Pentagon Wants Boots-on-the-Ground in Iraq to Combat ISIS: “Need About 80,000 Troops to Retake Lost Terrain”

by | Nov 14, 2014 | Experts | 190 comments

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    This article was originally posted at Zero Hedge by the ubiquitous Tyler Durden.

    Despite President Obama’s “promise” that there would be no combat troop boots-on-the-ground in the fight against ISIS in Iraq (and his doubling of ‘military advisor’ troop levels last week), The Guardian reports that General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, indicated to the House of Representatives armed services committee that the strength of ISIS relative to the Iraqi army may be such that he would recommend abandoning Obama’s oft-repeated pledge against returning US ground troops to combat in Iraq. Dempsey added, rather uncomfortably, that “we’re going to need about 80,000 competent Iraqi security forces to recapture territory lost, and eventually the city of Mosul, to restore the border.” The irony of this is that the ‘not-dead’ leader of ISIS al-Baghdadi spoke today and exclaimed that the US will be soon compelled to come on the ground to fight his group.

    As The Guardian reports,

     General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, indicated to the House of Representatives armed services committee that the strength of Isis relative to the Iraqi army may be such that he would recommend abandoning Obama’s oft-repeated pledge against returning US ground troops to combat in Iraq.

    Retaking the critical city of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest, and re-establishing the border between Iraq and Syria that Isis has erased “will be fairly complex terrain” for the Iraqi security forces that the US is once again supporting.

    “I’m not predicting at this point that I would recommend that those forces in Mosul and along the border would need to be accompanied by US forces, but we’re certainly considering it,” Dempsey said.

    And, as The Daily Star adds,

     Iraq will need about 80,000 effective military troops to retake the terrain it lost to Islamic State militants and restore its border with Syria, the top U.S. general said on Thursday.

    We’re going to need about 80,000 competent Iraqi security forces to recapture territory lost, and eventually the city of Mosul, to restore the border,” Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, told a congressional hearing.

    *  *  *

    The Pentagon Press Secretary was rapidly on the case to back-pedal…

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      1. Did obama just gruber us again? This is getting to be a bad habit or maybe its the plan.

        • Would you rather have our troops fighting ISIS or doing humanitarian work in obola countries?

          • Neither

            • So the child king is now figuring out that all the stuff is generals told him was true and instead of firing them he should have listened. We need to leave that part of the world. We produce all of our own oil now, add the Keystone pipeline and we don’t need another drop of the sand rats oil. If they attack us again we drop a nuke or two. They understand power. Any country sponsoring there crap, including Saudi Arabia gets a big radioactive gift for Christmas. Let China have it all and the mess that goes with it. We are broke, and in a moral mess… we have no business meddling with this crap any more.

              • Man on the inside, AMEN to your comments.

              • Well said. We the American people have done enough.

              • ” By Way Of Deception, Thou Shall do War ” Israeli Mossad’s Motto.

                Translation : We will lie our asses off to have America fight many wars for us “

                • This quote comes from one man’s book about his life and he alleges this is their former motto. One disgruntled guy claiming it–and then repeating it ad nauseam on the internet–doesn’t make it true.

                  • sharonJ…You are correct. The correct motto by one disgruntled guy is:

                    ” By Way Of Deception, Tribe Shall Kill Innocents all over the world specially the little babies and women ” Israeli Mossad’s Motto.

                  • An unarmed Russian bomber in April flew over a high-tech U.S. ship in the Black Sea. A crew member on the bomber pressed a button, and Poof… No more missile defense system on the U.S. ship. No more radar. The ship became a defenseless floating coffin.

                    “The Russian Su-24 then simulated 12 missile attacks against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind.




                    • Thanks for the post, YMWW, on the Donald Cook. THIS is why I come here, to learn things the lamestream media would NEVER in a million years write about!! EMP ain’t new, but still…

                    • One more comment on the disabling of the USS Donald Cook:

                      Why didn’t the Russians just save money and convince the US to use Windows Vista – or better – Windows 98 – to run the ship’s control systems?

                      Heck, any old Microsoft OS would do. In fact, Russia could start and finish a war while Windows was still rebooting from its latest hourly security hole update

                • Yup, the hourly neo-Nazi post. Still no clue that both the Bolsheviks AND Hitler were evil leftists.

                  “There is more that binds us to Boshevism than separates us from it… I have always made allowances for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once.” – Adolf Hitler

                  Hitler said “I am not merely the vanquisher of Marxism, I am its implementer… The whole of National Socialism is contained in Marxism… the industrial cells, the mass demonstrations, the propaganda material.” – Adolf Hitler

                  Why did the Nazis fight the USSR? Simple. Why did the Mensheviks fight the Bosheviks tooth and nail? Why did the USSR approach the US in the late 60s or early 70s about nuking Red China? Why did Red China attack communist Vietname somewhere around 1976 or so?

                  Never an answer. And no, I also do not support an inordinate amount of leftist, NWO orient Jewish folks either. It’s just that they are only PART of the equation. As usual, another **category** mistake by tne neo-Nazis

                  • 100% Score for Test.

                    Stupid Sheeple falling for the false Neo-Nazi Socialism/Communism Paradigm.

                    • That’s hilarious newbie, you, a died red in the wool rightie who has been duped with Hegelian Dialect, talking about someone else stuck in a paradigm.

              • MOTI: Got to give you a thumbs up and an amen. Where the fuck are the people who have the most at stake in the outcome of this police action?

                We don’t.

                Its time for others in NATO to step up and participate with THEIR boots on the ground; like France and Italy while the Germans watch their back in the East. They will all need the practice for the Russians anyway. 🙁

                • Yep

                • durango kidd says:

                  “They will all need the practice for the Russians anyway.”

                  LOL… “They” can’t even manage to subdue a group of tribal goat headers let alone “the Russians anyway.”


                  Man on the inside says:

                  “Let China have it all and the mess that goes with it.”

                  LMFAO!! China wants nothing to do with the failed American Imperium.

                  USA… USA… USA… not!!!

              • “We produce all of our own oil now”

                I’d love to see numbers to back this up.

                You can’t produce any simply because your statement is completely false.

                Good luck.

                • Haha. Just found out that the US Air Force had one, that’s right only ONE freaking wrench to attach the 485 ballistic missiles and warheads to one another, and those are located on 3 bases. Holy fricking frack what’s going on around here!

              • “we have no business meddling with this crap any more.”


                Since ISIS is our state depts and covert opps proxy renegades in the first place

                Just as Alqaeda is..

                Read all the posts from Tyler ..he knows the scoop as many of us do..

                ISIS is our proxy freedom fighter brigade ..doing the work Americans won’t nor would ever do..nor should they ever.

                These are the Barbarians at the gate

                Performing their ritualistic disgusting atrocities at the behest of our govt..and many others as well..

                Do some homework..

                It’s all there..

                Damned psychopaths all of them!


