Bailout and Stimulus for Dummies

by | Apr 17, 2009 | Entertainment | 5 comments

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    If you still don’t understand how all of these bailouts and stimulus are going to revive our economy, this should help:

    Bailout for Dummies


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      1. To be more precise:  We will take money out of the economy, and give it to all those people who caused the economy to crash in the first place !?!

      2. money is the problem, so lets not use it … just go to work  for 8 hrs a day  and   then everything is free … go to the supermarket ,its free , gas free  new car its free,  everybody works 8 hrs doing a job they like doing not one they have to do …. don’t like the idea?  ….it is written   The love of  money is the root of all evil..

      3. Comments…..Obamanomics comes not from the new puppet President but from his Zionist banking masters who know the peoples money must eventually land in their pockets. Obama is the articulate good little negro boy doing as he is told. Screw the taxpayers!

      4. Come on, be fair, Bush got the ball rolling. He was just as much a puppet as Obama. I voted Libertarian. I’ll continue to throw my vote away, too.

      5. And that about says it all as indeed the so called checks and balances put in place to avert any crisis after the ‘Great Depression’ have turned out to be a smokescreen to get even more of peoples wealth through debt obligations even though many who are not even born will inherit this mess. ‘Change?’ I beg to differ.

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