Photos: American Presidents Packing Heat

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Do you LOVE America?


    Not everyone in the Oval Office is anti-second Amendment. In fact, until recently, most American Presidents embraced our historically pro-gun culture.

    Here’s a collection of images that include U.S. Presidents enjoying some of our country’s most treasured past times – shooting, hunting and sharing an appreciation for really kick-ass guns.

    George Washington once said guns “deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” He probably felt the same way about this cannon:

    President Washington

    President Theodore Roosevelt loved the outdoors and was an avid hunter, and very much enjoyed going on Safari to Africa. Here he is posing with a favorite rifle in 1885. Notice the ammo belt – because you just never know when you’re going to need more ammunition:

    Theodore Roosevelt

    President Franklin Roosevelt enjoyed popping off some rounds every so often. Here he is (2nd in prone position) in 1919, when he was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, taking in some target practice at a Marine Corp range:

    Franklin Roosevelt

    Before he was President, the man who dropped two nukes on Japan was a Senator. Here is President Harry Truman showing off a pair of his revolvers in 1938. The guns once belonged to infamous outlaw Jesse James:

    Harry Truman

    President Dwight Eisenhower was no stranger to firearms. Here he is (3rd from the right) along with Winston Churchill and General Omar Bradley having some good old fashioned fun at a British shootin’ range in 1945 (back then you could still have guns in the UK!). The trio was reportedly firing at targets 200 yards down range. Out of 45 targets, they recorded 29 hits:


    Incidentally, President Eisenhower was such a fan of firearms that he built a skeet shooting range at Camp David while serving as President. Here’s President John F. Kennedy having some fun at that very range in 1963:


    Somebody better tell President Kennedy that there are no assault rifles allowed in the Oval Office! Then again, it was 1961, so it was still legal for JFK to be in possession of an M15 militarized weapon of war:

    JFK Checks Out an M15

    Stop the presses. Is that President Jimmy Carter in 1978, at the height of his Presidency, shooting rifles with CHILDREN watching? Wait, hold on a second. Are some of those kids armed?

    Jimmy Carter

    Who does this cowboy think he is, some actor in an action movie? Didn’t somebody tell President Ronald Reagan that he’s holding a deadly AR-15 assault weapon? Someone needs to put this rifle on a ban list one of these days:

    Ronald Reagan

    President Bill Clinton loves styling like the Arkansas militia when he goes duck hunting. These days clothes like that might get you red listed as a domestic terrorist on a DHS watchlist:

    President Clinton

    Here are President George Herbert Walker Bush and his son President George Walker Bush doing a bit of quail hunting:

    George HW Bush


    And, while he may not have been President, Vice President Dick Cheney often hunted with the Bushes. He even shot a friend of his in the face once with a shotgun by accident. But it’s all good – it was only bird shot. But, if you ever going hunting with the former VP, be sure to wear one of those orange vests, just in case:

    VP Cheney

    Oh, and last but not least, who says President Barack Obama doesn’t know how to have fun with guns, and be safe while doing it? (Is that a high-capacity water magazine? Mr. President, let’s hope Dianne Feinstein doesn’t see this picture!)


    The above photo of President Barack Obama reportedly struck fear deep into the marrow of the bones of Russian President Vladimir Putin:

    Vladimir Putin


    Images made available via various sources including the Library of Congress, Mother Jones, and Google Images


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      1. Sorry to be off topic right off:

        • Delaware attorney general strips county sheriffs of arrest powers.

        Look for yourselves Sheriffs stand up to any government; they lose the power to arrest, even traffic offenders.
        If you don’t think it not coming, you are truly brain dead. This is right in the faces of the SHERIFFS that have said they won’t enforce anti-gun laws, (Just do away with them).

        • So what that means is that the lines are being drawn.

          Good. That way, we’ll know exactly who the traitors are and needs to be put in prison after all this shakes out.

