Watch: Body Language Analysis Of Awkward Interview With Mass Shooter’s Brother

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts | 63 comments

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    By now, most have seen the extremely awkward and often downright uncomfortable interview with Stephen Paddock’s brother. Paddock is the supposed gunman who killed 59 people and wounded over 500 more when he open fired on a crowd at a country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    ISIS and Antifa have both claimed responsibility for this shooting, however, it doesn’t appear that either of those can be validated at this time. Without a motive, many have been left pondering the possibility of this being a false flag. Keep in mind, the definition of a false flag does not mean that the incident never happened. It means blame is being shifted to someone else for the atrocity.

    False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.

    But the body language during the interview with Paddock’s brother, Eric, was awkward at best and is adding more fuel to the fire of possibility. A body language analyst takes on the interview, and the first thing noticed that the way that he is “bobbing up and down” should have been the primary clue that something is not right here.

    Not all is as it seems with this shooting. Many things are out of place and the evidence that someone is covering up the real motives for this is compounding.

    The body language analyst says that early in the video it’s fairly obvious that Eric did not really care for his brother Stephen, but he is in true disbelief that the shooter was his brother. Yet she feels that the “political” motive, based on body language, is more likely than a religious motive.

    The analyst does say that she feels that Eric is being deceptive, and maybe not in a huge way, but using “lawyer speak” to slightly change the narrative. Eric could be covering for a possible political motive but it is hard to say.

    His body language is strange and he did react with odd mannerisms reminiscent of a child. The most important piece of information relayed was that Eric may not have liked his brother all that much and there may be some deception about Stephen Paddock’s political affiliations. He also had a rather lackadaisical reaction when he mentioned his brother was dead, which could have helped had the analyst expanded upon more in the video to give an idea as to just how distant these two brothers were.


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      1. That fucker isnt going to say shit, he doesnt want anyone peeing in his cheerios

        • Nailbanger, maybe it’s HCKS, LOL!

        • “A body language analyst takes on the interview, and the first thing noticed that the way that he is “bobbing up and down” should have been the primary clue that something is not right here.”

          LMFAO !!! You gotta be kidding me. Your brother is accused of killing 60 +/- people from a snipers next on the 32 floor of the Mandalay, and you are nervous and upset ???


          Imagine if the guy was calm, cool, and collected. What would people say then ??? Probably “This guy is unaffected by the mass murder of 60 people committed by his brother. He must be involved in some way! He may be a psychopath too!”

          GMAFB !!! 🙂

        • The murder toll in Las Vegas on Sunday makes it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Know what they call that in Chicago? June. (Y’know, Chicago, with some of THE strictest gun control laws in the nation)
          Actually, there were 84 murders in Chicago, just in June, according to, which keeps a running tally. There were 76 murders in July, 50 in August. And there were 59 murders in Chicago last month, so the death toll in Las Vegas — again, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history — was just a normal September there.
          – Joseph Curl in Daily Wire

          And just maybe, if black lives matter – and they certainly DO – then they ought to ALSO matter to the FATHERS who sire these children, then abandon them. How many NFL kneelers have illegitimate kids running around with no father present

        • I watched about a minute of this and stopped. The “interviewer” stopped, made her comments, then started way too many times and it got frustrating that fast for me. Let’s not forget something here folks, and please do not think I’m defending this guy, but put yourself in his shoes. Whether he liked his brother or not, and by the way, the interviewer pushed that pretty hard, his brother supposedly just committed the deadliest mass shooting in our nations history. Try to fathom that for a minute. Can you even imagine how you would feel if you were in his shoes just hours later, being basically interrogated like that? And this supposed body language expert looking for her 15 minutes, deciphers this guys psyche and basically determines that he hates his brother and whatever else she did that I didn’t waste my time watching. Now, I have 5 brothers and a sister and I love them all, but if I woke up to news like this, I’m sure I’d be greatly distressed and shocked. This guy was exactly that. This high minded pretentious interviewer should crawl under a fuckin rock and hide. DHB says he’s sure showing signs of being uncomfortable. Well sparky, you get a point for mastering the obvious you dipshit, his brother just murdered 50+ people and injured 500+ more. This whole thing is just plain fucking bad and this rancid bitch is playing charades like it’s a fucking game. Sorry for the f bombs but this really got inside me yesterday. Never in my younger life did I think this kind of stuff would happen here but now I’m afraid that this is the start of some really bad stuff coming our way. This guy, for his own good, should not be giving interviews.
          Stay quiet Be smart

        • The guy is probably stressed and freaked out beyond belief. Imagine what you might be going through if one of your family members had just allegedly done such an atrocity.

