Ron Paul: Before Applauding Freedom Act, Address “CIA Secret Government Far Above the Law”

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Ron Paul | 93 comments

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    Finally, a move towards freedom and the restoration of rights… well, not quite so fast.

    Hold your applause.

    The passage of the USA FREEDOM Act and the expiration of parts of the PATRIOT Act are being hailed as monumental steps in ending unwarranted surveillance, but – signed into law by President Obama – it is largely a weak half measure aimed at giving the appearance of restored trust in government:

    Yesterday the Senate passed and President Obama signed into law the USA Freedom Act, a piece of legislation meant to curb the government’s ability to conduct widespread surveillance.


    The American Library Association’s executive director Emily Sheketoff wrote in a statement to Business Insider that the bill’s passage was “a milestone,” going on to explain that it’s the “first meaningful reform of our surveillance law in almost 15 years.”

    Similarly, the Mozilla Corporation’s senior vice president of business and legal affairs Denelle Dixon-Thayer described it as “a significant first step to restore trust online, and a foundation for further needed reform.” (source)

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation noted the limited hangout and hunger for actual reform:

    In the wake of the damning evidence of surveillance abuses disclosed by Edward Snowden, Congress had an opportunity to champion comprehensive surveillance reform and undertake a thorough investigation, like it did with the Church Committee. Congress could have tried to completely end mass surveillance and taken numerous other steps to rein in the NSA and FBI. This bill was the result of compromise…

    Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul went much further, decrying the fact that laws to curb mass surveillance are rather meaningless when dealing with lawless, rogue unaccountable parts of the shadow government.

    Criminals don’t follow the laws, and regardless, there is no one who has the CIA, the NSA or a dozen other intelligence agencies on a leash.

    Ron Paul took the occasion to delve into the problems with the CIA. Sputnik reports:

    While some may be cheering the expiration of the Patriot Act – however temporary it may be – former presidential candidate Ron Paul notes: before Americans applaud a minor step toward transparency, they should recognize the corrosive nature of the CIA, a secret government operating far above the law.

    It’s a sobering reminder […] Ron Paul points out that US intelligence organizations have always – and will continue – to operate outside the law.

    “They are a secret government,” Paul says of the CIA. “Way out of control.”

    “In a true republic, there is no place for an organization like the CIA,” Dr. Paul says, quoting former FBI agent Dan Smoot. “I think he’s closer to the truth than a lot of what’s going on today.”

    As Paul notes, the CIA is out of reach from oversight or directions from the President or anyone else in Washington:

    And according to Paul, [the CIA is] a covert army that doesn’t answer to Congress, the Supreme Court, or even the president.

    With that extreme unaccountability has come many misdeeds.

    The CIA’s worldwide programs to sponsor coups, revolutions, regime change and assassinations have become notorious, and the actions of this secretive government vessel knows no bounds.

    “There are certainly a lot of theories about the CIA being involved in even domestic assassinations, and they certainly are now involved in presidential directed assassinations,” Paul says.


    “That, to me, was the most frightening experience in Washington, is there were black budgets. We never knew exactly how much money was spent,” Paul says.

    Those secret budgets have allowed the CIA to carry out some pretty shady practices over the years. Chiefly, assassinations.


    “The US has covertly and overtly influenced elections overseas a number of times,” McAdams says. “It’s a very open secret that the CIA infiltrates monitoring organizations like the OSCE with their personnel.”

    No doubt the flags will wave during the Fourth of July and every other occasion, and politicians will celebrate their role in reigning in the mass surveillance programs… but in truth, we are no freer now, and never will be until the shadow government – manifest in the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the think tanks and propaganda outlets – is seen for what it is and dealt with.


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      1. Can’t believe Ron Paul is still alive, and Edward Snowden is a Hero! Trekker Out.

        • On second thought the Honorable Ron Paul is still alive because he never gained enough power to be a danger to the Puppet Masters. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes with his son Rand Paul. Edward Snowden should be brought home with honors, I can’t believe he is still alive. Even Russia is no safe house from the CIA. Trekker Out.

          • MtT. Did you know most of the main rockets launched from Cape Canaveral today like on the Titan Rocket, are refurbished Russian Rocket engines? The world is a stage just refuse to buy the sham ticket.

          • Who says their are no gods on this earth?

