The Deep State: How They Got Their Power To Manipulate For Ultimate Control

by | Sep 3, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts | 59 comments

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    While many in the United States firmly believe that the government just isn’t working, it is.  But it’s only working for the powerful and rich elites in the government and the media who have a desire to cling to their oppressive control of others and the money many are willing to allow them to steal.

    The fight has never been between the republicans and the democrats.  As Americans choose sides, their rights and freedoms are sold to the highest bidder. According to Intellectual Takeout, the fight is between “us” and the deep state; not those on the right and those on the left.  More and more often we are seeing bureaucrats, lobbyists, and elected officials of both parties circle the wagons in an effort to prevent any true reforms of the government. They constantly write laws they exclude themselves from,  come up with inventive ways to tax us to our breaking point and destroy the healthcare system.  And this is all by design.

    According to Joost Meerloo in his seminal book The Rape of the Mind, the author discusses the psychology of brainwashing that’s allowing every American to succumb to tyranny right before their eyes and not only not realize it, but beg for more oppression.  “The burning psychological question is whether man will eventually master his institutions so that these will serve him and not rule him,” said Meerloo in his discussion of the Deep State or the “administrative machine” published in 1956.

    Meerlo describes the rise of the deep state as:

    “… The development of a kind of bureaucratic absolutism is not limited, however, to totalitarian countries. A mild form of professional absolutism is evident in every country in the mediating class of civil servants who bridge the gap between man and his rulers. Such a bureaucracy may be used to help or to harm the citizens it should serve.

    It is important to realize that a peculiar, silent form of battle goes on in all of the countries of the world — under every form of government — a battle between the common man and the government apparatus he himself has created. In many places we can see that this governing tool, which was originally meant to serve and assist man, has gradually obtained more power than it was intended to have.

    Governmental techniques are no different from any other psychological strategy; the deadening hold of regimentation can take mental possession of those dedicated to it, if they are not alert. And this is the intrinsic danger of the various agencies that mediate between the common man and his government. It is a tragic aspect of life that man has to place another fallible man between himself and the attainment of his highest ideals.” –The Rape of the Mind

    Meerlo goes on to say that the power of simply being in government will corrupt:

    Being a high civil servant subjects man to a dangerous temptation, simply because he is a part of the ruling apparatus. He finds himself caught in the strategy complex. The magic of becoming an executive and a strategist provokes long-repressed feelings of omnipotence. A strategist feels like a chess player. He wants to manipulate the world by remote control. Now he can keep others waiting, as he was forced to wait himself in his salad days, and thus he can feel himself superior. –The Rape of the Mind

    But what we are seeing now is not only the corruption of the government. We are witnessing the deep state pulling the strings of every politician and fight to keep their power and money. The members of the Deep State are fighting for not only their jobs and their power but their sense of being. It is an ego boost to control entire populations. But what meaning do they have in life if they were shown that they are in fact dispensable, that they and their departments can be eliminated? In the end, their egos depend upon the maintenance and growth of the power and prestige.

    Over many decades, the very government so many still trust to keep them safe has put in place compulsive orders, red tape, and regulations while expanding exponentially to enforce what it creates and stealing more tax money to cover the rising costs. All the while, its roots drive deeper and deeper into the very government many still fight to protect. Even the politicians who we send to D.C. thinking that they represent us are ensnared in the game. They begin to play by the rules set forth by the Deep State; indeed, our elected officials even become dependent upon the Deep State.

    So the question is, how do we combat the deep state and get our freedom back?



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      1. I started reading about this in the late 1980s, multiple books later and too numerous to count factual essays even I’m surprised at the depth and reach of the control of TPTB who had a recent name change to The Deep State.

        “Shit by any other name smells as bad”

        • Mac, this is one of your best articles yet. Kevin2, I started researching this in the early 70s. The first book to awaken me was “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen which is available for free online. Another one is “The Creature From Jekyll Island” which details the creation of the Federal Reserve. I especially agree with your last sentence about shit. LOL! It doesn’t really matter what label is put on it.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Those two books should be required reading to graduate from HS. Interestingly The John Birch Society was on to this back in the late 1950s. The evidence is out there but the public is too intellectually lazy and too self adsorbed to bother to learn. Its somewhat upsetting when you have read in great detail indisputable facts and someone who knows nothing disagrees with you and says your nuts. Anyone who is well read agrees and understands so we end up debating with the ignorant. The test is two words, “Federal Reserve”. The answer I get directs me to talk or just walk away.

