A Bit of Humor, Frustration, Anger and Some Solutions

by | Oct 12, 2011 | Entertainment | 148 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    For sanity’s sake, we sometimes find it necessary to look at the problems we face through the eyes of real Americans. For a bit of humor, frustration, anger and some solutions that may actually work, we turn today to Bob, of Drinking With Bob, who never fails to entertain.

    As usual, Bob is pretty amped up, and for good reason. Like you, he is sick and tired of the games our politicians play, and just wants some real solutions, rather than platitudes.

    The only people a politician owes favors to is the American citizen who voted for them. Term limits. Right now we have a bunch of people up on Capitol Hill. They’ve been there for thirty years making friends with the same people they’re supposed to protect us from. That doesn’t make any sense. In order to clean up Wall Street, you have to clean up Washington first!

    (*Some Adult Language)




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      1. I love this guy. If I tried to talk that fast I’d bit mouth parts.

      2. this guy is pretty pissed off and i feel the same way he does and what the hell can you do. we cant physically run him out. if we protest what the hell does that do. a waste of time. id rather work at mcdonalds for 7 dollars an hour than waste precious time protesting and ending up paying money for getting arrested. we gotta do something people. any ideas honestly what we can do to get these corrupt people out of office.

        • You’d give McDonalds your life energy for only 7 bucks an hour?

        • First. Email that u support the people on the front lines and how important non violence is. They want violence so they can implement Marshal Law. Now…the only thing we as citizens can do to promote possitive are these simple steps. 1) close all bank accounts (take ur cash out) of BofA,weels fargo,citibank,JPS Morgan and any accounts affiliated. Do a search for Max Keiser report. 2) buy physical REAL MONEY like gold and silver. This will crash their Ponzi sceme. Be well

      3. Wow…he’s a real firecracker isn’t he?

        Nails it though…

      4. That about sums it up. All we can say is, the time is getting nearer to the emplosion-explosion. Hope the S hitting the fan doesn’t affect this sight and the internet. Whatever happens Mac, thanks for the daily info and the opportunity to add and take from the others on this sight.

        • And many thanks to you and everyone else for visiting, adding and taking! Shtfplan works because you guys keep coming back to visit and share!

          • Mac

            Many of us read your articles daily and I personally have you on my favorites to hit first thing everyday and every night home from work…keep it up..awesome job!

            • Many thanks Posse and everyone! We hope to be adding a couple new features soon to provide more updated content and information daily!

            • I do the same to read these as well, i used to check in morning and at night the tab buttons. at least the articles are real on here and there is not of crap like the aliens have landed and we have to prepar. its pretty honest stuff.

            • FORUM FORUM FORUM…..please 😀 😀 😀

              • We’re on it Daisy and hope to finally have it ready in the next 7 – 10 days!

            • for! um!
              For! Um!
              FOR! UM!

              F O R ! U M !

              …its Growing!

      5. Here’s a potential solution…

        Pursue Agriculture.

        Get the vegetable minds of Americas youth, obsessed with ipods, texting and social networking, working with some natural, wholesome vegetables.

        Now that would “ground” them with some reality.

        • I think there’s an app for that.

        • Are you kidding? That would be actual work. When’s the last time you saw a hard working American youth? I think maybe it was passing through Amish country for me.

          How can so much knowledge and culture be lost so quickly? More people can build satellite guided weapons in this country than successfully raise a stalk of corn.

          We are so screwed.

          • Communist Goals of ’63 read by Herlong, Jr. of Florida.
            # 40
            # 41
            For starters, Mr. Arkaden.

          • Arkaden

            Your right, and we are.

        • We were looking out at the pasture yesterday and thinking of the skills one needs to be a successful farmer or rancher. Do you think there is one successful farmer or rancher that isn’t pretty good mechanic? Good welder? Truck driver? Plumber? Carpenter? Veterinarian? Cook? Medical technician? Roofer?

          A few years ago I had the opportunity to supervise a team of electricians at a huge, coal fired power plant in Kansas. I left there after 7 weeks fully aware of where dad got his work ethics, confidence and “nothing is a problem – it is just another thing that needs to be fixed” attitude. All of those guys were farmers when they weren’t working at the power plant. The common sense was, well, common LOL and I rarely saw that type of work ethic in blue states or union shops.

          The silver lining to the storm clouds gathering above us is that the survivers of the next decade are going to be reality grounded folks just like my parents that grew up during the Great Depression of the 30’s.

          My old man taught me a few lessons really well. The first few are simple things like “You don’t have to work but you’re not gonna get to eat if you don’t.” Refuse to do some work and then be deprived of meals until you “Git-Er-Done” when you’re a kid about 9 years old. Work ain’t near as troubling as hunger.

          Another was that “No one owes you anything.” One that has saved me thousands of dollars is “Nothing is free, they’re gonna make a buck somehow. Best know how they profit up front.”

          Finally the one thing I heard him say many times was “If it isn’t yours keep your hands off of it.”

          I wonder how many of the “occupy pity party protesters” live by the old man’s rules?

