Revolution Trailer: “It’s Gonna Turn Off, and It Will Never, Ever Turn Back On”

by | May 15, 2012 | Entertainment | 273 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    A new series this Fall from NBC looks like an exciting must watch for preppers (and we think some non-preppers may just be swayed into at least putting something away for an emergency).

    While we can’t speak for the quality of the show, it looks quite interesting, especially the collapse of the power grid, which is something we’ve detailed in numerous posts and videos over the years.

    Like Jericho, this one may prove to be pure Doomer entertainment at its best.

    Revolution – coming this Fall:


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      1. EMP!!!!!!! My biggest fear!!!

        • Are you fucking serious????

        • Don’t fear it. We could use a major housecleaning in this country. Those most responsible for the ongoing enslavement of their fellow Americans, as well as those complacent, ignorant, American Idol absorbed serfs who make enslavement possible, would be the most affected by the loss of electronic distractions and surveillance devices.
          I believe there was a government study a few years back which showed a grid-down situation would lead to the deaths of ninety percent of the population within a year. It could not happen soon enough for me. Imagine, at one stroke, eliminating every federal agency, state agency, local agency, financial institution, and mindless electronic entertainment. Without electricity, all of these go away. No more DMV, no more IRS, no more county permitting boards. You cut the power, and you have slain the Hydra. It would be the paradise on earth from the Book of Revelation after most of the people had been destroyed. I am sure it would really suck to be living during such an event, but what would be on the other side would not be so bad for those who love liberty.

          • You don’t care if 250 million Americans die??????

            • In the long run everyone will be dead, and yeah, I don’t really care if nine out of every ten Americans die as long as my loved ones who PREPARED are not among them. Hate to be harsh, but most Americans are unprepared and are not interested in preparing, and will be among the dead when just-in-time food delivery fails. Do you really want to save those people so they can vote for another Obama assclone? Time to hit that great big Darwinian reset button on those useless eaters while you and I are stil young and fit enough to survive what will no doubt happen sooner or later regardless of our feelings about it.

            • fortune smiles upon the well-prepared mind.

              it’s nothing personal, but, yes, a clearing out of the vast zombie population could well be at hand and it’ll be a glorious and beautiful day on earth when it happens. you or i could very well be- for any reason- among the dead. a great deal of those 250 mil probably wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about you or i when the SHTF so, no, i certainly don’t care either. why should i? why would i? i know my place in the world.

              you have as much chance of surviving any given disaster as the next guy, unless you’re well-prepared, and you won’t know that until you’re there and can make that call in the heat of the moment. right now it’s nothing but projection and doomer talk and egocentric blather.

              …but, if you really wanna know, honestly, who gives a shit, really? people come and go. more people will come. more people will go. people live and die in numbers great and small. don’t worry about tomorrow or what i might think about it. worry more about right now. give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

              zombies are everywhere. they’re mostly all mindf*cked. leave them alone and let them get on with their lives. their fates are theirs and are determined by themselves; fine, let them be. you don’t want anyone interfering in your affairs, do you? neither do they. don’t waste any time on them and don’t shed any tears for them if a huge number of unlucky ones are extinguished in an ugly, merciless way. death is death no matter how we go.

              *shakes his head* …sometimes people just bewilder me. i’m totally okay with lots of people dying immediately.

            • It is estimated that during a financial/societal collapse that 70% of the population will die in the first year. Starvation, dehydration, and disease.

            • Cute discussion, truly.

              You do of course all realize that the “most well prepared” are the… well… um… how shall monseiur say it…

              … most well prepared right NOW. For the way things work right now.

              No I don’t mean sheep.

              I mean RICH PEOPLE!!!

              I mean Jesus the guys have bunkers and seed banks and space stations and dinousaurs and Yodas and shit…

            • God let the Israelites wonder the desert for 40 years to let a generation of grumblers and complainers die off so that progress could happen. This would be the modern day equivalent of the welfare society and the “gimme” handout crowd vanishing from existence…..That wouldn’t be so bad now would it?

            • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,

              Do not wrong or hate your neighbor for it is not he that you wrong but yourself. – Pima

          • Oh yeah!.. Let’s pray for the EMP!..

            That’s when the REAL FUN will begin!!!

            No more watching the movies about TEOTWAWKI: it’s all real.

            No medical help. Sick people (diabetes/insulin, anyone?..) will die out pretty soon.

            Starved hordes are searching for food and kill those who have it. But don’t worry: since you have a platoon of fully equipped Navy Seals living in your house, you are doing be just fine.

            Cops, military, and anyone else with who has the training and weapons, and the attitude, but did not have money to stock up on food, gather in large, highly organized, brutal, war-smart gangs.
            By the way… your Seals will either desert you and join a better group/gang, or get wiped out, along with you and your family.

            A few short weeks later, warlords appear: those who managed to get their dirty hands on tanks and artillery.
            They start restoring ORDER. AT LAST!!! Fuck, yeah!…
            …never mind that “we all need to make sacrifices, and it’s all just temporary… until the order is restored…”. So, “work brigades” are formed. Not everyone wants to work for the soup, and some idiots call this “slave labor”. Of course, they are executed, because we can’t allow “domestic terrorists” to undermine Our Efforts To Restore The Great America.

            But all that’s fine.
            Pretty soon, the order is restored.
            The new government is functioning.
            The police is working again. It’s OK that the old police were wiped out in the terrible “Dark Days”.
            We hired whatever people were available who were able to help us restore the order.
            The fact that most of them spent some time behind bars is irrelevant.

            But these cocksuckers from the next-door suburbs are not prepared and ate all their supplies. So, they are attacking us now.

            Man, THIS IS FUN!!!

            Can’t wait…

            • And if you think you’ll be just fine in your survival retreat far away from the city… good luck.

              When the city has been taken care of, they’ll be coming for you.

              And who do you think will come?.. A bunch of hobos with knives, who will turn around and flee as soon as you and the Mrs. fire your pathetic AR-15s?..
              Nope. Don’t think so.
              Those will be the same guys who burned folks in Waco.
              THEY will survive the most.
              THEY will have the EMP-protected tanks, full-automatic weapons, grenades… you name it.
              THEY will have the numbers on their side, not your family and friends.
              THEY will NOT tolerate any resistance.
              And they sure don’t have to die to kill you and yours. They’ll just set your “survival retreat” on fire, and snipe out anyone who gets outside. So, it’s fire or bullet, – your choice.


              Or maybe, my assumptions are wrong.
              Maybe, you are not going to try to hide in the mountains.
              Perhaps, you believe in the Community Where You Live.
              So… Lots of preppers in your neighborhood, I presume?..



              Whatever bullshit we have now, is still better than Mad Max world.

              Be safe.

            • I apologize for the sarcasm.

              The only possible (IMHO) future scares the shit out of me.

            • @ angry

              Your sarcasm well makes the point!

            • Yeah, when I hear people talking about how they “can’t wait”, or “bring it on” in regards to any given SHTF scenario it immediately takes me back to my youth when I first put my feet on those yellow boot markers at Paris Island.

              Befor we left the MEPS center I was wondering if I was the only guy that was a bit apprehensive about that contract they just signed. Everyone else was strutting around full of piss and bravado.

              Funny thing, those guys that were the most vocal about getting to PI and inflating their chests and holding their arms out as if they were too huge for them to hang naturally were the same guys that ended up being total pussies.

              Pardon the language, but in some cases it’s more than colorful, it’s appropriate.

            • Yes, no, and maybe.

              Yep – agree perfectly with your overall point… nobody should ever wish for this shit, and anyone who does is an idiot. The reality will be 100x worse than you realize. And everything you said about how the non-prepared will act? Agreed; it’s gonna get ugly beyond belief.

              Also agreed that every jackass (still) alive will have pretensions to power, and will do whatever they can to get it.

              Nope – some teams may get hold of the big n’ ugly gear (tanks, artillery, etc.) But there’s having the gear… and then there’s having the fuel (esp. the M1A1 Abrams), transport (those artillery pieces don’t normally roll themselves), spare parts (oh yes, spares are required!) and ammunition for the beasties (at least enough to actually last for more than a couple of battles). Oh, and there’s the required skill to use and sufficiently maintain the things.

              Minus coherent and constant logistics? That shit would last approximately 6 months, tops, and most wouldn’t make it past six weeks. And if you think the Army’s equipment is a resource-eater, you oughta see how much fuel an F-16 eats per sortie, let alone its multi-engined brethren.

              Maybe – the hordes may get far enough out of town to be a bother, but most will likely be robbed, raped, and killed either by the more opportunistic among them, by starvation/dehydration, or by the elements (depending on time of year.)

              As someone who does live in the sticks, a couple of things have become very apparent to me:

              * there are non-preppers out here too, and unlike the suburbanites, the ones out here have guns.

              * An AR-15? Pffft! Just this side of worthless unless you have a mountain of ammunition and an equally mountain-sized pile of spare parts for it. You’re better off with something common, like a .30-06, a .30-30, or something that everyone out there has, so you can use the ammunition when they are no longer able to.

              * Hobos? Meh – anyone that makes it out this far is either something to really be reckoned with, or is too weak to be a real threat.

            • That happened to China actually on 1912. Yuan Shikai, who was like Petraeus of the day, the only general who could restore order, quashed the Xinhai revolution and became Emperor.

              But he died on 1916 after driven out from his throne by his subordinates, and after all there was full chaos until the commies took over on 1949.

          • The sun is entering an active period in its 11 to12 year cycle. There have been solar storms In the past and more will occur in the future.

            A solar storm could cause an EMP.

          • @ Moon

            “Liberty” is your idol—slavery to your emotions, greed, and libido is your reality.

            You revel in the death of 90%. How are you different from the banksters and “elite”?

            • I think it’s more just kind of “romanticizing” the notion more than actually wishing it to happen….

          • Lets see no more hospitals, no more police, no more fire fighters, no more cold storage, and no more hot showers, sanitation is a distant memory. Hello cholera, hello typhus, hello sepsis, hello water that will kill you. Hello 16 year old girls dying in child birth, and that is just the opening act. That sounds like fun count me in.

