The National Debt Crisis *Micro-Documentary*

by | May 7, 2011 | Entertainment | 36 comments

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    Kudos to Daniel Visionvictory and Future Money Trends for yet another excellent look at the fundamental economic and fiscal problems facing the United States.

    The end result, as many of our readers know, is not going to be pretty. At the rate we’re going, with baby-boomers preparing to retire and set to depend on entitlements promised to them by the government, debt-to-GDP soaring above 500%, and middle class wages losing the battle against price stability, all of this will come to a head in the very near future. As the documentary suggests, there are only two ways out: 1) Default by failing to pay 2) Default by inflation.

    We’d like to be positive, but unfortunately, there is no good news to be had about our national debt. Most people have no idea what lies ahead. Sometime during this decade, likely by 2015, a U.S. sovereign debt crisis will be in full swing. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to prepare.

    Micro documentary: The National Debt Crisis

    Hat tip: Matt, 420 Productionz, VisionVictory

    Visit: Future Money Trends


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      1. LOL DEMCAD he has an awesome Youtube channel related to SHTF/WROL, Prepping, & Etc.

      2. I don’t understand how Americans can stand by, while their government rapes their own people?!

      3. Baby boomers are a big part of the problem. They are largely responsible for the people in office. They promised these freebies to themselves. I personally do not consent to being taxed into poverty so boomers can have a 25 year paid vacation as I work till I drop dead.

        That said, there is massive waste at every level of government. Look at the chump change cuts gubmint agencies call “draconian”. The only solution will be to drop out of the above-board economy and starve the beast.

      4. @ Terry-

        “Baby Boomers are a big part of the problem”.

        Terry, you are 100% correct! I don’t think that you should have to pay for my retirement either!!! So please just give me back the 7.5% that the Federal Government stole deducted from each and every pay check that I received since the age of 13. Then kindly return to me the 7.5% of my wages that were paid into Social Security by my employers for each and every pay check that I ever received. And please do this with interest compounded at the prevailing rate in effect for each and every year since 1964.

        Can’t do it because the US Federal Government stole borrowed the ‘so-called’ surplus from the Social Security Trust Fund? Funny thing that; I wonder why they didn’t ‘borrow’ from their own pension plan? Their pension plan if fully funded and very secure.

        It’s gonna get interesting.

      5. Comments….. I wouldn’t let all this worry you or me. Best thing to do is enjoy the day, get as prepared as you can and let it play itself out. See you on the hill.

      6. PO’d….   I am impressed with your calm attitude.  But that’s not for me.  My blood pressure is at least 280 over 175 and climbing.  Anything could set me off…  a bump in a crowded store…  being cut off in traffic…   I am a ticking time bomb ready to explode.  That’s why I live 20 miles from anyone.   Guns, gold, and grub.   Be ready all.

      7. PO’d patriot is right! “enjoy the day…and let it play out”
        All you can do is count on yourself. If you can count on and trust yourself, you have nothing to worry about. You certainly can’t count anyone else and no need to keep placing blame, just prepare for what you know is coming.
         See You On The Hill PO’d patriot!