          • POA: It’s funny, my dad used to say, Son there are no free lunches in this world. Now he runs a soup kitchen called Faith Mission, the thing is they don’t serve soup, but good hearty meals, of course its provider is God!

            • My dad always said; “You will be all right as long as you always remember that there are more horse’s asses in this world than there are horses.”

            • Well if I wasn’t an orphan now the old man would be in his nineties. We knew this was coming. We talked about it. If I can be half the man he was I’ll help change the world.

          • POA, my father and I were successful farmers. We had successful crops and did things in an efficient way. But, its difficult to farm when the price of machinery doubles in a decade and you’re selling corn for prices approximately the same as 60 years ago.

            He retired in 1996 and I continued on as a computer systems engineer. All I ever wanted to be was a farmer but, like many things, we were constantly robbed by big industry.

            However, it wasn’t so bad. All the skills you mentioned above: I got them! …and more. Retained from my youth and practiced only occasionally. Its the APPLICATION and the UNDERSTANDING of the knowledge that you have to master. It will save your life and your butt when TSHTF. Here’s a thread one of my favorite forums that I contribute too. Take the little test and see how you test out:


          • Well, I grew up in the 1930s. That’s probably why I don’t understand the current social “ethics” of collectivism, but it sure seems that the USA can’t regain a positive path with the present feelings of entitlement.

            Yes, there needs to be compassion for those who ca’t help themselves, but the current situation is not about those who can’t help themselves but those who don’t want to make the effort to help themselves.

          • Plain old American,
            I was raised by the same type of father. Mine also always said that we were to “respect our elders”, “if you get a whipping at school, you will get another one when you get home”, and “do unto others, etc.
            However, I am with the Occupy Wall Street folks. Those bastards on Wall Street ran their business’ in the ground and here come their Washington friends with a pot of money. Henry Paulson is Treasury Sec and former CEO of Goldman Sachs if I remember correctly. He took care of all his buddies from the old days. I bet he is not having to worry about paying the mortgage.
            I really hate those guys

          • Pops’d say, “Son, you’d be amazed’t how many people have shit-tons of money.”

            …oh’nd, “Nev’r whistle while y’piss.”

            ( |o ))======:::


        • HA! HA!

          I laughed and then I cried. I do worry about this guy. I was almost expecting his head to explode in the first video.

      7. I’d love to have half this guys energy! Entertaining and true.

        • Haha, very much so. Lots of energy there.

      8. Thanks Mac!

        Bob’s exhausting but accurate.
        Needed to smile today, even if it’s at the stupidity we’re facing.

      9. Damn I like this guy! He and I are tired of the bull schit! grrrrrrrr!!!!!

      10. As always Bob has an excellent rant!

        • Excellent rant, but the solarcity.com ad link that popped up after his video was done did make me chuckle.


        • Drinkingwithbob.com

          • Thanks Mac

      12. Term limits won’t work, the special interest groups and corporations will just corrupt the new ones coming in. The fix should be a cap or regulations on the amount of campaign donations and kickbacks to the politicians from these groups.
        But good luck with getting the votes to pass such legislation.

      13. I have a theory, which I would like to get others peoples thoughts on…

        When Total Collapse goes down, and they start rounding people up for just wanting to prepare for Collapse…….

        My worry is that the people closest to us will be the ones that get many of us taken in…


        These are the ones that know whats going on with:

        “Crazy Uncle Clark, Insane Aunt Ileana, Paranoid Grammy Patricia,

        …..a casual word about preps. Talk at the Thanksgiving table…

        They love to tell others about how crazy their Nephew Peter the Prepper is….

        They don’t harbor any ill will to these people close to them…

        People just love to talk… and talk they will to anyone who will listen…

        So what I believe…it won’t be the person in the Mustang next to you at the stoplight, or the girl at the local Army Surplus Store… that is your downfall…

        Its someone close you you… That just can’t keep their damn mouth shut…



        • when he collape happens what maes you think they will have any money to pay the police to round people up?

          • they will pay them in food. or with supplies and items taken from everybody else.

            look at the saddam regimes or any third world country – they always seem to have something to pay their mercenaries with… there will always be someone who is in need and will do whatever they can to support themselves or their families… you think all the nazi guards were happy with what they were doing during the holocaust? many let people escape or took bribes to let them escape…

            while “some” police and military will be defending their country – there will be plenty that will work for whoever is giving them something… it has been this way thorough history – go back to atilla the hun, sun tzu etc. and compare

            IF, it does go bad here, and i think it will – just not sure to what extreme yet – it will be a very difficult situation for the typical middle class american… we will have the government at one end and the welfare, thugs/gangs on the other…

          • They will always have enough money, and, or food. to pay the people that will protect them….

            We are entering Hell On Earth….

            …and the Sheep shall Sleep…. until they wake up hungry and willing to kill anyone to feed their crying baby, and fat spouse…. that is screaming at them!!!!

            GO KILL NOW, FOR OUR BABY!!!!! damn YOU Johny/Kiasia !!

          • Rachel: The corp prints the money. There will be no shortage of money for those in the corp; or govewrnment stores for them to buy the things they need.