              • Man on the inside, like RBH said: AMEN to your comments.

            • Bingo Man…

              • Mac, I’m getting a message box only on SOME submits

                “Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party.

                Are you sure you want to continue sending this information?”

                Not on all posts, just the first one. You must be working on the IP recognition app.

            • March the stoopid sheep off the cliff..

              • Anything to keep propping up Wall Street Oil Corporations, MICM (Military Industrial Complex Mafia), and the Greedy Central Banksters. The World is a Stage Sheeple!!

                • Maybe it’s time we quit reading the script and get off the stage. I know personally, I’m both tired of playing AND tired of being played…

          • Neither….your stuck in the Hegelian Dialect

            I’d rather they do the only Constitutional thing we need the department of DEFENSE to do right now. They all come home and DEFEND the border and leave everyone else the hell alone. But no politician, no matter what letter they have in front of their name, will do that, because they don’t know or follow the Constitution and they do not work for us.

            • Because there’s no profit in it, for their corporate constituents.

            • The last time the Muslims had a Caliphate from Baghdad to the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean became a Muslim lake, and European civilization went “lights out” for about 400 years.

              Do you really hate French, Germans, Greeks and Italians that much?

          • I would rather them locking down the southern border

            • Well, the border is open and Americans better shut it or no America!!
              Rant or action?

        • Did obama just gruber us again?

          That depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

          Besides, “What does it matter?”

      2. Love to send those head choppers to Hell.

        • Islam, the religion of pieces. Unfortunately, HUMAN pieces.

        • FreeSlave….I believe all of us would love love to see these SOB’s to be destroyed but remember that our young men and woman will be getting killed as well for an enemy that their superiors created in first place. Can we send IDF to fight them? Why not?

          • Stolz, that’s my whole point. We don’t need to go into anyone’s country for any damned thing. Let those bastards just wipe each other out. It’s what they deserve.

          • Everything Obama has said has turned out to be a lie. He and Reid and Pelosi did more for the GOP takeover than any stumping from republican celebrities. This entire approach is so systematic and calculated I’m smelling a rat in everything coming out of Washington.

            I may be a bit behind here, but just out of curiosity, why was the red and green thumb rating system done away with on this blog?

            • “Everything Obama has said has turned out to be a lie.”

              Hello. That’s what Libs do.

              • lol… so no conservative has ever lied?

                Try all politicians!

                • Of course many GOP politicians lie. Doctors lie. Military Generals lie. Husbands lie. Wives lie. Children lie.

                  But a Lib lie is particularly horrible. Are you familiar with the story about Jonathan Gruber, architect of ObamaCare?

                  • Are you familiar with Republicans constantly claiming that the Keystone Pipeline will create 42,000 jobs? That is a flat-out conservative lie, but you’ll never hear it on Faux News or Rush.

                    • Satan, a Liberal, is also known as the Father of Lies.

                    • @FreeSlave:

                      Did you know Thomas Jefferson was a “Liberal?”

                    • @sharonsj: Prove that the conservative claim of 42,000 jobs is a lie. Just because you claim it doesn’t make it so…so are you just lying at this point?

                  • FreeSlave…..Everyone lies and only STUPIDS believe it.

                    • Stolz, what lie do you believe?

                • Pay no attention, this poster is drunk on right neo con koolaid! They are no better than those drunk on libtard koolaid.

                  It takes a brain capable of critical thinking to disassociate with the Hegelian Dialect and to end their normalcy bias.

              • 100% right, FS!!

              • Jefferson was a **classical** liberal, which is the utter antithesis to liberals today. Classical liberals are more akin to libertarians, free markets, and even conservatives today. Please review your history, as your comment, YMWW, is utterly false.

                And yes, everyone has a problem with dishonesty. The issue is, YMWW, is that leftists, insofar as they have no God other than their “god” of power *** have no basis for saying lying is wrong. As Dostoyevski wrote, “If there is no God, **everything** is permissible.” In other words, if there is no God, or God is just an abstraction, right and wrong are ***merely your PREFERENCE***. That, mon ami, is why you are incorrect about the issue of liberals and conservatives lying. Insofar as the latter have a much greater adherence to faith, they at least have a BASIS for establishing right/wrong, truth or lying. There is also recourse to come back at the conservatives and hold their feet to the fire. For a leftist, his logical response is either: So what? Or to quote Hilary, What does it matter?

                All this being said, and granting all people are fallible, the greater preponderance of lying, from what I have seen, comes from the left. Again, why shouldn’t they lie?

                • Oh My Goodness!! What a brilliant response, TEST!

                  The “Without God, All Things Are Permissible” response is a great rebuttal to those able to distinguish between libs and conservatives.

                  Well done!

                  • Would you two get a room already, some of us are tired of seeing balls rest on anothers chin.

                  • Free Slave and TEST…Are you two lovers? Only idiots deeply in love score each others performances so high.

                    • When the facts are on your side, hammer the facts, when the facts are not on your side, hammer your opponent.

            • @Sterling Silver…..Mac had to remove the ‘thumbs’ for now….too many trolls! take care, CC.

              • Thanks.

              • Didn’t work – we’ve still got trolls.

          • Hell, we (CIA) are ISIS along with Israels mossad. This is just another joke, another funneling of our money away from us, at the expense of american lives, because they have been duped into believing they are helping spread democracy and freedom…what a load of shit! What amazes me, is no one ever cries out “why are we spreading democracy, we are not even supposed to be a democracy, much less spread it else where. Truth is stranger than fiction and nothing is as it seems. Both sides of our evil govt know this…ther is no difference between the two. Just another fucking war…that we started adn are responsible for.

            • Yes a Democracy aint so great. a democracy is Mob rule the same as two wolves and a sheep voting on who to ezt for dinner. We have a republic or whats left of it. The young folks who join the armed forces today are not protecting Americas freedoms. They are being used as cannon fodder to further the UN -NWO and Agenda 21.

              • The US is supposed to be a ***republic*** not a democracy. Big difference.

                • That was the whole point of my post and as far as I can see the old man was agreeing. So what are you doing?

          • Yet TEST refuses to consider that the same as he says for nazis and bolshevik kommies are Both usa enemys etc…Yet he wont say the same on how islam AND Talmudic jewry are also one in the same as far as usa enemys goes.

            If the Koran teachings are to blame for creating so many Jihadist enemys of usa…Then so is Talmudic Judaism an equal if not Worse Religiously Taught enemy of usa and christianity.

            For if TEST will read some verses in talmud which several others here has repeatedly posted in prior articles at SHTF Here…He will see the absolute validity of what I state here regards usa enemys.

            What difference does Test see between Koran teaches Behead NON Muslim Infidels…VS. Talmudic judaism teaches “yes even the Best of Goyims Should be Killed”?

            Even a 5 to 6 yr old small child would see they are BOTH the same if the question is who’s usa enemys.

