less true.. regardless of your wishes otherwise.

            • 1953 CIA coup DE ta to overthrow Iran’s government

              1979 didn’t intervene…allowed extremely anti American Ayatollah Khomeini to gain power

              1980 We convince Saddam Hussein to invade Iran on promises of Intel and weapons.
              (interesting side note Israel supported Iran with weapons, Intel, and air strikes on Iraq)

              1986 Iran-contra affair US sells weapons to Iran and uses the profits to aid the Contras in Nicaragua (another country we meddled with)

              1988 the United States launched Operation Praying Mantis against Iran, claiming that it was retaliation for the Iranian mining of areas of the Persian Gulf as part of the Iran-Iraq war. Yeah they did mine it to defend against Iraq ships.

              1988 the U.S. Navy missile cruiser USS Vincennes shot down Iranian Airbus flight 655, which was on a scheduled commercial flight in Iranian airspace over the Strait of Hormuz. The attack killed 290 civilians from six nations, including 66 children. The story goes we mistook the Airbus for an F14 tomcat (we sold them F-14’s in the 70’s), yeah right the radar signatures are just so similar.

              1995 Clinton imposes a total embargo against Iran, Europe denounces it.

              2012 ZERO proof that Iran has or is seeking to build nukes, even if they were you think they are crazy or dumb enough to use one against us?

              2012 US playing cat and mouse with Iran’s navy, hoping to entice them into a war….war is good if your in the racket of profiting off it.

              2012 fresh round of embargoes…. war is good if your in the racket of profiting off it.
              Wake up

              Here this link might help you to understand

            • …your ignorance is no excuse @samnotsam, it’s only a waste of a gift of existing as a intelligent life form.

              dwell on that some as you condemn 3 million innocent unarmed iranians too death!


              and then imagine that I like your house wife and car! And I intend too Kill YOU for them!

              How’s that make you… feel!



            • “and then imagine that I like your house wife and car! And I intend too Kill YOU for them!

              How’s that make you… feel!”

              Answer is : 100% justified in blowing your brains out without even giving it a second thought… and most likely, with a smile on my face.

              You make my arguement for me.. I am done with you.

          • And by pushing Iran to throw the first punch obummer will declare a state of was and emergency , therefore he will be able to suspend the coming elections. Who knows what his real goal is, my thought is he will bring about world war3.

            “I’m not sure what world war3 will be fought with, but I can tell you world war4 will be fought with sticks and stones” Albert Einstein


            • I don’t discount that possibility at all DPS.. the man is without shame, or as far as I can tell, a conscious for that matter.

              Have you seen the Drudgereport where Michelle is “joking” that she prefers to be called “Excellency” ?

              The only joke is on us.. all of us.

      24. Adapt and Survive!

        It’s finally here… all this talk and prep work and here we are in 2012.

        What WILL this year bring… Chaos? Peace? a Terrible End or a New Beginning?

        Life is about the choices we make, how we approach things, how we act and/or react. Your life is build around your own choices. You are only responsible for yourself, No one else. You make your choice they make theirs. You decide your own future.

        This year you will need to adapt to survive more than ever. There is no new norm, nothing will be normal. Those that can’t deal with the change throughout this process will perish. As they panic, you keep your head.

        I raise my glass to all you SHTFner’s and toast – May We Survive and Thrive in this New Environment and May You Be the Leader for Those Around You! Happy 2012 – God Bless and Good Freakin’ Luck!

        • Man up,

          “Life is about the choices we make, how we approach things, how we act and/or react. Your life is build around your own choices. You are only responsible for yourself, No one else. You make your choice they make theirs. You decide your own future.” (round of applause)

          I just wished someone would share this with the entitlement people and everyone that is blaming someone, group, or organization for their situation.
          This is the way I have lived my life. It isn’t about how much is thrown at us but about how we choose to handle the good and bad. Personal choices, actions, reactions. I blame no one for any problems I have in life, financially or any other area. I am make my decisions and good or bad I accept the consequences.

          • Right On NSFB,

            If others would live their lives that way they will see that things get better around them.

            Stop worrying or trying to control someone else’s outcome, you are only in control of your own destiny.
            If you do the opposite then you lose control of your own life.

            ManUp to the past and start fresh by focusing on what you can control and let the rest be.

            What you focus on matters. Let it be you (yourself) in 2012 – Adapt and Survive

            Thanks NSBF and Good for You!

      25. To the Mayans, 2012 is not the cataclysmic end of the world as it’s been hyped to be in the West (and in Amerikan pop culture in particular), but simply the beginning of a new cycle in their calendar. I’m not an expert in Mayan religion, but I’d wager that the cycle has already turned over many times in their chronological calculations, sometimes with an upheaval, but more often without any untoward circumstances.

        From a psychological point of view, however, 2012 is a convenient weapon to wage psywar on the masses, since TPTB wish to cultivate a sense of FUTILITY and INEVITABILITY in their victims, so they stand passively as they are fleeced, jailed and disenfranchised.

        On another topic, the “end” of the Dollar and the Euro mean only the end of the existing REGIMES and SOCIAL ORDERS in Amerika and Europe, NOT the PHYSICAL extinction of their peoples or the end of their NATION STATES, which are the real TOO BIG to FAIL’s. It is the bankster class that will FAIL — and DISAPPEAR. Yes, life will be hard for a LONG TIME, but the human raw material and ingenuity of the better elements of the people will remain.

        We will live to see the end of so-called “Atlanticism” (i.e, the Amerikan empire’s strategic and financial domination of Europe, with its concomitant corruption of European culture and its relegation of European states to the status of Askaris for Wall Street and Tel Aviv). We will also see the end of the EU and NATO, and Russia will be ready, willing and able to assist in the mercy-killing of these monstrosities.

        Russia and Germany will draw closer, in a Bismarckian revival of the strong natural relationship that existed between the ruling houses of Prussia/Germany and Russia from 1815 to 1914. From the ruins of regionalism there will rise a European political and cultural renaissance led by Germany, Russia and France, with NO more Third World colonization of Europe, no more Amurikan-sponsored cultural degeneracy and destruction of European identity, and no more SHAME in being European. Formerly “Great” Britain will sit this revival out, due to the strong anti-continental bias of what is left of its indigenous people, and due to the tribal imperatives of the non-Westerners posing as Britons who have wormed their way in to positions of power there as in no other “European” country. An island can be quarantined, in any case.

        In the US, the big question is whether or not the Amurikan system has so debased the Murkin people themselves that they will cling to their oppressors all the harder. Logically speaking, the more damage the usurpers do to Amurika now, the more certain it is that they will lose power LATER. There are righteous and civic minded people in Amurika who have the inclination, experience and expertise, such as Mike Scheuer, Karen Kwiatkowski, Paul Craig Roberts and Ambassador Joseph Wilson (to name a few) to constitute a government of national salvation. Such a government can return Amurika to the rule of law that has been so egregiously trashed by the neocons and the lackeys of brokerage houses that passed themselves off as “public servants” for so long. Potential leaders of high quality in this country will admittedly be in constant danger of assassination by Israel, which has a vested interest in the continued corruption and internal decay of its host, Amurika.

        The end of the system here will lead, in the long-term, to an inward turning to solve the myriad, long-neglected problems of Amurika itself. This will also lead to the end of the Repug-lican and Demo-rat parties, and above all, to the end of the “diversity” delusion, though the loss of some US territory must be considered as a distinct possibility as populations are exchanged and resettled through mutual agreement when the unworkabilty of the banksters’ propositional “universal nation” is finally acknowledged by everyone and by all sides.