          The body-language analyst does some pretty good analysis of people, in her other videos. Perhaps David John Oates, can run the audio through his Reverse Speech program, he usually finds something, if it is there.

          As for the event, there are many things that seem so out of place. Either this is an actual leftist attack on a bunch of mostly White “conservatives”, or some instigation is being directed. Will the next mass killing be at a leftist venue?

          What is next?

          • One more thing, and Veterans have commented on this, the audio of the shooting, sure sounded like a belt fed machine gun, not an AR with a bump-fire device. The string of fire is too long, steady and un-interupted. At one point in the audio, it sounds like more than one weapon firing. For the number of people killed to have been done by one individual, in as short a time period, he would have had to have killed over 2 people per second, not to mention the wounded.

            • I’m thinking the same..probably belt fed 60 cal. Spray and pray a large crowd and you are going to get a lot of people in short order. As packed as those people were, one round could take out or injure multiple people.You can tell by the rhythm of shots and that slapping sound off the surrounding buildings that it was bigger than a AR..

              I think there was more than one shooter. this old guy gambled. If he was going to the range and practicing all the time, neighbors would have seen him with weapons at some point.

            • I have been thinking the very same thing. I have messed with a bumpfire and they aren’t that smooth and quick even with a lot of practice they are choppy and some of the bursts were far too long to be even a drum mag.

            • I as a veteran think you are correct JustMe. I hear three distinct guns. I think one of them may have been an M60A1 and that is a real machine gun, not a automatic rifle. But it could be that he was using different guns out different windows. Who knows just a best guess.

        • Tattoo on supposed shooters neck..13. No tattoo 13 on pic of dead guy.

        • Yeah, the dude is still reeling from all this. He will be stressed to the max for a long time. I feel sorry for him ans the rest of his family. They are innocent people just living their common lives. And I am still unconvinced that Paddock personally killed anyone. In the video by the cab driver, one can clearly, obviously hear rifles of different calibers and different distances from the microphone being fired. (SOTN, today) He is parked directly in the driveway of the shooters hotel, with his window open and his camera running. LOUD shots close by, and fainter shots fired farther away. So this is a planned, organized killing, and let us remember 9/11. The US government was part of that, and is just as likely part of this. Or Israel could be behind it, because its about to go hot in the middle east, and Israel is already asking the Pentagon to take a more active role on the ground. Let’s not be stampeded into anything. Give it time and let’s figure this out. It’s a set-up by some organization, no doubt.

      2. As one who has been trained in advanced interview skills as a police officer; you bet he is displaying his uncomfortableness. Now the interviewer needs to ask the right questions to probe the source of that.

        • DHB, So you were trained in advanced interview skills. Is that one step above basic interview skills? If you woke up some morning and found out your brother just murdered over 50 people and injured at least 500 more, wouldn’t you be uncomfortable to you dumb jackass. Now I’m certain that somebody is going to ask him the right questions and I hope that meets your approval.

      3. So the anti American scum in congress can instantly pass anti American gun laws but you Can’t get a bill passed in nine year’s for health care!
        And they let terrorists roam free in the country, to congress you are traitors to this country and enemy’s of the state.

      4. It could very well be the family is closing ranks to avoid lawsuits. If they say oh yea he was a gun nut and was doing weird stuff, they would be the target of massive lawsuits for failing to act to prevent this. Too early to tell.

        • DHB, how can the man’s FAMILY be sued over this? The hotel I could see having liability. If you’re suing someone for anything you want to go for who has the DEEPEST pockets and the MOST liability. I don’t see how the family could be held liable if there’s no proof of their involvement.

        • The odds that the “family’ is going to see massive lawsuits. Try 100-percent. Almost 60 people killed with another 500 to 600 injured or wounded. Oh, the attorneys will most certainly come.

          And maybe this guy just knows what’s coming. Maybe the brother knows just how crazy things are about to get. If I was him I’d be pretty stressed out, too. That his life and that of his family will NEVER be the same again. That would be pretty stressful for anybody.

          There is something else going on here. A lone gunman taking out this many people? Drones? The Deep State practicing on Americans for what is sure to come?

          Don’t say it can’t happen. Tanks on American streets (Boston). Even Obama didn’t see that one coming. Maybe.

