Micro-Doc: The Madness Of a Lost Society: “One Last Fair Warning For Those With the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear.”

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    Another ‘Black Friday’ has come and gone. And it has left us with further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our nation. America has been dealt a fatal blow by corporate greed, Bankster malfeasance and the insidious nature of collectivism – and it’s all been done to us by design. This is the Madness of a Lost Society, one last ‘fair warning’ for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

    November 23, 2012… Black Friday… revealed yet further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our lost society.

    The underlying principles of modern consumerism as designed by Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda, is to create demand where there is no real need.

    These people are victims of Bernays, and most of them cannot be reached.

    They cannot be helped.

    They will be among the tens of millions of Americans who will fall victim to unimaginable hardship, suffering and hunger during the coming collapse.

    This micro-doc is not for them. Most of them do not possess the intellectual curiosity to seek it out.

    This video is for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

    It’s for those who recognize that the madness of the crowds we see on Black Friday represents the very worst of what we have become as a nation.

    And, it offers a very clear picture of where we are headed when the country we love finally collapses under the weight of tens of trillions of dollars of debt.

    As Aldous Huxley rightly predicted, these are the people who can be taught to love their servitude.

    An SGTreport.com Micro Documentary, in association with TheLibertyMill.com

    The Madness of a Lost Society 3:

    Also Watch: Madness of a Lost Society

    Part 1 – The Original

    Part 2 – Final Warnings


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      1. Some folks can be woken up, but it’s now a question of time.

        It is far easier to prepare when supplies are still cheap, and with enough time where one can build up the skills and training.

        It’s like the old story goes – Noah built the ark when the sun was out, and didn’t wait to start until the first raindrops were falling.

        • G’Day OQ,

              “Some folks can be woken up, but it’s now a question of time.”

              Time indeed, a ‘Storm’ is coming…..soon.

          • Mac,

               That’s two of my comments here that have went in as ‘anonymous’ today, the one above and the one below lonelonmum…Whassup?

          • I recently saw a comment on a yahoo news story where the person asked how the average person thought the fiscal cliff would impact citizens…. one of the responses was this:”The dollar will rise, oil will fall and people will begin to spend what they have been hoarding under their mattress. The boom cycle will once again start anew. Then later, the gov flush wish new tax dollars begins to spend again, lowers taxes, and the next bubble will form, sending us back once again.”……….I, myself, find this rather frightening due to the fact that this person commenting is not unintelligent, but uninformed……..and really believes this!!


            • No kidding… someone really drank the koolaid if they think folks are going to start emptying their savings accounts when they see their taxes go way up.


              • The Dictator has teams of people posting comments like that on all the major sites.    It’s a growth industry.

              • Is it possible we may start being taxed for even having savings accounts?  The thought process might be to penalize people for not spending and boosting the economy.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if instead of drawing interest on savings (which is woefully low anyway), we were taxed for saving????  Crazy, but possible, they see savers as the problem instead of spenders.

                • If their going to raise taxes, they need to raise intrest rates.

        • FYI,

          honeyvillegrains is having a big sale starting thursday. we recieved a 15% off coupon by email. I have had nothing but good experiences buying from them. (shipping is 4.95 always)

          • Why spend more money for someone else to determine what you need?  You can prepare yourself and get what you and your family will enjoy to eat for far less than these companies who prey upon those who think that the companies know best……buy your staples…..canned goods, and rice, beans, pasta…..and add to those that which you enjoy…..ramen noodles are a great choice as well as canned or dried fruit…..I stock up on packaged gravy mixes because they are not expensive and can add flavor to rice if that is where you are…..these companies are in existence to make money…..far better to do it yourself and get what you enjoy eating at a great reduced cost…..


            • @FOB

              I agree and since I garden and hunt I can use a dehydrator and mylar bags with o2 absorbers for storage as well. Good food and I know what was used to grow my veggies. There great for dry goods with a bucket bags separated out into serving size so I don’t have to rush to use it all up in a hurry.

              Keep praying and prepping…hell will be here soon enough


              • KNOW I don’t spray poison on mine. Even buying “organic”, how can you be sure?

          • Honeyville grains is about THIRTY per cent too high on any given day, so if they have a 15 per cent off sale…you are still getting banged in the ass without lube for 15%. THEY SUCK.

        • Consider all that has been done to the people of this country for the last 100 years, and a new insult comes daily. If they are not awake by now, they cannot be awakened, or the refuse to be. Of all the people I know, less than a dozen will even look at the problems we face, and only half of them take things seriously enough to make any kind of meaningful preperation.


          • I only know of one other who preps. The rest probably would think we were crazy if they only knew, but I’m not telling.

        • “It is far easier to prepare when supplies are still cheap…”

          The video on the Weimar Republic (Glenn Beck) indicated hyper inflation ignited when people started realizing prices were going up and began to buy like crazy before their money lost it’s value.  That will probably be a big indicator before an economic collapse.  They had a woman who lived through it who stated her paycheck went from a few marks a week to millions in just a couple of months.  

          I have an online ‘wish list’ and have been watching the items steadily increase in price just since the election.  I guess I’ll be able to pay off my house pretty quick, but on the downside I’ll probably have to defend it as well.  Pros and Cons I guess…

          Esse Quam Videri

          • There is a plus side to hyperinflation (a small one, but…):

            Debts get paid off quick-time. If you have sufficient preps, you can cut back on nearly every non-essential purchase, knock out your mortgage (a top priority in my opinion) and all other debts quickly, so that if by chance things do recover, you are completely debt-free with no claims or liens on your stuff.

            Problem is, I don’t think everyone’s paychecks will go up as rapidly as the prices. Between high unemployment rates and the lag-time that HR introduces, you’d likely never see it.


            • If you think about it OQ, this is what our government is attempting to do: pay off their unsustainable debts with worthless scraps of paper, and the taxpaying regular working stiffs buying power be damned.

              I also believe that eventually this level of inflation will lead to rocketing interest rates, which will push down the price of housing.  

              “Its an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good”

              • Our current government has no intent of paying off anything.  Their desire is total control through the buying of votes and then once in control, disarm and pacify the American public.  In the next 4 years, Obama will appoint at least 1 supreme court judge, republicans will once again be blamed as the party of NO and lose the congress, 16 million people will be added to Obamacare and the chance of sanity returning to Washington will be zero.  Once our national debt hits $20 TRILLION, the interest alone will be more than $1 TRILLION/year and something will have to give……..and THAT is when SHTF in force.

            • Given the current unemployment rate I don’t see why you’d see rising wages AT ALL.

              I suppose they’d have to raise you up at maybe 1/4 the rate of inflation just to keep you from… ahem… “pitchforking” the place… but come on.  It’s north of 20% in the real world.

              If you… don’t like the (equivalent of ) buck fifty a day they’re paying you, I’m pretty sure about oh… 50 million other people will be more than happy to replace you…

            • @ OQ,

                 Yeah, but something just occured to me……

                    IF ‘THEY’ wait for some catastrophe, subsume the 401K base into the ‘Fed’ then there’d be so little cash left I would’nt be suprised if they tried to ‘outlaw’ same. At that point if all transactions were mandated to be electronic they could EASILY place effectibe ‘filters’ on what could be transacted to whom and how….Food for thought. 🙁

            • I believe whatever is going to happen will happen in the dead of winter, probably soon after Christmas…when people are at their most vulnerable….and…..what happens after the first of the year and everyone who believes they will get thousands of dollars back from filing their income taxes just don’t get all that money?   These are the people who get back far more than they paid in….they are the very first to file…….I believe it will be apparent what we are facing within the next month…..and we should all be ready way before then…..

              • Yup, been wondering that myself…..+1

            • I’ve had these thoughts myself.  One reason why I am not so sure that the advice to “get out of debt” is exactly the best course to follow.  Secured debt…..perhaps yes…almost definitely in fact.  In other words…pay off cars,  your home, or anything that can be repossessed.    But unsecured debt….that’s another matter altogether.  In fact, it could be argued that one way to get back at the banksters would be to simply walk away from credit card debt when TSHTF.  Stick it to them, so to speak.  After all…..they are getting billions, if not trillions of taxpayer dollars for virtually nothing.  Why not turn the tables on them?

              • “Gute Denken, Herr Oberst!!”

                   Truly, that’s one way to go….

              • As one who is, and will continue to be (secured) debt free,  I have to wonder if running up a lot of unsecured debt is a bad idea.  The banks still have recourse if you own real property.  I have to think that tptb and their lawyers will still try and control your life thru threats/acts of garnishment and leins against real property.

                 Knowing firsthand what can happen when you stop paying the credit cards; the fees,penalties,  and increased interest rates can add up in a hurry and become a bitch to deal with

                 The old saying that ,”you can’t get blood from a turnip”, is somewhat true.   But, it sure hurts like hell being a turnip. 

                • A lot of it may depend on where you live and the laws in that state.  In some states, it’s virtually impossible for unsecured debt to be collected, and they cannot attach your real or personal property.  And the garnishment of wages is pretty much an impossibility.


                • One other thought….and I think this has been mentioned.  But in the event of hyper-inflation, you might have the very real possibility of paying off debt with cheaper dollars.  Let’s say for example that you have a credit card with a $10,000 balance.  That’s a tough nut to crack right now.  But let’s also say you have a few hundred ounces of silver laying around, and with the hyper-inflation, silver hits $500.00 an ounce.  You could sell 20 ounces and eliminate the debt.  And assuming you only paid $30 an ounce for that silver, you’ve eliminated $10,000 in debt for roughly $600 in today’s dollars.

                  Not a bad deal.

                  That’s why, if I had the choice between obtaining more precious medals….or eliminating the debt…..and I couldn’t do both….I’d opt for obtaining more pm’s.  They most certainly will not go down in value, and they may make astronomical gains….which would support the above idea.

              • re:   Paying off debt with inflated dollars–The rules will be changed. Obama has already shown what he thinks of contract law when it doesn’t suit him. The rest of the bankster gang think the same way. Remember the Chrysler bankruptcy?

            • A can of wheat, a grinder, and a bread pan will get your house, cars, CC, etc paid off even if you are unemployed when/if it gets even close to as bad as it got in Wiemar, etc.


              Buying extra food will have many more benefits than keeping your family fed. If you play your cars right, you can end up owning a literal country mile and everything bought by your neighbors for the past 10 black fridays when the smoke clears

          • That woman who said she lived thru wiemier germany crash etc, how OLD was she?……If old enough to earn a paycheck, Plus add to that age another aprox. 85-90+yrs and was she at least 100+ yrs old on becks show?

            Theres alot of way better videos on wiemeir germans troubles to see.

            And they aint produced by fools such a Glen Beck and his zio masters.

            Go to Utube search for Many great info videos by DR. William Pierce.

            Also he has exallant videos on Russian revolt of 1918 era…..Real factual truth Beck wont Never mention or show!!


        • FOR 2,000 years the bible warned of the coming of the anti-christ,HE was described to a T,the lords people were warned even the elect would be fooled by him,HE would be the slickest thing anyone ever saw,and would be called the savior, A couple of years ago the lord finaly had to tell his elect who he was,NO ONE would have ever guessed he was BLACK,and now america wakes up to the worse possible case ever dreamed of, THE ANTI-CHRIST is in charge of mystery babylon the great,and america is about to see all hell come on them, for failing to realize who barak obama really is,the insanitly at china -mart IS nothing compared to whats about to happen everywhere, in mystery babylon the great,get close to the lord, it will be your only protection,the lord has already said”I will only protect those I know” the rest of them are on their own………………………….

          • @  ARIZONA

             I hope you are not serious about the claim of Obummer being the antichrist.   I’ll admit he is an evil Mo-fo, but he couldn’t make a pimple on the antichrists arse.

             The reality of the antichrist “fooling” the whole world is that he will appear in the clouds looking like Christ on a white steed with a rainbow around him.  It will be such a miraculous event that the world will be watching via CNN/Fox/MSN/etc.  Even the very elect that know the truth, that the “false one” comes first, will be in awe as he snaps his fingers and brings down lightning from the sky.  The world will be dancing in the streets because they think their saviour has come to either set things straight or to fly them out of here.  All his “smoke and mirrors” and dog and pony shows will fool the masses into believing he is the real deal.   But he is a cheap fabrication.  Just like Odrama.  He is a con.

             Obumbler and the liberal extremist leaders, that follow the NWO are just “types” of the antichrist that the stupid sheeple follow to slaughter.  God has given us types throughout history as a warning and a sign of the real deal that is soon to come.

             Satan is so slick and deceitful that people are blind to the fact that the global ID system has and is set up thru their very own state drivers liscensing system via digital image photos and biometrics.  The whole thing is being done under the radar of public scrutiny by the UN.   It will lead to what we have been warned “not” to accept or be a part of and that is the mark of the beast, the one world system that controls buying and selling.  It’s here; like it or not, accept it or not.  You can’t stop it but you can avoid being sucked into it by preparing  now with knowing the truth.  With stocking up on preps  and changing your mindset and lifestyles.

