This Man Stops Police From Illegal Search in Just 7 Seconds: “Honor Your Oath, Scumbag!”

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment | 55 comments

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: When people are too lazy and complacent to stand up for their rights, tyranny creeps right in. Despite the fact that police abuses have been in the spotlight during the past few years, little has been done to reassert the basic and cherished rights of free speech and privacy. In fact, the 4th Amendment has been totally trashed by the NSA, the TSA and quite possibly your local police department and law enforcement community.

    Refuse searches without warrant, or even a basis of suspicion. Don’t cooperate with fishing expeditions or attempts to condition slave-like masses at public events. Take a page from this guy – who put police in their place right away, and spared no time for niceties or politically correct language. And guess what? The cop respected his stand and realized the wisdom in backing off.

    “Honor Your Oath, Scumbag!”: Watch This Unlawful Search by Police Get Defeated in Just 7 Seconds

    by Melissa Dykes

    Sick and tired of beings asked for papers, please or other Fourth Amendment violations when you, as an innocent citizen not suspected of any crime other than walking down a city street, are just trying to mind your own business?

    Well, so is this guy.

    This video is brief and to the point.

    (Warning: language)

    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. Fine line. I’ve been abused by police. Been to jail. Do I show them my sandwich or tell them pissed off, the contents of my bag is none of their business. It sure would make them feel foolish to have pressed me to see my bologna and cheese.

        • I think that was staged. In real life, None of your phucking business would have at least caused more questions. They were friends just cutting up.
          I don’t know for sure but I know if you start cussing right off the bat, their is going to be more questions. I do believe you have the right to say none of your business. Leave out the cussing and attitude and you have a lot better chance of getting out of any situation.

          • Exactly, that language and attitude would of made the cops even more suspicious, and would have took this guy down. This video was absolutely stupid!

          • The real stopper was the Rolling camera, as the Cop already gave up and walking away when he said obey your oath scumbag. There is a phone App you can down load that will send your live footage to the remote cloud for saving. So even if the Cop smashes your phone the footage already has been captured remotely. I think it may be COP-Bock dot com.

            Oh these types of harassing Cops and their big egos will continue to get worse as time goes on. Your best defense if a Camera filming their abuse. Then sue their asses for Millions.

            I had Cops steal cash from me, a Swiss pocket knife, Cooler of beer, Paraphernalia, etc.. lol


          • “Am I under Arrest?” and “Am I Free to Go?” is all you ever need to say to any Cop. “And that “My Attorney advised me Not consent to searches with out a warrant.”

            And if you ever shoot somebody in self defense or otherwise, Shut your big Fat trap and say nothing, but “I am shaken up a bit and will prepare a statement after I consult my Attorney.” Then shut the F up. Zip it!!

            Or just Shoot Shovel and Shut-up!! And pick up your spent bullet casings, clean your gun and take a shower. lol

            Git it!! Got it? Good!!


          • I don’t think it was staged. The reason why the police didn’t continue their “investigation” is because they were being filmed, and the mayor of New York City I believe just “unauthorized” stop and frisk. Had that man not been videotaping at the very least he would’ve found his ass slammed into the side of that wagon, at the very most he would’ve spent a few days out on Rikers Island.

          • it was part of a larger piece, which you should be able to track down on youtube…. was definitely more than 7 seconds, but i think the point wouldnt have been made as well

      2. Do you really think talking that way to police will make them back off? 9 times out of 10 it will end in a trip to the emergency room, at least where I live. I’m not saying that’s right, I’m just saying that’s the reality.

        • H Muller, you make good points, but look at what people are brainwashed with at the academies. They’ve been taught that federal “us vs. them” BS. What that guy said to the cops is not that bad compared to how the cops treat the public. So the cops got a little dose of their own medicine and didn’t take too kindly to that? WELL TOO FF#$%ING BAD! What did they expect with the attitude they have toward the public? That guy, if nothing else, proved that he’s not a bootlicker. Always remember that cops SERVE THE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled on that many times. If the cops would just wake up and smell the coffee and change their attitudes toward us, things will go better. Until then, they might as well expect more of the same from people like that guy. The public is fed up with police BS.

          • I hear ya, bro. I’m fed up, too. I was once driving thru Missouri (5 miles under the speed limit) when a state trooper stopped me. (I was a 55, white male, no record) After some long winded, rambling, good ole boy talk, it became obvious that I was stopped because I had Arizona plates (everyone knows Arizonans are notorious drug smugglers). A Kafkaesque scene followed in which I had to convince him that I was an innocent person, although I was accused of no crime.
            I protested at first. But when the trooper started talking of how I was speeding (which we both knew was a lie) I figured this Bubba will do and say anything, even taser me if it suits him. I hate that feeling of subjugation, and I came to hate the police that day.