          I love clarity. I like knowing who the enemies are. Makes things much more simple.

          • prison? nahhh.. traitors dont go to prison

            • Holder begins gun-control push

              “The Justice Department is taking the first steps toward carrying out President Obama’s executive actions on gun control.”

              the hill dot com

            • traitors could live in your neighborhood.

            • I was being kind….a little.

              For some, the best satisfaction would be locking them up in the prisons they’ve designed for us. We could put them in solitary confinement and pump Gene Autry music into their cells 24/7.

              • LOL..

            • bring back Public hangings, stockades and public humiliation!!!

          • Post a picture of yourself holding a gun and you will go on a terrorist list. I am sure facebook would ban you for life. If this isn’t a dictatorship then you tell me what the hell is. What a bunch of lyeing two faced devils. I just hope that the registered gun owners in the country fight back and refuse to surrender their arms no matter what these ass holes demand. I don’t have to register squat with them, they aint my momma and they can kiss my ass.

            • Like the photo of Oswald, you know. The patsy who was framed for Kennedy’s assassination.

              Too pissed to type anymore.

              • That photo has been proven to be a fake. There are shadows of everything in the photo, except Oswald!!!

              • Serious thumbs up

          • Hmmmmm the Delaware AG wouldn’t have close ties with Bozo Joe (Biden) would he?

          • Carter, eh? Figures that he’d shoot left-handed. [laughing]

        • That appears to date back from Feb 24th of last year.

          • Kevin2, good catch — I found the article and posted it but didn’t look at the date (posted April 2, 2012). So what happened w/ this action? Anyone know?

            • All I could find so far, is Delaware House Bill 325

              This bill makes the Delaware law clear that the county sheriffs and their deputies do not have arrest authority. Historically the sheriffs and deputies have not exercised arrest authority and the Attorney General’s office has given an opinion that the sheriff’s “power to arrest is no greater than that shared by any citizen.”


            • I moved from Delaware a couple of years back. Sheriffs were never seen. I never heard about them in the news in the two decades I lived there. Up north where about 80% of the people lived had New Castle County and State Police with a couple of “cities” having their own Police.

              I’ll say this I lived in NJ for three decades and Delaware State Troopers are far more respectful than their NJ counterparts. Delaware has a law that is enforced that if a cop is offered a free meal they are not allowed to then use that dining facility. NJ cops all too frequently never paid for a meal and I was friends with many. On occasion a Delaware cop will get arrested for DWI. That is unheard of in many places. I attribute it to being a small state. I have a T shirt that says, “Delaware” over a picture of a Delaware map and at the bottom says, “At least we’re not NJ”. How true.

              • If you think NJ Troopers have an attitude ask a Philly cop for directions sometime. I made that mistake on south street while sober, well dressed and groomed and with a date attired the same way. The cops reply, “Do I look like a FU#&ING road map to you”. Like a soft pretzel and a cheesesteak wit it’s a Philly thing.

                • Sounds like you got that straight from the Alex Jones show when he described his encounter with NYC cops.

        • Since when does any attorney have any power to strip a sheriff of anything? A sheriff is duly-elected law enforment officer who in most (if not all) cases can be removed from power only by the county coronoer, apart from an election. This sheriff should tell the attorney to stick it.

        • A State AG does not have the sole power to strike State Constitutional legislation.


          The link provided didn’t have the article but here it is:
          Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Sussex County, Delaware, when he was elected to the office in 2010, thought he was handpicked by the people to represent them as the highest-ranking law officer in the county. Instead, he has found himself in the middle of a fight for the future of American law enforcement as a result of a nationwide effort to abolish the sheriff’s office altogether.

          It is one more example of federal and state governments ignoring the will of the people as well state laws. In the case of Delaware, the state’s own constitution stipulates that the office of the sheriff is a constitutionally created position just like the secretary of state and the attorney general. Delaware’s Constitution states: “The sheriffs shall be conservators of the peace within the counties . . . in which they reside.”