             I feel sorry for those that refuse to see.  Their world will come crashing down around them because they have followed the ways of the world and ignored the laws of their Creator.  Their lust for the worldly things has caused them to be sucked into the evil spirit of jealousy and greed and the worst of the evils…”pride”.  When a person will lie,cheat, and steal from his fellow man just to believe he is getting “over” on someone; he is following the spirit of Jezebel and the ole dragon.  Kinda sounds like the majority of our politicians, doesn’t it?   If they don’t repent, they will find the consuming fire from the Almighty.   That fire can’t be put out once it starts.   It’s eternal.  The time to stand for what is “right”, is now, because we are running out of time.

      2. Even more reason to update and add what you can to your preparations.  Do exactly opposite of the masses with their lost common sense.  This holiday season people should only purchase what is practical for survival for their family.  There are plenty of survival orientated gifts that make excellent gifts.  Especially look for excellent deals on food after a holiday, that can be stored up.  Tis the the season to use common sense. 

        • Well said!  I agree.

          There is a good article about this at Survival Life.  It includes of list of commonly majorly discounted foods (and other useful excess holiday inventory – paper goods, plasticware, pie pans, etc.) after the holidays and their shelf life.

          Title: Reloading the Stockpile

          Direct link below

        • ” Do exactly the opposite of the masses”

          Couldn’t have said it better.

        • My brother in-laws are getting .22 525 packs and  the sisters are getting Coffee.

      3. I don’t plan on being where near these people.  Mindless Zombies.  Even if they were to view this they would just say it doesn’t exist because it falls outside their comfort zone.

        Some feel that we should try to help people and have compassion through these turbulent times but I am afraid they can’t be helped.  People have made their choices and need to be responsible for the decision they make.  Unfortunately, there will be many many that don’t see it that way and expect handouts.  Or they wll feel justified in taking your preps because you should just share.

        Scary future and some ways you really have to harden your heart.

        • Howdy Kindle,

              The ‘Seperating the Wheat from the Chaff’ is going on…right NOW. Everyone is making thier decisions daily on this whether they realize it or not.

              How long yet till the ‘Flag goes up’…I wonder?

          • I always considered the parable of the ten virgins, 5 were wise, 5 were foolish, the wise gathered what provisions they might need, the foolish did not prepare.  Summerized version 🙂

          • After seeing ‘black friday’, I think I’ve changed my mind…I’m swaying towards not being so kind to wayward zombies…

        • VRF,  etc:  I can see the excitement of   people being out and about post thanksgiving   years ago before all this craziness today (my last time was in ’86 and parking was hell); but for mature people it’s  plain crazy .  They shop online or go when stores are quiet.  Most of us have waaay too much stuff!!  I buy only when something breaks (appliances/electronics)  or donate to charity…Now is best time of year to “purge” unwanted wearable clothing,  outerwear, household stuff and donate to group homes/low income elderly-handicapped housing/church  charities, women’s shelters etc.  This is not done for tax write offs as I don’t itemize.  Starting out  the holidays  with a cleaner house is great.  

      4. Latest update from the Welsh floodlands, UK.

        It was an unplanned homebirth in a house with no mains water.  However my sister had a georgeous healthy boy this afternoon, and I’m over the moon!

        If anyone from that neck of the woods is reading this thread then you’ll know exactly why I’m so grateful that in one small part of the world, common sense and community still thrives – despite the best efforts of tptb.

         Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

        I’m feeling optimistic that we will all come through this and out the other side OK right now.  

        • Many congratulations to you, your sister and the rest of your family!

          It’s great to hear everything went well and everyone is healthy.

        • Congratulations L,

             It’s hard to beleive that the normally placid British Isles were subject to such a raging  storm. We are here wishing EVERYONE there the best, with good hopes for a swift return to normal life. 🙂

        • Lone

          So glad your sister and the baby are fine. Congratulations.

          take care

          • @Burt…..so glad you are o.k. ….I think of you so often, with all the miserable rain  in England we are hearing (and seeing on the news here in Canada)…..I miss your wonderful posts!!  Take care of you and your family, CC

        • Lone ~

          Thank you for the update and congratulations on the new addition!

          Won’t that little boy get to hear a wonderful story about the day he was born?

          ~ D

      5. Some times it is hard to see the woods for the trees.

        But if if you can disern truth from falts that is a special gift.

      6. With the risk of offending certain individuals, I would like to give an update on polar earthquake activity that forecasts future large earthquakes.  Again, another earthquake has 4 hours ago has occurred in the South Sandwich Islands.  This on top of the other polar and sub-polar earthquakes now increases the chance of a 6.5+ earthquake in the forementioned spots to 85-90% by Dec.3.  I would now give a near 100% chance of a 6.5+ within 15 days of this day.  I give a 70% chance of that earthquake being 7+, a 50% chance of it being 7.5+, a 33% chance of it being a 8+, and a 20% chance of it being a 9+. 

        I would say between 7.2-7.8 would be my best guess based on previous activity that came after previous polar and sub-polar earthquakes.  I will further study this and try to pinpoint it down more so later in the day to try to give everyone a head’s up what to look for. 

        • Be Informed,

          Thank you for all of your hard work and research in keeping us up to date about earthquake activity and forecasts!  I and many others here appreciate this!  🙂


          KY Mom

          • @ KY Mom.  You are someone that constantly adds very valuable links and information to help everyone.  Whenever I see one red thumbs down next to your comment it pisses me off.   Like how could anyone give you a red thumb for linking a way of using holiday pantry supplies to help add to your stockpile of what you will need.  There are some true mongoloids out there that don’t appreciate all your time and effort to help your fellow human beings make it through what is coming.  As long as my computer is working and the internet is working, or the government doens;t take me away for knowing too much, I will continue to tr y to forewarn people of potential disasters from war to geophysical to anything else I see as a danger. 

        • Hi BI,

              Are you refering to the Visokoi Island tremor? I JUST caught on to that a bit ago. Please ‘do’ on the analysis, friend…we’ll be waiting…. 🙂

          • BI,

               Kosovo now, a 4.2 I think…and what’s up with that Matane, Canada thing….is the damn Laurentian shield going goof now?!

        • @ BI – Never worry about risking offense to people who don’t want to know this information.  They can skip it.  For my part, the first thing I do when I get to the newest stories is do a search for your name to be informed (see what I did there?  🙂 ) about quakes.

          Thanks for the work you put in.  I wish more would heed your advice and warnings!

          God Bless,


          • @NP – Same here!

            @BI – I hate to be a dummy, but where (again) do you think this next biggie is going to hit?

          • Youtube videos: Theory of Fukushima- A Finnish nuclear scientist gives a very interesting discussion about HAARP and how it was used to try to keep illegal Japanese radioactive steam emmissions over Japan ( rather than them drifting out to China,Russia or the Pacific) but instead suceeded in  triggering the earthquake.

            • @ C.  I don’t know if HAARP is powerful enough yet to trigger an earthquake, it could have been the straw that broke the camal’s back.  I think that Hadron Collider is responsible for earthquakes.  When they first turned that device on, there was 4 earthquakes in different spots in the world within 14 hours of each other that were about 6.3-7.0.  Coinicidence?  I don’t think so.  Usually you don’t have a swarm of earthquakes like this unless there has been a major fault break like that 8.6, 8.7 strike slip mega horizontal earthquake that occurred this last spring. 

          • @ Norse Prepper and PuppyPrepper.  I think all of us are the ears, eys and voices of warning people out there and each other.  Whenever any of us see or hear about something disturbing, we should alert each other.  it could be nothing, but it could mean everything.  The more observant we all are the more likely one of us is going to catch something that is going on that most others don’t see at first.  We all need that head’s up jump to gain the advantage over the masses before and when this happens. 

            • BI,

              Thank you so much for all you do.  I have family on the Atlantic side of Florida that are now on alert and prepared to leave if the Eastern Caribbean breaks.  You may have saved their lives.

              I have been reading this site for months now.  The great advice and sense of community here is wonderful.  It always gives me new perspectives to think about and sometimes new and different    ways of looking at how to shore up holes in the preps for our family.

              Don’t tell the boss, but often, when it is slow, I will pop in to check in with my new “peeps”.  I feel a comraderie with all of you.  If I ever have something worthwhile to contribute, it will be here.

              Thanks and please everyone, even if Mac allows private conversations, please post here too.  So many of us get so much out of it!


            • @ Donlin.  No thank you for listening and alerting your family to this giant hazard so few are aware.  They will have 3-5 hours to react to an incoming tsunami that could be realistically anywhere between a couple of feet high, best case scenario, to something 15-20 feet high, worst case scenario.  Has happened before, and in nature that almost always means it will happen again. 

          • It’s kinda like when you’re double-parked, loading something into your car and the guy behind honks his horn—just fly the birdie and let him go around!!! LOL

        • Why on earth would anyone be offended? Sorry, I just can’t understand that! Have missed reading your posts for a few days and want to thank you, first, for all your hard work, and secondly for rekindling my original interest in geology. I’m studying again, but bow to the master! Will chart out your latest info and watch for updates. Thanks again!

          • @ Vicky.  For some strange reason there are some individuals that don’t like disaster forecaster, yet they come to this site that is SHTF plan.  Curious why someone that would come to such a site would not want to read about potential SHTF events.  There are though some characters that call this black magic forecasting movement within the planet.  Retards perhaps, but they mar up the site with unbelivably stupid comments that would shame a 8 year old’s intellect.  Then I and others have to spend our time putting these trolls in their place, instead of contributing to the site.

            I throughly enjoyed the very interesting dicussion with JustOneGuy, this person is bright as a 300 watt light bulb.  Got me to thinking even more so, and everyone can view the comments of a healthy constructive debate in which both of us are attmepting to get at the truth of a matter.  Then you have these “pests”, like some mosquito at night that just buzzing you and you can’t quite nail them.  A bother and irritation.  Not engaging these cockroaches in a sense gives validity to whatever they have tried to say in earnest to the level of a gibbering howler monkey.  It is too bad that those that come to the site cannot in a civil manner discuss their differing viewpoints instead of blantant very childish name calling to someone that has done nothing to them personally at all. 

            I have found that more often than not it is better to give a troll a good whack than to ignore them because they are basically bullies that unless someone stands up to them, they continue to try to intimidate not only you personally, but others that have very good intentions of sharing information but don’t desire to confront some jack ass that gets their sicko jollies from upsetting people that want to help others out of no other reason than they want to share what they know with others.  We need all the good minds we can get working together with their excellent ideas on survival before this happens. 

            • @BI…..I never knew to look to USGS for info regarding earthquakes until I began reading and paying close attention to your posts….thank you so very much for your detailed information!!  Please believe and understand how very much you are appreciated!! 


              • @ Feisty Old Broad.  The map site at the USGS shows the fault lines on the plates.  The areas with no activity that are collison areas between the plates without any activity are the ones that are usually locked and ready to go in the near future.  It is so funny that I just gave the forecasts areas to watch for, including moderate earthquakes to watch out for, and they just had a 5.6 down in Peru.  This is why sometimes I race as fast as possible to get it posted before it happens. 

                I sure like your nickname by the way, reminds me of the cartoon character Sergeant Whittier in the show Wait Till Your Father Gets Home done back in the 70″s.  Tom Bosley was harry Boyle living next door to Ralph that ran a group of vigilantes that were determined to protect the country from the communists and any other threat.  The Sergeant was tough as nails and 70 years old and could take down anyone.  She drove a tank also.  I throughly enjoyed that show.  Your nickname reminds me of that cartoon character, and I bet you can too handle yourself with a wide variety of firearms. 

              • @ Feisty Old Broad, because of BI’s postings, I have gotten two earthquake aps for my phone to try to keep up. I really appreciate his postings as well.

                • @A01(AW).  Excellent move because the more time any prepper/survivlaist has before the masses figure out what has happened, the more time they have to get the rest of their preparations that they need.  A 8+ San Andreas, New Madrid, Cascadia, or even tsunami induced Atlantic coast diaster will hurt this country, and could very well end up in a regional or even nationwide martial law state for some time.   Always try to get a jump and thus an advantage on any SHTF event before the masses figure it out and come out of their shocked state. 

        • your hard work is much appreciated here. 

          • Asian Prep and Anonymous.  All I can say is don’t let your guard down at all, something is coming and by bet right now is geophysical, war, or some pandemic.  Could be something else like an economical collapse, but a think the economy will collapse from a true SHTF event, could even be a black swan event.  I have thought about this much, and times are so bizarre now I would not put anything out of the realm of possibility.  Preparation will always give someone a better chance of survival, and like Ky Mom has linked up, there are some mega good deals on what we need after the holidays are overwith. 

        • @BI  Full disclosure here but I’ll very often just do a Ctrl-F  “be informed” on articles here for the sole purpose of seeing your EQ posts.   I’d politely request that any comments that give you cause to reconsider posting about WTH you want to, know that there are very likely a hundred times as many if not more silent supporters in the wings who are quite happy to see your comments. 

