What the Hell Was That? Space Station Feed Catches Mysterious Object Hovering Over Earth

by | May 12, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment | 86 comments

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    This article was written by Piper McGowan and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: You gotta wonder what is really going on. One thing is clear: NASA and the government aren’t going to tell us anything remotely close to the truth. What in the hell is up in orbit around the earth? Are we seeing evidence of extraterrestrial life and visitation, or secret space operations with vehicles never disclosed to the public? Or something else?

    Personally, I have no idea, but this video doesn’t look like it can be easily explained by camera tricks or video noise/distortion. What do you think?

    Space Station Live Feed Catches Giant Brown Object Hovering Over Earth

    by Piper McGowan

    How many times have we seen this recently?

    This is the live feed from the International Space Station (ISS). The sun is actually behind the ISS, so it can’t be chalked up to a lens flare.

    It seems like these things are happening more and more and more lately… Surprised NASA didn’t cut the footage like they did last time.

    This article was written by Piper McGowan and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.



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      1. I do not know what to think about this other it does seem strange

        • I saw it too buzzing above, but just thought it was another satellite. Anyway, it was probably just another Russian Spy Satellite picking up more Hillary Emails.

          One of the coolest things I saw Space wise, was out in Maui back in 2006, when at a wine festival in Lahaina, it was already night time, and a Guy comes up to us and says, “Hey in 5 minutes the Space Station is flying over, then about 1 minute later, the Space Shuttle will fly over in the same path trying to catch the space station.” Sure enough it was like 2 shooting stars chasing each other. Spectacular!! Great 2 weeks VaCa.

          RE: Hillarys Emails Update. Russia Hacked Hillarys server. Read this article. The MSM covered up for Hillary several years ago. Did not report the story.


          ht tp://nextnewsnetwork.com/hillarys-death-spiral-kremlin-deciding-to-release-20000-emails-they-hacked-from-her-server/

          ~WWTI… The Kremlin said, “Half, the emails shows Hillarys darker secret love affair with other carpet munching dykes.” “Just kidding.” Hillary for Prison 2016.

          • Someone lost their drone.

            • My guess, it’s either a big turd, or a gas/dust cloud.

        • If there were space aliens out there don’t you think we would have concrete evidence of it? I mean absolute, inarguable evidence. Some say the government is keeping all the secrets in Area 51. I say if there were aliens out there, the government wouldn’t be able to keep it secret in Area 51. The bible says that Satan and his demons were expelled from heaven and they reside in the VACINITY of the earth. To me, that means they very well could be what people think they see. Now I know there are people that think this is poppycock but the same book also tells us God cannot lie. I prefer, choose, to believe the bible than some concocted story that someone will put together just to say God doesn’t exist. There’s too much proof that he does. Space aliens, like Bigfoot, do not exist. If they did, there would be solid irrefutable proof. There is none. None.

          • The problem is that you cannot completely disprove the existence of anything scientifically. Plenty have tried to disprove the existence of God as well, but it too is impossible. To my mind, there is far more evidence of the existence of God ( I am a Christian) than of extraterrestrial intelligence. However, I also concede that until I die and see what is on the other side I cannot say with absolute certainty that God exists or that aliens do not.

            The possibility also exists that the creatures we see as aliens are demonic in nature, but that opens up a whole other can of theological worms too. Because to say that demons can have physical manifestations also gives them the power of ex nihilo creation. If this is so, then you take away from God the sole power to create and possibly remove divinity from Jesus Christ because you can no longer state with certainty that He was incarnated by God.

            Now, what if sentient alien life was also created by God in the same way that humans were? Well, then what to do about the hope of salvation offered up by Christ on the Cross? Does it also apply to these other species which had no prior knowledge of Earth? Is there a secondary path of salvation offered to them? If so, does this not possibly negate the Scriptures stating that the only path to God is through the Cross? Also, if extraterrestrial sentient (and sapient) lifeforms were to be discovered, would that negate the whole of Scripture? All interesting questions.

