Different Face, Same Story: Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon

by | Jul 16, 2010 | Entertainment | 44 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    We don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    We’ve heard the exact same story (see video below) from the past eight Presidents of the United States. We suspect that we could find the same for other issues like social security, poverty, the drug war, and taxes.

    Hat tip Patriot One


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      1. That’s because they ALL work directly for the wizzards behind the scene.  Anyone that thinks the office of President is filled by some kind of election left to chance is kidding themselves…been that way for 100 years at least.

      2. I’ve been saying this for a while.  Anyone who thinks that there’s a difference between R’s and D’s is a fool or an idiot, or both.  Reagan shipped arms to the ayatolla in Iran (including F-14s, among other things), Hillary had that travel office guy killed, Bush tried to sell the US sea ports to the terrorists in Dubai, Clinton signed the NAFTA bill that drove the stake through the heart of the middle class.  Furthermore, Obama is so “intellectual” that he’s paralyzed by it and is buffooning his way through.   He’s an idiot, just like all the rest.
        There has to be a total collapse in order to break down the corporations, and therefore THE MONEY THEY CONTRIBUTE, to our system.  Luckily, it appears we wont have to wait long….

      3. I’ts tough to blame any presidents when it’s us that use the oil in everything that touches our lives.    Not too many of us that will pop the fifty grand required to put enough solar panels up to replace the electricity we use  from the grid.  Not too many of us that will pop the thirty grand for the electric car that is a pretty crappy alternative to a gasoline vehicle.  Then you have to grow your own food and do it without a tractor or fertilizer cause that is oil too.  Let’s face it we would have to lose 60 percent of the population of this country to make do with oil pumped from just our own wells.  Cheap energy has allowed us to support a population of 300 million people and all the alternative energy sources developed in this country could be replaced by one medium sized nuke plant or one coal fired plant.  In order to replace the energy we get from oil, we would have to pave over the country with solar panels and windmills.   People should run the numbers then keep an eye on how much oil is left to pump out of the ground.  If we are pumping it up from deposits that are under 25 thousand feed of water and then another twenty thousand feet of earth, we might be getting close to where it costs more than a gallon of oil to pump up a gallon.  That folks, is when the dodo hits the fan.
        Buckle up!

      4. I’ts tough to blame any presidents when it’s us that use the oil in everything that touches our lives.    Not too many of us that will pop the fifty grand required to put enough solar panels up to replace the electricity we use  from the grid.  Not too many of us that will pop the thirty grand for the electric car that is a pretty crappy alternative to a gasoline vehicle.  Then you have to grow your own food and do it without a tractor or fertilizer cause that is oil too.  Let’s face it we would have to lose 60 percent of the population of this country to make do with oil pumped from just our own wells.  Cheap energy has allowed us to support a population of 300 million people and all the alternative energy sources developed in this country could be replaced by one medium sized nuke plant or one coal fired plant.  In order to replace the energy we get from oil, we would have to pave over the country with solar panels and windmills.   People should run the numbers then keep an eye on how much oil is left to pump out of the ground.  If we are pumping it up from deposits that are under 25 thousand feed of water and then another twenty thousand feet of earth, we might be getting close to where it costs more than a gallon of oil to pump up a gallon.  That folks, is when the dodo hits the fan.
        Buckle up!

      5. Reagan never shipped F-14’s to the ayatollah, we sold them to the Shah who was overthrown by the ayatollah, quite different.

        The president does not have the power to make sweeping mandates in regards to energy, Congress holds the purse strings, so if we really want to get off of oil we need to only elect people to congress that want to get off of oil as well.  Then things will start to happen.  Trying to blame the President for a lack of movement in alternative energy may be easy, but that is not where the fault lies.  The sooner the American public actually read a pamphlet that describes hoe the government works the better off we all will be.

      6. Just a bit more on the f-14 sale to iran, it was approved by Nixon and took place during Ford/Carter.

        So the only thing wrong with the statement “reagan sold F-14’s to the ayatollah” is the who, the when and the where,  the what is correct though and 1 out of 4 aint bad.

      7. repubs and dems are same monkeys with different masks. they are all jigolos for the ruling money junkie master class.

