“Zero References” to Wall Street Reform at GOP Debate As Candidates Talk Fantasy Football Instead

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts | 50 comments

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    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg website.

    Editor’s Comment: As Mark Twain said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” Politics is just entertainment to distract from the fact that Americans have been disenfranchised, and that their vote is powerless to change things.

    Candidates obviously don’t keep their political promises, but if they aren’t even bothering to make them in the first place, and sell voters on the idea that they might address big problems – like the dismal job opportunities and crumbling economy – than there is even less hope of the problem being fixed. Just keep shopping, and carry on…

    The American Banana Republic – GOP Debate Spent More Time Discussing Fantasy Sports than Wall Street Reform

    by Michael Krieger

    Fortunately for me, I don’t have cable so watching last night’s Republican debate was not even an option, despite the fact that the clownish spectacle was held right in my backyard of Boulder, Colorado. All indications are that I missed absolutely nothing of significance, which is far from surprising.

    However, one thing that I found interesting based on the post debate commentary of those who had the painful experience of watching it, was the fact that more time was spent discussing fantasy sports regulation, than Wall Street reform.

    As the New York Times notes:

    It’s easy to miss things when watching long, crowded presidential debates like the CNBC event on Wednesday night. So it can be good to go back to the transcript the next morning to verify one’s recollections.

    I looked for the discussion of how to regulate the financial sector that I must have somehow missed. I searched for “Too big to fail” and turned up one fleeting reference by Ben Carson. There were zero references to “Glass-Steagall,” the Depression-era banking law discussed extensively in the Democratic debate earlier in the month, or “Dodd-Frank,” the 2010 law meant to rein in risks in the financial sector.

    The transcript also revealed that I was not hallucinating when I saw a reasonably detailed discussion of whether the government should regulate “daily fantasy sports” sites — and learned that Jeb Bush’s fantasy football team is undefeated and is anchored by the Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

    And you wonder why the country is circling the toilet bowl.

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    In Liberty,
    Michael Krieger


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      1. “Wall Street reform” will take care of itself with conservatives in charge.
        Vote conservative or shut the hell up.

        • VIC – what is it that you don’t understand? This statement from Mark Twain is absolutely correct –

          As Mark Twain said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” Politics is just entertainment to distract from the fact that Americans have been disenfranchised, and that their vote is powerless to change things.

          Oh … and then the Editor had the decency to add this into his notes as well –

          Candidates obviously don’t keep their political promises, but if they aren’t even bothering to make them in the first place, and sell voters on the idea that they might address big problems – like the dismal job opportunities and crumbling economy – than there is even less hope of the problem being fixed. Just keep shopping, and carry on…

          If you are unable to comprehend what has been written, then I’m sorry to say. You are no different than the rest of the Sheep in this country.

          Thinking that some Night in shining armor – sitting on top of his majestic white steed – riding fast into Washington D.C. is going to save the fucking day – is complete and utter lunacy.

          The time to start facing reality is now, and put away any kind of false hope and promises that will never come into fruition.

          • Who said anything about “Republican”? I said “conservative”.
            Vote the most conservative candidate. At least vote against liberalism, which is killing us.

          • What do you not understand? We’re getting our asses kicked by the liberals.
            Either start shooting or vote – just do something!

            • “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out… without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.”
              H. L. Mencken

          • FTW-
            Impressive use of BOLD letters! They give your post a certain penache’, I must say…
            So I should not vote, just sit at home and smoke chronic, eh?
            Your moniker says it all-
            (I was hoping you’d let us all know when the Libertarian debate was going to be broadcast… oh wait… never mind.)

            • STFU.. My reply to your post is to use your own screen name.

            • He only ever STFU when sucking on an egg.

        • I can’t vote conservative if there are no conservatives on the ballot. If any of the Republican candidates are conservative (which I doubt any of them are), they will absolutely not be on the primary ballot in NC.

          • Who said anything about “Republican”? I said “conservative”.
            Vote the most conservative candidate. At least vote against liberalism, which is killing us.