            And the very same identical questions TEST keeps asking on what is different between socialistic nazis VS Marxist Bolshevik kommies can and SHOULD be asked.

            So far most every msm news talker, private citizens, Prez leaders, congress etc etc…In usa and euro nations and canada ALL mainly use those Koranic verses as to their prime main reason they declare islam Our and global christians enemys right….So I ASK…Why does Test and a few more folks here never mention or question This issue as I am doing here now?

            After all if one bases a certain religious teaching as the main cause of enemys…Why is that OTHER groups(jewry) religion books any different right..

            is perhaps there some confusions as to what exactly jews talmud means by “Even best of the goyim gentiles SHOULD Be KILLED” and be Killed BY jews as it IS a jewish “Religious belief and Teaching” ?…

            I think the very Fact they nenver mention this nor name jewry as an enemy, proves much as to their major MSM Dialectic conditioning and of how deep they has Fallen for the typical propagandas which Now today and for a dozen yrs now has and will be propaganda against the new latest Booogie man bad guys of Islam muslims.

            Muslims ARE the NEW 21st century nazis…They had to Geek islamics up for wars or terror acts since the Real nazis are ALL Dead now!…

            It is the exact same principal as we see constantly hammered daily in every form MSM especially TV news shows 24/7/365 about Whiteys…

            And the main reason is because they cannot claim jews-blacks-mexicans-femminists- females-Queer fagots-Dyke lezbos etc etc as some type VICTIMS…UNLESS…Thy can Name a evil bad man boggie man whos doing all that Victimization right…Cant claim victim status for ANY group unless you convince vast majority that so and so IS whos caused them to be a victim in first place.

            And you all see it constantly played That way against White males mainly and even white females too at times as the “Bad Guys” and evil Bully’s…

            YET even Now after so much truth infos outted since 9/11 towers events, and daily online reports of how deeply involved us state dept, cia along with MOSSAD and state of ISRAEL are at least equally if not Greater involved or as one may state…Israel/mossad Plus USA state dept & cia are the COOKS cooking Up everything evil and war mongering etc ever since 9/11 2001…And Thats Just for This go-round!….For these same two entities has been doing the role of War COOKS/CRooks for far longer back in time….Pretty much since at least early 1900 era usa & israel/jewry has cooked up wars and scams galore.

            Therefore while Yes Test is correct not every jew in world is evil or doing wrongs…I do not think ANY single group has 100% partisipation that way…

            Yet “some” groups Yes also do have far greater numbers or percentages of the members active in or benifiting from such illicit or war like activties and scams in general. And history is filled with tons of proof that for some reason jewry does rate being at head of class or top of heap when percentages of membership of group is involved or supportive and always refuses to condemn or speak out against their Bad members…

            AND of all coincidences which seem to Hover over jewry constantly with the worlds smallest minority group yet haveing the largest number of “Coincidences” connected to said jewry group…

            This refusal group wize to never speak out or condemn ANY fellow members is also a part of their talmudic religious teachings and religious demands to not expose a tribe member ever no matter what was or is done…

            in Fact I’d wager that if one, say a guy like Test took time to add all Koran verses that teach evils like jihad or war etc…Then do likewise with jewish Talmud books, Then compare the Two side by side?

            I’d wager, and Win that bet hands down..That he’d discover how like it or not, the jewish talmudic verses contains Far greater number verses that Any Sane american person will consider either enemy like teachings against Us…Or very Potentialy harmfull type teachings against Goy non jewish persons and especially against Christian persons….Like maybe at least a Dozen times worse and more such verses when compared to the islam koran book.

            So whats the big holdup of zero MSM-zero polititions-and ZERO alternate website writers, except for a very small select few, has yet Named Israel and talmudic jewry as an equal enemy if not greater potential enemys?

            it Must be they all has fallen For typical MSM and Fed Gov Propagandas heard all the time…Oh and also due to Most usa pastors teachings too which are falsehoods and wrong.

            And since Yes nazis are all dead now..And far as I know of NO new actual huge force of second Gen nazis was ever formed or concieved of in any form realisticaly and wont be….YET YES them Bolshevik Soviet kommie badguys DID make certain to train up their kids and grandkids as next gen Kommies.. Then perhaps the real best focus Should indeed be placed on what I wrote of here…IE: Is Jewry enemys same as islamics is based upon what questions I asked here etc?…I for one think YES…and forget nazis and rather scope out Talmudics as the newest gen of soviet bolshevik kommie destroyers instead eh. Now That IS a REAL thing/Issue faceing americans NOW today.

            PS: in order we remaan Fair to All etc…Is the proper thing to do now….If every person who rejects any lies jewry claimed about germans or nazis or death camp issues, With proof as good reason to reject jews claims, keeps being called a NEO-nazi for their rejecting of jewish Lies…THEN…Is it Only Fair/Proper we now begin to call ALL folks who refuse to open Their eyes to proven factual truths of such lies etc, perhaps call them “NEO-KIKES”? Or something like “Neo-Yids”? perhaps?

            If Not? WHY Not? why should rejectors of now proven lies jews still lay claim to be labeled as neo nazis yet so far NO such vile names designed to Silence free speech of them calld nazis, has been used for defenders of lying jews right…Why Is that? Because so many has Fallen for PC-MSM-Govnt lies also?…Or Pastors Lies or falsehoods as taught?…Come On folks! it Has to be something if not one or more of these things right…

            Fair is Fair right…Ok I shall for one, begin to label and call every supporter or defender of jews who Lie, a NEO-KIKE! and/Or Neo YID! or maybe even a Neo-KHAZAR!

            Maybe that shall cause the self righteous goys out in usa land to RE think all these important items and issues eh…if not at least we too can have a bit of Fun calling Them fools vile names for a change huh…I kinda Like this Plan!

            • Being paid by the word by your Islamic masters, are you? What’s going to happen when they find out that you just wrote a yard-long post of complete gobbledy-gook?

            • wind bag

        • And if obama sends them, will this be his, “Read my lips, no new taxes”, moment?

          • The MSM will NEVER allow that to happen to a Dem, not after Dukakis.

          • That moment came about 2 days into his presidency. Since then, it’s just been one Big Fat Greek Wedding/Lie after another.

        • Agreed. So that they can collect their 72 hideous biting demons of hell. I mean their virgins. The demons are virgins right?

        • I think they’re trying to send the Baby-And-Wedding-Blower-Uppers to hell instead.

      3. And who invented ISIS, Trained them, Armed Them, and keep mistakenly dropping supplies of ammo to keep their perpetual boogie man war going?

        Really, who is still being duped over this Charade?

        • Obola!

