The Life and Times of the Thanksgiving Turkey: He Never Saw It Coming

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Entertainment | 139 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving Day!

    The Black Swan Theory is used by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain the existence and occurrence of high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations. One example often put forth by Taleb is the life and times of the Thanksgiving Turkey.

    The turkey spends the majority of its life enjoying daily feedings from a caring farmer. Weeks go by, and it’s the same thing day-in-day-out for the Turkey. Free food. Open range grazing. Good times all around.

    The thinking turkey may even surmise that the farmer has a vested interest in keeping the turkey alive. For the turkey, it is a symbiotic relationship. “The farmer feeds me and keeps me happy, and I keep the farmer happy,” says the turkey. “The farmer needs me, otherwise, why would he be taking care of me?”

    This goes on for a 1,000 days.

    Then, two days before Thanksgiving on Day 1,001, the farmer shows up again.

    But this time he doesn’t come bearing food, but rather, he’s wielding an ax.

    This is a black swan event — for the turkey.

    By definition, it is a high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare event for the turkey, who not only never saw it coming, but never even contemplated the possibility that it could occur.

    For the farmer, on the other hand, this was not a black swan event. The farmer knew all along why he was feeding the turkey, and what the end result would be.

    The very nature of black swan events make them almost impossible to predict. The point of this parable is to put forth the idea that sometimes we are the Thanksgiving turkey and understanding this may make it easier to begin to, at the very least, contemplate the possibility of far-from-equilibrium events.

    This year, when you enjoy that drumstick or Turkey breast, give thanks to the latest victim of the black swan for being non-contemplative, otherwise, he may have bugged-out long ago and you’d be eating a chicken instead.


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      1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

        • Mac, this Thanksgiving I have to let others read about BO if that is okay with you.

          A very Thanksgiving for BO

          With so much anger and hate going around, it is time for some good light humor. It is sometimes better to have a laugh than stress yourself over with the United States falling apart as rapidly as it is.

          BO has much to be thankful for, getting away with more and more.
          For any other president for what Bengazi meant, decades ago would have been impeachment.
          Fast and furious first gave BO fits, not to worry since then everybody’s forgotten it.
          IRS scandal opinions strong and others mixed, no problem BO convinced enough people now it’s fixed.
          Of course NSA was spying, “DUH”, so what Snowden is now in Russia.

          Lots more loyal voters in the BO camp, tens of millions now on food stamps.
          Strong-armed through BO care, will make countless dependent on government welfare.
          BO smiles and knows the facts, overspend until you break the taxpayers’ backs.
          A drop in the bucket a debt of 17 trillion, the real goal is one or two quadrillion.
          Spend and spend so much fun, right into hyperinflation.

          Peace treaties are certainly not the plan, save the petro dollar attack Iran.
          A chemically disarmed Syria BO touts as such a feat, doesn’t matter that Assad and Hezbollah cheats.
          Selling off to China and India good American jobs, only something you would expect someone working for the mob.
          Creating nationwide jobs is not too hard, when you charge them all on America’s credit card.
          Keep the printing presses going and the Dow won’t be selling, helicopter ben is gone but here comes Ms. Yellen.

          Attack and attack on gun rights, couple of bad false flags watering down the 2nd. Amendment within sight.
          Political correctness prevents feelings hurt, fools many into true censorship dirt.
          The burning of free speech is really being fanned, everything but government propaganda one day banned.
          BO can now appoint the worst judges around, Senate’s safety net fillibuster buried under the ground.
          Government shutdown brought many frowns, BO is happy as mass spending continued with all his opponents backing down.

          BO knows he can make everyone cower, with his over-extending tyrannical executive order power.
          After the end of the second term BO can choose not to be done, martial law means no election.
          Feels wonderful to have your backside so kissed, and an army of conformists.
          So many loyal to BO show the naiveness and dumbing, to all of them he’s the second coming.
          Oh the way things once were, now we’re stuck with a skunk in the White House air conditioner.

          • BI, once again, you’re on target. Some of the best satire I’ve ever come across.