            • The official’s in this Florida council tells who all the gods are. These are real elected official’s holding a government meeting.

              ht ps://

              • To paraphrase our Sgt. Dale …
                pass the popcorn and the dildo,
                double butter on both please.

                • Silver watch. Silver dropped to $16.01 today. Bouncing around low 16’s. The manipulators are out their trying to beat it down. Anything under $16 is a buy. Dont pay any more than about .75 cents above spot price for each 1 Oz of silver or you are just getting ripped off. Stay away from junk silver clad who knows what you are getting manybe 50% silver or silver electro-plated junk. And then try to sell that junk and people will just laugh at you. Stick to real 1 Oz rounds .999 real deal.

          • MT – sorry, but Rand is nothing like Ron. Rand is the typical politician who plays both sides of the fence and he has exposed himself over and over of doing so. The bottom line on Rand – he’s a complete sellout and he is not good for America.

            • Tony,
              I agree with you Rand changes sides as he thinks it will get the most votes, only hope would be is if he does have good thoughts and is only playing the game to get elected and then come out swinging, BUT i don’t think so. I really don’t think we can trust ANY of them until after the civil war and WE the people put true Americans back in power!

              • Right on Apache54! A dire change would need to be put forth to the Constitution after such an altercation and that is ….. drum roll please ….. No more Dual-Citizenship’s. If a person who wants to run for a political position of the Untied States Government, then that applicant must be an American Citizen.

                To help keep America clean, keep out unwanted people who can not or are unable to decide who and where their loyalty should be. America’s priorities should be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd …. not 8th, 9th, 10th on the list.

          • Russia’s Putin and his fascist Russia United gang along with the shadowy Chechen operatives are CIA–or some other black agency. “ISIS” Daesh is another, along with the “Children’s ” invasion across the border, ebola, the anthrax debacles, Jade Helm, North Korea, Iran, Communist China,,, all the boogiemen that constitute the elites’ bag of “reasons” for martial law to permanently and totally enslave the people to the service of the elites. They’re all just playing a game to bamboozle the people into going along with whatever the elites slate for the people to comply.

        • US Bill NESARA

        • I fucking HATE smartcars.

          Why is the oil cap designed NOT to be removable when the engine is hot…the time when you MOST need to add oil on the go.

          Why would you house the fucking battery in the wheelwell?


          • Acid, you mean hybrid cars, don’t you? I’ll agree about those cars; they suck. One of my neighbors had one 3 years ago and had nothing but trouble with it. He couldn’t trade it in fast enough. I’ll stick with my truck.

          • “Smart” cars are for dumb people. Only a real dumbass would ever touch one.

            • Oh like I am such a dumbass and locked my keys in the car.. OnStar yep, its me dumbass again, can you please unlock my car? Or how about the car that the horn will start blasting if your tire pressure is low. Really? That shoild go over big in the middle of the night. Now that would be anoying. Or OnStar listening to your conversations in the car and tracking your location cause you cant find you head from your ass? Just too many stoopid sheep needs this technology.

            • Nobama, spot on. I’ll take a truck over ANY car any day.

          • I saw this big fat broad driving a smart car yesterday, just freakin ridiculous

          • Lots of as have the Battery in the wheel well. I agree it sucks. I for one like technology. Who really can complain about really great gas mileage these days. And if it is for you that is great. However the problem Today is that we have a people problem. Mainly people who want to force us to comply with their Ideals and technology makes it easier for them to do it.

            • They probably mount the batterys over the wheel well to keep the weight at the wheel. Orherwise it may be top heavy or sway the car going around corners. Only logical excuse I can think of.

        • I have maintained for a long time that the CIA does not work for the people of this country. They are but one part of the global elite system.

          • The CIA works for the weapons manufactures, so they keep stiring up enough chaos around the world to keep their bosses fat n happy. Any comon sense logic points to that as fact. The CIA IS A ROGUE CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION on our dime with No Oversite. We need to shut down half of Government. Just wasteful dead woood acomplishing nothing but bankrupting us and making us look foolish on the world stage. Really getting paid to stuff mail in a box aka: postal worker $65K a year full pensions. They are over glorified paperboys, instead of throwing the paper in the driveway, they put in a box by the driveway. No different, but $65 grand a year with benefits difference. Oh and you get to wear a uniform.