          • It took awhile, but like I promised earlier, here are the following areas to really watch out for:

            Borneo, Indonesia

            New Guniea

            New Caledonia


            Fiji and Tonga area

            ALL of Japan

            Southern Ecuador to Central Peru

            Chile to 40 degrees south

            Entire Caribbean Plate, especially Panana area and south Mexico

            Areas with moderate chances, but to be on alert for:

            Northern California

            Eastern China

            Aleutian Islands

            Please note when earthquakes occur at this location, the one in the South Sandwich Islands region, which is has three times recently, earthquakes of MUCH bigger size seem to home in at the longitudes of 138-143 degrees east, 165-170 degrees east, and around 70 degrees west.  You can look at a map and along these longitudes these areas are especially prone to high activity, including moderate earthquake 5.5-6.2. 

            High confidence on this for a big earthquake within 15 days from today, but most likely between now and Dec.3, Monday of next week. 

            • Hi BI,

                 T’anks for the update…for some reason some of the postings today have went in to the board as ‘Anonymous’, that’s one of mine abobe…I’ve been waiting for this filigently…check out the solar at the bottom of ther page where I’ve boted same…11520 IS firing up. Get back to me, if and when you can about the Matane, Canada thing …all we need right now is for bad things to start happening in the midst of the huge Laurentian Shield….S’Hew Boy!

              • Corrected and RE-SENT:

                Hi BI,

                   T’anks for the update…for some reason some of the postings today have went in to the board as ‘Anonymous’, that’s one of mine above…I’ve been waiting for this diligently…check out the solar at the bottom of ther page where I’ve noted same…11520 IS firing up. Get back to me, if and when you can about the Matane, Canada thing …all we need right now is for bad things to start happening in the midst of the huge Laurentian Shield….S’Hew Boy! Till later Friend…

              • @ JustOneGuy.  Just had a 5.6 along the 70 degree west longitude line, actually 76 degrees, in Peru as this is one of the areas to watch for.  It kind of freaks me out when I post something like this and less than a hour later it occurs.  It just proves that earthquakes follow a pattern, and you can forecast bigger earthquakes from following this pattern with some degree of accuracy.  Thank you again for the solar reports.  I sure would like to get a jump on a possible EMP event and get some of the more important items in a faraday cage if it looks like something is coming.  I have some items already protected, but I need to do more. 

                • Hi BI,

                      Be careful what you ‘wish’ for…

                        Sol’s acting ‘wierd’ today, scroll down to the bottom – if you haven’t already – it looks like I’m on ‘guard duty’ this evening …and after the last few days I COULD  use some sleep…Oh Well. Scope out what’s there…all of it, the 11620 group has been firing all day…but that’s not all. Much earlier tofay 11618 detonated and a short while later there went 11620 for the first time today…that’s not all either…within minutes 11621 could be seen ‘halo-ing’….having a reflexive response to 11620.

                       These could all be pure coincidence – as Webster’s defines such – however, I HAVE seen days, not unlike today, when everything – spread across literaly millions of miles – just went ‘fruit’ in a way that one’s intuiton say’s, “Nope, Uh-uh”.

                      We’ll have to wait and see I suppose…11620 is – as I’ve stated below – becoming ‘interesting’….if you’re around tonight for a bit and something comes up, then ‘Pipe-up’, I’ll likely be close at hand. 🙂 Till later Friend,…also ‘Thank you’ for the gracious complement given above…the feeking is thoroughly mutual. 🙂

          • @ HisArmsWide.  I am truly going to continue to comment as I cannot in good conscience withhold information about an event that could easily kill thousands or more because of some truly ignorant people that think that I am preforming some sort of ritual cult thing to get this earthquake forecasting information.  In the past I have posted the very long detailed work that is based on past earthquake patterns and where energy is focusing towards.  Much the same as meteorologists try to forecast the steering motions that will guide a hurricane to someone.  I don’t know anyone that calls the weather person that forecasts a sunny or rainy day as some evil witchdoctor with feathers and everything.  Forecasting the weather is now widely accepted and depended on for even those too stupid to understand science that go around attacking earthquake forecasting that one day will be equally accepted as weather forecasting. 

            It is just time consuming to put down the trolls when I could be commenting on something like various ideas on prepping or discussing some that has to do with the article on the site.  I wish these morons would relaize that their worthless hides are at stake also, and try to contribute or ask questions on preparation ideas.  It truly is irritating isn’t it when we all just want to learn from each other isn’t it?  Thank you and others for the nice comments. 

            • @Be Informed, thank you so much for the hard work that you put in for all those who visit this site. The proof for me that you know your stuff was with Sandy when you kept repeating to look out for the pressure.  You’re quite right when you say look out for the area of Panama for the Caribbean Plate.  8 hours ago there was a 4.8 – 40km in depth off the coast of Nicaragua.  I am vigilant but use the site http://www.earthquaketrack.com. I find it a bit more user friendly than USGS, nonetheless the information is there for those with eyes to see. 

              I cannot thank you enough for the work that you do, and to the others on this site who give very, very helpful information towards prepping.


              Thanks to all,

              Special thanks to Mac for the site!!

        • @ BI – thank you yet again for your hard work on keeping us updated.  since you “speak” in percentages,  just look at the ratio of green thumbs to red thumbs, and you will see that you – and KY mom – are greatly appreciated.    the red thumbs are just those that cannot see……

        • By all means BI…..keep offending the trolls.

      7. very much related

        WHAT A WAY TO GO

        Life at the end of empire



        • T’anks Satori!

      8. Even with all the other websites, personal knowledge and words of wisdom from much more intellectual people than myself, I feel that certian individuals will realize what’s happening around them and they should realize events (Minor/Major) are creating a barrier between trust and understanding.  I to felt that TEOTWAWKI was pressured, however, after visiting various site, the same common issues have arisen globally. Look around and if you feel the same or see changes (unexplainable), then react accordingly.  Prepare, Knowlege, TRUST..

      9. Yesterday my significant other went by Goodwill to drop off a donation.  The receiving area was loaded with TV’s.  Like stacked.  The employee explained that these were TV’s donated because of people going out and buying the latest and greatest on Black Friday.  Still in working condition, some were LCD/HD, but oh my we must get rid of the 42″ diagonal in order to get the 65″ diagonal smart TV.  They have no clue, and should be using the money to buy preps.  Of course, that assumes they paid cash and didn’t use the credit card.  Who knows, maybe they haven’t paid off the credit card from the last TV they bought.  Just returned from another run for beans and sugar.

        • WTF.


          I’m using an old 19″ CRT computer monitor from the late 90’s with a .gov cheese HD decoder box run throough a de-interlacer someone gave me.

          Go figure.

        • Where are you finding good dry beans? We are in Ohio, originally from Oklahoma with extended stays in other states. The best beans are from Michigan, IMHO, but I’m not finding anything we like here. Grocery store beans are several years old and bulk beans tend to be buggy. We have really  nasty clay, or I’d grow more of my own. We’re thinking of traveling to central Michigan where many beans are grown, just to stock up. Not cost effective, but if you detour around Detroit, it’s a nice trip. Am not sure if we can use brand names here, and if not, please feel free to delete and I won’t do it anymore, but the best brand I’ve used is Brown’s Best, found in Kansas and Oklahoma. I worked for a rural co-op in Michigan which handled many different types of beans and they were wonderful. Small grocery stores sell them in paper bags, incurring a bug problem, but they should be about perfect right now. Long post for a question, but quality has been a problem for us. Thanks!

          • how should you store the dry beans?  I have been vacum packing them along with rice and split peas.  Should i be freezing them before packingk?        Much thanks for any feed back.

            • There is no need to freeze your rice, beans, etc unless you wish to, regarding larvae…..do….freeze your flour and any other baking mixes you might have for 2 weeks so they will be larvae free and then seal in containers


              • Good advice!  I do the same but I don’t worry too much about bugs in the beans and rice.  Once cooked they add protein just the same.  But I definitely don’t want chewy larvae in my biscuit.  That’s about as appealing as a hair in a biscuit.

                 Everything I store for long term use is sealed tight in glass bottles and jugs.   I bought some 5 gallon carboys to store beans and rice in.  Filled to the brim after shaking down and covering the opening with plastic wrap and then a close fitting metal lid and sealing off with good duct tape.  If a rat chews thru all that, I’m screwed.  Bring out the steel traps. 

            • @dingo you can use dried bay leaves to preserve and when vacuum packing them use oxygen absorbers.  Don’t know if anyone on the site has Neem leaves, but they are also excellent for using to preserve Rice, Beans, etc.  You can check it out online.

            • @dingo  Pick up some Oxygen Absorbers, available from a lot of online places, shop around for the best prices, they vary a lot.   Then just drop the appropriate number in each container.  100cc for a #10 can / gallon sized container.  I will say we go a ‘little’ over and drop in 2500cc worth in our 5 gallon containers.  They’re dirt cheap compared to the value of the contents and there’s no kill like the overkill.   We typically wait till we have 10 buckets to prep and then I use a container of 50 x 500cc oxygen absorbers (about $8 worth where we buy them) and put 5 in each 6 gallon mylar bag of food stuffs.  Mylar is then vacuum packed using a shop vac and heat sealed using a standard iron and then goes in food grade 5 gallon buckets.    No oxygen, no life, no worries years down the road we’ll open one and find nothing but husks and chitin. 

              • thanks guys!    🙂

        • I have a five and a half yr old 40″ LCD and when it quits then Ill get the  newest LED 40″.   Any size larger would give me eyestrain.  Even if folks paid cash and had ditched a working TV, they were foolish not to spend it on prep items.  Again, they are victims of Ed Bernays.

        • I noticed that many stores had 32″ for $200 and $300.

          I know our 32″(we downsized when moving h$ere) cost $550 five years ago, and that was on sale.

          Yep, disposable furniture and appliances..our land fills thank you. 🙁  (that’s a frown face if it doesn’t appear here)


      10.  Shockingly the elite believe they will be able to manage and survive the crash. As if all the varibles are unchanging.As if a World War of a magnitude far greater than World War 2 is something that will be manageable.

          After the great reset when the survivors begin rebuilding and the elite show up demanding compliance, and assuring them they are there to help they will find themselves very dead very quickly.

        I can see it now months or years after the wars,famines,genocides as people begin to farm,build shelter, and try to regan some semblance of order the parasites will emerge from the bunkers and  show up claiming to be the State, claiming they want to help, ” I am just here to try and make life better, like it was before” {as if the survivors will want a society that is in any way shape or form like it was before}, and begin the process of lording it over the people again. Begin to demand the produce that will be all that stands between them and starvation through the threat of violence, the survivors will not be in  a mood to tolerate it and quickly put them and there agents to death with extreme prejudice.

          The stupidity of this age will have passed and the survivors will be not be the sheeple of this age, hence they will not be fleeced nor after being whitness to the horror will they be afraid to do what they must to ensure there own peace and survival and the peace and survival of there progeny

        The path they choose will only lead to one end, the near extiction of the entire human race including the elite and there offspring.

        • @ ButterKnifeBrigade.

              That’s what I am Talking About. The elite show up after the hard work is done.  Demanding the friut of my labor. You don’t WORK, you don’t get NOTHING! The Law should be DEAD set against this so called Legal Theft.

        • BkB if it goes that far. the militias will already be ruling by force. Those who are the most armed ( meaning most manpower not most guns ) will lead. They will then become corrupt no matter how well intentioned they were at first. It is human nature. May have 1 generation of ppl working to a common goal of remaking a better republic then the defiled republic we had.

                      We have been at this point before in time. Tyrannical leaders trying to control all for themselves and their personal greed, and to keep their families in charge of the populace.  It will move in a circle. All things do.

                       The world was started by god, the world will end by him. Spring leads into summer, leading into fall, leading into winter, and the circle reruns itself non stop.

                       The world rotates around the sun, the moon around the earth, over and over and over.

          Roman empire, built huge strong taking over the world, destroyed.                    Persian empire, built huge strong taking over the world, destroyed                   English empire, built huge strong taking over the world, destroyed              United States, built huge strong taking over the world, being destroyed.

          Just 4 quick ie’s.  It will circle around again if it is the lords will eh? The stupidity of many ages have passed and returned  over and over. What once was will be again.



          • No more republics… no more democracies…

            No more centralization of power or money… period.

            No more private corporations.

            The way God intended, a system of councils, local, within arms reach.

            Every man represents himself and his family, issue by issue.

            Castle law, a mans home is his castle.

            Every man heads a family of production. Re-institute apprenticeships.

            All politics is local.

        • Where do you guys think the phrase…

          “The Phoenix rises from its ashes.”

          Comes from..?



        • I fear many more will be facing SHTF situations in 2013.

          “A community college in Pennsylvania has turned 400 full-time teachers into part-timers. It will save $6 million in ObamaCare expenses. They had no medical insurance before, but they had full-time jobs. Now they will have neither.”


          “All across America, businesses will be imitating this school. Marginal workers will be fired or turned into part-timers.”


          Direct link below


            • ky mom, the click to continue reading at the bottom of your linked page goes into further detail. The person who said they were full time workers may of been talking about the new obama full time rules. When in fact by the article itself says they are actually temp. part timers. Part time is just that part time, it is on your schedule when your available, and when the company needs you within your available time.