            • …..all this Stovetop Dressing…..

              and the danged turkey made a jail break

              • I liked this article, Mac

                I really feel we are the flock of turkeys,

                all fattened up and waiting to be sent to

                the fema camp holding pens, where the 13,000

                government bought guillotines await our

                gullible, outstretched necks. It should be

                renamed a Black Turkey Event.

                • This year I was the farmer and it was the best Thanksgiving turkey we’ve ever had.

                  We also raise broiler and layer chickens. By their breading, broiler chickens aka Cornish Cross aka Shitkins are short lived, they grow so fast and get so fat that they risk broken legs, heart attacks or heat stroke. The layer chickens get to live until they stop producing eggs, by then the next generation is beginning to produce.

                  All three of the farm fowl that survive health, predators and each other end up on the diner plate. Even the ones that die early are save for the crab pot and they still contribute to a meal. That is their lot in life. I guess the one that’s bought some extra time has been the turkey hen, she lays eggs and they are good eating and she’s been pretty productive.

                  All of us on this homestead can be part of a parable. Of the relationship between the farmer and the fowl, the farmer is the one that has to plan and provide, the farmer is the one that is conscious of the possibilities if he doesn’t perform his duties. The farmer is the one that has to clean up the crap the the fowl produce in order to keep stench and disease under control. In comparison, the fowl just has to exist until it’s fulfilled it’s purpose. I’m glad life isn’t like the farmer and the fowl 🙂

                  • The Turkey shit is hitting the fan…Radcon Alert USA!

                    Pay attention to …and stay the hell indoors when you know you should.

                    This FOOK-A-SHAM-US disaster in Japan is only going to get worse when China starts dropping allied planes in them thar disputed waters.

                    Some of the cores have TURNED TO DUST and there was a massive steam/smoke/continued water plume release on the 26th…just blasting the masses with mox as I type this dreary report. Forewarned is forearmed.

                    Now look to the sky and wonder if any of us will get pelted with a meteor or handful of buckshot. The PM’s in a meteor might be worth the stitches.

                    Stay safe and enjoy that rotten/rotting turkey before they turn off the power again!

            • So, once you are in a Panic Room, what is stopping an angry mob burning your house to the ground with you in it?

          • BI

            All of these blind followers of B.O. are the real turkeys I guess. I wonder if they have 1000 more days left.

            Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

            • Actually, your “guesstimate” is pretty close. My evaluation is the USA break-down will be in mid 2016.

          • Good job BI!

          • The One and Only may not realize it but he may be the Turkey! His usefulness will end one of these days. Great satire, BI, great analogy Mac.

            • TT,
              Obamasham’s mission is not to succeed completely but rather initiate new and previously unobtainable direction of TPTB — These he has already accomplished.
              —- Once again I thank Mac and BI for their input of today’s Subject.
              —- Miss Dee Dee

          • Yep the smell can be heard around the world, the answer is Nov 2014………….VOTE

          • Bohahahahaha …. BI funny…….. and thanks to all the Vets who make Thanksgiving possible…..

        • The farmers who run the show do indeed see everyone as turkeys, and one day, they will show up with their ax…

          Side note: I saw a turkey farm in Minnesota once, almost never ate turkey again…

        • Did you get this from Gary Larson?

      2. Ever done a turkey hunt, hardest animal to harvest in the wild…

        • My dad would always kill an albino if he saw it, some folks in our neck of the woods would use that bird to hunt the entire drove to the last bird.

          • Eppe-

            You got that one right!

            Per the Black Swan event, that only applies to those unfamiliar with Occam’s Razor.

            Nice analogy Mac!
            A Happy Thanksgiving to you/yours and everyone here at the SHTFplan.

            • Why is it when you are deer hunting you see turkeys everywhere, then turkey hunting you see deer everywhere?

              • eppe — they eat the same kind of food

              • Actually, eppe, I’ve found bigfoot even harder to harvest. I’ve harvested a few turkeys in my time, but not one bigfoot.

                Slippery devils.

