The Las Vegas Security Guard Credited With Finding Shooter, Mysteriously Vanished Into Thin Air

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts | 39 comments

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    The site of the Route 91 music festival mass shooting is seen outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

    By now, we have all heard of Jesus Campos. He’s the heroic security guard that allegedly located the Las Vegas shooter, Steven Paddock.  But the narrative surrounding him has changed wildly since the authorities mentioned him, and now, he’s mysteriously vanished into thin air.

    Of course, this leads many to believe that Campos didn’t even exist, to begin with.  His mere existence appears to have been fabricated by the very authorities who are cramming lies down our throats about this massacre for the sake of political agendas.

    There are two conflicting timelines of Campos’s injury, but what the media has so far made clear, is that they want the public to believe Campos was walking down the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino’s 32nd floor hallway, when Stephen Paddock spotted him on a camera he’d allegedly set up in a room service cart, just outside his suite.  Once he saw Campos, Paddock reportedly fired nearly 200 rounds through his suite door, wounding Campos in the leg. Moments later (6 minutes actually, according to the newly revised timeline regarding Campos) Paddock allegedly opened fire on a crowd killing more than 50 and injuring nearly 500.

    But Campos has been a mysterious subject since being wounded in the first moments of Paddock’s assault. After speaking to hotel and law enforcement officials, Campos was scheduled to appear on local Las Vegas television for an interview but went missing just moments before he was supposed to be on the air.

    David Hickey, a spokesman for the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA), Campos’s union, said he got a text that Campos had been taken to an urgent care facility, UMC Quick Care. But UMC Quick Care says none of their clinics filled out an intake request for a patient by that name, and Campos has been silent since the text; vanishing into thin air. He also isn’t listed on the registry that shows the names of licensed security guards in Nevada.

    “Right now I’m just concerned where my member is, and what his condition is. It’s highly unusual,” Hickey told media. “I’m hoping everything is OK with him and I’m sure MGM or the union will let (media) know when we hear something,” he said.

    In the meantime, authorities still have not released a conclusive timeline for the shooting they desperately want us to believe was committed by Paddock. And, according to the latest reports, are still looking for a motive for the shooting.


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      1. Looks like this SPCPA spokesman/ international president, is a union thug. Appears he was raided and arrested for embezzlement in 2012. There’s a bizarre article about it that spends a lot of time talking about seized magic tricks.

      2. Security guard was one of the shooters, he was the one who let othe accomplice into the hotel. Camera footage missing, most likely id is an alias. Ties to woman telling people they were all going to die. FBI coverup because its tied to an active op they were running

        • Nailbanger, I’ve seen a report elsewhere about there being a DHS active shooter drill at the same time. Doesn’t seem to be anything that can surprise me anymore. Had to be FBI and DHS working together.

        • By all accounts, Jesus Campos has not disappeared. He’s landed on Ellen DeGeneres’ couch.
          Mandalay Bay security guard set to appear on ‘Ellen’ after avoiding media
          ht tps://

          • She and her producer must have been able to come up with his asking price. $s speak louder than words.

        • Yep he’s gotta be a spook. Connected with Hollyweird.
          On her twitter account
          Tomorrow, the first people to encounter the Las Vegas shooter are here – security guard Jesus Campos and building engineer Stephen Schuck.
          ht tps://

      3. So….. he is employed by MGM as a Mandalay security guard?
        These are two sources that need to explain why he is not registered
        with the state? Who is covering up whose a*s?
        MGM has multimillions in law suits about employee abuse. Wasn’t
        Paddocks GF (an Asian) employed by one of their casino’s?
        Hmmmm ???
        So , now there are Gun haters, major casino lawsuits, Trump haters,
        white haters..Union thugs, multiple shooters and yet they have no motive
        for the murder….errr cough, cough, suicide.?
        Are they even looking???
        And these are just the obvious MOTIVES that we know about???
        They are hiding something BIG TIME??

        And who took all the pictures of Paddocks dead body and sold them to
        all the publishers? Who had access to the crime scene?
        So many questions and they want us to believe it is a suicide? Really?
        Just saying………

      4. Hmmm, that, or maybe he has already taken the dirt nap.

        Or, he has seen, over the last few years (decades?) what happens to people, and decided to avoid the dirt nap.

        The plot thickens….

      5. Could be on the run from spooks or hes dead in the desert somewhere or he was in on it who knows at this point anyone who was there and survived and took video/ pictures or did a news interview or made a police report or statement should also make themselves dissapear before someone else does

      6. He may be an illegal alien……or he shot the perp before he skeedaddled. Tying up loose ends.

        • Why either/or? Why not BOTH? The previous administration gave orders to Border Patrol to catch and release gang-bangers trying to cross, esp MI-13.

      7. Campos was scheduled to be an interview on one of the nightly newscasts recently but never showed up from what I read. Controllers put the kibosh on that idea. Tying up the loose ends of the official story unknowns. Yeah right. Event facts are solidified and attention spans are short and wiped out of the news by the next distraction. Works every time. Remember way back when the old bastard shot all those people in Vegas? Yeah what a shame.

