What Are You Going To Do When A Massive EMP Blast Fries The U.S. Electrical Grid?

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About the Author: Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

The-United-States-Of-America-At-Night-300x199It is only a matter of time before a massive EMP burst fries the U.S. electrical grid.  What that happens, how are you going to survive?  In the United States today, we are completely and totally dependent on electrical power.  Unless you are Amish (or are a part of a similar community), you probably have absolutely no idea how to survive in a world without electricity.  Unfortunately, our electrical grid is extremely vulnerable at this point.  As you will see below, intelligence officials believe that China and Russia already have “super-EMP weapons”, and a whole host of smaller nations and terrorist groups are believed to be working on developing similar weapons.  But even if the U.S. is never attacked by an EMP weapon, scientists tell us that it is inevitable that a massive solar storm will fry our electrical grid someday.  If an event similar to the solar storm of 1859happened today, it would be absolutely catastrophic.  Known as “the Carrington Event”, that massive solar storm fried telegraph machines all over Europe and North America.  At some point we will experience another such solar storm, and some scientists believe that we are already 50 years overdue for another one.  In fact, the earth had a “near miss” just a few months ago.

So what will happen if we are hit by a massive EMP blast?  Well, according to a government commission that investigated this issue, approximately two-thirds of the U.S. population could potentially die from starvation, disease and societal chaos within one year.  It would be a disaster unlike anything that we have ever seen before in U.S. history.

Frank Gaffney, the president of the Center for Security Policy, is even more pessimistic.  He believes that a single EMP blast could potentially end up killingalmost the entire population of the United States

“Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity”

As a society, we are simply not equipped to function without electricity.  Dr. William Graham was the chairman of the government commission that I mentioned above, and he says that a giant EMP blast could knock the United States back into “the late 1800s” in just a single moment

Life after an EMP attack “would probably be something that you might imagine life to be like around the late 1800s but with several times the population we had in those days, and without the ability of the country to support and sustain all those people,” Graham says. “They wouldn’t have power. Food supplies would be greatly taken out by the lack of transportation, telecommunication, power for refrigeration and so on.”

And remember, this does not require an attack by a foreign power.  A gigantic solar storm could cause an event like this at literally any time.  According to a recent WND article, it is estimated that it would take four to ten years to recover from a direct hit from a massive solar storm…

If the earth is hit by a direct solar flare, some of which can be 14 times the size of the earth, scientists from NASA and the National Academy of Sciences say it would cost the nation alone up to $2 trillion in the first year. It could take four to 10 years to recover and affect 90 percent of the U.S. population, meaning widespread starvation and death.

So what would life look like for you and your family if this happened?

Consider the following…

-There would be no heat for your home.

-Water would no longer be pumped into most homes.

-Your computer would not work.

-There would be no Internet.

-Your phones would not work.

-There would be no television.

-There would be no radio.

-ATM machines would be shut down.

-There would be no banking.

-Your debit cards and credit cards would not work.

-Without electricity, gas stations would not be functioning.

-Most people would be unable to do their jobs without electricity and employment would collapse.

-Commerce would be brought to a standstill.

-Hospitals would not be able to function.

-You would quickly start running out of medicine.

-All refrigeration would shut down and frozen foods in our homes and supermarkets would start to go bad.

-Some vehicles would no longer be able to start at all.

-Traffic lights would no longer be working.

-Airplanes would not be able to go anywhere.

-Wall Street would not be able to function at all.

-Government services would collapse.

A lot of these effects would start to be felt immediately.  An article by Mac Slavo detailed some of the things that we could expect to see in the immediate aftermath of a massive EMP blast…

The first 24 – 48 hours after such an occurrence will lead to confusion among the general population as traditional news acquisition sources like television, radio and cell phone networks will be non-functional.

Within a matter of days, once people realize the power might not be coming back on and grocery store shelves start emptying, the entire system will begin to delve into chaos.

Within 30 days a mass die off will have begun as food supplies dwindle, looters and gangs turn to violent extremes, medicine can’t be restocked and water pump stations fail.

So what is the federal government doing to protect us against such a horrific disaster?

Absolutely nothing.

In fact, according to a recent WND article, ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden says that the Obama administration has no plans to defend us against an EMP blast…

Contrary to the findings of a 2008 commission mandated by Congress to consider a defense against an electromagnetic pulse attack and its effects on the national grid, a retired Air Force general who also headed the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency says that there isn’t a solution to an EMP attack.

Speaking before the Bipartisan Policy Center at a conference on the threats to the U.S. electrical grid, Michael Hayden also said the Obama administration has no plan to defend against an EMP.

In fact, Hayden says that “there really aren’t any solutions” to this problem…

“I don’t mean to be so flippant, but there really aren’t any solutions to this, so I would just leave it at that,” Hayden said.

Of course that is a complete and total lie.  It would take less than a billion dollars to protect the largest transformers in our electrical grid.  But the Obama administration refuses to do it.

Since the Obama administration is doing nothing, some state government officials are now considering taking action…

At the National Council of State Legislatures last week in Atlanta, a number of lawmakers said they’re preparing legislation similar to a bill introduced in Maine recently did under the leadership of Rep. Andrea Boland.

Efforts are under way to press the membership of the NCSL to address the EMP issue, since the federal government has failed to take action to mitigate the potential for a catastrophic event, whether natural or man-made. An EMP event could knock out the U.S. electrical grid system and the critical infrastructures that rely on it.

Along with the national electrical grid, other critical infrastructures include telecommunications, banking and financial transactions, oil and natural gas pipelines, transportation, food and water delivery, emergency services and space systems.

In short, an EMP event could cause the collapse of society.

And without a doubt, our electrical grid represents the “soft underbelly” of U.S. infrastructure.  Attacks on the electrical grid happen all the time, but most of them are not reported by the mainstream media.  The following report of an attack is from a recent Forbes article

More than 10,000 people in Arkansas were dumped into a blackout Sunday following an attack on that state’s electric grid, the FBI said today, the third such attack in recent weeks. In August, a major transmission line in the region, around Cabot, Ark., was deliberately cut.

The FBI said that two power poles had been intentionally cut in Lonoke County on Sunday, resulting in the outage.

The following is how the FBI described the attack

In the early morning hours of September 29, 2013, officials with Entergy Arkansas reported a fire at its Keo substation located on Arkansas Highway 165 between Scott and England in Lonoke County. Fortunately, there were no injuries and no reported power outages. Investigation has determined that the fire, which consumed the control house at the substation, was intentionally set. The person or persons responsible for this incident inscribed a message on a metal control panel outside the substation which reads, ‘YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED U.S.’

But minor attacks like that are nothing compared to what an EMP weapon could potentially do to our electrical grid.

And our strategic enemies have been working on developing such weapons.  The following is a short excerpt from a statement by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry to the United States Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security on March 8th, 2005…

Russian and Chinese military scientists in open source writings describe the basic principles of nuclear weapons designed specifically to generate an enhanced-EMP effect, that they term “Super-EMP” weapons. “Super-EMP” weapons, according to these foreign open source writings, can destroy even the best protected U.S. military and civilian electronic systems.

But it is not just Russia and China that we need to be worried about.

According to Pry, North Korea also has such weapons

Pry pointed out that South Korean military intelligence has warned not only their government but also the U.S. that North Korea is developing super-EMP warheads with Russian help.

In 2011, Pry pointed out, a military commentator with the People’s Republic of China stated that North Korea has super-EMP warheads. Data from North Korea’s nuclear tests, he said, are consistent with a super-EMP warhead.

And it should be noted that it is very possible to create a devastating EMP burst without exploding a nuke high up in the atmosphere.  In fact, the U.S. and other nations have been very busy working on such weapons.  For example, the U.S. military has reportedly developed “a directed electromagnetic pulse gun” that can take out all electronics within a limited area.  This kind of EMP weapon can be fired from a plane, a cruise missile or even a drone.  The following is how this class of weapon was described in a WND article

A pre-programmed cruise missile not too different from a drone has been proven to be capable of blasting out an EMP-type microwave that was able to destroy personal computers and electrical systems inside a building over which it was flying.

The U.S. Air Force and its contractor Boeing have created the High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, or CHAMP, which was just tested over a Utah desert.

In addition, “radio frequency weapons” are so simple that terror groups or even “lone wolf crazies” could easily build them and use them.  The following is from an article by F. Michael Maloof

Such an individual with a penchant for electronics can pull together components from a Radio Shack or electronic store – even order the components off of selected Internet websites – and fashion a radio frequency, or RF, weapon.

As microprocessors become smaller but more sophisticated, they are even more susceptible to an RF pulse. The high power microwave from an RF weapon produces a short, very high power pulse, said to be billions of watts in a nanosecond, or billionths of a second.

This so-called burst of electromagnetic waves in the gigahertz microwave frequency band can melt electrical circuitry and damage integrated circuits, causing them to fail.

Constructing a radio frequency weapon is not difficult at all.  In fact, you can find instructions for how to build them on the Internet.

In the future, electromagnetic weapons are going to become even more powerful and even easier to use.

Meanwhile, we are going to continue to become even more dependent on electricity and technology.

And of course even if there is never a major EMP attack against the United States, scientists tell us that it is only a matter of time before a massive solar storm fries the electrical grid.

I hope that you are getting ready while you still can.

EMP Attack On The United States

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

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    1. Unreconsructed Southron

      Cook some popcorn, open a drink, lock and load, and watch the show.

      • Paranoid

        Am I the only one that noticed of the 21 items listed, 8-10 of the them are good? And 3-4 more are ok.

        • Paranoid

          Also: A few days after the power stops people will start emptying the stores? IS HE NUTS? 5 minutes after they figure the burglar alarms aren’t working and the police aren’t coming, the stores will be empty. The food stamp brigade will be shooting each other in 15 minutes. In three days every big city will be cooling ashes. In three weeks there will be an excess of stuff for everyone still alive.

          • Unreconsructed Southron

            I’m planning on opening up a crisis center rehab facility (with very high prices) for those youngsters who are distraught over not being able to text each other any more. Outta make a killin’.

            • Gods Creation

              Maybe it’s just me, but a LOT of those things would not bother me at all.

              They would force the people to come together and remove the power of the banksters. Many would die, but in the end that is going to happen anyway at the hands of the police state.

              Those who survive would be hardy and hungry for the freedom that has been stolen from them. For the survivors, it would return us to the land of opportunity.

              • sixpack

                I know I could live quite happily without bankster control and MSM subliminal programming.

                I HATE talking on the phone and don’t do TV and I can live without radio.

                I’ve got a jackrabbit for pumping well water or gas.

                Refrigeration failing? Have a big potluck barbeque before it all goes bad.

                I’d miss SHTF though…

                • OutWest

                  It makes you wonder if the dinosaurs ever
                  sat around and pondered what they would do
                  if a great meteorite should strike the earth.

                • gone under

                  I would have to saw all my fire wood which would take me a extra couple of months. the trade off with the tv, gov, wall street and phones telemarketers not working would be worth it. I would have to build a underground ice house for refrigeration.

                • bbrrrp

                  Today there was another event, a lone wolf gunman dressed in camouflage carrying an assault rifle in California at LAX airport decided to shoot the TSA and people in the airport. This event comes just in time, the DHS wanted to arm TSA and this will allow them to complete their mission. The economy is sliding into a major depression and Europe is already there. The central bankers/US government along with Israel are planning the next major False Flag Event to get the war started with Iran. There will be no peace.

              • Barn Cat

                That’s pie in the sky wishful thinking. We’re headed to a one world government surveillance police state. The one world government described in Revelation. I’m sure the powers that be are perfectly willing to kill every American to achieve that.

                Not only that, a year after the power goes out most people would sell their very souls to have electricity again.

              • Vicky

                I think we would be okay, too, although it would be more than a little inconvenient. Ohio is relatively bearable in summer and we can live downstairs. We have a wood stove for winter and I can cook on it, although not bake. (Am practicing with Dutch Oven baking but not very successfully) We have over a thousand candles and as many boxes of matches, plus several Alladin lamps and gallons of lamp oil. We have an out-house (not looking forward to it) and a pump for our well. It won’t be at all convenient, but it’s doable. My husband and I were raised this way in 1950s Oklahoma, so it’s not that big a shock. On the other hand, my grand children will be gob-smacked. We have about three thousand books in the library and assuming our eyes hold out, that will be entertainment, along with family and close friends. We garden and can and will be okay for at least ten years, assuming our health holds and we’re not overrun which is always possible in a state as populous as Ohio. Good luck to all of you and Blessings!

              • Be informed

                I have linked this before, it is technical but decribes the differences between a solar EMP and a nuclear warhead being used in the atmosphere. It is important to read on the opening page about EMP myths, and the differences between E1, E2, And E3 type of EMP pulses. JustOneGuy, I think you would find this very interesting.

                It is incredible the small size that can be used in nuclear weapons at the right altitude. There is also a book link that talks about protecting your family, home, and community from EMP. Well worth the look for everyone. 🙂


              • Anon7

                Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me, CME-EMP Mouse!

            • Highspeedloafer

              I’ll buy some string and we can make some communication devices for them out of my used tin cup soup cans. Maybe someone can offer a course in tin can morse code?

            • figment

              this is who is going to go ‘insane’ first.

              hipsters and gen X-ers who can’t text and surf the web, NOT those who can’t get their pysch meds filled.

              you can’t go anywhere without some kid with his nose in his phone walking into you or steering their car towards yours.

              unfortunately, the new fad of filming yourself while driving will not cull the herd fast enough.

              I feel extremely cruel saying this, as I have kids, but the evolution of our society is not IMPROVING any of the species.

              • Dan Morgan

                You’ve got it backwards. Maybe 5-10% can sense the looming disaster, 80-90% of that small group are GenX (now fourtish born after JFK). GenX endured the brunt of adverse change nearly constantly from childhood on, are used to watching their backs and are thus survivors. Also, they grew up pre-computer with rotary phones and in many cases pre central heat and air with gardens and clothes lines and the like.

                Unfortunately, G.I.s and Silents (all being over 70) are despite their skill and wisdom too long in the tooth to endure dire, grueling hardship in great numbers.

                GenY though woefully unprepared for a post computer much less a post cellphone and electricity decade have the natural gifts of youth which will mean they might survive in the greatest numbers.

                The Boomers (excepting the ones who didn’t evade the draft) don’t have the wisdom of their elders whose generosity they abused and wasted, don’t have the toughness of their immediate juniors (GenX) who they as parents neglected and abused and as adults have neglected and taken advantage of, and don’t have the youth of their GenY and younger grandchildren who they adore b/c its convenient (it doesn’t keep them from “doing their thing” like caring for their GenX children would have and the Boomers benefit more by stroking their ample egos by showing off the wealth and advantage they extracted from their parents and children by lavishing it on their grandchildren than they would by abusing them as they did their parents and children).

                So Boomers will be the least likely to survive (again excepting the veterans who also bore the burden of their narcissistic peers, as did G.I.s, Silents and GenXers).

          • Plan Twice, Prep Once

            Had a storm nock out power for 10 days. No cable, no phones, no power, even cell service died after about 8 hours. If we needed the police we would have had to drive to the police station, and virtually all the police were assigned to support other critical service interruptions and repair efforts.

            The grocery stores were closed, and even took another week to open beyond power being restored because the health department required them to toss anything that might have spoiled and to disinfect every square inch of refrigerated space.

            We were on our own in the dark. It was a good education and has helped me appreciate preppers.

            But no, bad guys did not come out of the woodwork to rob, rape and pillage. But I must add you could drive for 30 minutes and find stores and gas stations that were open. So there was an out.

          • Swinging on a star

            It will be as it is written, out of our hands but within the hands of God as to who will survive if this comes to fruition,
            God will not stop the evilness in mankind because he is not a dictator but he will have a say in when one leaves this tortured planet. I put my faith in the Lord’s hands and prepare the best I can, short of interrupting a good and happy life with my Family.

            In my humble opinion, now is the time to lean on your faith more than ever and never succumb to having fear of the unknown rule your daily life.

            John 14:27
            Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

            Philippians 4:6
            Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

            Matthew 6:34
            “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

            Philippians 4:19
            And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

            Romans 8:31
            What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

            Romans 15:13
            May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

            • Jerry C.

              An old farmer walked out to the edge of his field early one morning just as the sun was coming up… he lifted his eyes towards Heaven and said softly “Lord, please give me a bountiful harvest this fall…” as he put his hands to the plow….

              The Lord will do His part… but He expects us to do our part as well… Faith is the assurance of things hoped for – the conviction of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1)

              • Jerry C.

                I would just love to know what in the world was received as a ‘negative’ in this comment from me that I would get any ‘thumbs down’… are you serious? Really!

                I guess I shouldn’t be at all surprised… after all, Jesus was absolutely perfect and He still got crucified… go figure… some people are just so ‘thin-skinned’…

                • Highspeedloafer

                  Jerry C. Don’t take it personally. There are a few red thumbers here who just can’t help themselves.

                • Smokey

                  There are those who cannot abide any reference to religion or faith, and have to let the world know it every opportunity they believe they have.

                  Only thing they prove is their petty bigotry.

                • jpp

                  Jerry c….they are called trolls!

                • Chuck

                  Jerry, Maybe the thin skin is yours???. For all the liberty talk we keep reading on this site it seems anyone that disagrees with someone is a now a troll and not allowed THEIR freedom of opinion. I did not see anyone but me respond to your post(response) about their red thumb so I will stand in everyones live fire zone and be the target. I am not saying you are wrong or right but instead gave a red thumb because I do not believe-agree with it. My faith is not the same as yours. I understand the meaning in your quote but I do not believe in your version of theological events that the meaning is wrapped in. Nothing more, nothing less.

                  I am a new prepper and read sites like this alot. I constantly see anyone that disagrees with the “majority opinion” verbally lynched. I then read post after post about the loss of freedom and liberty and choice. It appears to be a double-double standard and we surely have enough of that already.

                  I am of the mindset that to have true freedom and liberty you must understand that your freedoms and opinions might just hurt someones feelings just like theirs might hurt yours. Its what we choose to do about those hurt feelings that makes all the difference. Comments I do not agree with I might thumb down. You have a right to make a comment and I have a right to disagree with it. That is freedom. Neither your nor my choice makes either of us a bad person. We just have to agree to disagree and continue working toward a common cause we both have and that is survival.

                  I wish you the best and respect your right to believe what you wish, even if I disagree with it and I would hope to recieve the same in kind.

                • 4 year prepper

                  Jerry C:

                  You stepped on too many toes. I whole heartedly agree with anything that is gospel.
                  Jesus says: blessed is he who is persecuted for my namesake.
                  They received the thumbs down, not you. Your rewards are in heaven. People don’t want to work for what they get. They feel they are entitled.

                • jp

                  Chuck….since when is calling someone “thin skinned” amount to a verbal lynching? If you’ve read comments on this site on a regular or even semi-regular basis, you must have noticed the trolls-correct? They are the ones who post comments that totally disagree with prepping of any sort and believe that the sun rises and sets on Barry and all that he does. Trolls have a tendency to thumb down any comments about God, so would it be unreasonable to think that Jerry’s comment was thumbed down by a troll? No, it wouldn’t!
                  Not all people who post here are believers in God and have stated so before.
                  I personally have no idea how one can survive what’s coming without belief in God, but whether you believe or not is not my concern. I’m just tired of seeing someone’s religious post thumbed down because when others post their agnostic belief, I just pass that comment by and leave it alone!

                • Chuck


                  I counter your question with one of my own… When is a thumbs down trolling?

                  I will also answer your question. As I stated I am relatively new to prepping and I have a favorites list that is huge as I continue to learn. I see tons of posts by people that are “verbally lynched” for many topics they disagree with or questions that are out of line with the majority opinion of the regulars on the sites. I never said this site explicitly and if it was implied I am sorry. However the thumbs up and down are here for a reason and we are free to use them as we wish. If I am wrong Mac is welcome to ban me and I will move on without hurt feelings.

                  I prep not because of my beliefs in a higher power but because I have no faith in those that roam amongst us. I make my choices not because of anyone elses opinion but because I have my own opinions. If that makes me a troll then so be it. If it makes me an outcast so be it. I will do as I feel I must just as you should. Again, its called freedom. Oh and as a side note Barry can kiss my ass along with the whole Washington collective.

                • jp

                  @Chuck….I didn’t say that you were a troll or an outcast, but there are several trolls who visit us and it’s usually easy to assume that they are giving a thumbs down. I mean, look at the post of Be Informed who is simply trying to keep people aware of what’s going on earthquake-wise…his posts will be thumbed down-that’s ridiculous and yes, I believe that those are trolls.

                  When is a thumbs-down trolling…when people like NcJoe or any of the other paid trolls do it. As you can see, my comment to you has received some thumbs down, but I really could care less and I’m sure that this one will to.

                  BTW, I don’t prep because of my religious beliefs, but I believe that I’ve been guided my entire life that this point in time would happen.

                  You and I do share a similar belief…I don’t trust most people that roam among us either.

                • Chuck


                  Okay I see your point, I have seen the handle ncjoe and do understand where you are coming from concerning those types. I suppose I just look at them a little differently. As a constitutionalist and libertarian I feel they do have a right to their opinion and choose to ignore them like a bothersome child. Simply showing them the attention they crave by responding to them empowers their words. When the time comes to walk the walk, I know where I will be and I wish them the best in their choices (LOL). As another poster on this thread said, we will all be judged sooner or later and that is all that matters. Thanks for the dialog, its been fun.

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Thanks for your post. We need to remind ourselves that the Lord is really in control; nothing that happens on this earth gets by him.

              America and the world is such a mess that only the Lord can sift out the mess; and he has promised to do so.

              TPTB think that their evil plan is coming to fruition; but Jesus has a different plan.

              Crazy times we live in; Revelation is unfolding right before our eyes. “Eyes to see, and ears to hear”. Keep PRAYING and PREPPING; Jesus really is in control.

              • Swinging on a star

                Pissed Off Granny,

                How right you are, I know I am being tested today. Just a short while ago I went to Walmart to return a part that I knew I should have bought at Lowes, when I went back to my truck some vile piece of human excrement had keyed it from one end to the other. I called the cops and filed a report but due to construction, the outdoor cameras weren’t working.

                Your post came at just the right time for me, when you said, ” We need to remind ourselves that the Lord is really in control; nothing that happens on this earth gets by him.” I know your right but I just wish I could find out who did this and why. Society is getting meaner and more angry everyday. God speed.

                • Swinging on a star

                  Hey red thumbers, I guess you are the type to key cars, right? I said the post came just in time for me, so what is your problem? Screw it, maybe one day you’ll know how it feels, I don’t wish it on you but you never know what crap you may have to deal with, my beliefs keep me in check so I don’t go ballistic or act like a jerk around my kids or society. I guess that’s what separates the uncivilized from the civilized. Have a great day.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  In your post you ask if the red thunbers were ok with keying cars; that is not what the red thumbs were objecting to.

                  Those aethiest unbelievers can’t stand to see any post that mentions the Lord or Jesus; that is their problem.

                  That also is the true struggle we are seeing in the whole world. CHRISTians vs ALL other religions.

                  The great part about it is the Lord sees to it in the end that CHRISTians win.

                  Revelation tell the aethiests and unbelievers what is going to happen to them. The Lord will judge them; woe unto to them.

                • Swinging on a star

                  Pissed Off Granny, Jerry C.,


                • Scott

                  Thet’s what my wife told me at first—then admitted to scraping it on a shopping cart

                • BigB

                  Pissed off Granny,

                  I will tell you who some of those red thumbers are.

                  They are the ones who believe that you and a few others have indicated that you know the word of our Lord best.

                  It appears that a few of you believe the Lord of All speak directly through you.

                  He does not!

                  We all have different interpretations and believe it or not a bunch of people share different religions with different beliefs.

                  Thus your intolerance of any convictions other than your own earn you and the other holier than thou types a red thumbs down.

                  A Christian with tolerance for all my brothers and sisters.

              • Man on the inside

                “I come like a thief in the night….”

                BillY Grahm states in is 95th birthday adress based on wghat he sees the world at now… “Jesus is coming very soon”….

                PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…..

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  This post is in answer to BigB:

                  Christian “tolerance” has certainly got us on a down hill slide in this country.

                  That tolerance has let to Rowe vs Wade, mass killing of unborn children.

                  Erasing “God” from any aspect in our lives.

                  Obamacare with its “death panels”.

                  Marriage between men and men, women and women. Yes, these things are intolerable to me.

                  I could go on and on, BigB. At some point in time you may not be able to tell anyone you are even a “tolerant Christian” without it costing you your life.

                  Makes no difference to me what religion you are or how tolerant you are. That is between you and your God. I have as much right as you do to post my beliefs on SHTF.

                  I do pray directly to my Lord Jesus Christ and I do believe he hears my prayers. I do believe he loves me and promises in the Bible to look after me.

                  I don’t profess to be “holier” than anyone. It is not my position as a “sinner” to judge anyone. That is in the Lord’s hands.

                • Swinging on a star

                  Pissed Off Granny,

                  Your answer to BigB was perfect, amen and hallelujah.

                  “The Lord of All” does indeed speak through us mere mortals, how else could we profess our beliefs and love of God. How else could we teach our children the word of God without him living in our heart and soul. Some sing his praise and some verbalize it but either way I believe it is the right thing to do and is what God would want from all of his children.

                  Keep speaking Granny because you have a lot to say.

                  2 Peter 1:21

                  For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

            • 10% Off

              Star – no one can tell me there is no God. Back in 1973, I was 5 years old. I was riding in the backseat of my Dad’s car with my sister. No seat belt laws back then. I was sitting in the middle of the seat. It was raining. We came to a stop sign and as we went through, a car came around the corner and hit us broadside. Our car spun around and I was thrown out the passenger window. The car continued to spin across the road and came to a stop in a ditch.

              My dad and brother got out of the car and realized I was gone. They couldn’t find me. The ambulance and fire truck came and I still had not been found. I guess a fireman saw my feet sticking out from underneath the car. They were sure I was dead. I was face down in a mud puddle. They told my dad to get my brother back, because they didn’t want him to see his little sister’s dead body.

              As they started to pull me out, I think I moved and they realized I was still alive. Long story not as long, I had a cut on my head that required 13 stitches. I was born on the 13th. My lucky number…
              I also had a cut on my chin that went into my lower lip. I still have the scar.
              Not one broken bone or other scratch on me. Somehow when the car slid into the ditch, my head was about an inch from the tire crushing me. To this day, my dad looks at me and says I should be dead. I tell him it was an act of God that I’m here. He is an atheist and doesn’t believe.

              I could go on with many other things I’ve experienced but most here would say I am full of sh!t. I feel for people who have no Faith. They don’t understand that Faith and Religion are 2 different things. Religion gets hammered and I can see why in many cases. My Faith keeps me calm.

              I believe and nothing could ever change that…

              God Bless! Thank you for your post!

              • Kulafarmer

                But for the grace of God,
                I like hearing other peoples faith moments, i have my own and know for a fact i am carried through things i do my damndest to screw up!
                God bless and thank you

              • laeagle

                Thank you for your post! You have made my day!

              • Swinging on a star

                10% Off,

                Thank you for sharing your incredible miracle, I am dumbfounded as to why your Father is a non believer after such an event. Perhaps there is a fear in your Father that prevents him from acknowledging the miracle that happened in front of his own eyes. Sometimes people don’t want to believe there is a God because they feel they have been sinners and will never be in God’s good grace. That could not be farther from the truth, if one is truly sorry and repents for their unholy behavior.

                There is a calm and peace that envelopes your life when you do have faith, it will get you through even the worst of times.

                John 4:48

                So Jesus said to him, “Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.”

                • 10% Off

                  Star – My Dad is a stubborn know-it-all. He has a Masters in education. He’s 80 now and hasn’t changed a bit with age. He is very smart, but when you “know everything”, it’s hard to convince him of anything otherwise. I believe the “evolution” theory got him in school. He is a conservative to the bone. I couldn’t imagine him being a lib. That would be unbearable! : )

                  He’s my dad. I love him. He respects my beliefs. I agree though, as bad as the car accident was, he’s still baffled that I made it. I guess he will continue to question it until the end. I never have.

                • New Mex

                  I turned aetheist after being a devoted Christian and spending all of my time praying, hoping and wishing. NOTHING that I prayed for was answered. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zip. The truth is- we are on our own. Every last one of us.

              • Jerry C.

                10% OFF, I too have several stories of ‘faith’ I can tell… this one concerns my mom. Approximately 13 years ago (humm) my mom had open heart surgery and had an artificial valve put in… everything went well.
                A couple of years later, the valve started to ‘stick’ – and it was interesting how they knew that – it was put in (in) such a way that if all was quiet, you could actually hear it tick (like a clock). At first, my mom said it bothered her, but she grew to actually find it ‘reassuring’…
                Anyway, the first couple of times, they were able to get it going again with blood thinners… but the last time – there was nothing the doctors could do without going in again and she would have died before they could reach the valve. Knowing all of this, I went into her hospital room (ICU) where she lay dying – semi-conscious – cold and clammy to the touch. She could barely speak but was hoping the “doctors would hurry… I can’t hold on much longer”. (Talk about piercing the soul)
                Knowing that there was absolutely nothing else that could be done, I put my hands over my mom’s heart (without touching her – I wanted to respect her) I prayed a similar prayer of Daniel, and then I said to God: “Lord, whatever You decide to do, may it bring glory to Your name – whether You call her home or You let her live”.
                I kid you not, it wasn’t 15 seconds later, I heard that valve start ticking – in perfect rhythm… in just a matter of a few minutes, her color was back, and she was warming up (so to speak).
                She looked at me and asked that I go and get her doctor – I told her “don’t go anywhere – I’ll be right back”. I ran to the ‘family room’ of the hospital where the doctors and the whole family were gathered discussing mom’s situation and I kind-of ran in and told the doctors that the valve was working again and mom wanted to see her (specific name mentioned) doctor – he jumped up and asked “what in the world did you do?” I said “I asked God for His glory to be seen…”. You could have heard a pin drop – my extended family (who were all there) have varying views concerning Jesus Christ – including a couple of atheists…
                (Turns out – her doctor is a Christian doctor). Anyway, it gets better, a couple of days later, the doctors were able to go in and ‘replace’ the valve once she was stable. As it turns out, three different doctors all agreed that the valve SHOULD HAVE NEVER STARTED WORKING AGAIN, because scar tissue had actually grown up into the valve and caused it to stop – and that the valve appeared to have been stuck ‘again’ at the moment they retrieved it….
                So, go ahead and try to tell me there is no God, or the God of the Bible that I worship doesn’t exist… go ahead…

                Sorry for being so long winded…

                • 10% Off

                  Jerry C. – your story gave me goose bumps! KulaFarmer said it…I too love hearing stories of God’s Blessings! Our beliefs will carry us through the bad times coming to our country. Most nonbelievers see people of Faith as weak. Definitely not the case. I believe Faith gives us more strength.

                  God Bless(ed) you and yours!

                • 4 year prepper

                  Jerry C:
                  I get long winded too. Every time I speak of Jesus my husband says: “You don’t talk, you preach.”
                  I am a firm believer that He listens to see if we are talking about Him.”
                  “Freely you have received, freely you give.”

              • CyberSamurai

                Amen, 10% Off,

                I won’t say you are full of shit, because I’ve been there too.

                Eleven days before my wedding, I fell asleep at the wheel of my car on my way back home. I flipped my car upside down in a creek. My seatbelt (which so many people swear by) had me trapped. I couldn’t unbuckle it and I was about to drown. At some point, I resigned myself to death. I thought, “so this is how it’s gonna end.”

                A warm feeling came over me (despite it being January…brrr). A voice told me to try the seatbelt again. It opened, and I swam out of my car.

                I feel sorry for atheists (even though I know it’s their choice). For nearly every one of them, they wouldn’t believe or accept Jesus if he appeared before them and touched them on the nose! They are not just atheists; they are also hard-core skeptics. I understand why people hate religion. It’s done some pretty terrible things. People of faith, however, shouldn’t be hated….just as we are commanded by God to hate the sin, love the sinner.

                God has Blessed me. I pray He Blesses you and yours richly.
                I pray He Blesses everyone here!

            • laeagle

              Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting words. I love the verses you chose. Romans Chapter 8 has some more relevant verses as follows:

              18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. 19 For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. 20 For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope 21 that[h] the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.

              22 We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. 23 Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies. 24 For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? 25 But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

              26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.

              28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[i] have been called according to his purpose. 29 For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. 30 And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.

          • Slick One

            Paranoid If the foodstamp flying monkeys start shooting each other….think of the savings to the poor taxpayer!
            Less career welfare moochers would be a great boon to the nation.

          • kremlin

            hard to believe EMP will be used as a false flag. to do so would also fry TPTB’s electronic surveillance grid. spy cameras, tracking devices to spy on us, and their war-making capabilities. it would totally fry THEIR control grid; neutralizing their many control mechanisms to keep power over us. would be nearly as disadvantageous to them as us. so- not likely to happen soon.

        • 9er Xray

          Paranoid – I noticed the same. Losing a lot of those will not affect most of us that visit this website. This house unplugged from TV years ago and it was the best decision ever !

          As for aircraft not flying, most of the jets will be FUBAR. But many smaller birds like old Cessna, Pipers, Aeronica, etc, will fly just fine. Most piston powered aircraft will perform as if nothing happened.

          We are already suffering through a bullshit blast from the general media vermin. So an EMP may shutdown the media. AWwwwww !

          • Plan Twice, Prep Once

            I suspect that anything designed to take a lighting strike direct like planes, or that has a really good Faraday cage and sturdysheildedelectronics like a car would survive pretty well. A car running at the moment an EMP strike hits might do more poorly than one that’s turned off.

            We were hit by lightning recently on the front of the house, it came in the steel garage doors, along the garage door openers and on into our wiring and service panel. It actually blew the little garage door opener button panels clean off the walls and left charing on the Sheetrock.

            We lost several appliances, though many survived quite well. Imagine competing with millions of other people to replace certain critical things, or trying to buy alternate electric type or energy source appliances like 12 volt appliances used in RV’s and campers?

        • arco

          My favorite was the last one on the list, ‘gov’t services would collapse’.

          • Kulafarmer

            That sucks, commie fuckers need to be exterminated

            • Slick One

              Kulafarmer If I might add “That sucks, commie fuckers need to be exterminated”,(PAINFULLY)!

        • .02

          lol, i didnt want to sound sound cruel but yea, I was thinking no banks, atms, cell phones or the evil TV !! where do i sign?

          • Barn Cat

            So are you OK with almost everybody dying that you’ve ever known? It’s not going to be a pleasant death either. They’ll be murdered or they’ll starve or die of thirst or from drinking bad water. There will be a lot of women and children subjected to horrific crimes because the rule of law will be gone.

            • Facebook Page

              A d it would be their own fault because they did not prepare. So why shod that concern you or I.

            • Sigi

              Not to mention deaths by conditions normally kept at bay by prescription drugs.

        • Still playing in the mud

          Wouldn’t want to be on a plane when it happened, don’t think that would be on the good list.

        • Slick One

          It would be a delight to see those EBT moochers squirting buckets of tears and asking,” Who gonna feeds my chirun?” Then when those career welfare moochers try to steal from others,it would be time to clean house.

        • Wilson

          “Your phones would not work”

          That means my mother-in-law can’t call. And the problem is……????????

        • Skeptic

          I don’t know how to converse on this web site. I am something of a Neandrathal as far as computers go. I have to ask, and I will probably never see an answer, why is the USA the only place mentioned that will be affected? We still live on a globe and we are not alone.

      • PrepShepherd

        Hell yeah, sorry but not much pity for the ones you warned to prepare and they choose not to listen or laugh at you.

        “you probably have absolutely no idea how to survive in a world without electricity”

        Electricity for the masses has only been around for a hundreds years or so(heck my parents all they had growing up where lights, everything else has human powered), Humans seemed to have done qutie well for thousands of years without it. Hate to say it but you cope or die.

        That said, the one thing I’d hate to live without is AC…it sucks sleeping in your own pool of sweat 🙁 Also I hope a EMP never comes about, because then the solar panels I plan to buy wont do me much good!?

      • Man on the inside

        In answer to your question… Pull out the 10 265 watt solar panels and outback inverter I have in the faraday’ed caged basement, Drive my diesel samurai (no computer) or my Baja bug to town. The samurai can pull a 3000 pound trailer ( 6 55 gallon drums for the diesel…. I will use the aux fuel pump on the sami to get what I need for my team from the now dead gas station, Put up my two “Mikes Windmill’s”, fire up my ham and CB (also in said basement), fire up the leister diesel generator (got mine before the EPA screwed that deal up), get the still running, feed my chickens, reload some more ammo, check on my three gardens and green house, greet my team members as they arrive with their families and TONS of more supplies (yes they have similar vehicles), set our perimeter watches, sight in our rifles, throw on some meat on the barbi, and some wood on the fire and not care….. 90% of the U.S. dead in six months and the world economy gone…. ..

        From a Mad Max movie ….. “ I am Lord Humongous!!!”


        … and have those Mad Max movies down in the Faraday cadge….

        • pissinwiththewind

          All sounds good on paper; however, i see a need for a small army to protect you while you are stealing diesel. Even if you have a deal worked with a small privately owned country store owner where you are pumping out fuel, somebody will be nearby that wants it worse than you.

          Screw a bunch of running around in a vehicle (a target); my ass is staying put to protect my preps and peeps. If i don’t have it already,I must not have needed it that bad anyway.

          • Man on the inside

            I have a small army… FORM TEAMS… we saw the coming third world country called Amerika coming 10 years ago and have preped and pland since…. no bass boats, no bling, no fancy wheels for the car JUST PREP and yes if the power goes down due to an EMP … we will be at several stations within the first hours (while people are still scratching thier heads)… Pumping fuel. The staions or the goverment are not preparing so we are… Deal with it. We have plenty but we will do some “last minute” shopping if and when (and we pray daily it does not) it all goes down….

            • Shadow

              You sound very smug Mr “Man on the inside” Just remember, you might have all the preps in the world, but nothing garuntee’s your survival. You’ve described all your fancy toys above, but so what? People don’t need most of that to survive. You’ve also implied that you are prepared to steal and loot fuel from stations in the fist couple hours and do some “last minute” shopping with your small army? Really? That just makes you a low life looting scumbag.

              • Man on the inside

                I prepaired to do what is nessasry in a full end of the world grid down situation… and only in that situation… Our team will do more to help the folks of our community than the FEMA folks and the roving gangs….

              • Man on the inside

                I have spent the better part of ten years prepping and planing. Yes I have some awesome toys and so does my team. Most of us have served overseas in some very ugly places. We know what works and what does not. If we can be better prepped so be it. We know how to use our toys. We quietly train. We each learn multilple skills for overlap of work load. Our kids are trained. While the rest of the folks out there have baought new cars, I phones, and subs for thier bling car, we have baought solar, genies, firearms, food, grain mills, older cars we have restored to new, land, tractors, horses (man can they eat), chickens, how to books, HAM radios, CB’s with Linner amps (FCC won’t be arrownd during SHTF), and so on and so on. We love our families and community and we are getting ready (now more than ever). And at the end we will not Loot but we will have what we need to get fuel out of a dead gas station. The folks we have selected have already worked this out with us… and yes one of them will be using one of MY genies to keep going (as he did in a power out issue three years ago)… Be carefull of assumpsions… and yes we have a small army because in case you have not been reading this sight so do many other good and bad guys….. just sayin…..

                • TheAnswerIs42

                  @Man on the inside:

                  youve seen one too many survivalist type movies…

                • CyberSamurai

                  Serious question! What if the SHTF scenario involves something that destroys your provisions (earthquake, meteor (I know, go ahead and laugh), etc. Any number of things can happen that wipes your stores out before you even get to use them. I’ve asked myself what I would do if MY preps were wiped out when I needed them the most. What’s your take? I’ve started prepping mentally by learning survival skills. What would YOU do?

            • snake eater

              just don’t you be pumping any of my tanks,,,,,,,what you are talking about has been done many many times in the past,,,,,,,,,,,,,


              • Man on the inside

                Snake… nope just the stations we have worked with who will have no power but thosands of gallons of gas….. kinda like that show Jerrico…

            • Scott

              Brilliant—as you’re shot for looting

        • ScottfromConyers

          I have a Faraday cage for my crucial electronics: walkies, night vision, batteries and solar chargers, etc., but recently I’ve started to wonder how I will know when it’s safe to open it since EMP ‘s are invisible? I’d hate to open it only for my stuff to get ruined!

          • Man on the inside

            If they use an EMP they will hit two to three times for this very issue….. wait and be patiant and have one radio that you “sacrifice”.

            • braveheart

              I use a metal trash can [$20 at Home Depot] with bubble packing for insulation to protect my electronics. I do have a huge stockpile of batteries. Should those also be stored for protection?

              • Man on the inside

                Batteries will be fine and if you can line the inside of the trash can with some mesh chicken wire (muli layer.. diferent sizes). this will improve your great idea of a faraday cadge. Also wrap each item in several layers of alluminum foil.

              • Jerry C.

                braveheart… In answer to your question concerning whether or not an EMP would affect batteries.. this YouTube video might help answer your question… it would ‘appear’ the answer is ‘no’ – EMP will not affect batteries. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUZZ3XflO-M

            • Wolf359

              if it was a surprise attack from a foreign a military expect an emp followed by a second or third to knock out redundant systems.

              Our own military has planned this sort of offensive attack as well. Most governments have but they wont speak of it.

              A rogue element comprised of terrorists or expendable agents of a state would launch 1-2 warheads before scuttling any ship or platform they had launched from to hide who launched.

              • Man on the inside


        • get real

          You think you got it all figured out huh?

          • Man on the inside

            No… no one does but I can do what I can with what is in front of me… IT’s CALLED PREPPING…. and having been around the world twice… I have a view on what living “grid down” is like.

        • Kulafarmer

          Should pre position your fuel, when things come unglued you dont want to be going anywhere, enjoy the BBQ!

          • Man on the inside

            I will and if your in the Pacific northwest stop by for some ribs and home brew…

            • Kulafarmer

              If its after SHTF, ill have to steal me a sail boat to get there! Was a thought though honestly, have my eye on a corsair sitting in a friends yard, owner is locked up for drugs.

        • Skeptic

          That would be Lister diesel. I too have a Lister and they are very cool if you are talking about the CS, either listeroid or English made. I wish that people would converse more about these technologys and less about fighting to the death. It will be more important to carry out these threats than to espouse them.

        • jimbow

          The hungry hordes, two to three weeks will be look for solar panels as one of the signs for a place to loot, and the cooking smell will smelled a mile away by them, so good luck on that plan. Plan two/three weeks of not cooking food, and no lights est for the same.

      • Anon7

        Oh, and where were all those riots over food stamp reductions? I must have missed that on ALL the news channels; ABC, FOX, and MSM. Yet another failed for prophecy. You all wait breathlessly as each news story COULD BE the trigger event that sends us all into the chaos you hope for. And every day you wake up to find that the world hasn’t collapsed and you wonder why. It must be truly awful to live every day thinking that this is the one because some obscure news story fits your doomer paradigm. But tomorrow you’ll wake up again and everything will be about the same as it was yesterday, and the day before that, etc. How sad are your wasted little lives huddled in fear!

        • Slami Lami

          $36 loss for most on the taxpayer teat is not too big a deal. When the money runs out completely or the dollar collapses then the riots will certainly occur. What I state will happen. It’s only a matter of time.

          • M

            Exactly a little hit.
            Want some monkey rage drama ? Tell the free stuff army that EBT only buys fruits and vegetables from now on.
            Want a steak ? get job you worthless sack of ass vomit

            • Anon7

              M: Oh you must be one of the really good Christians I keep seeing on this site, quoting scripture and all. A lot of folks on food stamps are lazy, but a lot are just plain disabled or having to take care of grandchildren, and for lots of other legitimate reasons. But hey, you go on reading your bible, going to church and hating your fellow human who’s down and out. I’m sure God’s got a real special place just for you. You’ll get angry at me for pointing out your hard-hearted hypocrisy, but your warped mind will figure a way to rationalize it all away.

              • Man on the inside

                Anon his statment was a bit harsh but I see folks every day with EBT cards buying things I cant aford and I make good money…. I feel his pain….

              • REB

                Ive read and re-read M’s statement and cant find any bible verses or implications that hes claiming any of the things you implied he/she said…got any proof?…so unless its written in code and I missed it I guess that would make you a false witness and a liar…sad angry little person you be…

              • CyberSamurai

                I agree with REB.

                You got a bee in your bonnet about Christians, Anon? I AM A CHRISTIAN, Anon. I love you! I pray for you. I will ask God Almighty to bless you and touch your heart, and prove to you that Christians are NOT what you seem to think they are. Are their people who claim to be Christians, but treat people horribly. Yes! Are ALL Christians like this? NO! Some of the horrible ones are sitting on the front pew in church on Sunday. Doesn’t mean they know Jesus from Adam’s housecat! My family and I have had a deacon at our church almost literally run us away from church with a stick. He spewed ridiculous inuendos at us and said he felt like we didn’t need go to church their anymore. We took it as a sign it was time to find another church, because that church was clearly not going to change its ways. Now, I don’t even GO to church, but I worship God in everything I do!

                May God Bless You Richly.

          • Slick One

            Slami Lami When the money does run out, Id love to tell each and every career welfare moocher:
            #1. You are not my friend or family member.
            #2. I do not love you.
            #3. I am not sleeping with you.
            #4. If you died,I would not attend your funeral.
            #5. This being said why should I help give up part of my paycheck to support you?

        • Facebook Page

          We are collapsing a little each day. Show me where its getting better and I will agree with you. Your statement proves you are OK with it all as long as you don’t see max speeding down a road.

        • Sigi

          New article says the last week of November, aka after the Thanksgiving boxes run out.

      • Iowa

        Would a propane stove or Mr Heater still work, how bout flashlights?

        • MICoyote

          Yes, they would.

          • Facebook Page

            Led flashlights would be toast. Led anything would fry

          • Iowa

            Glad guns don’t have wires and MRAPS do.

            • Wolf359

              by the time the voltage from the blast reached ground level only power lines and modern technology with microchips would be destroyed. That includes cars because of the complex computer systems.

              Batteries, generators, solar setups, flashlights, etc… would most likely remain intact.

              I keep all my preps that could be effected by an emp in a gang box grounded to my cold water pipe running directly to my well. I put metal mesh secured by duct tape over any hole.

              its over kill but the gang box makes for a great safe too!

              • CyberSamurai

                Be aware that anything attached to long-distance wires (telephones, etc.) are going to be carrying approximately 1 million volts at 10,000 amps because of the surface area of the wire being thousands of miles long. In the end, anything you want to protect from EMP needs to be in an enclosed space with little or no holes (wire) AND needs to be electrically connected to ground. This allows electrons to travel to ground instead of through the electronics. Just putting my 2 cents in.

        • Shootit

          Propane stove and Mr. Heater would still work. You may have to light them with a match. Flashlights may work. The weak link would be the bulb.

        • Slami Lami

          Yep! No electronic chips to fry. If the pulse is powerful enough it will destroy all wires so even old vehicles will not run. Same for houses, think of all the wiring in our homes. The wires will catch fire and millions of homes would burn down in a few days. This isn’t conjecture, it happened in 1859 when the sun had a massive CME. The only way to survive such an event as the “Carrington Event” is to have your entire home built as a giant Faraday cage. I doubt many have considered ever wire and cable in the U.S. catching fire but it will happen if we are hit by a massive CME.

          • Wolf359

            you can always get shielded cable. I have been seeing a lot more of that in my line of work.

          • PrepShepherd

            I wonder if mobile homes would survive, they are metal, grounded and some have rubber tires. I’ve heard they can stand up to lighting strikes.

          • jimbow

            Old style mobile home? With metal bug screens.