            • Ahh Dodgy you said the forbidin word Sepsis. No antibiotic for that excpet Aconetobactor, IV and eats your organs, scary scary scary. Only treated in ICU units, they pump ya full of the crap and ya die almost 90% of the time anyway……yep scary

          • Hey, the wealthy wall street bankers and tri-late and the rest of the blood suckers will be prepared. They will rebuild their enslavement empires……

            • I don’t think so. Go back and study the black plague. It went from a royalty/serf society to a society that had to actually pay people to work for them. With the payment of wages, came with it more freedom. Death was the equalizer in this story in history. When serfs were no longer a dime a dozen, the nobles could no longer treat them like dirt and expect them to work. The serfs realized a thing called “self worth”.

            • Not one crowned head died from the Plague!

          • I’m with you Moon.

            Society with all it’s evil and corruption needs a reset. The only way it can happen is with a catastrophic event like an EMP. Those of us who see the writing on the wall and have been preparing will be left to carry the torch of freedom and hopefully get it right with another chance.

            • our founding fathers got it right the first time, problem is you can never make a system fully “human proof”, some assholes will always find a way to ruin things for whatever reason.

            • There’s always resets. It happens when the fat and happy least expect it.

              – – And to clarify, “The Meek will inherit the earth”. When that was written, “Meek” meant the polite and considerate people. Just note and act so as to fit in with others who are considerate.

            • wcnitram:

              That EMP just may come from the Sun (check out the Carrington Event). By the way, 2012 D14 may start some real domino effects. Speaking of dominoes, The economic collapse in Germany in the late 1920s started a domino effect that spread throughout Europe and North America. Eventually millions and millions were killed before things started getting better. Today we are already on the brink of economic collapse in virtually every country in Europe as well as the U.S.A. At this point almost any kind of shock could make all of the houses of cards completely collapse very quickly. This time it will be worse because the interdependence on highly specialized technologies and farcical economies is so pervasive. (Some kids do not even learn to tie their shoes any more. They just press the Velcro.)

              Too often we as preppers and survivors are patting ourselves on the back, mostly because we are elated that we finally woke up from having been so incredibly
              seduced and dependent on these technologies ourselves.

          • You sound just like the global elite scum that want 90% of the world population gone! I put you and them in the exact same category!!

          • Also no more:

            Affirmative Action
            Minority contractor “set-asides”
            “Hate Crime” laws
            Black History month
            AIPAC or other Israel lobby
            non-white immigration
            anti-white school curricula
            anti-white print and television media
            anti-white motion picture industry

            • While it certainly would be good to be rid of all those things, I don’t think the Germans thought firebombing Dresden and other cities was worth it to get rid of Hitler. Or the Japanese thought nuking two of their cities was a good way to move to a democratic political system.
              Lots of prepped people will die right along with the others if catastrophe hits. Just the percentage will be lower. Prepping guarantees you a better chance, but it does NOT guarantee your survival.

            • Also no more of this:

              Metro Squad seeks suspects who gunned down Raytown jogger

              Stone Murder: Metro Squad Will Disband

              “Stone, 60, was killed while jogging Sunday morning at about 7:20 at 67th and Blue Ridge Blvd. Police suspect the murder could have been a gang initiation or a dare.”

              “Several people witnessed Stone’s murder. They told police a dark-colored car driving north on 67th Street passed Stone as he was jogging, and without slowing down, opened fire on him. Witnesses say there were two black men inside the car.”

          • If there is an justice in the world you and yours will be among those that don’t make it. What a shit head attitude.

          • Your out of your mind.

          • this trailer shows an anti militia theme.

            do you think it is by accident?

          • Barn Cat: Why are you so upset? Moon is just pointing out a fact; most Americans are fat, lazy couch potaotes who don’t care to know what’s going on. I started figuring things out for myself in 2005 and actually made money in the 2007-2008 market crash while my friends and coworkers lost their shirts, even after I warned them. I then starting getting ready for the other things that are potential dangers to me and my family. A prudent person sees a storm coming and prepares. If most Americans are too stupid or lazy to get ready then too bad, they’ll die, and it will be their fault. So stop feeling sorry for those who don’t care enough to save themselves.

          • (Revelation 21:1 King James) And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;….
            And you thought to enjoy “heaven” that you’d have to learn to play a harp!
            sheesh!!! Every one wants to blame God for this world’s mess and He’s the only one with a real promise and plan for straightening it out.
            I can’t wait! Come Lord Jesus!

        • It’s pretty low on my own list, and about as likely as Yellowstone exploding in a 3-state-wide fireball.

          Possible, not probable.

          OTOH, there may be some good lessons in there, but given that this is Hollywood? Not holding my breath.

          • Urgh. Just watched the trailer… I take it back. Likely nothing to be learned in there at all. The whole apocalyptic thing is just a big stage prop (or plot device… you pick).

            Seriously – a city turning into a jungle in only 15 years? Maybe where Kudzu grows, but NYC is going to take a shitload longer than that to look like a cheap knockoff of “Life After People”.

            • I actually think those were mat paintings from LAP (I remember the billboard with the Mini). In all seriousness though, it’s pretty close to reality if you compare the decay of Pripyat to those screen shots. Today, 27 years later, there are trees as tall as the Soviet apartment buildings they once landscaped all around the city. It’s really amazing how quickly things deteriorate without human intervention. If you want proof, just look at a few urbex (urban exploration) websites and see the pictures they take.

            • OQ: “…a city turning into a jungle in only 15 years? Maybe where Kudzu grows…”

              Yep, it sure could where that stuff is. Kudzu is a muther. I’ve seen it jump out of a ditch and nearly strangle a guy who was actively defending himself with a weedeater! In fact, I heard a rumor that the FED is gonna start using it as currency. A new study by NASA shows Kudzu to be the most resilient, self perpetuating substance in the galaxy. It spreads even faster than government debt.

            • @Winston:

              Understood about Chernobyl/Pripyat, but the trailer showed trees growing out of the upper reaches of nearly every building. The town of Pripyat had low buildings (10 stories max). The NYC shot had trees coming out of the 90th floor of the Chrysler Building(!?)


              Good to see you again! Agreed on the Kudzu – that shit is evil, and I could easily see, say, Atlanta becoming one ginormous Kudzu patch in 15-20 years.

            • Actually it will happen real fast. I grew up in New York and once they took out a section of road that fed onto the Grand Central parkway. Three years later if you did not know the road had been there it looked just like the rest of the woods(Cunningham Park)forested area.

            • The vast majority of everything around us has been built in the last 50 or so years. If we can put it up that fast I think we could destroy it and nature could cover it in fifteen years easy.
              As far as New York goes, it would be like a huge dump for the peasants to rummage through so it may take longer for N.Y. to disappear.
              Didn’t take long for the twin towers to be gone though.

          • Given this is JJ Abrams, it will go on for 6 seasons and end up being just a dream or a mass hallucination.

            Also, of course, while it is 15 years since “it all turned off”, it is perfectly understandable that everyone looks healthy, wears clean, matched, unfrayed or mended clothing and has clean, styled hair and makeup.

            There are no real lessons in something like this. It is a creative work product designed to entertain. I’ll likely watch it, delayed, via Hulu. We all will value the distraction.

            • Dude! I was just wondering how that guy had stylish $300 half wire-framed glasses – glasses that weren’t scratched, faded, or worn.

              I can’t keep a pair of glasses past four years without something breaking, the screws stripping, or the lenses scratching to oblivion.

        • So the lights and all go out, and then we just “FF” 15 years cause we can’t show on television what those prepper people have been warning us about – called “SHTF.”

          An EMP wouldn’t be my biggest fear, the 72 to 144 hours after would be.

          • Forget 144 hours – wait’ll you see what starts happening after the 504th hour has passed.

            That would be 3 weeks, or about a week after the last of the readily-accessible food from stores and local warehouses has completely vanished, and the waves of refugees and raiders start moving in earnest.

            • And don’t forget 3 weeks into it, those prescriptions will be running low or gone.

            • I agree with you completely. The first 3 weeks would be in relative calm… while the sheeple are still in trance and wait for the lights to come back on. During this time it will be prudent to hide your preps. It will be to late to start prepping so get everything you need NOW. is a good place to start.

            • If it happens in Winter especially a hard one look for fifty percent dead. In Summer where water is available naturally probably only around twenty percent. Vegas, Phoenix and other cities in the middle of the desert will be ghost towns.

          • Aware people will have a slight advantage in the event of an EMP (and not just because they’re prepped).

            Instead of standing around saying, “WTH, my car doesn’t start and my cell phone won’t work” we will have recognized it for what it is and taken immediate actions, like trading the fiat we have on hand for goods before everyone else realizes it’s worthless.

            • I’m with Daisy on this one. I’m also hoping the Sheeple have been so well trained by getting gubermint assistance that they won’t realize they can loot from preppers without their EBT cards.

            • Careful Daisy, you’re true colors are showing!!

        • You would do better to worry about the Fukushima reactors that are still out of control, still releasing radiation into the atmosphere and into the ocean. That is all being delivered right to our door step in the rain that falls accross the US and the pacific ocean fish we buy and eat.
          What does irratiated food look like? Like all other food except once you put it inside you, you are forever radiation poisoned. One bite. And our good government and Canada have turned off all the radiation monitors and is allowing untested Japanese fish to be sold to us.
          Japan is planning how to evacuate 13 million people from Tokyo if things continue to deteriorate at Fukushima.

          • You’re right, C. Most people have no clue that they’ve been consuming radioactive foods. Even those who are purchasing organic foods have put faith in a label that isn’t true any longer.

            From the year-long charts I have analyzed, the data that has come from the milk from certain animals is now only showing some radioactive iodine in a few locations in the mid-east and eastern US. But the west coast….little do they know — our USDA and FDA are not informing the public and have allowed foods to scoot through the inspection processes. I suppose it’s because these agencies would rather seize farm property for illegal raw milk sales than protect all Americans from unnecessary irradiation in foods.

            • They’ve actually stated “nothing to see here” and gone back to their former method of testing, which is random items and places every 3 months. Next episode of testing for radiation in our milk supply is not until August.

            • At this point the best we can do is to avoid all food produced on the West Coast. Let THAT go viral and watch California politics die the death it deserves. It is time that their asinine politics took them down hard.

              What irony—so Communist “green,” yet poisoned by radiation.

            • John Q, You nailed it! CA crops include their wines, salad greens, strawberries, and other fruits. What else?

              Those who don’t grow their own food should be buying local produce — it’s not just to stimulate the local economy but for self-preservation now.

            • @ Zoltanne

              Let’s not forget that Califormia’s marijuana is another contaminated crop.