            The Bible itself also has some uncomfortable verses that could be interpreted as possibly pointing to extraterrestrial or human/angel (or demon) sexual relations leading to viable offspring. I am of course referring to the nephilim in Genesis. Now, angels and demons do not have the ability to reproduce. Nor do they have bodies that are physically visible in this plane of existence. How then, as some would suggest, did they impregnate women to bring about the race of giants? If it was instead extraterrestrials, and they had the correct genetic structure to impregnate women, then what does this mean for the validity of Scripture? Then again, it could be none of the above and we could be talking about another group of humans who happened to be tall. If that were the case though, then why did it need to mention that they took the daughters of men if they too were men? Is it a case of poor translation perhaps?

            • Winston, i am not gonna be drawn into a discussion about space aliens other than to support what I already said. Or God for that matter. You have raised several points that could be satisfied by a thorough study of the bible. Jesus was Gods firstborn, all other things created were done with Jesus’ help. If aliens did exist then they would know this as we know it. So many people wanna discount the bible, and God, and they never even read the books. That’s hypocritical and blasphemous. People go to college, study countless books and then are awarded a degree, they walk into a church on Sunday morning, sing a few songs and call themselves a Christian, and most never read anything from the bible except for a passage or two. And you wonder why people put more faith in scientists? They’re no different than those religious leaders from the dark ages.

              • I do not come from a background with much formal theological education, although I did spend most of my formative years in Christian schools. I also do have legitimate faith and choose to live my life according to Scripture in faith that God knows better than I do. However, I am also the kind of person who enjoys a good, rousing discussion of apologetics, theology and philosophy and so presented a series of questions for people to have fun with. I also presented it as a warning of the can of theological worms that some Christians open when choosing to believe certain things which might be incompatible with other essentials of the Faith.

                To tell you a little more about where I come from as a person, I tend to think differently than most people. I actually never stop thinking and trying to find problems to solve. If I do for too long I become depressed. Sometimes I will take on projects for other people without charge just because I want something to figure out. Other times I will do it because God has given me certain talents and when I see a need, I try to fill it in His name. I collect tools and knowledge like some people might collect stamps or coins. I also drive most people nuts because they can’t keep up with me in a conversation because I am always analytical and I can’t keep up with them because I suck at small talk topics like sports and pop culture. Please do not take any of this as me bragging as it is not intended that way. I was merely trying to give context to my previous post.

            • I am sure because of what the bible says that fallen angels have the ability to have sexual relations with humans if allowed. You are right it is because of what is written about the Nephilim. There are many archaeological digs that have found proof of giants on earth from our past.

              The bible says that in the end of times there will be strange signs in the sky’s. Could this be the fallen angels representing themselves as UFO’s. That is my belief at least. Who knows? Time will tell.

              I also think that some UFO’s are government technology that is top secret. Generally the government is about 10 years ahead of what we see as current technology. That is really the scary thing when you think about it.

              • The Bible says, as in the days of Noah, so will the coming of the son of man be, marrying and giving in marriage, and that to these fallen angels, Christ comes after Satan and his appearance will be spectacular and many will think he is the Messiah and he will clam to be GOD and appear to set everything right and say peace, peace, then sudden destruction will come. Thanks for your post got me thinking about it, and had to share.

          • The Black-OP community have let it slip years ago that we have these cloak Triangle Ships. Nothing new here!