            They have them now. They are called PX’s and BX’s

        • I think the maxim that might best reflect what kind of “feedback” one can expect to experience, from any action, boils down to how in touch, or out of touch one is, in living ones life in accordance with “The Golden Rule”.

        • i think they will have to try and do it over time, there are way too many of us. they will round of the crazies in the city just breaking stuff and then once that settles after time they will try and use the polite force to the weeks into it patrolling streets and looking for stragglers. then they will go slowly thru the country and checking to get the majority. thats the mistake because a well hidden person will shoot rounds into someones head and kill smaller groups of enforcement. there will be a lot of chaos if that happens. many will die and they will go after the week. then larger malitia groups for the government will come and take out the smaller groups. best would be to move around and take a shot a long ways out and only one. confuse them. they have radios and do not take a shot at your property, do it far away otherwise they will radio buddies to come and get you.

        • yep, you got it right….which is why this crazy aunt stays home and does her own cooking and chooses her own tv programs…the less the relatives know the better off i am….

        • There’s not going to be any “rounding up”. There won’t have to be. 90% of the population will be like mice to the block of cheese on a trap. *SNAP*!!! …and off to Camp FEMA they go!

          They won’t round up people. They won’t have enough manpower. Oh, they might cordon off a city or two and ship people off. (…one BIG reason to make sure you’re not there…) But, even so, they catch me in the city and try to round me up, they’ll be picking 9mm slugs out of their teeth for days.

          Sheople might be rounded up. They’ll not bother with us in the rural areas. Swat teams and police raids are scary but they’re not big into getting shot in the head with buckshot from a neighbor. …or 2. …or 3. …or 10. Redneck Death is not a pretty site. You think the Taliban is brutal? Try rounding up Bill-Bob’s grandpa and I’ll show you brutal. I know that sounds funny but I’m serious as a heart attack.

          If you’re confined to an urban area (or suburban) you will have to move carefully to get your supplies. Roundups and the police state will be the worst. If you have friends or relatives that have a handle on this kind of thing that are more rural, you might make pre-arrangements with them as a bug out location.

          …and remember: YONTG: You Only Need Three Guns


          Good luck!

        • @ TC…

          We are all on a Red or Blue list somewhere, those on the red list will be woken at 4am and taken to the camps and probably killed.

          Red List – These people are the enemies of the NWO. They are the leaders of patriot groups, outspoken ministers, outspoken talk show hosts, community leaders, and even probably NET leaders. These people will be dragged out of their homes at 4:00 am and will be taken to FEMA detention centers and killed. This will take place approximately 2 weeks before martial law is enforced.

          Blue List – these are also enemies of the NWO, but are followers of the Red List folks. These people will be rounded up after martial law is in place, and will be taken to the detention centers and ‘re-educated’. Various mind-control techniques will used on them. Most will not survive this. Mr. Springmeier was not specific on exactly who was on the Blue List, but I would guess that people such as you and I are on that list.

          Yellow List – these are citizens who know nothing about the NWO and don’t want to know. They are considered to be no threat at all and will be instructed as to how to behave and will most likely do whatever they are told. Unfortunately there are too many of these to be effectively controlled, so many will be killed or starved.

          Recently I have noticed BOTH a red and blue disc, about the size of a nickel, and placed on the outside of my mailbox. They are relatively newly placed. They can be removed but are stuck really well. They are reasonably thick and would weather well. They are not just paper. They are reflective. I live off the main road, and I drove to town tonight carefully eyeing all the mailboxes along the way. The vast majority had yellow discs, which are reflective, and show up well in the car headlights. As I got into town, I noticed some larger colored discs on the curb at several houses. I would imagine they could be placed on door posts as well, or most any hard surface such as a wall. Go outside at dark with a flashlight and check it out,and see if they are in your area also.

          • They put the disks on the mailboxes in my community a few years ago -every single house has one. If you are correctly assuming the colors mean something, then most people are in the yellow category.

      14. Now is the time to really think outside the box.

        Do you have any fiat money that you have been hoarding away, just in case?

        Well, just in case, reared its ugly head.

        If you have any holes in your prepping supplies. Now is the time to fill them before the opportunity slips by.

        I am going to spend this week spending money on items I have been waiting to purchase. The time has come for me to move into action and not worry about spending the fiat money that I have collected.

        There are several items that I have been meaning to get, when the price is right.

        Now I feel that what fiat moneys I do have will have to do. It is more important to have these items then it is to continue hoarding my fiat money.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Prepping to me is always on a budget sadly. Limitations bite don’t they, but a man has to know is limitations. I know I need a water filtration system beyond the 300 gallon hiker Katadyn I have. I’m thinking of the Katadyn Drip Gravitdyn….anyone tried one of those? 39,000 gallons for $219 on this sites sponsor link.

          • Jim: Check out Sawyer brand filters, Aqua Rain, or Homespun Environmential, just some suggestions.

            • Copout: Just picked up one of the Sawyers. Haven’t tried it yet, but, its in BOB1. Was $60 delivered.

              Sounds like Mona thinks its Go Time. I think she might be right.

              I think it might also be 401K liquidation time.

          • Jim, the hikers are great products.. I have one in each adult BOB and we have a Berkey (also a site sponsor) as our primary daily use filter… It’s gravity fed as well, comes in many different sizes and price points.