          • The blame-e, the charges in any such suit will still have to be proven in court. Liability has to be proven. While I sympathize with the victims’ families, they need to target the RIGHT people such as that hotel. They won’t get awarded anything just on someone’s word alone.

            • You are quite correct. However, what they can do is make the family spend themselves into the ground on lawyer’s, legal, and court fees. Bleed them white.

              In this matter, it wouldn’t surprise me if some anonymous money-bags, George Soros / Koch Brothers / Clinton Foundation type, offers to pay all the legal fees of any victims who will take the family to court.

      5. Anyone paying attention in this days world we’re living in
        Knows to STFU

        5th , learn it , plead it

        Can’t blame the guy with as letigious a society we’ve been forced to live in

      6. Research the footage the casinos have with his gambling. Find his associations within that framework. Everything that happens while gambling is seen and recorded.

        • What happens in the corridors is also monitored by cameras. Sure would like to know how he got those weapons and ammo into the room unobserved, and why none of this was noticed by room service or security personnel. It makes me question who on the hotel staff may have been assisting (who could have easily exited just before the cops arrived)? This was way too carefully planned and carried out to be the work of a lone wolf on short notice. Why did he ship his girl friend out of the country in advance and wire her money (reportedly $100K)? This retired cop thinks the atrocity was carefully planned – and well in advance. The shooter(s) weren’t just coincidentally in town when the concert was going to be held and dragged all that firepower up to the 32nd floor for a BBQ with friends. This whole atrocity was scripted …by someone, well in advance.

          • Agree: having been in combat the gun fire sounded from several sources not a single shooter (just like you get in a fire fight or ambush). It seemed very well planned, just had that same feel I had on 9/11 – like somebody with a military, percision-focused mind worked on it. Choosing a crowd who are penned up and in a shooting gallary. Do one-off, crazy lone-wolf guys do that? Not very often.

            The brother’s behavior is very odd: look, even if I hated my brother because he farted on my face every day of my childhood and then f-cked every girl I ever dated, I still would defend him in the face of being accused of mass murder. He can’t be equal parts a ‘normal dude’ and the brother I truly hated with every inch of my body. I would also take it very seriously and would be very upset. If he was some sad-sack Muslim we had picked up for interogation over a bombing, that performance alone would have gotten him an epic journey of stress positions and beatings until he took it a little more seriously. You DO NOT smirk when I ask you a question.

            So, the ‘script’ is looking a little ropey at this point.

            • Frankie! Alongside all your other heroic exploits, now you’re a combat vet…wow! Whereabouts? Too old for Bosnia and Iraq and way too old for Afghanistan..must be Vietnam.

              Couple this with your exploits in Soviet Russia and your work with top secret government agencies must make you an extremely well decorated vet. I’ll tell you my war stories if you tell me yours…we must of met up sometime…

              Fantasizing braggard..valor thief!

            • Agreed Frank, I heard more than one weapon and it sounded like one with a little more pop than .223 maybe 300blackout. I did a little measuring too, the ranges he was shooting at taking into account elevation were around 290 yards(shortest range at the SW corner of the lot) to 560 yards (longest range @ the NE corner where the building cuts across the lot) now add 30mph winds (they never stop around the tops of the hotels in Vegas) at his elevation and 5 to 10 mph winds at ground (minimum, again, the wind near that airport never stops) and crowds rushing around. He hit an awful lot of people even on full auto, btw, at one point the rate of fire seemed to slow, like his weapon wasn’t cycling properly.
              23 weapons and at minimum 1200 rounds, will get you noticed in a casino. I suprised surveilance didn’t key onto this guys behavior.

              • Depending on how many cameras are displayed on each security monitor (up to 16 in some cases!) it might be quite easy for someone to simply walk in with a golf bag (full of rifles) and to the elevator with nobody giving a thought. Depending on how many cameras are recorded on each hard drive the files overwrite usually 24 hours later. He was there days before the incident so it is likely the security camera files were already overwritten by the time anyone went to look back on the timeframe when he would have been carrying the weapons to the room. A few trips at various times a day would not be suspicious.

            • I agree.

          • Hey checked into the hotel on Sept. 28. he had 4 full days to bring the weapons in.

            Assuming that the rifles had collapsable stocks, he could easily have put 2 to 4 of them in a large suitcase. He also could have used hanging bags like you would use to carry suits. Ammo could have been brought in as well in other suitcases or bags. A thousand rounds of ammunition, while heavy, does not take up a lot of space.

            People come and go in Vegas all the time, so he could have brought stuff in virtually any hour of the day without suspicion.