            • Kevin2, good points. I’ve tried educating people myself in the past but to no avail. In my case it’s been mostly people walking away. Oh well. People remain ignorant at their own peril.

            • “The worst pain a man can suffer; is to have insight into much, and power over nothing.” – Herodotus

              • Here is the Propaganda Media Tentacle of the Deep State

                Exposed: Clinton Train Paid The Young Turks $20 Million (Full Video)


            • JBS is fake/controlled opposition, started by Nelson Rockefeller.
              Blamed “Insiders” rather than Chews. Exposed here by
              the late John Bryant:


              btw NDCIC was co-authored by Larry (((Abraham))). . .

            • perfect test words 🙂

          • yeah that book by gary allen was my wakeup call, too

        • LOTS OF HANGING ROPE AND A GOOD HANGING TREE is what is needed Right Now.

          • Sorry CSS, but you can’t hang them just yet.

            Some would recommend water boarding them first. Ask only one question, “tell us everything”? No leading questions. Never tell them what you want to hear, let their guilt direct their statements. In between water boarding, while they are catching their breath, apply elictric shock starting at the toes, a stun gun works well for this. Stay away from the heart. Be ready to resuscitate. Applying electric shock will kill the nerves and you will need to move step by step inch by inch closer to the brain. Ask no questions during these interludes, just say “we know the information you just gave is a lie”, we want the truth? Give them rest periods, but make sure they are sensory deprived, light, sleep, keep them cold. If they refuse food and water just hydrate them with enigmas, add some nutrients, you can keep them alive for months.

            Record and write down all they say. Get it to a wikileaks rep. After hundreds of patriots do this to hundreds of deep state operatives and dirty politicians, the real story will come out. As they name names more can be targeted. At least that’s how a good fiction thriller mystery book would have it done. A trigger event might be an attack or attempted attack on Donald Trump by the deep state.

            Does anyone else have suggestions to add to this fictional story I started concocting?

            Oh yeah, then you can hang them!

          • Just scrape everything but the original Constitution and the first 10 Amendments and the DEEP STATE would Evaporate. They would have no control over the money! Plus Congress would only meet 3 weeks per year and only get a per diem, no salary, no staff, no expenses, no fancy health care. they would be citizen servants as intended…..

          • Yeah, Cracksumm, as the French say, “Off with their heads!”

            It seems like it would be EASIER to control government nowadays because there are so many of US compared to THEM… 8 billion people!! But for some reason it seems like it was EASIER in the old days!

            Think the American Revolution and the French Revolution!! If we tried that nowadays, the government would be on to us as soon as we began to organize… NSA and other modern 1984 crap!!

            ORGANIZATION– that is one big clue to the problem– We can’t very well organize UNLESS WE TOOK DOWN THE SYSTEM…

            Once we were able to do that– take out their power to SPY on us– we could organize… and that is the means of taking them down.

            During days of slavery, for example, there was the underground railroad…organize, organize, organize….

      2. While hiding in the shadows for many years, the deep state and their goals are out in the open.

        They seek to use any opportunity to expand their control and goals.

        It makes me think of this quote.

        “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
        -Rahm Emanuel

        • The Deep State State are a bunch of Cowards, They use Proxy Politicians and Proxy Armies to do their dirty work. Once a WHo-RE always a WH-Ore. And deserve the same hanging, as it is Treason against our Country and our People.

          • CSS, there’s lonely trees and lampposts everywhere.

          • CrackSummSkulls

            “The Deep State State are a bunch of Cowards”

            Bravery has a neighbor called honor. Both have meaning but unfortunately no tangible substance; they’re ideals. The Japanese had both an charged machine guns sword in hand, they lost; technology has no honor nor is it brave, it is tangible as Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed. The only thing TPTB focus upon are results. One cannot honestly deny that they have achieved it.

            In the end one can say that they are very very good at being very very bad.

