Look Up: A Spoken Word Film: “This Media We Call Social Is Anything But”

by | May 5, 2014 | Entertainment | 214 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Watch the following video… and then turn off your internet device and walk away.

    So look up from your phone, shut down those displays

    We have a finite existence, a set number of days

    Don’t waste your life getting caught in the net

    As when the end comes nothing’s worse than regret

    Look up from your phone

    Shut down your display

    Stop watching this video

    And live life the real way

    Look Up by Gary Turk



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      1. laeagle

        I keep coming back to this site every chance I get!

        • Ordinary Average Guy

          me too…but i try to get out, enjoy nature, hike, camp and fish. Get away from technology…and enjoy lifes simple pleasure, the company of friends and stories around the campfire.

          • Defiant

            If one lives in a paradise of their finding,

            enjoying the fruits of it’s bounty and basking

            in it’s beauty, the internet can be an enhancing

            and stimulating accessory of the mind to round

            out a life well lived. Perception is everything.

            • Wilson

              Nothing more to be said, this video sums it up perfectly. The good news for me is that one of my adult children watched it and was utterly speechless. It hit home. It’ll be interesting to see what the other adult child’s reaction is.

              • Wilson

                Something important happened yesterday evening. It had to be important, because the adult child who hasn’t seen this video actually called on the phone!!!! When I didn’t answer mine (I was looking up while tree trimming) my spouse got a call. This had to be important. Child called to report seeing a cow moose while driving to work for a graveyard shift. The moose was where one lived last summer with her calf. Now we are tuned in to hearing if there is a calf this year. Not text, no email, an actual call with lots of excitement. And said child would not have seen the moose if they hadn’t been looking up.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  yup, wilson, my 12y/o son aint happy if he’s not on a video game…be it cel phone, ds, or xbox….there’s gonna be an attitude if he’s so DEPRIVED! i USED to use them as bargaining chips to make them read….one hour of games=one hour of READING a real book…but lately that’s too much for the boyz to handle, so none of EITHER….y’all just go to disneyland and look up for a minute at ALL the people around you….yup, SMART phones, texting, sending pics, playing games, yappin’….YEESH! what in the eff are you gonna do when the lights go out?…and then to top it all off, one day i say…”okay, use that smart phone your mom got you to find a restaurant so we can eat lunch”…ummm, sorrry dad, it’s got a dead battery….from playing GAMES all morning, no doubt!

          • Anonymous

            I walk everywhere– to the grocery store, to the ATM machine, to the store for morning coffee… I left the old car behind and gave up the old cell phone for a couple weeks (got it back cause I need it!) Wish I could make better changes, still, because there will come a day when we will have to leave all this behind…

          • scott

            I ride my bicycle to work everyday and encourage others to do so to! This is a 30 mile round trip ride (which isn’t terribly far), but at 55 I feel great!

        • Be informed

          I have said this for a long time, practice going without modern convenients for WHEN everything is shut down because of war, natural calamity, whatever. Everyone should actually practice going without electricity for awhile. Even trying to function without the water taps. It is prepper/survivalist getting ready for the real McCoy.

          Being connected to the internet is difficult because there is so much information. Unfortunately our minds get into the habit of NEEDING this. I have personally tried to stay off the computer a little more each day. It is difficult, but there are some really good books that can always be read. Besides this, going and walking outside after this awful winter is never a bad idea. 🙂

          • Kentucky Mom

            Off Topic…

            Russian Strategic Bombers Flying Along California Coast

            “Gen. Herbert Carlisle, Commander of United States Air Forces in the Pacific, acknowledged a significant increase in the activities by Russian long-range strategic aircraft flying along the California coast.”

            “There was no comment about whether the aircraft were nuclear capable, but it has not been since the Cold War ended in the early 1990s that Russian patrols have skirted the West Coast and California.”
            -Breitbart dot com

            US F-15 Intercepts Russian Strategic Bomber Near Guam

            “It appears Russian military activities are picking up around the world. As AP reports, the commander of U.S. air forces in the Pacific is reporting a significant increase in activities by Russian planes and ships in the region; adding that “there had been long-range Russian air patrols to the coast of California … and a U.S. F-15 fighter jet intercepted a Russian strategic bomber that had flown to Guam.”

              • socmarine87

                This is off the subject, but I have been following your post and you seem collected and thoughtful. I wonder if you have been following the info that Dave Hodges is putting out the last few days and your thoughts on it.
                If anyone else has an insightful though regarding this please share it.

                Thank you for your time
                Keep your heads on a swivle.

              • Iraqastan

                KY MOM…aka Kentucky Mom…. I think you should have changed your name to “OFF FUCKING TOPIC” myself.

                • KY Mom


                  You are crude. Go back to your porn.

                  If I need your opinion, I will ask.

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              As I’ve said many times before, an EMP want be ALL bad.

            • Mountain Trekker

              KY hope you didn’t let them intimidate you into changing your name. Also the worst thing a commenter can do, is make a comment 30 mins. before Mac puts up a new article. And this happens often when ever he puts up 2 or more articles on the same day. As for Air Activity read my comment on the last article. Trekker Out. Not Complaining.

              • KY Mom

                Mountain Trekker,

                I read your comment on the last article about air activity.

                I don’t have a good feeling the increasing Russian military activities around the world or Russian long-range strategic bombers along the California coastline. Putin is emboldened and is flexing his military muscle.

                Meanwhile, asleep at the helm in the U.S., our leader is “busy” planning his next big party, million dollar vacation or golf game.

                I believe Ukraine will fall to Russia and the timetable on that is not long. The question I have is what country (or countries) will fall next? Former satellite countries of the Soviet Union are probably at the top on Putin’s list. I believe he will select targets that have value to him – whether it be geographic, minerals, and/or farmland, etc.

                Thank you. Take care!
                KY Mom

                • Iraqastan

                  Back to KY Mom!
                  I think we have probably always been probed by Russia. A Russian Sub was discovered off the coast of GROTON CT ( we have a sub base there) a few years ago.

                  I think this type of info is now being put OUT there for all to see, so Americans start to demonize Russia again.

                  This type of this is used as well as propaganda.
                  Right now, Obama NEEDS Americans to see Russia as the enemy…

                  No surprise to me that this info came out.

                  • Jeff

                    And the Shakespearean tragic, is this, Russia will be in part an enemy of our own creation. When the USSR collapsed, there was a brief moment when the USA could have reached out to Russia and make them an ally. As I understand it, we made promises to Russia and later broke them, by making NATO members from the former Warsaw Pact contries. So this maybe a reply of the Cold War, but this time it may not end the same.
                    Since the USA has abandoned the Christian roots that it was founded upon and is now openly antiChristian, I suspect that God could/will use Russia as devine punishment for our collective sins. Remember it was antichrist Obama who said. “We are no longer a Christian nation”. And he was re-elected too.

                • Yasha7

                  Obviously, Odumbo’s “even harsher sanctions” have Putin et al. shaking in their jack boots!

            • Miss DeeDee

              Kentucky Mom ,
              It’s entirely up to you if you wish to change your log-on name.
              Don’t let anyone intimidate you with their childish obsession with
              KY Jelly.
              You will always be KY Mom to. me.
              You will always be one of my favorite persons here.
              I will never be able to thank you enough for the time , effort and energy you devote to the advancement of important information.
              You are truly a very special woman.
              — Miss Dee Dee

              • KY Mom

                Miss DeeDee,

                Thank you for your kind words and support.

                Take care. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

                KY Mom

                • Educated Sinner

                  KY Mom, keep it coming. The jerk’s problem is with what you reported, not the fact that you mentioned it. Most of the Libertarian Left is so in love with Mad Vlad that they can’t see the danger that is coming.

                  From the Washington Free Beacon, Iran and China are expanding their military ties, while China is in the process of digging a new canal to bypass the one in Panama which will allow them to bring Air Carriers into the Gulf of Mexico.

                  Ooops, off topic!

                  • Miss DeeDee

                    Educated Sinner,
                    Last year I was directed to a Google map site that showed a military complex in Mexico that was supposedly occupied by Chinese nationalist . Could you explain if your secondary canal statement might be related to that.
                    Thank you in advance
                    — Miss Dee Dee

                  • AZClimber

                    “Libertarian left” LMAO. Okay I’ll bite, but that would still put them further right (center) than all those clowns in the GOP. RINOs and asses… that’s what you got in DC
                    If you want to keep your doctor… change your party.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  what a boring place this would be without all the “off topic” stuff! thanks to ALL who contribute to making this site so wonerfull!

              • Molly Pitcher

                Miss DeeDee…I look forward to reading what both of you lovely folks have to say…

              • the renegade braveheart

                Ky Mom, I read the articles you posted about increased Russian military activity. These along with all the reports of Russian and Chinese troops in our country do make me uneasy to say the least. My prepping is continuing and I hope everyone else’s prepping is continuing as well. I believe Putin will take the Ukraine and possibly Eastern Europe along with the Baltic States. I believe NATO will disintegrate. Obama is setting us up for a fall, no question about that. May God help us all.

                • sixpack

                  I believe Obama is setting us up for a fall, but I don’t believe it will be to Russia. Everyone can think what they want, but until I see more proof than MSM, I’ll wait to make my mind up one way or the other.