      8. ht tp://

      9. Oh, Lordy! Jesus is missing.
        We can’t find Jesus!
        God Dammit, Jesus! Where the f–k are you?!
        Gonna hafta put his face on the side of a milk carton!
        “HAVE YOU SEEN ME?”
        Somebody must have smacked him in the forehead and told him he was healed and he wandered off into the sunset, a completely changed man.
        He shouldn’t be hard to find.
        How far can a guy who was allegedly shot in the leg get?
        And when did he check himself out of the hospital?
        Or did he get checked out but never really left?
        We’re looking for ya, Jesus!
        And we’re gonna find you!
        I would say scout around all the big wooden crosses but I don’t think there’s that many big wooden crosses in Vegas.
        Has anybody checked the Temple?
        There’s a great big Temple outside of Caesar’s Casino….

        • Over 15 hours in moderation. That’s gotta be some kinda record.

      10. Jim in Va., tying up loose ends seems to be the consensus.

      11. He will be found on the 32 floor of a tall building not too long from now. Don’t let them get you, or you might also end up on the 32 floor of a tall building.

      12. Did he ever really exists?

      13. now the guard Jesus, is a victim.

        ht tp://

      14. I don’t have time or I would do this:
        Some should do a “Where’s Jesus (Campos)” like a Where’s Waldo.

        But instead of the usual, show a block of 16 or 25 pictures of places. For example, hiding behind a bush at a low budget on the outside of town, sitting on the beach in Jamaca(mon), a grave in the desert, sitting with the drug lords in Mexico, or sitting with the ISIS leaders in a gambling resort somewhere, surrounded by strippers (hipocrats that they are).


        • “low budget motel”

      15. Maybe he wised up and shut up like the security guard at Olympic Park didn’t. Not everyone is as stupid as those who come up with all these conspiracy theories.

      16. I think he hitched a ride on Niburu?

      17. Snopes claims this narrative is FALSE.

        Its obviously TRUE then!

        • I can’t believe anyone still uses snopes!! 🙁 Really????

      18. This story is reminding me more and more of the movie Shooter.

      19. I suspect Campos, or whatever his name is was the one who did Paddock. So far, there’s no evidence that he ever existed. He also was not registered as a Security Guard in Nevada, so he couldn’t have been employed as a guard at the hotel in the first place. Whoever he is, he’s probably buried in the hills out past Terlingua…

      20. DMONIC, agreed about the narrative. I look at snopes the same way I look at MSM.

      21. “Wounded casino security guard vanishes from Las Vegas — and surfaces on the set of ‘Ellen'”

        On Tues 10/17 Ellen said he would be on the show on Wednesday.

        ht tp://

      22. LOL maybe someone told him they pay big bucks to go on these shows – that is why he ditched the first interview with NBC.

        He was shopping around for the best $$$$ gig.

      23. guard finally showed up on the Ellen Show.

      24. He “Vanished Into Thin Air” and then appeared on the Ellen Degenerate show.

      25. Does anyone watch ellen degenerate show?
        That would be today…… Jesus compos makes apperance?

      26. No doubt the powers that be wanted a Hispanic “hero” written into the script, to “save” the people at the music venue from the evil white “gunman.” Recall that after 9-11 they wanted a statue of three firemen to include a Hispanic fireman, even though it was just to continue with a false narrative about how wonderful Hispanics are supposed to be. Never forget that this Jesus dude was not registered as a security guard in Nevada. He is an undocumented security guard who is hiding in the shadows.

      27. Jesus Campos just turned up on “Ellen.” Or should I say “Alien?”

        This whole deal stinks to high heaven. Is Campos an illegal working in an industry (hotels and casinos), riddled with illegals? Me thinks so. He shows up on “Ellen Degenerate” with a representative of the Mandalay Casino (not just a building engineer) with his prepared statement.

        The other scandal going on here is the probability that a security position was offered to an illegal alien. So, now we have illegals controlling the comings and goings of American Citizens.

        This at a time when the number of illegal, undocumented aliens in the U.S. has jumped to 60 to 70-million. 60 to 70-Million illegals in a country with a population of 320-million.

        How much you want to bet that the reason he went dark was to give the government time to issue him a visa and a Social Security number (which means that Campos was never paying taxes)? This government is nothing but a bunch of f*ck turds. One and all.

        It is time for a revolution.

      28. The truth is never revealed. Like the 3,000+ missing pages on the JFK murder scheduled to be released in a week by the CIA 54 years after that event. The CIA now asking Trump to delay for another 25 years to prevent another generation of “conspiracy theorists”. The pages would reveal nothing since they have been completely censored. Sounds like they want everybody dead who was alive then and can remember. Why would Trump agree with the continued cover-up of the murder of a former fellow president? I believe he will agree with his controllers.

      29. Funny. The first two (2) generations of conspiracy theorists are still alive and kicking.

        I visited Dallas, and Dealey Plaza in January 2014. My visit took place on a cold, winter, January day, just after an ice storm had gone through Dallas. There were hundreds of people there. Many languages were being spoken — French, German, Italian. Many had come from far, far away just to pay their respects to a president dead for over 50-years.

        The CIA doesn’t want those documents released because the lies are so huge. With every censored page the people will know that JFK was assassinated by the very people sworn to protect the president.

        It doesn’t matter. The lies are so deep now. Bobby. Martin Luther King. Vietnam. New York. 9/11. Iraq. Boston. Afghanistan. Pakistan. San Bernardino. Newtown. The Ukraine. Las Vegas.

      30. Something else has vanished in thin air. All the names of the predator freaks in Hollywood. Why? Because naming all the Hollywood freaks is not the real agenda.

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