          • In a SHTF scenario like what is presented in this show, that is exactly what would worry me the most! It’s why I like the older Civil Defence type radiological equipment as it is usually EMP shielded in it’s thick, sealed case. This is especially true of the ones with the large black metal bezel around the meter as they were retrofitted with them for increased EMP resistance back in the 60’s and 70’s.

            As it were, I fear that 15 years after the death of the grid there would be no life left on Earth except for bacteria and cockroaches. Think of a thousand Fukishimas all going critical at once with no way to mitigate the disaster. The reactor cores would go through a true China syndrome and sink through the aquifers and towards the planet’s core. All of the ground water would be poisoned and all of the land above ground would become heavily radioactive within a year of the disaster.

            Most of the reactors operating in the world today are old school designs without the fail safes that activate naturally in a grid down scenario that some of the newer designs use. Thus, we are really and totally screwed unless we get those older reactors ( I think they were originally designed by GE) off line and decomissioned before an EMP event.

            • Everything we see in the news today, as bad as it is, is only a distraction from the real danger. Fukushima spent fuel rod pools #3 & #4.

              G_d shall not tolerate the wickedness of man much longer, the days of reckoning fast approach.

          • Very VERY good point! I read up on the japan issue every day and it is NOT good. The media is not reporting this and it is quite sad. The risk in Japan is WORLD WIDE. It is no longer a question of how will japan deal with this. It is now a question of how will the world deal with this. The entire human race is affected by this and it could make the entire northern hemisphere largly uninhabitable! Be very aware of this!

        • I believe the scenario of a total EMP would extinct human life above ground in the northern hemisphere. Every nuclear reactor would melt down and all the spent fuel would go up in flames as there would be no grid or backup generators to cool them.
          Unless of course one of the Planet of the Apes movies plays out and a mutant race evolves…

        • Completely agree, does no one understand that in a real EMP attack we will all be dead. Every nuclear reactor that is operating (and even some that have been “retired”) across the globe are only stable while they have adequate power to run the cooling pumps. Without these pumps(as a result of the EMP) they will all explode (look at Fukushima) in a matter of days/weeks. The amount of radiation will spread throughout the planet, the air,the water, all the plants, all the animals… EVERYTHING will be contaminated. There will be eventually NO LIFE FOLLOWING A EMP! At best, you may scrape by until your (clean) supplies run out (months, year?), but eventually, you will consume contaminated food, breath contaminated air, and you will die as a result of radiation poisoning. To this day, I still don’t understand how people don’t see this! I am sure some of you reading this think you can survive, but honestly, radiation will kill you much faster than you think. Please, if you doubt me, read up on Fukushima and what has happened from just one plant going critical, enenews is a great source for information,

          • Manual over rides will be used to shut them down, they are not going to run to melt down. However there will be no technology to keep the reactor housings and fuel rods in good repair. Eventually the supporting structures will deteriorate and start leaking.

          • Machines that are powered down will not be affected.

        • And the easiest to do to us from a ship off our three coasts with scuds.

        • How come our biggest fear is the electricity going out? The other day my electricity went out from a lighting strike. The neighbor’s kid was freaking out and could not understand why the tv was not working. She said she needed it…… I told her that for thousands of years little girls had no electricity! She could not understand what I was saying. Sad……

      2. first

        • Cute ASCII art, but did you have anything useful to say?

      3. i think that, just like with the hunger games, many people will simply dismiss this as entertainment, and completely miss the concept that this kind of thing could actually happen

        • Hunger games was anti tyranny…this abomination from our beloved propagandists…NBC…is making Katniss out to be the enemy

        • The 3rd book is BS. It just HAD to be a trilogy…

          The 1st and 2nd books are awesome.

          I think you are right: it’s our future described in those books.

          Until recently, people would not believe “1984” would ever be true.
          As we all here know, it is a reality now, or worse.

          The Hunger Games world is coming, too, and I have no idea how to prevent it.

      4. Look at the bright side… No more TBTF Banks and no more turbo power printing presses!

        • You bring up an interesting point… I wonder if Chairman Bernanke is prepping for the possibility of EMP by stocking up on hand-cranked printing presses? hmmm…

          • Ha! Mac, you know that all of the “I’ve come out the the closet” currency destroyers have warehouses of the hand-crankables! It’s their second drug of choice!

          • I think if I was Mr Bernanke I would be stocking up on bulletproof vests, well-stocked bunkers, reliable bodyguards (female, attractive-think Dr. Strangelove), and plenty of well-used and worn ten dollar bills to use as toilet paper. It will be cheaper post-collapse to wipe your a** with money than to use same money to purchase real TP. Maybe Mushroom is onto something?

            • No way. Mushroom was an advocate of “crisp” $10 bills. Not too comfortable…

            • Dude? Think this through!

              Paper-cut + butthole = unimaginable pain.

              At least tear off the edges of those bills before you use ’em.

            • That is why I specified well-worn ten dollar bills! I truly hope that Obama replaces George on the one dollar bill. I would love to wipe my a** with his mug!

          • I got something Bernanke can hand crank

          • Nah, they’ll be steam powered! 😉

      5. Sure, great show,…or predictive programming? You decide, but I’ll go with the latter.

        • Rawles on Survivalblog described it as “Fifteen years in the future, Dies The Fire meets The Postman, gets Lost on The Road, engages in some Hunger Games short range archery and some Crouching Dragon swordplay.”

          I think I will pass. I’ve been watching ‘Deadliest Journeys’ on Current TV and am surprised how much I’m learning. They just showed how to refine oil over an open fire where outlaws are doing it in Nigeria.

      6. It is possible that the grid will be down before the airing of this show. If it is not, then the FEM A camps will be showing it with popcorn and MREs.

      7. Keep in mind once the power goes out from whatever type of situation, it is not just air conditioning, cars, and I-pads that are gone. Many of the medical tests, Medications, and Surgical procedures that have extended our lives and kept us alive will be gone. I can attest to this personally as just today I had a colonoscopy. Also I work in health care and have personally seen many peoples lives saved by these procedure. This will all be gone, people will die and they will not die quickly, but suffer with agonizing medical conditions, such as sepsis, bowel obstructions, enlarged prostates, etc. We had better hope this never happens. All you doom and gloomers that are hoping it does have no idea what you are in store for, and by the way I think you suck for hoping this comes true.

      8. Was that Barry as the head of the militia??

        • No, it was his look-a-like son with smaller ears.

        • Actually, I thought it was old school racist “Scary black men are going to enslave white men and rape their girls!” Honestly, once I saw that was how they saw the epitome of scary, I wasn’t interested in seeing this crap. Jericho was better one SOOOO many levels, and didt use racist fears to do it.

      9. This is interesting. I’ll check it out.

        For those that are interested in apocalyptic films, I’d suggest checking into some that are up to be released this year:

        The Day: Due out in Aug. I find it interesting that they clearly walking in formation, spaced, on both sides of the road. Seems like they may have had a good technical adviser for this.

        Heart Land: More zombie-ish.

        The Collapsed: Pandemic film about bugging out due out early June.


        • PS – and I’ve been waiting for Remnants to be picked up FOREVER. Seems they’re having a hard time finding a distributor.

          • people who backed the movie are receiving advance copies now
            I got mine a couple of days ago
            just haven’t had a chance to watch it yet

      10. Interesting. But, MSM never makes anything for no reason. It is made to be “entertainment”, but there is always a message in it somewhere. If nothing else they may see it as a good fear-monger show.

        MSM shows have a long history of social-science, pysop, and advertising behind them. Over the last 50 years, billions of dollars have been spent figuring out how to manipulate people via visual media…

        • and conditioning the idiot masses into believing its people like us that caused the said scenario to happen and for the horror proceeding it. Notice the bad guy looks much more like Eric Holder than Ron Paul, but it doesn’t matter,he is part of “the militia”, the boogeyman of the left/globalists for the past 30 years

        • JoeRepublic & JustMe

          It all feeds the “fear” meme.

          Each cumulative dose of fear is designed to consolidate their control of our collective pysche.

          Keep strong, keep prepping, don’t succumb to fear and make the barstewards herd cats!

        • @Just Me
          It’s called “Active Measures” and The KGB has used our MSM to change this Nation’s world view for a very long time. It’s part of a three step plan to topple The West.
          Demoralize, Destabilize, Stabilize.

          • What are there about seventy or so of our congress critters who are avowed commies. We wonder why some of the nonsense goes on.

        • these shows are intended to lull the sheeple into a false sense of security on the one hand… on the other, they are subtly(or not so) planting the seed of impending troubles into the minds of those who are least likely to see it or at least believe that it should be prepared for… there is a mitigating effect produced when follywood begins to dramatize reality… case in point: the desensitizing effect of CSI carnage vs the sight of real… and yes, i lump follywood and the large screen fornicators in with the small screen whores as there is no difference…

      11. Call me a skeptic or paranoid or whatever, but think about it. Do you really think TPTB want you prepping unless there’s something it for them?

        When I lived in the upper mid-west they used to warn about major snow storms and everybody would run to the stores and stock up. Of course even if we did get a big storm, you could usually get to the store the next day. But the media would scare the crap out of people and they would flock to the stores and “boost” the economy.

        So think about it. What better way to get people to start spending money than to scare them into stocking up (or prepping in our world) in case of a SHTF event. Then think what its going to do to the prices of the things we’ve been stocking up on.

        I don’t know I guess I just don’t trust them.

        • Arco you make a good point. Maybe what we’re doing, in “spite” of them, is exactly what they’d like us to be doing. TPTB really don’t want a revolution, it’s too messy. Their job is to keep the US safe and stable, and it’s in their own interests to do so. We may not like their methods, but can anyone think of a better idea? Sorry Randroids, no hoecake for you! Eliminating the US’s “military industrial complex” with the stroke of a pen won’t do. It has to be done slowly.

          Having a deep larder of at least staple foods is a good idea and one most people exercised up until rather recently. The Mormons (at least some of ’em) have the right idea, keep a year at least of food. And we’re going to end up with a Mormon President, this may not be all bad.

          • My ‘conspiracy’ theory is this: They know that can’t stop us from prepping, so why not figure out a way to cash in on prepping. Scare a bunch of sheeple to run out and start buying generators and stuff.

            Watch and see what happens to prepper items that we’ve been accumulating on the cheap. Yeah I know there’s inflation, but keep an eye out to see if certain items don’t increase 50 to 100% because they are ‘suddenly’ in demand.