        I therefore see the so-called collapse that is coming as a golden OPPORTUNITY for Western Civilization, which in the last hundred years has been brought to the brink of EXTINCTION by global plutocracy operating under the banners of “free trade,” “diversity” and liberal capitalism, to put an end to the international banksters ONCE and FOR ALL TIME. Let the West LIVE and let the system DIE. We are NOT the system, and the system is not US. Let the renaissance BEGIN!

        • Gosh, Nostradamus lives!!!

        • Outstanding post.

        • —–AMEN—–!!!!!!!!!!

        • According to many who study the Mayan cycles, this is an “earth changes” cycle, though some disagree. Since the cycle that supposedly ends in 2012 is longer than 5,100 years, or almost a fifth of a precession cycle, it is hard to look back to the previous cycle for clues. However, if this was “just another Mayan cycle” it would likely end in a unit of 20, as their other time count cycles do. So either scholars are very wrong about when “the long count” ends (possible), or the long count does indeed time significant earth changing events. Also there is the possibility that those who aligned the two calendars made a small error, and the “end” date is off by a year or several.

          The Hopi prophecies also expect a “new world” and earth changes soon, but not timed to a calendar.

          There is evidence that “earth changes” began many years ago and are steadily increasing. But the rate of change increase is not nearly fast enough to bring a cataclysm in Dec 2012 without a major catalyst to speed things up. Perhaps the elite are planning to provoke nuclear war to provide that catalyst. Maybe we should just say no.

      26. Nice summary.In relation to the Iran deal,do you suppose we are squeezing them to incite them to make a foolish move? Then NATO would proceed to stomp them all to gain control of that precious sweet crude. After all the “free” world can’t live on sulpher sands alone.

        • did anyone ever think that a wealthy family in Europe might be calling the shots–globally?

          • family rothschilds… look em’ up… they own obsama obama, they are the true oldman wizard behind the curtain, in the land of oz…

            • There was n interview with one of them, David I think, young bloke trying to look like a surfer, bit daft when you live in landlocked Hertfordshire or wherever. Anyway it was side splitting, he had no idea about anything, he was getting fact after fact wrong, referred to the prime minister by the wrong name and on and on, I think he would get lost trying to find his way out of a cul de sac. Finally the interviewer asked him if he had any idea what they were talking about, he threw his toys out of the pram, asked the interviewer if he realised who he was talking to and stormed off. It went on you tube almost immediately and then vanished. Talking of vanishing, I wonder where the interviewer is? In the unemployment line if he is lucky, in a motorway bridge if he isn’t
              ( a way of getting rid of bodies over here, dump them in a bridge that is being constructed and let the concrete do the rest)

      27. Well, we had a good run. I had a few laughs in my time but in my gut as far back as the 60’s I knew it was all downhill. It’s all over except for the shouting. I am getting old and my zest for life is just about kaput. I really don’t want to see what is coming because it will be worse than anything anyone can imagine. All I can do now is hope for a just and merciful God and if I must fight for our Country on our own soil defending the Constitution please let me die honorably.

        • King Crazy,
          In the previous topic, I gave your last post a pretty harsh rebuttal. In retrospect, that was an error, as I don’t know you, and should not have said what I did.

          I responded the way I did out of frustration. Many people in the WW2, and boomer generations did a lot to hand this country over to parasites who have sworn to bring us down. I can’t count the ones I’ve known who did not earn thier freedom, and did nothing but grub for money all thier lives. And, not only turn a blind eye to our demise, but aid and abet it.

          I do not accept your proposition that “we’ve had a good run”. Far too many of our people have had thier lives ruined, or somehow cut short, by the parasites who control our country. Far too many bad things have been done around the world, in our name, that have only benifited US superficially, and temporally, but have brought the parasites closer to thier ultimate goals.

          I understand that you don’t want to see what’s coming. No one does. The things discussed here were pretty much known to be coming 20 years ago, and a lot of drama and misery could have been avoided, if people had dealt with these issues then.

          The coming “elections” are nothing more than stage fraud. All the other peripheral issues have been festering a long time. There are really only 2 choices left.

          • Bah…more generational warfare.Same as class warfare. Our leaders love to fracture the people up.

          • I am about as Libertarian/Constitutionalist as they come. I knew LBJ was a fraud and I didn’t like Kennedy either. I convinced My Mama to vote for George Wallace. When I say good run I mean our best days are behind us, way behind us. As for people getting ground up in the big gears of this country I have been ground up and spat out and I am a bitter old man just thinking how we ruined this country. I voted conservative in every election but it always came down to the lesser of two evils. I tried in my own way to right the ship but to no avail. I did the best I could but sorry, I failed (as I put the barrel into my mouth) 😉

            • Here is where we will have to disagree. I think our country’s greatest days are yet to come. I also believe we will have to pay for those coming days, in advance and with blood. You have been around much longer than I have and I recognize that. I thank you for what you were able to accomplish, the march was slowed long enough to guarantee us the tools we need. You may hand over the torch sir, and we will continue the good fight.

            • King Crazy,
              My apologies, for my first post to you in the other thread then. I understand your position.

              And you know that how…?

          • Justme..I was responding to Kingcrazy.It irks me to hear people blame past or future generations for our problems.Past generations didn’t have the internet or sites like this to dig out the truth. All they had was newspapers,radio, maybe tv. Do you believe much of the tripe in that media?I think the younger generation will have much more info that is not filtered out by the heads of state.Much as I am not a big fan of OWS(wrong target),I am encouraged by their willingness to get out enmass and protest.

      28. Here are my PREDICTIONS FOR 2012———Americans will still stay up late to see who wins the latest talent show, try and buy the fastest best car, spend lots of time at a Wal- Mart and oooohhhh who is that star going out with now!!!!!!

      29. Great start to the new year!

        Doom and gloom or bust babe!

        I am gonna laugh my ass off when Dec- 22nd rolls around and its a crisp sunny day!!

      30. Completely off topic….

        I have noticed there doesn’t seem to be a lot of folks getting colds or flu so far this season in my neck of the woods (Wisconsin). I may just not be out and about when the snifflers are, and it may just be my skewed perception.

        Am I the only one who has noticed this? I am curious what others experience/perceptions are.

        Is my tinfoil hat slipping over my eyes?

        • Rx…huff peroxide…never get a cold!

          • I haven’t had a cold in 2 years. I don’t know if it’s from that extra molecule of oxygen or not. However, we do need our share of colds to keep our immune system working up to par.

        • Down in MKE my family is getting the 24-48 hour stuff. Up north nobody yet, just some common colds. Don’t count them out though, last year I was clear all the way until late Feb and then got slammed by something awful. Didn’t feel completely better until it started thawing out.

      31. Sam not sam, …very good suggestions! fiat is still able to buy some necessities to sell and profit from.

      32. Really doubt that’s all happening in the next 365 days. Maybe all of that happening in 5 years, not 1.

      33. I am just attempting to keep my wife’s eyes on the prize and help me with the preps. (New PT145 for Christmas.)
        That is Part Time work… My father thinks I am over reacting to what is coming. His response is that there are alot of super smart people in the US, they will think of something. My stupid sister, I found out, voted for Odumba and will again, and my father and mother in law thinks I am brain-washing their daughter. I will have to stay in the burbs as I will no longer be able to trust my sister who has 80 acres 20 miles from the nearest city. I just wish everybody on this site the very best in the new year. And, Mac, thanks so much for the site. MB

        • Tell your father that the super smart people are prepping and smart enough to stay out of politics.

          Keep on prepping and Happy New Year ! 🙂

        • mustangbob

          “there are alot of super smart people in the US, they will think of something”

          Because there are a lot of good firemen and a great fire department it’s unwise not to have a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher. Your Dad is a believer.

