We Have Reached A Point of No Return: “The Time For Warning People to Prepare Is Over”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: FEMA, Homeland Security and the military have prepared already for what is coming. The question is: why haven’t you?

    If you’re answer is anything other than confirmation of the fact that you have been preparing, then you have ignored the warning signs, and probably have given up on your chances for surviving into the next era of civilization. There are more than enough reasons to prepare: economic collapse, martial law, riots, civil unrest, the collapse of the dollar, the disintegration/insolvency of government institutions, and the potential for all manner of natural disasters, false flags and foreign attacks. So why haven’t most prepared to avoid what could come any time this year or in the near future?

    Most people are psychologically so-tied to the system that they can’t imagine living out from under it – and are unable (and perhaps unwilling) to take action. Unlike this group in most respects, those that have prepared are already mostly oriented towards freedom, self-reliance and a life outside of the mainstream system. The truth is that what is coming won’t spare anyone based on their philosophy – either one is prepared, or one is not.

    Whether you agree with the mindset behind it or not, you’d be crazy not to prepare – and protect to the best of your ability – your family, your own life and your property. If you’re serious about getting ready, but aren’t sure what step to take next, then you need to read: The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Prepare For Any Disaster. Waiting any longer than you already have is no longer a justifiable position.

    Those That Wanted To Get Prepared Have Already Gotten Prepared By Now

    by Michael Snyder

    Is the time for warning people to prepare for what is ahead coming to an end?  For years, bold men and women all over America have been sounding the alarm and warning people to get prepared physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the great storm that is rapidly approaching.  Personally, I have written more than 2,500 articles on my primary two websites combined, and so nobody can accuse me of not blowing the trumpet.  It has gotten to the point that sometimes I am even tired of listening to myself warn the people.  But now we are shifting into a new phase.

    The other day I was reflecting on some of the things that I have been hearing lately.  Sales of emergency food and supplies are way down across the entire industry.  Many organizations and websites that have been instrumental in sounding the alarm for a long time are really struggling right now.  On my websites, traffic has hit a bit of a plateau after experiencing a tremendous surge late last year.  Overall, “prepping” was very hot just a few years ago, and at one time it was estimated that there were approximately three million “preppers” in the United States.  But these days there seems to be a tremendous amount of apathy out there.

    As I reflected on all of this, I came to one inescapable conclusion.

    Those that wanted to get prepared have already gotten prepared by now, and those that did not want to get prepared are not likely to do so any time soon.

    I personally know a lot of people that are very, very prepared and have been for a long time.  Yes, there is still a small minority of people out there that only recently woke up and started prepping, but overall most of the preparation that people wanted to do has already been completed.  And for those that have not done anything to prepare, you could argue with them until the moon turns to cheese and they still won’t take any action.

    At this point the die has been cast.  Most of those that felt that they should prepare have already prepared.  Most of those that felt that they should repent have already repented.  Most of those that felt that they should warn America have already sounded the alarm.

    So now all that is left is to wait for the shaking to begin.

    In looking back at what has transpired over the last several years, I think that it would be appropriate to say something about the failure of the church in America.

    You see, if the churches of America were doing their job, all of the “watchmen” out there would not even be needed.  Our voices would simply be lost in a chorus of thousands upon thousands of pastors, teachers, ministers and evangelists boldly warning people about what is coming to this nation.

    But instead, there is just deafening silence coming from most of the mainstream churches.

    The sad thing is that many, many church leaders understand very clearly what is coming, but they have purposely chosen not to warn the people.  Some time ago, George Barna conducted a study that looked into why our churches are not addressing the key issues of the day, and what he discovered was absolutely astounding

    “‘What we’re finding is that when we ask them about all the key issues of the day, [90 percent of them are] telling us, ‘Yes, the Bible speaks to every one of these issues,” he explained. “Then we ask them: ‘Well, are you teaching your people what the Bible says about those issues?’ and the numbers drop…to less than 10 percent of pastors who say they will speak to it.”

    Most churches in America don’t want to talk about the hard things, because they desperately want to make people feel comfortable.  They want to entertain people and make them happy so that they will come back week after week and drop their money into the offering plate.

    When it comes to defining success as a church, Barna found that there were five primary factors that were important to the majority of pastors, and none of them had anything to do with repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ…

    “There are five factors that the vast majority of pastors turn to,” he outlined. “Attendance, giving, number of programs, number of staff, and square footage.”

    Sadly, most Christians in America actually prefer these lukewarm churches, and the Apostle Paul warned that these times were coming nearly 2000 years ago.  The following is what 2 Timothy 4:3-4 says in the Modern English Version

    3 For the time will come when people will not endure sound doctrine, but they will gather to themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires, having itching ears, 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn to myths.

    You may not want to hear this, but the majority of churches in America have already gone apostate, and that is the truth.

    We are slowly but surely losing an entire generation of Americans, and yet our dead and dying churches just continue to slumber.  I shared the following numbers in a previous article, but they bear repeating.  The following comes directly out of a Pew Research Center report

    Millennials – especially the youngest Millennials, who have entered adulthood since the first Landscape Study was conducted – are far less religious than their elders. For example, only 27% of Millennials say they attend religious services on a weekly basis, compared with 51% of adults in the Silent generation. Four-in-ten of the youngest Millennials say they pray every day, compared with six-in-ten Baby Boomers and two-thirds of members of the Silent generation. Only about half of Millennials say they believe in God with absolute certainty, compared with seven-in-ten Americans in the Silent and Baby Boom cohorts. And only about four-in-ten Millennials say religion is very important in their lives, compared with more than half in the older generational cohorts.

    Those numbers are absolutely horrifying.  Yes, there are still a few really good churches scattered across the country.  But overall, the church in America is in really sorry shape, and the numbers don’t lie.  Christianity is in rapid decline in the United States, and somebody better wake up and start doing something about it.

    Over the years, I can’t tell you how many dead churches that I have sat in.  That is why it is so refreshing when I actually find one where the gospel is preached and where people truly love one another.  I have had the privilege of sharing my message in such a church in recent months, and I wish that there were a lot more of them out there.

    Unfortunately, most ministers in America are really busy doing things other than what they should be doing.  For instance, have you ever heard of “clergy response teams”?  If you can believe it, the government has actually recruited ministers to help the population accept martial law when it is declared someday.  The following comes from KSLA News

    Could martial law ever become a reality in America?  Some fear any nuclear, biological or chemical attack on U.S. soil might trigger just that.  KSLA News 12 has discovered that the clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem: Us.

    Can you believe that?

    Here is more from the report…

    Such clergy response teams would walk a tight-rope during martial law between the demands of the government on the one side, versus the wishes of the public on the other.  “In a lot of cases, these clergy would already be known in the neighborhoods in which they’re helping to diffuse that situation,” assured Sandy Davis.  He serves as the director of the Caddo-Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

    For the clergy team, one of the biggest tools that they will have in helping calm the public down or to obey the law is the bible itself, specifically Romans 13.  Dr. Tuberville elaborated, “because the government’s established by the Lord, you know.  And, that’s what we believe in the Christian faith.  That’s what’s stated in the scripture.”

    I don’t know about you, but I found that article to be extremely chilling.

    But this is the state of things in America today.  We have a dead church that is stuffed to the gills with dead ministers, and the people are not being told the truth about the great shaking that is coming to America.

    And when the great shaking comes, there will be multitudes of these dead churches and ministries that will go under and never rise again.

    Meanwhile, God will be raising up a Remnant, and that Remnant is going to shake the world.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Yes it is.,and nothing is going to change these mentally enslaved moronic midgets.

        Live Free or Die…I’ve done my part

        • Michael Snyder = Fearporner + Fake Christian + Zionist shill

          Now you, gullible and stupid animals, go and purchase the garbage currently advertised on Snyder’s site.

          • Manfred=mentally enslaved moronic midget.
            It does take going to Snyder’s site or opinions to know these useful idiots cannot be reached.

            Live Free or Die…I doubt you even tried Manfred

            • Agree Talon1776,

              Also, one more piece of prepping advice. After being at my BOL now for 17 months, and have my several buildings set up. Keep a good stock of Bug Spray. Cockroaches and a variety of bugs will also want to eat your food preps. So keep all of your food supplies in sealed containers. I just bought more various types of bug catchers, from fly and bug sticky strips, to poisons. Cockroach hotels, and vermin catchers and killers. Spray the perimeter of your building every other week inside and out, or when needed and always spray heavy around doors and window openings where they come in. Seeing a dead cockroach is a good thing. It means the spray is working. I flip the light on sometimes in the night, and see one crawling. Smash em’ if I can.. Just one here or there, not bad at all, but they are not welcome in my home. I have not had any problems with mice, or rats, or raccoons, and always store open food away in tight containers, or the trash into the sealed trash cans outside and away from my buildings. Give them nothing to eat but poison. I had one cockroach the other night run out the door when I kept spraying him. He wanted no part of that cocktail concoction.