      2. Ever wonder where this nation would be if he was president for the last 6 years???

        • Bing NESARA BILL and you’d know where we’d be 6 yrs…

        • Eppe, if RP had made it into the WH, things would be different to some degree by now. At least he would have been working towards a 180-degree turnaround. Everything he said is true. The legislation is meaningless. As long as the CIA exists, our country and people are in danger of being destroyed.

          • Agreed Braveheart..

            We are fighting the same fight of hundreds if not thousands of years ago…oppression from tyranny..

            Now they have technology on their side…never before had such an obstacle existed..

            It’s all a new game and as before in history..the oligarchs and banks eventually won as always..

            Wash rinse repeat..

            Though we have patriots nationwide ready to stand and fight…we are but a fraction of cognitive,well spoken, and readied resistance…

            Stay well and stay the course..


            • Posse – very well said on your part + 500 thumbs up to ‘ya.

            • Possee, truer words were never spoken and wish you wouldn’t stay away so much. BTW, have you heard from Manos?

              • Braveheart

                Usually peruse here once a day and strike when the fire is hot..topic wise that is..

                We’ve collectively been discussing the same crap for years now and its only getting worse by the day rather than once in a while as before…

                The headlines across the globe present an ever growing corruption, always unpunished, as never before..
                What was scandalous,treacherous,and treason,is now accepted as the norm…

                I choose not to participate ,nor delve into anymore, this disgusting display of complete lawlessness by those across the board who mock everything just and get away with it unscathed…meanwhile the rest of us worldwide pay and pay and pay..with our lives, and liberties, and hard earned pennies.

                Spending more time with the grandkids,and gardens..just to keep my sanity in check…

                Manos is fine over in Greece…and pretty much doing the same as me and preparedness in some sort of balance..

                Stay well Braveheart..



                • Possee, take care yourself and keep stacking.

        • If Ron was able to win the Presidential Election, I strongly believe he would of been JFK’d. The way he was bashed and tarnished from the Media and it’s minions from day one says a lot about how a fair, honest and regulated Voting System we actually have in this country.

          • I have said it before and I’ll say it again . I believe Rand backed Mitt to save Rons life

        • Different driver, same broken down pos machine

        • The Wolfowitz Doctrine is universal in concept even to unapproved political candidates and as Jade Helm demonstrates…you. There will be no other powers allowed and continuation legislation has already been promulgated. The sad part was Ron Paul basically stood alone and unsupported. The misplaced independent to even get on the record in our rigged “system”. It also shows the elites compassion and respect for integrity.
          There will be no successful and meaningful recovery without the application of integrity after the results of the unbridled greed and corruption become evident. This really means there will be no recovery. At least, not as you or I would define it. But when you are too big to fail, everything is recovery.

      3. Oh Ron, say it ain’t so.

      4. If the govt. wants to snoop, it will regardless of whether or not it’s against the “law”. Govt. sucks so bad.

      5. This out of control NSA FBI CIA, etc has destroyed billions of dollars in profits and jobs, by US corporations,… hacking these companies products and placing hacks and corrupt word script packages into these electronic defives shipped over seas. These other countries know full well US technology is hacked when shipped to them. This is Treason by destroying US manufacturing and jobs. Find a tall tree.

        • Us Bill NESARA

          • Iowa, how have you been? Good to hear from you.

        • Speaking of Corporations WWTI you just gave me an opening. I had dealings with two of them today, neither of which do I have any vested interest in. I am rather thrifty but I will pay for quality, so just let me shine a light on two totally different companies. I bought a NIKON camera which had a factory defect, when ever you turn it on the cover that closes over the lens scratched the lens and when I sent it in they charged me 130 dollars for a repair and when I got it back it still had the same problem. They called today and asked how much I wanted to spend to get it repaired. GET A GRIP! Now on the other hand I bought a Pair of LEUPOLD Binoculars 12 years ago which has had a lot of use and they had a minor problem and when I called they said send them in. Today I recieved a pair of brand new Bino’s that are atleast 75 dollars more expensive than the ones I bought 12 years ago. NO CHARGE! So when you buy quality give me a company that stands behing their product. I still need two good rifle scopes and a rangefinder. Can You Guess Who I’ll be Buying From. Trekker Out. No Not NIKON!

          • LL Bean has the best fucking customer service I have ever had.

