Born Again American *Music Video*

by | Feb 12, 2010 | Entertainment | 5 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Some easy, inspirational listening from around the country.

    Hat tip Tess at Ready Nutrition

    Visit the Born Again American Website…

    Born Again American Lyrics…

    UPDATE 02/12/10, 18:15

    One of our readers pointed out that the organization, though seemingly an independent, non-partisan group, is funded by People for the American Way and was started by liberal activist Norman Lear. Here is an alternate view of the Born Again American song lyrics and motivation. (All links open to new window so you can read while the song plays.)

    Also read The Born Again American Web Effort is a Liberal False Flag if you’re interested in learning more.

    Even with the controversy surrounding the Born Again American organization, we admit that the song is a good listen.


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      1. The power is in the numbers. 250+ million true Americans vs. 100,000 traitors. When’s the next “march”? This time we don’t just carry signs around the mall. THIS TIME we march INTO Congress, The White House, and Supreme Court. Two easy words need to be said. “You’re Fired”

      2. Uhhhh…. before you get all excited with the  warm fuzzies, you should read this about this so called “patriotic” group….funded by our buddy George Soros and headed by libtard Norman Lear

      3. Thanks Willie. I did come across some brief information about this but nothing like the PDF link you included above.

        I will put an update into the post so readers/listeners can pull the details themselves while they listen.

        Once again, an interesting look at how the individual rights and liberty movements can be hijacked, twisted and confused.

        Fun song to listen to. Too bad it seems to be funded by an organization with ulterior motives.

      4. Straight from Born Again American web site…….

        Born Again American
        is committed to the rebirth and re-expression of citizenship through informed and thoughtful activism. It is an initiative of Declare Yourself,

        Right out of Obama’s play book to corrupt the minds of the youth.

      5. Oh yeah the song in and of itself is uplifting but my lefty BS meter went of because it seemed very well funded and professional, and the fact they were celebrating the Declaration of Independence but NOT the Constitution,  the further I looked the more obvious it became that something wasn’t “right”. To quote Patrick from Spongebob show “wee woo wee woo”  my siren was going off and sure enough, I was right.

        This “group” was part of their magic and trickery during the campaign, but if you notice lately, their cover has been blown (the progressives in general I mean) and they are no longer hiding their intentions, motives, nor even their labels.  It is all or nothing for them now, beware of cornered hyenas!!

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