              Getting a restful night sleep is really important, not up all night swatting flies, bugs or pesky mosquitos. I live in the woods and swamp basically in Florida, and there is everything here a crawling. I welcome the small lizards that sit on my porch eating the bugs for me. I think the snakes and hawks keep the mice and rodents at bay.


          • Can anyone see what’s going on . And not buy insurance? Have you ever missed a meal? Tried to go to sleep on an empty stomach? What person would tell you not to cover your ass. If you have kids? They must want to see you suffer. They are phycotic perverts. It’s entertainment for them. The American people are handicapped buy the inability to comprehend the evil on this planet.. But it will soon smack us in the face.satan rules this world and his best weapon is the lie . And if you are not ready .you will sell your soul. For a measure of wheat. And take the mark. Fill your lamps.

            • I did starve about 25 yrs ago for 3 months. Lost my job. I didn’t have any food in the house cept crackers and popcorn. Didn’t even have butter or ketchup. I did go go bed hungry every nite. I managed by going to a soup kitchen 2-3x a wk for supper and sometimes i would eat at my moms, but it was only one meal a day and i was always hungry at nite. This is what led me to prepping. I realized that starving is the worst thing ever. I had zero preps, no rice, no beans, no can food, no spam, nothing cept crackers and popcorn. Becuz i went to bed hungry every nite for the 3 months now i have to eat something late at nite. After i got another job i started to prep some so i had 3 months of food. Now I am much older and i worry that doomsday will never come and i will die leaving all my preps…and who will get that food? I’m thinking of a neighbor at the corner. I am in late 60’s so hope i live another ten yrs at least…sure would hate to see those preps get wasted !!

              • Marie. Is this not the same as insurance? When you don’t get in an accident, or have your house burn down, do you rue the fact that you paid your insurance premiums? I consider it just like any other insurance, or like 100 years ago, where every year you prepared for winter the same way. Some winters were mild, and you maybe over-prepared. But you never knew what kind of winter it would be, so you always prepared.

                I, too, went through a very bad period about 30 years ago, which caused me to wake up. Seems a lot of people hav just had a relatively secure life, so it just doesn’t process with them that something could happen. It’s called the normalcy bias. And you know what? They COULD be right. But if they are wrong, the impact will be catastrophic or fatal, similar to taking a chance with not insuring your house against fire. Moreover, the cost of some preps are very minimal. E.g., rice. Stores forever (white, parboiled), you can rotate it, etc. Same with oatmeal. It’s 3 bucks for a large box, and I always keep about 10, which would feed my wife and I for quite a while, even if it isn’t exactly caviar. The only reason people don’t do even this basic level of preparedness is ignorance, unwillingness to think, normalcy bias, and similar – all of them very unthinking.

          • Gullible and stupid animals? Purchasing garbage? Do you see Venezuela . Did you see Katrina. Who’s the stupid animal? Who’s gullible? Us for believing you? Will you be on your knees begging us to feed your family? Because you didn’t want to spend your money on snyders site . Instead you wanted a wide screen to watch ball games and porn. The wheat and the Tares. Can’t wait to see the look on your face.


            • DMonic – please tell me in as much detail as you need, exactly how the stupidity you just uttered DOESN’T apply equally to the site you’re on right now.

              • …and then describe how you’re not a moron for saying what you did.

                Thanks in advance.

          • You, Manfred, are completely confused.
            True Christians understand that our Savior Jesus was a member of the tribe of Judah, through Mary his mother. Judah was just one of the twelve tribes of Israel–those each representing the children of Jacob(I.e. Israel) son of Isaac, son of Abraham.
            Jesus, who in Matthew 5:17-21 stated clearly that he meant to sustain the teaching of the Torah and not change anything, was Crucified in Jerusalem(called Zion in the Old Testament).
            Perhaps you should read the book rather than listen to false apostles.

            • Unfortunately, “Christians” have read the Bible for 2000 years, and still do not know the Truth. All of Israel are Judeans, the word “Jew” was demeaning, invented by the Germans. God is seeking individuals, not churches. All one has to do is begin asking God to be a “Father”to them and provide for them, and he will do the rest. (By the way, ask your pastor, deacons, elders etc, to reveal to you what the Truth is. Good Luck!! )
              Christianity will not save you; when you know the Truth you will leave the dead end church and fellowship directly with Christ- the Lord. That is the original plan for mankind. God will change you, care for you as a father is supposed to.
              Do you even know what you are saved ‘from’? Ask your leader, the shepherd…How is one born dead and in Sin? What did Adam do that brought Sin into the world? Do you know?
              He left the provision of God and decided to look for his own provision- that is the Sin the world lies in ! Sin has nothing to do with the Ten Commandants- it is breaking to relationship with the spiritual father and being your own provider! Apocalypse – the original meaning- means to “reveal what has been hidden”in this case – it is the Christ in every man- when revealed will walk the Earth in power- Just as Jesus – that is “Truth” manifested !!

              • I agree 100% ! http://www.downtoearththinking.com/religions–prayer-and-meditation.html

                And everything in this article I have had posted on my site for years now , nothing new at all and I like Snyders work, just a little slow on delivery by a few years ?

                But the truth is most Americans are quite slow on comprehension and now it has all caught up with them !

                As I have been saying for the last few months , the next few months and certainly the next few weeks will be mind blowing here in USSA to most Americans as the violence ramps up. Most will be scared shitless more so than they already are ! The REP convention will be a turning point and people will likely die. We shall see how Trump responds since he has avoided it all so far deliberately, but he will soon be forced to take a stand and that may define him ? We shall see very soon.

                Anybody that is not already thinking in terms of preparedness is likely already a victim. And many so-called preppers have a lot all wrong and are no better off because they buy into all the sales/marketing BS and have not prepared for the most important issues !

          • Last year I stated if Snyder’s economic collapse prediction before the year didn’t come true, after 8 years of the same, he should give up his blog. Obviously he did not, because of the money. So, since false prophet didn’t want to stop then, it’s funny how he has written the above article I refuse to read, since it’s his. There are several blogs and bloggers giving sound advice, all this failed lawyer can muster is the same regurgitated this could happen, or that could happen.

            • its just good sense to stash a little here and there where food and ammo are concerned. nobody has to buy products from this site. everything we need is available everywhere for prepping so be a boy scout like I was and just BE PREPARED. take care, stettsun

          • Snyder is exactly right on this point: “the failure of the church in America” Yes indeed, as they Preach theory Fraud and BS, and keep their flocks numbed and dumbed down, to be reliant on the church. And why is this? Because Churches are another arm of the Government, receive 501(c)3 status and keep spreading feel good dumbed down info, the size of a garden snail. They want you dependent on the BuyBull for info. Nope, no real current 21th century info date for the sheep. Keep them stupid 2000 years back in the Hole of darkness.

            Go ask your preacher to provide the names of humans who received ever lasting life? as the Big Lie=John 3-16 preaches. That’s the Fraud of the Church. Preachers should be sent to prison for duping sheep out of their wealth. Its a big Ponzi scheme that provides no winners ever, but the Fraudsters preaching, as they buy mansions and jet aircraft and huge stadiums to dumb down more sheep. And the stooped sheep keep falling for it. 2000 years and Jesus is still a “NO-Show.” Like who the sucker believing this BS?

            Reality is what you should examine, not hopey, wishey washy religion and faith, which provides no facts or proof, just a Cult and a place for the lost souls to gather and feel wanted. Grow some balls and stand on your own 2 feet, and seek the truth in all matters. Take your Church donations and go buy a year of food supply. That will save your life, over praying to a imaginary holy ghost.

            Just saying, even Preacher Chuck Baldwin agrees that Churches need to shed their 501(c)3 status and challenge the Government, and get involved in politics and call out the liars who cheat and rob us. As for now they are just another arm of the Government, like Fluoride is to the brain, for more dumbing down of the flock.

            I call it like I see it. I quit the church after 9-11 when I saw it was nothing but lies and fraud.