            The only thing I don’t think we have to worry about is that a show like this is probably not going to very educational to the non-prepper. They’ll buy a generator and some gas cans, maybe a couple of flashlights and figure they’re set.

          • President? Of what?

            Did you mean kosher-conservative NWO figurehead puppet?

      12. You all need to look much more closely at this…First of all, it IS from NBC, the official establishment propaganda unit…and notice that “the militia” are the bad evil tyrants?!? This is conditioning an propaganda in its sickest sense, but enough idiots won’t see it as that , they will become DANGEROUS useful idiots. Its people like you and me that are being protrayed as the cause of all future evils it seems to me

      13. Actually, I’ve got to say that this looks like it could be one of the worst SHTF series yet in terms of misleading the masses. Just the implication of making the militias out to be bad guys in black hats is enough to make one realize the uneducated liberal bias involved. Hollywood’s political agenda is at work here.

        • @Scott,
          This is not the first time this has been done. In the Movie “The Postman” the Left were the good guys trying to keep America together while the Right were war mongering anti-government types.

          • Well, if you’d have read the book you’d see that it goes on a more narrow scape goat. David Brin apparently doesn’t like us survivalists. I read the book, liked somewhat for its postTEOTWAWKI scenery, however when I encountered first references to survivalists I started taking it much more cautiously, when I came up to the ending with all that “super-soldier” stuff, I just finished it for the sake of the finishing.
            the movie was very biased against militias and right wing that’s true. but since we all have agreed that there is no real Right-Left paradigm then we should just ignore it.
            as to the Revolution, I noticed the emphasis on Militia AT ONCE. I thought “ups, there comes a major propaganda campaign against USA’s militias” so watch out peeps!
            oh, and I just can’t remain silent on the look of the show (judging by the trailer).
            Electricity and all of the gadgets gone.
            people die, planes crashes, cars stall….
            15 years later…
            nice village, people growing their corn and vegies… but they must have come here from some city that is now gone for 15 years. nice clothes, nice shoes, nice haircuts… even the damn colours are so bright, they’re hurting me eyes! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!
            I was on survival course in army and after two weeks you smell like a freakin’ goat shagger, your ribs are showing, you’re dirty and you’re gritty, your temper is on the very last straw and even your buzz cut hair and previously blue shaved face looks like a freakin’ hobo reflection in a dirty broken mirror….
            I would very much like to throw the director, the producers and the cast of that stupid show into the woods and hold ’em there for no less then a month, after that I would like to know their impressions on how world would look 15 years after EMP….

      14. May be an interesting watch.. If we make it till fall.

        • Bill I “live the prep” more than 99% of self-proclaimed preppers, and I’m just not worried about making it to Fall.

          Let me make a set of predictions. Those reading are welcome to write ’em down and see how I do in the Fall:

          * Gas will be $3 a gallon but gas purchases will be down from the year before.

          * Silver will be $20 an ounce.

          * Isn’t-Rael won’t be any closer to attacking Iran than they are now, and they’ll still be yapping about Iran constantly, like a neurotic chihuahua.

          * Real Estate continues to fall.

          * Basic commodities continue to rise, and the trend towards smart buying and frugal cooking continues.

          * Companies arise that do garden set-ups, essentially you hire ’em to look at your place, talk with you about your needs, your food preferences, etc., and assist you in turning your back yard, lawn, etc into a productive area.

          * Domestic Terrorist writes a long article on “Crops That Work”, those being plums, walnuts, collards, fava beans, and corn.

          * The regulars on SHTFplan write about being not too certain we’ll make it until Spring.

          The thing is, we’re *in* the Collapse. This is it. Now. This is what it looks like. The Internet is slower (markedly) than it was a decade ago, regular work has become something you don’t assume everyone has, people are bunching up to save on rent, there are more homeless people now and they’re not the stereotypical winos, they’re ex solid citizens. There are more bicycles on the road, and far less car traffic. The 1930s, and times earlier, think Steampunk, are cool. I only watch a bit of TV once a year or so but all the shows are about survivalism, pawn shops, and car repos. And on and on …

          • @Domestic Terrorist

            You are correct. We keep looking for things to get bad, when they are already. Somebody wrote on this site a few weeks back that “Red Dawn” has already happen in 2008 and I agree. We now live under a growing Marxist Dictatorship.

            Who can we average guys trust? Washington is being bought by Saudi Oil Money and big Banks.

            Why worry about an EMP, when there is a run on your neighborhood bank, or the Government has taken over your life by taking over your health care.

            Let’s not forget the Russians making threats about starting a nuclear war, because Washington is pushing policies which favor the Saudi’s in the middle east.

          • They are pricing metals low so the elite can stock up.

      15. Looks alot like “The Postman” which was the last film in Kevin Costner’s Liberal trilogy. Dancing with Wolves and Water World being the other two. The Postman was the only one of the three worth watching, as long as you had your P.C. radar on.

        Can’t help but wondering what everyone is so concerned about and watching these “prepping” programs.
        Heck, all we have is a Muslim/Marxist in the White House, $15 trillion in debt, 3, or is it 4, wars going on, terrorists trying to kill us, 48 million of food stamps, and real unemployment at 22%. Don’t worry, be happy….right?

        • Dancing With Wolves was a pretty kickass film.

          A really good one though was Little Big Man.

          • @DT
            Dancing was too left in it’s world view for me, but I respect your opinion. I agree with you on Little Big Man to a point, but again, when it first came out, it was considered very anti-American (Viet Nam era) and anti-Army.

        • BTW we passed the 16 trillion mark a couple of weeks ago and there wasn’t even a peep in the MSM.

          • If I remember correctly the 1995 shutdown was over a measly eight billion dollar debt ceiling increase. Now they raise it a trillion and a half and no one cares.

        • You guys just don’t get it.

          What we have now, our life, our problems, our “desperate” situation, is a paradise compared to what can – and most likely will – happen.

          The End Of The World As We Know It is not just a cool phrase.

          Today, your kids go to school, and most likely you and your spouses go to work.
          The jobs are crappier, and more scarce, than they used to be, but we still have them.
          No one is kidnapping your kids, and no one is shooting at you as soon as you leave your house, even if you leave in Camden, NJ. This town, by the way, has the highest violent crime rate in the U.S. It also has an excellent Aquarium, and your family can safely visit it if you live within a driving distance. You can even park your car there, and it will still be there when you come back from the Aquarium.

          When SHTF, even in the richest and whitest neighborhood, they’ll just shoot at you if you show up in the streets.
          You’ll have to run from building to building and from cover to cover, and hope that snipers won’t get you.
          Forget about schools, jobs, supermarkets, central heating, … EVERYTHING.

          I just don’t understand why you don’t get it.
          Cheat’n Pete, DomesticTerrorist, some other good folks…

          Talk to people who lived through modern-times civil wars.
          And I am not talking about some shitholes in Africa which were still shitholes before they had real problems started.
          Yugoslavia. Some former parts of the Soviet Union, too.
          Talk to those people. They are around you.
          Look into their eyes.
          They might be living somewhere in New Jersey and working for a big company and making 6-figures salaries…
          But seriously: LOOK into their eyes.
          If you are sensitive enough to this kind of shit, you will see a whole world that you don’t know if you haven’t been to war. And then again: the war you see from a Humvee is not the war you see from a building which is being bombed…

          I was lucky. Where I lived in the former USSR, we never had a war. Not since WW2.
          But some people I know lived in Yugoslavia or Tajikistan, and they stories to tell…
          Shit like that changes your life. And it changes you. Forever.

          Even though I haven’t been to war…
          Every morning when I wake up, and my kids go to the school bus, and my wife and I get to work, and we walk out the dog, and we take out trash, and we go to the store for groceries shopping, and we drive our youngest to soccer games, and we try to save money for buying “well, you know… Dad, I love you, but you are crazy… The world is not gonna end…”
          … I always remember that THIS IS GOOD LIFE.

          And it can get much, MUCH worse, very easily.

          My point is: what we have now (unemployment, banksters, erosion of civil rights, the beginning of a dictatorship, fluoride, brainwashing, mercury in vaccines, Agenda21, NWO, you name it…), it NOTHING compared to what’s coming after that.

          In my absolutely firm opinion, the shit has NOT hit the fan yet. Far from it.

          We are now like a patient with terminal cancel who feels kinda sick, but he can still walk and eat and breathe by himself… so people around him think: maybe, he’ll be all right after all…
          No, he won’t.
          But he’s still alive.
          Wait for the cancer growth to kick in… and now he’s in agonizing pain, and nothing and no one can help him, and he has multiple organ failures, and he is dying, and that’s the real SHTF. Not when the doctor told him that he had cancer.

          Some of us think we are awakened, but in fact we are just in multiple layers of dreams, so to speak.
          Some of us folks need to wake up… again. And see the world for what it really is. And more importantly, see what’s coming.
          The, maybe – just maybe!.. – we have a chance to survive.

          • angrycitizen

            amazing post!

          • Very well said.

            Start thinking a new “Dark Ages”. They didn’t call it “dark” for nothing.

            When Rome collapsed, the rule of law went out the window. And as you have so eloquently stated, what places like Serbia and the Balkans became, is a microcosm of what a SHTF situation is going to be.

          • True angrycitizen, enjoy it now, these are the good times.

      16. This place is like a Gentleman’s Club: One big tease after another. Sweet!

        • Speakin of clubs, the boys downstairs just rolled in @ 5 and were bragging about droppin 2G’s at said club. Do I have to share my preps w/them?

      17. If it just kills all the fuckn Iphones, Ipads, and the rest of the cell phone ear plungers, yappers and callused thumb texter’s it would be wort the to see.

        But alas as with the other hanger on crowd shows like the Walking Dead (btw is that fool still wearing his cop uniform , smirks) or the idiot teewerewolflf and vampire shows, it will have its following crowd.

        But as usual just keep moving, nothing to see here.

      18. After the collapse the world will go back at least 100 years for those who prepared. High infant mortality rates. Lots of women dying in child birth. No modern medicine or antibiotics or medications like insulin. People putting outhouses in their backyards.

        • Barn Cat I was talking with my Vietnamese barber today, we were both talking about how we came from families of 5 kids or so, and that was normal, considered a big family now. And 100 years ago, in Vietnam, people had 10 kids. I said it was that way in the US too, people would have all the kids they could, because so many would die, most in childhood but a lot would otherwise not make it to procreate. And a lot of women died in childbirth.