      8. The number one thing that caused this whole spending/debt mess is allowing everyone of voting age the right to vote themselves a free lunch at someone elses expense, and then you take spineless, power hungry politicians and give them the levers of power to rape our children with debt and our most productive citizens and businesses with taxes to fund the “free lunches”. 
        1.  Term limits of 12 years (2 terms as Senator a 6 terms as House of Rep.)
        2.  A constituional amendment forbidding taxing anyone, yes even billionaires, from paying more than 49% of their income, including state and federal income taxes.  It’s ridiculous for a country established on the foundation of freedom to take more than 49% away from ANY of its citizens.
        3.  Establish the British system of trials where the loser of a frivolous lawsuit has to pay the court costs, etc. of the winning party.
        4.  Immediately strip our Congressman of any privilidge they currently enjoy regarding healthcare choices, retirement plans, etc.  They get to feed at the same slop bucket as the rest of us.
        5.  Do something about the unions that are driving our businesses overseas.  I don’t know what, but something must be done.
        6.  Establish a national sales tax.  If the sheeple want a free lunch then they can pay for it out of their daily purchases.  Contrary to our founding fathers who complained to Great Britian about “taxation without representation”, we now have a system of representation without taxation.  Currently the sheeple vote for something and then expect someone else to pay for it.  Remember, the top 1% of taxpayers pay 38% of all taxes.  The top 5% pay almost 70% of all taxes.  The bottom 50% pay almost none of the taxes, yet they demand almost all of the goodies.  What a disaster this has created.
        7.  Ban all advertizing by trial lawyers and legal firms.  This ban used to be in effect, we need to put it back in place.  Frivoulous lawsuits and the related increase in insurance premiums cost America’s citizens and businesses hundreds of billions annually.
        8.  Shut down our war making machine.  What do I care if some towel heads in
        Iraq live in a democracy, or not.  They do not value freedom so why should our boys get killed giving them something they don’t want.  Unbelievable!

        Just some thoughts!

      9. Comments…..MadMarkie:
        Do you have any material to support your statement that Congress’ plan is fully funded and very secure?
        I have material documenting that the federal employees’ pension plan has been handled just like the SS trust fund.
        Don Levit

      10. Demcad is finding a way to make money instead of doing any realwork .Ever notice that his videos are the same old repitious going over the same material  and he just pulls things off the news lines for the day as his subjects like i’ts somethign fresh .Maybe he should post how much he makes off of you tube through the sponcers .George4title posted his check and it was over 1,500 bucks, not bad for sitting on your ass .I gave up on demcad a year ago and im glad i did.I’m finding much better alternative news sources that has depth and data instead of rambling  and showing pictures of a few guns and a bluebackpack with some canned food. What has he told you that you didnt allready know or comman sence hasn’t taught you .

        The long term outlook is bleak as it will be Default number 2 on this video .But they will dig the hole so deep we cant get out of it and then they will introduce a New War to seal the deal and guarantee that chaos and Fear will be rampant , this will bring in the New World Order. Everything is in place now and all they have to do is pick the day and time they want to do it . Europe looks like it might be haveing a euro problem in the next 12 months as thier bailouts to other euro Nations is under extreme stress .How does one get out of debt? Easy,you just default on everything and tell people screw you .A lot of little people have done this and i believe we will see it being done with other Nations in the near future .they will realise they signed the deal with the devil  and that they are inslaved by bankers and in servatude for the next 20 years plus .If they want freedom they will have to break the chains .  sooner or later all the Crap people talk about wil have to end.Because Talk is nothig but wasted time and energy .when action is involved it creates motion which results in something .It will take action to make change occur .Lets wait until we get 80 million americans out of work and more than 1/3 of americans on foodstamps .Let them continue to charge outragious prices for medical care .Let them Tax the living Hell out of you  and increase Taxes .Let them control your lives  and take away your Rights and Freedoms .Because when they make ones life a misserable Hell is when they will rise ! They will be hungry,They will be Totally pissed off,they will want revenge, they will willingly cause pain and suffering on those that oppressed them , and thier will be Street justice . That is the last chapter for change .Legislation to make change will not occur as those intrenched in power will not allow it so it must be by revolution that real change will occur . We will see it in this Generation’s time . tough times are ahead and you better see what is coming .

      11. The drive-thru at Taco Hell and not getting a full drink and the container being sticky could set me off.  Let’s not talk about the McNugget incident while I was learning to cook the fries.

      12. @T

        Great suggestions, I’ve supported those ideas for years. 
        The only additions I have are to remove the vote from those who pay no taxes so they can’t vote for people giving them goodies.  We need energy independence.  Then we can tell those islamic goons to jump in a sand pit.  We need to secure our borders, send the influx of illegals home once & for all and get rid of the current anchor baby interpretation.