          This time it is Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, sending out mandates to commissioners informing them that their sheriffs no longer have arrest powers. In an opinion released February 24, State Solicitor L.W. Lewis said that neither the state nor the common law grants arrest powers to the county sheriffs.

          It would appear that Lewis is a little confused. The office of sheriff was created more than a century before the official founding of the United States. Delaware’s first sheriff took office in 1669.

          Christopher tells AMERICAN FREE PRESS that the two administrations prior to his—as far back as 2000—began to notice a reduction in funding and the chipping away of powers of the office in general.

          “Now my deputies and I have been relieved of all arrest powers and can’t even make a traffic stop,” he said. “Delaware has only three counties. . . The other two sheriffs . . . will not stand up with me” to prevent the elimination of county law enforcement, he said.

          During an interview at the Las Vegas Sheriffs Conference in January, Christopher told AFP that the impotence of his office was brought home to him when he was hit in the eye and kicked by County Councilman Vance Phillips but was unable to arrest him.

          Beau Biden’s questionable ruling against the longtime tradition of the sheriff being the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county because of election by the people means the state’s usurpation of the office appears to be a forthcoming fact.

          County spokesman Chip Guy announced, “The opinion from the attorney general’s office reinforces what has long been the position of the county [that] Delaware sheriffs and their deputies do not have arrest powers and are not in the same vein as state police or municipal officers.”

          • Zoltanne; Not trying to pick a fight but the quote from the DE constitution doesn’t seem to indicate that the sheriff’s dept necessarily has that power, or it is dependent on some other legal entity not presented in the story. If they are not considered TRUE LEOS, then they might not actually have arrest powers or it might be at the pleasure of the state. This is a state law thing, not a constitutional issue as such. In any event the premise “that the sheriff is ALWAYS the chief LEO in a county” is patently not true. There are many cities that occupy entire counties and then some. A few that come to mind are Jacksonville, FL, Dallas, TX, and Los Angeles, CA. Dallas and Jax both have SDs that are subordinate to the city police as far as budgets, power and public perception, though in THOSE STATES they DO have LEO status therefore arrest powers. In Dallas, which is Dallas county, the sheriff’s dept ONLY does subpoenas, runs the jail and has NO traffic responsibilities. The DPD outnumbers the DSD and is the significantly more prominent agency in the county. In Cook county (think Chicago) all the Cook county POLICE are deputies YET the Cook county deputy sheriffs are not POLICE officers. Google “Sheriffs in the United States”, it’s quite and interesting read. I think the issue in DE is one of administrative technicalities. Anyone that thinks that SDs can be put “out of the loop” must live in the northeast. There are counties that are bigger than states and even if they aren’t that big the sheriff’s dept IS the main LEO in the county even though that isn’t always true every where, even when in the same state. There aren’t enough troopers and city police per the square miles in some states to make the usurpation of the SDs even a remote possibility. Be Well.

            • US Supremes says Sherrif TOP LEO’s Sherrif Mack & Printz won against brady bill and supremes said TOP leos in EVERY county nationwide are so. aprox # is 3050 counties in nation. Sherrif mack is todays retired sherrif who hold seminars to teach Const rights and Duties to all other sherrifs who desires to learn this stuf.

              There are a couple More us supreme cases that also verify this. Look it up!

        • Is there a link to the article? I’ve been sitting here sorting through the long lists of topics trying to actually find the article.

          • never mind, I found it.

        • That State AG is Biden’s kid isn’t it? What do you expect of a lame ass like Bo?

      2. Do as we say, not as we do. Seems an appropriate comment to this.

      3. That pic of Dick Cheney really scares me.

        But I think it would be a nice if Dick would take Obama hunting.

        • What is so scary, he don’t have his finger on the trigger, and the gun is pointed in a safe direction. But I suppose you’ve never had an accident before. Trekker Out. Honor Few and Fear None!