            • Best customer service I have dealt with is the folks at Zippo in Bradford Penn.,on,you guessed it,Zippo drive.I have some older collectible Zippos that I still use and trust em to repair em free of charge for a lifetime with paid postage to em and free back.I will always buy these lighters for friends and family as long as they do this.On a side note,lighter fuel is just Naptha,can be bought inexpensively in big box stores for about 25% of price of smaller fill containers,I just use a baby funnel and fill my bought only once fill container.

          • MT, I have 2 pairs of Nikon binoculars that have never given me any trouble. However, some of their cameras did have some issues. BTW, I have a pair of WW2 Japanese MILITARY binoculars captured by a relative who ran off and joined the resistance in the Phillipines instead of joining the Bataan Death March. He took them from a Jap army officer whose head he blew off. those binos were made by a Jap military contractor named Nikko which after WW2 became NIKON. Those binos still work as good today as they did back during the war. They have some sentimental value to me so NO WAY will I let those go.

            • Sent in a Canon camera i bought in 2008 because the SLR mirror detached. They sent it back repaired and cleaned it at no charge. Great customer service.

            • Braveheart I do a lot of hunting, fishing and hiking and take a lot of pictures, and I like a small camera that I can carry in a shirt or jacket breast pocket and get to quickly, and I have went through a number of cameras, and this camera is a Nikon Coolpix and I must say it takes some of the best pictures of any camera I have, but Nikon to put it bluntly, ain’t worth a shit to deal with. Trekker Out.

              • MT, I understand the sentiment about customer service. I never dealt with Nikon customer service so I can’t comment about that.

      6. and just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

        it does

        Scores of labs may have received live anthrax samples from Army facility

        h ttp://

        an organization that has sent anthrax all over the freakin’ place

        does that make the Pentagon a terrorist organization???

        alQaeda is envious !!!

        • Satori. Thanks for the updates.

        • Deja Vu,

          It’s Twelve Monkeys all over again.

          Really, it is. The cern project and the vatican are going into some deep shit. They have killed scientists over it.

          I think it could possibly be their attempt at time travel, just like in the movie; but, not to help mankind, but to try and preserve the elite for eternity. But, whatever they are doing with it, they are messing with some bad shit by attempting to open portals into other dimensions.

          If they just wait around, their leader will be returning from one of those dimensions very soon. He’s gonna have plenty of the nephilim with him and they will be some horny bastards from being cooped up all these thousands of years.
          Look out crack whores!

          Once those portals are opened to the underworld, they can’t put the genie back into the bottle.

          Rev 9:3
          And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

          A scorpion has the ability to destroy it’s prey from within. Once bitten, it’s insides turn to mush.

          Tinfoil hats ain’t gonna get ‘er done, just the gospel armor.

          A lot of wild and weird shit is coming soon. Those not spiritually in tune, will freak the fark out.

          Oh btw, when the final lunar (blood moon/demonic prophecy) eclipse, of the tetrad, takes place on Sept. 28, 2015; the pope is planning to be in the “city of brotherly love”, two days prior.

          Like I said, “wild and weird shit coming”.

      7. They will not stop until they know every move and thought of every person and control everything we do. A world of non thinking, non feeling robots.

        • You got part of that right.

          “a world of non thinking, non feeling robots.”

          I heard about a reporter that just recently asked a bunch of different young voters, if they were going to vote for one of the republican candidates, or Hillery and her vp running mate, Jackie Onassis.

          The majority said they were voting for Hillery and Jackie.
          Mostly dumb cunts said that. They are graduating them from Universities, with doctorates, every year.

      8. Live Anthrax?!must say never seen the melodic metal band Anthrax live!Hopefully at some metal fest in my future if there is a future with concerts.I am so glad they didn’t change their name,they gave it some thought but did not give in to bullshit instigated by assholes when they were shipping Anthrax to public figures ect.Tis shame our govt. sold out our rights in the so called name of freedom from terrorism,and still it seems creates new monsters to scare the public with.

      9. Google or better yet Bing NESARA BILL.

        • You might at least provide us a HINT…

          • Sixpack, go to Wikipedia and type in ‘nesara bill’ in their search engine. Weird story.

      10. Dabiq: ISIS Could Transport Nuke from Nigeria into U.S. Through Mexico

        “The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), in the latest edition of its propaganda magazine, indicated that it could purchase a nuclear weapon in Pakistan, take it to Nigeria, and then smuggle it into the U.S. through Mexico by using existing trafficking networks in Latin America.”