          • Who did it with/for isis? Easy answer! the same Jewess women in usa state dept that has also Funded the REAL neo-nazis of Kiev Ukraine who so far has Used us state dept funds of at least $5 BILLION to..Carpet Bomb and Artillary fire and rocket launch fire uopn totally Innocent White Christian Citizenry of that Other Half of Ukraine for almost a full year now, and now per what was just shown yesterday on RT tv news documentary type show. Due to state dept jewess woman Victoria Neuland as KEY promotor and KEY funder of it all has caused most all areas in that 1/2 of ukraine to look the exact same as IRAQ after a dozen yrs carpet bombing runs now looks like…Total and Utter destruction close to caveman days.

            While that state dept #2 Honcho Jewess women Neuland has been doing it to ukraine innocents, her Husband, Robert Kagan aka of PNAC- “project for a new american century” fame since hes main or only writer of That famed war monger and JWO documents is very likly the main Culprit for these ISIS-Alciada groups doing it to Other innocents!

            Victoria Neuland’s Husband Robert Kagan is famed for when he wrote IN that PNAC-Document papers that “The American people, due to the wrongs learned of about the Farcical Scams of Viet Nam based upon nothing else But Lies! shall never now agree to More WARS!…UNLESS!!! Something…Something BIG! Really BIG happens to change citizens of usa’s Minds back again towards more WARS!…It Must be soooo Big it wil be at least, if not worse yet, than a NEW PEARL HARBOR Jap Planes attacks!”

            Wow! yet Another jewish “Coincidence” folks! almost one Year after Kagan wrote that Paper, to the Day one year almost! what did occure worse than pearl Harbor?…9-11 happened thats what! Lucky Break for more Wars for jewry and Israel no…Is He the main Architect for ISIS Now? if not you Can bet His fellow jew pals of AIPAC sure are!

            AIPAC-Invents/Designs Chaos, US State Dept jewry honchos administer it all! and YOUR Taxes Pays it all suckers! So Keep defending all done BY israel and such jewry members so america can be Blessed better!!!!!

            just remember folks…It is Very important in order to allow for the Insanity and madness of todays jewry such as That named married couple, located in TOP KEY USA Govnt positions of Vast Powers, to be able to Continue their insanities that cause entire worlds folks to hate You and wish You Dead due to it all…

            You Must agree to and Practice the same as many Here are doing…IE: Always ignore facts and Truths about various evil jewry, Unquestionably Defend such evils done by jewish folk and israel state/mossad agents…And Keep calling all others who reject such insanity and despise such evil jewish persons, an evil Nazi!

            For Only by Adhereing TO and constant Practice of that TABOO form of PC which demands NO mentions Ever when such jews are doing it, and at same time a total unquestioned defense of said evils and jews doing it, can You be certain these insanitys and mindless wars continue unabated for the Next 40-50 yrs…

            Biblically God Said hes going to Send a huge Delusion upon earth peoples, and also Cause the naysayer fools etc to Accept and believe the grand delusion!…Well such grand delusion can and likly will consist of several “parts”….And I for one cannot think of one other grand delusion part Bigger now than the ideas and beliefs many usa folks has today regarding fraud jew Khazars…Perhaps This is main reason we see so many folk so defending israel and jewish issues no matter How evil or wrong it is that they do eh…You will Know for certain once the grand finale’ of that delusion takes his jewish leader seat upon Satans throne in the 3rd Temple once built I rekon. Wont be no deluded naysayers or khazar/jew defenders Then probobly eh. oy Vey the Antichrist guy speaks…Yiddish! We has been HoloHoaxed!

            • YOU have been holo-hoaxed, but not by Mossad !

        • Yup, we been doing this crap for decades now. The water is so murky adn gray now, no one coukld ever see all the weeds that have become entangles.

      4. Ground troops for the invasion of Syria, probably. WW3.

        • Mission creep…..

          • No, creepy mission. 🙁

        • My thought as well.

      5. The mission is still accomplished as Iraq is still trading oil exclusively in US dollars.

        Let that status change for any reason and US troops will be there ASAP if an internal coup doesn’t alter such a policy.

        • Yes Indeed.

        • I wish to heck they would hurry up and re-value the dinar!

          That ever happens, I’ll be buying my land and building a home a long ways from where I am at.

          • BJ:

            I have a friend that has been planning on owning a hollowood home after her dinar ship comes in.

            She invested at least 6 years ago, money she couldn’t afford to throw away…..and was scraping monthly to hopefully increase her wealth.

            She told me what a great thing it was….would be paying her off in spades any day now. Still waiting…..

            Hope you are playing with it like you would a game in a casino…..not with much of your hard earned money.

            • I am with you, POG. I don’t have much wrapped in it and don’t plan on it ever paying off. I looked at it like, if it comes in, I win big. If it doesn’t I am only out a little and don’t miss it too much. I didn’t go hog wild or spend money that I couldn’t afford to at the time. I only bought a million IQD. If it ever came in good enough for me to buy a little land and have my own self sufficient home built…..I’d most grateful and feel blessed like a King.

        • Yeah, but Russia isn’t with China. The reserve currency folks gotta be shaking in their boots… except that the NWO types will just this to bring in their SDR garbage

      6. Last I checked, our Peace Prize winning Golfer-in-Chief had bombed SEVEN countries, whereas Bush was five.

        No word from Cyndi Sheehan, the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters, or other leftist hypocrites on this yet. Or probably ever.

        • True…most people don’t know that.

          There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who can count and those who can’t.

          • ” There are 2 kinds of people in this world…those with loaded guns…and those who dig…YOU dig ” Blonde ( clint eastwood) from favorate film

          • Those who learn by reading, those who learn from others’ experience, and the rest who have to pee on the electric fence to find out for themselves.

      7. TPTB are fluent in effluent, aren’t they? Once again the Obungle crowd is a day late and, a dumb arse over the limit.

        Put them all on a plane, air drop them in with their pens and phones, and see if they can retake the place–THEN let the adults take over.

      8. One way for Halliburton to keep the oil flowing. I’m afraid we are going to lose many good US men & women this time.

        • If they don’t have the balls to say no..then they deserve to go…there is NO DEFENDING OF THE CONSTITUTION HERE! When will they (infantry and mid level commanders) realize, that the NWO looks at them as dogs to do their bidding..Fighting for your country?..if you go dumb shit…you are not fighting for your country…you’ll just be another forgotten dweeb in the long list of forgotten dweebs who can’t think or have an original thought for yourselves. They (Congress) never bother to ask the real power in this country what we think about foreign entanglements. So now…the time is coming when they will have no choice to listen and follow. FUCK THIS senseless during for ASSHOLES!!!

          Live Free or Die…for YOUR COUNTRY…DAMMIT!!!

          • Yup, yup and yup. 🙂

            • @Talon;
              you know that, and I know that but the retarded sheep just cant seem to figure it out. A friend of mine returned from Iraq back in June and he is 100% convinced that him being there made us here in the US safer.

              It is scary that people can’t or won’t see the obvious.


          • @talon1886 says…..

            “realize, that the NWO looks at them as dogs to do their bidding”

            Yup, yup, and yup.