          I agree with you.

          Personally once one has a gun for food and defense the added preps are much better done in the area of economics and provisions.

          • mustang bob

            Oh, forgot to say that the “super smart people” are not working in the best interests of the US. Their employers are concerned about global interests and the “super smart” individual concerns are about their own specific interests.

            Your on your own.

        • Has your dad been to the grocery store lately. Just one or two isles should wake anybody up.

        • Tell your father that if there are those super smart people who might think of something – then why are we in this f*ck’n mess?

          Sounds like your fathers a Follower, maybe you should start calling him Mr. Sheeple.

          Good luck, we’ve all been there. Keep on prepp’n, they’ll catch on.

      34. scary

      35. Great article except for the mayan hoax. For that sir, you do need a tin foil hat. If the pagan Mayan crap comes to pass, then there is no God, so it’s not for my consideration at all. This is just another thing to scare the sheople, somewhere someone is making money off of this garbage.

        • The Mayan calender’s existence, and correctness thus far, has no bearing on whether there is a God or not. The Mayans did not say “the world will end”, only that the end of the long count calender will bring change, as they had noted historically. It is worth mentioning the calender, as it is timely. The only people making money of it, are the decendants of the ancient Mayans, and then just through tourism.

          • JustMe,

            I beg to differ with you. One can not believe in a pagan forecast and yet still believe in God. Only God can bring about change in the universe, on his command alone. No mere mortal can predict what will happen on a certain date in time, unless they perpetrate the deed themselves.
            There is money to be made spreading this fear; people are getting paid to write articles, books, etc., on this subject. There is always money to be made at the expense of those who buy this crap and are suckered in. The nut cases will come out of the woodwork soon and prey on the vulnerable and weak by convincing them the sell everything, give them their money and go to the highest mountain for the final viewing of nothing.

            • Justice,
              I do not see how the Mayan calender affects your belief in God. The Mayan calender as we know it, is the result of not just the Mayans who made the calender, but the collective observations of thier ancestors. They did that over thousands of years. The observations the made, over great cycles of time predated Christianity.

              Christians seem to believe that only they, or the people they believe in can, and/or are allowed to make predictions. They are not. Just because someone who is not Christian, does not make them evil. There is a lot of history that predates all the fundamentalist religions, that they simply reject out of hand, but it does not make it wrong. Fundamentalist religions tend to even reject hard science, because it is not something they want to hear.

              Whether the changes predicted come or not, the date 12/21/2012 has been known and studied by a lot of people world-wide, the events we are speaking about are timely in this regard. Sure, there are always people who go overboard with any and every belief. How many times have the orginized religions shouted “Doomsday!” And yeah, I agree, there are people out to sell some dubious books, but they are few. Whether or not the Mayan predictions come, does not affect my relationship with God.

            • JustMe,

              I never used the word evil, and I do not agree with your summation at all. To each his own and good luck.

        • There is no denying that many pagan religions are awaiting the return of their god(s) around 2012. Christians (with a few notable examples) refrain from setting a date to the return of Christ, but the pagan god(s) are expected soon, often represented as feathered or winged serpents or reptilians of some sort (Mayans, Cherokees, etc). Even the supposed return of Nibiru with it’s reptilian inhabitants who some claim manipulated the genetics of earth primates in order to create a slave race (that would be us) fits under this umbrella. Funny how what has been shown to be accurate prophecy and who has been shown to be the true Messiah is mocked while people will stumble all over themselves in order to embrace something that is most always depicted as a dark and unpleasant force by the original sources.

      36. I have mentioned this website before in a previous post http://modernsurvivalonline.com/
        I spent time before football games this weekend downloading files for evaluation. I was overwhelmed.

        Just in Food Storage I downloaded:
        20 PDF files for food and water and more
        7 spread sheets that provide lists and check off sheets for food survival, 1 year storage, provisions, shopping lists and much more
        13 Videos covering: DIY water filters, long term storage (3 parts) and more
        The detail is the reward of time savings so I happily made a donation. However, it is not necessary.

        Y’all Beware!

        • I’m gonna say this softly …and slowly..

          Y-o-u-‘r-e n-o-t- p-r-e-p-p-e-d???

        • You planning to rehydrate those PDF files and eating ’em?

        • Y’all Beware!

          Have you taken the time to print out that info you downloaded? I know when I became aware or as some cll it Awake, I spent hrs downloading stuff my file is larger then Windows Word right now, But if it not on paper it may not do you any good. Just something to think about.

          Quote for the day,

          “A highwayman is as much a robber when he plunders in a gang as when single, and a nation that makes a unjust war is only a great gang” Benjamin Franklin

      37. for 2012:

        I will no longer be the slave I’m expected to be.

        I impose my will at 1200+fps.

        War is business and i just hung out my shingle.

        Just make it count.

        Step up or pucker up,
        We are all out of time, we are all out of tears.

        • I like it, Bad….

          My resolution is “Make Some Noise.”

          The govt really messed up when they told ME to “see something, say something.” 🙂

          • I’m seeing something – the erosion of the US Constitution, and am saying something… calling attention to the corrupt fascists usurping our freedoms.

            Does that count?

            • Sure does!!! Sounds like we have the same resolution, JR!

          • The fed needs a bigger boat…dum-dum,dum-dum…dadda-da!

      38. I have been to FEMA camps and are convinced they are most likely intended to protect the elect rather than intern those who oppose them. If things are as bad as you lay out, it will be much more efficient to secure these areas than secure the country at large.

        • Which way did the razor wire face?

        • @pp quit posting lies… the fema camps are REAL… keep posting bullshit and you’ll become my new point of interest…

          NOT EVERY BIBLE THUMPER is too be trusted folks! just ask the indians and children livig in catholic orphanages…

          Pastor Exposes FEMA Plan To Use Them To Pacify Cowboy Farmers When Martial Law Is Declared

          Pastor Butch Paugh | May 23, 2006

          About three months ago, I was invited to become a part of a group implementing federal FEMA/Homeland Security directives in our county. I couldn’t pass that up!

          Lots of interesting and bothersome info being discussed at these meetings…
          Local FEMA’s (‘across the US’ according to a spokesman at our local meeting) are gathering Ministers (Pastors) to help in the event of a “declaration of Martial Law or like police action following a declared emergency or quarantine due to an act of bioterrorism”. The discussion centered around the need of ‘locals’ to “quell the cowboy mentality” of farmers who may have their stock or crops confiscated and subsequently destroyed.

          • The reality of that may or may not be true. If you search “FEMA Executive Orders” and read through them (Long boring read )it doesn’t say specifically about who will be detained. However, they use the same doublespeak lawyerese that can be interpreted any way they want. Much like NDAA.

      39. “Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel–all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him.” I Kings 19:18 NIV

        Or, if you prefer the New Living Translation, “Yet I will preserve 7,000 others in Israel who have never bowed down to Baal or kissed him!”

        I think everyone here can figure out who the new false “god” is in our society. Be that remnant that didn’t bow!!

        • I will bow, but in a direction that doesn’t involve my kissing anything! I think there are a few on here that will help make those “false gods” more “hol(e)y”.

          • ~NetRanger~

            The only correct method to bow…involves employing ‘the NVA Crouch’, as you charge the enemy!

            Your AR/AK/FAL/Cetme or M1A positioned just slightly below your hips(parallel to the ground), as you constantly squeeze the trigger……causing the enemy to dive for cover, thru ‘grazing fire’!!!!!!!!!!