            • Burt Gummer

              they are just looking for flight 370…

          • durango kidd

            This guy would be alone if he shut off his electronic tools and held a party in a vacant McMansion for 1,500 of his closest friends. 🙂

            Loneliness is the distance between a man or a woman and The Lord. That is why HE encourages OUR personal relationship with HIM.

            HE yearns for US as a lover yearns for his beloved. That is the basis for a meaningful life and everything else flows from that relationship.

            Wise men still seek HIM. 🙂

            • Jay in UK

              God “yearns”? I don’t see that in the Bible. “For who hath resisted his will?” (Romans 9:19). He never wanted Esau’s love either… from befeore Esau had even been born. I despair at the all-pervading Arminianism in evangelical circles. The Reformers wouldn’t recognise much of what passes as the gospel today.

              • Educated Sinner

                As a former student of RC Sproul at Reformed Seminary I know what you mean. The Dispensational delusion is huge here in the U.S.

                • Jeff

                  Hey who cares about such things as doctrine? That stuff has hard to understand big words in it and boring. People get offended by it. Besides we have all that cool christian praise and worship music to listen to .

                  • Educated Sinner

                    Heck Jeff, you need to mark tongue in cheek comments as (sarcasm) otherwise some pre-trib “Rapture Riser” will take you as serious!

                  • Archivist

                    You mean those “7-11” songs? 7 words, 11 times? That’s why I don’t go to the praise and worship service at my church. I like the traditional service with hymns that have meaning.

              • laura m.

                Jay in UK: me and so few I know today are five pointers, or sov. grace folks- non affiliated with corp. gov 501c3 churches. Arminian churches incl the reprobate pharisee masses cast out in Matt: ch 7 along with their council leaders, pastors, etc. The “churchy” folks will fight us tooth and nail; are deceived by satan (the rest were blinded, etc). I’m in the deep south near Fla line. Few of us exist today.

              • durango kidd

                Jay: Everything about God and Jesus is NOT in the Bible. Everything you need to know IS. A close personal relationship with Christ will flesh out those things that are missing from the Bible.

                Isn’t it written somewhere that if everything Jesus did was written down, there would not be enough books to contain them? seems like i read that somewhere once.

                He loves US, so much so, that He gave His only begotten Son for US. When WE ignore God and separate ourselves from Him he yearns for US. Have you never been separated from one who you love?

                Do you not yearn to see them? Spend time with them? Love them? Does your heart not ache for their presence? Such is man’s relationship with God, as beloved and Lover, and why it is a “marriage” between Christ and His Church. 🙂

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  durango kidd says:

                  “Everything about God and Jesus is NOT in the Bible. Everything you need to know IS.

                  Okay, I get it… Everything you need to know about God and Jesus is in the Bible.

                  • durango kidd

                    YMWW: Mark your calendar folks. A sure sign of TEOTWAWKI. Your mama and I agree on my comment!!!

                    So why the thumbs down, Dipshit??? 🙂

                • laeagle

                  Amen DK!

          • Kulafarmer

            It is addicting,
            You get addicted to information,
            You crave more and more
            Every situation
            See what is happening on a far shore
            And in the end what did it do?
            But make you realize that our world is a zoo

            • lastmanstanding

              I’m cutting back…less and less.

          • Helot

            Be informed wrote, “Besides this, going and walking outside after this awful winter is never a bad idea.”

            You can say that again!

            When I saw the title start out as ‘Look Up:” I thought maybe there’d be a mention of geo-engineering.

            I’m not sure that it would matter though… People are smart.

          • JayJay

            Shoot, BI, it’s hard to brush my teeth without the water running!! But, I am practicing. I just told Gene, it will be withdrawal for many when they are disconnected.
            My neighbor that started talking to me again(duh, who knows why) is on her back porch on the phone all the time..I don’t visit for fear of interrupting —sad, to not be able to visit a neighbor…the other neighbor I called and visited—is ALWAYS talking to someone–I have to hang on till she’s finished–or even worse—call waiting–I hate the damn thing—AND I hang up if put on hold.
            You know who it is—don’t answer the damn thing unless you hang up and talk!!! OKAY???
            What is wrong with society?? What happened to manners??

            But, Gene says he’s gonna return my cell–it stays in a drawer and is never on. (I use it for long distance!! 🙂

            We lived 39 years together without a cell; we’ll manage.

            • the renegade braveheart

              JayJay, you make some damned good points. Lately, I’ve been spending a little more time away from my computer and trying to increase that amount of time. Although I’m guilty myself of becoming a bit too dependent on technology myself, I have not forgotten about manners or talking to people face-to-face, or going to a park, or going for a walk, etc. I think you get the picture. One part of technology I’ve NEVER touched is computer games and I REFUSE to touch them. I’ve already been trying to reduce my dependence on technology as much as possible. Everything that guy said in that video is spot on. So I have to ask the same questions as you. What is wrong with society and what happened to manners? Also, let me add, what happened to life’s simple pleasures? WE REALLY NEED TO GET BACK TO THE THINGS THAT MATTER MOST IN LIFE.

              • sixpack

                I’m refraining from using my computer for much else than locating information. I don’t feel good about lapsing on the info front at this point. We need to know what is going on outside our little circles.

                We need to seek THE TRUTH. Now that we are on the verge of yet another BS war.

                NOW is not the time to disconnect.

                That’s just my opinion, but then, I prefer to know more about what is going on, than my sheeple neighbor. She disconnected. I’m not ready to just yet.

          • BigB

            I have been able to break free to a point. Checking in on SHTF Plan site every few days and a couple of news sites every morning to keep up on the bullshit being fed us is all I do anymore. More reading on prepping and more time spent on keeping my preps in order is what I have turned to as an alternative. Up till a couple of months ago I spent entirely too much time on my computer.

            And I think I know why I was doing it. I was trying to make some sense out of everything that is happening in the world around me and not enough time just accepting the fact that things are going to go bad. Now that I have accepted that one thing I have a lot more time in which to prepare to survive.

            I wish everyone here well and will continue to check in now and again but I had to make the break. To much talking and not enough action is never good.


            • pissinwiththewind

              Good points, BigB.

              I have found that life becomes much more enjoyable and tolerable when i do things with moderation.

              I try to never obsess over anything for any length of time.

              I am passionate about a few things such as my relationship with my Lord and Saviour. Somewhere, way down the list comes my prepping. The prepping was # 2 on my list for several years. Now it has moved down a few blips because we are pretty much prepared for anything coming down the pike.

              What we can’t prepare for, has been accepted and acknowledged as something to deal with “if” and “when” it happens. When your limited resources put limits on your prepping, you just have to prioritize with what you do have. That’s what we did.

              It is hard not to have anxiety over all the shit happening in this world, but; we try to limit the amount of “world news” as well as “local” stuff and limit our “on-line” activities so we are forced to spend more time outside. Cooped up in an air conditioned world all the time will lead to an early grave, especially when mixed with all the toxins produced by chemically laden flooring,walls, and furnishings. The bedding is bad enough by itself.

              Thank God, we are from the generation that got it’s thrills of “gaming” on pac-man and pinball. This generation of “hand-held” electronics has robbed a lot of kids of a life that they will never know existed.

              Parents are most to blame. By allowing their children to stay “connected” to the couch and video games, as well as the phones, handhelds, texting, and chat rooms; they have lost the “connection” to their spirituality.

              Internet has opened up the information highway in some helpful ways, but; there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”.

              Everything in moderation.


          • Anonymous


            Get and use a library card.

            Patronize your local library’s book sale. Seek out and visit a used book store. Bargains are to be had.

            Reading is far better for your brain than internet browsing, and easier on your eyes than a computer screen.

            Take a look at ANY executive/top manager anywhere in the world and you will find that they read books.

            Reading uses the brain in an active way that nothing else can match. If you want to keep your wits sharp and your mind active, then form a little personal library of selections that you both enjoy and which give you a bit of history, philosophy, universal morality, universal challenges of man, etc. Many novels are well researched and weave correct historical facts into the story.

        • Miggy

          I just heard a “public service announcement” on the radio about the virtues of the internet and how you should be using it for searching for employment. There is no doubt a wired world is playing into the control factor. It makes sense because everything is monitored, in real time I might add.

          Doing business in any way, shape, or form is not part of “the plan”.

          • Nopittypartyhere

            Here’s what all those drinking the koolaid should search for….

            www dot whale.to/c/an_examination_of_obama.html

            A detailed explanation and videos of how Obama used awake hypnosis to dupe those who don’t critically think through what they hear. When people are in search of “change” he spoon fed them all the way to the ballot box.

      2. Shooter

        You are the resistance.

        • durango kidd

          I am the Resistance. 🙂

          • Kulafarmer

            You da man,
            Be the resistance,

            • Shooter

              Bonner really loves Hitlary and he want all of the Mexican citizens to vote in the USA.

          • Helot

            HA! DKk says, “I am the Resistance.”

            Hell no, he’s the opposition.

            He’s a typical example of a population that’s been bamboozled into thinking protectionism and expanding gooberment is the solution to all our ills. …As if freedom were a little thing.

            I imagine that in the film, ‘The Hunger Games’ the president played by Donald Southerland could easily be filled by DKk.

            • durango kidd

              Helot/clark: I see you are changing your handle again. Why don’t you just try “anonymous” or is that taken? LMAO!!! 🙂

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                @the durango kidd

                What’s the matter DK???

                Can’t stand the fact there are folks out here who disagree with you?