            • My brother used to travel on a notorious drug shipment road in NJ known as rt 40 by the Delaware Memorial Bridge that went to Atlantic City NJ. He worked at the DuPont plant down the road and his home was 20 miles down on Rt 40 as his drivers license showed. He got pulled over about once a year and searched going from work to home. They always asked to search and he always gave consent. Often he would be casually taking with the State Trooper about his State Trooper golfing friends. Still the search continued. Great investigative skills, NJ plates check, NJ driver license check, car registration and insurance in order check, caucasian Italian (20% of NJ is Italian American) check, no criminal record and clean driving record check, work to home on this road check….need to search as there is a potential narcotics delivery…………WTF…………..

              They are desperate for a pinch.

              • Oh he was never speeding or making any moving violation either.

              • “Local” cops (actually, their bosses–chiefs, sheriffs, etc.) are really working for the Feds, since the Feds bribe them with all the Federal tax money to witchhunt for dope runners. That’s why cops won’t enforce their own states’ laws–especially where their states’ people have nullified the Federal drug laws for those states (as Thomas Jefferson and other Anti-federalists advocated for Federal laws that weren’t acceptable to particular states, in order to avoid tyranny of the majority and, to respect the sovereignty of independent states). All the sheriffs and chiefs of police are, themselves, hooked on Federal foreign aid in the form of surplus military “goodies” so they can be Gestapo and, money so they can ignore the penny-ante fines their own legislatures have for real violations–of things like the basic Rules of the Road– that actually endanger and kill people every day.

              • Probably not a good idea. Co-worker of mine did the same thing, always said that he had nothing to hide, so he said that he would always consent to a search. Recently he was going about his own business, got pulled over and asked to search. He consented, they found a bottle of pills that were not his and were in an unmarked container. He was detained, questioned etc. Turns out his wife had visited her mother who was recently out of the hospital and had borrowed some of her Tylenol 3 and had put it in an unmarked bottle. Sure, it was cleared up after a few hours and everything was fine, but giving consent will NEVER result in anything good and COULD result in something very bad.

                Nobody is ever going to give you a bonus, or a get-out-of-jail free card or even an “atta-boy” for consenting to a search. There are no up-sides, only down-sides.

          • Don’t Taze Me Bro!!….Don’t Taze Me Bro!!


        • No, actually it’s not…quit letting your fear prevent you from getting off your knees.

        • Exactly right!

          • During a lot of Arrests, even if you comply 100% the Pigs like to throw you down on the ground in a rodeo fashion roped and tied to hand cuff you.. Its an ego thing. And what ever they charge you with they will also charge you with resisting arrest, even though you didn’t. Because if they hurt you in the process of throwing you down, you can’t sue or get compensated, if you were resisting arrest.

            These Pigs know how to work the system, to avoid liability.

            ~WWTI… Your best defense is a Camera Rolling and filming the incident. So get friends to start taping if any incident is about to unfold. Cops run from Cameras, and Video Taping Cops is NOT a crime.

            • “When you least expect it”. “Your detected”. “Your the star today”. “Smile, your on candid camera”.

      3. Very lucky the cops were late for hot donuts. Otherwise a good tazing, beating and a shot center mass would have been in order.

        • yeah , I said no to a illegal search in Texas and I thought the Trooper was going to kill me …unreal

        • Really.???
          “In order” are you kidding me? No probable cause shown.

          • I am sure he was being sarcastic.

          • It was sarcasm.

          • Since when do the cops need probable cause anymore? They are the most corrupt evil organization in America today.

            Try to name any other group that kills as many citizens as the cops.

            Even the FBI admits that the cops stole more last year than non-police criminals. Of course they call it asset forfeiture but it’s still stealing. This doesnt even include all the tickets they write, just what they take in cash and property.

          • Lighten up Francis. It was sarcasm.

        • Instead of placing attention to that nonsensical video, ordinary Americans should start making preparations for a major war developing in the Korean peninsula and the likelihood of a nuclear strike on US soil:

          On March 15th. 2016 President Obama issued Executive Order 13722, which in the view of the North Korean regime such decree is an Act of War.

          It is also necessary to remind audiences, that on 03/11/2013 the DPRK officially nullified the 1953 Armistice, therefore military operations in the Korean peninsula can resume at any given point.

          Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has the means to deliver a nuclear strike on Continental United States, and they will surely proceed in that direction.

          • Me first, not going to happen.

      4. Try it and see what happens!

        • Guarantee you what will happen. Obama will one: be conveniently playing golf somewhere and two he will declare martial law and then try to confiscate our guns. When that fails they will use detante which is nothing more than we surrender.

