Most Popular Caps for Trade in Copenhagen

by | Dec 20, 2009 | Entertainment, Tom of the North

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    While most news reports out of Copenhagen have focused on treaties, manipulated data sets, hacked emails, and third world demands, trusted news sources have failed to talk about the behind the scenes deals amongst nations.

    Not to worry, as Outside the (Cardboard) Box provides us with a look at what world leaders were really doing outside the view of the public.

    Heat Rises In Copenhagen As Cap & Trade Deemed Too Inconvenient:

    ‘Trucker Caps’ are all the rage at this year’s Climate Summit.  Although similar to a baseball cap, the front section above the bill of a trucker cap is made of foam and proportionately taller. The caps often contain humorous sayings & graphics on the front.  Delegates to the Climate Summit have arrived prepared to Swap & Trade Caps amongst each other, with a number of Caps proving highly in demand and creating something of a frenzy even beyond Copenhagen.

    According to OTCB editor Tom of the North, the #1 trucker cap for trade is from none other than right here — the good ol’ USA! (Did anyone have any doubt ours would be the most popular — we invented the damn things!)

    Find out who’s trading big reserves for it, who got last place, the honorable mentions and the countries that absolutely blew it in 2009.

    Continue reading at Outside the (Cardboard) Box…


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