      4. That picture of Obama is priceless given this context…. to be expected… but priceless.

        • Putin looks like a bad ass with his piece….
          Looks like a strait up pussy.

          • Hate Communist. But at least Putin looks like he knows what he’s doing with a gun in his hand. He is definitely a man’s man. GB looks very confident with a gun in his hand also. Have to agree with your acessment of Obama. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • Putin rocks!

      5. You see this? That is TRUE AMERICAN HERITAGE. Guns are not evil are wrong, just those MF brain dead apes that are trying to steal from us our American Heritage and our 2nd Amendment right. Medusa (aka feinsteinless) should take what was once said, if you don’t like what is here, GET OUT. There are plenty of places that orgess would find in europe that have disarmed their citizens completely. That waste diane Medusa would fit in perfectly over with piers morgan’s european empower the criminal and make everyone a true victim of crime.

        Here’s the thing. Those anti-self defense creeps want to take away everything from us. They SAY they ONLY want certain rifles, which is sick enough. They would not stop at the AR’s, they would immediately go after handguns soon after they got their way. Then they would go after everything past that. The ONLY thing that these anti-self defense parasities understand is their agenda and don’t care about how amny are sacrificed to get it.

        I truly believe that what everybody is saying is correct, that not for one second can anyone give ground to these anti-gunners which are true anti-self defense monsters that secretly celebrate when a bunch of innocent children are murdered to further their position. These monsters in hiding dance on the graves of those killed by firearms. These anti-self defense sickos are truly the ghouls of what is so wrong about trying to take away people’s protection.

        • I”m sure this is not a new idea. But reading and hearing everything for the past few months… What an awesome way to ensure Civil War in America. There are many ideals in America, but none more than opinionated the 2nd amendment (maybe except the first).

          What an amazing way to divide the country, pro gun vs, anit gun. Families against families, etc etc.

          Wish TPTB would just let us live our lives, but as history has shown us, power corrupts absolutely.

          Hope everyone is watching the news along with prepping!

          • @ you don’t need to know. Can you imagine what the verdicts on that Treyvon fiasco are going to do? Either way they are are to enrage one side. It is dividing the country over firearms. These anti-gunners are doing what I call “rent an angelic looking child” to make people feel guilty because they have a gun to protect their family from some criminal scum that wants the population disarmed. Like any predator would like to have an animal have their claws and teeth ripped out to make it as easy pickens as possible.

            The anti-gunners are likely anti-self defense and are too far mentally gone to be of any use to anything. Brain dead zombies that would take away even pepper spray like they have in england. This might hurt the criminal, or some criminal might use the pepper spray in a crime. Yet the english lawmakers are too stupid or too far in with the crime syndicate to see that pepper spray has saved millions from vicious dogs or other animals. Anti-gunners normally are too high on cat urine, huffing condensed air, or toad licking to understand straight that a person absolutely has a right to defend themselves and are almost always anti-self defense EVERYTHING.

            These anti-gunners would rather someone be exposed to a dope up meth head with every disease from herpes a-q, AIDS, and God knows what else, then have a firearm stop the monster attacker at a SAFE DISTANCE. These anti-gunners actually have the whacked out notion that some maniac hell bent on raping a mother and her daughter(s) has some sort of rights not to be shot and stopped. The rapists has a choice all right, between a nice .45, shotgun slug, high powered .308, some nice 000 buckshot.

            I just cannot have any common ground with someone that is anti-gun. I can understand IF they choose to increase their chances of being a victim by not having a firearm, this is freedom. But when those MF pieces of dog feces anti-gun, anti self defense creeps tell me and all others Americans that they can’t defend themselves and their families from the true scum of the world, they can go to hell. It is okay for them to demand their freedoms, yet when I and others want to enjoy our freedoms granted under the Constitution to have self protection that is wrong, NO WAY.