            Wake up sheeple. There will be no room for errors going forward from here.


            • I am a prepper – however, we need to remember the coming chaos, which we can see the seed even now, is predicted in the Book, because it is the work of the Lord in destroying the World -that system which requires man to work, invest and work more just to survive. The word “Believe” means- “to give one’s self totally into the care of another”. Do you Believe in God ? When you do, and he has taught you how to live by this faith, you will prep knowing you have done all you can physically, and if you need anything else, it will be provided from the spirit realm or the Kingdom. I have experienced this for the past 50 years- he is waiting on you..

          • I want us all to buy a shitload of watermelons and fried chicken to give away at the negro matters events. Only thing is, there will be poison in the negromelons. Problem solved except for cleanup as the negros in their madness will descend on the melons as vultures would on rotten roadkill.

            • Excellent!!!

              • Get this: The Lefty Commie Zionist and US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says if Trump is elected, she is moving to New Zealand. I say “GOOD, get the F*ck out of here, and take your band of parasites with you.”

                Trump Responds:

                The Trumpster is right: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘mind is shot’ because she was brain damaged by chemotherapy in 2009… (and hasn’t been able to think straight since)

                Wednesday, July 13, 2016
                by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

                (NaturalNews) Three days ago, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg went on a discombobulated verbal rampage against Donald Trump, calling him a “faker” and claiming that if he were elected president, “then everything is up for grabs.”

                She then went on to declare that everybody should “move to New Zealand” where, apparently, they can all wear their liberal tin foil hats together while America finally builds a wall to keep them all out.

                But what almost nobody seems to remember about all this is that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was brain damaged by chemotherapy in 2009. As this NY Daily News story explains, she underwent chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer that year.

                Chemotherapy is a systemic poison that damages the brains, kidneys and hearts of those who undergo the procedure. As oncologists well know, chemotherapy causes “chemo brain” — a form of chemically induced brain damage that severely impairs cognitive ability by damaging brain cells. It’s far worse than the brain damage you’d suffer from sniffing glue or consuming meth, by the way.

                Chemo brain is a medically recognized side effect of chemotherapy, and even the Mayo Clinic describes chemo brain side effects as including:

                * Confusion
                * Difficulty concentrating
                * Difficulty finding the right word
                * Feeling of mental fogginess
                * Short-term memory problems
                * Taking longer than usual to complete routine tasks
                * Trouble with verbal memory, such as remembering a conversation

                Does this sound exactly like Ruth Bader Ginsburg? You bet it does!

                America’s highest court populated by a brain-damaged liberal
                All this explains why Ginsberg’s Supreme Court decisions have been so cognitively impaired for the last seven years. It’s also why she recently committed a huge error by uttering all those insanely stupid words against Donald Trump, earning her a retort from Trump who correctly says her “mind is shot.”

                The Trumpster is now calling for Ginsberg to resign in shame, and even the New York Times now agrees that Trump is right: Ginsberg has totally lost her mind. Why hasn’t she resigned yet? Because she’s too cognitively impaired to realize she needs to resign.

                It’s frightening to think that the very future of America hinges in part on the decisions of a brain-damaged U.S. Supreme Court Justice who has lost the ability to think or speak with clarity. Yet in another way, it’s also not so surprising: She’s the perfect poster girl for the total insanity that now exists in Washington D.C. … a dangerous departure from sanity that’s now endemic across the entire federal government. In fact, if you think about it, why shouldn’t an insanely stupid, incompetent and corrupt federal government be incessantly granted unconstitutional powers by a brain-damaged Supreme Court justice who can’t control her own mouth?

                This is all the more reason to elect Donald Trump, by the way. If we are to have any real hope of saving America, we have to replace all the insane, incompetent and brain damaged government officials with intelligent, capable, patriotic Americans who can get things done while protecting individual liberty. Read more at Trump.news.

                Learn more: ht tp://www.naturalnews.com/054650_Ruth_Bader_Ginsburg_chemo_brain_Donald_Trump.html#ixzz4ENqm3WJf


            • You are a pathetic excuse for a human. Please don’t hide your white superiority. I want to know your kind when the SHTF. As a white skinned person myself, I think you are an embarrassment.

              It’s sad that your post has gone unmoderated in this forum. It reflects badly on Mac too.

              • Glad you liked my post white trash. Everyone knows blm is a terrorist organization and needs to be eliminated

              • Well said Naznarreb…. Thank you. Some of these parasites are just here to “cause trouble”, and do not have the mental intellect to understand what we are facing. We will be vindicated when nature and the Universe culls the sick and stupid. Consider it strengthening the human gene pool where good people are self-reliant and can work together for good of man and our planet. Be well.

              • unfortunately if starvation is rampant, race and everything else wont matter as the human animal becomes what it is, an animal and will do whatever it takes to survive.

            • Wow, didn’t know I could shoot coffee from my nose that far! Thanks for the laugh today!

            • A real visit by the Christ, and you will never think of these type things again – you will see the most vile, wicked among us as a potential Child of God – you will hold your tongue, control your mind and give thanks for the awesome thing he has done for you – there by the grace of God – I was..

          • Sad, Manfred. Very sad. And nice touch adding in the Jew baiting as well. What a class act you are.

          • Manfred = Talker out of his ass + Arrogant prick that knows nothing about Michael Snyder + Anti-Semite that will never know the Lord

            See how easy it is

          • Manfred=another useless troll. Move along sonny.

      2. I totally agree that the time for giving out warnings is past. We must all now concentrate on Operational Security and practice Situational Awareness. Time to hunker down folks, Michael is correct..

        Everyone… watch your six. Get a dash cam for your vehicle and a gas mask at the very least.

      3. For me and mine the Rubicon was crossed away back. Remember no matter who you go in with it’s YOYO (Your On Your Own)

        May the Tree of Liberty stand tall!!! At least let them know where they got it.

        • I also have stopped warning the masses to prep, friends and family, and am now only working with those who got the message, with final prepping, like purchasing PM’s. The rest will probably die when it collapses. Can’t say I did not give them plenty of warning. They chose the wrong path of complacency.


          • I’ve been told there’ll be a large toll on the human and the animal population. Many will die. Maybe at some level those who DON’T prep ‘know’ they’re leaving? Perhaps only the strongest will survive? The weak and wishy washy might need to leave. Good luck to those of you in the USA. It must be very unsettling for you all.

        • II Timothy Chap3 1Thru4 “This know also that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blaspheremers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy. Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, firece, dispisers of those that are good. Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God”. Are we in the last days? Trekker Out. For Me And My House, We Will Serve God!

          • MT,

            Sounds like some of us, doesn’t it? We ARE in the last days and Michael Snyder is spot on. The churches have neglected teaching true doctrine from the scriptures and gone to surfing on the popular waves and issues that are flooding the country.

            There is always hope as long as there is life. Be prepared to throw out many life lines but be sure to put your own oxygen mask on first! The ancient prophets were often persecuted and killed because their own people grew tired of listening to their message.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • laeagle I’m afraid that one or more of those conditions effect all of us. But the Lord is gracious enough to forgive us if we just ask. Trekker Out. Jesus Is Lord!

          • Wow what Timothy said really fits our society now word for word !!!

      4. The saved are now vastly outnumbered by the unsaved. And the great collapse of an empire has begun.!!!!

      5. ministers who try to subjugate us to the government are traitors and should be treated as such

      6. Unfortunately this article is dead on.

        Why do we have transgender bathrooms?
        Why do we have gay marriage?
        Why are we losing freedom peace by peace?
        Why does it seem the only religion not allowed is Christianity in a country that was established on christian values?
        Why is prayer not allowed in schools?
        Why are the ten commandments not allowed to be hung on the wall in public places?

        Why in Gods name was I personally told I could not pray if asked by those I lead at work?

        I am still a free American man. I have rights not given by government but given by God. I refused to obey the people at work. I was the only one. Where are all the Christians that should be protesting? Why are we not all heading to the Sodom of our country known as Washington DC?

        It makes one want to cry out of pure rage and sadness. We have lost our one great country. I fear it is possibly the Great Babylon spoken of in the bible. If so our once great country will not return.
        We have one chance and that is to repent and put God back at the head of our country. He was in the beginning. Anything is possible with God.
        If we don’t then we have pain, suffering, war, drout, natural disasters, disease, ect. in our future.
        My prayers are with you all at this time. My hopes are we come together no matter our beliefs to restore this country to what it was.
        May God be with us all.