      8. It is like wrestling you see them fight each other and have intense rivalry in front of the cameras. But behind the scenes they have backroom meetings about god knows what that is not our best interest. The tea party movement was purposley hijacked by the neocon republicans. Now they discredited it  by making it into a Obama/Dem hate fest instead of the Ron Paul revolution that it was supposed to be. The tea party is being set up for a fall. All I here is how Palin is our savior in 2012 or Bachman. Is that best we can do? Palin? Not even micheal Savage likes her. If she is elected pres she will be the same as Obama. She will inherit a $18.5 trillion dollar debt in 2012 and an economy that is collapsed.  So what do we have now.Both parties are controled by a powerful elite that job is to destroy the US economy and plunge it into chaos or as Woodrow Wilson stated “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

      9. Some people recently got in a lot of trouble trying to buy F-14 parts on behalf of Iranians.  That must be where I got the F-14 reference, however the fact remains that while Reagan was on TV saying “we don’t deal with terrorists”, his boy Ollie North was in his White House office arranging the shipping of arms to the radicals in Iran for the release of hostages.  At virtually the same time, we were arming Saddam Hussien.  You remember the photo of Donald Rumsfeld glad-handing with ol’ Saddam right?  They looked like college drinking buddies………

      10. A lot of folks are catching on.

        The US “Government” is merely a facade for a fairly small group of mega wealthy people who prefer to operate behind the scenes. These people have EXTENSIVE holdings in major western banks . Nevermind exactly where they live or what precisely their nationality is (since they are  very wealthy…it’s whatever they want it to be).  They (and more importantly, the LARGE companies they are major stakeholders in) have beaucoup money  and can readily buy off politicians. Who do you think funds “K” street lobbyists that so easily buy off OUR Congress.

        Behind this all is the axis of evil …The Federal Reserve. Specifically the NewYork Federal Reserve. It’s the head of the hydra. It ensures that any financial activity or regulation is skewed such as to favor its owners. Never mind you, the “common” people. The Federal Reserve FIRST & FOREMOST is interested in the welfare of it’s owners. And that’s not you or me.
        Yes, in case any of you out there haven’t yet realized it, the fed is PRIVATELY owned. Incredible as it may seem, the Central Bank of the United States is privately owned and shielded from any meaningful auditing or scrutiny of significance. This is by design.

        The Fed is the 3rd Central Bank in the history of the US (the first 2 were sent packing with their tail between their legs after their corruption became apparent). This 3rd iteration of the Central Bank is a formidable adversary. It dominates American life as the same monied interests that (literally) own the Fed also own JP Morgan, Goldman Sacks, the major media outlets. And yes…the OWN —Chris Dobb, Barney Franks, Obama. They have bought off Congress, the president, the regulators. They are major stockholders in the companies underlying the Military/Industrial Complex. That’s why the US is in endless wars. Those wars are good for profits and ensure US hegemony.

        Many of you reading this grew up on hollywood movies that portrayed the US as the “good” guys. From John Wayne and Clint Eastwood to 24 it’s been… the US shown as acting righteously. This corresponds to your also being herded into being insatiable consumers such that ..too much is never enough.

        And then, one day, the bottom dropped. The well of credit went dry. The Ponzi became visible.  That’s where we are now.

        The future isn’t set in stone. This battle could still go our way.

        Wake up, get involved.

      11. It’s true that the decision makers are behind the scene and the elected officials are given briefs by advisors on the “position” of the United States.  Case in point, remember when the honorable Colin Powell became Secretary of State?  Shortly after taking that office he was pulled aside to a back room and given the riot act on how the world actually runs.  Then, after the shock had finally sunk in, Colin Powell “disappeared” for about 6 months.  I kept saying to myself, where’s Colin Powell, he’s going to make a great Sectretary of State.  I believe when he found out how the world actually runs and who runs it…he wanted to quit.  But being an honorable military man he stuck it out, then was lied to by George Tenet and the CIA about weapons Saddam Huissen had.  And was forced to give a speech at the U.N. , a speech based on lies.