                • Don’t feel bad about not getting a bigfoot.
                  I’ve been hunting those damn snipes for years and still haven’t bagged one.

                • They say Bigfoot tastes like chicken……

              • epee….Indeed it is a case all the time. I guess there is a secret agreement between the turkey and deer communities to cover for each other and to fool the hunters. Very similar to the democrats and the republicans to cover for each other when it comes down to passing the new laws and to fool the people.

                • Nice call Tac!

                  +1…sorta gives a whole new meaning to the phrase…

                  …symbiotic relationships!

              • I usually see Turkeys everywhere I go.

        • got mine two weeks ago , 6in beard , 410 at about 20yds.
          YUMMY , BURP.

          • Unfortunately we only have a Spring season.

            • …theres a season? 😉

        • TURKEY THUG!

        • Yea they walk around my backyard. I can use a slingshot to kill them. Why are they hard to hunt or something?

      3. interesting parable and a good way to explain this stuff to family and friends. I’m thankful I saw the light and started prepping. Everybody out there have a Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless.

        • Which turkey are you? Hopefully you’re one of those in the cartoon who from the outside looks likes those fooling the blind farmer and not the one shouting “CONSPIRACY CONSPIRACY.” Those along with concealed carry permit holders and anyone getting a background check to buy a gun will be the first to be plucked.

          • GG, whoever is considering doing any ‘plucking’ had better forget that idea altogether. It would be hazardous to someone’s health.

      4. Given what’s going on in the Straight of Taiwan right now, I’m gonna be thankful to live another week.

        • ok Uh,please enlighten us.

          • In 1949 Chinese citizens fled mainland China and it’s communist revolution and established free china in Taiwan. They declared themselves an independent nation. China disagrees and has always claimed that island as it’s own land. The sea between Taiwan and China has been the sight of military battles between the 2 and right now Chinas first air craft carrier is moving though that straight towards the disputed South China Sea. The US has been conducting practice war games and flying over a group of islands that China now also claims as theirs. China claims the waters around the the air space over those islands but the US said they would use them anyway since they had done so in years past and were currently in the middle of their wargame.

            It’s a bit odd if you ask me. We have Chinese soldiers on US soil for a practice EMP/Systems down attack while nukes that could cause that attack have gone missing. ?The US is war gamming just off the coast of China and China has told us not to do that. The US overflies their declared airspace and enters their declared waters just as their first aircraft carrier is steaming toward the US fleet. And it is all just coincidence of course.

      5. Enjoy this years feast…hug your kids, hug your wife..they are really all you have.

        Oh…you might want to look at buying some silver at this level, it may never be this low again,and then your wife and kids will have some real money to survive on…

      6. Every day I try to think about how good I have life in comparison to other people that are less fortunate. Some things I have helped to create other things are just luck in the hand I have been dealt in life.
        Today I have my health and my body even though its spent many years getting pretty beat up. I have surrounded myself with good people, they are not perfect people but they are good people that will be honest with me when I need honesty not fluff.
        I am not exactly where I would like to be personally or financially but that is okay. I am better off today than I was last year, in both respects, and hopefully will be better next year than this one. I enjoy growth and my life isn’t about the destination it is hopefully defined on how I take this journey.

        • rusted , i would give ya ten thumbs up if i could.
          it would seem we are in the same place in life.
          God bless

        • +1 Rusty,
          I pretty much chalk it all up to luck,
          Left to myself i would just screw stuff up!

          • Kula: While humility is a great trait, I would have to disagree with you about screwing everything up. From what you say on this board I would guess that you are a calculating person that thinks things through. I would guess you create much of your own luck. Its not to say that you may need a little help from fate from time to time, but you seem like the person who sets himself in a good place for success rather than sitting back and becoming a victim.

            • I don’t count on luck.

              I depend on the grace of God and trust in His plan for my life.

              Whatever happens, He has it under control.

              My job is to live inside His will and plan and to know that He works everything towards what is best for me.

              I prep but that may not be what He has planned, so I prep with a relaxed mental attitude.