                I notice you conflate a number of us with one or two tags. How pathetic.

                Is your ego so inflated that you would think folks on this site would change their tag just to post a negative comment to yours???

                Your not special DK, but you are pitiable.

                • durango kidd

                  YMWW: Helot/Clark can change his screen name, but he cannot change the nuances of his expressions, perspective, or personal bias. These will manifest over time, and they have.

                  It would be obvious to a ten year old. 🙂

                  BTW, I AM special. So is everyone else. WE are each unique. And the word is “pitiful” not “pitiable”.

                  WRONG AGAIN LMAO!!! 🙂

                  • yourmotherwaswrong

                    @the durango kid

                    You used to accuse me of being “Clark.” But you don’t anymore. Would you care to explain why?

                    Did your theory of “nuances,” “expressions,” and “perspective” fail you?

                    It seems folks with the temerity to call you out, are summarily reduced by you to one or two irreverent individuals.

                    BTW… it’s Pitiable ~ pit·i·a·ble / ˈpitēəbəl/
                    Deserving or arousing pity.
                    Contemptibly poor or small.

                    You’re not nearly as intelligent as you pretend you are!


            • Hunter


              C’mon now…that’s a cheap shot!

              I don’t agree w/ some of the man’s (DK’s) opinions…but I do think he understands that America is headed down the wrong path, and for that cause alone….

              …I will not count him as an enemy to be ridiculed.

              Cut some slack, Herlot!

      3. laeagle

        Thanks Mac. Another reminder of something I need to do. Great video.

        • admin

          I’m going to take my own advice and call it an evening and go get the chickens back in the coop or something 🙂


          p.s. (If comment approvals are slightly delayed, please see video above! We’re not censoring, I swear! 🙂 )

          • Helot

            So what you’re saying is, I picked the wrong night to change my nic.

            Anyway, I hope you had fun. … Maybe took some pre-teens along too? They just about always get a positive wide eyed experience out of being a part of something like that.

          • incognito

            It’s weird yeah, but chasing the chickens seems to actually work better if you’re standing still next to the coop. I lure them in with some cuttings from the garden. Otherwise leave chasing the chickens to the kids.

            • pissinwiththewind

              Funny shit, chasing chickens. Kinda like chasing piglets.

              As kids growing up on the farm, we had many a laugh at each other while chasing the little animals.
              A few laughs at us getting chased by the bull or an angry momma cow.

              Never did have to chase chickens into the chicken house though. With the door open, and the sun setting, they always migrated back to where they could get up on their roost inside, and all we did was close the door at dark thirty. With all the wildcats and wild coons roaming after dark, they were always in before dark and happy to be cooped up.


          • socmarine87

            Mac, what are your thoughts on the info Dave Hodges is putting out the last 2 days?

          • the renegade braveheart

            Mac, thanks for this article. It’s really refreshing after the Cinco de Mayo article. THAT one almost opened Pandora’s Box.

      4. Prepper

        Being a prepper is all about balance. To those who you wish to protect if TSHTF, you need to take certain precautions. To those who accuse you of being a paranoid Chicken Little, prove them wrong by living life to its fullest. That poem by the British bloke urging you to engage in genuine human interaction is well put, but at the same time I can truly connect with distant friends, fellow preppers, and those who have much to teach if I stay connected electronically. It’s not an either/or black/white world. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and allow for the possibility that things might NOT go horribly wrong.

      5. European American

        It’s too late. The Imprinting by the Program has been successfully accomplished. Just look at those who come here, how much time people spend just coming to this site, regardless how much “information” is exchanged.

        People are addicted to the Internet, smart phones, the two dimensional social networking and the comments they post obsessively, believing that it’s giving them some feeling of self worth.

        I’m looking forward to the day when the Net goes down. When the phones don’t work. And people are Force-Fed intimacy in communication, once again. I’ll be the first to admit, this form of interacting is an illusion.

        • Prepared Pastor

          I don’t own a cell phone and use public wifi Internet.

        • laura m.

          Agree, I mainly use the net to get info on weekly sales ads and researching herbs, natural health and products like lawnmowers or appliances, or place orders on ebay on stuff way cheaper than local retail. No social media-no time. Eye Dr said best to use eye strain soft wear (f.lux)dwnld free that dims screen after sundown. I hate smart phones, many are yakking like a freakin’ parrot in public, driving, while buying groceries, even in theaters during a movie, eating out, in Dr ofc’s where they aren’t supposed to be yakking. We have pre paid net 10 and rarely used. Land line ans mach. gets msgs. People take walks and glued to the damn phones! Dumb masses stuck in stupid for sure!

      6. y99

        Just as outwardly we live in a world where a whole continent may be submerged at any moment, or a pole shifted, or a new pestilence break out, so inwardly we live in a world where at any moment something similar may occur, albeit in the form of an idea, but no less dangerous and untrustworthy for that. Failure to adapt to this inner world is a negligence entailing just as serious consequences as ignorance and ineptitude in the outer world….

        Jung (1943)

      7. Northern Reb

        Great vidio and oh so very true.
        I wonder what would happen if all this elecronic garbage just all of a sudden took a dump.
        Maybe we could have a real world again, where people talked to each other.
        Man would that be nice.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • JayJay

          I have 9 other houses on this street–I know only 4 other’s names, first only for two of those.
          BUT, and there is one—I tried to be a neighbor, and it was definitely one-sided.
          That just doesn’t work.

          It isn’t the city that is unfriendly. That is also a characteristic of the countryside.

          • JayJay

            Oh, one neighbor actually asked to borrow a chain saw(after not speaking for months)I don’t have–I lied–it’s in the attic in its new box!!!
            He borrowed the trailer; haven’t heard a word from him sense–that is what I deal with.
            They acknowledge you when they want something.

            He even wanted to borrow my truck–he can’t drive it; 5-speed. Dork!!

            I do work on distancing myself from these parasites.

            • JayJay

              since–not sense

            • sixpack

              I’ve got one of those “only when they want something” neighbors. I finally got pissed off. The last time she came to my door, I didn’t even wait for it. I just blurted it out…

              “Whatever it is you want this time, I haven’t got it. In fact, there is nothing here for you. You will not gain anything from me…not one little thing, ever. This is not the gittin’ place”

              I finished with “…and you wanted to say?”

              She just turned and walked away.

          • Iraqastan

            I wish I had you and your husband for neighbors jay jay.

      8. aljamo

        I agree with this video 100 percent. I don’t think the level of tyranny we are facing could have reached it’s present reality without these devices. The people would be much more aware and together if our problems were worked out face to face. It is close to a robotic existance. Technology that has worked against us in so many ways.

        • Helot

          RE: “Technology that has worked against us in so many ways.”

          But at the same time, the power elite have a tougher time of it because of the echo chamber called, ‘The Internet’.

          I suppose, it’s a Yin and Yang kind of thing?

          IMHO, the power elite could have gotten much further, much faster, if there wasn’t an Internet.

          I’m glad there’s an Internet. I remember what it was like before there was one. Three channels, plus PBS, and all were controlled by TPTB, there was just about nothing else for the average guy,… or girl. It was a dream come true for our overlords.

        • Iraqastan

          ALJAMO- the level of pushback THEY are receiving would not have been possible without these devices either.

          The sword cuts both ways.

          • sixpack

            Yes, it does.

      9. cason polk

        I am a junior prepare who is only 13 years old put my dad is not a prepare but is a gun lover i have a hidden stock pile of food that i hide from my family also fuel i have been shootings 1000+ times we own sks .40 .22 9mm carbines shotguns and more plus a lot of ammo is there a group i could join with veterans or have any advice. btw i am prepping for either a civil war agains government and people or economic collapse i would rather be wrong and prepped than right with no preps

        • durango kidd

          Admirable sentiments young man, but you would do yourself and all of US a favor by staying in school and developing some knowledge & skills before running off to join the Circus.

          In particular, educate yourself about the US Constitution and American History so that you can be a true light to your generation.

          There will be plenty of time for that Circus, later. 🙁

          • Average Guy

            Gawd, at just past Midnight, Durango “Krugman” Kid and his love-hug to empire public service announcement gets 12 Thumbs Up.

            …I didn’t know there were that many clueless people reading this blog.

            When he says, “educate yourself about the US Constitution and American History so that you can be a true light to your generation.” …What he means is, learn the official bullshit lie about all that crap so you can help to bamboozle your friends for our bully overlords in order to support the empire as it rolls over every value expressed in said Constitution. In other words, he’s saying to be just like a politician,… it don’t matter which side your on either, Democrat, Republican,,, they’re just two wings on the same bird of prey. And – heads Up – you’re the prey.

            Keyword: the Anti-Federalists were right.

            • Much ado about nothing

              You sure do hate anything DK has to say. I wonder why you think his comments rate so much less than yours. Do you hate yourself so much that you have to drag DK down to a lower level to make yourself feel better? Are you such a narcissist that anything anyone else has to say is unworthy of you intelligence
              and a constructive response? Just curious, really.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Much ado about nothing says:

                “and a constructive response?”

                How’s this for a “constructive response…”

                The durango kidd is a FedGov bootlicking fascist. Period.

                You must be some kind of DK lickspittle?

                There are a number of you on this site.

              • sixpack

                I only thumb the post itself. What DK said yesterday, or on some other post doesn’t matter now…THIS TIME, IMO, DK was right. I don’t often agree with DK, but this is one time when I’m not afraid to say I do agree…I thumb the comment, not the commenter.