      12. Just watched this movie “Food Inc.”, very disturbing and I knew a lot of it already, but it does make the point about companies like Tyson, Monsanto, Cargill, and their political connections.  This is the same problem as we’re having with getting off oil.  It’s not that the alternatives are really more costly or inconvenient, it’s that a lot of people are making billions and hundreds of billions of dollars because of the way things (subsidies) are.

        The very same republicans that people love because of their hard line on social issues are the ones fixing things so that Monsanto can sue and ruin any farmer who dares plant his own seed.

        The very same democrats that people love because of their lenient social beliefs are the ones fixing things so that the USDA doesn’t have any authority at all to close down meat packing plants that ship out food loaded with E-coli.

        These are the people in charge of our “energy policy”.  They’ve been here all along.

      13. Obama does not belong in this group of men.  He is in a league all his own.  He is the ultimate traitor, liar, and deadly enemy of the American middle class. 

      14. For the record, Reagan sold TOW and Hawk missiles to Iran in 1986.  Israel served as the go-between.  Ayatolla Khomeini died in 1989.  Reagan used the profits from the arms sale to fund the Nicaraguan Contra rebels, in direct violation of the law (1982/84 Boland Amendment).  Both democrat and republican presidents serve the military industrial complex in nearly identical ways. 

      15. We are doomed by the power to be persiob .As long as there power structure and people are in place preisdents are hand puppets .

        There will be no if something happens because its coing .War on terror, Oil, the same old crap playing the same old thing meanwhile we our doallr is backed by oil and confidence and nothing else .The end as we know it near and soon a corrupt government will Tax the living hell out of you  and put you out on the streets looking for food and water handouts . Welcome to the New world Order !

      16. And Clinton, Reagan and both Bushes aided and abetted NAFTA, Gatt WTO and the planned destruction of the middle class. The current Foreigner-in-Chief is a splendid follow up to those scumbags.

      17. I don’t blame Reagan.  Remember that Reagan’s VP was Pappa Bush,  who happened to be the head of the CIA, before becoming VP.
        Reagan was just an actor who knew how to act a  like President.

        Pappa Bush, was the guy , behind the CIA,  flying the drugs into Arkansas…landing at Tyson’s giant chicken plant in Arkansas…and who was the Governor of Arkansas at the time??…YEP , Billy Clinton…another partner in CRIME.

        It is clear, when you start connecting the dots,  that we have had the same CRIMINAL GANG in charge since Reagan.  So, we get rid of Clinton and get a Bush back.  Banksters rule and rape and plunder the Treasury.

        IMHO, Barry O is just the fall guy for the Bankster Thugs in control,  and he is too stupid to realize it.     He is the one, that history will tag, as the President, who let America fall.

        got gold?

      18. seriously?. . . .does anyone believe that the ruling cabal behind the curtain is going to allow anyone to be the president who isn’t a jigolo.

        look what happened to JFK when he got a little independent streak and refused to join the CFR and then he set out to eliminate the federal reserve bank  and reduce the oil depletion allowances. his murder was a blatant warning to all who follow what will happen to them if they step out of line (and so far none has stepped out of line )…

        all this hostility and grumbling in the media between the democrats and republicans is a cleverly contrived phoney spectacle that distracts from the real significant issues affecting americans such as the massive multi-trillion dollar transfer of wealth from the middle class to the banking cabal and their corporate and politician trollops.

      19. The difference between Bush and Obama is that Conservative Bush is an American and Obama is a Liberal Terrorist.

      20. I don’t know about that Tony, assholes all look the same to me. If you have seen one you have seen them all.

        Mac and Patriot One; Thanks so much! What a great laugh. I don’t watch much TV. Glad I didn’t miss that.

        Thin film solar using nano technology is NOW at a place that has doubled the efficiency of solar energy. If we as a nation were to provide a trillion dollars in matching funds to homeowners (up to $25,00o) over ten years for solar and VAWT we COULD eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.

        When the lights go out Congress will enact a MASSIVE tax break for solar and wind power: but only after the energy companies have purchased all of the major companies in the field and the money will go to them. Additionally it will be in mega sized projects to keep Americans paying a light bill to the energy companies.