            • Agreed Rusty! (+1 to you and Kula!))


        HOPE it isn’t our last one but the chances are certainly there.

        Live FREE, Die FREE

        Molon Labe

      8. Time to eat more chicken or another bite of shit sandwich.

        • I hate chicken and I hate turkey. Yuck!!! Dirty bird meat infested with antibiotics and boob growing hormones!!! I’m thankful for red meat any day!!!!

          • The Red meat is also laced with those growth enhancing hormones . Unless you grow it yourself you cant be shure it doesn’t contain fat gut boob growing hormones. Im certian my bantams are hormone free.

            • im sure you know how to make a hormone right?

              dont pay her

          • This is what makes hunting such a worth while way of life, and if I might say actually not that much of a money saver, but when you sink your teeth into a wild turkey, deer, antelope or an elk you don’t get any antibiotics or hormones. And as my kids once said when we had some beef (this meat taste funny, it has a tame taste) actually that was kind of a joke around our house. Trekker Out. P.S. squirrel rabbit and coon don’t have that many hormones either.

            • Don’t overlook that roadkill, either.

              Squirrels are ideal roadkill. After a couple of weeks of tire therapy, they get nice and flat and dry.

              Use them for 22 practice targets or toss like a Frisbee for birdshot skills.

              • JRS they also make a good item to carry in your backpack in case you get lost or just need a snack.They don’t take up much room and they’re light to carry, we call it squirrel jerky. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

                • If you get lost, use a possum instead of a squirrel, it will take you to the nearest road.

                  • Too funny Smokey!!!

      9. I actually think more than we realise are both aware and quietly making plans. Those who have the sense to befriend an immigrant or two and look at the world beyond their own block and tight circle of friends can feel the storm blowing in on the wind.

        All that prevents the elites complete defeat is the failure of so many disparate groups to unite. Make things too tough for the little man and he may find he has more in common with the unwilling gang member starting a community garden than they realised. Both will bring skills to the table, and both want more for their children than the current set up.

        Satan is becoming too bold, and too blatant. BI was right when he said that every area of life is becoming too saturated with poison from education & politics to food, to the media, to the water we drink. Increasingly I’m meeting sheople types who are turning off the TV as the rubbish it streams becomes too much for the dumbest types to be willing to even attempt to digest. The young people I meet have turned away from MTV in disgust, and openly discuss fidelity in relationships as being a good thing, despite a school system that here in the UK gives out condoms at 11 without parental consent.

        I personally feel that mind sets are starting to change, even if the public too scared to declare it openly yet. (Why else would gun/ammo sales have gone thru the roof in the US, or in the UK decades of conditioning be suddenly overcome to buy local vegetables once more? ).

        I still think we will endure tougher times than we can imagine, but also feel that ultimately the human spirit of altruism will prevail. All the material preps in the world are of no use without mental strength, and I’m beginning to have hope that the general population is gathering that inner mental strength we will need.

        The meek shall inherit the earth ; )

      10. Ouch!

        Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

        As for the turkey:

        And He said: Let us make man to Our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth. Genesis 1:26

      11. Yup, never know what O is going to spring on us next! We’re his turkeys.

        • Obomination is springin about 134 new EPA regs on us.
          Including a new reg. that gives the EPA control over EVERY body of water in the US , including private land.
          YUP , EVERY STREAM ,CREEK AND POND , and probably your water ditch out by the road .
          I do believe Agenda21 just kicked into high gear.

          • Lets see how many idiots he has to try and control all that water out there. The straw is about to break the camel’s back!

          • Let em come….I can drown them in that ditch!…and bury em in it too!

      12. Ovomit wants to be in charge of everything.

      13. Hammer-

        If you read the fine print, they’re claiming jurisdiction over all underground water resources also.
        Per Agenda-21, you’re gonna see a govt mandate/drive to install (smart)water-meters on wells located on private property soon.
        They intend to charge($$$) you for your water usage, no matter its source and there will be no recompense for your expense of sinking said well either.