      40. My source says 2012 will be real time propaganda and printing of money. The central banks in Europe will allow several countries and or banks to fail in order to sucker in the FR.

        “They will not let the financial collapse, no matter what” So folks 2012 may not be the end, but sure as hell; It’s the beginning of the end. We have crossed the rubicon, we have reached the tipping point.

      41. I will never starve. Plenty of game “walking” around. ha.

        • Um…you’re name is’nt Hannibal…is it?

      42. Happy 2012 new year to all,

        Ron Paul 2012 !

      43. one thing I don’t hear people talking about much is the communist Chinese buying up all kinds of assets in American and Europe- seems like part of the game plan of the NWO is to sell off our assets,land,oil,gas and such to the chinese… that way when martial is declared the chinese invaders will have legal,financial claim to back their invasion. Chinese just bought a large portion of Canadian ‘Oil Sands’ project and they have bought up much of Southern California (thanks to Arnold the Terminator). The German NWO Nazis seem to be setting up Europe for some kind of 2012 debacle- Chinese buying into Europe, and Chinese all over ‘George Soros’ Brazil.’ I imagine Soros will sell the Chinese some portion of the agricultural land he recently bought in Brazil.

        Chinese tour buses all over southern U.S. where chinese tourists get off and take loads of photos of our buildings…I saw a busload of them enter a Lowe’s Home Center and they were just there taking photos of all the products, shelves, and structure of the building like they were planning to copy it… they didn’t buy anything in the store.

        2012 is going to really suck.

        • Maybe they were saying “Look how nice they display all the light bulbs we make”. Seriously tho, I think they may be buying up natural resources and stakes in companies that provide these resources to bring them back to China. Much like the US used to do. Now they just force you to give them up.

          • @JRS -the chinese tourists I saw were snapping pics of the details of products, and they were particularly interested in the shelving units used to display products. Being a proud wearer of a tin foil hat- I noticed these tourists and spent about 30 minutes watching their every move. They were taking pictures of the steel shelving brackets ( why???) and they were taking detailed photos of the ingriedients of things like fertilizer and other types of products…
            particularly garden products. To my mind they appeared to be very suspicious- though most of the sheeple in that store were not the least bit concerned. Anyway-just thought I’d mention this in case anyone else spots them in their town doing the same.

            • ~Micah~

              Your observations strike a deep chord regarding the Chinese, brother!

              A few years ago, I was hired(sub-contracted) by a well known import/export group to partially disassemble/pickle/prepare(for overseas) shipment, most of the CNC machines in a bankrupt manufacturing plant, in Charlotte NC(just off Westinghouse blvd)…the equipment was truly ‘WORLD CLASS STUFF’…..

              –Highspeedloafer will likely know, who I’m talking about–
              (hint to HSL: location was close to the lawn mower guys)

              The entire manufacturing asset-base had been purchased by a Chinese (front)company for the PLA’s benefit! Said equipment is now employed in producing military grade ‘aerospace products'(confirmed via the set-up man contracted for start-up operations in the PRC!)…I refused to do that job!

              —(Yes, I have a passport)—

              Draw your own conclusions, folks! We’ve been “SOLD OUT” a long phukking time ago & GOD only knows “OUR” ultimate suffrage………………………

        • idaho governor i’m a nwo zionistjew traitor “butch” c.l. otter is working on a deal right this minute to sell to china 50 FIFTY square miles of the AMERICAN state of idaho… for a ALL CHINESE INDUSTRIAL CITY… no americans… it’ll be a FREE TRADE ZONE! it’s being built there because of the nwo nafta highway running from mexico thru america to canada an alaska!

          • @johneypatriot- yeah, I heard about that Idaho deal but forgot to mention it…that’s just more bad news and corroborates what I was saying.

          • I heard something about that too.Both yes and no.Do you have a reference or link?

            • @jrs … key word here folks “AFTER”!

              @JRS … come clean … yur a nwo.cia.debt.slave.fed Troll? aren’t ya! ya stink of troll…

              all yur’ posts are nwo co-intel after the original post bullshit!

              I just read every single one of yurs and they are slyly undermining the original posters message!

              your like a mutt running around to everyones post here jamming yur nose in everyones ass crack smelling deep the pungeant odor!

              yur’ a fed.gov dick!

              do you have any original thoughts troll! or are ya just happy bein’ a irs.debt.slave to the nwo.zionist.jews!

            • poohbear…outed me this soon? If you don’t like my posts that’s what the thumbs down is for. Continue yor rant.

            • With your 3 handles I’m sure you can really stack up the count

            • RWS…Thanks for the link.I’m not sure what they mean by Free Trade Zones. I clicked on my state and the one foreign company Mitsubishi tools.Also some planning authority,etc.

      44. the nwo zionistjew enemy leader…

        The Rothschild family (German: [ˈʁoːt.ʃɪlt]), known as The House of Rothschild,[1] or more simply as the Rothschilds, is a European dynasty, of German-Jewish origin, that established European banking and finance houses starting in the late 18th century. Five lines of the Austrian branch of the family have been elevated to Austrian nobility being given hereditary baronies of the Habsburg Empire by Emperor Francis II in 1816. Another line, of the British branch of the family was elevated to British nobility at the request of Queen Victoria.[2][3] It has been argued that during the 19th century, the family possessed by far the largest private fortune in the world as well as by far the largest fortune in modern world history.[

        • Got a minute?

          • ummmm JUST A MINUTE??? that’s it…? @ms. daisy I’m a Marathon man… I’m just like the energizer bunny wabbit ;0) i can go on on and on… i’ve great stayin’ power ;0) …

            For You! ;0P you can have a THE FULL WHOLE PACKAGE DEAL , THE COMPLETE exhausting 3 minutes of HEAVEN with me! ;0P slurp

            satisfaction guaranteed or your bullets back! ;0)

            • ~JP~

              Wait a minute, energized wabbit! You tell Daisey that you keep going, going & going…………????????????

              Daisey! Watch out if he puts his batteries in ‘BACKWARDS’!!!

              Yeah, I know…call it low grade humor!!!

        • @ninaorket- and the German Rot-Childs married into the British Saxe-Coburg bloodline which is also related to the Russian Romanov bloodline- Mr Putin is a Romanov- guess who will lead the global banking NWO empire???

          The Romanovs were not removed from power during the Bolshevik Revolution…they simply stepped out of public view for the last century only to return in 2012 with a complete take over of the world…must be a whole lot of diamonds in Mr. Putin’s daughters wardrobe closet…and a handfull of skeletons.

          • @micah … ;0) thank you sincerely … that piece of the puzzle was eluding me… i couldn’t figure out why michail gorbachov was living at the u.n. compound at the presidio naval base san francisco pushing international one world u.n. programs living here in america on the u.n. tit??? and why russia has agreed to support nwo zionistjew amerika fed.gov with troops during amerikan martial law… and why “russian” chemical warfare equipement was mothballed in louisiana for gasing folks there… now it makes perfect sense! thank you for that string of information to pursue… cheers to you!

            wow! talk about a light bulb going off ! thanks @micah! ;0) RESPECT!

            • Mac, to what end do you allow this blatherskite to continue to post?

            • Ninao… Did you ever hear of the Black Eagle funds? Or the Russian bonds that disappeared in the WTC? I think the US and Russia are partially connected at the hip. Maybe.

            • @ole’cooch isn’t it time ya changed your Depends Adult Diapers… cause i can smell yur’ zionist.jew.fed.gov trolling ass from montana!

              yur’ parole officer just called … he said if you go near the elementary school play ground across the street from your house one more time, yur’ parole is violated! better watch it @ole’cooch! ;0P pssszzt

            • @johneypatriot- my pleasure!