        • braveheart

          Iowa, get a metal trash can from Home Depot for only $20-25. The go to any UPS or FedEx shipping outlet store and get some packing bubbles for insulation and TA-DA; homemade faraday cage. Store all of the electronic items you want to save plus LED lights of any type inside it and they should be just fine.

          • Wolf359

            Get generic Christmas light strings. You can buy them cheap for around $5. they are good for 2 reasons-they will light up multiple rooms plus the light diminishes from view the farther away someone would look at it.

            I light my camp sites up with them in the summer to keep my kids inside the perimeter and neighboring campsites have never complained the lights are too bright.

      • Sierra Dave

        Partay like it’s 1899!!!

        • M

          1899 BC )

      • snake eater

        Mike Snyder
        you should have added at the end how to get ready.
        some on here may not know. All doom an no info on preparing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good article


      • Micmpk

        The only show will be watching all the worlds nuke plants melt down! That’s all folks, Fukushima x 1000. No chance of survival,period!!! We’ll maybe the roaches feeding off your glowing corpse!

      • HTJ

        Yeah, right.

        We’re all going to die if this happened.

        You think your going to sit in your “bunker”, hunkered down with your “group” and eat steak and eggs and play?

        You people are very delusional.

    2. eppe

      Get PRIMATIVE….

      • me

        Get Real and take control.

        • eppe

          Warchild where are you?

          • Ronald

            War child was looking for you earlier.

          • N. Rockwell

            Eppe you weren’t on the GMN forum boards were you?

      • Prepping in Port Orange

        And get Medieval on their ass!

        • Anonymous

          They’ll get mideaval on eachother! We’ll have to then deal with their hardiest. One thing you can count on, they won’t be good planners or tactictians!
          Standing ready in Daytona

        • Daytona Matt

          They’ll first get medieval on eachother. Then, we’ll have their hardiest to deal with. One thing you can count on, they won’t be the best planners or tactictians.
          Standing ready in Daytona

      • me

        I hope everyone will get to the basics, that IS what it will take.

        • braveheart

          Me, when the grid goes, we will all be back to basics whether we want to be or not.

      • European American

        “intelligence officials believe that China and Russia already have “super-EMP weapons””

        I’m most concerned with what the US government/military has in it’s arsenal. Better believe that is where the danger will come from. Blame the Chinese/Russians…Right!

        “The first 24 – 48 hours after such an occurrence will lead to confusion among the general population as traditional news acquisition sources like television, radio and cell phone networks will be non-functional.

        Within a matter of days, once people realize the power might not be coming back on and grocery store shelves start emptying, the entire system will begin to delve into chaos.

        Within 30 days a mass die off will have begun as food supplies dwindle, looters and gangs turn to violent extremes, medicine can’t be restocked and water pump stations fail.”

        If there is a TOTAL Black Out, no electricity, there will be rioting on a super massive scale within 36 hours, depending where one lives. You’re much to kind, Mac, by giving the unprepared American population the benefit of the doubt by prolonging the inevitable in terms of seeing the chaos unfolding in “days”. There will be a behavior, so primeval, so grotesquely horrific, vicious and offensive, that we, here at this site, don’t even want to go there, even with our somewhat prepared minds. They will be called “The Darkest of Ages” and this is why we have guns. (Got a solar flashlight?)

        • pissinwiththewind

          The mass rioting “within 36 hours”, won’t affect me and mine at the ole mtn. retreat,at least not for a few weeks/months.

          What i fear most is the local women/girls that have just realized they can’t keep a cell phone glued to their ear anymore and the “reality” TV crap has vanished.
          The cries of hubbys and boyfriends will echo thru the valleys as they are desperate for silence from the screams of agony and despair.

          Add some bad PMS and lack of running water and most bitches will snap like a dry twig under a bull’s hoof.

          Woe be unto you men out there that don’t have a good natured prepping woman by your sides. My little woman, like most of the women that visit this site, will be OK and not go ape shit crazy over the lack of the cell and TV.

          Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or without her cell phone and Follywood TV crap.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Now PISSIN;

            Without their daily and weekly fix of the brute games of football, boxing, cage fighting, etc. what will the “boys” out there do to get their testosterone fix? Beat their doofy ladies that are tearing out their hair from the loss of the TV and cell phone?

          • Man on the inside


            If we want to watch a show we use the internet or red box or netflix. News comes from places such as this and news websites or work…

            And you arre corect about having a Hot Prepper Woman…. nothen says luvin like your missis in a bakinee with a #10 can……

            PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…..

            • Smokey

              Books…yeah, we’ve heard of those. Could be useful stuff in them, eh?

              It’s going to be pretty bad for those folks who can’t read past 3rd-grade level, like college graduates and such.

          • hammerhead

            pissin – great post lmao
            I got five women in my house that would probably tear my ass apart when they cant have their TV .
            BUT , I got a couple pole barns to hide in………

          • LSB

            Pissin…don’t know where you live but what I’ve seen around here, some guys are as bad or if not worse than the gals on those things.

            • pissinwiththewind

              @ PO’d Granny & LSB,

              I agree entirely, there are probably just as many boys out there with the same problems of life revolving around their cell phones/i-pads/etc. and their TV’s.
              But, the key word there is “boys”. Some will become men very fast when there is a SHTF situation. The ones that don’t will become somebodys “boy-toy” or a home for maggots.

              Case in point: A good friend of mine has a son that was raised and babied, as an only child, by his mother. Dad was on the road working all the time so mom and son could live the good life. And live it up they did, for thirty years. Always eating out at restraunts or getting take out and doing nothing with other people in social settings. Hooked on the boob tube and then video games. The boy didn’t know how to interact socially at school and dropped out. He could never hold a job because he couldn’t accept authority figures and now at the age of 32 lives like a hermit in the basement with his big screen and video games. Seriously, that is his life. He doesn’t even like being outdoors. Momma takes him food down or he comes up briefly to fetch some, but is right back into his gaming. They have taken him to Professional Doctors and they all say the same thing; the boy is intelligent but has reverted back to a time of childhood where he wants to remain and be left alone.
              A sad,sad, state of affairs, and who is to blame. I don’t know exactly, but I’d say it all goes back to the parenting from the early childhood.

              It’s all about the up-bringing and in most cases goes all the way back to the early years of parenting or lack thereof.

              My comment was merely based on the facts and observations of females over my 45 years of adult life and dealing with many, way too many, women. i loved every one of them at one time or another and still do love most women. Not “in love”, as the little woman will attest to, but love in general. The time of being “in love” for me is past. It just isn’t in the cards any longer and I’m too old and tired to take the gamble. The little woman feels the same way as i, so we just have settled with aggravating the hell out of each other until one of us dies.

              However; as most men and many of the women will agree, a woman has/is a bundle of nerves and hormones; and, if those get out of sync; best for the men around them, to do like hammerhead says and find a pole shed or barn to hide out in for a while until the dust settles. If we were talking about my ex, the dust never settles around where she is at. She would keep the devil himself pissed, as if he needs more pissing off. They make such good bedfellows.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                You do have a way with words. Love your articles!

              • LSB

                Wow, that was personal…I was in fact thinking about some of my grandsons always sending texts. I have wondered if it is a nervous habit, like many use to find holding a cigarette helped them in social situations. Of course listening to grandma go on and on about the current news might upset them a little.

    3. Paranoid

      Cook hot dogs and burgers on the grill and drink 50 year old whiskey on the patio? What else? MT, Brave and a few others are invited

      • Ghostrighter

        I think I would go to my outhouse drop my pants and sit down with the door wide open and yell out: AIN’T THAT THE SHITS.

      • braveheart

        Paranoid, the hot dogs and burgers sound good, but I’ll pass on the whiskey. Count me in. Most of the things on that list I won’t miss. I would miss the internet, SHTFPlan.com, and the other sites I go to. The only sources for information in a post-grid down scenario will be primarily shortwave radio. I have 2 Grundig portables with single-sideband [SSB] capability stored inside a metal garbage can [$20 at Home Depot] with packing bubbles for insulation as a homemade faraday cage. Also have a shitload of batteries for them along with some LED flashlights and lanterns stored in it. Have an old Coleman campstove with some extra propane bottles. When the propane runs out, I have a Kelly Kettle camp stove [base camp model, their best] that will use leaves leaves and twigs to keep a fire going. Will boil water in only a few minutes. I have plenty of heavy-duty clothing, extra socks, underwear, coats, and insulated boots with Thinsulate insulation. I highly recommend the Thinsulate boots; they keep your feet warm and dry. My ‘ventilation equipment’ doesn’t depend on any electronic circuits or chips. It really will be a different world and life will never be the same for any of us again. Keep your eyes on Grid Ex 13th and 14th,

        • Night breaker

          Check out eneloop rechargeable batteries ( Japanese manufacture you’ can also use the nickel hydride energizer rechargeable)
          and the goal zero nomad 7 guide 10 plus solar recharging system , not that expensive. I also have foldable solar panels 25 watts each you can recharge a jump start battery system ( diehard jump start has a 12 v accessory plug.)
          You can run a lot of radio gear from that . The goal zero charger will charge AA and triple A I also have chargers for other sizes with the 12 v plug. You can use this for your small electronics batteries. I use AA in flashlight Mag lite makes LED lights that are really good last a long time on a charge. Hell I can even charge AA ‘s for my PVS 14’s .
          I agree I keep all my SHTF electronic stuff in those small metal grabage cans with a lid that can be clamped down with the handle., home deput sells them they are about 18″ high and made in the USA to Boot! Just line the cans with bubble wrap or cardboard. In addition to this I also put my stuff in EMP bags in the cans for added protection.
          The Solar stuff works great used it every day in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy never ran out of battery power the whole 2 weeks we were without power.even ran a small cooler. Even had Internet IPAD 4 G I am 200’ from the counties emergency operations centers towers which stayed up the whole time.

          by the way anybody here interested in bulk packed .308 ? ammo to go has lake city 500 ct loose for $340 . Ammo is starting to trickle back in . 22 LR is still hard to get in my area ., 38 special is actually cheaper by round!

          Aren’t Kelly kettles great fast way to prepare Raman noodles. Also check ot sun rocket solar kettles.




          Semper Fi 8541

        • Mamma D

          I also keep a stockpile of paper and pencils/pens, you might need to go back old school and have a “community bulletin board” locally for sharing info, and I would start a daily diary of what’s going on, just for my own enjoyment!

      • Mountain Trekker

        Para,Thanks for the invite.May have to borrow a neighbors mule and come cross country, I know he won’t mind, cause he won’t have no hay to feed it. Trekker Out.

    4. NRA Fan

      I will have a glass of scotch with my chef boyardee.

    5. Mad_Max

      Its all good…till it isn’t.

    6. Tractor

      A 12 year old hacker with a 10 year old computer in a motel room in Tehran can bring our grid and every power plant down in just a couple hours.
      And don’t forget about the 78 Nuclear Power plants that need constant power to cool the reactor for a week after it’s shut down or the spent fuel storage pool that needs cool circulated water like for-ever to keep it from going critical. That will go to, you will have 78 Nuclear power plants all going critical at once.
      Yea they are NOT telling you that.
      78 Fukishima’s all in America all going critical at the same time. NO PLACE will be safe in the Northern Hemisphere for about 1000 years.
      This scenerio is the same if it were an EMP, a hacker or a CME we are all just as screwed…

      • gone under

        If the 78 reactors went critical (why would they) would all the Nuke subs go critical too? Maybe the reactors would continue to produce heat to make steam to turn the turbines to spin the generators to power the cooling and circulation pumps. If your diesel engine alternator fails, will the engine overheat? No. Too much misunderstanding on how reactors work.

        • BJ

          I am sorry, but you are wrong wrong wrong. I work in the Exelon system and you are either mistakenly wrong or purposefully posting mis-information.

          • gone under

            @ Tractor… read this…United States Nuclear Regulation Commision. Effects of electromagnetic Pulse on Nuclear Power Plants . NUREG-0933. Which prototype school did you go to?

        • Paranoid

          N-Subs would not even notice, seawater is a very good conductor and they live in a cage

      • BJ

        1,000 years? Try again

        some half life’s are greater than 5,000 years

        Psalms 91

      • Shipton

        Yup, Tractor, you are just about right. The grid going down is not the worst of our worries, it is the ancillary effects about which we have no control that will be the real killer, even for the prepared.

        @ Gone under – turn to turn insulation is very susceptible to both rate of rise and magnitude of pulses in transformers, generators and motors. The nuke core pile will continue to heat but will have nowhere to go to dissipate it’s energy.

        • gone under

          through the turbine. as long as condansate makeup can be added.

    7. A.Martinez no not that one!

      Listen to the peace and quite. Take stock, sit back a couple of days, and listen .

      • jg

        Quite what?

    8. Ugly

      What can you do? Other than look at stars and planets in the sky that were not as visible due to lights.

      If we have that bad of a blackout, the last thing you want to be is the only light in town.

      • JoeRepublic

        Or be the guy that can help light it back up.

      • Unreconsructed Southron

        Or the guy being ‘lit up’ by the only light in town.

    9. Anon

      Amaranth to me just maybe an over looked prepping staple. Grind into flour makes great fry bread, flat bread and so much more. Here are some facts.

      Amaranth is a sweet, earthy, gluten-free grain. It’s extremely high in protein, iron, and fiber, and a staple in gluten-free diets. Amaranth is a versatile grain that can be enjoyed as part of a satisfying hot breakfast, in delectable cookies, in savory soups, and more!
      Amaranth Cooking Ideas
      There are many different methods to cook and eat amaranth, from cooking it like rice to popping it like popcorn!
      1. A simple way to prepare amaranth is to boil it for about 15-20 minutes and add it to your morning cereal or toss it in a salad, similar to how you might eat couscous or quinoa.
      2. You can also grind it into amaranth flour to use in baked goods, potentially toasting it to bring out more of its nutty flavor before your grind it.
      3. A fun way to eat amaranth is to pop it and season it like popcorn.
      4. Whole seed, cooked organic amaranth also goes well in soups, granolas, and breads.
      It is best to store organic amaranth in a tightly sealed container, preferably a glass jar, in a cool, dark, dry location. Do not store organic amaranth in a cabinet near a stove, oven or dishwasher. If stored properly, organic amaranth can have a shelf life of up to one year.
      Health Tips
      1. Amaranth is made up of 13-14% protein, and it easily contains 30% more protein than other grains. Amaranth contains the important amino acid lysine, which is not found in many grains and is vital for building muscle protein and helping the body run.
      2. One cup of amaranth contains 18g of fiber, more than any other gluten-free grain. In comparison, buckwheat and millet contain 17g and white rice contains 2.4g.
      3. Amaranth is one of the few grains that contain phytosterols, nutrients that play a major part in the prevention of many kinds of disease and may lower LDL cholesterol levels.


      • Kulafarmer

        Amaranth is one of the easiest grains to grow too, i have it growing wild in my borders, theres some quinoa too,
        If you just boil it like rice and use it as a starch or a cereal in the morning.

      • Archivist

        Watch “Fusion Grain Cooking” with Chef Brad on the BYU channel. He puts grains and beans in everything, soups, salads, desserts. He has a website, chefbrad (dot) com. He has a lot of information on amaranth, quinoa, etc. I’ve been thinking about planting some amaranth. Since it can grow like a weed, I might just sow it up and down the roads in the area.

        • REB

          …I grow some…be aware it does grow like a weed…it will spread and reseed itself so plant it in a secure spot,not in your main garden spot…unless you don’t mind it taking over…:)

          • Kulafarmer

            It got planted in a beneficial insect seed mix i planted in 2005 and the stuff just keeps coming back every year.

            • Anon

              Kula:With it so easy to grow, I also think of it as a possible barter grain (food). We like the Giant Golden the best, very heavy producer. Have oven can some and still good 5 years down the road.

              • Kulafarmer

                Could be a real good barter product, i like amaranth and quinoa because they are a small seeded grain, unless you have perfect conditions grains can be difficult to dry, and mildew can be a problem, so with the small grains you can get them dry quickly on a fine screen in the sun, also are easy to grind,,, out here where i live we get cloudy afternoons and quite often afternoon rain showers, not exactly good for drying wheat or oats in the field, can cut them and bunch and hang in the packing shed or barn but is a lot more labor.

            • Anonymous

              Just do Not plant Any more Tares as Satan has planted far to many already. Tares aka Khazar weeds.

            • Them Guys

              Carefull to Not Plant any more Tares since Satan planted way to many already!…Tares aka Khazar Weeds that look like Wheat, untill mature at time of Harvest when the Tares get Uprooted, tied in bundles, and cast into the fires by the Field Workers(field workers aka the Wheats).

          • gone under

            Can horses eat the remaining stems after the grain is removed?

      • laeagle

        @Anon, Thanks for this posting. I agree with you completely. I have eaten amaranth, millet, and buckwheat, and they are good. You can eat the leaves of the amaranth plant as well as a vegetable. Back in my younger days, we carried amaranth seeds and buckwheat seeds because they grow and seed in a shorter time span and are considered an emergency staple in many parts of the (third) world. We still eat a lot of buckwheat in the form of ‘groats’, pancakes, and noodles (Japanese Soba). They are very easy and quick to prepare. Kulafarmer, you probably would enjoy it too.

        • Kulafarmer

          The buckweat is great as a cover crop too, have grown it, can harvest bu just hand stripping the seeds after they mature, then a light tilling and they sprout new plants quick, good for scavenging soil nutrients too for following crops.

      • Sigi

        OK- you’ve got me wanting to try popping it now. I tried it boiled like rice and got the grains caught in my teeth- not fun.

        • laeagle

          Popped millet and amaranth seeds mixed with honey is a wonderful treat.

    10. JoeRepublic

      What am I going to do? I’m going to pull all of my crap out of the ground and generate my own juice to run the basics. That includes limited cooking abilities, LED lighting, a small tablet, a netbook and a fan. You are probably wondering wtf is he going to do with computer stuff and no internet. Yeah, spent 5 years compiling over 600 gigs worth of books. It’s not the internet, but the next best thing.

      If it comes down to zero electricity, that is not an option. That horse has already left the stables. Building your own batteries, generators and solar panels should be on your list of skills. Go without electricity? Nope, just have to go limited.

      • Archivist

        I have a few terabytes of books and magazines, but I cast a wider net than most.

      • braveheart

        Satori, it’s interesting the article at naegeleblog mentioned ONLY 30,000,000 people left alive in the US after an EMP event. In the last chapter of “One Second After”, it was estimated that only 30,000,000 people were left alive in the US 1 year after an EMP and that was only an estimate. Let’s not be so shocked if the true figure turns out to be lower. 1 year? I’ll give it 3 months, tops.

        • pissinwiththewind

          I’m thinking six months until the BIG and final, mass die-off.

          It will take that long before all the local supplies are gone and the neighborhood raids have cleaned out all stockpiles of supplies hidden in basements and such.
          The wild game and birds will disappear within the first three months, except for the remote areas in the Rockies.

          I see mass killing and starvation beginning within the first month in all metropolitan areas.

          Will it happen? Doubtful. Why? God hasn’t given us a drawn out scenario picture like this, in His word.

          Could it happen? Of course. Why? Too many idiots at the controls. However i believe it would dissipate to a point where a rebuilding of sorts could start within three to six months. But; then again the nuke plants could have a part in making most of the planet uninhabitable.

          Only time will tell for sure, and we can only prepare within our limits. The main priority is having the heart and head right. Everything else will fall into place after that.

      • Them Guys

        I read that the HAARP Antenna/microwaves systems the fed govnt built is able to create an emp, as well as earthquakes and hurricanes. Other nations has that same system also it said. Most info on HAARP remains classified and feds refuse to release much info on its abilities or even admit it exists.

        Its able to produce wattages of microwave power in the Billions of watts and be targeted or aimed at various sections of atmosphere to cause varried results. None good.

        I recall once while scanning tv shows I hit the CSPAN us senate hearings show one day, and it was hearings about gobal warming research grant cash etc…Somebody at the guest desk the senators interview asked something about HAARP antenna syatem in Alaska state where it is located, and before the question was finsihed being asked, Finestien jumped in and then a couple more senators, Mich’s Levin I think it was, and said to Stop all such discussions and wait till after a recess and then they can resume talks in a Private closed door non public forum session.

        I recall they were calling it “Weather Modifications” programs Grant moneys, and it totaled in the several Billions dollars!…Right at that point is when they demanded to wait to go in private discussions.

        That was several years ago yet I believe most info on HAARP is still off limits to public sources. Russia has the HAARP stuff also, and a couple other nations from a recent article a few weks ago I read.

        Can’t put nothing passed them today with so much high tech abilities. 1997 was the First ever usa public mention of weather and earthquakes abilities by Govnt’s made. By CIA Head William Casey if I recall right, in his testifying statements to congress.

        His exact quote from 1997 that, paraphraseing here, “Now that several Other nations Have capability to Control the weather and even create or cause earthquakes, americas fed govnt must okay the fundings to keep up and build a similar system etc”

        I wouldn’t think Casey or anybody else would say such unless he had evidence or very good reason to back his statements with. To state that other nations Can change weather paterns and do earhquakes and hurricans is no simple slip of the tongue, or mis-statement. And That was back in 1997!! They have had 16 yrs longer now today since he stated that. Very scarey stuff if truth.

        • Pissed Off Granny

          There is some info on the internet about HAARP. I know I saw an article that showed pictures of “HAARP” stations at various points around the world.

          If interested you can google it to find out what info is available.

    11. jg

      Traffic lights not working!!?? My god I’d better look both ways before crossing the highway, running away from the nuclear station right down the road without a cooling system, fighting off hoards of zombies wanting everything I own.

      • Smokey

        Yeah, traffic lights should be the least of our concerns. Folks just revert to the four-way stop when they go out around here.

    12. The Lone Ranger

      Grid Ex II, on 11/13 and 11/14, which will shut down the WHOLE power grid in Fema Region III [NY, PA, DE, VA, MD, West VA] just might be a warm-up for a false flag EMP which would no doubt bring Martial Law.

      There will be no http://www.shtfplan.com should an EMP hit.

      The good news is that we expect The Warning soon after 11/28 which is when the Ison Comet comes to our galaxy.

      During The Warning, Jesus will show each human being on the planet where she or he would be in Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven if she or he were to have died earlier in the day.

      Sadly, some people, He told Maria, will not convert or turn away from sin, but still choose the dark side. Why? Because Satan has promised them a bed of riches and much more, in a pack of lies.

      Now why would that be?

      Because Satan HATES man, and rebelled against God because he did not like God’s Hierarchy: God, Man, and THEN the angels!

      From what I read, the screams of those people, once the Gates of Hell CLOSE BEHIND them, and they REALIZE they bought into LIES, despite warnings, are literally unforgettable. Hell is forever.

      And for you NSA boys who are assigned to this site because you, too, were promised more money than ever, and literally BRAINwashed into believing WE are the enemy (we aren’t, by the way), haven’t you figured it out that there is Someone watching everything YOU do?


      Get out while you can.

      Not tomorrow, NOW!

      And if you have been chipped, get it removed ASAP. Cut it out yourself, if you have to!

      Save your life AND your soul, because once the Antichrist declares himself shortly after The Warning, it will be way too late– you will hear voices like the guy in the Navy Yard did back in September, like Tim McVey did, and many others did who were chipped. You will be powerless to REFUSE the commands given to you. And it will only be a matter of time before the Gates of Hell get locked behind you, too. Get out, brother, get out, sister. It’s not too late. You are smart enough to elude the very technology that ensnares all of us. Snowden did. Now you can. Save yourself, and save your soul. Hell is forever. God bless you.


      – The Lone Ranger

      • Pissed Off Granny


        I am looking forward to 11/28 or as you say “shortly after”.

        If what you write about meeting Jesus and having a choice about which direction I chose to go, I will not need an explanation of what happened.

        If that DOES NOT OCCUR, I look forward to you explanation of why it didn’t.

        I know the words “soon after or shortly after” must mean something to you. Please explain them to me. A lot of us folks on SHTF are being told things will happen “soon after or shortly after” and when they don’t happen we are just left hanging.

        Looking forward to 11/28 and whether there is any truth in your predictions about Jesus.