        @madmarkie.  Here is the problem with Senior entitlements.  The amount being use FAR EXCEEDS the amount that the individuals contributed.  Go to any doctor’s office.  95% of the clients are seniors – using medicare – without a care in the world about who is actually footing the bill!  I know quite few who go to doctors several times a week!  Social Security payments are far exceeding what the individuals & their employers contributed.  It’s all a giant ponzi scheme and it doesn’t work, the collapse is inevitable.  I agree with you, return our money to us with interest (including what our employers put in on our behalf – that was lost income for us).  I want mine returned to me in gold or silver.

      13. We vare clearly over the edge. The previous comments illustrate somer great ideas to consider. I suggeswt consideration after we take the nation back. Look forward to seeing many of you on the hill.

      14. We are clearly over the edge. The previous comments illustrate some great ideas to consider. I suggest consideration after we take the nation back. Look forward to seeing many of you on the hill.

      15. Comments…..  I also don’t want anyone to be responsible for any of my future benefits that I have contributed to. Give me exactly what I have paid in, and  I will walk away, and no taxpayer will  have to support me. just give me what I’ve paid in since I was 16.
             If you people think that the boomers are all the problem, you need to have your head examined.  Add up all the people who contribute nothing to the system, and have never contribute to the sytem, get benefits.  Plus, add all the illegals who get some kind of benefit, and there is your shortfall.  Plus, if the government had left the social security fund alone, and not borrowed from the fund, and left a worthless IOU, we would have plenty of funding.
            So come off your high horse about boomers being responsible for the shortfall.  The government loves to buy votes with the money we all have contributed, and this problem will never end.  Our government is broke, our states are broke, and our local governments are broke, folks, there is no more free lunch.  Someone has to pay for all this, and the time is now.
            Your anger should be directed at congress, both parties, as they both have had a hand in your financial destruction. This isn’t a political thing, it’s a class warfare thing, and you are being screwed by your representatives every day.
            But don’t worry, as it’s all going to come apart very soon.  Then, you will get something different, except that you might not like it.  That will be change you can believe in.

      16. Terry…actually the Boomers are the ones that were ripped off the most. The Fed, Social Security and Medicare were created by previous generations and a large chunk of what the Boomers made throughout their lives was taken (thru taxation and inflation) to pay for them. The generation before the Boomers paid out the least and benefited most; the boomers paid the most and will get shafted; the generations after the boomers will also get shafted but won’t pay out as much. Blame Wilson, Roosevelt and Johnson, not the people they ripped off. TPTB want you to blame your parents, not them.

      17. Here’s the solution, direct from Satan666. Surreptiously kill off the least productive part of the population using means that are difficult to trace. Fluoridate the water so the poison accumulates over time leading to deadly diseases. Pass laws that allow GMO foods to be sold without identifying them as such, so the lack of nutritional value will make the evil baby boomers get sick and die in large numbers. Spray heavy metals in the air from commercial airplanes to the toxic fallout lands on all crops. Pass laws that insure that small, local, organic farmers are intimidated and forced out of business. Introduce legislation called Codex Alimentarius that outlaws good health through nutrition. Pass laws and launch a public relations campaign to insure everyone gets vaccinated at least yearly, so lethal substances can be administered efficiently.  Get the population attuned to increasing levels of government control using propaganda and creative use of false flag attacks. Debase the currency to a point where almost everyone is on a government handout making it easier to control the masses.

        Taking these steps will make it possible to kill off aging baby boomers by the millions, thereby permanently solving the problem of high expenses in their golden years. A small number of boomers who are of the radical preparation / survivalist mindset will fall through the cracks, but their numbers are so small we don’t need to worry about them.  Many of those can be converted to the mainstream by accusing them of being paranoid Chicken Little types, making fun of their preparation efforts, and even stating that your plan if TSHTF is to visit THEM and sponge off their efforts.

        As your mighty Satan, I am delighted to report that everything is going according to plan, and the problem will be solved in just a few short years. All we have to do is prevent Mac Slavo, Ed Griffin, Gerald Celente, Mike “The Health Ranger” Adams, Chris Martenson, Joe Mercola, Mike Ruppert, Alex Jones, and a few other rabble-rousers from ruining my grand plan. Don’t listen to these traitors!! They are evil!!