          Now, it’s few kids but the best of care. What amazes me is the high percentage with real health problems, like autism or asthma, and the high percentage with no hands-on skills and poor social skills.

        • I already have one in my back yard.

          • buy the plastic ones disassembled and stash it away for

            when needed

        • Or a septic tank and gravity-fed water system. Cold, but running.

      19. I’ll watch it with my kids.

        The show may be unrealistic but I find fictionalized portrayals of these types of events are great teaching tools and discussion starters.

        • Exactly, Daisy. We did that with Jericho…only there is much more to that show than post apocalyptic skills. There is one scene in Jericho where a young guy is blathering on about just going on the internet and ordering stuff….ya….when 23 cities have been nuked around the US. Everyone around him appropriately rolls their eyes. Makes for interesting discussions…especially since the kids, adults and older people in the story are very real…some respond well and others not so well. It was my goal to try to show it to every young person I know so that they might realize what real life is…without all the jazz…and that young people who are currently struggling can maybe grow up and make a real difference in SHTF situations.

      20. I am withg Bill above, IF we make it to the fall. I hope that those in the “ENTERTAINMENT” industry take some real hard core science behind what their series is about. It is so irritating to see total science stupidity in a movie or a TV show, an insult to someone’s intelligence. I can remember people running around like they were at sea level in that 2012 movie before they loaded up the rescue ships, and there were “suppose” to be way above 10000 feet in altitude, more like 15000-25000 feet up. At that elevation people would be at the slowest walk or a crawl.

        I hope they don’t make preppers look bad like it seems to be the case in so many Movies, TV series, documentaries, the news, anything. I did like the Jericho series and I wished it had not ended, I wanted to see the aftermath of a fractured country, to see where it would end up.

        The Carrington event was ONLY 153 years ago, and the this is an event that can happen at ANYTIME. It should be understood that about 8 or 9 years ago, can’t remember the exact year, it was November and IF that X flare that went off had been Earth directed, there would have been a terrible EMP. I could remember the brightest red coloured auroras after this happened. That X flare some say was an X-40. They say a major EMP can occur at X-15 to X-25 level. So they happen, and it happened within almost everyone’s life, RECENTLY but it just wasn’t a direct hit and not even really a glancing blow.

        There is really only a 3 to 5 day window that a solar flare can be Earth directed each rotational cycle of the sun, but this is still plenty of time. 2 days earlier and that X-40 flare would have nailed the sun side of the planet with an intense EMP. 3 and 1/2 to 4 and 1/2 days earlier and it would have been so massive and destructive. I am now looking forward to watching this series.

      21. It has “Gus” from Breakin Bad in it…………so it might be entertaining.

      22. The problem with electricity that we know almost nothing about it.
        The thing that we are using is flow (electric current). It is similar to water flow but it does not explain water nature.
        Remove the water and there will be no flow.
        We know that electrons have negative charge, but nobody in the world will tell you why and what is the nature of this phenomena.

        • Read a physics book, it’s in there.

          • ROFL

          • Don’t fool yourself.
            Read this book again.
            The explanation is only “Charge is type of matter”.
            That’s it.

        • Try this on for size. With semi conductors it is hole flow not electron flow and the electrons do not move.

      23. The Alamo Fantasizers will love this show. I stopped watching the trailer late in the second minute. I doubt this show could hold a candle to Jericho which I did watch a bunch of when I was bored a few weeks back.

        I’m prepping but at the same time, I’m upgrading my outdoor P.A. system in order to properly celebrate the looming mass arrests of traitor banksters and treasonous politicans. The America Anthem will never sound as sweet as it will when that day comes and I’m gonna rock it around the clocks for days on end.



        I KNOW.. I AM A DREAMER!!

        • Don’t date much I suspect.

        • if it ever does go down , you wont make it that far with that kind of mind set.

          wack my daughter or wife, mother or sister in the head and attempt to drag her back, you’ll find out what “stand your ground” or “exicutable defense” means

        • Good luck with that, “Realist”.

      25. Cool beans…I won’t have to go to work anymore.
        I’ll just sit back….grow my garden and eat the boomers. ha

      26. I dont watch TV…I find it a horrible waste of my time.
        I have not sat down and watched it in over 7 years.

        I might watch this..but if it turns hokey, or pushes a message that is against my beliefs..I wont waste my time getting up to turn it off

        • Don’t do it VRF, don’t get sucked into The Program. They call it TV Programming because that is exactly what it does.

          Don’t watch it. Don’t do it. Don’t let anyone here talk you into it. It’s toxic to the Mind.

          There is a reason your mind is clear… you haven’t watched it in 7 years.

          Don’t go there. It damages the circuitry. Fries the Nervous System. Weakens one’s clarity, purpose and fortitude.

          • your right..I’ve got better things to do with my time.

      27. The scariest zombies after an EMP event will be the legions trying to deal with reality stripped of all their electronic pacifiers.

        But OH, the QUIET, with all those annoying cell phone conversations gone extinct…

        I, too, think the trailer gives the impression the network is capitalizing on “The Hunger Games” crossed with “Life After People” for yet another boring night-time soap opera played out by predictable characters against the newly popular DOOMSDAY background.

        I’ll give the first episode five minutes…

      28. I don’t worry about EMP as much as I do about a government created and released epidemic. The EMP I can deal with but an airborne contagious disease is outside my skills to handle. Still, I may tune in for at least one episode.

      29. If you think a disaster will happen, IT WILL!
        It is like the NEWS says food in short supply, so what do people do? They rush out & clear out the shops!

      30. NBC? Coming to you on NBC? NBC owned and operated by THEM?

        I wouldn’t touch this movie with a 10 foot pole.

        It’s a “must watch” for anyone who wants to see the romantic side of “living off the land in TV time”.

        It may appear “juicy” to the prepper, i.e. has the titillating backdrop to draw in the “survivalist” in all of us, but did you see her hair? She’s been shampooing twice a day, and I can smell the stench of her perfume from here. Ahh, the beautiful people, sanitizing collapse so we all can be “happily ever after”.

        Got to believe there’s a perfectly timed program here to manipulate and mold the minds of the mutable, mushy, mashed brains of the masses.

        Why, just think, “You can experience a Revolution without a Revolution!. Sit back on your couch and we’ll show you what to expect.”

        Fuck NBC and anyone stupid enough to watch it.

        • LOL, thats what I was thinking when I watched it. Fifteen years off the grid and $30 haircuts. Their clothes looked awfully nice too.

        • While you make a really good point about the sanitization of the SHTF event, EA, can’t you see any value in a watered down version of the truth, perhaps getting through to people to whom it may have never occurred to otherwise?

          • I agree, there is value in everything, and even in this program, but without sounding like a paranoid schitzoid (which I may be, but I don’t think I am, although, I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time, but even so…), those that run the show, run MSM, what is their job? To keep the masses following directions. (It’s called “On Going Commercials”, not just periodically but non-stop, during and in between the Program).

            Now there was a time when we were all young, very young, when the tube was just as much a mystery to us as it was to them. But over time, “they” realized it’s inherent power; how it could be used to control and manipulate the mind. At first they experimented, exploratory surgery into the cranium. Once they figured how they could get in there, between our ears, and STAY THEY, which they now can, BINGO, games over and they got “the viewer”. There’s a reason they call it “mindless entertainment”.

            But it wasn’t until the corporations, who own the military, realized what a powerful weapon they had on their hands. Enter, PsyOps.

            Yes, my friends, we all have heard of the subliminal downloading that can take place when the mind opens up and says “feed me”. Doesn’t matter what the story line is. Or the script. The just pump it in and with the nature of the mind to want “more and more of what it thinks it likes” there’s no end to what they can download.

            I could go on and on, but you get the point. Maybe I’m just a little too sensitive to that world, being that I’ve been out of it for so long (that world; TV programming), but the few recent times a came into contact with that monster, unintentionally, I can tell you from that direct experience, it left a very sour residue on and in my Mind. IT is real and quite contagious. Be careful, Be very CAREFUL.

            • PS I forgot to mention. Not that it matters, but I have a college degree in “Television Production”

              Fade out.

            • E.A. –

              Back when TV was three channels in black and white (the 70s) I still remember, in high school, when we’d get to see “a film” and the projector wasn’t acting up, the collective sigh across the whole classroom, bullies and their prey and everyone else, as our minds went into receptive mode. I remember one film about insects, and the part where they showed a grasshopper’s antennae waving around as the narrator mentioned antennae, the uproarious laughter, “Antenn-y!” it was damn funny.

              I think, I mean know, the “Programming” went right back to movies, from the start.

              I remember reading about a Jewish guy, in the US in the 1920s, who got his grandfather over from Europe. The grandfather, a faithful Orthodox Jew, just wasn’t able to become comfortable with the hustle and bustle of American cities, the anonymity, etc. He told his grandson something like, “I can’t be comfortable in a country where men walk on walls” (referring to the images on a movie screen). He went back to Europe and of course was killed sometime after Hitler came to power in 1933 and the end of WWII.

              I respect the guy’s decision. I have a feeling he knew he was in for very hard times in Europe.

            • I don’t think you are a paranoid schizoid (however, coming from me, don’t take that as a certification of excellent mental health). There is a lot to be said about subliminal messaging and MK-Ultra type mind control. There’s a great article about it on the Rense network. I’ll post the link below for others who might be interested.

              I’m a firm believer in using “entertainment” to open discussions. I commented earlier I’ll probably watch this show with my daughter, and I will, because kids become engaged in the story and it’s very easy to say, “Pretend that really happened….how would you get to a safe place? Where could you hide? Why do you think that character is behaving that way?”

              Following that line of thinking, why can’t bloggers and other alternative media folks bring these questions up? Why can’t we use popular culture against THEM by asking deliberate pointed questions in arenas of discussion?

              To me, that is the equivalent of taking some of those 40 caliber weapons that are supposed to be used on us and turning them back on the source.

            • EA, in your course of study were the “influential effects” discussed? Promoted?

            • Daisy
              “EA, in your course of study were the “influential effects” discussed? Not as part of the curriculum per se, but the topic was discussed. Promoted?” Not really, at least not that I was aware of.

        • European American, good point on the shampoo.

          Everytime I leave a hotel, I make out with 50 little shampoos.

        • If I might add something, Fuck CBS and ABC too.