    13. CrabbeNebulae

      18th century!!!! Bring it on bitch!!!

    14. SilverSax

      I’m going to barter purified water.

      • .02

        for what? if someone cant find decent water, think they will have anything you want?

        • pissinwiththewind

          good point.

          I will “give” out free purified water to my dearest neighbors. Not by them coming to my house, not “no” but “hell NO”. i don’t want anyone other than people within our group, near my bug out location.

          I have two, six gallon, flat sided, potable approved, pvc containers that will fit into my saddle pannier. As long as horse will travel, I’ll deliver to the elderly and feeble, as well as the single moms with little ones.

          Good prepping.

        • SilverSax

          .02, that’s a very short-sighted viewpoint. Right off the top of my head, I can think of several things non-preppers may have to trade:
          Gold jewelry
          Meat they’ve hunted (squirrel, deer, rabbit)
          Labor (digging, tree-cutting, gardening)
          Skills (doctor, nurse, gunsmith, carpenter
          The point is, .02, you can’t have everything or do everything all by yourself.
          If you’d done any serious prepping you’d know that.

    15. Tactical

      I don’t know what I’ll be doing but if I am in FEMA camp being forced rape by Diane Feinstein, in a total darkness I would be grateful that I don’t see her face. Shit..Now I’ll have nightmares.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Before that would happen to you I think you should consider suicide. HMMM, Feinsteinor Suicide, Feinstein or suicide.

        • Tactical


          • Them Guys

            Finestiens Tribe is already Guilty of Deicide. So they figure whatever wrongs and evils they Now perpetrate cannot possibly stack up as bad as that crime was.

            Hers is a sample Facial look of a Very Mature Tare. Thats why Christs parable tells the workermen who discovered Tares planted amoung the prior planted Wheat, to Wait untill the Harvest to Uproot the Tares when by then all the Tares will have grown to full maturity, and be easy to spot. Hence zero colatorol dammage to the good wheats!

            Up to harvest time many tares look aalmost exactly like wheat growing together. Once fully matured Tares look way different so the workers wont mistake any tares as wheat.

            Then all thats left is for them workers of the field to bundle the tare weeds and throw them into the Fire pits to destroy them and turn em into ashes.

            Wheat=gentiles and christians….Tares=Khazar weeds that Satan planted in the Darkness of Night while the workers slept. The field workermen are Our ancestors who planted the seeds aka wheats. Satans seed he planted are those khazars that “look” like Us alot…Untill Matured. Kinda like Finestien or Schumer or Boxer. Khazars all.

            • Tactical

              As always Amen Them Guys to your comments spreading the truth.

              • Anonymous

                Ignorant bigots. Careful you don’t hurt yourselves burning those crosses.

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  The “other anonymous”:

                  A part of the “communist manifesto” teaches a good comrade to attack the messenger if the comrade cannot attack the message.

                  Why don’t you spend your time proving the message of the post you don’t like is not the truth; instead of ALWAYS attacking the messenger.

                  Know why you don’t do this? Because you can’t.

                  Behind one of my posts on another subject on shtf you attacked my hormones. Could you not find a better answer than that to my post?

                  You show a propensity for always attacking the messenger.

                  I will be very glad to give you a thumbs up when you can show a post that you disapprove of is not true.

                • Them Guys

                  No! You best be carefull some pissed off White man come along and shove a cross Up yer sorry ass. Then burn it!

                  All who speak Truth, and who reiterate the bible verses as intended to be interpretated and taught to others are bigots eh. Yeah Christ was Murdered by them pharisee jews due to He spoke truth that outted them and their evils too.

                  Ironic today so many folks especially christians are so Unable to distunguish the VAST difference between what the talmud judaisim teaches as compared to the christian bible teaches. Then they go on to believe that the talmudic judaisim is akin to chirstianity like some tpye of 50/50 split!…They even renamed christianity to Jewdeo-christianity!

                  Tell us folks How is that remotely possible when a quick glance read of a few talmud verses reagrding Jesus-Christians and christianity in general is NO wheres else written of in such terrible light and such Perverse, evil, mean spirited, nasty, ways?

                  Name any other religions that so bash Jesus or christians, and at same time promote such Master Race ideology of Only jews matters, only jews count as real humans, all non jews deserve to be ripped off, robbed, lied to, and killed by or from jews doing it to them gentiles.

                  In 20 yrs research I have seen NO other belief or religious system that so promotes such a one way all for jews nothing for non jews mentality. Nor any that Condone, Theft-Lying-Murder-Mass Murdering-actual Genocidal murdering, other than Their Talmudic books teachings.

                  Sorry to awaken all the delusional foolish christians, but one hour of talmudic study reading, reveals how totally INcompatible their jew religion is and Has always been compared to christianity. Like OIL+Water do NOT mix and never will…So is the farcical non item called “jewdeo christianity”.

                  Now all we need is for somebody to come here and explain to us all How in the world can so many folks remain so damn deluded, that even now knowing all this truth between the two beliefs, they can still unquestionably defend or support all issues jewish and so ignore all the evils or wrongs done in the name of talmudic teachings.

                  Maybe delusional is not a strong enough word perhaps eh.

                  Maybe we all shall witness a True Miricle, and see some of the posters who always reply by name calling the truth tellers, actually post a reply that says MORE and backs up their name calls. EXAMPLE: Define “Semitic” eh.

                  For the Best ever Posterboy Example of True Bigotry, Racial Supremecisim, Master race ideology, and Self chozeness, besides The Most antichrist-antichristian teachings yet to exist…Read some Talmudic verses. Then see Who need be called a Bigot.

                  PS: Be Sure to Notice the Many similarities between the babylonian jewish Talmud and the Muslim Koran book’s. Way to many to list here! Unlike compareing talmud to KJV bible as there is NO similarities whatsoever.

        • Slick One

          Pissed Off Granny if it were me ID take the suicide option PLEASE!

    16. slingshot

      No more thumper/boomer music.

      What a blessing.

      • sixpack

        Agreed. I should be so lucky as to hear the wind, birds and bugs for a while.

        I love to listen to the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, and raindrops falling. I miss birds chirping in the morning and bees buzzing.

        I like the smell of fresh snow. You can actually smell fresh snow, if there aren’t any restaurant grease pits going or car exhaust. I like the smell of pine needles and fresh, clean dirt.

        I like the sound of my own thoughts.

        I’m afraid while the death toll and suffering is not something I look forward to, the idea of real peace and quiet is.

        • braveheart

          Although I’ll miss SHTFPlan.com, I won’t miss the trolls. that will definitely be a benefit of grid down. Imagine no ncjoe. Imagine no finx. Imagine no urban dog. Imagine no eisen. Imagine…..

          • NC joe

            Imagine no ncjoe.

            I am flattered! I must have made quite an impression on you.

            • sixpack

              yeah, but you had to flatter yourself, didn’t you?

            • SilverSax

              joe, don’t be flattered. You’ve made an impression alright – a very negative one.
              Not too many like to see your comments. You’re a drag, a downer, an irritation.
              Nobody’s trying to flatter you. Braveheart’s right – you’re only flattering yourself.

            • braveheart

              ncjoe, you’ve always gave us a good enough impression as a troll. On that you don’t have to worry.

              • Smokey

                Well, we can wish him luck while we can, I guess.

    17. jim in Va.

      No frozen food. Stock up on canned goods,dried goods and freeze dried goods. Have water. Plenty of wood for fire. Nobody to collect bills,no where I need to travel. hunker down and protect mine.

      • Archivist

        I will have ice cream.

    18. Hunter

      The fundamentals of an EMP weapon can be basically described, as an oscillator circuit tuned to a given frequency & then amplified/broadcasted/pulsed…or it can assume the characteristics of an intensely generated magnetic field that is suddenly amplified & pulsed, creating a HUGE EMP spike, generated across a broad electromagnetic/frequency spectrum.

      There are quite a few high end technologies “out there” that are indeed “tunable” per application(i.e. UHF/VHF/microwave frequencies ).
      Perhaps the ham operators or single-side band users could toss some info into this realm, so as to educate others.

      The initial pulse rise-time/amplitude(strength) is what swamps IC circuitry (+ the frequency, to a somewhat lessor degree). Transformers & grid circuit-breakers are NOT immune either! Rise times are simply to fast/immense to avoid.

      When it comes to mil-spec aimed/focused applications per waveguide construction/rise time/pulse duration/amplitudes etc, I have very limited knowledge of such…but, am sure some “here” knows the score!

      That said, many know the goto guy, per solar M-X class & whatever class flares…he should be given the same respect as the “earthquake dude.”
      His advise “MUST” be heeded/listened to.

      Bottom line is, an EMP event & its resultant negative effects, be it man-made or celestial, is highly plausible & shouldn’t be discounted by the prepping community.

      In closing, Mac’s posting of this article, got me to thinking per a worst case scenario, relative to those of us who survive & are thus confronted w/ the daunting task of rebuilding civilization w/o CAD/CAM, computers, CD-ROM, flash drives & any IC stored data etc…etc!

      …and the first thing to crash into my feeble old collection of synapses was….

      …how many here remember how to use a…slide rule!!!

      • Hunter

        Sorry…should’ve of mentioned 4th/5th generation calculators too.

      • SWFL

        Not only remember, still have some. Also, instructions for others to use when I am gone.

      • DaisyK

        To Hunter,

        I have a book, “Standard Mathematical Tables,” copyright 1957. It has Five-Place Logarithms, Antilogarithms, Logarithms of the Trigonometric Functions, Haversines, Naperian Logarithms, Factors and Primes, and a WHOLE bunch more.

        AND I have a book copyright 1835 (that’s right 1835) called “Rose’s Explanatory and Practical Arithmetic.” It has chapters on how to compute square root, cube root, vulgar fractions, promiscuous equasions… I will be able to teach old math in the new world.

        • Hunter


          Chances are, one day you’ll be counted among the “new sages civilization (second attempt)!”

          Wish I had a copy of your 1835 math book.

        • Smokey

          Daisy, those Peterson’s Tables will be worth their weight in gold.

      • Shootit

        Still have my grandfather’s old slide in a leather case.

      • Archivist

        I have a number of slide rules, including a 6″ pocket-size rule I used to carry at school in my pocket protector. I also have the math tables and engineering books. I don’t remember the dates, but they are antiques.

        I don’t have CAD/CAM software, but I have a number of computers that could run it if someone still has the disks. I’ll look to see if I can find some free software.

        • SWFL

          archivist, Would that happen to be a Pickett, 6″, dual base log/log in a leather case with the pull tab to make it easier to slide out?

          • Archivist

            No. It was a cheap plastic rule that didn’t come with a case.

            • SWFL

              Then it is probably all I remember how to use. I used to understand math, back when I still had a brain (pre-child).

              • SWFL

                Another one I always wanted but could never afford was a circular slide rule. That would have been fun to learn.

      • Night breaker

        Hunter ,
        I have never cast away my slide rule or vemco drafting machine.
        Non electricy dependent engineering tools
        Sometime old school is KOOL!

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Hunter


          Old school is usually permanent & if nothing else, an etched in stone…fall back position!

          Its also the main reason I haunt “country-folk” estate auctions.
          My collection of per-electricity/hand tools, chest drills/bits/planers etc…may one day come in handy, indeed.

    19. The Old Coach

      What to do? First of all I hope it’s freezing cold, ’cause that’ll delay the Free Shit Army leaving the cities, and probably cut the FSA population in half long before any of it reaches me. If indeed any reaches me at all. (Strains of Deliverance theme faintly in the background.)

      Seriously, I’m rigged up to be totally off-grid, regardless of weather, for as long as my meds hold out, plus about six months to a year. (Type II diabetic, near 70 years old.) During that time I’ll try like hell to find a young Christian couple who can take over my farm. After I go I won’t need it.

      Hold and squeeze

      • The Old Coach

        BTW even the Amish will suffer. They depend on a lot of manufactured goods. I have Amish and Mennonite folks all around me. They run gas and diesel tractors and sawmills, use kerosene in their lamps and for cooking, oxy-acetylene for welding, seed companies for seed, they use a LOT of landscape cloth to avoid having to weed their gardens constantly, they buy all kinds of hardware supplies to build with, etc., etc. But they do have a good head start, especially their religious principles and strong families. I have never seen a lazy Amish kid.

        • figment

          article doesn’t say they won’t be affected, only states that they are better suited to living without electricity.

          i also live in Amish community and have noticed that a lot of them have been afflicted with the 7 deadly sins; credit cards, insurance policies, cell phones.. but some are aware of what is going on. While in the hardware store, I overhead conversation regarding the shortage of ammo. It was an Amish telling an English about it.

          everyone with livestock will be affected as they will have no deliveries from feed-mills, and even the Amish milk their cows by generator. I think if it gets to that point they will have FSA slaughtering their cows in the field, like what’s happening in Spain presently.

          If anyone is to survive we will have to pull together as a community – no slackers or crybabies allowed. everyone must pull their weight.

    20. jerrytbg

      “In the future, electromagnetic weapons are going to become even more powerful and even easier to use.”

      I want me a Klingon blaster!!!oh yea baby now we’re talking!

      Seriously though…Maintaining opsec for months is paramount…ALL that which was and is still being discussed here and elsewhere…
      Be quiet odorless and unseen or you won’t survive.

      • SmokinOkie

        Hi there, Jerrytbg! You said “Be quiet odorless and unseen or you won’t survive.”
        I took the advice. Turned off the radio, had a shower and put on the sunglasses. Hey, I’m doing all I can!
        And, about that Klingon blaster- did you want the semi or full auto version. The good ones have variable settings, all the way from ‘zzzaapp’ to ‘deep fried’.

        • jerrytbg

          ahhhhh…you always make me smile Smokin…hahaha

    21. Mal Reynolds

      Right now, sunspot AR1884 is directly facing the Earth. It hit us with a brief but intense M6 flare. It is capable of creating X class flares.


    22. concerned

      If the big planes can’t fly after an emp there will be no more Chem trails.

    23. KY Mom

      Obama issues another executive order…to prepare for global warming.

      Expect additional EPA mandates and higher utilities.

      In this ‘recovery’, it will put the boot to the neck of industry and the economy.

      Drudge Report

      • KY Mom

        11/1 – New Executive order…

        “Obama has a goal of reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent by 2020, and the Environmental Protection Agency is working on rules that would impose tougher regulations on coal-burning power plants.

        But much of the president’s climate-change agenda has stalled in Congress, and the administration says the new order recognizes that global greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, making further damage from global warming inevitable.”


        • Kulafarmer

          If he does that as well as he does healthcare reform well all be breathing carbon monoxide instead of oxygen.

          • Hunter

            Judging from the smell which Ocommie-care reeks of, I’d say there will be a high percentage of methane too.

            • SmokinOkie

              “Ooh-ohh that smell,
              Can you smell that smell?”

              – Lynard Skynard

      • arco

        Yeah, some recovery, 47 million mouchers, I mean people crying because they lost $36 of $668 a month in food stamps. Oh the horror, how are they supposed to survive on such a ‘drastic’ cut.

        Sheeple are already running to the food banks and its only the first of the month. They haven’t even tried to live on a little less.

        And THEY wonder whats wrong with this country.

        • grey fox

          Well they have nothing better to do all day than to go to food banks, churches and various missions to see just how much food and clothing they can get for free given they arent hindered by a pesky job.

          • JayJay

            Which bears in mind…don’t give to Goodwill–they just go through all the good stuff, give it to their friends or put it in yard sales.
            However, Salvation Army is one I know nothing about.

            • WaroftheRoses

              Salvation Army is the best. I’ve even known their workers to go home to get something for someone who needed it. They are amazing.

        • Sick of it all

          Where the free shit be?

          • SmokinOkie

            Sick of it all-

            Now, THAT’S Funny!!!

            • Sick of it all

              thats how they roll in my town Okie sad to say.

          • Archivist

            They were giving away sacks of vegetables at the local Salvation Army this past week.

        • HTJ

          YOu have no idea what you are talking about.

          This cut could amount to one weeks worth of survival for a frugal person who needs to eat.

          None of oyu have any comapssion for the unfortunate.

      • Shootit

        In reverence to BSBOMO and EGORE I have decided before my Big Ten Football game of the week I will proceed to my 6 acre yard and collect leaves for my large smoking leaf pile. In between quarters I feed my burn barrel with all the left over re-cycle burnable plastics(2 liter sugary drink bottles).

        Can’t you smell it? Nothing in the world the like the smell of burning leaves.

        • SmokinOkie

          You too, huh? Gotta love the smoke from those burning bottles. (laundry detergent jugs are fantastic) I put a few in our burn barrel and stand there singing ‘Roll On Big Mama’ in respect to the thick black noxious clouds…

          • Sad

            May you choke and croak at the fruits of your labors…

          • Shootit

            Yep, love to watch all that carbon being produced.

            You must remember that we need that carbon to produce wheat and barley that is used to produce beer.

            I recycle my under my own terms. Save the cans and iron that I get paid for, turn wheel weights into something useful and burn everything else.

          • old guy

            Myself I enjoy a good tire kill. nothing like a dozen tires burning to warm up a cold day. Do it during a snowstorm and nobody else can see the billowing clouds of tire smoke.

        • Archivist

          You can use the soft drink bottles to store sugar. You just need a funnel to get the sugar into the bottles. We’ve been doing that for a couple of years.

          I have bunches of the bottles filled with water sitting on shelves in the greenhouse as a heat sink. The UV keeps the water algae free.

          You can also make miniature greenhouses/cold frames out of them. Just cut them in half and put them over individual plants.

          There are thousands of uses.

    24. Socrates

      Well, well, well… seems Mr. Snyder forgot the one thing that the EMP commission (and so many others)forgot as well. I could brief congress, but they wouldn’t listen anyways.

      I have said it before and will say it again: (sigh)

      With over 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. if we have a massive EMP strike that is E1, E2, E3 (or a combination)you can all kiss your butts goodbye. The reactors all rely on electricity to run coolant pumps and other functions. Even though they have onsite backup generators, NONE of them are EMP hardened. That means they will NOT start to provide backup power. You can check the specs all you want: EMP protection is not listed in the build OR the NRC regs. These are the most installed generators in use:


      The reactors themselves can be mechanically SCRAM’d to help slow down and control the fission process, but the spent fuel pools…cannot. Once the coolant water stops flowing, the water eventually boils off, the rods are exposed to air and meltdown. It also means that North America will not be habitable for hundreds upon hundreds of years. There will be no long term survivors.

      Fallout from a nuke detonation is a flash event- meant to be high yield in a short time span. After about 2 weeks levels have dropped to safer levels. Nuclear meltdown however, is like the Energizer bunny- it goes on and on and on. So, we don’t have to worry about Russia, China nuking us as they would poison the spoils of war: they would be nuked themselves as well with a retaliatory sub- based strike AND the US and all it resources would be ruined forever. The SUN makes no distinction as to whom it ‘nukes’. If your number is up, it’s up!

      • gone under

        They produce thier own electricity to run the aux equipment including circ pumps. Just like a Submarine. Vtital equipment is shielded. Fukushima had piping damage and was SCRAMd due to the earthquake. If the grid is down, keep the reactors on line to provide power to the unit.

        • Socrates

          gone under-

          It doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. The reactor can be SCRAM’d yes, but the spent fuel pools cannot. The NRC was recently challenged on this exact scenario…and they still haven’t answered the question. This was back in 2011:

          “Earlier this year a citizen petitioned the NRC to revisit the issue of grid disruption, this time focusing on the spent fuel pools at U.S. nuclear power plants. The petition calls for a new rule that would require nuclear power plant spent fuel pools to have emergency systems capable of functioning for two years in the absence of an operating electric grid. The NRC is currently analyzing dozens of public comments on the petition, and the agency expects to issue a decision on the petition in the middle of next year.

          If you’re interested in more details, look at the letter the NRC sent Congress last month.”


          The letter states that nuclear power are capable of being knocked offline due to a manmade EMP event, but they did not really discuss the implications of recovery from a massive Sun based event- like the Carrington Event or larger. They did admit it would be a problem, but only stated that systems would have to be retrofitted or better protected. In short- when they built these they didn’t think of EMP taking out backup or secondary operations such as spent fuel pools. Oops.

          • gone under

            My point is…Do Not SCRAM the reactor. Keep producing power. Reset the OCB’s manually if the SCADA cannot. If the plant op transformers are shot, then we are screwed. There is no way to find out unless it happens. The report from the NRC states some probability of resetting some breakers etc. The 2 reactors (5and6) at Fukushima were SCRAMd because of the Earthquake. They are on higher ground than 1-4 reactors. The grid was physically damaged, so even if they kept them online, there would be no way of powering up 1-4 cooling. The MOV’s would have to be operated manually if the piping was still intact.I would worry about the Madrid Fault more than a EMP, but both could be devastating.

        • PA farmer

          There is one thing here that people fail to Realize, or take for Granite, that there will be personal stay at these nuclear power plants and Maintain them an not just go home and take care of their own. This isnt like ob thinking he can run health care, or now the weather (JACKASS). IF it dosent work we’ll just keep trying till we get it right. It takes many, many well train people to run these plants, one mistake its over.And we know we cant prep for that mistake.

    25. Nick-Dog

      As Tractor noted, the massive elephant in the room is that the cooling rods at every nuclear reactor station effected by an EMP will be spewing radiation into the air in a very short time–after the diesel back-up generators, which only have at most 2 weeks worth of fuel, kick off.

      We are so FUKUSHIMA’D if we are hit by an EMP. God Bless, one and all of you…. Nick-Dog

    26. .02

      immediate poaching jerky spree. deer elk moose cattle dogs cats rats bats, it doan matter baby.. if its meat we eat.

      • The Old Coach

        Just remember – rope is reusable. Practice conservation!

      • Eyesopenanddisgusted

        You’re an idiot. Come close to my dogs and I will blow your ass away and my dogs can eat you.

    27. Anonymous

      You will all die as the nuclear power plants melt down, no cooling pumps means stored waste heats up the cladding starts on fire and we ALL die.. No country will use a generalized EMP for this reason.

      • Sigi

        Somehow I doubt that death-to-America types will care. They’ll expect the Mahdi to come out of the well and make it ok for them and all of the good Islamic boys and girls.

        Since the Antichrist is going to do “signs and wonders” to the extent that he’ll fool people into thinking he’s Christ returned, it could happen. If such a messianic character shows up, saving the earth from destruction and telling all Christians to become Muslim, you can bet it’s the AC. Don’t follow him, don’t worship the image and don’t get marked/chipped.

    28. Satori

      Russian Fireball Explosion Shows Meteor Risk Greater Than Thought


      ” One of the largest potential threats associated with an airburst is the risk that it could be misunderstood as a preemptive attack launched by one country at another, Worden had said.

      “I always thought that was a little exaggerated,” Boslough said, until he watched a number of videos taken of the Chelyabinsk blast.

      “Say that this had happened on an overcast day, where nobody actually saw the streak across the sky. Then you see smoke, hear a large explosion and a lot of things that sound like artillery fire,” Boslough said. Then imagine it’s over a place that’s already politically unstable, he said.

      “One of the biggest threats could be that this might lead to a counterattack of somebody because something was misconstrued,” Boslough said”

      nuclear war started because of a mistake ???

      • Sick of it all

        99 red balloons

      • Archivist

        “Fail-Safe” (1964 movie).

    29. PrepperDude

      The article said 9/10 people will die. To bad the nine people above me will not survive the impending EMP.

      • Smokey

        It’s been nice knowing you nine folks, see you around.

    30. PALADIN.

      One thing for sure i will be monitoring the radios for any fema or military chatter and i will be trying to pick up any HAM operators with their wire strung over a tree somewhere broadcasting events and situations happening nation wide. Keep safe,well fed and warm during these last day events that are on us my friends.

    31. John_Allen

      Whether the sun belches one up or a sociopath sics his bad boys on us … I will miss learning from you who comment here. I will miss my porn and email. But all those dire things Mikey Boy predicts … no heat, no light, no refrigeration, no ATMs, no traffic lights, no government (sob … gasp … wheeze, Holy Caped Snyderman … say it ain’t so … the unkindest cut of all (sarcasm) … I will be inconvenienced but fine compared to 95 % of the general population.