            • kymom  not sure you clicked the continue to read at the bottom of your linked page, it goes further into detail, it explains how the workers are Temp Part Time Workers. Not full time unless they are going by the full time by obama. The workers work 30 hours and are being cut to 25 as stated by the story that your link was  talking about. Temp workers are just that temp. no guaranteed hours. You work when your scheduled within you availability. It is not a full time job.

            • kymom, after i read the link you posted i wnet to the click here to read more, no where in the actual story does it say that they were being fired like the headign to the first page stated.

              Also the story on the actual story page said that they were Temp. Part Time workers not full time.

              “Tuesday, CCAC employees were notified that Obamacare defines full-time employees as those working 30 hours or more per week and that on Dec. 31 temporary part-time employees will be cut back to 25 hours. The move will save an estimated $6 million. ” this is a quote as to who is getting the cut.

              I like most of your links,read every one of them, even those ones u got red thumbed for on the ron paul speach where ppl were bitching at you.  

              • lol none of the posts popping yesterday so i retyped things a few times lol sorry 🙂



          • Ky. Mom..this is the intent and started many decades ago..when all are jobless, all face bankruptcy and foreclosure, the elite, with all their gold bought with funds by robbing the people for decades through regulations and taxes, will swoop in and buy all commerical and residential property 10 cents on a dollar through the compromising thieving banks. 

            Can you say renters???

          • Gotta wonder: how many of those college professors voted for Obama? How many voted for him TWICE? How many of them STILL won’t be able to figure out that they’ve been had, and will continue blaming Bush, the GOP, white people, the Tea Party, gunowners, blah blah blah blah???

            Like Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid”

            • GWB destroyed the American economy by allowing, no encouraging 42,400 factories and 60 million jobs to offshore during his administration while making the US taxpayer subsidize these bastards.

              Obummer continues to eviscerate the American middle class, allowing 15,000 factories to offshore during his first term. He continues the policies of GWB, NWO Illuminati.

              Check the demographics of the 2012 vote. It was white people and gun owners who re-elected O’bummer, while 16 million white males were AWOL from the polls.

              They deserve the blame. So does Bush: the biggest TRAITOR to America since Benedict Arnold.

              • And keep in mind all of it was set in motion by Clinton when he signed NAFTA.  GWB just didn’t do anything to stop it.  I belive in giving credit where credit is due so lets not forget Bill’s contrabution to the problem.

                • Slick Willy also signed into law China Free Trade less than two months before leaving office after it passed US Senate with 80% or Democrats and 83% of Republicans voting yes for it. Clinton  is revered by Democrats. Goes to show how the party faithful ignore facts they don’t like. 

                  Clinton did what GH and GW Bush would have liked to do but being Republicans too much opposition was in their way. Democrats being the “Friend Of The working Class” could, would and did just what Wall Street wanted with little no no opposition.Never underestimate the ignorance of the masses.

                  Take notice that regardless if you voted D or R the outcome was going to be the same. 

                • poorboy gwb did nothing to stop it because ghb his father was the champion of that very  bill since he was the leader of the CIA.  He could not get it done so they passed it to the popular clinton.  Another great reason why some of us say the two headed snake or two sides of the same coin when talking about dems. and reps.

                • Not to mention Clinton strong armed the banks into giving home loans to everyone based on their ability to breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide in the name of living the American dream.  He encouraged what led to the housing market collapse.  But no, let just lay all the blame on those bad ol’ bankers who complied with the Blackmailer in Chief’s demands.

              • Why do you give Clinton who signed into law NAFTA after twisting arms to get it passed through The House and later signing China Free Trade into law a pass? I hear nothing from you regarding Biden, Kerry, Edwards and Ted Kennedy’s vote for Chine Free Trade  along with 80% of US Senate Democrats.

                Why did less jobs leave to China under Obama? Because less were remaining to start with. They’re scraping the last of the meat off the bone. 

                Facts are facts and you have Tunnel Vision. 

                THEY ARE ALL GUILTY regarding Free Trade and abandoning Glass-Stegall which allowed the Financial Fox to be in control of the Investment Banking Chicken Coop. Oh Bill Clinton penned the demise of Glass-Stegall too only beating GW Bush to it. 

              • DK fully agree. here is more we already know 🙂 to add to it.

                GWB = Patriot Act. so yes he is a traitor for pissing on the constitution and that was in his first term how many here voted for him to have a second term AFTER he pissed on the constitution?

                obama = NDAA another traitor. Both traitors.

                One is white. One is black/white. Why would ppl blame whites? until obama it has been all white in the head office and it has been going downhill for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. The gov has been working on what has been going on for longer then obama has been alive. I mean you all say it here this has been going on for YEARS. or am i wrong and we been doing really good all the way up until 2009 when he took office.

          • Good.  I’d lay you odds that 99% of them were Obama voters.  I hope they reap the full harvest of what they’ve sown.

            “You can avoid reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality”  –Ayn Rand–

        • @ Satori,

              You follow H Kunstler too…Hmmm, good ‘taste’ Friend.

        • The economy cannot “recover” if you cannot create more jobs than you lose. You cannot create more jobs than you lose, when the PTB allow, no encourage, factory owners (big business) to offshore,  while WE the People subsidize the Globalists to do so with tax incentives.

          Yes, WE actually pay them to relocate.

          Can you imagine that? One of the many miracles of “Free Trade”.   Free Trade isn’t a FREEDOM, its a demonic scheme to destroy the Middle Class in America as a prelude to One World Government.

          Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them.

          • Hi DK.

               The only “bright spot” will be when manufacturing jobs do come back, you won’t be asking folks to take a pay cut to work with their hands. The people who will go to work in the next incarnation of our economy will not be accustomed to a cushy J-O-B with all the trimmings. With one exception; anybody coming out of government.

            That was meant to be “cute” and as a joke. But seriuosly, I only see a few scenarios by which we get cranking again. One involves a population decrease/thinning of the herd, however accomplished. The other involves everyone rallying to fight against a common enemy. Or put another way, A BIG F*CKING WAR. Not one of these chicken shit excursions, where 2% of the population goes off and the rest go about their daily lives, la-de-da! And BAE, Haliburton, Lockheed, etc.etc., get fat and happy. No, I mean Stalingrad, and we’re the Ruskies type shitstorm. Food and fuel rations, scrap drives, blackouts.  Something to snap people out of the trance they are in, if they are unlucky enough to survive. (not a misprint).

            We are either going to pick sides and fight each other, or come together to fight a common threat. Be alert for the next Hitler.His type are bred in times like these. The way the dimtards worship BigEars, I could see him sliding into the role. Slowly but surely, he seems to be believing all the crap said about him. The way he is “worshipped”, it probably is tough to retain mere mortal status when looking in the mirror.

            Anyhow, I respect your views. How do you see it going?

            • Rick: The eight ball is a little murky when I shake it up and turn it over these days, given O’bummer’s re-election, but economically I don’t see any change in the economy until de-leveraging is concluded.

              Some experts suggest that WE are halfway through that process but I don’t see it. The real estate market has an overhang of two million units right now, the banks have not marketed their best stuff yet hoping to catch an “upside” that won’t happen, the demographics for housing are over, and 12 million homeowners who are still paying on their mortgages are underwater.

              Consumer household debt is still a problem.

              The upper middle classes are starting to feel the pinch now; even the well heeled ones who are watching their assets and savings erode. These are business owners /retailers, and owners of the means of production, etc whose consumer base has collapsed and will not return any time soon.

              The crash is now starting to affect those who were not leveraged, and well heeled. 

              These are not the “Uber Rich” but the well to do. Luxury home prices are still dropping. I’m talking top of the line homes that are 6,000 to 12,000 sf with amenities. These multi-million dollar homes are down another third. Homes once selling for $800 to $1000 psf are now down to $400 -450, maybe $500 psf for architectual wonders with extraordinary locations.

              Everyone wants to bail before the Fiscal Cliff hits and capital gains go from zero to 20-30% The Fiscal Cliff WILL hit. Don’t believe the hype. Both parties want to increase government revenues but the Retards do not want to admit to it.

              No change unless O’bummer gets creative, but don’t expect any program to take effect until summer. I think that is too much to ask from someone who follows the Illuminati line. Still he might could do something but he will be distracted by the Middle East. Expansion of war in the Middle East between Syria and Turkey. A first strike by Israel, a counter by Iran with the US in the middle.

              Game on. Game over for however long that lasts.

              Want employment? Find a Defense Contractor, small town Police Department, fast food, warehouse, or grocery store. Be prepared to work 30 hours or less as America continues to move from minimum wage to slave labor to pay for O’bummer Care. 

              Inflation? Yes. Hyperinflation? No. Collapse? No.

              • DK wont go hungry as he will have hundreds of thousands of words to eat as well as lots of crow when his arrogant condescending ass is curled up in fetal position saying, “but how could I have been so wrong, I am a genius”


                • Anonymous: thanks for the laugh! you made my day!!! 🙂

              • Dk,

                Like all the other financial pundits, think the world still revolves around their machinations…

                Politics trumps economics and money…

                The Dark man is setting you up for a fall, a big fall, along with the rest of us… then, he will blame it all on those evil capitalists, he “tried to work with you”, he tried to work with those back stabbing republicans, etc etc… then he will drop the hammer on everybody.

                “capitalist money is too limited, and therein lies the evil.”, we must have a new money to do the new things we want to do…

                Then, the new unlimited socialist credit scheme will take effect, paying off all the debts with worthless electronic ones and zeros… and all you guys will be lucky to escape from the popular backlash.

                You will have to take The Mark and swear fealty to the emperor, to survive or else.

                That is after the Dark man loses a war, deliberately.

                TO the people, there is ONE WAY, to stand up to Washington DC, legally, under the Constitution, to TAKE POWER from the two legs and the head of gold of the Establishment…

                What could be called a Civil civil war. 34 states must be convinced to call a constitutional convention, elect delegates, and state conventions, to call for an amendment to dissolve Federal power, and return that power to the states… thus everybody gets what they want. The competing factions of America, can never be put back right, the divisions are too strong and righteously held.



                • No PM, I am set up to succeed. If all the fiat in the world goes away, my mountain of metal will still have value and my preps will serve me well.

                  And America will not fall. I recommend that you go to SHTF Patriots, click on Washington in the banner, and see what the future of America really is. 

                  As usual, you want America to fail to validate your own incompetence and your twisted view of scripture. Not gonna happen.

                  But hey! Stick with that story. It suites you!  🙂

                • What will you do with the gold, if it is made illegal my arrogant friend?


                • As far as my ‘twisted’ take on scripture, you may suck up those sweet words on the tongue and I pray your bitterness is not too bitter.


                • PM: I don’t NEED the gold and pgm’s. Its just a bonus. And if the PTB make precious metals illegal there will be an underground economy that will want it.

                  I have been “aware” for 50 years. I am not arrogant. I am ready for any contingency!   🙂

                • Ok my ‘know it all’ friend…

                  I, have some Pm’s too, I have much in the way of prep, we are on the same page there, you are probably much richer though, it shows in your speech, your pride, we used to be there… answer me why is there such confusion, and division within the Churchs? Such disagreement over simple words, did God author confusion? or do men?

                  As far as my being ‘twisted’, you are simply a good person that was victimized by the Roman church, I used to be like you, believing the fairy tales, until I read Origen and Enoch, then we read the Nag Hammadi, so until you can find it in you, to expand your horizon beyond the twisted words of Rome, the mother of harlots, that created the daughters of the harlot, that allows men to sin and destroys men and societies lost in materialism, then we will simply agree to disagree.

                  Your ridicule is welcomed like a summer breeze, for the way of truth is 3; ridicule, violence, then acceptance as matter of fact.

                  Until you can, in physics or math, prove the God calculus equation wrong, then your words are just words.

                  God bless

          • The idiots out there define “recovery” as people spending money.  That’s their solution for everything…..more consumption.

            I’m reminded of the words of Ross Perot when he said, “If you don’t make anything, you can’t buy anything.”

            They keep pumping money into this, as if that’s the solution.  They just keep raising the limit on the credit card without increasing the income.

            This is going to end badly.

        • Yes but it matters not how long the emergency is because we are safe from terrorists . Put your trust in government . They are here to help you . Now dont you feel better ?

      11. Definite wake up call Mac !

      12. There will be “Worshippers of the Sphere” more upset with the shelves being bare in the grocery store spoiling the pre game, game and post game party than the reality of the situation. 

        Make no mistake the circus will continue in the absence of food. Actually in foods absence the importance of circus rises in the plans of the powers to be. 

      13. I am sitting here in my office wondering at this time if I should share this video with friends and relatives.  I have spoken of this to them, some many times.  But except for a very few and I mean very few have they heeded my words.  Most cannot believe such a thing could happen.  Most say this is the United States of America and our government would never let this happen.

        At this time I am not going to forward this information.  I know that it would be seen by most as that crazy  …..BigB…… is at it again.  It would also re-inforce that my wife and I are preppers.  Thus giving them that little insurance “of well if such a thing happened we can go to there house”.  No, you can’t.