        • I believe that God is gone from Amerika becuz Communism has taken over. I truely believe that. Makes sense.

          • I guess Marie that you are running a lame psyop. What makes you think we’re going to bend over and let them have it? I also guess you want to bend over as well.

            • How many women will fight? What do they do with their kids? What happened in the revolution. Men left their families for years to fight. How did they feed their kids? How many now will leave their families and live in the bush. This has to be quick and dirty. No patty cake . No friends no family? To the bone? As is written the worse time this planets ever seen? And there is no way out. The tribulation. No were to run?

            • I won’t see their new world order because I will be killed fighting against it. Some things are worth dying for. If enough people fight there is a chance but I am not hopeful. At least I’ll die a man.

              • God is not gone. He’s pretty darn angry with us I bet. Judgement is coming.

                • Yeah it’s called Sharia law…

                  Seriously you know all the things in life that made me go “this could never happen”. Like outsourcing our entire manufacturing base… I was like “well this could never happen… it’s suicide and it’s obvious that it is”… and here we are. You tell me man.

                  BUT of all the things in life that made me go “this could never happen”, LIBERALS + SHARIA LAW IN BED TOGETHER has got to just absolutely take the fricking cake.


                  Like you want to bitch about the Patriarchy… dude this is the condensed refined origin of the origin of the origin of the so called Patriarchy. This is pure distilled 10 million proof bigotry at its absolute fricking apex. Like it’s impossible to be more of a bigoted asshole than these guys are. The KKK are amateurs by comparison.

                  And yet what are all the liberals doing? Kissing their ass.

                  Their way of “sticking it to the Man”? They’re sticking it to themselves so that shit’s funny right there.

                  You can kiss all your transgender bathroom whatever shit goodbye the second Sharia becomes the law of the land and right at the moment it’s in the mail kids. Kiss all that goodbye not to mention your personal rights as a human and the First Amendment and your daughters and your freedom and on and on…

                  • Well I’m going to kill the Muslim trash when the time comes. As many as I can anyway.

                • IMHO The biggest thing God is going to be mad about is: All you people keep bringing him into this; as if it’s his problem! It’s yours! In the last 2000 years there have been truly God only Knows how many revolutions, depressions. famines etc. Exactly why do you think THIS ONE is different? Quit looking to him for help. If you cannot get up and get busy, why should he help you? Quit looking to him for help; people got themselves into this, you better be prepared to get yourselves out. I have no idea how many good people died in WWII but of the estimated 50 million who did, they’d have been a lot better off getting their butts in gear than waiting for God’s help. Whatever his plan is; he doesn’t seem to like stupid people who think it’s his job to save their nuts.

                  • Paranoid,

                    You’ve got a point, point well taken! God helps those who help themselves. He is more than generous in His help but we have to do our part as well and be willing to receive His help. God have mercy if we think we can do it all on our own. The catastrophe that is coming is bigger than anything we can imagine. Be prepared to die! We are all in the same boat (think Titanic, spaceship Earth)! And yet, there is hope. There will be a remnant. Who will be in that remnant? Who is prepared? Who has their lamps trimmed and full of oil? Judgement is coming but so is Mercy! Each of us will be accountable for what has been entrusted to us, some with little and some with much. It is up to us to make the most with what we have been entrusted.

                    White skins bleed just the same as black, red, yellow, and brown. Many African Americans have already gone through incredible hardships and may be more likely to survive than their non-black counterparts. We all need each other if we are to survive. Many of my colleagues and friends are black or Creole and they are worried and are prepping too!

                    Louisiana Eagle

                    • Paranoid & laeagle,

                      While I understand your position please be advised that none of what you have posted is supported by Scripture.
                      “Self Reliance” is the antithesis of Christianity.
                      The quote “God helps those who help themselves” is not Scriptural. GOD intends for us to rely on him. That doesn’t mean sitting on our butt. Remember, Christians are “not of this world” and have been set apart from it. GOD is going to allow bad things to happen on this Earth. This is why we prep – to take care of our own – but in the end we as Christians are to rely on GOD.
                      Our focus should ultimately be on Eternity not the little dot of time we call Earthly life. Keep your eye on the prize.

                  • Paranoid

                    Good point.

              • Menzo, same here. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

            • “What makes you think we’re going to bend over and let them have it?”

              I guess then you’re running some kind of lame psyop since they’ve already taken it. The America that had freedom is already gone. What you’re living in is the momentum of her carcass, or the momentum of you bent over taking it, you decide

        • Mike in VA, To answer most of your questions….Because our Flotus (Michael) is transgender and our Potus is gay (yes, Michelle is/was a man) and neither are Christian.

          As I said in a previous thread if Barry & Michael were both straight/hetero they would not have given a rat’s ass about the tranny/gay/bi community–they would not have given them a second thought. Same for the Muzzies.

          • I’m not so sure of all that. I think he passed all of the LGBT stuff to make it easy for all the Muslims to find them. He didn’t do the LGBT any favors. The more Muslims in the country, the more LGBT will die by Sharia Law. And they will be easy to find. Makes sense to me.

        • If anything is possible with god then all it would take is for all the christians in the world to pray for an end to:

          – gay marriage
          – pornography
          – transgenders to be whatever sex their genitals dictates
          – murder
          – rape
          – child molestation
          – stealing
          – lying
          – cheating

          etc, etc, etc. Your own jesus in your bible states that whatever is asked in his name will be given. So get to praying and we will all await the miracles that will revert this country back to the imaginary unicorn of godliness it never, ever was.

        • Mike in VA.. The answer to all your questions is the Commie Zionists that hijacked our Government, to destroy us from within with all this BS degradation. Once we shed our country of these parasites, we will be a great nation again. We are coming to decision time, to make the choice. Die a slave or be Free. I choose Freedom.

          ~WWTI… All I can do now is spread the truth. The battle rifle is ready too if needed in WROL, as it will be Game on, just like our Founders intended. That is why these parasites want to ban our guns. Its their last hurdle left to crush to then expire us at their free will. Not on my watch.

        • The final straw that broke the camel’s back was when “homosexual marriage” “became law” in America.

          God’s most hated sin is homosexuality.

          He gave so much to us. And, look how we treated Him and what He asked for in the Commandments.

          I would have turned my back as well.

        • Excellent post Mike. It ain’t over til we throw in the towel, which I, for one, am not doing.

        • Amen to that brother! I don’t think we can make God the head of our country anymore, as we are outnumbered. We can still make him head of our households, families and our lives, though. We will get through the Tribulation.

        • As it is stated, the law is for the lawless. You know we are in trouble, when the lawless remove the laws that were for their consideration and a standard for living. What do they do now?
          They wait for the coming judgement!!
          They are “believers” afraid – because they do not believe- God does not exist – just a concept, an imagination somewhere out there. He was not an imagination when he created a man, opened the Red Sea and impregnated a young Judean virgin.
          If you “think”you are “saved”you had better wake up – if you are being saved you will know – God will be providing for you, saving you from the World and it’s destruction. Wake Up !!

        • Mike in VA,

          So very well said. 10 years ago I could never have imagined the United States as it is now. My heart breaks for the state of our country.

      7. Vote for Tump or I’ll personally come over there and cut your fuckin’ bollocks off…Don’t let that rug munchin’ H become your dear leader my American luvvies. Dykes need a good ol’ dickin’ BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      8. I’m retired now, but the megachurch I helped build when we were preaching truth and turning away 30 cars on Sunday despite five weekend service is now grace gone wild resulting in 1,000 mature believers moving on. I no longer participate other than attend to hold up a mirror to our face.

        • Since you ministered to the thousands, teaching them how to enter into the Kingdom, preaching “the truth” maybe you can explain the those on this forum what the Truth is? Jesus said “I am the Truth”. Will you explain that is as few words as possible. I will add, if cannot explain this in simple language, you never preached the Truth, you are another “preacher” God used to preach
          “…so in hearing, they could not hear and in seeing they would be blind..” I really feel sorry for the thousands you led deeper into your lies…

      9. Hunker down gang…..its all coming together as planned by the people that be.

      10. Referencing the religious factor in this article, as far as I’m concerned the less people we have sitting in church the better off we are. I firmly and unshakably place my soul in the hands of Christ Jesus, but church, really. There are so many denominations rooting around in whatever pseudo spiritual trough the rot gut of the week is being pour into that I simply have no time or desire for church. Pray the rosary, seriously. Believe in a pre-trib rapture to save me from the collaspe…da! Hoop and holler while claiming I’m speaking in tongues…nope. Christ lives, and church sux, it’s that simple. If anyone is offended, deal with it. thanks

        • I hope I offend masses of people, how many is that – if possible the world !! “Tongues” is another word for “language” and is even used today in multinational meeting and conferences. Which tongue shall we use today – English, Russian, Vietnamese – does everyone agree on English ? Translators provide for the few who want clarity in the language. Anytime one asks “God”to give us something someone else has, Satin sends the False Prophet to mimic the Holy Spirit. No where is the Holy Spirit promised to come and “cause”one to jabber garbage, or fall on the floor and walk like a duck. The False Prophet and the Anti-Christ mimic Christ and the Holy Spirit, and control the church today. They refuse to believe the Truth and are ‘led’ into a lie…

      11. Jews infiltrated the Christian Church in order to destroy it.

        Don’t believe it.