                This is a blog, not a popularity contest.

                • Hunter

                  AMEN Sixpack!!!!

                • Miss Dee Dee

                  That is why I read DK’s comments.(even the hidden ones)
                  The man may not always have the same adjenda as some or the majority of the folks on this site but he sure thinks before he comments.
                  Take Care
                  — Miss Dee Dee

        • y99

          If you’re real in your quest I would only say you are a testament to our times and proof that if one so young begins to fear the world we’re in more trouble than I thought.

          Your thinking is old fashion and for that alone I give you credit, but I’d say put those thoughts aside and push out into the world, live, read, enjoy life and grow.

          Knowledge in life is key in order to make you the man you should be. You must realize that we here did not arrive at our views overnight but through fact, experience and knowledge.

          Be a boy, but be aware of the world around you, prep as you see fit. At this point you’ll survive longer than most just on attitude alone

          Good luck, Rangers lead the way!

        • Northern Reb

          Now here is some advice from a prepper that is 60 years old, a father and a grandfather.
          Talk to your father about preparing. Start out small, like having 3 to 5 days worth of food and water on hand in case of a flood, tornado, major power outage, ECT Fema and the Red Cross recommends that you have at lest that much on hand, that is above and beyond what you have in your refrigerator and on your shelves.

          Ask him if he has insurance on the car, house,boat, motorcycle, health ECT. Then tell him that is what the food and water would be, a little insurence, just in case.

          Aways rotate your foods so you will have good food to eat at all times.
          Find some way to purify and store your water. And what types of foods you should be storing. You sound like a very smart young man so will have have no problem finding out how to purify your water. Check out Youtube. People on this sight are very smart when it comes to all this stuff.

          DON’T try to scare dad into preparing for what ever is coming our way. DON’T through the end of the world or SHTF at him, that could turn him off real quick.

          Keep preparing you might make the differents of weather you and yours eat or goes hungry.
          Good luck Carson and may GOD bless.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Northern Reb

            I did forget a couple things.
            1- Read the Bible.
            2- READ the Constitution and know the Bill of Rights!!!
            3- Obey your Parents.
            4- Go to school and LEARN!!!!
            5- Be a good role model for others to look up to.
            6- Think before you talk.
            7- Be fair to everyone, live by the golden rule
            8- Learn for older people, they are smarter than you think.
            9- Hung your partents and tell them that you love them.
            !0- Say your prayers. ( I still say mine evry night and morning)
            Good luck son, we need smart young people like you to rebuild this nation.
            Northern Reb.

            • Average Guy

              Nice list, Northern Reb, except this part:

              “4- Go to school and LEARN!!!!”

              Maybe you meant: go to a private school and learn? Or, school yourself? Or. home-school?

              Otherwise, if a person goes to a public school (and many private schools) all they’re going to get is a brain flogging and taught how to march in lock-step to the tune the empire tweets.

              Gawd, the world needs more Booker T. Washingtons.

              • pissinwiththewind

                Agreed, AG.

                It would be almost impossible for a kid to get through school and not be somwhat brainwashed with “liberalism ideology” through the modern educational system.

                It has been planned this way by TPTB.

                Knowing what i know, If I had kids just starting school(grand kids now); it would be private christian school or home-school.

                For example: the majority of kids today think there is nothing wrong with being homosexual or killing the unborn in the womb.

                Too much teaching of; “It’s my body and it’s my right”, crap.


                • the renegade braveheart

                  AG and Pissin, when I was in public school back in the 60s and 70s I also received some homeschooling at the same time to balance everything out. So when I graduated in 1975 I was NOT a mindless robot.

                • Lurker

                  My daughter attends a Catholic school and the liberalism is still infuriating… The indoctrination of “social justice”, “global warming”, etc. have permeated what most would consider a “conservative” school.

              • Northern Reb

                Average, Pissin, Braveheart:
                You all might be right. I was think how it was when I was in school. I graduated in 1972. Got some of my education from the school of hard knocks. and the factory I started working at 16 years old.
                Had good teachers and parents. Plus neighbors that watch over me. They were not afraid to cuffed me upside the head if I screwed up. I’m glad they were there
                Boy do I long for the good old days
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Them Guys

              And: #11 do NOT Lose yer Head to a women that will spend yer Bread(money)!

              • Them Guys

                Opps! forgot #12…Always remember Your ABC’s aka Always…Be…Cool!

        • Helot

          The empire lover durango ‘Krugman’ kid says in his best statist voice,”do yourself and all of US a favor by staying in school”.
          F*ck that. The schools can’t teach you anything you cannot learn on your own. All schools are for, is to condition you to accept rule by others and learn blind obedience, in other words, to be a solider, a pawn and a good little taxpayer. Rejecting that crap is the ‘new wave’ the older generations cannot understand and is why The Fourth Turning will roll them over.

          My advise would be to not be focused on finding a group with ‘veterans’ as if they are something special, rather, just find people who practice ‘The Non-aggression Principle’.
          Also, look up Smedly Butler.

          Maybe too, read the books, ‘The Hunger Games’. That’ll give you a clue. It’s the ‘new’ 1984.

        • JayJay

          cason—-use sentences with capitals and periods.
          Age 13 should already know this. I taught 3rd grade and wouldn’t let them get away with poor grammar.

          • Average Guy

            JayJay, half of me wants to say, “yeah, I agree, use sentences with capitals and periods.”

            The other half of me wants to say, “oh no, you’re part of the problem. People can say what they want to say, and how they want to say it is up to them.”

            And, ‘ain’t’ was once not a word.

            Do U know wHAt I’m saying? Or, do U2 not get it?

            • Average Guy

              Whoa, three thumbs down already?

              Do you really hate the fact that the word, ‘ain’t’ is now an officially recognized word? Or, do you just hate the idea that people can say what they want to say and how they want to say it? In other words, you just don’t like liberty?

              I mean, do you think we should all be using words like thou, doth, and thee? And if we don’t we should get ten lashes?

              • sixpack

                I don’t speak “the king’s english”. I type it as I would say it, most of the time. Sometimes I do like to at least SEEM educated.

            • JayJay

              Say anything you want to say–but as a former educator< it hurts my eyes and I won't read it –I've a book to read rather than spend time deciphering someone's thoughts.

              Ask cason how he'd enjoy reading a 500 page novel written like he wrote his opinion and feelings.
              NOT!!! is still a word, isn't it??

              The creators of written word knew what they were doing.

            • Lurker

              If you grammar is equivalent to a 12yr old, then expect your comments to be given as much consideration as those of a 12yr old.

          • laura m.

            That’s gov schools for you, they are not even teaching longhand anymore! Many cannot punctuate sentences or construct a paragraph, don’t learn the classics, world history, American history, If folks are real patriots, they’d be home schooling kids or real picky on private educ. I know some parents who “say they know about the NWO” yet send their kids to gov hell holes! attend gov 501c3 churches, what hypocrites! Zero credibility!

            • sixpack

              You know, you’re all fucked up. I went down this line and in post after post, everyone is worried about this kid’s grammar.

              What SHOULD BE important, is that a kid of his age IS AWAKE and wants to make an effort.

              Everyone here has said at one time or another that the world is done, because the younger generation, which would normally be our future, is brainwashed and programmed—then one come on here and proves that there are still some awake ones left, and all everyone can do is knock on his GRAMMAR?


              • sixpack

                When I commented that people here hate EVERYBODY on the planet, I was all too right— NOW, you even try to drive away our greatest hope. You should be ashamed of yourselves…all of you english critics.

                • sixpack

                  Maybe some of you english majors, should go back over some of your own posts.

        • CBGB's

          Cason Polk,

          I’m not sure how you would find a group to meet up with at your age without an adult with you. Finding people on the internet is tricky in that regard. Maybe see if there’s some type of veterans administration near by… No guarantee they’d be preppers, however. I believe James Wesley Rawles’ survival blog has links to prepper groups.

          One thing you might do to prep is get some free empty buckets from Asian, Mexican, donut shops, or other types of restaurants, hopefully with lids. Sometimes they throw them away out back or you can go in and ask. Keep going back until they throw them out. They smell bad, but since these already had food in them they are considered “food grade” and once they are bleached and soaped you can buy lots of cheap rice to store in them.

          Also, you might be able to get your dad to understand why you’re a prepper by getting him to read a book like “One Second After”. It’s fiction, but tells the story of a family dealing with a collapse brought on by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

          Good luck and keep asking questions here at this site. You’ve still got time to prep. Someone will respond. By the way, do you have a mother, aunt, or uncle who could help you?

          • CBGB's


            Don’t scare the kid away. It took guts for him/her to reach out to us. He doesn’t have any prepping support at home. That’s got to be tough.

            • JayJay

              Obviously. If he wants to reach out to a prepper site or group online, he better learn to use correct punctuation.
              I’m a member of two and they run those posters away real fast.
              Sharing knowledge has its limits–correct spelling and punctuations is one.
              We all ain’t IPAD, IPOD, SMART PHONE capable with those little acronyms for words.
              We still seek language skills.
              Try reading one of Mac’s articles the way this child wrote…give him instruction, not encouragement.
              He may have to apply to college one day!!! 🙁

              • CBGB's


                Do you not see the mistakes in your own reply above?