        • all you have to see is the fact that they make “the militia” the bad guys in this propaganda piece, you don’t need to know anymore, its utter bullshit conditioning for the mindless. Actually its from N?BC, nuff said

      31. I,m not as concerned about an emp as I am about a total economic collapse and the pandamonium that will follow. We as a society are so dependent on the grid. What if the economy totally collapses. Will the power company workers still show up for work? Will law enforcement stay home and take care of themselves? We could definetly get thrown back to living like little house on the prarie. I am doing my best to prepare and help others prepare because when it comes and it will come:
        I would rather be surrounded by people that have prepared than those desperate souls that did not! For those that are awake and prepping
        You might find some items that you can use and if not maybe you could offer some suggestions. Good luck everybody!

        • living like its “Little house on the prarie” would be great..
          problem is…it wont be anything like that, in any stretch of the least thats my opinion

          • It won’t be like that at all, VRF, because their houses were designed to function without the grid.

            Now, very few houses are built with fireplaces or woodstoves as alternative heat and cooking sources. The new houses, if they have them at all, have natural gas or electric fireplaces. And heat is just ONE of the issues that will face us.

            It won’t be Little House on the Prairie – it’ll be more like Little House in the Ghetto.

      32. Greetings Everyone!
        Another “V” TV show for the masses.Now that the so-called “preppers show” hit the wall,for lack of interest(as well as empty of content).TPTB are busy trying to find something to attract people who really are,might be or even listen to “those people”.Preppers no longer give attention to “The price is right”,”The view” or “Bloomberg nitwit talk” in this country.And our numbers continue to grow.Unfortunate for them and fortunately for us,their “Prepper demographics ” won’t fit the consumer mold.Preppers cannot be “influenced” by 1500 channels of consumer targeting time wasters.
        The same applies to the other forms of consumption as well.Bad news for the UBER RICH’s offshore Corporations and factories(we no longer desire their “made in China and elsewhere” crap).
        Just a few thoughts….
        Best to All

        • +1

          In fact, we are so sick of the Fed’s fake ass monopoly money, some brave patriots, backed by the police, military and federal marshalls, are about to stab the NWO in the heart via mass arrests of their bankster-politico operatives here in the “Homeland”. Mark my words… mass arrests and a new government before the end of the year.

          • cant wait to see it…patiently waiting in The USof A

      33. TV just takes what ever is popular an makes a stupid show thats the job! it can’t an won’t ever be realistic! guess what! End of the world is and always has been standard SCI-FI tv plot. Meteors, Monsters,or EMP, it’s all the same, its just a show!!!

      34. Looks interesting and like fun entertainment to watch… guess is if it sees the light of day, it will go the way of so many other good prepper shows before it……one or two seasons and out the door, no matter how many people loved it and cry for it to come back

      35. The only reason i dont think this would happen (unless naturally) is because our slave masters need to bring about the electronic currency. so as far as a government false flaggish event goes, i dont think so. but naturally happening, theres always a chance.

        • What if its not brought on by “the slave masters” but by a group of people who have had enough of the slave masters plans?

          or to see to it that the slave masters plans are not able to be carried out

      36. Umm… this article isn’t going to help those who have acute alcohol issues. Just sayin’…

      37. Yes… NBC.
        Still broadcasting presentations in living color!
        (Oh, how I miss the olden golden days)

      38. Won’t hold a candle to My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic

      39. It’s on the nothing but crap channel, I’ll pass. In a way it makes me think of the JMS series Jeremiah, which also had a good concept but got very stupid as it progressed.

      40. in this one it appears all the bad guys have guns and all the good guys have bows and swords. i don’t expect much out of this series…

      41. emp’s are over rated …
        due to many physical factors.

        be more concerned with possible e.l.e. fukushima core #4 collapse , current on going national contaminated foods water supplies with monsanto gmo’s , japanese radiation , gulf of mexico corexit , fluoride , aluminum , ammonia arsenic , poisoned eugenics autistic shots , intentional fed gov global spraying , hyper-inflation , zionist commie controlled fed gov false-flag nuclear biological attacks and martial law!!!

        these are just a few of my favorite things!!!

      42. The only thing i worry about is lack of antibiotics or basic healthcare. Other than that not much. I dont think there is anyway to control 300+ million hungry souls even by fear of death. Just does not seem feasible.

      43. check out MODERNSURVIVAL.COM .two paert article DIFFERENT TYPES OF CME/EMP. remember mechanical advantage. think egg beaters, sewing machines, hand drills,hydraulic jacks make great juice presses. oh hell you get the idea. anybody know where i can get ammo for a A-10? KEEPER OF DA HAWG!

        • For a WARTHOG?

          • yep.already got jp4 lined up.1250 plus rounds and a handful of mk82’s will handle a lot of negotitians!

      44. They want YOUR Soul !!!

        *** black pope jesuits luciferian cabala , hollywood media brainwashing mk-ultra lies and the Illuminati nwo bilderbergs

      45. Chernobyl has been abandoned for about 25 years. “Nature” had a show about it called “Radioactive Wolves”. There are plenty of scenes that show what various abandoned cities look like. Check this out from youtube:

      46. Im curious…how anyone is alive? Considering zero grid = nuclear plants going into meltdown.

        15yrs later NOTHING would be left, let alone people

        • B.S. Chernobyl was about s bad as it can get. It didn’t destroy the world or even a significant part of it. If every N-Plant in the world went off, Mankind is in no danger. People yes, Mankind no and for the people whining about I-131 in their milk, It has a half life of 8 days. It’s all gone. Go to a good hazardous Materials book.

          • Chernobyl was nowhere near as bad as it can get. Many, many brave souls gave their lives to ensure the overall damage was minimal & hazards contained! The area is pretty geographically stable.

            Fukishima is a totally different kettle of fish.

            Here in the UK they’ve approved fracking – in areas with Nuclear plants, despite diirect evidence of fracking having caused earthquakes (UK not a major earthquake area naturally).

            Nuclear plant + earthquake.

            Darwin award right there.

          • @ Paranoid

            Go to a good MEDICAL text.

            Primarily because it is a beta particle emitter, we use Iodine-131 to “ablate” (kill) the thyroid gland. Yes, compared to, for example, the bone-seeking radionuclide Strontium-90 with a half-life of 29 years (decaying to another short half-life, but still effective cell-killing/mutating beta-emitter radionuclide, Yttrium-90), Iodine-131 has a relatively short half-life, but the thyroid is VERY efficient at sequestering every single iodine molecule. That sequestration ensures that every single consumed molecule of Iodine-131 does its part in killing your thyroid and potentially inducing thyroid cancer—short half-life or not.

            Notwithstanding its short half-life, Iodine-131-induced thyroid cancer was THE major cancer-killer post-Chernobyl.

            Too, lets not pretend that Iodine-131 is the only radionuclide of concern. Consider the two other isotopes of greatest concern, both of them bone-seekers of special concern to those of us with bones, especially those of us with growing bones:

            Strontium-90, half-life 29 years


            Cesium-137 half-life 31 years (also Cesium-134 half-life 2 years and Cesium-135 half-life >2 million years).

            • Didn’t say other thngs were not bad, comments above were on Iodine. I responded about Iodine. I do try to keep on subject.

          • Thats because it eventually was contained.

            Now how you goingvto contain hundres worldwid???

            Exactly…you gotta use your head if you call yourself a “prepper”

            • Contaned? The birds fly in and out of the containment.

          • FYI

            I WORK at Limerick power station, as a plant firefighter, so i think i know a weeee bit more about the dangers then you.

            • And I now a bit about Nukes and there is a huge difference between a few hundred N plants and the thousands of Bombs, and Humanity would live through those also. You people don’t recognize the difference between a few million dead, and the End of the World. AS I said a lot of people will die. Mankind won’t even notice the Radiation issues. The Japanese Cities weren’t cleaned up at all, people 60 years later are healthier than other cities, read the reports.

          • Just because you play with model trains and pebbles dont make you an engineer and geologist, I deff know you arent a nuclear scientist. Why dont you stop reading google for you “education” and pick up real books on the subject.
            Chernobyl was CONTAINED you idiot.
            Like he said, how are you going to CONTAIN hundreds of plants when the grid fails?

            And if you think thats the ONLY radiation danger…Ill be sure to snatch up your preps when SHTF.

      47. My wife watches “Dancing with the Stars” on Mon’s. This show will give me an excuse to go into another room and turn on our other TV. No more Tango, Fox Trot, or Rumba, YES, YES, YES!

      48. Just judging from the trailer I would say the progressive liberal socialist elite are going to try real hard to make conservative militia folks look like the second coming of Hitler. I’m sure the poor Kubaya hippie types will be the victims too. These stupid leftist are so predictable.

        • It’s the age of the gangs that scares the bejesus outta me. Those hangings and decapitations along the Mexican border are just practice runs for what maybe to come. The enslavement of the prepper family to serve some ex gang leader turned feudal warlord is a future I see, but wish I couldn’t. Allowed to live only if you produce the food and other items they need.

          People forget how deeply infiltrated by gangs some parts of the military have become – that gives gangs access to all the bang, bang toys & serious hardward they want come shtf. Intelligent sociopaths with no concscience sums up the leadership of many gangs.

      49. I think I prefer ‘Milo and Otis’ to this pablum. Now, there were some real ‘survivors’.

      50. Good posts by Arco, Jason and Daisy. So many of us, as preppers, are accused of wanting the world to collapse. Really bad karma and I think of all the people I’d miss. Don’t wish death on anyone.

        My husband and I are WW2 Babies, not boomers. We’re fit, but OLD. The only advantage we have is that we can do many things that aren’t practiced much today. Can only hope we can pass some of the skills along while we’re able. I’m sure I can make it as long as my husband is still alive. Without him, I’m toast. Do you think that after an EMP, or any type of collapse, that anyone could get it together enough to re-invent the past? iron,et.?

        • Easy; I’m an Engineer/Geologist I don’t care what goes on I can build you an 1860 style Steel plant from scratch with about ten guys, in a year or 2. (It will be small). And I’ll have the designs made for updates before you need them. Give me one good electrician and I’ll have you an electric plant shortly there after. Get real people, Any good Mechanical Engineer can build anything made before about 1920 out of his head. Computer chips, no; talk to an EE design guy, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

          • Paranoid

            I’ll run the 1920s power plant. Been there, done that.