            Add that to the fact that people just don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what other people are doing (especially in a place like Las Vegas) and it makes it very easy for him to have done this.

            There is no doubt though that this was carefully planned. But I have no trouble believing that he could have pulled this off all by himself. There just aren’t that many moving parts to that type of an operation.

          • Carefully planned and well in advance. I agree with your premise. Press conference in Las Vegas just ended. Reading between the lines, they were saying they are investigating other possibilities than those stated publicly. The BIG elephant in the room is the existence of other participants. They are skirting around that question like a cat avoiding a pitbull. I mean, no one is even mentioning the possibility, which speaks volumes to me. Heavy gambler? Did he owe money to the wrong people? Was he paying off a debt? I suspect we’ll never know.

          • “Sure would like to know how he got those weapons and ammo into the room unobserved, and why none of this was noticed by room service or security personnel.”


          • I agree, the whole story and circumstances and the family interviewed are all strange and makes no sense. This was not a lone shooter, not a chance in hell, but a doomed man so heavily in debt from excesses would do almost anything if blackmailed into it. Debt is very effective tool for blackmailers to use.

      7. This turd knows more than he is saying.

        as a cop I’ve seen this type of thing over and over again. Most of the time they are coving for someone.

        He said he moved his brother, and he had some guns. That was two years ago. What he isn’t saying is that the last time he was at the house he saw more.

        Hell if you came to my house I’ve got more that he does, but I’m 63 and have been collecting from when I was 16 years old.

        Someone said the other day that he wasn’t waiting for Nov. 4Th.


        • Yep
          He may know more
          But in this day and age where everyone is guilty before proven innocent would you open your mouth?
          No you wouldn’t , because than you know you’d be instantly liable for what ever this crooked law system could try to pin on you , or at least at a minimum what society is going to do to you

          We do have the right to remain silent
          Or didn’t they teach you that in thug school?

          • He didn’t have to speak to the media: he could have got a lawyer to do it with a statement. Any schmuck worth his weight knows that. Now, the son of a guy who was on an FBI most wanted list and was called a ‘psychopath’? That family would know how the law works. He put on this performance for a reason.

            • agreed again

            • He mentioned several times that Marylou was NOT involved… maybe sending her msg NOT 2 talk. Also said it took months of plng…. & disclosed both he & bro are experienced w/many types of guns.

          • True, good point, keep mouths SHUT and tell them nothing if you are smart! I think there is certainly something with him being a radical Leftist asshole and decided to move ahead of schedule of the November bullshit of the fags and snowflakes of ANTIFA. Be prepared my fellow patriots. Guns at the ready, scoped, oiled, mags loaded and be very vigilant of the crazy shits on the Left.

          • MM
            I wouldn’t have done the interview to start with.

            Yes you have the right to remain silent, but most are too stupid to do so.

            And no. They didn’t have to teach me that in Cop school I was smart enough to already know it.

            I think the guy just wanted his 15 minutes of fame. If my brother would have done this and was now dead I wouldn’t be able to talk, let alone chuckle/laugh. Would you?

            MM look what Frank said. He is right on.


            • You dont have to say shit to anyone, even a judge cant force you.

              • Or you can find a cop to strip search children to get to the truth, right good old sgt Dale?

              • The Greeks say: “In silence there is agreement.”

                In other words, if you keep quiet you are deemed guilty, because if you had nothing to hide you would talk.

                Not just the police, but these news vultures need to read their victims their Miranda Rights, too.

            • A federal judge was so convinced that a Downstate police officer violated the constitutional rights of a group of 8th-grade boys when he strip-searched them after gym class two years ago that she ruled for the boys last week without even holding a trial.

              But Marseilles city and police officials say Officer Dale Long did nothing wrong when he allegedly ordered some of the boys to drop their pants and checked their underwear for money stolen from their classmates. In fact, Long was promoted to sergeant shortly after the 1999 incident.


              • Oh snap

        • The guiltiest men always lay down a ton of “tells” when scrutinized. The brother is a shitty than hell poker player. Dirty as fuck.

        • Hey Dale maybe it’s time to strip searching him to find the truth!

          Ohh wait, you only do that to little boys!

      8. I don’t see any odd reaction. The media is hounding him, his own brother is implicated, all kinds of accusations being made up. This chick is full of crap

      9. The liberal gun grabbers are back at it, as they are after every mass shooting.

        This guy Paddock was a pilot. He could have rented a twin engine plane, like a Cessna 310, and dove down to the crowd and leveled off a few feet above ground. He could have rammed them from behind at 220 mph and killed hundreds.