        In the 1600’s Jews were kicked out and told to convert to Christianity, die, or leave.

        A letter to the Jews from a leader among the Jews was discovered. In it he instructs them to go ahead and become Christians wherein they, the Jews, having infiltrated the Church of Christ, their nexus, the Jews could destroy Christiandom. So much for T.V. Preachers. So much for the Jesuits (Jews). So much for pedophillia in the Catholic Chirch which now “hires” gay priests and has a Pope preaching heresy.

      12. just what exactly do people think is going to happen
        that is going to be “the end of the world” ???

        people have been predicting the end of the world
        since the beginning of the world

        a careful reading of the Gospels clearly shows
        the early Christians believed the end would come in THEIR lifetime,and EVERY single generation since has believed the exact same thing

        and they ALL have been wrong,wrong,wrong

        • May not be the end of the world…but it will be the end of America if Trump isn’t President., by which when he does become President… You will be wrong, wrong, wrong!

          Live Free or Die…awwww another protestor…alright get him out! OUT!…OUT! ..and take his coat.

          • I’m waiting for Open Season on Parasites, Male or Female, and No Daily Bag Limit. I guess that’s what happens in WROL. Bring it.


        • Yes maybe you are right . But what if you are wrong? I don’t have much to lose. Chicken feed if nothing happens. I have enough food to feed chickens for a long time. Have I wasted my life ? The chickens won’t think so. I like chickens. And as long as I can feed them they’ll like me. I’m good with that. I’ll believe the book of revelations . Over your believes . And if it is a lie. I’ve got plenty of chicken food. Truth. On satans world. How can we expect truth. We have been warned . Foolish virgins? Not me. I see the signs.

        • I don’t know of a single Christian group that espouses the end of the world in our lifetime. I think you got you information on Christianity from the progressive left wing press.

          I’m amazed at how many people reject God’s grace based on the teachings of atheists and agnostics, as though they are the spiritual teachers of our age.

          • seriously dude ????????

        • Satori. I have to mention that when Jesus said in Matthew 24:34 he was talking to his disciples saying “this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.” Was he lying to his disciples, no. The “end of the world” did happen but in a way we don’t seem to get these days. He destroyed Jerusalem in 70a.d. fulfilling the old covenant and bringing in the new one, setting his kingdom up here on earth spiritually. That’s what he was talking about the whole time. John in revelations says numerous times that everything he writes is about to happen soon, soon to take place”. 1 john 2:18, Dear children this is the last hour and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it’s the last hour.”
          All the crap headed our way is from us, and yes punishment from God. But Jesus did what he said he would do, and our hope has been completed. I can go on and on. Just wish people would read the bible not thinking it’s being written to them, but to people 2000 years ago. And stop trying to look at current events and find them in scripture to fit your thought proceaa. That’s not how ypu interpret the Bible!

        • Eventually, one of those generations will be right. Live your life as though it’s YOUR generation, and you’ll be fine no matter what happens or doesn’t happen…

        • As for me, I don’t believe that “the end of the world” means the Earth becomes this gigantic spinning lifeless rock, I think it means the end of the world as they/we know it and damned near every.single.generation has experienced cataclysms one any number of variety with a great number of souls shed and then a re-emergence of the Lord (Peace) after people get tired of mass death.

      13. Keep prepping, everybody. I guess the encouraging thing here is that if the food storage companies are starting to get declining orders, maybe I can pick up some freeze dried food at a discount. That stuff is kinda pricey compared to just stocking up on beans, rice, wheat, and corn (which also last 20+ years in storage if you pack them right). I have an 5 gallon bucket of quick oats mylared and in the freezer right now: $1.50 for the food grade bucket; $6.00 for the oats; $1.50 for the mylar bag and O2 absorbers.

        • Well at least the food storage people can eat their inventory if everything goes to hell.

        • The problem I see with 5 gallon buckets is once you open it, their is to much to deal with before bugs and storage comes. I like 1 gallon containers. They stack and store just as easy and actually take up less room because they are rectangle, not round. A lot less wasted space.
          As far as keep on prepping, I totally agree. If you think you have enough, prep some more. They say when you are in the woods and you have gathered enough fire wood for the night, you will need three times that much. Same goes with prepping. Read some backpacking and hiking magazines. If you are sitting around enjoying your preps and not using hardly any energy,. then 600 – 1500 calories a day is just fine. If you are on the move, expending a lot of energy, and would like to maintain, you will need 5000 – 8000 calories a day. Before everybody starts going off, not everybody is living in there BOL, not everybody is going to be driving to there BOL, and not everybody will be riding to there BOL. A lot of people don’t even have a BOL, but they do have dreams of throwing that pack on, loading up the wife and kids and walking to the mountains, three states away. Not impossible but a lot more calories and time to get their than previously figured on. Point is, when you think you have enough, get some more. What is the worse thing that could happen. You will end up with more trades. You will extend your stay.
          Three is two, two is one, and one is FEMA camp, oh yea none.

          • Bugs and spoilage comes

      14. Meh
        Let em suffer

        • I like your attitude.

          • Is true, ive made huge sacrifices to be where Im at,
            Why the hell do i need to be concerned at all whith those who wont even try to make sure they are squared away.

            • Right on. And why is it the Churches problem anyway? There is nothing to say this isn’t just another one of the thousands of bad times people have had. People need to take their own responsibility and get busy. People thinking someone else should take care of them is what’s causing this mess.

        • I agree

          I stopped talking to my friends & family about prepping years ago ……why you ask ? …..because as long as there is beer in the fridge & sports on the week end…..they think everything is fine.

          They eat their 3 squares a day. Take their vacations & they do not see any problems. So why prep.

          OOOO – K & when TSHTF the first thing out of their mouth will be ” IF ONLY SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME ”

          & i will not lift a finger to help them…..

          YOU made your bed now lay in it.

          • You should not help the Tares. This is all about getting rid of them.

          • Oh, I sooo agree. We do go on a two week fishing trip a year, literally not to much fun, a lot of work, and stock up as much as possible. No vacations, no going out to eat. I have told family to prepare and they say WTSHTF we will come to your house. I think I pissed them off because I said phuck you, and I might not be their anyways. It really sucked to say that to my sister but they take at least 3 vacations a year. Go out to eat all of the time. We maintain 5000sf of garden, 60 fruit and nut trees and vines and look for every sale and coupon we can find.
            If you are not preparing, don’t come to my house.

            • fishandmud, same here. I used to talk to people about prepping as far back as the 90s received the same kind of response everyone else gets today. Right after Katrina is when I gave up on them. Even looking at the aftermath of that disaster, people still didn’t ‘get it’. I’m glad to see some have awakened and started prepping in the years since then, but the ones who don’t are just SOL. I’m only responsible for me and my own and no one else.

          • Being from Ishpeming myself, I know exactly where you’re coming from. My family thinks my cheese has slid off my cracker and laugh about putting stuff away for SHTF. Soon enough they will realize that they have shit in their own nest and have to suffer the consequences.I will not give aid and comfort to nonbelievers.

      15. Michael Snyder is an idiot who’s sole goal is to sell his fearporn products. He’s FULL of shit!

      16. The churches are apostate, nothing new.
        Still, 40% of millenials and 60% of old folks are good numbers. Sodom and Gomorrah it ain’t. Not one good man? That is 150+ million. Not to mention that millenials are likely to shift up number wise as they age. Boomers sure did… and jumped straight into hypocrisy with their own children. Boomer generation was more sinful that they are admitting to.
        in any event, I am 62 and these are my end times. I better handle what needs to be handled. As far as prepping, I am in.
        I read some funny comments on a permaculture site today that admitted there is only a small difference between them and preppers. I already knew that. Nice to see someone finally admit it.
        The crash of the Titans is going to be ugly folks, prep on.