            • Berkley’s have been banned for sale to California 🙁 I’m just looking for the best gallon/$ supply and those Gravytn’s seem to be the best out there at 39,000 gallons for $219.

            • Jim – are you sure Berkeys are banned in CA ??? Why ?? They are only a gravity fed water filter..
              What possible justification could be used for banning such a product ?

            • Sam; its about their led content I believe. Some retailers ignore the ban or “don’t know” as I’ve been told on some other forums, but if you look at them on ebay and some retailers post “Not for sale in CA.” If you have one here already its legal to have, but to buy one is now a ecological crime against nature – ok I made that up – but you know what I mean. Its about the evil satan “led”

            • Jim

              Just buy the filters for the Berkley and build your own filter. 2- 5 gal buckets with lids and you are set. I built my with 3 ceramic filters with the buts for $50.00
              It works great it will even filter my pond water to crystal clean. It also passed the food dye test.


            • There is lead in a Berkey filter ?? Maybe lead solder in the metal ones ? I would think that CA would have better things to worry about.. oh, I forgot.. it’s CA.

              Jim – you really ought to consider moving out of that insane assylum.. if possible.

            • @ Jim…

              Nothing stops you from taking a trip and buying it. I got one in Oregon when I was up there looking at some land

          • Yo Jim –

            Check out the Katadyn Combi Filter. The US Army Special Forces use them, so that’s good enough for me. Light weight and compact. Of course, it’s not gravity fed, you have to pump it.

          • What ever happened to just boiling water to purify it? Or iodine tablets? Seems to me at some point that filter is going to be finished and then what? Buy a replacement from the manufacturer? KISS!

            • You could always buy replacement filters and repair parts for any of your equipment NOW while they are still available. Spend the extra $10 (or so)and get O-ring replacement kits for any filter that you have. Get a pump rebuild kit for your Coleman lamps and stoves. Get replacement parts for any of your preps that may fail with use. If something is going to break on you; it will break when you need it most. Cover all your bases NOW while you still have a chance.

              God Bless and good luck to all.

            • Friend, are you serious? Do you want to drink iodine every day, even when they don’t kill every microbe like cryptosporidia? And have you tried boiling every drop of water you drink? That requires an insane amount of fuel (be it wood, propane, etc.), plus it’s a lot of work and effort. But a few ceramic filters and some buckets can provide you with thousands of gallons of safe water. And the filters store indefinitely! They can be cleaned hundreds of times over. KISS is more likely to get you killed in this instance.

          • i have the same filter and keep thinking i need one that handles more gallons. I’ve read good reviews of the Sawyer gravity filter. $120 or so I think, and it does a million gallons they claim.

      15. WTF is next? I gotta say I like drinking with Bob… although it might have a different impact if I wasn’t drinking. Note too self: more wine and hard liquor in the prep stash.
        Peace be with you ! Occupy your safe house time.

        • Believe it or not but it is far cheaper to buy liquor in California than in Oregon.

          I’ve been thinking baout going down and buying a few cases for barter.

          • P.O. American…

            Jim may be able to help you, say trade/barter for a Berkley for some of your favorite brands???

      16. Do you believe in the Easter Bunny? Do you still think that you can vote this country on to the path of liberty? Same thing.

        • I’d like to think that I can vote on on to the right path (of liberty) but TPTB will either rig the election (preventing someone like Ron Paul from ever winning), remove the radical thinker (a-la Kennedy) or play puppeteer with whoever does win.

          I have zero confidence – ZERO – left in our political system and I have zero confidence that the ballot box can change it even IF the public sudden woke up.

          Meanwhile, as I’m writing this… HEY look over there, another war is festering towards Iran. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha1rEhovONU

        • Sure.

          Just vote for the Republican.


      17. Voting works, yeah right, sure it will once this system is ripped from limb to limb and All the corrupt politicians are thrown out on their worthless asses, not until then!

        • It pains me to say it but it is not the “system” of tripartite government with representation of the people in the legislature that is broken. It is because the “people” have been indoctrinated by government indoctrination centers (aka public schools) and a mass media full of drug addled sycophants.

          We have failed to properly self govern.

          • And this is true POA, we need to clean up our act, starting with those who don’t work for the people. You so correct Sir.

      18. This guy must be from the deep South. What’s next? A double espresso & a big chocolate bar chased with an energy drink and diet pill with an EKG. Hook this man up to a pedal generator. I like him, even if he does his video’s in prison.

        • Funniest auctioneer in the business.
          badda baddabadda badda Sold!

          ‘may the farce be with you…’- okie wan kenokie

      19. Bob, now he is a real New Yorker. Stuff happens fast here, I was visiting relatives in the Florida and was first on line in a store to get a cup of ice cream…it took ten minutes. In those same ten minutes here in NYC twenty people would have been served.Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking Florida, it’s just that the deeper into the south you go the more life slows down. People think we are rude, we aren’t we just go fast. Twoscoops ofchocolateokhereyougo, next!