        Every home needs to be a energy producer selling power to the local power company. Thats the way it is done in Arizona for those homeowners with excess power to spare.

        Democratize energy like information on the Internet and Americans will be a free people again! Otherwise you can continue to pay the power companies, the oil companies, the landowners, and the lease holders every time you flip a switch!

        Thanks for your cash. 

      21. Comments…..Not a single person on this post comes even close to mentioning the people behind the curtain, some used the term wizards, another cabal, but really is everyone afraid to mention or ignorant of the fact that every president has to bow down in front of AIPAC first.
        Imagine if this oily mess we have down in the Gulf  if it had taken place of the coast of Israel, the president would declare a state of emergency and would allocate all of  Americas resources to the cause,
        but instead he’s either golfing or eating ice cream in Maine with his family.

        The Pawn might change but the same Zionist Jews always pull the strings from behind the scenes. Every President has to have enough black mail on record prior to taking office.

        Come on people wake, don’t be afraid to speak the truth, this anti semite BS. is starting to wear off, facts are facts that’s all there is to it.

      22. Most “doomer” sites are filled with comments from folks wringing their hands of the system. I urge you all to stand your ground  and FIGHT injustice.

        Quite simply this is a hugely important time for the world.
        Our previous money and economic systems are worn out and there’s a paucity of leaders showing us the way forward.

        We’re hitting a wall of resource depletion and dysfunctional government. To make matters worse .. what
        “leaders” we have are merely puppets of the very most wealthy among us.

        Make no mistake… our “enemy” isn’t Muslims,  isn’t “Communists”,  isn’t  “terrorists” ,  isn’t “drugs”,  isn’t Iran or North Korea,  isn’t global warming and it surely isn’t aliens (as in little green men)

        Our enemy is the small group that have hijacked the government of the United States. They managed this by buying off any opposition. Like a snowball going downhill,  they’ve picked up speed and momentum over time and now threaten to annihilate us all.

        This isn’t “tin hat” speculation.
        How many of you realize that the US is still in a “state of emergency” 9 years after 9/11?  Why is this so? …because it gives enhanced powers to the Federal Government.

        Let’s imagine we are extremely (Pete Peterson, George Soros) wealthy). Image that our minds aren’t cluttered with the every day hustle of  making a living and that we have the means to surround ourselves with the best and brightest of advisers. Oh…and we have an agenda of where we want to position ourselves, our heirs and the countries we hold so much wealth in.

        First thing is to ensure we  establish a Central Bank that all must deal with. We ensure that we set the monetary policy and have a hand in controlling all significant financial activity. Let’s eliminate any restrictions on our creation of credit /money by severing  any linkage of the currency to anything tangible. With the power to create “money” we are gods.

        Let’s ensure the government grows every more powerful by becoming still more controlling and invasive. Let’s pass acts such as the “patriot” act, let’s monitor the phone,email and Internet usage of our citizens, let’s lay plans to censor and even shut off Internet access should we need too.

        In other words, let’s turn the U.S.  into Orwells 1984 and use our control of the media to spin it as something necessary. Let’s funnel the remaining wealth from the middle class into our pockets to pay for our errors in judgments during the bubbles our central band stewards concocted.

        This is where we are today.

        How do we fight this?
        Well let’s consider our strengths.
        We outnumber our enemy by many orders of magnitude. It’s still possible to use the ballot box to get our way. The trick is to eschew “tainted” candidates (and surely all incumbents).

        My suggestion is to not vote for any incumbent, not to vote for ANY candiate who isn’t for term limits, public financing, isn’t for Congress ditching their cushy retirement and medical bennies.
        Surely if social security and obamacare is our lot…it SHOULD BE CONGRESSES LOT!

        Let’s stop and expound on this. How many of know just how lucrative Congresses current retirement and medical programs are? Do a Google search and you’ll be flabbergasted at the extent of it.

        Consider this a war with a series of battles.
        First step is to take back Congress.
        Vote out incumbents, don’t support any candiate that isn’t for term limits,public election financing and strict enforcement of election “contributions”…….. hahaha  we all know those are Bribes!