      I have either made in depth provision for all those calamities or they don’t affect me the way they affect the slumbering multitudes. No television … no ATMs … no alphabet soup cesspool of parasitical thugs stealing from me? I’m so sad.
      The trash needs taking out. Let it be so.

      Of the 4 ways of dying in a long term SHTF: dehydration, starvation, epidemic and homicide, it’s the last that scares me the most. The tactically wise folk on here who’ve written about it have persuaded me that no fixed position is defensible for long. And unlike Crocket at The Alamo or Leonidas at Thermopylae, I don’t have hundreds of elite warriors fighting at my side. I fear being over run.

      I will last as long as I last, helping whomsoever shows a peaceful willingness to help us help ourselves, and I will fight for what’s mine.

      At the least, I will die honorably and a free man. Who could ask for more?

      • Kulafarmer

        Excellent post.

        ” no alphabet soup cesspool of parasitical thugs stealing from me ”

        I will welcome the dark!

      • Canada Canuk

        @Braveheart…I looked at the link you posted…lots of good info. It mentioned hunting/eating in a survival situitation.

        This really hits home for Canadians, as msm reported last night a TRUE story about a man in Quebec Canada who was lost in a remote woods for the past 3 months (and survived by eating moss, grass, etc….but finally had to resort to something else….

        It is a sad story, but man is alive……

        It’s too painful for me to post, but if you wish, you can just do a research online ‘Quebec man lost in woods for 3 months found alive’……think that should work. Take care CC

        • Sigi

          He ate his dog and people are calling him a murderer for it. Society is sick when we call such things murder and turn a blind eye to 55 million+ US dead from abortion on demand.

    32. stopsuperstition

      Three things:

      – God only exists in the imagination of the deluded

      – Satan ony exixts in the imagination of the insanes

      – If you wants a better world get to work on it, because any supernatural being will come to help you or hinder you

      • king krazy

        Good luck with that. What if you are wrong?

        • jerrytbg

          Don’t profess to be one with God if it’s just a hedge…
          God knows…

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Well, you got one out of three ALMOST right.

        Satan DOES exist in the insanes and they are TPTB that have been scheming how to take over the world for centuries.

        I am blessed, I have a personal relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. You should try your best to find him; otherwise you are the deluded one.

        America has turned her back on God (Jesus Christ) and we are going to reap what we are sowing. The green thumbs on your post are proof of that.

      • yental

        One glaring contradiction to your proposed philosophy.

        “- God only exists in the imagination of the deluded

        – Satan ony exixts in the imagination of the insanes”.

        Neither exist without the other. Ignoring the spelling and grammar…you assign different labels to those, whom by definition…believe in the same concept. The only difference is which ‘ONE’ they CHOOSE to honor and serve.

      • Jon

        God didn’t create this shithole and he isn’t going to clean it up.

      • braveheart

        stopsuperstition, whose fantasy world are you from? You CAN’T be from the real world.

    33. JRS

      Off topic:

      Notice that bright blob of light over North Dakota on that map?

      That is the nat gas being flared off the oil wells in the Bakken.

      Pretty impressive to be seen that easily from space.

      • Smokey

        I thought that was Calgary or Edmonton, it’s way north of the border.

    34. Axistr

      Why is it no one every talks about the elephant in the room including the preppers. We have somewhere near 160 nuclear plants not counting research facilities. If somehow magically, their systems don’t get fried, once their pumps run dry of fuel, game over. A 160 plus Fukashima’s in our backyard, freaking great. The government clowns would have to stay in their DUMBS for hundreds of years. By that time I’m thinking hello Morlocks of H.G. Wells fame. Just a little dark humor for a dark subject.

    35. mike

      Hello my fellow preppers. I see a lot of people disagree with this article or that article on here. I respect there right to do that. In the end we all prepare and that is the most important thing. Regarding a E.M.P. it is my belief that it most definitely could happen. Why would the gov’t have studies done and part of the study be classified. It is a fact that there is such a thing as an E.M.P. pulse. It can be debated as to how much damage one would do. Either way does it really matter. I also see comments regarding nuclear power stations. I fear what would happen with them in the E.M.P. case. I have seen some say that the nuclear stations could supply there own power. That is a probability but unlikely. Back during y2k my little coal fired station was tasked with what is called asycronous running. It just meant that we would supply our own power to the station. Then we would send our power to a nuclear station that is about 70 miles away. They would use that power to start there station back up. We were told a couple years after y2k that we would not be running asycronous due to dangers to our own equipment. In any case if a emp did take place then I believe the nuclear stations would either be dead in the water or be able to run using back up systems until there diesel fuel ran out. I don’t believe they would be able to supply there own power due to damage to the transformers that supply power to the station. They are called station service and reserve station service transformers. They would be damaged just like other transformers in the event of an emp. That would make it impossible to run the station on its own power. We can only hope that this does not happen because I am not sure how you prepare for that event.
      As a prepper it does not really matter though. At least the way I look at things. I say prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I figured or assumed that all people who prepare would feel that way. I hope I am correct.
      One last comment on electricity. I do believe the grid will go down sooner or later. Whether it be from a cyber attack, terrorist activity, or Economic collapse. If the economy crashes then no electrical worker will go to work. Why would we to be paid with worthless paper. Then while we were at work who would protect our family and preps.
      Prepare for the worst and hope for the best my friends!!!

      • The Old Coach

        I a retired engineer, who in his day had to perform an engineering exercise generically called “failure mode analysis” on industrial systems. I find it utterly impossible to believe that, if we did such studies on machines as simple as pick-and-place robots and parts washers, that the people who designed these nuke plants would not have done so for their reactor-generator systems, and indeed carried it a lot farther than we did. And that given the universal awareness of the possibility of an EMP event, that they aren’t reviewing and expanding that work today. It does require a bit of imagination, but it ain’t brain surgery.

        An EMP attack by, say, Iran, would give us a few minutes warning. We may not have the ability to shoot the bloody missile down, but we sure will know that it’s there. I again find it likely that the military has an alert system in place that could shut the grid down completely before the bomb goes off. Would cause a lot of excitement, and would even kill some people, but it would not be a national disaster. In the case of a solar event, we get something like 24 hours warning!

        And if I were project manager of such a system, it would be one of my first priorities to keep it secret. First of all to avoid telling our enemies how to defeat it, and secondly to avoid panicking the sheeple, and thirdly to avoid giving the Free Shit Army time to get prepped for the inevitable looting spree.

        • Wolf359

          Turning off the power wont matter. Any device or power line not shielded and or grounded sufficiently will be affected by the EMP. And yes the military will be nearly 100% operational. It is the civilian infrastructure which is unprotected.

          It is already estimated a mere $300 million to completely shield the US grid from an EMP.

          EMP has been around for decades. It is only now us citizens are aware of the dangers of it. Back in the 50’s our military when planning a first strike against the USSR called for a volley of EMP bursts to take out their missiles. They planned the same.

          In 1991 Norway shot up a satellite and informed the soviets of it but bc of the collapse of the ussr the message was not relayed.

          The Russians saw the launch and fearing a first strike EMP by NATO almost launched their arsenal. Thankfully the Ruskie commander waited to view the missiles vector and realized it was not a first strike.

          By the way I would argue it would be a national disaster. Just look at any black Friday.

      • gone under

        I see we will just have to disagree on whether the plant is self sustainable. Really depends on the amount of damage. A large earthquake and all bets are off. US Nuclear Reg Commision. NUREG-0933. Effects of EMP on Nuclear Power Plants.

    36. old guy

      What would I do? Ill jump with glee. Ill be happy that the waiting if finally over.

    37. Sick of it all

      an emp would take out wall street?? The only tragedy there is that we wouldn’t get to see the bankers kamakazi from the 100th floor,swan dive into the street via the internet

      • Barn Cat

        Wall Street will be fine. I’m sure all the high level execs have stockpiled gold. I’m sure a lot of them have a fully stocked cottage in Canada somewhere. They’re not fools. Except to love money instead of God.

        • The Old Coach

          As if gold could fuel their generators, fly their jets, and feed them after their caviar and boursin run out.

      • Sigi

        Don’t wish that on the people below the buildings. It’s a traumatic thing to witness, even if they hit an awning first and then bounce.

    38. Barn Cat

      It won’t be much different than an economic collapse except we’ll go from normal life to SHTF immediately. Planes will fall from the sky. Roads will be filled with disabled vehicles.

      • Them Guys

        Barn Cat, some of your posts are confusing. Whenever you post about wall street types or banksters and polititions etc it sure sounds to me as if you are NOT blessing them types. Even though MOst are of the jewish persuasion.

        Then in Other posts you Insist folks Must bless the jewish people. So just exactly how or what determines Which of those jewish people you are to bless?

        Most folks and pastors I ever heard speak of such blessings always say that you Must bless all of the jewish peoples no matter what they do or do not do period.

        What method do You use in deciding which to bless and which to Not bless? Thanks for an answer if you do answer.

    39. De Oppresso Liber

      Too many articles, books that portray this as a survivable event. It is not. If the grid goes down so will all the nuclear cooling ponds. The entire Northern Hemisphere will die quickly and stay that way for over 50 years. The Southern Hemisphere will catch the bleed over and die slowly. Best chance to survive would be places where you see the Southern Cross. No one will be looking at the Big Dipper.

      Fukushima has the potential by itself to pollute the Northern Hemisphere. The cooling ponds are the issue, the spent fuel rods are not stored to survive without circulating water.

      • The Old Coach

        Fukushima can’t do any more than Chernobyl did. Is the northern hemisphere now uninhabitable? I haven’t had time to notice.

        Let’s concentrate our thinking or real threats, and stop pretending (or is it hoping) that our fantasies are reality

        • The Old Coach

          ON real threats. (Mac, we need an edit function !

        • Wolf359


          You haven’t the slightest idea of the dangers of Fukashima.

          Forget the 4 reactors melting down, that is peanuts compared to the holding tanks holding thousands of spent fuel rods.

          Those are the real danger. For a maniacal reason it was designed they would be suspended 100 feet up in the air instead of in the ground or deposed of inside a mountain.

          If those are not continuously cooled or removed before the building collapses or they make contact with air then boom, the northern hemisphere is irradiated.

          • The Old Coach

            Ever hear of Chernobyl? And what was the end result? Is the northern hemisphere uninhabitable? Guess not, I’m still here, and I haven’t grown and extra appendages.

          • gone under

            where do you get your info such as spent rods exposed to air then Boom. Thats such a crock of shit. The rods need the water to keep them COOL other wise the will over heat and BURN releasing radiation. The only reactor “Boom” is from hydrogen gas not being vented to the atmosphere.

        • Mr. Soda

          Fukushima IS a real threat. Three of the four cores have melted and gone through the containment into the ground. All attempts at seeing what has happened to the cores have failed. All robots sent in have been instantly destroyed by the high radiation field. The cooling pond on #4 reactor has been damaged significantly and is on the verge of losing the cooling capability. The Japanese are working to find a way to move the fuel rods to a new cooling location but so far there is no way to do so because of the high radiation field. If any of this eventually escapes the world will have a huge mess on it’s hands. This WILL affect the entire planet, especially the northern hemisphere.

      • GrandpaSpeaks

        True. We very well may be witnessing an extinction event. I feel this trumps everything else facing us, healthcare, terror, security, all his EO’s, the economy, all just won’t matter and will not for a very long time. I get the mental picture of the Earth shaking off its carbon based parasites, like a dog shaking off water. Do not cry for the Earth, it is secretly smiling for it has seen worse. This is it, only for us. And she didn’t do it to us this time, we did it to ourselves. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Cloning, drones and robot warfare are surely coming because there is no policing of technology, the consequences of which, have become painfully clear. Unchecked technological advances will be our end. Rest easy, it will eventually get the elite too.

      • JayJay

        I have buckets of chocolate bars, chocolate cupcakes, and fried pies sealed in food saver plastics.
        If I die from radiation exposure, I’m dying happy, damn it!!! 🙂

    40. rogan

      Get out of the ‘burbs.

      Hope you have replacement fuses wrapped in tin foil for your pre-1982 vehicle … make sure you have enough fuel to get there (gas stations won’t provide it for you unless you have a manual hand pump), bullets to defend yourself, and food to feed your family until you can safely plant crops and harvest (2-3 years).

      Have several tin can Faraday cages or a large, grounded, metal shipping container set up at the BOL with protected essentials like Solar panels, converter, batteries, and various self contained electronics (Ipad and laptop with prepper literature,emergency radio, etc).

      Start referencing the Firefox books to help make life better.

      Big Bother will one day come by your front door to provide you electricity in return for your servitude once again.

    41. slingshot

      The slow and subtle movements at the food banks. They are lining up at 4:30 am to get food. How long till the food runs out. Maybe these same people go to multiple food banks in one day.

      Was reported in local newspaper yesterday.

      • The Old Coach

        Their idea of prepping. Stock up on Free Shit.

      • Sigi

        Some do visit multiples. Ours communicates with other food banks in town by using a computerized check-in system to avoid overlaps.

    42. Tractor

      A lot of misunderstanding on Nuclear Power and spent fuel storage…
      I use to work as a Nuclear Security Specialist.
      I worked in Training Exercises with the NRC to evaluate security at Nuclear Power plants.
      I have been in the spent fuel storage room, it’s 4 stories high and goes to two levels under ground and is filled with a purple (heavy) water that is crystal clear and is well lit up.
      SO I do know something about Nuclear Power.
      And I am here to tell you IF we get hit by the right kind of hack or we lose power by a CME or an EMP we are TOTALLY SCREWED.
      Because when you turn the thing OFF you still need power and electronic controls to run the cooling pumps to cool the thing for about two weeks AFTER you shut it off or can you spell Fukashima times 78.
      And depending on the nature of the hack, what systems are compromised will determine if we have cooling water circulating into the reactors or not.
      That said: We are forgeting about the spent fuel storage those spent fuel rods REQUIRE cooling water to circulate OR they will start to heat and will go critical as well.
      Arkansas Nuclear One as example: has been in existence for about 38 years, it was designed to last 20 years, and all the spent fuel thay have generated there IS still stored there, do you see a problem here?
      IF we were hacked by a 12 year old I would suspect we could recover in 10 days or at least a year… BUT if it’s a state sponsored hacker they will take the whole thing down, everything and we will NEVER get it back. Oh sure they will get some small (local) systems here and there back up in time with limited range and limited power but nothing like it is now.
      Without the cooling water for the spent fuel storage and the reactor which we will not have as those systems will be just as dead, remember everything electronic will be dead. So the controls for the cooling water for the reactor and the spent fuel storage will NOT operate.
      So see we are all just as screwed

      • The Old Coach

        Nuclear Security Specialist. That sounds to me like a Rent-a-Cop, not a system engineer. IF in fact you were ever in a nuke plant at all….. (just sayin’)

        • Wolf359

          You are fucking idiot Old Coach. You are either bullshitting us or you are a fucking engineering dinosaur who doesn’t know a damn thing. Time has passed you by.

      • Northern Grower

        How long does the spent fuel have to be cooled? Were there any spent fuel rods at Chernobyl or was it just the core?

    43. Barn Cat

      If you have any concern about an EMP or a solar flare you don’t want to go too far from home. I wouldn’t go to Hawaii right now for any reason. If there was an EMP or a solar flare you could be stuck in a place with no way to get home or you’d be on a plane falling from the sky.

      • Gadabout

        Being stuck away from home is always on my mind but I think of all the places we’ve gone in the past couple of years that we’d have missed if we worried about it too much. When we go out in the motorhome I always take extra stuff just in case.

        • Them Guys

          Planes falling from the skys sounds extreme. Or just way too many Left Behind movies that portray that same scenario but due to pilots being raptured away while the plan just falls to earth.

          I do not believe that planes which cost 250 Million apiece to buy, with all their many saftey systems and redundant safety plans are designed without emp failures in mind. EMP has been Long known about. So to really believe engeineers and plane designers who are very highly intelligent type people simply Overlook emp affects on a planes electrical and many computer systems?..No Way!

          I think same goes for Nuke plants. Everybody always claims 1000 yrs or 10,000 yrs no life can exist if a nuke goes off.

          So are the Japs immune to radiation effects or what? As I recall Two jap cities are the Only cities to Ever get nuked. And so far Both were cleaned up, which cleanups began very soon after the nuke bombs, then rebuilt into todays world class cities. I never been to Japan, but from all photos or movies I ever saw them formerly nuked jap cities today look like the Jetsons cartoon cities they are so high tech etc. Each with multi millions of japs living within those same former nuked cities.

          And its only been about 65 yrs since nuked. No Japs needed wait 1000 nor 10,000 yrs to re enter it.

          Chernobel also has folks still there who were there when that nuke plant melted down.

          RT TV just a few weeks ago, a month at most, did a documentary showing the folks still alive and resideing there. Yes some has cancers or nuke related sickness, not all do though. They are growing veggie gardens there also for food and eat from their garden grown foods.

          Maybe much about nukes and nuke plants has, like global warming swindles, been over amped and hyped way beyond reality by the usual crowds of leftist tree huggers and lib kommie enviro whackjobs who are always against every form of energy and every mans useage of energys at all levels. Theys who controls the newspapers and tv shows, those type far leftists.

          And they never allow any facts to get in their way. Look at hobammy and dems again spewing global warming greenhouse reductions, even After several Major expose’s and thousands of emails that prove the entire man made global warming crap was all a huge scam swindle to scam more taxes from every persons activities etc.

          As usual whenever exposed as hoaxes, lies or swindles, they Lay Low awhile, then liberal dem kommies Always return with the same BS crap as prior. Libs will keep returning with same crap ideas or agendas 50 times and never ever admit its BS crap.

          Thats mainly the same crowd that controls every discovery chanel, history chanel, TLC chanel, NatGeo chanel, tv shows dealing with every such issue or related issues.

          I just do not believe that there are so many real stupid folks involved in designs and all that goes into to nuke plants or airplane building. Probobly more like Much hype and way less facts.

          Why cannot fuel rods melt into the ground where the stuff orig Came out of and be covered back up. That is where all that nuke material stuff originated right? from the Earth and was Mined or dug up. Everything comes from the earth so if it never before harmed anybody when in the earth prior that sounds like the place for it to be burried again.

          Also keep in mind most folks that design or build nuke plants, nasa rockets, oil platforms etc etc also has their Own kids and family. Do they really know about emp’s and such potential disaters, then say so what if my family and kids die off lets build a few hundred anyways!

          Not very likley. Even very smart folks care about Their kids futures. Same as the russians do as does the china folks. They care of their kids futures also like You do. Why would they desire a blowed up unlivable planet? They do not. Seems many folks never consider that russians and china has kiddies too.

          • AZClimber

            +two. Thanks for getting a handle on this. My BS radarhas been ringing non stop. Never more so than the last few weeks. Tractor referenced above a recovery of ten days and a year (American Blackout and One Second After times to the day respectively) and of course if the state is decides to do it they’ll do it right. I don’t buy the twelve year old hacker crap and a true professional wouldn’t be spreading that crap to be Frank. I see a new form of trolling lately… professional fear mongering / dis-info pervert. At the same time Them Guys statement above almost seems too positive in a few spots but that’s okay, he’s not pretending to be an expert. It was a clear opinion and also reflected his hopes. Similar to the way Tractors hopes were projected onto us above. One manner brings order, the other incites.

            • jerrytbg

              Now that’s an astute observation…and here I thought it was just me…

              • gone under

                @ AZ and Jerry. Alot of the BS seems to be from the book of MSM fear porn. Dis information spread without any experience/references to back up thier statements. I am trying to figure out why the MSM and thier “followers” want preppers to think there is no hope. There are quite a few people here that will just become more determined to prepare even More.

                • gone under

                  Just noticed another person posting above that I dont recognize. He states that they have no way of removing the reactor spent fuel rods (at Fukushima). This is also bullshit as TEPCO has built a 270 ton crane they will operate remotely from another room and remove the 1300+ fuel rods. This will start this month. Everyone can express thier opinion here, but the lack of credible info for the sake of fear porn/agenda is getting real deep. By the way, if they have a rod removal accident and the rods ignite, I think the jetstream will carry it over to Oregon, then Calif in a matter of days. Thats my opinion.

                • SWFL

                  [I am trying to figure out why the MSM and thier “followers” want preppers to think there is no hope.]

                  Easy- to sell advertising space for material solutions.

    44. Gadabout

      Don’t overlook cleaning supplies in your prepping supplies. I just ordered a non-electric carpet sweeper from Lehman’s. I remember my mother using one back in the day. Lehman’s also has plungers for doing laundry and a really sturdy wooden cloths dryer – I have one and it holds a lot and won’t tip over. There are recipes online on making your own laundry detergent with fels naptha soap, washing soda and borax. It’s a lot easier to store these things than huge bottles/boxes of detergent, and cheaper too. Don’t forget rope and clothespins. I’d love to get a wringer but they are pricey.

      (You can always use the rope to hang yourself if the nuclear plants get out of hand.)

      You can clean just about anything with white vinegar and/or baking soda. Just look online. You can get large bags of it at Costco or Sam’s Club.

      • Shootit

        Just bought clothesline and clothespins at Dollar General for my second location. About $4 for both.

        • JayJay

          I need to warn all here about those cheap clothespins–not worth crap.
          Buy the good ones from Ace Hardware. $5
          Experience speaking. I have both. You can guess which ones get used??

      • John_Allen


        Have you ever visited Martha and George Washington’s Mount Vernon? At the end of one of the out buildings is a fenced in grassy yard about the size of a tennis court. In sunny weather that was where slaves dried Martha’s VS lingerie and GW’s made-in-Vietnam boxer shorts.

        I tried this on a king sized bed spread that one of the cats had christened. Washed it in a tub from Lehman’s. Hauled tub out and dumped. Spread spread in backyard. In about ten hours it was dry.

        In wet weather they had enough “acreage” inside various buildings to run clothes lines.

        Electric washers and dryers aren’t necessities. They’re fodder for the lazy but they aren’t necessary.

        • Gadabout

          Haven’t been there in years but your story makes me glad I only have a Queen size bed LOL

      • jimbo

        What you said about the nuke plants is a very real danger i believe. i don’t think it was mentioned in the article but without power they would have no way to cool all the reactors and we have multiple plants in every state so this alone could potentially wipe us out. great point. it is amazing they have no plans at all. I wish the amish were nearby i could learn a lot from them.

      • JayJay

        (You can always use the rope to hang yourself if the nuclear plants get out of hand.)

        Only AFTER I have eaten my buckets of chocolate and cupcakes –and I prefer tablets for suicide.
        Save up!!!

      • Archivist


        You can get a mop wringer at the hardware store. It will work on clothes.

      • AZClimber

        Cant believe a roller vacuum wasnt hasn’t crossed my mind. Let me return the favor… never try to hang yourself. Use a shotgun, barrel up behind the teeth.

        • SWFL

          Having worked on several failed suicides, I thank you for that public service announcement.

      • HTJ

        Yes GADABOUT, cuse cleaning your rug is going to be the first thing we all want to do in an economic collpse.

        I cant beleive some of what I am reading here.

    45. Antipater

      Following up on my previous ISON post. This comet could cause issues for us. Solar flares and or debris impacts.

      We are starting to get some folks in Astronomical circles finally coming out and saying that something just isn’t quite right about this Comet’s behavior:

      “Looking weird

      The highly regarded comet observer John Bortle is just as perplexed by the comet’s recent appearance, commenting that the recent images along with his own visual impression, is “downright weird.” He adds that, “There is a bright, miniature, long-tailed comet situated within a much larger, but very much fainter and diffuse halo of a coma.”

      “Those visual people using larger telescope also often remark about the odd way the comet looks, while those using relatively small scopes and big binoculars report seeing a larger, more-or-less faint but uniform cometary mass,” he added. “This comet is currently at a distance from the sun where it should no longer exhibit such a dichotomy of appearance.”