          • Again, not going to happen.

      5. haha nice

        Tip of the day. Everyone please consider carrying a tourniquet in your pocket for EDC. If you carry stuff to cause bleeding should carry something to stop it. The TK4 is a good one that folds up flat and can put a rubber band around it to keep it together.

        Keep preppin my friends, the time is getting near.

      6. This guy is very fortunate to be alive to tell about his experience. If they had done anything, there would’ve been paperwork, investigation, etc. I guess they thought it was more important to get to the donut shop.

      7. Over at The Daily Sheeple, “School Cop Destroys 15-yo Student’s Face After He Tried To Call His Mom During Lunch.” If I was that cop, UNLESS I can prove in court that my moves were justifiable, I would be watching my six. But I also know what teenagers are like. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

      8. I think it was the camera that shut them down from beating him to a pulp

        • Yes, I think Enemy of the State got it right. The 1938 Nazi Police State is here.

        • EOTS, I agree. I know the cops can’t stand being videoed but the federal courts all the way up to SCOTUS have ruled in favor of the practice. Cops don’t have any more reasonable expectation of privacy than we ‘civilians’ have when we’re out in public. THAT is also a SCOTUS ruling.

      9. Rights are one thing….but I am not interested in being mean or nasty to the cops, either. Civility is wisdom.

      10. I would like to see the next 7 seconds when they turned around and kicked his ass.

        • Exactly. You can make the same point and be civil. Also lessen your chance of the encounter going south.

      11. Thats only going to work because of the camera and no reason for them to pursue. Around the corner your rights might have been part of the cement as they walked all over them.

      12. Why pay taxes to support the Police and then attempt to stop them from doing the very job we are paying them to do, which is to keep us safe. Is anything in anyone’s lunchbag so damned important or secretive to not just show it to the Cops and be done with it. Where do people get off on this crap of, I have my rights. You won’t open a lunch box or allow the trunk of your car to be searched, but then go to the airport and allow yourself to be groped just to get an airplane. Honestly, is your penis or boobs so small that you must make up for it in other ways. Absurd, truly absurd.

        • Here’s why: Fourth Amendment – Search and Seizure
          The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

          It is not reasonable to search my lunch bag just because. It is not reasonable to search me just because. There must be probable cause. And, no, I don’t fly…anywhere.

          • Unreasonable, is the key word here, and the Cops weren’t doing anything unreasonable except they let the kids live. Target practice was definitely in order here.

            • The reason you don’t allow them to search is this: 17 year old driving mom’s car gets stopped for taillight out. It wasn’t. Was asked if they could search car. He said yes. Mom was prescribed a narcotic pain killer 3 or 4 months prior. Dropped the bottle in the car. Didn’t realize she lost one. In searching the car, cops find the pill. Boy gets arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Mom no longer has the script. Couldn’t get a copy till morning when the pharmacy opened. Son spent might in jail. Got seriously beat up. I took the depos in this case. Before this I had no problem with a search. After this depo I told my kids to never ever consent. I know cops. I work in the system. A lot of them are out of control. Act like asses until they find out where I work. But makes me really wonder how they treat the average citizen. I certainly respect and know there are good ones. But I stand by my rights. They can’t all be trusted. Two types of people become cops. Those who truly want to help people. And those that want the power over others.

      13. This is most stupidest 7 seconds of a video I’ve ever seen. People, please don’t waste your time watching this useless garbaged mouthed kid. He was just ASKING for a tazzing!!

      14. Most cop do not have to take the oath and do not know better. That cop probably is a vet who does and that is probably what saved that loud mouth from taking a trip to the morgue

      15. http

        Weve come this far people
        How much further does it have to go?

      16. You assholes really are a joke. Would you have the same response if the questionee were of Latino or Arabic appearance? I think not. Typical brainless sheeple that you are.

      17. Cantstand BS, YOU’RE the one who’s a joke. No sheeple at this site ever, except for trolls like you. We can’t stand YOUR BS, so go away. Useless troll. BTW, how’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

        • What Braveheart said——-^

      18. Cops use the badge & gun to intimidate and harrass. It’s amazing how polite they are when you show them your conceal carry license. Least in TX. Suppose it let’s them know you’re aware and not going down without a fight.

        • Bubba, I’ve noticed that too the few times I’ve been pulled over in Michigan. Amazing, huh?

      19. I would not call a cop a scumbag even if I knew he was one. He is armed and should be presumed dangerous, more so than an armed gang member. Remember, the police gang member is presumed innocent and his testimony is presumed true. How about yours? Do you enjoy that kind of special privilege? Could you get away with murder on your word that were innocent?
        This video is misleading and could get someone hurt or killed.

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