            • Show me either one liberal, libertarian or as you called ” conservative” who is not owned by the corporate fascist state and the zionist banksters and I’ll vote for them including Mickey Mouse.

              Look at their faces in the above picture……Have you vomit yet?

              Now think about the face of satan named Hillary…….Have you vomit yet?

              This is what we are given by the Banking Cartel and the Masters in London, Tel Aviv and NY.

              • What do faces have to do with anything?
                Nothing at all.

                • Vic…..?????????

            • Vic, I’ll say it again slowly.

              I can’t vote
              for a conservative
              if there isn’t one
              on the ballot.

              Was Romney conservative? Was McCain conservative? How about Obama or Jesse Jackson? Bush was a lesser of two evils, but how did that turn out? Also, there was no other choice on the primary ballot in NC.

              The last conservative I was able to vote for in any race was Jesse Helms. He stated his conservative views on television (WRAL Raleigh) for a number of years and said what he would do if he were in Congress. He got elected and did exactly what he said he would do. When has any other politician kept his conservative promises throughout his entire career?

              • Archivist, I’ll say it again slowly –
                This country is getting its ass kicked by liberalism.
                No candidate is perfect.
                If you can’t vote for someone, you should vote against the most liberal candidate.

                The best imperfect candidate is Ted Cruz, and don’t give me the same old shit about his wife. He’s running, not her.

                If you’re waiting for the perfect candidate before you vote, you’re just giving the country to the liberals.

          • Vote for the candidate that will take the federal government out the most!

        • LOL!!!
          I needed a good laugh

        • I wish it were as simple as that.
          The problem is that the financial elite & Central Banking are so embedded in our society that it is not possible to quickly get rid of the 1% without harming the American people!The Central Banking System,as well as the whole elite financial sector are like a cancer that has metastasized inside of America’s body.It can be killed with enough radiation & chemo.the big problem is that these therapies will also kill the patient!

        • All politicians are nothing but bought and paid for, filthy, sleazy, diseased ridden homos who like to have sex with underage boys. I think some of these Russian girls posing for the dating ads might do a better job of balancing the budget rather than the current crop of criminals who currently hold seats in the Congress and Senate. As well as the filth who hold lifetime positions it the Supreme Court.
          Time to do some serious house cleaning……
          “Bruno- machine guns.”
          “Yes, my general.”
          The continuous sound of clattering machine guns…. the sound of the people’s justice is being carried out.
          When you stop for a minute and think about it-
          Politicians, bankers, lawyers, and corporate slime are to blame for everything.

      2. That’s why the establishment’s election choice’s are Jeb! vs Hillary. The Bush-Clinton Crime Cabals are the only acceptable option. Jeb! is trying to shit his way back to the top of the GOP freak show, bringing out bro Shrub like that will help. I noticed Shrub had secret service guards surrounding him with heavily built tinted window cars visible. Shrub, the burnt out brain dead asshole who can’t put two words together that make sense, he could of been the king of saudi arabia with that protective entourage. Jeb! another creepy beyond belief obnoxious criminal lying bastard blowhard. Both GUILTY of TREASON. Him and her Clinton. DITTO. They all deserve to reap what they have sown. It needs to be called for from every rooftop, and that’s just the start of the long line of the perps who need justice served.

        • I for see the same result as finalist.

          Vote for:

          Jeb Bush – Turd Sandwich

          Hillary Clinton – Giant Douche

          The Bush/Clinton Dynasty continues, all other Candidates are a distraction.

          This is the Best that America has to offer, enjoy the festivities Voters!

        • Their just like grandpa Prescott Bush who made the family fortune working in finance for the Nazi’s!

      3. With title of this article I wonder if they even saw the debate!

        It was a MSM libtard that ask the question about football. The GOP fired back and asked why they weren’t asking question that mattered!

        As far as taking care of the problem with wall street. The question was never asked or brought up. So how can you answer a question that wasn’t asked?


