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by | Jul 13, 2010 | Entertainment | 6 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Regular SHTF Plan contributor Chris C. (Trazom24) produced the following video short Policy of Untruth.

    We realize it’s difficult to not listen to what the mainstream media and our elected officials are telling us. We would all like to live in a world where honesty, ethics and treating our neighbors like we treat ourselves are the core moral beliefs. Unfortunately, some people live by a different set of rules and a complete different world view than ours.

    How long will the American people continue to believe the head fakes, half-truths and lies they spew?

    Where, exactly, as Chris asks in the video below, are they leading us?


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      1. I don’t believe a single word the government nor the MSM says. 

      2. continue to vote for the candidates that the democratic and republican parties push at us and see american degenerate into a feudal state.


      3. Revenge will be sweet for the citizenry when the government falls.  It will be the patriots duty and pleasure to settle the score with the traitors.  The corrupters of the Republic will be shot, hung, and dragged through the streets as happens in every case of national anarchy and revolution.  The purging of traitors must occur as part of the process of rebuilding the integrity of the Republic. 

      4. Comments…..     Ditto Paul Revere. Never give up until the tree of Liberty is watered.

      5. truth will always prevail,
        the weak will parish and the strong will servive
        and don’t forget one’s country’s patriot is another’s terrorist.
        make sure you know what side of the fence your’e on when
        the shft happens.
        and most of all pass on this great web site to every one you know!

      6. Who’s John Galt?
        The time is close.  It is all most time for every productive American to Shrug and sit down.   It is time to let this government collapse.  Hurry the day.
        Then, the productive citizens can start the rebuild and take back our country.   In the mean time,  place your wealth into something that will weather the storm.   Bad storm clouds are on the horizon.

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