        -Breitbart dot com

        • They already have. As a matter of fact they have smuggled several into major US cities. Ocommie has also provided many thousands of jihad terrorist through his muslim immigration policies out of the middle east as well. They are here and preparing. Are you ready? There isn’t one person I have talked to in the last 6 months that does not have a feeling of dread without being able to explain it. There is a reason for the feeling.

          • Maddog

            I believe they have a few nukes inside the US.

            Nothing we can do about it. We should prepare for it but we come here and bump our gums to the speed of light. Which of course turns into pure energy and we time travel to distant galaxies where good prepper’s go in time of need.

            Really, if we are the good guy’s, it’s not looking good for nobody.

          • maddog,

            I agree. I too am seeing more and more people who say the same thing.

            Speaking of being ready, it seems there are always additional things we think of that would be useful. So, we keep learning and adding.

      11. Ron Paul says the cia is responsible for assassinations. No kidding! That has been known since way back. Poppy Bush lied when he said he wasn’t cia back to the very early sixties before JFK was murdered, that he was in fact a leading participant in our presidents murder. The Bush Crime Cabal had been integral in the forming of the cia back in 1947 I believe. His father Senator Prescott Bush was instrumental in aiding the Nazi government and war effort in WW2. The whole Bush family are German criminals who infiltrated the U.S. government and intelligence factions in the early 20th century. I was reading an article today on FromtheTrenches about Ron Paul, every comment trashed him as just another fake to make the people believe they had a choice. I believe this sentiment 100%.

      12. I remember when Ron Paul was running for president. I believe he would have been elected in a fair election. Curious how he dropped out… ‘disappointed a few people’…
        His candidacy somehow seemed like one big jerk-around.
        Ron Paul talks a good game- so does Obama. To shout from the rooftops about what’s wrong with the USA, run for president, and then bail out when it looks like you really might be elected– chains are being yanked, friends.
        ‘Maybe he got threatened.’
        Like he didn’t know that might happen?
        I like Ron’s words, but I would not trust him to fulfill them in deeds.
        Same deal with Ross Perot- when it started to look like he could actually win the presidency, he dropped out.

        ‘Meet the new boss
        same as the old boss-
        we got fooled again…’

        • Pretty much spot on Hank – anything to keep the sheep entertained through the process of Elections. The illusion that a persons vote matters and serves a purpose does not apply in the real world. Candidates are not elected, they are selected and the one who can serve and cater to Israel in the best possible way – wins!

        • He is no conspiracy theorist, a great motivator and can be convincingly inciteful. You could tell the hour the NSA letter arrived during his campaign. He knows we are post Constitutional but dares not publicly admit it. With no support, he withdrew. Us old timers can only shout and point any more. Look down my finger son, see that? Way off getting smaller. It is freedom’s ass.

      13. When you know everything there is to know about everyone who can pose a threat to you there isn’t much you have to be afraid of.

      14. Must be posting too much TRUTH since Now when I submit reply I get gobbly gook fake website screen..Same as prior times!….Spend good amount of time writting and spell checking etc and when submitted it ends in some telaviv never land of truth replys I rekon.

        They must Fear too many are awakeing and refuseing to keep their almighty “J” word-Taboo a tabooo any longer eh.

        Too late as now entire worlds goyim are or have awoken to the satanic demonic devils in human form.

      15. Dog gone it.
        We took one step forward and now with this it is two steps back.

      16. Yutube has videos of several different trips to Don Skull Cap and do the mandated Headbanger at Wall event..One such video shows Rand with his own 12 yr old son also wearing a Jr size skull cap and also head banging wall…Teach em when young to Obey the demonic devils eh.

        I also wrote up info on how Nixon when prez created TEN regional govnt zones in usa with Ten prez apointed Regional govners that only answer to a sitting prez, get apointed for term of 15 yrs and cannot get tossed out except By sitting prez orders.

        ALL 50 usa state governers Get a training session on how to Comply with and answer To their respective regional govener etc…They Must comply period.

        “I Saw a Ten Headed Beast arise from the seas!…And soon after the full blown antichrist systems etc”

        it was controlled by and thru the New York-London-TelAviv, ZioJewmuda Triangle….More deadly than the bermuda triangle was.

        my Orig prior post reply got sent into gobblygook web screen never land when I hit submit…Gee I sure Hope this site aint doing those tactics again eh! IE: Post too much Truth replies and it gets disappeared….