                1st line: The word “obviously” should have been followed by a comma and not a period. The word “he” should have been “he’d”.

                2nd line: I’m assuming you left out the word “groups” since you didn’t specify you were referring to the sentence above. It was confusing because the two lines don’t seem to be in the same paragraph since you hit the return key on your keyboard indicating a new thought pattern for the next section. Also, the word “real” should have been written as “really”. That’s a very common mistake and as a teacher you should have known that.

                4th line: The word “punctuations” should not have been written in the plural form, but since you did write it as plural then the following word should have been “are” rather than “is” and then that would most likely have been followed by the word “two” rather than “one”.

                As you said, I shouldn’t encourage people to make mistakes.

                • JayJay

                  ‘he better’ is present tense–not past tense using a helper verb because the main part of the sentence is present tense; therefore, the sentence structure should remain in present tense– to stay with main body, if he wants.
                  You can’t change the intended tense in the middle of the sentence.
                  You’re new here, aren’t you?/
                  Stick to things you know–gramma ain’t one of them.

                  • JayJay

                    The point is waaaay off track; as one post stated.
                    Write like a first grader and you will get treated like a first grader.

                    End of subject.

                  • CBGB's

                    No, I’ve been on this site for a whille so I’m used to little snide remarks. I don’t frighten easily. I noticed that you didn’t address any of the other grammatical mistakes you made and the one you did address is questionable since “he better learn to use” implies the future.

                  • CBGB's

                    I’ve been on this site for five years. Stick to things I know? I know a bully when I see one. Did you teach children through cut downs and intimidation? Not going to work here on us grownups.

              • sixpack

                JayJay, you should go reread some of YOUR OWN posts. There are times when you don’t even sound like you speak english as a first language. Clean your own attic before you start on your neighbor’s.

        • Miss DeeDee

          cason polk,
          Welcome aboard the site.
          I’m looking forward to learning more about you
          l’m looking forward to learning more from you.
          Once again
          — Miss Dee Dee

        • slingshot

          cason polk.

          At your age you should be having fun. Go camping, hiking, canoeing, and biking. Learn how to cook with spices. Learn First Aid, Morse code, how to lash. Hone your skills. Get to know your limits and equipment.

          Although you know something is coming. Stay Away from the crap that fills adult minds. Lots of information is poison and will confuse you. Believe me all this stuff will be there when you get older.
          Stay on the basics. Fill your mind with good stuff.

        • slingshot

          cason polk

          Learn how to swim.

          • Iraqastan

            Cason Polk— since everyone is givin ya advice….

            find a hot young 13 year ole that’ll let ya play with her titties!

            • PKLauLau

              Iraqastan: I call you out as evil…the Lord rebuke you….You are EXACTLY why America is in the mess we are in….

              For those wondering why I am saying this….read your bible.


        • lonelonemum

          Honestly Cason, at 13 it’s your knowledge, education and SKILLS that will keep you alive when shtf. Don’t aim to be cannon fodder, aim to be a survivor.

          1. Join a historical reinactment society – The knowledge these groups possess could save your life. It’s a safe space to learn the skills people used to survive before the advent of electricity. No risk to OPSEC as you’d find if you tried to join the junior segment of Occupy or summat.

          2. Join a woodcraft, community farm, bushcraft, cadet corps or boy scout group. A mainstrea youth group that just happens to teach you the skills you’ll need in the long term such as how to preserve and grow food, first aid etc.

          3. Education – take this really seriously – another language gives you an exit plan to start over in a foreign country. Maths, shop and engineering skills will be needed to FIX stuff once the made in China tat is no more. Can you build and use a ham radio? Do you know enough history to learn from the errors of our ancestors? Could you use a map & compass properly?
          Do you recognise the mind games being used to manipulate us. Can you calculate without a calculator? Considering how dumbed down our education system has become, if you aren’t top of your class in most of your subjects, you aren’t gonna be smart enough to make it.

          4. The best way to avoid a gun fight is to avoid it. If you have younger siblings have you figured out how to hide them somewhere safe if your home is ever robbed? Do you know how to escape your school if they decide to do a suprise drill that involves loading you all onto buses one day. (google Nigerian schoolgirls, and Boko Haram for a clue what I’m talking about).

          5. Apart from education, the single best thing you can do is work on your observational and situational awareness skills at your age. Learn to read body language, intent, your environment and know the risk levels (and safe zones!) at all times. Not realising till it’s too late that people have ill intent or recognising those with integrity is a huge risk for your age group.

          6. Learn hygiene and sanitation procedures. Most wars, more people die of wholly preventable sickness than combat. You wanna save lives – start by learning 101 ways to purify water. Oh and learn to carry a and hanky and wash your hands!

        • lonelonemum

          Honestly Cason, at 13 it’s your knowledge, education and SKILLS that will keep you alive when shtf. Don’t aim to be cannon fodder, aim to be a survivor.

          1. Join a historical reinactment society – The knowledge these groups possess could save your life. It’s a safe space to learn the skills people used to survive before the advent of electricity. No risk to OPSEC as you’d find if you tried to join the junior segment of Occupy or summat.

          2. Join a woodcraft, community farm, bushcraft, cadet corps or boy scout group. A mainstrea youth group that just happens to teach you the skills you’ll need in the long term such as how to preserve and grow food, first aid etc.

          3. Education – take this really seriously – another language gives you an exit plan to start over in a foreign country. Maths, shop and engineering skills will be needed to FIX stuff once the made in China tat is no more. Can you build and use a ham radio? Do you know enough history to learn from the errors of our ancestors? Could you use a map & compass properly?
          Do you recognise the mind games being used to manipulate us. Can you calculate without a calculator? Considering how dumbed down our education system has become, if you aren’t top of your class in most of your subjects, you aren’t gonna be smart enough to make it.

          4. The best way to avoid a gun fight is to avoid it. If you have younger siblings have you figured out how to hide them somewhere safe if your home is ever robbed? Do you know how to escape your school if they decide to do a suprise drill that involves loading you all onto buses one day. (google Nigerian schoolgirls, and Boko Haram for a clue what I’m talking about).

          5. Apart from education, the single best thing you can do is work on your observational and situational awareness skills at your age. Learn to read body language, intent, your environment and know the risk levels (and safe zones!) at all times. Not realising till it’s too late that people have ill intent or recognising those with integrity is a huge risk for your age group.

          6. Learn hygiene and sanitation procedures. Most wars, more people die of wholly preventable sickness than combat. You wanna save lives – start by learning 101 ways to purify water. Oh and learn to carry a and hanky and wash your hands!

          • Miss Dee Dee

            Thank you for the personal history lesson of what is really happening in Nigeria.
            Today’s theme stresses the need to seperate from technology. Without it I would not have learned a valuable lesson yesterday from you.
            There is “The Good , The Bad and the Ugly “with everything in life.”
            – Wouldn’t that be a great title for a classic spaggetti western movie. I think we could get Clint Eastwood to star.
            Just a thought !!!
            — Miss Dee Dee

        • Nopittypartyhere

          @ Cason Polk

          Congratulations on wanting to do what you can to prepare for your family. I have but two comments

          1 be very very careful about connecting with people on the Internet, and especially meeting up with them. You are still at a very impressionable age. Without the knowledge of history and life experience you could easily be conditioned and tricked into something you would never have done otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great preppers, but be careful in how you meet them. I like the idea above about joining a reenactment group, or some other ” non-pepper” organization where you can meet people and get to know them first.

          2. Do not get wrapped up in all the bad news and feel that you a running out of options. We all get various gut reactions here based on our experiences and perceptions. But some folks on this site will admit they’ve been thinking teotwawki has been coming at various times since the 60’s. you just never know how long the govt can kick the can own the road, and disasters a unpredictable. Keep a steady pace prepping, but get out, have fun and find a girl and get a little kiss. Yes, I played suck face In The woods when I was 12 and 13, but not more than that.

          Remember to have fun and don’t let it get you down!

        • Smokey

          Rule No. 1 : Prepare for what might happen.
          Rule No. 2 : Never stop learning.
          Rule No. 3 : Learn that a subset of people are insane malcontents talking lots of nonsense and hatred
          through their hat.
          Rule No. 4 : Ignore the folks you identify in Rule No. 3.
          Rule No. 5 : Take care of family and your community when it comes down to that.

      10. Sierra Dave

        I admit to being an Internet Junkie. The easy access to information is awesome.

        With all the government spying and hackers spread across the globe. I’m looking at going offline. My connection to the world will be CB and Ham.

        I’ve slowly been working on taking care of self sufficiency projects. I probably have enough information on my computers to get by quite comfortably. And enough of them to last for years.

        • PA farmer

          Dave, you bring up a question I have wondered about for a long time. I have a pc it was my dads, I dont know how to use it and its not hook into net. Hewlett Packard,Pavilion S70,,AMD,Athlon XP..Can I hook my phone into the UB port and some how store info in the PC. I know it might be a Complicated question, a yes or no will work I could then try to figure out how to do it..

          • Sierra Dave

            They have a phone jack to usb adapter. But the bigger question is what operating system you have. You need Windows Vista or newer or even get a person from the local Linux users group to help set you up.

          • sixpack

            There is a group help site, geekstogo(.)com. You present a technical or software question, and the facilitators there will help you answer it. I volunteer as a technical facilitator sometimes. You should try the site.