        Oh, and sorry, but ya’ll have to stop yourself from voting for a candidate simply because he promises to continue/begin the benefits that are directed to you. Where the hell do you think the money to pay for this comes from? Hint.. it doesn’t grow on trees and there are severe repercussions to the way it pans out now. Basically, the way things work now…we’re screwed. People are drawing far more from the system than they ever put into it.
        We now have a political system that basically consists of fat hogs muscling their way to the feed trough. 

        Heck, I haven’t even broached the subject of the US deficit.
        Suffice to say… does any body out there (who doesn’t still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus) think that the US will ever pay off it’s debt?  This is a Ponzi scheme. The U.S. borrows the money to pay off it’s bonds coming due. In fact that’s one large reason why the powers that be are so strongly opposed to an audit of the Fed. A through audit no doubt would show that the FED is surreptitiously buying Treasuries. Yes, we are “kiting” checks. The “government” is knowingly doing this.

        Imagine if this because public knowledge.
        Pull a dollar bill out of your pocket and look at it. Does it say “backed by Gold” or any such thing? No. Our “money” isn’t backed by anything. It’s created at will by our PRIVATELY owned central bank (the fed) to support it owners such as they need it.

      23. This is why voting sucks, and why I quit over 25 years ago, even on local level voting.   Corruption, scandals on all levels of gov.  For America, all hope is gone, so hunker down, prep. and live strictly for self,  family and enjoy the time that’s left.  All patriot groups are failures 100% losers for the past 50 years when they started out (JBS, Eagle forum,  Heritage fnd.,etc.) and want money only and are NWO shills and rip offs.

      24. Agree Tony.   Bush and President Soetoro are one and the same.  I wouldn’t piss on either one of them if they caught fire.

      25. To Durango Kidd: Do the math!  Photovoltaic is not a practical alternative and probaby never will be.  Even given the best price you can find for the panels and the best location for sun the costs involved are so prohibitive that it will NEVER pay for itself.  Perhaps you know this and that is why you think the government should subsidize them using our tax money.  Wind power is no better; too expensive, too unpredictable, not to mention the negative impacts on the environment.  Think about it, a GOOD solution shouldn’t require a subsidy!!  It should be kind of obvious that the subsidies are only there because the alternative isn’t practical.  

      26. Hey GWTW, photovoltaic IS a practical alternative and there are many people, even here in WASHINGTON STATE whose utility bills are now paid for by having solar panels.  It does require work however, a lot more work than just making a phone call and signing up for some bullshit.

        Wind power?  The plains of Wyoming generate enough wind to power the ENTIRE United States.  There is no argument grounded in reality, against wind power.

        There are lots of arguments against alternative power if you’re in bed with the oil industry.  There’s the huge (FUCKING COLOSSAL is more like it) subsidies that the USA pays out to the oil industry EVERY YEAR.  If those subsides were not paid out, you’d be paying $10 a gallon for gas.

        You can’t be all against subsidies when your entire lifestyle is one big subsidy.  All you can do is wake up, and use your tiny vote (your money) to chart a different course.

      27. Sam,

        Read link above your post…..

      28. Comments…..Wind and Solar are the way of the future, the reason most people don’t like buying these systems is because of the upfront cost. Most places allow you to sell your excess production back to the grid. Norway, Germany, and many other EU countries are leading the way.
        I have installed solar in my summer residence along with thermosyphon solar hot water heating, there is nothing like that feeling of self sufficiency.

        When oil dries up in the near future you’re going to wish you had one of  these systems.

      29. politicians enter politics for two basic reasons I believe. They want to have money, and power.
        People I believe vote and follow politics for those same 2 reasons. They want to vote in a politician who will give them more money, and they believe their vote carries power. The power to change the course of a nation.

        The politicians achieve both their aims, the people neither aim! So it begs the question, why do the people even bother to play the game? The answer is obvious, they are simple minded, delusional.

        Don’t vote then, in fact don’t even follow politics. You will free up a lot of time and you will learn to direct your efforts where you wield true power.