        ..always remember:

        The last act of a tyrannical regime/govt, is to loot/rob its citizenry.

        • ya, hunter , I live in michigan and in the north , you cant walk five feet without steppin in a water hole .
          I got a river , a stream and a pond along with swampland on my property. whats gonna happen ? they run me off ?
          Fresh water is a premium for many and I am thankfull for the abundance on this day, but dammit the government can kiss my backside , private property is just that !
          Nobody lets the cows into the creeks and streams anymore and runoff is strickly monitored on the big farms.
          Its just an excuse to import everyone to the cities.
          AND dont get me started on the plan to limit broadband and landline phone service to rural areas , thru Agenda 21 they are forcing the kids to migrate to the city.
          Any way i thank God for my good fortune and blessed life , I just wanna see my kids and grandkids have the same opporotunities i had .
          Is that too much to ask ?

          • Hammer-

            I’m with you, sir!

            Basically, all I want from the Govt is for them to leave my family and I, the hell alone and quit f%@#ing with the Constitution and B.O.R.
            I do not relish the thought of fighting them, but by their continuous anti-life/anti-liberty/anti-private property actions..
            I really can’t see another way out.

            Thus, I pray for guidance and forgiveness, for what I may one day, be forced into.


            • +1 to ya both, I am in the same frame of mind.

            • You can never be forced into anything. You have choices. Man up and take responsibility for your actions.

              • NCjoe-

                You said:
                “You can never be forced into anything. You have choices.”

                My reply:
                Depends upon the given scenario, that said per being “forced.”
                But referencing a binary situation like we’re facing via the political/economic/social endgame playing out globally, (i.e).- freedom vs. slavery and/or surrender to tyranny vs. resistance to it-…I choose RESISTANCE and FREEDOM!

                Because at the end of the day, its not about you or I or most posting here.
                Its ‘ALL’ about our progeny (our children and grandchildren) and the future life we wish them to inherit.

                I don’t want my offspring having to struggle to survive in a 21st century version of ‘blade-runner Amerika’, because we as a collective….SURRENDERED to the ENEMIES of GOD and MANKIND!

                Thus my decision per a course of action, has been made already(see prayers and forgiveness in previous post)!


                In conclusion, you said:
                “Man up and take responsibility for your actions.”

                My reply:
                I already have!

                Ultimately, the solution is BINARY!

                (i.e.)…good vs. evil, truth vs. lies…

                ..and courage vs. cowardice!


                ..the choice is yours also.

                -Choose wisely-!!!

                • Ncjoe-

                  Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the definition.

                  BINARY = one or the other.. = right vs. wrong, yes vs. no, wickedness vs. Godliness…etc.


                  • You know NCjoe-

                    Sometimes I get the impression, that your presence here represents the intellectual equivalent of an -E.Coli- infection, per your continuous plaguing of these boards.

                    Its apparent to some here, that the lobotomy you received whilst at UNC Chapel-Hill, was most successful.

                    -(damn liberal)-

        • Yep, good old EPA,
          Are behind our local government banning backyard burn piles or burn cans but who allow the local sugar plantation to burn cane every day during harvest season polluting the air everybody breathes.

        • Try Lodi Ca. It started a few years back.

          • The post is for the private well water meters.

            • Tried private well meters in my community. I called everyone I knew and they called everyone they knew to go to the not well-publicized public meeting and so many turned out to protest quite vehemently they gave it up. Instead, they have severely limited permits for new well drilling.

        • If they do… then its time to dust off the old Bucket and rope! Said rope can come in handy later on as well.