          • Jackknife; sorry to take the opposite side of the fence, but I have SEEN the damn things from such a close distance, at around 11 years old, that even then I knew these things ‘hovering silently’ right over our barn were NOT from ‘here’. Dad would allow me to toss a rock up, because they were close enough for me to have hit with a small rock ….EASILY! I swear this on my parents graves, plus my sister witnessed it, and our neighbors and my aunt/uncle. This went on for the entire summer, often ships landing inside the woods-line (that’s one of the times I spoke of earlier that my and my friends horses suddenly ‘reared up and spooked’ then we were bareback and hanging on at a dead gallop. WHOA didn’t mean shit to those horses!
            And on the flipside, you have no proof they do NOT exist. Period. Given that I have witnessed “the same” later in life (more than once), I’ve no choice but to believe they are real, or commit myself to an institution as a nut-case?
            Take a good, hard look at the physical shape and technology-level aboard our most secretive aircraft, and tell me they do not resemble a space-craft in most every way. That COULD be from ‘borrowed alien technology’ that we may have (somehow) learned-by-accident from the alleged “Roswell Crash” of yesteryear. There was nothing ‘faked’ about that, except their method of trying to cover it all up!
            And, for the record, upon this Earth there IS solid, irreputable proof that alien life does exist and has already made contact with at least ONE “people” (a tribe) on earth. The Dogon Tribe. Ancient cave drawings of spacecraft tend to get my attention every time. (How do you explain that stuff)? Cartoons of old? (The Early George Jetson Family eh)? 🙂 Hey, just a friendly “other side of the story” and I’ve good reason to stomp my feet about it post is all. No worries as everyone is entitled to believe as they wish …unfettered.

        • A brown turd. Must be a muslim.

        • Blurry photo of spacecraft is a cliche fake, there is no reason for the image to be so out of focus unless it’s a lens aberration, there is no atmosphere in it’s location and the focus at the far edge of earth is sharp. Likely it’s a object nearby ‘ghosting’ the image. Now the clear images of the triangular craft and the rectangular craft are far more interesting, I don’t see any hint of discrepancy, Hmm, most interesting..

          • unless it’s NOT a solid object.

      2. Makes one wonder?

        We cannot be the only ‘intelligent’ entity out ther…

        • What makes you think you are an intelligent entity? It is all relative. If comparing yourself to an African Narubi tribe 3 yr old, then maybe.

          3 Types of People:
          ~Those that make things happen.
          ~Those who watch things happen.
          ~Those who wonder what happened. That be you epster.


          • W, thought we were past that.
            You and I will not know the true truth.
            Probably no one knows, and we may never know till we finally make it back to the creator of us all.
            If humans made gods out of ETs, who made them???
            No one can answer that for positively 100% sure.
            Be well all…

            • My version of 3 types of people.

              Those who wear blinders- who cannot see past thier own ideas.
              Those who are deaf – who is not willing to hear all sides without judgement.
              Those who are totally blind – who will not explore what the true truth is…

              Still never answered my question, 6 hour leash is not good…

            • BTW/ Asteroids with bacteria hit the earth millions of years ago, and with light from the sun, mutated into life as we know it today. Can’t get any more basic than that for ya eppster.


        • No doubt I my mind that this is an alien tourist ship giving guided tours of that bizarre third planet from the Sun, called “earth” by the locals.

          “All pasengers to the observation deck as we pass over the northern hemisphere to see the garbage dumps that the inhabitamts have made of their water supplies. Big screen viewing there if you prefer it over your personal screens ion your canins or overhead in the lounge.”

          “Complete babarians without what WE call comon sense! Thankfully, they have not yet mastered warp drive, so the rest of the Cosmos is still safe from their garbage.” 🙂

        • If they have traveled by spacecraft while we are down here fighting over bathrooms, I have a feeling they won’t consider us very ‘intelligent’. Can’t say I blame them.

          • I was going to say,
            I do not think it means what you think it means,,,,,

            • Looks like yall caught the sarcasm.

              Sometimes humans are not so smart…

              • We know the Eppster and his sense of humor

                • And it can be warped sometimes.

                  But you got to admit, coming here you get to read some interesting comments from a wide range of commentors.
                  I hope I helped in making one laugh…

        • I’ve heard rumblings from Uranus, hmmm just methane gas. It’s natural you know!

        • Eppe

          If we are then Scotty says beam me up. There is no intelligent life down here.

      3. We will see more of this. It will become part of an upcoming false flag event. This is my belief as these “things” are being reported upon more and more often.

      4. The X-37B space plane is up there as we speak. Could’ve been that. Also, the US isn’t the only nation that puts objects in orbit. Just sayin…

        • Spook89,

          I was thinking the same thing!