        What my wife and I have done is we  bought an insurance policy for this type of event. I have explained to them that  all preppers are is people who have bought insurance in case it is needed.  For whatever reason they chose not to.

         If they are in a car wreck and they have insurance it does not entitle me to be compensated so why would or should they be entitled to compensation on an insurance policy I bought?  Besides, I am tired of trying to fix stupid.  Let Darwin sort it out.

        • Roger that.

        • I’m not a bible thumper,……but I say remmember the story of  Noah’s Ark ?…..just sayin. Stay on point folks !

        • @BB  Exactly.  I use this argument every time.  “You have health insurance?  Car insurance?  House insurance?  Life insurance?  Home owners?  Renters? Disability?  Why not spend just a little bit each month to set up food insurance.  And the best part? This insurance makes you money.  By buying some extra when things are on sale you’re earning a good return on your dollar when you eat those things later.  Just keep doing that it’s literally money in your pocket and peace of mind in case some disaster hits.But it falls on deaf ears.  Every %!%&!*%* time.  

      14. On the news they are reporting on a home invasion where the home owner shot & killed the teen would be robber.  Home owner being charged with murder.

        Really?  You break into someones house you should expect to get shot.  It’s not murder.  It’s protecting your home from an intruder.  I guess it must have been in a progressive neighborhood/city.  Bad home owner should share his property with that poor robber.  When did the criminals become the victims?

        This is a scarey mindset of some. 


        • If the story you are talking about involved 2 teens in Minnesota, read what happened in the Star Tribune; he executed them, shot them in the waist as they were descending the stairs alone and even delivered a kill shot to the girl with a 22 pistol under her chin into her cranium. Not everything is cut & dried justified; read for yourself, there was no threat, just a trigger happy fool.

            • The news on the TV didn’t go into the details.  Thanks for the link. 

              Should serve as a good heads-up.  People get really pissed off when they’ve been broken into multiple times.  Sounds like he hit the point of “enough is enough”.

          • They were robbing him and threatening him with bodily harm.

            Law says it isn’t justified.  Sounds justified as hell to me.  Fucking thugs.  Gotta learn you can’t go around messing with people and expect no repercussions.

            • SSS…

              In this case, a nice pillow over the pistol would have been all he needed.


      15. Book Review for Preppers……World War Z

        I know, I know it is a Zombie book, but the author does a pretty good job of getting into the heads of “the masses” and paints a nice picture of how people react in a SHFT scenario. It is about exactly how we all expect the Sheeple to act but it is cool to dive into a personal account, although fictional obviously, of the mind set of the unprepared in a SHFT scenario. The style the book is written in gives a blow by blow account, post apocalypse interview style, of a bunch of different groups of people during the crisis.

        It gets a little repetitive so if you are not a Zombie fan I wouldn’t bother. I think it is fairly well written and actually gives some amazing insight at certain points about SHFT scenarios and how the masses react.

      16. @ JustOneGuy.

                       I too, would like to expand on the subject of the New Law and Order. To answer your question of the needless death by guns is very sad and also infuriating.

        Two young girls were shot and killed in a drive by shooting. A cleck in a small store was shot and killed even after he gave them the money. An older woman was raped and shot, victum of a home invasion. Baby killed in his bed as bullets ripped through the home. The crime commited in public housing is atrosious and they live in fear. If you snitch, you end up in a ditch and no American should live like that. Even low income families. If I were High Sheriff, I would seek them out with a vengeance and deal with it most serverly. Enough said for now.

        • G’Day slingshot,

               I believe – if I am mistaken here correct me – that you previously mentioned the code of Hamurabi, Yes? I am fully in support of the fuller expansion of these principles as a ‘Doctrine” in any possible revamping of the Law as it has become. Typically, “Doctrine” – in Law – underlies same and serves as a ‘full foundation’ of support from which, actually, Law is derived. This is no longer an operant principle in the debacle which OUR system of Law and Jurisprudence has become….more’s the pity.

              Pointedly, it SHOULD always be the case that Law, whensoever it is plainly seen to be in conflict – operationally – with Doctrine thereby effectively becomes ‘Without Effect’. That is to say, whesnoever Law can be interpreted as being contradicting Doctrine then it is legally absurd, and therefor nullified thereby.

              I’ve REALLY begun to try to think through the errors and insufficeincies which permeate the ‘What is’ around us. I’ve begun to think that along with all the other things we all have ‘on the burner’ right now we had BETTER start thinking about this as well. If the SHTF, things like this are not exactly going to be the ‘first thing’ on one’s dailly to-do list….seems like now is as good a time as any for people of good character to be upon such.

              I will be posting some things here daily henceforth, if your ‘spirit’ inclines in these directions I ask you to comment thereon Friend, wheresoever you look and see your so doing would improve such. Even, to just discuss somesuch things would aslo be pleasing to me, if you so cjhoose.

              Speaking of which, I will be posting something below which attempts to start gettting in the directions I think we need to go…feel free to read through and comment as you see fit Brother! 🙂

          • Before I go spouting off at the keyboards some qualifications or admissions should be in order.

              Just a High School Grad. Close to 60 years old. A hunter and eat what I kill. Done military service. Pay Taxes and Vote. Seen death and injury up close. A firm supporter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Married. One child out of home. Grandpa. Retired.

             Wanted to give the readers an explanation/insight, why I would say or answer in the way I do.

            • Howdy again Slingshot,

                 Brother, I truly believe that half the problem with things as they are today is because – at some point – the people who claim to be ‘so damn smart’, those who did what we see in things around us now, ‘got to big for thier britches’ so to speak. If LAw can’t be understood by EVERYONE then it’s a damn piss-poor kinda law as far as I’m concerned.

                  ‘E v e r y b o d y’  needs to ‘come to the table’, now and in the future if we are EVER gonna get anything straightened out…ya think? All that’s needed here, I think, is to be of good character and ABOVE ALL ELSE to be ‘Honest’ with ourselves and others of the same mein. I’ve posted in what I indicated previously, I’m sure it’s awaiting moderation now…could take a bit inasmuch as it might be a formatting ‘nightmare’ for Mac and his crew…lets give then some time, then as before, feel free….

            • @ slingshot,

                  I’ll ‘see’ your admission above and raise you an epiphany,

                  50+, no children, college-educated (multiple BA’s in Mathematics, Physics), ex-Army, disabled two years ago – Damn the luck – seen much of the same as you mention, am Humbled by the DoI, the big C and the BoR…life-long fan of Mr Thomas Jefferson and still get weepy-eyed EVERY time I read any of the BIG Three.

              PS: Just had that final, “Ah-Hah” moment a few weeks ago…hopefully I’ll NEVER recover fully…was a little back in the forums, had it here, snake eater – and others here – can attest to same.

              • WoW! Low Man on totem pole.;0)  In the words of Jackie Gleason,  “And away we go”.

                       Man was born into this world with only one law and that was survival. An extension to his mate and offspring by his protection. He was free. His was only limited by what the enviorment dictated and his body could endure. A secular point of veiw.

                       God created man and then woman and gave them freedom in the garden with only one  law. Not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.   A Religious point of veiw.

                Whether Law was an instruction from a higher power or the product of the evolvement by specie, it is law none the less.

                Man can not live without laws because he thinks, while animals use instinct. Yet both animal and man can display acts of emotion. Love ,Trust, anger, fear and weep. But the ability to stand upright,an opposable thumb and the capability to manipulate his enviorment has made man dominant.

                As mans population increased there were those who sought to take or kill from the group as they pleased. It is then man made laws against these actions and provided penalties for such offenses. Another secular point.

                Now, God not being out done created the Ten Commandments. Actually there were over 600 commandments if memory serves me right. By which our Judeo Christian values of law are based on today. Yes the Religious point.

                        Good laws combine a secular need, with the temperance of higher authority. All other laws can be confounded or construde to fit evil needs.

                 So  if we are to make new laws from the dust of old law, we must be sure they are righteous. As man can not be separated from laws.  Good Laws can not be separated from the Divine. 

                NEXT.      When secular law runs amuck.



                • Evenin’ slingshot,

                     Hah!, I sure ain’t DISAPPOINTED here…Hehehe!!! Good JOB brother….I’m SURE this will END well for all concerned! Might you should drop down a bit, between here and Rick 🙂 and Puppy prepper below….a ‘Magnum Opus’ of sorts awaits. Indeed, THAT was what I meant earlier and what I alluded to yesterday in ‘Power and Authority’…take a peek -if you haven’t already – I have perused your response and like it quite well – for a time I ask your forgiveness, patience as to generating a response thereto, one of my other duties in life lately is all things solar in nature and as luck would have it there’s some interesting activity tonight….such requirees my full attention when it happens. Till later then Friend…and many thanks!!

      17. The statement about Bernays reminds me of a story I heard in business school about when they first started shipping jobs to Mexico.  At first they had plenty of workers, but then they got paid and went home not to return.  Someone finally got the idea of sending them all mail-order catalogs.  They created desire where there was none and the workers returned.

        As I said before, I attend a Black Friday even every year usually arriving an hour after it begins and stay in the periphery to watch people for about an hour.  We live in a relatively safe area, but I still a glimpse of man’s inhumanity to man.


      18. @ All,

            As a part of the ongoing postings I have elected to put forth here for all to see and dwell upon;

            If you who are “My fellow Men, and Women” or alternately my peers, here look upon these things and find them to be GOOD, then I will effort myself – with your ongoing good help – to further pursue this line of thought….else I will NOT further aggravate you with these things and I will not put them forth here.


        On What We are given:

            Entering into the world, We are endowed by Nature’s God with Life. This is apparently a free gift and so is owed to none here who live and breathe. The personal choices of Humanity as to any other election they themselves choose as to be so obliged to, are thier own and so beyond the purvue of men and the judgement thereof. The corrolary of this is that

        None have the RIGHT to enforce upon ANY other or others, thier own

        individual selection by way of such election.


        On Freedom:

            We are not born with Freedom, howsoever we are brought into the world we are brought thereby by the actions of others and typically sustained thereby. Whether we are sustained by those from whom we are genetically derived or in rare case by the free choice of others it is our First responsibilty that those who have done so are Entitled to the decency of Respect in return for these actions. Otherwise it may be presumed that none now living would have succeeded in ataining to the estate of

        Majority. In the beginning it is beyond evident that none can be expected or allowed to exercise Authority for they enter the World mindless and hence NOT mindful of the basic facts of the World. Such as these then are Minor and so

        thereby are constained by a different governance than those who have

        attained to Majority and thus the execise of Free Will.


        Comments are WELCOME!

        • @ Mac,


              Same thing here Brother, “Anonymous”, yeah, it’s mine…can we please get this fixed?


          • @JOG.  Your posts are like reading Shakespeare. 

            • Thanks…I think. 🙂

            • me too Rick.

        • Well. . .you are gonna have to dumb that down for me. . . I got all tangled in the howsoevers and therebys. . . .

          • Hi PuppyPrepper,


                …someday you’re gonna have to tell me just how you came by your ‘Nom de Plume’, I like it.   Unfortunately, a certain amount of the formatting did NOT translate through the site’s text filters…Oh Well, it’s actually intended to be both simple AND very precise. English as a language is such a blessing…the truth of that lies in it’s adoption world-wide as the language of trade. PP, you might try reading it aloud a time or two (if no one’s watching 🙂 ) I think it will come to you that way…I actually had to do something similar near to the end to make sure I had couched it as I intended.

                In any event, if anything is not clear ‘Pipe-up’ and we’ll jabber about it….THAT was MY intent here…to get folk started on the broad ‘communing’ with each other that leads to something greater…and better for us all………….AMEN!

            • OK, I read it out loud but it just made the dogs howl and I could not think straight, so I still need your help. Maybe it was the Shakespearean delivery that set them off. . . . . 😀  

              Thank you for today’s solar reports, btw.

              • @ Pup,

                   Funny….mine did ALMOST the exact same thing….THERE’S a STUDY in this….somewhere…I’m sure!!!

                    Seriously, allow me to get back with Y’All tomorrow…been ‘burnin’ da midnight oi’l a LITTLE to much the last few days, hold the thought for a bit…I’ll likely be back on board by next evenin’, been a little hectic with ol’ Sol gettin a bit wierd today, G’Niight Friend.

        • Respect your elders?

        • J1G,

          Your efforts are applauded,  and your prose is true,

          in what comes after, the red, white and blue,

          but if we are men, of Natures God,

          that draw our livings, from His sod,

          we must give Him, the final nod.


          All constitutions, of men of old,

          the weakness was, the rule of gold,

          and if truly, new time be done,

          a golden rule, for all, be one.


          aristocrats of royalty, that were shamed,

          aristocrats of money, upon us stayed,

          what was a paper of gold, and a side of Gods rights,

          must become a paper of God, and a side of material rights.



      19. This coming collapse isnt going to be overnight. TPTB are controlling the collapse so its slow and painful. If it happened overnight there would be riots and mass hysteria, so by making it slow they can control us better. ex. you wake up and your sister gets laid off but the rest of your family is alright you dont go rioting but if you wake up and all of your family is out of work well then its they hit the streets.