      18. I agree that “the greatest generation” is a large part of the problem. That said, we all like the idea of something for nothing (I do not kid myself that I am any exception). Politicians play to the basic instinct of greed (big shock that most of them are lawyers) and try to promise us whatever it takes for them to stay in office (as long as someone else is paying). No sense in trying to get any of this back. Not happening.

        The current politicians will not leave voluntarily. Once people start feeding at the public trough, they rarely leave on their own. They will have to be dragged away, in most cases a backhoe or other strong tractor will be needed.

        The term limits idea is a good one. Maybe some of the republics resulting from the USA breakup will implement term limits. I hope they are all smart enough to disqualify anyone in the current government (at any level) from eligibility to “serve” at any level.

      19. the flash crash of the S&P on Thursday is showing that the economy isnt expanding and the the unemployment numbers are up to prove that point. There will be a QE3 if there isnt the whole economy (globally ) will crash. It isnt just our economy thats in trouble, the European Union and Japan.No one is buying our debt …..japan cant ,the EU cant, and China is selling theirs off. So we have to buy which drive our dollar down and debt goes up.Rome fell and so will we.

      20. Wow, such hostility towards boomers.
        The problem is fairly simple. We learned how to vote ourselves money out of the common purse through our representation in Washinton DC.

        I’m a boomer with 2 more years before I can draw anything. My actual cost into SS was 15%, my direct 7.5% and my employers contribution(?) of an additional 7.5%. This monies was supposedly invested in America. Truth is it was invested in infrastructure meant to increase tax revenues. But only new construction, each political subdivision was financially responsible for maintenance. I don’t believe I will ever get my so-called investment back from social security. I’ll get ripped off like everyone else. Oh well, I’ll deal with it. Others dealt with it for 100’s of thousands of years, why shouldn’t I and why shouldn’t everyone?

        Our problems stem from income tax. We passed an amendment in 1913, we can pass one to eliminate it. Prior to 1913, teh bills were paid by import duties. The problem prior to 1913 was boom and bust cycles of limitted duration that wiped out speculative wealth and this directly influenced gov’t receipts from duties effective starving gov’t coffers and the ability to buy votes.

        We could pass an amendment for a balanced budget. It was tried and failed. We could try again.

        We need to get back to personal responsibility. If you aren’t productive, you don’t eat and neither do your children. I love my offspring, but they were NOT an investment but rather parasites with a negative ROI (return on investment). But what about the children’s needs you say. The children need effective parents capable of training them to be productive members of the community. Once again, the so-called education investments by gov’t is for increasing the tax revenues.

        I have no problem with lawyers. Just accept that a contingency fee is a buy-in to the damages and therefore every suit has a equal counter-suit with the losing lawyer forced to pay the same percentage to the winner as their contingency fee percentage. Problem solved. Well almost. We need to get back to the old concept of contributory negligence. You put a cup of hot coffee in your lap and drive away, you be dumber than a stump – you lose.
        We already have term limits. It’s called election cycles.
        I agree that we have a problem with non-taxpayers voting. Our bigger problem on this is secrecy by lobbiests. Another amendment to consider is ALL communications by elected officials must be public. Violate it and all pay, allowances and personal wealth is surrendered to the treasury.
        Eliminate the concept of corporations – period. No non-profits of any sort, no corporations, just companies. You own a piece of it, you are responsible for your share of the mess it makes.
        But none of this will happen, so chill out. Deal with what scenario you have. Learn to live a little. I live on less a year than some of you make a month and I’m fairly happy. Concerned about the future, yes but still relatively happy. Things are going to be the way they’re going to be. Probably not very nice and neat, but it will work out. Every paradigm shift provides new opportunities. Hunkering down in some mountain redoubt past the initial conflict stage only assures you of prolonged poverty. Commerce will never end and it is commerce that minimizes conflict over resources.
        Til it all comes down, learn to live and seek joy and happiness. Once it happens, deal with it but never stop seeking those small pleasures that make life bearable. Cause if you ain’t living, you’re dying and there will be plenty of that to go around when the SHTF.