          • Bingo Talon. Stoopid Sheep keep joining the Military as helpless trained Cannon Fodder. One way to rid the world of gullible Sheep. Send them off to the Sand Box Killing Fields.

      9. We have been in Iraq twice within the last 30 years. The second time Saddam Hussein was overthrown allegedly because of hidden WMDs. From the invasion in 2003 until we withdrew at the end of 2011, NOT ONE CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL, OR NUCLEAR WEAPON WAS FOUND ANYWHERE IN IRAQ. WE LOST THOUSNAD KILLED, TENS OF THOUSANDS WOUNDED AND MAIMED FOR LIFE, SPENT A TOTAL OF A TRILLION DOLLARS OVER THERE, AND ALL FOR WHAT? The biggest thing we accomplished there was to destabilize that part of the Middle East. One thing about Hussein; at least he kept that area stable. We don’t need to go back in there at all. Besides, who will he use for troops sinc ehe’s doing serious budget cuts to the military? We are broke. We don’t have the money for another stupid military adventure. This will be another debacle, mark my words.

        • Amen Braveheart

        • WRT no WMDs being found, you flat-out wrong. But carry on.

          • Breathial, let me clarify that one part of previous post. In the First Gulf War back in 1991, we did find some WMDs that time and destroyed them. Saddam supposedly still had some other WMDs from the time we withdrew up until just a month before we invaded again in 2003. One month before we went back in our satellites supposedly detected a convoy of trucks carrying WMDs with an armed escort from Iraq into Syria. Syria supposedly still has a good sized WMD arsenal and I’ll bet at least half of that is Saddam’s old supply. If you know something else I don’t, feel free to share it.

            • I just re-read the Congressional Resolution authorizing the second Iraq war. Nowhere can I find any mention of WMDs. NOWHERE.

          • @Breathial,

            Oct 16th, 2014. NY Times.

            “The article by Times reporter C.J. Chivers focused on U.S. soldiers who suffered from exposure to the sulfur mustard and other nerve gases which emitted from the bombs. According to the story, about “5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs” were found scattered across Iraqi soil.”

            You probably should apologize.

        • @bh,

          Yup, Not many people remember how we got over there in the first place.

          Saddham captured the kingdom of Kuwait in about 30 minutes (less than the time it takes me to order a pizza). All over a loan from Kuwait to Iraq during the Iran / Iraq war, horizontal drilling into Iraq by Kuwait, and a threat by the king of kuwait to turn Iraqi women into prostitutes if Saddham didn’t pay up.

          All the other Arab kingdoms from the UAE down to Saudi Arabia panicked because they saw their own kingdoms were about to become a footnote in history. Saddham got a taste of Genghis Kahn pie and he liked it. There was no stopping him from moving down the coast.

          So, Saudi Arabia dials 1-800-USA HELP US and there ya go, 30 years later and it is still a mess.

          And of course, the thankless bastards are still in power capturing ownership of America more and more.

          And in return, we the people get 50000+ soldiers maimed and 5000+ deaths.

          F them.

          • And another thing….

            People don’t realize that we have been at war for 30 years. George Bush II never started a war with Iraq.

            The Iraq war was started Bush I. Iraq and the U.S. agreed to CEASE FIRE (Not a surrender which ends the war).

            Under Bill Clinton, we were monitoring the terms of the cease fire (patrolling the north / south no fly zones along with other terms of cease fire. Saddham didn’t comply.

            Bush II technically just resumed active engagement if anyone wants to get technical. The WMD crap was to justify going back into active engagement.

            Of course the Demtards politically spun it to George Bush II’s Iraq war when in reality, it is just as much Bush I, Clinton’s war as it is Bush II’s.

          • Celler Spider- Bingo, If you really drill down into the lead up to Saddam taking Kuwait, the Kuwaiti’s were stealing and pumping more oil out of common oil wells of Iraq, and violating OPEC’s quotas. Saddam was only protecting the Oil flows and quota. Well the US has awoman Ambassador to Iraq, like a woman who Saddam had to answer too, Well that didn;t fly, and when Saddam built up troops on the Kuwaiti border, GH Bush Sr, bacially gave Saddam the Green light as an excuse to then accuse Saddam or an invasion and placed another big lie of Saddam throwing babies out of Incubators. That was a proven lie, but helped build support of Americans to them go kick some ass. It was a total set up and excuse to then Invade Iraq. These are the facts. The world is a stage, as the US Sets up these dictators, arms them to create chaos, and mayhem. Thus the Iraq /Iran War which a million People were killed. Its all a big population Political Charade to the thrills of bankers and weapons manufactures. The people who usually lose are civilians in these countries as they are displaced as refugees. All for the pleasure of the Corrupt psychopaths.

            I seek the truth in all of this, and what I stated above nobody can deny if they too seek the truth.

            • WWTI:

              All the digging I have done I cant seem to find anything that supports your adulation of Putin.

              Please direct me to some proof that that KGB chief has abandoned the Zionist bankers control over their nation.

              Russia belongs to IMF and International Bank of Settlements, you know, those organizations that are owned by those same people you rail against.

              Please direct me to your sources so I can change my mind from Putin being just another PAWN in the Zionists game. It is beyond me why anyone would think the Zionists have loosened their claws on Russia after 1918.

              • Has Russia accepted homosexuality, diversity hence white genocide? ?
                Maybe, Putin is a SOB but not NWO!

        • Stable. As in invaded Kuwait? You call that stable?

      10. I like Mac’s site. This headline in inappropriately misleading. I was sure you found a good quote from someone who let their guard down and suggested 80k americans were needed to do the job right. Nope, not what happened. Mac, you have a loyal audience. You don’t need to fool us to read your stories.

        • you still read the stories?? kidding… sort of


      11. “I will not send American Boys to do what Asian Boys should be doing”; President Lyndon Baines Johnson discussing the coming conflict in S.E. Asia, 1963 Presidential debate with Sen. Barry Goldwater.

        Same lies/different Democrat

        • Let these towel beads wipe each other out..the world will be a much better place when these “true infidels” and there fucked up sharia law are clambered up their assholes in one massive heap of blood and flesh. Maybe this will finally end stupid foreign entanglements that are being paid for with my tax dollars that I did not authorize…bitch Barry.
          Live Free or Die…you first Barry

      12. Whoopee!! More broken windows for .gov to fix. More profit for the Wall Street grifters. More contracts for the weapons suppliers.

        Get ready youngsters. You are about to have your prostate dry humped.

      13. We could empty out all our US Prisons that are full of Murders and who just love killing, and air drop these Hoodies with AK47’s into the Sandbox, and let them fight their way back home. It would solve 2 problems, and empty the prisons here in the US, saving Billions in Tax Dollars. WhoWuddaThunkIt for President. Vote here!! lol


        • Yessir. That would work out very well.

        • genius!!