      20. These elite human monsters who have taken on the role of God, will be dealt with in a way that to us is unimaginable. They are diabolical and without conscience but they will answer for their crimes against humanity in a manor that is much worse than what the average human will suffer. The sheep right now, are moving in an organized, controlled way, with no complaints other than the rogue lone wolf who disrupts the line but is dealt with accordingly. Separate yourselves from the ones who will not listen, pray for them and plan for yourself and your loved ones the best way that you can. It will be God’s will as to who survives and who does not. Yes it is in our hands how we prepare but we are not God so therefore we must at this moment be prepared spiritually to meet our maker. The world is full of people, anger, hunger, mental illness, ignorance, depravity, evil, fear, anxiety, depression, anti religion, manipulation and desperation. The world is also full of love of God, humanity, honesty, goodness, bravery, foresight, compassion, beauty, sanity, and hope.

        We must find the good and incorporate it into our daily lives, I have great pity for those who can not see the good or who are prevented from anything good, by that, I mean the innocent children who are born from the illiterate, the indigent, the lazy, the evil, the depraved and the selfish. Sometimes I wonder how much inhumanity I can handle, the thought of millions of people dyeing a horrible death is almost too much but my belief in God helps me realize that the innocent ones will be taken care of by the Lord for eternity. Hell on earth is what we are living through right now, human pain and suffering for no reason other than power and greed, is about as evil as it can be. To think that this is all planned by an elite group of individuals is mind boggling and hard to comprehend.

        • A part of us is connected to God–that’s the part that is wise, discerning, and uses in-depth thinking.

          Another part of us is disconnected from God–that’s the part we live in most of our lives…that keeps us sane and alive, for if we had ‘God-awareness’, we’d be far too dissident to survive for long.


          I like that thought–that God isn’t watching me dance in front of the mirror to ‘Last Dance’ by Donna Summers…ooh, there she is..gotta go!! 🙂



          Oh, you know you wanta click that button..go ahead, grab your honey and get it on!!! 

          • Good one JayJay! 🙂

          • jayjay,

            I forgot how much I liked that song, yea, I grabbed my honey and danced, she thought I was nuts but we laughed and the kids thought it was sooo uncool but they wanted more. Gotta lighten up now and then, right?  Thanks!

            • Oh, around my house, I am alone unless dh is home…neighbors??  Well, they already watch my stepping as I mow and weed eat—screw ’em!!

              I’m old…NOT DEAD!! 🙂

              Glad I could bring back some great memories of the greatest era for music—EVER!!

        • Very well said Live Free…..brought tears to my eyes….but also made me all the more determined that this  Nation will not die!  I will happily lose my head if there is a Patriot behind me to pick up my weapon and continue on…..I am sorry to sound so maudlin but this is how I live my life and the hour is late….too late for some, I fear…..May God Bless Us All


      21. a good example is greece…just ask Manos. Greece was a slow decay. Spain is next. Let us not forget the 3rd largest economy in the world Japan. Why do you think Obama had a meeting with all of those CEO’s a few weeks ago? My money is he is asking them to to lot lay off large amounts of workers and if they dont he will promise bailouts for them.

      22. I guess I might watch about an hour’s worth of TV a week. I did watch last week “To Kill A Mockingbird” starring Gregory Peck. Hadn’t seen it in years. Little did I realize that ol “Boo Radley” was played by Robert Duvall. Great movie! Well I forced myself to watch all three of the above videos. They did exactly what I’d thought they’d do…….bum me out. It does at times appear to be overwhelming. I think it s time to pour about four fingers of John Daniels over some ice. Been a long day. Cheers.

        • Just saw Robert Duvall along with Michael Caine in a movie called Second Hand Lions last week. Kind of a little touchy feely for me but  they were some pretty tough old codgers. BTW is that a mixture of Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels or am I missing something?

          • Second Hand Lions – one of my favorite movies! Good clean fun.

          • No, I get to call him “John” cause we’ve been aquainted for a lonnnnng time.

      23. Off Topic…Hey Mac or anyone….has anyone ordered from the antibiotics ad on the right side of this web page? if you have are they legit? just asking?

        • I was wondering the same thing.  I would like to order, but have really no idea if Im getting  legit medicine or not. When you really need it would be a bad time to find out something had gone amiss

          • I have asked the question myself with no response. Just another advertiser I reckon.

        • If anyone has any info on this site I would be interested in knowing if

          they are legit.  Seems too good to be true and why don’t they take credit cards?

          They also offer a suture kit with lidocane.

      24. Well at least  154,873 of the people doing this years running of the bulls bought guns last Friday. To bad they forgot the ammo!!

      25. “collapses under the weight of tens of trillions of dollars of debt.”  Several days ago, I was sipping on my second beer after helping the neighbor split wood. I got to thinking about how much everyone depends on the corp government. In just the small rural area I live in, there are seven houses (not including Amish). Out of these seven houses every one is in some way depending on government largesse. Three households are retired on SS. One is retired Reserves. One is on SS disability. One is a steelworker working on around 50% government contract jobs. The corporation my household works for derives a portion of it’s income from contracts for low income housing projects in NYC. 7 out of 7. Truly sad and not a pretty picture when the government defaults on it’s obligations. Anyone else see this in their neighborhoods?

        • Ok you got me thinking.

          My next door neighbor is a log hauler and the National forest has had a lot of logging done to it.

          The wife of my other next door neighbor works in billing at a local hospital and her husband is a self employed mechanic as well as two others in the immediate area.

          I’m a self employed Tool and Die Maker and I don’t directly do any government work. A couple of my customers do build components for the military but I’m not ITAR certified and my parts are not suppose to go into M&P until I am.

          My wife is a the manager for medical records in a private adult care facility. They do have SSI and Medicare patients.

          The neighbor behind us is a nurse and I think his wife is also in medical records at a hospital

          Neighbor across the street is one of the self employed mechanics and also boards horses.

          Another one close by is a tool salesman for Mac Tools.

          A welder at a paper mill.

          We are pretty much an unincorporated blue collar rural area on the outskirts of the big city. 20 miles away.

        • Yep.  I was dragging out my garbage cans one morning and trying to be real quiet per my Mom’s training.  But then I thought…gee…my Mom never worked and I’m the only guy on the street working..

          bang, bang bang, clunk, boom…fuckem….racket and all.

          They are not quiet after work when I need rest.

          Let it all collapse.

          WE the preppers are laughing at all you jerks who tried to make us out to be crazy.    Go eat your leather shoes!!!


          • WorkingMan: Good one.  But don’t forget to boil those leather shoes for a long while, otherwise they’re too chewy. A little salt and pepper would help too. Keep prepping everyone.

        • I have looked around my neighborhood and thought about who is going to make it and who is going to get slapped . I think about 10% are going to be alright and the rest are in real trouble . And there is no excuse for it here . We live in one of the greatest places in the nation to survive a collaps as long as you have done some selective preping . An Island in the gulf of Alaska where fish,  game and fresh water are abundant . We have a short growing season but the hours of daylight make up for it . Green houses extend the season quite well  and the freezer is the back porch in the winter . Wood for heating  and cooking is on the beach for the taking . Yet not many are prepared for a short tsunami evac let alone a collaps of the whole thing . Fuel and groceries are supplied by container ships and barges . This Island would be out of everything in about a week . So many sleepers

        • Lets see, retired, ss disability, ssdi, retired, ssdi,  Drugist for major chain, retired, Self employed, ……… those are just the ones close by.  There is a truck driver down the hill. Most have guns but few prep as far as I know.

      26. The two greatest motivators are fear and hunger. 

        I didn’t buy into the coming ice age, I didn’t buy into 1984, I didn’t buy into the Y2K disaster, I didn’t buy into the Global Warming disaster and I don’t buy this disaster. Same church, different pew. Fear sells.

        I do think that there’s economic hurt coming and that we haven’t seen the worst of it yet but I don’t think there will be a total collapse. Japan has been sideways for 20 plus years and is on QE8, last I heard the yen is still a strong currency. It’s value is based on the fact that Japan builds quality and the world still wants her products.  The USA builds quality, has abundant natural resources and is in the process of bringing them to market (once again). There’s still a few more cards to be played before TEOTWAWKI.  The dollar may lose it’s value but Timber, Oil, Coal and…….wont. I’ve been wondering what would be the next boon in our economy and it’s starting to look like natural resources will lead the way.

        I don’t have a clue how much of the wealth will trickle down and I’m sure we will still get screwed by the corps and that government will be their enablers. That’s life as a serf.


        • The next boom will be the result of 3-D technology where every Freedom Cell can create their own guns and ammo on the cheap. Create a Freedom cell in your neighborhood now.

          Just saying. 🙂

          • Don’t hold your breath. Technology that threatens the system will be banned, regulated or otherwise controlled.” The People” possessing a machine that gives them the ability to produce effective modern home made firearms?  

            The power elite ain’t giving up that easy. 

            • Oh I don’t know…………. There’s always a way to beat the devil ’round the stump.

              • You cannot build one of those machines. By decree you can’t have one unless WE approve it. Done deal. 

                • K2: These machines are already in the hands of the “rebels”. If you have one, you can print another. Nice try. Too late! 🙂

                • DK

                  I’ll send you a rock as raw material and send me back a phaser. I always wanted one of them. The thought of having a device that you push a button and have someone glow and disappear would be tempting. If that is above it’s capabilities I’ll settle for a TOW missile or RPG. 


                • K2: I’m planning on punching out $600 hammers for DOD as soon as it is my turn!!!  🙂

        • RickInOregon: Quite right, it’s been a long, slow slide down hill since the creation of the FED in 1913.  A slow crash has far more and longer lasting effects than a quick one.  There will be more ‘big bumps’ in the road down to the bottom and each time folks will say, “maybe that was it” and then they’ll settle into the newer, lower ‘normal’ and be grateful that it’s over. That is until the next bump, and the cycle of despair and false hope begins all over again.  I’m 59 y/o and by the time my grandkids are grown, they’ll think  the stories about the times of my youth are just tales of imagination. I truely feel sorry for them and all the rest.  

          • Gregory8, I’m glad that someone gets what I’m saying. If you draw a chart of the economy it will look like someone on a pogo stick going down hill.

            Because I believe in the slow collapse I’m trying to acquire enough skills to survive the bottoms and then take advantage of the up turns. If you aren’t learning how to grow your own food, raise farm animals, hunt, fish and forage then can, smoke, dry, pickle, salt and freeze your food then you are still dependent on the system. I don’t care how many MRE’s you have, if you can’t make more then you will run out. If you can’t make a candle, a chair, a basket, a pot, a spoon, a tool then you are still dependent on the system. My focus isn’t on more guns and bullets but more seeds, hand tools and old time knowledge books. 

          • As we pogo down the slopes of Oldevai,

            a song of hope, despair and lies,

            until one day the hope is spared,

            and madness thickens in the air,

            the tipping comes,

            the cups of wrath are full,

            as taxes raised, in unholy bull,

            and destiny is full of rhymes,

            paradigms not in your hands,

                  or hopes,

                       and dreams,

            but in the sand, of the times.


        • I hope you’re right.  I think (hope) that if we can get energy tech solved… then “it’s all relative”.  As long as everyone fails at the exact same rate, barring an absolute limit due to resource scarcity… I suppose it really doesn’t exactly matter in the big picture.  Oh, it will matter to ME and YOU, yes… but… for the History books not so much.

          It’s that energy thing that scares me.

      27. People with power, assets worth something, skills and heart really need to start organizong now. The battle will make the revolutionary battle of 200+ years ago seem like nothing due to modern technology, electronics, computers, bigger weapons and weapons citizens have absolutely no access to.


        Going to take major brains and skills in electronics and computers to outsmart and win this war should it ever come to that.

        • I am a little shy in the brains and skills department — can I just pull the trigger a lot?

        • BJ: You obviously have no military experience. Civil wars are nasty affairs and you can verify that by viewing the revolutions around the world. And in most of these revolutions the rebels were not well armed or well trained, just angry.

          While the American military is the most powerful in the world, the mistake that the NWO has made is using American men to spread their wars of phony, crony capitalism. These veterans are highly skilled in war and fearless. That is why Nappy, and others, are so afraid of them.

          The NWO is vastly out numbered by trained and seasoned civilian troops.  🙂

      28. I have to wonder which state has the most Preppers? Of course we can’t know that because they don’t want to be known. But if there was an eastern state and a western state for them to go to in SHTF then those states would have a similar mindset and skills. 

        RealID: the UN wants every person in the world to have real id cards with biometrics for id. Many states have refused federal real id ( which co-incidentally meets UN real id standards). But many of those states who refused federal real id have been sabatoged but their own DMV who have created their own state real id that meets the UN standards. They are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

        The real id biometric inplant that has been suggested,( and according to ObamaCare is required to participate in their program), has the ability to combat depression and anxiousness per the maker. So that means it can adjust your mental processes.   Couldn’t it also make you depressed or agitated or turn you into an angry monster?

        Just some info and thoughts.