      14. The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.


      15. How to cook a turkey

        Step 1: Go buy a turkey
        Step 2: Take a drink of whiskey, scotch, or JD
        Step 3: Put turkey in the oven
        Step 4: Take another 2 drinks of whiskey
        Step 5: Set the degree at 375 ovens
        Step 6: Take 3 more whiskeys of drink
        Step 7: Turn oven the on
        Step 8: Take 4 whisks of drinky
        Step 9: Turk the bastey
        Step 10: Whiskey another bottle of get
        Step 11: Stick a turkey in the thermometer
        Step 12: Glass yourself a pour of whiskey
        Step 13: Bake the whiskey for 4 hours
        Step 14: Take the oven out of the turkey
        Step 15: Take the oven out of the turkey
        Step 16: Floor the turkey up off the pick
        Step 17: Turk the carvey
        Step 18: Get yourself another scottle of botch
        Step 19: Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey
        Step 20: Bless the saying, pass and eat out

        Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you All

        • LOL ! ! ! That perfectly describes my ex-wife.

        • Lol, good one Mike!

        • Somebody sounds all to familiar with Satans broth. Watch out for the Va. checkpoints.

        • step 20: suppose to be eat and pass out, but Pass and eat out is more accrute cause… that turkey would prob be all kinds of burnt and you’ll have to go out some where else to eat lol.

        • Best recerrrrepie evvverr !!!!
          Thank you Mike
          — Miss Dee Dee

      16. Give thanks we have been fortunate to know what liberty tastes like and to rememeber the blessing it is compared to the billions now and throughout history who have not known it.

        • And compared to our children and grandchildren that will never know it either…

      17. HAPPY THANKSGIVIVG ALL YOU SURVIVALIST ,PREPPER TYPE REALIST,S out there. And you to. All of you modern day PAUL REVERES. The best of wishs.

      18. Happy Thanksgiving to all the SHTF readers! Ours was not too great with relatives we don’t like and a not so tasty dinner I did not cook, except for desserts, which I do well. I hope we can have another next year since I hate to make this the last tango!

        • Texan tell me someone didn’t listen to white house propaganda and try and get folks to sign up for obama care!I really thought that was a joke from say onion till I looked it up,they really wanted folks to do this!Like holiday meals though can be fun can also be stress messes!

      19. I say defund the EPA.

      20. Pretty soon the EPA will charge us for Oxygen and fine us for Carbon Dioxide.

        We will have an 02/CO2 monitor stuck on tongue and also probably a methane monitor in bung-hole.

        They will charge based on how you use or pollute.

        That means my running days are over. A good 10 miler consumes more oxygen and exhales more carbon dioxide than someone sitting or not doing much. Thus a 10 miler could cost me $20 more each day than a non-excerciser.

        And when I am done jogging, I usually like to rip one. Well there goes the methane bill….

        EPA is about to go wild.

        • Nothing is free. Ain’t that pretty. Love the sarc/

        • You need some Airborn.

      21. What a perfect parable Mac. In addition, one might wonder what a wild turkey thinks of hunters during hunting season. The turkey goes about his business of taking care of his imminent needs, never wondering if he’ll see another sunrise or not.

        Does he realize the hunter plans on making him the center of the feast? Does he even know there is a feast? Maybe not, but he does know something isn’t right and he should do whatever is necessary to protect himself…just like he has always done.

        If people are like turkeys, preppers must be the wild ones.

      22. Wild turkeys are like preppers. They have the best eyesight of any animal I have ever hunted. They notice every little movement around them. I will never know but believe a turkey once ran off from seeing my breath.

        I wish the tame turkeys would open there eyes and notice all the movement towards socialism around them.

        • I hear People always saying how dumb Turkeys are(With tame Turkeys its pretty true) but wild Turkeys are smart. Also people say they can’t fly…who ever says that…they never hunted Turkeys or seen a wild Turkey, for their size and build they are excellent filers! Anyway to try and stay on topic, for those who plan to hunt for their food after the SOL(Sh#@ Outta Luck)event its going to be hard imo. 1) Unless your in the middle of absolutely nowhere then their will be more hunters and no telling what they may do, they’re already whack jobs out there hunting that don’t care where they shoot. 2) The pop is a lot higher now then when people lived off the land, so I have a feeling game will be hunted to being endangered.

          • PrepShep-

            Take it to the next level..its termed “extinction”..not endangered!

            ..and after the wild game is gone, from whence doth ‘human protein’ enter the menu????