        • Tom, I see where you’re going with that but as a
          former Floridian I gotta tell you that the deeper you go to the South you’ve got the hyper, wired up Latins that are zooming on cuban coffee. The only thing slow down there is traffic and Dr. Appoitments. You must have been visiting the retirement communities.

          • The Villages…I stand corrected…where can I get some of that Cuban coffee?

      20. OMG, sind our yuth 2 groe watt wee eet, LOL most cnknot even spel korn.

      21. solar energy is great if you’re 2 yrs old,own a house and can pay for the up keep of the system, you might have your money back in 32 years when you’re 34 yo.

        • Solar is not all it is cracked up to be, true. IMHO it is about self sufficiency and keeping the fridge running and a light on.

        • Just Me; I understand your perception, but having just gone through it I must correct your math. My average bill was $225 a month for 12 months on this house. That ave will increase some because there are 2 of us in the house now vs one in the previous 18 months used to make that ave. I signed up for a 15 year solar “lease” about 4 months ago and have had the system installed. My bill is now $295 a month every month. I am paying $70 a month “more” for solar over the next 15 years. Assuming rates never went up for 15 years it will cost me $12,600 over that time. The following 10 years will be free, warranted and maintained. The important part to me is that is those 10 years will be in the heart of my retirement and I don’t want to be paying for electricity then. Now if some how electric rates were to go down then I’d be hosed. I’m willing to take that bet.

          Also I’m a $75 switch from dropping off the grid if I wanted too (they don’t know that) but I’d also need some decent batteries for that if I wanted juice when the sun isn’t up. Those are expensive, but not unbearable. In fact I’ve got my generator for sale so I can buy some of those batteries.

          PS. The only thing I have lost out on in the financing arrangement is the financing company gets money from the utility if my system creates more than I use. It does by the way – but I wanted it that way.

      22. In light of how “Fast & Furious” is being exposed does anyone else wonder if the Iranian “plot” announced yesterday is a false flag just to get the attention focused on a “enemy” rather than what is really happening???

        When they announced it that was my first thought…there is no proof, they just want us to focus on something rather than the truth!

        • Some people here said that yesterday. I’m afraid a lot of people think “any” incident is now a “false flag” and this one rings true to me. Iran hates the House of Saud. They are different sects in a 1400 year old conflict. Sunni and Shiites (sp) just can’t stand each other. These guys were not targeting the US they were targeting their mortal life long cultural enemy of a thousand years +

          Could it have been Holders attempt to get F&F out of the headline sure – anything is possible but this one I don’t doubt. What is more important to note is Iran’s actions here. First they manage to get insurgents into the US – think about that the next time you mention border security. Second they managed to create plausible deniability that some will buy into. Think for a minute what their insurgents did in Iraq for the last 8 years. Now imagine what they can do in the United States! All with al queda to blame and not them.

      23. The irony gets better, was your guys you tube add a solar company? Mine was.

      24. Whats next?

        The underwear bomber just signed a $2 million endorsement contract with Fruit of The Loom…

        Bill Clinton’s teaching a class on political ethics at Harvard. Students have to turn of their phones and ipads, otherwise they interfere with his ankle bracelet…

        Michelle Obama just made the Guiness Book of Records twice!. She passed Liberace for most money spent on jewelry. And Neil Armstrong in frequent flier miles…

        G W Bush has joined the ‘Bored Former Presidents Who Miss The Spotlight’ club. He’s following Carter around now, building Habitat houses. Jimmy keeps having to remind him ‘No, the pointy end goes in first. Hit the flat part of the nail…’

        Paul McCartney was heard singing to his new bride…(will you still need me, will you still feed me, when i’m ninety-four?)…

        Lebron who?…In sports: The NBA has cancelled the first hundred games of the season. Fans are expected to notice by next summer…

        Kia has announced their new electric car may not be ready for the 2012 model year after all. Duracell reportedly can’t produce 12 million AAA batteries in time to meet the demand…

        Here’s a helpful hint- never get a tattoo at an outlet mall. At least that’s what my ex-girfriend ‘Cimdy’ told me…

        Is it casual friday yet? I got my raggedy old Travis Tritt t-shirt ready, just in case.

        • What happened to Hank Williams Jr, he sells Fox news and ESPN sucks t-shirts?

          • Hank Jr t-shirt is fine. I just try to save my nice clothes for special occasions.(bar mitzvahs, tea party rallies, court appearances and stuff)

            • Me-Shale shopping in China-Mart during the running of the elections (which has never stopped). Nice hat. Do you wear it out in the garden every evening to watch the hired help with Bo & poop bag?

        • Okie, you crack me up! Funny stuff, that!