              RE: Gorbachev
              The Presidio is one of the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control units…I suppose that is well known but perhaps not-

            • Johnny, take a look at a picture of tsar Nicolas the last tsar of Russia and then look at a picture of prince Michael of Kent. You could superimpose one on the other, they are so alike scary.

              Queen Victoria and prince Albert married their kids off to royal houses all over Europe, that is where the haemophilia came from that afflicted the last Tsars only son.

              The royals have always had arranged marriages in the past, always to another branch of the family so that the bloodlines are not too close. Prince Philip is Greek but if memory serves me correctly he is a distant cousin of his wife.

              The link with the Romanovs is proven beyond doubt. It was DNA from the British royal family that was sent to Russia to confirm that the bodies found in the forest were indeed those of the Romanavs.

              A programme called Time Team traced the lineage of the British royal family, if an illegitimate son of Nell Gwynne, mistress of King Charles had have been recognised our current queen would not be on the throne. As it is the man known as the true heir is a sheep farmer in New South Wales. You really couldn’t make it up could you ?

              Take care x

            • Old Coach, have you noticed you never seem to come out ahead when you make these unprovoked attacks?

              Perhaps consider Einstein’s Definition of Insanity:
              Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

            • I dunno, Daisy, I’m afraid I have to give a thumbs up to anyone who uses a good old Anglo-Saxon word like blatherskite (Old Norse blather + Old English scitte or diarrhea). —- has been blathering on a bit, although hilariously so when he nailed JRS as a scitte-sniffing troll. LOL!

              It’s a very thin line between being perceived as a crazy ‘tard and a crazy-like-a-fox ‘tard. As a mama bear, it is my job to provide roots, berries, grubs, and the occasional brisk smack upside the head, which I will now gently do by pointing out that if one feels the need to post the same basic message under multiple identies….it gets a little boring for the rest of us. And when one posts under one identity and responds to oneself under another identity, that’s just the crazy ‘tard side of the house. More fox, please.

          • @Old Coach-

            me thinks you have given up your true Zio-dentity:

            Definition: BLATHERSKITE
            A blatherskite may either be noisy talker of blatant rubbish or the foolish talk or nonsense that such a person spouts. It’s actually a Scots word, really a pair of words, known from the seventeenth century on. These days, though, it’s more American than either British or Scots.

      45. You one year early on these predictions !

      46. Everything in this article sounded right on until the Dec. 21st 2012 hype. It is this kind of superstition and urban legend crap that can discredit an entire article.
        I just hope the majority of us are not reading and blogging the same predictions 10 years from now.

      47. Hey Mac,

        Check this out:


        This is an interview at the Iowa caucus headquarters of Ron Paul. A military man is stating why he chose to vote for Paul when there were suddenly “technical difficulties” and the feed was broken. It happens after the two minute mark.

        • CG…I saw that. How strange is that? “Sorry we lost that feed”.To their credit, after the “official results” were in,they did show Paul’s headquarter speech and RP brought out the same soldier to speak. CNN did let that run in it’s entirety.

          • key word here folks “AFTER”!

            JRS … come clean … yur a nwo.cia.debt.slave.fed Troll?

            all yur’ posts are nwo co-intel after the original post bullshit!

            I just read every single one of yurs and they are slyly undermining the original posters message!

            your like a mutt running around to everyones post here jamming yur nose in everyones ass crack smelling deep the pungeant odor!

            yur’ a fed.gov dick!

            do you have any original thoughts troll! or are ya just happy bein’ a irs.debt.slave to the nwo.zionist.jews!

      48. (Oklahoma- 2599 AD)

        Archaelogists today unearthed an enormous find believed to be related to the ancient Uh-merikan civilization. The team, led by Dr. Osyrus Okie(Dr. O) of the University of All That is Relevant(UATR), described the find as a ‘major freakin’ discovery.’
        Among the items found, was an ancient copper kettle, probably used to distill water, and several feet of copper tubing. Apparently, the early Uh-merikans piped the water directly into their homes.
        The homes themselves are another matter of debate. The remnants of one such dwelling, located at the site just north of the Rio de Rojo, has been discovered with some sort of wheels still intact and made onto the bottom of the home. Why the ancient tribes did this is a mystery, according to Dr O, who said “Danged if I know why they did that. Just stupid I guess. I mean, what’s the purpose of wheels on a house?”
        Other bizarre objects found by the UATR team, include a rusted carraige with several emblems attached which were obviously dedicated to ‘Ford’, a prominent god or goddess of the old mystery religions. Ford may have been the goddess of transportation in the Uh-merikan culture.
        Also found was an early war club from the ‘Louisville Slugger’ tribe; ceremonial plates, probably only eaten off of during the NASCAR festival; and stacks of thin paper cards, most likely used to play a card game called “powerball.”
        The two-week dig has finished for the season. Dr. O and his university team will return to the site following their federally mandated 50 week paid vacation…
        In other news, University of All That is Relevant president Mikaela Johnson-Garcia-Smythe-Peppington, says that the schools Head Money Counter Person will seek additional government funding of 960 Quadrillion ameros to keep the university open for the coming year…

        • Didn’t they find a book about getting a tan? I think it was called “Popcorn Sutton’s Guide to Moonshine”

          • I’ll be making some shine come spring….if the revenue man asks its sunshine….;-)

      49. “Enjoy your life and the time you spend with your family, do all of those things you’ve always wanted to do, and leave the rest to God.”

        Thank you Mac you truly are a wise man. As a human I pray for us all…now let’s roll.

      50. It goes down this year i hope everybody is ready,

      51. Great article, if anyone needs help prepping for said possible events mentioned above please visit the website listed http://www.ineed2prepare.com/

        We also provide seminar/trainings on how to prepare for disasters, unexepted events. We provide you with the information needed to survive. Training currently aviable in Central Arkansas and coming soon to the greater south west.

        Feel free to contact us for more information…

        Best of luck to all in the upcoming year!!!

        • Prepp Consultant,

          Rant on…. Look around pal does it look like anybody in needs or for that matter wants a consultant. You know guyes like you just piss me off you search out sites like this to sell your services. Why don’t you do it like the rest of us salepeople do and go out and canvass a neighborhood, try knocking on some doors, but then again that might cause you to get know people and that would real hurt your cause. Here is a thought, Why don’t you go sell you consulting firm to the rich and shameless, I sure they will pay a big f–kin price for your sevices that can be found by studying alittle…..


          • @dps , ;0) nice… You Go Gurl… ;0) lmao ROMPERSTOMPER Time Bro! ;0) Tell Em’ who’s ClubHouse this is…

            (just kidding dude pls don’t kick my ass) ;0)

            • Nino, or Poobear or Johnny

              LOL. I mean really, that guy is some yuppie that rounded up a bunch of material and decided to sell it to the choir. You just can’t fix stupid. If he wants to advertize here get a hold of Mac and buy a spot.


        • Prep Consultant….check out this link, it will help you considerably round here.