            These anti-gunners, anti-self defense monsters are the ones completely wrong within any sense of fairness and sanity. Until they admit they are wrong, which they are completely for attempting to make all of us as vulnerable to criminal scum and vicous aniamls, there is no compromise with the true brain dead. There is going to be a massive divide between people that know what is right and wrong and value what is good and decent, and those that empower pure evil and that are friends of the criminals and want all of us to be enslaved by some science fiction type police state.

            There has always been diversion between good and evil, and those that want to take away our self defense and make us as helpless as possible to being assaulted, mauled, bitten, raped, murdered, are PURE EVIL. There is really no other way of describing such a total monster that wants people to be defenseless and victims.

            • Yeah, I remember you posting a few days ago about what could TPTB “really” be planning with this gun ban. You are 100% right that it hasn’t been revealed yet, but there is something! IT seems I’ve been waiting for a few weeks for that big earthquake and that big false flag to happen! I have complete confidence that both will happen.

              • @ you don’t need to know. What is coming, is coming. They are trying to divide us, absolutely. I can handle someone that is on the fence about firearms, but I just can’t even look at someone that would try to take away our self defense. Even if there was no government I honestly could not even look or talk to someone that would try to take our protection away from us. I do become overly upset at this because I see these elderly people or smaller women that without a weapon stand no chance against an attacker. These monsters want to take away some old person’s gun or even non-lethal device, same as kicking the walker away from someone old. I guess I am playing into the government’s plan, but I become so upset with something so unfair and rotten to the core.

                I mentioned to kinintn that I have seen much activity and one of the main faults is going to break and this is martial law on some scale after it happens. For a long time copperhead was giving us all updates on what the USGS was doing by the New Madrid, I wish I knew now. I know a lot about earthquakes, but I am clueless as everyone else is about what the government is actually up to. I and others can speculate, but we really don’t know. There is just too much of a frantic need to grab everyone’s firearms, it is like time is running out for the government. I wish I knew why.

                • @ Be informed…

                  So true. My head is spinning while I’m trying to a productive person. I heard a phrase about reality breaking down. I feel like reality IS breaking down. The question is why.

                  The acceleration, or it feels like that, is faster than I would have believed a year ago.

                  • I’m with ya FA. Also, alot of synchronicity going on lately.

            • The choice at my house would be “head” or “chest”…

          • @ AnonLegion. That is a beautiful revolver, and something many people use together, a 9 mm, .38, and .357 all together for a punch and something with a little less recoil. I will try to find another name for that wad (feinsteinless). I figured anything that ugly inside and outside that could turn any man IT was with to stone with head to foot, the name Medusa fitted. I am still laughing at this.

            • I knew once I showed you the picture of the true beauty of a medusa you would agree :)but your right fromt eh mythology standpoint that feindstein is one ugly bitch, and it sure does match up 🙂

        • Correct B.I…

          If many surrender their ARs/AKs/FALs & all other semi-automatics & so on…I guarantee you…the next on their list will be the DREADED BOLT-ACTION SNIPER RIFLES w/ scopes!!!

          Never mind that most are designed for hunting purposes…they’ll howl & scream:…

          “…such weapons are made to KILL at long ranges..”

          Of course we’ll have witnessed a media-melodrama episode, where some Dr. prescribed ADHD/bi-polar or whatever junkie…lights-up some folks somewhere!


          On a side note…

          …they’re in trouble if he realizes that DC is a target rich environment.

      6. Talked with the rep from Hardwire, the ballistic white board they are selling is not cheap..

        a 10″x13″ board is about 110$
        a20″x30″ is about 499$.

        so if you were to buy enough to cover your hose windows, you would have a lot invested.

        they do offer a ballstic fiberglass that might end up being around 200$.

        just though I’d throw it out there..

        If the presidents are protected, we should be protected, end of story..with any means necessary, their life is not worth any more than ours..period

        problem is, they have our money to spend on thier protection, where as we have whats left after we feed cloth and shelter our loved ones, what ever is left to protect our families and self with..