        • Words of wisdom.

      17. Score One today

        I found a set of MLB catchers shin guards at the Mission Store/Good Will. A little scuffed up but in good shape. Paid $6.50. They fit and have real soft pads at the knee. Ever get kicked in the shins?
        Swat teams use them. Very good protection for the price.

        The Stuff is out there. Get it while you can at a fraction of the price.

        • Anon buy everyone I can find . Knee shin elbow dirt bike chest . Helmet will save your dumb ass friends who don’t think. Just saw a girl on a bullet bike. Maybe there’s hope . Need numbers. Ask Selco.

        • Anon, shin guards are a good prep if you need to try and bug out of a city through bad areas with a BOB in tow. Any threat closer than 10 yards away from me, will get a Hot load of lead poisoning. You can question me later about it, if you can find me.


        • Interesting idea; but I’m not just sure how anyone is going to kick me in the shins while I’m prone in the grass with my 30-06.

          • Ancient Chinese proverb

            He who spends his days lying in the grass gets steamrolled by wave of history.

          • Paranoid, LOL! No one will even get close to me while I’m armed with my 9mm and 12-ga.

            • thats right braveboob, they will pick you off at a hundred.

      18. And every single generation didn’t read Matthews 24:4(KJV)- (that’s close as it may be verse 5); it does say “…there will be wars and rumors of wars but the end is not yet.” There are many more things that are to happen aside from a ton of wars. We’ll experience unprecedented earthquakes, and not just Southern Cal but worldwide. Persecution is mentioned as is famine and an endless array of sicknesses. At one point we’ll no doubt walk into one helluva war according to how the scriptures do read …plus, there needs to be an anti-Christ “rise up” somewhere and “woo the world” ….we are still at the wars and rumors of wars. Nobody knows what the next day will bring. Never. Ever. Anyone.

        • I don’t worry about the end of times.
          I’m at peace with my life, Lord, and God.
          If the end of the world comes, I hope
          I have enough beer and an Internet
          connection to watch it unfold.
          I prep for defending against our
          tyrannical Democrat government.
          I prep for natural disasters.
          I prep for independence.
          What else can you do?

        • Equorial : Agreed. I don’t think this is the end of times. I don’t even think this is the end of America, but I do think we are very close to the end of life as we know it to be. TPTB can not stand waiting much longer and things have been put into motion that will open up a can of whoop a$$ that they did not think was coming. All of the blacks and gangs are going to keep them so busy they will not be able to hold the people back. War is coming.

        • Equorial:

          Your T.V. could be the Anti-Christ.


      19. So… just got off a website for Taylor Morrison homes outside Austin and they want 400K for one of their smaller homes. Add tax, living expenses, miscellaneous and you have a huge outfow of money every month if you carry a mortgage. Our home cost more than that but it is paid for- our appraisal is lower because we could not get out what we put into our property, but the trade off is the lower tax rate. But, as I reflected on what people look upon as normal, I was appalled suddenly. My husband and I are easily in the top 10% income level in this country and I would NEVER take on debt and risk like that. I don’t even own an i-phone. But I have a few thousand in long term preps. But, I’ve been ridiculed by my “friends” (and my Chase banker)for my low tech phone.
        Snyder is right. Those who have prepped have already done so to a large degree. The rest of the folks are on the hamster wheel, paying for things that they will not be able to hang onto if a job is lost or a divorce occurs. Part of this next wave of WROL will include people hunkering down in homes they no longer own… 2008 will seem like a cakewalk.
        I would say to everyone to live below your means at every stage of your life. Our 30 yr old dauhter asked for a $2100 emergency loan today for an earnest money downpayment explaining that they don’t get their paychecks until Monday. Well, we did it- but it was funny that they knew who to call, right? We’ll get the money back. We always do. But, at some point it just makes me want to scream.

      20. Shoot, I’ve already experienced death yet got back, so I’ve no problem with the thought, but prep you do as you must. I prep because it is the only way I’ve ever known since being raised that a’ way. I don’t think there is much else one can be expected to do as long as you’ve met them 1/2 way right? 🙂

        • WOW! I left earth a few times myself. Sure does put everything in the physical realm in place. Prep? Sure! Might as well be as comfortable as possible while on the Earth Plane. But, Dern! I was looking forward to my golden years rocking in my chair and looking out at the sunset.

      21. No one will know the day or the hour. Why ? To cull the Tares. God dosent mess around . Soddom and Gomorrah . The great flood that buried the dinosaurs and left us fossils to prove it. Professors lie to get you to pay to see a museum. The Tares won’t know when to get in their bunkers. That’s how they will get burned. But we will not be taken like a thief in the night. We will see the signs. And as in the days of Moses miracles will save us. It’s written . It has to happen. Who do you think God will save? Someone who can’t fit through the eye of a neddle. Or someone else?

      22. We are living in the United States of Delusion…

        Normally Delusion is a symptom of mental disorder. The delusion we are under is that we are still living in the America of the greatest generation. Instead America is now hollowed out at its center because we have allowed our government to dictate how we live. We didn’t listen to the warning of the founders and former leaders.

        “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian!” Henry Ford

        After a recent Tennis match at the senior center someone broke the ice among the eight of us catching our breath and said “…can you believe all of these killings in the press and Obama screaming constantly about gun control…” There was a brief silence and then the frail 85 year German born spoke up in his gravelly voice and said “…Yes, I have seen it before even though I was young at the time. It was how Hitler took us over. First it was the press. Then it was the money. Then the overpowering government. And when he took our guns it was over…”

        The best summary I have found that describes where America is at today is the Forth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1997. Much of what they predicted has happened. They explain in detain why our institutions, like the church, have collapsed. They call this the “crisis era” we are living in and if the worst case they talk about comes about, as it will if we keep on this track, then we will not recognize our America and will be struggling to live in the peace and freedom we now know…

        • Hitler reduced gun laws. Look it up. Ww2 lies . Your days are over.

        • “And when he took our guns it was over…”.
          I don’t think they will pull that off with
          The older guys. They will wait till we die
          off. My will leaves most guns to a museum.
          I told my wife I’d rather a gang got my
          guns than the government.
          If the government thinks you have guns
          they will kill you, a gang will just steal
          the guns and leave you alone.

          • If you leave them to a museum, you will never see them again. My father did that and I regret it to this very day.
            Find a deserving Christian patriot or other, and leave them to the next generation. ps. What about your wife?

      23. The Fourth Turning is well worth reading

        we are entering into a time of GREAT change
        and great challenge
        the outcome is not yet determined
        we may come out much worse or much better
        the choice is ours

        however we CANNOT avoid the pain to come
        we can only determine our response to that pain

        • …and what choice will you be making Professor?

          • I’m a survivor
            always have been
            always knew which way the wind was blowing before it did

            might have to hunker down in some deep dark spider hole
            for quite awhile

            but I will emerge unscathed

            one man going up against “the system” isn’t going to make any changes
            unless of course your a Hitler,a Stalin or perhaps a Ghandi or a Christ

        • Agree.

        • It’s funny to me that you’re sitting here recommending this book (and it’s NOT an easy read), but you don’t have the capacity (comment above) to fathom the fourth turning as “end of the world” for a generation of people – where at the end of the fourth turning, the world is completely different after, just as WWI and WWII were for those generations. Just as the Civil War was for that generation.

          Ooops, don’t those events line up as fourth turnings….

      24. Manfred, or mangina, or what ever the phuck you are going by today, we don’t stand inline for fema handouts to wind up in a concentration camp, getting our heads chopped the fuck off by guillotines, while our girlfriend, wife or daughter is taken to get ganged raped by chi-coms and jihadist…this is not allowed in our communities…

        Manfred mangina, please hear us out.

        The situation:

        We are trying to help you out..

        So we preppers, we buy the food to store up and then we shoot the chi-coms, Russian and jihadist soldiers, and dump their carcasses into graves outside our city..So we grow our food, and store our food… any questions dumb fuck?…

        .. you are nothing but your average agency ass clown employee. ..piss off cock sucker, YOUR ASS IS NOW BANNED FOR AGENCY CLOWNRY.. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are from Texas, we are a little different down here.. even our cops are coming for you phuckers, you all pissed off the wrong cops. Some of my boys in uniform was even telling me how they have added extra AR mags and bug out bags for the cruisers..