      Bortle has observed several hundred comets and yet, he writes, “At this stage of the game, with the comet about to cross the orbit of Earth, I cannot recall any previous comet in my 50-plus years of comet observing looking quite like this. So, what does ISON’s current look foretell, or mean? I honestly don’t know. All I can say is I don’t like the odd look of it at this time.”

      One step forward, one step back

      Around Oct. 19, ISON seemed to suddenly brighten at a more rapid pace. On Oct. 21, Arizona observer Bruce Gary (who was the first to image the comet after it emerged from out of the glare of the sun on Aug. 12) wrote, “The comet (coma plus tail) continues a dramatic brightening trend that started Oct 19. The inner coma has brightened (due perhaps to an outburst of gases). This next week could be busy – and exciting!” [Potentially Dazzling Comet ISON: 8 Essential Facts]

      But just four days later, with the comet showing signs of fading a bit rather than brightening, Gary, sounding almost a bit exasperated commented, “I don’t know what’s going on with this comet!”

      Analyzing all the observations made since Sept. 4 shows that ISON is responding to the sun more like a solid body would respond, rather than as a typical “fluffy” comet.

      From: http://www.space.com/23417-comet-ison-performance-approaching-sun.html

      This Comet is NOT what NASA is telling us it is. It is not going to impact the planet but we will enter its debris field sometime in mid-december and that could mean lots of debris impact on planet.

      Also the Solar cycle is picking up with 20+ strong flares in the last few weeks.

      You can watch the GOES X-Ray Flux graph here which gives you fairly real-time updates on solar flare activity:

      Stay Frosty

      • Socrates

        Bruce Gary is one of the better observers out there and his site has lots of updates.

        One thing that has been discovered about the slow ‘brightening’ of the comet was the monopole (single) rotating axis. What this means is that all of the surface area of the comet is not facing towards the Sun. Most other comets or asteroids will have a tumble or rotation in more than one direction- apparently not so with ISON. As far as debris field- time will tell!

        Some nice images of ISON from observers around the world:

    46. RickInOregon

      Off topic:

      Last night we went to a local dive bar for “Open Mic” night. An old street bum that has hunched over and walked like as if he was in need of some new knees pushed his shopping basket in and took a seat. Some patrons brought him some coffee and fruit, others engaged him in some friendly conversation. The “Open Mic” host noticed that the old man had an old guitar in his shopping cart and Pete put some new strings on it and tuned it in. I took some strings out of my gig bag and put them in his shopping cart. A little later on in the evening Pete talked the old timer into coming up and playing a song. The old timer hobbled his way up to the stage and asked for a stool to sit on. Pete plugged in his guitar, put a new mic cover on the mic (Pete didn’t want the old timers germs on his mic), before starting to play the old timer said thank you for all the kindness that he was given. He then started to play and he played magnificently then stopped and pulled out his fake teeth, straightened up and then was recognized as one of our local musicians. It was a halloween prank and Larry pulled it off so well, he does need some new knees and he is suffering from some nerve damage and can no longer play professionally.

      Larry pulled it off, Pete and Larry are good friends and Pete didn’t recognize him, I’ve known Larry for a couple of years and I didn’t recognize him as I don’t think anyone else there did. I’ll tell you what was cool, when everyone thought that he was a street bum he was still treated with kindness, compassion and respect. Pete, the “Open Mic” host showed real class and the big heart that he possesses.

      On topic:

      My acoustic guitar, violin and hormonic doesn’t need electricity. Maybe I can be in the band as the Titanic sinks.

      • Newbee

        Rick, it’s nice to see that people didn’t shame him since nobody knew his back story . I’m just hopeful if and when shtf there are people out there with the same humility that was shown in that bar because no matter how good we prep and how big our teams are we are going to be tested on our morals. I know a lot of you will say that it’s to bad for the one who didn’t prep and I kinda feel the same way but on the other hand when I see another human in need I tend to wanna help them and I think if I can without putting my family in danger I probably will. I’m not a religious person but was brought up with religious values so I do ask myself what would jesus do.In the end it will probably bite me in the ass

      • laeagle

        Great story. Truly warms the heart and brings a tear to the eyes. That kind of community and caring is what will get all of us through in the coming days. Thanks for that little but important ‘ray of hope’. There is hope for humanity!

      • Warchild

        Though I love acoustic(being a Tull/Zep fan,hence,handle)grew up with mixing boards and amps,tough without em,perhaps one bad ass solar power unit!

    47. RickInOregon

      We have ships and subs deployed around the world. The ships could be recalled and many of them generate enough electricity to power a small city. They could be brought up some of the major rivers and ports to provide needed electricity, an operation and communication center, medical and security. The ships have desalinization for potable water. That capability exist as of right now. Let’s not forget that a wounded animal is a dangerous animal and if we are attacked with an EMP, we still have enough nukes deployed around the world to flatten who ever it was that launched the attack or to flatten who ever tries to take advantage of it and our mindset will be “ready fire aim”.

      • Nopittypartyhere

        Unless you’re BO. Then you just declare yourself dick tater

        • RickInOregon

          I think you’re confused, A Dick Tater is a Richard from Idaho.

          • Nopittypartyhere

            Too funny..

        • SWFL

          What is the tater for?

    48. John_Allen


      + 100 ^^^

    49. Anon

      In case you are having a rough day, here’s a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The funny thing is that it really does work and will make you smile.

      1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream.

      2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.

      3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.

      4. No one knows your secret place.

      5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.

      6. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.

      7. The water is so clear that you can make out the face of the Congressman you are holding underwater.

      See it worked. You’re smiling. You feel better already.

      • PO'd Patriot

        And me….I’m gonna bust the seal on a bottle of Gentleman Jack and pour a tall one (over ice). Gonna break the seal on a good cigar and light her up. Then if its dark, I’m going to bed and see what the morrow brings. Ain’t no use in losing sleep over something that you have no control over. I’ll se ya when I see ya.

        • Kulafarmer

          I kinda like that approach my friend!

    50. Nopittypartyhere

      Hi all,

      A little off topic, just expressing my feelings to those who understand. Getting a touch of prepper fatigue. Not that i am all out on this, it’s just that I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, and I find most of what little spare time I have is in reading, researching and putting things away. And knowing how far I have to go just tires me. There are just so many bases to cover. I primarily prep for economic collapse. so food, ammo, clothing, alternative means of cooking and heating to conserve energy, etc are my primary goals. however, I’m starting to make a list of more items for Long term grid down. I figure if I don’t have 6 months worth of food yet, not much sense in investing in solar panels, etc just to faraday them away.

      I do have a question though…I like to can and cook from scratch. How many of you have stored dehydrated meals? What is your plan…I mean I don’t want you to break OPSEC, but I plan to use my refrig/frozen foods first before genny runs outta gas, then move on to easy things like tuna helper, sandwiches, oatmeal yaddah yaddah yaddah, then dive into having to cope with more intensive cooking. I figure not having to spend a lot of time cooking those first weeks will give me time to do other more important things. And maybe some of the FSA will be gone and won’t smell my fire. Am I making sense? Just wondering what everyone’s approach will be. I’ve added NO dehydrated meals to my stash at this point and I’m wondering if I should do so. Opinions?

      Overextended and not sure what to do next.

      • RickInOregon

        I have a couple of food dehydrators and I dehydrate stew vegetables and store them in vacuum sealed bags with an O2 absorber pouch in with it. They are suppose to have a twenty year shelf life but I’ve only been doing it for about a dozen years and I don’t have any of the early years stuff left.

        I originally started dehydrating to make my own backpacking and camping meals. I’ll put together a mix before a trip. It works ok, not as good as fresh but still eatable. They take more water and cooking time than the store bought backpacker meals but you learn to take your time and relax.

        One of the problems I’ve run into with the vacuum sealed vegetables is that some of them get ridged and sharp edges (green beans) and will poke a hole through the vacuum bag. I’ve taken to wrapping the green beans and other problem products in paper towels before sealing.

        • Nopittypartyhere

          Hoping to get a pressure canner soon. I saw a nifty set up for canning outdoors, as I have a glass top range. I want hubby to build me that setup for my Xmas. He built my closet for my birthday.

          Ive dehydrated some things, but not for long term. Mostly things my husband and son like to munch on. Have you ever bought dehydrated meals? I’m afraid I wouldn’t eat them unless I was starving. I don’t want to waste my money or efforts, both are too valuable.

          • RickInOregon

            No, I haven’t bought dehydrated meals but I have bought and ate freeze dried meals, usually the Mountain House brand, they were a backpacking staple for a while, that was until I got more involved with DYI. I found that the reward of a backpacking effort is enriched when it’s topped off with a meal that I made from scratch and not one that I bought from a store.

          • Gadabout

            MRE’s are not fit to eat. Verified by granddaughter who was in Iraq. Don’t waste your money. Stock up on ingredients and learn to cook from scratch.

            • RickInOregon

              Gadabout, I’ve eaten C-rations and K-rations, it sounds like I got out in in time and didn’t have to suffer with MREs.

            • Smokey

              MRE : Meal Rejected by Ethiopians

          • Pissed Off Granny


            If you cannot find a Ball or Kerr canning book there are lots of sites on the internet with wonderful information on how to can just about anything.

            One of them is: extension dot edu dot gov.

            All you really need to do is type in HOME CANNING in your search bar and you will find mucho info.

      • wildman

        Nopitypartyhere you can waterbath can beef as we do it pretty regular. i canned 300 lbs of beef this year , no problem. if you have problems with getting enough heat to can look into a propane turkey fryer, they work good, and not too bad on the pocket. waterbathed beef has a shelf life of about 1 yr so its all up to you. wildman out

        • RickInOregon

          Wildman, I thumbed you down and it’s because I firmly believe that meats of every kind needs to be processed at the higher temperatures that a pressure canner provides. I recommend getting the Ball Blue Book, not only do I recommend getting the blue book but I wouldn’t even think of canning without it. I would follow it’s directions until the person that’s new to canning get’s a lot of experience.

          Canning is easy to do but it does have to be done within a margin of safety.

          The Ball Blue Book covers pressure canning, hot water bath, freezing and pickling and it’s importance to home preservation of foods can’t under stated. It should be in every preppers and homesteaders library.

          The Ball Blue Book is put out the the makers of Ball Jars, the jars and lids that are very common to canning.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            My family has canned for generations and has always followed the directions in either the Ball canning book or the Kerr Mason canning book.

            Both of them state that a waterbath does not get hot enough for meats and also for some vegetables.

            Your advice is spot on.

            • RickInOregon

              @ Pissed Off Granny

              Thank you for your endorsement, you may have saved someone from botulism.

              @ wildman, I didn’t mean to step on your pecker but food preservation is something that’s critical to those of us in this common mindset, please except my apologies, it’s wasn’t personal.

              • wildman

                RidckiinOregon I guess my grandparents were wrong as they did this for as long as i can remember. my parents did it an im still doing it. I always add a teaspoon an a half to qts , a teaspoon to pints of salt this has been done way longer than i have been alive. we grew up on canned beef with white taters, my children all have grown up this way. i can only say what we have done. no offense taken. we just finished up canning 300 lbs as i had to shoot ol peckerhead the bull so he got the treatment.wildman out

                • REB

                  I understand folks concerns with botulism…its bad and nothing to sneeze at so Im not making light of any of them…having said that I too have seen and eaten a lot of canned meat from a water bath canner…I tend to use my pressure canner simply because I have it but I would have no qualms going back to water bath…like you said…my parents/grand parents all canned meat that way and it was fine…it just require attention to detail…but then all food prep does…just be careful with all food processing… 🙂

                • pissinwiththewind

                  I can lean meats(chicken, fish, and venison) without using my pressure cooker/canner. The key point here is this: All meats canned by means other than a minimum of 90 minutes in a pressure canner is that the meats must be “thoroughly” cooked before being put into “hot” jars.

                  I thoroughly cook or smoke my meats before placing into “hot” jars and then place into oven set on 220 to 250 for about 30 minutes. I’ve never had a jar to not seal or become spoiled, this way. If the meats are not cooked thru and thru, the oven method or the water bath method may be risky.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Agreed. Pressure cooker way only -for meats.

        • figment

          you can NOT water can beef or meat

          it is not acidic and the water temp does not get high enough to kill botulism spores.

          only PRESSURE CAN MEAT

          • Skeptic

            Not correct. You need more time for water bath but you can put up meat and such non acidic things as beans. They must water bath for much longer. Why would you do that when a pressure cooker is so cheap?

            • RickInOregon

              Show me the informative literature that’s on par with the blue book that has the “how to” for the water bath process for canning meat. Until then, I’ll recommend to all those starting out with canning to get the Blue Book and follow it’s directions, period.

              • Anonymous

                Technically guys….botulism is found in the ground only. You cannot get botulism from meat. There is all kinds of other food Bourne illnesses that you can get from meat. Please check out preparednesspro.com regarding canning. You should ONLY use a pressure canned to can meat.

    51. Wowunbelievable

      really unbelievable how they use scare tactics like this!

    52. maudy fricket

      Started working out at home again. Lost 10 lbs. already. Maudy’s gonna kick some butt. Everybody should probably get in better shape for the upcoming events.

    53. sixpack

      About the LAX shooter, shooting a TSA agent is completely understandable to me. Did anyone ever wonder if maybe he was once degraded by the TSA, or maybe he had to watch his wife and/or family be molested.

      Personally, under the circumstances that is the TSA, I think he showed great restraint in only shooting one…

      • Sigi

        The guy he shot was someone’s dad and was one of those we really need, those who analyze suspicious behavior, not one of those who pats people down.

        If we had more like the man who was shot and fewer of the latter we’d be just as effective without literally violating the public trust, IMHO. If this is a false flag it may be that they took out one of the experts who could have trained others while making a case for more jack-bootery.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        It is now on the news that he was found with some “conspiracy” papers on him. It was stated that the papers contained statements against the “elite” and against the “one world order” and the “illuminati”. How very convenient!

        • Thinker

          POG! Did you read the newsletter by Jon Rappoport just after this happened yesterday?

          We all new this was coming!!
          Wonder if he was on psych meds or being treated for a mental disorder?


          • Pissed Off Granny


            Thanks for the heads up on the Rappoport article. Seems each time the government gets their hands on the “shooter” the shooter disappears down a rabbit hole and we are left to believe what the MSM feeds us about “the rest of the story”.

            • Thinker

              POG! I quit watching and believing anything MSN says The reality they create i won’t participate!
              You know I was wondering the same thing, where does all these shooters end up, in a Federal resort somewhere??

          • Tactical

            He was raised in NJ. Isn’t that enough to run into mental issue later in life?

        • sixpack

          In other words, POG, he was like-minded in the respect that he was against the NWO—sound like he could be any of us at some point down the road when things get bad enough for us to act.

          He aimed small.

          It might be hard to retake our country if we have empathy for the abusers, since pretty much every bad guy is probably a father, brother or whatever. Too bad they don’t see US with such empathy, Sigi. They don’t give a damn that we have families, and they won’t hold their fire because we are parents. TSA agents aren’t known for their empathy for the people they molest and bully.

          They deserve no more than they give.

          Millions of fathers have died in wars. They weren’t spared a bullet or an IED. Your logic is kinda skewed—if we had less people sticking their hands down our pant and stealing from our luggage, then we’d have less violation of the public trust.

          I don’t care if jobs are short, if it came down to me having to pull 89 yr old men out of their wheelchairs, colostomies off of vets or exploring children’s diapers for explosives, I’d just as soon QUIT and find a REAL JOB.

          Every single one of those TSA agents know they are doing wrong. It is their choice and they should be responsible for that choice.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Wow, Sixpack:

            I admire your ability to call a spade a spade and to bring us back to reality.

            The day is coming when each of us will be faced with what we will do when confronted with the evil that TPTB have planned for America.

            You are a gift to SHTF. Thanks!

            • sixpack

              You know, POG, I could have sympathy for TSA agents, or govt officials in general, up until the point where they start abusing their authority and/or violating the rights of others.

              Stockholm syndrome is REAL and evident in people like Sigi. Me, I’ll never thank anyone for violating me, no matter what their excuse is.

              The time for empathy with our abusers is over, but dehumanizing anyone is not the answer either.

              In some American Indian traditions, it is considered an honor when an animal must sacrifice its life so the hunter can live and, they are grateful and respectful of that sacrifice…a life for a life.

              Unlike humans who make bad decisions by choice, animals have no choices. They are bound by the laws of nature and survival…so are we.

              In order for us to survive, we may have to make sacrifices. We may need to eliminate our abusers to survive. The second alternative is to sacrifice ourselves so that our abusers may continue their abuses.

              The second alternative, to me, is not acceptable.

              My sympathy generator is running a little short on fuel these days.

              • REB

                Well stated… 🙂

        • SWFL

          Right, because I always carry around incriminating literature in my extra gear bag to leave lying around for just such an occasion.

    54. Raider

      Why do you think there has recently been a lot of talk of zombie apocalypse, whether in the movies, or in some other way?

      It’s because the NWO enemy is mocking us. They envision seeing us starving and walking around like mindless zombies, so hungry, that we will eat each other.

      Whether through nuclear attack, emp atack, or through economic collapse, etc, they want us reduced to wandering zombies.

      • Them Guys

        Yes they sure do view Us like that. Their teachings from their “holy” books, the talmud and cabala and zohar book teach that Only Their tribe is Humans with a real Soul from God. But all others aka all gentiles are animals or insect equivelents and without any souls.

        One must realize it is Not a streach or far fetched to think that if their normal religious practices include Animal Sacrafices, or Burnt Offerings as also called, and since to Them we are also animals, then when they Kill us off or Cause us to be killed off even at genocidal rates of mass exterminations. What to me or You is definatly a terrible mass murderous situation and extreme brutality, to their way of thinking based on their talmudic religious teachings and Beliefs, our deaths be it one individual, or Ten Million per mass killing event is is still Just another Burnt Offering demanded by that religious practice belife.

        They are taught that Only They, their priests aka rabbis, are able to Rid not just their own sins, but also to rid the entire worlds collective sins, by such blood shedding and burnt offering of Animals. That bodes not so swell if one happens to belong to the class they call Goyim Gentiles eh!

        Understanding their mentality thats taught to them from Birth, regarding the way Lesser life value of a gentile goyim as compared to all members of Their Tribe, which Are fully Humans with a Soul….Then one can begin to comprehend how it was so easy for their tribe to overtake Russia in 1918 with their newly invented system they called communisim, and then so easily begin mass exterminating upwards of 250 million Gentiles that they consider meere equals to an animal.

        In fact their talmud and rabbis Teach that the only main difference between goyim gentiles and regular actual animals is that Us gentile animals were made able to Speak by learning mans languages, and that was by Gods decree to make us gentile animals better able to be a good slave servant to Their kind/tribe due to languages allow Us goyim animals to better communicate and understand the orders They give us to then Obey.

        It is a Vital part of their overall religious belief package for gentiles to learn of and fully comprehend. For since they are taught from Birth to always view gentiles as meere equivelents to an animal being and NOT as a fellow Human like they are, it creates the perfect mindset to also have a blood lust and sacrafice as many slain and Burnt offerings as posible to rid the world of all forms of sins and clense it all.

        Once they are able to do so, clense the entire worlds sins by animal sacrafices and burnt offerings, and also become fully Vested an the Only Owners of a NWO and all the world contains is IN their possession, they will have realized what their talmudic rabbis calls the….

        “Time of the Messiah” Or some say “The Messiahnic Era”.

        They believe they as a group, as a whole, will create such a messiahnic era by virtue of Owning the NWO entirely in Their tribes peoples hands, and that it shall Last fully 10,000 years!

        No joke. Every religion has its own beliefs, and methods to reach whatever their end goals are right…I just basically described their Talmudic Judiac method to reach Their idea of the messiahnic era or Time, and their main method is to Rid the world of all sins, thru many sacraficial animals.

        Oh one more thought to ponder that even more confirms what I think proves why and how easy it was for them to slaughter such huge numbers, close to 250 Million mainly Whites and Christians during the russian kommie soviet era.

        Acording even to the bible Old testement books, it is well known that even back to Moses or Abrahams eras 4000 years ago, and ever since, the Larger the animal sacraficed, the Better!…a small Pigeon will do okay, but a huge Oxen, Cattle etc is the Ultimate animal to sacrafice as a burnt offering to God to rid sins.

        NOW: If a huge Oxen or Steer cattle is considered the best or one of best animals to sacrafice, how much Better if they are able to create a scenario in which to Kill and sacrafice Gentile animals?!!!

        About The ONLY better sacrafical killings even better than goyim gentile animals, would be if you were able to sacrafice TENS of MILLIONs of such Humans, that Your tribe calls meere animals of a slightly higher scale than reg normal real animals that cannot speak mans languages like Us goyims can!

        Thats the true mindset of the folks who Lust after and Crave enough bloodshed and burnt offerings to finally realize their 4000 year old dream of the “Messiahnic Era of the Jews”, with their new NWO owned entirely By the Tribe as a whole. Its why they so demand a new 3rd Temple be built so do such goyim sacrafices inside of!

        They also announced to the world at large a couple of years ago of their “REconviening of their SANHEDRIN” which has NOT existed as an Offical Talmudic jewish body or group of Rabbi priests, for the past 1600 years! Yet Now its again ready to Function as did prior. Its 72-rabbi priests that are the Deciders like our courts Judges function, to decide who gets Put to Death for all violations of their “NOAHIDE LAWS” for all Gentile goyims. Only Jews are exepmt from obedience to Noahide laws. All Gentiles will be forced to Obey Noahide laws once enacted officially, and GH Bush signed that into fed Law code in 1991. I posted the direct website and Link to that entire set of noahide laws GH bush signed into fed Law in 1991, under the hidden Guise of “Education Celebration Day, and to Honor Rabbi Shneerson Day”.(have the link if needed will again post link).

        Naysayers and Red Thumbs galore you shall Now see or read. Pay zero atten to that group as NONE will provide any real or actual factual refutations to what I wrote here. All they are capable of is Name calling a poster person a Nazi or Hater etc. They cannot refute this post as their Own Talmudic verses and Rabbi teachers have repeatedly spoken of their Messiah era etc almost as I did Verbatim word for word.

        Indeed, the Hidden Hand has its own Hidden agenda plans for all of YOU Gentile Goyims!..And this Is but one of their many fanatical rabid beliefs, and methods to accomplish their Messiahnic Era of the Jews. When it comes to Bolshevik jewish zionist kommies, a Blood Lust barely scratches the surface! A Near Extinction Level extermination Event of gentiles Planet wide is alot closer to their lusted after utopian reality they call the Messiahnic Times of the jews. Worse than Zombies by far.

        • cabinfever

          Them Guy, excellent post. As a kid, I was always told that we must pray for the Jews, that they are God’s chosen people, etc. and we must stand by them. Well, we must pray for the peace of Israel yes…but everything you said was right on the money. Who is the head of movies and tv? Them. Who deals in pornography? Them. Who still rejects Jesus and believes in bringing back blood sacrifice? Them. Who is wanting to cull the herd and believes we are second rate? Them. Who is God saving His wrath for at the end of time including the unbelievers? Them. They have always had their own set of evil rules and God is about to call them on it – soon. Again, I say good post. We are to recognize there is a difference between the regular normal people and those who want to do us in…and that means just about the entire planet of people.

    55. Lynnie

      A widespread lengthy loss of electricity puts nuclear power plants in the USA at risk. They have back up generators to keep water flowing over the spent fuel pools, and I assume keeping those generators going will be a top priority, but a significant risk remains. You cannot merely shut down the plants; you must keep the spent fuel rods cooled, or within two weeks or so they can blow.

      If at all possible try to build a modified shelter in your home. It will be temporary if you are rained with particles (ie, you cannot live in your home after a Chernobyl event), but it may save your life while everybody else is in traffic gridlock getting fried….after a couple weeks maybe you can escape safely. Buy a nukalert as well ( see link)

      http://www.ki4u.com/guide.htm ( see pictures)

      Also, research zeolite. It chelates heavy metals including radioactive ones and was used after Chernobyl. Very easy to take orally and currently available.

      • sixpack

        Zeolite has been commonly found in odor absorbing cat litter for years.