        • Prepp Consultant,
          You have inspired me,


          Due to the need of the yuppies we have decided to offer a school to learn about surviving the coming downfall of mankind
          Courses available
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          Basic gardening offered by Daisy
          Requirements- Must be able to dig a hole in the dirt
          Cost- 3 new mossberg shot guns and 1000 rnds of ammo for each

          Basic alternative fuels offered by Terry W. Reed
          Requirements- Must be able to weld- See Smokinokie for additional info
          Cost- 21 gold bars and 14 cases of 9mm ammo

          Basic Finances
          Offered by Durango Kidd
          Requirement- Must be able to add and subtract
          Cost- 100 precious metal silver bars

          Basic Firearms
          Offered by Net Ranger
          Requirements- Must bring your own Red Ryder and sign a waiver in case you shot your eye out.
          Cost-25 lbs of gunpowder

          Basic Politics
          Offered by Ninorket
          Must be able to curse with out cussing
          Cost- 2000 rnds 45-70 ammo

          Basic Survival consulting
          Offered by DPS
          Requirements- Must be able to spam at 30 post per hour
          Cost whatever you have left after taking all the other courses

          More course to offered after Dec 21, 2012
          Donation are accepted for the school
          Make payments to

          • That’s awesome, DPS!!! You just made my day!

            • Mine too!!!!! I didn’t know he had it in him !!!

          • @dps YOU dude ROCK! ;0) GREAT POST! SIMPLY AWESOME! If you EVER need a Battle Buddy! You call me… I’ll cover your six any day!

            • Gotta have a little fun in life.

          • Hey DPS I’ll sign up as an instructor….the class I can teach is “how to hide things so good you’ll never find them again”.
            Cost…if you can find them for me I’ll share 50/50 🙂

            • RWS
              Yep I hear that brother and the old saying “Its always in the last place you look” I say well duhhhhh its because I quit looking for it after I find it.LOL

              There’s my own sign,

            • DPS,

              Ya know I never heard that saying, but it sure does make sense. Just the other day I couldn’t find my sunglasses, checked the drawer I usually keep them in, not there. Checked the other drawer I sometimes put them in, not there, checked my truck, every other drawer in my house, every pocket in every jacket, hell I even checked the fridge. I finally stopped looking when I found they were on my head the whole time.

          • Where do I sign? I might take the classes now, then again in a month for a refresher course. any easy payment plans? first time buyer program?

            • Jm in denver,
              I wondered how many people clicked on that link… LMFAO

      52. See far below for FREE OFFER for my prepping peeps.

        I was driving in to work this morning at 5:30 am, wearing not my tin hat but my “copper” hat…lol…
        Listening to old Steely Dan…

        “Patience of the Law, luckless pedestrians, I know your out there, with rays in your eyes and your megaphones”

        Quite in line with the prophecy’s of the day.

        Here is what we are doing for 2012, same thing we did in 2011, except more, I’m working two jobs, one for the system (can’t wait to quit it) one for my fellow prepared peeps. Just laid in the base stock for dealing with emergency trauma cases, from bandaids to cutlery. From butterfly clips to hemoclot. Need to keep on stocking. I’ll be pickling more eggs, I planted my sugarcane and will be planting enough crop to yield at least 1000 pounds of potatos or more. Fuel Feedstock. As soon as the coldweather veggies come in, will be canning those. Jerking more meat. Making two smokehouses and the beginnings of a “Summer Kitchen”. Submitting my Small Alcohol Fuel Producers Permit Application. At the moment I’m working on Four towers for peeps, please see latest pictures added to our website http://www.lnlprotekt.com for an update for the four in various stages of completion. I’ll be delivering on two very soon. Have design in my head for the Mole Sieve, it will capture the waste heat of the distillation process to regenerate the mole sieve material….hey, waste not, want not…have not tested mole sieve material yet as I need my permit approved. Oh, wait, I just thoght of a way I can legitametely test it using Brand name Everclear…lol…I’ll let you know how that works out.
        My wife and daughter received (Christmas) one box each of 22 lr CCI Stingers, 22 mag CCI maxi mag, box of pistol ammo, 9mm for daughter, 357 mag for wife, .223 100 round pack and each got a box of .17 HMR.
        My daughter received a 9mm semi, her first pistol. We will be shooting/practicing quite a bit this year, normal for us, but we were slighted this last year.
        Making a video of Fractionating Reflux column assembly, operation, cleaning etc…showing production of fuel HOW EASY IT IS and to provide safety information as well. I’ll have to get my permit before hand, this is what we will be waiting on.
        Dam up a dry wash and seep/spring. Clean out a hand dug well. Install hand pump on drilled well. Transfer well worked compost to new location for continance of compost production.

        Opsec: building new computer w/combo surveilance security, card video encoder, satellite and Cell hook-up, day/night cameras and perimeter security. Faraday protected and armored, I’ll be building this machine from scratch, hello newegg!

        Root cellar? IF I have the time.

        Putting up dry goods, always.

        Happy New Year all!
        Terry W. Reed

        FREE Limited offer, anyone contacting me through our website site email this week only, WILL RECEIVE ONE PACKAGE OF 3 Large “Wolf/Lion” Snares and 3 Medium “Racoon/Coyote/Cat” Mammal Snares. You must contact me through our website email and this is a limited offer this week only, starting today and ending at midnight January 14th…must have give name and mailing address, no other information needed, must be 18 years or older. Any use of said offer is completely at the risk and legal obligation of end user.

        • Terry,

          Sounds like you had a good Christmas Terry. The rant above does not by any means go out to you sir. Yes you do offer a product(BTW a kickass product) but you share with the family so much more you share your experience as well as whets is happening in your life. So keep up the good work brother. And BTW what 9mm did you get for your daughter?


        • thank you terry and family… for the snares. ;0)

      53. I don’t buy the Mayan bullshit. However, I do believe that the human race is doing a superb job of eradicating itself from the face of the Earth!!

      54. on Drudge Report this morning…

        USA Closes 2011 With Record $15.22 Trillion In Debt, Officially At 100.3% Debt/GDP…

        No need to worry. The economy is in fine shape and our leaders are very fiscally responsible.

        This should be a wake up call to everyone.

      55. Another piece of the 2012 NDAA that seems to have gone unnoticed is the elevation of the National Guard Bureau Chief to Joints Chief of Staff status. This change fully incorporates the National Guard into all military decisions and operations. If not to control the National Guard and to use it domestically AGAINST the peopple, why else make this change to the law? Here is the relevant calculation: ORCHESTRATED financial collapse + FEMA Camps + NDAA provision on indefinite detention + NDAA elevation of the National Guard Bureau Chief + the possibility that the Supreme Court will find Obamacare’s individual mandate Constitutional = a Totalitarian State.

      56. This is definitely not the time (yet) for PM acquisitions. I’ve been preaching and pleading for the saving of crisp new uncirculated federal reserve ten dollar bills for over a year.

        So far I am right. With the predictable leverage removed from PM’s because of foreign bond market collapses and foreign purchasing of u s treasury notes and bonds PM’s are crashing and the (relative) value of u s currency is increasing.

        The time for PM is yet to come and when it arrives the ten dollar notes will be much more valuable than they are now………….

        • Someday you will be called a great hero!

          • ms.daisy: You’re going to teach me to read, then?

            tekroanin: Aye, if you’d like.

            ms.daisy: Aye!

            tekroanin: In what language?

            ms.daisy: Ah, you’re showing off now.

            tekroanin: That’s right. Are you impressed yet?

            ms.daisy: No. Why? Should I be?

            tekroanin: Oui. Parce que chaque jour j’ai pensé à toi.
            [Yes. Because every single day I’ve thought about you]

            ms.daisy: [hesitates, impressed despite herself, then smiles] Do that standing on your head and I’ll be impressed.

            tekroanin: Well, my kilt will fly up, but I’ll try.
            ‘0) wink’

            ;0P slurp

            • C’est si doux. 😉

        • Pretty soon, you can tape them all together, end to end, and roll them up around a cardboard tube…

      57. @All SHTFPlan Preppers… pls keep in mind – the u.s. nwo.zionist.jew.cia puppet fed.gov is not only under the control of the nwo.zionist.jews.aipac.splc , but also a very politically strong nwo.zionist.christian.fundalmentalist.group mixed with nwo.zionist.radicalized.gays.lesbians , they troll here daily… tis’ a fact! not to forget the many ignorant phat.wallmart.flouridated.corn syrup fed.americans living in fux.abc.cbs.cnn.nbc.msm zionist.jew owned news denial and inbred ignorance.