      5. God has had enough and sent us a gigantic sign to signal his true feelings about the creatures on earth, human beings God just took a big shit and there is the proof of His Divine Contempt for the whole bunch of sorry sons of bitches we have become.

        • God was invented by Man, to control the low IQ populace with fear. Besides Theft, Religion is still one of the oldest forms of frauds, that has ever been perpetrated on mankind. Santa Clause, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, rank up there as well as Columbus discovering America. Teach all that nonsense to your kids, and they too grow up to be just like you. Stoopid and Gullible!!


          • WWTI

            You believe whatever you want. I shall do the same. If you care about freedom you will agree and leave others alone when it comes to religion.

            Otherwise you hurt this website and the prepper comunity as a whole.

            I know for sure there is a God. Not because of what anyone has taught me but because of some of my experiences in this life.

            Now please give others the freedom to believe and think what they want about religion as long as it does not hurt you.

          • Yes I agree. We have been programmed from our very young age. The teachings of our schools and governments does not mean that it is correct or real much of these adventures have been proven to be incorrect t

      6. Could be Jesus getting ready.

        Don’t tell me that things aren’t lining up for the armageddon, russia and iran getting chumy, instant notice of anything happening and the usa no where to be found thanks to a useless anti-american president.

      7. TFR. Totally, figure the f out for yourself, Ridiculous. Your seeing something where nothing is to be seen!

      8. It’s probably all the demons coming to earth for the End Times.

        • They are already here and according to Hillary, Obama and Paul Ryan; they are conservatives and tea party members.

      9. The common people would be the last to know what is hidden in even the close Earths outer space. I can’t get this, but I have looked at many youtube videos on deep space objects that show different types of vehicles out there, some viewed from ground based smaller telescopes. Others here have likely viewed these videos also. I know many have seen the one where what looks like a vehicle was moving in outer space and quickly changed direction reacting to a shot fired at it from a lower position. Even shots of Mars have revealed presence of anomalies. All the statements made that the moon is inhabited could very well be true. I believe it. I guess revealing the truth to the worlds people would cause an uproar and some would be frightened out of their wits. Plus it’s a secret…shh

        • I like the stuff that suggests the moon is some sort of satellite or space craft not natural,,,
          Whens the crazy train coming to the station, i want on

          • I had an aunt who was convinced that the astronauts fooling around with the moon caused bad weather. My location had rain almost every day for four weeks after the first moon landing in 1969, including Hurricane Blanche off the coast of NC at the three week mark.

        • To prove there was life on any other planet BUT Earth would be to disprove The Holy Bible …or so I was told by a reverend many, many moons ago.

          “They” do not wish to lose any of their controls, as they now stand, on “The People.”

          So, NOTHING about UFOs and the like is going to be ‘disbursed’ on purpose. (NOTHING ever has been, and nothing ever will be).

      10. It is very obvious. A craft from Andromeda purged its holding tanks in the hopes of growing more Democrats, when the fecal matter hits the acidic oceans, interacts with the Fukushima radiation, plastic islands, and all the pharmaceuticals dissolved in the water.
        They will then become the dominate lifeforms in the major metropolitan areas and can be easily conquered once we give them all flu shots.

        Have I insulted enough people yet?

        • Not nearly

          • I didn’t know how to work in the GMO feed corn they are growing for the dairy cows, just up the road from me. The Corn is grown from seeds developed on Molokai by Monsanto.

            • Soon that will be here on Maui, monsanto and Syngenta already have huge leases from A&B over here, they do grow a fair amount of seed here already but with the sugar plantation going out of business they will be able to expand operations considerably. They are working with A&B to develop the biofuel production capability. Big$ in a way is good, other ways is bad, there are lots of differing opinions but in reality it boils down to who puts out the best propaganda. The environmentals are just as destructive to any kind of progress as anything, left wing ya know, ask Rellik about that. Reality is they been growing GM seed corn on mauisince the late 70s

              • there are two sites on Kauai where they grow GMO test plants, one is very close to the military base ( which is NOT anything to do with it)just for location reference.