      21. Folks, good points to try to understand the debt problem but the cause is not the boomers, medicare, medicaid, social security, head start, or any other government program design to assist our fellow citizens who may be elder veterans of WWII, or underpriviledged AMERICAN children. We can afford to help our own.  These programs could be easily paid for with the wealth of America without a burden upon its taxpayers.

        The national debt is primarily a function of the balance of trade deficits that have been programmed by the gangster banksters to line THEIR pockets in a transfer of wealth from the American taxpayer to THEM; by transfering the means of production offshore to exploit slave labor at 40 cents an hour or less while they invest American taxpayer depositer funds into Chinese corporations to make IMMORAL profits.

        Immoral because they have stolen this money from American citizens, pay international workers a starvation wage, and pocket outrageous profits in the name of FREE TRADE!

      22. @Terry
        MadMarkie is correct. If I had the 15% of the 2+ million dollars I have made over the past 30+ years to invest instead of them stealing it, I would be far better off upon retirement.

      23. “I conceive that the great part of the miseries of mankind are brought upon them by false estimates they have made of the value of things.”
        Benjamin Franklin

      24. Terry, you are 100% correct. The problem with the Boomers is that they feel they “Deserve” so much. No, sorry boomers, you don’t. There is NO money. It’s spent. And it was spent during the time you have been adults (About 50 years). You invested in  aponzi scheme, started by your parents and grandparents, and drank the Kool-Aid, thinking you would get something fabulous in return. Well, you elected foxes to guard the hen house, and whoops, they ate your chicken.

        Now then. There is NO money left. Not only is there no money, there is debt. We can default, as the video says, or default by inflation. Here’s the choice, Boomers, and everyone else: You cannot squeeze blood out of a rock, so you can either accept that there is no money and you deserve NOTHING, and we can start to rebuild our economy and country with the infrastructure we have, OR, you can whine about the money you, and your parents have already squandered away through voting in the slimy politicians who spent it all, and then they’ll inflate the value of money away until you have NO chance of being able to have any semblence of a good life in the future.

        Here’s the problem with an entitlement mentality (Which virtually every boomer has), you feel like you did something, so you’re owed something. Ok, you voted in bad politicians (my apologies to those few who did not, but you probably are amongst the “everyone else” who did nothing when they had the chance), so you deserve to have the money you contributed to this unconstitutional ponzi scheme squandered away. Now, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, deserves to pay you for anything.

        I’m sorry to be confrontational, but no matter who wants to piss and moan about what they should have, it doesn’t change reality. I should have been born into a constitutional, free market republic, but I wasn’t. And you were supposed to somehow pay in 2 years wages (at about 7% a year X 30 years), and somehow turn it into 20-30 Years of retirement. Well, that was foolish, and it was designed to be. THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT. So the choice of boomers, and everyone else, is like the monkey holding onto the nut in the monkey trap (Hold onto the nut and die, or let it go and live, but you’ll have to find food, not have it layed out, as the trap was). There’s no money for Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, or anything else. The Government has NO money. It can only rob it from it’s productive society members, or borrow it from productive countries’ society members (From whence their government robbed it). The Government CAN’T give you something that it didn’t TAKE from SOMEONE ELSE. Now the Government has NOTHING (Debt, even), and CANNOT pay Boomers any of their promised goods, unless it robs it from others. And if you REFUSE to face that REALITY, then you’re as delusional as the golden hoardes, and moochers of the world.