        • sorry bad key board..”House windows”

          ballistic fiberglass around 2’x6′ would range near 200$

          • how about keeping a police shield by or near your bed. One of the level IV that covers or you can creep behind it. I dont know just a thought. Can you imagine if the cops come in and you have one too in the same situation. Just a joke. Make sure you wear earplugs, will help you focus with all the gunshots or flashbangs that they like to throw and throw off your equalibrium. Just joking here but brainstorming.

      7. Headline from Biden today: “Buy a Shotgun”

        What a duesch.

        • yeah but make sure its not black and scary, or have any pistol grips on sure its just a doubble barrel side by side..yeah he is a duche

      8. Yeah, these are some great shots. This article should be sent repeatedly to Diane Fuckstick’s office by Fax and Email. In fact, send pictures of every public figure that ever brandished a firearm for the camera to that control freak witch. Not that it will change her mind, but it sure will annoy the shit out of her.

        I won’t comply anyway. ΜΟΛΏΝ ΛΑβέ

      9. And I bet he couldn’t hit M’chelle’s a$$ from a foot away with that thing.

        • US, if he hit her( ol’ Bossie) in the ass with a grain shovel he still wouldn’t make contact with all of it.

      10. That’s what I’m saying Helter Skelter is Thier Plan!!! We get to do the real wet work for them. Hope it turns out different but who gets to clean up the Mess? Bugged already 10-9 good buddies

      11. Firearms have been part of our culture and heritage going back to the colonial era. The gun grabbers want to take everything from us, but can’t unless they get the guns first. I feel a war is coming and soon. Everybody get your supplies and keep your powder dry. braveheart

      12. And so the GREAT DEBATE continues…

        • just hit the refresh icon at the top and then retry and it’ll take.

        • Of course it is only for us…did anyone here ever think it wasn’t??

        • BJ; You know, I don’t like cops. My brother is a cop. I like him. Cops don’t make enough money. There is not enough money to make me walk up to a dark car on the side of the road at night. We have to have cops just for general order. Some are assholes and some are not, have met both. I still don’t like cops, in general. NOW having said all that, any PDs, SDs, or Troopers that don’t have ARs in their vehicles are under-armed for their jobs. That is just a fact. Don’t really see anything nefarious about this other than making the officers buy their “own” rifles. Which just means the city gets to “borrow” the officers money interest free. This has to be illegal, somehow and to me is the larger problem. IMHO. Be well.

        • We now know what Iowa plans to do with the ARs it plans to confiscate.

      13. Paul Bedard

        Washington Secrets
        The Washington Examiner
        ✉ Email Author✉ Newsletter SignupE@SecretsBedardDPaul on FB

        Popular in Politics

        1John Kerry tackles questions on Iran, Syria, Hagel
        2Janet Napolitano: Internet users need to practice good ‘cyber-hygiene’
        3Full text: Bobby Jindal’s dynamite speech to the Republican National Committee in Charlotte
        4NRA boycott kills outdoors show that banned assault weapons
        5Morning Examiner: Bobby Jindal goes big with small ball

        A massive boycott backed by the NRA and outdoorsmen and women outraged that the nation’s largest outdoors show banned the exhibition of assault weapons has caused the show’s organizers to abruptly cancel the week-long event in Harrisburg, Pa.

        The successful boycott, started by the website, was the biggest demonstration of support by the outdoors industry yet against gun control efforts being pushed in Washington and in several states.

        {The people are speaking}

      14. OOps..copied unintended to share?

        A massive boycott backed by the NRA and outdoorsmen and women outraged that the nation’s largest outdoors show banned the exhibition of assault weapons has caused the show’s organizers to abruptly cancel the week-long event in Harrisburg, Pa.

        The successful boycott, started by the website, was the biggest demonstration of support by the outdoors industry yet against gun control efforts being pushed in Washington and in several states.