      11. Lmao Kula

        • Im still chuckling,,,

      12. Its most likely a scratch or some shit onthe film that covers the lens on that thing, it gets pelted with junk all day and night long (not that theres a difference in space), they have a film that covers the lens and moves across it to refresh it regularly, was space doodoo

        • Nuh uh, it was just that ‘Moochie the Blimp’ had a broken tether

        • Kula,
          i cannot say if there is or is not aliens, BUT there is lots of history which show there are LOTS of things that have been hidden from the average Joe and i know lots of military people ( only ones in specific types of service) and MOST of them, if they will discuss it with you, say they believe in aliens from things they know about doing there work! just adding some food for thought from things i saw and learned over the years.like I said, many un-explained things out there, and keeping an open mind seems like a good way to be.

          • It would make sense that we are not alone, how could it be that on only one planet in the vast cosmos we are the one and only planet that has life on it? IMHO they are out there, but being that space is so vast who knows where

      13. Based on the color its probably something like what that bugs ass left on my windshield when I was driving across the Texas panhandle on I 40 last month. Some of the things they call bugs are known as vultures or buzzards in other states.

        • The last thing that passes through a bug’s mind when it hits your windshield is its ass.

      14. They just want to make sure we don’t escape and screw up the rest of the universe!!

      15. If they land and come to get me they will be cussing cuz they will step in dog crap on my lawn

      16. It’s a ufo with transsexuals and they are pushing legislation to use the ladies room. The girls better watch out.

      17. Guys this is so simple even a cave man could figure this out.

        Its Obullshits ride out of here when he declares martial Law! Or its Hellorys reptilian family watching over her.


        • Does anyone know for sure exactly what happens to the “excrements” of the astronauts aboard? Is it jettisoned into space (on a trajectory so that it would burn up upon re-entry).

          But dang, my ship doesn’t hold THAT much ‘poop’ (and shit would not have a ‘defined’ shape, of course …and I feel the same about ‘space shit’ stuck to the lens, it has a defined shape that we, as people NOT “in the know” have long associated with “flying saucers” …consider at least much and see where it leads. :-/

          Also, “War Of The Worlds” worked WONDERFULLY once, let’s say the power was to fail so that commo was down everywhere and at the same time our government would have some method of relaying to everyone that we are under alien attack, thus martial law (don’t wanna shoot them aliens either, oh no no no)! Shit, if they are smart enough to get here we’d be toast, if they were seeking to even do such a thing, which I would doubt.

          If anything, they would be seeking to ensure that STUPID US do NOT destroy the only planet that has trillions of complex-life-forms AND the largest mass of “good” water for God-only-know how far?

          One time, in the wet-woods (quieter that way), I heard something and investigated (I was hunting boar). I came to a small body of water (like a wide place in a creek where the trees were held back by solid rock versus soil). To me it appeared to be taking on water, pure and simple.

          Since we have been able to find EVERY element on earth via the ‘wavelengths’ taken of other stars and planets, it is a GIVEN that water is also a “universal” element. Without water there IS no life (not that we have been made aware of).

          However, there is NOTHING that proves that life has to be based upon carbon (as we humans, or everything “planetary of earth” IS ‘based upon carbon’. Whose to say somewhere life-forms are silicon-based, or multi-element-based (which would mean ‘potential’ IQs “off the charts” compared to our tiny minds).