      14. Russia is messing with units that can launch nukes, they are being sanctioned, they are test flying all over the place, and they are hoarding more gold than anyone..

        sounds like theyre getting ready. right now, I believe that we are going to be blind-sided by them. like Japan in pearl harbor. except this will be a nuke.
        yea, I know, fear porn. but its just getting weirder each day.

        • And reasonable arguments can be made in both cases that the Liberal Democratic President was provoking just such an attack with trade and diplomatic policies in both cases.

          Listen I’m no America hater, but the arguments are out there. Patrick Buchanan is an “interesting” guy to listen to, he says lots of things against U.S. aggression and internationalism that are hard to ignore.

      15. I noticed that as well. Odd the comment rating thumbs are missing. Coincidence?

      16. I would hate to be serving in the military when WW3 hits and get stranded over there. Maybe the Silver lining is they would take over and stamp out Islam and set up another Republic.

      17. I guess they will be sorted by who will kill americans ,,,,the ones that will stay here ,, the ones that wont go to fight isis

        I have been lurking a long time here ,, but its time for me to start fighting back ,,
        Nice to finely speak up


      18. Ron Paul: What The 2014 Elections Meant

        “Did the election last week really mean that much? I took to my Twitter account on Tuesday to point out that the change in control of the Senate from Democrat to Republican actually means very little, despite efforts by politicians and the mainstream media to convince us otherwise. Yes, power shifted, I wrote. But the philosophy on Capitol Hill changed very little. The warfare/welfare state is still alive and well in Washington.

        Some were critical of my comment that, “Republican control of the Senate equals expanded neo-con wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming!”

      19. News: ISIS has created their own currency now.
        Since Oil prices are getting crushed, they need to crank up a new war to keep the price raised. Its all a big fraud folks. Politics and Manipulation.

      20. Yep Oil dipping to $73. I see $60 soon, then down to $30 in a year or so.

      21. “competent iraqi”…..

        Now there’s an oxymoron if there ever was one.

        • Pretty competent at camel humpin’.

      22. It’s hard to believe this is all about whether the oil pipe line runs from Saudi Arabia or Iran to Europe through Syria. The conflict in Ukraine is the same thing. This all boils down to if US friendly countries or Russian friendly countries sell oil to Europe.


      23. No solider, sailor or airman *wants* to go war…not the sane ones anyways. Our out-of-control so-called ‘leaders’ don’t care however. They are leading us all right…right over the cliff. ISIS, Al-CIA-Da are ALL creations of the U.S. and their interests. They have been funded, and allowed to thrive ON PURPOSE. When are people going to figure this total crap story out? If the U.S. really wanted them (insert current boogey man name here) DEAD, they would have been wiped from the planet already.

        Syria is the real target in all of this, as it poses the promise for yet another gas pipeline that circumvents Russia’s stranglehold through Gazprom and others. It’s ALWAYS about CONTROL, make no mistake about it. Control of food, water and energy has been going on for eons…what makes you think now is any different?

        • Socrates:

          Unfortunately the “eons” they have been working toward their goal of control has now become a reality and the noose is getting tighter daily.

          Until the dust settles, we “must” be taught to believe it is us vs whoever they make the daily boogyman until they are ready to declare, through the United Nations, there is no one left to govern the world but “them”.

          Syria/Iran are current stumbling blocks; thus they must be destroyed. And our kids will be the gun fodder that makes that happen. Ramp the dumb Americans up MSM. We MUST go to war! God help us all to wake the hell up!

          • POG – Socrates: We’ll be witnessing a united front in that part of the world against us as Americans due to the criminal acts by our AIPAC guided Government even among our what is perceived as allies such as Turkey.

            I am not sure if everyone watched the video in Turkey with young Turks who were simply nationalist and without any Islamic association attacked two American sailors who were just taking a break and walking in the street.

            As you said POG, God help us all. Dark days ahead.

            • I saw that video. The Turks were yelling “Go home Yankee”. They stopped them and put bags over their heads.

              It was payback for when US soldiers detained some Turkish soldiers a while back and put bags over their heads.

              Turkey is supposed to be a NATO ally…I guess they didn’t appreciate that.

            • Stolz:

              How any thinking American can watch the MSM pictures of the TOTAL destruction the war department has wreaked on those people and their cities and not ask themselves what the truth is, why are we doing this.

              To fight Communism…..oh yah. It was American tax dollars that rebuilt communist Russia to what it is today.

              Sorry folks. There is a dictator that is not allowing freedom for his people in whatever country. Send the bombs in, destroy their infrastructure and any means of scratching out a decent living. Then, gosh, sorry, we supported a dictator far worse than the one that was there.

              But what changed then? Oh, right. All banks nationalized, dictator will do their bidding, anything left that belonged to the peasants stolen, hijacked for the PTB.

              And America gained what?

              • Oh, by the way, same scene coming to America soon.

              • POG…the most pailful point for us is to convince good people on this planet that not all Americans are criminals. However we are at the mercy of the same Government who takes order from their criminal masters in WallStreet.

                • Stolz:

                  No way in the world, at this late date, are we going to convince even a small portion of the rest of the world that we, JoeBlow American, are not part and parcel of the evil that has turned their countries upside down.

                  Probably most countries populations understand better than most Americans of the who that controls Americas purse strings that is financing all this evil.

      24. Has anyone here ever experienced that uncomfortable feeling when the realization hits you that you are not on the winning team?

        I’ve felt that way for the past 14 years.

        • yeppers

      25. Make no mistake about the importance of syria. Without the western control of syria there is nowhere else to put in a pipeline for the free flow of OPEC’s persian gulf oil. (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc) Right now Russia has a choke hold on Europe’s energy and a pipeline going into the Mediterranean sea would establish a much more secure flow of energy and wealth of that region for the next 200 years. Will it be Russian / Iranian oil sold to europe or will it be OPEC’s oil sold to europe? Shipping oil is expensive and dangerous with two bottle necks for shipping which are the Suez canal (egypt) and the straight of hormuz (Iran). The globalist fixed Egypt and the Suez canal problem for now but Iran is still a BIG problem. It is going to be a two front war on iran as it is sandwiched between Iraq and Afghanistan and why 80,000 troops will be sent to Iraq as the people there Have proven they have no real backbone for a real fight. The final chess pieces are being put in place. Not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m just saying how I see the chess board being played. Let me leave you with the words of one of the worlds biggest players Henry Kissinger.

        “If you control the energy you control the nations. If you control the food, you control the people.”

      26. Retake “our” lost terrain…..and DO WHAT WITH IT ? Screw it….let ’em work it out or not.

        When are people going to FINALLY wake up to the fact these sand box wars are simply profit generators for the guys supplying the mission, and have nothing to do with ‘our freedom’ ?

      27. Population of Iraq is about the same as Texas. Send about 15M immigrants to Iraq and let them take over. Iraqis who want to advance themselves can learn Spanish!