    56. wormdirt

      “What Are You Going To Do When A Massive EMP Blast Fries The U.S. Electrical Grid?”

      I know this is a serious topic and should cause people to reflect on any preparations they still have to make, but I have to share what popped into my head the split second after I read that title:

      ‘I’ll drag my 8″ Dobsonian telescope outside that night and finally enjoy some REAL dark sky viewing!’

      Now that I got that put aside I have to tell you about the stunningly naïve answers I get from friends and people at work about life after such an event. Most of them really don’t get it at all. They have never given it real thought about how that food gets to the table, or how that fuel gets to the gas station. Nor do they consider that if somehow a shipment of precious supplies did arrive that they would have possibly one hundred thousand other people competing for those same few resources. The major cities would look like someone kicked over a huge fire ant nest – just chaos, plain and simple. I wonder if anyone, anywhere in the country is truly, and I mean truly prepared? I hope so.

      • wildman

        wormdirt you have nailed it. most of em are so book smart or live in their own little world its not funny anymore. if that iphone dont tell what to do they cant get it done but they want it at really cheap prices. wildman out ps its amazing that they have fallen so far down

      • Archivist

        Note to self: Don’t forget to get the telescope out of the attic if the grid collapses. My telescope is only a 6″.

        • Sigi

          Note to self- find a telescope free or cheap somewhere!

    57. The Rifleman Next Door

      drink my beers while they’re still cold….oh, and pull my backup solar system out of the faraday cage and set it up in an already camouflaged part of my yard.

      • Gadabout

        Don’t pull stuff out of your faraday cage too soon; if it’s due to a CME there could be more coming.

    58. Satori

      The rich: “A class of people for whom humans are disposable commodities”


      “The inability to grasp the pathology of our oligarchic rulers is one of our gravest faults. We have been blinded to the depravity of our ruling elite by the relentless propaganda of public relations firms that work on behalf of corporations and the rich.

      Compliant politicians, clueless entertainers and our vapid, corporate-funded popular culture, which holds up the rich as leaders to emulate and assures us that through diligence and hard work we can join them, keep us from seeing the truth.”

    59. Obtuseangler

      Been putting up firewood again today. The blizzard we had three weeks ago damaged a lot of trees, but the upside is that there is lots of free wood to be had.

      One thing we learned from our extended power outage last month is that old fashioned phones on old fashioned land lines work even when the power is down.

      Also, if you have a vice such as smoking keep a backup supply. Our last cigarette sent me hiking into the snow.

      Gas cans, generators, and chain saws are unavailable when you really need one. Don’t scrimp on extension cords or power strips.

      Keep gas on hand. Twice what you think you will need.

      Cash in the house is yours. Cash in the bank, that is closed, may as well not be there.

      • gone under

        Phone land lines are DC. probably ran off a battery bank with a generator to recharge them. High winds up here has blown down trees in the Nat forest. I am stocking up green firewood for next year. It sound like you are east of me near the Canadian Border.

      • Warchild

        Hope that never happens,that said,will do my best to make any invaders “vacation”uncomfortable!

      • Warchild

        Obtuse,pipe and tobacco pouchs,cheap and easy to deal with.Like you ,do a lot with wood but also have a friend(addiction) to smoking.Bags of pipe tobacco(which I use for smokes)cheap and plentiful.I am trying to grow my own and am thinking still,just because times tough no reason if ready to completely shut off life comforts,growing coffee just not a realistic option in north lands!

    60. prep49er

      I’m afraid the sleek smartphone in my pocket wouldn’t even be useful as a doorstop. It’s too thin!

      • Archivist

        It will still be useful as a camera and document reader.

    61. gone under

      6.4 quake near Tonga. About a week ago I was watching work been done at Fukushima through the on site web cam and all of a sudden the vid started swaying back and forth. I checked the USGS and sure enough they were having a quake.

    62. gone under

      TEPCO is going to start removing the fuel rods this month to another pool at Fukushima. It should take one year they said. They dont seem to be in any hurry as I have never seen them running a night shift on the outdoor construction. TEPCO lies alot about conditions and even posted a profit on earnings a few days ago. read is at Zero Hedge.

    63. aljamo

      If the power is lost I can just eat beans out of the can. For at least the past 10 years I have existed on three meals rotated every three days . Bean burritos, bean tostados and spaghetti with good sauce from a jar. No meat whatsoever and this diet does’nt get old. Beans beans good for your heart. Just need a hotplate to cook these meals, no electric means cold beans. Delicious.

      • Kulafarmer

        Sterno will heat yer beans!

    64. Sigi

      “What Are You Going To Do When A Massive EMP Blast Fries The U.S. Electrical Grid?”

      My first though was “celebrate” but the honest truth is that I’d look for the candles, thinking it was a local issue.

      During a very brief power outage last week my first thought was, “Did the grid go down?” My second thought was that it probably was local. No time for a third thought, the power came back on.

      If it happened today I’d be kicking myself for not having more propane cylinders, not much charcoal for the brazier and having put off getting our wood supply ready for winter. Thanks for asking the question since it shows me what I need to do this week.

      USA Today is forecasting large numbers of people turning to the Food Banks this winter. If you have stuff to give, please do so. If you are in need to their help, make sure you store things well for the future date when they are no longer there.

    65. Tomahawk

      We didn’t have electricity or telephones when I was a kid. Didn’t have that stuff till we moved from TN to Ohio back in ’83.

      So I reckon I’ll go back to how I lived when I was a kid.

      Except there’ll be looters for entertainment.

      Everyone will be living in a new reality series called “You Picked The WRONG F’ing House”.

      • Sgt. Dale

        I love it. Thanks for the laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        My will becalled “NAME THAT BODILY FLUID”

    66. Sigi

      I had a migraine earlier this week and as I laid down on the couch I saw a night map like that of the USA above, only it was hit with a “raindrop” of darkness. The blackout covered all of the east coast except for Maine and a little of the surrounding area and the edges of the West Coast were still lit. There was a red right shining dimly like a column of laser light from somewhere between Ohio and Missouri. Actually before the US specific I saw the night side of a globe and other countries were also hit with raindrops of darkness. The only other one I saw clearly was England and it was near the terminator into daylight.

      Usually when such colorful things have happened in my mind it’s been imagination or stress and comes to nothing. However, two weeks before 9-11 I was on a ferry coming into Seattle, admiring the skyline. I ‘saw’ a plane smash into a skyscraper and dismissed it, thinking that no one would do anything so sick. With so many countries willing, able and considering EMPs and 28 flares from the sun in the last week, it’s not a far fetched idea.

      • Anonymous

        @Sigi, It looks like you may have had a ‘vision’ of things to come. Other people have had similar ‘visions’. There is an incredible amount of activity going on throughout the world at a spiritual and a physical level and even in this blessed land the battle is on.

        The evil is effecting not just people but even nature is being effected. You may be one of those people who have extra sensory perceptions, gifted so to speak. Continue to pray about what you see and feel and perhaps God will sharpen the images that you see. Please don’t be afraid to share these visions with us.

        Personally, I feel that the actual physical darkness is easier to deal with than the mental and spiritual darkness that seems to be spreading like never before, even as we are blessed with the proliferation of knowledge and the technology to disseminate knowledge like never before. It is an irony that so many people have ceased to be aware of their surroundings, have ceased to socialize, ceased to learn and grow, and have become further isolated, even as they play with the gadgets and listen/watch shows that are a means of expanding their connectedness to the world at large.

        As we prep, we need to be in earnest prayer, praying for humanity, our brothers and our sisters, praying for the world. Judgment is coming! There are so many people who are totally unaware of the things that they are doing as they go full speed ahead in their narrow narcissistic lives. Actions, choices, inaction, all have consequences and so much is done without properly considering the consequences, the results.

        We must not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of the zombification of our fellow human beings. It is easy to write fellow human beings off if we see them as zombies, something subhuman or even inhuman. There are so many movies and games out there that are doing this and helping to create a society and culture without moral values and respect for human life. Spiritual darkness is growing, spreading, like the raindrop of darkness that you saw.

        I remember hearing the story of a shaman who saw pillars of light shining into the heavens from the locations where Christians had gathered to sing and pray and how the demons scurried away seeking their dark holes to hide in. They are like cockroaches that prefer to forage and do their work in the shadow of darkness. Arm yourselves with PRAYER and PRAISE which go hand in hand with Prepping and Preparations.

    67. DocLRRP

      If someone were to have a basic Home Solar Energy System, would it be able to survive an EMP?

      Would Faraday Bags help if they were placed where needed?

      Where would they be needed.??


      • Nopittypartyhere

        Within recent weeks there was lengthy discussion on this very subject….can someone help Doc with the date/title of the article?

        • Socrates

          Basically, certain components and circuits are sensitive to different types of EMP (yes, there are approx. 3 wavelengths to worry about). Usually micrpprocessor and silicon chip circuits are the most sensitive. That would be a modern Charge controller and or inverter. Faraday bag those items for sure.

          There was an excellent recent article from SurvivalBlog written by someone in the know- and verified by myself as well.

          I’m not affiliated with said person, but the double doctorate, PHD’d and Masters folks I work with all know this stuff as well. We do a lot of work on emerging tech and high end sciences.


          This is a good read for those confused about EMP and its effects. A good primer to start with!

      • Sgt. Dale

        From what I have read you want to keep it in a Faraday cover of some type. We can only hope and pray that it dose’t affect the solar panle. Keep it off line/not hooked up.
        I still have mine in the box with a solar blanket around it. The panels are in my basement. My deep cycle batteries are in a plastic box with a solar blanket around them.
        I have all my electrical items in wood or plastic covered with solar blankets and the smaller items wrapped in time foil.
        I hope it works,
        If anyone has a better idea PLEASE let me know.


    68. Merree

      I suspect that an EMP that comes from a foreign source would not be centered over the US. It would make more sense to center it over an East or West coast population area (LA, NY, DC, for example). The map below the article implies detonation above the Midwest and it looks like little harm occurs to either coast. I doubt that is how it would be done.

      • braveheart

        Merree, in the last chapter of “One Second After”, it was said that 3 nuclear missiles were used, one over the west coast, one over the east coast, and one over the Midwest. That’s how I would do it if I were some evil foreign power, etc. The book was written by William Forstchen, an expert on EMP and I highly recommend it. It’s a real eye-opener. braveheart

        • Merree

          Yes, I’ve read “One Second After”. It would make sense to do an overlapping attack. If I try to think like someone hostile to our country, I think they would especially want to get the East Coast and hit Washington DC and New York. I have sometimes thought that an attack when the President gives his annual address to Congress would be a concern but I bet there are massive air patrols over that event.

    69. Kulafarmer

      Just came across this site, im sure some already know it, but think its a good bit of info.


      • SilverSax

        Thanks, Kulafarmer. They have lots of free military manuals available for download in addition to some good articles.

    70. GDawg

      The results of even a 25% die off would be devastating. I would see China, Russia or whoever waiting bout 8-12 months for us to decimate ourselves and basically walk in and take over. May not be very many around to fight back. I can see all those beautiful mountains, forest, minerals, natural resources etc. etc. etc. that the enviro wacos love so much being totally raped by China. They could air lift in several million, troops, workers and such and set up camp. Just hope I’m around to cap a few dozen or so. Semper Fi. III – See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/what-are-you-going-to-do-when-a-massive-emp-blast-fries-the-u-s-electrical-grid_112013#sthash.KpW1m3Wl.dpuf

      • Slick One

        GDawg I dont think that any enemy power would want to try that as those pesky boomer class subs might be parked on their door step.

    71. omegaman

      lol Michael Snyder. What a putz.

      • Eisenkreuz


        • PO'd Patriot

          But your mouthwash ain’t.

          • braveheart

            PO’d Patriot, there’s nothing awesome about eisen. I do enjoy Michael Snyder’s articles myself.

    72. Need for Sleep during the Coming Civil War


      Nice vid. on a cute lady who made a little fireplace for her tarp shelter.

      I think we all need to start chatting more about functional survival.

      No way you will change the course of things. The govt. of the world are all on the same page! Enslave the population with debt and steal their wealth.

      I am a wealthy man..why…because if they took everything from me…I have knowledge on how to survive with few things. That is true wealth… resilience!

      A product I recommend for everyday and survival…
      LED PEN LIGHT… get a few for xmas..nice stocking stuffers!


    73. The#1 Security Prep! --> A MUTT DOG

      PREP TYPE: Security
      PREP TOPIC: Watch dog
      COST: FREE (I really made a $250 donation to the SPCA, Buffalo, NY)
      DOG BREED SIZE: Large
      BREED MIX: German Shep. Rottie mix.

      We all know the economy is crashing and they are planning the collapse of the dollar.
      This means folks who are desperate will pay a “visit” to your home.

      When they try and get near my house… my #1 security system kicks in, 24/7.
      The bark of a large military dog wakes the entire house and neighborhood.

      Forget pure bred dogs. They have many health issues.
      Your local SPCA has many great dogs. Pay a few visits until you find the right dog.

      Here’s pretty much what we have. Some typical google pics below of the mix breed.

      He’s sleeping right next to me. I feel sorry for anyone who tries to enter our place unannounced.
      That give me time to hit he gun safe and get armed.

      Also…. I once knew a guy who knew a professional thief.
      The never entered homes with a big nasty dog and/or an NRA sticker on the door or on the bumper stickers of cars.

      Got it?

      ps. Remember to prep. for your dogs. Spam, rice, beans and so on.

      Further, the comfort of a very large strong dog is a nice distraction for kids.
      You put them to work brushing our security system and giving him lots of love.

      Ten points to the SPCA! Thanks for our new dog.
      We all love him and he sleeps on the bed with us.

      The prick who owned him was starving him. When we got him, he was a skeleton.
      I went out and bought high grade feed and $100 in steak and chicken.
      I made a big pot of ground beef, chicken, rice and beef.
      Then I made frozen dog MREs. This I mix in with his food.
      A month later we put 25 lbs on the dog and he’s now looks like a show dog with all his shots.

      I just wanted to mention.. I also have real estate. I only rent to people with dogs.
      My theory…if they can take care of a dog…they are normal responsible healthy people.
      The rent is always paid and I’m alerted to anything that needs fixing.

      The #1 prep for security, safety, love, family life and so much more…. A DOG.
      You’ll be glad you did.

      Peace to you all and have a great Christmas.
      It’s not about stuff…it’s about peace and love.
      Reach out to your neighbors.
      I have a nice agreement with my friends. If the SHTF goes down…
      we all help take care of each other.



      • Slick One

        Yep those dogs are the best, I have a 112 Lb burglar muncher who might bark, and then again she might just growl or not… But as a retired hog hunting dog she fears nothing.

        • Skeptic

          check out the Argentino

      • Scott

        I raise purebreds for security,search & recue. You never know what you’ll get with a pound dog. It’s much better to go with proven dogs with good bloodlines and clean
        bills of health. Most of the pounds here have MANY Pitbull mixes and they are simply
        too risky,especially for a family with kids

    74. Recompense.

      And from Jesus Christ,who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us,and washed us from our sins in his own blood. REV. 1/5.

    75. EastTenn

      I do not believe that any nation would directly attack us with an EMP device. We either owe them to much money or they know we would in return fire nukes back at them. A hacker attack that cripples the grid could easily result in the same outcome in traced back to a foreign nation which it would be regardless of who and where it originated. However, a large solar flare would be my guess should something like happen.

      • Eisenkreuz


        • Warchild

          My personal grid though,not so much!Hand pump/wood stove/books,games(still looking for a nice chess set!),well,you get the idea.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Thought that one up all by your lonesome, did you? Your a fuckin’ genius!

        • braveheart

          Lookout everyone. Eisen made a valid point about something. the world will never be the same again.

    76. Tomahawk

      My security force consists of a 9 year old Belgian Groenendael Shepherd who is super vigilant and protective, and her new partner who is a 7 month old Norwegian Elkhound. The Elkhound is always on the alert. He claims he’s watching out for trolls like his ancestors did. And he has a mouth like a canon.

      My old Chief Of Security, Thor, passed away back in May. He was Norwegian Elkhound and German Shepherd mix and the best dog ever.

    77. Matthew

      Only thing I really worry about is what happens to nuke plants in that event.

    78. Anon

      Russia’s ‘aircraft carrier killer’ Varyag and battle cruiser Pyotr Veliky arrive in Mediterranean

      The flagship of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, Varyag, and the country’s most powerful nuclear-powered battleship, Pyotr Veliky, entered the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday.
      The crew of ‘aircraft carrier killer’ Varyag will carry out a number of tasks, some of which will be performed together with the joint group of Russian Navy ships and vessels stationed in the region, Roman Martov, press secretary for Russia’s Pacific Fleet, told Interfax news agency.

      Varyag is to assume the command of Russia’s Pacific Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, replacing missile cruiser Moskva, said Interfax’s military diplomatic source. He added that there are detachments of marine units employed on ships and vessels of the Pacific Fleet, while its air force wing boasts several Ka-27 helicopters that can conduct rescue and anti-piracy operations and kill submarines.
      Varyag belongs to Slava-class cruisers (according to NATO classification). Completed in 1989 and operating in the Russian Pacific Ocean Fleet since 1990, it has: 16x P-1000 Vulkan anti-ship missiles, 2x RBU-6000 anti-submarine mortars, 8×8 S-300PMU Favorit (SA-N-6 Grumble) long-range surface-to-air missiles, 1x twin AK-130 130mm, 6x AK-630, 2x OSA-MA (SA-N-4 Gecko) SR SAM installations, 8x SA-N-6 Grumble.
      Armor: Splinter plating.
      Aircraft carried: 1 Ka-25 or Ka-27 helicopter
      Apart from Varyag, there are currently several Russian cruisers in the Mediterranean Sea – including missile destroyer ‘Smetlivy’ and landing craft carriers ‘Aleksandr Shabalin,’ ‘Novocherkassk,’ and ‘Minsk.’

      Russia’s most powerful battleship and the flagship of the Northern Fleet, Pyotr Veliky (Peter the Great), passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and anchored in the Alboran Sea on November 2.

      The warship that left the Northern Fleet’s main base in Severomorsk on October 22 managed to cross the northeastern Atlantic despite stormy weather conditions. The crew successfully conducted dozens of exercises, including air defense and anti-submarine training. The cruiser logged over 3,200 nautical miles during the trip.

      Viktor Chirkov, admiral of the fleet, said in September that the Russia Navy is set to build its presence in the Mediterranean Sea, particularly in the area close to Syrian shores. It intends to increase its number of battleships in the area by up to ten.

      Russia began its military build-up in the region in December 2012, establishing a constant presence in the Mediterranean Sea.

    79. Be informed

      Another precursor earthquake on the Antarctic/Indian Ridge. This same spot when it before leads to major earthquakes almost 95% of the time within 15 days. This exact spot was hit on August 30, 2007 and 13 days later western Sumatra was hit with a mega earthquake of 8.5 and an aftershock of 7.9. In 1995 it lead to a 7.9 In the Kuril Islands. In 2003 it lead to a 7.5 in Colima, Mexico. This is the 20th earthquake out of 36 that say a great to mega quake is still coming. 32nd out of 36 that says a 7.5+ is coming.

      It is iteresting to note that eariler today a very rare earthquake hit off of Easter Island. Only 2 have been recorded over 4.5 in recorded history. These both lead to major earthquake swarms in Loyalty Islands, Panama, Iran and China. This one today was a 5.8, the other two were under 5. Something big is still up. After 7 major earthquakes in different spots during the past month, the precursor quakes are still going and indicating something quite huge on the way. The locations have not changed from yesterday’s list, nor the date of by Nov.16.

      • laeagle

        Thanks for the update.

    80. Raider

      About the LAX shooter. Could this incident be considered the shot heard round the world, in regard to it being the beginning of the 2nd American revolution?

      • Smokey

        Let’s not make more of it than it is, a deranged kid with a rifle who went in to an airline terminal and started shooting.

        For something to be considered ‘the shot heard ’round the world’, it’s going to have to be something else, or count me out. Taking on a gun confiscation squad, or marshalls evicting people from their homes during a gov’t shutdown, something like that.

        Lone nutjobs filled with irrational hatred is not going to be it.

    81. Sgt. Dale

      I’m going to pray to God that I have prepared the right way. Then I’m going to ask the All Mighty to watch after my family until they get here. Then I’m going to pray for my friend until they get here. Then I’m going to ask Him to watch over all my friends on this sight. Then I’m going to pray for the folks that didn’t prepare. I’m going to ask the All Mighty that the TPTB get the thing fixed ASAP. Last I will ask for strength and wisdom to lead my group. In Jesus name Amen.
      Then I’m going to put into play the defense, and security plan. The solar array wind turbine. Get the water equipment in line. Put the cooking plan in order.
      When the group gets together give the group their assignments. Which we have already have in place.
      This is just the start. I just might set back for a minute just to enjoy the QUIET. Then start working my butt off.

    82. Dyna Chrome


      You said: “MRE’s are not fit to eat. ”

      Depends how hungry you are. Good for charity if nothing else.

      • Archivist

        The oatmeal cookies are okay once you get past the fact that they look and feel like countertop samples from Lowes.

      • braveheart

        I tried an MRE once many years ago and it was a Meal Ready to Exit my system, which it did. Never touched any more since. I’m building up a supply of Mountain House. I’ve sampled a couple and was impressed. Give the MREs to the Free Shit Army.

      • SWFL

        If they eat an MRE in front of me (none to-go) and say thank you, I will be more inclined to believe they really are in need and may be worth more consideration.

    83. Be informed

      Another one. South of Africa. This same spot in the past has lead to big earthquakes. On March 22, 2007 same spot hit, 10 days later 8.1 in Soloman Islands. 2009 same spot, 7.8 on South Island New Zealand. 2005, 7.8 in far northern Chile. 2000, same spot hit and 7.5 in Banda Sea. This is now 33 out of 37 precursor quakes that say 7.5+ is coming. 21 out of 37 that say a 8+ is coming. There have been ONLY 83 earthquakes since 1900 that have been 8+ or more, 4 others were aftershocks or foreshocks to the main earthquakes. To have 21 precursor earthquakes that have 8+ in these tiny windows of 15 days afterwards is almost impossible by mere chance. Also with the past two quakes, there have been swarms of major earthquakes in New Guinea to the Santa Cruz/Soloman Islands regions for some reason. Still a better than 50% chance something very large is coming by Nov.16. I should be able to narrow down the areas in danger with one of two more of these precursor quakes.

      • Anon

        @BI: Why all the earthquakes in the Antarctic and none in the Arctic just wondering.

        • Be informed

          @ Anon. The Antarctica plate is basically still and doesn’t move much at all. The other plates are generally moving away from it and spreading, except for the Scotia plate and a few other spots where the plates are sliding against each other. The plates experience earthquakes as they move from the Antarctica and they converge on other plates to the north. The Arctic is composed of two plates, the Eurasian and North American plates and are more stable other than at plate boundaries between the two. While the Antarctic has plate boundaries around the entire circumference, the Arctic zones have far fewer. You will still get earthquakes in the Arctic, but many less because of the lack of all the plate boundaries that the Antarctic has.

          • Anon

            A BIG THANK YOU BI!

      • laeagle

        Be Informed,

        Many thanks. Many of us depend on your timely and prescient warnings. Please keep them coming.

        The following excerpt was about the earthquake I was referring to in an earlier posting when the world renown Frank Kingdon Ward reported seeing a King Cobra and a Gaur racing up a hill seeking safety prior to the earthquake. This piece comes from a recent report (Yahoo) on the top ten earthquakes of recent times. I believe more than 1,500 people died, because some of the areas it effected were very remote regions that had no way of seeking help from the authorities.

        The region the earthquake rattled is home to source of 5 major rivers, including the Brahmaputra (Yalong Tsangpo), Irrawaddy, Salween, Mekong, and the Yangtse. It is a region of great beauty and incredible biodiversity as well. There are many little Shangrilas tucked away between the mountain ranges that separate the rivers. I have had the unique privilege of travelling and exploring along stretches of all 5 rivers and some of their tributaries.