          It is very much like people telling me to my face that ghost do not exist. (Which means that I am indeed a “loon” as I have seen my mother and father, “felt them” many a time (when needed the most), and I often wonder if what we are “giving to God” is actually coming from our Ancestors! Ever consider that your guardian angel is simply one, or many, of your ancestors gone on before you? Ever wonder why it is houses and locations of wars/skirmishes that “hold” spirits?
          Every wonder why the spirits that ARE seen are always in “period dress” (as if time stopped for them), and they are not at all aware they are visible …but for a fleeting moment or two.
          One thing is inarguable. There is far more that we DO NOT KNOW ABOUT than what we DO know of, and even then we are not 100% sure that we are correct on most of what we THINK we know!
          The older I get, the dumber I realize that I am, as there is no way to sponge up all the knowledges that are available to be learned. And this is why we need so many people in order to have a “sustainable” environment not only physically, but of “sound and like-mindedness” shouldn’t anyone think? Seriously!
          As for prepping:
          It is my determination that once whatever is coming has hit, there will microcosms (villages?), and many of them, that will “self-support” and slowly (perhaps quickly) reach out further and further, as circumstances permit, to gain in numbers (and this would be crucial as without “boots on the ground” in an “all out war against TPTB and possible NWO Blue-Heads, we would need number “IN A HURRY”, or at least a message that could not be stopped (in ANY way) so that every last prepper that is “on the stick” will be made aware and can react to “whatever” with precision and “perfect” intel. ‘Concocted Intel’ WOULD be released in an attempt to lead ppl to their demise, so we’d need a method that can’t be screwed with …even if “they” know all about it. That’s the beauty of it. (But …what could it be)? Ideas anyone? What would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in these scenarios, too numerous to list, and purposely done to add to our confusions …bet on it (Sargent D. would agree as he is MORE than aware that FEAR is THEIR GREATEST WEAPON against us, just as it is to an LEO ..in many instances).
          I neither “fear” TPTB nor do I “fear” putting bullets into them when the time arrives. (Of course, I do not fear their bullshit “lists” either) as they lack the manpower, even with the numbers they have recently (quietly) been hiring …supposedly, which is likely just another lie.

          Consider that we have already been told by Sheriff’s (more than once) to get armed up and ready to take on the federal government …and that’s enough for my ass to get in gear, which in reality had already been in gear nearly 16yrs ago (that’s when we started our prepping).

      18. Didn’t Carl Sagen say something like “if we are the only intelligent life in the universe it’s a big waste of space”…or something to that effect.

      19. They’re here to see catlyin Jenner pose with just her Olympic medal on..

        On a more serious note… They do exists. When you really think about how big the universe is it’s almost statistically impossible that were alone. Aliens have already touched ground on earth before and I believe have many times. We won’t ever no about it unless your lucky enough to be close enough to experience it. Don’t count on government opening up any time soon and if they ever do open up about it it’s because they are at the point where they can no longer hide it.

        Be well you racist fucks.

        • Jenner poses an interesting question in the world of Olympic sports: If I am a man but feel that I am a woman, does that now mean that I can compete in women’s sporting events because that is the gender I identify with? After all, if a person with a male body that says they feel like a girl can now use the women’s bathroom, why not let them compete as such in the Olympics? It only seems fair in this time of “fluid gender identity”.

          • I heard he/she wants to go back to being a he… l do not know if the news letter was truth or false

            • Is that even possible? I mean did the change the plumbing or just add some boobs and facial surgery? This is why I want my very own remote bugout location. Sometimes it would be nice to just go somewhere and not have to think about this sort of thing!

      20. If aliens had the technology to travel the stars, they certainly would have the genetic knowledge to reengineer man to whatever they wanted, or to create a single pathogen to wipe us out if we were deemed a threat.

        If aliens landed tomorrow I’d call fraud, and look for the CIA behind it.

        There are a lot of clandestine space projects from several nations, that object is likely one of them.

      21. Waiting for Ovomit to make all toilets in schools etc, safe for aliens to use, either squat or stand, he won’t care

      22. If there was space critters, how would they ever find us?

        • By all the radiation we give off on a planetary scale! Consider all the radio broadcasts that do NOT ‘bounce’ of any part of the atmosphere but instead just keep going into space, plus our signals purposely being “pumped” into deep space? Perhaps they found the satellite with the “phonograph” device on it?
          Perhaps they can detect water from galaxies away with their devices, obviously far more advanced than would be ours.