      28. Like I heard a Christian scholar say concerning current events, “It’s not falling apart, IT’s All Falling Together”.

      29. Soon we’ll see Obama dressed as Dath Wader landing on a aircraft carrier with a huge banner behind him saying: Mission to Hell Just Got Started.

      30. Just wait a couple more months until the GOP has both House and Senate, thus the purse strings. Then, cut EVERYTHING that muslim-in-chief wants, and beef up the Defense Dept and lets go kick some diaper-headed asses. I wish I could go with those heros. I did my 40 years 6 months and 18 days. So, I’m out of the picture, but I love those brave men and women! God please look after them!

        • Its all a game to create as much chaos, as take the eyes off their own ineptness and theft. When one Hand is waving around to get your attention, the other Hand is most likely picking your pockets. Oldest Game in the world. Distraction and diversion for profit. “Me love you long time, I’m a Virgin.” Nice Rolex, GI Man.

        • The GOP has controlled the House of Representatives since the 2010 election. All spending bills originate in the House, thus the GOP has had control of the purse strings since January 2011.

      31. I am really starting to believe that some massive false flag event is going to take place here in the states.

        Then the powers that be can blame it on anyone they choose.

        Then Isaiah 17 “Burden of Damascus” tells us that they will be destroyed over night by what sounds like a nuke. This is how WW3 may begin. Probably will have Israel take the rap for delivering the bomb and then the WHOLE Middle East, North Africa will be on a war footing.

        • The Closest Massive False Flag event will be the Ferguson MO Blow up which will create Blacks rioting across America. The the UN will claim that it is Human Abuse as the Cops crack down on the Rioters. Its the Same Game the US has been playing across the Globe. The UN is looking for any excuse to invade America with Boots on the ground. They tried with Detroit water issues, Gun Issues, and even The UN Declaring States legalizing Pot as an issue that America is not helping the world’s Phony drug war. The UN and the NWO are looking for any excuse to put their Blue Helmets on the ground. What they will soon underestimate is the Armed US population that will send the Blue Helmets home in Body Bags. Keep your powder dry, gear up and get ready now by stocking up on as much Ammo and high capacity Magazines you can afford. Let er’ Rip!!

          • That, WTTI, I absolutely believe. Wonder if the cold weather there has slowed the release of the verdict?

            Can’t have our paid agitators dying of frostbite, now can we.

            Dousing them with cold water would surely send them scurrying for cover. As someone suggested earlier, it would be awful if, while stealing a tv, they slipped on the ice and broke their leg.

          • My guess is Ferguson won’t “blow up.” Particularly if it is cold out. Al and Jesse prefer warmer climes. Wonder if they could riot in the Bahamas?

            I will tell you this, tho. I live now in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Chicago (don’t make me explain why or I’ll cry), and my neighbor is a recently retired IL state trooper (a great guy, conservative, a true *peace* officer, patriot, etc.). He told me he specifically loaded his guns with the last Ferguson go-round – and while we live somewhat close to some mildly questionable areas, we are NOT in a bad area, and they are NOT super close. He’s a bit over-reactive, given his history (seen a LOT of bad stuff), but still, doesn’t argue for a good ending to this one.

            Me? I think it will blow over with minor impact. But anything and happen!!

            • Reading reports that the same people who orchestrated the big “demonstrations” at the Seattle WTO conference are on the ground in Ferguson.

      32. Folks the more troops away from CONUS the easy the take over. Everything these Government A$$ WIPES of ours do stinks to high heavens. The U S of A; we the people are being sit up for the biggest reaming ever devised make no mistake about it. I counted today a CSX train with 85 tanks cars all marked Flammable JP-4 (jet fuel) headed East in Southern IN. Look out about May-June if not sooner. Be safe and prepare!


      33. We have a congress woman that doesnt understand due process and our bill of rights let alone our constitution

        she needs to be suspended until she can cite all of these documents and explain why they are written as they are

        This is on the Kurt Bush issue , when his ex GF accused him of hitting her
        Nobody saw what happened and there have not been any reports that anyone saw injuries that the woman should have had if Busch had “smashed her head against the wall of his motorhome three times.”

        I hadn’t said anything until now, but U.S. Representative Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) assaulted me 8 weeks ago and repeatedly smashed my head against the wall. Nobody saw it happen and I have no injuries, but she needs to be suspended from taking part in her re-election bid and fund raising on the basis of my unsubstantiated accusation.

        It’s such a shame that a US Representative is so ignorant as the US Constitution and the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”

        • I feel like I get raped by the government everyday, can you help with that miss speier?

          • ENEMY , You may have a concusion caused by your congress critter, I would check with the NFL to seek help if i were in yer shoes.

          • Enemy:

            Watching Nancy Bullosi trying to squirm out of all the lies about Obamanocare is just about the most putrid scene on tv this week.

            Treasonous bitch from California; and until that state sinks into the ocean or she simply disintegrates from old age, taxpayers are stuck with that witch.

      34. Police in Buffalo, N.Y. are demonstrating what gun rights activists across the map have been saying for years – and gun prohibition lobbyists have been denying – about how registration leads to confiscation as they will reportedly begin confiscating guns legally owned by people who have recently passed away, according to a report yesterday on Fox News.

      35. Police in Buffalo, N.Y. are demonstrating what gun rights activists across the map have been saying for years – and gun prohibition lobbyists have been denying – about how registration leads to confiscation as they will reportedly begin confiscating guns legally owned by people who have recently passed away, according to a report yesterday on Fox News.

      36. I’ve noticed that since Mac got rid of the red thumbs feature the conversations here
        are a lot more civil and helpful. Thanks Mac.

        • I have noticed that too. 🙂

          A big thasnk you to Iopenedyoureyes!

      37. Forget ISIS.

        Get a load of the photo on the home page of Drudge, accompanying the headline story: a female illegal giving both middle fingers to someone off camera, understood/implied to be a U.S. Immigration Officer or a U.S. Border Patrol Officer.

        And THIS fornicating, lying/cheating, amoral, obscene, slut is a prime example of what Obama wants to allow into this country by the droves.

        There IS no civilized society anywhere in the world right now, or anywhere in the history of the world for that matter, that would want a worthless slut like this among themselves.

        I cannot help but question whether she and her fellow illegals comprehend — yes, comprehend — the rage that she and her fellow illegals are provoking in the American people who have built, paid for, defended, and honored this country.

        It would not be overly difficult to wonder if this amnesty-for-illegals situation could not quickly morph into violence across the country if Obama makes good on his claim to be planning to use “executive action” to defiantly violate our immigration laws. I have to wonder if the simmering rage is accurately recognized, or taken seriously.

        NO ONE wants these human pieces of garbage in our country.

        I hope the situation can be handled peacefully, through the Congress, but it doesn’t take much to see the underlying potential for aggression and confrontation.

      38. 80,000 troops eh?

        what if they called for war and NO ONE CAME?