        • In numbers I don’t know. But in % it’s easy, Wyo and Mont about  everyone.  Cal and Mass just ask if people are moving out,  if you stay you aren’t going to make it.

        • West Virginia

            Our whole state is a survival group, how do you think we made it this far?  All the folks raised dirt poor in these mountains are survivalists!

            Barter groups?  The whole state does that every week just to survive.

            The first day of deer season (rifle) looks like the invasion of Normandy.

            And that doesn’t count all the bow hunters in metropolitan hunts.

          • Reppin Morgantown here.

          • @ Sebastion T.

            “The first day of deer season (rifle) looks like the invasion of Normandy.”

             Hah, great one LOL. Just like here where we are- Missouri!

      29. BI and KY Mom,  i agree with both of you about stocking up for the pantry especially during the holidays.  i do that every year on the day after Christmas when you can get some really good buys.   All I’m getting for myself for Christmas are the same things I get all year long; preps; no useless junk for me.   BI,  I’m making reference to an article you contributed to this site back on 5-12-2012 titled “How Horriific  Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?”   I believe that article says it all about what to expect from nonpreppers in any post-SHTF scenario.   I dread what’s coming as much as everyone else.  what you saw in the documentary will be child’s play compared to the real thing.   Stay safe and keep prepping.   Braveheart

      30. Additional Solar Update,

            At 21:26 UTC another M-class Flare was recorded by the NOAA-15 platform. This Flare was of a magnitude of M-1.0. As of the time of this post it appears ANOTHER Flare is ‘firing-up’ which will at least amount ot M-class given the current angle of attack being shown on the X-flux plots.

            Stay tuned……


        • Addenda to the Previous Update,

              As it happnes, the EUVI SAM are already up and showing the genitive source of the above listed flare as NOAA 11620.

          • Addenda 2,

                the flare subsequent to the M-1.0 has peaked at c-7.1 and has since decayed normally. A close examination of the latest SDO HMIB (color) imaging indicates that not has 11620 grown through the day today but it retains much of it’s previous magnetic complexity whist at the same time becoming more magnetically compact.

                If the current trend continues 11620 could well become ‘formidable’, energetically speaking, during the next 24 hours.

                The latest imaging as per above is showing the newest region which has totated fully into view in the northeast as a large, bi-polar spot group of an aprroximate (preliminary) area similar to, and possibly larger than 11620. Same is at this time difficult to evalaute fully from the magnetic perspective due to the highly oblique angle of view from which we are observing it. Tentatively, I would say that it does not show the same degree of complexity as 11620 does currently.

            • Again, Solar Update,

                  Another ‘spike’ C-class just occured…by experiance this appears to be the ‘harmonic series’ of sub-flares that often occur atfter a larger eruption. Typically, any flare, even a medium sized one effects the release of a large amount of stored magnetic energy from the emitting region. Potentially though, given the noted complexity and growth history of 11620 this could allow for a subsequent, significantly larger flare  in the wake of today’s M-1.0 previously.

                  It is likely that I’m going to post-out relative to this continuosly on an as-per basis tonight. In light of this situation be advised that tonight’s ‘Evening Solar Report’ is effectively cancelled thereby.

              • @ BI   GRB Update,

                     @ approx. 05:05 UTC today the SWIFT platform recorded a new GRB. The light-curve for this is not likely to be available untill tomorrow AM, hence intensity is an unknown at this point.

                • Final Solar Update – 04:09 CDT>>10:09 UDT

                      11620 Continues to manifest strong magnetic intermixing, especially towards the rear-most portion of the central mass of positive polarity (the blue tegion in HMID (color) imaging) this component – at the time of this report – is showing a ‘tendril’ of strongly negatine polarity magnetic flux pushing into the equally intense opposite polarity mass occupying that region predominently. As such the potential for rather strong flaring remains fully present.

                      Additionally, the latest HMID (Doppler) imafing reveals that this exacr area is populated by regions of very high-speed plasma flow…also mitigating – as in the preceding – for the immanence of additonal flaring.

                      Lastly – this is @BI – suprisingly, the light-curve for this evenings GTB HAS been posted at the SWIFT L-C depository and reveals a relatibely strong ‘pulse’ in Gamma Band radiations.

                     This one is ‘Whipped’ and headin’ for the sack,

                  “Guten Nacht mein Freundin Alles, Auf Weidersehen!” 🙂

        • X-flux plots….Is that where they get flux capacitors?

          • @ PO’d,

                 ACTUALLY, no….those are obtained SOLELY through the ‘Back to the Future’ Corp. located at……..:)

      31. black friday shopping-no way! cyber monday shopping-no way! a visit to the local dumping grounds, the flea market and the junk/antique store-yeah-for those are the places that i will find those hard to find hand tools and such that will be needed in home as well as on homestead when power goes out, lights go out, etc…and like an old fashioned wind up timex watch i will be able to keep on doing as though nothing has interrupted the work or the day. several years ago i simplified my life and tossed out anything i had no need for and required electric or batteries to use..replaced everything with stuff that requires only human power and skill. when the power finally blinks then this computer will be right behind it. i fully intend to be completely self reliant and doing my utmost to be prepared..and when the final curtain falls i hope that it will be barely noticed here at my place while we continue on with our daily routine….chances are good that neighbors who lack vision and forsight will come by wanting to know what happened.

      32. BI:   Direct link:   beforeitsnews.com/2012/11/is-the-new-madrid-sleeping-giant-awakening/     Sounds like “interesting times” may just be around the corner for me.    Braveheart

        • Oh CRUD!!!,


             T’anks. Over near Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. This is getting a little too close for my taste. 🙁

        • Thank you for the info. I have been paying close attention to the detailed  EQ info here from Be Informed (Bless you) and check in here daily. So many good people here, with invaluable knowledge.

          I am in Illinois, and today The Illinois Emergency Management Agency announced  they will be giving vouchers for anti-radiation pills to  residents who live within a 10 mile radius of one of the state’s six nuclear plants in case of an accident.

          I  just read that Illinois has the most nuclear reactors and stored nuclear waste of any state.  Interesting times, yes. 


        • @ Braveheart.  I am really watching the Caribbean area because that could easily set off the New Madrid.  Watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge at latitudes of around 18 degrees and 58 degrees north fro activity, this is aimed DIRECTLY at the New Madrid.   It is a sleeping giant that people don’t elaize because of the older and much harder rock that even a 7.5 is like a 8+ in newer less dense rock of the west coast.  Oh God, and all those nuclear reactors and gas lines nearby.  Your right, in your previous comment, it is going to be ugly and it could be one SHTF event after another. 

          • @BI.  I apologize if you have already commented about the Louisiana sinkhole mess going on in Assumption parish, but if you’ve not yet focused on this area – would you please and offer food for thought. 

            I am not one of the ‘GasLand’ groupies, in fact I have oil & gas background and avoid science fiction when science fact exists – I hate fear mongers.  Guess that’s why I look for and read comments that are based on facts and science not conjecture and wild speculations.

            So – if you or anyone with sound reasoning would comment / re-comment on that little ‘ole sinkhole I would be very appreciative.

            Thanks – I’m off to work at the day-time job.  I’ll check in later.

            • @ WeeVoiceInTheWilderness.  I doctor once said it is not the illness or disease that might be mild, it is whether or not there is improvement or is it getting worse.  If you go out and look at what 8 acres is, as I believe this is the present day size of that sinkhole, this is a very small parcel of land in comparison to all that someone can see on a flat horizon.  A person can normally see about 3 miles at their heighth before the horizon disappears.  This would be about 6 million acres within visual sight of a person on flat ground. 8/6,000,000 is 1/750,000.  So to the sight of a person this is quite tiny.

              The problem is this use to be the size of a large living room, so it is expanding, and continuing to.  It is no threat to anything right now, but it could be if this expansion doesn’t stop.  It is also a possible symptom of something a lot worse.  I would be very worried if you started to have an expotential expansion.  As you know when you start out with a tiny number, that number can become colossal eventually.  I use that word “eventually”, because it could plataue out at anytime upon reaching some sort of equilibrium.  Something to watch though, and watch for this type of expontential expansion, that I would be worried about.

              I can totally respect what you say about wild speculation and sensationalism that poisons the news media.  This is why I researched the La Palma mega tsunami myth so vigorously because it didn’t sound right at all just from the mere size of the Atlantic Ocean in comparison to the size of debris field, worst case scenario, that was dropped into the ocean.  There was just not the kinetic energy behind it, and because of the circulation and fiction of the ocean, this wave would get chopped apart like a hurricane does by wind shear by the thousands of miles it would have to travel before impacting the Atlantic coastline.  Even the brilliant scientists often don’t take into account all the variables that affect a disaster. 

              You probably have seen the ridiculous speculation on this mega tsunami hitting the U.S. coastline with 160 foot waves.  Earthquake induced mega thrust faults have seldom produced waves of over 15 feet at thousands of miles away, and there was thousands of times more energy behind them and at least hundreds of times more water moved than anything could be generated in the Canary Islands.  An excellent article you might enjoy reading talks EXACTLY about what you are talking about, bad science and wild conjecture on this La Palma myth.  Here it is:  http://www.drgeorgepc.com/TsunamiMegaEvaluation.html

              • @BI.  Thank you for your thoughtful reply.  I have been following this in that some seismic activity and the salt dome very near is apparently unstable.  Your eyes on this is appreciated as you have collective knowledge assess this above the din of ‘opinion, speculation’.

          • BI,

            You brought up an issue that some may not have considered.

            Your relation to the nearest nuclear power plant.  

            Even if you plan on bugging in (as we are), keep in mind that those nuclear plants need backup diesel generators if they are to keep things cool.  Fine for short term, but if there is a long term EMP event and those generators can’t get refueled, there could be trouble.

            Drifting radiation could make our land unusable.

            Our family would be fine for the short term, but we have our camper on standby if we need to leave.  

            Take care everyone… 

      33. I really hate to sound negative, but you really can’t change the way people have become. If they don’t want to open their eyes, then they won’t. I give anyone credit who tries to help a neighbor, friend, or family member, but sometimes at the end of the day you have to make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of. In the one video the guy said that people won’t even know that they are being controlled and its the truth; a majority of people coast through life without ever picking their head up to see whats happening around them. In the other video someone said that people keep asking him “when is this going to start happening”? If it hasn’t already started then I’m worse off then I thought I was. Once again thank you to the people that take the time out of their day to share knowledge on here, i’ll always be one person willing to get a new piece of information. To all those who come to this website I believe you are “aware” and are a huge leap ahead of everyone else.


      34. Hey guys, I’m looking to start buying silver. Is anyone on here able to point me in the right direction? I need to know what to buy and where. I’m looking to start buying an ounce or two here and there. Any help would be appreciated.

        • NP: There are links to metals brokers at SHTF Metals. You can research them there.

          • I’ll check it out, thanks.

        • Junk silver is the way to go. Old dimes and quarters, maybe a few silver eagles.

        • There are some online dealers that are reasonable, but the shipping costs would make small purchases of one or two ounces of silver too expensive per ounce.  I stop off at a local coin dealer once or twice a month and pick up a silver eagle or a couple pre-65 half dollars.  More frequently when silver prices drop, not at all when they spike.  One advantage of this is that these are cash transactions that are anonymous.  A disadvantage is that a local person knows you are a metals buyer.  Another option, if you don’t have a local dealer, is eBay if you want small quantities.  If you decide you want to buy larger quantities, I like to deal with Apmex.  They aren’t alway the cheapest, but they are reliable.  They are based out of Oklahoma.  Five ounce America the Beautiful rounds purchased directly from the US Mint are sometimes not priced too badly on a cost per ounce basis.  Check the Coinflation site to find out what multiple of face value you should be paying for junk silver.  Good luck.

          • Thanks for the info Obtuseangler. I’ll definitely start looking into some local dealers.

      35. I dumped all paper wealth in 2009 and a 100% in silver and gold.

        Let it all collapse.  Since Bernie Maddoff….  that told me to get out.

        Better get ready…..

        Another thing…  stop trying to sell folks on this…

        Just be ready yourself and have enough for family.

        They like to brand you a kook.

        • I’m 100% down with you, MR 100% PM.

          I used to bang the drum on all of this, but now I do not even bother much.  Got tired of being labeled a kook.

          I do tend to try to wake up people that  I just meet.  I met two dudes who understood this country is in big, big trouble.

          I burned them several Alex Jones DVDs.

          I’ve yet to hear from any of them.

          No one has the will to actually spend time understanding all of this.  They just won’t turn off the television.

        • I’m just glad I’m awake, aware, and prepared.  I just thank God that I found out things like Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove, WTC 7, Trilateral Commission, and the Federal Reserve. 

          I thank God I found out about guys like G. Edward Griffin, Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, and Mike Maloney.

          I thank God I found out about web sites like SHTFplan, PrisonPlanet, and The American Collapse.

          When I found out about all of these things, I tried to share them with family and friends.  Unfortunately, the majority do not want to spend the time to look into these things.  A few would, but would just spout out the two words “conspiracy theory” and play stupid.  A couple found out the truth, but decided not to learn too much and just ignore the truth.  One or two got smart and prepared.