        • I was wondering if anyone noticed that.

        • Glad to see someone beat me to the punch. The article’s author admitted he hadn’t watched the debate, but that didn’t stop him writing from a standpoint of ignorance.

          • Question is, Mac, why put this up?

        • It’s one of those questions that are not supposed to be spoken of in front of the public!It’s about people who are not even supposed to exist as far as the general public is concerned.
          No career politician would dream of bringing up the subject while speaking to us peasants.
          The old line I used to hear when I was growing up,mom would say to dad that “serious business should not be spoken of in front of the kids”.”Tell me what you think after the children are in bed & we are alone”.

        • I’ve been scrolling down to make just this comment. Apparently you and I are the only ones who actually WATCHED the debate. The author, and up to you, the other comments are just hot air. I was very impressed with several candidates. Christie, of all people was the candidate with the fantasy football question and his scathing response was absolutely perfect. Cruz’s response to another inane question was exactly what most folks here CLAIM they want to hear from politicians, but somehow COMPLETELY IGNORED THIS…..other than make comments proving complete ignorance of the actual debate they’re commenting on.

        • Exactly, Sgt.

      4. There ain’t no rest for the wicked.

        h ttps://youtu.be/wBgp5aDH23g

      5. This “clown” does not have cable, and thinks the candidates’ talked fantasy football, are you kidding me. This “socialist idiot”, apparently is a Democrat spook. If he thinks that is what happened, hey, I have a boat ticket for him to the Syrian coast, it is his, only thing he has to stay with his fantasy, head cutups permanently. This is leftist media type at his worst, WOW, what an ASSHOLE!

      6. I watched the debate. This article is misleading. The debate moderaters showered their extreme liberal bias and Ted Cru, publicly spanked their ass for it .As far as the question on fantasy football, Jeb Bush showed he a an idiot and Chris Christie spanked their ass again. Folks say Rubio won the debate, but I don’t trust him .I’m loving Ted Cruz and his tenth amendment stance .He showed true, no bullshit leadership in the middle of a clown circus (the moderators, Jeb and kasich) . If true conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists stay home on election day we are fucked. We (USA) will not survive another 4 years of lib policies. Ted Cruz is anti establishment .His record of fighting the establishment backs his words . Brietbart has a really good transcript of the assinine Shit asked by moderators . I know how you all feel about voting. But the freeloaders turn out in force . Don’t continue to be their slaves .

      7. In this case I cannot blame the GOP when CNBC was the one asking the ridiculous questions. Of course if you quote the NY Times,and you may as well quote the psychiatric ward, the GOP is responsible every chaos as often as MacDonalds makes a hamburger. If you watch the debate,( I cant believe you would report and criticize it without watching) you will find that the candidates tried to force CNBC into subjects more substantive but to no avail. Today, CNBC and NBC was told by the GOP they could not host any further debates for their action. What else can the GOP do?

      8. Sports:

        I believe in little league. I believe in Highschool competition. I believe in Olympic competition.

        What I do not believe in is supporting the likes of murders and rapists that we have turned into Demi gods at the expense of our own children. How many of you have children in the major leagues. If you don’t have kids on the field why are you paying to watch. You are an idiot if you support this crap when you should spend the money to buy your kid a ball or a book. And take two hours out of your busy schedule to play and teach at home. Or just go have sex and have more kids since apparently you have money to burn. Have a nice day. Sucker. But I still love you.

      9. “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”
        Mark Twain hit the nail on the head with that one!

      10. When it comes to voting I know that the Billionaires and Trillionaires call the shots. But I still believe in voting. It makes a little difference. George Soros controls one third of the vote so if there is a two third landslide he can not dictate the winner. That’s my take. I am sure others disagree. Remember who benefits if you abstain. So don’t trust advice that maybe intended to discourage patriotic second amendment supporters who love the American people. I may be mistaken from time to time, but I am a really good person overall as I know are most people in America. We deserve better than we get.