        Mangay, aka gay man cock, I mean mangina, danm its my grammar isn’t it..if you are a real prepper and you don’t like the foods rhen we understand.. welcome to the board..



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • Im guessing you are always the loudest most ignorant person in the room, your vehicle is the loudest smoking piece of shit at the intersection, and your single wide is the rustiest rebel flag curtain bearing police magnet every weekend. If you ever manage to quit insulting everyone who disagrees with your down low lover Snyder, you may take your first step on the path of knowledge.

        • Still the single biggest moron on the site. A delusional hick. If you represent what will survive the coming catastrophe, please let me die.

        • HCKS. You ban people regularly. I don’t think they are actually banned though.

        • To the religious folks on here. How about tonight you go have a little talk with your God, and tell him you are going to have a practice drill, and see how well he will respond to your prayers and come and sweep you away just in time from all the evil coming to town. Tell him this is just a training drill though, you know practice, for when the real deal and end of times comes. You can add, that you spent a lot of money at the church for your seat, on the big GOD ship. That should help I’m guessing.

          Then get back to be tomorrow, and let me know what the flaws are in your religious leap of faith plan? Lets see where the weak link is? You know, see if God really listens to you and responds. Let me know OK.. Thanks,


        • HCKS. why don’t you shut the fuck up and take your meds.

        • HCKS, BRAVO! I love your style with the trolls.

      25. yeah
        FAUX News is right
        there is no class warfare

        ‘Shampoo Socialism’? Hollande’s Hairdresser Costs French Taxpayers $11k Per Month

        h ttp://www.blacklistednews.com/%27Shampoo_Socialism%27%3F_Hollande%27s_Hairdresser_Costs_French_Taxpayers_%2411k_Per_Month/52658/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        I’m tellin’ ya
        we GOTTA bring back the guillotine

        • 30,000 guillotines have already been order by DHS and we’re flown out from March AFB in 2011 to various locations. When I lived in Philly working at the airport.,I witness them being unloaded in the Secured area of PHL.

          • B.S. 30,000 Guillotines is crap. That’s one for every 10,000 people in the country. No possible use for that many. That’s 2 1/2 divisions of infantry needed for each person assigned. If you figure 20 people needed to support each one and that’s very low; the whole US army couldn’t support such a thing. Any why would they? The Army just shoots you.

            • P….
              This story has been documented by a few people. Not wishing to engage in any harsh discussion on this,but I did see the cargo planes land and removing these long rectangular boxes and some were unboxed and draped of which the base of the platform was visible. I know how much Dave Hodges is loved by so many here(sarc). In this link I am providing., it is not only Dave’s site that is linked but other sites as well.

              ht tps://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/why-did-the-u-s-government-recently-purchase-30000-guillotines/

              And whose to say they are not then transporting them elsewhere?

              • China managed to kill about 50 million just by a shot to the back of the head, Cambodia killed about 1/3 of it’s people without any, why bother. You get blood all over, have two chunks to worry about and have huge costs rounding up people; it’s not real. Find anybody that says his company made 30K of them. The things were invented 250 years ago we have lots better ways,

        • “FAUX News ”

          /rolls eyes

          Oh, never mind (to the above), you’re an imbecile.

      26. and in other news
        little to nothing has been done to protect the grid

        Grid Attack: How America Could Go Dark

        h ttp://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/grid-attack-how-america-could-go-dark/ar-BBuiD8p?li=BBnb7Kz

      27. I’m just a excitable boy. Time to play the game Put on your armour of GOD.

      28. That point was reached a long time ago.

      29. New age christian churches are in great abundance.

      30. There is one thing, that is above all other considerations for this type of conversation. If you do believe in the spirit…. Christ will be reborn.

      31. The two biggest mistakes the churches ever made in my time was:

        1. not adequately explaining why and how popular culture was leading people into an extreme dead end. This from merely a practical perspective, frankly you don’t even have to wax spiritual to do this convincingly because that shit writes itself. I mean… yeah… it’s been going way downhill way fast and from what I see the more fucked up your life is, the more you listened to popular culture in your youth. Forget about proving how great you are as a Church. All you need to do is outrun the bear that is the horse shit that this culture is. Which is a pretty low bar to pass let me tell you. Go with this when people say you can’t prove you’re any better… eh I can’t find the image… basically it said “going to church and pointing out all the hypocrisy is like going to a gym and pointing at all the out of shape people”. AT LEAST THEY’RE WORKING ON IT. Plus face it, it’s provably obvious that doing just about anything OTHER THAN what this culture tells you is going to produce superior results. Church moreso. Just clamp down on all the officious twits that want to be professional shit-disturbers and you’re good… that should for sure be a priority in ANY human organization… and again it’s ignored… do something about it.

        2. Attempting to “absorb” the culture around it and be like a “this culture LITE” version. Um no. All it comes off as is weak. Literally weak. As in you ARE this culture with a coat of paint. All those fricking 1960’s hippy movement era songs with a Jesus theme? Just one example. Like if you’re going to take a stand fricking TAKE IT.

      32. Excellent article, though a tad bit more quotation from Scripture wouldn’t have hurt at all. Especially considering America is only doing precisely what God has His prophets write down that we, that is America would do in these the last days.

        Most people haven’t a clue that America is even the Bible, and if they do think it is they normally point to the wrong chapter and verses. Why? Well you said why, because they avoid sound doctrine as much as they avoid obeying God. These two principals seem to go hand in hand, the less we obey Gods commands the more we seek out teachings that tickle our fans full beliefs that we still can love God and disobey. The disconnect is startling, the fruit of it is clearly seen in how such supposed Christians behave… You’ve a prime example right here in this comment section don’t you… Such Sawtawn like behavior from those who pay lip service to the Father is a hallmark of the self deceived second death bound heart.

        Anyway, in these the last days America creates of itself governmentally an image like that of another beast power before it. This prophetic detail has long been complete, leaving the next, a Charagma also of the first beast by the second to be given to all men. If we truly loved God then we would be doing our utmost to prove it in our actions, actions of love motivated faith that will result in our being ineligible for that Charagma because we would have already have received proudly Gods Oth….
        And in keeping with my theme(s), cryptic obedience to God means this clue I can give those who are not in the Know: What day is IT ?

        God Bless: Iesous Christu is Lord

      33. When it happens, it happens. Stay vigilant and ear to the ground. God will lead your hearts.

      34. Just because sales are down doesn’t mean people aren’t getting prepared. New people will continue to come in. How do I know?? Because when something works, and being prepared is a smart thing that definitely works, so people will continue to see the benefits and join the ranks.

        Sales drop because people are consuming their stored food and replacing it from their gardens, which, if they planted perennials, continue to produce. Trees have matured and require little upkeep but provide tons of food.

        So, those who planted trees and shrubs, edible flowers, and a vegtable garden are reaping the rewards of years of investing wisely.

        New comers welcome to a life of independence. Welcome to freedom. When you have what you need to take care of yourself, you can relax. But first you’ll need to do some work. This site and others like it are real helpful. And you get news, which is a bonus.

        • I think sales are way down from these prepper supply companies, because most real Preppers realize by now, what a big rip off (especially the Food items) really are. I got an email from Camping Survival for packets of Salmon 3.5 OZ for like $6.99 per packet. When I calculated it out, it was like $35 a Lb for packets of Salmon, that I can buy at the store, at retail prices in my own town for about $2 per packet, basically the same stuff. I said at that price it should be Lobster with caviar in the packets.

          I sent them an email back and stated what I just said above re: price per LB, and told them they are full of SHIT, and quit ripping people off.

          So You wanna know why sales are down on these fear porn prepper supply sites? There you go as an perfect example of the rip off. Kind of like religion, as if that packet of salmon from the prepper site, will save my life over the same stuff I can buy at the store for a small fraction. Do the math Preppers. Its a No Brainer. Buyer Beware..


      35. There may be one other reason that your hits maybe down is because we have been reading your fiction for years And none of it has materialized into the real world. This delima is not confined to just you.

      36. Our great, great grandparents would be horrified to see what the majority of Americans have turned into – a nation of self centered, self absorbed, deluded,
        incompetent, whining adult babies incapable of independent thought.

        “Prepping”, or putting away food and supplies for the future, is what people have always done, and the idea of grown men and women depending on a government for food, shelter, and safety would be laughable to our ancestors.