      30. Comments…. Tom, .Thanks for the link very informative, all those names in that article sure don’t sound like Muslim terrorists to me. (Sarcasm).

      31. WOOBA hits the nail right on the head and drives it home in one strike!

      32. GWTW:   You should probably do the math yourself. You are not well informed. Combined solar and VAWT can make a home energy self sufficient in many areas of the country, (like mine) but maybe not yours. When you consider the cost over 20 years and the fact that the product lasts for thirty, payback is assured. That does not consider the rising cost of electricity over that 30 year period from increased hydrocarbon costs. As for subsidizing homeowners, we can pay ourselves or we can pay OPEC and add the cost of American lives and capital to protect our interests.

        By the way GWTW the energy industry in America gets a TRILLION dollar subsidy EVERY FRICKING YEAR from the American taxpayer!
        Thats right, brainiac, every year!

        My proposal is a no-brainer. Where did you leave yours?

      33. Comments…..Oh yea…absolutely the best posted  item on this page in the last several months: John Stewart!  The only true source of facts in this country…….and you can laugh while he gives them to you, even though you feel like crying.

      34. The basic problem with all alternate energy systems is that they require fossil fuels to manufacture. Try making a solar panel without earthmoving equipment to mine the bauxite for the aluminum and the silver used for the wiring. Without furnaces to make the glass, refine the silver, melt the Bauxite to form aluminum.

        Yes it appears efficient now (to some degree) But in 30 years time when the enabling fuels are prohibitively expensive? The truth is you may as well just keep burning fuel oil and coal to make electricity because the oil and coal you redirect to producing alternatives will equate to a similar amount.
        If anyone was even remotely serious about energy conservation we would all be driving one cylinder cars now and air conditioners would be outlawed. To me the alternate energy debate is as pointless as the political debate and deserves the same attention span. Having said that I advocate buying lots of solar panels, silver, and stocking up on engine oil. Looking after number 1 basically.
        We are at the every man for himself stage and if you look at the progress of your life you will realize we have always been at this stage. We are all basically selfish users. Except mother Teresa of course.

      35. Its good to laugh. I’m glad I could lighten up your weekend.

      36. Most people can’t see the forest for the trees.  Both Bushes, Obama, Clintons, most of the multinational bankers, multinational corporations, the main stream media and the elite rich are all globalists.  NAFTA, GATT, G8, G20, Council On Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, UN, International Monetary Fund, etc, etc are all globalist activities.  The constitution and national sovereignty are not on the agenda of the globalists and are being swept aside. Unless you see the bigger, less obvious picture you will not understand the purpose of the actions.  If the Euro can’t work, what makes these arrogant perps think that global governance can? Their addiction to power and money is the source of their agendas.  The world is not ready for global government.  Their answer seems to be the enforcement methodology rather than the enlightenment of the populace.  In fact, the less informed the public is, the better.  It is the same tactic that the Romans used: Bread and Circus.  Government Cheese and NFL/PGA/NASCAR for the masses.  And if things get too sketchy?  You can always count on a good crisis to get the populace to acquiesce to more government control.  No need to create a crisis, there are plenty of them along the road, even if the government policies created the crises, (as in the credit crisis/economic crisis/monetary crisis/sovereignty crisis we now see unfolding) you can always divert the public’s attention from the facts with another crisis like DeepWater.  Even then, most people miss the contribution of the failure of government oversight to the crisis.  And merrily on we go.  Profits and control are the only values left, it seems.  Like a wildlife videographer once commented, after riding out a polar bear attack in a shark cage, “There was no anger or malevolence, it just wanted to eat me.”

      37. @Patriot-

        While I admire your passion, it is also useless.  The ENTIRE political process is a fraud and distraction and can be summarily disposed of as Infotainment. 

        “Take over Congress” you say?  With whom?  How about starting in South Carolina with this patsy/shill…Alvin Greene.

        Here you have an unemployed, hardly educated goof currently embroiled in a felony arrest relying on a public defender who just won the Democratic Primary in SC with 60% of the vote!!!
        Either the public is drinking your “Take Congress Back” Kool Aid with vigor, or welcome to the Bananna Republic.   In either case, hardly inspiring…


        This is the kind of thing you see in Nicaragua…(3rd world political shenangins).  Maybe that’s where we are now.