        • The problem is getting real facts & being able to understand them with a mind that has been turned into garbage by years spent in the public school system & watching the MSM!
          Our brains have been so confused by the misinformation it has received over the years of indoctrination that it is in need of serious deprogramming
          How can a voter come to the correct conclusions if his/her mind
          is stuffed with misinformation?

      11. I watched the debates and can say it wa a CNBC clusterfuck of great proportions. Anyone want to know why nothing substantive was cover need only listen to Cruz’s castigation of the CNBC trio. This was a ‘gotcha’ evening that turned on the moderators badly. The American public learned nothing form the expertise of ‘nothing’ commentators. It ended up being a total waste of time except showing how useless the mainstream media actually is.

        • “how useless the mainstream media actually is”

          Its very useful, disseminating accurate useful information is not their purpose. Their job, one that they do well enough to be watched by the majority, is to manipulate, and ideally mold public opinion. What’s sad is how shallow and not well thought out the “logic” and “reasons” are that are being sold to the body politic. Whats even sadder is that the public for the most part buys it.

          George Carlin RIP would have had loads of material for decades.

      12. Wow,seems like shit going to hit the fan!Why the fuck didn’t anyone warn me?!

        OK,going out to get some redwings today(the boots,not the act you sick bastards!),finally,a weekend off!I will be working on little projects ect.

        Happy Halloween,am going to a party tonite,be a bit sad as at me friends house who he and wife died,his kid (great guy)going to throw a final bash at the home,the 4th and Halloween parties there were legendary!I went one year as a women,fishnet stockings/mini skirt/half shirt/red leather fringed jacket/snakeskin boots/my long hair done up by a hairdresser friend along with makeup,was a riot and won me costume prize(we won’t get into that!).I could pull this off again,perhaps this time with a box of Wheaties?!Will be fun and will be a lot of young lasses there!The thing I like about college girls,the older I get they stay the same age!Happy Halloween and weekend all!


      14. Don’t believe a word they say.

        You’re not voting but merely giving corporate business the authority to enslave you.

        Politicians are liars.

      15. I forgot about Rubio the stealth candidate. Yet another joke pushed on Florida and now the nation. He is just trying to get his name and face out there for future use. The controllers think he will be a prime candidate in the future elections with his Spanish background. The amount of illegals flooding in will goose his step, so they think. Jeb! is irked with him, thinks he is pulling his support away. He did make a good point noting Rubio is missing most of the Senate votes while pulling in 174 grand as a senator. Rubio is a big farce with substantial big money backing him. “Just say no to Rubio.” Don’t thank me for that most appropriate campaign slogan.

      16. Glad to see so many folks starting with Sgt. Dale and continuing, actually watched the debates and had
        some good thoughtful comments. I was starting to get worried.

      17. The media doesn’t want you to hear what the Repubicans have to say on any issue and demean them in the process. They coddle the Dems in their debate and everything is sweetness and light.

      18. This article’s author was too lazy to watch or stream the debates in the first place. Then he pens an article about how he only read some transcript (most likely only skimmed) and still doesn’t get it or understand what he actually read. What I watched on CNBC was nothing like Krieger describes. The candidates actually castigated the “moderators” for bringing up fantasy football. Only Jeb! Took the bait, the rest called BS on the fantasy football question.

        All in a huff over nothing, a fiction. Only a fool would shout his laziness and ignorance while admitting he didn’t even watch the debate debacle. Go back and watch what especially Rubio and Huckabee had to say about the question during the debates and stop wasting time and bandwidth on misguided criticism

      19. Sarge got it right.

      20. I don’t have cable, either, at the moment, but I managed to watch it online. There’s a great site somewhere in Europe (judging from the .eu ending of the URL), that is airing all of our US debates free. It’s been great.

        A pity the author of this article didn’t do that, and realize that that debate wasn’t the candidates’ fault. They WANTED the same kind of debate the author did. CNBC was the one that was trying so hard to make all of the candidates look idiotic.

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