            • Doubtful.
              When I was young I did a lot of work on equipment that was manufactured in the 1920’s
              Its big, heavy and nothing at all fits together properly. I think maching tollerances were 1/4″ in those days. 😀
              We had guys who were as old as technology and had all the knowlege stored up in their brains to repair the equipment. As they died we could no longer repair one or another piece of equipment. The yourg guys (40yo) didnt know squat. So as the old timers died and retired the range of our expertiece did too.
              By 1980 the company was history.
              SO good luck on working with old technology. It was replaced for a reason…

        • Juliette – the advantage you and Hubby have are, when things get tough, you can say to yourselves, “Oh, I’ve done this before”.

          I’m of the oldest of the X’ers, and I refer all to Ted Rall’s excellent book “Revenge Of The Latch-Key Kids” for more on that. I’ve fished for subsistence, spent an afternoon weeding to make a few dollars – literally – and fed my family on that, at age 14. I learned to sew and mend and make-do. When the economy took a huge quap, and I ended up living on a few thousand a year, in a good year, I was able to say to myself, “I’ve been here, this isn’t even that bad, I’m not pulling and eating tender grass stems for a snack”.

          Yer modern kids (anyone under 40) will freak the frick out.

          • In fact let me enlarge on this. I had a friend, a young guy, online. I never actually met the dude but he was a good kid who overcame a bunch of things to get a degree in CS and was looking for a job. There were no jobs to be found. Essentially he was looking at spending a lifetime working the kind of jobs he worked as a student, for life. It Did. Not. Compute.

            He committed suicide.

            RIP DNB

        • Julie I would think that if there was ever a total long term blackout of America she would still be here. I would say we have enough people educated enough in the old ways to keep the country from falling back passed the 1880s. It would take more than living without electricity to put us back into the middle ages or before. We would all have to become brain dead progressive liberal socialist freebie artist for that to happen. 🙂

      51. One would have to be a simple son-of-a-sheep to watch that shit! The sheep should love it.

        JWR: said it best!!!

        Tuesday, May 15, 2012

        James Wesley, Rawles –

        NBC’s Upcoming “Revolution” Television Series

        Several readers have written me to mention the trailer for the upcoming NBC (US television network) post grid-collapse TEOTWAWKI series: Revolution. (“After 15 years of darkness, an unlikely group sets out to save the world.”) The four-minute trailer was interesting. Watching it felt like a count the memes and homages contest. Predictably, “militias” are made out to be the bad guys. There are far too many reminders of both S.M. Stirling’s Dies the Fire sci-fi novel series and the movie The Postman in the trailer for me to think that NBC’s screen writers hadn’t been influenced by them.

        The editors of io9 describe the show:

        “In this footage, a mysterious blackout knocks out the world’s power grid and renders all of civilization’s car batteries completely kaput. Some sort of über-electromagnetic pulse, perhaps? Anyway, the scenes then fast-forward 15 years. The globe has taken a turn for The Postman, but at least we have Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo Fring, Wasteland Warlord. NBC executives, you really should be calling this show Gustavo Fring: Wasteland Warlord, as I would panel every surface of my house with flat-screen televisions to watch that. (The title Revolution sort of evokes a new brand of antiperspirant or low-calorie carbonated limeade.) Quibbles with nomenclature aside, this could be fun, not unlike The Road [except] with no cannibals and more swashbuckling. ”

        And here’s a synopsis from NBC’s web site:

        “Our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Well, one day, like a switch turned off, the world is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages. Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. And without any modern technology, who can tell us why? Now, 15 years later, life is back to what it once was long before the industrial revolution: families living in quiet cul-de-sacs, and when the sun goes down lanterns and candles are lit. Life is slower and sweeter. Or is it? On the fringes of small farming communities, danger lurks. And a young woman’s life is dramatically changed when a local militia arrives and kills her father, who mysteriously – and unbeknownst to her – had something to do with the blackout. This brutal encounter sets her and two unlikely companions off on a daring coming-of-age journey to find answers about the past in the hopes of reclaiming the future.”

        Well, at least they got our dependency on electricity right.

        So how would The Hollywood Reporter sum up this show? Perhaps: “Fifteen years in the future, Dies The Fire meets The Postman, gets Lost on The Road, engages in some Hunger Games short range archery and some Crouching Dragon swordplay.” Bows and swords, are de rigueur you see, because combat up close and personal seems quasi-chivalrous and it has a higher quotient for drama than getting drilled through the chest at 300 meters. I assume that the scriptwriters will employ either the premise that cartridge ammunition has been expended or that 15 year old ammunition is no longer reliable. (For the record, I’m presently in the middle of a batch of .30-06 from the Lake City Arsenal, vintage 1942. Every round still goes bang, and it is still quite accurate.)

        One thing is almost certain: With the combined effects of Revolution and The Hunger Games, there is bound to be a nationwide shortage of light draw-weight archery equipment before next Christmas, as nearly every teenage girl in the country sets aside her iBook and picks up a recurve bow.

        • And I bet they forget to let us know how they dispose of the bodies….compost??

        • Bloodyfellow

          “I’m presently in the middle of a batch of .30-06 from the Lake City Arsenal, vintage 1942.”

          I’m continually surprised just how much ammo was made during WWII. Here you have 1942 ammo and WWII will go on until August of 1945. Then came Korea which ate up a lot of 30-06 and the cold war. We gave away untold amounts of that ammo along with the weapons to friendly nations and groups well into the 1960s. Never a shortage. Twenty years ago I seen 1944 US 30-06 for sale as much as anyone could want in sardine cans packed in garand clips for 10 cents per round.

          When the Iraq War started there were supposedly military ammo shortages. There lay the difference between a real threat WWII and a made up threat Saddam.

          • Remember the military switched to 7.62 from 30-06. And they never used up the extra they had to have on hand during the switch. Also they switched from 45 to 9MM same issue. In it’s stupidity the Military has closed nearly all the Ammo plants, I think Lake City, and Perhaps Rock Island are the only ones left. They have been buying AMMO from Israel and S Korea. STUPID. Also remember the Army had on hand all the ammo they thought to invade Japan and didn’t need it. So they had a LOT I know I have about 15,000 rds of it

      52. Predictive programming at its best.

      53. They are getting us ready…

      54. Preppers / survivalists are being manipulated / conditioned by tv shows now…and you preptards think you’re ahead of the curve, lol, you’re part of the charade. Wake up.

      55. another cheesy film with actors that look as if they just stepped out of an ed hardy catalog! what craaaaaaap!!!!

      56. Boring.

        Another Hollywood money grab…with bad acting. I almost had faith until I saw the sword fighting. So, is it informative, is it an action flick, is it drama? Or is it a just fear mongering? Whatever.

        Sure, there’s a message that COULD be in there. But, I don’t think it will get across to the sheeple public. It will be just another series that peeters out with a whimper.

        Now, let’s put some truth in there. Let’s see the next 3 days to a month after the lights go out! Let’s see what really happens when the ignorance sets in and the scum realize they’re hungry or have no water. Let’s see what happens when realization sets in and there’s no gubment to help them…rather the gubment is there to round them up in camps.

        Well…it’s all about money. So, they’ll do what they do. And they’ll have a “Walking Dead” following.

        I’ll keep preparing.

        • yeah, the message is “only the bad guys have guns”, the good guys use the more “honorable” blade weapon, and only when absolutely needed. These people know EXACTLY what they are doing, its PURE PROPAGANDA, and just subtle enough that the morons will actually assume the very same ideological position.

        • Of course there is a message : armed civilians called a ‘militia’ are evil. That is the entire reason for the show, programming the population to allow for government to eradicate local defense groups when the prepless require food and shelter and need someone to take it by force on their behalf. Boycott all sponsors and tell any who will listen what a lousy show it is. Don’t tell them why.

      57. watch the movie “THRIVE” if you want to know what is really going on!!! good solid flick makes alex jones and his very fake crying look simpleton idiotic!!!

        just got done watching it … very well done.

        once you see the truth of who and why … you’ll first be irritated you never saw it before … then you’ll get angry!!!

        i’m angry right now and will not have a problem taking up arms when it comes time too kill the banks!!!

        it’s the only way we’ll ever stop them from global genocide!!!

        viva de’ revolution!!!

      58. Ya’ Know … One of these days I’d like to sit down with Ron Paul over a beer and ask him to tell me THE REAL STORY of how we as a country went from Freeman Libertarian Red Blooded American Patriot Thomas Jefferson to having a Puckin Gawdamn Foreign National Kenyan Born British Citizen CIA Agent Full Blown Gay Communist Marxist Muslim who doesn’t even have a puckin valid Soc Sec Card or # Barry Soetoro aka Osama Barack Obama as my Puckin Gawdamn Puppet President!!!

        I Puckin Hate Commies!

        What Tha PUCK!!! HAPPENED between Then and Now!!!


        2012 is 1776!!! Pass it On!!!

        • Try, The 60’s radicals taking over of both our Government and the MSM, while The Democrats were bought up by Jewish Bankers and The Republicans by Saudi/Chinese money.

          The only ones who still give a damm about this Country is us average guys/gals.

          • @sd … mucho grassy ass! ;0)

        • NinaO reinvented??

          • who’s ninao ?

        • New name, same BS!

          • ;0P pssszzt

        • Back around the time of the US Civil War, many people migrated here from the already socialist countries of Europe: Sweden, Ireland and what is now Germany. I’m told that almost all of northern General Shermans’ staff was comprised of German socialists (commmunists). The Lincoln administration gave citizenship to any Europeans who would come here and fight the South. And so it began.

          • @oldfuzz … respect ;0) thank you!

        • Could it be the greedy, power-hungry, self-indulging politicians??? of all parties!!that sort of forgot we have a constitution that limits the power of govt.??

      59. 2012 IS 1776!!! Pass it On!!!

      60. I might watch it a time or two as long as it doesn’t come on the same time as the “Walking Dead”. I really believe this show is just another distraction. But some of the sheeple will believe it. BTW, three good articles on today regarding the economy and banking.

      61. This is a waste of time and a waste of imagination.

        • What Imagination….that died in the 60s or 70s

      62. The battery on my laptop just DIED, with no warning at all. And I was right in the middle of watching the trailer. I took it as an omen and rushed out and bought two crossbows and a horse. Hey, why tempt fate?