      25. This guy is great. Thanks to Mac for this and all of the great articles here. This has been a great website to cruise for laughs, ideas, and occasionally to increase my paranioa.
        Mona, I agree. The time is coming. Fill your preps now. Word is expect food prices to rise another 30 percent by the end of the year. I know peanut butter is going to increase that much by November. I am crying inside, I love peanut butter. I sure hope Jif has another 3/5 sale before then. I will buy the store out. Grin
        Arkaden, I can sympathize with your comment about having no faith in our government. If I could, I would pull every cent out of my 401.k and remove all my money due to me from SOcial Security today and opt out of it. I hate to think of all the money there that I will never see.
        Hang in there gang, the ride has just begun

        • Going to Costco tomorrow. Did not know peanut butter was racing ahead of other food stuffs. Must buy more peanut butter. Damn near 60 and I still love peanut butter…

      26. SmokinOkie: You forgot President Obama teaching Constitutional Law, HA HA HA. Oh, he did. GOD Help Us.

        • Sad but true. Some days it seems like we really are in the twilight zone. Obama teaching Constitutional law is like Otis running the AA meetings in Mayberry. Or Dr. Kevorkian answering the suicide prevention hotline. Somethin’ aint right here.

      27. I need a hug… life is frakked up, no job, no prospects, no future, no hope…
        I need one of two things – either a job or a huge reset button pushing…
        can’t go on… very down today… got myself an invitation to a job selection in UK, but that means spending huge load of money for a very murky prospect of getting a part time job…oversees… I just want to live and work in my country… it’s been bad for a long long time, but now it’s worse than bad 🙁

        • Giurza: I am in the same boat, full of holes none the less, I do have excellent swimming skills and am a certified diver. Like was never meant to easy, wasn’t doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger. Have faith your not alone, as long as your given another day of life, then you my friend are rich indeed. Keep on keeping on!

          • Oops: Life was never meant to be easy.

          • Thanks Copout for your kind words… it’s just that there are some days that only my son’s face prevents me from retreating into Elysium…
            and today is one of those days…
            it feels like a “no way out” place. I won’t be able to provide for my son, and I can’t take that shame, but yet again, I can’t give up and leave my son without guidance in this shitty world… besides, I don’t even want to contemplate what my voluntary passing would do to my son’s psyche… only that is keeping me around

            • Giurza

              Been there done that felt just like that, but here is the thing Copout is right. What does not kill us makes us stronger.
              Tomorrow wake up smile at your son and then get yourass online and look for some of the new jobs in the oil business. Tx along with a few other states are starving for people that can speak english. And even better if you can read and write. Most of these jobs start out at 27.00 an Hr. So check it out and God bless you.


            • Hey, Giurza – I used to think a lot about ending all of the pain. But then one day I just realized that if I did, I might miss something great and leaving this world is a one-way ticket – there’s no coming back from this irreversible decision. I kept plugging and finally things did turn around.

              God puts us all in this world for a reason. Once we understand this, it’s a lot easier to get through each day even as we face what seem to be insurmountable odds and no hope of improvement in our lives. This world is a piece of junk, but this life is short compared to the eternal one we will have after!

              Ask God for His help and guidance with your life and your situation. Turn to Him, He will never fail you. Even if He doesn’t “wave a magic wand” and fix your situation on the surface, He will be with you THROUGH it.

        • Hug and a prayer headed yer way.

          • Giurza: There have been days that i am paralyed, i dont want to go out outside. I was a Sheriffs Deputy for ten. Graduated top of my class, squad leader. Now that has been taken away by the Sheriff whos is 33 degree freemason, i HATE the freemasons they are EVIL! They are at the highest levels of Lae Enforcement and others positions, they are Evil, ok sorry had to get that out. Continue to talk about how you feel, if others on this site give you grief, ignore them, We are in this world together, and althought not many anymore, some people still care. Here is my E-mail address if you would like to talk! [email protected]

        • Guirza, ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope. Today we have no jobs, no cash, and no hope.

        • Thanx all you guys! feel much better today… and your encouragements and prayers did a lot in that 🙂 that and my son of course!

          • Giurza

            Just Glad to see that smiley face.. now tomorrow, Do the same thing. Wake up smile and have breakfest with your son and ask him if its going to be a good day or a bad day.Good day means spending the day with him playing some board games and NO schooland No TV.(Kinda what I did with my Daughter) Bad day means chores and picking up dog crap all day. The funny part is its a win win for both of you.Think about it.. if you do it for 21 days it becomes habit

            Bless you,

            • good advise! thanx DPS!
              you take care mate!

      28. Don’t mess with the KIA. Smart Car has there’s out now. Will be collecters item. I’m waiting for the wind up.

        • Buyers rave about their new SmartCars–

          “I can always find room to park in the garage. It fits perfectly in the live well on my bass boat!”

          “Our teenage son loves to take it to the half-pipe down at the skate park. He’s getting pretty good with it too!”

          “I took the donut spare out of my Subaru and put in a SmartCar. Now, if I have a flat, I still get to work on time. And my hands stay clean!”

          “The new 4 gallon gas tank gives me a 1600 mile range. It’s great for vacations.”

          “The optional under-blade attachement lets me mow in half the time.”

          “I can jump start it with my flashlight! Or my cell phone!”

          “Hey! Somebody attached a car to my new cup holder!”

          • Those little cars are huge moneysavers. I have a tiny ecocar and drove from Niagara Falls, NY to Cincinnati on one tank of gas. People looked at me funny in that little bitty car, but I can live with it for the fuel economy. 😀

            • Oh, you know I just like poking fun at any and every thing possible! (don’t tell anybody or it’ll ruin my reputation, but the best car I ever owned was a Toyota. That thing ran like a top. Got it new in 76 and 10 yrs and 180k miles later it still ran great when I sold it. Now, with gas at $3.50 gallon, I wish I still had it!)
              You’re ok by me Daisy, no matter what you drive!