        All sarcasm aside, TPTB are in control and will steer the ship whichever way they say fit.  Elephants/Donkeys/Indep/Tea is of absolutely no relevance as are the ballots you believe so staunchly in…Hanging Chads anyone?


      38. Wooba:   I understand your line of thought, but I make no motion for energy conservation; just energy transformation. Recycling can assist there, whether it is aluminum cans, window frames,  or recycled tires.
        Industry must adapt as well.

        By moving to as much alternative energy as we can, as soon as we can, we move back the day when the oil & gas & coal runs out. Make no mistake, they are all finite resources. All the more reason to democratize energy NOW by converting every single family rooftop into a power station to provide energy for your electric car and household neeeds.

        If we don’t press for the democratization of energy on an individual scale now, BIG government and BIG business will
        force massive, subsidized energy projects on the America taxpayer
        later, and some of us, but not me, will still be slaves to the system.

        The current transition from hydrocarbons to alternative energy represents a tremendous opportunity for the American people to reassert their independence and individualism. After all they are OUR tax dollars aren’t they? Let’s spend them on US to make US less dependent on THE MAN and more self sufficient.

        Tidal energy potential off the US Coasts represents three times the current annual US use of energy. So we have plenty of energy, it just depends on how we develop it and who gets the money. Let industry purchase their electricity from the major alternative energy infrastructures that will be built. Let citizens become self sufficient.

        Additionally, new technologies currently under development use algae and bacteria to produce oil & gas, so even after the Hydrocarbon Age has passed and all of natures oil and gas are gone, we will still have fuels and lubricants for specialized uses and plastics.

        When individual Americans make their own energy from the wind and sun to supply their houses and cars with power, they will have taken another step toward freedom and a renewal of the American dream.

        We need not run out of power. But those that control the power have the power. If you want a free society with individual liberty then you need to control the power individually and the food locally!

        Live free or die!

      39. Durango Kidd,
        I don’t disagree with those facts, your right, it would make a difference. I just know for a fact that it will never happen, because it has never happened before in the history of the world. We are no more civilized than the Greeks or the Romans or any other culture and our end will be the same. We will go to war. We will all war, again, and fight over the last of the oil. WWI was an oil war, Britain’s war to bust up the ottoman empire and grab the rich oil fields of Persia, Iran and Iraq today. The Germans were in it because of the Berlin Bagdad railway that was circumventing English control of the shipping routes for oil.
        WWII was Germany again reaching out for resources, oil. And when Russia was drawn into it they stole the Balkans, for its oil, and America took a major share of middle east control, oil. Nothing altruistic people like you and I say or do will change the future course because it is not in the interest of government to make our lives easier and more profitable. At the most basic level the governments first priority is money. Through taxes and borrowings. Covering every roof with solar panels would seem good on the face of it but once they are installed the government faces 30 years of lost tax revenue, money they now make off electricity sales, oil sales, uranium sales, etc etc.
        But on a brighter note, consider this.
        For the first forty years of the 20th century Japanese forces controlled Korea. They occupied the nation and did their best to destroy the culture as they went about the business of exploiting the people. There were many Koreans though, thousands in fact, that never saw a Japanese flag or encountered a single Japanese soldier. These were the smart ones, and the lucky, who retreated into the mountains. They lived happy simple lives avoiding the consequences of war.
        That is precisely what I intend to do. With my solar panels and my other supplies.

      40. maximum kudos to many of you especially clusterfox and sam..

        in november it will be 100 years since a representative of the rothschild banking system meet with new york bankers in a hunting club on jekyll island georgia. this was the beginning of the end for america as we know it. these gangsters started the federal reserve banking system. google “paul warburg” for addition filthy details.

      41. Woopa:   Just because something doesn’t have a historical precedent, it doesn’t mean we have to accept the status quo, individually or collectively. If that were the case, our FF would never have been able to invent the USA. In this country, above all others, men and women are free to choose and create their destiny, despite the best efforts of the political and financial elite to enslave us.