          Unfortunately, the American people are going to get what is coming to them.  They are going to deserve what they get.  They went along with the lies of the monetary system, OKC, 9/11, and the wars.  They have no issue with millions of abortions, nor millions dead to to bullshit wars.  Nor do they care about paying for these deaths through taxes.

          I am not too concerned about spreading the truth any more.  I have made it a point to tell the truth to each person I know.  I have done my job.  I have my food supplies and my guns.   I will have my wealth increase since I have PMs.  No more pleading to people to see the truth.  They are too busy watching television and involved in their child-like hobbies.

          All of these idiots who consider all of this a “conspiracy theory” would have said that it was a “conspiracy theory” that Hitler was a bad man.  They would have loved him like they love Obama and loved Bush and Clinton.

          They will get what is coming for them.

        • ‘Ol Jed Clampett knows what it is!

          • “Texas Tea’?

      36. “We’re gonna die”.

        I bet the lady doesn’t have a arctic sleeping bag for each family member.

        IF things crap out…  I’m going to move my shit in waves.

        So get this…. instead of buying all that apple shit…these folks should have prepped.

        To awaken them… we now need to make fun of them and point out how stupid they are.  Only then…will they wake up.

        • some guy on youtube tried doing that to the cattle making their way to the best buy black friday extravaganza. it didn’t work. 

          they will be the same cattle making their way to the FEMA camps…. for slaughter.


          leave them be. 

        • the problem now is, if even 20-30 percent become “awakened” , it will actually be the worst thing really. these people will be ANGRY when they become “awakened”. most people wont stand a chance if this happens and it will quickly go to 100 percent “awakening” . there is no hope for most people , this means we need to go to the next phase. we must discuss how people who are somewhat or very “prepared” and living in a rural area or getting ready VERY SOON to go to a rural area, we must discuss how we can improve our positions. anyone else is lost, im sorry, but you just are. i wish you the best, but to be serious, its a lost cause. i know this is difficult for many to accept, both those in this position and those who are not, but to those who are , let it the f@(* go! to those that arent “prepared” and living in a rural area, god bless you.


          • @eeder

            Waking the “sleepers” at this time is a wasted effort.  Should you manage to actually awaken one, all that you have managed to do is clue them in that you may just have what they will require.  Anyone waking up at this time probably does not have enough time or funds to acquire what they will need to survive. 

            Pray for their souls.

        • Leave the sheep, to do what sheep do…

          its better, really… that only the self awakened are around after,

          then, instead of picking through scraps and over hunted lands,

          there will be something left, to rebuild, and make a stand,

          against the rich, who will arise,

          from their bunkers, to assume the spot on high,

          hate the golden children, and listen not,

          it will be better, if they’re left to rot.



          They all thought it was great living right near the beach.

      37. zombies and dumbasses everywhere…..must …buy…more…guns…and…ammo  (please send help) (and money…lots of money)

      38. I withdrawal money from an ATM today and got $10 extra dollars from the bank.  This bothered my conscious.

        Later I order checks from the same bank and my conscious no longer bothers me.

        Watching the video made me wish that I should have withdrawal more money to get more extra dollars from the bank.



        • I am constntly debanking my cash, but I want to go slow so not to attract attention. I just hit the ATM every other day and take out 200 bucks a visit.

      39. The whole idea of what’s coming is scarey, not because I feel unprepared, but because so many others are unprepared. Donna Solli was the woman wailing for the government to come in and rescue her and others from their possible fate. How many of these people will come pounding on my door when they finally realize the government has sold them down the river? I do not like the idea of having to defend myself from hungry people, though I will if it means saving my life and those of loved ones.

        • @Mark I order my checks from Wal Mart online.  You have to design the checks the first time, but the second order is easier.  They are exactly like  the ones from a bank (mine have a carbonless copy), and a box of 200 checks cost me about $10 plus a small shipping charge.  I have never had a problem with one of their checks.  Wal Mart isn’t my favorite store, but I’ll shop there to save money!

      40. I  have a question for everyone ,,,

        there is so much fear,,of others in here/everywhere we cant come together now,,how will we ever do it after the fall?????????trust will only be more non existant when it hits the fan,,,

        Mac do you have any thoughts on this??anyone???every good battle had a plan,,but without units,,no plan will work ,,,,no communication set up among us i see this as phsy warfare,,

        i guess what i`m saying is to everyone,,HELP!!!!!!!



        • Snake ~

          I think once the forums are up and running and we are able to PM other members that you’ll begin to see some “communities” developing.  This will be based on the fact that we might be able to disclose our location to just one person after getting to know more about them, vs. right now, if we share our locations then the whole world has access to that information.  There are people here that I would share a little more information with if it weren’t so public.

          I know that the American Preppers Network has small groups that are geographically based, where people can find other preppers who are nearby.

          You make a very valid point but we preppers are a paranoid lot – it’s very hard to break OPSEC for some of us especially if defense is a weak point.

          ~ D

          • Daisy

            no defense is my point,,,i see all these post about defending this or that,,i just want to know how when you are alone,,even with a wife or husband,,on guard 24/7 i dont think is possible,, do you????there isny anyway i can see that we can rebuild this country after a what ever happens,,with trust and communication network,,now is the time to establish that not after,,,

            now if we were neighbors and both preparrring i would want to share with you what i had,,if we both are buying rice and beans,,hell i`ll but some pasta and cheeze,,

            i`ll give anyone in here my email address,,or set up a meeting,,for coffee somewhere,,see my neighbors dont scare me,,because i know they have nothing,,,and i have the high ground,,,


          • Hi Daisy, Snake,

                  Over the course of the last several day – maybe a bit more – I’ve referenced a question, “Who Are We”. This is not a simple question, though it might seem so and as such has no simple answer. What “We Are” WILL be the basis of what “We Will Become” on a multitude of levels.

                 Human Beings have an astonishing, almost limitless abilty to create order from chaos, but only when acting in ‘Concert’ with one another. THIS is how we have been ‘submarined’ as we have, this is what we must ‘solve’ as problem, find an answer to or else what will come is so bad that mankind might well fall into an abyss so deep THIS time that there will not even be ‘a long climb up to the light’ again – permanent “Interregnum” is a VERY real possibility.

                Friends, it is THAT BAD. Ive spent a long time considering this to the fullest extent of which I am capable and – without undue modesty – that is, frankly pretty far up in the scale of things.  If we cannot ‘conjoin’ together in some sense and collectively come to agreement on what is truly a set of principles as to what is ‘Good’ and what is ‘Bad’ AND then to lay these forth into a form which is – as best as may be – not subject to the corruption that we have seen occur here in this last, great hope for all men and women eveywhere, the United States,  then this may be, truly, the ‘End’ of it all.

                 I ”know’ very much more than I have said, or will say for that matter…’What is’ now is far, far worse than virtually anyone has yet conceived…even here upon this site. All that is here, that is put forth here is yet not the fullness of what actually is and pales into insignificance beside what the underlying actual truth is.

               At such time as the new forums are installed I wish to consider – in detail – “Who Are We”, come, please, I ask you.

            • . . . I think we may have found the Thomas Jefferson of our age in JustOneGuy. . . . we await further elucidation. . . .

        • Trust is easier if both hold a HMR..:-)

      41. @JustOneGuy.

                         I read your post below and I have some points to pull from it. I reread my post and found that I needed to clarify a couple of things, which may or may not be important to our disscussion.

                      I wanted to separate man from animal. His self awareness.  Then show the recognition by man of a higher power.  Example, his worship of the moon and sun.  His acceptance  of human form of God. I going to get into free will later.  Also penalties as spirtual law encompassing sin. And secular penalties like fines, taxes and imprisonment.  One point that may be interesting is, when was the soul of man created? The bridge between secular and religious.

           Today is Flea Market Day. Woo Hoo! My last pick was a 1956 Dragon Indian water pump. I had to reset the seals and check valve and now it sprays water 30 feet out. A Piece of firefighting history and a good prep tool. Stainless steel, baby.

      42. This new era we have entered into with people voting in a president who is so harmful reminds me of when the Jews were being rounded up, forced to wear gold stars, willingly loaded the trains, were convinced they were going to work camps and never once thought their beloved leader would ever hurt them.  Record this in your journal the day the Obamaites loaded the trains.

      43. BI, thanks for the heads-up about Mid-Atlantic Ridge; I’ll start watching it also.   You’re right about all the gas lines that run through my region.  It definitely will be one SHTF on top of another.  It will be the biggest challenge of survival in my whole life and make the hurricanes I survived in Florida look like child’s play.   Also, my home is only 4 miles east of the mighty Mississippi River.   Although it’s below normal level due to the drought this year and barge traffic is way below normal,  i can’t help but wonder if it could still flood.   Braveheart

      44. Off-topic Question:   I have an opportunity to purchase one or more, heavily-wooded lots (80 x 105 ft, 8000 sq ft), in a remote, uninhabited section of a rural development in my “home”, southern state, for $300-500 each.  My friend has a lot there, but he has not built on it.  

        The roads in this section are unpaved, and one lot is positioned so that one could see down all roads leading in, with nothing but forest in the back.  Utilities are already in place, so connecting is possible.  The development has several lakes, wildlife abounds, and there are a few hundred residents closer to the front of the development.  There are some nice amenities. Another section (less enticing) has larger lots and allows livestock.  

        I currently live 18 hrs away, by car, in an older suburb of a small city in Ohio.  At my age (68), I can’t imagine moving there, but having a small cabin (800 sq ft is the minimum by deed restriction) could be a place to go in an emergency, probably safer than staying in my home and trying to defend it.   Who knows if there’s enough time to clear a spot,  have something built, then prep it? 

        It’s very tempting, but I can’t decide if it’s a wise move.   I’m meeting with a CPA next week to discuss liquidating my IRA (mostly cash), so I could come up with some money to build, but it would probably take most of my savings, after I pay taxes.  If nothing else, I could own the lot(s), and pay the minimal association fee and taxes.  


        • I won’t advise you to put all your savings into a cabin, but the cost of the lots seems very low.  If you live in a small city, are you better off remaining there?  Can you build the cabin yourself?  If you rent a house there, you can hire local labor and see to having it done, could save you money that way.  Do you want to make a permanent move? 

      45. Just returned from the bug out base which is not equipped with internet. Upon returning to online status I eagerly seek this site to gauge the rhetoric regarding the great collapse. This is because I am also trying to determine the 11th hour. I fear it is 11:30 after this update. Knowing how fast things can happen, every post here may be the last. I just want to thank Mac and everyone who posts here and truly wish that you fare well at this time as we evolve from preparation into survival.  It is you people, who retain my hope and faith in humanity. Never quit screaming and kicking as they attempt to drag us into the night. I am old and retired and always knew in my guts this was coming. I just didn’t think I would live long enough to see it. Still standing by and pushing the grass down, for now, somewhere up north.

      46. I purchased a powerball ticket. Just one powerball, one powerball only. Will the sock monkey increase my taxes after the state/feds take half before I win and take half before I collect? I think he would. I didn’t purchase a power play.

        If I win, I’m going to corner the u.s. mint nickel market and buy out Victoria’s Secret and have her underware made in the u.s.

        • Anonymous

          if you do wim and buy VS out will you please send my old lady some free undies ??size 5 x


        • ….Under WARE?  Is that anything like corningware? Or maybe asbestos drawers.  I’d kinda like to see some of those modeled around a while.  Maybe they are new fangled bloomers like granny used to wear.  Or maybe it’s a new trend on an old style “chastity belt”.   The little woman don’t need one.  A couple hours of work in the garden or around the barn and the last thing she wants is sex.  I just reminisce about the younger days.

      47. It is all about democrat voter fraud. That is how they maintain control. They use the people in the inner cities and harvest them, not for meat but for votes.  They keep them in conditions of poor security and poor education. In my humble opinion, that puts the dems right down there with Nazi evil.

      48. @ Be Informed- I’m south of Chicago but not by much- yesterday I added EARTHQUAKE INS to my homeowners policy-and the best part-after the “more peace of mind” thing is -w/ State Farm-it only cost an extra $10 a yr- cool-

        I actually had to stop reading this site everyday-this news junkie needed a break in her padded cell of tranquility-

      49. It isn’t “corporate greed” that is killing the US, it’s corrupt government.

        It wasn’t bankers who stole the bailouts, it was your elected lawmakers who gave it to them!.

        It isn’t private corporations who wrote the creepy NDAA & Patriot act, nor did they create the TSA & DHS, all of that was brought to us by the beloved government of the same leftists who vilify “capitalism” & “greedy corporations”.

        Grow up, free markets & limited government is our only solution.

        • Dave

          Left unregulated the “Free Market” becomes a monopoly as it did with Standard Oil. John D Rockefeller stated his thoughts when he said, “Competition is a sin”.

          The logic behind abandoning Glass-Stegall was that the financial institutions would regulate themselves. We seen unethical practices that are now either legal or the laws are without teeth costing honest people their life savings that were criminal felonies a couple of decades ago.

          Regulations are needed. It’s all a question of degree. 


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