      11. Justacowboy

        I have my camp in the mountains.. solar power only, miles from everyone.. I do have satellite internet mainly for communication because there is no cell service.. I’ve lived there on and off for the last 3 years.. my grandson gets to come up with me from time to time and we cook outside hunt lizards and such with the bb gun.. no electronics.. just the real world if the weather is good sleep outside under the stars.. I feel sorry for city kids that don’t ever have the chance to see how things really are…


        • Kulafarmer

          That sounds excellent, i grew up having places like that to go to, miss just being away from everything,

        • European American

          “I feel sorry for city kids that don’t ever have the chance to see how things really are…”

          I read a story once where “city kids”, NY or Chicago I believe, were asked where their food came from and their answers were almost unanimous: “The Grocery Store”

        • y99

          I was sold at lizards and BB-guns. Kids have no freedom today, it’s sad compared to my childhood, talking with friends tonight it was normal for us at the age of eight too be 20+ miles from home exploring, now kids think exploring is an APP.

          • Average Guy

            y99, I saw a realistic looking 12 gauge toy gun For Sale at the Goodwill Store, on it was written, ‘Must Be Eighteen To Purchase”.

            The old cigarette ads had a slogan, “You’ve come a long way, baby” … what’s the opposite slogan for that?

            • the renegade braveheart

              AG, are you referring to the old Virginia Slims ads? Just another reminder of how old I am.

              • laura m.

                Ren. B’heart: I can rem: Old Gold, Lucky strike, Pall Mall, chesterfield, the V slims came later on. So did B Hedges. And when t- bone steak was 79 cents a lb. and people left a 25 cent tip eating out.

        • New Ordnance

          You really paint a pretty picture. Life in the valley is hardly life at all compared to the high mountains. All of my favorite places are still covered with 10 to 15 feet of snow – some places 200 inches – near record snow pack this year in the northern Rockies. The run-off should be something else.

          I have been thinking all winter about doing a thru-hike this summer down in the Wind Rivers on the continental divide for about 100 miles. It’s all above 11,000 feet I think. If I can’t get any family to go, I will probably go it alone.

          Living in the mountains is really good for inoculating kids from the popular culture. It’s a blessing to grow up in the mountains. I just wish the Forest Service would back off. They keep squeezing us more every year.

          • New Ordnance


            Just checked out your vid. Awesome buddy! I noticed somebody gave you a down vote. Some flat-landers and yuppies don’t get it about dogs and critters.

            Been down in the Gila out from Silver City a few times myself a long time ago – used to live in NM and ranged up and down the Sangre de Christo’s and up into Colorado. Back then, I could be out for 10 days and never see another soul.

            I have been up in MT for a few decades – currently growing and selling Painted Mountain Corn Seed.

            The wolves have been real hard on our elk herds in recent years. The mountain lions are getting out of hand and are beginning to menace neighborhoods. People don’t understand that lions need to be hunted to keep them thinned out and that without dogs its almost impossible.

            I think you might like what we are doing with the Rocky Mountain Corn Project. It’s more than corn seed.

            Check out the essay entitled, “The Dangerous Summer” at

            Scroll down a bit on the home page and you will see the link. The photos, video and music at the end will give you an idea of where we are coming from.

            Your post up there kinda pulled me in. Now I see why.


          • Average Guy

            New Ordnance wrote, “All of my favorite places are still covered with 10 to 15 feet of snow”

            That’s freaky shstuff. I’m not sure i could handle that. It’s Spring here, and about time, too.

            I wonder, when you say, ” – some places 200 inches – near record snow pack this year in the northern Rockies. The run-off should be something else.”

            Does this mean there won’t be a drought in Califronia this year and that prices for food won’t go through the roof for that reason?

            [Not to say prices won’t go Up for other Federal Reserve Bank reasons].

            • New Ordnance

              Average Guy,

              The weather has been freaky all over. The northern Rockies have record snowpack. The southern Rockies around Ruidoso, NM and Sierra Blanca are in a drought and are having forest fires already. Southern and central California are experiencing the worst drought since records have been kept. Irrigation water has been cut to the central valley which feeds most of the U.S. That’s the scary part. Ranchers are selling off their herds. Checked the price of beef lately?

              That’s why I have sent an emergency alert to all my Painted Mountain Corn seed clients urging them to go all-out for food independence this year.

              The actual words were: “The Most Important Growing Season of our Lives.”

              There is no certainty with agriculture. There are always surprises with what mother nature has in store for us. The northern U.S. is colder than ever right now. Who
              knows how long the growing season will be this year?

              Instead of being up there in the mountains with backcountry skis, taking calculated risks with avalanches,
              I am at my duty station spreading the word about Painted Mountain Corn which thrives in these extreme conditions having been developed right here in Montana.

              Our website, RockyMountainCornDOTcom is packed with info. Painted Mountain has an incredible ability to adapt to local conditions in diverse locations from Siberia to Norway to Greece to North Korea.

              That’s why I am pushing it as hard as I can while there is yet time to get seed in the ground here in the northern hemisphere.

              Its late now. Signing off.
              Godspeed to all growers.

        • Hunter


          Nice site/photos/vids cowboy!

      12. Confederate

        It does put “things” into perspective. Our society has become “techno zombies”. Wait until the EMP hits.

      13. Sgt. Dale

        I hate the modern world of phones and computers. The computers and the phones are to be used to learn with not to live with.
        Confederate said it best I CASN’T WAIT FOR THE EMP!!!

        • Kulafarmer

          Im with you Sarge,
          I really cant wait for it all to go black,, i dont care how, but will be so freeing,
          Then my biggest worry instead of making my orders will be what do i want to grow, should i weed? Or should i trim borders? Or go hunting? What are the neighbors up to???
          Maybe ill go take a nap under the jackaranda tree in the yard, maybe ill go cut some bananas off my trees, or dig potatoes, or pull up daikon or pickle some stuff

          • Northern Reb

            Confederate, SGT. Kula:
            I like the way you boys think.
            Fishing anyone?? or maybe we hunt first then take a nap then fish. Any takers???
            P.S. one Phones and computers at the camp for EMERGENCIES ONLY!!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Confederate

              I kinda like the hunt, fish, nap senerio.

          • sixpack

            The prevailing thought seems to be that if an EMP hits, or the electricity goes out, that the elites will somehow stop their march towards a NWO? Does anyone really believe they will stop beating the war drums, just because WE are sitting in the dark?

            The elites have the best protection for their electronics, that all of their wealth can buy… but WE DON’T. THEY won’t be in the dark. The military has plenty of redundancy in heir systems. The missiles could still fly.

            The war will go on as planned, even if the rest of us are sitting in the dark.

            I’d prefer to have some advanced warning, myself.

      14. report to nsa

        bunch of domestic terrorist.

        Your anti government comments will be noted and recorded.

        we must free the U.S.A. of this fake Americans.

        AMERICA love it or leave it.

        Go away, you been here toooooo long. Your stupid comments are getting old.

        • Average Guy

          Ha! “AMERICA love it or leave it.” I invite you to go. It’s your type that wants the fascist Bizarro World.
          Leave the rest of us the Hell alone.

          • Average Guy

            Also, his handle cracks me up, it’s like he’s the Jr. High School hall Monitor: ‘report to nsa says:’

            Yeah, and Uff Da! to you too, Mofo!
            Anyway, I wonder if his idol is the principal out of the film, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ seems like there’s a lot of people like that nowadays. Like there’s an epidemic of retarded or something?
            Maybe it’s due to the chemtrails? Idk.

        • the renegade braveheart


      15. Logicrazy

        All of my favorite places do not have power, or get signals

      16. cap

        I wish more young people could see this video and react. learn something new, get out and enjoy, be of help to a community. But I fear it will take nothing short of an EMP to make people realize what has happened to this world.

      17. earl

        I’m afraid there won’t be an EMP or similar occurance that take down this mess.The idea of some miraculous event that will somehow restore us to a state of nature is a fantasy.We should be so lucky.I’ve become convinced we won’t be getting off so easy.

      18. Dead Meat

        why are you people discribing your preps? Have you not learned about “OPSEC”? And dont eat the lure on that lie….your gonna get caught.

        • Average Guy

          Dear Dead Meat,

          I guess it’s because I don’t expect to live forever.

          And, I want to help/guide those that are younger than me.

          Besides, they’ll know soon enough about you when they get their 30,000 drones up in the sky by 2015, drones which can see through a car,.. and through a house.
          They’ll know.

          “OPSEC” is an obsolete term, for the most part

      19. catena

        after the EMP or a nuke taking down the power grid, i am good to go, the horse and buggy business should flourish ,,
        good luck to all
        ssg U.S.M.C 1965-1971

      20. dmitry

        I hope the EMP will strike first at the oval office. Good for him right?

      21. Average Guy

        I wonder what you guys think of this title:

        ‘The American Empire vs. Your Retirement Prospects’

        I wonder if the young people of today have any clue.

        What I mean is, do they get the bottom line of that article, “The American Empire is going to come to an end. It will then do no good for the mice to roar.”?

        I hope they are ready for what comes next.

        I know I’m not, i don’t even have any chickens.
        And crap, somehow I got old. … And, I’m surrounded by idiots and nationalist who think a flag will save them, along with tweeters who might as well be tweekers, WFD.

      22. Y'all Beware!

        Where am I and what am I not doing?