      17. Anyone who thinks voting will actually serve to change any of this is in a dreamworld.

        • I’m a dreamer.

      18. It’s all done with mirrors…

      19. Look at the difference a republican house and republican senate has made???

        None that I can see????

      20. Gov above the law say it ain’t so. People look at Ron Paul as the savior. Please he is a puppet like the rest folks none of them have our best interest at heart. The are puppets the elites hide behind because it’s an elected position they can do a shitty job and someone else will be elected and do the same shitty job. If we had a dick tater they would be overthrown eventually. People think the next pres will be different because they HOPE it will be so. Hope is something I gave up on when it comes to gov. The lie is too out of control to have hope folks. Don’t believe anybody running for office. Fuckin liars I’ve given up on America our best days are behind us now folks.

      21. I see more Muslims now than ever in my lifetime around here. But hey it’s a melting pot right we will all melt when the nuke goes off. It was nice knowing ya.

      22. 8.5 TRILLION Missing From Food Stamp Budget

        oh my God
        this is unreal
        trillions of dollars GONE
        the food stamp program is rife with fraud and corruption
        and should be abolished

        ht tp://

        oh wait
        it’s the Pentagon that lost 8.5 trillion
        my bad
        NOTHING NEW to see here
        move along…..

        • Satori: and what another “Coincidence” (again)..That THE Main comptroler aka Head of Pentagon Cash etc was Dov Zakiem(sp?) who’s also in Real Life an ordained Rabbi of the Chabad Lubavitcher’s…Them what all wear matching black funeral director suits and black wide brim hats that are always appearing to fit 3-4 sizes too small and sit very high on top of head…probobly to simulate a Kingly Crown of sorts in warpped minds eh.

          Dov is also a Dual Israeli/usa citizen. Super fanatically loyal to…israel first and foremost.

          And his lubavticher org at last count around year 2000, had over 2600 seperate org HQ’s spread litterally worldwide in almost every nation globally.

          In Rusia alone they have 20,000 chabad’s same as Dov in dress-mind-attitude and loyalty to israerl period. The yearly budget there alone is over $20-Million.

          The USA IS the Main HQ for his bunch, other than telaviv israel of course where the real top honchos foment policy from.

          Many website vids and photos exist that show for example Pappa bush #1, GW Bush jr, Hobammy- Jimmy Carter-Klinton-and probobly reagan also. Seated at desk in Oval office surrounded by one or even Two dozen same type Lubavtichers smileing wide as another Law Bill They demanded etc gets signed into fed law by another bought and paid for usa prez…

          ONLY One Major Org or group nationwide Has the Power to demand and recieve a Totally Unfettered, Unquestioned, Always granted….24/7/365 Access to the whitehouse/oval office and us sitting prez….That is the exact same chabd lubavitchers Dov is a member of.

          They Are the TOP Key players hidden in plian sight globally. Everything Is now run based on Talmudic principals etc and laws, and that bunch are the worlds Top Authorities on Talmudic issues…Hence by default top officials on EVERY issue globally that matters a small bit or matters Most of all issues.

          Best guess where that Missing $8.5-Trillion dollars went?

          EASY answer!…1/2 went to the chabads worldwide almost 3000 seperate offices, the other 1/2 went direct to…Israel TelAviv main HQ.

          Actually them arabs and cia created terrorists only got it 1/2 wrong by stateing that “america is Big satan, and israel is little satan”….Where them arabs go wrong is they forgot to Reverse that statement!

          Israel though smaller land mass wize is the BIG satan and usa the small satan under direct TelAviv israeli control totally.

          They think by robbing usa folks and most nations folks of hundred of trillions is somehow going to insulate or protect them from not only the masses globally once fully awake…But even will protect them from God’s Wrath when He finally is fed up enough with their evils and satanic demonic ways…Boy do they have a suprise awaiting eh.

          ps: Chabads are the main inventors of the yet not well heard of but soon comming “Noahide Laws”…They are the talmudic’s invention from thin air, as well as their and their tribes 3500 year wet dream of total global nwo controls.