          • Once the “system” has fully collapsed, they won’t be able to see us organize. Think: hundreds of us organizing to take them down…

            No cellphones, no cameras, no internet, no cops with lap top computers in their cars, no means of checking on us… Meantime, we have all collected their data– their addresses and names. (Just an idea!)

            There is an author (forgot his name) who sort of encourages this sort of thing– taking down the system so we can survive as a species. (The elite are destroying us!)

      3. Having listened to all the bullshit over the years as reported by the media, it boils down to: 1.) When banks control the money supply through a fiat system which lends money to the government and collects interest for doing no productive/value added work, and 2.) politicians who also do no productive work and are paid by the banking system and its corporate proxies to carry the elites’ water, then there is no hope of ever redressing the rot that inevitably develops in any political system.

        A politician has an immediate, inherent incentive to serve himself (through reelection and feeding at the citizen-paid tax base) and to ultimately serve the banks that control agencies like the MIC, big pharma, big agra, higher education, Medicare, Social Security, EBT, Section 8 housing etc. These programs are not only used to enrich the special interests, some are used to CONTROL and /or BUY the voters, especially those belonging to the FSA (Free shit army). And of course big corporate interests in turn bribe the politicians with the fiat currency they have received from the banks, which through debasement and inflation, makes all of us poorer.

        Thus you have the citizen who is being drawn and quartered by big banks and corporate interests while also being bled dry to finance the politician reelection “enablers”, also known as “free shit.”

        The very existence of these two entities, a fiat/fractional reserve banking system and a government system without automatic term limits to politicians ensures that any and all governments will, in the end, turn on their citizens. It does not matter what you call it when you launch it: socialism, democracy, republic, communism, fascism, monarchy, oligopoly. It always winds up the same: impoverished, subjugated masses with a few elites at the top.

        Although many scholars and “politically correct” analysts will argue that change should come through peaceful means, this is also a bullshit argument. There is no longer any legal, political, or constitutional method to effect the needed change because there is simply no longer any functioning rule of law that applies to the elites. Unfortunately, change can only occur at the end of a gun. I am sure that many neocons in the deep state would like to goad the people into such violence, thinking that they, the Deep State, can win such a conflict and thereby further subjugate the citizens, as indeed many, if not most guerilla wars waged by oppressed citizens are unsuccessful. The ultimate question boils down to who would win this time in such a struggle?

        • “Thus you have the citizen who is being drawn and quartered by…”

          may I suggest, by himself.

          he lives way beyond his means

          he allows himself to be led there

          he willingly takes on more than he can manage

          he’s greedy and then greedy for more

          he neglects his needs and the needs of his family

          he thrives on the manipulation/enjoys being bled out

          he deserves what he gets.

          • This self indulgent behavior you describe theoretically would never occur in a more libertarian society. You and I recognize these behaviors. I am saying that the unwitting average citizen will succumb to the lure of the “freebies”, and through the process of “democracy” and voting process, hand the politicians and banks the control that ultimately allows all of us to get drawn and quartered.

            This boils down to a sort of chicken or the egg issue. The banks and politicians are deliberately fostering this kind of self indulgent behavior because they know it is the easiest way to control all of us. We have to break the cycle.

            You are simplistically describing the result of the elites’ actions. I am suggesting the cause and the remedy.

      4. The main methods of brainwashing are through T.V., movies, publishing (books, magazines, newspapers, and school textbooks), academia (Marxist professors and teachers propped up by Marxist text books), the Music Industry, and the Internet (from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and alternative News Sites, plus unending video and audio), and Radio Broadcasts.

        You will be impacted psychologically if you watch or listen no matter how analytically exceptional you think you are. The only safe thing to do is to get it out of your life as much as possible. Spend time instead working with your hands in the garden, learning practical skills, playing with and instructing children.

        Choose subjects of study that are based on real and useful subject matter. Realize that History is written by the victors, and a one sided story is not the whole truth, it may just be a pack of lies, and often, that is precisely what it is.


        • B: agree, I encourage others to dump their cable TV, listen to Christian radio (BBN which is nationwide) not all these type stations are good, some are “one world” ecumenical/liberal/pro gay and play rock music. TV antenna can be installed for local news/ get HULU and get educational/travel/home DIY shows. Busy/working people have zero time for social media which for me is totally useless and shallow.