        My dad is a boomer, and it took him 5 years to finally realize that he either willingly gives up the idea of social security and medicare, etc. Or he can cling another few years, with diminishing returns and all of society can collapse around him. It’s the same choice everyone who is a senior has. Try and let the good times roll and squander the time you have left making everyone else pay for it (just like the politicians you elected for decades did), and collapse any semblance of society in the process, or you can admit reality, gracefully apologize that you bought into an insane idea (You had the choice to do what the tea party has been for the last year and a half for 50 years, so don’t tell me that your money was “Robbed” from you, there’s a reason there’s an axiom to “Nip it in the bud,” you didn’t). One you admit you squandered away the best time in America’s history, and bought into a ponzi scheme, you can start to unwind yourself from the rest of the delusion. Any boomer who wants the entitlement programs to continue or wants to be “Paid back” (News flash you were paying for the society you built for 50 years, there is no “pay back”), is not only in need of a harsh education on reality, but is unworthy of the charity they will so desperately will need once society does collapse. Oh I still believe in charity, but not for those who think they can circumvent the laws of cause and effect. They caused the collapse by a refusal to reign in spending and government, and now the efect is it’s coming home to roost. I pray we can all get along and all build together, but those who have their hands out waiting for someone else to pay for their ease (the only option as there is NO money left), have no place in a productive society. They can choose to sit around talking about what their owed as much as they want, they can form a colony or whatever they want, but the real society will thrive and survive without them. That’s a fact. The U.S. is in for a big reckoning, and I strongly believe when we default there will be an internal conflict over government, and we’ll probably (my belief) be invaded by forgeing Government(S!) as well, but we’ll get through. And it’s because of the spirit of ingenuity and productivity that was forged in the founding of this country. We’ve lost our way, and there will have to be a house cleaning, and revitalization, that involves anyone willing to work, but it will be harsh and diffidult, and they will not be a large segment of society mooching of the rest.

        Boomers, apologize to your kids, and treat them well. When the dollar goes to nothing and the ties are hardest, you’ll need them to care for you as you advance in years. Be good to them, and they’ll be good to you. Spurn them, and they’ll probably spurn you too. Train a child in the path that he should go, and when he is grown he will not depart therefrom. That goes for every generation.

        Just a last thought, to repeat, everyone needs to face reality and pull together. The Titanic hit the iceberg and is going down. You can move to the life boats and help one another or sit and tell us how you paid for your ticket and WILL be taken to America or that you should AT LEAST get a refund on your ticket, WITH INTEREST (and drown in the process). The choice is yours. I pray we all choose wisely.

      25. Lest anyone think I excuse the younger generations of their poor behavior, I don’t. However, they are not even taught what type of government the country is supposed to be founded on. Their parents and grandparents don’t remember life before the FED, life before welfare, SS and eveyother entitelment program. And most of them haven’t even been able to vote in more than 3 elections. Time will show what they turn out to be, but they first have to be taught correct principles. There is a great reformation coming in our way of thinking (as a society), and I don’t sympathize with the youth with their hand out either. But that youth is a product of the society that squandered away it’s wealth, not the squanderer himself. I’ll get back to you in another 20 to 30 years about the generations from the 70’s on. We’ll see what they do. But in the meantime, teach them well.

      26. Durango Kidd you’re wrong about our national debt being a direct result of our trade deficit.  Absolutely not true!  What does the fact that we import more goods than we export have to do with the fact that America’s government spends more than it earns.  You can have one without the other.  We could export far more than we import and still have our government spending more than it earns, or visa-versa.  They are, however, both symptoms of a society that can’t say “No” to self gratification.  We’re a selfish, immoral people.  We buy more than we sell as a society and we allow our government to spend more than it earns, then we lay trillions of debt upon our children because we’re too selfish and self absorbed to discipline ourselves.  We have sown disaster and we will reap the consequences.  As a society we deserve exactly what is going to happen to us.  If we survive as a country, the Greatest Generation and the Boomers will be known by all future generations as disgustlingly corrupt, selfish, irresponsible and without any moral foundation.  It’s astounding what we have allowed to happen.  We deserve to be forever branded by our children and our children’s children.