        {The people are speaking}

        • JJ; Well, finally the industry stood shoulder to shoulder, which they have not always done, and told’em where to stick it. This show was promoted by Reed Exhibitions, which is a British firm. What a surprise that Brits would ban the display of MSRs (modern sporting rifles i.e. ARs, AKs, black guns etc.) from their show. This is no small deal as this is THE largest vendor show in the U.S. What strikes me as funny is the MSR. As far as I can find Reed “coined” this term, which I guess they had to call them something since the Brits don’t have any guns to speak of I guess “assault weapon” becomes meaningless, ha ha. Has anyone heard of this term elsewhere? Awesome!!! Be Well.

      15. The ones wanting you to give up your guns are the criminals and the ones are who doing you wrong. That is why they are scared. I agree on background check but not to make it public.

      16. Scortched Earth policy. Thats how our army does it.

      17. These men may have handled guns, but they sure weren’t very familiar with gun safety. At least half of them are standing around with their finger on the trigger. So Patriots, please don’t shoot your friends by friendly fire. We will need all the help we can get. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      18. Notice with a few exceptions, these are among the greatest and most well known presidents in our history.

        • BO has got to be the best marksman out of all them. he does his shooting from 30,000 feet and he’s a motherf*ckin surgeon with that thing.

      19. The Godfather is urging the two big financers of the gun manufacturer’s to stop supporting them. Bank of America and TD Bank. Seriously when are people going to wake up and boycott the hell out of BoA?? Changing banks is a easy thing to do….it’s not difficult and takes little time

      20. the picture of President Obama looks like a good dad playing with his kids. Besides the gun hypocrisy, the only thing I see him doing wrong is running by the swimming pool. I was always told not to run around the pool. He could have slipped and fell and made Joe Biden president. I want to know why the secret service wasn’t protecting him 🙂

      21. Please CONTACT your representatives and have them attach 2 riders to slimesteins bill:

        1) If any part if it is found to be unlawful the entire bill is null and void. Include a sunset provision so that it expires in 7 months (7 since that is the happy number mayor coumo personally dreams is appropriate for magazine capacity.) Representatives voting for it are open to lawsuits for all damages.

        2) Include a provision for COMMON SENSE ABORTION CONTROL, because it’s about the babies, RIGHT!?! Since they want to save babies lives, and if it just saves one, they can not be HYPOCRITES and IGNORE the 3000 babies murdered EVERYDAY paid for by 1/2 billion dollars of your tax monies.

        Then have them vote _AGAINST IT_ and AGAINST ANY legislation that weakens or destroys the constitution.

      22. Be Informed, once again, you certainly know how to preach to the choir. Please refer to my comment #1064570 in the Missouri article on what I think is behind the rush to confiscate guns. The Chinese agenda to buy up real estate to establish “Chinese cities in the US”, infrastructure, and natural resources, I believe, is only part of it. There’s supposedly already Chinese troops on our soil, plus an unknown number of them in Canada and Mexico waiting for the order to move in. There’s also supposedly Russians and others waiting for a similar order to be given them. Maybe our forces in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region get attacked at the same time? WW3 would be the KING of all SHTF events. I think there will be some more false flag mass shootings before the “main event”. I feel all of this is getting closer and closer. We’re all running out of time. Everyone continue prepping; get all you can before the balloon goes up. Braveheart

      23. Of course there are no pictures available, but Abraham Lincoln test fired a new-fangled Spencer repeating rifle by shooting it at a board propped against a tree……on the White House lawn! Of course, it was a different time then. If you knocked on the White house door in those days, and one could in fact do so, it was as likely as not that the President or First Lady would be the one to open it.

        Things sure are better now, huh?

      24. Well I have to say that this editorial on Presidential guns is a waste of time.

        Biden wants us to buy shotguns.
        The Communist are Cheering gun control by Obama.
        Holder is up to his usual shit.