          • Laura Ann, agreed about TV. I can’t stomach anything put out on the ‘boob tube’. I’ve never heard of BBN; I’ll check it out. I’m more of a radio person anyway. I have SiriusXM satellite radio which has some good stations and commercial-free music. I also still keep shortwave radio for backup. I have no use for social media whatsoever and totally shun it.

            • I do not subscribe to any of that (((GARBAGE))). I went biking early today about 20 miles. It is a great way to clear the mind with natural exercise and fresh air.

              Dep BH. Are you aware when you use SiriusXM satellite radio, they are tracking your every location using reverse satellite tracking methods. The Feds caught a bank robber who had a subscription to SiriusXM satellite radio, and they used the satellite triangulation in reverse to put a GPS fix on his automobile, and then apprehended him.

              Law Enforcement Has Been Using OnStar, SiriusXM, To Eavesdrop

              Law Enforcement Has Been Using OnStar, SiriusXM, … could infer this by your GPS data, and use it to blackmail … activate a Sirius XM satellite radio feature …

              ht tps://…

        • “The main methods of brainwashing are through T.V., movies,…”

          The news was still fresh with the fabricated OBL capture and low and behold here comes “Zero Dark 30”. The Tom Hanks movie “Charlie’s War” is another rewriting of history.

        • B from CA, I don’t touch social media even with my Dad’s 10-foot pole, LOL! YouTube has way too many bogus videos. You have to go through alternative media with a fine-tooth comb to find any credible sources. I have SiriusXM radio but not all of the stations are good. MSM unfortunately has some stations on there but there are some good news stations along with commercial-free music. There’s always shortwave to fall back on which I still keep as backup.

        • The (((You know whos))) running the Music industry, prop up garbage music like Black Rap Music destroying young minds, to be criminals and encourage the rape and abuse of woman through their Rap lyrics. Then promote it as socially acceptable. Rap is not even music, but Mind control poems beat into the young brains to pollute their underdeveloped minds. Then glorify it with concert promotions, record labels, and on the radio which (((they))) run and control as well.

          And wonder why American inner cities have been degraded to the point of total ruin like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, LA, Gary Indiana, Pittsburg, etc. Then the CIA imports narcotics to further compound the problem.

          Wonder why the MSM Fake News has commercials which are 95% dominated by Drug Company manufactures? And 90% of the MSM revenue comes from Drug company commercials. The other 10% are from election period propaganda Campaign adds. (((One Hand))) washes the (((Other)))

          • CSS, agreed about rap and hiphop. Total garbage. I don’t see how anyone can call that shit music. My primary reason for the SiriusXM is the commercial-free country music stations. especially the old country from 50s, 60s, and 70s. That’s what I grew up with and it’s the only music I can stomach. Most of the blacks don’t have critical thinking skills anyway so they’re going to fall for whatever their own organizations and even ALLEGED musicians tell them hook line and sinker. They never even question anything. I just got home from GA yesterday. Still have to make a living. My city is no exception being 67% black and run by liberal POS. Yeah, the tribe has really done its job well.

            • Just go retreat to your BOL, Deplorable, where you and the rest of the planet of the apes can shoot crows and bang goats to your heart’s content.

            • My little niece was listening to ?music? I asked her to turn off the rap music, I said it sounds like an angry person yelling at you, how could this be fun? She was confused.

              She put on another song, more rap. I tried to explain the difference between chanting and music. I also tried to explain how chanting to a beat is used to brainwash. Many cultures, many religions use this to bend people’s minds. The schools doth teach much, by teaching little! Schools must insure children fall for all the traps, it’s diversity.

        • Movies, fashion, art, celebs. It’s all regurgitation of what has been done before.

      5. I’ve dumped most newspapers and tv…can’t trust what you read and hear. Best to look out for number 1 and try to rely more on friends and family and less on government whether its local,state or federal. They all have their hands in your pocket and there is a hole in the pocket.

      6. From the people that I interact with, I see that many people realize all this has happened and is happening. As a nation, the common man has been nudged into situations where he is struggling daily to provide for himself and his family. There is not much time for contemplate and/or to strategize the remedy of our plight. Seems the people that have the time and inclination to go along with the deep state agenda are dependent on the deep state in some way.