        All roads financially lead back too israel and the family rothschilds.bank.of.england…

        expect them too mess with us SHTFPlan.Preppers.in.our.clubhouse here… ;0) they enjoy poking their prey with a sharp stick too watch us squirm… gives em’ a sense of power over us all… surf with your steel mental constitution in place and expect to be play’d… be safe all… See You ALL on the Line! ~tekroanin.ninaorket~

        • Oh Nina, you crack me up. You are one of the few who’s presence here is noted by the content of your posts and not by your screen name. I applaud you for that and can’t wait to see what name you choose next!

          • @crazy talk… ;0( i’m hiding from da’ feds… ssshhhh… they keep attacking me puter’s… so I can’t post online… sheeeeeeesssh! can’t ya keep a secret? ;0) now i gotta get ANOTHER name… crap!

            I’m runnin’ outta names… ;0P pssszzt

      58. Off topic:

        I’d like to remind everyone to email your state representatives regarding your feelings on the SOPA bill before the upcoming vote. Also, remember the power of letters to the editor of your local papers and good old fashioned petitions.

        Let your reps know that you are a constituent and will be watching how they vote on this matter!

        Don’t let the internet go the way of the NDAA!

        • No can do Daisy….My state reps have me on the ignore list. Seems I have bugged them to many times in the past.

          Hell they don’t even mail me campaign flyers anymore….seems they don’t like having them mailed back along with a pink slip.

          • likewise…I got tired every day emailing McConnell..

            YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

            esp. since his staffers just deleted.

            • Both of those are funny!

      59. Over on ZH they have released a story that cites CITIBANK as predicting the bottom of the gold market, essentially now, and anticipating $2400 in 2012.

      60. nwo willard mitt romney: Lands, titles, men, power, nothing.
        nwo mitt’s Father newt gingrinch: Nothing?
        nwo willard mitt romney: I have nothing. Men fight for me because if they do not, I throw them off my land and I starve their wives and their children. Those men who bled the ground red at Falkirk, they fought for Dr. RON PAUL, and he fights for something that I never had. And I took it from him, when I betrayed him. I saw it in his face on the battlefield and it’s tearing me apart.
        nwo mitts Father newt gingrinch: All men betray. All lose heart.
        nwo willard mitt romney: I don’t wanna lose heart. I wanna believe as Dr. RON PAUL does.

        RON PAUL 2012 – He’s the REAL DEAL, there is no substitute!

      61. Hey Mushie Your strategy could very well work out, there could be substancial take down yet to come…and then it is time to back up the truck if there is pyhsical available…who knows. I’ve been in it since $300 G & $5 S so i’ll just ride it out. Good luck to you at SLI Cherrio!!

      62. I predict, I predict hanky panky! On a large scale.

      63. Of course you have to include the Mayans predictions in this article, it’s totally relevant.
        Has anyone considered that maybe the government is going to take advantage of the hype & cause something to happen on that date? UFO invasion could be faked by the government, or an EMP attack could be passed off as a solar flare.
        Go ahead, boo & hiss, it’s just a thought.

        • With the existence of HAARP, the development of Project Blue Beam, and the well known history of homegrown false-flags, all of the above are possibilities… I’m not saying they are probable, but the technology exists and it’s been developed for something…

      64. Allright, I’ve had it !!!!
        I’m going to bring in the firewood and then I’m canning butter………….clear my mind……KEEP PREPPIN’

        • ha ha ha ha lmao ;0) awesome simply awesome… maddening to know this is truly our reality… that others nwo.zionist’s are intentionally with out our permission tearing the world DOWN around our heads intentionally … ALL FOR PERSONAL POWER AND SIMPLE GREED!

          arm up stock up prepare for civil war…

      65. The 2nd Amendment is still alive in Oklahoma! Just imagine- an 18 yr old mom, 2 month old baby, just a few days after her husbands funeral. Two guys are trying to break down her door. She calls 911, she’s not hysterical, but she has a question-“Can I shoot them?” Not that I’d advise even taking the time to call in such a situation, but she did the best she knew how. And the 911 operator told her “You do what you have to, to protect your child.”
        End result, 1 dead intruder, 1 fleeing intruder, 1 safe mom and 1 unharmed baby! Simply awesome!
        Just google(or whatever) “young mom shoots intruder” for several links to the story.

        • and that article says that she was on the phone with 911
          for 21 minutes !!!
          like they say,”when seconds count,the police are only minutes away”
          good thing she could defend herself

        • But think about that poor person who was killed. All this might have been avoided if she had just talked things out with the intruders, maybe issued sanctions against them. Why did she have to resort to violence????

        • Good woman. In the same situation I would have to shout bang and hope it scared them away.

          I would wish said young lady all the best for the future.

          Take care x

          • I feel your pain!

            Swords, machetes and assorted alarming blades, Carolie!

        • Smokin,

          I read that too this morning, I think in the coming months we be seeing alot more stories like that one.


        • When they entered her home it might have been theft on their mind. When they entered her bedroom it was rape and possibly murder.

          That was one ultra clean use of deadly force.

      66. Hey Mac,
        Just remember Winston Churchill, probably the most famous “tinfoil hat” gentleman of modern times. He spoke for years about the perils surrounding the rise of Nazi Germany and the awful consequences the world would face. Not many listened and he was laughed at, scorned and ignored. And he pretty much got the whole thing right. Hard times, changing times, are coming and those of us who genuinely believe it know not just because of the news or financial reports, but because our hearts, souls or instincts – whatever you want to call it – tell us it is so. Thanks for this site – a great comfort.

      67. “The Almighty says this must be a fashionable Website SHTFPlan.com too fight the NWO! It’s drawn the finest people!”

        • “God tells me he can get me out of this, but he’s pretty sure you’re f***ed.”

          • Daisy,
            You know Mom said to not talk like that.. 😉

            • It wasn’t me…it was Stephen.

      68. Montana FREEMEN to the NWO.Zionist.Jew.Banker.Feds:

        “Lower your flags and march straight back to the Rothschilds Bank of England, stopping at every home you pass by to beg forgiveness for a hundred years of theft, rape, and murder. Do that and your men shall live. Do it not, and every one of you will die today!”


      69. Message from the Montana FreeMen to illegal.CIA.zionist.puppet.prez obsama obama: “You tell your Banker king Evelyn de Rothschild that the American FREEMEN will *not* be ruled… and nor will any FREE AMERICAN by Global bilder.boy.bugger nwo.zionists while I and the FREEMEN live!”

      70. Totally off topic but I need to share

        I’VE GOT A jOB

        Yesyesyesyesyesyes. Whey hey, off benefits, back in the workplace.Yesyesyesyesyes

        Thank you Lord

        Take care x

        • @carolie.uk ;0) congrats mi’lady… positive thinkin’ does wonders!

          GREAT POSTS! ;0) thank you sincerely… just adds more pieces to the puzzle! Of how it All is controlled and manipulated to the Top!

          Best Wishes to you on your great new job! ;0)

          • I a soooooo excited

          • psst…johney p….you have mail!

        • That’s awesome, Carolie! Congratulations!

          • Thanks Daisy. Got a bit distracted there, what were we talking about? Lol
            Oh yes, I remember lol

            Take care x

        • Very happy to hear that Carolie 🙂

        • Congrats Carolie..