        Even though I was there, everybody else was not.

        In my immediate viewing area, there were 4 tables.

        Four people at 1 and 2 others at each of the other three,

        Nine were doing the same thing, one was not.
        All but one (me) were talking on their phones.

        I thought of a time in the past, when I could look at an attractive woman and smile.
        They did not even look up from their phones until they left.

        Y’all Beware! So much for lunch!

        • Average Guy

          Y’all Beware!, Ya, things really have changed.
          You described part of it very well.
          We. Are. Surrounded.

      23. Frank Thoughts

        He is, of course right, but there is something more subtle and important to say about this phenomenon. Where I live, most people around me are on benefits and I see them every day drinking and gambling. I would not want to engage with them or have them part of my life. They are, in short, losers. Via the Internet I connect with my many friends and colleagues who I meet on a regular basis (and when we meet we talk, get drunk, do things and don’t look at the phones or the Internet). The Internet enables me to connect with the shrinking pool of people who still have their sh#t together and are not broken people dependent on the state.

        The future is bleak and this is because more and more people are giving up and just leading lives of social degeneracy. They aren’t people you want to talk to or invite around to your house. And, yes, some would actually be very violent or rude to you if you spoke to them: “what u want whitey!!!”.

        So, use the phone and the Internet to connect with good people and then make time to be with them. Ignore the losers and build firewalls against them to keep them out of your life. Leave it to the police and the army to deal with these people. As the Rolling Stones once said, “just a shot away, just shot away – yeah – yeah – yeah!”.

        • lonelonemum

          Having recently relocated I’d agree with you Frank.

          The internet has enabled me to meet up with homeschool groups who otherwise I’d have had no way of knowing they existed.

          By self-selecting definition homeschool Mums are more likely to be on my wavelength than others. From the pool I’ve met a couple look likely to become in time real friends.

      24. watching and waiting


        Have to have a balance…….Breathe deep and smell the roses.
        Buy a good camera and go to a historical park, arboretum or drive the parkway from Virginia Thru North Carolina(if you live there or near)

        Today’s media tech has created an escape from society and it responsibilities. It is like living in an isolated part of the world with little/no contact with other humans and when contact is made, well, so much for the social skills we are suppose to have.

        One of the reasons I think we are so suspicious at times of one another, we are so involved in our own little world the skill to communicate competently with another human is rapidly becoming rusty.

        There is only so much you can do……….
        Put it in the hands of a higher power.

      25. River-Rat

        Botulinum Toxin: This is the most poisonous substance known at this time:

        a. How does it affect a human? It prevents release of acetylcholine at presynaptic nerve terminal and blocks nerve transmission.
        b. How is it distributed? It can be spread through food or dispersed by aerosol.
        c. How long will the toxin survive in the air? 48 hours
        d. What are the symptoms?

        i. Aerosolized

        1. Generalized weakness
        2. Dizziness
        3. Dry mouth
        4. Dry throat
        5. Blurred vision
        6. Respiratory failure

        ii. Food born

        1. Abdominal cramps
        2. Nausea
        3. Vomiting
        4. Diarrhea

        e. What is the decontamination procedure?

        i. Aerosolized release
        1. Wear mask or at minimum breath through clean cloth (t-shirt)
        2. Wash skin with 0.1% hypochlorite (bleach) or soapy water.

        ii. Released by food source

        1. Cooking thoroughly

      26. Satori

        “The U.S. Supreme Court Decision … Means the Nation Has Entered a Post-Constitutional Era”


        “No matter what the Obama administration may say to the contrary, actions speak louder than words, and history shows that the U.S. government is not averse to locking up its own citizens for its own purposes. What the NDAA does is open the door for the government to detain as a threat to national security anyone viewed as a troublemaker. According to government guidelines for identifying domestic extremists—a word used interchangeably with terrorists, that technically applies to anyone exercising their First Amendment rights in order to criticize the government”

        a sad sad day for America

        anyone thinking the courts would protect the Constitution
        had better abandon that hope

      27. VRF

        Nobody here should be getting distracted by a dam spelling bee

      28. WIprepped

        Everyone’s connected and someone is watching.

        My past weekend ties in perfectly with this. Wife & I went camping in a state park. When we checked in the ranger asked for our truck license #. Before we say anything he goes, “That’s ok I’ve got it.” He goes on to verify the make of our truck & camper, our names, and that we have the 2 dogs, (and he knew what kind they were)!!

        Then we tell him our daughter is coming to visit. Immediately he says her name and asks if she’ll be bringing her vehicle, which he knew the make, and if our son was also coming.

        Gonna have to wrap the camper with lead shielding so the x-ray and infrared can’t see what’s inside!!

        I never got along very well with DNR rangers before, they always strut like they have a chip on their shoulders. Now it feels like someone’s watching even in the woods!!
        molon labe

        • VRF

          and chances are, you willingly gave that information a while back some where, maybe unknowingly , but pretty good chance they got it all from you


          • VRF

            dont get me wrong, im not saying its right for them to compile info on us..but we do have to be careful what we say, do, and whom we allow certain info to.

            It could even have been given slowly over time and they added in other things as they compiled, even some of your guests could have helped in filling the “list” out

            Its pretty much time to STFU to anyone these days, least it come back to you at a further date

            • WIprepped

              Hope you’re looking in the mirror when you say this. I’m close to the least plugged in person on this site.

              I was just emphasizing it’s impossible to do anything now without being on a database somewhere.

              The only way someone won’t find info on you is if they don’t have a want or need to..
              molon labe

              • VRF

                oh hey, it wasnt ment as a stab at you or how you go about your daily life, its just fact. we usually give out way more info than we need, who knows maybe you personally didnt give it,,maybe your kid, spouse, friend

                Guilty as charged myself ( my mirror works just fine 😉

                besides your license plate gave itself away sitting on your back bumper as required

                I bet its a camp ground you’ve been to many times..therefore they were able to gain little bits at a time each time you came..one more piece of their puzzle
                after all we are creatures of habit

                most ask for if you have pets, they charge you for them being there, and if you didnt tell them what breed, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to assume what they are by looks ..never know one guy might have asked your wife out walking the dog..”oh thats a nice dog, what is he”?

                as said other ways ,, the frog in the frying pan..lil at a time

                im not disagreeing with you..or trying to make you feel like your not right, you are correct…they do compile way too much personal info on us everywhere

                • WIprepped

                  No prob, just wanted to stress everyone needs to watch what info is “put” into the system.

                  It caught me off guard. This state park was at least 2 hours from the next closest we’ve stayed at. It shows the DNR system has been upgraded to include a lot more info and it’s tied in with DOT and maybe all state agencies!!

                  molon labe

            • Them Guys

              To really confuse most such snoops folks when the form asks for Landlord, put in God or Jesus Christ!…Where form asks rent or own?…Put Live here temporarily.

              When they begin to bitch its Not correct way to fill form out…Just tell them its got do to with your 1st ammend religious rights. Then REFUSE to change it.

              Its time to fight Back on all these constantly added changes and new laws or demands for More info etc…They do NOT need it. And much is info you need not provide if you remain insistant…NUNYA is also good…When asked what the hell is NUNYA?….It is Nun ya fuckin Buisness is what .

      29. VRF

        “Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for Obamacare is like Germans bragging about the number of manditory sign ups for ‘train rides’ for Jews in the 40s,”

        Republican state Sen. Stacey Campfield of Knoxville

        Not that I’d trust any politician ..but this guy has this right

      30. Be informed

        I spent most of the end of yesterday and night off the computer like mac suggested and I woke up to see some muslim attacking me on the other article for describing what the cult islam is really about.

        I have seen firsthand just what a garbage religion islam is and I would like everyone to see my response to a sand dung beetle that would dare to “attempt” to defend the absolute worst organized religion on this planet that has lead to mass suffering of at least hundreds of millions of people within the individual family unit. Women especially are treated like mid evil slaves, sub human, sub animal. I think that anyone that has had to live with these people will agree with me. It is not absolute, but stereo typing this cult I think is not unfair.

        Just look at the mass support of millions, not a few, muslims when there is a mass terrorist attack against a bunch of innocent people. Look at just how few muslims come out and condemn terrorism. Islam is the devil’s religion, allah is just another word for satan, and the quran is the devil’s bible. Bloodthristy sadism is islam in my opinion and people that are not too afrid to be politically INCORRECT and exercise their Constitutional right to express the way they really feel and think.

        Here is what I wrote to mohammad in the other article:

        @ “truth”. Muslims are the most abusive to their families on this planet. Forget politics. I am talking about the islamic religion to the way it controls families. These towel heads are the worst fathers that there are, the worst husbands, the worst pet owners. The amount of family torture is very well documented throughout ALL muslim countries. There are of course exceptions with ALL beliefs. I am not radical to not see this and be fair. This is why I can’t stand what muslims do to their wives, daughters, sons, and anyone in these nightmare families.

        Sand crap, how dare you call me an idiot for telling the truth, your own alias that you are using. The truth hurts doesn’t it. People don’t have to be politically coorect to see firsthand what these a$$holes do to their very own families. I have seen when I lived around muslims just how God Awful they treat the women.

        Any religion that makes women wear heavy clothes so only their eyes show in 125 degree heat are monsters. Fu#$ you prophet muhammad and Satan that the islams use the word allah to describe their dark master of death and suffering.

