There’s a Communist Living In the White House *Music Video*

by | Mar 5, 2010 | Entertainment | 24 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Some Friday night entertainment from Victoria Jackson lamenting the current wealth-redistributor-in-chief.

    President Obama, of course, disagrees, as we noted in I Am An Ardent Believer in the Free Market


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      1. Only Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Huckabee understand her?  I either missed some implied sarcasm or am ready to puke from this pure crap.  Am I missing something?

      2. It would seem this “talented”lady went to the Palin School of political ideology and does’n’t know Fascism from Communism. Yes… this is pure crap.

      3. This is very good crap.
        I was forced to study Marx- Engels crap
        I do know  what it is.
        As forJeff?
        You  realy missed it.
        Read Marx-Engels crap!!!!!!!!!!
        Very scary!!

      4. This video told us everything we already know! Its a fact that Obama is a marxist/communist.

        Mark my words,

         “This country will be destroyed before we even have the opportunity to vote him out of office.”

      5. I would suggest to some of those expressing their views and weel deserved concerns look up the definition of Fascism. Just for the sake of accuracy if nothing else, let’s characterize this as for what it is. If our federal gov’t was acting socialistic or communistic it would have bailed out the people, not the multi-national banks, wall street,and big bussiness. 

      6. It’s amazing how the hard republicans never cared that bush, reagan, and others like them “redistributed” 80% of americas money into the hands of 1% of it’s residents.  obama may in fact be an idiot, but the republicans are just as treasonous and just as bad.  As a USMC veteran there is no justification whatsoever for this phony patriotism that the republicans are always spouting off.  Maybe they’ll have a parade after they turn down another pay raise for our troops.  The republicans should trade in their American flags for a flag with money signs on it, and the democrats should get themselves a flag with a pot leaf on it.  One is actively robbing the people, and the other is too weak and or stoned to do anything about it.

      7. To Paul McDonald.
        You killed one thing with another.
        Socializmus is like Fashizmus.
        I lived there did you?
        Be so kind to your self and study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      8. We all need to realize they (republicans / democrats) are both the same and being controlled by the same group.  Regardless of which party is in “power” the country continues to move towards the same goal – SOCIALISM!  As long as we all continue to argue between which party is “the least worst” THEY will continue to win.

      9. Paul Mc: You are absolutely right Paul!  The Republicans have been pushing Fascism down our throat for decades. Even Glenn Beck has become their puppet. He has a HUGE stake in the status quo.

        Obama is a socialist with a coalition of communists and queers behind him. But there is NO difference in the result of the left or the right. Follow the ends of that thread either way and you find a vicious circle with BIG government dominating the lives of the people and detryoing their liberties.

        China moved from a Communist Party to a Fascist Party just by sending their kids to school in the West.

        Why do we have a Defense budget at $700 billion a year and troops stationed all over the world? Thats insane! It is taxpayer money and American blood being spent to protect and serve BIG business on a global basis. Just today the New York Times has exposed the fact that 74 American companies are conducting business with Iran in violation of federal law and have not been indicted, fined, or prosecuted for it. They didn’t name the American companies but they did ID the South Korean company that is doing the same thing.

        There are TRAITORS in our midsts! Death to TRAITORS!

      10. Helen, I am here to learn and gain insight, as i understand the one thing fasciism and communism have in common is their is no middle class! No I did not live there, please enlighten me. I grew up in America, soon to be Amerika!    

      11. Whew!  You guys need to lighten up alittle!  It’s a washed up SNL actor trying to make herself revelant again.  Most Hollywood types are utterly stupid regarding political science…look at Danny Glover!

      12. As I watched this I wondered if it were meant to be a tongue and cheek satire on the ignorance of main stream understanding. Maybe that’s all it was meant to be .  It’s interesting to see the reaction of our respondants…

      13. So that it’s clear, I was genuinely confused as to whether or not this was satire.  The three main stream shills she sings “understand her” I have no time for.  I’m clueless as to who she is.  I live under a www rock and don’t watch any television so I had no idea she was a SNL has been.  Paul you seem to have come to the same conclusion, perhaps this was satirical.  You deserve credit for not resorting to the same personal attacks as some individuals on this comment board.  I guess if you want to talk about space you need to live on the moon for a part of your life.  One thing is for sure, your posts promted me to do some research on the distinctions between communism, socialism and fascism and humbly, I still need to do some more homework.  I too am here to learn and gain insight.

      14. Zukadu….. Anti-Semite,Anti-Zionist, Pro Muslim,Pro Nazi, and now we can add HOMOPHOBE! Must be a pal of Mac Slavo.

      15. Comments…..It’s amazing how little humor can get missed by some of these people posting here. Yes, BHO maybe isn’t a “communist, but the song goes better that way. For crying out loud, take a joke. Or take a pill for christ sake. It’s somewhat true regardless of whatever title you want to give this nutcase in the white house.

      16. ED:  I am not Pro Muslim, Anti-Semite, Anti-Zionist, or Pro Nazi. Fags DO make me uncomfortable. Homosexuality is not something I understand or want to understand. You must be a Fag if you want to defend them so much. Whats it like to be a pervert?

      17. your posted economic discussions are, for the most part, very good. however when you get into the ad hominem attacks and name calling  such as “communist” or “socialist” you’re  slowly sinking to the bottom. what i’m interested in are your posted ideas of what’s really going on in the world .  if i want to be insulted i can always turn on fauxnews -their blonds are more attractive than your name calling… 

      18. The only good think about our current mess is that ordinary folks are starting to learn some history and some politics.  As to the difference between fascism and communism, it is best explained in this wonderful video:

      19. You guys should stay on the subject matter. …

      20. Agreed Paul …. but the FAG TWINS, Ted and Ed seemed anxious to come of the closet!  🙂

      21. Wow, Mac I know zukadu is one of your most prolific commenters, but geeze, if you can edit this … he’s obviously drunk as an old coot today…

      22. Zukadu,

        You sure are feeling your oats today! Let the fags be fags. As long as they don’t bother me, I won’t bother them.


        Thanks for the civics lesson!

        I think all of us on here agree with Ms. Jackson that says, in essence, Mr. Obama is more interested in the total government that the less government. His idea about the “proper amount of government” is enough to help enrich his elitist, bankster friends and allow his lobby friends to do their bribing, er, uh, bidding. I find Ms. Jackson both relavant, entertaining and insightful as the brings out things that America has ignored on its path to Amerika. Terri Garr did a better job of the “dumb blonde” thing but Ms. Jackson is a good sub!

        Thanks Mac for the article!

      23. Agreed NetRanger, but no one gets a free shot at me. I will return fire.

      24. To Paul here is the difference between communism and fascism as explained by Benito Mussolini. Fascism is when corporations run the government, communism is when the government runs the corporations.

        But ultimately both lead to the enslavement of the people. The truth is both are one in the same in that bankers run both systems. The same bankers that financed Hitler and Mussolini also financed Stalin and Mao. It is simply a different means to the same end.

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