          Do well.. whether the boss is watching or not.. do your best always.

          • Thanks Sam.

            In the medical professions you have to do your best. Tippex does not work, mistakes are buried rather than erased.

            Take care x

      71. Military will defect en masse if riots sweep America as a whole or large areas of it. Soldiers will run off with their M16s to go home to protect their own families or houses (or even to join in uprisings).
        Just like Egypt, Syria, Libya.

        • I think you might be right. just look at human nature. How long will a soldier stationed in the US stay on his post, if he knows his family is in danger?? I would protect my family, and worry about the consequences later. You only have one family. The same idea applies to local cops. How long will they stay on duty is their house is about to be overtaken with looters?? Human nature rules every time.

        • I hope you are right.

          But, is this the reason the US Military’s real core is being stuck in the mid-east? Being set up because they would not simply roll over our own people?

      72. Whew! Nice to know there will still be an Oklahoma in 2599!

      73. RWS thank you so much. It will be great to be back in the saddle as it were. Can’t work with real patients anymore, bones aren’t strong enough for it but teaching the skills to others will be satisfying. One strange thing though, I am not the only “oldie” who has been invited back, there are five of us we know of so far, all of us trained together and were at the top of our field when for whatever reason we quit. It seems they are stepping up training, running all of the courses at just 4 centres around the country.Altogether there will be over 200 instructors getting people ready for their ATLS (advanced trauma life support) exams. This is not a course for lay-people, it is very intensive and is aimed at doctors, particularly those who work in the teams that run the major incident/major catastrophe response squads.

        The course lasts a week and there are about twenty candidates in each group, that is one hell of a lot of people getting trained in the next few months.

        Maybe I am seeing ghosts where there are none….we shall see.

        Take care x

        • @Carolie.uk they a preparing you for W A R! WAR! Think of it like chess… you first plan the attack out in your mind… setup up your pawns, knights, castles and bishops… the go for the kill! Check! CHECK MATE! ;0P

          Obviously the Country of England is, as the Facist.Feds here in Amerika getting all their lil’ duckies in a row for a lil’ world war all countries invited… pls RVSP!

          Do be careful… and learn where the nearest shelters are and maybe buy gas masks for your daughter and yourself!

          Think Safe Escape routes from everywhere and have alternative safe points to go too!

          It’s more important you and your daughter are safe, then work!

          Cheers ;0) lol wow… this is gonna be a crazy year!

          • At least there are now two of us that think this is in preparation for a major event. Two of the other oldies are convinced it is about the Olympics…bloody idiots.

            On the bright side, access to the basements of hospitals yield some wonderful finds, nothing wrong with it just been replaced by better kit, the medical physics guys can’t wait to get rid of it. I actually brought an anaesthetic machine home a few years back, they wheeled it to a van and loaded it for me, still doing good service somewhere in west Africa last I heard, took a while to find a carrier that would take it for free though.

            Sadly full biohazard suits are rarely in the basement so unless a couple leap of their own accord into the boot of the car I may have to go to army surplus for gas masks.

            I am listening to what you are saying, all advice gratefully taken on board.

            My medical kit is outstanding and I can use it effectively so at least I have got that covered.

            Take care x

        • Carolie,

          I to find teaching what I know as rewarding as applying it, maybe more. Really glad to hear your working again, I know how crappy it is to be without work, as I am currently in that boat again. But like you I haven’t given up, and I will find something hopefully soon, and look forward to stating it here as you did.
          You have a very valuable skill in doing what you do in stable or somewhat stable times, you will be absolutely invaluable when SHTF.

          Oh by the way if you could, tell the queen I’m still pissed about and want my money back from the two speeding tickets I got in Windermere….she has no Idea how stressful it is for us yanks driving in England.

          • I’ll contact Buck house right away RWS. Mind you I have o say at least our traffic lights give an Amber warning to tell you to get ready to stop or go. I was the most unpopular driver in New York not moving, or worse not stopping quickly enough. Red green red green what’s wrong with orange it’s a nice cheerful colour lol.

            Windermere is so beautiful isn’t it?

            This job thing is odd, loads of life experience loads bits of paper but it seems to count or nothing right now. I am sure someone will spot your talents soon.

            I have applied for anything and everything but nothing came of it, then out of the blue, they call me, life can be most odd at times. Still, it will refresh my skills and give me an opportunity to see what is going on at the medical planning level. I will, if you wish, pass on anything I find out.

            Take care x

            • I definitely hope you will keep us posted, Carolie. I went nearly a year unemployed at one point….it’s such a relief to get employment after a long time – like a weight off your shoulders!

            • Wasn’t at a light, got snapped twice by photo radar….it would only have been once but I was lost and going in circles.

              Yes, all of what I have seen of England is beautiful, had incredibly good times on both trips over, er well except for driving the country roads,by the end of the day I was like give me an ale and leave me the hell alone…I’m gonna get pissed.

              Got two flat tyres in one day on those damn crazy country roads as well…one cause some bloody bloke in a lorry run me off the road, the other time cause I pulled an American and found myself on the wrong side of the road and when I whipped it back over I hit a sharp rock on the edge of the road and blew out the spare.

              That left us stranded for the night in a little town, don’t recall the name in the Yorkshire dells area….just remember it wasn’t to far from Grassington.

              Had a hell of a good time at the pub with two young lads, not sure but I think we were the first Americans they ever met.

              Good times indeed…would love to visit again, to bad the whole SHTF issue will most likely rule that out, at least anytime soon.

              Again good luck with the new job, Carolie.

      74. Look at the courage of those young men and women in that video. Running back and picking up their friend when they were being shot at by cowards.

        We could only hope to have that much bravery in the face of such oppression.

      75. I keep in touch with the younger generation, and there is going to be some seriously disappointed young Americans when the lights literally go out. I also think the American people will hold their own in a battle against both the barbarians and the traitors. Eternal vigilance will make a comeback.

      76. Know it sounds crazy.But you think we are being feed well ,Bulls**t?Point out a lot of crazy made for T.V. plot’s.When will the carpet be pulled from under us?I think all is well and I’ll keep believing the dream.Oh wait I am dreaming.Need to find clean water need to store food.Ammo ammo everywhere.Just taking one day at a time.

      77. Where has this site been all of my (prep’ing) life?! I think I bumped into shtfplan early on, but I was looking for how-to’s at that time, not news/commentary. This looks like my kind of place, now.

        These tin-foil hat predictions match mine, almost verbatim. And my predictions always bring me the tin-foil stares of those with whom I share them. 😉 Excellent work, Mac. I will need to reread this several times.

        If I could be so bold, I would like to amend a few of the predictions. No’s 2 & 3, the dollar strengthening and stocks and gold dropping; This makes sense if the Euro crash is somewhat isolated or slow. I agree that the “flight to safety” will be the USD and TSY’s. They will probably be the last bubbles to burst (no. 7). But in our globally intertwine financial system, as European banks and sovereigns collapse, US institutions may not be far behind. I think prediction no. 7 could come more quickly than we anticipate.

        I might throw in some hyperinflation, as countries print to replace lost tax revenues and non-existent bond markets…

        Which leads to my other prediction, not listed; As confidence in all currencies and sovereign bonds is lost, where will people turn for “safety”? I think they will turn to gold and silver. This will be the biggest, baddest bubble ever. The gold rush will be fueled by fear of all collapsing around us, and greed to get on the band wagon.

        I’ve made shtfplan one of the permanent tabs in my browser. I look forward to reading more excellent articles.

        • Welcome S2man! Thank you for visiting and contributing your views!


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