        Maybe our solution is not to combat the deep state but to keep out of the way of the deep state as much as possible and allow those crazy controlling bastards to self destruct; as they will if they don’t have the common man supporting them. Unfortunately the common man doesn’t think he has a choice and will keep on playing “their” game until we are all destroyed except the few minions needed for their purposes. Only God knows their purpose. But we know God’s purpose.

      7. I’ve noticed on TV and in movies how they try to influence people and manipulate public perception. It didn’t work too well in Europe and in our last election but they are doubling down and trying to make Trump irrelevant so he won’t get anything done. Ultimately I think it will backfire on TPTB.

        • Jim in VA, I agree with your observations about MSM. I totally ignore them. Although there is alternative media, you have to be very selective about those sources. There are some very good ones and some others which I think are in the same sewer with MSM. For me it’s internet, SiriusXM, or shortwave. To hell with the ‘boob tube’.

      8. The public is largely keep fat dumb and happy by the govt as the govt feels the public is too ignorant to handle reality I have seen this applied to the reality of crime in the US The official policy in the state of Calif is lie to the public to prevent open war breaking out among different groups of the population. Keeping the borders open is for the drug money flow not for admitting illegals years ago a high official in Calif advised me to leave the state for a better life and I did he said the state was lost and would never be again what it once was

      9. I would have to come to the conclusion that the entire goings on won’t end well for all life on Earth. The ability to afford even a basic existence is under heavy pressure in this insane asylum of gouging swindle mongers with greed built in as the inherit model to mimic.

      10. The evidence seems to suggest that its too late to restore the Republic. Well we had a pretty good 200 plus year run.

        • Old Guy,
          Well said!
          As long as we have Democrats and GOPe,
          the Republic is history.
          Our Republic actually died when the
          16th and 17th amendments passed.

      11. Prolly ought to talk about nkoreas 6th nuke
        Test, said to be in the range of 100mt instead of the normal low yield weapons.they say its an Hbomb with more yield than what we dropped on japan.

        • A “Super-Powerful” EMP Attack: North Korea’s Newest Weapon Against The U.S.

          “judging by the size the earthquake (6.3) detected in the country’s mountainous North on Sunday morning, North Korea may have been telling the truth when it said it conducted what it described as its first hydrogen bomb test.

          And while the North bragged about the weapon’s “great destructive power” in a TV broadcast, what caught analysts’ attention was a mention of a different tactic: detonating an H-bomb at high altitude to create an electromagnetic pulse that could knock out parts of the US electrical grid.”

          “North Korea’s threats against the U.S. now include a tactic long discussed by some experts: an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, triggered by a nuclear weapon that would aim to shut down the U.S. electricity grid.”

          “In the worst possible scenario, regional power grids could be offline for months (or longer), potentially costing many deaths as people would eventually start running out of necessities like food and medicine…

          In a 2008 report commissioned by Congress, the authors warned that an EMP attack would lead to “widespread and long-lasting disruption and damage to the critical infrastructures that underpin the fabric of US society.”

          ht tp://

      12. How are we to stop them and restore the Republic? And send people that have the American people interest above the money?

      13. Apathy.

      14. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” -George Carlin

        • George Carlin’s political diatribes, relative to the nonsense we’re fed from official sources makes him Thomas Paine.

          “”I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me.”

      15. The deep state lies within the iron triangle. No more lobbying allowed to return their focus and allegiance to the people who elected them. Term limits to kill the graft. Congressional support was not intended to be through the lobby but through the vote. They will not introduce or vote on any such corrective legislation so the duty falls to the people. Duty is calling, we must drain the swamp ourselves to maintain any semblance of a Constitutional Republic. We are directed that a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that we should declare the causes which impel us into this action. This could only be accomplished peacefully if the respect was reciprocated. The executive orders made since 2001 have suppressed any chance of redress as per Constitutional standards and are designed to prevent and suppress any other kind of action in this regard. In this neck and neck race between economic collapse or war I feel that any peaceful solutions are lying discarded alongside those Confederate monuments, wherever they may be. It seems that we can now include respect to be filed away along with honesty and integrity to hopefully be utilized by some future human endeavor.