        Why don’t you go beat up an innocent woman because allah (DEVIL) told you to do so. You will feel a lot better for it, like a “real man”.

        • Kulafarmer

          Right on BI
          There may be good Islamist, but there are a lot more who would kill all of us if they could and install sharia law,,,
          I am a God fearing Christian man, and will be damned if i would ever go along with placing their religion over mine. All this BS about hate speech against muslims is just that,, BS and will be treated as such,
          Freedom of speech
          Freedom of religion
          Freedom of association

      31. chadchad

        I don’t want to talk to you people in real life.

        • VRF

          whew, glad of that..
          feelings are mutual

      32. Kulafarmer

        Here is an excellent quote from Woodpile Report,,,

        The Forgotten Man sees his representatives enact legislation they’ve neither written nor read, it’s consequences sprung on him in surprise attacks. He sees entitlement to his earnings awarded to others, often whose circumstances are the same or better than his own. Educators pass off perversion as education and education as optional, and tell his kids they’d have no place in a decent society. His compliance with one punitive regulation puts him in violation of another. DC loots his retirement and confiscates his income. The court, Roland Freisler-like, discounts his Constitutional guarantees as misbegotten and malleable. In short, he sees a regime that’s cranked the wheel hard toward despotism, perhaps beyond orderly recovery.

        Now the game is again afoot. Some will bet on the blue team, some on the red, but the highlight reel may come from outside the stadium altogether. The Forgotten Man may become the Unforgettable Man. We shall see what we shall see.

      33. Snowed

        I had a sister but she spends more time commenting on nobodies on FB and doesn’t even answer her phone. Its sad. Only way to talk to her is send a text and get a short text back. Oh well, good thing she has a life in an alternative reality.
        Another sad thing is child’s teacher said several of her students can’t communicate and the common factor she has found is it the ones with a TV in their bedroom (Kindergarten!).

      34. Poon Tang

        Police in Nevada say they got a lot of intel on the militia members who showed up to help Bundy. They say they are preparing criminal charges against those who weren’t smart enough to hide their identities. Always expect the worst when dealing with the US government. Facial recognition and license plate readers. They can also read cell phone info when you drive by.

        • Kulafarmer

          To hide in the shadows is to give legitimacy to the illegitimate acts of a despotic government,
          I say stand and be counted and be proud,
          You hear people talking about burying their guns,,
          My favorite rebuttal i have seen yet was “if its time to bury them it is actually time to start using them”
          TPTB count on us to cower in fear,
          I say bun it down

          • Poon Tang

            I’m not saying hide your guns and don’t use them. I’m saying hide your face. What the people do when they resist is considered a crime by the bad guys. Has anybody watched any of the videos out of Ukraine? Active resisters on both sides are wearing masks. If you don’t understand, you will fill up the prisons and Fema camps before me.

            • Kulafarmer

              Im drawing a parallel,,,
              Hiding your face is the same as hiding your guns,,
              The politicians have already said we are all terrorist, so whats left?
              I guess hiding will give you 5 more minutes, I say give them more than they bargained for when they come for you.

              • VRF

                yeah, I hate dirt in my action..or in my sites for that matter

                No hole in the ground for mine, if they want them , they better hold off after the gun fight for a while before they pry them from my cold dead hands, they will empty and red hot

            • Thinker

              Poo Tang;I am pretty sure that most of the patriots @ the Ranch could give a shit less! they will continue to push and poke until its kill or be killed just like whats going on in the Ukraine,the sad thing is most of the indoctrinated LEO’s that work for this evil gov is going to pay just as high a price as the rest of us,while the pupits cower behind their guards.(NSA, TSA, ect.I can guarantee you that we won’t be going to no FEMA camp! Its way passed the time to start pushing back and stop watching everyone else take America back! Everyone that can at least go to the American Spring March on DC to show support to get rid of the puppets in the government of evil ! (You can hide your face if you want to) .

              NOMI so CATT
              Take back America one person at a time!

              • Poon Tang

                Not a shot was fired, but they’re going to jail just the same. What did they gain? It’ll be good to get the stupid ones out of the way early on.

      35. Old Timer

        Once you understand what the media is actually saying it can actually be informative. Always think the opposite of what they are saying. For instance if they are talking a plan for peace you know it is a plan for war. If the number 3, 9,11 or 18 appears in the article it is showing that it is in the illuminati ( satan’s stooges ) plan.

      36. VRF

        Nigeria allowed Muslim terrorists a safe harbor in their land, and it has come back to bite them in their asses.
        too bad it had to be a group of student women that paid the price, but here is why you dont allow your country to be over thrown by anyone, especially Muslims

        but our government wont learn this very easy lesson either., plan accordingly

        • lonelonemum

          Earlier in the year over 60 school boys were either burned alive, their throats slit, or shot in the back as they attempted to flee an attack on their dormitory as they slept in the same Nigerian State.

          This week 8 more school girls have been abducted to be sold for as little as $7 apiece along the borders with Chad.

          The official Nigerian government response to these monsters 3 weeks after they disappeared? Even after the international outcry? To set up a friggin committee to discuss the matter.

          One can only assume that some of these girls have been sold to VIP’s from such a pathetic response. The first couple of Nigeria make Obama and Scamerloon look like competent rulers. It would not suprise me if the 3 states where these monsters have swarmed secede so they can apply the old maxim “If a dog is mad or rapid, you put it down”.

          Lest we in the west become complacent or smug, we need to remember we also have a problem with child sexual slavery, it is just conducted more discreetly. In another case in the state where the girls were stolen from an HIV+ man has just been sentenced to death by stoning for raping a 12 year old. The kidnappers will not be shown mercy if they are ever caught.

          • Nopittypartyhere

            I gotta committee for them. I swear we need to just drop one big ass nuke over there…..except I don’t want die too. Having too much fun.

      37. JayJay

        We are farmers in Nebraska. We do business with a local coop for our fertilizer and chemicals and there is also a large regional dealer in our area. Both places are telling long time customers that if you have not already ordered and prepayed for your fertilizer you will not be able to get it

        From SQ site.
        We are preppers and no one but preppers get it. 🙂

        My neighbor with money thinks he can live on tomatoes?? My neighbor spent $13 for a roast last month.
        I get 13 pieces of out-of-date meat for $20 at the Piggly-Wiggly.
        We are preppers and no one but preppers get it. 🙂

        • Archivist

          My wife got a huge smoked ham at Food Lion this week for less than $4. The vacuum-packed wrapper had lost its seal. Last week we got a huge piece of beef that was reduced for the same reason. It seems like we just happen to be in the store when they start marking down meat that’s about to expire. We just stand there and load our cart as soon as they put the red stickers on. I told my wife that, since the freezer’s full now, we can start canning meat.

          • JayJay

            Isn’t it great??

            Last night T-Bone and New York Strip.

            Probably spent $2 for both. It came in the big box we got for $35.
            I stopped calculating what was in the box at $150.
            I wish all here had this kind of price cutting at their grocery stores—ask the meat clerks.
            They can only say no, we don’t sell ‘out
            dated’ meats,
            Then, what do they do with it??

      38. Okie rebel

        Does anyome know if uncle Ted is still honering the one million dollar reward to the first person to shoot down a drone? Can’t be that tough to hit and bring down.

        • VRF

          at 30,000′ AGL and at the speed they can travel, you better lead the fuck out of it.


          I dont think he was talking about your neighbors peeping tom drone he bought for 300$

      39. JayJay

        I’m on my way to TSC for top soil—fertilizer??
        Not today; I am not a terrorist today–just a little woman planting tomato plants.

        • VRF

          I finally have all my sprouts coming up..sure took a while

          was told ( local farmer) my area is behind the curve on planting by 2 weeks due to our cold deep freeze winter

      40. VRF


        Consider this, Mr. Fed agent

        Cant have it both ways guys..so who’s side are you really on?..

        I like the closing statement,although I have said it differently..same jist of subject

        “The suggestion is that it is possible, as are nearly a thousand other scenarios, but, Mr. Federal Agent, you have just become a “domestic terrorist” because you have claimed the whole time that you defend the Constitution and support the United States Government. As such, you are either a POW, or an enemy combatant. Either way, you should learn how to kneel at the edge of a pit.”

        your move

        • Socrates

          “THIS IS SPARTA!”

          Shields and spears at the ready!

      41. Be informed

        @ Kulafarmer. This is an article that talks about the horrors of islam. Has an awful picture of a woman buried up to her shoulders with several rocks surrounding her. I don’t know if she is dead or not. She probably didn’t read the devil’s handbook, the quran, for a week or something and was punished by death by stoning. This is something that really upset me.

        These MF’s are the devil. This is beyond evil, and shows just how islam and satanism are no different. How anyone could be a muslim with any decency in their soul is beyond me. Check out this horrific article:


      42. TheGuy

        You have identified a SYMPTOM. Not the disease.

        Interaction with people has been rendered illegal, or highly dangerous. Anything taken the wrong way is a lawsuit. The internet and text added in a layer of anonymity and abstraction in an attempt to circumvent this. Now… it’s no longer true anymore, half the shit you do online is now illegal too. We’re running on habit-momentum at present. And the .gov tries to follow us down into our very thoughts and dreams and render them illegal too…

      43. Okie rebel

        Thanks VRF. That was the first belly laugh I have had all day. (:

      44. convinced2day

        This actually brought tears to my eyes….

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