      27. I cannot own property in this country; I, like every other American, can only rent it.  If I don’t pay my forced property taxes I will lose my property and fast.  For services I do not use, Federal Highway I pay for through other means.  They force me to pay for water/sewer that I do not use.  I have septic fields and well water.  I have to pay for schools which are failures and worthless and yet I have no kids.  You choose to have kids yet I have to support them… How about teaching them at home again?  Oh, wait, that gets you on another watch list.  Never mind.
        It’s getting slightly out of hand.  Just saying.  Blaming baby boomers because they wanted free stuff later in life?  Fine.  But blame them for voting poorly, not because they wanted a retirement play because they could not figure one out for themselves.  Social Security wouldn’t be all that bad IF the government, elected by the people back there, had not raped the funds.

      28. Social Security was never marketed as a retirement plan, it was only supposed to be a supplement to one’s own retirement plan, and it initially had an expiration date. The problem is that now the issue is gargantuan. Our Founding Father’s knew, there are different means for defending one’s life liberty and pursuit of happiness. They had a revolution, they also put down the whiskey rebellion. Now the problem is gargantuan and the solutions are not simple, nor easy. That doesn’t mean there is no solution to the problems we face, it means we have to acknowledge them and face them squarely. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are the biggest of them (because they produce nothing but increase the entitlement attitude, like a poster said on another article, to paraphrase “You don’t feed the bears because then they’ll only want you to feed them), War abroad and world policing comes next on the insane wasteful spending.

        You can eat the elephant one bite at a time, but first you have to decide to eat it. As long as people, and boomers in particular, keep wanting a benefit on the shoulders of others (because there IS NO MORE MONEY), then they are the problem. And as the largest segment of the population, boomers are also the largest part of the problem. Most younger people don’t want the social security program anyway. They don’t like the money being taken from their checks, especially since they’ll never see it. The boomers should have realized that a half century ago. The problem was, that the war between right and wrong is the hardest to fight when you’re apathetic because of lurury from prior prosperity. Now there is no more prosperity for the country as a whole, because they failed to recognize communism (satanism), in it’s many forms, has never, does not, and never will work. It only works until you run out of other people’s money. And the whole western world has. China, and other countries WILL make their move, they’ve just waited until people got fatter, lazier, and are no longer in a position to struggle. Like any predator bringing down a large prey, they maim and wait for the prey to die, lest they get hurt in the death throes. They will NOT continue to give us cheap stuff once they acquire all the resources they’ve been in the process of collecting for years.

        Globalism will fail, because individuals always care for themselves first. We need to do the same.

      29. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
        ~ Edmund Burke
        Wake up America! It’s time… “THE REVOLUTION HAS STARTED”
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        “Spread the News”

      30. There isn’t much that can be done now, for those actions needed to save the system and country needed to have begun many years ago. The government is in sooo deep, like a drug addict, they cannot stop until it kills.
        What we the people must do is prepare to survive the coming crisis and come out ready to rebuild our Republic based on original Constitutional ideas. IF, and I do mean IF, we can come out of this thing intact. There will be losses for sure, and not just wealth and materials, for there will be loss of life. PREPARE!
        I just added “another” case of 5.56 and an additional 200 rounds of 12ga OOB to my basement this weekend, and I plan to keep adding food, supplies, ammo, PMs and other items as time allows and the dollar holds out. Not to sound paranoid, but I am “investing” my FRN’s into anything that will hold or increase value for the coming years. Crisis or not……Actually, I have ammo from 4 years ago that has tripled in price already, and my PMs have seen 300-400% gains!
        Sadly, I am an aging military retiree already working another profession, so I have no illusions about my future SSI and gov retirement checks. I am prepping for a complete collapse and hoping for something a little less severe, but in the end, I feel a great war is coming.

      31. Lest it sound like I am bashing boomers…we all love freebies. At least two generations have voted for these freebies. Those of us who are not old enough to have already had our retirement, or fed at the public trough their whole lives (many of have some in the family) will get the booby prize.

        Most of us have been taught that USA is a democracy. It was supposed to be a representative republic. democracy is a polite term for mob rule.


      33. Extended play NINAORKET,  YOU DON’T get it!  You are preaching to Sunday school!  We got it.  Put your robe on & get it cleaned.

      34. Retirement? ya right,not in this lifetime.

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