            ..imo, this will occur, per a worst case scenario unfolding.
            May GOD help us!

            Yep, ’tis fringe prophecy to be sure, but referencing the Holomodor(see Ukrainian/Russian history circa the late 1920’s/early 1930’s), coupled w/ modern society’s business model of, just in time delivery of life sustaining substance..hence I worry.

            Therefore, I ‘PREP’ for the worst and hope/pray for the best(outcome).

            • Hunter, I wish all preppers would take some time to learn about Holomodor. Clearly the powers that be are familiar with this tragic episode in history where over a million perished in genocide by means of intentional starvation. Current government overreach follows some disturbing patterns that parallel this event. See the link.

              Also, anyone who studies the Siege of Leningrad, a 2 1/2 year blockade expressly designed to wipe out a city through starvation, would certainly want to put into place a “Plan B” if supply lines get disrupted. Surviving on bugs, grass, weeds, pets, and licking the glue off wallpaper does not count as “Plan B”. This proves the absence of Plan B.

              • Thank you much for the link/website.

                +1 green one to you.

      23. No , we are trained to be cows. When the blind farmer comes around (OB) we are supposed to say “Gooble Gooble”.

      24. Two words. Popcorn, Caramel (2013)

        There can only be one, only one…

      25. Happy Thanksgiving Mac and all who contribute to this site.

        God bless,

      26. Happy “T” day everyone!
        We should be very thankful for what we have today and what God has given us. I’ve very thankfull for getting to spend some time with my Mom and Dad, Sister and Brother with my Wife and Son at my side.
        When I say this it is in the back of my mind this could be my last one. Lord I pray I’m wrong, but things arn’t that good out there. Something is big on the horizon I can feel it. Things have just been going too good lately.
        Japan and China at it, Feds spending too/making too much money, Lies about health care, EPA, gun running.
        God I hate to put a shadow over a Great Day, but I’m a realist. Keep preppping folks.
        MOST of all I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!

      27. Many have tried to compare us to turkey’s in the sight of Obama and TPTB in the last few days, but now that Thanksgiving is over we must get back to the truth. We’re not turkeys they can only be used once and then are of no benefit, so we are still really sheeple to TPTB, because sheeple can be kept alive and sheared over and over. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

      28. This morning I started off my day with a long thank you post on FB. You see, my Dads mind has been going for a year and a half. His mind is like a childs most days. My step-mother was not taking care of herself, to be with him (I live 1300 miles away). In efforts to let me not worry about them she has lied to protect me. In December last year I was home for the holidays. 20 years in healthcare and it took me no time to realize she had a serious cardiac condition. She had been having heart attacks.

        I spend much of much of spring and part of summer driving back and forth to MS for weeks at a time to see to things. Her son is a piece of work and “can’t handle it” so had his wife with newly diagnosed recurring metaststic cancer do all the running for his mother. Unfortunately, It was during the times I was not there to watch over her she would end up in the hospital. 3 times over a month and a half between two of my trips. My neighbors were a Godsend looking after my dad, and getting him to the hospital to visit. So you can imagine the Thanks that I was giving. It was great

        I sit here crying and overhelmed as I type this. Just one hour after that post she fell and broke her hip. My dad did not know how to call 911 and she wouldn’t. He drove neighbor to neighbor until he found someone to come help. My SIL just called me. She stopped breathing and is in CCU now. They need your prayers right now. I have no vacation or sick time to go home. God will lead the way, but hubby is asleep and it just makes me feel better to share with people who I know Love God. I’ve got to find a way to be there with dad if she is not improving this morning.

        Not looking for pitty or attention, just need to get some of this off of my chest. She took wonderful care of me and I love her as my own mother.

        • Just got word, she’s gone to meet her Lord and Savior. Signing off….

          • @Nopittypartyhere…..I am so sorry for your loss, and I know you are not alone in your sorrow (or your tears)…my prayers are with you and your family. Take care, CC.

          • You are a good daughter.