        Taking guns won’t change things. ISIS is killing a lot of people in Europe without guns.

      10. I’d like to ask a question of the gun gurus here. Bloomberg (which I do not trust) alleges that two “bump stocks” were found in the hotel room. No info as to whether or not they were actually used. What do you gurus know about “bump stocks?”

        The gunfire to me sounded more regular and spaced as I would expect from an automatic action.

      11. Getting guns into the room is not a problem. People use trunks, cases, golf eqpt., all kinds of large boxes for shows, of all kinds.

        Sheriff from LV on tv now………squirming, breathing hard, sighing, sweating, short of breath
        as he answeres press questions about details that don’t match info.
        Poor guy is dying a long death up there.
        He said he will contact those press investigators next time he needs answers in a case! That they have more info than he has. Like how can he be sure it wasn’t ISIS involved without even searching his electronics. Without talking to bedwarmer.

      12. There is something wrong with the various reports about this. Allegedly the Las Vegas terrorist Stephen Paddock fired 280 rounds in 31 seconds into concert crowd? He allegedly hit 59 people and wounded 500? This is NOT possible with the weapons they said they found in his hotel room. remember he also has to aim?

        300 rounds in 55 sec

      13. Sgt;
        I saw that interview also. Reporters were in car. Brother had just come out of house. IMO he seemed to be agitated that people were questioning him. Waving his hands and pacing in place, in circles, bobbing around a little like a boxer dodging punches. Facial expressions exclaiming.

        (I think they are all a little goofy.)

        Maybe he was afraid they would mess up his inheritance of all his brothers property as he is sole next of kin. But, I think that ship has already sailed.

      14. Ultimately, whether this turns out to be a man “radicalized” and working with Islamists or ANTIFA, or if this is a false flag by the US government, the goal is the DISARMING OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
        The end game is total and absolute surveillance/control of the population.

        “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.
        It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

        Henry Kissinger, 1991

      15. we’ll know a whole lot more in a week about this whole situation. It sure got the dems all fired up and showed their true colors of what they thought of those music fans as Trump voters and hoped they all got killed. The left never learns,they just continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Real compassionate people!

      16. Could you imagine if they broke into your room , killed you , did the shooting , and pinned it on you?

      17. the guys brother just shot 600 people, theoretically. He is family. He is mobbed by reporters. Of course he is freaking out, and acting weird.

        • I would say his behavior is he so does not want to be there.

      18. Any of you ever heard of Devils Breath. I think Mac did an article about it a few years or more ago. Look it up as it may explain this whole thing.

      19. Won’t maintain eye contact with interviewer. Always looks away when giving an answer. blinks, closes the eyes. Police call that ‘deceptive behavior’.

      20. No reason for him to agree to be interviewed by media. Poor choice on his part. No reason for him to hire a lawyer to issue a statement to media on his behalf. He doesnt owe the media a damn thing. Here’s what I take away — be prepared to bug out before media can camp on your doorstep and mob you.

        Although he’d certainly be prudent to consult with a lawyer when police wanted to interview him. (Would he *have* to consent to a police interview if he’s not under arrest?)

      21. i would not be surprised if this was all engineered by the Leftist gov’t. we see the onslaught of the New World Order, as gov’ts continue the “death of cash”. Once cash is gone and all “money” is electronic…It will be easy for gov’t to tax you by taking “X” percent out of your electronic account. Obama, stole from our liberty using executive orders. The current congressional “leaders” are not even accepting the peoples mandate of Trump as President. I believe the Liberals planned this Las Vegas shooting to press more strict laws against us….soon guns will be banned and confiscated…If you think the gov’t does not “engineer incidents” look at history…1) Spanish American war,…the Maine is sunk…2) WW1…Lusitania sunk…3)Ww2…Pearl Harbor….4)Viet Nam…Gulf of Tomkin “incident”…5) Mid east….too many wars to get into here, all to protect “us interests” which means US oil….6) 9/11…hate the arabs so we can spend more trillions of dollars on defense and engage in more wars in the mid east to protect “us interests”,,,,and make democracy available for Mrs Muhammad( yeah sure)…7) Las Vegas….lets take away guns from the US people and detain them in the FEMA “detention camps”…..made from former Walmart buildings….see the posts on line about the HLS “exercises” that were held in the SW and the “prison trains” with shackles…
        Are you 100% prepped, yet?…..WHY NOT???????????????????

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