        • I have a better idea…forget the war…let’s line all the politicians in Washington up and give them all 80,000 swift kicks in the ass.

          • We have a machine for that here in eastern NC. It’s the world famous self-kicking machine at Tom Haywood’s store east of New Bern on Highway 70.

          • Hitler:

            You are playing too nice….

      39. All Obama has to do, is stop supplying them with weapons and other support.

      40. I kinda miss the thumbs. It’s easy to show who you agree with and thumbs down who you don’t agree with. Maybe after a while the turkeys who were messing with the thumbs will have lost interest and we can bring them back.

        • Agreed. I suggest that we just have a “I was helped by this” button, with NO thumbs down. If you don’t like it, just leave it blank. That way folks can focus on the highly rated ones. Maybe even SORT by number of approvals. Not foolproof – trolls could still circumvent this – but probably they aren’t interested as it might force them to read the posts

      41. Let’s wait for more mudslime terrorists Isis idiots to gather there from around the world….then just take them all out at once.

      42. Time to reach into the inner city and let “those” people pay back for some of the free milk and honey.
        The jails in michigan are turning loose inmates because they are over crowded.
        I think it’s time to export the dead weight , murders, druggies, politicians. Your suit just hit the fan. Get packing, your leaving to be with your own kind………..

      43. A message to Mac. How about returning the thumbs up feature. It was the red thumbing that got screwed with. All the trolls can do is NOT thumbs up a good post.

      44. Why not just send Obama’s ISIS contra army back to their CIA-CENTCOM bases in Jordan, Turkey and Israel?

        Obama’s advisors are right… Americans are stupid and chickenshit. Too stupid to realize they are being played and when realizing it, too chickenshit to do anything about it.

        • “Americans are stupid and chickenshit.”

          I might resent that comment…. that is, if I wasn’t too busy watching Dancing With the Stars, attending my weekly “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-in, following EVERY antic of Kim Kardoooshian, Lady Kaka, Mahdoona and Smily Cyslease… or could actually READ a basic English sentence.

      45. big companies off the hook

        NO accountability
        NO responsibility

        Obama Indemnifies Gov’t Contractors From Damages Arising from Importing Ebola to US…mporting-ebola

        and this was done under the guise of to “facilitate the national defense.”

        so EBOLA now has to do with national defense ???

        • CNS News is incredible. One of the few news sources I trust.

      46. Another liberal f up. Seems they are always starting wars and no one seems to call them on it. WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam all started by incompetent liberals democrats.

        Perhaps this time we should focus on killing all liberals here before we go to war. We would at least rid ourselves of the mindless instigators.

      47. Yeah the Thumb Trolls Green and Red got their cheering section removed. They are besides themselves coddling their egos, like yelling in a crowd and nobody hears them now. Thumbs are about egos, saying popular middle of the road stupid shit, with zero matter of fact info. Thanks Mac, You hit your target again, Bullseye!!

        • Maybe. Could also be that people are pushing out “radical” ideas they have and seeing if they fly in this crowd. You know “Obama sucks”. 40 thumbs up. So now maybe they are thinking their ideas aren’t so far off of the map. Of course, the thumbs down trolls skew everything. For what it’s worth. For me, ego, nope.

      48. Lesseee… who started all the major wars this century:

        – WWI: Woodrow Wilson, big time “progressive”
        – WWII: Leftist FDR
        – Korea: Truman the Democrat, who also dropped at A-bomb
        – Vietnam: Gulf of Tonkin LBJ. Might blame JFK a bit
        – Sorry, leftists, but Grenada, Panama, etc are not “wars”; if you want to count them, I will start counting all the “no knock” SWAT team raids that have gone nuts under your Dear Leader
        – Gulf Wars I and II/Afghanistan: Bushes. Neither of which are conservative icons. Gulf War I was ultimately caused by Ambassador April Glaspie. I don’t know her party affiliation, but she was born in British Columbia.

      49. Looks like the GOP Leadership is going to tuck tail and run. So BOHICA; no impeachment, no fighting amnesty, no repel of Obamacare etc. Anytime a DEM or REPUB looks into the mirror they both see the same thing= SCREW THE PEOPLE. Where is a leader that will stand up and say COME ON FOLKS ON TO WASHINGTON ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Alas; we are lost for no one with the means to lead us is willing to ever step up to the plate, as us the willing to fight sinks deeper into the ABYSS. We are on our own, to fight when they come for us and make the stand alone.

        MTCFMF (May They Come For Me First)

        • Copperhead:

          I don’t think it comes as any surprise to you that the two headed snake in DC is swallowing all of us.

          It took this election, and us waiting with bated breath, to recognize none of those bastards are coming to our rescue. Probably most elected bums know the score in DC and think there wont be an election in 2016 so no use to “kick against the pricks”.

          Glad I have my faith and absolutely know “they” will not be holding that prize of the world in their grubby hands when all of this comes to a head.

        • No impeachment. Nobody dares.

          As several Stupid Party politicians have noted: “Have you MET Joe Biden?”

      50. Send the Senators’, Congressmans’. banksters’ and !% ers’ kids to fight their wars, after all they are the ones that profit from these wars.

        Oh, yeah, I forgot to include the Military Contractors kids,or lets start a no excuses draft (men and women), then we’ll see how many wars we have.

      51. I thought this comment by “Anonymous” was, IDK, ironically funny:

        “And THIS fornicating, lying/cheating, amoral, obscene, slut is a prime example of what Obama wants to allow into this country by the droves.

        There IS no civilized society anywhere in the world right now, or anywhere in the history of the world for that matter, that would want a worthless slut like this among themselves.”

        If you think about it, that just as easily describes quite a few (perhaps the majority of?) multi-generational Americans.

        Seems to me the only real problem is all the free stuff the government gives out. Without that, where’s the problem? Let them sink, or swim, as it is.

      52. So General Dempsey spoke.
        Since when does obama listen to the Generals?
        Dempsey is filling his bucket list and the White Hut aint watching.

      53. Send the COWARD pussy turds of the Corporatist Fascist money pig filth, who were shit out by greedy Yenta whores of the Corporatist filth, to fight and die in the religiously insane Middle East shithole. NO MORE Middle Class or poor children need to die or be maimed for life to protect the assets of the Corporatist Fascist money pig filth of the EVIL vile disgusting shtihole of collapsing fascist Murica. There has never been a more evil, vile, disgusting, GENOCIDAL fascist shithole in the history of the world than the fascist EVIL disgusting shithole of collapsing Murica. Just keep watching your mindless entertainment and sports COWARD pussies of the Corporatist Fascist filthy vile shithole of collapsing Murica, and everything will be fine COWARD coddled pussies.


      55. 80,000 boots on the ground? Does that imply 40,000 troops? Or is a boot a single individual? Whatever the case, the American people should demand that these troops surround and obliterate ISIS / ISIL / Whatever to the last man. No prisoners. If this is not possible then stay the f*** out of it.

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