        • All in DC appears normal then. Yawn….. back to sleep.

      25. Let me see….own a gun or get a flu vaccine?

      26. Ronald Reagan was known to actually carry a handgun or have it in his suitcase when he was President.

        You have to go about that far up on the food chain to carry everywhere and anywhere across the globe. UK gun laws? Don’t matter. USSR, nope don’t matter either. Semi auto, full auto, once again, don’t matter.

        Permit? I don’t need no stinking permit.

      27. some call this vigilantism
        I call it manning up

        “MILWAUKEE (AP) – A Wisconsin sheriff has released a radio ad telling Milwaukee-area residents that law enforcement cutbacks mean 911 isn’t their best option and they should learn to handle firearms so they can defend themselves until police arrive.

        In the ad, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. tells residents that personal safety is no longer a spectator sport and they need to be “in the game.” He urges them to get firearm training to protect themselves and their families.

        “With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option,” Clarke says in the ad. “You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back.”

      28. I’m not saying this out loud, I’m asking for an answer to this. What do you guys think that this is being every day closer to massive layoffs etc and economic stall or stop, then the government says they will hire additional people to secure from riots and save the children while the private sector comes to a stand still, then Obama possibly says he needs everyone to turn in their weapons during economic hardtimes etc.

        At that point they hire contractors to go down lists searching homes to disarm us. Then of course people resist and then massive crackdowns happen and government totally takes over and thats when we don’t know what will happen. That is the only senerio I can think of for massive gun confiscation and arrests.

        Many people will do what they say because they are too afraid to resist violence and will lay down their guns to these fuckers. We have less and less true patriots I believe with this younger generation,they either get off their asses and engage or die honestly. I was thinking like Katrina but only on a grand scale with this. If we didn’t have the House liberals reading this, they would of taken or tired to take our guns and it would be civil war right now. This is for certain liberals this is no joke or video game. We are being dead serious saying we will not surrender our guns or our rights to crooks and thiefs. I will never do the wrong thing in shooting or even hurting an innocent person. But if this happens its on. They are trying to disarm us!

        This is no joke people!! Get in shape and prepare and be aware of whats going on around us. We have people that are trying to destroy this country and it’s morals and values. I have no respect for people who try and go along with criminals that want to make people slaves! What is wrong with you liberals honestly. Are you always gonna do what people tell you to do? Are you that much of a pussy to have to be told what to do????

        • prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

        • Invest in some sandbags.

        • I tend to agree. The only way these sick bastards could institute a nationwide gun ban is some sort of large scale “catastrophe”. Similar to how during localized hurricanes and storms our governors deem our handgun licenses invalid.

      29. Not sure FDR really helps the cause, LOL…and about the Truman picture, WHO THE HECK GETS AWAY WITH POINTING GUNS AT A PRESIDENT?

      30. The don’t even show most of them; for the first hundred fifty years, they ALL used guns.

      31. We have a punk for a president. Not only that, this idiot believes that the country voted him in. His minion stole it quick and without any fight from the flake on the right. He was probably in on the scheme from the beginning too! Most likely all of them were in on the scam, except maybe for the old guy (Ron Paul). Then again maybe he was in on it too! Who is to know with politicians? We are in deep doodoo! I don’t know if you all saw the big fly on his forehead the other day. Gives me the creeps. That’s a bad omen. Represents pestilence, plagues, evil. I guess he is the lord of the flies. What do we do now?

      32. Should have selected a pic of President Reagan when he didn’t have his finger on the trigger. Always treat it like it’s loaded!

        • Maybe he knew something we don’t.

      33. Good collection of photographs, Mac.

        George W. Bush definitely looks like he doesn’t know what he is doing in that picture.

      34. You put pooton there because he is running the show ?

      35. One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer.

      36. Four names: Henry, Colt, Browning (Belgium only), Remington. Not in order…

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