        It seems like a “Perfect Storm” is converging, racial tensions leading to race riots, eventual economic collapse, millions of hostile illegals entering the nation in order to hasten that collapse, threats from China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia, Zika virus allegedly claiming a life, impending natural disasters, emerging diseases and antibiotic resistance, a people who have turned away from God, none of this bodes well for our future.

      37. Hell gave up trying to warn relatives and others about what was coming years ago. Just because there is a slow down on filling orders that doesn’t mean that prepping has halted. Even with what we have put aside each trip to certain stores brings a new item for storage that was found to be in a more affordable range than before. Like others I’ve told certain relatives that brought up the we’ll come to your house remark what would happen if they did and they haven’t talked to me since don’t care. When the flag goes up, there will be lots of these kind of people that will flock to your house remembering that at one time you talked about being prepared. Boy will they have a surprise. An yes I am heartless as time goes by supplies will deplete and will go fast if you open your doors to the tearstained faces of those who laughed at you while they bought all their toys and went on expensive vacations. Survival means just that survival. Trust no one give nothing to no one for they will bring many back the human locust to feast on what you have worked so hard to put away.

      38. The gist of the article suggest the author is tired of warning people to prep while simultaneously criticizing the church for not bolstering prepping. Has it ever occurred to him the churches are tired too. I mean after all they have been sending a message of preparedness for 2000 years. By comparison he’s not even nubie status and it sounds like he’s throwing in the towel. It seems to me . If anybody should be saying ” You know what…Our message has been out there for 2000 years… if people haven’t taken heed by now … screw em .. It should be the churches. I don’t know anything about this guy other than what I have garnered from the article but it appears he wants the churches to scratch his back yet makes no clear assertion of how he plans to return the favor. I hate to put it that way … but hoss I’ve been up and down the street a couple times and I know how these things work .
        Other than that one aspect .. I’m in complete agreement with his assessment of the church.

      39. The gist of the article suggest the author is tired of warning people to prep while simultaneously criticizing the church for not bolstering prepping. Has it ever occurred to him the churches are tired too. I mean after all they have been sending a message of preparedness for 2000 years. By comparison he’s not even nubie status and it sounds like he’s throwing in the towel. It seems to me . If anybody should be saying ” You know what…Our message has been out there for 2000 years… if people haven’t taken heed by now … screw em .. It should be the churches. I don’t know anything about this guy other than what I have garnered from the article but it appears he wants the churches to scratch his back yet makes no clear assertion of how he plans to return the favor. I hate to put it that way … but hoss I’ve been up and down the street a couple times and I know how these things work .
        Other than that one aspect .. I’m in complete agreement with his assessment of the church.

      40. I’m never done prepping, it is a process.

        The Pentagon does constant war planning, they never stop. It’s top level government prepping.

        For the sheeple to think they never have to think about a natural or man made disasters and prepare for them is insanity. Ignoring them will not make them happen.

        Look at Venezuela, the 1% and the top government officials all continue to live and eat well, no matter how bad it gets. The common people are the ones starving and hurting. It is the “hunger games”.

        Too bad they let themselves be disarmed by the government.

      41. Dear Michael,
        If we are truly watchmen on the wall we must sound the alarm until the enemy breeches the wall. I believe the breech will be soon ((find out how soon here: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/)) but who knows? Until such time we sound the alarm. What is the alternative? Going and hiding somewhere. I’m not much of a hider. I like being removed from the populace but hiding, nah, not for me.

        Yah bless,

      42. Agree with your opening revelation: Them’s that gits-it have already gotten, and not everyone can hear the doom dog-whistle. Look at Venezuela and ask “what do I need to do now, to not end up like that ?”

      43. Why is it that theists believe that atheists like me are not moral? From my personal experience, with very few exceptions those who espouse their religion the loudest are the most immoral people I’ve ever met.

      44. I agree, the time to wake up and prepare is long over. Those who did, did; those didn’t, didn’t. From this point forward, demographics will dictate the pace and the unraveling.

        The demographics are in favor of aggressive young men from the third world. They are horny, they are angry, they want stuff and they want it now: your house, your daughter, your government money etc.. They have already tested borders and found them fake and easy to cross. They have already tested civilian police forces and found them unable or unwilling to do anything.

        A telling image was yesterday: two old women bowing and scraping to each other in Britain. Crumbly boned, crusty old white people who are bigots and racists but lack the physical strength to do anything about their views since their time is long gone. Most of them will be dead within five years. And so what is rising up will dominate and that is the scary thing. These are people who want all the wealth and trappings of the West but they do not want to work and save to get it; they want to steal it and get it now: “Get rich or die trying” is the attitude. That dictates wide-spread civil unrest and breakdown in public order. Throw in crazy Islam and you have the most volatile event in human history.

        • Spot on as usual Frank.

          And looking over those women’s shoulders, the new mayor of London.

        • I’m sure it will be kept hush/hush but I look for a lot of these displaced youngbloods to become blue helmets.

          • I think you may be right. We are told all the Muslims and others are coming in to provide the services to the old (wiping their bums, offering geriatric care, picking fruit etc.) but, think about it, why would fighting fit, aggressive young males see as their highest life aspiration to wipe the ass of some cranky, wrinkly old white person?

            It doesn’t compute. They will want to provide for their families in the best and quickest way possible. And that is to steal or take or attack that which is already there for the taking. They want this population dead so they can get on with being the new occupiers. Notice how important rape is to them; they are already getting to work on the young female population, picking the best for sex or procreation.

            • It occurred to me that the countries that have the most showing up and being take
              n in are countries that are members of NATO . Some say people like me are conspiritist but I call it keeping a watchful eye.

      45. Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape

      46. Done buying crap long ago. It’s been training and skills for some time now. done talking. I have studied extensively survival and society breakdown for long term scenarios. Most people are gonna die and there is nothing you can do about it. A bleeding heart is gonna get you killed. You cannot give a fuck about anyone but yourself. Sounds rotten but it is truth. People will need to look out for themselves if they wanna make it. I don’t care anymore what happens to America. Not my problem. Not doing the right thing anymore just to have leadership shit all over me. Doing what’s best for me always. Me me me me. Yes I’m a dick.

      47. Have to wipe your eyes with toilet paper after you read something from
        Michael Snyder because it’s all just Crap.

      48. where have all the old people gone in here??????Daisy where are you my friend


      49. That time came and Went 5 Years Ago Where Have you been?

        • Sam do you really think so….but to answer your question
          i have been running a survival school somewhere in the south,,,,,,


      50. PROPER ENGLISH— when you post a reply, so and so says— wrong it’s past tense so and so SAID THEY ARE SAYS IT, THEY SAID IT— GET A GRIP OR USE Grammarly—

      51. Sadly the modern churches are run just like government schools for many of the same purposes. If you want successful children better home school, if you want sound doctrine better search diligently.

      52. I don’t feel I will ever be done. I will continue to prepare, because even though I’ve prepared enough for dozens of people for more than a year, I will continue to prepare as long as God continues to bless me. Of course much of it is in learning new skills, building up others, learning more homesteading skills, etc. but I still bought me several more things this past week at the store. I agree that others may not wake up, but I won’t stop trying to get them to do so until the very day that it happens. Don’t ever give up on those that haven’t started yet, every tiny bit will make a difference.

      53. “You see, if the churches of America were doing their job, ”

        I disagree. Christ did not establish the church to tell people to prepare for economic collapse. Granted it is very wise to do so, but it simply is not what the church was set up for. The purpose of the church is to preach the gospel, to provide assembly for the saints, and benevolence for the saints. This is how the new testament church behaved. Anything beyond this falls more to the individual to cover.

        • Jesus spoke against the churches because he knew they had been perverted and polluted by men, not God ! And it has only gotten far worse ever since. You are completely misguided like most so-called Christians here in USSA today ? The established churches are simply big businesses and that is apparently what you believe in ?

          Go read the Dead Sea scrolls and Nag Hammadi text for starters to see what the truth of the matter actually is. I did and still reading many others as well because I wanted to know the truth. And just like 9/11 and many other matters, we do not have anything close to the truth, unless you look for yourself. We have simply been spoon fed lies and distortions by the elites in control ! Nothing new at all.

      54. It simply is not? What about letting the wheat and the Tares grow together then separating them and burning the Tares? And the foolish virgins ? And the four horsemen? Assembly and benevolence for the saints? Who decides who’s a saint ? This new pope? In his castle? Lift up a rock and you will find me . Split a piece of wood and I am there. Castles of gold?

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