        Now, about this silly little show: I predict it won’t last a full season. Serious preppers won’t watch because it has no real useful information. And die-hard survivalists won’t watch because it has far too little gratuitous sex. (let’s face it- Zena Warrior Princess this ain’t)
        And the rest of America, sheep that they are, will only be interested if Bristol Palin and Paula Abdul guest star as long-seperated twin sisters, each of whom has one half an engineering textbook and they must reunite to fix the grid. All while fending off the romantic advances of a local warlord (played by Samuel L Jackson or the ghost of Gary Coleman, whichever is available for the part). If that does happen, somebody alert me and I’ll tune in that week.
        I think the show would be much improved if they’d add a few more characters. Like maybe a snobbish elderly couple and two cute girls, one wholesome girl-next-door type and the other a sophisticated big city girl (maybe even an actress). Plus a nerdy genius who can build a nuclear reactor out of three coconut shells but somehow can’t get the lights back on. And a well-meaning but incompetent little guy and a burly commander type who’s always yelling at him. The premise is that they all thought the lights would only be out for three hours (that’s why the women only brought 200 changes of clothes) and now they’re all trying to somehow get back to ‘civilization.’
        I’ve even got a vague idea for a theme song:
        Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
        A tale of a world gone dark,
        That started when the grid went down,
        Just east of Central Park…

        Throw in a few ruthless zombies with magic powers and the ability to time travel and we could call it…oh, I don’t know…how about…Gilligan’s Highlander?

      63. I don’t know. I watch all these kinds of shows and read the same kinds of books. But I ALWAYS learn something from them. I couldn’t stand The Colony, but I learned about wood fuel/gas. Most of you probably know ALOT more than I do, but these “stupid” shows can usually still be useful. It may just be different watching them with eyes wide open than as a sheeple.

        Keep prepping!!!

        • Exactly, there is ALWAYS something a person can learn.

          Shoot… I got a good idea from the walking dead… So im sure i can take SOMETHING useful from it.

        • Even if you learn something from some character’s bone-headed move on the program you’re ahead of the game…. 🙂

          “Yeah, I’m not gonna try that – remember how that chick from Revolution lost a hand?”

          • EXACTLY, I learned something to NOT do LMAO!!!!

      64. Well at least the Cubs won the world series before the lights went out haha

      65. To show how The Left uses the Media to push their agenda. Last night I watched about 5 minutes of NCIS L.A. before I became angry and turned it off.

        The plot was how “FFL” gun stores were selling those evil semi-automatics to Drug Gangs from Mexico. (Sound familar?)

        If you tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth? Can’t wait to see what lies this show tells!

      66. Really no other way to cure the tax eater narcissistic entitlement disease that infects the vast majority of this country.

        Bring it.

      67. The demographics of “our country” have been changed to suit the agenda of the Marxists and Globalists. Remember that.

      68. Let’s remember that knowledge isn’t turned off with electricity. Won’t there be more than a few intrepid souls who are able to get a magnet and a coil of wire to produce electric current? You won’t have a regional grid, but you can have small producers anywhere water drops six feet or more. Is this impossible after an EMP? Sure, lots of unprepared will not make it, but the world will still have a lot of smart resourceful people in it. The world will not be dark for fifteen years. Stuff will be accomplished.

        • Heck, you can in theory hook a car alternator up to a bicycle if need be to produce a charge.

          Plus… no generators???? cmon, in 15yrs someone couldnt produce a fuel source to run gennies? It only took us a weekend to make a woodgas generator to run a small 1500 watt generator, and I needed only a few items that required power that said 1500w generator could power off of 3 gallons of gas.

          • Time to bring out the old time stationary steam engineers. I cut my eye teeth in a 1920s technology power plant later graduating to a 1970s technology and later a 1990 technology plant. The greatest difference was instrumentation and a gas turbine. The boiler / steam turbine changed almost not at all.

      69. I loved Jericho, And was really POed when they cancelled it. This looks to have real potential. I will at the very least give it a few episodes to see how it goes.

      70. What makes me also laugh… the computer towards the end.. an EMP will WIPE out magnetic HDD’s…. as well as fry the silicon chips the CPU’s are made out of….

        • Faraday cage, perhaps?

          • ONLY if it was magnetically shielded inside….

            A bunch of first responders and plant FF’s got to take a trip south to take part in a Natl guard “EMP” training at a JRTC MOUT site, it was basically like a huge billion dollar myth busters experience on the gov’ts dollar LOL

            however, one thing taken from it, is while many electronics can survive an EMP in some prepper faraday cages….notice I said some…… ( one of the only ones I found online that worked is the steel band 55 gal drums )

            anyway… HDDs had to be in a magnetically shielded container within their protection, the outer had to be conductive, however it still was a magnetic energy, exposed laptops or laptops JUST shielded would power up but drives were wiped. The insulation on the computer rack setups were nearly 2 INCHES thick of a magnetic shield. It was neat looking at the rigs they had the CP’s computer rigs set up in. they looked like they were basically refridgerators, once the exposure was over, they opened the doors.

            • correction, exposed laptops, didnt fire up but the data was still wiped. I tryped faster then I could think… my miskate LOL

            • Oh, I only say they looked like frides…. they werent,nor would that work, I was asking their techs… but thats what they reminded me of, huge stainless steel fridges, that opened exposed racks, similar to giant amp racks at guitar center, only computers in a “rubber” casing in stainless cabinet, the doors rubber seals were like those rubber rings on cookie jars, that sealed the rubber inside, and the door once closed had a cream or something coated on the inside of a steel band that went around the seam, and it was clamped down like a twist clap that completed the circuit cause the band was grounded to vehicle and vehicle grounded when it used its outriggers stabalizers. it was bad ass looking…but they said it was only effective way to ensure data safety.

      71. I think preppers are by nature life-affirming. I don’t know anyone who realistically wishes for the deaths of countless millions of people. What preppers are realistic about is that it IS going to happen, because of an EMP or an economic collapse or natural event or the morons who lead (or is that mis-lead) the world will push the red buttons and all will go boom. Maybe it will be a combination of events that will change the world forever, but whatever the cause, it is coming. The vibes in the ether are stronger every day. Reality is going to be a whole lot worse than what’s on the big or little screen. Some people that I’ve talked to about prepping genuinely don’t want to survive in a world without electricity, cars, Ipods and cell phones (not to mention take-away food and grocery stores.) Part of me believes that these movies are not just feeding off the prepper movement, but may in fact be not-so-subtly letting people know what’s coming because the media and the government are hand in glove. Not that most people will do a damned thing about it. For me, I’ll miss hot showers and music. And chocolate chip cookies. We have to stick together, take care of kith and kin, be as ready and as strong as we can be, and maintain our humanity. Keep prepping. Misneach.

        • Now just wait a moment: I can take the end of the world, BUT there is no way I’ll tolerate the end of Chocolate chip cookies! I’ve got enough P-nut Butter for years of cookies, and on my stockpile list, I do need info on how to make chips out of COCO powder it must be possible.

          • Use bullet molds after making a paste from the cocoa.

      72. shtf just hit close to home. My BF called today she make decent money as a nursing assistant in a large hosp. She can no longer afford her apartment (with live in boyfriend) and they will have to seperate to live in seperate locations with family members. A very sad day. She lived there for years alone and now with 2 incomes can not affford it any longer. It is getting really bad and only going to get worse I fear. Buckle up this is gonna be really bad whatever shtf is, I just see more and more of it. have another friend single mom doing great because of all the goverment help. New house, new car, etc. Boggles my mind! All normal people struggling ( us too) yet low income ( we are rich apparently LOL) get ahead nicely while middle class is put into extinction….

      73. if you can pull one useful idea, something you haven’t considered, then it’s probably worth watching – especially if you are pretty far along with your preps. At this point, I rarely get much info that I haven’t already considered. On the other hand, people are starting to wake up every day, and many have a long way to go…

      74. Great video! The information revealed to me is that many will die and the ones who have may dies as well in the earth changes the world will experience. The most important skill to have to survive will be the ability of flexibility, to have knowledge and to use this to take action in any situation.
        Too prep is not the only thing you need to do when preparing for a SHTF situation. Practicing how to use what you have learned is KEY.

      75. Seems like they are also subliminally making “militia” a negative…something to avoid and fear. They must think we’re stupid not to see through their propaganda.

        • The target audience is not preppers, it is the non-preppers, the 97% of the population. They are the ones being conditioned, not us.

      76. Like hiding in plain sight shows like this discredit reality. People who discuss prepping to non preppers have ammo to laugh at the thought with, “oh you seen that on the TV show”. That “proves” it’s nonsense to many.

      77. Another show that depicts what leftists/hollywood types will do; and how they will act in a disaster situation. Of course, at the worst possible time the lead characters will have domestic issues/love issues. There will be evil/misguided “right wingers” who are shown as ignorant racists; or at least insensitive to race. There will be characters who want guns – they will be shown in a negative light.

        Yeah, I’ll watch until it pisses me off…

      78. Notice in the previews, Wrigley Field is grown over, like it’s 1,000 years from now and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the Cubs will STILL have not won the World Series. Or, maybe they did, and THAT is what caused the catastrophic end of the world

        Obama White House: A Fully Owned Div of Goldman Suchs

      79. Lets see… The last J.J.Abrams television show (I do believe) was “Lost”. The first few episodes showed some promise. But by the second season it was well on its way towards the realm of the super-natural, which is not how it started. By the end of its run it was, ahhh how do I say it, well it sucked. I hope Mr. Abrams does a better job with this show, at least it starts out with sci-fi/super-natural elements, so as not to mislead. Is this show going to be a true SHTF scenario, not unless the earth is invaded by extra-terrestrials some day soon.

      80. this is my first post, so sorry for stepping on any toes because I do believe in prepping…for the people posting here who actually want this to happen, you need to seriously think about what you are saying and what you want–you are actually willing participants in those who actually do want to cull the population! I just read about a young woman recently committed suicide because all she read was doom and gloom and worry and filling her life with fear. Love life for its short. Those who know Jesus is eternal life will not be afraid, no matter what happens…just say’n.

      81. Somebody read S.M. Stirling’s “Dies The Fire” and decided to make a tv serious out of it. Hopefully he’s getting a cut of the show, but I doubt it.

        BTW, the FIRST BOOK in the “Emberverse” series, “Dies the Fire” is a great doomer novel. I’ve given a number of copies away and everyone has loved it. On the other hand, as the series goes on it turns into fantasy and I quit reading after the second book.

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