      16. LoL…. You simple mf’er’s…

        • Orion, you call us simpletons? If you have anything better and more intelligent to say, let’s hear it. Otherwise STFU.

        • Orion,
          Go bark at the moon.

      17. So Orion…while you’re calling everybody simple, lets here your wise comments if you have any.

        • Relax… Not much has been done to stop the onslaught thus far… So why bother gettin all triggered up now?

          Again… Simple is as simple does…

      18. The deep state was really paranoid about the website, and how it exposed global zionist crimes.

        They thought they got totally rid of, but the website is still accessible:

        “THE LONGEST-ESTABLISHED White nationalist forum on the Internet,, has been illegally hijacked by their domain registrar, Network Solutions — which ought to be regulated as a public utility and forbidden to engage in such censorship and anti-White discrimination. This means that Stormfront, after 22 years of operation, is totally off the ’Net. But there is a workaround. You can access Stormfront on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, and get around Network Solutions’ immoral act, by editing a simple text file — as I will show below.

        This censorship is due to aggressive lobbying and pressure from Jewish groups in the emotional wake of the fake Charlottesville narrative being pushed in the controlled media. Many sites have been taken down or been crippled by this Jewish intimidation in just the last two weeks. The National Alliance itself, sponsor of this site, has had its ability to take donations and sell books and CDs online taken away by the same un-American pressure groups. (You can still donate or buy items using the US mail, of course — and please do; we need your support to fight back in this war!)

        The Jewish groups’ technique goes something like this: “Hello, I hear that your company is providing services to (insert name of pro-White group here). We will be publishing an article on companies that do business with Nazi murderers this week, and I am sure you don’t want your company’s name to appear there, so just let us know by 5pm if you’re still doing business with them.

        On Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, all you need to do is edit your hosts file. Just add this line, standing all alone by itself, to the existing hosts file with Notepad or a similar text editor:

        As an alternative, you can also use this (but don’t use both at the same time):

        If you don’t know how to edit your hosts file, see the instructions at this link:

        Please share this workaround with others.”

      19. The only remedy is a complete legal, lawful, political and spiritual withdrawal from the system by the individual. Citizens are subjects and are voluntary objects of servitude. They have their total concentration on striving for the false offerings of baubles which takes away their freedom and makes them dependent upon their masters, no different than slavery.

      20. Deep state, shallow state, all states are fundamentally the same. They are based on rule by violence, threat thereof, and fraud. But they are created and maintained by the masses.
        I challenge this belief, this faith in force. It is superstition, nothing more. It has been the ruin of all civilizations (societies) and continues today.

        The slow replacement of the state began with the renaissance as expressed in the Magna Carta. It reached its most progress with the secession of British subjects from the British Empire. Freedom from an oppressive state was traded for less oppressive states in the Americas and done on the principle of individual rights. The concept of right refutes the concept of collectivism and implies a non-violent social system. This cannot be achieved by a state, however small, because the state is force, not reason, not respect for rights, not a voluntary society. A sovereign state contradicts personal sovereignty.

        The states were no problem at first because there was room to grow and competition amoung states. People could leave one state for another or move to a territory. There was no centralized authority that ruled over all states, no “one continent govt.”. That begin to change with the American counter-revolution which culminated with the Constitution. Federalism, the blueprint for empire, was established. It was done by an elite who represened themselves for the most part, behind closed doors. The anti-federalists were suspecious of the Constitution and made ominous predictions, all of which happened. But the people did not rebel. They did not identify the corruption of the American Dream of rights over authority. They were too busy living the Dream while politicians toiled to exploit and expand their power.

        In less than a century state sovereignty was brutally crushed by Lincoln. The Empire (Union) was born in bloody war and fraud. Freedom for all was proclaimed. Slavery of all before one final authority was the reality. And the people rejoiced. They had paid the first federal income tax, suffered theft by an unconstitutional paper “green back”, lost habeous corpus, and been enslaved to kill/be killed, but they still did not rebel. They were blind to the danger of living by violence, not reason or rights.

        And today the blindness continues. The violence continues. The society slowly collapses and demigods promise to “make America great again”. The collapse is percieved but not the solution: a voluntary society free from rulers, free for individual choices, free for the market to work without threats of violence (regulation).

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