            • I had a 3/4 ton, crew cab, long bed. 4WD with a diesel engine. Wonderful rig but on any road trip I was the only one that could stay awake. Super comfy & just a tiny rumble from the engine. Worst mileage was 15mpg towing the boat. Best was 23. Sold it & bought two used Toyotas LOL. Much, much easier to park.

            • My Fiat is the only thing I’ve ever been able to successfully parallel park. 😀

              And Fiat engines, for the record, are built in Dundee, Michigan.

          • buying a smart car will save your family anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 dollars wheen you get killed in it..

            they wont need to buy a casket..just throw the entire mess in the hole

          • In 2003 I bought a 1995 Mazda Protege’ (The color makes fire engines look “dingy”). It had 138k on the speedo. I’ve put another 100k on it. It will run 110 mph up the mountains on the Tennessee 4 lanes and coast a mile an a half on flat ground from 60 mph. The last long trip I took with it was to Atlanta, I was in a hurry. A REAL hurry. It got 39mpg. It will get 49mpg if I keep my foot off the afterburner.

            I paid $1500 for it. Why in the world would I buy a “Smart” car? Way too much money for so little savings. I’m told they only get 50mpg on the highway. I can get that if I want to. Then, I can run 130 and do drifting if I want. Maybe I’m just not “Smart” enough to see the advantage. (…other than they are cute.)

      29. All his points are valid, BUT, it still only treats the symptoms….so to EXTRACT THE CANCER we MUST…..

        1. end fiat currency
        2. loaned into existence from thin air
        3. at interest
        4. from a central bank
        5. and fractionally reserved at local banks.


      30. This guy rocks!

        One thing I’m not sure he gets, however. Politicians don’t ‘invest’ to make a profit. They ‘invest’ to secure their power base and reelection. That is all. Well, maybe not. I’m convinced Our Dear Leader wants to bankrupt the country and he’ll piss money down any hole he can to speed up the process.

        Have a good evening,

      31. That is some seriously funny shit…………………

      32. Horace: Fiat money is just a symptom too! It is the entire system that has been gamed by the UR, PTB, and GB’s that has tilted the table in their favor.

        Ending fiat currency is easier said than done; and then what do you replace it with, metals?

        The metals would be held at the banks as there isn’t enough to go around so paper money or, more likely, digital money would then be used individually.

        Bad idea.

        Then Big Brother has a record of EVERY transaction a person makes and OUR freedoms are eroded even further. I am not a fan of fiat money but I think WE should all be careful what WE wish for.

        Here’s a better list;

        1. Repeal the Patriot Act

        2. Reinstitute the Glass-Steagull Act that separated banking from gambling with depositor funds.

        3. All political donations must be made by individuals. No PACs, No Lobbyists, No Unions, No Corporations.

        4. Place a limit of $10,000 upon political campaign contributions for any single election year per individual.

        5. Air time for valid candidates should be FREE as those are OUR airwaves.

        6. Order ALL illegals out of the country immediately. Serious jail time for those who do not leave willingly and hard time with Bubba for repeat offenders. Pun intended.

        7. Repeal NAFTA

        8. Impose tariffs on known manipulators and mercantilists who impose tariffs on US. All trade agreements must be renegotiated one by one, with those countries with who WE have the largest balance of trade deficits, first. (That is the source of the loss of jobs and wealth for Americans).

        9. Eliminate all Dual Citizenships

        10. Reopen the 911 investigation and declassify ALL files about it.

        11. Prosecute Obummer for fraud for supplying a false birth certificate and put him in jail for the rest of his life (with Bubba).

        12. Prosecute GWB for TREASON for allowing 50,000 American jobs to be transferred offshore every month during his administration. After conviction hang him on the Washington Mall.

        That is a 12 Step Program WE can all believe in.

        • Why do you have an issue with dual citizens? It makes no sense. My children are dual, born in another country but “American Citizens Born Abroad”. Why should they have to deny the part of themselves that is American? Shouldn’t they have an opportunity to claim that part of their heritage?

          Further, people reside in other countries for all sorts of reasons, but many of us that do are still proud Americans.

          • Daisy: Ok for you and yours I will amend that to “No Dual Citizens allowed in government”. 🙂

            A list of 20 to 30 Dual (Israeli) Citizens in Defense and State created and signed a petition for GWB to invade Iraq under the pretense of WMD.

            He used that petition as his justification for the invasion.

        • You left out abolishing China Free Trade.

          No jail time for illegals. Jail is expensive. Deportation for the illegal and serious jail (and fines) for those employing them. The fines should be at least double any economic gain from hiring them. If social security and workman’s comp laws we’re violated that is another charge. If it’s a corporation and we know a corporation is considered an individual under US law the CEO is ultimately responsible. You get the big pay you shoulder the big responsibility. If the company your in charge of and responsible for is convicted of a felony you go to jail. The “I did not know” should be equal to a murderer saying his hand acted independently when it pulled the trigger.