        We do not have to accept the future that the PTB have envisioned for us. We are many. They are few. We are awake and aware and we are responsible for the future we create.  We still have the power to organize, raise money, and vote.

        Make it count. I know you will.

      42. @Durango Kidd-
         With all due respect, your comment, “We are awake and aware…”
        Isn’t entirely accurate.  From my perspective, there are VERY FEW (a remnant even) that are awake & aware.  I would argue that a VAST MAJORITY of our 300+ Million citizens could be aptly defined as “Sheeple.” 

        Some soberting statistics in contradiction to your claim, “We still have the power to organize, raise money & vote.”
        -42 Million Americans currently on Food Stamps
        -21+% Current unemployment (U6)
        -50% of population do not pay taxes

        This country is on the precipice of economic disaster.  All it will take is a primer (an event) to push it over the edge.  We can all speculate as to what that might be (or combination of events):
        -hyperinflation (due to the 4 fold increase in M1)
        -food shortages
        -widespread municipal/statewide defaults (42 states currently insolvent)
        -another trumped up war… with either Iran or NK
        -Huge natural disaster (nowhere near out of the woods in the GoM yet)

        In my small, circle of influence, only know of 1 other person that would be regarded as a an informed prepper.  All others, when these types of discussions come up think I am either a fool or nut job to be out of the market and taking possession of PMs, purchasing a year’s supply of FD food for my family of 6.  Stocking up on other needed valuable items. 

        In short, your last post offers much cheerleading, but falls short on details.  You reference the founding fathers, but their situation was far different then ours.  Their “enemy” was 3000 miles & months away, they were writing/developing/creating their country from scratch.  Today, the enemy lives among us.  They monitor every move, they create/destroy/amend the law as needed to fester out any “resistance.”  It would be near impossible to coordinate a unified front (financial, armory, man-power, voting bloc etc) against them as that effort would quickly be exposed and confronted.  On top of that, our country is FAR too diverse to come together on anything.  Religion, morals, politics are completely dis-unified and limit the potential for any “movement” you are suggesting.
        BTW, the fact that you think a “vote” is the answer, indicates your level of awareness.  Nothing short of a coup is required to enact meaningful change (kinda like the Founding Fathers you referenced above), except, imagine for a moment how quickly that agenda would get distracted and unified over the following platforms:
        -border security
        -2nd Amendment rights
        -Fill in the blank…

        This country has become a MESS for one reason, and one reason alone…We’ve asked GOD to leave.  And in being true to his promise of granting us “free will” he has removed his hands of providential protection & prosperity from our once, great nation, and left us to our own devices.  Certainly, he desires to reinstate both, but cannot do so if we stand in his way.  The answer if pretty simple:
        1) Overturn Roe v Wade immediately and deem abortion illegal
        2) Illegalize ALL birth control devices, and return to his teaching of abstinence outside of marriage
        3) Disband the death penalty, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell “research/murder.”
        4) Return his name to the public square & public schools
        5) Put an end to the pornography industry.  Period.  “Free speech…” really?
        6) Bring back the Blue Laws and eliminate all commerce on Sunday.

        How about that for divisivness?  I’m sure no less than 1/2 of you are rolling your eyes and have labeled me a religious finatic of some sort.  (If you have, I take that as a compliment BTW). 

        So like I’ve said, NO coup is going to work because this country has become WAY to liberal, will never see eye to eye on any of the important topics, and will never sacrifice their lives & property for such a movement that probably goes against their core beliefs.   Of the 6 bullet points I proffered above, I expanded 6 sub point on religion alone.  If you expanded all of the original 6 by this amount of detail, you wouldn’t be able to put a rally together with more than 50 people…
        Good luck with that.

      43. Me and Sean were thinking about obtaining a few solar panel systems for our house not too long ago. The only problem was the cost. The lowest priced solar system we identified was around 15 thousand bucks. It would have taken us years to recover that amount. Anyways, we stumbled across these directions for building your own residential solar panels. We chose to have a shot at that route. It saved us a great deal of cash, and the no cost, environment friendly energy is wonderful! 🙂 We operate a number of of our appliances off this source of power.

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