          • Well, they would have to be fairly close to detect us that way. The radio signals radiate out at the speed of light, but that isn’t all that fast when taken on a cosmic scale. At this point, our earliest radio transmissions likely haven’t even reached the star closest to us that isn’t the sun. Plus, V ger hasn’t even gone half that far yet.

      23. I owe a apology to the space station folks ect.,damned neighborhood kid got ahold of me drone and controller I left on the porch!

      24. From the north end of the 331 bridge just south of Freeport Florida I can see over 20 miles across open water to Fort Walton Beach. With a pair of binoculars I can see every watercraft on the intercoastal waterway.

        Someone please explain how this is possible on a pear shapped oblate spheroid that’s 26k miles in circumference?

        • If you were to leave shore and head straight out to sea, like towards the Straits leaving from NYC, you would lose sight of land at about the six-mile mark. Assuming you have no elevation you are not able to see beyond that six-mile “curvature” of the earth.

          Or, is there some sort of freaky/bizzare magnetic-something holding those waters far-flatter than should be? (Draining like hell into the sea floor?

          What’s your elevation? 8 feet? (As eight feet WOULD allow you to see 20 miles) …no different than climbing the mast of a ship, to the crow’s nest (they could see miles further than those on the bridge). It is also why you want to ‘hang’ your Furuno 48-mile radar (or whatever) as high as you can …the further you can see the better off you are.

      25. Flat earth folks flat earth

      26. How do they manage to get out of the dome.?

      27. All I could see was a giant alien drawing a green circle in space. Man that was really something!

      28. fuck are people stupid to fall for this CGI fakery fake ISS with fake CGI UFO’s people are so fucking fumb

        • Please define “fumb”?

      29. From 72nd and Wadsworth in Arvada, CO I can see the Denver International Airport and the Denver Tech Center. What’s amazing is that these points are all 20+ miles from each other.

        With all the opinions on this site…surely someone can explain how we can see such vast distances even though we apparently live on a pear shaped oblate spheroid.

        Do the math! We are not on a sphere…

        • They pray tell why did I clear see the curvature of the earth when cruising at altitudes in excess of 50,000? Hell, if you are looking out to sea you can SEE WITH THE NAKED EYE the curvature of the earth, …plain as day.

          So, what math are we referencing above (please)?

      30. I swear, it’s giant aliens drawing with their fingers on the atmosphere. Finger painting for giants. Maybe we can vote for them and be saved.

      31. I was Captain on a B-727 cargo flight and saw the same brown (oblong) shaped UFO in front of us. We were a crew of three and all of us watched as the UFO began disappearing, leaving a faint silhouette border and finally was gone. Two other flights in the area reported the same thing.

        They’re real and they’re around…all you have to do is keep your eyes to the skies.

        I would venture to say….things are about to get real interesting in our world and we will have that encounter of the 3rd kind.

        The other ones have been kept from us, but there are plenty of YouTube videos. The government is losing control of this subject, because of the internet.

        • Everyone go ahead and believe whatever ya want. Though nobody gives a hoot, including myself, this is my final post (after an evening of thought).

          Maybe someday down the road this site will go back to prepping, yet even then the hatred of veterans is something I certainly won’t tolerate, and if you want “EXPERT ADVISE” do NOT seek out a combat-brainwashed-veteran of 21-years, but rather, place 100% of your trust (and your family’s lives), in the hands of WTFKnows ….you know, the guy that says he can kick Chuck Norton’s ass? * …he will among the first to take a bullet with that attitude.

          HCKs – y’all be safe, sound and secure now and always. 🙂 (You can go ahead and take my data (fully) off your server “permanently” now ..no hard feelings to “you and yours.”

      32. Black-Ops military hardware. The alien crap is just a smokescreen to conceal one helluva military space buildup. World War III is going to be fun, don’t prep for a two week stay in the basement. This is the real 1950’s total war apocalypse coming. Be ready for the cobalt death shroud, it could be used in the next war.

      33. So while you’re all caught up on that so called blurred object, how come no one is asking, ” Hey, where did all the stars go” or “Hey, where are all the supposed thousands of other satellites?” SMH..

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