          • Your StepMom’s Spirit now lives within You
            God Bless Her and You
            — Miss Dee Dee

          • Sorry for you loss. Prayers to you and you family

          • No pitty—you are in my prayers.
            She was a good woman, no doubt.

          • 🙁 Prayers!

        • Nopitypartyhere-

          My profound condolences, ma’am.
          ..and may GOD in his infinite Mercy, comfort you and your family for your loss.

          GOD BLESS YOU!

          • No pity,sorry to hear about your loss,sounds like she was a hell of a person,on to the next chapter for her,may it be a fun one,sounds like she more then earned it.

        • Npph, so sorry about your step mom. It has been a difficult time sounds like. As I have said before I truly believe God is calling many dear saints home before the worst comes. Know many of us here are sending our best wishes to you and your family.

        • nopittypartyhere,

          God speed.

        • Vet,like other countries Costa Rico sold out,will cost them.The up side is time to clear accounts ect. it seems for ex pats,hell,would just say screw the citizenship and never come back if was set their.

        • Old Vet,
          — I believe FATCA is designed for the day that citizens are also taxed upon their gross net worth — ( Domestic and Foreign ) – Looks relatively harmless to us poor folk right now but didn’t all the previous programs and taxes look like they were implemented in the supposition of FAIRNESS.
          — Take Care
          — Miss Dee Dee

      29. She’s home, honey, she’s home. I’m so sorry for your loss. God Bless you and yours.

        • My condolences to you on your loss and prayers that your dad can deal with it.

      30. There will be no Black Swan event until after the Super Bowl. There is simply too much money left in the pockets of the goyim sheeple and turkeys. They MUST milk as much money as they can during the holiday season through the Superbowl. Think about it… there are too many college football games left, too many pro football games left and believe it or not we’re only halfway through the high school football playoffs. There are too many hamburgers left to eat and too much porn left to watch. Wal-mart, Sams, McDonalds and any number of other business need to extract as much money from the sheeple as possible before the government is given the go ahead to unleash its goons. Come on people, there’s at least a half a trillion dollars they haven’t scooped up and these bastards want it all before they shit on us. There is probably ten times that left in all the bank and retirements they haven’t stolen yet (although they are working furiously at it) I mean there probably won’t be a black swan event for at least another year possibly two. They MUST harvest everything, scoop up every last penny… it’s what they do, it’s in their blood, it’s part of their religion, they will be cast aside from hell if they don’t steal, literally, everything they can lay their creepy hands on. They are Satan’s children and they will be rejected by him if they don’t do his bidding and that is to corrupt the minds or kill every living sheeple on earth AND steal or destroy everything… and they have not accomplished that yet.

        • Screw football/nfl,bastards refused to air a firearm pro gun ownership ad.While I admit it is their right to do so will get nothing from me,perhaps time to boycott the advertisers(though I probably already do by making wise purchases!).

      31. Heads Up!

        Today the US Navy is deploying its most advanced “SUB Killer” aircraft to the West Pacific.

        The aircraft is the P8A. Replacing the P3C.

        • This is there 3rd “cruise”. Casup! They need the AF to refuel them.

        • When it all breaks down will fight like a rabid weasel!

        • I saw that,though not a follower of the mormon religion(disagree with many of their beliefs)having known and met many they are on a whole a decent folk who will help out strangers,believe this bishop did a good job of reminding his folks some of the positive things of their beliefs.

      32. “BEIJING (AP) — China launched two fighter planes Friday to investigate flights by a dozen U.S. and Japanese reconnaissance and military planes in its new maritime air defense zone over the East China Sea, state media said.”

        one little mistake.. one little miscalculation.. and its on. eyes open.

        • Caliber, tptb want a war, they need its destructive qualities. Dont be surprised if it happens soon.

      33. And the Dog knows everything but he’s not talking.

      34. I just read that Barbara Walters has interviewed Obama, and he says he might not move out of DC in 2016. The last president that stayed in DC after the presidency was Woodrow Wilson. What are the odds?

        • …depends… for example JFK never moved out either…full time resident now…just sayin 😉

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