        #10 Assam-Tibet, 1950 – Magnitude 8.6
        Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.
        “At least 1,500 people were killed across eastern Tibet and Assam, India, when this temblor shook the region. Ground cracks, large landslides and sand volcanoes hit in the area. The quake was felt in the Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces of China, and as far away as Calcutta, India.

        The quake caused large landslides that blocked rivers. When the rivers finally burst through the walls of debris, waves inundated several villages and killed hundreds of people.

        This quake is commonly called the Assam-Tibet earthquake or the Assam earthquake, even though the epicenter was in Tibet. The quake struck at the intersection of the most vigorous collision of continental plates on the planet, where the Indian continental plate smashes into the Eurasian plate and dives beneath it. The slow-motion crash helped create the massive Himalayas.”

        • Be informed

          @ laeagle. The Himalayas are part of a rare set of circumstances in which the plates, Australian and Asian plate are sitting together on top of other. This is what gives the shear altitude of the mountains. The Austrailian plate’s northern section is often referred to as the Indian plate, but in reality it is still the Australian plate. This plate is very fast moving, for a plate. This is what is so frightening, it has been 63 years since the last mega quake in that area.

          To put this into comparison, the 9.5 in 1960 around Chile was ONLY about 120 miles off from the 8.8 50 years later. For that much energy to be released and then only 50 years later the energy of a 8.8 to occur truly shows just how much energy can build up with these plates in small areas. I mean you would think after a 9.5, the area would remain dormant for centuries after this. Didn’t even last a few decades. The Australian plate is actually a little faster than the Nazca plate in sections.

          The Indian government is much like the US government in not telling the public what a literal ticking bomb is laying under them. There should have been a 8.2-9 20 years ago in that region as history shows. There is not much time that goes by before India is hit with a great earthquake in that region. So the Indian government will tell people that at least a 8 is due. This is the truth, but failure to tell the whole truth. There is actually way more than enough tension there to launch a 9+. In fact this is one area of about 5 in the entire world that is realistical capable of a super mega quake of 9.5+. Up to a topper of 9.7 to 9.8. I say realistical because there are bizarre scenarioes that you can have a 10 pointer, but this type of nightmare is not likely.

          There are these precursor quakes that keep occuring in the same spots where great or mega earthquakes have occurred in the past within 15 days of these same spots being hit. To have 21 earthquakes out of 37 that a 8+ has happened afterwards, where only 83 8+ events have occurred since 1900 is alarming from a basic mathematic statistical point of view. These energy arcs continue to point to India as one of the danger zones. Looking at the USGS map or other map of recent high activity all over the northern ends of the Australian plate is again alarming for India and China.

          There are other areas that are also experiencing extreme energy feed back. Alaska to the Kamachatka Peninsula and the Cascadia fault. Even southern California is experiencing this too. The worst feedback from the South American zone to from Ecuador to Peru and Central America, including southern Mexico to the Caribbean plate. There is a remote possibility of a swarm of Great to Mega quakes, this has happened on a very rare occurance before. Keep watching the seismo maps, you may be very surprised, in a bad way, what is coming.

    84. The VOICE from the Outer Wotld

      Good Morning Everyone,

      A bit of Solar here First,

      The remnant of NOAA 11861 has just rotated fully into view. At present, the most current estimate from Solen.info has the areal coverage at 1000 SM. while NOAA is estimating that at only 120. Typically, Solen is FAR closer to being correct in thier initial etimations than is NOAA. To put this in persepctive, during this cycle I have only seen Solen to RATE one spot group as larger during this, in the early phase of viewing.

      That said, we do not yet have a clear picture of the fine details and so can say little other than it IS BIG…

      Per this article, rest assured that no estimate given by anyone has as yet clarified the full extent of the problem as it exist: it takes ELECTRICTY to REFINE the metal that id used in the construction of the UHV transformers which are the CENTRAL aspect of all eletrical transmission in our modern world…IF the vast bulk of those are dameged beyond simple repair, then there will BE no reparing them…too much gone, too quickly. Once People begin to die at the rate that is implied by the sudden loss of electricity in the world as we depend on it, it will almost immediately become a ‘chain reaction’ type of event…1 becomes 2 becomes 4 becomes 8 becomes 16…run away geometric progression occurs, effectively mimicing what happens in a nuclear chain reaction, at horrifying velocity.

      I have mentioned before that the military long ago generated casualty projections for nearly all nuclear war scenerio’s…which also happen to desscribe – IMHO – the same process; the mathematics is identical excepting only the constant which describe the RATE (but AT a DIFERENT Rate of occurance) for the population ‘die-off’ that would occur after a calamity caused the grid to disappear…instead of hours to reach the 50 million casualty mark, it would take about a month….200 million mark about 7 weeks at which point the rate begins slowing somewhat. Still, at 12 weeks after the fact, you would have something exceeding 260 million casualty’s mark. And there, another spectre enters the picture; PLAGUE, which again drives up the rate anong the remaining population somemwhat..but which has another far more serious effect….it diectly affects the SURVIVEABILITY of all who yet remain. On the heels of that also enters the GRIM conseqences of our bargain with Nuclear energy…as plants begin the unstoppable process of melting down then balance of the remaining population has vanishingly few options left.

      BE ABOVE 50 degree’s North latitude, or alternately BELOW 39 degree’s South latitude…or perish. I am sorry to be the harbinger of such news, hopefully someone will take the warnings to heart and ACT….soon. So few will be left a year later; I’m not at all sure there will be enough to avoid ‘recessive multiplication’ in the gene pool after everyone is gone….

      Final analyiis; ANYTHING which has NATIONS going against NATIONS in our day….6 months later, 6.8 billion dead…more to follow as plague and radiation mop up the remainder who are so exposed thereto.

      There it is Y’All, I wish it were otherwise…it isn’t


    85. Anon

      Obama Official: US is an Islamic Country
      Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council member tweets controversial opinion of US.

      By Gil Ronen
      First Publish: 11/2/2013, 7:15 PM

      Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council, is under fire for tweeting that America is “an Islamic country,” reported the Washington Free Beacon.
      After a Twitter user asked Elibiary on Thursday to “show me just ONE example of an Islamic country where non Muslims are treated with equality,” he responded with the tweet: “America and yes I do consider the United States of America an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution. Move On!”
      Read More>

    86. Warchild

      I try on a regular basis to link some good news,this is more just pretty damn funny so thought I would link it: http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/i-am-just-fred/63773#more-63773,sure,we need to prepare and be ready but cannot lose our sense of humor/happiness or all the preps in the world are for nothing!Hope all enjoying the weekend whether working or playing,I am doing both.

    87. Joe S.

      I plan on living off my supplies for a bit,Until we get a movement going and can go armed after the culprits

    88. watching and waiting

      If an EMP strike actually occurs, I believe it will be limited in scope and I believe it will be directed at Military Command and Control Centers and key communication centers.

      Still, it will be a disruption of every day business and life activities and no doubt an increase in home invasions and street violence.

      In regard to the map. I dispute it’s accuracy or targeting strategy. I would content that the primary target area would be The North East to include Washington, DC. I would go after the head of the enemy
      I was after. But, that is my thinking.

      In regard to being ready, I think it is past time to stop wasting time going to the range to shoot paper target or what ever, it is time to train family members
      what to do in a armed home invasion, what to do, where to go, where to aim.

      One more thing….According to scriptures, when Jesus Christ returns at the second coming, every person on planet earth will see it.
      Thus, there will be electricity, communication satellites….

      Be safe every one……..it is not wrong to want to be safe and protect your self and your family.

      • SWFL

        {One more thing….According to scriptures, when Jesus Christ returns at the second coming, every person on planet earth will see it.
        Thus, there will be electricity, communication satellites…. }

        Maybe, but I wouldn’t think it’s necessarily so. I don’t think an electric grid was involved with star over the East or the day of darkness and the rending of the veil in the Temple. I would think He could make Himself seen and heard without the help of the power companies.
        I’m not criticizing, just pointing out that a working grid is not a sign of His coming.

    89. me

      “””some point we will experience another such solar storm, and some scientists believe that we are already 50 years overdue for another one. In fact, the earth had a “near miss” just a few months ago.”””

      I don’t believe this scare tactic, we have fuses and transformers in place to prevent such a thing to happen, give the power companies and Government a little credit.\ there’s no doubt that some will lose power, but not the whole country.

    90. Socrates

      Since we are still on the topic of “What will you do”- another question is ‘Do you know what to do or where to go’?

      StanDeyo.com has an excellent, excellent resource in the form of maps with detailed demographics already laid out.

      I was making my own maps, but now most of the hard work is already done. Go check them out if you get a chance, ordered mine already (why wait?) and know this will be a GREAT tool esp. when the internet goes dark, which it will…it’s just a matter of time.

    91. aljamo

      Any action taken against the people by the criminals calling the shots is only to continue the coverup of the two biggest lies in my lifetime, those being the JFK and RFK murders and the 9-11 event. I don’t see much spoken on SHTF about these events that brought the country to its current dilemma. I’m not sure if people are afraid to voice an opinion on these crucial matters. We allowed the media to control the info and brainwash public opinion. They are still in high gear suppressing the truth today, pulling 9-11 truth videos off the internet and relentlessly pushing the Oswald lone gunman lie throughout media. The growing body of evidence proves the official lies cannot stand in a court of truth. These events are just as relevant today. If the truth can not prevail, this nation is finished.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        I understand even O’Reilly’s much touted book and tv movie, Killing Kennedy, still carries on the LIE of the Oswald story.

        LIARS, all of them!

        • Walt Kowalski

          Yep….O’Reilly lost all credibility with me long ago.

          Just another NWO shill.

        • Mr. Soda

          O’Reilly is another mouthpiece to keep people in line with the state media. There are only a few “Conservatives” that I listen to and actually believe. They are: Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and yes, Alex Jones. Many people dislike Alex Jones because of the way he delivers the message so to speak. But give him a chance and listen to what the message is and soon your eyes will open to the Matrix of lies all around you.

      • VRF

        Do more reading..the subject of both you speak of, pops up on this site way more then you would think.

        there may just not be a story captioned as such, but its in the comments , such like this.

        many people on here think similarly on these issues as you do

      • Walt Kowalski

        The framework for those events was set up long before they took place.

        But from a practical standpoint….I agree that the country was different after the JFK assassination. I do believe it was a pivotal moment, as we our decline accelerated from there. And 9/11 put us on greased skids.

        • SWFL

          I agree. These events were not causes, they were illustrations of an already-existing condition.

      • SWFL

        They have to keep you from growing your own food in your yard since it is dangerous to your health because… well, just because. But eating bugs that you have no idea where they have been (or worse, you DO know where they have been) is OK since they are NATURAL, unlike the food you grow from heirloom seeds in monitored conditions.
        Oh wait, now I’m confused again. I am so fortunate the Holy Benevolent Washington Leaders of this country are here to help weak minded fools like me.

    92. Jack Hammer

      I say bring it on. I’m sick of the criminals running the U.S. and the world so let’s get the ball game going. EMP every country in the world and put us all back on a level playing field. Only the strong and the smart will survive. It’s time to cleanse the gene pool of the low life bottom feeders throughout the world. Let’s start with all the politicians!

    93. What I would do..

      First off… I’ll assume they will detonate right during peak work hours…maybe rush hour to gum things up.

      1. Walk home and have my weapons I carry in the car on me.
      2. Talk to the family.
      3. Fetch the shortwave radio that I keep wrapped in foil. Insert new batteries.
      4. Go see my neighbors.
      5. Pull out the light kit and get ready for night fall.
      6. Pull out the sleeping bags and prepare the one room in our house that is fully insulated on all sides….our shelter in place warm room…got one?
      7. Get out the weapons and keep them handy.
      8. listen for signs of martial law and crime.
      9. Make my house silent, dark and no cooking odors.
      10. Reassure the kid that all will be well…that Mom and Dad have everything covered.
      11. Put the dog on a chain in the front yard to bark.
      12. Pull out the cards and listen to shortwave radio.
      13. I would have put this earlier.. fill the tub with water. I have plenty of water. BTW..sump water… pretty clean…. hit it with chor. tablets, boil it if the gas is on, cool and pass though the berkey water filter. Water is not a big issue in the north east…it’s everywhere.
      14. If they start going house to house…hide my shit far outback in the woods…deep hole. BTW.. One guy’s idea… not bad… he has a drywall bucket and he lifts manhole covers late at night and hangs them from a rope for small caches. If it’s SHTF..they won’t be doing any sewer work.
      15. Monday am hits. That’s when it will hit folks. Their normal routine is fubar. Watch for flash panics.

      Expect to see national guard trucks rolling possibly.
      Then in time you’ll see massive crime as the poor and stupid go wild.

      Say it’s extreme…WW3, no food for a few years and so on.

      Then just put out a sign that says.. “Free Food at Noon”.
      Set up a kill lane and pick of the fat ones. ha. I’m kidding here…but ya never know.

      I do expect to see the Commie UN troops come around. Just be polite and they will pass.

      Seriously.. if SHTF.. keep some building materials around.

      Then put in a false wall..and hide your preps there.
      Drywall what you don’t need within the next few months in.
      Nobody will find it. Do it on an inside wall.

      If the commies do come a knocking.. just be polite, invite them in…ask them if they want a drink of water or instant coffee. Then laugh when they leave and enjoy your food stored.

      If they are there to take you away… then you know what to do. Embrace the 2nd and let freedom ring.

      • sixpack

        I wish I had a wall where I could create a false wall, without making windowsills too thick or closets too narrow to be believable, but I don’t. I know I can still frame up one small, plain wall, even with being disabled. That’s something any carpenter can do in their sleep.

        • sixpack

          PS: If you do that wall, don’t forget to include a working electrical outlet on it. It looks good if you have a working lamp plugged into the false wall. It boggles the mind how easily some people can be fooled—when their in a hurry to rob you.

        • OhioReader


          you may not have room for this, but I think it’s an interesting idea. It’s a hidden room off a closet. I have a basement and might be able to do this. The video is from Southernprepper1…


          • sixpack

            Nice video.

            If one were to flip the door hinges and make the door open into the hidden room and put handles on the inside of the panel, you’d be able to pull the panel in place before you closed the inside door.

            just a thought.

    94. China..planned economic war...


      Hey China…so you planned economic war with us.
      But keep in mind…there are over 150 million armed Americans.
      Of that..many own cases of ammo with your name on it.

      Let the dollar crash…. Let us default on China.
      Then restart the factories here.
      We’ll all be better for it.

      We still have some nice nukes pointed your way china.
      Don’t get any ideas.

      Can you just imagine some UN China russian peace keepers.
      They won’t be able to get out of their trucks to take a piss.

      Behind every blade of grass!

      Yeah…turn in your guns.
      Yeah right.

      NRA baby!

      Love it. A political group hell bent on defending America at all costs.

      • sixpack

        “They won’t be able to get out of their trucks to take a piss.

        Behind every blade of grass!”

        LOL. Amen Bro.

    95. Be informed

      @ Satori. It is very interesting that Laguna del Maule and Mt. Taupo in New Zealand are at about the same latitude in the southern hempishere. I have always worried much about Mt. Taupo because of the extreme position of North Island New Zealand and the Australian and Pacfific plates interacting. Mt. Taupo erupted 26,500 years ago with a little more force than Yellowstone did 640,000 years ago. This region of New Zealand also about 250,000 years ago had the 4th largest eruption in the past 10 million years. Mt. Taupo has had smaller eruptions, 28 of them in the past 27,000 years.

      A Volcanic Explosive Index of 8 means that a volcano is capable of producing 1000 cubic kilometers of ejecta. I am not sure if this region of Chile could reach that level or not. They said in the article that 50 miles north of the volcano they had, I believe they are talking about the Cerro Galan region of Chile and Argentina region that 1050 cubic Km went off about 2 and 1/2 million years ago. This could be something building again.

      Brad Singer mentions that a 1.5 meter rise is huge, but this could be a natural bulge that goes right back down again. 5 feet is really not that much unless it continues at the same rate. 5 feet over a larger area in comparison to smaller volcanoes is not really a fair comparison either. A smaller volcanic field might have a 1 foot rise as being more dramatic than a 5 foot rise over a much larger caldera area. No other super volcano has done this he states, and also no other super volcano has come close to any eruption either during recent human history that any of us have observed. None of us have actually seen what happens before a super volcano goes off. Only the records and time frames of previous eruptions tells us anything. Still this region of Chile needs attention as the largest earthquake on record occurred here in 1960, so nearby this area is capable of some super activity.

      This is why Mt. Taupo should make everyone nervous. It has a track record of eruptions much, much smaller in time scale than Yellowstone and equal in size. The eruption 250,000 years ago was about 2,000 cubic KM, and the largest Yellowstone eruption was 2,500 cubic KM about 2 million years ago. The largest magma bubble on Earth is just north of New Zealand under the Pacific and runs almost to Hawaii.

      • Eagle Eye

        BI, I grew up on a farm at the edge of the debris field thrown by the last Taupo Eruption. There were house size rocks that were different to the underlying sandstone. That was 54 miles from the centre of the lake.

        We used to fish in Lake Taupo, which is what is left behind, and the bottom in the middle would change depth on the sounder from day to day.

        If it goes off, there will be one hell of a mess. Expect Hamilton to be wiped out, it sits downstream from several large Hydroelectric lakes.

        There is a sizable town on the nth east corner of the lake as well.

        White Island is also worth a look, that volcano has erupted in the past with enough force to flatten trees on the slopes facing the bay of plenty to the north north east of Taupo. The shape of the bay of Plenty is an arc, centred roughly on White Island. Hmmmm.

        Then there is Auckland, NZ’s largest city and home to seven dormant volcanoes. the last one still smouldering as the place was settled by the europeans.

        I keep suggesting my family should leave, but normalcy bias is a hell of a thing.

        • Be informed

          @ Eagle Eye. Many people don’t realize just how volcanic North Island New Zealand is. There is geothermal areas all over the place, many that people use for therapy in these hot springs. It is interesting that New Zealand actually has extremely similiar geologic features of California. As you probably know there was a sort of mini gold and silver rush in New Zealand back in the late 1800’s as people based on that the Californian gold rush mountains were so closely to resemble that in New Zealand. Like California’s Long Valley Caldera and other volcanic areas such as Mt. Shasta and Lassen Peak, New Zealand has its volcanoes, and huge ones.

          Those volcanic lakes sure make for wonderful places to fish. Nice and deep waters where the trout can thrive. Yellowstone lake is an example of this of lake trout that many consider the carp of trout, but taste quite good fried up.

          I can see how difficult it is for anyone to leave such a scenic place as your family in New Zealand seems well rooted to the area. Auckland is a place that very rarely gets below freezing or above 80 degrees F, 27 degrees C. This is one reason why so many people stay in southern California amoungst the other catastrophic problems like warlike gangs, massive congestion, the worst pollution in the country, some of the worst most suffocating laws in the US, extremely high prices on everything and taxed up the backside, and many other terrible pains to the quality of life, THE WEATHER.

          I have always wondered about how people weigh their priorites of life, it has longed puzzled me how one positive can outweigh an extreme smorgasbord of highly negative other pains.

          Many people in northern Wyoming would never leave the area right around Yellowstone such as Cody or Powell because of all the other reasons of tranquility of the area, minus the cold weather in winter. Yellowstone unlike Mt Taupo has a different timing on it for even smaller eruptions of tens of thousands of years. I guess the odds are a little better of Yellowstone not erupting during one’s lifetime. Mt Taupo erupts every few hundred years on the average. Wellington and Auckland are easily within the blast radius of even a volcanic explosive index VEI of 6. Poor Hamilton as you say would not stand much of a chance.

          I just don’t like what I am seeing to the north of New Zealand in the Fiji region. During college I was told again and again that it was near impossible to have earthquakes deeper than 700 kilometers. Yet since the 2004 you have had several earthquakes over that 700 KM threshold, one that was 736 KM. This could signal that the inside of the planet is cooling off in certain spots and allowing for deeper penetration of the crust into the NOT so soild mantle. A cooler crust means a more rigid, stiff and inflexible, crust. That means much more severe earth movements, plus a more severe interaction between plates that could lead to more likely eruptions of volcanoes around these areas of convergence. Of course this could just be a blip in a regular cycle of the internals of the planet. I still feel that Mt. Taupo is in the top 3 of the most dangerous places for a supervolcano to blow in the near geological future.

    96. Risky Whiskey

      What am I going to do? Since I’m already stacked deep with preps, I’m going to trash all of my bills. Then I’ll just hang out at a safe distance with the family indoors and see how others are handling the situation via radio, observing the nearest road, smoke and fires on the horizon, hearing the sound of gunshots and screaming since there won’t be any motors to break up the noise.


      Full tactical alert
      Cooking discipline
      OP/LP shifts 24/7
      light discipline
      trash discipline
      noise discipline
      recycling and rationing of everything
      radio and communication monitoring
      solar panel and battery bank maintenance
      feeding the chickens, ducks, sheep and penned hogs

      Basically chillin’ like a villin’ with a stash of penicillin as events begin to unfold and humanity-unplugged shows its true colors.

      The immediate death toll will be staggering….

      -random acts of rape, robbery, looting, racism, mayhem by random violence or by eager opportunists. (think about who you would want to kill if you really thought you could get away with it… and you slipped your moorings to civility and sanity and abandoned your covenant with God)
      -all pacemakers and defibrillator implants
      -Anyone on a plane inside the blast radius
      -anyone on electronic life support or on an operating table.
      -anyone who is the target of a vendetta, stalker, disgruntled employee or who has recently filed a restraining order.
      -elderly and special needs/handicapped persons requiring at-home assistance, round-the-clock care, and daily professional medicine or feeding administering.

    97. Old-Vet

      Way too many people in my neck of the woods are waking up, some of these, are pure dyed in the wool 100% total everything Government, but not now. Their favorite saying WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHO DO THEY THING THEY ARE. If I’m lying I’m dying, these people are coming home with car loads of stuff, some frivolous, but all the same they have woken up. So I say too many people are on to TPTB and they are going to make their play soon. This is my 2 cents for what it’s worth.

    98. KY Mom


      “As Americans argue over Obamacare, illegal immigration and a variety of other important issues, the very real threat of Second Amendment infringements continues to creep as anti-gun rights advocates seek to approve the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

      The United Nations General Assembly approved the ATT earlier this year, which has been designed to regulate the traffic and possession of weapons between countries. The treaty has been signed by Secretary of State John Kerry, however the international treaty must be approved by the Senate in order to be recognized.

      While Kerry and others try to gain support for the treaty, Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz warns that the Obama Administration is already making the argument that an international treaty supersedes the rights outlined in the Constitution.”

      Tea Party News Network

      • VRF

        And my unwillingness to give up my arms trumps their UN treaty ..

        I didn’t sign shit!

    99. Southern Border

      Anyone notice how the Military channel has upped their doomsday “programming” the last couple of weeks ? I find it kind of strange myself ! Last night was filled with them.

    100. Pissed Off Granny

      Jon Rappoports article:

      Turning Mass Shootings into Police State and Other Games

      “Now that everybody knows (cough,cough) the LAX shooter was anti govt it follows as night from day that a) he must have developed his political views from conspiracy websites and b) those sites are culpable……right?”

      Go to Rappoports no more fake news dot com for the rest of the article.

      How many of the “conservative” talking heads that we here on shtf follow and admire have said anything like Rappoport in this article, and if not, why not?

      • Mama Bear

        Well….one helpful tidbit I learned from NPR this morning is that this clearly demonstrates a need for TSA officers to be armed and we need biometric (facial recognition) technology installed at all screening areas. Even though the crapload of technology would have prevented absolutely nothing. As the old SNL Church Lady would say, “WEll! Isn’t that CONVEEENIENT!!!”

    101. VRF

      The president admits to being a murderer

      New book: Obama told aides that drones make him ‘really good at killing people’

      what a thing to be proud of

    102. Zazu

      Michael Snyder is a dipshit.

      Makes loony claims in multiple articles trying to accomplish…..what?

      You either KNOW wtf is goin’ down or u deserve to die. This nutjob aint helpin’….

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