Rare View: Inside a Can O’ Whoop Ass

by | Jun 8, 2010 | Entertainment | 16 comments


whoopassIf you’ve ever wondered what it actually looks like inside of a can of Whoop Ass, here’s your answer:


Hat tip Patriot One

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    1. grannyb

      Now THAT’S what I’m sayin’!!!!!!!
      Thanks Patriot One and Mac!!

    2. Dave

      This is no longer true.
      a photo depicting a can of whoop ass would be the Chinese leaving our treasury auctions without bidding.
      I guess that’s too complicated for the simpletons in the US so showing pictures of military men and hardware is enough to rouse ther emotions.
      We are so doomed.

      • J

        curious, where are you from?

      • S/Sgt 53

        Don’t worry. When doom hits, I’ll be there to protect that great brain of yours

    3. Bring'mHomeNow!


      • S/Sgt 53

        Welcome Home Brothers. Job well done, I am proud of you.

    4. Gringo_Malo

      Dave is right. When the Chinese and Arabs stop taking our Monopoly money, we’ll be out of the ass-whooping business. We’ll be too busy fighting one another over the last can of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Ravioli in our local Walmarts.

    5. Mariposa de Oro

      What if that can of Whoop-ass is for us????

      Here’s another “why are they doing that?”


      Official US Air Force Website. No right wing lies here…

      ….”For the very first time, the U.S. Air Force has validated a unit’s wartime capability to defend the homeland by fighting an enemy right here on U.S. soil,” said Col. Greg Nelson, the commander of the Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rd Airlift Wing, which served as the lead organization for the ORI…..

      They’re planning to fight an enemy on US soil? What enemy? Mexicans???

      ….Unlike traditional ORIs, in this one the participants were tasked with supporting civil authorities while fighting an unconventional foe in the United States. In the past, ORIs have typically required units to deploy to simulated overseas bases and defend against conventional military forces……

      Do they need this to combat Lone Wolf Muslims going on shooting sprees?

      ……All three organizations worked seamlessly to launch theater airlift and medical evacuation sorties across the Gulf Coast region, supporting U.S. Northern Command missions and civil authorities, while foiling multiple attacks by well-organized terrorists……

      Ooops, scratch the Muslims. Must be those well organized ‘teabaggers’. Also, doesn’t the Northern Command include Canada? Did they work with Canadian troops?

      …..”Even more significant, this inspection marked the first time that any Air Force unit has been wartime validated in support of the security and defense of the United States of America. That’s huge,” Colonel Nelson said….

      The evil BOOOOOSH didn’t do this did he? Well, I guess not ‘cuz because Col. Nelson says this is the first time. So much for that tin foil hat ‘Bush the Dictator’ meme.

      …..”Almost everything that an airlift wing would do in support of a real-world homeland security/homeland defense mission, whether it be response to a terrorist attack on U.S. soil or humanitarian aid following a hurricane, would be in support of a lead civilian agency at the federal, state or local level,” Colonel Nelson said. “As a result, the overall command and control aspects are completely different from those of an overseas operation…..

      Well, let’s hope this all benign enough.
      Never mind Czar John Holdren authorizing the use of UAVs in the national air space, and all that other icky police state stuff that’s been going on since the Regime took power.

    6. dave

      Good photo Gringo,that is what’s being shown on Arab websites depicting a “can of whoopass”.

    7. YeaButt

      Bring’mHomeNow! shows how they are returned, just dead corpses in boxes…I must agree, bring’em home now, and let’s cut off the money to the government and the military-industrial complex.

      • Eric

        Yea, lets cut off money to the military…….your stupid.

    8. sgt ray

      Comments…..what you retard liberals fail to recognize is that we are there of our own free will.  Since you dont have the stones to support your country with nothing more than your ridiculous doobage filled posts, you’re welcome for the freedom to do so.  Our freedoms were created from men willing to leave it all hangin out.  Oh, and by the way, my degree was printed on the same sheepskin that yours was John Carey (karrie)?

    9. Jumpmaster19

      Comments…..I would like to purchase this Print – is it available?

    10. pico

      Comments….. If those sorry-a_ _ Republicans would stop robbing the country and start protecting it, us rednecks could go about getting rid of all the loose deer running around being protected by the right-wing fairy god Jesus.

    11. Fuk every 1 except white people

      Dave u are so gay

    12. mike in SD

      regardless of your politics…when the shit hits the fan i want our Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force there dishin’ out the high hard one.

      and regarding the chinese holding our debt…i’d rather owe 300 trillion than have it owed to me. they have a real problem…just sayin’.

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