      23. If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
        James Madison

        A good deal of tyranny goes by the name of protection.
        Crystal Eastman

        There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.
        Frederick William Robertson

        When more Americans prefer freebies to freedom, these great United States will become a fertile ground for tyranny.
        Allen West

        The right to bear arms is because it’s the last form of defense against tyranny.
        Ice T

        • One last thought …
          We have traveled from the bloody fields of hate and death , from places named Gettysburg and Falluja in the name of Liberty , this time it is different and the same , in the words of a martyred President our creed will simply be ” we will bare any burden , pay any price in the defense of liberty” the time for talk and bargaining has ended , the next phase will soon commence Liberty gained and lost will breed a vengeance of the unimaginable .
          That one catalysing moment will bring this , when it occures all will know without doubt .
          In the blink of an eye everything will be transformed forever changed .

          We are Americans , we are destined to be free .
          What was old will be new again
          What has happened before will happen again .
          Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

          For us it will be our finest hour .

          God bless the Republic ,
          Death to the New World Order


          Semper Fi

      24. Bird flu update…

        “Since December, more than 40 million birds in the United States have been infected or exposed to harmful bird flu viruses that typically cause severe illness or death in the animals.

        The outbreak has led authorities to kill millions of birds on poultry farms in the Midwest, in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus through the flocks on those farms.”

        “Although these strains are not known to cause disease in people, their presence in the United States may increase the likelihood of human infection here, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a new warning posted today (June 2) on the agency’s website.

        Other bird flu viruses, such as H5N1 and H7N9, have infected people and caused severe illness. Most human infections with bird flu have occurred after people who did not wear protective equipment had direct contact with infected birds or with surfaces that were contaminated from birds. Others have become infected after visits to a poultry market.”

        Fox News

      25. S. Korea confirms five new cases of MERS, bringing total to 35

        h ttp://

      26. I’m not one given to giving up and I will die with my boots on, but we’re fighting a battle here that only takes us to were we know we’re headed; SHTF so I’m content with the timeline of what I call the cultural bleeding of man. One look at history should inform us all that we are at a pivotal point of overlapping concerns that can only lead to a major shift in the ideology of mankind, I for one just want to save the wholesome principals that have been given too us through knowing God, we can work the rest out later.

      27. I’m not one given to giving up and I will die with my boots on, but we’re fighting a battle here that only takes us to were we know we’re headed; SHTF so I’m content with the timeline of what I call the cultural bleeding of man. One look at history should inform us all that we are at a pivotal point of overlapping concerns that can only lead to a major shift in the ideology of mankind, I for one just want to save the wholesome principals that have been given too us through knowing God, we can work the rest out later.

        History is a bastard, but good people always survive.

      28. America is lost folks corrupt cops and gov officials can you really have faith in the system.

      29. Hmmm….,internal servor error on site this morning,checked other sites quick to make sure not the next step to blowout time!Anyhow,this is a cool story though feel bad for the rat! ht tp:// ,yes,I know this tech can be used for evil but also good!On a side note,can we let trusted posters put in links without moderation or spacing,why have trusted posters if we cannot?!Anyhow,a little good news,sick of all the negative though still paying attention to world events,we all need a good news break now and then!

      30. Bernie Sanders is another fake in the Ron Paul mode, talks a game of how the people are being screwed with income all going to the top percentile. He is just a divergence without a chance of being elected to offer a fake choice to take the attention off of the demonic Hillary and her complete lying scumbag past and present. All of these 2016 wannabes are putrid with that ultimate fake Rubio the likely GOP choice. Both Sanders and Rubio are Israel firsters. No candidate outside an Israel firster will get any publicity ever. How stupid are the American voters to fall for this charade over and over again ad nauseam? That’s probably why Osinister wants to make voting mandatory, to continue the illusion of people choosing their own representation. He just came out and said that America has become the most respected country in the world under his administration. What a crock of spewing never ending lies.

      31. just a heads up

        Where did the half billion raised for Haiti go? Red Cross won’t say, only built six houses

        ht tp://’t_say%2C_only_built_six_houses/44334/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        the Red Cross has been plagued with scandals for decades now

        be careful who you give your money too

        • I don’t give a cent to Red Cross. Back in the 1950s, my family was flooded out by a hurricane. The Red Cross wouldn’t help us one bit.

          The only charity I give out is directly to people I see who need help.

      32. test

      33. Something to chew on. Our future: higher taxes, higher interest rates, and higher health care. How could you not be optimistic going forward? What exactly are the bright spots?

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