Comedy Spoof: The Great BP Coffee Spill

by | Jun 11, 2010 | Entertainment | 5 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Inside the BP boardroom, a coffee spill wreaks havoc.


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      1. The ping pong ball must be obama.

      2. Oh my GOSH, that is the only funny thing (besides Obama thinking that saying the word “ass” will make the public take him seriously) that has come out of this whole debacle!  Thanks so much for posting this.  VERY funny. 

      3. If it wasn’t for the fact that the spill really is going to do some long term environmental damage, that skit would be funny.

      4. Your right Chuckles. And, no Mr. Hayward, you will never get your life back. In a newly optimistic tone, President Ping Pong Ball promised Monday that “things are going to return to normal” along the stricken Gulf Coast and the region’s fouled waters. Why does he even open his mouth? The public does not take him seriously and further attempts to show himself as a leader are going to fail when TSHF, as in, when crops fail, homes are destroyed, land animals and humans are sickened and start to die. They were unable to kill us off with their bogus flu virus, so this is plan B.

        Funny video, but the BP spill has all the earmarks of a “wrecking”.
        What’s a “wrecking”?  What maritime privateers (pirates) did and do to lure a foreign vessel into its waters sometime by moving the light houses in order to wreck it for the salvage value.
        Who “lured” BP into the Gulf’s deep waters?  Standard Oil of Ohio geologist Jack E. Golden who left SOHIO went to BP and now works for Cobalt Energy.  He is on the board of the Carlyle Group.  Cobalt’s CEO resigned mid-June, 2010, just after the spill but he, Herbert L Gray was with Zurix an Enron sub before coming to Cobalt.  Zurix was sued for stock manipulation of its IPO….and you know what happened to Enron….another type of corporate “wrecker”….nearly wrecking the economy of California who Enron-sympathetic Texans said deserved what they got because they would NOT drill in deep water offshore of California.
        In the video the arrival of Halliburton who is accused of delivering faulty cups, may not be far from the truth…having purchased Boots & Coots the oil clean up and service company in the weeks prior to the spill.  The oil companies make the disperants, they provide the clean up…heck, they might as well be in water purification.
        What?  Azurix was?   Just like Bechtel in Bolivia where in 2000 it conducted a “water war”.
        Who would stand to gain from such a spill?
        A:  The oil industry itself would have a potential moratorium on future blame for similar or lesser spills in the region.
        A:  America’s oil dependence is seen mitigated by the promise of CNG, but CNG…compressed natural gas….is compressed to 600x’s it natural state and under about 5000 psi of pressure and has been dismissed as too risky for inland transport in large tankers.  Will New Orleans become a new CNG Mecca in the wake of Katrina and the BP spill….with its straight shot up the Mississippi to the nation’s heartland?  What else are all those Cajuns going to do? Fish?  Oyster? Maybe with the help of Kevin Kostner’s pumps in a backyard pond.
        A:  A weakened BP which was the leading lease holder of Gulf deep water leases thanks in part to Mr. Golden’s “leadership” may be much more willing to sell off these leases….if for no other reason than to withdraw from the current atmosphere and anger and litigation.
        The effects are to have provided a “wrecking”…like that done by Americans in Key West, Florida and Nags Head where lanterns were tied around horses heads as they were led around buildings to throw off the ships at sea for quick salvaging.
        But BP had 760 safety violations in the same time period that Exxon had only one, as evidenced by the reports of the Materials Management Services!
        A:  Really? By the MMS? And you believe that?  I believe that I could cite Exxon for more than that if I were drunk, stoned and blindfolded.
        WH Carr
        Corpus Christi, TX

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