          You a bit rough on the politicians. I’ll be happy if they just leave office. No French Revolution. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

        • Repeal 16th & 17th amendments to the constitution.

        • Kid! I like your 12 point plan…alot! I’d be happy to add these in. In fact, I have constructed a list like this of my own, too, and many are exactly the same. We see much more alike than different. BUT I’ll still add in that the way money works must be changed. It’s the means that perpetuates the lawlessness and control by TPTB. All of the points could be met, but the door would still be open for fiat monetary tyranny and the cycle begins again. For Liberty! Take care Durango, and thanks for the points!

          • Horace: You are right, for sure We have to address the money issue, but WE need to level the playing field for Americans first, then ……

            Maybe We could make a law where the FED is required to buy ALL US debt.

            Then if We default so what? The FED is left holding the bag and WE revoke their banking license. I like that idea, but I am sure it needs to be tweeked!

            Thinking out loud, allowed.

            • Allowed indeed!

        • +10 DK!!!
          one thought though – about that election campaign funding… it won’t work. same talks have been gong in Lithuania and I know for sure that this won’t work (coming from thoroughly corrupted country). they’ll just use individuals as channelling means for the money… they can do that with 10, 100 or thousands of them and still send the same amount of money…
          what I would do is to prohibit any and all election advertisement and allow only honest and open debates on TV and radio. this makes sense – what is advertisement anyway? it is another word for lie. and what our politicians do? they lie lie and lie some more. debates are what shows the real wits of a man, no teleprompter no shit no tricks (even though there are ways around it of course, but hey, that we can live with)
          THEN you guys can probably get such men as Ron Paul elected at last

        • Hey,Durrango we need you in the white house immediately. You are right on the nail’s head.

          • moman: I could never run for office. I couldn’t abide government by committee so that no one takes the responsibility when something fails. I have seen that in Big Business. Its pathetic.

            As an entrepreneur I make my own decisions and I am willing to accept the consequences for better or worse for what I decide.

            Its in my DNA. It traces back to Julius Caesar. 🙂

      33. K2: Re-read No 8 That will eliminate the China problem.

      34. Off-topic, do you all remember the article on here last week about the hacker group Anonymous, that was planning to knock out Wall Street?

        Well, it isn’t Wall Street, but Playstation has been hacked again, and Blackberries all over the world have been out of business for 3 days. Sony admits that they were hacked but Blackberry blames a “network glitch”.

        Food for thought or a tinfoil hat convention? Hmmmmm….

        • Daisy: As a US citizen you are qualified to buy a surplus tinfoil hat from the Dept of Defense left over from “Project Bluebook”.

          Just saying. FYI

          • Don’t make fun of bluebook. UFO’s are real.

            I know. I watched a documentary called “Men in Black.”

            Explained a lot of enigmas I had wondered about. (One I still haven’t gotten though is: How do they get the cheese in those cheese filled hot dogs..?)

            • POA: Making fun? I’m serious! This is a chance for Daisy to lock in her tinfoil hat on the cheap.

              What if aliens do not like hockey? Or chocolate?

            • POA: I got mine!

        • Sigh…..


          • 🙂

            • POA: Said “How do they get the cheese in those cheese filled hot dogs..?”

              Thats above my pay grade, POA. BUT, I am sure that Clark has a link he can post. Lets ask him!!!

            • Well, if Lew Rockwall, knows, then Clark knows.

              Do you think they build the hot dog around the cheese, or squirt the cheese into the hot dog?

            • Daisy: If WE knew that, We would know how they get the hot dog into the corn dog …. ya know?

      35. off topic, I know. But there are some smart people here who give good info

        I check a site called ‘The Watchers’ almost daily. Good info. Today it’s totally gone. I decide to do a search to find out where it disappeared to and if there was some chatter about it and this other site came up..


        • thewatchers.adorraeli.com is back up but I still can’t access the site unless I log off my privacy mode. I now have my own opinions…

      36. Ever hear of Germany’s solar plan? Look into it.
        For those of you who are too lazy to google, most of their power now comes from Solar Energy.

        Also, would you rather have a middle ground democrat in office like President Obama, or would you prefer a bible thumping Republican who just wants to cut everything including the program that has kept and is currently keeping most of our retired parents alive?

        • You will make many middle ground lazy friends here.

      37. The U.S. is one of the least free countries in the world.
        We have more people incarcerated than China for Christ sake.

        I love Bob’s abolition of lobbying and instituting term limits…like 24 months and you’re out of there…don’t come back!

        We got more laws and a longer IRS code than the Bible has pages. No more professional politicians….especially if they are lawyers.

      38. This ignorant, loud mouth, unemployed Reslug, obviously is related to the moron Perry. Hilariously stupid!

      39. My husband and I were standing in the kitchen watching these videos, and by the end of each one, I was literally hopping around in a circle screaming, “YES YES YES!!!!!” Why can’t THIS guy run for president? 😀 Bob is AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for posting these, we’re going right over to YouTube to find more!

      40. Seems to me that if elections really mattered we wouldn’t be having them.

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